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Giants Going West to Face Criti
cal BattSes of Race.
"Bugs" Raymond at Last Finds
Himself on the Blacklist
of Baseball.
.Tohn T McOraw and hls '"lian'a wlll l*avr>
fnr the Waet to-*daj to begta ? ^eries in
Ctacinnatl te-anerrow wtth tha Reda Ti ay
?will then vlMt St. l,o))|<?. pittshurg ard Cbl
oniro .11 turn, the aehedula ealHng for fo ir
rames in earh dty, ezoept Chleage,
nol eountlng a poaathla
bpIH di pend unon the
Fh^vinu of il," t.'irn in the "West lf the
? auaant ia t'< ba wen. a trrtrJcal polnt ims
been rearhed In the race. nnd tii" C.Iant*
maet v.\n tbelr falr shnr.' ef the sraniea to
held thr:- place. Theg wW ba home on
t 11 for a aerlea wltb Phiia-..
followmg a eatarn teama again
v-.ii in? ' Breunda.
'.lant-; proflted falrly well from the
reeenl gamea aa theh1 own dlamond, The
? - ? arere hard to ropula
rrd Btandfl r-icht gamOfl WOg I '
io4.t. They brohe even wltb r1
i'u'ob on fo ? and won two out of
. from I tta urg, < in' Imunl aad Pr
"fhe team ha n running al
.op || f ".Matty" retuma ta form
the dlfferei l world
. ? io?es four . ? of flve
Tne Vh l;ees win wind ?ip thelt V
t'ln in Detroli i day aad arlll he back at
tha hl a Tuaada:
**- ? Browae a.? epaanenta. Three
?.am---a ai* ? ra the arrlval of
Th j
win be a!
end th
country, whicl or'N to-day. baa nol
atrtklagly aoeeaaafal la flPite of th*
? ? ? "
three aui of flve games ln Cbleag
foreed le ateni arlth an even breeh ln
<.. t, ?- ralghi ho i
Tne Pltta* - '
'r-e a^ain-n the Phllllea ln '
? r .
predtetlng from time to t'rue tha: CBBT ev
. ?. Btand tl ?
. ni" two real pttehere, are BtUI
,,,-r..rr ? i Alexai dei i ?
. i ,'ond -Matt ?? an* ? ? '
?? now
r, = hteen FH!..e: WOB Bnd
nerl Moore. wl
? i
Arthur I
f the
. omea '
attanttaa ot the com
. ei
? ?
ra noi
io partl'ipate li
,.. i ol J V.
.,. -.
... . . -
titiad ro one- reeelved
? i BgO and
aaaked the Loul
club on the g ? ?
From the Playei i atandi *?*"
r.cUorj I .
tlon on blfl
nort ol t
f thr
on wi
ng tlie i
llng fl il obU*
K tbe Bt Loul win t
tionai League pennant George M
wgl ). | aoat, bo tl ?
araea n.- gaa been baekti
.',, ar at at
n . yaal afnajr Ineraa
?< Iarr.an wot-.ld not llaten ta tht
beatlng the Olaata, to i
:he Cuba, and I
i agered I ol aa 5- ?
?galna! M LeoJa. "Honeet John"
Kelly then Bpoka up and bet 'oh.'.n tUOO
?o t-ro oa I a aean piopoaition. it. is not
to:d arhether real money ar <?
Btakc _
YTggd gggaefl from BngUnd that Owen
ln not. convtnced that Ad Wnlgaat
;. a ,, .. . of his defeat al
tlu banda ef the llgrbtwelght ohamplon
.,;? fOUl W( I ?'t'id US
Baylag; .,?,
"Wolgaat la much more of a wreener
than a flgbter. aai I am vllllag ro bet
ihat lf he wlll meet me ln England
] will beat hlm la a tw.mty-iout.d flgbt''
Moran hpd blfl chance and falh
ihat ls no i ? be should Bt* ? talk*
Ing. _
Tt Ifl leajla- amuBlng to note the number
of wouid.be buyera f?r the lenrty Boaton
Terrlere. Baa Wbgnar ia the tahaat who
l,m. ambitions ln that dlrectlon, accordlng
lo'a meaaage from ntttfcurg. The last
from Caltlmore Ib that an offer from Ked
Hanlon la belng eenaldered by President
J.u8bell In the face of this r fYlend of
Hanlon says tho latter la enjoyliiK a vnc a
tion Jn the Wblta Meontafaia,
Al Kaufman haH announcert that he has
ri^ided to aaeant tba edfer by Hagh bto
Intoah of ?.000 and hls BJBjaaiBBa for a
twenty-ro.ind bout with either BUI L?n?
?r Taek Lester ln Auatralia. He i-an have
a prlvlleKe of 30 l-er cent of the gross sato
lerelptB lf he <ienir.-s. Kaufman wlll leave
Xor the Antlpedea oarly ln August.
lack vThlte, "f 'hleago, has slgned for
t?;ree heota, Whlch, II he ^ *~ f*
w'll glve blm n riP.ht to meet Abe Atb-ll
for the featherweiK.it ebainnlonahlp. Tho
?,,ree bouts wlll ba beM I" New Orleana
ifore the Wert HKIa Athletlc Club. Wblta
lill meet Jofl CoetaT. Joe Mandot and Joc
TUverfl ____
Hana Wagner waa the flrat to reaeb the
.."tiiry mark ln batUng thla year B ihe
the Oubfl. alao reached the mark aat x?eek.
then ba made ftra hlta m the laat gaaaa
wltri Boaton. _
IUBBJlll ef the PhHhea. haa atruck
put IM batflinen thla Beaann. and la_ ln a
f.lr way to eaubllab a new record befonfl
tho l^ennent r?e? |g aaar.
aared LuderuB h?? ?3 another ralaa la
?alari' " h" ***** ?n hammerlnar out
S? runa the Phlladelpbla olab wlll have
ba iuxnp lt tor tba tblrd Uma? .
Takes Junior Four-Oared Race
in Long Island Regatta.
i Brooklyn R. C. and Nautilus Men
Spilled?Rough Water
and Tide Annoying.
?-men reriraMentmg nlmost ever\ mw
tl - Itfew ^ ork rompeted
annual ?<ra*ra of r:
: Etowtag aaaoelatlon, bald on >' ??????
course at Reynolds'a inlet. ? ?
Island. Taaterday wa l
t tlma.
-r tha Tr'- ? l reault
aata 1 kad ro Long B* acp.
- ' ' ? < ;ius. i three apllla. ln the
' : i,l "th the Nautilus
and Brooklyn Rowlng Club erewa were
Bd, makdng ir , for ald to
The tlde was too
not a
t< d Anotbsr aws
? t avenl on thi pro
' .-.iu whlch
. ? ?; aa i Bay
of entrlea for ? ??? terday'a
r '.>ed for tba
tlon wae see,i in the junior
l,a hlch avent waa the feat
f tl ?? i-*i iur ei ? ? ?
I ? rl-... Ni iU
. .
tora were
nt the
?l *|rii
tlng It from
ah U.
? .
OBre.li Flrat 1
- rlvnak
Wllllam ll.
CYfnv.gos Snjjgested by Chairman
of Contest Committ.co.
? ...... -,., fr,r
ro the
?in .M'.lor- ?? cllsts by
mlBOl ? ? ded.
petlt ea itn-l
-i of hrnke.i
deatre 1
I ro
? be
. >| na a good
. . i baa been
t that this i
ara i d v ho
? '
? ?
. - ? i some
nded im In?
to no ln ?
Only Four Days for Monmouth
County Exhibition.
? i sBBual horse
t . - four d
a I ?->' ilme.
estiiem arlll rlda I'i the
I tO leiirll
-ni baa <:?
tl 8 bora
sround the rins' in an -;:r*'<-tion to
have b< aa abown far
-.- n reai n Ihe
i Isld
, ? from thal Of i.tiv of the,
other c - ":",; :i graat
daal of tro ible ln thi ? ?
. tudged en t e
opanlng *iav of ; ,'",,>
heavy ami . atagle aad palra
;.. :.n.F In harneea and under aaddle, t.-m
<lr.m^ i iionies-, women's aad
dlea. urer-n bUBteTfl and B tlnt rStOS fOI
aalloways with ''gentlemen rtdara." The
aecond day tbara Wlll he an exlilhltlon of
.iB'bands, palra of aaddla borsaa t<>
he rldden hy a man fnid a wnman, run
__0_\ ind"d ponlaa nnd woraaa'a
The aahlbltlOfl Of women's qualifle<l hunt
f:s arlll take plaea <>n tha ti-.ird day. whaa
mtaraated wlll bara a ehajice, to see
lf ihe aaw courae lias eliinmated the aO
ddenta whlch bara always marrni thla
-, foftaa I Bhowa
The fourth day wlll bo fjlven up prlnel
paiiy ta t"? Judglag of Iba obamplon
clasaea ai.a the eompetltlon for the erhal
, upa Mon ' inn four hundred
i have been entered, and many of
,),,' claasea havi ;i neore ot entrlea. 1"'
wirt ?'. Flanagan wlll ludge tbe trottera
?,,i roadatera. wlth Robert A. Palrbalrn:
the heuvy harni lioraea aill he ln the
l.ands of J. V- ' :arllale, John R. Tov
.ii i Howaird Davlaoa B, Taber vVlllets,
(,'liarlea H, Harkamp, C. Ji. Robblna and
h Larocquo, Jr. wlll judgi I
???- ; ? I.. ? laohn and
Krank T. nark wlll managa tba runnliu;
Phlladciphla, July '22. Tn a fisl flfc-ht at
tha Phlladelphla Ifavy Yard A. D. ftolth,
of Naw Tork, a rnartne, raoalvad t-Jwelmt
from whlch ba fflad to-day ka a. baapltal,
and Anton Aowolelri; *'f I'argo, N. D.. a
niarin*, who was hl* OPponent. ln heing
held -I prlaoner, and -\. 111 ba traad by court
martlal , ,, .
JL^tht lilfht Fniith. it le said. . halIenK*-d
Aowalski to come out l>*-hind the barracka
and flgbt II OUt Aowalski readlly avrepted.
For ten mtnutoa tbe two men fousht, and
then Aowalski swnriK his left hand iiKalnst
r'rnlih''1 lefl temple. The hlow W88 r">
haid that ii fractur?-?l tha flkull and broke
an artery, which formad a vlot, lausinic
con* u wlon ol the t.raln Bmlth wai re
movi ; to tha Naval Hoapltal, whara he
^led, . |
Host of Yachts Dots Sound in
Larchmont Race.
Yolande Defeats Rowdy and
Windward Takes Joyant's
Mea,3urc?Festina Wins.
Closs ha'iled on the ro:t ta k nnd aith
bar laa rall almoat awaafa the Mg
fi talena, ataan d by her ?
? a M. PjrnebOB, CroSSed the fir.fsh Une
i wtnner in bar clasa, bavh
frare/i tbe Avenger by I mlnuies r.s fiec
onda in the -ixth and flnal aarli
t) e Larebfl ? ? lub. Thev hnd
iii a
northwi t breese thal remalnad I
atrong and ati . atart to tlnlah.
Ona hundred and thlrty-flve yaeh i
e<i in tha ? b tban a
ada: i nd Ight 1 aa not
a day
, owned 1 Oi
' '? ?- l.i
Ig ;:? ? ? .. ? Idllsdl eroa
Marttnq llr.-- Slmosl l I I ? Tha
0 wa two mlnutea Iata
Then i: ? th< I talena ani tbe Avanger,
both on tha p*'rt tack, wii'n t^e. laat-named
. ? ? irse for
fi the a hoonara was flri
i -i four mlkas, whara they round
ed n red dory. Tl ? w cond i ' ?
couraa waa d, fo-ir mllss, to
Polnl i uoy, n broad reaeh, md
from i lera ? oaa fel h of three ur.d a
mllea to tl mark. Tbe tlmes
; tulren there were: The 1 I 1:36,
! and the Avengi
Btart of th<> P OUSS was a close r.p.e.
| ? ? . 8) .,,, . | ... ,. ,. ,,. ..)?. | . ?
? i ov atr, R \ kfoaka, ?
of the flva that atartad, a: d
laner, beaUi I ?
i lf tbe eleven Veu
t Club Irtles" the Yolau
? d ? i,- ;? om, mada th l tln
ered t Bfl nnd 0B0-*Quarter
in 2 hours RO mlnuu-B :
ir-.-. _y by Bi
b tha baadlcap ?
? rr dlvlt lona wari
the 6a IX, f\ asa I ?
. he aehooner .'
v n ?? Ith ? me fn m tha 1
l mlnuti oorn
'n tha ' ? ? interriuh clasa In
? I | i ?
i t:na proved i -
l BslSS ! y i mlnute I ?
thtrteen atarti i ?
laual. v --n
Tiio ait i ?
... ...
Hoydea, rh? Nateka tha ???
? a
The aummarli I i
I ?
'.'"?' 18 111
! ,.
1 and
- "
?, 4:1
B. Ig. 1
il i n.??
' ' '
? . ?
. : -
*. R.
' ' .' .
. J
? ? 11 14
i . ...
? ?
? ? ? > :. io. j
H . ? . - ?
r-o *>i: i: M
.. i. Ban
,. .1. W. ii N I
1 tl 21: 1
? ?
111, H. i II. ? ? ?
... 1.1
. ' ?? .
rt i . ?
.... '., i
).-?;: H II. 3:13
2:14:18; Boar 1 - " I?' '
12:30 1111
i.k" ll. J i' Mah fltedi . . 2 ?i 11
II, J. 1 I.-- ? 1:04:48 I
11 ..141
i-. < i oeha, 2:24 M
2 88:88; Orsefl n S 88:48; I'.-t. i H
v ? * II.
? II 1
.2:41 11 2 II 17
F l - - ?'? '*?
- |. j . 2:48:44 2:2.1:44
COl R8E, ll MI ?
I \, 1 t 8:68:4!)
na, I . ; ' ? *
M B Pl
il-,. iburg, IL Oold ? ' ?
Wlld Tiivm-. A ll Moriia. ... I
lai Cygna t>. fbrll
i. H. Edtnonda.. - 24 '?<?
Dagn <r, P. J. Tli rn. i: 011 l?l
v 1' v.?,i ... 1:2(1:41
ia, u. P, Clark.. .248 04 ? .
C0TJR8E, l! M:
fear, r T i ora II ..8 0 ??
F>ntii. B. O. Raynea. 8:2
Arlzona, >? W. K-nr. :?.."..?' . ?
PUy, U P. !'ri:.is. rt 22 12 |
Avt.-t, Hiifl,-'' Oa rtar. 8:81:13 2 :.i n
BlaOOfl CLAM f: BTART, 12 10 CX
11 MII... -.
Bardaa. p- H- Utehfleld ... Ir90:21 8:40:21
.. , ruaa ? .
1 .- 11, n 'i i> igla ? . '
,!;. a P <:li menta.
rg, IV. H. Vot 1:38:48 ?.'... 13
HUOL'ENOT tttClAlt IRT, 12 i*i
OOt R8E, il mii. -
Vat ka, H.
KeawayOln III. T P Trap 8 1- 11
Pll-l-er. II H Va? l:en?i.-la-.-r 8 18 M 2 IHI 40
.-, rt. *'. Mai ' \. ?? 8:8.'! 'v
COl i:sro. 11 Mi'.
Mnhaaka, P. Irunraii. 2 HM
Mlle. U???. vV 1: Lindartnann. 8:28:1*4 2:48:4*4
Arilette. *71iiiksoii f*?wl. 8:28 21: 3 1.:..-.;
Kr-yila. K A. Blei k... .... 8:JSBM 2..".o.os
nLF.N COVF, .IFT^'F.I. CT*A8S BTART, 12 18
(V)I'HSB, 4 rftfflia
ratae.'-e, S F. AdaSBfl-?? ? t'2M I
Mo Mione. r. Handi, ..3 27 W) . ..>.*-.*
BrlllUnt. W w 3 Boekaell.. 3:19:54 |
Amethvat. W. Hlne ..8:28:18 - 1
Bapphlre, H. r Wbltaey.8:2643 2:41 53
Tade. F ?. WT.lard.8:25:08 ? 10.05
Tin ineiflfl. .1 H. Morgan. Jr... 2:1BJ1 1:814]
. ll.ASS- -STAKT. 1248?OOOR8S, H'j
.MII.FP. ?
Argu". I.. Paraona.8:17:08 i 27:08
Taurue. W* K n Bmaraon... 2:23.11 j 33:11
rynoaura, n. Foi-.'. . 2:21:48 l;31:4fl
?i-vii'e. .ln-.k Alley.. 2:15:in> 1:28:00
arawaj a u. fry. 2r28.-0] 1 88.Ol
rvtl. R 0. M*v,re... .... 2:2m 14 1:38:14
t.l'lle Dipper. U A. I'orrr. ... 2:12.27 1 S2 2!
Hrar 1*1, U McLoufhlln . .' 89 31 ? |
, Hurlei -li 1 40.44
Oemlni, W, B. .MncklBtoah..., It:28:10 1
Vaa-ua. __. and R. MBrtln.... 811848 J.iiti.63
'rhr.toirrarii tr Marta latvfck.) _
Drey,uss Pays $22,500 for Star
St. Paul Twirler.
1P Telagraph to Tha Itfbua* 1
I .. -Wlth t!.,-. a\?eenln(5 alfl
natu.f Barnei Piejfuaa to a che.-k for
? Bbla to tba Ft. Paul Haa*
I Lggeet traneaction ever re
.1. ?v?a v.'ound up in thla
laal alght, and llarty u'Tooie, st.
Paui - iwtrler, beeauna rh* proi'*r
ty of tl ' ?? ' ii*t Baeebell < lub <-t tha
' ?
. iir*- * "rat**1
i:? ? d in st Paul cn FMday
.-, i anlr-d hy blfl chlef aco'it,
:'n Murray. in the afternoon O'Toole,
? f tl li i-'.t t'i th? geintly ?Ity,
ri ? gal ial t . tfiw ?
club, ? t ten of tha h- ai i hltt* i <.
?ta hits and wlnnlng hls
. of T te I.
0*1 oolfl perform at
to frlday, and ha
rreateat er who
*-?-*r : fllamond. Tha g?n
? Bl Paul | ' ? ? ?
;. rta ol '?'.? ra ranglni froai ii .
... . . ... ajpoaed ol
I 11. 1 tO thr. rnth"
.-1 iwlrler'a worh pr* n
vlalt 8t. Paul and
? ? . I !
? ' ?
Wins Woll Earncd Viftory in
W.iverly Club Regattn.
? ?. of th*
' ? '
? ? ! f.ll hia foimer da
? ,. ? i ? lad i
? by * ootnfggl
' ? ? ref itta were nimoat
I out of ii." flouthweat
tha rh er uirh th* tlda, ar.d aas
follow i
. . '.',,,, i a l l'8?lla;
I I ! /. hm. thirrl
i ?; Keoa;
I " I ?'? 1. Tlu
? i i' l.'nnnn, ati k< . I A
, ?? vi Radpatn;
irl ' ' ''
. ...
!?? ' bb ; N A. I rff?.
f. ati - i
'... 11 I
? '
? ..I ! ? ? : I. J
., ?
1 ' '1
? ? ' '
nah rn. itrok* w 1' .
? 2 iT Il"lt hnw
.1 M Wfll
,\ f ? ' i
Lends Fleet in Interclub Contest
at Ci'avesend.
ifter raeiag ' leyi al Lnrchmoni
llna wi -k t" di '? rmini whleh three be i!
f tbe Bfl hould
a from tbe < Iravi - ad Bay I
.... ...
|n bb "it' t"' lub I." ??? aalkd off
the 1 ? ht Club over ;* ihlrti ? n
Thera wai :i good ln
from the noi thwei t, and the ra< >? prov. ?!
. x'-uitii fintn st nt to flalah. The rlkylark,
,,v.n, ii Ullllngham. of the 'Ji i
waa tha nrlnn* i 8h*
i . in i houi '.'? mlnut*
, r,.i- Th* pi Inta al tba ? nd "t n.
.!,, Bay, II; Bayi d ?. 9 The
r;k\iafk and the rJIow l*"ke aalled off a tie
tM,'.v had Bl i.u.hiiiont. erni the gkylark
.,,,, The Klddo and tha Adloa wlll Ball j
ofl a tle to-da:
Brake, F- ?. laleMrda . 2:M}:l<l i tt 10
? i.IM t" t-M-M
"' :. |. . I IN ' 1 \ I -VAlil,
13 U ' OL'IIBB, 54 aflLBB.
' ?? KH iham . -:V.1. . t* ,'.?
na . :,-[; }'< ?? '!
? ? .: "::' ' ii :".
,; 11 Domlnl. '.. . 2 '.'t IMI
.... u ,-. riallman .. 8:j|0:03 1 40:03
llarlow. il -vi', 1 ..- 'it
: II lllll 8|.TM M 1 U M
?,.,. w P ciari .??? **??
aby, R Duaenbarra .. , } <i .... 2:M:M
VI- a W r-'ti'ti... I.4G 4H . .'I ?
. ,- i M.'kt.in.in . . 8:41:53 2:4B 53
.-I .vii- CLASfl X BTART, i:.,v, COI "i:.-'i:.
111. IH.
a mt R fl Me* ra ? ? M ? 2 %tM
, wiid.. DldTnot ftBiab.
}.|| .? K /Iiiiiii- nnaii ? ?? ...i -4? - 4. 41
om |AL CI.A88?8TAKT. I- I
?T' ' COUR8B, "4 MILKB.
.,. -Kr Bfl i \ I{a"".' r'7 n ;i ?'J '"'
.i k Rupre bl - aa '?'' - - U
: ., cua :'\i)i;i;iou ,orRHK' :,u'
? ,,???>. ..'..... Mt:4t i.viii
? ''. '."n?vra<- . tMM
^ ???&:::::::::: WS la.9
. i, niahar . 2.58.a? l.M 29
,' '): '??:' F 11. Waliotf .. 8:83:55 I ttM
RIVEMIDU (.AT5*-STAKT. ,.8,-.o-'R8EX
.-,'? ?Jlur.~.
r?K.i.r f r Dalv . t'-HM 1 54..VI
,{.,,v i >l Wllllania.^ 37.2*. 1 ,..'..
DOBlTSg??TART Irtt?CfJtJIulB, ?', MTI.ES
panar. Miaa I* rarfl.J^Ja, >eai?
,-ar,w.y, g. li. FO'. 3-W ? 2.08 25
AUca. A K Orlffln . ?*?? - ?? -Ol
Ta iu>?. a. a. rry. - - ???* '5'' ???
BL."fl Claflflfl ff^J' '-"-^''RSQ
I rl-. Di ftkiaaeB .J VtM l:aj|M
Diena, g. t;htlhur... .VSr.fm aiatufl
M. and r., a M. Camp.8#.J}.48 8.41.48
The Dixie IV a Speed Mart>el
New Hydroplane the Fastest Gasolenc Boat
Ever Built in This Country.
I-orty-Mx miles an hour was the remark
ahle epeed shown by the new motor boat
Plxte IV on her preltmlmir" trlal trlp, and
?-4ners and dsalgaara deeiare that she
was not 'IHven to anytblBg llba her maxl
mum rpeed
Her gnaranteed speod ls ga!d to be flfty
flve tnlles an hour, and aha la reported to
have, travelled at rhe rate of fiftv-two mtles
for a i-hort dManre. The r>lxie IV omt
buiit f'.r Coramodora ii H fttotvllla of tha
Motor Bcat Club of Amertea; vi-e-*vm
.-modore (rradarlek k Boraham and Augusr
il- -iher ti enter the eiimlnatlon raees
t<- he held In HuatlngtOO Hav ln Augusr
ii-r oavnera bava n-i doubt rr.nr r.he win
Quallfy H5 one "f tba three deiendara ot
rhe lirltlsh lateraatlonal eop for motor
Th*1 sr"**'! l"P??ed hy rh- I'ixle l? yald to
? ? fa itl -r 81 ' I ir.a-le I'-- a fiflis- ? :>
drlven erafl ln this '-eiuitry nnd exeeejs
hv four i .de hv the
?i on tba .'"?-??ill l'lr of tho Prlri^h
lniern l th* Larehmont
? .- Bg : wben the Duke of Wri.
rnln*-1' r * i ? ?! forrv-fuo
an hour for t ? '? up to
: fl ? ? at, beur a ?? n I y rhe
i'Ki- [I ta bul nothmg Hke
been i l<
m ? :,,-..- u> - v ned by B. SJ
? ' of th" H"'- i*l Motl ' .1. "f
? Prit.'iin. ifl ? alngle
? ?? ,trd t ;i
nnd' r 8> f- ' Over r-l! Hl:- I- tir|e.|
Only Tpii Yachts Enter Graves
cnd Bay Contest.
hl raelng dwHidled
' The N'ew
", V"ii- ? ? regatta, end
organlsatlon had
? ' .* ? ? of thi
rmmer A ai
nt tl hta over tii*
? ? ? [t
thal ki-'ked up '
? | |oy t tha rai Ing
nthlai i' held *: ta aad ataady
md ?? ? from a QU8I '--r tbal
, , ?? -..b1 ctaaeea aseellaBi wtad
1 .-. . ' nrSS, rer.'red l:i tba ' '
The claaa waa mada np of the Boya,
ih" ^ ? aad th? allea
iThe yachts atarted nt 1:05. The Une was
raMwaj between Ihe Baa Oate and ''? Ben
sonhuret marks, aad lha Brat araa a
raaeh on the porl taek tn the <?-i oata
mark, nnd then another raaeh to Ambroea
nnel nuov Ma 2*. The Sova and the
Grayjacket atarted too aoon and had to he
. .1 iv ihe regatta commlttee, mada up
ofJohalt Broph; and Fred Spldei. On the
tr all the >o\n .lid nol en tha line. nnd
ag.iln bad t" letnrn. Tba two recalls l08t
? ? good mltrite.
l rom Buoy No. .4 the yachta had a itlffl
the channel to Craven Sn"ni?.'
im the wlnd the Boya carrled awaj a hlt
? ?I 1.1 rlgglng, and fnr .1 a hlle 1 illa 1 nnder |
,jiii alone The Bplder footed splenaidly
had a eomfortuble laad when the yachtaI
I ,-!-,? 1 1 :. 1 road raaeh 9> rosa tha
chaaael to tl ? Bsnsonhurst mark. The.
ailce araa ln aad berth, hut loai ron^id.
erable tlma when the boata Kvhed for a
flflhOtl reaeh homi A' the rnd oi' the ttr<r
round tba tlmea inken were The Bplder,I
1 /i.i", tha Allce, 8:88:48; the Qrayjack*
(t, ;i || ll, iinii the Boya, 4 10:11 The p .
r-iti<ins of tho yiiehia were unaltared during
ihe aaeoad rouad with the exreption tbal
tha Qrayjackat aUppad Iata nmoonA plaea
.-iiui i-'.-i tba raca to tn*' Bptdar by one mbv
ihe kamekaboul and the rims'- drrlslona
nnd iba other claa a thsi Rlled. Tba for*
mer want elght und tbe i.itt.r four mllea
Amonr tha knockabool tlu Buffi
no greal dlfftcultj ba wlaalng. 11 a North
Igtai lad homa Iba dingiaa Among tha latter|
boata the ai!'." raportad fbuUag lha outar
mark v.r,> dli q 1 dlfk d
The | iiirinaiy fOtlOWa
Biioora * uaaa q start, 8.-01 - ->i i
rim?li. Unn
?\ aehl ani ev aai n M ? ".M -J
Ien ? -.b ?48:0n j B0:oo
Urayjarkel F 8. Nobla.. 4 S8:00 - 10
Al!<?'<? *; Pavla. 4:BH:.'? I ..I -.
bM?. W V BaiBtoar.. 6:04:80 1 M*0
' .1 ? 1 0L-R3B. 8 M;i.i>
- ti,ji;.i- I'lint ini'l Ti -mann 4:48:20 1:30:20
Iianahia J Brade..8:04:11 I 14:18
., 29 COURBK. i MILE8
North Star. Maurell and Bak* 848:18 I 04 12
\,, , n i> Alterton 1:31 2<> l Ofl ."
fliltnh" B layle> - \?-? ,.. \ ? ?-'?
mi,.., y b Neocfl . piflqualiaad.
Proraise of Good Grand Circuit
Mecting at Detroit.
I>. tiolt. July 22 -Mori) horses aie entered
far the twonty-st-venth unnual trottlng and
pactng BiaatlBg bara from July 31 to 4iignai
4 thaa ever in tha history ef the drtvtng
club. and the aggragata of puiess M?8BI
ts a tecord In thla dlrectlon Klnal pay
ments I ave t8B ln the Merchanta and Man
itfaeturara' Itakaa, aaaa in the Chswaar of |
COBaaaarca ftahag, Hevcntefn ln the thre4!
year-old Futurity ani sixteen ln the two
year-old Kut 'rlty.
Fol'owInK ire Uafl bSBBbI in ths tWO lead
ing Bxtareai
Ifarehanta *n* Manufaiturera' Stakes.
fjOOOO (2:21 ti*'!' An\ il, Kihel l.ynn, i.ordon
Todd Ihitinah I.oulae. Lady Orcen Cioods.
I ,,|-' Willow. lAi\\\^ I'orrest, Mary O.,
Nanah and The H.iRuenot.
I'haniher <-*f Commerce Stakes. $;.,<X>. (3:13
oace>?Ak?r, nranhaiu HuuKhnian, hrnest,
Fanny st .nion. Ktrby Btar, Peter Preaton,
Petai th*- Becond, Sir R. and V'tinon Mc
' wlth two twelve-qyllnder enslnefl of MA
boraaBOWer eacfc. Bhe la rredlted wlth a
i of flfty.aaaaa flaflee an hour.
The liixio TA" and th? Mapl" I.*af JIT
? wlll meet for the flrrt ttBM IB fhe race for
! tho goM .hallenge cup Whlch whl he
, held t:nder the mar.ais*>ment of the Fron
tenac Yacht Club on tlie St. Lawrence
' Rlver on Augitst I, !? and lrt Th* entrle?
for this contagt win he elegefl ten days ln
advance. Th* tropby waa araa laat year
bv thr- Iilxlr^ ii, BOW dl.-mantled.
Through fhe ro'irfesy cf r?mmo(3ei*
Meiville and his a&sociat*s the DIxie IV
has been loaned to the Frontenac Yachr
Club by thr> Motor Boat r|uh of Amerlcn
; to defend the cup. as the form*r orajan
izatlon has no eultahle flyef te make a
I ?"! Bbewlng arainn tl a Engllgh flpeed
There Ifl universal Intereat ln th* fortb
comlnK meetin*; of thr> Plxi* IV and thA
ICaplfl T/onf III. a? motor boat enthiiBl?*8ta
win bave an opportualty to pet a llna on
whal aach beat maj be eapected to do in
tbe Internatlonal eontaal II tha Bngtiah
? takea the gold cballenge cup Bha aill
bave an aaeellenl ebaaee of tabhag the
tfarmaworth cup back to England, and thua
make a clean Bwaep of rh> Aaaerlcaa seriea
No furtber trlata of 'ii* Dlala IV a I
made untll after tho gt Lawianta Rlver
OVer, 88 th" Motor Boat *'lub of
BUfltctCBtl ^r?ttnfied wlth thr?
now boat'a ahowlag to diapense with any
? more try*OUta beyond elmple tiining; up
i work.
Four Motor Driven Craft Start
Long Race.
? Id thi tooting of whlatlee and the dir
of pennanta four motor beata ebagged
?f Oravaaand Bay yeetarday afternoon
Bnd atarted on ? BS-roll* race to Haiifax.
n h Tba contest waa thr radproolty race
r.f the N'a'!"nal Yacht Club and hrou^ht
together fonr of the f.istr-?t erulelng i?ewer
boatfl of EaaterB waters.
Th? quartet waa led by the Tramp, a new
.- owned by Holland fl DuelL Then
rame ihe Carotlne, the property of lf, F.
Dennla The Erenel wlnner of th* Ber*
muda race laat aununer, u .i*> the aext away,
Rytng thr. vioa eommodoTe'a peanam of
Bamuel Cochraae, Benaonhurat vacht club.
J, B I.lndermant, .- Bnap Shot JIT ^vas th.
th boat ia tl raa
The amall number of atartera waa ? de
?ided dlaappolatment to the r.-Kitti. com?
mlttee, mada up of Peter BentJey, rhair
maa Harvey B orirriti nnd Denlel Toffey.
'1 r>n boatfl in all had enten-d. but at the
laat moment the other yachfstnen dOClared
i .t thay aaw nothlng in reclpraelty nnd
declded to May In New Vork watara The
r?.il tr ith *>f tiie matter IIpb iii the fBCt
thal yachtamea are beglnnlng te beceme
very tired of lona; dlstance race. as haa
flhown bv tiie lack of lntrr*at BlB
?! in avery \nng distam-o race this
Tba yachta were fellewed by a iai?:e
fi^ct of pleaaure craft.aa thay atood down
tba h;.?- ,,nd atarted for Ambreee Cbanael
Llghtahlp, the only mark thal tha craft
bave lo nottoe from Qraveaflad Bay te the
linish ime. it ortglnally waa Intended to
B*nd Ihe hoits ,n??;i? Bt ??' O'dOCk ln Ihe
afternoon, bul ?n la alwaya th'1 caaa tbere
???** a half hmir's BoataoneBaeBt before the
atartlng atgnal war* bbI on the BChooner
Rofline, thfl commlttee boat. The start WBfl
made tea nilnutea later and tho four cratt
made an eaeellent getawey Blaaoal on tba
a anapp) northweet braege waa blowlai
;:s the L.tir beata Btart.'d. lf klcked up a
iiny aaa, lata wbaeh tbe erulaera hwrir-d
their aoaefl u though they tboroughly en
joyed the aport. Once around the Itghtshlp
tha ?\md bflped the boatfl The Tramp had
.l romfortabla lead tS Roebaway iniet,
; '?? gblag through the whlte-capped uat'is
.ii .i ^ood t-'ii mlleg nn bour. Tbe Carolina
waa aacond. aad m tbe beata beaded for
Kii" Island thfl Dennla hoat nn? overhaul
Ing the laader. Pbe beavy aea jnat suited
the CaroMne.
Th.. raeera ert fliffli led t>> cover the
eourflfl la aboui fltJrty houra. The fJarellna
li the favorUe and la egpeeted te win avar
tho Tramp on time allOWflncOO Afl soon
as tha beata atarted the regatta cotuniltt. e
bopped Into g taxlcah and BtartOd for town.
where they took a train north for RallfBX,
Mr. pantley and hia aaaJatanta expect to
ba BI ,the llnlaU line. off the Ro? al Nova
leotfa Yacht Squadron. ln tlme to clock
the yachts.
The yachts, their owners and their rat
Inga follow:
55 I KILBfl.
\a. bl aad "V aai rtatinj,. n m s.
Tramp, ll 8, Dueil . ?8.2.'i K, ratrh
I'aroliua. M. V I>?nnla. 4?:.l lfloi .20
Rronal, H Cochraue.40i?) 18:31:11
<-nap !*hot III, J. n Mn.ler
maiiii . IMt 18:34.18
Kltie aloop yachta of the 15-foot cla?e
owned by membera ef the Reawanhaka
Corlntblaa Yaeit Club salled their weekly
lti.e sesterday ov*r an inaido courae ln a
ajaod breaaa fr*m the aartbwaat cumon
Macketuio ? TbaatflM waa the wlner, beat
lng lu. Tucbenggg'? Irls by 15 aeconda.
Tho summary followa:
r KH-.-STABT, 3 l.\
Flnlhh. tlme.
Vacht ana ownei. II M s ll.M.8.
Tr.Hlana, t5- Macaenzl*. 4:4S:2f, 1;3-1:25
irii i;. Tii'.kermin... ? ? 4:48:40 1:88:40
PabrinH. T. B. Blreckrr.4:51:lrt 1 38:10
imr. fl L, Landon. 4:51.,H) 1 :S*I 30
lll.kai. B. C M-'darann . 4:31:51 1.38:51
,-,r,l-, K Roosavcll. 4 ".2:iio 1.87:00
?i, | r i: '-ii'irrt. 4.82:18 1 *T 1?
iltn' *lw?rn?i M.hola. 4.52.40 137:40
Bat, O. JonolDBa.4:52:18 1:87:48
Spectators Attracted to Rall by
Spirited Heats.
Captures Her Firat Blue Rflv
bon on tbe Old Historic
Out of the flve hundred enthnalaata avtio
attended the matlnee raelng meat at tha
hist"ii,: track at Goahen yeaterday about
| four hundred and flfty took up thelr vant
| asre polnt along the rail. for the raclng waa
of the kind that rnakee one forget the
dlscoinforta of standlng ln the aun.
Avaratl Harriman drove his young mare
Bslla Grattoii a aplendld ra^a ln the thlrd
evcnt, and she won ln l4Ma> defeatlng J
W. Van Nesa'e Teddy Wilkea by a aafa
margln. This la Belle'e flrat ??aaon. and
>esterday'3 decoratton wa? her flrat of
that eolor, Heretofore a red roaette haa
been the heat sh^ eould boaat, althnugh
ahe has n-v. r falled to get 1n the rlbbonfl.
Oaa of the he?t races of the day waa the
Class E trot, where Judge Seegflr'fl Amaili,
J. R. Townsend's Jap and General Bur
nett'a Mayner made up the fKsld. Judge
Seegar haa had eplendld luck wlth the ?14
Stony Ford favorite. for Amasla haa been
winnlng for his new owner ever alnce Mr.
Ford parted vi'h him.
Mr. Townaend's baby trotter, Oall Con
stantlne, eovered herse]' wlth glory tn the
openlng rece of the day She dld not
w|n the race. for her opponent was the
apeedv Beeehwood, hut she dld win the
BfSt heat and tlniehed neck and neck wlth
her o,.ponent ln the sorond heat Gall la ao
young that ahe slmply larked atamlna to
keep up the pace.
The eummaries foltow:
TR*~>TTIN'"1?<~T.ASP A,
Be?ehweod rh g- tj W. Van Neaa> ... 3 1 1
Oall Caaataat Ina. cb m iJ H XoarnaeasT) l 2 3
run'. 2:28, 3 88, 848
TIIOT'l T.Vi ;_-? UUM ?
Notice B. ir m ?" Lorlltaitl, Jr.) . 1 1
Jessa Boorh. b f .W Brai:?vt.2 2
MMa Iat-h, b. iu. tVI". Luckvraoni. 8 3
Tln.?. 2 884, i I
Batle fJrettea. rr m <a Barrtaaaa ... l l
Wilkea, ei. g. i.i w van feoal... 2 3
Tuae, I 8841, 144
John Caldarail, br g 'J. Enrtghti... ...... i 1
Li'ila KlU A 'i R. T?.wn?enc).8 2
Inne, 84BH, 2:2:-"*
TRfrTTflTfl CtiSaa 1-7
Atnaala. Mk a 'Judge ?<egart. 3 11
Mayner, b. a. iAv. ] .12 2
J ip, l ir '*,. i.nffln..III
fl, . .2 4. 2.-'4*4. 2 9%
I Frlandlem, b. m. >J. H lord. 1 1
l Mhjoj- Biant. ar. i il Johnatene). 2 8
i Ran Pati -. blk m. ti Kiii>.8 4
Bpeed ha:.. re. >n. tR H VFU oi,. 4 I
1 Common Seni Prl r#a blk. a*. rW. Poarni 8 I
le Wlng, cb 8. *l.. J Kternani. 0 8
Dlck, hr. t ip. Shei uard) ....... f T
i Haiidsriltiu B'-U", b. u. ifcl Laflerty,.-Sdr
rlme, 2 28. 2 88
W. M. Halstead's Horses Garry
Off the Ohief Honors.
va* M HnlM-.d. presldent of the Parkway
Prlvlng Club, OOVarad hlmaelf wlth glory or.
the fifrh mati.-iee m>-ating which wn baid
ut the half-mlle ua^k 8t Pai kway, BrooK
lyn, yesterday.
Ifr. HaaVttHI drove ln thr*?e race* and won
three DB8 Kla flrst viotory was
v.Ith KatO Ah-yoner, iu 341, but every Inch
of ground waa hotly contested and tour
heats were neor^ary to dd-ide tbe race.
Another Alcyoner geldlng cailed Pr'.nce waa
the lucky contestant among the tiotteri.
He lost the lirst baat tO Bright Axwortny,
but managed i" ilatanos him ln the atcond
Border Guard. a younar stallton owned bv
C. H Baamrm. trottai a fast mlle ln th*
flrst heat of his race He defeated the old
campaicr.er Kins Edvard ln I 18,
The summarles. foi low:
a'lrjaoaaa b a lf A CBMaiBban.8 l i
RTlkle, blk. pi. lE <*'. bchlotter
.1 l !
I r ( J. Preu'.andi.... I 2 -
Lady Tdshrnce. br Bl -M l Aroniom.. 2 4 4
KatwYandle.br rr tr' JT geaaiaa).. 4 aro
I'l-k Wtlllama, b s lE. Shoeaiaker> . ? fl ro
J 88*4. 224'*. 2 _tm
Nai* Ateyaaar, b. e <u'- M Haleted) 3 2 11
Ceialdlne, t rr .F Shoemaker). .418
t?i Kohl - ??. "'? A M :ln>l) 2 8 4 3
Baron Dali ? hr s. iT. W. Baaa?tn. 1 4 2 di*
Hiram AWff, b a fw. J aftatar). . ?'. dls
rttna, 3 21-4. C.22. 2 2U 2 2:
Tilsai gteyaaer. b, u. far. H. Hs.i*ir?d>.. 2 11
r.mu, vaa, ch. m. (W H. Btrang. Jr.)... a 8 -
Ollvi Id. b a. (F. A Caaapbell).. ? ?' ? l
Elaatlc. b g. *ll Tt. OUR...... 8 8 8
- niltcs, rh c rj r. Olbbeaa).. ? 4 n>
AxB-orthy, b. a Itl" 8 BSfll
1 dla
lime. 2.27*4. | 2:: 2 27.
Boralll I. H ' bj) . .i i
Dlck Maaen. bih a <n R i"'arkei. 2 2
? 1:11 . .' '4*?
Bard r . ? .. ? (C. II sieanuiii. 14 1
l, b p iw. n Wardeu).... 2 l 3
_ , Botteauel .8 8 4
The Ballormab, b ?. i\ '"i^wford). 4 8 8
.i >i Oregor, k s >T V. G!b
tori.i . . 8 e ro
l, . !' f. ii-. . W I Moaerl. 99
r;.ii- 8 IA, alf. 8 i-v?.
!.?:?nrl, 1. k IH. VV flanai.'.3 1 1
- t. g ii' Blnaenl.1 - 8
itack i a ?>'? ReM) .8 8 4
ji.-n i"? l k iE i Pchlotterbaeb) . 4 i :*
? g if| b Ciarka) .?'? I ra
Iim?. 3 22. 2 ill's. 2 22\
Grand Circuit Trotters Furnish
Many Surprises.
iralamaaoo Mlrh Jnty :iv-The r.rani
Clrcull ra-'":-' enddd here to-d.iy Mth aont'
ex'-eptior.il raring and the faatest tlm*?
>et made. There wara .-urprlies, and plen
ty af them Ball, Jr., Iflstti, furnlahed onu
Benaation when h. isftatad HedgeB-ocd
Boy and ladapendenoa Boy ln the cham
pionshlp pavtng >weei>siakea. It reoutred
four h.-.ir.s for him tO m-ore on# of tbO
modt popular vtCtoraSS of th.o aeaaon.
Panlaa Ifald troited an exeellent race and
easlly wun tha cbampiOCtablp trottlng
BWaaaktaahaa Ajriast Hai had no dlfflouiag*
tn takini; the |d| lace for trottera. a?g
Mark Kaight waa the :*.n pace- Annl-^
I.aune had baaa plcked n? an easy wlnnar,
but ri"\i-r had a ehance.
Tlic uurnniarles follou :
CHAMriONaHip rjtornisa sw-Kro'STARRa?
IW" 1N TliKKU?PfR.<H. 11.000
ren*.<'.-i Mai.i, h ni. hy lvnnant tl)?an).... X 1
.i-'.in. i'i. iii i alcDi ?-. ih i . 2 2
i ?r". blk fl. iMc*'arth\i .-..,... 3 a
liHiiwrih.v, r-r. j. (Oeera). 5 ^
llr.no Olrdla, b. m. (Mc.Muhoro ._, 4 dla
Ttaae, '-':07'-.'. -VOiVi.
plr.se. 11.000.
Earl. jr.. gr. h.. by The Eaii (Coxi.. 3 2 11
iBdapendaBta Boy. ch. a. hy Thlatla
tMurpby) . 1 4 3 2
lle-laeu-.i".! IVi>, . ll. h., bv Chatwood
iM'MalK.nl . 4 1 2 3
Kvelyn W., b. IB. iShnnkl. .13 4 4
l^iih Maiule. eh. ni. (Henr> 1.3 dla
Ttaaa, 3:03,i. 2:03^. 2:l>3*4. 2:05'*.
Argnt Mai. b. h., hy Argot Wllkea (J.
Beayoa) . 1 1 l
rafl.-ade. ih. in. taltirphr). 2 2 T
Jaek Promlae. b a (Oaeral. 4 9 .'?
Areo, b f. iti. Maceyi.?8 4 4
iViin, Mk. h. (Proetor) .ft ft 6
Tlme. 2.n*>',, L' iiflt,. 2:10*4.
Mark Knlgh?, hlk. h.. by Twelfth
Nlglir iHal!) . 13 11
Annl? LuurU, b. in by Walter Dl
ract (Dean) .?.|J 3 *
Blll Wtlllama. ch. g. illurphy).3 <Ua
Pt-.kifl. b m. (O. Macey). 4 dr
Woodbower Burnea, blk h. iValentine) 5 dla
Tlme. 2:0?V 2:05\. 2.-0SU. 3:10*4.
Cologne, Germany. July 23?IndlapoalUon
og the part of Dr. Tarraach, of Nurambarg.
cauae.d the latter to demand the thre* daya
uf grace to whlch he ia entltled this after?
noon ln hla chesfl match wtth Carl Schlech
ter, of Vienna. which after nlna gaunea
etands at two polnts each, wtth flva anana.

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