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Chairless but Noi Cheerless, the "JoUy" Is the Latest Form of Unconventional Entertainment in Fashionable; SodgjT
LADY MURIEL PAGET. . . . and Sir Richard and Lady Muriel: P.get at the Burne-Jone. re.idence in London^
lf You're a Wise One a
Tiny Dollar Can Be Riches
for an Evening Along
One Saunterer Got Food,
Drink and Entertainment on
Great White Way for a
Few Jingling Dimes.
F there is one plaee in the world
I where a dollar has no chance for
A h,ng life it is along the Great White
Way. If it is in the hands of a novice It
lastS bul 8 moment, and, puff: it is gona
But Changad IntO BtCkelS and dimes and
tafely Stowed in the jeans of a wlaa 0B8,
that l?*ne little dollar will atretch fr ?n
14th atraat to baHh, and yleld more
amusement than anywhere else on earth.
The Wlso One stood nn the Great
White Way la the fadlng licht of appl -
t.^er t;me, Wlth all the evening before
him and only a dollar to last untll hay
time. He had a great desire for amuse?
ment. He waatod to ba entertalned.
AH his partlrular pals were engaged, and
he dld not have enough t ash to ask a
girl to Bhara and double th< pleastire In
Bight. He wanted to he a sjay hucca
neer. hut with one dollar he could he
only a stald privateer and sail alone
Therefi.re he Btood on a rorner and
rn-is.d for a minute, then he turned
down the gMe street and made for his
room, to don his best suit and hleh hat.
the hett'-r to disKuise his shortnep.s of
All dolk-d up. the Wlaa OB8 reap
peared on Old Proadwav at that witeh
ing hour when the prettiest girls tn all
the world are troopine from the matln o
and rhe gteliBg signs are wlnking out
throush the dusk their lurlni? BBBOUnce
ments He aslngled Wtth the thmng and
jolned the proceaaton. He looked and
was looked at.
I--.T Bfteen mlnutea he atood upon a
,lowd.'i cornar wat* hinx the world'a
J yraatest itomoblle ahow. Bvan make
aauaf car, aplck, Bpan. t.med up to the in
Btant whlrred paal in oeverendlng, bIow
parade. Al ibe Indoor, shows where ea<-h
-ar rtands stiii m its <>wn aacorated
stall. an.l you go around and finger the
parts. pe> hing tires and testlnK horns,
yOU feel like savir.g. "How natural she
lOOka" Bu1 bera, in the open alr. the
ean crapt by in action, Blled with tha
loveiiesr ot brecaratkma atteactlva
om*n. And the sh"w WB8 not only nn
-ghtbltlon of '-im. h-it v panorama <-t
*? -auty an*l fnshion.
Wben tha crowds bagafl lo thla tho
Wlaa <>n*' tioagrfl th.- street. reavoaastve
|0 th' Call <*f noiirlshrn-nt Selenee has
ajeclared that th.- pawpar way t.. take
food is a little at a tlflB8, and that often.
Tha barkeep has losuj km.wn that ? ut
tta lunch, lemptlBally oiaajjiayad. aill
rlraw new .i.slr.n.ers BBd inen-aso iho
thirsts of the old. Therafora, bahoM the
barkeep, eclence an.! the wrlter, now met
together in a froail roaan "ff the natlonai
A glaaa *.i baaa*, Bith ,iillf a ,l"'"'
BfUldWtcheS. an 0UV8 and a dlll pi-k'*,
tak.n i.o.i.h.-.lantlv In ea< h ?f two fr.nt
,,???., Wlll ted.l.e the gnaWlllg WOlf to
,1.. gentleneas <>f ? !???: f"- ,,,at M l0
,,,,,- ,.., look in. BOt COUBtlng the lo.ks
_pmA ihe famoua patotlnga hung around
tbe ^alls. Dasidaa, there was th. added
t .-.rl.Uiniz nf food atni'l elo
r.leaaui*' "f parMKiiiK
i .- Burroundlnga and amofj. plaaaanl
ptoMc. Whuicvc-i there was alullin the
Jr /THiR.t'&CES^
TH? UiSE one BtConES
ThE IDLE 1-iCH '"
I SEEN r'-> l" f
TttirVLrv i*JbLl
TO *30ME
v rvusiQ-.
xtfEE3 A
V/ rvt^TCH!.
rush of bualnaaa the wtaa Ona told '-he
barkeep a Btory, and llatened t<. ..ne in
BXChanr And when he left the last
plaea wlth 80 eants atlll ramalnlng ha
felt axactly as If he had attended a I.an
Ojuet The sirnile was almost exaet; ho
had had" a little food. s"me drinks and
had listened to a few Btories and lota of
weary talk. Hut it had not cosl him W,
and th*- evening Btill Btratched ahead.
with untold pooalbllltlea <*f enjoyment
it reated with him t*- ehooae ??? he
gtepped into a dgar Btore and pur
ehaaed a pnrkape of rlgarettea for i<>
e,ntP Then he llghtad "fe. BtTOlled OUt ,
an.i Bei ofl upoB his queal for entertaln
Half way down the hlork the nm-ta-tn
of a piano and ? rather pleasln* VOtea
slnifioK the latest rag flOSted '"tt
through the open doors of ? BOBi BhOO.
He stopped wlth half a d-.zen strollers
and listened. Song after song. the hits
,,f every popular comle opera, followed
, na BBOihar bb rattiinu BOflOeaaason, a
pieasing cosacati of the beal Baleetloaui of
the mnsleal COtnedlea And the Wlsc Ona
fHi to wonderlng whlmslcally, as he
Btrolled along. Why any one should wtsh
ti. sit through B l'it Of medloi-re songs
tn a .*_' eeal when he <"nid hear Iba
g*ms of all tha opsraa for nothlng in the
free open alr.
a litti*- km.t "r peopla la b eraacenl
aboul tha doora of a placarded gtora
drea his? yaa to a red fiag iinating ahove
th.ir beada "SnJa thla day." Ha wedged
hi.s way thrOUgb the throng Into the shop
and BtOOd against the wall of a hrllllant
ly llghtad atora, oranitnad arlth every
?i rt of JapaBaaa gooda a leathera
lunged man with shrewd ?> es and glih
tongua extolled tha raertts of lha raaeg
ami asupahall cups handed up t*1 him hy
|WO dnpp.-r little Japa Kvery few min
ntaa his votca would fall from the uiting
tone of stlnging peradflaaje t" B k* y of
dignlty ami raverence:
"Thla tlny uu-i- thal i aaa bow io offer
is a nmarkuble bpecniun of the famed
clolsonn*. Note the beauty ef llna. tbe
iharm of COlorlng I<et Js examine il
clogely. Bee the threada ef bIIvi r beat. n
in, and marvei at the lacquer*! hannon)
aet wlthln th<- llnea ?t the mosalc design
Nowhsra in this world ean this work be
found excepl in far-off Japan, where tha
Clolaonnd la made beneath th- blOBSOm
Ing olierr? trsce, Two arilst- worked
thr*- months niakm* this nura.l.- of
beauty. Whal am i bld""
pyjur exdted gentlemen ran tha price
up to $200 in a flaah Then, when a I ro
ralse eame from a countn looklng g< n
tlsman, the btddlng ceaaed abruptlj
There \?.is knocked down to hlm for |2W
the wonderful "miraele of beauty" that
might hav been ctela?onnd if it had nol
been made In Pertb Amboy.
? me r.f the flrst hlddera aaa the amuaed
look thal Bhone In tha vFlae One'a ayaa,
and, paaalng him a rtgn, draw hlm Into
th*- back of tha Btore. Then, arithoul
prelude, he offered hlm n job a.s "capper"
f,.r "ie svsnlng. it plessed the \vis< Ona
to appear tnsnlted, and the head "csp
pcr's" fsabta efforls !'? Cresp OUl of tho
hole he had thrust hiniself IntO were
The < rush of evanlng Ihestregosra
now crowdad tha aJdewalka, and ihe
fltreets arere Jammed ?vith alow moving
aotomobtles. it ama ? verj dlfferenl
erowii from that of two boura before
an older throng, gowned nnd bajewelled
f..r an Bvenlng of faahlonable pleaaure,
wlth here and thOTB rudlant VOUth Bmotlg
Btald pleaaun -saakara.
Tbe Wlaa One atrolled down the atreet
with lha tlde nntll bla iray \sas barrad
by a croaa currenl of aodety'a aleel *n
terlag the Metropolltan Open Houae.
Ha found hlmsell Btalled in a little i ddy
beaide the towarlng ilgur*' of a police
man At Ih*- rat*' of OM I Rllmita smart
Butoraobllea wara arrlvlag and dis
charglng their loada. Boma fac* a ha rec?
tgnlsed from the famlliarity of the pub?
lic pr. ss. and the poUcomsn provsd a
go'id-nulurcd guidc and COinpandhUB of
knowledge He kaew svery obb worth
knowlng and polBted famooa folb oo!
aith a iionchalanca that waa breatb
?Th*-r ra goaa Otadya Bllllonrocks aith
half 8 mllll-'ti ln sparkl.-rs 'muiid Bai
chubbj neck. An' Iher re, thal guy wif
tlM Btringhalt hobblea Al Vaatorgould.
(jft on t*. the mlndng daraa with the
feathera In bar ptdts! Thal'a Ooldj
Binna a-towln' Coun! Lackcaah, who
ca)la her his traaaura an' if bere bIb'?
little Bamm) Tonanoba, leadlng his op'ry
,,,.!,,, No troBble a' lall Blr ye're wel
,.??,.- ii i wer-re re i*i paag up thla
boller factory Btufl an' make fer thol
b<.., croaa the way. Ther ra yeil aaa
Bome inin1 U >??" hi.uy ball the ptiatf?
IIbU <?' tha ringii ba atln' up tha lunch
an' WSltin' f.r >?' '" t;,k'' :1 '""u :'1 ,,,,m'
G.i Bvenln" And lha Wlaa Ona took
the Up.
H. dodsed daatb al avi rj a|op "' lha
hundroaj feet acroag Broadway. Tha
autoa foUoa, ba sattlad his bai pa tho
back of his head and gtrolled through
tha awlBglai auora. The ,\m:c wus
Jammed, bul the ax-mtddlawalght owner
and half * do/.en mora or less famous
"pugs" leaned agalnPt the bar on exhlhl
tlon. A 10 cent drink and gnothsr try
;,t tha free lunch, by way <>f comparlaon
wlth thoae that had gone before, satis
Bsd hli bara a/orahlp and eomptatad hia
progresslve dinner. Bo out ha wenl Into
tbe blaze of Ih*' Wliiklng I.ane wlth the
mental note thal, llke motor .ars and
other deetructlve engtnes, the pugtllst
was leaa Intereatlng al real than In ac?
With nlmost a start of suiprise the
Wi:i. One'a eyea rosa from the now com
fortsbly erowded Btreel lo ihe longvlata
f(f nsshlng elsctrle signs. x.>t thal he
had never asen tha alghi befora; that
aaa tha trouble; he had seen lt so often!
II ha?j bacoma famlllar and common
place. it aaa !1 glrt'a marvoHtng roloa
thal broughl hlm appraclatlon again.
??(?l(??i gractoual" it esclaimad nt hls
very BlbOW, This Is the grcatest sight
i ever aaw. why, it ims every arorld'a
?alr beaten a hundred waya Do they
(turn thagg on every nlaiit'.'" And the
wondering glrl paased on to, the langh
nf her teasing eseort
And then the Wise One strolled along
for half an hour. heroming reaequainted
wlth the glrl In the rain. the mtghty
i-harlot race and all thelr wlnklng COm
pantons. Then. flndtng htmaelf oloae to
one of the great hotels and deslrlng 8
little high i lass muslcal eruerUi.in.r-.,;,
he paasad through the revolving doors,
Bcttlad hlmaalf ln a comfortable chalr
and Cloeed his eyes, llstening to a re
Biarkabla programme of chambar muaie
and trying to forget the pratty women
and dlatlngutahad looklag man who
stn.lled ahout the enrrldors. He almost
wlahed he h;id 8 ti.-ket for tho opera.
Why n"t lu.-ir tiie famoua volcaa, any
wa\?'.' Wlth slxty cents reniatning? Why
no* ' It was easy. So up he rOB8 nnd
mada his way down the avenue tO a
pbonograpb shnp.
Tl e paleaman welenmed him wlth
deerest COOrtaay. Theae were the varl
oiip Btylaa nnd these the priees. "Krank
ly," BBld the Wise i >ne. "I have rome to
heat a little mustc. I want to hear the
hest you have. I would like t?> see how
neaily one of these machines ran brlng
grand opera to tr.y home." The sales
ninn snilled nnderstandlngly: -'Wlll you
hear faruso, Melha or Calve" In what
opera would you rather hear thelr
?I leave It all to you," said Ihe WIsp
One nnd seatlng hiniself. for a half hour
he llBtened tO tha great genis of the
operatk WOrtd. Then he an.se. thanked
ti,..urteous aalaarnan, Inqutred priees
anew, dlscuaaed the raattHra uses <>f the
Idlfferent Btylaa and said good algbt ?">iit
sidr, "ti the stre.'t, he slowly walked
I along until he reaehed Broadway's heart
I agaln, turnad In al the aatraaoa <>f a
I modesl little skysertiper, took the eleva
i runr t" lha Ihlrd bbot and atappad ,.ut
into g hllliard parlor where the stari
Of lha hasehall worl.l BBOUBd and the
champtona of pool aad bUllarda anraaai
thetnselves ahi.ut the green tal.les.
The cliek of balls si.unded like a telp
graph inslriiment. He looked over the
seene. F.vory tahle was in use. intent
upon tho prcclsk.nii of the game, ahlrt
Herewith Ib Revealed the
Method of Fluttering Joy
fully Among the White
Lights at Puny Expense.
sleeved men were gauging ard maklng
Bbota ln the Boodt of llght from gTeen
sbaded lamps. whi'.e their opponenta
stnod. cuea ln hand. watehing intently.
A famona baseball plteher WM laughlng
at the antie? of his catcher. who waa
trying to p|gy three cushlons and
COUldn't make a carrom. At the next
table the hardest hitter ln the leaguo
BSemed abie to hit ine little round lvo
ries once ln a while ar.d parrled tho
Jokes of hls manager ln cryptic slang.
off ln one corner half a dozen men
were watehlng two experts. and the ln
voluntary applause drew the Wlse One
to a chair that overlooked the conteat
And there, for nothlng. he saw one of
the greatest practice games ln the hle
tory of billiards. At Its end he glanced
at the blg olock and saw wlth astonlah
ment that lt indlcated 10:45. With the
haste of a man flnding himself late to
an appolntment. the Wise One hurrlojl
to the elevator and down to Broadway.
There was such a lot stlll to be seen
that he felt almost guilty that he had
let the golden hotirs allp by so faat.
As he emerged upon the street a ps>
trol wagon and police automctbjfcjl turned
the corner. The Wlse One ia- ?d out
right. Here was the chan*. aea a
raid upon a gambling house. Tffb poaal
bility had not entered Into hia ealcula
tlons before. The chance was too good
to miss. He turned to follow, when hls
way was blocked by a speedtng motor
oar fllled with police in gala dre?s. It
was followed by two motoroycie pollce
nien. Then eame another automoblle;
and in this car a large man sat genially
smiling and bowing to the greetlngs of
the sldewalk cr-uvds. It was President
Taft, whom some had never seen be?
fore. Two other motoroycie polloemen
followed, and a car rilled with Secret
Service men I.lke a fla>h they wtfa
come and gone; and the Wlse One ayg
pnsed himself by laughing be. auae ft
burst upon hlm that he had n*>t counteu
the unexpeoted in his plans for the
evening, and here, upon this Way ,.f tho
I'niisual, the unexpected is always to ho
I'tterly forgetful of the free abow of
the iald he Joined the ranks of the after
| theatre-supper-seeklng throng. Tho
Btraet was crpWdad with the last tide
of mot*ir cars, nnd in an effort to com
pute th ? value of the cars and the worth
of dlamonds and Jeucl.s dlsplayed on falr
nt. ks he had a rush of dollars to the
At every gllttering restaurant front
gOUM tena of the throng deserted, and
hundrada turned down each side street
to their favorlte little dlnlng plaees. Tho
Wise One dtil'tcd ulong with the erowd
nntil l.e swung Into the foyer of a great
hotel. utterly uneonscious that he, too,
wmt wlth the deslre for the eats. Tha
fcreal ba- at the rlght attracted hia at"
t.-ntlon nnd he entered to quench hia
thirst and toy with a tiny blte.
He stopped st ili at the door. Heavena,
there were women slttlng ln that room*
Contlnued oa etgbtb paga.

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