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V~ LXXI....N* 23,626.
Tn-ila.t. ?hnwera a.ul ,-ooler.
Tii-mnrrow, pr.ibBhly fnlr; b.hiMi wind.
Irreconcilable Tories Believe
They Can Muster 100 Strong
Against Veto Bill.
Points Out the Unwisdom of Pre
sonting Radical Government
? with Permanent Majority
in House of Lords.
? "r' i TtW
Lononnf July _4.?A nrlona sit nation
fr,re.? thr l/nlonist part?-. Tho attitnde
Unputed to Lord taannaowne. namely, a
yneea t.. aubmlt to foree mnjeure -
meeta nifh ihe Btrongeet crttldam among
certaln af his followera who are of the
optnlon thnl tlie government should be
forced to enrry out Its threat <>f mnkintj
pe> ra
dlfference la betteved lo have
rtached very conaldembla dlmenalona,
Lord Halabury. Lord tfelberne, Lord ?al
lebory and Lord Wllloughby <ie Broke
pr^ cJamorlng ior the adoptloa of ? pol
I no Burrender. and they elalm to
hflv. tha 'i!-i"it of .1 hundred other
Mr. Batfour'a vlewa, llka Lord Lana
a, are underatood to ba unflavor
i provo ativo ,-onrse to tlie end.
m d aa a i onaequence Mr. Balfour*a
m the Comnaona an.l Leord
lowna'a leaderahlp ln the T.ords
*?' . h ,';. r r'.j |. tl dl< -harda of the
i nlonhrl part:
Two Opposmg Camps.
t ln the I'nionist raiikH i* di*
! ln ..11 it* j-oriousnoj-s to-day ln the
rohimna Ol the ei.*!!?' prenp. Not only ar.
rcans arrayed in two opposiriR:
' ? ind ajnlnal "the snrrender to
'ho inevltable," bul even tbe leadera are
the tr i; .
1 raon an-l Lord Charlea Berea
' ? ? | ihed thi Ir i lewa In the
thla morntng. The former Vlceroy
ot tndia adducea ciK-rit reaaona why the
upi.t the ..fhr-ial < >i po
? it thal the r.ari of
Bn Of "no surrender"
nould ? | for the party and
1 l|o .i Ida tllHt to fnrro 3
tlon of peera would be to
>-.>mo rule li
t ? ..... Beatabllahmenl and
the veto Mll by a maehinery
4.- roui and deapoti.'.
I o beneflt,
? proap* '" on ' '-e nation.
rjuting tho go\ on,
in'iit. but, ? ? th* onl ii frai iltouelj
A"3iiM Common Serme
ii bi bad en* - i 'ri^ ?
i ? thal th. gotarnment ai
sr.- BMaJorltJ Ifl the House
? . r4 pedlency or
. . the publlc advan
. cond ma -
? . HOUB4 . f i ???
? ? iup| orta
?h.-. offlclal Contervatlva programme.
th* l ? ? ly li "to
:. folloa Ing, and 11 poaalble lo
-t th* laaue ol . \ ib
? Itamb* rlal
.- ii i . ? the li ad* ra of
Mi. I ? . wlll be ti i
? ? ' and
?t i-- nal ? that 1 rrlala n ili'
i mi .? pe< re.
Widow of Veteran of Revolution
111 Years Old Found.
lul] _'?'!. Mra. Marj Tra
r. ili - ean ol I, a real daught* r
1 tlon, lias been
ii.iiiii.i-. one-rooni rabln
? ty, tia. Her I ?
-. . \1 ag M
and tw .1 great-greal
noth r
? ? . ,\ C, ln )MK) At tha age o1
?; ad Hli m l'r<>' i<>r, a
m .-1 thi llevolu'tioa and th* War
'.'il under tii- id?
? ? ? .? tlona of twent ? ? Prea
? ama und Wllllam H.
' ??
... dding onapJtlng of
, thi ll ? Ihe rougb plank
...'???? Revo
i . . ? ? ? . ma. latod, akln
. ., moat i ik< i loi. Her
nghtei ,,i, the '.- antfl
. ,,, the little houa* ho il
? - tllla th.- .-..ii ln g
rden patch near bj Tii ?
? uflta .1* ri? -.I from II ? Ial r
?!. |12 a month p*
.. i\. 4 for tt,. m r\ i.?!?.
? .--. il in i!.. VYuT >?:
. baa been atarted In At
li BufBclenl t>, proa Ida
; \* om* li fl ' t I' -t "t
Costa RkftB Held Up as Soon as Nev,s
of His Wealth Gets Abroad.
? ita R ?>. 4
\4.i.i other namea :n be
n an) ? ara dtatlng i
M . al i '.<i'.>*<> by
Trota," la rtch, or falrly
b* i.i a portlon of Ihe tlck* t
i... ]:-.-? BJ, : .1 -
- ai - aaaottnti d t" tM ??
. i?.t - ..I.-.':' n 1 .i wil
,...,,vmi i" many Aaa*
* puCed ui*. ;i* >*'' ''"' (1',v
,,,,/.. ba eontluued bla
. | , . airylng parcela *t
ii. baa aol aacaped tbe
never, aa aa ?<
? mada thal idfhl t*. rob hlm
la the banda al dea
: a . ountrynaen. i>?- >--ii'i he nould
? rrendei hla fortune if thay would ">?**"
??iii*. ii..- actlon belng toBowed hl ? gtnek
.,-ti for Bbartj,
,.,, . , for t
" ' *"**?
- lie will ko lo ti"
-.J ...t Blfl a"^ljr<- 4~ Uc
and power
ful story by thc well
I HE known author -
actor, Emmett C
King. ui thc ncxt
AZINE of thc
Eleven Deaths Reported-Forest
Fires at Fontainebleau.
Parla, July 28.?Parli li sweiterinu ln
the WOret tieut WflVe In the last tuenty
tive yaara, coa>dlUona belng made m-.r.
eevere by tho contlnued drouth, do raln
havlng fallen for e month. The ther
DMMneter has Haen Bteadily f.?r the laat
eight dayi from Bi to '.'", the latter iic
uro badng attalned yeaterday. All in*Ji
catlona polnt to a contlnuance of thc
heat for scv.-ral daya
t.i add t<> the eufferlng of the people
thcrc hea been ? partlal braakdown ln
the water BUpply, Two leakfl in the
naaln plpea, dtocovered yeeterdey, made
lt peoeaaary to cul ofl the aupply dur?
ing the Rlght
Many deatha from the beal have o.
curred, th?.> daily average bt Ing six untll
yeaterday. when eleven arera reported.
At fontainebleau tJi?- drouth araa re
Bpoaelble f**r tiie deatructlon ?>f flfteen
Rcrea "f tlmber ln th..- moal rdctureaque
part *'f ihe fi.r.-st. Troopa were cailed
.mt an.l Bitcceeded ln K'MtinK thii flre
under ccntrol, when a naore eerw ie out
breab occurred around the Balamandro
--. Thla flre burned over aboul 1,500
...m-.'s, and kepl the ao *ii* i - bu
it was eetlmated I ;- 'hat th. flamea
i-jT.-'a.i over three thousand acrea i"i .<
tlme th? great powder magaalnee al
Marrilotte were threatened, bul th< el
[fortfl *.f the entlrc Fontainebleau garrl
jeon .-ave.; them. The flre wlll probably
amould. 1 Cor ?> fortnlgbt.
Berlln, July 23.?Germanj i- BufferlnR
from thr- moal oppreaalve heal wave
alnce r.*'!. readlnga a.- hlgh aa nn da
_--..- belng reeorded Multltudea bave
gone t>. ihe auburban lake-,. bul are ? \
perleni Ing i"!>' i ? ? Thc t* mr* ra
? ? along th.i- ...i i bi ?? almoal
equalljr hlgh Many heal proatratlona
are reported from Rtettln, Uaraburg,
-in- and .-is* a hi re.
Part of Constantinoplo Wiped
Out - Fire Still Raging.
I'anatantlnople, July tt. During fea
tlvltlea this afternoon In celebftttlofi ol
the .iii.il".-ra-y --f the ptrantlng *.f the
new conatitutlon flre i.r.-Ue r.-.it rn stsm
boul, neai tt<. \\a- aflnlatry, whleh
narrowl) eaeaped belng deatroyed A
vlolenl north wlnd fanned the blaae
repl over a reeldentlal dletrlcl
levelllng Bfleveral hundred houeei Theae
.., *, I--, >?>? ; ?(? . ? \__ q iert< r, In
the vlclnlty ol the Bulelmaniyeh Mo que
Lati t.. nlghl tl" nre la Btill burnlng
fl, reel; . and the i llgbl of lh< InhabM -
. pitlabl.. Rev. rai i" i Bon* were
Injured, Including the former Mlnhrter
ol \\ ,r m .i mound H< hel el Pacha. Bu
mora are rurrenl that 1 rc la ui In
cendlai. orlgln
i.,.. r reporta plai * Ihe n nnbi ? ol
houaea deatroyed ???' two 1 touaand, In?
cluding Ihi Oeneral Btaff Bulldlng. The
.... .. ,? terrirli grandeur.
i?,,ii rovera the whole area lm ? i I
th< T eodoalan waiir of Conetantlnople.
lt |* ihe Mahomi Ian pan of the i lt:
. i are the fler Rllo, the |.rin
iui the ma of the
...... - . ? he publlc ot
. go ernment and tlu ezlatlng re
tant nn Beparata
...... itti d to ihe \rm< nlana, the
nnd the Jewa Tbi quar
Lad of 17 at Whecl Says Hc
Was Afraid to Stop.
I-. Krapb lo Tha t.i, rei
Baltimore, Julj 211. After dt ti i tlv< ?
ha.l Boarched for twenl four houra ln
for th< automoblle and o< cupanta
thal ran down and kin- *? Wllllam H
? . ,-t ralla R) conductoi. on
., road outalde thla ? lt* lat. PYldaj
nlght, Police Juatlca B. an <>f Arllng
,, n. t,-,-d., r. '? -I five '"". b, i ,
all under ag<
When the maehlne ran down the man
,i... o. cupanta ot thi rai k< p1 on, nol
, ven Btopping '" tt* wh< th?*r th. man
ava* killed or Injured. Later they tele
, honed th ? Fln D i irt.nl houae ai
Arllngton thai an automoblle hadatruck
.,,. i.111 th*' wo ild nol <li^' looe
,. , |t ,;. nut; John C Boydi n, a. ven?
i,, n yeare '>i*i ^:,s ,m' olrlvei ol the
BUt0 " ,,,. ia the aon ol Oeorgi A Boy
,-.,, ,. a/ealtb) cltlaen ol llounl Waeh
,. , den'a comi anlonfl on the mldnlgm
Vl; . - joi in Danl. I Beott.
il,.,,,i, and Jamea Bmltl Bo den haa
",?.,, releaeed on *n.0UU ball, and the
on ">*" ?'??'!' ",H|" Baven
. ? den Ifl hU Atatemeni to
him, aald:
. w,. ,.,.- trylni l.>*? "?' "'"'' wt
,?,., ,,. havlng i" I.il "' "l,r *'?* :"i'1
when it hapnened I waa ao -Jcarad I was
afraid to Btop.
-W. had B flne atretelj ol road before
|J- ,n ,,., ,, 0f Ble. trlc Park and we put
o? aome -h**"1 ,""' i'"",,'s "'"' lighu '
I __e_t l M?l her oui foi, aboul tweettj
mllea an houi 1 un ? ?"? think II uaa
m, ,, than that The road te ao |.
,,?.,-.. ti,;,i the car Just plcked up ihiH
apei .1. Then all ol a audden there aootned
m before me a man. i know we hll him.
Aft.-r thal i kept ofl I a-afl M" acarad I
araa afraid to atop. That la all "
11- ... ajapk i" Tbi 1 ll ? ? I
Leuke Craorga. N. I , July B. Wward M.
Rhepard paaaed a oimifortable niRiii and
contlnuea to Hhow algna of bflprovemeflL
though piograaa toward raea>varji >s aol aa
marked aa h had been hoped '' '< I
Hannlng aald le daj \'- ?^'"?i"i I I
;, romfrrtabh nlghl ihough he la . alr. me
I weal and all cwii.iitfvfle IndlcaU Bttfht
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. C. Crans
Found Dead in Each
Other's Arms.
Poverty Prompted Act of Once
Promine^t Couple of Middle
town, N. Y.?Left Letters
Telling of Intention.
.;? i elegi | ... Ti.' Ti Ibai ?
Middletown, N v . July -?"? Claaped ln
each othera arms Mr. and llra. Bdward
i>. C. Cmna, well hnowq ln thla dty.
wi re found dead In their bed al tbelr
home, N". 30 Orchard atreet, lata Ihla
afternoon. They had -beo dead Bln ???
Wedneaday. Mra. Cmna arore her wed?
dlng dreaa, whlch Ihe hnd preaervedfor
ii ora than ? fleore of yenra.
nn a chalr bealde th.- bed wera two
kIhss.m whlch bad appnrently contnlned
. arii..lir arid. < ?ti 11 e satno chalr hung
Mr. CrnnaTa eoat Tha Indlcatlona wera
thal th*- polaon had been prepared in an
,,,>,,.,? room, earrled Into the bedroom
and drunk, after whlch th.- couple gol
into bed. and, wrapplng Ihelr anna
around each other, awalted death.
Mr. and Mra Crana Hved in Orchard
atreet ihe Rueai reeldentlal parl of lha
clty. They had been protnlnent aodally
f..r many yenra. -Mr Cmna waa for
,r,,.ri.itor of "The Middletown D i
Praag " He '? ad alao b< en protnlnent ln
tbllcan poHUca! ? Irclea ror a long
Two lettera li ? - d in one on- elope
irhtch were found eatabllahed tha fact
that Mr. ami Mra. Crana had dled -.- a
reaull of a Biilcldi pa* * a '?? ,j;"1 '"" "
in their mlnda aln* a Man h 10, IMI, al
leaat. for on- of the lettera bore that
date. The lettera were addreaaed to
"Esemtor Dr. K. M. I* hultx." The I* t
tor. dated Marrli 10, waa aa rollowa:
Dear Frlend When oui erllta ar*
aome tlme ago, ar. eapeoted to ea ?
rum, bul - ? ?ved ""?
"hrtetlan frlend. are .-* - >? ? - ;<
ON, r? ll Ing '- .il -'"'" N" - ' .
? -
,???.?. our frlendi laa ?? "?* r'
? ;. ,?,.. dear friend Ih. only one
.. ,rled to help ue W Ja
\>rj fev H ?
Sired tell whal I know! Mj dear
UaHthit ? n.ve left.nd , Mlrad
,-. letl. r. " Itlen |u I ',?'??-"
? ?., . i,i. Id*. f.'H"" -
Dr. Bchtilta: - , ? , ...
\\e do nol ?? nt I have b fun* ra j
::::f,,;:"'v:-'"ir:,.:" S.B
,;^,.,? ,,.:;;;........v-.'.s.V;:
rtaker dlaturh mj hair oi nfy cbrthea
Mr and Mra Crana, who \" re of mid?
dle ar-. were well known and reapected.
N>|ghbor* - ? thal Hv? hai no Ldeo II 8
COUpl,, waa ln riecdy rlrcumatancea. and
? aaemad thal Ih* Crana' prldi wai too
pa-aal for them lo IH ihelr real condltJon
i..- knov ?
Mr .,, d mra. ? 'rana IobI two chlMren
by diphtberla aeveral yeara ago. and It
..,, been aald thal tl la mlafortuna un
; ..,.,,,, the couple. Mr. Crana blmaelf
BUffered a levera attnek ol typhold fever
? ? ago, whlch worked flomi
lujurj to hla mlnd.
Says Men Annoyed Her on "L"
Train_Defenders Attackcd.
rj,, tl - complalnl of Kotl ei ' kler, bI?
,ron yeara old. ot So. SI Baal I
. H , ibor* "? ? ? ?
,h..v alighte."? ? aouthbound Thlrd
avenue elei.I iraln al tlu i
H.iii.... laal nlghl and wen lak-n I i
, -.,., . ? ? ? pollc* itatlon,
,harg ' '":"''
..K..1: ?' '
Accordlng to l ? ? ? ??? : ??** " " ""
,. ,? ..,,,, -..1 ? iraln, and their
., ,tiona becam*.'?'?? ? -? ' ' ,w ;'1"
.. . | ,0 men paa engera to protect her.
, ,. ,? thej pul <* " al "??
, ? ,,., ti gged al hei elothlng When
.-.-.,! men vo i ???*
w inklei th* three Itallai attackcd
and g general ng I i I When th*
waa enterlng the 171 i atreel tatkui tbe
motorman wl latled foi police aid.
raptaln MrNally, ol th* Baai Ktb ireel
.. ? ..,,. a .,.... of pai olmen and two d*
tectiveg liiiiii") lo 'I" ' levated Btructure
aad found ihrei Ua ? - : - "r,IB
, , , ,l othei men In h of the
-,-, ... u. ... taken to I ? Bta1 on
v. |.. re thi lullam d* acrlbed Ihem
. no go, of No. W Themp
M ., | ,.t. Domlnlck Damp, ol No I
:,.] Jamea Topl, "f No. 2H
Gllaabeth atreel 'r: - tb - men. all ot
whom wei.ng. "'"'"-? '' '? '?' ?''
betng '"' awaj t?j ?< ' ?:|
.\ri.: ?,. ..i ng UI W Inkl* i
ti,- men'a nlght courl Maglatrata I
Ktiiiteiiced t:. men lo the workhoua*
Was 65 Years Old, but Had Ma
nia for Appearing Youthful.
11 ; ? ??. rapi
. i j,- i ,i\. Jui) 3. Mra. * !arol) n H
gelton, who v?a-< alaty-flve yaarg old, i>ut
I ad .' manla foi appearlni Ln ro ithful ai
tlra, ill-'l al the Hoti i Rali Igh, thla i Ity, on
Wedneada). ;' 't for aome reaaon it
w.,.^ Hrltbhfkl untll to-da . Dud
,, .ilk; man a t. ? cem* bei ? two ? ? I
ago and waa aith hei frequentlj haa lefl
u , , n> and iii-i- ;- ti" one to i arrj -. il
ni r dylng arlahe thal i.- r bod) pi i
,,,.,-. , and ' ia ? hei acatti red from tb* I
i . Btatua of Llbarty.
Among her Intlnsata frlendi d rlni her
eareei ?.f Iwenty yeara in New Tork were
llra FYank Leatli an.l \r?llir>. u..- ptaalai
Vallln waa here n entl] and on ana ..i-.a
hiuii araa teaeed i it<> ti.eeaa bj aome
batbera Mra Haaeltoaj aaemad t.. baaa aa
uncontronabla deaJra i" entartaln mual
rlana "long haJred man and ahnri draaaed
women," accoadtng t" bar frienda bara
Durlng lha laal foui yeara Mr- Haaelton
la aald to iiave had apartmenta .u tha Bm
jiiio Hotel, in New v.irk Whal httle ra
,,,.,,11 .,f bar ni"'" y '?- ,l' ""' '?im"'" Trual
* lompaaj
i,. | .. Bar f." aaer wealth, thi bod; a
rb i in Pottar'a Field unle
?,,,. i '? ,.1K'? "f "? '" "'"'
I'urlfl* i1 ? W ? ? ? ^ nourlal
II T l ?? wc .. ' W? ' ? ' I'di'Mi si, .4 i.
-AU\l. . ^.
Expresses Satisfaction at Out
come of Long Fight in
Democrats Did Not "Play Pc-li
tics," He Says?Pact Will
Make for Greater U. S.
and Greater Canada.
Beverly, Mass.. Jul] 23. -In tbe flrat
Btatemeni he has raade Blnce the paaaage
..f the redprodty blll by the Benatei
Prealdeni Taft, al hla aummer White
Houae to-night frealj acknowledged
iliat his long, han! -ainiauii i" behflll
.,f that meaaure would hav. proved un
avalling If flji" Democrate had nol helped
him. Wlthoul auch ald, th- Prvatfdeai
doclared, re. Iproclty wouM bave been
The Prealdeni made uee of the flrat
pereon. an unueual form in comrounlea
ti..ns from the White lh-us.'. t-. efflphfl
aiae th.- fact that tha Btatement ?,is his
own eapreaaton.
"Th.. Democratfl dld nol play polltlce.'
ln th<- conoqutal eenae ln whlch thoae
worda are uaed." aaid the Prealdent, "hut
roUowed th< dtetateo ? "'' a high.-r
Por >?-. r.-taiv KntVJ an.l his RMlfltantfl
in the Btate Department, vvh.> conducted
the negotlatloni and framcd the pact,
the Prealdeni s..i,i more than ?>. word >.f
pralae. Thoae Bepubllcana, be aald, who
foughi for reclproclty, 'an.l aome "f
whoae votea a'ere nectaeary t>> the i.as
,v. nf the hiii. may properly enjoy
,,,!:tii..1 felli Itatlona on a 'work well
doni ,"
in his own Judgment, the Prealdeni ne>
rlared, ihe agreemenl '? ->nui mark an
epoch ;n the relatlona between the
L'nited Btatea and Canada, end thoae
who oppoaed the MII In Congreea would
Hnd th.il- propheHefl dlaproved aad thelr
r, ars allayed by Ita actual operatlon.
i,,, ,,;,. ,g, the * 'anadlan Parllament,
ii,.. 1., 1 1.1. ',. 1. H becomee a bond
!? |aveen the .?-'." rountrl. a, he hoped and
h, ?.'i bi forthcomlng "Tho
aatlafa. tlon I il actual experlence In its
.....rkmu 9 111 ci"'." he aald. "WI l """
dently hope v III aeeure Ita petniaiiance,
i? ;. d'.ad" Itfl beneflta. wlll contrlbute
, ,.,,-, , , ., ..,-?,,,.-,? unlted Btatea an.l .1
? - 1 anada
Th. Prealdent arrived at "Parra
matta" the noR Tafl rottage, ahortly
.,(,,.,- s ,., loch thli mornlng, motorlng
oui f. Boeton ln an hour. Mra. Taft,
Mlaa Heteti Tafl aad "Charlle." his
voungeet flon, aere waltlng and he hnd
breakfaal wlth hla fanrllj for thr- flrat
fimo rtiwe he lefl Bevcrlj for the Weat,
nn july '-'? . ?
O,, u,e wa: from Waehlngton the
Prealdeni had tlme for b long cbal wlth
senamr Pcnroee, who led the rlghl for
,,., iproclty. wlth BecreUry of the Treaa
?rv MacVeagh and Becretan Hllle* Mr.
Penroae lefl him al Phlladelphla, Becre
,,,. Hiiu-s ui Newark. K. J.. and Mr.
MacVeagh deeerted the part) al Boaton.
, prealdeni had been thlnklng aboul
H atatemeni. however. and "after aleep
i?R ovei it " aahe pul it to-day. deoided
thal II ahould bc written and that credlt
ahould he given where eredll waa due.
With Mta Taft and children and Major
1: ;tt, h< motored ten mllea to Lynn to
hear the Bev. Roberi f'allyer, of New
york, preach al the Plral L'nltarlan
Church. i.iin.h."!. over, .1 Btenographer
,,,iie,i in and Ihe etftement araa
di* tuted. _
Conscrvativcs and LJbrrals in Canada
Will Discuss MeaHtirc.
,,. ,, ... ;. , aal . Julj H. Tbe opiolon of tha
two . anadlan ,- irl ea on reclproclty will
:,.. eapreaaed al part) caucuaea, whlch
have been cailed b) both thi Uberala an 1
1 vatlvei* for Tueeda .
1 , ,-.. M ituatloi reaultlm from tl a
fe 0f the reciprodt) BRteemi 1 I
,,,. American Benate aill b. ? ed and
. IR,, ,.? a, ikm whleh .h alde wlll pur
??, ulr ... determlned. II i- generally
agreed thal the Uberala will atrongry ad
vocate continulna reclproclty nn the only
,.,-,., ,,1 partwmeatar) buatneea untll the
I ,n ;., rmlta II to peaa or untll II
. . . ,,,1 to the country thal the
Conaervativea Intend to nllbueter ifldefl
nlteb aad thal fl leai al ? '?? tkw mual
.... , ?:i,.,i to u t the oplnl.>f the coun
,,.. ot, .,,!*, reclproclty and obetructton
The Uberala probably whi declde Jual bow
much long r obatructlon arlll be tolerated
before Partlarnenl I db olved.
lt the < 'onaervatlvi caucui 11 will b. de
,.|,'i.,i arhetbei Hm blocalng of the neaaure
WIH i? u-ontloued Indeflnltely. A1 preeenl
, . L..? rai oplnlon lhal tbe part) aill
continue obatructlve tactlca.
"Joy Riders" Cause Old Bridge
to Full on the Pennsylvania.
raj 1 ,.?..- ta rbl Ti il. "!? 1
Phlladelphla, July 28. A large tourini
car in whlch were Bvi young women
, , ,1 two in. 1. ifl th. I'timarv cauae for
tha tle-up lo-nlfhl ol the entlre Mary
Innd dlvlalon of the Penneylvenle Rall
,,. ,,i. The automoblle party, apparentl)
? ,,. ridlng" ahortly after 10 o'< loch to
night, daah. .1 at terrlflc pa. ?? ovei thc
old a.Ien brldge ovei the Pi nnaylva
1 . Ballroad al 7SM atreei and Olenmore
aVenue, ni 11 t'1" Phlladi Iphie * Ity
..\s the macblne daahed orer the brldge
Ihi old at.h-n atructure *>n<' *.f the fea
lefl ln this parl "1 'h- < ..niiti v bwi d
back and forth, ?*>"1 Jl*sl ?*" Ihe roaehlne
cleared 11 Ihe Btm. ture i.li. covering the
rlghl "i way wlth dehi I . The
Butomobil. partj w v*' -t"i'i'?'*i. ind Bve
?ninutea lat. r ?? loi ..i frelghl came t.. ;h.
apol an.l i.it th>- brldge aahrtn. Th. care
m ,, | ik*d one on t'.|> <.r th.- ..th-r un.i it
... ni h>- houra before tha tracka oan be
, i. 11. .1. Mo one was Injun d
v 1,1.1, 111.11 1 ni 1 ai u an.l flggan 1 ,.
,. 1 expreee northbound from IVaahlng
,,,,,. s- .-?? . -ti ln| "i unn- ? aa tled up,
;. ii around
. , p ,iy of Ihe tracfci *>i 'h*'
BaJUmori &. uliiu Uatliwd Cojrmaj)/,
Acknovvledges Their Aid in Passing Reciprocity Agree
ment and Predicts Future Will Prove Its
Opponents Were Mistaken.
PNatdral Ti.it; in hia flrst authorttaUvfl itatemenl 011 thi paaaaffl ni
the reclpro*itt) agreement tiy congress. wMch wm mada poMtc at Beverly
y.Bter.iHy. inake<? fuii gatnmowtedgment of tlie part played by Uioie Democrata
win. worked and roted for tho agreement, and pralaea Becretarj Knox, arbo
conducted ihe negottatlona an.l framed lha pact
Tho Prealdent'g gtatemenl followa:
That I am ven mtich plcasc*| with the pasg&ge of the ( an.uli.ui
reciprocity bill through both houses ol Congresa goea without say
inp. I believe and hope it will hc followed by similar action by the
Canadian Parliament. Tn my judgment,' the going into effeel ol
the agreement will mark a new epoch in the relations between the
United States and Canada, and ii will tend to a marked increase In
the trade between the two countriea which will be in every way
benencial to both.
i hope the credit that betonga to Secretary Knox and his special
assistants in tlie State Department. in the negotiating an.! framing
oi the part and their lucid explanation an 1 defence of its terms. will
nol be withheld.
In a sense the bill passed was a non-partisan measure, though
the Republicans who voted for it probably did so on one economic
theory apd the Democrata who voted for it on another. 1 should
1)*' wanting in strafghtforward speaking, however, ii 1 did n.>t freely
acknowledge the cre.lit that belongs to the Democratic majority in
the House and the Democratic minority in the Senatc for their con
sistent suppori of the measure in an earnest and sincere desire to
secure its passage. Without this reciprocity would have been im
possible. It would not have been difficull for them to fasten upon
the bill amendments afTecting the tariff generally in such a way aa
to embarrasa thr- Executive and to make it doubtful whether ne
could sign the bill, and yet to claim popular approval for their aup
I*..rt of reciprocity in ita defeat. In other worda, the Democrata did
not "pla\ politics," in the .olloquial sense in which thoae worda are
used, bm the\- followed the dictatts of a higher policy.
We Republicans who have earnestly sought reciprocity, and
some of whoae votcs were neceaaary to the paasage of the bill, may
properly enjoy mutual felicitationa on a work well done. To those
who oppoaed the bill, on the ground that it would do harm to the
farmer'-. we ean only say that we who have supportcd the passage
of ihe bill look forward to the tesl of the actual operation of the
reciprocity agreement to disprovc their prophecies and to allay their
feartt. I lir sattsfaction thal actual experienci in it- working will
rive, we confidently hope, will aecure its permanence. ln a decadc
its benefits will contribute much to a greater L'hitcd Statca and a
trreater Canada.
Gasolene Tank Explodes, Setting
Fire to Antomobile.
T.'ish R. French, who Irveg ln Pelham
Road, New Rochelte, Mr?. Prench and
., woman and man WhO R,,re th*.lr
gneMts. nnrrowiy aaranral aertoua mjttry
when the gBBOlona tank of Mff". Freneh'B
toiiring .'ar explode.l in Mount Tom
Ho.-,,i > eaterda]. *
Mr. .md Mra. ri'ii'h and tlieir guosts
had just lefl ?he P*rencto heme and had
K,,no only a ahon dlatance when tho
automoblle took llre. Thoaa hi tha ar
thn n ohii.1 on thi flanvs nntil Uw blaz>
reached the tank. Thay then had barely
Uma to zot away before tho t.mk *?x
ptoded, lendlng forth a ahower of burn
Ing llQUld. Mrs. lYench ll president of
the Rqual Pranchhafl League >.f New Ro
Girl Has Thrilling Experience on
Railroad Bridge.
iv. T-:. ?---ip'i t" Tha Trtbn i |
Plemington, S. J., July 2& Mlaa Edlth
Cook, of Three Brldgae, narrowly es
? ined death to-day whlla attemptlng lo
,r..!*s the Lehigh Valley Railroad brldge
uver the South Branch Rlver, near Flem
Ington Junctlon SWaa Cook, accompa
nled by another young woman, waa
walklng on tha planka between tha Iwo
tracka when a paaaenger train overtook
h.T. Then an eaatbound frelghl train
eame thunderlng along around the curve
and bUm Cook waa whlrled aboui be?
tween tha tWO trains.
sh.- waa btt by ona of tha ean nnd
thrown violently upon the planka, Bha
di.i not loae her lenaea nnd remalned
qulet untU both trains hnd PBBBfld. Her
companlon anw the fralghl In tlma lo
eacnpa 6rwn tha brtdge and wai unln
jured. one of Miss Oook'i anna waa
brokefl and the hant about her hlp badl]
torn. sii* ??us removed t.> her home.
Building on Estate of William
Guggenheira Destroyed by Fire.
.\ larp.- bara on th.- eetaU of wniiatn
Qufgenhelm, at Port Waahlngton, Long
island, waa burnad tn tha ground enrlj
yeaterday mornlng. Tha Hr<- atarteil in
the hay i.-ft on th'1 Moond floor. ai
though four r?r. compnnloa from Port
WashinKt'.n reeponded tn th.- .ni! for
help, th.- almoat total i;t< k "t wat< r pf -
v.nt.'i th.- tii.ni.ii I'roin dolng effectlve
work, an*i thej wera compelled to atand
by an.l wat.ii tne bulldlng burn. The
Are is belleved to hava been cnuaed by
apontaneoua combuatlon,
a prlae winning bull, valued at $5.01)0,
many fowl and three valuahli doga were
deatroyed In th. namea All the boraea
on th-- aatata. win. i ad b en kepl in
another outbulldlng, were reacued by tha
hnnda employed aboui the place. The
damagc was aatlmated al ib iui 120,000.
Circus Man's Injuries from Motor
Mishap More Senous than Reported.
ii... Taiaaiaaa ta tha Trw i
DevO'a i.ak.-. MJ. i?, Juljr tM. Injurlei
widch ji.ini Rhagllna, reeelvad wbaa hh
pi. roe-Arrow non-eontdetant weat into ??
.tn. h mda) afternooa hava turned ..at t><
ba iii.uo gertoua than Bral reported, and tbe
ctrcua iii.ui ls n*.w conflned lo hi* prlvata
.ii, Wiaoouatn, '.ind.-r tha mra >.f twe
letane. Kli knea ib wrenehad and b?
;- urf.-inia: great paln
Hln*--- Ihe ruiiiiir .-ju.-.i.l lhai BUUNUOa
iiiiistM ?.ii tha t'".i ,?re bkelj lo ??? bald up
by bandlta knnwii te ba la iiii- aacUen
every drrver huw aajoeurad .. revolver,
?? iiii-h h>- baa ready ta u ?
Baglaalng lo-nvoi ron. v Ra) chlei
- ? UI >? ? t't .1 i!,. i ireal Noi lliern, ?? III,
...ii.r atsteen ol tu.- ruen ihrougl lha
verloua automobUi , aith uidui io natch
tho rutii.
Two of Practice Squadron Lost
in Norwegian Monntains.
Ilerrflten, Norway, July SB. Two ofthe
cadeta of Om Amerlcan practice aqiiad
rr?n, whleh 1*. nofl here. have been mi
ahiir aln.e Trniradey, atRRl tliev set out
with an excuralOO party.
Ther- wo\r last Been at a t<>uri<-t Raftel
ot Hatigastt.el. and it ls fear. d they are
lost in th.- nvountalne.
Competitor in Grand Prix de
Paris Crushed to Deatb.
Le Mitis. Prance, July 23. The Qrand
Prix d. Prance, a'htch was run here to
day under the auapiceai of th. Autocno
hile Club <!*? la Batthe, was niarred by ..
fatal a.flCldi>ti'. Thi axle of tha machlna
ririven by Mauri.e Pournter, brother of
the n.'t-.1 automoblle ra. er, coUapaed
when the car was Bpeedlng more than
a miie a ininnte in an endeavor to over
take the Fi*-n<h drlver H-m* ry. FViui
nler a*aa cruehed to death beneeth tho
car. Hla mechanlclan was lmrir.l a
hundred feet into a Beld and Bortoualy
The race drea the blggeat erowd alnce
ti,, Wrlght aviation trlala ln I906L The
troploal heal aubjected the Urea and en
?dnee to b tremendoui atraln, addlng
graatly to the Intereat of the event as a
toM of endurance,
Pourteen Btartera came t.> t i line tor
the race, whlch was <>\.r a dletanoe ?*t'
.;:;?> kllometrea (iRO mllea), bul no Aaaei
Icana competed, tbe only Anierican car
entered havlng met wlth aa acddeni
laal Ifonday, ln whkh the drlver, Henrl
Uepat.se, was injured and his m*'>nan
i. ian killed.
Hemery, ln ? Plal i ar equipped wlth
Michelln tlree, won the . v.-nt in T houra
and '? mlnutea, roverrhg the twelve
rounda ol the courae al an average
apeed of '.?l Ulometrea (3U mlleaj Rn
hour. No other .ipetltor had com
pleted the dletance wben the tlme lltnli
v. its up. Moal of them had abandoned
[the race altogether before the tanth
Accompany War Craft for Miles Under
Water Off Blotk Island.
I r. . papk te Ih. Tni-.i ? |
Sewport, 't L, -i>'i> aa The ofltcera ,.nd
crewa ?>'' two of the aubmerlee of the At
lantic ti-' flald to-da) ther hav.. iearned
lhal whalea are nol tbe leaat afraid ef tha
rwatcr warablpa Whalea hav.- beea
reported "ft" Block laland aeveral tlmea thla
aummer, and laal Rfedneada) during the
naval war R..m.- the men in tha BUbma
. - Narwbal and Ralmon bad paraon ?:
experii ncefl wlth the big tl-.li
Barl) in tbe mornlng tba Karwhal, when
,-it Block laland, met -. whole, aad the flah
acompaaled the i">at for aevaral mllea
Itiet : afore duah tbal day th.* Balaoon
wh.-n "tt No Man'a Land had much the
-.i.\j.. ii. ii. ??. The* bla Rah evtdenlly
mlatook th<- BUbaaarlaai foi one ef thelr
? ?*. :i klnd,
Mannc Observer Reports 600 Boats
Engaged in Sport.
Tha Coupl ae la Mott, atartae eaearvar
.mii talegrapher ..t Bandy n...?k. whoea
trained eyi oaa tertl aaripe erhea they an
well out U> aaa, mflaarted ?n aRueuai tt"m
reetoraal araaRB ba lent ui> hll olarei lailona
for Ihe aa)
ii, reported ? Bael ?>f flve kuradrad motor
boata -.ti'i >ati...ats <>rr the n>...k. aai from
whal ba aaw through inn ajteofl 'it<- nniiiii,*
uitfl. ajood Tbe obaerver wae a Mt aawftnia
about the weather, faarlag that .i Moa
rrom the are ' er notthwoat BtJghi cauae
trou '?< '."' Ih amateur apoitatn u The
[weather, however, ?as eiooHeui ihiuut-n
' cut Iho aaf.
America's Precautions Against
Cholera Cause 700 to Lea"?
Ship at Naples.
Eleven Cases at Swinburnc Isl?
and?Authorities Say Fear
of Spread of Disease
Is Eliminated.
i:.-....iso of tba unuaualty strh-t *,uar
antlne regulatlona reeentl] laaued by
th. Unltad Btntei governmenl fot tlia !??
( ro;,so.l pfOtectlOn of thin ...uiitrv
against the threate;.*.] Invaetea of Aal
aUd cholera from Ifedlterranean ports
th.- gteamablp Ban Glorgio, <>f tho Italta i
Line, wlll arrive fr-un Kaplea t"-mor?
row mornlng wlthoul a [.assenger. Bhe
bad been booked t'> capadty, whlch Ifl
about aeven hundre-i paaaangara.
Th*- v.'ss.-l was reported at 7:11 a. m.
yeaterday as betaag 7tt mllea aaal af
BBl -ly EfOOk, Whlch should l.rinp; li. r i??
QuaranUna at | a. m. to-m>>rr.>
Bhe had t.ienty of paaeengeri on
board untl! a few hOUTI befOTC alu ? I
from NapU-s ..n July I.
Accuatomed t.. carry ;. I j:' Btaaraga
complefnent, tho Bap ?Horgio
t., iall for N'" rork loaded wlth be?
! tween UM) ind 194 illenn, wh ;> i '?li?',
ijneeaagi wai reeelved at Naplea li form'
[ Ing tho iino that th" i'iilted Btatea gov*
ernment bad Increnaed tha tlma ofouar*
aotlrio of veoaell bound from NaploB i.?
the United Btatea from Bn dayi lo len.
Th.' Ban Glorgio had alread. obe: ad
tho cuatomary flve-da) regulation, aiul
was prepared to depart \ ith its panai ;?
_er? and 8 Mg .arg"
Captain Roroano, h ? "? and of ihe
ateamahlp, wh? much dlapleased. A bur?
ried rwnferanc* arlth his prln* Ipela re*
suitod in tho dechdon of ti..- owncra to
? Hsemhark tho Han Glovaio'a naaj-oneot
| and ord^r the veggel to Mll for
| Tork on gchedule tlme, becauat of Ita
largeconalgnmenl of weet t.oun.i fr*>tgin.
Th'- haridlim; of atcerage hlialnCBB ll
the moal profttabta departmont of ..
gteamablp compnny'i actfvltlee. \f tho
paaeengerg ahould not .-are 10 r..mo t.,
tha Unltad Btatgi on another veeaH of
th.> company'g teet, then the mono? thov
had pald to th,-. Imo miifd. of o.-xirset bo
refunded. lt waa <iiaapp"int.lii(C end e?g.
l.enslv fr..m both polnts nf vlow .
Al.so. tho pon rulo of th? government
mqulrhlg ten Inetead ,,. flVt, da?' de*
tontii.n at tha rtaiian port of ambark
atlon ha*. it la Haid. dlerttPted nalling
achedulea and cauawd .1 crroat arnoamt ? ><
lnoon\eni"ii,-i. t,, Ihtetldlng paaaengoi-B,
who havo i.oon compelled t" .ona^nt t..
I..- tr.-insferr. d from .! iteamahlp t..
another. thfl Mtling <latc *.f whu-h ll
[aufllrtentty in tho future to inctude th.
| loiig-er pertod of auuruntlne.
But it ama aald at Quaranttn* Inal
nlghl that the chnncea <>r tho Health Of
ftcer of the Port feellng conatralned t"
detain tho gaa Glorgio arere only falnt,
in vtew of th" excepttonel precautioria
tha owneri had been compHMd to n-k
before i*-a\ Ing tha othi r 1 i.j.
Eleven Cases at Swinburnc laland.
I>r. Alvah lf. I?..t; . He.ilth "ll*' 1 I '
tho Port, 4..,i,i |a_aa nlghl 1.1 i'.. rn...
d< . lha Bpanlah aallor who waa found
tn be aufferlng from cholera u Bellevut
Hoapltal on Baturday and who ?';.- n
moved to Bwlnbura* laland Hoapltal
that nlght, ??.*- in .1 s.iio'i.- candltlon
Dr. Dot) aald ha bad nol yel found out
th<- nai..1' th" veeet; thal broughl
h> rmudea here.
Thera ar.- new eleven raeea ..f artual
cholera at Bwtnuurne island. Tho..
were, however, ao deathi from th- .ii?
eaae yeaterday, und no devetopmenti
'iho BtenmabJp Parugta, in Qunrnnttne
alnce July IS wlth 280 paaaengera, aad
tii.. ateamahlp Princlpe <ii Piedmonte '?.
' Quadbntlne alnce July 30, arlth 316 \<
aengera, wlll probnbl) ba diachnrged to*
day, said Dr. Doty. Thera ?ro Btlllaa*/*
or.ii hundred Iramlgrnnta under obaerva
Uon at ii aifman laland.
The Departtoent "f Health beNevea
thal tiw prompt detectloa of tne Rer*
mudea caae ..t Bellevue Hoapltal and
the fuinina.ti.in ..i' poaalble aourcea ofln*
to, tlon ?t tha aallora' lodgtng houae la
RooaeveU street \?ni be effecthja Iu
avertlng any .spread of the disoa?."
Proprtetori ol an eacuraton iteembaat
i.iad.' capital out of thi t*holera hkhv
tlon yeaterday by i'?inisr at tho Bhlp'g
innathead a buga rellow baager, oa
tvbtch were patntod in black letten
"Cholera Banka," Tha boat waaciwwd
ed arlth curloui peraona, who w.ro tnkaa
down iti" bay, balfway between fttn
[aland aad Siindy Hook. lnirlng th.
cholera Mara Ln tflBS th" patlanti wara
tak.-n |g Kliv Island.
Inunlgranti detalned on tha Parugjla
.ind th" Prtadpe ?u Plenaonte arrlti
hundrndi of u-tterH tn their frtauda
' abroad aai.. day. Many af theae have
'Italian stami's whOB tht? roach l?r.
1 Doty*i orth ? t.> b.- torwaiijcd, aaal (?,.
,-t hnvi !'?' atampa at all Dr, f?>-t>?
.ni, red thal all iuch lettei - .. ur,
madlntely ataunped with th.- iir-M.e
uBBonni "i United Btatea puataga ind
Corwarded t.? ihatar daatlnatloa ;*t thg
. gpenaa el tha Btata >'f Kan v..rk
Bathing Propnetors Complain.
tiwiiiS t>. tlu scaro MMMed b) reporta
that bathing al tha Btaten lsian.i
beachei had been forbldden tor u i>erio.i
of two wri'kH, b.'.au8. of tim pieval.'ii. ??
of ejMNara on llorfin.in laland, th.-i ?
w. ra flompnrntlvely few bathera at tiu>?.
plirea yeaterday. The i?ropiietoi? ?uy
thay iu.an to tak" iho maltei t,. Alhert
w. Ka< h, Um Dlatrkl Attorney af Ht. h
iii.unl t'onnty. wlth a rteVJ t<? havlng th.
tiorioni raaponalhla tor elrculatlag tho
? raporti ptrooaeartad
The BtOdnauhlp Marth.v Washington,
i fioin afadlterraanaa port.-. brouajht i*?;t
aauBBaangera i<> Qnaraatlni yeateralay.
There w?.h ao lllnan aboard, aad, as th.
\,-vi ,ii,i aot touch Italian porta, th.
i laaith authortthm latmlttad hgt, aft?;.

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