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e niiiint'- InepeetJeev ta proceed t<. her'
ioen. _
Dread Discase Claims Victim There
Who H?d Be?n Exposed to Infection.
Ho?*i4>i). .I.'lv ? Asi.li. .holera has
te*"'hed fljBfllea ?ti<i 00?11 on*' death,
wblia twa flVfffltaaga aaiior-. who nt* beheved
to have broughl the Ooaeaao hera, after be
ina taken iii illnaaiiefliel ?nt\ ttaedr orhere
about s ia unknown. aceordlng to ."halnnai.
ganuoM |I. DurglB 0< the Boat.m Board ti
Tba vtctha ?n4 Mra Teatiaaaaae Mastro
0<ni.-o. who dlvd a*. Ihe det.it.on hospital
Oallup'a isian.i. Thumaay. Thfl eenree el
lM?HlH*ii. a, .-..iditiK t" Bt. I>iirg?i. is not
eaeolutely eerteln. ll hi flald, howaver,
tha. Mrk Ma>?trod-nt<? l.>.-k into her home
aa ledgera a few weeka ae.. iwo iflllora,
anembera ol Ihe erea ti t Bteamer frera ea
Itallaa }*i>n.
The flral auaplcte? tba* Mij Maatro
deni... wa- BRgaalag from cholera nrnse
on Wedaeeday, wben IN atteadtag phy
oi-1. :, eapreaked hla feara Jo ChainBan
Durgai ol tbe Board of Health. Tiie
wotnan wrfv raeaoved to the lsoiatinn hee
rifl, i.t QaRiiafl laland ?"?n Tharada) rnera
int aad di?-d then laal nlght Rhe had
?>,-. i. Hteadeal cofietaatl) durlag h. r iii
n,--. h) i er daagfBter Mary, who Blept
?er, and Ihe viri la belng kepl
Oaltopi i i.u.'i Hoapltal and .-loaeiy
v ? ? -. pn ? .- pf the
"!,-t, . irough eaamlna*
iloi. >f all lm teaeata af tba Aflgele k.mi.i
n.c. n North Rqiiare, where Mi , m<< u"
ieaico eaaVi ? I irafllei Hved,
44.IH bfl Raade h-. i- . John i* Lflag and ,,r
Allen J oi - ? ol VA'aahlngton, waaj
earai ?.i ige v. ? tbe preai nce
t?f ehek-f i a * ..... .-i.-.i.
* ihoro.igh aearch ef Ihe i *?? li belai
>or Ih. ? ?? '"i- a .i" roomed
Maalrodenii-o h< are Ihotighl t?
havr ' .. ? ?,-;-? " *? : fe. ii<**i
Wrrkiv Forecast Predicts Slight
Warm Wavr on Friday.
:?' I " Ftain,
af .I ihre | - rouatrj la propho
.1-d y. ? tha ocaiag
>\,n folloa, Hm
i r areek,
hm 1 ? ai aava wlll give aay lo 1
lemi ? although i - -1
fr re, - ? weel
\ aaroia>*iri. ? ? i ? inda)
. - ,ii ? eaat*
? aitended i j -
ahea era eaal ol 111 aa I - I ? fl -
i? . ? | | - .,.. . . Moi da ntgbl
na;i ? ? - i w 11I Over
? i on Tin ada) aa
each theI
. ;, B*rlda! IWb d>
. , i-.-i.il
a i ..????
DowpOwf of 8 Inehes Recorded
in Nebraska Much Damage.
. ??;>-. ." H* .4\-v ralnfell, * Wer*
., dood
, a. | .,...,..
? -, <]< i ? every.
a I ef*., . i i--e np ? "?' r ndan
r ? p . . |
: - '
. j- ... ;? . ? . ? ?
? i\ -. ? ? .. iDroad yarda j
... ? iidi ? i ind bual
i and
?, ?. ? 11 111 <??
...? ..... \ ? ? . .. ?
? . :ili-J *=i \
?A -I. 1- I-..I .*?!
v i |he raih eada weri ? -. d
??? ?.| r . Bui lingten b R?*r
:.(4.k?Se ln th*
.nd .\ i nlon Paolflt
x ard i at Beati v ? ''v lahad oui
.... ?? ii ...>ii
aaye bei I ? r*"
l.?- r .
ln iree ol
,, ajajuth Bt. Joeeph, the
? i Reed ?! l'.-.ia'
. ?. .-.ii f , ,i. . i ? ? rali "f the
?|.,. - - a. ;,.. Weatern 1
avleal raln i.wded
. a two. ? tatlon
Mmnesot? and the Wholft Northwcft
Got a Good Soaking.
.1 ,- ?- .- , ' ?? ".i :''al
M \ ' ,, .,,,,,,? il Mn n.-??>ia to
, ? Mlnnenoti foi Provl
. - ovei all Ihe
and gla. ,
IY.-'m poll '
h?i. . ? i that water ei
? the ci uclal
itlon nt Du
? , aaa
IVInona ' tho
Ad. lc. b from
l >. ' ?- ?""" 1"
Wifc of Aileg'd Iniorriier Taken to
Hospita! in State of Collapse.
Iui) Collapalng
ind. ? ? - ? '' ,;
eetrd kmh-, rrlval ? month
omo.$Urt < ? i McMai Igal, vk if.- ..- me
.-? -i uiti.in.il ln the M Kamara dyaa
? l >ea
Rlu a ?- tlm of nervoua i roa?
i ,,!:., ni hi phyalclan, and
i .. - from
? rmam ni - i rr- rer from
ln eontreat t<? 1 ? ' *1 eon
..* the ?dcN'amarea, M* -
llaalgal, H la ^...d - nervoua and laolined
o in .oiMri.ii
A Study in
A ^plcndid variety
of Men's Fancy Mix
ture Sack Suits rc
duced to ?20 6f $25
Straw Hats that were
?3 and M: now $1.85
Silk-mixed Lf Frjench
Flannel Shirts, $3.50 and
$4.00 qualitic*. ? ? $2.45
N eckwear-high-grade
.iilks; retftilar priees, $1 to
BoyV Knickerbocker Suit?
fahrict,. rcdticcd f'? $5 to $8
Witnesses Say These Figures
Were in Number on Vehicle
in Diamond Robbery.
Practically Entire Foree at Work
Seeking Men Who Stole Jewels
from Sixth Avenue Store
and Killed Clerk.
Fractteuny tba entire detectlva forca
cf the clty was put at work ? esterdiy
to Bnd tho murderera of Adolph Btern,
th- JeweHer'a < lerk vh.? waa kflled on
Baturday night when ? tray wM of dLi
naonda was gtoiea from the ahou win?
dow of Jneoh Jacoby'a fewelry atore, at
13th street and Sixth avenue. ItUUJMCtor
Hughea ha*i 890 detectlvea al tha Cen?
tral Ofllce yeaterda: afternooa Inilruct
ing them "ti th*? friBo. while apedal ln
Btruotlona were given to all the mem?
bera >>r tha unlformed foree io ba on tbe
watch for anj clen to tha muVdercr,
tht diamond thlef and drlver of tue
automoblle In whlch the;. eecaped.
Ai! the garaaea ln tho .it? were
genrched yeaterda) for an automobila
or taxkab benrlng a number wlth 5T9
lt, the comtrtnatlon. Th* number aeema
the b*at elew to lha erlgfllnahi the de
tertlvei have yei found. ia no one hai
been .- .k to F'-" ? I.* deacrtntkn
nf tha man who gol tha iray of dla
meaida from the window or hta compan.
ion T,;,.. fhot st.'i.i. Beveral pemone,
however, remember seelng lha numbera
.,7!t pn Ihe machine, bul no one hap
been abfo to hnh* oul lha number, and
ti-,o ,?,ii,e ara hartng ratra ironbri !n
Hndlng Um car, aa Ihe IWI Ikenea Hlt
l? ,,., ..t out Three peraona said the
mar-hlne had Ihe gai erel ar/rienrnnce of
H taalcab, bui ihej nould nol n I
ahether w i.I had a taxlmeter on thi
Beveral peraona hav* lieen round who
r0?ld =i?. mengrc rteacrlptlona ol lha
men ?.Id tha robbtng and ihootlng.
The man nho arnaahed lh? alndow and
bed th* trat had i *i.th f;" r
irore a <b rb: hnl and wia aboui Bva
,,., ,., .,,. bei tall. The man who ahol
gt< rn ? ?"' -i '? irk aull and a atraa ha1
and wbfl aboui Bve feel nlne in. b<a fall.
The robbery, murder and earane looh
? ti ,.ii atxt) geconde, wblk ll wai not
lhan l"." mlnutea from Ihe tltna
Ihe laxlcah Bppear*? al <;" n irthwi st
corner ol Blxth avenua and 18th Btreat
i...f..ro it wag under wa) again al full
-,? ,i. golng ? ? ? I lo -;- "? ntii .!" enu*. ln
|Sth -tr. ? t.
, ? ,,,, .., ,,,o ., .(,o, tf tl e poll< " think
tl?<- robber; wag done b? amateura,
vrhlle from othera II looka bko the woeti
m ? ? ? ci Imln il - Only amat* ura in
i-rimc. the? aay, tvould rob I abow win
(|r.-\ .,n ;. btiB) corner auch ai thal ??'
1.1th Ktrroi and Btxth avenua at i".n paal
:i ,,.i,.. k op seturde; nlghl "n ih?
other handi there la tha rare ind experl
.4. ,. it;. whkh the th*fft ??an plaaned
and carr led onl te *nai>io ihg mon t?.
Bccomrd'flh ;t and g**l away ln leag than
a mlnutc, Taalcab ho1d*upi hn.i crtmea
hava becoma an eatai.nnh'.i feature aith
ti..- police Departmenl In tho latK i*??
month'. tahlng lha place of th* old ' f-r-?
golng hacka' >f lha palmy daya .a tha
Make Taixicabr. ? Menace.
i pectoi Hughea la Incllned le ihink
thal the murder .-'nd robbery new per
j etrated bj one of lha ganga o( tbiigs
thal make taxlcaba h menace a1 lata
hour*. There la alao tho theory that
tbe men eame from tha rlver fronl and
.. careful eenrch is belng mada of tha
purlleua ol the Korth Rlver. Th* us.- ..r
tii.. taxlcarh, however, la conaidered aa
near); poaltlve cvldencc thal the men
nill ).. found among tims*- aho Infeit
th* corner ??? tbe Tenderloln after tha
electrlc liRhis are going. The Police i"
partmenl has found it neceaaary to keep
an i<'-iir.ite n cord of all drlvera *.f iaxi
caba, eapecially thoae who gleep b? day
and do no! appear on ih" round i"1
farei untll after dark. This list la i.einK
gou* througll foi ? man with the com
blnatton .".tm In tho number of bla car.
Th" careful plannlng of the robber) Ig
ihown b) th* accuracv and cekritj Aith
which 11 waa carrted out lt la evident
th I the men had made ?< careful aurvey
of Jacoby'a atore, for when the taotlcab
drov* up lo the curb the men Jumpcd
oul before the car waa well stopped gnd
oi.f them wenl dlrectly to Ihe rlght
apol ln the v indon to gei the only valu
; 11-'. tray 11 contalned,
fa. "!'.'. plm ? s tha value of the dla*
monda atolen al 16,. while nothlng
. lae in the window wag conaldered of
euffl ienl value to make any efrorl ;.t
protectlng I] for m.-re than iiali an
?hour nfter th,- , riin. bad been coinmit
ti d
The poli* ?? have declded thal Ui" ?? ln
(1'iv wai brok* n by .-. hammei or blunl
bludgeon carrled h) the man who gol
away wlth the tray. \\ wag al flral aup
poaed thal tu" glaaa had been imaabed
arlth a atone, bul there ?as no mlaalle
Inalde the window, and after the arabu
lance auracoua had pronounced st.ru
. the police aearched the pavemenl
outaidi tho atore md Ughted matehea to
examine the amall receai under the win
<i..A in ganrch ol g atona wlth whtuh
the gla?- mlghl have been broken.
There was no evtdenca <>i any klnd that
., atone had been med, and thi polke
.i. convlncud ihat the men carrled >\ith
them "j.*i iook away again ,:>" Infltru
iis -I to bn ak the glaaa,
P tha Bhort man wenl Bfter Ihe
; tr.i> of dianmniis iiis companlon wenl
i to tlu door to keep watch on thoae n.
'-i.i.- <mi. ;* i*w miiiui".- before tbe
murder ? woman had inlered Un itore
to havfl her eyei pxamlned, and had
taken Jncoby, the proprietor, Into tha
La-k pan >.f the itore to looh al her
. ?- Th* police hn?. aatiefled them
aelvM, however, thal Ihla woman played
an Innocenl part an*i hnd n<> connecthiri
with th*. robbera. Beeldei Jacob) then
. i ? t'.'... clei ks iu ib. atore.
Did Not Suapect Accompbce.
lt aaa Btern'a mlafortune tbal h> waa
on th* ni*l* nf thfl ItOte whei" th- ttllajf
whs ;.t work. st.-rn ruahed from thi
store, not auapectlag thal the man al
ih.. door was an ii". oiii|iii"< f ihe rob
l.or, aii*l I'HH lli't b] fi bullet (ll illH
l.r.-iiBl. B' thll linir', how*? er, ;|i<
ihief iiH'i ilread] lecoiopWihed hio part
..f tb" work nnd x?aai on?e m..r< |p tb*
i, . i. ib " Ith tbe tray Of "liiinioinj
.i ,, ,.i. b! -?> had i muVd for thi ir.mi ..r
i ? . , i. bi ar.) i h* . ra ih ??!
ih*. gi>?l--. i 'ji befort ht rtncht i tht
<n fUflttfl ?",,"? '
Tribune's Towns & Cities Contest
K ! $15.000 tn Prteci ' ]%_!:
My anawera to the Towns and Citie* Conteat Pictures of
this date and number are:
P. O. Addrcss.
<it aumro tum ,,NK .
,.?..?,;,,,.. in thi Towne and Cltlea ronteal mual wrlte thelr anewen
JlffiTon^Si. whleh ar/not ee?.tc wlll not I* .,a?idCre*l. Liat
of ,.u.s -mi ratea govemlng the conteat atipear wtth
door ilern hfld. aaren ahnl ?(l ,l1" """
a ere awa) ln Ihe laglcab.
jaCob) ln hflJ agdtwienl Ihoughl lhal
lwo ?nota had been flred, bul Btern had
RilTMi. wound, and Ihoe. who were
ua- only on. ahol. Fi.i "1( ?*??" '
,,? rhargel! la belleved that tht ' eapon
ma ,1 waa of JftS eaHbre.
jaeOb, ruabcd oui of tbe alore and
,.;1J1 ,? itte corner ol ihe window, cx
c,tedl) aavlng hlfl hand> ov**r hia head
ai.. f..I f? heip. Thotaai?bw.a
__*__. well ".. M. way lowart a* "J
avenue, BhooHni ?' 'h ,,?
,,,-. rhildren plajlnfl ln ""
lniiin": t Pt' ' 11 ' m ' " ' . ,
;:... M waa - red.I ??<?*??
-.. ki...* hnod thal aaa cloaed. ' J"
\? llll ;. i.'ri' K ? *'
oriver ?1 ? UM -<? ??* *??*?
., ,.,,ii ..He.- whlle i'.tm '
runnlng a' ',"' ' , ..,,
two men dld thflr f?rl of *?***
?,-?, ,,, taken ronUl.I ?<.!'';
?ri .;. ,.? w n '? all niai'lv""
mend rlnge, rhe rlngfl ^r
.., ... The difltnonflB varied ln ?"??'?-?"
f?.hn?e.quarteri ol a eerai lo a
ar., and a half. The Bfttlni -'
\a nal'l.' Ii" ' ' ? . .,, r,,nr
t.,a lWrt brok. Ihe glaa. about fout
- ,-?.,,.,'.----'---';;;,??;;
atrobben-. Tho bara. h*.'?'"?"J
,,,?.,,,- than b lead pencl -?"?> ?
?,, wroughl iron, twenl) four
,?llC ao that H waa llttla troubli tobend
[nenlfar.'floughaparttop..b the trai
between them.
. 1 a. , ,.., ,1 11. 1 ;,|.->\V 1, IK,
sietn who had |am?Hi ?"
Bt.ggered ba k - H.'- ;'f" ] J
waa Bbed ?nd fell.- ?* ""- ?*";''?
,..,,,. ahen hi aav, that then wa no
j,,.,,. ofcatchlngIhe taalrab. turned'.
erounded ran ag..a ll.??"'? ""'
Ina for heip.
A ,,?,,,.|ve natnrd Maagl" "'?"? "
atrikebreflhini rOUbliahinenl on |'
eauth .idebf 13th Btreet, had heard t.,
ehoi androattadanroaa toJ.' i otori
blowlng a pollee whletle. Ina fev mln
N,rs 1.8KB *ratn pollcaineii wer* on ibe
acene, RJid t?i mlnuldfl aft^tera wa.
ahot an gmhwuitieo .-me from St Vlu
rent.- Hoapltal. But tho lafltcah had
long Blnea turned Ui" e-orner ?1 P?venth
avenue, leavlnf ai ihe on!) ?**? ?"^;r'
,-..i.i.e.-s an*i murderan the fltrmbera ? ?.-'.
_, .
Two May Die as ResuR of Car
Rolling Down High Bank.
i i.'iiiniiati. July tt -1'r hnd M? W li
Milner. of IW? elty, iba a daughter of
Colonel *'. B. Wlng, a prommenl papa
manufaeturer, were Injured, probabl) fa
tall) tn t'levea, Ohlo, to-day, wben theli
automoMle wenl over .. aeventy-flre-fool
embflnknieni on me Qraydon Read, Wlth
i*r. d!,d Mra, Mtlrrar a. tha tlrae arera Mra
.?. b. Wlni ""'I Mr. and Mra. vYelterMer
nn, aha a daughter ol John Havlln, tha
ti,.-..tii'-ai manager, Tbe laal three named
arere aeverel) bul nol fatall) injured.
Ihe automoMlfl turned over our tlmei
befon (t reai hed the bottom ol tbe era
i>r. and Mra. MUnei luflered a n rai
Urogea rlbe, wei brulaed and ?
the i.. ad and !-"tii ?en IndureO Intei nall*
They were removed to a I oepltal, and thelr
condltlon la crltical to-nlght.
Two Hurt in Long Island Mishap
Tounng Cars Crash Head On.
Rlverheaul, Uong laland Jul) tt, A tour
\_g ,;., owned aad drlven b) Jol n Uaette,
ol Brooklyn, who im> .. aummer heeaa at
Calverton, araa In eollialon ii.-.iay aith a
,,.-1 -. - ii b) U an nee Bunkowskl, n bi
waa accompanied i.> hla Brlfe and tflrei
children The aurre) waa demollahed and
the occupanta wen thrown im.. tha road
Bunkowaki had two rlba brofcen and ni,
a if( aa atightly hurt, b t th. ehildrer
u. ic oni) ahaken up.
witi: Mr. Haalla aen bla arlfa aad twi
oi her worm n. All ea. aped Uriuri Bun?
k.w-ki araa turnini from the m m lbor>
oughfare Into ? ildi road, wben tbe auto
inoblle came along, an.l he becami conl
iri. putled dlrectly In front >>:
Ih. rnaoMna
There waa -. head-on eollialon thi aftei
noon i" tween Ibe tourlng . i ..r < i.
Reutter, who i- apendlni Ihe aumroei at
U , . ie, an.l Adolph Johnaon, ..f Oraenport
Tbe accidenl oecurred on the road betu'een
Klandera and Quogue. Both eai a. ? badly
damased, bot thelr e*cupenta eaisaped ln?
lury. i'ii. I..- were aaveral women iii each
Will Invite Sir Wilfrid Lanrier To Re
Dinuer Guest Here in December.
Menli<mi, -'ni H a number o nv
i.i tb. Canadian h,. i.i. ..i Kea inik won
here to-day oa iheh ?? te Ottawa te
preaanl t>. Mr Wilfrid Uaurier, i'" Prime
Minlater, an Invltatloa lo attend ihe an?
l.u.ii dlnner ol ihe aocleii i*i tfen 1'ork,
I.d'ei H ll bj i< Ihi, i .,|? ,| I|,,iI i
deni Tafl and Jam.'- Bryoe, ln. Rrlll h
Ambaaaadoi i" Iba i nlled Rlatee, Riaj ba
ma ata at i ii. diiiii..
?i ii" \< a v-.ik delegallea Inelitdea I N
Jervle, Dr. J. I v' ? leaac, r. K. M<
Laughlln, W W, JobnetoR, i Fl I letchei
hii.i ia John ' Ma. i'i.- ? Thej * urit. d ?*
number ol poiflta el intereal al Montreel
i, a ,
MaileH anywl;ei?* m tl.a United tHflffll
for ?^00 - ,??*>.
' a
Will Not Run Against Madero,
Despitc Broken Pledges.
Mea.'m-. Jui) 8 Deenlte ti.o break
lag < f tbe agrei menl lhai <;.rai hV
r.ardo Reyea abouM be Mlnlater of R'ar bi
i '';iinii. i r.f Kianclaco l, liadero, 'and
nutalthatandini Ifadero'a aaaurancea
?? . fn ;,, ,, i,-, ,!,, frr identlal
! i .-??. iti rneral Ineiala h< ??in not be a
candldate. gnppbrter ,,t Madero expri i
ii,, ir disbellef ln Reyea'a atatemenl
i.. '-? .^id ii' offerad i" rai* i* liadero
froni promiaea to make hlm Hlnl ter ol
\\ ,11 oi' I- i? cbh ? "i "?. i". ;;i'"' "( Ma*
pxpreaeed bj ibe anti-Reyel ta
:. lubi tn i ,.|... b ^ (ba appolntmeni of tbe
? g, I-.-1..1 to . . 'abln*' i"> t. th* antl R*
? ?i.i..i ihe argumenl he repreaented
thi old pegfme, bul were more apertl
..n inaa thp, be arouM ana lha
in.. ? ii. ?? ig oi agrwir, te s"i u Iba
i i. denc]. in thta Bghl on the c--nor;ii
then aaa no aecrecy. ha I nlghl ba ln
m.,i. .i ia gnd .M.iii-1 o Btlll a good
[ fn. nda, and h ? dM nol i- Hi ?? the beal id
1.1 ? ol hla ? ounti i couW '?? erved by
thn < uir? ol i'iiii.' r candldali i
i "Conditlon no* are fnr from normal,
and i am gfraid thal ln <r,;" ?'?'*" ,,["
ekctoral battl mlghl beoome .. battla of
,.i in *;?-.,, rai Re) > s v.u.i
"If 3 our fi .? nd Inalet on invnini ? ou ??
? , gndidale, a hai ? III 1 tni do! h* naa
i.'si-' 'I
? i hall ' "' luthoi lae Ihem lo do
arei thi n
it" Rejo. h... p n..i be* ti ?? a rand d ite ln
oppoaltlon ... liadero H nill be aolel) on
account of hli refuaal to enler the ceni l
montha uy." then waa ?.?" ln tbe
i. i.iii.ii.' nhoee populartt] naa ttMnparabfc
. ? ii ..( the keder pf ihe late revolutlon,
I,. |. ? :i,. .I iher* hai l>* en growlng a
ii,,. gliidl] a oiild nomlnate Reyea
Thla i Irue, 11 la aald, ool bo mud
. : i . i;. - i.H4 dom ai ? thlng i" lncr*?a#x
:,, ? , ...... Madi ro i loslnc
Much of i.?>'?i.i'it'"ii.ii? arm) l> un
.nn-. and Ihi frequcni dlaordera have
i,, M. nd. ..f the general, or, more
o-i*-iiail? ono'iilos ol Madero, argumenta
lo uae aaalnet inni. Th*\\ have n'.t n*g
!<>? |. ,i thn npportni lt?
HAY1N eas delay!
Eighteen Miles North of Capital
Awaiting Reinforcements.
Revolutionists Attack Him in
#Presbytery Where He Had
Taken Refuge.
rort-nn-Prince. July _.\. -TIk expat)ttaj
advanee *>t' the ravotatfooiiata on the ,-ap
llal arafl Bflflffl dfltayoaJ, the ln.?'irRents al |
Mlrebalala, RlihUan mi.'cs t>. the north,
apparently Wflltlng f"r addltional forcea
whleh are r,n their way fr..ni I'ape Hay
tien. ah th- perornnaont Iroopa are
r^meentrated here. an.l ta .lay eoflpfRMrw*
tiv.- <|iiiet reiaTiis, althouah BOtnO ahotfl
were Rred during the nlght
Prealdeni Blmon, ?hu after his anival
n lew daya flgo frotn Port Uberta t*>ok
I,, ? siik hfld, appears tO RO RlUoh bn\
\<r and ettended aenrlcee al the Cathe
?iiai to-day. Th.- "allure of the Inaur
gentfl lo niake au attaek on Port-au
Prlnce ?nd the tatt thal thara la u* ?????' o
?trong govetiurjenl force In the capital
bave greatly fflcoajragad the Preoaoarnt
The n rdlta el Crolt dea Booqueti an.l
Qn v.ier were the reault <*f arhltrary or
,i. r laaued by the mllitary chiota, Ctotv
? i.ii Thomae, iroarianandant ln charge
! v h'ii the rovoll becante actlve al Crata
I- n Bouqueta, looli refuge in th.> praa
i i. ry. He waa made priaoner b; Ihi
rebela, ?'ho cut off. his head wlth ma
ehetea The Ineurganta iii*,n pillafed tho
| preel yttry nn-i the rhtircb Bchool, wbJch |
i, conducted by French flletere.
Cape n.i" ii*" July 1 I The rnit->d
Rtatea Runboal Peorla arrived to da) from
Ran Juan Potio Rlco. Bbe is now ht, tha
roadatead and wUI probably rcrnaln there to
proted iroerlcan lnt*?reat??i.
rieneral .'in-innani- Leeonte, who re j
cetiil) returned to llaytl from i alb- ln i ?
majce, to-d ? entered th rlty al the head j
,,f a conelderabl. force of guerlllaa Iie
v ,,. ,. r., ed wlih cheer
The aleam yaeht Arnerlcan, ahleh ra-j
,..??? kbvi proteetton to foretgnen hero.
.. n tranBformed Into a Runboat. Rhe I
i aow enchored al Mok flt Klebolai wltb
r, ,i real havtng been towed there by a
[.iii'ii atramer,
Kvena R. Dlek, wbeaa team : a- l, ti." j
? Ameriean. la liidlcatad by tbe above dle
patch lu bava beea aoM '?? lb* llaytlan gov.
ernmeat, wea at Cape Haytlen laal week ?>?? (
! board i.i. veeeel, whlch he i ad arrned ai
ready ?i?'i two threa-.|...imd?i -, two ate
[poundera, twe eeie-rarariderB, and aeveral
? automstl* macblm guna Ona *.t thi boWa
?aa loaded wlth rlfle and amrounitlon. lt
... iieved lhal tbe reflael end equlament
.. , ni an Iflveatmeal of RO,.? lha
; parl "i Mr Dlek.
ih. Outeh ateaaaaWp Priaa der Neder
landea, avbleb lefl flt. Mare on July 17, ar
\ r1. ed ;,, r.. ? < iterdaj Bha raported thal en
tho day of i.er <**partura fr..m llaytl Ihe
rebela were maktng tre*rMi for Roaj-caaa
batantl Ifl flt Matc, aad tbal tha latter bad
i|.c.i io ih- conaulat4*a, beggtng the conaula
to ,;,.<.rge of theli raluablea, whlch
tbey had rathered np haatil]! Itom thelr
homn 'i'i- uprtabuj began In the fore
,.? and bad ?ol oubelded when lha Meder
landea left pori i" the afteraoon
ItitMig Iho paaeeragere or the ateamahlp
waa Wlll) Uioofli '""-'- otBcer "f the llay-;
tlan Runboal Antetoe Blmon Ife abewedl
several aound* whleh he had reeelved Ig
the head aeveral weeka ago, Inflkted by
Haytian robela
Large Foree of Liberals in Hills
?30 Rurales Missing.
.Juarez. MextCO, July B.-CMBpfld a tMf\
aUtafl south of here la ? foree of iAh"v-t]'
?/he threaten to attaek Joaraa clty agj
daig aay te-nlght Thera nre appro^-l
inat.h III ln tho party, all kenvlly arm-i
nnd lt la known tbal another hand ls ln the I
hilbs south of thfl Bl ^'"<^,, ?,'",>"f'r
Nothlng has bpon beaid Of the thirty |
ruralea aent from thin ett) to Ouadaloupe
raaterday to dllperae the JJbereleJn pee-l
geaalen ol that town. A .irtac waa aent
i??- Mayor Medtei to-nlghl to Iry to Md
tho rrdaalng men.
One man dead. ar.olher laially aroUnded
and n thir.i shot ln tw.. alecee la tba raeult
. f a flgbi m thla .-ny al I ft'elock this after*
noon betweea th.. clty rxjUce aad Ineargent
Tho tioRinnini; of tba affray wai an argU
aaant between DarlHo Hernandea, aa Ineur
recte aoadler, aad Dotorea Martlnaa, Btreet
romnuaetonar ?.f Jaaraa, ln front of mar
trnea'a home. When Martlnea requeeted
Elarnandea to deel* from his argumenl
Hernandea opeaed Um with a ptetol Mnr
ttnea ran into his houae, obtalndd a rhle
and ahol Hernandea through thr. head, kiii
Ing him Inatantly.
Comradaa of Hernandea al once .iimneo
.,, th- roof of the Kiirn?on bulldlng near
ny and flaM>ned a hot Bra on ihe Martlnae
houae Tha flrlnst was return. d by a de
taehmenl of poBee. About tifty abota wera
Dred before t.pi.erui Blaneo, wbo waa wa?
moned, waa aMa lo guell the dlaorder.
Martlnea wa? ahol through the irm and
iuffered a ralp aound, and P. P?Ko JJ_
,?ai, .... Inaurreetoaphller, ?? ahot threugn
,he atomach and win dle. The lown la aedet
to nij-ht, but there ln mueh blttl hndto*
Qucretaro State Balloting fihows
Catholic Party Weak.
Omaretoro, Mexteo. Joly U, Rarly re
turua ladleata Juan K. Frtaa, Liberal can?
dldate aai ? lected ftovernor of the Bl ita
,.,- Queretaro bl a large majority. Carlea
jl, Noyola, Inonpendent, rtanda iiecond,|
,p,i Mfonao Veraaa, ehotee of the PathoHo
party, appaara to ba a bad thkd. The rot
mg WB8 ho;.'.;. bul no BerlOUa trouble waa
i Mexleo Clty, Jely M Aa ll waa the nrat
i state eieotion mueh Intereat araa dlaaBayedj
ln Ihe eapltal to-day ln ihe ehotee of a|
irovenier ln UuereUro. Preaident de la
Barra m#mbere#of hla Cbbhiet and other
federal ofhelala diaplayad a kaea Intereat
,,, the now.. and to-nlghl rxpreaaed gatta
factlon when ll waa bnown ihe day had
paaaed Wlthout aerloua dlaturueneea. FoH
ii,-,:,,., were Intereeted keenly, Binee the
I reautl wiii aerve aa an Indlcatlon of tha
power of the i athoUe partj
Tti..t tii' candldate ef thla partj ep
pean te have run far behrnd the wlnner
l|? j, i:,t. renowned aa a gtronghold of
thr Chureh la congtrued ^ oaaanlng thla
party would have amall chaaca ht a na*
tionai eieotion. ijnofnelelly lt wa* ?*?!
nouneed to-da) lhai aevaral hundred mam-!
-,. n ,,f the Catholk part) arouM meel ln
tt,.- capiui ln tbe eecond week ln Auguat
and conalder the Bdvlaabllltj of ptadng a,
eandldate ln the h>M to oppooe rrencteeo
I. Mad. ro
Juarea, Mexleo. Jui) 3 RaHroad efBclala
here aald to-daj a blg fltrlk* la planned, to
n.ver th* entln Natlonal Rallwaya linon,
tHuglnnlng Auguat I The gtrlke, if g aald,
A1i; he begun b) brakemen and iirernen..
and irlll be followed b/ en antl-Amerlean
i?,-ot'st, aa it is aaaerted enxtneerg and con- j
'lnrtom, prlnHpgll! Amerfcan, are belng
i..Ud in..rn thr.li tbe United Btatea standard. i
Seen There with Kirkbrjde Last
Week, According to Several.
Distnct Attorney Declares Ho
Will Oo to London to Intcr
cept the Pair.
fr: T?:*fr?r-ri ... TI * (Tfl .
PlttalnirK. Julv Bt?The a*?areh for 1
? JeorKe .'urphey and *"*i>taln ThOBHI
hriit-, the Kneiixh army eOaoer, ee*ri e>
deflt and Hsr wttneas ln the famoua Me
dtvoree aott, 1-4 now en in eerm bi Paul H
Al li'-. Mrs Mellon - .-o'ln-.l
and Kirkl.rid- ateta in Hlttah'ire laBt 9 Bfl
an.l on ..ne eOBBBaton hid dlnner 4?lth h rn
Thi" adml-.?|..'i b/ri ebtfllfled i y the !*?
trlet Attotney'a efltee afta-r tv... conai ?
whn aorved CvRPbey and Kbkbrida
aubpcenaa levetal weeka -.a". ha.i 1 ? ?
tdr.ed them an.l lalked wlth them. WIkh
tbe Dtotrlet Attorney'i odaoe aaa rx *
i.r their preaenre her*. Aaaleteni D
Attorney Rlchard W. Maifla detall
the deteetlrea attach**<d lo Ma oflac. to int
the aitnaaaaea, Ther could nol be I
Aeeordln< to tbe Diatrlel Attetfl
lea, en Ihe followlng day * r\
Iflihbtlde -..ii*.l tr..t*i Phlladelphla, - i*?
aiMy fer i.i.ndoi..
After Mr, MartJfl had *?**?? Woi 1
?ha* Curpbei .4n-i Kirkbrlda ean *
here, bul had ?JJwrr'irH afrar belng r*. ?
nlaed, he notlAed Diatrlct Attorne) Wllllam
A. naketey, whe waa down Ba l P
lej Inatructed Martln lo Bottfj dete.
... A4ii reaperlB bi wateh fer Iba tv?<-> man.
Curphey aad Kirkbrlda, bowever, atr->rdrBi
io pefaoaa eiose te mii part lea caaae.
in rha MeNofl dlroree rai ? maaegad 1.1
board Ihe Btaatntr wMkoojt i^ihk recegi
Diatrlel Attorne) RJeJurkt) hurrled
.,..,i;i. aad in.i'i" ha ly preparal 1 *
?peedy trlp to Leeidoa He wlll aall
aaj "ii the faateat avallable iteataal
hn ls anrlons to ln'< r.-?i * the afleged fw.,1
tlv** hef-.r- tbey leave London.
|f Curphey and kirkhrid- ar
Plihokr mn iRiRiedMlerr InMltnb ????
epeding.** fOC in'-maijonBl Bgtrfldlfll I
perg MeHon declarea he trlll ?gefld l fert.
mi' lo aaaareheodiag Cetpbey ead ...*-?
Plays Ouitar and Smokefl Oafar*
ettes All Day in Oell.
niohanend Va , Jfltr B >Heai C
Beattie, fr., heM for the IdflJbtg
roung wlfe, exhlbJhtd rufnigiio"' ?
Ir hlo jail oall tho fletichelflnre a
hga ntalatalned tbrougneut lle, thrunuaed
a fultar for bouri and amoked
able cigarettea. Altifgether '? -? 1 ??! ta
?^ the 1?a-t -?i..ie..rne.| ef aH the !?
eonneeted wtth the erlaae fe*. a
h-'d respon.-lhle. The Brai-.l '
CheMerfleld f'ounty nrcurl Courl
on Auguel 11 ?ti*i lake ap the caae
Paul Beattie, Henry'a eeueln. who 1
heid, a - materlal wltneaa, rk
newapaper a. co ifltt of h|a own l
at tbe Inqueat, and bi ihe woaa. n'
r.r the aame pri*.-.t. Reiji ii. RJmford
"woman In the ? a* Blee held *
neaa, srent the daj ak n*
Kenry'fl father and brother Dougla
Ited the aecueed ii*ri>i*nd, bul etben a ?
deaied admlttanee.
Mailed anywher- ifl the Urvted Stat.i
for $2.00 a yaar._
A Public Statement
Or. Wiley Vs. The Food Producta Intereats
TWO years ago;'against the earnest protest of Dr. Wiley,
Chief of the U. S. Bureau of Chemistry, authority was
granted by the U, S Government to manufacturers to use
the coal tar drug. Benzoate of Soda, as an artificial preservative
in prepared foods
This ruhng was then, and is now."generally'believed'to have
resulted from the activitv of a certain class of food manufactur?
ers desinng to use more or less 'unfit. waste matenal and to
avoid the expense'of careful sanitation in food preparation:.
In justicc to our^positiou as manufacturers of pure'foods
we issued at that time a public statement of our attitude upon
thisimportant question.so vitally affectmgthe public health;
The country is todayTarouse'd over an 'attack 'upon Dr;
Wiley \ This attack is also attnbuted to the influence of that
class af Manufacturers who find the operation of the Food Law,
under Dr. Wileys administration.adverse to theirjnterests.
In ordtr thal there may bc no misunderstanding
ofour position in this connection, we again announce
to our trade, and to the public in general, that we have
no quarrel with the Pure Food Laws of the country
or with any officer charged with their enforcement;
We use in Heinz 57 Vaneties Foods, Sauces, Relishes;
Condiments only fresh, sound fruits and vegetables.^ These
are prepared by neat. uniformed work people, in clean kitchens,
without the use or need of Benzoate of Soda, or other artificial
preservative. We welcome now. as we always have, the strict
est enforcement of all Pure Food Laws as a means of creating
the greatest degree of public confidence in all prepared foods.
Attambae Aaaovtatian ta>r Prmmtlan at PW'fjr ln fooda

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