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Claus A. Spreckels Declares
American Company Wanted
Him to Reduce Output.
Intiraates That Competitor Paid
His Employes to Put Dead
Rats and Refuse in Barrels
in Federal Refinery.
Pe< ause hintory rreiiitprl N>ro with
having heen a rultured man who played
the violin as one accompllahment ?p
peared tn he a ?aj|ftcl8Bt reaunn IO Claoa
AupustUB Ppreckels. president of tne
Fedfntl Fngar Reflning Cnmpany of
"Yonkers. one of the indepeiiient auirar
rrnrerriR, why hr p-hould not s?ek to con
far with the late llciirv O. Hnvemcvcr.
head of the so-ralled Sujtar Truat, wlth
? vif??? of "burjrlng the hatohet" ln the.
wnr thfn raKin* bai BJ 8811 thelr lnterest.*.
'l I ls analoav in nnrlent htstorv m<
tlrawn bv Mr. Fpr^ckel* in his testlmonv
yesterday before the Hardwich Corifcrer
BaVnaal rommittec.
He was examined by various members
of the committpe during: tha two aaaslona
hfld by that bodj y^Merday and waa ra
0,nested to return on Moitday arid ron
tinue b's testlmotiy. The wltneaa rlear
ly shnwed from Ma teathuoBf that ha
h*r] no l"\f for the sc-rallPd trnst anrl
mariv of its methods. Ha pointedly a<
<used the Amerlran Susrnr Renning ? 'om
p^ny, Whlch he termrd "the blc rombl
narjon." of Inceaaantly tryinu to rednea
the outpnt of FtJC-ir nnd put nj> lha Plioa
to the consnmer. He contraditrted nauch
of the materlal tastlnaong bl roRa-d t->
ooriditlons jn the sugar indnstry pre
viouftiy Bjrlvan by washington P. Thoaoaa,
president of tha American mrnpanv.
.lohn E. r.-irp<--n? and other*:, WBO are
now or have been at aome nrne a^Hated
?uith the Ameri- an rompany. Ho difl
aereed empharl* aily wrh |ha 8COnomlC
theories in relation to trnd*. rondltlona
propagated bv Mr Farpons and Othgr
?u itnesses at 'orpier henrings.
But to return to Naro. Mr. Bpruekala
te?tified that .lohn Arhm kle. head of the
Arbuckie raflnerjr In Brooklyn, eame to
hm three or four years ago. SOOfl aft^r
the farrio'is ronferenea between Mr.
Havemeyer and Mr. Arbuikie. al Whlch
they were BUPPOBed to have d?<"larp(i
pearp, fl dodncri n whlch the conunlttee
Bnen make froin the teetlineag before
thern. and wanted spro.-kfls tn me<-t
iTaverneyer for a little talk.
"Mr. Arbuckie nsk<-d me lt" T wonld BOt
reduce the capatfty of our plant," sa'i
Mr. Hpre'^ke.ls. "He |old me the Ar
huc-klen had rodttcad th? capanrr of
their refnerv aboul ona-half, that they
Vnd buriad the hatehat ^tth the Have
rnayara and he wanred me t<-> enme 1nto
the peaopf'll fold. He fa'd. 1 want you
to meet Mr. Havemeyer. you ajrlll Bad
ni a highly rulrured man. who playa
rhe vtolln, amonar othar atxotapllah*
"Our Old Friend Nero."
?t toid him i knaas Mr. Bavaraeyer
vary well, and had alpo heard of another
a'romplishfd pfrc"n who played the fld
?i,e 'Thiit wh? BUf Old CriaatJ Nero.' T
Tha altiwag aald that ic o>cltnad em
pharjra'ly to ooaaMar the proposuif*n tt
Ti.d-rjna the output at the r'ederal re
fnpry. and told Mr. Arhn^He rhat. he in
t. nd^d tn ran bla plant af Its full i apac
irv all the Uma
"What reason dul Mr. Arhurkle off.?
tor wantlna you to reduce the rapar
M-y asked F<epre.fi?-rirative ?7arrert, of
-'So th** W8 QOUld all rn-AV* more
?n-.ner." replied the ajritJMaa
Mr. Sprerkela r.;.id that be han al?o
yc<n BJiprettChad duriny the ifi-?t yar by
a Mr. Waxner, of the V, arner Su^ar
enmpanv. with a umilar -\iKK'*t\c>r\.
"Pid Mr. Waraar grlva lha Bama rea
Bor?" he wa? a&ked.
? no,- rapUod Mr. Bpra kela "he aald lt
vr,,id t'-nd lo caraate a bettrr feellag
nrr.onp all Ui' r*";;.rrr "
The witneas saJd ho alva--i aiipppsed
Waraar had rome fr..m Lhe trupf.
The etaanaittaa araa greatty Interaatad
ln the witiiehF's stnrv ?.f the hoatlUtlea
nerween tiie i-prerkels latareata and the
^r;r-rua*i f>,mv-LT\-. whlch praotlcally
reapf-d ln 18131. arhan hi.** father, the late
i-iaua Bpraekela aold oui his Intereata
,.n the Padfle Croaat t--. lha Am. n-an
But thr wltneaa adaad that h*- had all
ports of trouhles ftt tha l-vderai raflnery
for a year after he s^rt.d it ln WOfi
v. 8 would Bad our raaehlaory brokan,
et*avators orlpptad. tho sugar ayrup a:
phoned from th- lanks luto lha aewera
by DJM Of h"M-, and manv Other aarloUS
IncoTiveniencea eontlnually arii-inK." aaid
u , arltnesa. "Wi >,;*fi raaaiy eotniaalnta
froin cuatoanara af Badlng daad rats and
rubblah In tha bam ol sugar ahlppad
to tht in
?r.ne nisbt i ratuTaed lo lha raflnery
?t roldnlght, ar.d. golng to tha Bhlpplng
room. orderad all thi barrala opanad.
There were <i'-'4*i rata ?nd all klnda of
refusa pa*ekad bi tVi" U?P" of ,h" |,Hn',l?
, dtarbargad ad tha man ori lha apot,
?nd look ehairsja of lha plaat myaalf.
TrKV inalatad oa )^':'^ ?*?"?? ?'^- }in'1
I told them Hkv had better get it from
,., peraonawhooi ; ? ' "''"" to do the
,:.rtv work."
i?e arltaaaa ,-a.d thal ? Brooklyn law
ver cailed on him aftavward nnd thr^flt
f ded to euo him for the uupald aragflaB.
"Would Welcoma Such a Suit"
? 1 hnvr- n*-vf-r paid th88B and tli*" V have
never aued," naid the v.ltnHae. **1 would
welr-ome sueh a pult in order to find out
?rhy theso m?n wnnted to npoll our
?.ugar. 1 underatand mort of them are
worklntf in the Havemeyer and WMH? ro
The wltneaa admltted thnt the sugar
r>orkmen often misrrated from one r
hnery to another ln the <our.se of thelr
.mplovmeni. an*l that this mlght have
i.een the caaa la thla inatarire. He waa
i,*ked by rhalrrran Bardwlek to furnlfh
.,,. namt ol tba Brookiya lawyar, and
,. oamea of lha mau arhoai he dla
.harged. v.'hl-i, he iat4 he WOUld do.
Mr Bprackels taattflad that he waa
rnauagi-r Of thi BPTOCkalS refin-ry ln
Pbiladelpbia la laal, arhaa he met the
late John B. H-arlea, then 88< r.t.iry flnl
liaasiiiir of the Aiaaaicaa eompany, and
Reartaa told him the Amerl"an waa ?nx
mua to "bury the hatcliet,'' and offered
to huv .11 per eaal oi Ifca Bps^kala hoid
ir.ga ln f'allfornin Tlu- arltne88 r^atd ba
would not ii.t.r. to BU?k h propoaltlon,
i ii mid Baaaiaa ba arould laka the inat
lar up v>Uh hia fallier ii Uaaf mtant to |
make a more. Hubstantial effer. T.ater
on the, rlder BpTOCkela wanted Searles 10
gn to 8an PTandaco ainl seo him. hut
Hearleg aakl he rould not go to San
Franclsro beCBUSe ho T\as in Contompl
of oourt there, a- rorriing lo the adtneaa.
Bpreckela and Bearlea flnnlly met at
f'omnadn Beach. * al.. and the nre;ant7.a
tion of the Weatern Bugjar Company f"1
lowt-il. ThlB. the wltneea eaid, was a
boldlng oomnany to operate tbe two
plants on the roast or not tn operate
them, as the Amerlcan saw tit. The
Ameriran plant was ghul down and onlj
th<? Bpreckela plant was operated, nr?
Mr. Sprerkrls mme Eaal tO deliver the
M'i'k. ii" aald, and waa anrptlBed, on
meetlng Tbeodora Havemeyer, Henry O.
Havemeyer nnd Bearlea, to havo them
tell him they wanted tbe Btock for them
I aervea The wltneea auppooed the Amer
Ican company was to have it. TUs
! father told hlm. lie said. that h* dldn'l
Iknow who bla partnera wera; wbothat
ti^iar. throe men or the Arnerlcaa eora
Fortv-fu" per renl of the sto.-k was
turned over to the Havemeyera on a t"
tal valuatlon of 1^000,000, he naid.
j.aior the Amerlcaii took over the ma
lority Btlll held bj tha Bpreckela Intet
osts for a conalderatlon of $5,000,000 pr?
ferred and $5,000,000 common stor-k In
the Amerlcan. Thla reiareaented a profil
of Hat per renl In aboui three montha,
tho wltneea Bald. Hl? father had un
v.adod the Amarican st"' * aa fHst aa he
rouid. RottmK an avorage of $1 (> 'i
"Couldn't Work with tha Crov*/d."
Tho Ameriran a'-nuirod a 4.'. per cent
Intoreal ln the Phlladelphle refinery. and
the witne.s soon reaigned aa manager of
the piant. aaked why. he r-aid h<>
ronirint work arlth the erowd. partlcu
larly Mr. Bearlea, who wanted him to re
Once the oiitpul and fel M?er prlcaa
Tho wltneea remalned oul ol the eugar
m,_afor two yeara, and then wem to
Hawall a"d boughi tho largeal augar
plantatlon Ihere aboui forty thouaand
Bcrea-paylng 10 centa a share for the
Pto.k. or ahout $10,000 ln all.
I? loaB than flve yeara, he aald. he nad
?ff a bondrd debl on tbe plantatlon in
Hawall and aold out wlth a net proflt of
mnr. than $2,000,000 Ha then wenl to
mr^no ^ a vaeatlon. He rame ba.k to
thla oountrj and atarted the Federal re
fl, r-. at Yonkr-ri. in 1002 wlth a CBpitall*
zation of $10,000,000. Ha and his partner,
Mr llackay, of Callfornla, pui ln $4.*
000.000 ln raah. and the $8,001X000 ??
?water." headmltted. They had pui tbe
proflta back Into the buatneae alnce to an
extent to double tha caah capltaliiatlon,
to that thera waa a doltar <or dollar
v?i?r. back of an the atoek Bl tba prea
ert tlme
Mr Bpreckela aald ,lf,t h? ,1311 b**n
nnabie to buy h pound of raw augar ln
Hawall or the Louunana market for thr.
laat ten yeara becanae of tha ramlflea
tiona of the Amarican company. Ha ln*
timated tl al the rallroadg were atiil pay
Ing aome rebatea In the Weat He b td
leated tha matter by ordaiing ten thou
aai d tona ol Bugar to ba ahlpped ftovn
,r,t yiBBOuri Rlver td Ban I raa leco, he
aald. Th* "truat" had decUaed ti ship lt.
!,? pnld. UnleM he jrepani tha froighL
?1 >at meatit one Of tWO t) ings," RaJd
the wltneea "Elther they wera recelv*
irc rebatea or Uh j wara afraid the augar
would not be reabippad from Ban Ptan*
: ... ... i there and upaet the mar?
Mr. Fpr*'-kels dipagreed ?ith the
Amerh-ati company arltneegaa who aaid
that t?r. removai ><f tha tariff on r-ugar
. - - would ki'l that Induatry. He advo
rr.'rd free trade In reapeci to augui amd
nther iiiiiaaaBij* oommodltlea He sbM
that t'p*t augar could be reftned in thla
"rv for a net mn r.T ll ss than three
. ta a pound. Cane siigar could te i<
flned at the sAtne prtCO, or less. The re
moval of the tarifT would redu^B the c-at
r.f augar to the oonaumer about two
. p . md, ha contend* d. That
I . . a ? ng io tha r,maumera
,.f this country of $150,000,000 ? - ear, ,,?
he figured ll_
Shr Prepared for Wedding
Which Had Taken Plftce.
ur'f" vtow- Mra Marj Andereon, ol
' ???"?io and Hortmi ?i"-' Nea Bo
t, wondered why th* amlk on tha fare
of bar aon H< irjt arould nol oome ofl
had furnuvbed a houae for hlm near h*r
own hr.me and had a rmvn made fr,r the
weddlng, ai,]. h was to havf. taken piaoe
bl tiis .;t-. .? r Htei dav. 'I h? ;> a>.r> m 1 '.r
son ai'. daughter bi !*.>?. who waa Mlaa
Klliabeth Binnott of Weal 81th Btraet,
to aell for Ireiand on tt-.r- r*edrlc
"Voii bavea'1 been makAig muoh r.isa
i . - jrour weddlng," Mr* Anderaon re.
marked tr, hor ym Thrn n,p .in'v. f,ir.;.?
Into a laueh. '"There won'l bi i t>-.'d'iiti(;
t" morrow, he announred. "It'a been.
\\ m \4<r<. niar-led ln New Vork la-t .!;?
bul ? ? ' take our honeym<>on ti"??',
i onk ?rou "
? i thlna you're mean lo fool your mofin?r
llke that." remonatrated Vrt- Anderann
?if id known Ihat iVfore i boughi the
tl, ketfl. ^"'l two would have atayed Bl
Mr? A nrloi srn and thr rouple ^.-lilr-.I ????
tr-T'iay. anri njii return ln two montha
Civic Fedcration Organizes New
Spccial Dopartment.
?".?- ? meetlng of the offlcera '-t tba Na*
tlooal ''?'?? Pederation a! Ih* Metropolltan
j.ifr. Bulldlng yeaterdaj', Prealdeni B?*th
1...?? apnotinr-.-rl that a purfl food and dr'iir*
depar'trn-nt had been orgBidaad by the fed
? rat'ott whl. h WOUld CO-OperBtfl wlth other
departmentfl of fhr> hr.d?- in th?ir mrive
menl to brlng aboui unlformlty in atnte
lt wlll trj 'r Idea tr. arou t publle sentl
inr.nl in fa'.'.r "f thfl better enforeemenl of
tha laws relattng to r"r<- f<?ci an*i drn^s.
Prealdeni t#t*a ?i*.. appolnteij a commlt*
tee repreaentlna varioui Intereata eon*
nected arilh Ihe pure food and druga move
men1 lo arrange for Iha v-rk ot the w w
Tiir. offlcera of the federatlon madr. the
followlng Btatement ghdng their ri'i*"ti?
for formlng the ne\v dej ai trnr-nt;
ti,- federatlon hehevea that there i? no
> il i." t of greater Intereel to ihe Ameriran
- . ? t'ati that "f pure fr.od and pi.ra
(ltu>,-s. Th* wealthy are af'le t-i pay the.
hiahaet prloea anrl arr i, ss iiat.ie to b*
|mp"sr.d upon by the sr-llrts of irnpure or
nd'ilt. rutrd fooda and druga, hut tha
m;iskr.4i ha??) no other proteotlon than thaf
whlch is Btianfr-d by th? f.-'icrni pure food
;u;rl (lruk.'i art and thfl varlous statr-s' actB
whlch are t" a greai extenl In confonnit)
\?:'h the federal laa
IVnlle b grea! Improvamenl has been
wrouaht tn the altuatlon alnce tha paaaage
,.i thal acl in uW, yel th<? admlnlafrafion
Of thr. law by thr- federal, state and mu
nleipal authorltlea li greatly bampered by
thr. i?. k "( BUfflelenl Inapeetora and effert
lvp marblner? to d**teci vlolatlona and, in
some caaea, by corrupl alllancea betwer-i,
the "f'1 lala and thr- manufacturera ar.d
br]|r.rs of rotten foodatuffi
Tbe reeent expoaurea ln Hew Ao>k, rhila
rplphla and *'hlr-ai:o Indlcata tho magnl
tude and farreachlng character of tha
vtolatlon of the food and druga laws. Nol
.'i,l\' were Ih" pr.r.r defraudao hy adulfr
ated and Imdure food, but they were also
ilnate.i ah to meaaurementa ?nd weiahta.
lt ia ? situation whl* h ealla for draatle
trr-atment The monthlv bulletlns laaued
t, th. LTnlted Btatea MepHrtm*nt of Aari
culture deacribe hundredJ of rouvl^tluns
?ecured annually by thnt dr.r,artment ts*?
r-rall' "ti the rr>uf>-r>\oi\ of gullt by tha
mmiufarturerB or rlr-uieiBi whlch ara
anough to arouae thr indlgnatlon of ali
Biood r-lilr.ens
Ona of tha most important featurea of
th" work of the civli Pederatlnn'a depart?
menl aill i"- i" t'-ink.. .-vid'-nt to em| I
how their empjo: <r<- belng Impoaed upon
Hf"i defrauded aa t" i"tti quality and
meaaur* ment of fooda and druga pur
t ba^-txl bi them.
Sailor Thought to Have Come
Here on Tramp Steamer
on July 1.
Ninth Death at Quarantine?
Dr. Doty Plans Watch on
Crews of Vessels Call
ing at Naplos.
The popltive diagnoaifl of a rase of ,
Aslatle cholera In Bellevua Hoapltal nnd
another death nt Quarantlna the ninth
durinsr tha praaenl otithreak, were ra?
portad yeaterday.
The name of th.e patlent Who W8g re
moved laal nlcht fr.im Rolle\ n? Hoapltal
I.. Baiaburna laland Ig Maaual Rer
mudea, a Bouth amerlcan eeaman, thlrt!
six yaara old, bellaved t.. have arrlvad
herf on July 1 on a inimp ateamahlp ;
now iii the barboi
A streirhf>r was made readj to take j
hhn to tba doefc al the Morgua and a
boat Of th'^ I '"iinrimTit nf Health ear |
rled Bermudes nnd hla nurse down tha
ti.- I
Bermudes fell III ->i '>ia boardlng plaee, j
at No. |2B Rooaevell atreet, arlth a dla
ense reaembllng dyaentery. On Thuraday
nigtit ho was ratnoved to Bellevue, and
i.y the followlng nlghl Dr. Plemlng, n?
sistant guperlntendent of Bellevue; Dr,
Norri.s. tha pathologlcal aapert, nnd Dr.
Hubbard, Ihe chlef Inapeetor nf the
Board of Health, hegan tohave feas thal
the patlent was aufferlng from cholera.
l>r A. II Doty, Heflalth Oftlcer of (he
Rort, was notlfb d. and he put two ln
spertors of Ihe I wpart ment of H?*alth at
work to trars the hlatnry of the ra*.*. so
that the Bteamshlp Ofl Whlch Rrrrnndeq
arrlvad mlgbl be determlned
Baiuiudea atayad at Mo 12B Ro.i.-^.eit
Ptreet the \veel< before |n?t n' i - J s|if-nf
ronsld^rah'e tlme ln the roornq nf the
Rlr'men'a ITnlon, III Wnneter atreet 1 | |
ftouserrll atreet lodglnga, near Brook.
lvn Rnda?. ara patronlaed hv Bpantsh
apeaklng ftremen. f,^? ef tha Inmates,
through an Intarpreter, aald yneterdaj
thnt Bermudeii dlsembarked al Boatnn
and < ame overland hy rall t? Nea Tork.
grrlvlng r-" Jt ly '?' For a a'hlla ha
worked wlth hla I ?'??' .Teaepli nn a
Hudaon Rlver * at, aceordlng to tha
!e^':';ik':?,'? then ojult work and took to
drinkina heavil: bi id Bleeplng mu?*h on
the benchea P"lri en'a i'nion
rooms. Ha had said he arould aad on ihe
staamahlp rrlstobal r*olon fnr Panama
as a flreman, bul waa taken in. ai
Beiie-, ne Hoapltal.aald ll ?' Ber
mudes waa i>...:.??'? d from th? momenl of
bii anival
'I he nama nf the i ara patleni who
riieii yesterda] at Bwlnbume laland waa
Demetrta llnagrnoaton aeventeen
old, h sfeerace p;i cjcenger frotn the
ateamshlp Moltke, Dr. Doty parmlttad
i ? Hfii menibers of ihe ,-rew and nine
teen steerape passenpers of the Moltke
to be tranaforrad yeaterday to Eilis isi
and after hrlnjr d'tained at Hoffman
isiand for stjgervatlon alnce July B.
The Health Offlrer denied that he hnd
issued anv orders Btoppblg bafhlnp ;it
Ponth Rr-arh and Midhind Beach, Sta?en
'Ihi-. sailors' l>oardiriK hotj^e m BOOOO
v. It srre?t in whlch Rermudeq devrloperf
his illnesa was thorouphly funil-ated yes
terday. The dlsinfer-ting prnross la*ted
five hours. Dr. Habbatfd said lflst nigrht
the house was njraln ready for oe< D
paruy. and that the fumlgatlng aad other
measurea tak.-n had elhnlnated all pnssi
blllty of danger <.r' t'.e apread of ihe dis
ea?:f. from that polnt.
Pr. I?i>ty said nt Qnarantine last nitrht
that there wer* tWO theorles to nrrniint
for the presen. e of the dfsenye ln the
n of Barmudea r-:ither he ralghtj
bava .-anghr the dlaease from a cholera
.-nr^ier in one of the st-amen's hoardlnsr
h.ii^eq .-r the paiknt mlght have con
tracted 'he dtseaaa ln Bouth Ameri.-a.
there Belng a prent deal of trade between
Napleg and that country, BTtd the pr"s
ent h"li. f nt Quarantlna heins; that Rer
mudea ^nH'.j on ;i tramp ateaiashlp th.it
left Uverpool on Mareh 1.". ar.d touehed
at the Asores, R.~ra and BuenOS Avre.s
On the way hrrt
l?r. I>.if. ndded thar this mqe ruinht
i ? ?? ? ?? Ihe axlatence of rh..iera ln Ar
p-1 i ma.
The Departmenl of Health annooneed
laal nlghl thar a'i aeamen'a homes.
hoardlng Loiiqes and emplnymenr ac.-n
? ieq in the rttj would he kep< under
, inaa ohservatlon.
"Thete is n poaSlbtlltj nf Cholera beintf
dlatributed through Bteamahlp .-reus."
diclared Dr. Dotj "We _f_ K,,ina; to put
gorna m^ti.'.d, Into effael to ke..p the
. r. us of the?:e veSSelS from polng; ashoro
at. Naplea Th.-ro hava been s-everai in
Btancaaa nt thla port where i hava fell
ausplrioua or rr*\r<t nnd nrdered them
k'-pr aboard shlp, The preaenr state of
?i-'r.i-t?. at N';ipi..fj niak'->s It m-'st advtsa
t>la for s,-,,,,*, meb plan regularly to be
followed at Napleq ??
Dr Doty aald ihe cholera altuatloawaa
cleating np In Haa sinpe and thal paa?
aengera of the ateamahlp Prlnclrd di
i' ? n onte and Moiike would he parmlttad
to land to-day, to be followed to-inorrow
hy r.fh?rs who hrtd b?"n detalned at
HoiTman I?land from the ateamahlp Pe?
UTIIdwnod, * .1. i ? Mlsa Rnaa
Mniier <^f thii loirn, waa aareti fr ?n drou-n
\-g to-day by a re mg man In a'.?' ef tbou
'.ni'i-- ' t \ 'tlo.rt . n r. ? I 'rr'.Tvalk and
atrand >r. .. m ? .-T aaaii ?'? itl g w'mbi her
Irength auddenljf ??*-? rujt and *ha sar.U
from t| ? (>qjno r'-r eiieh* h?r
.-? u?? m greal danger of hetn.j'
rru?h?d hv lha hreak.-rs agalnal rh? pillng-a
thi v'.unsr n an BWam ro
h?r \ ? ?-. . ,'-.. i _ | dard wnrk
atirriaeded ln r*>flu l a Mlaa Muller tt?r
r*-""". r ? ' awai wlthoul Rivrjt hla
m ntrx " ? ? -; rai ?-. J ih 3 Bevei al
ara ara reported at I
-.. ? . ? *.ir frnm '
...... aen ianjatad
,',ig B*ai ? ' Dra tia i
.?. ive be*>i taken
Fleet Returns from Manoeuvrcs
with Naval Battalions.
Amateur Tars Subjected to Ex
acting Rigora of Regular
Warfare at Sea.
Thr -ruise nf the pjn<t ?n^ gacood
Battalions of naval mlhtJa ramo to a glorl
OUa end yeaterday. wh*MJ tho. jrreat fleet of
battleshlps on whleh tho war man<euvr*B
wera eondaetad anchored ln the ly>wer Bay,
off tho Ambrnsn Channel Llchtshlp. The
crulser Washington and the hattleghip Mis.
aourl, wlth Ihe amateur tars on board. wen?
the ohJeOt of sper-lal Infereet to tho manv
frtends r.f the naval mllitla, who were ex
eeedlngly anxious to Murn aii tha fletalla
of the ernlsa from the men who look part
ln lt.
The Fim rtaftallon. 3 men stroiie, em
barkad on th.. PTaahtngton and tho mis
sourl froni the naval tnllltla huat *',ranite
ftato, Ijrlng at n>?i ^<tli streot, on i-'riday,
July 11 Th? two wir vessola then pro
rc,<\er] down tho rlvor to Tonipklnsvtlle, off
ptaton Island, where the?- p|.-k*d Up tbe
nrmiberr. nf the Becond Battallon. Admtral
AVard, on tho Missnuri, ?vas in chartte of
tho floof at thla staRo of tho war catno, but
nheti tho rest of tlie fleet. Includlng the
ConnecrJcut, was encountered, Admlral Oa>
terhaua tonk supreme eommand.
Wlth all the flBThtlnfr forro ;,"somr,|r.d nn
der tho gag of Admlral Oeternaua, the flfet
sfeamor) an oast hv sniithonst ronrso f"r
thlrty-Btx hOUrfl, and on Twesday nlght tno
men rer-Bived tha eommand 'ironer.il quar
ters." wl.h h. put Info landlubher's Kncrll.-ri.
meant that they were held In readlnoss for
battlo. Bvery man w,i? compollod to sleep
..n the haro de. ka at nlght, WB8 a>-!Kn*d
lo his roeular poet, and WB8 prepared at
an Inatant'a notlea ta co into ar-Mon.
The ten warablpa of tho aauadroa en
rountorod the torpedo honts of tho rjefend
lnr fleet on Tueeday nlghl wbea about
flftj mlloa south of FUnck Island I'ndor
rover of darknevs tho gftacWng fl**t BIK*
roodod ln evadlnir the ropehinsr at?a--k ?'f
tha flraapHka torpodoas and "eaptured"
three of fhe tattleahfpB' poa'? i
Affor Btriktng ttlta Mow tha STiad'on
srain headod for fhe npon Bfl*, where lt
rv*'-form*rl nianreinr*", fr.rm*d a hattlo
?rpiaro and induitred tn praetlca arlth the
Ms: c.na Th* BmateUT man-n' ?war'spion
ner* h? this t:tne hemiriinir tnured to tlie
Ufe of fio regular saiinr* and arere sbow
tn?r ?ip in pralaeworthy mann*i
Sbnrfly aft*r this tho suhmaritios Of tbe
defendlng Beel arere m*t. and th*n foiiowed
a battlfl 'hat mlpbt have h?*n ainlster ln
Ifs reBults had the ?'ins ard tha "ubma
rlnea been loadod n|th "ball " Tho work
ot the Biibman^e.,, ,^> ln for espe.lal
oomn .ndatlon from th* Jtp* of Admlral
W/ard One ot fh* under-^ator rraff, after
slnkinr Ha hulk h*'o^ thfl siKfai-o xvhll*.
*hreo mlloa from th* Wnshlngrtnn. poked
Ita holllr-oi* ros* BbOVe th* wav?s apaln
t,t a. polnt only three I undred yarda from
the eru:?o
Nof to be outdone, however, another of
fhe auhn-.a'ines Immersod H?o!' af tho
t rr-.. mll* radlUB, and *her I' rose to th*
aurfaca ?<? tht explratlon nf half an imur
ahowed Ita f*e?h in a ararllka bcowI w;thin
h hundr*d yards from wh*re tho bettlaBhfp
MtcMgaa resied on the water, a* ftn* =nh
marine roq? from its Jnurney alnng tiv- sea
bottom if B8l off a hnlliant hned roebH m
the dlreeilon of the Mirh.gan. Baanting
n rhallenge ln tba f.i" fl* tba grim ??a
Admtral Ward, from his poattton or tba
hridife. hellowed from a BMCBpheao:
Well done, aubmatiaaar' Only that and
ng m-'i-e, hut that high pralse. COBB"
ins from a naval vHeran. and thi BUD?
marinea were bappj
On Tiiesduy and vTednesday nlghla lb?
men of the naval milltla wera BUhJected
to ihe asael condltlonfl whlch gevarn tha
ragulara Thelr work arlth the Ms guna on
the war vassela Was favorably COrarneated
on hv the reajular oflleani In ttrlng tba
12-lnrh gun the amateurs were onljr tbre?
?acaanda hehind the raeord aet hv tTnele
Bara'a tars inimnr. ammanhicai waa
Uaad ln rhe gan pr^.n-e, althOUgh i
welghed the aame aa tba raajulatlon Bblt
alnklng artlda.
Bvery man of the naval 18881888 waa rae
QUtrad to h? out of his hatnmnrk ar I
o'olork ln the mornliiK, have lt stowed bf
fi rm and hla etoUaas washed hv fi o'etaeb
Deeka arara aerubbad al ItJJ and hreakfa^t
??<< over at 7. The re?t of the .!?' ?ns
taken up wlth routlne dtttlaa
Hvery ma.n-Ja.rk ef the |fg and M Naval
l-atfallons ?n? emphatir tn hl*= pralse el
Ihe treatrnent BOCOfded the visitors by the
regular Bervtce ofloeta, and nppi-ectated the
Bportunltfaa gtvan for learnimr.
Inetdents "n tha trlp? Man allve! didn't
? .I...." Iloody, gunner'* maie in th* milltla.
sep two eeparate Beboola of porpoiaea and
blarkfish whlle ploughlng through the
hlarh seas? ".loe" says he dld, and ".Tne"
|a "well ahie to ?ail a CUttar," In the word?
of his R-llow tars
Labor Troubles Principal Rea
son, It Was Said.
R Une & i"o , manufartiirers of prtntlng
arasaaa, wlll move thalr faetory fmm Baaa
Tork Clty, it was said yeaterday. The new
toeatloa baa not baan deridad npon. The
rompany emplnvs more than twentv-flve
hundred men and ho\ a. and has heen ln
!-n?1ne?>.q h-*-.. nearly one hundred years.
Reaaona asstgn.-d hy the report were the
gT?at In.-reasi, ln hiiBlness and expanslon
Into other t-ran'-heq of the prlntlng preaa
Indusrrv. the dlflleutty of manufaeturlng
In a large dty, and what was proh.ib'y the
prtneipal reaaon. labor troubtaa
The rompany, It was said. haa he?n mak
fnar renresslons to its marhini*?ts for two
reera, Inrrenstng their pay frem BJ to Sn
'per ,-?nt *r?n Mav l a demand was made
for an elght hour day, Bhleh rhe rompany
has not granted
Bver) effort has heen mad? hv the rom?
pany ro compromtae wlrh the men. who
have heen on Btrlkfl to ppforr? this demand
slnre May t The rr.mp.inv was not opposed
to an eight hour day, lf was said. lf the
men would permlt them to finish ronfracts
taken on a nine-hour dav basis. and would
graduaOy raduea th? workday to an eight
hotir hasla wlthln two vcur'
? "harles YV Parsons. a dlreetor of the
rornonrv. sa'd last night flt his hcme, No.
3ft Weat 9'rh Btreet. thnt he ronld make
no atatemen' roBCerntng rh? report af th's
Th? Weat Side ToUBg Men'a fTinstian
UsaochUlon Wlll snend IV}.*"**, in ramodelling
the groiind fioor of Its bullding ln West 57th
?treet. IVork la now in rrorjress and wlll
l. rompleted aarly In Beptember. The plan
ia to make a hlg lobby ? by 4r' feer. whlch
arlll be clubllk* and remforrable. The cbih
Id-.-i ?n h? adhered ro thronghout ln th?
fumlflhing, and there aill ba an abuadance
of large chalra and lounges.
a J.
Brooklyn Labor Man and Poli
tician Had Been III a Year.
Served as SherifT and Coroner,
Was Friend of Henry Oeorge
and Radira! Democrat.
Brooklyn tad a v.arm apoi m i** hea""t
('"- Iflrhael .1 neherty, arhe dled from ln
leatlnal IrutiMe yeeterdaj In bla homa. No.
101 ii. ra,, Par'K-'.i l|l? T\ Ifo. hls B"n.
rjrover ?' Pbberty, Bnd hia alatar, Kil*n
' Mah.-r*? ^.-r" with hlm when he dled Hfl
| Ind .heon III for nearly a year II. waa
? .i';o,i "Honeal Mfke '*
Mr Plaberty waa protninent in the lleprv
Oeorge and ln th* Hearst mn?em*nts. and
ii" Bfltiiated with the Central Lrtbor
I'tilon. He had ser?ed as a .oroner and
as ShortfT of Klne.a ?'ountv. At tb* flm* nf
his death he im g member of th* Qrade
rroBBlnu fVimmlsslon. havlnjr, hoen a;>
Bofnted by Mayor Oav:tor.
Tho ireneroBltv of Mr Flaherty waa stfh
tr.at hls famllv and hlB rios* fr|*nd? off*n
had to proion h|m from hlmself. Wli?n
he wbs Bhetiff old frlends who were ln
hard lur-k wera eonstantly after hlm, aad
he never had the heart to refuae th*?m.
rln.ilh- on* of hia mo*r Intlmat* frlendB
BneHtUted hlmself Mr. Flaherty's bodr
cuard. hut th* Sherlff offen e''id*d hlm and
mo|* out to th* eonidor of th* Ktnra
?"ountT Court Hotiee. where hia off'"*e w*r*.
to "atrp Bomothlna:'- to th* tinforfiinat*a.
"f onr-e kn*w the neod of pion?v." Mr.
Flaherty often said, "ard r.ow that T hava
a Httle of lt mvself, h"w mn 1 rofuae thosa
who neor| itf"
Mirbn*! John Flaherty was hnrn ln rn.
hoes, N V., ln I**..? His pare'its belng
pnnr, b* had fo leave B-hoo| to work wlth
them ln rotton nillls for loag houra. at
smali pav and nmid un?anif?rv siirro.jnd
in??. Ra becama lnte.r*sted ln snrlaJ and
e.-onomi'- atudlon. and at BBBBBOOd showed
a bonr toward radtcallem.
Wbaa twenty-slx yeara old Mr. Plahiartr
v.*-nt to Brooklyn. wh*ro h* K.tned the
Mualoal Urlon. He was a must'-ian and
had organized a muslcal union !n Cohoee
As a dolfgato from hls union fo tha On
tral I.ehor I.'nlon he roon became M,*ri'1
tary of the latior body.
A gtear admlr*r ol H*nry *-,*orge, h*
beoame on*. of the slngle tax*r's most ln
timate fri*nds. sipportlng hlm for Mir*?r
In 1886 and in 1887. Mr. Flaherty alao waa
a<-tlve for Br an ln pv* ln tha fusion
mr,\?ment of lsm gfj. Ftah?rtv, arhe waa
?l*niiy1 Coroner that v*?r. nnd hls a??o,-!.
atefl in the Hadlcal "r>m^,-rai\v afflliat?rj
with th* ("iflienfl T'nlon and tha Rspuhlt
cans Tn 1^*5 h* or?arlr?d th* MunlHpal
Own*rahlp Ivagie of Bronkl--n, ?nd 8ii
eler-ted Sherlff tn tha ?r.<iiini; eampaig"
Ha and hls friends pald all the e*pens?s
of tha o'lt/loor meettncs ln Brooklyn ad
r*.r*"s*d b" Goverr.or ATfg*'d of uu.noie
On Mareh A. 190j. h* waa th? a\iett nf
honor af. a dlnn*r given by th* Centrat
Labor T'nlon Promln*r,t m?n throui?!-.-' ir.
th* cfiurtry aent messagos o* e*ngratiita
tlon, and the sp*ak?rs vled wlth on* an
of'.-*r ln extolll;;g the good qual'.Ueg of t>*
Mr Flaher*y waa a m*mher of rh* Flk.v
th* Woodmo.i of th* Wor'd. th* flan-na
Oael, of sov*ral labor horlies. ?.nd 1n r*
oent y?ara of th* reg-ular P?-mocrattr- or
Rantsatlon. He publlahed and edited for t>
time "Th* Munfr-lpal O^nership Newa.'
and had arted as seerrtary of th* Kmsra
r*ountv Worklnirmen'B Bryan T^ea^ i*. whleh
heram* th* Kings County n-moerartr
T.eaauo. ad?--->r>afinr munlr-ipal ownershlr?
A mar.s of reoulem will b* sung at *>
ri'r-iork on Tuesday mornlng tn the Oture'?
of tho Immart;la?e Hearr of Marv. TTIn.Uer
Terra'-e The hurtat will bo ln S* Agne*f*a
r*emetery, Mhar?
"Through the Alps to Niagara
The desire to view Niagara Palls in itscH arguet one a
lovcr of Mature's handiwork.
To go by the Lehigh Valley is to double the pleasure ol
your trip by sceing "The \mrru.in \lps" eil route.
The Lehigh is the romantic avenue tothe splcndorsof the
great cataract. Winding through beautiful vallcys, skirting
( harming rivers and icntineled by majestic mountains, this
road is concededly the urtnt scenic line ol eastern America.
li carries you through a natural arl gallery, hungwith
wondrous landscapes and still lifc pictures, ever changing
in the frame of your car window.
All the while you are swiftlygliding over asmooth, stone
hallasted road-bed,guardcd by the menstapprovedautomatic
snfety signals, and with luxurious train equipment.
\nd you are breathing pure mountain air laden with the
scent of the woods?free from soot and cinders for the
Lehigh burns Anthracite exc/usive/y.
\ glorious ride by rail, yet most of the way besidc water.
Such a trip, with Niagara Falls as its climax, is as
fast inating a journey as could well be imagined?one that
is mc.isurcd by enjoyment rather than by miles or minute.s.
LeMgh\Wlef Railroad
Riiltoar! .md F'tillman Tu kctB drltvetei. at home or nffice on reqneit
?.? v-? , M i.'-i-.v. i **~..:,: B,.?n, li.,.!-. Ta^aytaa^rCJB*. t*.
RmnUrti : "W Flatbush Ave., Telephone 91 Mam.

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