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King, However, Had No Aiterna
tive, as Balfour Would Not
Form a Government.
MOBBroh Acted Oorstitutionally
hnd Wm Not Dragged Into
Coup d'Xtat by a Recklesr,
0 Helpleai Premier.
! I7v . 7
Ijoii. .-. arrj
nt 'i Prlmi Mliuati ra dla
i loauri tba r* '::.\\d tha roya]
gll . - lOSt the
aaaii nday*a i
partlaan txluaaph, .- ?.- a rhe abouting wlU
ha.e a boUoa Bouad wban th. nows ;s |
four days oic ' I have pair.ed <t j
trernendcus advaatagg la oMaininq -ho ?
aaaetlOB r* a DO] lai bovereign lorj
practicai maaaurag for enactlng tha Par
naartaal bid in it* orlglaal form.
Aa a matur of fact. bowavar, the Blrng
had no aMaraatlva, wboa Mr. Bi .
wbb unwiilinij to form 2 goverr.mer.t,
gad when avary LTnlontat Commoner I
Bhtvarad avar 'he bare sugs<-?tion of aj
aaaaaraJ alactloa ln Auarust, aith tha,
BaalateaeBea of the Lords' veto af- lha
chlef iBsue, In sheer conservatism he ,
waa forced to aeoapt Mr. Asquith's ad- j
vice when he could rot flnd a successor j
for him.
Tfce situation had fceen <Tearly fera>
aeen last November, when hie majctty '
coniented to 'he dissoiutlon of the 1 .st
ParUament. with the undtrstandir.e that ,
the roysl guaranteee would ba forrh- !
rormng lf the Prime Ministe-r ahould 1
aucceed in obtaining a majority
The King has not been dr?vged mto a
rroup d'etat by a rfckless or helpless
Premier. bai has acted in accordance t
?wlth hia conatltutlonaJ obligationa,
Mr. Aaquith'a Motiva.
Aa E7?on aa the Kir.g's eoutua was 1
known, resistanee to ?:ne royal guar
aataag became unpatriotic?dlsloyal, al- |
rnost- ThiB ^a? Mr Asquith's motive 1
for the prataataia announcement. i
Nf.ither the KtOf BOT the Prime Mln- I
ist?r araatad lo er ata a buga, naman?
ageable batch of paara Pubiicity night ,
prevtnt the aeiaaalU far a aaaaaura |
whJet. wouid mai;? e\cr-body eauoaraad ;
in lt ridlculoue.
It al net >et ctrtaln whether the fire
Bj the paara arlH abandon j
th'ir intcntlon af chailor.ging a tttvfaloa ,
waaa the blll raturas to the Lorda and!
adaeia otNtfoatel] to tr.cir aatvendm
roka ta I ?'
--,-?- 1 a DOwaVfUl group Of|
? ? - - arho wan
I ? i i . ? ? ?> to tha ?
v.-'t'i <r wil ? rs from th-- regular
:. tha tactiea laoom- I
i . rom Blghbury and Bupportedl
agltatloi fi oaa Lord MII* I
Lt . Mautsa, ?' L Oarvta and Pablanj
AV<ir-" t. was that tho boat 1
..:?? un.- t .
urai to for huadrads of
paara aad ihe tight tiatJ
Unli ? overwbi Imed
il ? rior aumbera
Whathai II 1 ? aaaji rioua poll
H v.us berplng ta reatore cuuiage to
th*- Dnaoa itg and putttag them ln
I -Tn.
Csiicjs Imp-iired Diocipline.
' -
the < .
Hi ? ..HL, ?;?? laa arara gat
out c-f controj, t ien Mr. .\tj,.:i;
? ? . ? . ? t oaadMy the-.
..... ough ti
1 ??? : rat 1
nder 1 - -
. .
18 flgbtll
Ifl '?''' ?? 'i ' ?
? . r '. of fort ing the
ai ibar
.-?.-.?? ? 1 l ?
? . ? tl i tba
1 - r t mpta
Uaa 1 aad adi pl
laa atara patrkaBe rourse of
gabgalttlag to r*r- liinu'i aaalaloa,
ian 1 iaa ~ faa aaan al
1- Hc-v.ef- f-ere agaagarad to I
r.ord HalBbury't rcaentfal advles, Lov;.
?..e J.nd SaliaLury btlng among
tbata, and tne numl^ier la IBaty to dwin
r;le aflgf Mr. Ba'.four tspeaka next ??k
v.itii the full feutLority of kAdership.
Aaqulth, Ir.siead of rna.cing a ten
ral e>cech next ^etk. pc-.tpone*?
aatrataaa ef the bia taatfl he ta?
"orthy informaticn reapfcting the
IliHinHuaal af the Lords. The cr'.?js.
? aal ovar. as tbe Radical ptasa pie
araly procla;ms, le gradually pasa
* atty Degecera
,-m tion cf t'ea Heart
?tl I ___y well te a tug
bear toa'l fat pao
\1L*?*&!*?^ de' Aaexcesscf fat
"^T\% va?*,r \ iiound the heart
i1S?jt.'.ovement;, c^t
^Igraduaily clacges
7,7J thtvjbstsriceofthe
___/ c:g-r. The pulse
bec"mcs weaKcr; exciteTHsat cr extra
etrTrttoacat1 laatthrobbiagia thrcatand
tsrr.ples; the breath iathort and gaspy.
Wbea the55 5y73ptomscQtriOtotbernan
or woirian v !.o is too fat, steps sbould
be ta^?3 to loaaova thc er.cess fat, not
OOly from Ihe fculio'-ater, h-;art, bei frorn
other parts of the b-xly T.bere it makea
iu unwelcorxs appearance. Many so
cilled fat radaeerg aru C^ngercus to the
iilty hr;art, piacing Uf'*a it aa added
h ^rd-a by stiauliiing ifb ac tloo. There
is but one sure, bar.-alcRS fut reducer
kaoara, the o&w famous KaraBOhi Pre
r'rlpiion cf a Detroit pby: ician. acd ita
ttiore coavenieat torzi, Marrabla Pr.
'crip'icn Tablets. By caeaot cf taai *
harrnlaas lit^e tablets, thouaiJjds cf
overfgt peoplo have r.rrr!y aad safely
reduced thair weigbt *t the rata of 101 a
16 01. aday without eicrcijeordieticg.
ilarmo.a PreacrlBtion Tablets are aold
Sy t..ldrBggt?tJ,ortha MarmolaCotr.r>uny.
7 - M'?uroa Ave., Dauoit, Mkl... at Ite tOX
aUrsS cii-j.
lnjr. wlth violent bul futlle *."fts r'r !
Dnlonlgl reaantaaat and Indiinntlon
IFr tka Aaaeeiatad Piaaa
Loadon, J".ly 8.?Premler Aaejultl
an anoienee of hall aa bour arltli K ng
Qeorgi bi y leldi .?,..:"' Palaci te
whefi ..? plaeed before Ma majeaty the gov
eraaaaut'a vtewa on tha leteel phaeea of
tiio ppiltlOBl crl-is- ajni BBada ririHl av:
aaenta to meel tne ooatlngeacy thal ?
? ' Inaorgei t UaJoalal peera may i
?? d of nea - i
Tl tt tha ? tand pattara" ar* bUH ln *
flghtlng bm ' r &* il trvmvti Maal
from Frederlck B. Bmlth. Unienlai member
. . : for ti.* VI altham
a vi Uvaraool, Bummonmg the Lorda
.- ad meml en of. the iov or cbaml ? lo i
r i, xi Wedneaday la hoi
t.. baa itn ? ? '"
.. i. iraxi 11 u pi-oclalmed, "ln racoi i
rendered to
preaenl crlalB and te bup?
.1 n ??: determlnatlon to Inalai upon
1 i ord Lanadoa ie . unendnienta to the vato
blll ..?? tha iast remalalBg aafeguard in the.
coaatJtutloa tor conaultlng thi a itlon ln a
"' r of tha graveet natlenal importaw ?
ii a Earl of Belbornc will preald at thg ,
The laat twenty-four houra bave brought
?nall changfl la tht Bituation. Unl
awapapcra hava Joloed In ? chorua ol hoi
aenundatlon agali l Premler Aaqulth foi
wbat ? . ? ? hia rlolatlon of Parna*
rj deeenelea A majorltj of tha
Conaervatlve paaera la Locdoa aad tlu
. - ? : ... the leadara to Bubn It te
Mr. Aflqnlth'a ultlmatim. ag tha ta aer ot.
tWO "rent (
Oanrtn, adlter ef '"Tha Cjbeerver."
la appaallng for a Iztzi ettendaaca at the.
baaaaet to ba givea ? Wedneaday naatl
ia honor of the Earl of Halabury. ?v*
thal "na aurrandei ' repreaanta tha canvle
tiou of thfl taasfl cf the l t.ioi.ist pglty an'l |
tha majorlty of ita leadara in th* even: j
of eurrenci- rtf wlll split |
from top to bottoan Bnd arlll navei bt re
oonatrueted under tha preaenl leadershlp i
It ta a grave thlng, idds Mr. Garvln. t^at
the party la a'lll irnorant ot Mr. F.alfour'r
real mlnd.
A fmai; but Importar.! BTdnority axhort
the peers to rally to tha Chambarlaln
watchword, "fflght to tht. death,
cnly uncerta'n factor ln affalra la I ra
BBBBy of the lords wlll follow tlu Earl m\
Halaaury in the llght to th* death.
BBB, a/rimc Mlnlater has intormt 1 th?
peers I.- Wlll HOl BBBd bBeft thfl
bin from tha Houae of Coanmona to l t
ur.itjs aasurad t.iey aill aeeapl lt. U
Loid Halabury ean muater enough fci
lower:- to Otttvota the Bmall Uberal con
ur.gen: ln tha 'ipper hou":. Whlch
r.ot ba Itnpoaalble, beeauaa thera aaema
to be Btnaewhat of a recradeaeanoa of tha
rightinc sp'."it to-day. tnd BOmfl of the LH -
erai p*=crs are ao aafrtendly to the Bcheme
for emaeculatlng the upper HOUM thal
they eannot b<- depe.ided upon to attand ??
divUUon, the buraea of the BituaUon nlli
bc plaeed or Lord Lanadowi
Lord Lanadowna muel l ? e Wi
foUowara to eota for tha government MU
to Btavfl ofl tht '?? gradatlon of th? p- r ?
vThile he baaa'l aald m . tha general bt M
is that v." w-ii do H ir fereed.
ln the rr.ean tlrnr ln;err?t centrea ln thr :
mtt.*rg af thi Houaa ol Commoa
Monday, when Mi Aaqulth ta aapected ti
makt? a more expUdl ol bla pro
gramme thaa ha baa doaa up to tao prcs- j
eat. The praeewra for * daalaaloa ta Ihli
. laioa ta aaoraaoua It ta i
? -. goven mant i mow th* ?
nemeat af tha < :i ef the
amendineatt lor .. fea d
? i , Bnd oul what tha upper
wi'.i do If thi rea * ? 1 tha negotletl
unaatlafactory the governiaent mi
ereatlon of a batcb ot hfi
peera aa an object leaaon te the
..... aaapi naa for mani
* a bo aaptre te eoroneti i
BhBg .. 'I
v,:th tba fluctuatlona ln tha peeraga
get A COITBBPOBdent of "The Tlmee, r o
declarea lt is un
r,pn^' j? -t thai ?" '? hta ereatlon |
im ol 00 to 1
???!.:?. H
?? ?
? o.iki i.ted to flubsld i< candldatei
buy loi al i
??.'.: ? ? ? .? f Pl
Dublli ?- ? "" and chi
i .
? . Home
,i a . appeal to
,..? ? . ' I
a ? *
:Paris Market Confidcnt o! Suc i
cess of French Diplomacy.
}v.! ? 22.- In BplU
due not * to th* p* li* al
I ajtual t to th* ioI v.^ati er, Frei
' rcr.ics arr. firm, i'rui th> onderton on
[tbe Bc-urse ehjv?> greai Btiangth. eejxg*
cially after the Importanl and dacieivi
ratlon aiad by Davld Lloyd
.??. the Biitieh Cbantollor of Uie
. ..t the Manalon Houae.
Tn fael tht BouTBe haa never f*
Ijnomeni loal Ita eonMenee that dipio
-.- arlll reach ;> paaaaf il
,; tlu probUra rmlead by Ghw*
. in Morocco.
I'nli-1 Btal rjilrrmd bondfl are n
;rjiir demand for Invaatmenta, and Atchl*
Penneylvanla and Bteela continne la
hriak f avor.
jLand Suffers from Drouth. bul
Wheat Crop Is Excell*r..t.
[By Cth'.* to Tho TTfiuat j
BBgltg, July 22?T'arlt. hae at la>.t ?ot
|f|g hot wave, tbe thermometer raaablng
' 90 ciegTeee 1n the rhade, but lt t-K'trif
; rouch hott^r baennaa of me parched con*
i diUon of the country. avfflf to twenty*
ggg devr of drouth.
i'.:<? aHf i?? danrlvad of watar from
rnidnight to 8 o*elocli io Ok mernlni
There ie r.o aWlBtd v.haiAver, an<\ tbe
boulevard* are tWeh wtth tv' i
I'limei.- of autornoblirs.
Tho open air caf^s thg rBUek halls ln i
the Chaa ps Blya>ia ;ind tba raataoranta j
?-- Bola dja Bonjeajne are benefl
ty tha hot qMlL
Officlal reportH frorn the Mmihlry of |
Agricu:ture muicate tliat th*i IVentb
nrhea! crop noaa belng harv*:?ttd will be j
asoeptkmally good ln gaattty and ron
elderably aheve the Bvargflg '" cjufuvlty.
Uoyd Oeorge Measure Incnning Hos-j
tility cf DitTerent IutsreEtn.
I^ondDn, July iZ -- ChaaceUcr Lloyd j
Okorge'fl inmiranca blll haa inr:urred the hot- \
ti:?ty ?if o many dlffarai'jt lntert^la?'.oc
tors, friBnciiy aotleOea, uade unlor.B, ahlp
pera, cotfoa cpmnara and otberi. acd now
tha ravoll Ot the Laborltea tn the Houae of
Cornrr,rns---tfc?t lt ib belng frealy predlcte.d
| . -i.e go-.ernmcat wlll be eompalled to
iri . tha ineaaure, at leaat for the pre?eat
'Ihe hlll h?b t**u tor a loitiught in com
...il only eler^en of c!ght.y-v,x
elaiiMsa havi be?n d'.apcaed of. itxntt Kelr
Jlirdie. thfl SoctaUst anfl Independanr Labor I
rnKmhii. sajs tbt t Mr. Lloyfl G?orrsai
ll gl\lt.? wi.y onficr tha fltraiu. and
hht ha wlll not ba able ta carr^- tha blll.
PhUlp Rnowfl?n. th" iodahat Mt-m'jfer of
Farllament, raya that ln tha htr.dr of any
cther tslnlfltar tht blll wouM have be*n I
rj.^r.'i long ago, and tbe oOd* BTfl heavily |
againat Ita avur bacoming law. I
R I BU.N [
England's Riic in Morocco Dis
ptrte tc Stiffen Frencfi Action.
King George Apparently Deter
rnincd to Resist Predatory
Gerrrmi Tactic^.
Iblt ld 71 I Tffl ' ??" -
idon, July -J.-Mi- Lloyd Georgea
,,,?.;. _ reference yeaterday to Moroccan
aflralra and lha rolationa of Baglaad .md
Germaa. haa aacapad ohaervatlon lo
,.,?. . gri owlng to polltlcal exdte
... thi guaraatoaa II condnaa
irumora lhal the CaMaet bae been dla-1
cuaslag lha, Qaraaaa Baiparer'a dlplo
ImatK actlvltles wlth aauaual detall aad
crav.rv aad lhal Hr. Bdward Orey is
,. .,,..,... r , efforta aol euly to atlffan
the a tlon ? ' thi Freach government but
!ai.0 tb brl | B u*.I i ??''?' to ??'? r
streauoug reelataaee to Goraaaa aggres
tion oa fbe areat Afrlcan ooaat
Th*^ Brltlst rcr'icTi Offlee aeetua de
termlaed t< fbrce tho arithdrawaJ of the
,,, ahlpa fron. Agadlr and Wlll proh
gucceed in thwartlag lae Bmparor?a
nrw intrlgue If tho trlple eateate be
equal to tl ?? ah ? "" larovocattve
That action le probably aafa, aaelng
that the oouBtor foroee of tha Trlpla ai
Uaoce eaanoi be unlted at thc areaeat
memen-. Wben Albaala and the Balkans
nre ifl ;i Btati of fevu.-h axdtemeat and
ria-Hunaary cr.r^^i Lt dapandad
i] ? take a haarty latereat in a Gar
man Intrlgu for a ec Hng atatlon
... ly Klng Georgfl 1c detarmlned
hla father'g example in resis'
li * the predatory ta* t*V i of the Oennaa
rr-- ? - a n Btataa I ???
London .f ly JT -Da\ id Lloyd tJeOTgl ?
deroonatratlon agalast Oanaany*fl draatatic
? ... rrnd" tn a *:>?i?rh bafOra
i -j:v\-: atreei aaaelera - l ^eiinsr. t?
takafl '-? rn?an that the Rnti?:i gOvarBBMBt
"?.ni-ri faitbful to tha Aaa^Fraaaeb aa*
tenti i ? .1 win ba found al PVaaee'a baeh
* tba preaanl aagotlatlaaa
The proaouaeemant win, it i? tba agbl ln
dlpletnatle drclea plaea Baatter an a more
i,,, meaallka basla *n<i go t<-.r teward in
BUling a tair deal to all OOBOaread lt (s ro
?ri-i.^t * , it lha governmaat t,vJk into con
Blderatlen lha BdvlflabHlty el anding a
I . h* st ?ho tnaa of tba Oar*
i i -...;?. unharalded appaa
-, tha BC.Bai althoiitjh action *..?
.;-f> pOBBlbll *v of rl e 88081 ? ' ?
,f ____ - ch eouraa ***< aol laat from
? i :? |.aotaaeaa '
-,,,. i_( .,;,.. ' ? loa Bauaa tne* .
are a* follOS
??But i rm booad ta aay thnt it la assen
- -, ihe hlgbesl hrtaroats r.ot aaaraly <.f
ouraaivaa bul of tha arorld tr.at Oreel
Brftatn at all hasarda rnatntttn h?r p'fl'-e
and pTeatfaa Btaoag tha powera of I
Hi t \f U al laduea ? has t">" r>'1' r",'r"
I and ma- rei la tba f iture
rovg laealuahle ln thi eaaaa of bumaa
? ))rrtv Ir has more thi.n on fl r<?d*err.a>d
Conttaental natlona wha a i i ? '"' to
for|te1 ,,.,. Mrvlcaa ?h'.f arraa hed tbaai
from overwhelw ng i ** aven na
t.onni earla tl i
, Would maka aacrtfteea t< preeeryi
. r caa ea-nrt-lve of norhii... to J itifl
? of le.rlon I good wil aa
eationa of thi gravi
L- but If thi altoatl n wen forced
... ; u baaaa.
,v al.
gBTlUl. '
, flfe. ted ra lf i
.. rf naUoaa
...... ytm ? '? ."-??''??*?
i a iiatlon latolaralila
i ? ?? ' ' BtlZJ __onn
I '
22 .. uoyd Oeargaa
ManSon Houaa .peoch l> en^atf aad
. . MaatlcaUy commeatad aP<m ta-day.
. ? en th? baad bara, ??
!,.,4, |t expreaae. eaactlr the aaiptiUr
prench fe. ' " ';'"T,8n
Oplnlon li nov, .talllaed I ? I
? ;.. .,?,,.. that war would bepi
- ?.. . attaf coeapllanca ??'
,. ,.,...... . baa aa compeaaatJon
l ln Afrlca.
Confldai ? i ' ? ' " " "?"
U imroar of U H ts neg
ttons a peaceful BOlBtion wlll bt reach fl
,,1 the d< lessltj even of puti
jnto m ??? lh? taachlaary nf thi Hagu*
?. ? n
ln diplomatle drclea thi Inipreralon u?.
galatng ironad thal Germaa dlpJoraacy
1 v ill great'.y raodlfy Its demaada except
perhaps in ro^.rri t*i Its preteasloas b
|g saepoii on lha aertbarael ooest ol
Afrlca, '? arhlch polnl Germanj acema
,i...' xib.o.
it la eartaJr. tbal th metl d
Baron von KldarlaB-Waachter han
i gaenly wivufldod Fren* i ien! ment
and amour praprj that tban - o loager
I any 1 a o ' i and Garmai ba*
although It mi- ba
iraaabla and t:?efui for irraaca to bc on
Itarmg of good aeaVVhoersalp wiih Ger
maay la I irope and Afri. ;j.
PafllB. L'!7 B.?-Tba e:>et i af 1
, Lif'7-d Qaorga, tha Mtaak Ckancallor ??/
\ the Baxbaejaar, ct>ui<i r.ot paaajMy hava
baan ataaad al Oaasaaay, arcordinfe- ta tba
r/atauilni,' viawa votceiS to-dny by Iba ol
Raiala Of tr.t Ga-rmun Forfiirn Ofaoa Tbaei
Ofl Ir-'r v-,'4?re uiiB'UlIng to Ufiieve that
ri fe.rrfd ln any aaf to i
thi Boroeeaa Bttoatlon. tt V41 itartHi that j
agotlatlona altti fraaoa were pioceed-i
Ing norroally, with e proapacl ef fucc6a*,
and that tbara waa BO.reasoa for Orei.t
j'ira''., whleh Blnoa tbl haglnnlng ot
Bagaglatloas ha* atood asldi to cauae
F>aaoi>-Garmas relationa to nh.ii.^on a<
arsldng ittlta li aad strlki ? i.*;nrfrer*!
ivorn*) praUadaary aitaaaaieaa throueh j
tuplomatl; chann?lf. aaeold have. V.M made |
lf tht tpeecii. as the Englli,.'! pagefl 808811
waa intrn'Jtd as a vnx.mr.g ;o Gtiraany
Beae fuch v>.a? raeeieed.
r,(jrmkn officials, bow?>ver. do not augr.'eit
any other 8Sgl88ttlnn of thi- rptecn. They
have no Informatlon as to WbOtaar Gi<?at
Britain, aa demanacd by "The Lwfiaon
Tlrnis," wlll &enJ a warshlji to Agwllr
The uiual Bpokeeaui;; for the ForeJgn Of
fic* dote r.ot t^cJ'-avt- fn thlK po?albillty, and
aaid that Buoh ;> B?8*/a wonid ht ragardad
hy Gerrnar.y aa an BBXTiaBdly act. Tnt
Caatrraan gunbot Pan i ber, me iranboat
toar and the crulatr licrim remaln in tna
\J-inii> of Ajcadir.
The afteruoori par-eris were r.ot eorcliad
ovti lha *-i*j>u Gcui?,e r-^tiri ii, hi *i devoted
thelr ut"?niion ch.efly to tbfl Franoo
Btisnis.i lncldeat at Alcaaar. The "Lolcal
Ai.?e..,er uau* ln - htaiinau "l'cr wbona
the ThreAt"'* T'.ic "Eorllner YJtt.^g tC'i
lung" complateiy tgncrefl ttie rtatier.
Pra?/ue, gflSaaaua, .Tuly :2.--The dtiesetjon
fi0m nr- p.-'.t'-n Cbaabar of Caagsasrea bt?
rlved hen- lo day. They were coidlally
nelcomed nt 'be Biation jy clty ofnclsla and
a fjrt;. of i'" ii t.K'nese ui- .i.
r* ? o *r f\ >
- u *?
Monarch Will Pass Week in the
Downs?Queen Not to Go.
, American and Other Profe3sors
Foregather in London for
Univerzal Races Ooilfretf.
, ny < ..Me 11 Tha TrB ia*
London, .luly --? -Ocodwood brlnga
the Londoa aaaaew la ? ? '??''? ? Whlla
poiitidanfl are Bwelterlng el tveatmtn*
I Bter la Imtlemenl hpat. the Kin-T nill
. ? ri for Goodwood Houau on Mondaj
| .,-,,,i Bpend tbe wee* ai th* beautlful
raclng coore* - ''?'? Downe.
Queen Mary wlll aol go ta G ?'
bul wllj rajoln hia majeety ai ihe end
of tbe aagag at Cowea, wban ihi i i
; gebl wlll be li. r. dtn aa f<.?' ?
I gatta.
.\. ither tbe Klng aor Ihe Qu
been eghausted by the contlanona )?>???>??
ure of th" eofonation aaaaon, and polit*
I.- i analetiefl h*-?r n"t worrled the bov*
| f-reitrn ain-"'' bc dedded eJghl montha ?j?o
; to follow the ooaneel of hln eonatltutlonal
adtrlaara and raaae tbe ta e honaae of
(Parllament to vork out thehr oarn wai
i ratlon.
Fashionahie entertalnlng haa virtuallj
ceaaed in MayfaJr, and tbe country
\ boueea aroui I G le o I arlll '?? Mled
wlth vi.it..rs next areek. Cowea 's tx
: p< tir.t.' ita bt I - iaoa frr many yaara,
aad Beotland oughl to be full af aporta.
. men and srr.it people when the Kinu
! aad Queen ara ;" rai flea sa then
' Agenta of 'h?- i otlng ; aancl bow
i, ?..?'? si' complaialng that tbe mai
.a dull and Lha! regular petrena ai
! itaj intr awaj
The Amerlcan Ambaaaador aad Mn
i R'ld ar* wlth the Haroourta, ?t Nune
bam far tbe areek end Mrs Reld wlll
? co north '? 'Kf mlddli "?' !'i' ?
J tbr- law l ? - the new i lunarder IV
j conia.
,t. Ridgel) Carter, Amerlcan MJniater
to. Rnmenla, \t BalHni ta d.; M'
, t.'.'irter for AmerbJB.
Profaaaor Jeremtah JenkB ol i
Cnlvereity, li holdtog eonferanc r arlth
: T..-ndori bankeri raapeetlng l ?? Cl
loan, bat I aol yat prepared to .-tntc
1 wbether tba mlaaion la the centn
. roj ?:. Bnai i ?? wlll be auccaaaful
Dr. IJurah:irdt du Hoi? from th* '>'
\- -.; Atianta. ha.- ereated a fa?
Bbla Itnpraaaloa by n tboughtful
raad her* I efora ihe .<=-?. lol
? "gjconomlea and Eatancipai
will ba atnoi | lha apeafcera at th.- i nl
? raal Raeea < greae i ?? ?
Univaralti of l- nd ?
Pr. Pellg Adler nill ba among ?
....... ,, ._.,. r.
liavi Blreedy arrive 1, ln< ludlna; thlrty
... ;arlla.I , roon tha
rofea ra ol I tl laa
the moal t thlnk*
anj ' ": e?tal nal i itt;. -i
i .a eachidad I fltocu
ei'-n a ? t :
. mr h-jt'.'.-i eo~operatioa ln thi ? orl
Hia Condnct Fira and Difnificd
lo Hi* Soiios of Duel.s.
'' ? .
Paria, J . Bet
warm ? i ???? tutatt.daj ?
' hln flrm 1 ..!.? ndu* t in I
Bgrtai of '..'? that i
fero* loua mat
pli ?. '.i raa ..i. i '
Thi aymj athy of al
: Parlaiana la ??? H i M. i; i tu tain, a
| liherty of Indl. l
il repi eeentatioi *
Gonrt of Inqr.iry Dofs Hoi Bwq end Ili'
OtrtUtesta Howofgf.
i and r. , . ' The Board * Tr
to tlu aa 11' al to tbe <
ateaaaahip Ivarela, whlch :th-k on D
.'?I-' Mi ? ? . ?
reeulti l to*daj ?
[ tam Pottcr, 1 thal
t waa i rteoea I apen*
i .? ? a as that }'? ttar Irai ?? |
ll navlgat* i . ..? ahlp at too greal apeed
j i'i thick "? '' ?'?" and negleeted t.. verify
nif actual p* Bttiea b m that tv
waa ?* I ''.' ,!' ,ft"-r CO :-ae from OM
Head nf Klnaale, In land. i'-om ti,^ eonrai
tbe ahlp devlet* l ne of i unh iowb
: th< ampaaa, tht falrura ta dla
, ? argod i
OoVBltr-Sttitg Withrlrav/n and Wife
Irlakes Bwbgad Yearly Allcwancc.
i.<.ndon. .!'ilv VI -A? Bfl onttome of their
littgatien Baben H. Ihatard ar.i bla arifi
?rhoet rr,n ntfi,* ls I i i .i ???? ?! ,i??
Rjutuan ..???'. te ?? | Brate. Under the
terms 8f tM ec;tt'*.tnent thu:- .o'lntHi u,tr
ir* WitbdraWa gnd Mrs. riher.'!?'' rlf fvn> <
th" cortt* of the o. t!MM Bttd BMlBM
husband a y.-aiiy BBeWBOOa, l B BmOVal
al arhleh ib aot dlvalgad.
Wife DangeroiiKly Hurt When C?r b
Du- ht.'l Nc3r Chartrer^
Le Mana. Franre, Juiy a.-While prae*
tlalng fo: to-morroWH Grand Prix for au
tomobl!e?j, a cur drtven by Janln nal
flltched near OhirtrB*. Janln wim kllled i
Br,rj his wife, wh:> acr-ornpanler,' hlm. v. ?*? \
agageraaanT fn'ured.
. B '
Jcpanest Anuy Officer Not Gnilty of
Underhand Work.
Munirb, July ?2 ?The Bavartan Mlniat.::
of War announcea the lnnoc*nce ot Major
JOfchldfl. of the Japan* i+ Brrny. who was
BfTaated recently on a charg* gf e^am
lnma; the Baaafl mfchanlem of tb* n?w
ggiVartaa fleld run. Tbe rnlnlster decluru
ihat Major J06hMi wai t&l'lng part ln
night manauvff*, ir.Ilt? away from tbg
place where ka wt? &a1d to ha\t \,it."i, r.nd
iht.t the aertry was anehta le produce ert
dar.ee of Ma ^..-cueation.
T'jb Japanese ctR^r, Major Joahlda, had
i gltaabed to the Havnrlsn troop!-; by
eourteay, to watch tha innriBTTaa, ar.d
was aileg'?d to havo baaa aurpriaed at n'&ht
whUi BBahtag obaarvatlotta by the uae of n
darh lai tem oa th* maaenvra BeM at
{ ? ! G N !
Haytian Rehels Marching on Cap?
ital?Governmen. May Fall.
ATPoriraii W.'r.-hip Dei Moines,
fo Arriv: Mondaj, Will Si'fe
fBard Foreijn Irtere^ts.
Pori iu*Pi j ? ?. 1'iiv 22.?Tl ? rt rolu
? ? . ? hli ? clty, th*
Tbe bII uatlon i I the ot ei a*
, meat is
Prei Id nl S inon, '??? rt* ned
;??.-,. . ? 11- ? roopi
|ai Forl Llbertl ?? ?. ??'; iii ?? Itl
? oubh. ib at 1 pala* '??
a, Ith the Preeidi nt -?!. b sickbed, tlie
.? ? ? n a state ol disrup*
tlOn, 'Tii l!lr t"" !1S <n '1:.; Iiu'tll "i 1! ,1? ' 1
i ii. thi hand ol thi n - olutloi Ial and
tb ?' guard of I ln irgenta
preaelng npon the capital, conditlons bld
ag new gdmiQh tratlon ii1 con*
i trol of lb< rej ubllc at a late
To-d ? th "i ince i olumna of the
Irevolution occupled Mirebalal and Laa
.,. irnp* rtanl it tw* nty
| oilli - to b< d ?? th oi Port*au-Prlnce.
fti >pa wl leb ? re eenl oul sevi rai
daya a*'-. to cbeck thi Insu i ata md
which were temporarlly ucceesful, ef*
fered bo realstance arhen th* maJn forces
'of th.? r*i. la atta* kad t; toi na
ri ? t ? ????? ? - ? ] -. oni?
bout ten i to thi iti the < api.
, tal. in i ?'? b rloui
rii ing "i. ??? i thi n * d General
1 Thomi ' ' muw.
I i to Port*
i au-Prli co ind :
, ai oul . 'i mi i to th ith ol the
ln arms,
? raj of h'.; i ?? fo ind ln the
tb< Ht tlan gUttbOBt \'orti**r.
cently U *t< i 11 thi Inaurgi al I
i t tred by ii;
?? mon.
.i ijlanl ?
.? ? t.r. I by the Ai
Pori ln a atate ol
UI ? ? The
... ... ?.. .. -
I, la
ttach 1 v1-'
u ?
.. il
?? ? linlater
? ? larlng to I
.. ? -.. :
?? '
' ?'
! ,
.- '
' ' ' ?'
' fl
I ma
-i ?
' ? ?
..... ... |
? ?
. i ? ?
? ? i ?
? ? i
? ?
. \
r* I and when
An ??; '? ted. 31
' . Bot beileved I if tbe
i .
? - i
? to 1 ? ? : ' a
? ? ?
Ti [it.1i
., . |
" . - ort en
rindlt'.ont' el .'ir. B has nf
. a ' hli Ifl the *
? rrom irl leh
,? . bb made by * I* rm in ?
i h Iherajari, preeldanl of the i
?*?;) Coaatrnctlon Corapi b
tiii|riin?; tha Hh>:i Railroad, iald laal
>.i?:iit thal ba bad na farther nea ln re
......r(] ? ? |a 'Haytl fl
tba Haytian Cona ilati I d ? ?????
; - -. worda yeaterdi? m* r
iald: "Camp pertj looti
Thti meai
... ? ? ap the Ba) m Ial
gnd, where flve hundred
Bmployed In gradlag fallcn Into
aandfl af Uh revolutionlats, who
> ihat
.. il ; ? "j..: ty an I hai
? -, ^ ' ? t -. | , . ilr ,.i. in . ,; .
baaa dea
"Ctaieafnlag nbeth r '-r- W >? ha
oalved pajjaneai l b yacht I
feei Bura ba ma aeen pald i
pan of ii ? moaaj. He woai rery
fo*:i:oii to ge all Um way down th* ?
i ir uii.M.'it'i | ??' i | ? .
raived iom?- gggh far Um boal Ol
tha revduUonary movcmoai ?
on?; affair. but I ar.i rather aorr> now tha'
I did i '?? aeeafd thtir invltatlaa to ga wlth
them?11 woaM ba Latareetlng The rhief
a Btry wa bave p> ? ?? l ?
wown Ifl Haytl gf?j lurlng. !
bepe they ?:> tafely on tba yachl '
Eogota, Colombia, Mob Hld AttaVCktd
Peruvian Lcgation at the figsd.
Waabtagtoa, July C?lt) repaWag th
tack of tha tcob artdab atened tha Peru?
vian lefjBiion g| UtigotH, Calambla, aa
Wedaeeday mght, iha pettea kii'.^d flve pei
sona. clitratr-hr-j to fhe gtate j i, rUnant
rfport i!:? rnob ercatcd maoh dlaorder
and ii ?*a.s dlaperaad ? uh duBeulty.
Th? troubla aroea over th^ giientton ot'
r'-intrel||njs- a portior, of thfl Butumayo rt
g,on, cjainierj \,y both OOUtttriea. fl I BBJd,
howeve:, tnat sn ggreamant baa Oean
reactie.i in raggrd to thM tarrltory hy tbe
Petuvian Mlnlatar gnd Um Calc
retary 'or Forelrn Afta:ra
Madrld, July ?r -The gpaalab i
Mlnlatar baa *n'i' ? ?? letter to
letvee, ihe Frenrh For<i?'.i Mlttlster, .x
preealag rei'.-r-t for tha deteBtkan ol I I* i
t.-nir.t rhlrlei receatlj b: i rbmaliti patreij
i.. M l'Vl4 ?
V E W S_
Trial A.ljourned, and May Be
Deiinitely Stopped.
Vlterbo, It-iiy. July B.?Tba lawyera for.
? uek, and aa a eeitee* !
.,,..,, ? thi * amorrleta' trlal waa ?*-'!- ?
?, ,,-., i-tii nesl Wednaadaj to .,;
:.-r.l them rirn- ln whl* li ro aa ftda on tba '?
futura attitada rnie-r-s aoaaa agraamaat ls ;
-,,.-,, r, 1 aith thi ? ourl ai d thc proaecutloa ;
?, j.... : BjBj an 1- BUtaad It la prob- I
abla t..ti al wlll 11 d rilnltels atopped j
. ed 1 iter begua all over ag la
The trouMe hogan yeaterday, when Cttp* ;
; taln -Pabronl, "ne cf tha Crawa'a beal ?it- :
1 <-.*.o^, ia dafeodtag hlmaalf aad hi* aaan
1 of tho raraNnetr*, seawauiced tha
r, Uoy, i* a Buborner of perpnry aad
'..-?i in aa undleralfiad paanai r.
During tbe axebaaga all rhe ethar lawyare
left tl ? irti 1 and Iater a rnl > aa Baege j
1 j -. ddeot Bla ? ' Ing that ,!,rv
, ?ui : noi '?-. ith dlgnlt; ? ";i"' lo tha court
lf profectlon aaa aol naeured thaia. At
tha -?.ni" tlma they aald lhat thay arare
! taklng Bt pa to parsoi da tl a cBaadJag bbw?
. ysr to v itbdraw from th *
When oourt opened tonlay only four ofl
tba attorne: 1 ? ri pn Bent, and they eaaaa ;
' ?,) iaj , ol th': defeaca before Ihi
court They aaked/the preaMaat to poot-j
pone tha 'ri-Hi to Wednc day. aajrtag that.
they aiahad ta the Btaaa tlme ba oeaealt
Wlth thelr rclk-igur". in NapBa and Rome I
iinit v.-hat action they Bbooli lake. '
Tba. aald that they would lealst on pro
tectton from whal thev cailed rh.- provo*
catlona of tha carabluaars, and Intttaated
I t In i sbanga for thla pr8ts*etJoa thay
would nnni? about tba wltbdrawal of Uoy
; f om t ? ??? dafi
accuaed man, wlth tha exceptton of
Bartoj isxt, wbo fell In a nt during Ibe
iub raatarday, wara praaaat aad e*V
Ijected to thc propoaed delay. Clro vitozi.
thj v''*'-' weapli g, aald: 'Th piotraotlea
of tbl Bgony la ki!llni7 IU "
tVbaa thi poatpon*emaBl aaa graatad lha
priaonara w thi cage, protegttag tha*. be-1
twaen tba oncompromlalng aitltudc ol T'
laa an on thi 01 band and tha red tar-e
re on tl e other they had
aufferi '- Bve reara liaprlsontnaat
WoliTe Forcod to Qvit Within a
Milo of Shorc
oni'-; "
- - ii rli.ho started from
kjangatti. m 1 ? 0 ial of Pran ? 1 "?
... ; ? ? nrltn tha Bng
ibllged ro qutt ahen
t of Sr Maruarefr- Pflv 0,1
11 a tba 1 ti uggte for;
... barTled b> j
.Volffi iad ? rtght atU
ind once hcfoi
?!,' r Ei z;:^h coast, 1 a 1
? ??. ol ? mtl
a ....
YicUl pf Wheat ancl Ccrn tn Enrope and
Canada Indicat^d.
?. ?
tha li ? Ihatltute Ig? eulturo
... * ? followlng 1 Btlmati a:
.-. ii.
? ?-. ? -
: ?? ih Indla, 100,.
. . \ - .-i ? * eorn ta Ipala,
.-r v.(if-at ln Canada la >:? '?
and lo Gartaaaj aadAuati a condltioi
and Um ? Rye ln
- . -I, ai d ln * lermany and
Auatrii letwaaB go I aad tbl nvarage.
Barla oata in Canada are la good
I eoaditlon, and in Qerraany, Auatrla
I id and tl
, 11. tlon of d alsa ln Buma
. ? r. - . Ita
raala la Bu
: ? ? ? ?, ln th aaal 11 I
, . . ? wt . . .varaga condltlon ta Bgypt
rthern heml
? ?"
Baeratarj stmison Brnio. Bgpoti Re
?dfng Visit to Fanama.
. lt. gtii ?
y. - ? f War. to-dry
that bi ??' ? i. n-ii
j ?.. . He e*
aaa groatly j ? Ing n
w .1 : : progreaa ol tba ea .,1 cenetruc
I and l 1 itborttlaa ?>( Panana
? v th ? ordlal ? irtaarj
guprami Court to-day 1 w rai i
n of the tua
i u*k< . aa ' * ?? thi '? ? al Mall
. i'.i <\ t ' 'ompans aad M
. ditj .u tranaporting .
1 j ....
work a 1 ilm 1
Pcrtugu^se C-overrunent May Scll Dc
posed Kinir'? Batafa,
- July : I ' rta Badajoi g|
frontler) --"? rcrameata bacauat of
Uaau 1 particl '?!"! ta rii^ rtojniisti
nrapan * for nn lavaatea of:
l ' Intand lo 1 II thi -. pi ->.d Klng '
? ?? aad ratmburaa tha Btata the ad>
? t t'.\ ;: io btra 'ffted ol waiting
. <t --1. indebtedpeei ln annual in-iai-j
? ? ? out ot : r ? reri nu?? of tha propert i>: !
<; 0Af,o0o.
Entente as to Asiatio Policy Ad
vocated in St. Petcrsburn.
Onc Muscoviic ViiW Js Thit Wt
Are Acting io Bad fftith:
Ju3t Flirting!
Bt, Peteraburg, July II?Tbe M P" :""
burg " ; Bette" da ' t tbdt tl ? ?" '
tjoaal Bitnatlea furnlahi ? ? Brn i
a Hu.?6i)-.v neriaag rapi
Baat bringa BuaaU i ud tha I'nlted Btat? .
togathar, j;.' t aa Oerauu
Bnd Franoe, and lately Bm : ther."
atatea " Hia fJaaette." "Bua
loan bitataatfl eannot l.ur* '
than by a unlty ln their Aaiati ?
The general feeUag tha* Baaata al
muke Ko?Ki terms U voloert Ir an later
jview wltb Admlral Bkn laafl ?ba
Rttaata agataat "aalllag cbeap-"
Tho *Hnit. id-a Ifl UTgad by thfl "Zeaiefct"
ehlaa." of st. Peteraburg, :- react.
jgan, wMeh decllnea to bendvc that "
reoant vtatt ef the Aaa ka bettleel
aqnadron wai deetituta el * polltlcal pm
poee, and aaya: 'Thla rialt la a r laetlea
of a popular tandency la Aineriea In I
of meblng in the Bbape of ar. Internatton
ai pontjeai oombioatloa a eountarpoiaa
against tho Japaneae danger, aitb whlch
JAmerlea eannot thlnh ef cop'.ng unaaaafl
*d Bu' tha gweet iraltee and annableneea
of tbe Tankeee oaght aot to turn Um k
!of our dlpkanacy, aad BubbIbb bi
1 ouirht to be 80*jorded only ha eaehawga
j f.-.r real advaatagea lo Bueala aad i M
[for the rueru aake of fraternlaatiofl k*
. . too rwe ? ? ' r?-r ib - dp*
oi alte polet ' lel l I ?
Plnally, a thlrd vlew ta
l Br>ting ii, bad fal h. "nrrttng" anth R
. for rhe. fi^ke of ascttlng the 'aaleaay i (
I Japan and of drhlng a better barga.., *tt
her. Thla elew wa? defended at length
:n an artleb Ln tbe Pati -1' irgald
meatli Prtnc< Ckhtomeli
: Tht writer further ?:
Ruaalana and Amerl ? -
pent national and radal typee, ?";.-."h bave
BCflureely t trali In eamm i i eolof
; of skm.
\ Blmllar rartetj of optnlon la mai
, ed by tba preea ;n Iti ixeatment ~: ??
. aitu itloo ... th I ar ?*?!'? i ;
|ing li'. .Amarican relatlona ! i
I Vrem>.)," Buaala eadlng or n
., lunerli aa aetlvlty "??? ! I
Tr raroceeded te explain tl "
had nothlng to galn b) vBgum
portanl aatatandtng quesrior.*,. in attack*
: i gnd eppeatng the Amerl* ia iB/aataa af
Maa hai la, B u >* ?? ? ..... ig th i
,..4.::-. truata ?...u eombJaatlona of canttaia
1 a tha Amarican i I kwg been
I'.: :;.* ta control
! On tha "her hand thi ': leb." edtted
i h? profaan - Mll; nkoff, tak W aell i
1 rtew of tbe matter, argulng thal Ar.
I proaoaaM wltb ragard t'j Manchurla ar.;
I net dlrai tad a*a . i , aad I Rus
i,idn dlplomacy mtaaed a i atabV appor*
tunlty ;.i aot aegu
Uve ln Manchtu la wl I ''s ?
I tlee for I
Capital of a Northern Provinco
Recei.es Hi-n with Open Arms.
Bt, Peteraburg. July B ?Mchammed All
Mlraa aatered Aetrabed thta morntug ?:.-. I
i the ebeera of i ard arateoming
| aalvra ? r 81 I .r; I B 1 BN
Bortl f Aatrabad,
a: ) l: "i * ? I
Thera us only .??> . ? - ?
, ? . |.i ...
and 1
Former rui r, li
way thr
n .- - ... ? :? ;?'
trip, and will < ? u
French Premier Creditei with
President;..! Agpirfttioni ia 1913.
Paria, ' ilj .. inter*
ai .* of ber
e Prime Mli l
redited with to i
? l-n. v 8 iut thr preeent term ef ! al
Hi c ajn ?
v. H I ls 1
I aa . rtivi a . nea he
. . ..; aggn aalve. .
Fren .. - i i grea tfare oi
' "
Department. Ib ? I trlal
? r '?
th* brilaattt iriea a
Btrang, bualnaaallka .-.
tha h- bi "f ? ? ? .
.??'?? . btfl ln
i'. | . i ?
maa b
Tl ? Pn - ? ?? hy
hei dtty, ti ; eaparlenee. He ,t a
?? ln bi ttevea in ? broad radkaaj
;?:??$rame e .-t progrim He la iha bjI
of the ln<-on"; t^^ prolae.l ar| i"? gaa I I
aaaaai I the Cbambar el Daputiaa l ?
wbicb ia now beM ?: :r: i n Bcttate
%J 564.-5eb 4no 568 i^tfth JWuur.-*?>*- d6r._" ano 47tm ST3.
Readjustment of the Season's Stocks
Unusual Values in Women's High-rlats
Tailored and Novelty-trimmed Suits I
Of Cloth and Silk Fabrics, *23,' 30 & M2
Formcfly $50 to $125
Of Linen, $I5 & *25 f?bm&$2* to$50'
Motor and Service Coats, $25 Formcriy lo $6s
Shcrt Black Satin Coats, $22 Formerly to $75
Foulard, Satin and Taffeta Dresses, $32
Formerly $55, $65 & $75
Clearance of Blouses and Waists, *7.50
Formdy $1250. $15 & $16.50
Mid-Summer Hats for Dress and Street Wear
ln \Ute aad Fasboaable :hadc?
At ?5 61*12.50 Fwy,o,3?

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