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sitndayTji'i-y 28, 1011.
TM$ ncuspaper is 0*09*4 and pub
U?ke4 bg 7Vi" rWHaa lagt^aafioa, o
Vaae rar! r^rpornMoa; oMt* and prin
rlpal place Of 8?8wieee, Tribune Build
gag \o. IM Jtaeiaa ?fr?ef, >eir York;
Ogdcn MUs, nreaiden*; Ondm af. Btim\
teereimrtJl *?"** M- 1<nnitt' t""sunr.
fU aalaaraai a/ the ?tJctn U l*o o/^cc
o/ fbii ?" aaeaojaar.
gtrnacaiPTiON ratjj ;f?*?%'Jlf*,t"
Bg* !'" - ' ' " -o
Paiiy and geaday, eaa meBtb.* ?'
f...':-. at:.t .- . tn". S0(J
t?aily a- ' ".50
: ,].:>?, ona menth. |*Zj
Daily only. aix montha. J.u0
Iiailv only. OM >' " . jOO
only. ala montba. o'^q
Sunday only. Bl ?** -
rartlai iubi 2.^^*
Calvoaaal l*0Bl '? 4.4.8lafi?*.
Ona month.$1 '> < ?ne >*ar.*i< ?u
Plx montha.B] Ba Oae raar.w
Ona month.11 M Oae ytar.fli?o
CAWAD1 ' N B \TE3.
Ona montn.I .fi Ol v-ir.110.05
One month.I .80 Ol - reafl.*A??
Ona morth.B .481 Oae yaat.????'
Batflrad at tha Postofiicfl at New York aa
Kccond Cl Matter.
CONaRga88>-8enatei The Canadian
rodty bill waa passed by a vi
53 to 117. :- - - ? The Houae waa ln
eight mlnut* UI W< dnea*
POREION.?Haytlan rabala wera ra
1 marohing on Port-au-Prlnce, and
the fall of Preaident Antolne'a r<
ted; the crulaer Dea :
hurrylng thlthar and the German
Wlniater asked his government to aenaa
warahlp. ? Davld Lloyd Q*
n on International relatl na aaa
ted in Paria as supporting
?li. r attitude toward Oennany ln tne
Morocco dispute. n waa unofllclally in
timated that Oennany would co
the dlapatch of a warahlp to Aga
England as an unfriendly act '
D Bmlth, M. P., Isaued Invil l
dinner next Wedneeda} ln honor i
Halabury. the leader of the IrreconcH
Hi.lo peers opposlng the veto Mll.
In the around Bngland alr race alxteen
of nlneteen etartera compl* ted th*
Irp Brooklanda to Hendon; I
, tade the faal st time
Btlmaon, Secretary of War.
Panama a reporl that he had i
on a mlaaion c mcerning Panama pou
1, to the B< cident to the Cunard at* am
Bhlp Ivernia reaull
Oaptain Potl
Buspended I nln. ?be automoblle
was kllled ;.' rl?u?'>
injured when the car In whlch the?
raclng ^as dit< b
DOME6TIC Prei Idenl Tafl axpi
Ing greal n over the paaaage
(? the Canadl u i ' f ,l'"
Benate I* fl Washington 1 i Bpend two
days nr hia summer home ln Be
?i hi Prealdeni announced the ar
ranc.... , .. tha arbltration
,,?,.,, , - ?> .,., n ? ,iti and France.
Henrv day Beattie. Jr., waa he d re
aponsible by a vei t of tha roners
IH ? md, V;, . for the murder
,,f 'his wifi laat Tuead ly 1 '
-W j Burna the detective, appeared ln
courl in Indlanapolia to anawer to four
Indictmenta nn chargea ?? 'PP?ng
john J. McNamai ; ''?"'
| -
CITY Btoeka ?? a rule el
tlonally'd - Cla
teatlfying in the augar Inquli Id tn.
pany had trted to Induca
. un !? red t of tht !?'? n< rai
t'ompan . and Intlmated thal hia eom
petltor had pald hl '
nn.l put dead rata '
ln barrela li refinei
A mai
. iievne 11 lapltal to Bwln
? Island; i
? ?
The aubway aitual
operatlon and t of 1 ? : an
? oncerned, la atlll < pan to the lnt? i
ough company or ? itable
hlddei. R< porta from i
of the marrlag* nd Plnn*
Knr'.i- to "Dora," an Ei and
"th.' l". ? ll* -t of th* nn
TIIK L0RD8 -! i8T DIT'fi."
Thr-re o.-m l"- no queatlon thal tne
Hiitish Houae of Lorda baa 11 icl ?? 1
Foriiethini: whlch nmv i"' nol Ina]
priately deacribed ri ihe lasi dltcb Ita
last line nf defencee ol Ita andenl prlel
lege as n beredlfgry lejrlslature. Tbe
veal rroeatlon la wbother II wlll comporl
itreif so thal II may prcsentij en
from that dltcb reorganlred and eon
flrmod ln Itg vhal Btatur, oi so that it
will reruain tbereln, or ei efge i h | ?
aryacat Thal I Hon wblch la to
le nrsworeil i y t tal h< oae llaelf, an*! by
Its niajority membei . and npon lha I
pargf fo K Ibey geem Rl preaenl to be
cmliioueiv dlvkSed
That sneh is tiio sltuarlon is made
rlear bj tho official announcen enl tl.it
the KinR h: <; t'ivrn lh'> govenimeat 11"''
Uegtrad fjmaranteea thal he erlTl aasenl
to t!io tveatloo
jniniliors to glye tb ? governmenl a ma
jorlry in the I.oni-. tr, jiH.-k thnr llou^e
for itP own oeatructloa TMj nnmla>
inkahlo intiniation is retnforead wlth tii*
varninc that tho governmenl \?i'i ii"t be
<ontent with ih*- creatlofl of, aay, fortj
cr fifry jioors. r,r jusl enougb to glve lt
b majority of an gverage attendance,
hut w\U at ouce create geearal hundred,
enouph lo trivo it nn Bbaohlte majority of
tho wbole liKUih* rship.
Tbe losio of the altuatlon is thta: If
fio T'nionht peera permil tbg blll abol
JB-hins: th*'ir nltlmatc powec tnHt lagtela
lir-n t" pass wlthout au ariuy of new
iroati"iis iiK'.v nill retaln their major"
lt> iu thal bouae, and whanever i
Vnlonlat majority i> returned again to
ii.*' Houae "i Conuaegai, as it may !??. at
ni y ganeral electton, and prohably wlll
t* before many years bave jiasst'd, they
ran regaai] th*' bated law nnd reeatab
lish the i pper Houae In leglalatlve
power, \?ith Buch modlncationa of Its
oonatltatlon aa they *i*sir*'. if. on tho
acber band, tbej refuaa to do bo, bun
dreda of new peera arlll he craatad and
th*- bfll will be paaaed by their votea,
ami tbe Houae of Lorda will be made
pcrmanently Liberal, Jnat as it i? now
peimanently Untonlat Of courae, that
arould nol prevanl i rjnlonJal Houae of
Couunona from Kpeallnf tba law and ra.
atorin^ tba power of tbg \.<n<\< Bat
fhat would bg to reetore power i" i b >v
gUe l.i'dy, gnd i' would be r Btrange per
ft<rmanee for tha Unlonlatg, aftet >*? i-nr
nestly "i poaiug th*- taking away of th*.'
I.ords,' power a^aii.st tht ir will, tO iu
gjg| upon tbroaUng tbal power back npon
iliem ggalngl tlu ir arlll:
Tba eontaal I?? re illy bi tweeu two
graai UnJonlata, Lord Lanadowna and
Lord Halabury, and pgrbgpg th*.. radlcal
dffference batwaen tbaeg, ami Um raaa i
for tba gttltude taken by each, may bg
explalned by th*. fact tbal tbg odj la a
diplomat and the other a crlmlnal law*
?ar. Tbe one regarda the eaaa from tbe
nclnl of \i<-w of tbe tactidan, ili*- ocbar
fiiuii that of the advocafe. Nor ia it
uaworthy of oliaailatltai that the ftn>
mer (lmnri'll'ir who is bo leOOlotaly de
voted to the maintenanoe of hercditnry
privUege and power is blmself the flrst
paat of his family. having been bora and
risen to dlstinction as a oommonor, whlle
he who ls arllllng to lot the purely hered
itary prlnciple go, and yield to-day in
order, perhapa, ro erta fa-attorraw, is the
deecendaat of many geaeratlOBa of mar
qulses, earls ami priacea
it wiii ho of greal latereat to see lf
Mr. Aaqultfa doea to-n>orrow offer the
. eaaiona which hava heen Biurgest-d,
sudi ns t*> exeept dynaatJc ipsues frotu
tbe operatloa "f tba antl-vato aet. aad
tO pi"mise that no further curtailme'it.s
-?f tbe Lorda* powera arlll ho under
iintii autborized hy a new general e!ee
ti<>ia. If hc d"*a, are simuld expect to
see Lord Lansd'iwno's policy, fnr the ac
ceptanco of the 1111, casily prevall. Ami
evi-ii in the absence of sueh concepsi'inp,
ir would he Burprislng to see the niajor
i;y <>f tho j'.-*Ts follow Lord HaMmry's
confessed oounsol of despair.
The peaeage nf tlu- Canadian rectPTOC
ity hill is an uninixed trlumph for Presi
d*'iit Taft, arhoee forosighr, eourago and
perslstency have overcome the obataclea
placed in its path hy interests unduly
alarmed and politJclani of narrow
vlsion. Th*- Prealdent was bold eoougb
io approve and BUbmlt to Congre-- a
OOmpad af which it was ovidont that
many represeniatives of hl- own party
iu botb brancbes of Ooagreaa would
balk. They were keenly alive t" lt
poaslble local and tetoporary dlsadvan
tapes, hut were unahle to reallzo the
vaatly greafor porniannit beneflts whlch
it would produce through tlu* rlrtual ex
tonsion of our economlc syptem o\ <t
Caoada'a ahara.of the aortbero eonti
nent. Though both branches of i n
irreFS have carrle*! the agrcoment into
effect by large majoritios, niany Bl ; re>
Bcatatrlvea and Sanatora have given
their aagenl more or leaa reluctnntly to
a programme wblcb the rresident lni
tiifed and behind whlcll be has been
the largest person.il forco.
Tho passage "f tho blll is nlso a
trlbute to tbe power of publlc aentlment,
v. hii'h Prealdeni Tafl ralllad to bla anp
The reclproeity policy ls oeltber
partJaan oor eectJonal. in imniose ls
broadly natlonai aad it alma only at
beii"titing the country as a wbolft It
hns, iherofore, appesled to rotera of all
partles and all aectJona, and their appre
clatJon of its pafri"Tie disinterestednesa
Bnd breadth of Btateamanshlp broke the
coorage of tho opposltloo ami compelled
an obdnrate Sonate i<< yleld t*i the Presl
dent'a vlew.
l?n January L'7. the day after the eoni
pact wa- made pubHc, The Tribune said
nf ii:
it v. ill encounter opposltlon on the rart
of nelgbborhooda mora "r loss iiir<'-t'v
affecti ?! by the free ? ntry of Canadian
?ta. i ; ? Judlce wlll be exclted
nst H ln tl r atatea i nd at
tbla late Btage of the Bhort a< !;s:"ii it
a ,i! i"- i xtrem* .leg
islation carrying ir^ provlalona Into ef?
f< n Bmall local Intertata wlll make a
p.i deal of :i Btlr if thev feel thnt ?
? :? ??'?'! t" tli" larger good.
I :;t whlcb Pn ? '
Taft and hla i i re aimlng?at a
frlendly extenalon northward of th"
gphere if Amerlcan actlvltlea and ln
Tb? ?- ?'!?? convlnced that t'.i"
(??st of the extenalon wlll wHph lltt'" ln
comparlson with Ita ultlmate beneflta ir
? ,1..- r1.- representatlves "f certaln
? ? s "f the country BOtne tlme to not
but ln th" end tho vlew of the
- ra of the treaty Isllkely t" pn
that tli" Initlat I | n expei nrr nt
"faft admlnlstratlon has now un
dertaken wlll be eutitied to rank as a
notable contrlbutlon t" tha cauae of
ii fraternlty <>n th:.s contlnent as
wall as to th" cauae of economlc j rog
That predJctlon has baaa fulfllled In
every respect Tbe Presldent's pn>
eramme haa won Its waj against gelfish
and narrow opposltlon becanae lt waa
broad-gauged, patrlotlc and right.
It would bave been pleasanter ti
a larger number of Republlcana in Con
gress supportlng a programme bo ob>
viously Bound ami beneflcial. a few
more Republlcan Repreaentatlvea were
| ;il.'.-iinsT tho blll than were f*>r it. gnd
ip tbe Senate the dlvlslon was 21 Re
Ipublicans i:i favor and 2-1 against. The
regular Republlcana sl.i ls in favor
and n against, and th" Insnrgents di
vlded, ?"? in faior and 10 against
i?i tbe Republlcana whose naturai in
clinations were t" support the admlnls?
tratlon, hut wbo oppoaeal reclproclty,
mosl were overimprrascd hy local prot
cstatlona agalnsl poaslble temporary
injnry. They took a parochial ratber
tban a natlonai vlew of the opportnnity
I'ti'ctcd. Thelr Inabilltj to prefer Ihe
? _.i 1" th*' siii.illcr i< to bc rt
_ ? ..I, mii. c ir may compel aome hanl;
rcadjustmenta of opinion on Ihelr parl
i:i thc oexl Presldantlal campalgn
.'.?? for thc Republlcan InsnrgentB who
opposed th" blll to thc ond, they have
forfoited whatever coafldeaca tbe coun
try had in them prerloualy by Ihelr il
logical courae They ahrank back from
applylng principles t<> whlch they had
boasted thdr devotkm, almply becanae
the appllcatlon "anie too near homa
The pobllc'a fglth in their slncerity ami
in thelr polltlcal nugacity has \n-ou de
Btroyed. Thej have corae out of the flghl
im- reclproclty shorn <it th" respect even
<>f their own constitoenciee and pnw
etiesa lo Injure tlu* adminlstration, oui
of pettj antagonlam t*> which they were
wUliag entirely to reverse tbe poaition
toward tarlff leglslation whlch they ,..?.
cupiod last year and two years ago.
They bave Invited the country to Jeer
al them lo their preaenl nnhappy plight
Thc caseof the Amerlcan yaehl which
was Btted out a^ a warsblp for sale to
the Haytian governmenl and then
Bonght the privilege of actlng Bomewhal
aa a peivateer andar the A.merlcan iia-;
in an insuiTcctiim i*i wblch wa bave no
concern preaeotsasome featurea of in?
ten st gnd of adiii"! Itlon, There can be
m? qoesUon, we suppose, of the right of
Amerlcan dtlxeas to Bell Bhlpa and anna
and ammunltion to the governments of
frlendly powers, and to t';t oui veaaeli la
full flghtlag trim for auch dlspoaltlon.
That, on tbe face ot it. waa whal araa
done in this caaa.
Bul tbara was aomething more done,
which may have boea qulte legaL bul
tbe liivi'ctieii of whlch ia anbjeel t"
queation. That waa tba aeitdlng of auch
a ve>sel. fully arined. across the blgh
aeaa ami into allea watan under ihe
Aaaertcan tiag. The practical resetn
hlance between bar and a ptivataer is
obvii'iis. Trua, her owner placed him
sclf under beavy li'inds to do no tight
Ing with her whlle she was under tbe
American fjag; i?ut cirenmstancea
pramptly aroae in which he was aa de
Birous of belng free to flgbl tbal be
cabled boaaa for a ralaaae from ti"'
bond, which waa not graated, if it had
been graated ami he bad actad npon it
there would have been tiie extraordi
miry Bpeetacle either of au American
[prlvateer flghtlng ln a Haytlan ructfon
or of a Haytlan warahlp flghtlng under
tba Amarican flag, neltber of whlch
would have baan fltting.
ir may ba that tho yacht ln QueetJon
did parfonn some vmnxabla aai'ilce in
affordlng refuge and protection to Amer?
lcana, if so, wa may ba grateful for tba
acddant of her preaaggjg there nt th"
time. Bul tha nairownoag of tba avoid
anea of blghly nndealrable eompllcaUona
BtTOngly fiiii:<,'es;^ tha dl -iiaMiity of ii"t
maklng a babit of rocb wtarprlseg. If
foreign powera wenl to buy warsl Ips
iioro, a;i ii;t''.i out for Ingtanl actJon, it
would ba better, from oor polnt of
viow. for them t" Bend tn our porta and
take them away under their oarn flaga
than io bave them aenl to their i" rta
under om- flag. h maj alao I.baerved
that tho watera of allen powera whlch
an in a Btate "f Wtr RW DOt th.' mosl
deairable Bcene for pleaaore crulalng.
There may Rlwayi ln- a peualblUty, ol
courae nf" *z^in- aid in eomnatrlota in
dlatreaa bul thera is a much greater
llkellhood nf gettlng Into tronble or Into
mlachlef. Tbe work cf protectlng
Americgna ln foralgn porta is i.nr.'.iy
conflded to tba Amarican navy. and i
generally pertormi lt wlth Buffli
completeneaa to warrtnbthg keeping off
of other hande._
Tha Artaona-New Mexlco atate
reaoluUon is to be roted npon ln the
Benate before tho preaenl leaslon
Plenry i I tlme baa been allowad for Ita
conalderatlon. and tbere seema to b
reaaon why tbe opper branch of Con
iregg Bbould nol meal tbe laaue ralaed
by tbe Judldal recall provlalon i
Arlzona constltutlon in ? more frank gnd
manly fhsblon than it wai mel In the
lower branch. The Democratlc ma
ln tba Houae talked <""' **?* ;mi1 roted
another. Tbe Hon. Martin LltUeton wa"
wildly gpplguded bj bli i - - latea <<t
condemi Ing tbe Judicl il recall as bi
sauit on Amerlcan Inglltutlona. v
put it, the re all "would Btrlke from tbe
"aplcndid Btructure of free governmenl
"U?e arcb npon wblcb II baa come to i
-wiii. unehakea eonfldence."
But lf Mr. Llttleton and hli Demo
cratlo coUaaguea re Ilj f< II tbal way
aboui if they Rhould bave done iome
thlng to i revent the arcb from be :
mlned and the Btructure of free g
ment t ippled down. They Rhould have
?. -,.,i to refuie Rdmlsslon to Arlao
long as ll retalned the recall pr'".
ba its eonstltuUon. Thal would bave
been matcblng worda wltb deeda llul
when it came to legislatlon tbe Llttleton
thunderi ra-ln the '?? tbelr rhel
and bumblj i ild to Ihe peoj le ol
"We .1- .n t llke your jndidal re
"rall provlalon and uggeel
?vot*> again on it; bul lf you dedde to
"stlck to lt, ." Into the lTnlon Rny
??way and lel iho iplendld Btructure of
??fr*'o government go I
Tho genate ought i ol to be willing
to Indorae bo wlshy-a ?'
may be grgued th:if A fter 11
?j, ta Into the Union, r llberty
tdopl tha Judldal recall, even if
Congresi Bbould fOrce ll oul of tbe orlr,
linl constltution. But that Ib n*
bera nor there. The i- Inl la ?
? ? i mgresa wlsbes t" keep ll
? rd Btralght If It tl I Rl the Judl
' rial racal] li Indefenslhle II ?? ighl to
j witbhold Ita gaaenl to
1 tutlon <ontalnli ? ,-i ?"
Then it wlll bave dohi '
i 'i be responslblllty for a later fal
| grace wlll nol I e on Ita al if u
; ?? anta to li ean i ompel tl
the Judldal recall clauee from tba prea
' cnf constltutlon by h< Idl ?
Bdmiaglon untll Ita p*
Btrudlona, Hat Ing tl e | on ei i
ought to naa 11
Arlzona for f' llowlng Iti
gnd ravolntlonary i' ?
as th<> Houae did, "We d
go ahead if you llke," Is a <
elthcr "f Inslncerlty or of I
Th*' Benate shonld show the Arlg* ?
thal when ir co i
mcanfl what ir aaj b.
C 1 \'CER /??'?' IRCR REP0R1
i be fall ti ? i "! the
work of Ihe < am er H
I nT.il iu (Jreal Britain, of ?? '? ? i
bj nn].- la bai i ? en glven in otn
cahle dlspntclie . a III be ri i wlth
mui h popular Ra a ell .?? i pi
|nt< reat. I f cancer la one of Iho iiua t
barning < f nll Rilmenti lo Ih* ? Iclnn
and surgpon, II I
drended end moal terrlfylng lo Ibe lay
mii.d. No other hai been n
more hop<
have been ; ?
the parf of * ? i -
sw indlera a bo bave Mitighl lo i i
themselvea oul of the Rgony and di
of tbelr b I g. It la a i
thlng thal tbe b* ; sclentlfli aMMry,
bacl ed v,ith ampln pivunlary eudow
I'H'iii-. la now belng Bystematlcally de
roted i" the Inve tigatlon of the oi
gnd nature of tbe dlaease end to the
InventJon of methotja i l i fully
combating Ita ravi .-?
Blr W llllara Ohurch ? I lo
hnve stnted thal the rclationahlp of ca i
,-'?]? io the Indlvldual gffected la Indl
\iduai. wiii.'n la Interpreted rb meanlng
thal it la not transferable. 1 be eatab
llshment of thal tbeory would be Im
portant, ;""l it would agreeah
dlct some earlier Impre - ? n - n hl* h
nrere glven ln tbe work of thi ggme
reaearch fund i' waa auppoi ed nt*
:.:.-t untll recently, Innl tbe Iransfer
enca of cancer from one Individnal to
Rnother of th*' game spe lea wat per
fectly poaalble. lt waa, Indeed, Rrtl
flclally traii-t' ti*d from one mouae to
anothei and when thua tran planted
exblblted ali tbe cbaracterlsUct of tbe
orlginal growth, lt wiil be of tbe bigh?
esi Intereat to know on what grounds
? his tbeory is now repudlated, al
ia its gppllcatlon to man. even lf II i
ii erely to Ihe axtanl tbal tbe dlaea ie,
tbougfa artiiioinliy transferable, is nol
Bpontaneoualy communicable.
Dr. B. F. Baabford, who for ten
baa baan the general raperlntendenl <f
tbe reaearch fund, is reported as Btrong
lv deprecatlng tbe maklng of dlaquiet*
ii g Btatementi abonl Increaae In tba
prevalen*.f cancer, ln wblcb be la to
i< gnttefully Bupported ll la qulte tma
that aotborttattve atatlatlci leein to
ehow an Increaae iu tba number of
caaea. Thua in Bngland and Walei
forty viars ggo tbere were 145 caaea to
tho mlllion rjopulgUon, tbirty yeara ago
,M7. twent; yeara ago tii and
yeara imn 861. Mneb of tbhi apparenl
Increaae Ir cartalnly dua, bowaver, to
IraproTemanJ lo dlagnoala gnd ragbitra*
tlon, and UM ri'iuaiiidt r. or DOOl of it. is
due to Um Increaae of kxaggvlty. Fog
cancer is (??laraotoristii-all? a dJaafl.I
oM aga. lt i^ ton limi's na frequent
betwean elxty-flve gnd Revanty-flre as
intweiMi tiiirty-iivo ami forty-flve yeara
oi gge. if tbere ara now mora caaea of
lt than tbere srere ajagMrattong n*.,ro, that
is burgely becanae so mnny more peraona
i now reach an age at whlcfa 'hey are sus
rvptible to lt.
? Small pro~ross. we are told, has yet
heen made in the rhorapeuties of cancer,
hut that will COtne ln tlme. The quest
has heen long, lt was in I7fr2 that tbe
fjret oanoer boepltal was opened in Lotv
ilm. But if \< in only tbe laat ? ?
of yeJtrs or less that systematic re
Bearch, SUCh as that of the impeilal
reaearch fund. has been nndertaken.
WOrt i- nOW belng proseeuted in
Cngland, Germany, France ami Amer
Ica, and is belng coMwdlnated through'
out th*- world In face of BUCh effurt.s
we cannol d*-ubt that eventually tbe
Bccreta of "ii-; pbigue aill be revealed
bi ?! n Bure metbod of comhating it will
1"- found.'
t Ofdlng to the returns cf th*>
Bureao of Btatlstlca of tha Departmenl
Iof Commerce and Labor, eotton ia more
'than ever klng among Amerlcan agrrt
1 cuitwr.ii ' -1 -n-. En thc decade before
tbe ?"i*. 11 \\ar eotton was Buppoaed t"
bo thc siirc foundation of tha Bouth's
Ifortunes, polltlcal ?s well as economlcal,
-.i kugdotn" st'H'ii a- .i
libra ? | for that Bectlons con
fjdence ln ii- greal Btaple bnl for it
bellef that thc eotton growlng stat.-s
were more or leaa a polltlcal eatlty,
;." .-ii'iy destined t., | ?. b sej arate
nality. ln 1850 the Icingabip of cot
i.'ii was made evldenl by a reeord
; ih-ii of 9,887,052 400*
pound balee and an exportatlon of
3,535,873 500 pound - | tlna <<f 100
i, ;- , eni "-. er the production and ex
- i.-ii ef 1850.
The war awept away the eotton
growlng Industry, end ii waa nol untll
i^T'.i tha; production agaln ro-" i" ovet
i balee. E I -*. attalned
.pi.- more the flfurea of 1859, ami tbe
ation of cotton'a klngdom was
accompllsbed ao far aa Its purely eco?
nomlc as].i was concern ?*!. l'el Bince
]s7:? both production ami exports bave
doubled, and altnongh the Balee abroad
,\' ?: ran producta reacbed in 1910
'II the enormoos ralue of over >''
iihi.ii/hi. eotton eontrlbuted more tban a
quarter of that total. The ralue of
- ean eotton aold abroad wrb I -
.100 by far tbe largest aum ever
reallzed on n years exportatlooa
V. ,.?!,.. ra ami more to the
polnt ai whlch we ean eonsume onrown
<>f wheat; eorn
foodstuffa wa have only a relatively
? . tport and that but
? i -,- dlmlnisfa ratber than Increase
', year by year. Bul we have -tili an
iitmi, aii'i th*- reel of the
? tu'n t. iii largely for tbal
?i apite of aii efforti t >
; U h th" CUltlVStiOn Of tiie COttOO pl I r
B ? _ Ii dl i, i' ?? pl Russla and
.- , i - ?. i Btatea in li"1*
:,:<:i per eenl of the
Cotton'a 1 m Ifl here
for many years t.? come, a:
Btaple wiii
; guarantee b> tbe Bouth Its presenl po -
- nf wealth.
? t tha
nxor tha 1 ' ' ' '
tha of 1
' ?
. t ? - ?. 1 t >
but ll
? . lo Itaeif
' '
t, must sound
I'lih. .
can l lhal
? Ires
? h t lon. it
I . ' :
i da ? f< r i.
I . -. ary.
? , ? ? but Con
?' ? \nn
rd wlth I ' ira ot
Wa ara Informed by
? rd < ? I
'-?: thi trani portatlon **f
i- daily t" and
t, of coui
.?as Me- Nutmi ?
.-. j.-: . omi ?
17/15 / ILE OF IIII DAY.
i nea ha aaa laad ta adopt II
ru|a , > ? -l. Ona nf ;i new a I ef
i ? latlng ti iflle, arhlch, however,
aj]| nol laat forci for " y< ar, ?
Irlvei of i Mi :? ? of ??? ai ? d
,,,,,, and thoae rfdlng or in ehai ???? of
nnbnala nnuat i.*-p r*' tbe I
?1 io the rlght in overtaklng
, ,,,i passlng." ed liaUt tor motoi
, : r> ,,i. i -.,. .1. aad ?> raar ; dutai
, !..:. i> -I-. iui motor - Igi
? . i oi doa Bai resa "A
,.., (.,,? , ? i I- ? 8 di 8P tnn'-'l li'irn
_mA | > is rhilli one, srhlle N
Whon ih"y h?v.r tba
I ma mi t leave tba road
ii , y.i don'i aead anotiier aaa
<i' .ir
? . dai llng; bul i must hava oaa
? .: 'i i ,.nv i Ipt
Tlu- falllag all in attaadaaaa in tba i rl
and tha lack <>f tatare -t ?"?
? :i ..r roung people In rallgloua mat?
I tt had ii"> attaatioa "f tba aotbi ii
ahari tbe ?' ipreme * 'ourt
haa *!? i-i'-i thal r..i<*nts must provlde i
for thelr rlillilr.-n BBd
u..u ti.'- Inatructton must bs la keaplaa
aith th" falth <if tic pan
"Ia Mr. Bryan runnlng i"r th. Pn
now John?"
?'. machaali ally
"Wbo ia runi al him7"
i ?. t alr. Bryan alwai a
tart." Buffalo Bxprai
Mr W :.. ? aith hifl famll) in an apart?
ment tr an ii] town ut a.i.v nt;< -
UOB. ACIt) ! "ii !!.-? - iri;" !!-? r |
the Bulte occuplad ly hla frlaad, ||r >.
Tbslr plaeea <f auslassa ara in the sumo ;
| ilownloivn d.strlot, iiiid on avery week day I
the/ make tv.e trlp taaj8ther--bat only to
tha rti.tlon rlatform. "Them'a two cranks,
aure "nufT," 8888 tha "chopper" between
chops. "une ls a front car man and th"
othrr a, lnst car man. Every day iney
comea here, and, no inatter what they'i*"'
tnlkln' nhmit and, baaven knowa. the MR
one does ;i lor o* talkln'?When de traln
cnmes one \.n runa for ard and d' other he
ruaa to de rrar. i aavar rai pee de two
Blt ln the rame car. \V? plt lota 8' front
nnd rear < ir eranka here, but them two's
rh^ atara."
Waary Volca fron Doorwajr? aty <i,l!,r
.!,- I ? id or\i>-<?ltoii to you
re and alttlng up half the nlght
? mgl tar, nor to you atandlng <>n
- three homa aaylng good
But ln co ilderatlon for th? rest
.-r tho houaehi ld, arho arlah to ?.-t to aleep
v\lli you klndly take your all rar off tha haal
puah? >London * iplnlon.
"l aaw the card for tha Oulldball corona
letti r to th? "Barlln
"The portralta of ihe royal roupie,
tl of an Bl -1 other d*"oratlons of
artlatlc dealgn ln gold and the list of tho?e
Dt ara all eory lnterestlna;.
go, alao, la tha musla programma, arbleh
ln ludea Bulllvan, Wagner, Webar, Tsehel
, and I ?? U 83 . But what la Of more
dlnni r card ls a liet of what
there la t" eat and drink. Thi* ia what the
had l get al mg aith:
u* Tartla.
Loi M?r M -
m iid nr : Balad.
Lamb Put Iata and ? ' ' Balaa.
? flrltb IIbiti li??? Q
i- na in .i-II M ilti ?? ?'?? ly.
un. Frult BB1 i i Fn ? b PaeUT.
i - Wal
r)??sfrt: Btrawbeniaa, Plnflfl, Mflleaa
? I
i. h i.- iVatara
, . .. oia>.
Vuclitional Infcnuation Rcgarding the
Injury to Professor Ncal's Daughter.
^ir. in :. ts tbe artl Aa appaar
,, ,. |., -ii.,. ?[?:;: ...... . p J ilj 19, and other
. uoder tha headlng ? f "Peary'a i>ors
"i rectly atated. The
gla faland,
tba ? ummer home of Admlral Peary, tbe
i doga dld not attai k
ri-..- gtrt and there w.ic bo kaeper th ra to
? ! my i rlvllega to
na of Pi awr Harbarl V*. Kaal,
i, havtag known
than twenty yaara
|., ? r Neal i t be ri qrctred tha
ted accounta that had appeared
ic many ef tbe newspapers, and tba acd
? ? : ippenad had he Mken
tion 'i I ?> facta aa la
from hlni arai a aa foll
,,. Professor Neal, with his
? ::t ln lllfl l.i'">
ra) llng tha Bummer
;,t Boul ani oa i
u.,|..,i ,,, | n i. nearly " mlle
rhera A Indr il Pe u y
i Rgqui | la mth**r
I Pi >r v for tha i ? - a of kaap
? ? where no
and it ls
[':,?; BWStl nnd
nt all t vlclnlty that
? ? *-d.ind.
i ? ? , | inded on
.-.<?- ? r, arbea thay
? --ne of
ra I t of M irgaret, the
f professor Naal h? be
?? at thi m. WI ?' ar tba d< g had
or aot mr Naal
... but tha llttla Neal gli
t tha fa ? nr; 1 th?re
thiifh. Tbara a ira
only two cl - df alr, i aaa
'< taklBg any part
was 1 '? : BCraamad,
Weal raa* aad
Ltaly taken
ratory al s ith Harpawall, whara
. . a .ia gat?
I;- ..:-.- yeaterday, walklag about
it waa onatd
: Paai y heard of the
ita, BflSkad aolli i
? ? I 81 '?'
he l give or i
' NICH iLfl
f tha yearl Whal
i ?
? ' th'>
8 all Bgl ? 81 '
Itvea opla Is aot
? r ,,f
? ?
t - , rh'-> Blble,
th tha
? ? .
' ' n ln
. .
tbi ougboul th ?
, No. aich, Bag ind I u>1..
-> -
1 o r1 ? f The Ti Ibui -
Blr: 1 the medlum af Tbe Tribune
1 ' t It po elble to aaeert dn if tbara
i onlo nltrata or Biiv?-r pol
Bonlng of two yaara' ataadlag The dl?.-"i
? ? ?! The pl ? Iclana who
ited me i ronoui m ii.
curable, bul i have I ilth that tbara la
?? hi ra in the aroi ld *. known remed*.
and 1 to help me Hnd It. i am
only twentj aavan yaara old, nnd dread the
thought "f a llfi tan Ibla aflllc
tlon, i_'i upon ma by aa aceldent, or a jolnl
' : tn and m aelf. i arlll
ro i" any part "f tba uiiiv.-r.-s-> to t
ireatad n i have laauranee or a eura by
?i reputabk practlUoasr, kaal it arould Baam
thal in thla greal metro'poUs i mlgbt rmd
n ll? r ifina .t
Ni a V"i k, July lt, Itdl
[Tbe Phll delpbla Inqutror.
"Tatent) thousand men are naadad o>
' i a cro| -a tl ?? v, .-? t," aaaerta
? "i i i:'-.'" aad thi n adda, I.-'
irmy ot tha unemployed take notlee."
ir wlll, and tbe vaat i nf the rag
alao i.ii-?? to i .'ii '..-?'
From Tbe Provldeaco Newa
victiiii "f a broken aguaduct, t/aaloa may
: -I i" have had broughl hom? i" il a
tlon of H e Anetent Uarlmrr'a
? \\ '!?!. water, everywhera, nor- any ? lr.>j>
From Tha iprtttgi ? Id (Ohlo) Nawa
The Japam ?? i i ? ?? la aald ta ba "\<\
lowcr" than anythlng in thla country, but
w.' cannot belleve It. Otherwtae |h ire
been war betaraen this country
and J;ipiui long ago.
ndi i" ?? ? 'blcago ir:iii>
, Nawa
it is Bald ln dlplomatlc ctrelss that the
Bt>lt4.bcrgan ai_?*tlon mual aoon ho aettled.
i.i udanda belonga to no natiou
;ii preaent, but America Kuaala, Bwed ii
.mii Norway are plannlng to develop ax
tanslve latareata tbara 'o raeant yaara
vitluable mlneral atrata and aapaelally
. , bave baan dlaco. -
? :?'! It ls BUppoaed thal there ls enoui;li
? "?I there m aupply tba abpla af tba north*
81 t Of K.li 0
it aeema llkely that the Nerwaglsafl ln
tend to i ke control of Bpltabergan, iis they
have alr?ady atarted coal mlnlng and bava
begun balldlng a alreleaa -stuUon ?? ;i.-i to
-? .i.n i eonnaetlon with tho eoatl*
People and Sc
fFroni Tlie TtBMBBfl nureau 1
p/aahington. July 22.-The President la, ef
courae. greatly gratuvd by the paeaage of
the rerlprooity bill wlthout amendjnent.
rongratulatlons begaa to pour ln on h.tn
this afternoon. He Wt Washington lata
thla afternoon for Beverly. accompnnled by
MaJor fjott He Wlll spend Sunday nnd
Monday at his Bummer home, returntng ta
tho capital Tuaaday inornlng.
The Prealdeni aeeepted nn invttation to
attend tho Dalrymen's National Convention
at Milwaukee, Oetober 11 to 11; !??? taken
under advlaement nn InviUUon prewnted
(,,- RepreaentaUva Pappar to visit 0*w
port [owa, on bla Weetern trip: an Invlta
tlon from'Repreeeotative MeKlnney to vl I
Mollno and Rock lalaad. IU., on hls W< H
ern trip; an lnvltatlon pre.sented by -'"P'*'
sentatlva POBter tO Vlait the falr al ???
dlabury, Vt, tba laal week ln August; an
lnvltatlon praaented I ? rtonreeentatlve Mor
gan to vi-it Oklahoma Clty m Beptembar:
an lnvltatlon 10 attend tha annual dinner
of tho Naw Eagland Bodaty of Now TorK
bb Deeemhar B; an lnvltatlon to attand tne
Bnaual dtnmr of the New Bngland BodetJ
ef Brooklyn on Decemter 21. and un Invl
tatl* n to attend tba Lalme-to-the-aulf W
Waterwaya ronvention in chicago ln IW*
vember. .. .
0 fJroavenor Dawe, manaBlng dlrertor or
tha Boutbera CoaBinerelal Cengreee, has
written to the I'resident on behalf of tha
eapltallata ef the KlaalBetppI VaUey. telung
of tbelr purpoaa to operate * geet i f Bteam
m from New Orieana te flouth Amerlcan
. , and aaking the honor of Bendtog
tha flrat amerlcan bullt inerehaat eiup
through thfl f'anama ' anal. Mr. Taft
uj part. as followa: -II dellgbtai me
to know that th*r> an- people ln tho M18
elaatppl Valley who aro taktng practtcal
UJ ImprOVfl BUT merchant niarlr.e, and
i* they do so i bave no doubt that thoea
who win bave the power ta arraaga the
eeremonlea wlH yleld to avary dalm to
proprr re* ognltlon."
among the White Houaa ealleia were the,
Becretary of Btate, Beaatora Btone, Curtta,
Crawford and Taylor, ex4kmator
Dubolfl nnd Rapreeenutlvefl Payne, Auatln.
.r, Oamer, Kabn, Knowland,
Dlckln on, LUtleton. Blemp and EU1L
- B
Long Branch'a horae Bhow, tha eich
?. of tha annual aerlea ergaalaed hy
lonmouth County Horofl Bbow Aaao?
clatlon, opena <m Wedneaday at Holly*
| and wlll contlnue untll Baturday
afternoon, when It will be brought to n
i by the^cuatomary ball at the Holly
wood [na There wlll he daaeea at tha
j.,,,.,1 . | at tba lea llng hotela nt
Long Branch and tr. the vleinlty, beeldea
whlch, wellnlgt every country
along that part of tha Jara rt wlll ba
.:-;,.i ^th - ? ta for tha affatr, ns tba
horae Bhoa ' i alwaya made the ocr-nnion of
... .i ? icene, I owever, ?
Mr. and llra, Wllllam Goadby Loew, whe
? ? i
fui of frten *9Bg whom
ara of the Vanderbllt and Qerry fam
Ulefl uaually flgured. Thla summer Mr. and
Mrs Loew are Bpendlng tl ?
UI ; ? ? ir place al
Sot that the ? - ?
tha Vand thetr Inl .-.. ?
ln th* BZl II II flU'ire
among tha glvera of ap* rllaea along
wltb thoea of Charlaa Ba ido ilna ai
Harry Coatent Tha |udg li
tt. RebbbM, B. Tal
i.-.ro-o'ie nni .rohn R. Townaend.
LeOOI la BOmewhat dUll JUBt Bt present,
owin* to the fa I thal maay of tu.e n
? bave gone to Bar Harbor
and to Newport for tv.a next flve weeka
. ... tnoreover, 1 il Httle Broepeet of
rovemeat. The Berkal hre Hunt,
1 bb untll now ptayed bo Inrportaat
ln Lanoa Ufe aaeb aaaaen, baa ron?
out of eslatenea. Thal la to aay. it has r.ot
rganlsed thla year. owlag to the facl
pta ?ho tooh a lead
rt ln it-- affalra nre elther li i
? from tl a Berb
: ? i ? ? ? ; b i .' ?
- ? raeea nnd h'int balla whl :k
b r**n tha red letter sventa of the
isrox aaei Mr bi I Mr? Wllllam
[laa I - ? ?' ilnlag
n Htnall ho . ? ... i
im; Mr. and ' '?
EIHott F. I
th.-r* t' .I.iy hW I 'rt
Mias Dorothy Whii angage
l D Btralght wa ?
ad In thee*
la .!:
Purla, ed li
[t ls ua?
ad thal ' place,
not ln New Vork, hut ln London, from th.<
toa n i ouee of hi ter, Mr ?lmer1 ?
" ich of her
?nd tl .if
her brol her, 11 rry Paj n* arl
MrB. Whltney and Mr and Mrs.
Payne Whltney, I ? ??
end of n.'xt month
Ogden IS
to i k on
I wlll
? , ? irpoii to Btay with
Hta, Mi aad Mra Ogd ia Mllla
rrederte Nellaon, who is st.i?? ng
at the Plaaa. leavea the <*ay after to-mor*
row fa Ba ?
Among tbe engagemenia anbounced
durlng the laal week baa beai ? f Mlaa
Allea Btrong, daughter of Mra V
Everard Btrong, of No, I Eaal fllth atreet,
f.i c Ttffany Rlchardaon, <?f No H
71th atreet, who waa graduatad from H.ir
\ , | ia im ai d I ? longfl te . and
Naw ? ork i
Another impendini; martiagfl la that ef
?(n.> iiitr^ins. daughter of tba
lovernor Prank W Hlgglna of Naw !
?/ork, te thulle Ludan Hovelacque, govern
. .,-iit ln ; . . | : general of pilblia In
tlon ln Prance and *'! "..ili- r of thal
At Lcast 600 Expectcd to Attend
40th Annual Convention.
At i. i.st ata hundred teaeheva ar.> .v
p?rted t,, tako p-irt ln ilie fortletb an
nual convention, la Berhu ne\t y.>ar. >?f
tlu? Natlonal Raaoflatlon >f Qerman-Amer
lean Teachera, aa recentlj decldad on al
r.uff.iio. it wlll he g eontlnuoua affalr and
la anaoged t.. last afty-ali daya July 2
baa baea n." data aat (or tha departure
it is antpentad that this convention win
eventu.iiiy lead to un flatehanga af Oennaa
and Anjarlean teaohara, Buppl* mantlng tho
11. ien! ayatem of exchange profi
Uoth the Waablngton nnd HiTiiu govern
ara s.iid t-. be back "f thla mova*
raent, and hn\i> glvan the undertaklagtbelr
Blncereai Bupporl Blnoe it waa Bral talked
of, f"ur ntontha Bgo,
liiiinati iltli.s, It Ls UnderatOOd, have Bl
readj paaaed raeotutloaa oalolally wetoom*
ir. 1-7 the Aaaerieaaa Boma ef tha iitie^ t.>
I... \i ited Include Bremea, Hamburg, Co*
logae, Roedeabeta, Wleebadea, iHeldelberg,
ICannheun, Btuttgart Miuafeh, Prankfort,
ich, Welmar, Tana. Draaden, Latnata
ar.d Berlln. Many AmerlcBB nntveraltlea,
it ij iii'i'ii, win be eOetalty repreaantee
.a th > Berlln eonvaatjon. Barvard Univar
hiiy ii is alreadj dealgnatad ProfeesarTraao
bold sniith.
The membera of the eommltiee U\ charij,-.
of tbe affalr ara Dr. Nlcholaa Murray But
ler, preaidenl ol I'olumhia Unlvenlty, chair?
man; Edward D. adama, president (.f the
riermanlBtlc Bodety, vlce-preatdant, an.l r.
B?, Thoma, Bacretarv, l>r. John H. llnley
prealdeni "i tba Collaga of the Cltj of
New York. ax-Ambaaaador Davld J. um
Herman Rlddar and ex-Amh.i.saador An
drew D. Whltfl are othera who are much
intarentad ln the plan^
icial Incident*.
.Of Honor. Thc ceremony wlll ?*+?
on Wedneaday next at SL ^^
1 churck at Waaa. N. T. Among the brlde a
! at endant, aill be Ml-a Elizabeth Avarall.
nieee ot Mra B tt Ha.riinan; Kathcrlne
Hapgood and J.uclo Cornella Htggina.
Mr and Mrs. Wllllam E. fl. Orlawold
oara gone to Oieeaarlrb, conn.. for tha
[Rv Telesrriph to The Tribune.]
LbbbBB, Ju'y J2.-Charlee Lanler arrlvad
thla afternoon at Allen Winden, his Lenoa
estate. Mr. Lanler Wlll keep bla houae ln
Lanos open untll the end of the season.
UrS Jamps B. LadlOW haa ptircha!*?*!
tba Bddy property, adjatalaf her estate, tti
CUffwoed atraat i
Mrs. S. Wsrraa Sturgla and John Sanford
Barnes are vlsitlng thelr parents, Cnptaln
, and Mrs. John S. Barnea. at Cold Itrook
Ifra Wilham Procter ls a guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Efarley T. Procfr at the BI:;hoj.
I vllla.
The Lenox Hortlr.ultural Society to-day
gedded on Auguat M aa the dato for Its
! axhlbltlOB Of annuals and perennials.
Henry Bandolph, Mi?s Kisa Bandolph,
I IflSS M. A. Duahaaa and Waller A. Ran
? dolph, of Naw York, are motoring ln tha
j Berksbirea.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Atnes, Mr. an.l
I Ifra A. D. K-Iler, O. r. Mr.Klnney ani
Iflaa McKinney. of New York, have ar?
rived nt tba Maplewoi-d, In I'ittsfleld.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Adrian 13. ilerzog hava
arrived at tba Crurtla Hotel to vlaai Mrs.
Frederlck i?- Tappaa.
misb Eaabal tt Burbaaa, of New York,
arrlvad to-day at the Eddy villa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bradley, Mr. and
Mrs. T. tt LOCkWOOd and Mr. and Iffa
J. F. TalanadgB, of New York; Mr. and
Mrs Wllliam Wiirren llopper and George
H. Carrett. Jr., of Phlladelphla; Mrs. Wlll?
lam B. DaBamora and Iflaa Daaaaaara. of
I N8W york; VVilliam i'orter Allen, of P.ye.
Bdwln B. TownsenU. of Irvington. and
Btuart Hamllton, of Bermuda, have ar
rived at tha Hotal asplnwaB.
Mr. and Ifra Blcbard B. Bowker wlll
pji ro Bhortly for a trlp to Lahrador.
Rlchard Nertoaa of Naar York. la a guest
of Arthur <). BMBagWlCk.
Mr and M:.-. J. B McKay, S. S. B. WU
mg BBd Mr. and Mrs. II. 8. Qulck, of NtW
Tork, ara at tba Bad Uoa inn. in stock
Ifra Danlal Chegtet lYaaeb is entertain
Ing Mra BaaJamlB C. Portar, or New York.
Tha Bav. Arthur J. Qammank, of Irta?
Ity Church, gave a reception at the rec
? ?. 5 0'clOCk this afternoon, entertaln
Ing for Bpar Admlral and Mrs. Rohert E.
Peary. Mr. aad Mrs. Eaaaa Crana gave a
luncbeoa for Adaural and Mrs. Peary this
aft- rnoon.
[By TalflflBBgB ro Ti.? Maaaaa]
Newpart, July 22. A danee and s'lpr**
given by Mr. ar.d Mrs. Juiun MaCarfy
Uttte tklS SVSBlBg at Berger's Lodge W88
tl a prlaclpal aodal avaat he-e to-day. Mr.
and Mrs. I.1*tl<* took over the entlre estab
llshmaat for thatr ntartaiaaaaat ar|d the
1 pla-^e was made gay wlth Japanese lan
' taraa, colorad alaetria Ugbta, piants, paima.
IW8IS and Bowar haskets. Tr*<* gUSSta
numbertng aboul two haaarea, laetudad
practlcally aii of the ptoariaeal aaraeaa of
tha summer eolony,
DInners prlT to the dan M were numer
? n?c entertalnlag being Mrs. Bdward
rwtnd, Mrs. T. Buffara Taiier, Mra
I Charlea F. Hoffnaaa, Mrs. Arthur Canrttaa
Jamaa, Mr? BeglaaM C. VaadarHM and
Mn, iTeorge GOTUOB Klng.
Luaebaoaa wara given to-day by Mra.
O. tt P. Balmont. Mrs John R. Drexel,
Ifra Jamaa Lowetl Putnam and Mrs
; Frank K. BturgU
Mrs. Edward J. Barwfad lu able to be
r || agaln afrer a sllghr Bttaaft of reiirltK
wiiiiam Watta Bbarraaa ts reported ld
ln his Hummer home here.
Wllllam K Vnrderbtlt, Jr., who haa be$r,
' ?- | 1 Is motbar, Mra. O. H. P. Belmont,
left to-day ln h!s raebt Tarantula.
ra araa a large reglstratlon ln tbe
Thoae retr1a'*?rlng included
rtes Pe t.. Oalrteha, Edgas tt Pbalpa,
' Wllllam R Baaaa, a guaat of Mlaa Anna
Bands; B. Q fJaaawlck, a guest of wiiiiam
Barl Dodga; fnniam Btaakaaaa, a guest af
r 1 othrop Amas; P. W. Uvaarmara, C. w.
ll.,-.- and Phlltp 0 Mllla, who are at the
n, Newtou
1 guaat of Laeaard M. Tbaaaaa. Mr*.
? 1 ? lora Frellnghuysan, guesta
' '? and Mrs. Qoorm* lt Pe Tore?t; M.
? toa Earle and Qoorga m. WeolsaFi
l 1 ef Mrs Freacb v*aadarMlt; Kaa?
p Budd, guest of austan Orar; Mr.
and Mra Gordon Douglaa, guaata of ^^r.
and Mr?. Claren a W. Dolaa; Charlas 0.
Wlnalow ef Boston, guaat of james Lowall
Iflaa Adelalda M Brown aad Mbsb
Addle II * i !.-??-. <^f ProvMsaea, guaata
? ' uiaa r<ou1 1 Iflaa L
nd Mi ?? m. Phi Ipa of Naw
:?-. guaata of Mra Prsdkwtek Bran
. ? 1 . mdan, af l eraalttee,
k- . gueat of Mrs Jamea i' Efai
Mr. ar.d |fi Beru aa, of Ph.ll.-vl*".
? , ....? | . t| , f Mr. an-1 Mr ? E18 II .
? s Ind.
Ro rt ',-'??'' ' rai ira ed from his fiah
Ing trin ln * 'an id 1
i7olonel HowarvJ A Btavaaaaa and Mr.
I-. t Ifra Braddln Hamlltoa are aatartata*
Ing at Hawthoroe vllla Mr. nnd Mrs. Haary
m. Klngaton and Iflaa Marloa Klngatoa, of
1 .. lelphla
n irlea A. Work and Horaee Work, of
Madlaon, N. J.: Mr. and Mrs g, M. Felton,
of Chicago: Mr. and M Edward ir i?e!i
Mrn Doallaj Oleott and th? M
Olcott and Mr. nnd Mr? N W MOttdy, ef
S I York, and Mr. nnd Mrs, J H. Wai
Of BoStOB, are ;it the New .'llffs.
.Mr. and MrB I Sempson Bti
"i Nea Tork, arrive.i i(r tba II'jen'-hinger
K ng i" aay for tba real <?' the aummar.
Mr. nnd Mrs. I'rederiok H. 811881 Bnd
famlly ara to end their Newpart visit r.ext
\\ .'.-k nnd return to thelr summer e-4tafe In
Ro kport
l>. Woed Pilworth haa returned f-om
N.-w rork.
Lieutcnant Colonel Homer Left
Estate Estimated at $500,000.
The aill ot Usutaesuil Coloaal iinm?r, of
tba 7!st RaglBMat, who dl-d at his home.
"ii Ltoe*aat mii avaaua, Toakara, waa fli*d
wlth SuriORute Millard at White PtaMaa
?? .t.rday. It dlsposrs of nn estate estl
itl I 81 |aM BB The inheritanre tax af
ii'laslt aaya how.u.-i, that he left '.Her
real properry nnd over |oo.*>i0 per
aoaal irop.-ity."
lolonel Homer left many bequests, rhlef
amaag taam I eir.g tho?^ to his heaaa<
ka*apar, Mrs Annle llollenhiuh, and bar
daughter EthaL To the former ha lafl
Iifiy ^h.^re.'^ of I'nited States Steol (\-rpoi ,
tlOB pref.-rr.d, and to the rBttflg lajafSBBki
flva Bharaa ef rJaftad n.mk Noto Company
There are also twenty-flve aharea nr
Ualtad Btataa Steel preferred for .?
? ouMii, sfartba a. Homer, of Aebland.
Maaa Hlnson da Mott Perry gets twonty
Bve attaarea af AsBerleaa car and Foundry
stock, and tho remalnder of the estate goiva
to the four children of the colonels alster,
Mra Klla C. Parker. ln San Kranclsco. He
naSBSd Justlco James A. Planehard, of the
SupK-me Court, and a nephcw, Homer
Charlea Parker, aa the exeeutora.
From The Albaay Knltkerbockor-Press.
Wa <!*> not understand why lt la that mmfl
Btateemen draar B,O00 a day for Chautau
"iii.i apeeehea. When they speak on the
floor of CoograSB al Washington they do
uot draw a corporars guard,

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