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I " That Smart Yankee"- A MilHon Patents Prove His World Supremacy
The United States Has Now
Doubly Outdistanced Its
Next Competitor in Re
corded Inventior
PATE.VT Ma. 1.000,00(11
(me mllllon patents ln less than
a century aa the record of Yankee
gcnlus. Next Tuesday is the day whlch
wl'.l mark an epoch in the hlstory of the
Amerlcan nation. for on that day the
fnited States Patent offlce wlll have
lesued cxactly one mllllon patents. more
than double the number grunted by any
other nation ln the world.
Who \vi:i get this magic number of
Patent No. ljOOOUOOO will tiot be known
untll the patent itseif passes under the
numbering machine in the regular order
of hualnaae it may bc ajhraa to a ciaim
of comparatively little importance. or lt
may go to a rea'.ly great inventlon. All
dependa on the patent whlch happens to
be on top of the pl'.e when the number
gjgj machine raachOfl 800.000 nnd the
psychological moment When tha dark
reachea over for the next one.
One mllllon patents in less than n cen?
tury ls a record not ev.n approarhed by
nny othor nation. iTBUtce mme? nearo?t
the United Ptatcs in the inventivo genlui
of her people with Bomethlng Ilka 428,
000. less than half the number of pat
ents granted ln America. Followlng
Prance ls Great Brttaln, arlth 418,000;
Oennany, 08,000; Balglum. 228.000;
Canada, 1)8,000.' Italy. 04,000. and
Austrla-Hungary. wlth 88,000 These
mwrro peoples rank next the I'nlted
PtatoF ln the order glven.
It has often been said that no other
people on earth have ever ghowed the
inventlve genius seen in the 1'r.ited
Ptates. The steamboat, the lelegraph,
the telephone, the aeropiane and other
wonderful inventions, all products of the
Yankee braln. are aH well known.
Thousands of labor saving deviees. such
as the sewlng machine. cotton gin.
mewer and reaper?all the results of
Amerlcan Inventlve genius-bave dono
more to aileviate the conditlon of man
klnd than any other factor outsldc of
the abolition of Blavcry.
Looklng back over the wonderful pT0f? |
ress ln the mechankal and flne arts, j
lt will be noticed that the inventlve f? - j
ulty of the Amerlcan people has keptj
pacc wlth the wonderful growth of tho
nation. While Americans are of het.ro- I
geneoua stooks. all authorlties ogree
ave beeeana aanalgaaaatad by the
I gnd abillty of their statesmen
and Induatrial pioneers Milllona oi
ron fnr. Ign ahorea have been aaslm
Ikfltad becaase of the llberal form of
governaaanl and t?eauaa of the aajual op
portunltlea offered. Bttl every gtap f t
: In this country baa been Bither
? ? ,i .- f. or ls Closely a'.lied with
aonderfal fsculty for dolvlng into
untlied Bekhl pecullar to Amerlcana.^
Whaa Bamual Bophina, on July 81.
i:.., , , ined bla patent for a devlce
t r m klng poi and panrl sahes, the
lent an.l cabinet membera con
gratulated both the taventor and the
ils al tha Patent OfTiee. To- lay
j at* nts are issued by tha hundreds with
oul tha fact Of the class, character or
value belng known. *xcept to the few
i. raoaaa fhrectly tntaraatad in their tssu
The granting ef a patent ln the oM
days, when the nation was yr.unp. wr.s a
matter of great importar.ee, WhathCT H
was for making rot ar.d pearl ashes or
vooden nutmaga; if. Indeed. tho?o siient
testhnontala to Tankee smartness ever
got the grace of governmenl favor.
Tha Bamuel Hopklna patent created a
great stir hecause it was the flrst. The
jot and panrl aahea ha mada were not
much different from the pot and panrl
ushes B creat many other peraona made.
rot and pearl aahea, it la well known,
the isoklnn after evaporatlon when
? ible matter la raflned In a erudbla
gg f irnaee The pot and pearl aahea are
the poiid. just aa tha lye la the llquld re
Hut, at any iate, Pamuol Hopkins and
th* patenteee who cam" right after him
were rnid* m-ieh of I y ? v. rybody. Pres
ld'nts and th*ir eablneta uaed to bave
the inventors and patenteeg eouKht out
at d presented and fermal compiiments
Discourtesy i
Proprietor8 Learn the Secret
of Sficcess, and Instant Dis
rr J Awaits the Surly,
Hapacious Servant.
WHAT is tha rastaaraat maseot0
Why does on" plsea prove so
popubr tlia* aaata rannol ba had
bstwsea 4''' aad tha ibaatre bour, whlla
other? aeane of them far mora Bumptuoua
ly fltte.l -r*m?iin empty. OT nearly 80?
Ifl lt the foo,l, tl:- eOOkang, the manner
of aaaalca. or what? is u the aauale, tha
fien-*rs. tha pearas, tha aouvautra.1
All of theae tliin^ts eontril.ute to a erroat
extent, but not on.- af th. m coeufl?tutea tha
potent charrn that spel!? aocCBBB The teil
reas*m why some of the hotels and reetau
r.int* thrlVg hl that their BCagflrletOra have
diseovered the secret of catering to their
women puests
Wom.-n make the sucresa of the nlays
and the novels. and tiiere ls no doubt that
they also are the ones who declde, as a
rule. Where the festal dir.tiers and suppers
aie tS ta BBten before and after the play.
N'o matter how splendid <r now f.ishion
nble a hotel may b". fl woman !ik< > to po
whete aha laaa lots of other wonten, where
lha BBuaaa plaaaaa har aad tha li^hts are
aill'ict. .1 fo Bflflhfl h.-r look at her Ik-kI.
Il hT th:s catetlnK unobtruslvely but Biire
ly to tl.?? wotn.ii p.itiotis of 111.- jtreat c;*t
in? piacv. lha aarvlng af Bpecial dlabea
with Bfteraoon t'.'. banbona, frulta and
laey Barvlettea under tba fooda tbal has
built up the populailty af Bfl lha plBCOfl
that are mesl erowded Ifl tha afteraoona
ln the eaaaa sf one atahorately funiisii.il
Bad decorated Basadaray reaaauranl thal
BBBBed Ha doors recently any tiunib. i ..f
amu.-inn raaaana arara gtvon a.-* to the
esusa of ciosing. Jt was adaaltted thal
there was t>ome klnd ol gOOdOS on the
One sf the most BbBUrd CBUaM advanred
waa trat people ohjeeted to the rule ealllnir
for sawaaaai daasa on iha Baaaa Baer, n* ?v
Vorkers who patronlee sbowy re?t?'.
where aa much as a dollar ln thaigcd for
a | m..i, Aeaaeii gaflaratty wi.-ii to west
evening diesa.
Hlgh prlce? wlli never keep tha regulur
were passed. and the patcnteos were tnld
they were helping tha DOUBtry along.
At that tlma lTBO-tbe I>resident and
his Cablnet scrutinlzed all the npplfca
tlona for pntents, and they reje.ted a
great many cf them. In that year only
three sets of letters patent were granted.
Besldes the one IO RopklBB, one was
granted to Joseph B. Bampaon, for the
manuffirturo of candles, and the other to
? search he made to foc- if any patent of a
i like nature has heen Iggntfl. so as to
, prevent duplicatlon. Hut before that j
i tirne there was little if any searchlng
i done, because there was no provlslon
' made and practlcally no force to make
a search.
The prescnt serles of patents began in I
1836, and slnce that tlme patents have |
been numbered eonseeutlvely. I'rior to |
M eived that pa
The orlgln of the I'nited States patent
lystam is ef Int. rest. The ldea and prac
lce of granting letters patent for inven
TOAUTOWItOVIHriiEIXTTrRS PfllTEmr SH411 ( f)--1l :
? ? .'
Commiasionar of Patents.
Ollver Evana, for tha Bianufacture of
flour and nieal. All three of theso pat?
ents were Issued and signed by Oeorga
Waahtngton. Thera were aaveral othor
patents issued during the Prasidancy Of
ti.orge WflkShlngton, but tha recorda ara
ii"i (loai on thla polnt.
Thoanaa Jefferaon, during his Prasi?
dancy, is said to have made apaclally
stringent riiks becausa of hi3 fiar that
government grants m1g!t aid prlvata
raonopoUea In that way th.- patonte* ..
were BDUCb rompllmented, whlla it WBJ
belng fully detarrnlned whether they had
Bornethlng that the governmeai thought
worth patentlng.
In May, 1802, Prealdent J-fferpon np
polnted l *r. Wllllam Thornton ns a clerk,
at $1,400 a year, to hava charge <*f tho
Issulng of patenta i?r. Thornton was of
Kngiish pareataare and was bora <<n tho
Islaad of TortolB He was Braduatad in
medidae In Edlnburgh, travelled much
in Europe, and, just after oomtng of!
age, cama to llra in Phlladelphla. Hara
ho mada the acqualntance of washing?
ton, who appotnted him as a member of
the Board of CammlaoUmert in tho clty
of Washington. Tl.is board flnished its ?
work and was abOllshed on May 1. 1802.
Thornton was well educated and his ,'
abilities were of the flrst order. It wa.<s
Bt his suggeptlon that tho flrst agrk-ult- !
ural falr ln this rountry was held ln
Washington, in l^fH.
An interestlng st"ry is told of Thorn- j
ton. At the capture of Washlnartonl
Clty in 1814 hy the British an offlcer had j
ordarad a tquad of soidiers to traln al
cannon on the bulldlng ln wlileh was
tho Patent Offlce. At that m ?
Thornton rode up, rapldly dlamounted
and threw himse!f before the gun. with
flitshing eyes. he demanded: "Are yoo
Kngllshmin or only Qoths and Vandals?
This ls the Patent Office, the deposltory
<>f the Inventive genlus of Ameriea, in
whleh the whole rivilized world ls con
cerned. Would you deatroy lt? If so,
fire away and let the charge pass
through my body."" The offlcar, th*
legend aaya boa/ed his head in Bhama
and ordered the aoldiera away.
The Patent Office aa It atands to-day
was created i>:> aet "f CongTaas of July
4, 1886, and the flrsl commlaaloner waa
Henry L. Ellarworth, of Connectlcut.
From that tlme untii the preaent tha
patent lawa have provwed f'.r a search
aystem tbal la, they provlde thal a'
311 the Wan<
reatauraal patrona away from a pia"-.
Th.y anjoy tha Idea of dtnlng out in this
way, and at aaa of tba moal aotorloualy
blgh prleed placaa aaata must ba taken ln
advanca alwaya or ampty onea oannot ba
found. Nor doea moak lura tha raataurant
rounder as a general thlnir. The rompany,
the paCaana that may he seen, are the maln
Bttl I ih.n.
Jn Parta and Loadoa people of amall
mians \4lll often m;'k'- a Bpfl lalty of golng
t" boon oiit-"f-th*-4vay aatlng plaea where
a chop or b good gama pla la bo ba I ad
Bt its bast Bul Ameriea feralnlne Ai
lea ;hmk> ef Btbat thints beatdaa aaeallent
cookary, and the lorda ef ereatton ahe)
its will. if aroaaaa dataraalaad tba pepu
huity ef a reatauraal la England aa they
do here, the rinrhin- CbBBBB, 18 ItS dark
aii. y off I'leet atreet, oi th<- Bimpsoa cbop.
houae, on the ba r Btraad, wouM navar
hava had the Just fSSM It 88088
Many Bew Tork BBBaaaasa and rro
prietors now- rater tO Ihe wom.-n who VtsM
their establh-hm.-nts n* t alone by provlding
aouvealra ot Bowera <-n tba uble, but by
IraBtructlag lha varlous head walteta, as
Blstanta and eaaalbaaea that any davlation
of the rule of auict courtesy m- ana *ii>
mli-sal. Thla inslstenc- of the rub- <.f
favorlng women -all women drMrnhlo ln op
pe.ii.-.nee or condiKt, with or WltBOUt es
i-orts?has been nia<!> ? rlghl order.
Vvaltera of theraaalvaa wlll aot cater te
araMnanv t>v, weraa yst, they wlll ba poiite
an?i attantlva t" th wrong aort *'f womea,
V, I... nssy '"? mort lavbih with thelr f-?
Ami tius kind of patronaga arould Bpaadlly
; ut a hotel aatlng room beyoad tho paie.
But tbara Is In Wew York aad all the
large eltll ? B growlng army of WOBBBB ln
tha tiadaa ?rui profeaeti n^ who nnd it eon
vealeni to obtala thalr dlnaara out They
arr- 8888 t8 pay far ?88d fOOd BBd atti-nd
am e. They araar bualneaa draas aa a
rule, belng on thelr way 80888 from otBcea
ai i oaa, an*i Bo nal K" la aaa or to i.*'
Baan, b'jt te Bnt tbelr dini., na,
This rdaaa <>f patronaga aill not imnraaa
th.- avarasja foralga aora aarvtag man aa
Importaat. ii.? do,-.-- n*'t understand tba un
eacortad woaaaa, for ln Lsadoa or Parta it
la iet eaatemary for even the most etnan*
<l|>are<l "f women 10 dine alorr, They
have their eluls, umiaually good 08*88, run j
on the aame Uih-b as B BBBa'fl elt:b. and I
they fiet excclknt nieula 18888 at upevjai |
July 4, 1^'.<'>. thera had be. n Issued 0,002
? patents. The Bral patenl of the pn enl
serlea was granted to John Ruggies,
July 18, 1888, ror a locomotlve englne,
and is Patent N>>. 1. This numb- i fl i
not glven the patent at the tlme of la
Bue, but at a aubaequeni period, when tba t
desirability of numbeiing patents i m
aecutlvsiy was recognlsed.
ln 1886 and for a nutnl er *.f yaara
afterward there were only a few patenta]
lasued each year, bul to-day United
Btataa pati ata ara laauad al the rate of
mora than .';u.<m*? ? year, arlth appllca<
tlona belng Bled al tha rate ot aboui
fio.iaio a year.
To show the worklngfl r.f tha Pat* nt
Office to-day and tha vast fleld to bg
covered before a patenl may ba u
it is uacaaaary to mention only a few of
tho duties of the exnminlng foree. It ls
weii known that anythlng t '. ba patent
Bbla must not have b*?< n known or uaad
l y others in this country bafora appll
(atlon is iiiad- for patent Kor must
lt bave been pnt*nted or dOSCrlbsd in
any prlnted publlcatloo ln thls or any
other country for ni'-re *han two year.
prior to tha flppUcotion.
The vast ma.-s of patenta and technlca]
publicartiona of all countriea ln tha world I
constltut'S the fleld whlch must be
Bearched to-day todetern Ina tha novelty
<r naarnesa of an Inventlon. This fHd
of aearch In 1886 comprlaed L'i2,o*a? United
Btatea and forelgn patenta and th*- tech
nlcal llterature of tha day. In January,
1808, it comprlaed more than 886*000
United Btatea patenta and between two
and three mllllon forelgn patenta, as well
aa al] the gvallable technlcal booka nnd
perlodl* Bla.
AM patents, both forelgn and domestlc,
thua must be aeorched, and if nothlng is
e in Costly
? ?
Amerlcan woman abroad attract much
! att.'iti. n by tbelr democratlc way *if dlfl
Ing when and a'hera they pleaae, often in
[a llnen wai^t and a Bhori aklrt.
k,.-ii here ln amerlca lha Qreek, Italian
or Bwlaa aralter, frequently msster of aev?
eral tongu* ? bul Ignoranl of our Kew wori*i
rustoma, mlalntei !?? thfl preeeoce of ihe
|woman alone, and tha fact th.it th.* feml
tiiii*- tlp it- ir t alwaya* genereua actfl aa an
addltlonal Incentlvvj to hia flJsapprovaL
Bul the momenl the ordei gooa oul from
th" propiietor of a hotel thal courtasy is
to !?? accorded t>. all woman the attnoephere
of the place |j dratlnctly chi ?
Thi atniesphera arlH ta notlcad al moat
..f ti,.- reaerta tbal ptle up deHara durlng
every afternooa ?nd avanlng, wbea other
placea, some of them arlth faaaaua raputa
tlona made ln the paat, atsnd dresry and
almoal onti n inted
Thfl t.a bour, whlch has been ealled tbe
Twtlight of tbe Qeddaaaaa, has bacoaaa on
orcaaloB al avary aoccaggfu] hotel in thla'
First Superintendent of Patents.
tions had their OtiglB ln Kngland, an-l
bava atnca baaa adopted nnd eoplad by
r-v* ry dvlUsed POW8T.
'j'he objacl almed al la lha aranUng of
patents wns to BOCUre 8 reward tO thi
iBveator, nml al tha aaraa tirn.- to obtaln
tho Invantlon fot the free use of the
publlc after tba patesM had asplradL To
carry oui the latter part of this deatgn
the aarly patenta contalned b elauaa ra?
qulrtng the invantor "to take appren
tloea and teacb them the knowledga gnd
myatery of the Bald naw Invantlona" *
practlee whleh led to the adoptlon of
fourteen years as tha term "f a pateat,
"that othara might i.y aeven years' ap.
prentlceshlp and .*'v>-ii years1 practlca
acqulre tbe Inventlon."
BUt it was fBfjnd that the publle could
Restaurants 1
town Tahlefl are at a premlum at many
"f th.- I'laees, and frequently partles "f
Women Wlll Bhow up at tWO tea rooiBB 1n an
afti rnoon
There ara all kimis of femintne lure:. on
tba ni'-nu; i .i.j?..-; -. aweets *f iraiioua
klada Hnd eoaora, tho aalittleat dishea aad
aarvlettea Charmlng gowna, pratty fko .
lh>- . llnk of fe.-u up.a, women's ISUghtar iiri'l'
qulei, e|vll wall, rs made an inM.lrln;
aad man are hagtaatag to drop in .11 many
of tba taaa meettng theli arlvea and fen
lalne frtanda f**r .1 .1 a( and a eup of
r. i l"ii.
Tba repasl may i.e abaple; it geiiarally
1-. ewtag le our early dinner bours, bul
arhethar it ba a brown bread aandwtch ar
1 chlcken mtad, the asivlvs is paefacl aad
the f... accapted in the rlghl Bplrlt This'
Barvea ns a petaal advertlaemenl and apella
aiifceae BTaanaa taik saoal tba cbarni of
the araiherlriK. and iiob' th.i.e rentaunini ?
are rhnlllng Bach Other In provldlng lu.xurl
088 dresatag taetaa, Bttad aitk ?H kiruis af
expenslva totkd luxurtea, a Praaca inald aad]
n"t re!;.' on Ull ? nv thod for B fUll ar.d
completa underataodlng nnd acQUlattlon
of th" Inventlon, hacatiaa tha patentee
mlghl ind. and very often did i: 't, p-'i
form hls part of tha agraemenl Bo In
tha r.>|gn of Queen .\nn.' tha law nfBcera
of the Crown Introduoad another and dlf?
farent elause, requirlng a written de
b* r,| tlon of the Inventlon t.. ba M' d.
This hi whal Ifl commonly known as the
api clflcation.
Pri".- to thai tlma tha only daacrlptlon
of reciii of the Inventlon aecured by a |
i atenl conalated of a few worda Klvine
merety tha nama of lt Tha Bral patenl
ln whlch ? Bneclflcatlon waa required
app* is to be thal of John Nasmyth,
granted on Aprll I, 1712. Later, draw
ini:^ began t<? be nttached lo the apeclfl
fhat Win or
. iimfOli ible loungllt| i I.
Tt ix all a ure-At ehaage from thi Bltuatlofl
b few yeai ? ago, when woman alone would
nol ta aarved In many of tba prlnclpal New
Y..ik hotela Two women <>f hlgh atandlng
and poaition Bued one hotel a few yaara
ago for beittc refuaed aen.larlng to the
facl thal they were uneacorted, and tbelr
atand had a graai effeci In changing con
dlttoni throughout the clty,
*iti iba other hand, women are laarnlng
the Beceaaity foi ft etng araltera better, > ?*
peclally the forelgn araltera, who depend
largely on thla Itern for their llvlng, tha
pald them taing amall
'rb. i?- i- i in irked dlfference In Ihe ta itea
of men and women aa t.i tha f.la they
prafer. <u:' famcui maltre d'hfttel haa
tn.nle ;:n att >.f gattlflg up BttraCttVB
luncheon menu for aromen'fl partk . flnd
alwaya baa earta btaneha from the iiob
'? ? . Very few maa gtve any tboughl to
tha fgel thal cartaln fooda and aawaa bm
Bask produdag. Tl 11 11k.- larga guantltiea,
and aroaaeo much prefer very amall por?
______ 4
fit \r_m
c;itk>ns to desrribe the lnvention m?>re
' Tha patent aystem attractad very llttli
sttentlon untll near the "nd of the elgh
teentb century. Prom 1680 to 1780 only
Boma eiglit hundred patants had been
granted. but Bl thla tlme England was
Just boelmilng h^r WOndorTUl eommerelal
and Industrlal career. Arkwrlght, Har
greavea CromptoB and Watt had patent
<d their Inventiona, Their patents be
came Immenealy valuabla and wero the
cubjecta <>f llerce and proionced contaata
in the court i, whlch ended in a aartea of
adjudlcatlona, heirinning with Ark
a*rlght's aj.-, and all this was beforo the
anactment of a patent law by the Amerl
i !oi gri s<
ln Octobl r. 1641, tha Oem rai Court of
ichuai tts Bay CoIobj laltlated tba
practlce In Ami rlca of grantlng patants
by an acl sei uring to ona Bamual
ow an i v luali b piivlli ge for a
method of manufacturlng sait aad pro
hlbltlng all othi r peraona from nuiklng
thi^- artlelo for ten years, oxeept in a
manner dlfferant from bla, provlded he
aet up works vTjthin one year fr.-m the
data of tha grant This acl ls memoraMo,
becauae lt Is tha lirst grant of an . x
cluslve prlvilege in Inventiona 1b Amerl ?
and the privllega waa tha first to ba given
under and by vlrtue of the BOVarelfn
wlll of the people and Bot nt tho royal
pleaaura of a king
in 1683 the colony allowed one john
?"liirk ten BhllllBfa for thr?-e yaara from
every faiully Whlcb should use hl.s ln?
vention for Baiing wood and warmlng
bouses al little eoat. Ia 1696 a patent
was granted to Joaepb Jenckaaen, for
?an rnglno for th>- more apeedy euttlng
0l : riss."
Prom tha llma tha coloniea gasertcd
the!;- Ind. p n I- i.n July 4. 177'!. unMl
Mareh 4, 1780, ti:*- atatea graated patonta
just ns th.-ir predeceesore, the coloniea,
had done. it waa Bot untll 1700that tha
flrat patent legislatlon was enacted bj
Congre a. In 17'.'.". this law was amend?
ed, and from that tlnie untll 1838 no
changa was made In ths law. in 1830,
however, Congress enacted a law for tho
rr.-. tlon ?! ." ni w patent offtci and mada
many < hangea In the patent laa b.
Late in July of that *>ear the srectlen
..t th" new bulldlng began. It \--;s ihe
Lose by Gra
tlona, aerved In qualnt faahlon.
? ine of th" most Bueoeaaful placee in town
l a amall chophoui.n a dletlnctly Im
poaalbla block. Thouaanda or dollara ara
apenl here daily between tha houra from
dlnner to dawn. Here women ara alao ea
tered te In marked faahlon by tha proprle
tor's nrd.-ra. Theae women 81*8 of B b.wt-r
grade, many of them queena of tha under
world at ihe ii., ir ,.r mldnlght and after
Hut a queer parados may be obaervad
al the hour of, aay, I to 7 p, m . whli h go* i
oa how- the policy <>f aervtng women
well la unden tood .\r tbe aama t ible i
whlch some houra Iater wlll b<> aurrounded
by the Bappboa and Deltlaha of tbe town.
coaaumlng tba ehoaen abellflah that thay
dellghl In, wlll l.e found <|ii|et, gray-haired
old a men, Bome ol them aith doga and
. oma "i them wlth maldi
They 80888 from the apartniml bOUSSfl
whleh abound in tha vidnlty f,.r tha fraah
I.! food whlch la ao wall eooked and
cleanly aarvad Tha Braltera In this plaee,
typtcal chophouaa tbugs, most ..f them,
arould aratt en theaa old wornen about aa
el-eerfully as they would on the ,|oi;s lf
they dld not nndeiaUand Ihat to fall in any
laataaoa woui.i m. an dkasUaaal
Many of these old women glVB tB8 WSlI i
b .tlme. ha\itiK aataa a dollar dlnner. And
tba Baaaa man. who gets a dollar wlth
?v*ry breath I.rawa after naldalght,
takea tha maagra tlp aith a tix.-.i smiie
that ir w-ouid dellghl ths heart of a auf
fragette to oba >rve.
Contraal tha three most aucceaaful placea
ln town two of thera aith very faahlon
Bble patronaga wlth other gtlded reatat
ranta in whleh yawBlag waltera lounge
about aad tha bossaa ara golng bankrupi
Knvloiisly they Bya the e>taI llslim.-nts of
ih- three fortuaata proprlatera wbo wara
uh waiters on.-e. hut taka lusurtoua trlpa
abroad now, k.-,-,, taacy Carms ami edu-l
sata th.-ir ,-hiidi, n at th,. baBt collegea In
the . oiintry
Wlthln a BtOtaVg tkrOW of on,. of tha
pmarler of theaa there |:i _ hotel whlch
on.-? was lamoiis as the stopplnK p|ar?> ot
greal men, polltlclana, ludgee, preaidenta
vuritlng ealebHtlea Ita bar snii thrlvaa
Ita luncbeon and aaanar houra abow a fair
erOWd of men wlth a vei y few women
The tea hour la rleacrted ahaolutely
Women who may cbooae to visl.; ihe _[_\.
Growth of the Patent Office
Ib Amazing - Its Quaint
Early History and
Modern Methods.
present routh front of the Patent Offlre.
BXdUStvS af the Kouth ends of the eaat
?nd west arlnga Th> Laaaagaant what la
now tbe flrst or ground floor?was to be
BBjgd for storage, the flrst or portio floor
for offlce rooms, and the second floor waa
to bo ono large hall with gallerles ..n
elther side, ant". to have g vaulted n.of.
This hall was designed aa a Nationnl
Gallery flf th" Industrtfll dJTtfl and for
the sxhlMtloa of modela an*l unr'atented
Jnventlons. The body of the bulldlng |g
of Vlrglnlaa aaadstoBd. It was aitor
ward palnted white.
*m Dscambsr IS, 1888, a flre Seatroyed
the bulldlng in whlch the Patent Offlce
was nnd all tho modelf. and recordj and
the Ubriry. with the exceptlon of on-j
book, Volume VI of the Herx-rtory of Art.i
and Manufarturcrs, whlch an employe of
tbe offioo happened to have taken lo his
home before tlie flre. Among the ri ?'
OI?Jg deatroyed was B fello OOntalltlng
dravrlngg of Pnlton'a flrst afanmhonla
made by hls own hands. In 1087 an u\>
ITOprlatlon was made to roplaco the roc
crds destroyed and for the gractlon <>f o
new btilldlng. tba Patent Offlce as lt
ptandf to-day.
On Beptdinbar 24, 1*77, thero was an
other flre ln the Patent Offlce, when the
roof ami model rooms and contents ln
the north nnd west wings were do
Btroyed by flre, nnd much damage d..no
tn the bulldlng. About 87.0110 models
and I'a-ai.iNN'i ]] otn-]|ti...graphio copies of
drnwlngl were ruine*! by Ilre and watrr.
From the flrst fedaml patent grant in
170*1, to tho present f'ommissioner ln
1011, is a long jump. It is Jtist 121
years BgO. Many changes h.ave taken
place during this time. When the flrst
patent araa Iggued the President of the
I'nltrd States made the grant, while the
record waa written by a clerk In the
Hta!.- Dapartmsnt
Then followed the Patent Board, com
posed of the Bacretnry of State, the Sec
retary of War and the Attorney Gen?
eral. This board was continued untd
iv,",<;, when the flrst Commissloner of
Patents was nppolntcl. Krom that tlnv
to thg preai nt thara have been many
comniissloner.s of patents. but It ls sail
there have been few nen 90 well quali
fie<] to fl 11 the positi* n as tho present
.'.immissioner, Edward BrttOB Moore.
Mr. Ifoora has arorkod his way up
from th*> ranks. lb' entered the Patent
Offlce aa asststant axan__aar in V**'.\. and
from that tlme Bervad In rarloua canncl
tlea untii he waa made Commlaslonar. ln
June, l!*'7. Ha haa Bpent twenty-alght
yaara In tiie government aervtcs.
Edward Brucs Moore haa hnd a arlda
and varied esperlence whlla gervhag
Uncle Bam. Before he was appotetad
CoinmhMdonar of Patenta ha was as
Blgned as Bpeclal commlaalonar to tho
Paria Bzpoattlon, In 1800. In tho sum
tner of 1808 be was appointed Unltad
Btatea delegate to tha totarnntloiMal
Conferance for tha ProtaedJon of indua?
trial Property, which waa beld in stoek
hoim. Bwedan.
Later, In the fall of lftfO, he acted as
apedal eonunlsslonar ef the ftate De
partment to nlne prtnelpnl capltalg of
Burope on Intarnntlonal racfproenl pat
, nt protaetlon. Than ba aanrad as deie
pate to the Fourth Internatlonal Confer
BDca of Amerlcan Ptates at Buenos
ayrea, Argentlna, in tha sutnmer of 1810,
ln oharga of mattera rolatlng to patents.
trade marka and oopjrrlghta.
Blnea 1838 the work of tha Patent Of
llca has Increaaed by b-ars and bounds;
and to-day, when the number of patents
grantsd each year averagea more than
thlrty thouaand, tha inventlve bump of
the Yankee may almost be seen growlng.
it ls developtng so fgat it is said it
will not ba long before man is as much
Bt homa In tha air as on tha ground, all
on account of the Inventlve ingenuity of
tba Tnnhi ? ?.
"No ono ean K" arrORg lf 1*8 followa the
Ten ronimninlm-'iits,'' said tha Btncero eltt
v.s." replied Benator Borghum, "the
only trouble about tha Ten Command
menta arUea from the amendmenta i.pi??
try to tack to them."?Waahlngton S^r.
ce of Dames
In Old Style Places That Slight
Women Tea Hour Is
Deserted and Dinner
Like a Funeral.
intr reoma becsusfl the] ara ?:" gulel Bpeed*
Ilj daaert tha place, Bndlng it depraaalBg
Tha atmoepberc la Intmtcal to women; tha
araltera, aurly and offenalve, '.?? aBpabod
aervlce, oft* n trick tha gui fl" -
There |- a list of lha ?? BStfl that any one
wouiii faU into, Wa may asy 8 gue-t
aiahsa *r^s Cleveland, arhlch wera en tha
Mll of far>> yaatarday at M centa a
half portlon. Thay are aol aa to-day but
tha walter caa order them Ha brlnga
them and the) ara charged for al H centa?
tha same portlon axactlj
Tha iruest demura, and la toid that thla
la m Bpeclal order. ?>f courae. she reegaa.
ni/..'s a tilck and Btsyfl BWBy, Th'.is, tha
.I. iite.i roonfa. And doaartad rooma make
tlpleea, aeeperatfl araltera For thay aie
hlred wlth tbe undaratandlng thal tbelr
tips arlll ba far graater than tiieir t.11
Tba resull la thal they atoop to all aorta
nf .1.'\i.es Iflataksn chargaa and addl
tlona, ahort ?hnngt gnd "apedal orders,"
iu tead of belng pualahed, are arlnhad at
i? ihe Bhorl Blghtad amaagaanent
Most of tii.' forelgn waltera have tha
eoda of tha baadlta >.f tii.-ir natlva land
\? ho ex.ut mon. >? trlbuta aa thalr rlght
and who wili ba just aa Insslsal and as
dlshonaai as they ara alloared to i.e.
So much bs arsra lha waltera al tha eafl
which falled thal a vaudevtlla perfotmsr
use.i t.i oonvulaa his sodlsncea with a
aketch la whlch ba peraona ted a man wtah
Iiik to got aomethlni to aai thara
Tha araltera, it seemed, w?re piaytng
? ll'oillle m M aiiter.oiii. When BM Of
them aaaaa m ta attand ta ttu> guest, an
BthST would Oall OUtl "Are you g.ilng to
BJB BB Wlth tiie game or golng to loaf out
thara all the afternoon?"
Plnally the kucsi protastad: "i shall
make a complaint. Where is the man
ij-t r?"
"Ah go on artf you!" said the walter.
Tlie manuiter's gone up to Hector'a to get
lomi-thlng tu eai:"

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