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Anglo-American Memories
(Ctapjrrlght, 1911. Qeora;* tt. gmnliey ?
London, July 1.
An explanation Is at last forthromlng
W tho maklng of Lord Kltohener a
Knlghi of Pt. Patrlok. He Ih not an
Irtahman, bttl he bappened to he born
1). Ireland, ln Oounty Kerry. where. r.t
the time qt his blrth. hls father and
nothir were Hvlng His father. Lleu
tonant Oolonel Kltchener, was etatloned
tb* re with hia battaUon. it is add*d thal
the Klng would gladly have given him
the Garter bad tbere been a vacancy ln
lhai '.Most Nohle Order/' tbe number of
vhlch la stri.'tly, or rather Btrictly, lim
Ited, ex*fpt f..r Royalttee. They are
headed by the Bovarelgn, and there nre
two Ladlea of the Qarter, the Queen and
Qu* cn Alexandra, who bl no longer
1 thi Queen Mother. sinee that tltle.
I gh ofTieiaiiy announced, dlapleaaea
1 < 'f Emperors nnd Kings tl, -re
en- at preaenl thlrteen, Includlng tho
llikado of Japan and thoae leaaer Roj il
light$. thi Klng of NorWay, the Kitift of
Rumanla, the Klng of Bweden, the Klng
* ? Wttrtemburg, the kiur of tho h>1
1- nea, thr- KiriK of Denmark nnd th.- ex
Klng of Portugal, though in tho cyea i?f
t ? loyal there an no *\-K?nes. Once
h Kine: alwgya a Klng la the motto ol
I faltl ful aul |ecl To them th*
nctlon ls between relgning Klnga
n th* Throne, bul
rtlll Kir: -
But Inai . iropean Klnga
Llng of 'Great Brltali
l" blood or ? tarrlag or i ?? <cni7.'d
t - of kli ahlp, thi y are, In I ...
cTial. Thoae whom wa Republlcana,
1 ot br< Ight U] ' on Kitics ns nf
? ? er * laj t - - ? ra* i sard aa
g rea ter than tho-. i have nam
Lmperor <d Auatria. aurelj the most
venerabl I Rurope th (lerman
? ror '' K ? ? .'- the Emperor
rf Ruaala nd tl " g of Spaln. I do
Btol knoa n'hether it ??m pleasa all
Amei I thal the German
liniperor i ? ? ? rai led the
i: aevell of Eurei e, < - thal Mr Ro ???
?v ? for reaaong I wlll explaln on aome
future occaalon haa been thoughl lo be
a klnd of AmerVan Kn( er Tl ?? rea
f i an both i ei ? and poUtlcal.
The doctrlne thit a Klng la ;? K ?
?nd tl . Queen a Queen. waa de
lightfully llluatrated nt the tlme ol thi
: ? jubllea of Queen Vlctorla, ii. 1881
Amoi | altlea ??ho rame to Lon?
don on that great occaalon waa th* !
iQueen ,,f tho ?aiv nda, oi of
Hawall, whoae nar . Llllokulanl, l am
rertaln to apell wrongly. Thr- offlctala
Vrrr- much pUBXled fo knOW ??i.at ; ?
i .ir-r." of precedenci to aaaign tr.
her. Thr-?- flnally reaolved thal she
ghould have an eacorl nf Lencers But
vVi1 thla declflioa ??'?? ma*lo known t
}irr Majesty Lancera j
??(.'??; mrds waa
t waya rlvei to I verelgna, and ahej
WOUld have that or nothlng. Thi polni j
v pp refi rred 1 ? ? ? '> '?" ? ?
Once |
"lf she Inatata on the Ufe Guarda, ^ho i
rnust be ? rr-nl Queen Sho shall have
lh? i,\tf- Guarda " '
And when they met. tl f- Queen of.
England kl i Blater of Hawali on
ihe cheek. whlcl I *? fluai recognl
tlon of he- equality. l r,nee met thi=
exalted lad? at dinner; al the late Blr
jullan Goldemld'a she araa of the roior
rf ehocolate, pale ehoeolate; wltb a vaat
expanaa of pale chocomte-colored Bhoul
riers. aenntliy <-iad in n very low gown;
ivery ptamp; very good natured; and
groent moal of her tlme in laugi.inp.
j.lnmly OH good terms with herself and
tht real of the world: as beenme * Bov?
arelgn Lady fr^rn ihe Paclflc eeoorted
i- ? troop of Llfe Guarda, wttb the
louch of Queen VlctorkVe Hpa atin on
lier pale ehocolate-* olored fi.^k.
i return to tne erver-faactnatlng aub
Boci of the Moat Nobk Order of the '""rar
Lord Kltchener ought to have
had bul did not Thlrteen toverelgna,
M I said. baaMaa the King of England
...r entiOed to wanr lt? Rlbbon of Gkar*
ler Blue; and its glltterlng Ptar; always.
3 belkve. of dlamonds. Bleveg RoyaJ
Hlghneaeefl oome next, heginnlng with
ihe Prlnce ol Walea and his uncle, tho
|>uke Of Connaught 1 ai-are you tho
eomplete net, but l mentlon Prlnce
Jlr-nry Of Prussla because of hls mem
crable visit to the Unlted States; mem
orable though uaeueceeeful rn its nimosT
nvowed objeet to make troubte between
the Unltad States and England.
ThP Crown Prlme ?.f Oermany is an
gather ef these roynl Knlghts of the Oar
ter. Both tbaaaOarman Royai Blgnnaaaee
have baaa gueeta Of the Klng unon hls
Coronatlon. Prinre Henry paaaea wlth
little notaoa fn.m the multitude, hut the
Crown Prlnce 1s a fiRure; perhaps la part
l.i.biiae the OTown r'rln<-o*s ls wlth
him: whom the F.ngllsh llke. They Hke
the Crown Prince also; for his advent
?ures and escapadoa on bbl recent lnter
rupted journey to the Far East; lnter
rupted, said the bazaar goasip of Calr *
nn hia return. not hy terror of the
j.lague, hut hecauae of a State dinner. at
Alandalay, or perhaps Rangnon. whlch
he did not attend. and a Burmese Prln
reea on a hom he did attend. The etory
ls denled, but the EngUsh none the less
llke hlm for himaelf. for hia friendlv
apeeehea about India. and for the para
doxhal rrason that he le the aon of hls
The Father they admlro for varloua
reasons: elther regardleBS of hia medl
tated conttueat of England or not bellev
ina that he meditatoa it; or perhaps
amused becauee he profesaea to deaire
the overthrow of the Brltiah power ln the
iuteraal of Oreal BHtaln Itaelf; and ln
t identally to IBMOTB out of his way the
last aerlous obstaole to hia suzeralnty
over the r.mtlnent of Europe. When Hia
Jmperlal Majeaty waa here for the un
volllng "f tbe great .Memorlal to Queen
Vlotoria ir. front of Buckingham Palare
they tliaeri.il hlm. Thny rheercd hlm be
Bgtnae hls eomtng waa R trlbute of rev
arence to the memory of hia mother's
M.other; the fact that he and his mother
had been on bad terms remainlng un?
known to rhem. or dlsmiflsed as Irrele
a/ggjJ They Ohaered hlm for hls martin 1
outaid-. iald an Englleh frlend In an
?wer tfl Bvy rjuestlon h*?w ho could so
keextJIy applaud an Emperor who ehe.
kdaad hoatile dealgna agalnst England:
Hut how ran y*>u help admlrlng a
loverelgn arlth auch u tr.-uaUfhe?"
Aa good a reaaaa aa aaarlbar, aanrhapa.
lemalns the fart that ad.i.in'l he Is. But
t>.. mi.-tior, has baan aaBadi
-Po you think ha wlll be equally pop
ular when ho rnnifi T.a?k fl few years
hence wlth his fleet of battleships?"
But again I return to the Garterj ?
anhjeet on whlch, as Mlll said *.f all great
Bubjecte, much remalnfl to be eald.
N'or have I really departed from lt. Finoe
nil the 'irmt Peraonagea wbom i have
I nantlonad are of the Order, if i have
not quoted Lord Ifelbourne'a panegyrl*
upon It as a dlatlnctlon "wlth no
damnet' nonaenaa <>f merit about lt," i
refrain only bacauae it la too famlllar:
but, familiar or not. It now quotea Itaelf.
Tt becomofl Inevltable as you look down
the list of K. G.'fl whoae chlef tltla to
dlatlnctlon ls. In po many caaea, their
tltla and their place ln tho Peerage.
Ther-- nre aleven Dukea They bear
gr.-at names. most of thi rr.. but what
elae do most <>f them bear? They are -
do nol be t..o much Burpriaed if I Bay
ao?good and useful rttlxena, dlBcharglng
many prlvgte and aome public dutlea
with dlllgence and aeal. They have fl
t it 1** to esteem In the hatred wltb whlch
Mr. Lloyd George purauea them; for the
preaent, though there are people Who
forecasl Mr. Lloyd George'a future .1-- b
defender of prlvileg* and of the Inatitu
tlona he is now attacklng. Bul they ara
Dukea, and to be a Duke In thla eoui try
is sttn though 1 by vaat multltudi j of
people to be li Itaelf a tltle to reepeet,
atnl to aomethlng mon tl in reapect. So
w the Dukei 1 ba Thi ire worthy of
the < larter 1 i-auae th* y ar* I
becauae the? are bo fea onl] ta ? ?tj
i elghl In all.
Of Marqueaaea who are Knicl-t- of tl
Gartcr there are bul 11 e; om of ',-'
Lord Lanedowne, a greal aer\anl of the
state. There are elghl Rarls, of whom
on* ' m 1 arl of Elgin, waa Vleeroy of
inov lyn-'Mii. a period of raab ej
menl of Indecialon; of polley prollflc of
future troublc, One la a great aoldlcr,
L01 1 Roberta: a aoldler who has loved a
well foughl fleld I'* t ter 1' BB > lMt1
work of organlxlng. In whlch Lord
Kltchener la auprem* One la a Btatea
man, Lord Roaehery, who haa
Prlme Mlnlater; who haa sinr-e taken
1 Ima* it oul of pollttca In order to eritl
cIb* thi mon freelj th* modern methoda
"i" polltica, and La llatened ro aith thal |
eagerneaa a*hich comea ol expt tlnj
nevi r knowa ? hat
Beneath tho rank of Earl there
member of this Order. 1 auppoee
mlghl be if the Soverelgn ao de* reed h 11
it dependa, perhapa, npon tho s*.tt itea ol
; ? irder Lord Kltchem - La bul ?
count; should that be a hlndranca
mcluelon, which 1 do not aaaum* Al
an> rate to make a \Tlocounl rn
K.nri is an eaay proreaa If, howev*ar,
yo'i ask why this ahould nol I
done, thera ma> he u?" anawai
tlonfl or advancementi li Ihi P
arr-. n? a rule, made 1.. thi Boverelgn
upon tlie advtce ? t the Prim* M
and the coldneaa of the War Offloe to
l.ord Kltchener, on whlch 1 lately com
mentcd, giv?s rlae to the bellef that he -1
not exactly geraoaa umi'i to tho Mlnlater
of War. or to the Prlme Mlnlater, In
whoae hanri? all ultimnte mlnistetl;. 1
authurity la Buppoaed t" reat; axcepi
whal regtfl wlth Mr Redmond, 0 prlvati
ini>mi"'r of Parllamenl from irr-innd
Th" oth*-r reason ls In no way hypfl
? . h). For tbe two naa Knlghta of
the Oarter who perhapa atood In Lord
Kttcbener*fl path ari- Dukea. Thej are
th*- p-ike of Argyll, aboui whom 1 cMd
enough In the letter befon thla and the
Duke of Flfe. who is nol "r.ly B Duke
but Bon-in-law to the Late Klng, Their
c lalms were n"t. T BUfHBOa* . To be pui
aalde; even for thr. victor ol Khartoum
end the Commander ln *'hief who reor
par.ized the arm?' of India and broughl lt
to ,-. pr.int where if became poaalble to
aay that all mllltary perila to ihat errr-at
milltar>' dependencj 1 leaa our Mr.
Bryan f-tiii insisfs on calllng li > colony
-no longer exist. Outald* of th< War
Ofllce .'it.d Downlng Btreel thera ls. T
thlnk. nr. livlng Engllahman ??h'.m Eng
lishmen mor?- bonor. It Ifl worth ol
Ing rhnt not a flgurf in the P...\al Pl ? -
ceeefonfl has been ho much remarked aa
Lord Kltchener on blfl black eharger,
ridire alone, next to the KinKatnl Q le*
ln their Ftnte oarriage. Bveo the *>.nt?r
would not have added mucb to thi re*
spert they bear hlm. G. W. B.
Report Follows That Miss Barrymoro Is
to Sail for Europe.
Ruasell O. rolt, the huaband of Btbel
Barrymore, returned from *'anada early
yeaterday, after a vkdt te his Itifant him,
who Ifl In chnrgf of '"? I rlncn at Bt. .Tolms.
Quehae, Mr. COM went to tho Vnle riuh.
and Bfterwaid lefl tha City tO remaln out
' of f wn over Bunday.
Miss Barrymore was in Montreal yeetei
1 day. where a report was ln eireulatlea that
j Bhe ls abo?it to sell for Europe. Hlie de
! ellned to eee rcporters, nnd lt Ih not known
! lf she IntendK to see her Httle son before
leavlng Oanada.
- B
Mr. Musgrove to Accompany Caniso on
American Tour Next Season.
Thomas W. Musgrove, a younp BhtgllRh
j organlflt, who wai wlth Cumpanarl aa an
accompanist on hls recent tour to the Pa?
clflc Cbaat, Brrived here yeaterday from
Llverpool on the Cunarder Cumpaiiin. Bfl
said he expeutetf to accompany '"aruso R Rl
season on a tour of the I'nlted fltntes.
Mr. Musgrove waa at one tlme lt, r-harge
of the choir whlch sang In the chureh on
the estate of Oeorge W, Vanderbllt at Bllt
more, N. C. He wlll spend the remalnder
of the aummer teachlng at the Brennau
College of Muslr, at Oalnesville, On.
._ B
Parls. JuJy 22.?I* was gnaoonced at tbe
Hotel Meutice. this ovenlng. that John W*.
Qgtea had pasaed a falr day. The attend
Ing phvalclans say thal fhe heart Ifl dotog
well and that the rondltlon of their patlent
pgnetany Ifl flMghtly better 'han laal nlght
The heat. however. ia tlu- oaUBfl Of much
The programm*- for the *-*>n< ert on tho
; Mail. Central i'ark. al 1 o'eloeh thla after
nuon, which wlll he eonducted hy Jranz
Kaltenborn, follows:
?The Ktar Si^jiKlad Uann*r" . .
March, la. Btaaaa aa fiS.~'**i\7nw*kv
fner'.ura. "ltom.o an<l JultBt'4.. TscllBJkoWBIiy
fva-lectloti. "A'i'Ih".,. -. ,.r
Invltatl.in I.. lha I'an.*.uvenAmrn
Vloiln aoi , Romanea . BvfleaeBB
\ iKiuna Kaltenborn > .. ,,,,
0\?rtur*. "Wlllliim Tall".'v. .'.i,'.,?ykl
Hulta nf Al! NMii..na. Op. U ??? ? ^^""K,,W',K,
iIihIIiiii. Qerman. llunKai-lan.)
U'a.t/. Wm.-. Uoiuati and S..11K. ? .. ', .
Rrldal procBBBlon, "Lohengrln".M.Manrt
tken.a rlapollUlaea.Maaam
Uoiolccy, .
Wedded to English Girl, Report
Has It, in June.
Artist So Describes "Dora,"
Omitting Last Name ? On
World Tour. 'Tis Said.
Ferdlnaad Plnaey Barle has aueeumbad
agala, report haa it. to the lure of matri
moay. lf trua this is bia thlrd vanture
ln wedloeh nnd hN fourth ln afTltiltlon.
the lnt*>s? Mrs. Earle is nadltad
! wlth helnp n? mm-h of n "soul mate" ar;
r?r predeceaaora
The aewfl comee from Cologne, Oermany.
. where Mr. Barle and hla brlde an al
preaanl apendlng th-ir- honaymoon, his
fiienda bellave They plan a tour ot the
! world, it is aald, atopplng In Egypt, Indla,
I Chlna nnd Japan before satitnsr, tor the
Unlted Btatea bv aray of tho r\i Ifle. A
> yaar from Chriatmaa thay espael to rea h
N? ??? Torfc and posalbly the boetUe little
town of Moni ln Dutcheaa County,
1 a-here the Karle country home ls attuated.
r.ut n one aeemi to know what the
brlde'a maiden name _ further than that
Ferdinand callfl her "Dora, the seareat,
' suf-i-si, lovelleal of them nll. ' not ? raean
compllment arhen "thelr" number la con
i dered. The brtdegroom. whlle omitting
! her full name. la aald to bave written that
: ihe is the daughter (^t nn arcbttael at
w nklngl am, Berkahlre, Eagland, who
atand high In hla profeaaloa; that she \*
twentj ona i ara old, haa laughlng brown
eyea and a aofl English akln. He met her,
'tli narraled, ns h? pirol'ed over the Hind
he.ni. ,-i ari ii ajroome i Buircy hill, ona
. iden Bfl rnoon Bearaleaa he lased
nr hi ? ryea nnd ahe Into his. and thay
li < down the knoii band In hand,
? -.]
Kerdlnaad and hir- mother weat abroad
i in Ifarch after Juatlce Fltsgarald I ad ap
pr vcd ih.- reeommandatlon of ih>- referee
rtagi ? Ith JuMa Kuttnee n*
\ .-i ij .-f nlnety daj i araa
f ., j , ; . nnallty to the deoree. and
? . . ? new i burat i,;<" f'i"
hlnon aa If w?ih th< Impetua af long n
'Twa? Jun? Weddmq. 'Tia Said.
aeddtas la*>a plaee loward thc end
cf .i mi repoii hai lt and after the pair
had "i nl a a -rk ls ;* <r->aint i:na!i"ti Ina
rn thi lllndhead thej atarted for Hoiland ;
ting Atneterdam nnd ii.iariem ,
lh? ? ? ?? l on Ihe Rhlne When they '
1-. ?:-. i of ' logm baar thaj ani ron- j
... n | , Rarttaerl md, erosa lo the Ital
, laki Ihenee to Egypt, Indla and the |
'and of th* rhem W om? T; ? roeemlte '
? ? ' ::;m 1 ' BnyOfl nnd 1 '
Park arlll flavor the hofneatreteli taken
llvxandei Ifarvej adltoi of "Current
i .. ? . eura when he aaa FiwallBand
otT In Ma ? il frlend Intended laad
. j ? 11 ??-i eonvent na evei mdrum
l!f" ln rhe future and devotlng hlmaalf ???
oni of the fou ' 1 ' ' '
i itudi nt Mr
Har-"' has noi ? andoned hU bellef m
.r tbi-- lateel r1"n?f**
Into li?ve ? mrl ;'- I not al all a ire l al
lha reporta ngr tnia, rtace nothlng In Ihe
naiur?- of a ronflrrnatlon h^a ooma to hhn
? ? and | nr ha potnta out tl al II Irun
the new unlon la le*a ?nd Earle (8 i '?
f. .,,.-. -i ,. , torlai a hlch hla ua aavea
paat haa bf'iicr-t lipon I- m ?nd tha?
artag the j oung a- tlat
"Mr Earle haa been porauad ? aafveral
iron en of romantk nnd erott^ tand??nrlea,"
sa 1-1 the edltoi yeeterdaj "Anj man wbo
| __\ baan esplOlted ln the preaa aa he ha??
i?4 aubject you know, 11 aaaojraneee of
? ir klnd An*l then v<* i? a man who
arould attrael foollah women wlth hla | '
looka aad artlatii temparamanl It ma
tbal Ihe pureult h\ Boaae woman arho ha
been wrtttna him Wters m nr. eartall
trnowledge baa heen ooafuaed wltl
rlHjre ln tbe report
??j w,.i ., j,*? lure ; ata' from Ferdinand
aboul n ni*<nrb ago, bul not a word on H
Intlmated a naw marrlage or the oontem
?? . ? tbInk The rard came
from aome plaee iermany. i rerai
it particularly becauee it bora a two rant
due starup on it bestdea the Q ? i fl tamp,
ahlcl aurprtaad me i tried to dedpher thi
poatmark, I it eouldn'l it ma) aava
i 'ologne, but more llkalj It araa Ba ?? i
or Ifunlch. i naver heard of the young
lady arho la apoki n of as Dora
Artist'i Matrimonial Career.
Ker'".';ind Plnnay Earle married In I8M
Iflaa Emllle Flsehhacher, the daughtei '-f
i book* Parla, arho here him h hou
In !f4s ha announcad that be bnd f
his afllnlty In Mlaa Julla Kuttner, ahom
le 'nd met arWIe TOSSlllR tba AtlHIltlo
Mr? Earle No I lalled back to Parts aith
hr-r baby aad got a divorre.
But before the dlvarae deeraa beeame
Qaal Earle nnd allaa Kuttaei arare m i ?
iu Venice, followlng ?' hoetlle demoaetra
iion by the aatlvaa of Motwoa, N v tt
waa tbls haata whirh led to the iinnul
ment "f Ihe aeoond marrl?ne Inst wlnter
In the m?-an tlme, hOWever, Karle and his
aftlnltv, who alao bore blm a aon, had
aeparatad after Mrs Earla No l bad bad
bar huabaBd Imprlseaad la ?leebaa for
baatlng her
a yaar ago, before the aaaulment of hla
?8COBd marrlaKe, n-rdlnnnd B81M f**r
Franec adth a rouag iroaian aha had been
i ?atttamaot ararkar In Chicago Thay
travallad na brotbai and atstar under aa
?umed namea. but oal) for a trl-i BBOBl l
or 88. Then afflnlly Na 3 returned Bloae
I.. ChleagO nrnl J-Vnllnand vlslted his f ?ri
by hla Mret wlfe, who lived with her mother
near I'aHa, belnK allOWed to see the ehIM
OBOe a week.
Wllllam P. H. BarhV ? brother of the
artlar. who haa B photoKraphh- atudlo at
No. ,r.4:i; Flfth avaaua, aroaM not aaaall raa
terday that he knew anythtni? ahont the
niarrlaca "f Faidlnand and nora.
"ln thla respect," aald ho. "I am like an
old woman I us'-d to know. Whaa ara
a?.ked her whether she tboaSghl lt would
raln or not. she w'i'ii'i gaaa ap al the sky
arid sny: "Well. maybe It'll raln and may
be It won't. Tb.-n, after a seeond l""k.
she would add: Maybe lt won't raln, after
all.' "
HOW ln a CJfl lo run the affaira of the
larK-r dtlea JUat now New York la ln th?
vlolent throae of an l<e Truat sspasd and
BOBton paiili-strleken <>ver bogua l?:e in-?m
Next Burnmar 'tartll ba the aama, Just as
'twaa last Pn-vi'lenr. News.
An ordlnance ln New York deecrlbas a
drUBkard ** "9 peraon who ls Irvapahle
uf nroperly eondurtinK hlmaalf or hin owa
,,ffairs " a gri-at many <>f our dtlaena who
have navar toucbad llquor ara druakflUflss
Ifllwaukaa geatliasl
MoW thal Vr '"hnrles Pranard. hend of
n'tiun-aii of tba Frene* Kovernment whlch
liiia charge <>f tha bouatng of workars, hua
aald that New Vork haa tho worat tene
menta In the world nnd the flnest apart?
ment houaea, New York's teaements wlll
ba Improved, of caurae Beston oiobe
The new Htate FIlB Miirshal haa 80 Jurla
Alctloa over Nen York Clty. That. 8p?'ak
ltiK in an "Jtdlee ln Wondeiiand" aenae. ex
l.lalns whv a New Vork man reeelved the
appolntment. Rocheater Pemocrat and
Naw ? "rk * H> 's foravar tfarlng <lown
aild rabulldlng, ae ihat no vWtor eugbl to
be fui i>ris4-d .at the siatement of a reallv
papar there that durlag the laal five yeara
lir'i4fi(MKiO has heen expended In huildlnRs
outalde of dweliinKs ?0?,08J in thaatraa,
$17. irtiOni ln holels and Iti7,'i0(i.0i?i ln ofBoa
buildtnsa It wlll further belp to under
atand rhe magaltuda of whni theae fiKurea
repreaent arhen lt Ifl fltated tbal Moaton'a
Investmentfl m theae claaaea "f bulldlnga
duiing the aame perlod reached tla^aOklM -
f 'On?o in theatrea, W.uW,?"i ln hotels and
115,000.000 Iu oflUe bulldlnga.-dprltigtltld
Fresh Air Work Extends from
Pennsylvania to Maine.
Children Selected Without Re
gard to Race or Creed?
Some Types of Guests.
Who are the Fresh Alr chlldren"'
One of them Is B Httle follow n Sat?r of
Chartty found lylng Mleeg La a dowatowir
g-utfr wlth B fotded newapaper for hls
ptllow one terrlbly hot niitht not lonir a?o.
a aecond ia another Httle fenow wha
?vent Into an Kist Si dl aettlentenl hOOBfl
one mornlng darlng lhai aanir- h t BpeH
wlth hls small head Bwathed Ln bandagee,
and who. when askr"i whal had happettad
him. repii^d plalntlvely:
"I ?vns aleepln' or, t' fl f,r.- eecapa 188*
nlght beeaaaa it iraa ao i".t. nn' aomebodj
dr .ppecl aometbln' on m<' on" hrok>- in1'
A 'hinl and fourth ara Btatera n^ci <x
and "iKht, reapectlvely. Their rather araa
a tui'-k drlver who dldn'l ? .im BB] tOO
much t'. ker-p Annie an i Joala an.l tivir
mother otmiforta I. ? . evefl ?'? hr>n thln?s
w?-nt well. And wbea one dav be fell un
d.-r th?> whaala of hls own triii-k and had
to hr- takr-n to the hoeepltal ihr> proeped
looked dark fur fhe fllBtera ii ti f II they were
aent to one of r>,*? Tribune Fresh Air | omea
tn atay untll the father Bbould ba abla to
provlda for them .-lfraln
a nfth Ifl a raven-halred uttir. tot from
i Kaat y,ih strer-t, arhoaa Bungarlan parenta
ar<. i.nth Bulferera from laclplent tuber
r-'iliixin, nnd who no*-,loil t.. ri to u'ir> of
tha open ?lr rampa for treet men t, bul
dldn'l kno?> ?k : nt io do artth tli.lt .1 .ukIi
|r>r. Sh? Ib now tvlnp carad for ,-it ;. l"r.>sh
Ali honic. malntained eapecially for chll?
dren with parenta aflllcted lual h- hera are,
and the parenta ar.- maklng tba moal ef
pieir opportonlty f1 r recovery at ? rlty
A alxth Ifl an ftallan Klrl of flvr. gnd on*
half yeara, the only daughter of fl arldowed
mother, nli<? fia* t" aupport both h*?ra*all
nnd tlm ^MM Knr fleveral '??:ir? n>.' Bhe
ia managed if by 'ioina- aweatahop a rb
i ? aerape logethei al tt, aith a Httle help
now arnl agatri from ? nHghbOrltlB '"I'l
aettlement, Buffleea f"r n bara llvlng Bul
th<? Btraln ef Ihe reara araa teliing upon
her, and I' breakdown aaemed Ineaitable;
ao thlti4.'B wr>r-' made ? Httle ?.isl?r for her
I gtvtng Ihe iiffe daaghti r ?
a eeventh, bb elghth, n nimh. and ao an J
through thouaaada aad thouaenda ara
aimpi? Httle urchlBfl of tha atreeta ahoee
raien pr*-irtit no eapedallj ;? ul ir itr
eumataneea Thej a;.. |ual ; an-l hava
Buffen i tba aoaa of povertj i v--r -'n-*
they ilrat drew trreai n
f .. n^ birthplaeea
Th*ir povertj has mada l iked ,r'';
?.?ui. baa t.ik'ii tha Uf.il of I eli blood,
l.iM dulled th' li aenall HUbb i hej nead
nir free from ameki and odor a inahli a
dlmmed by tba It) an irb and r""d freah
bui dsnt, to ke ; 11 ? I ? i -'?r
'i" i ittle of li'"
"A Meltinri Pot," Ona Aniwer
; | r. .jlj..4t' ... ll,!j{, t ! .? .. .'A .? r ; f ?
lUBBtl Itl tnlaf. t I B
lt p"l'.r ol l '?? a i ti!!k?. ma:
other i arltj I ? ? : ?lr F
la ? meltIng pot for all natlonalltlea
Bg *.' ifa'B one ib t i itlVB of ann
. . ... . .
hi. iri*.'. I:.-! or laaa ? fourtb ? ? li ? ? *
fifth a Ruaal m. a .^inm ? I* a a
.? i iench tol . i ?
? ? - iidlnnv Ihiib. not
i.i i.tuit gypetea and raagroea i hlaaolt*,
MeWhertet I.lan ilreeaab Ivanefl
GoMfarb, iniardl Uinklr?r and H?*n?on
., ? ivpteal namea tl I ? ? ? ?
bui n ia i oi reah ili llata
Th* queettoi '*? I ?< i a I h< I v I
. hIMr* ? mlgl l b*i anawered le atlll an
oth* araj ir naturallj followa rr-in th*
..... . . ,-; ? ?,!'". b that mai
i of reUfl f arlll be :? i
raaented Po I i diffareni homea go i MI
<iri-n whoaa parenta ari Preebyt**r1ana,
ita, KpUM opaliai ? ? ? era of
othei Pteteatanl aecta, Roman f'atl
adherentfl nf the Greel
jews, botli llheral and orthodoa
ln ah'.rt. th* TlibUfle f-it'l tnnkea no Btii>
ulatlona aa t.> race, eoloi or ; ?? w
,i non <?' a-t- it'i.i" I ? Btei day mori
u mi,- t??.' Bisfora of the < 'ni?! i>f Je? ii and
Mary wera maklnl arrangemBnta al the
une Pund olBea f"i aendlng awaj aome
of the uirls from their a* hool, a nagm cler
Bymafl arafl -??.*. 1111>*c lo aaa aboui gettlng
.,*, poma ?'"?* "t blfl i irleh Meanwhlleona
i.f tha oflloa atalt ealled Ib turn over the
tri*piioti*. n> tii.itt-'ii ef a Klng*a Deugh
,,.,. Battlewrsnt, a deaeoneoa r,r th?? Meth.
odlsl Bplaeopal Chureh, a Preabyterlan
. nar? aad a Mell-vn. Hoapltal ii'irs-i
to Bxrange f"r roungatera In ahom they
were peraonniiv Intereated
i h<- fund atandfl for the ptindpla of "A
?ound mipd In ?* aound body," and II haa
H.ioptr-d as Ita provtnee tha produrtlon ol
the aound bodlea Tha only qjuaatlon i?.
"Doaa tt* ohlM naed freah air and tha aort
nf iife it may hava la 'he country '" if
lt doea, nnd ls too r""1 ta .ih-alti t li-so
thlnga for Itseif, II la welcomed aa ?n ap*
pllranl for lha benellta wM h ih* Tribune
fund aims to beetow.
.\-?r doaa u make any dlflference from
what a*"ion of tha clty tha ippllcaata
or courae, they eoma la ih* largael
Bwarma from lha lower Baei na*, bul the
upper i->?< ?B*a, the tVael Mda, Harlem
umi Tha Brena ^?a Large oontlnganta
p>en fiom tVUhaniBbrldge, Oreenpotot
Bnd ii...?Misviii., thoea regtone wlth antle*
ingly rural namea bul flrlth erowded t*ne
tn^nt rondltlon**. tlM Beadj roUBgBtera aend
up their plalntlve .ry f*u i-lief.
The "Freflh Air*' Territory.
And where do tlu? all go at knst. all
f?r when fundfl ean ba provtdedl Tho
Kreah Air oountry Btretebaa far and artee,
Ineludlng within ita iimits the greater part
of tha Bew Bngland nnd Mlddta Atlantlc
itataa. Any plaea thal baa alr riob la
osygea and iieids and hiiis eovored wlth
KrfP? turf ami Baagrtnhlall ^-^ n ?? Boarera;
any PaBOa that has tr?*M* to rlltnh. Btreama
tu BWlm. btrda and beea and hiiIiiiiiIs, aay
plai-.i that hOB Bhady groven. roomy farm
houses and proplo wlth kindly hearts-any
BUCh pla.e la "Fresh Alr Uind."
Teehnieany 'Tiaab Air Land" extends
Ave hundred mlles In every dlrectlon from
Now York nty. Practi.-aiiy it raaehaa to
^,very place from whlch lnvltatlon!* f-r
itaab Alr chlldren come. Thla aeason Its
lioundartes have taken ln such garder.
Bpots of earth ?? the While Moiintalria. the
oVatn Mountalns. the CatsklllB, the Alle
ghaniea, the Mohawk, Badaoa an.l c.enesee
valleys. the lakea and valieys ..f Ceatral
|f?W Vork and the rolllng country af Bew
leraey. it aatanda freni fariiHie aad Bred
fOTd I'enn.. to Kutland and N.-rlh Hen
Btagtoa. vt. ami from IVatartaam, B. y..
to Baanaaja B. J
In keeplng wlth the Wfctth of lt?? Influ
enra. and the extent of Its territory are the
Bttmbar ?nd varlety of Its supporters. A
wldow aends 25 centa. a wealthy man fl.me.
A womaji at an TOaat ??range hotel Balla
lamennfT and sends the proceeds to help
th*. rhlldren. A man wlns a prtBfl Ifl thfl
Tribune Praeeeb Conteel and faala aa bappy
that he flends a check t?. make others
A gllttermg Broadway hotel. a.ene or
lnxury and magnlflcence such as Httle
"Fresh Alra" never even dieam.d of, sends
? contributlon. while ln th*- aam*- mail
oonu-s a check for the proceeds of a Sundav
icbool infant OJAflB, anolher from an Itallnn
newapaper and stlll snother from a hai*
ridden .rlpple.
It la an old sajuig that All the world
j?r^$v?^2WC>rvoC />>J
ALARMIST Look out for thr choleraI
FATH ER KNICKERBOCKEB Ycs. but we'rt ?ofri?jr to have i new gubway.
lovea a lover." Tr la none the le*s tTU8
.ld lovea n little eblld The
imllea aith '? Froah Alr children
are R-foft. : . the al aet the monej paopla
glva i ?- ? -i them ro ihe country. the homas
tbal countrj people throw open to reeelrs
all proof of the if- ti
...I ,-.
m.ho i--'-e the Httle oeiea have nol
? toward thalr
Freal I ? ? Bul the aumi i r
?aiag snd Ihe m ?da of the children
,.t.. f\..... t ? | une fund stlll needa
f .. . it haa alraady b^en
- ? ? ... IVho wlll Vv ip"
Iflanl ? ' Julj -" Franklln Pleree
c,0. ,,- ,, inri ??;.-' Iayor ot
lijril Werneravllle,
i . ? . id heen I
lle 1 n ? ? i t
...... .-?-., Werners
? . (.?! awaj from the i i Itlea f thla
? i . , .,,..-.. acuta neu
\ rouple of ?.'.-;<< age ,-,'i frlenda re
.,..;? i , i , waa ? m '???' overlng aa
aa v Bfl waa exterfed. but WTiOti fbe
. ,i -i ig ity to-daj thal he had
. .. i ? . . It waa n-*t flup
,?,?r,i mat hi i ? dan rer.
sr,,v. ti .. v. Iob ln ougl ? the bod
\- the Mayor of Ulanttc Cltj Mr Btoy
naa ... . ..-..,! more Btate and n;iti'mai i
?athertnga than ? > other ilmllar offlcer.
- , i'nited Btati ? md from the Atlanttc
,,, - ,. ]?:,. ati ? araa ki ao to the
? ,-,i of ii.-- i-.i- a ? o aanua lj ?lali
, ... .1.. the "1 >andy Maj or."
Duluth, Iflna ?' I] -' Jamea McCahlll,
miofl owner an-l mlllkmalra, la dead al hla"
Bummar h mi al lake *'it\ n<- waa lHiy ,
alghl yeara old. Mr. MeCahlll wa? a ?ar ,
penier and bulldlng contractoi up t*> thal
early Wt, arhen he tradad a plaea of Duluth |
rtal eatate, i alued al aboul " 188, tor |m><
?,.r, | , r |ai -i ? i. the Meaaba range,
This quarter aectlon l? knoera na tha
Bhenaago Iron inlna ll contalBa more
th.ui forty milllon tonj ..f ir-.>n ore, aad
tba royalty to alr. McCahlll of cs ceats a
ton eetabliahea his arealth .a around lie,
!>'?' 080.
I.ondon. Julv - 9Ar Perey Wllllam Hunt
mg died to-day.
str Parey Wllllam BuaUng waa editor
fr.'in im of "The CoBtarnporary Ravlaa
From iy''- la UM ha araa alao "htur ef "rhe
Ifethodl t Tiiu-1 " Ha waa born la lafJ.
Ksshvina, Taaa., July ? gdmund Coop
er. aaaratary to Preatdeat Aadrew Johnaon,
ls dead ll Ihe a>re "f nlnety at his home,
tn ghelbyvtne, Taaa Ha was n brother of
tba Iata JndKo Wltaaai Coopar, af New
York. and former Unlted Ht.iti-s Banatoff
Henry Coopar, of Tenneaaee. He w;is a
luiif tirother ef Colonal Duncan B. Coopar,
who, wlth bls aon RoMa, BgUTSd rei-ently
ln tbe aenaatlonal hrlal In arhleb they were
chargod wlth rhe murder of Unlted Baatee
genator * 'armaek.
Vlrtorln. B. C, Jttly 22 H.iri'ii Mleter
aehade \on U'l-strnm, of Vlmna, Austrla,
head of b pavtag compaay whlch haa ra
eently done tnu.b work at Vlotnrla. waa
ptckad i'I> unronsclo.ia in the street earl\
tO-day and dled at the hospltal. Pnralyals
Of the braln ls ?1von as the raUSB of death.
Commlttee Asks Oovernor for Hearing
on New Conrt House Bill.
An appeal for B henrlnK has been sent to
Qoveraor oi* by Albart i-:. Haaachal, aec?
retary af the conferance commlttee whlch
ls trytng '? pravaat furthar eBeraachmant
i? aty Hall Park Mr. Henaehel aara " la
probabla that aa attempl wlll ba mada to
have Ihe i lovernor bstfava thal Ihe Stllwell
biii providinK fof a eeurtheuaa m the park
in a couaty ineaaura and gtvea him Jurav
dtatlon agthoul referaaea t<? th?> Mayor. la
i in u-tter I* tha Oovernor Mr Heaaehel
my iiaii Parj has baan pan rtf eur
municipal corporate property from earlleat
Colonlal ilines ani has been eonflrmed as
auch by every charter. li is th* Intentlon
of the eponaora <>f tha Btllwall bftl to put
ule new courtuouee ln <'ity Hall Park
This power tn iak<- the clty park certatnly
makea the MII one that must be referrrd
to ihi Mayor before the (lovarBor ean aet,
On tK-half of it number of clvlc orRanlza
tlons i reapectfull) requeet that an oppor
tunlty to bi heard be accorded them hefore
Kxeeinlve a*ulun ls takon on this bill.
Mrs. Osborne's Will Di3pose3 of
$600,000, Son Getting Home.
| Rv TV'-r-ar'l ta Th* T'lri'i M 1
Aub irn, N T . July H -The arlll of Ellaa
IVrlghl Oaborne, wldow of Davld M. Ce?
rorn*. nmd" puMIc to-day, dlapoaea of
propertj valued al *M%9M Tha value of
th? realduarj eatate a*aa r<ot ctvin
Thr- largeat benefletarlea ara Thomaa
Mntl f:*irne. ;, son. who recelvaa tho
famll? hom" gnd eatate, valued al a moat
;.'"'.-.. ?-i H38.008 In money; Mra. Jamea
.T Morrow, of Boaton, MMM Mra Pred
< r.ck Harrla, of gpringU>M, Mbbs., tMM*',
Ellen W Qarrtson, of Boaton, *MM9; \snos
Oarrlaon, KB.aM, and i.^??er amouata to
relatlvea Tha aaven grandrblldren
reealva the realduarj eatate
Th? d.oicr. junlor Republlc, Ln tTreevHle,
N y. recetvea 68,090, at.d local rharltl a
re'-ei?'o the followlng amounta: Wotnen'fl
Bducatlonal and Induatrial Union, bufld
. ;. g.OOO I .'??'. Home for Frlend
|to,iy}8: Cltj llcapital, B.808, and i'a
\ ufjfl ' irphar Aaj lum. '-' OOD
Becomcs Bride of Captain Lid
dell, of the British Army.
Mlaa Bthel Donaldaon gtoen, daugh-a
of Mr and Ura Rohert s.icr gjoan, nf]
? 'hiiton Oablea aVoodrnere, Ixma I
and Captain John Blaclalr Llddell, of the
Bedfordahlre Reglmaal of thi Brltlah '
arm?. wara marrled yeaterday al Ti
Bplaoopal Chureh, Hewlett'a, Long Island,
h? the Rev. Wllllam P. Kempner
Tl .% matrofl of honor waa Mra Bldney
Culford The brldeamaldfl wera I ia M
Ruth Danenhower, llelen Oakmen. Mary
*; Bayler, leaala Haaard and Cba
Doaaldaon. Tha beat man araa Major
Trall, of tha Bnglleb army Tha uahera
wera Ueuteaanl T Denaleeoa atoan, U. B
A.; Ueutenent Bloan Danaahower, U. B
\. A. D. Baye and Courtlandl Dhtoa.
Followtng tl ?? een mony there araa a wed?
dlng breakfast at Chlltoa Ofl
Gives Old Soltliers Good Counsel at I
Chautauqu.i Army Day.
Chautauqua, 1*. f . July B ?Btohog John
H vtnoent, ol tho Methodhri Bplacopal
Chureh, wi.i. dallvared tba farewall addraaa
to Captain, afterward General, LTlyaaaa B.
Oraal and hia men when Uiey lefl Qelena,
III., for the Clvtl Bfar, deBvered tha prta
dpal addraaa ef Chautauejua'a Natlonal
Army 1'ny to B Mg BUdlenOfl Of Clvtl War;
veterana and then frtaada ln the ampbl-i
tbaatre here to-day.
Baahop Vbicenl Bpoka to tha reterana aa
men who. thougti growlag oM, should re
tain "vlvid and blaaaed Idaala of Ufe" ind
make th" m..*t of oM aK>''* edueataOBBl
poealbHIHae "Do not be too oM to !"? ln
aarneal In all mattera aoclal, poUUcal and
rellgloua," aald tbe Blahop. "Re oontenl
to he Old. but he thoiiRhtful Be old. but
be geautne. Me old, bul ba Lntaraated ha
tlir- Bflpa ln whlch you live an.l lt1- pro!>
F. T. Homer, of BaJtiraore, Gets "The
Commercial-Tribune" for $420,000.
? Indnnatt July tt?"Tbe ''otnmerciai
T-.ihutie." of wMeb Maral Baaatead ?a'
the edltor fur many y.-ara. with all
Ita equlprnent. was floM at Sheriff's Male to
day to Pranda T, Boenar, a Battfmore at?
torney, for MttMO. The only other hldder
\?a-i Rtehard i' Braat, aa attorney, who
M.ippeit hlddlng BftBT offerlng |415,f">?>. Me
daeUaed to ?ay whom ba ropreooBlod. Mr
Homer said h<> reprfleantad blmaetf.
Tlu sale feBowed B Jiidgment BbtBlaed
by tha I'nlon Kaslngi Bank and Truat
Company, ef 'his city, ns traetee, for tzio,
i>m) and one hy Francls T. Homer for %l%.
iW The property waa appralsed at H 0.0M
The AManaa PuertorYtqoena, ? aoctety ?>f
PortO Bleaaa llvlng bl New York. im
nouaead yaeterdaj that it h.** opened tem
porarj L?aa4fljnarlart al the Ansonia ibitei,
7S*i atreel and Broadway. Arrgaaaaaaanta
are aow ander anay for the buUdlng of a
elubhouae, and the formal opaalag is
plaaned ta take place some tlme ln (Irto
bar. The ofTlcers of the BOCtOty are (Sonxalo
O'N'.'lll. preaident; I'r. M. J, Marxniicb.
Ramon Vetea, Paraaado Qaadler nnd Jerga
11 Hantonl, vlee-presldents; .loso V l-era,
tit'usurer, and D. C'ollazo, sem-tary.
Will Rest for Two Days at His
Summer Home.
Washmrton, Julv _t Prassfdenl Tafl MI
VVashlngtOfl to-niuht to aoend 11 ,-s eeeond
Waak-imd ar his summer ''otratce ,.r Rever
], fJoereratn- Hllles nnd Major BBBt! 8flSBt
wttl him, and Becr?rtary MacVaagb, who?*
aummer homa la at Dubttn, N :i aaoom?
p.itued luni as far a* Roston Benator Pen
rose weat as far as Phlladelphla.. The
Prwatdent arlll ?i,**n'i tara daya motortna.
playlng aoif and raotlng befora ha rataraa
to Waahlngtoa He aill reaeh R uon tn.
aioirow mornlng and motor out to Bafl**
eri-. win leave 'here iata Mottday night
and be ba-'k ln the eepttal -n Tuasday
The i - il o< ?"!:; af tne aummer achaol
nf Cotarmbla Unlvefaaty wa.? bsM vesteidav.
and |t was rhe largeet in ita Matory. Every
?tage wlthln 8 radtua of ten mllea ef Tar
.- ...., had to be engaged to ea.e for tha
part! wl Ich trrlveal nr Irvington on a spe
rlal traln ar l o'clock. From there they
araml t" Bunnyalde, Irvlng'a < '!.:?? t; ard
.,?...? (folloa M'-re tl in four baadrad
were ln tiie party.
BJraBrn, faaaaa -. Mcl^asblla, Haab.
.-. f S \r- ' W,
? r^ue .H
t . ano* '-ii'fl H
.,..-.'..- 'I --uia A
Wlnkelmai Marle
BROWN T?.- v ''""ri, atrel fn ; ea> a.
? n 211 a - t
23d et. tfrank K. i i Bul Hna>.
? ui . vi;i:i:s iui Tuaadar. Ju'.'. tfc ar Broad
..ll.in. N V. Wllllam P. Chambera, n?e1 *?4.
88, al Kroad
Ptr.i- VI t vlncton "n Hudaon r-id.i- even
._.. |p|| i __t .. .... n< Edward
BUI, of JJelfod, aued *! var? 1" Itieral Mon .
ia i jt ., 2:M j- m i/onveyaneae wl'l
1:14 traln I m x- ?'. Te k ?- M
F viK'-mi D In thla i Ity, Jul] --' '"ll*
Itelei , i Palrehlld Funaral ? rvleea Men
? .i. ..i in o'clock. .<' ['reabyterlaa
r f I8th
h- Si a ii??? ??' papawa pl*aa ? --rI
HANSE U peri N. V. BB .Ii-.lv 21, 1911.
M .,-.?.! .* linhlT of ' H.italn JamB
...... i|? .,.
>iv'i?v on Prlda] Jaly 21 '!'it. .loim
M ,ic-'. S7 paara Funeial from hia lar*
raatdence. So 183 Bedford are Brookiya,
. ? , 28, .ir 'J p. na ll 'Tment
1'- etK. ? ? ? ? <
M'KBAN vi Oraac*. N i. r" Batu lay, J^'r
?_-_? ]. 1 '|i--i |. . ?':.-??! -4 t f e> o' .lohn Hc
"" ..,.,,. j-unaral
?????. B, N'
Hlghta ? Monday. July 2*. at 4
li I'lneln iatl i* ?.ind I ? \nge'?a
i _pt ? .-? opj
_i i it.'OHLIN ' "i Thurada! Jnl! 88, it?i\
\|. -l..ui);hMi: KUBflTBl from lilfl lala
,v 808 OeKalb iva Brookiya,
.1 i .'i ai :? ;,. in. ahiirp Inter
ne.it Holy croaa Caroataay,
KEXrtEN- *"' Wday. Jul) 81, 1811, t.ieor<a
.1. w. Neaeea In rhe 838 >e.ir of his us*.
l-'uneral i n !??? a ai lii< late reaidanee, Mo. fSI
,;,;,.,. . Brookiya, '>n Buaday at 2 88
;. ni |riieriii.-iit .u NBWtown, 1 one laland.
di '-\- im Baturday, Juiv 12, n?n, .i-uun.,
Iledfea 0l<J>y, ln ber 7ir>t y.-i.r I'jneral aet
r, reflUI. ni . N ? 1 :'-''? Hal-a
p. ... on Bui -i *' t-.i1^ -?'?. at 2
l>. in.
BNOW At Ihfl molllinri -V l;er lT->llier, W^i.r
? Baaaa, No '-''''.' I i-'apect a\e.. Mount Ver
ii,,-i N \'. Jul] 80, IStl, BtlB. .r-l!ia B. Sre?.
iii iii^ latli : ' bar m;.-. a^ineral iuaday,
io ? ni . at tli<- lioune Intej-metit Mill-jiii.
Cocm. si- k:ii-.'- pasflarfl Blflaat
\\ll.l.Al:l> At < ;i-.---a\4 loli. I'-.nii. on .lul> 2..
l-ui Kinmu A . .lauKluet of Kdward K. and
tba Iata Ell?ab4?ib "Vlllard. rup.rai pri
\\ INKI'.IM AN Mi.i'l'iih. .?t Part Jervia.
\ t.. Ilarlfl Vi'lnkelmaa, * if* ef tba laia
.i.... ii VViiikelnian.
la rfadllv nr-e^aalble by Harlem tr^ln from
Grand Ca-Btral siuiion, Webataa and Jeroma
avenue troltey and by earrtage. l-n'? Bt.w up.
Telephone 4ST,-, HiiriHrcy for B"Ok of Vlawa
or raBreaaBiatlva.
offi.e. 2o Bael ".'3d si.. Naw Tork city.
' FKANK E. < \MI'BEI.L. ?4t-? Weat 2Sd Bt.
Cl apela. TrlvHte Hoonia. Prlvato Ami ulanca*.
Tel. is:i Cflafltaaa.
n?*T. Clepben Uerrltt. the world-wlde-known
un-lartakei". unlv one plaea of bu?lnea?. 8th
ava. and i'": flt I.ar*-aat ln tha world. Tal.
|<M and IL'5 Chelaea^_
I.EON E. BAII.V. 3S4 Weat 42d St
'PlionM 732 Bryant.
IIIAS. A. BENElHfT. Efllal'llslied 1831
1S.0 Weat 18th St. Tliene. i'b?lflea -63T.
E. A. COPEIAM). Pndertaker. Funarala raa
aonable. HM \Ve?t 4"th Bt Thene 7.->flJ Bryan'.
8 J. I.t'CKlNO'S '""bapel an.l BJbaW Kooma.
Bgl Amaterdiim ive. Tel. 393 RIVBrBlde
MA1N OFF1CB- No. lf>4 Naaiau fltreot.
WA1.1. BTRBarT OFFICE ? No. 15 Wllllam
ri-ToWN OFFirK - No. 18fl4 Broadway, or
anv Ainei l.i,ii |iislr|.-l Teloarapli Oflca.
HAHI.F.M OrriCEB -Ne IT.7 K:,flt I2nth alrear.
No J63 W.st 188th atreet. nnd No. 219 W?at
tfflth atreet.

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