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Oh, Yes! Women Put It All Over Men When It Comes to Fighting Hot Waves
Masculine Scheme of Plenty of
Alcohol and Wool Doesn't
Seem to Work Well,
THAT'S rlght-talk about it! Now that
the tlmes have rome when the mer
cury soars upward in a daily at
tempt to knoek the top off Its glass tube,
don't 1 se a Cbanca of thlnklng about how
bot it is. In that way the couehant doctors
ar.d BUraaa have B rr.uch better chance cf
gettlng you.
When you 888 two men eommunlng one
Wtth the other on the streets during one
at 8 steam radlator Is enough to lnvlt*
BUnstroka, and that may have had ?ome
thlng to do with tho rmrses stalllng.
I don't mean that sort of stalllng?I m*?an
they get stuck; could go not one step fur
hat hill or not. But be mada lt hla busl
ieas. All honor to him or to the hot
Wo men are the onea that are conttnu
illy beeflng about the hot weather. If the
herself be eeen in that condltlon. There
fore she must not appear warm. They may
ba hot all the tlme, but they aeem to have
sueceedad ln maklng thcmselves thlnk they
are cool, and thtnklng you are cool ls the I
them to get between you and the sun.
When they feel like lt they roll up thelr
sleeves, and have a aunehade to keep off
the overardent raya of our etellar llghtlng
Ing backs.
We cannot make uae of light clotha for
our clothes?we demand pure, thlck. hot
wool. And the fronts of our garments muat
be double in thlckriess to retain every de
* ?
? X P? RT-S ^f=^V TH AT
PAjftfvi^S rVRE. "an
costume. 'roa
>vV .,A^w3l
TH E\flRM6 )TH f\ ry
EYjcR l-O^^O (
rnf\KIz YOU.COOi.JO'Tfta-K
ABOUTiaT.ali. ;the TtnE^
//s -
^ WITH Bfl&f^T
V. i
DRlYlo TH?n TO
a* tba heal ou dou'l hav ita
af aad I-r.d over your aar to ki w wi it
they ar.- aaying. Tha followlng la a phono
? j- r eenl * f tha ho; i
\vc;i- ol tha eity:
"Hi llo, Blll! Hot, aln't it?"
?: :':<. lt waa
"Nope?weather man aaya Ita i
li r ? b r?"
"Whal la 11 to-day, anyhow*
"Well, tha papera aay tba offldal mark
ls r.*5 d< -:?? ; but 1 1 ave ;i aBnaranti
strumenl : nti d o il I ?? my t ?'? <
that n IM bi th*- ahada and I
kaow li ' ? ' ': ult::
cfsjar coupona"
"That'a b crlma about that Weather Bu
reau thernaometer, anyhow. Where I ???'
l___ the i ? of theaa hot daya h
thlrty-atory WI l
Up 1 ?.-' braesa m thla
part "f the ?**? "irk ;it
? . i ment ihermomati r. Why
lt dOWB to tho I
i va poor I ? -11 all bave t" Itvi
af by tha
I '
.iinp handken; -1 l "OM you aaa
? ? to-day?"
,.j g0t a - ' arly adttlon, a::d
lead ;.nd twenty-two on r>
eoraa. That? a pretty Bood Bgure, but I
hav- a bet arlth our lahler that the d's
?V4.ni bo to Bfteen and tha p's to thtrty ba
? o'clo k.
??Well, I'm giad to 888. anyhow. thatJvew
York bt keeplns ahead ol Chicago ln that
respect Yi Bti rday Chlcaa* had on'y eight
dead. as agalnal our twolva Vou have to
give it to Ni a Tork thera."
"Mavbe It'll be too'er to-morrow."
?Vep-the recasl ?aow'
ara ' ?_???.
"Well. h- 's K"1 u drlnk
and ?
'?In, rlghl along behind you-i-ad me to
(Exll through ornal -' aoon >
And whi ? "' tha
r tba hol -
arlth tha barl
?uftarera wbo are 1
elvea up on slcohol to fssht tha
t-?n i ?
v?w you ? a- ' two or raoi
aether ln auch weather ? la another draw
ba kof tbe boat-witbout
betng th., poeoeeeor ol poalUva
n.aiat, ' I ?o? what I i
. ti, cool. Of raa. bla own collar
Klng llmP and I ?
.,,?, ha may bfl BBBaaslrtr*
plHna. dld i aayl May, awaatlaa Uka
a horsa BUI, Juat tho sarne. he aUa>a
BB8 tbe B8TV8 to sprlng his 88X8 tr.lng rem
edb-a on you.
"The trouble wlth us glr.ks l.i thnt W8
aat too Bsuoh during lha baatad term.
?aya one ..f tba auch. "Cut II out1 Eat
nothlnf more than half an orange and a
,oupi? of din picklea for breahfaet, wtth a
d., ibla porUon ol the aame for your i.lght
meala Donl aal but a coupie ot inaaia
every twentj-fout hours. And den bmUw
. movement of your BBSaalaa thal. tan t an
absolata Ufa aad death aataaalry.
Rlght after that one you are apt to run
Vj.on a follower of th.. opportnK BflBKIOl of
advlee merchantB.
? Tbe trouble wlth us all." this insurgmt
Wlll tall you, "ta that we don't eat enough
when lt beglna to get hot. Wa aWI haW
anv vitahty left to ufM off tho eff*--.a of
the heat, and the flrst thlng you kaoW our
name allpa Into the moumful oolurnn U
, Bad Of the heat etory ln the papera.
Kar-that ls the aecret of getting away
from the heat parll Bet ateaka-blg. tblek.
\Ty\ teaka They give your body -trength
,?ough to earry lt through and ovi-r.
the affaets of the hmnidity. JJao. Uka
j -.?.r,i?n to ke<?D youraeir in
pienty of good axarcisa to wv r
trlm-that'a the only way to keep *-he heat
from getting your proud goat.
Chlda tbara not. For verily. WhOB tho
heat radlatlons boro Into our ^f*??
make ?s say and do ?-** ??^ ?aJ^
Only recently I caught elght Of ? BtTBBIlB
Boeetacla that made Its way through tho
busy"eat wave. of Washington Squaro.
?t waa about 3 o'clock of a bllaterlnB a er
"oon thehott-stiartofoneof tha hotteat
,h,s aummer. Buddaady the Mraln.s
?f mandolln muslc were borne to my 88
?onlabad ears. Tho strulna had wan-brM
fortta from u aaarby asuaaaa bjbI ""r"
heing prodocad by a chauffeur 1n an un
JSZm that waa .ntlraly Jlthout B^VB.
tnd had a deep Kltty Oordon cut ln the
i'v.'-n as T wafehed, ho of tho mandolln
cailed alldly tO rompanlons wlthln the
gan*ge. aad four of them awanned out to
k waltlng motor car. One of them U>ah
the whaal baaada him ef the tuneful raaa
dcim Th.y mada a aolaann drcuit *.f tha
daaallnaj aquara in thla-faahlon-th.i r.iu
atcfan "P front playlng a aelectlon from
"KauBt" ull tho whlle. They thCn rc-en
tcre<l tne gar^ge.
And another tlme-thla other was at Man
battan Bttaat and Broadway, where the
auliway bursta out Into dayllgnt nnd bc
8888881 an elevated for a ahort distance. A
team < f hon*.? hltehed to a too heavy load
of radlatora atarted Bouth up the Broad
iray blll. Now tbeae days a mera glanco
'A hat to do?
wi ra passlBg up thla sam-.
hill all that time, and they weren't ham-j
pered by tha load ? ( rsdl itora, for It was
i it ll i o i. ipi enad thal
- tor i tstlo ie i at tho
? that was woi Klnt:.
ol tha pani - s horses
with. theli f radiatoi
"Her* eetcar man called to tha
"Get that ropa off tho front of
your wagon and i,et ? ur team over here
on the track. Wo'll help you out."
a driv.-r gol the team i ? er on the
ln question waa tied to
r;'i to tha rear
r of a wait Wl an all a
i Inspector gav< tha motorman
, and th" car wenl up the blll
load of radlatora, with
trottlng aaally ai"ntr and not
? to ' a top of tii" im. about
lltth Btreet where tha wagon was untbd
led Ofl ita
own 1.
Now, you miRht aay that it araan't any
<.:' atreel ar
I of i ton evi r goi up
Russian Dai
Star of Terpsichorean Corps
Which Has Delighted Paris
and London Fears
American Prudery.
Rusalan ballet is fast gettlng to bo
a habli Mlla. Pavlowa and alr Ifordkln
ln America two yaara
. BBon Jui t paasi d raturned
with ten other Rusalana to water them.
? ? arlnter la to brtng to Ni ?
York i"r tb ' Um* th* ); u laa ballet
in all Ita glory Um real Imp* n ii Ballet
of th" Royal Opera ln BL Peteraburg tha
ballet that for tha last three yeara has
;,,.,, , Lo dofl and Paria; the
< tiiet beaded by .Mme. Tamar Karsavlna
,,,.,i \\? iall NlJInskl. 'J his ballet waa ona
of tba featurei ofl the coronation festlvltlea
in Bngland, and before that bsd been fi**
t wo w<-i ka' ' the Theatre du
Chatelet, ln Paria a Trlbuni rerreeenta
B ,., lucky anough to nnd Mme. Karaa
a/jna |n bar apartment In tha Bua de
Rlvoll tha day before Fhe atarted tor Lon?
Mme, Karsavlna, llke tba Rui lana arlth
whom N'ew Vork la slraady acqualnted,
has nttio in her to auggast tha daneer*
aa the daacer la thought <>f among lha
BresldeB af Nsw Bngland or fen ln tiie
glara af Broadway cafaa In har drssa
the doea not atrlve to add aaothef color
to tho rSlnbOW, n*.r la her BBCk hung
wlth ropes of pearls. And lf thera
araa aM qoallty la her bearing that struek
the intervlewer it was tho onahty <<f re?
Bbfl BBl Ottlatly ln un arm-hair, her
hanoH flolded before nor ln her lap. she
used Ibw geeturaa, and lt wrb only by tha
BUddeB lighting ef her face that she dls
cloaed any maaroaitea aaunattoa. v>t thera
was nothlng llfalaaa ln bar raannar, ll wag
really Burcbarged with anergy, or energy
that ahOWOd Itseif ln her very power of
flfllf leproaalon Har black hair was drawi
back about her h'-ad ln ROSSlaa fal hlon.
and, all Iu all. sho ggamed tho very an
tltheaia of lha averaga woman of tho tha*
Btra, To open tho converflatlon tlia In?
tervlewer baaardad this lanpraaalflrt, and
th? daneer broke into a m.-rry laugh.
" \f ter all. Why shouldn't a daneer be
Just a woman?" she ask.d. "We think SO
in Ku.ssi.t, and aro Just us slmple as any
one else. And I think we danro all the
better for It A daneer ought to bo ahla to
ezpraaa all human emotlons, and she ean?
not do thla unlesa she hcrself la buman.
That is Just the trouble. I'eople on tho
stago too often are rcparded aa a raco of
belnga apart. and consequently they, too,
often com.? to regard thernselvea as auch.
And that Ib bad, both for the regarders and
the regard"d."
Whereupon the intervlewer said that ho
bad met a daneer who was aleo a philoso
"And why shouldn't n daneer bo a phl
losoph. rV" was the qulck reply. "Is lt
any matter whether wa expreaa our opln
lons and our emotlons with our toeH or
with our pens, so long as wo expreaa them?
And g daneer ean eXprBM hat emotlons.
and not only her emotlons but her oplnlons
BS well, wlth her tOBSj or. rathor, wlth her
laaa ln ee??Juaetlon wlth th?. n-st of baa
body. That ls what W8 Kusslans aro
tralned to do. You know, wo begln to
ntudy when we are nine years old as stu
dents ln the government conservatory. Wo
are ln tho coiua-rvatory untll we are sev
entreii, and durlng that tlme wo etudy not
only danclng, but hlstory, poetry, and even
"The llusBian achool of dancing Ib a de
velopment of tho old Italian achool, but lt
has bioadeti'd out greatiy. Our ld*-a haa
b? en to havo tho dancor an all-round ar
JLttti to bo an actreaa, and, aa far aa poa?.-v
W* men aay IflUCh, 11
?? Ith aome ron ' rtali
too hot to ii I anythlng.
Thera an- Beveral poaalble reasoi i I
thla Ot;o of them is thal a woman i m'l
afford to get bot aad par plr* i
ahe wa In't ' ok well thnt way. Th' pulnt
nnd I ? ' 'er ? . ? -? ?? i'o" I ' '
Btlcky and runny and aha couldn'l
HstM, ? belng On tha other band. taka a look al tha
. mora bralna i
? , . we havent couraga anough to ba e m
?. ? . . . , rarubl. ln drana Few amang u.
. , . ...., ,:,'.- ,- ,., d.,vn Broadway wlth a wblta
. ... .....-, Bu.ahadeoverhtshesl1 True, Ihereawa
' -ntrte A,8..?'i^,i,:.;:
.... ? ,e fluch t i '??! ot aurn
icers Also Actor; and Poets, Sayi
Rusaian ballet daneer who is coming to New York this winter.
ble, a poet; to be able not only to control
bSff museles, but to use her br.'Una. Wo
belleve that danclng ia an art aa perfeet
as palntlng or eculpture or niuslc; un art
that ls no less an art for belng In a
state of constant ereatlon. It Ib, perhaps,
the flrst of tho arts, and has Its orlgin
in the dlm mldst of barbarlsm, when
the world was young. Then lt was rnan'a
method of expresBlng all those emotlonN
that were deepe?t or hlgheat ln hl> nature,
?uch aa rellglon, love or vengeance. The
daneer aurely haa a mlaalqn la tu_tinuingi
this high tradltlon."
The Tribune man wondcred what Miss
Tesslo Mghttor-B. of Uroadway and 42d
Btreet, would Bay to thSSS remarks. Put
MIbb TcbbIo does not dance In a Ilusslan
ballet, and Ib not llk.dy to, and perhaps
her answer to these rcmarka mlght givo a
clow to why Husslan ballets do not Krow
upon Uroadway.
Mme Karsavlna was very anxious to
know all about Amerlca. She had heard
of the Buceeaa af WM. roviowa and Mr.
Mordkln, but Bhe bad alao heard other
tblngs. She was speclally interested In the
n<gro questlon.
"No, I am not a soclolonlst or B raform
er," aald the daneer, laiiKhlng, ''BlthOUgk
reform ls becomlng bo popular nowadays
that aoon even tho ballet may preaeh re?
form wlth tli.lr toes um I am biixIoiih
beeaiise one of our prlncipal balLtB ls
'Schcheraxade,' ln whlch a erowd Bf n*'
gro Blaves ggpgar. We fear tuat lf we
Kive lt as It is written there will be
trouble, and tu cut out the nogroes or to
make tbeoi white would aerlously tuar the
gree of the heat of our bodiea, while the
?houldera havo extra thlct, warm wool
pada to fhe BBIM end.
And our "< OOl" straw hats!
They are made of Interwovc. Btraw
plaits that are BO clflBB together and are
plued so Braaly that they have nearly all
the reatatani - I praased Bteel Baldom doaa
one of them flt your h"ad, for their btflk %?
Ibllity makea them about an eeanCartaMa
for head covering pursoaM aa a copper
rlveted wash boller Neat our heads is a
pnod, tblck leather band that heips tho
glUB keep bl the preclOUa Iieat and keep out
the cool alr. Sure, thev look nl BB enough,
and there are DBW among us that would
dara aaortflea what wa term n?at appasr
unce for a hot weather eemfort
We men are the on<s, too, who have
said repeatedly that women ba i aa airt^ght
monopoly on foollsh freaks of dr.-ja.
After tho hat 088088 tha collar. The
soft eonara are all rlght for comfor*. but
they look-. There lt ls again. So, to
rve our nastnaas ara make uae ef a
that la atai h* I ai l iron- J untll lt
hocomea as s:i*f as a piece of metaL it Bta
t!?iit a- i mual eoma high. it la tha i -
tom, and wa Baldom kick over tha tr i
Thera also ur.. many he martyra to faab
lon who refu-^e to glvo up their WfllstCOara
untll Ihey h^ar tho ambulanca oomlng afur
s Karsavina
Looks Forward with Mingled
Eagerness and Dread to
Engagement Here in
the Coming Season.
effect. We may declde net to give VchS'
herazade" at al!, but I bopo that BOOM
meana may bo found to get over the diffl- ;
culty, as lt ls one of the most beautl- j
ful of all our ballets."
Hut stiii anotbar thlng aaareed to b?
troubiing Mma Raraavtna, and that was
the Amerlcan aenae of moralli
dery. Would tho Amerjlcan peopla reaUsa
that when thlngB are gone Bl tist!|ally a'.l
harm ls removed from tii.in? Ai '
Comsto.'k was u nama that aha had avl
dentiy heard, at d aha aeemed it timea to
bo afruld that upon th.. arrlval of tho,
ballet ba would i id leuly multlply i.im- j
aalt The latarvlewsr assured her that;
the taiea of hyporprudery that she had
heard were no douht much BsagBerated,
whereupon si.e appaared aUghtly relleved ,
"Amerlca to us ls a Btrange country, and
we heur fn many Btranger storlea about lt
that we don't kflOW gulte Whflt to l" I
Bhe explalned. "However, I never beUeved
you were eo prudlah aa Boma peopla I ive
reported. I knOW that the grsatOBt t
Ita of the aH-etiona glven hy Mma J'av
lowa atid Mr. Mordktoe waa tba 'Bae
eh.inale,' ard that lan't tha tsmesl of
danoes. We bave ballets of all types, from ,
?Sohehetarsde' t) th" dalflty "Can
of flchuaiftt.n. They are all henutlful, and
lf lookad ht ln the rlght way, all emially
deroid of iffance. I feel BUT8 that tha
Amerleans arlll sce them ln this llght and
arlll not allow a fals.? seiise of tnorallty
to interfvre wlth the prodUOtlOO of Worfca
of exsiulslto art."
"T>o you think lt neressTry for ft .lnncer
to begin ?s ?? chnd in order to perf* ct bi r
art?" nsked tbe Intervlewer
"AbSOtUtely," W'as Mr;',". Kar.- .i\ lt a'a
ejatck raaponsa "it la Imp a Itrte for a Kin
to be.ain to laarn to dsnes when sh.- t aa <i
ready mafured. Bho BOVOC OBfl galn tha re
qulred aupplen?-sfl, BS matler bOW hard Bha
may try. Ar.d you ln Amerl. a are Btaklflg it
Impnealhla for your country aver to hava
a natlve baliet ef the t.r>t cJaes, Blmply
hscswat your law doaa not allow young
chlldren to dan<-" for tha BtBga Thosa who
made that fooitsh ISW surely did not kflOW
what thev wore dot;..r To say tliat datic
lnK ls bad for a child's health ls lidlculoua
Why, diuieers ii?e to ba older than any
one else. In Kussia they fTeQUently live
to be a hundred. Ia fact. tha axarclae
BtrenRthetis us. and as It ls absolutely
necesMiry for BB t l keep In good C.11
tlon ln order to retfllfl our skill an Irregu
lar nio la randared Impoaafbla For ? rl I
daactng is tha baal asarelsa bi the world.
Tako myself, for lnstanco. I have a* BTOBly
ever baan 111 Ifl my Ufe- Could >>>u say
that af many young womsa of aoctety, who
bave never hen allowed durliitf tkHr el.il.l
hood to atray from their nurs.'s Bflrofl
strlngs? No; BBSOU strlngs d*m't make for
"A daneer must havo a etBBf head and
n elnar ey? and a sound body. Bha niu.-t.
be ablo to endure far beyond tlu? enduraiice
iBiiulied by tha avaraga paraan. And. what
is more, she musl alwaya ba la tha baatl
of condition lt won'l do for bar t.> danoa
w-ll one day and badly tlie next BhO
would raaaiva bar <iis. barge bsfbra there |
was any next. And the only way ln which
Bho can be sure always te dnue uell is
to keep her haaith 't wlll be g plty if
you Americaiis <lo not come to learn this,
fnr liaiurally your WSBBaB BTB s|.l"';d|.l
danoera, bul anlaaa thay baghi ta learp
BSrUaf than th.y dO at prBBBBt U.ey n.ver
can psrfBCt thernselves. Of course, BOgBj
torta of dancing, auch as that made
Then, Too, You Can't Relieve*
Sweltering and Bliatering
by Always Talking
About It
them. Walateoata thla yaar ara htfthaa**thaal
usual, too, and whlle lt La like llvlng ln
a superheated Turklah bath to Baaar ina
of them, you oertalnly do look nea*. Many
a heat vlctlm haa keeled over In the attaky
asphalt becauaa be valued bla Ufa leaa than
hla nutty appearbnoe.
Our ehoea are of haavy oattt, thal Btore
nP all the heat and ahut out all oa* the
alr. Aa to underwear, lt took aa many
years to get down to Bleavaleaa amd knee*
length klnd. Take lt all ln all. wa bava a
very flne heatlng plant tnat wa earry
around ln the dog daya to keap curealvaB
constantly unoomfortabla,
Every now and than lt arata ao bad thak
we have to take off our ooata and ootlare
and roll up our aleevae. But that U moat
ly ln prlvaoy. We would deam lt a mlld
Bpeoles of lmmodesty to appaar. aapaolaJijr
ba the company of women. ln that atata |
of undresa.
There hava been many attampta 8a maka -
atyles more aenalble. but theaa bava naver
been able to ovtrcoma man'a loyalty t?
tailorlng traditlons. You i-einember tba
ahirtwalst movementT It waa oanalble.
Bad yet lt falled. Many offlcea and aioraa
requlre that thelr employea keap their
coata on during bualnass houra and tho
workers aro able to atand lt only because
they have to.
Dress reformera tell ua that wa ara craxy
to put up wlth lt. And the reformera stand
for lt Just aa the reat of ua do.
"There is no reaaon on the faoe on tbaf
earth," eay theae thlnkera. "why men
ahould wear any underwear. rajanoad
would be the ideal summer garme.nt for
men. If not that, a speclal two-plece waah
able suit should be lnvented. Tha trous
era should button to the ehlrt, and - Baah.
could be worn aoout the walat?nothlngj
more. When lt got cool?*r a coat could ba
worn. There is oo reaaon why trouseri
ehould reach to our ankles. Knee trousera
are tho only senslblo mode, and It waa only
the ruling hand of avariclous tallora that
ehanged the knee br.-e<hea for long trou
ers tnat are hotter ar.d whleh demand moi?
cloth." The reformers, however. don't run
about ln thelr pajamae. and whlla thelr
talk aounds mlghty good the probibiliUeB
are that we wlll suffer our mlaarahla way
through the summer of 1912 exactly os dur?
ing the or.es th tt BBWeadal lt.
No one can deny that aurf bathlng la a
temporary relief when the thln line of the
mereury gets aml.itlous. It ls great to g< t
on yOUT little blue bathlng suit and fllrt
wlth the eare free rollei.i that 88888 ln from
the sounding 888. Great! Ani then after
you are flomewhat tlied from buffetlng the
rullers you can como Inshoro and Iie on tha
eool sands, where you may watch the never
fsiltag Bbow of fat woaaea aai m mmulata
a daalrahla sunburn at the 88888 tlme.
If there were only some plBB by Wbkh
tld g*r BBdsr aa anaaathatlo whiio
taking on this coat of summer tan'.
,It Is OOly hflflaBB nature that aSBaal u?
to fare forth on hot nights ln eear* h of
aome blding alr current. These crusadrr-i
of comfort Bll the troUsy cara, paak tha
roofa of Flftb avenua 'buaaa and
: into lha i arlBf i il aray.
? up in the fr^nt ot tha aubway es>
prass tralBB to get the whal thal gual i
through the open door. It ls a Bort of ho;,
Inferlor braaaa. that woffca only whtaa tba
trala is la motkm, but u is a braara, ani
that ls sometblng.
Anot ar '.i.splration that ono gets ls tb*
taBTyboat hunch.
?(?11 the bay." one argues to hlmself o.'
wlfe, "lt ls always cool. Everv'oody
ao. We will go down to the sea ln I
and make tba voyage across to St. 088888*,
Whlch ls on Ktaten laland,"
Whlle you thlr.k that la an inspiratlon
never before entertalned by mortal man.
the whole truth ls that aome ten theusand
ptrsons IhOBgbt of the plan about the
tlme you dld. The result ls packed ferry
boata A lurge part of this crowd 1b mada
up of ferryboat spooners.
No matter bow hot II geta. d. Cupid
never Iata up wlth thoae urrows of his,
tharaby runnlng a conetant rlsk of pros?
trations. Loving nacaaaHataa a aarBBba
? cf hugglr.g and enugglement, all
of whlch Is conductva to atlll higher tem
peraturea Hence the lavera aeek the eaal,
?I ta 88 tha uppc-r decks of th.j
ahuttllng farrlaa
Vou ean always tell 'cr.i. If a couple aro
: tl 8] Btt apart on st"o!s, look bore.l
aad Bllantly pray for raln. if they atlll
have tho state of aaubta btaaaadaeaa to en?
ter. the two sit wlth tlu-lr chmra so clo.*-*
together that they rub the vair.ls1. off witn
every rnova thay make. The man has .i
frank and oompUcated, pertnanant h-jg en
B et hla ??!oMy" trlend,
.- Bnda th.it hollow plaea that Batara
put In man'a ahouldar assaastally for a
aroman's BallUnary i? r?st. it may le ironi
t! ? ?., that they tOOh the ml.-fing rlb.
Thera ahould I a oaaa aray that the lovara
eoukl eurcbaaa round-trlp tfekata -Vs u is,
thay all have to gel UP WhOB the toat
docka ot th,? .?..I of the voyage ar.d buy
ar.. ther coupta of faraa Ia that way they
i, -.- at laaat ten Bdnutaa of vaiuahio tmn
that mtght just an weii-ewri flaucb battar
- hava heen apaat arlth anterlaad arnw.
17,:,ne ara ctoea let ua allp POB 8 aet of
our own "don'ta" i"r tho hot BfBBlBB, You
can read theaa adthout t-ffort. and ther.?
...- i.i I.. i metblna bl them. Nobody haa
trli d tlu m yet:
1' ?n't 4 i' t"o mii'-h.
i>. n't eat loo little.
Don't run for mllea la the brothnaj sun.
? take advloa not even thla Llt.
i >. n't give advtca
i k>n'l drtnk too aa h.
Don't drlnk too llttla.
Don't get mad and ttght, aapactalry with
paraona largi r th in rourai if.
Don't let aay paraona run over you, no
matter how blg thay are.
i '.? t n id I it-waatbi r "doa'ta'*
l-'. s. TlfDAbaa.
famous by your Ulsa laadota nuncan,
<io. s aet raQutra that aarty training, but
o;:l\- a gOOd l.-ure. 88 8ar fOf BBUSlC and
iinigiiiation. Iflaa Daneaa and Ifass Fui
b-r aio both fina artkata bul thay asa not
danci ra of th<- Itahaa Bchool, and Ser sheer
graea and beauty tha Itahaa achool ls un
rtvalled, '
Then Ifme. Karaavlna broka into a laugh.
"Bul i hava b.-en phlloaophki too much
by half," Bha said. "I don't want you
Amarlcaas bs eanaa to pe,? mo u.s a pbaaaaaa
pber who danoss or even as a aaaaar who
ipblaaa I'm aot a ftrnlrtg suffra
?' 1 ?i? you know abOUt tha sufrra^ettes?"
aakad tha Intervtewer, in aavpfsaa
?itt'eurse i da," Bha ranllad. "i aavaari
been ln bmgland for BOtblaB Ifl Ilusula,
you know, ihe woni'-n don't have to bo suf
fragatuas, f*?r auaaaaaa women laava always
taken 8 leadlng part In aff.iirs. We do not
baheva it Baeaaaary, bawavar, to lose our
woaaajUtaaaa ha dolng so. Wo aro women,
tiist, laat and alwaya Ba i akaVl arauat
?jrou to wrlta aeaoataunaj that wtii maka
paopla in amarlea bataava im not a real
woman. ObIji i do battava that a v/oman
haa as mueb rlght ta bralns ns has a man.
Don't .M>:'"'
And ihe reporter replled meekly that ho
baueved, abalarar lha iights of the aaaa
mlgkl b8i tbal tha yaaauj woman preaent
bad enoufh t*? furalsh a eoBapaay of av
aaaaja men Ami afjaa laaraavbaa bado him
ajoodby wlth a graelous smile ind be want
out into thc Rue de IUvoU. J

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