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To-rfny. ffilr nnd roolrr.
lo-morrow, fnlr.
NEW-YORK. TUESDAY. JULY 25. 1911.-TWELVE PAGES. *** I'HKE <?!?: CKXT '"'"'^.^^'^o"^^
He Attended Sailor Stricken
There with Disease, and
Then Was Isolated.
First Bellevue Cholera Patient
Too 111 to Explain How He
Caught Infection?The In
vestigation to Oo On.
Anothei '?sr .( whal waa bdtaved to
t>e Aatatlc choh ?P*d ln Bellevue
Hoapltal last nlght The patient waa
rderly WhO attended Manuel Her
giudea, ?'? anlior, who ?^ rojgaovod to
Bwlnburne latand on Baturday.
Bdgar Herrmann. the orderly. CgJM to
iintry from Uermany BOVen year*
,_ , nd to New York Clty ln 1908. He
h |g been nl Baltavue Hoaplul aix
h. i ka.
Dr Qaorge (THaalon, K^neral merlUal
Buparlntendenl of Bdtavua Hoapltal,
ggid laM nipht that the flrat Indhation
of cholera oyrnptoonnln Herrmann manl
ftated thamaelvaa al 4 o'clock yederday
aftei noon.
orderly waa Iminedtately ptaced
... an tootatod roorn nl the hoaplul,
t Dr. i I'Hanloa amld ' ?? would ba
v. | t under cinao obaervntlon untll the
>uM ba deflnit' dtt^noagd.
aald lad nlajhl that whlle the flrat
aymptotna pdnted drongly to cholera
nothlng podtlve could be aacertalned
? aome time thla nffernoon, the dla
rwqutrtng nhout twenty-four noura
ta dl? loaa Itaelf.
- teatli -.1 ? ulturea wlll be made at tho
ind if the patient lt fotmd to
guffevinB from chdera the Health
r wlll be notlftad and the patient
removed t? the Bwlnburne laland hoa?
pltal ?t om e.
Herrmann Really Quarantined.
Herrmann'a clothea and peraon were
thoroughly hnautoted after the removd
of Pfrmudoa. but he fftl not permltted
to leav< Wgyd B-d of tho boaplUl,
whl< h haa been practlcally quarantined.
Bli e Baturday no pattenta have been
gdmitted to the ward. and thoae there
Rernrifies was taotated have not
., <- u owed to d. part. The numea at
tached to the ward haic been denh d tha
ttmg thal pan of the
The Departmenl of Health haa been
? ? ?.- i by the hoapital authorltlea, uhn
that a repreaentatlve of the
Board ? ' H< ilth examlne the aick man
i ir. ? ftarlea l >. Nor*
ria. i ? - il nd bg< tedoaagdgl of
... liis ).. r
Herrmann w?? on ? itj ln the wnrd
rdaj mon li g and all of Pumlay.
Barl eaterday afternoon he n>m
? ol feeling well. and when
boapltd nhydclnn waa
found to be swft'erinK from diarrhr a. Hl.s
taotattati followed.
\r a lafe hot;r tad nlgh1 he had Fh^wn
t" otgna of extreme prodrntion or fever
?th" rest of tht cholera oymptoma.
Sailor Still Too III to Talk.
been tor> m at the Bwtn
nd hnapltal to Inform the
? ? ( offldato as to the naine of
on which he canse to this
i>r Doty aald yederday that he was
Inclined lo the ouppodtton thal Bermu
dei arrlved here on July 2 on th< Brlt
loh ol Teodoro de Larrlnaga.
enoa Ayrea May *_','!. Mon
ao on May 27, Pan on June 15
on .liine 21. <m Jiin? 80
Hm deamohip aaHed fr^v.^ Boaton, ar
rivlng In New Y"rk on Julj 2. BI
thif I'ort for Norfolb on July 1.
v Cohen, daputy Dommladoner
? tad by Governor Ihx to take taeti
ai th" Inveatigatlon ol the adtnln
totratlon ai Dr. Alvab H. Doty, Health
? f i ? Port, nald yeaterday that
th. heartng would btj rontlnued in the
? ? t'.i'.rt Houee probably to-morr<>\s
morning, bul at aJl eventn nol later, he
alleved, 1 ban Thuradaj nt 10 a. nt.
Aaked concernlng the truth of I u re>
? Qovernor Dlx bnd expreaaed
to Jud^. Chartaa N. Bulger, In chnraje
. Inveatigatlon, dlaaaUafactloB be*
the publtahed Intan U w ln
ludgi Bulg< r oeverely rrltlclaed
? .,ri of the Health Offlcer,
??? pltad:
rwer to thal is tv,nt Governor
I nn ??'. < r vm ioug mal tai t
\ Ith 'iier Bulger and myseif
weel - Inatructed us
11 ? ad n\iih the Inveatigatlon,
? i mon iy thal In vlew of the
? cholera dtuatlon Dr. Doty and
?? g, iia luding hia of?
, medlcal staff, mual nol be caited
the ata nd,
Duohhtnd, attorney for the
Irngdgrante, aald yeaterday
wgg gntherlng aufBclenl data
i ime of Inqulr) to enabta
? ntlnue the Inveatigatlon to?
? riiinK.
gi i BcJaedtaM, Bttornaj for i>r.
D -,ii>i at hia botne at Roaebank,
nd nl a tati hour last nlght.
? B gi t had promieed
hia ' eighi houra' notlce in which
tha ' ontlnuntlon of the
I d ih-'t as yel 1.** had ic
? tna,
Tl,, MIUl fainlli.s at
latand, who hava been
?a j.t No II Fmgerli.iard
Road oinc< ih. deatk of ratri<k i\
Btchman, from choh ra on
Julj ;:,. nere raleaaed by tha Depart
*oni '.i Healtb yaoterday.
Doty Hasn't Heard of Serum.
i" Doty aald i?^t nlght thal he had
ajplg d "" oawuan ra>
ln i dtapntota from Boatott a?
? ; f.,i?ar<hd tO that ? Hy by
' l' ornmenl guthorltieg nl WTngblni
log for ,ISf. |? t),. 11?atiiK-nt of cholera.
"' odded thal ha boltavod tha gufhorl
, .,,, Btkwed to l'i'" t'"
'x,st*ii'e ,,i tha aerugfl and aenl hhn a
?"PHl d ,t ir tha raporl thml they
OaaBaaaai <>n nurJ i>at?
story in two parts of the strong
passions of strong men in Old
Virginia and of the phjlan
ihropic role played by a Wash
ington reporter. See the next
Sunday Magazine of the
New York Tribune
lloyds refuse war risks
Will Accept No Liabilities for
Dates Later Than August 8.
London, July 24. Underwritera nl
Lloydaf have gtven notica that they avlll
nol accepl llablllty for war risks nnd r
marlne inaurance contracta after Au
gual s
The dectaion la beltaved to have been
prompted partly by the Moroconn dift4.
culty and partly by th" povernmenfa
approval of the Dectaratlon of London.
Paria ?' ? ' M "pinion in Prahce is that
th< time has arrtved for Oermany to aay
whal ohe reeJl) wanto, otnce the preaent
altuatton or uncertainty la now ontertng
upon ? ataR" which may ndually dteturb
Internationd retatlona
Ofllclally the Mtntotrj of K">< inn Affdra
had ni'thlnc to say to-day coneerr.lnpr tha
peoatmtotic talk except thal converaatlona
regardlng poadMa aolutlona contlnue be
iwp<-n Baron von Klderlen-WKchter, the
Oerman Becrdary of Btata for Porelgn Af?
falra, and Jdea Cambon, the Prench Am
dor m Berlln. Cnofltatall) hints ap
paar in the pres? thal th" time is ahout
f< i the futilitx of thi converaatlona
t,. he obvloua aven to optlmtotlc obaarvera
Meantlme the opeech of Davld Uoyd
th< Brtttoh Chaneeltar of th" Ex
er, before the ix>nd,>:i bankera lad
week If Inrerpreted as a dlrecl warninu to
Oermany, and is ronaldered as havlng
enormouali otrengthened the attitoda or
Prance, which wlH not accepl any Oerman
..ai for a whotaoale turnlng over or
colonta] terrttorj
'Ihe press js unanlmoua in it* op n;nn
that Uoyd Qeorge'i wordo otanlfy thal lha
Anglo-Prench entente is r<-ally an allian"e
with whlcl Oermany muot reckon Rua
aia natut i I la experted to throw all her
. on tbe alde of her republlcan
ln maklng effactlve th" Bgreemenl
whleh the world calla the Trtph Entente.
Although the preaa remalna celm, there la
? diotind tendency t" re-<mpha?-ize Ger
many's manner of forrinc thi negottotlona
as "brutal," and the "Tempa," which la in
dooe retatlona wlth th? govemment, de
... Bueclnctly that Oermany has lod
the ronfldence of th, other Europeau
r i. a ? i s
Two Bissell Boys, Princeton Stu
dents, Rescue Kin from Lake.
lorl Tlain. N. Y.. Julj 24 Had lt not
hern 'or the aquatlc proweai of thdr
two yoiingr>r hrothers. hoth Princeton
ptudents and one of them ta"kle on lad
year'a Wdty football team. riarenre
and Amoa Pisseii. of Newnrk, N. ?' .
would have pone down to death to-day
r otaego Lake, Cooperdowa in the
omhr.ii?<-? >>f a drownlng Itallan, whom
the-.- were tryina: to reecue.
Ctarenee and Amoa had awum to tho
aid of Faaquale Vojecci, who had been
attacked by crampe whlle bathlng. Aa
they g"t wlthln his reach, the drownlng
forelgner graaped Ctarenee by the hair
and Amoa by the Ihroat. Tht three
?. ? !?wn together
Addteon Blaaell, who played tackle on
Prlnceton'a football team lad year, and
Oeorge Blaaell heard thi crtea of nearby
workmen ran to the water and plunged
in. They rearhed 'he atruggling trlo
and, wlth dlfflculty, oeparated them. The
Itallan wna dead and Ctarenee and Amoa
?,??? nearl} exhauoted, bul recovered
wh,jn taken anhore.
The Blaaelto are apendlng the aummer
al Camp Mohlcan. Ctarenee nnd Arooi
are iii the varniah trade In Newark, N. J.
Head of Real Estate Co. and De
tectives Conduct Search.
Deteetlvea from the Centrnl Offtce in
this rity gnd tho pollce of nelghboiing
are oean hlng for an automoblle
minua Ita body, which untll Ita dtanp
peamnce, yeaterday aft< noon, was the
nroperty rf Dr. Allen T. iiaiRht, prad
denl of the Queena Land nnd Titie t'om
pany. Dr. Halghi and the agenta of
the Automoblle Club of Amarlca ataogre
conductlng ? oearch for the machino,
whleb is valued al $6,500, wlthoul tha
llmoudne bodj thal waa attached to It
Dr, Halghi aald he told Rlchard Bco
ble, his chauffeur, to tak.- the ma?hine
to the Bchlldwachter carriage worka, al
120th otreel and Park avenue, yeeter
day mornlng. The body ^as removed
from the chaaato there, and the chauf?
feur atarted off ?ith n temporary body
to tha Marcadea Ri palr Company, ln
i;.,.t 54th dreet. Blnce loavlng the
Bchlldwachter ahopa nelther the chauf?
feur nor the machlna has been oeen.
Dr. Halghi legrned from the polkt
thal there ?as ii" reoord of iuch g ma
chlne havlng been In any aocldenl or g
chauffeur drivlng auch a vehlcto belnf
arreated ?
Believed Papers of U. S. Ambas
sador Stolen by Mexican Rebels.
iHv ri i' ftn'i *' '? ' '?? ' " *?'
Neu Orleana, Julj 24 A meaaage re
ceivod brre by the Bouthern Paclflq R*H
road contaJtui v11^- announoemenl that
tho Ainernan Ambaagndor, Henry Lnne
vVltaon, whlta en route from Mixi"> Clty
to \\ ashltigton, lod a valnahl" mdl
pouch. Th'' ambaaamdor urgea gpeclal
oMIlgence In the oearch for Ihe mtoaing
package, oaying il rontalna valuable
i gperm
Tht oflli Inla lmm< dlatelj nenl oul trn -
, en ni aii dlrectkma, bul anrly to-nlght
no report upon thi bag had been made.
The pouch, bdji ved I.ntaln Importani
do< umi nta retatlng to nffnlra ln Mexloo,
waa bi ni as parl of Mr. vVlleona pei
aonal baggaga and waa checked ln tha
Mexirun i apltnl. The railroad m< n rear
,i ,. ,?,,,. h waa dolen bj Mexican - '?? '
nnd uan offer n? other egptanntlon of
Mr. vYItaog pgga l thio' ??'' ne* '"
Aged Manufacturer. Propped Up
on Pillows, an Alert Witness
for Congress Prcbers.
Declares H. 0. Havemeyer
"Wouldn't Stop at Anything"
?Says Rival Interests
Feared Sherman Law.
|Bj Telegraati te The Tribuaa
New T'altz. N V.. July 24 Two mem
bera oi th" Congiaoa commlttee which
was appolnted t<? Inveetlgate ihe bo
called Supar Trud tourneyed to-day
from New Y.>rk to this llttle vlllage,
which is eltuated in th" dctureaque
Wallklll Valley, under th" shaoows of
Mount Bhawahgunk, and took ihe t<^;,
ni,.n.'. of john Arbuckle, the aged head
or th" Arbuckle Brothera reflner) in
Brooklyn. ?
Propped up on hia plllowa, the dd man,
Waded in body, bul with an alertmss- of
mind wbli h at tinies baffled th" !n
genuity of hia younger Inojuldtora, Bub
mitted to a two houra' examlnatlon thks
afterrmon at tha handa of Kepresenta
tlvea Oarrett, of Tenneaaee. and Madtaon,
of Arkanaaa
The wltneaa ta) ? t? hla bed in a snnd
room at th" Tamney Houge, on" of the
typlcal countrj hodlerlea here, and Con
a^eeemen, lawyera and reportera crowded
aronnd the bedaldc as he tdd hto dory
and drtfted into remlniacenea of the
"gugar wai" bdween thi Havemeyera,
Bpreckeleea and hlmaelf dorles which ho
told with a /.?si and aeemed to ,n.i">
repeatlng deapite hia Inflrmltleg,
Wlth the politC BUggegtlon that he
might not appear t."> egotldlcal to the
Congreaamen, he aald ho waa wllllng lo
Bdmll he had BCted prin.'ipall y ar. in
emissarv of peace to th<- waning fgc
tions f'T man\ >ears. and had accom
plished aqme 'asting reforms in the bud
neFs. which he charactertaed as "the
word managed budneaa in th" world."
He had ennforred many tlmes he aald,
wlth th" late H 0 Havemeyer. fonnor
ly preaidont of the American Bugar Re
flning Company, whom he had know.i
for forty yeara, and all the other blg
reflners. and alwayg OOUghl to brtng
aboul a kindlhr feeling among the vali
OUg Interests
This had been nei orapltohed tn a
alderable 'lun e alnce IMI, when thlnga
flrat begnn to rnn along a litti" more
amoothly, i">t !'f' insistr.i that the flght
waa Bttn on. and mlghl break out any
day, between the American ootnpnn) and
his company He repeatedlj vohinteered
fhe rernark In th" rom.se of hla teatlmony
that his mlselortary work had heen gC
compltohed with th,- atrld admonltton
to hla oonferreea on all oerasions that
the) mud not talk ahoiit reMri'ting the
OUtpul of the reflnerles or fixing prtceo,
as that \Vas agalnst the law.
Alwaya Feared Sherman Law.
Mr. Arhnrkie Intlmated that perhapo
the bee! reaaon whj th" waning sngar
fnteresta dld not r..nie to a Bxed Bgree
ment for untveraa] p ace in the buaineaa
was becauae they alwaya had the fear
of the Sherman antl-truel law in thdr
Thoutrh the American company Ineee
santly pounded hini. after he started hls
Brookhn reflner>*< ;""' trled tr, ''wlpe hto
hnsin"ss off th> <arth." as h< express"d
it he alwaya entertalned conalderable
admlratli.n f.,r hls old fri-nd. H. <>
Havemeyer, who, he Haid. "would nd
Btop at anything "
Whenever Repreaentatlve Madlaon
would shape his queetlona, by devloua
and dexteroua waya, t" gel the witness
:<i Bdmll that aomi OOIl of an agree
menl bdween hlmaelf and Havemeyer
1 ad been reeponjlble for the ceanttlon of
hoBtllitlea. "r at lead a "klndlier feel
Ing," olnce 1903, the wltneaa denled it in
one form or nnd hir.
"There nevei was an) agreement." he
burat oul petutantly at one time rlsing
i . hla elbowa and atriklng th,- bed with
his hand, ??.md hoatllitlea have neyer en
llrely ceaaed I frankly told Ihe ougor
men that they were the biggeal gel of
foolg in the world to ket-p up a llght
which meant th. loaa of a great deal >'f
money, and they naturally got tlred of
Icm Ing mon< i nnd doppi d to oome < x
"Dld M i Havemeyi r offi r to buy BI
per oenl of your atock " aaked Mr. <;ar
.'. tt.
"No. I would not hear lo nn) pro
poaal," he replli d. "I told hlra that not
S'. long aa l llved and had mj oenaea
wnild be own a d"i!.ir in my buaineaa,
The aitneea aald tha Arbucklea wenl
Into the nigar buaineaa becauae they be
lieved thej could pul up ougar In pack
agea profltably, as the) had been dolng
with coffae, The American otralghtway
boughl "ot th. ir < in-f competltor in the
coffee buaineaa, the Wootoon Bplce Com?
pany, "t Toledo, and alao atarted the
American Coffee Company, The Am?ii
? an company went oul of the coffee husj
.- a year or oo ag,>, the wltneaa aald,
and there had been n > ngreemenl
rea< hed ln thal mattei
Deniea American Sets Pnce.
Mi Arbuckle denled that the Ameri?
can compan) Bxed the prtce of raflned
augar, though he admlttad that the coav
I'gpy had more power to do so than Mny
ona ehn Ha admitted, alao, t hu t. the
other companleg genernlly fdlowed the
li a<i "f the American in pt Icao,
ii,- denled thal he had ever aaked
Claua a. Bprecketo ?>f the f*edera| Buggr
Reflnlng Company at Tonkerg to rome
Into th- f.iid and radnce ihe output of
hto reflnery oo they all could make more
money, as Mr. Bpreckela teatlfled at one
of ih" Neu v.nk htaringa Ha wanted
Bpreckela to Jdn the trad,- laboratory
he was eetabllahlng, and Bprecketo
wouldn'l do it becauae the .meriran
company was in lt, the wltneaa auUl
Wllll.iiii N. Dykeman waa pragcnl nl
lh< examlnatlon aa Mi Arbnekta'g coun
ael, .n,d Joaeph W Ooodwln agg there
in th. iiilei.sls "I Ih" AmtriCgJ) Sunar
Ri flntng ?'ompany.
Mr. Xrl.ii. I.l< and his me, ,. gfrg, Mar
( ulllilllirU nn Mr, ,,ll,| BOgB.
Dr. Thomas G. Sherwood, Vet
erinarian, Crushed and His
Wife Badly Injured.
Woman Falls Clear of Machine
?Oil and Rain in Pelham
Parkway Cause of ?
T >r. Thomaa Q, Bherwood $ veterinarv
rurgeon, of v,, |i?t Weal 87th dreet
was kiiled. and hls w if" Mrs. Lulu Sh"r
wood. was badly Injured when thelr
automoblle akldded and plunged over
an embankmenl in P< lham Parkway,
near Willlamabridge Road late yeeterday
The aectlon ?>f the parkwa) where the
accldent happened is nse<i exclualvel;
b) Butomobilea and la on a ten per cent
grade The oll which drlps from tha
machinea udng the road and the heavy
rains <<{ yederda) covered the aurface
of the road with a slims roating, and
Dr. Bherwood'a efforta t" atop the mu
hine on t he dou n grade were Ineffectlve
Th Mg machine akldded ihe fnii widtli
nf the road and after making three rnm ?
plete turni plunged ovei th" ten fool
embankmenl on ihe oouthead aide ,.f
th- road.
Dr. Sherwood ahoUted t., his wife and
?he placed heroell in auch a podtlon
that ohe waa tiirewn clear <>f th.- ear
when it tumed turtle. Dt Bherwood
was at the wheel and WBJ unahle to tne
iiiniseii. He was pinned beneath thecar.
i >r. Bhi rw.i and his w if.- wen on
thdr way t.. vloll oome frienda tn New
Roebelle when th.- accldent happened,
ind gccordlng '" wltneogea were golng
,t an ordinary rate ol apw d. Thelr au?
tomoblle had ii" ctuUna on the wheeto
and it wa- Impoeslhle to control the
trehlcle when li atruck the alimy aectlon
j( the r '"i.
in an automoblle which was golng in
the oppoolte dlrectlon were Dr. Bdwovd
i.. Roae, of N" 1*3 Wenl l-tith ntreet;
iiis gtoter, wlth two chlldren, and John
Qulnn, tbe chauffeur. The) were wlthln
a few rodg of Dr. Bherwood'a automoblle
when th.- accldent occurred. i?r j<".s,.
ttiid his chauffeur auoc.lod in get
Ling I ?r. Bherwood from beneath the
wrecked machine, and ti.wner "f an
,th"i automoblle whleb was paaring it
ihe tini" apeeded to o roadhouae, half ,i
,nii" away, and tctaphoned lo Pordhani
Hoaplul for an Bmbutam ??.
Raaltolng thal Dr, nhorwood'f i ondl
tlon was oerioua, Dr. Roaa oarrled him
and Mm. Bherwood lo his ovsn nutocao
i.. ,. Bnd went nt lop gpetd t" tha Pord
(?iitn Hoepltai.
Dr. Bherwood waa ta Intenae paln, and
i n Roae was ti'p ed to u-e a h\ podermtc
Intoctlon of morphlna from his emer
.. kn t" keep th.- injured man allt o
untll the hoepltai was n m hi d
Mra, Bbera.I ru cul on the nanda,
i,,,-,. gnd i""i>, and waa auffering from
ahoch Th. y met Dr Donohue, of Pord
ham Hoapltal "ii the road, and he f,,i
lowed the automoblle al i gallop back
to the hoapltal.
in Bherwood waa taken i" the oper
aolng tabk at onoe, bul ne dlet) a few
mlnut( s after hls arrival. Mrs Sh.-r
B-ood waa taken lo her home In a erii
i, .,i i ondltloa
i bicago, Julj '.'-i a t. w houra aftei re*
celvlng notlca that hla wlfa had begun odl
f.,i dtvorce P/llltam u. Heehtor, thlny-two
?...ii old, a oaleeman from Plttaburg, com
nsltted aulclda ta a hotd hera bj ahootlng
iii i? aii aummer drtnka ailh Angoa
tura ii ii' , ddk'loua appettoer ?md tunli
- AdU.
South African Company Arquires
Interest in Yukon
Lnndon, July lf "Tho Dally Mair
learna that the Coneolidated Qoldfleld
Company, of Bouth Africa, on the advlce,|
it aaya, ot John H.iys Hammond, has a<--.
qulred conalderable Intereata ln the
Yukoej fleld.
Tho Coneolidated intendi to floal a new j
companj with a ripitanV.of 18,000,.
Unoccupied Home of Manufact
urer Yields $400 Loot.
With thrtr hands ^ncaserl in gloveo
belonglng <?> thoir vlctlm, burgton robbi d
tho home of charlea <;. Herbert, a manu<
facturer, at No. BH Eaat Mth ?treet (,n
Frlday or Baturday last and t,?oi< ailver
arara and other thlnga valued al 1400.
Tho glovea bore acld atalne. They were
found on a Btalrway botween the ground
and flral Boora of tho bulldlng.
it ia bdleved by the pollce that the
burgton applled add to artlclea to do
termine the purity of lha metal, and
Detectlve Mclntoah, of the Eant ."? 1 st
dreel pollce atatton, reported that he
found Beveml acld gtalned pterea of
tablewara In tha dlnlng room of the
Tho robbery was commltted durlng
Ihe ebnence of Mr. Herb?;ri and hli I ?
II) at a aummer reood
Bntrance t.> tha houae, the detectlvea
leamed, was galned through a baaemenl
door, whlch had been broken open. Tho
doora leading to bedrooma and dreaalng
roome, which had been locked, wera
fnunii open, with "Jlmmy" marka upon
New Jersey Closes Roads to
Autoists for Nominal Fee.
i Bj Ti legrai a ta 'i ba Tdl 'm* i
i Tranton, n. j. July 24.?J. B, R,
j smith. Btate Commtaatoner of Motor
I Vehlclea, announced to daj that here*
[after the dght-day motodng pdvllaga
would ti"t ba granted to automobile
uwnen of New rork. Thla meana that
New Tork autotota wlll have to take out
a yoariy llcenaa if th<> wiah to uae tho
roada of New Joraey. The llcenaa fgea
are .<::, |S and si<?. accordlag to the
hoi i i on i r of tha tehlcle.
Thla actlon la takon agalnal New jfork
becauae no reclprocal automobile legli
latlon haa boan enacted. Retotiona I
wtth Pennaylvanto and De'.aware wora
d ? ontlnued some tlme ggo. Tha elghl
day prlvllega was glven lo tha vli
for a |1 fee
ti ia aettou la llkelj to i. . t
m certato parta of Nea I - mon i>ar- |
tlculady Atlantle Clty, Long Branrl a I
other auauaer roaorta, aa it aill ba ln Nea
rork v?arntng ?i.i then, however, thal
if tba Now Jork Leglatotun dld not 'ake
aome bcUoh to ariabttah automobile red
prodty Um Nea Jaraaj roada aroqld ba
rloaed to rldtlng aantortata uateaa tha full
reari) fee i* pakf.
Thoaa who have worked i"i ? nea anto
law in Nea Jeraej coatead thal the Mb
wtii Buffei paatartol ios>, its many touriata
win now louraej tn oth*r tftreetlona rather
;i >u paj tba jfaii,, ucani i toa
Control Shifted with Ease in One
Machine in Test.
Hammondaport, N. v.. July 24.?Por
the firai time in the htotory of avintion,
a heavler-than-air machine was oper
ated aucceasfully to-day by two avta
tora, ench of whom nlternately aaaumed
control of the machine. The t.st was
madi above Lake Ke,,ka i.y Lleutenant
dore Q. Kllyaon, of the navy, and
Captaln Paul w. Beck, of the army, in
the new hydro-aeroptane recently
bought by the navy,
The MiKht was bver a < ir.ular couran,
iast.,1 for etghl mltaa al an altitude of
r.ini feei and control was shifted appar
ently wlthoul Indlcatlon thal the whed
had paoaed from pne avtator to the
other. The ahlfl control is th<- inventtaa
"i Gl< nn n. Curttaa.
Heavy Rains Rttin Crops, Dara
age Railroads, Cause Suffering.
Matnla, July 24. Floodi are sweeplng
over Luxon, following two typhooni an l
thirteen daya of contlnuoua rnlno The
cropa have been rulned and aadlona of
the rallroade dootroyed. iireat dgmagq
has been done by a column of water that
broke through a dam on the Donguel
road, carrylng everythlng before it.
Thlrty-ntne Inchee <?r rain f*di ln one
oa) at Baguto, and oeventy-four Inchoa
i.i four daya, There i- much ouffering.
Louise Friedrich Rushes Into
Burning Home to Save Thero.
Loe, Angdea, July 24 Phrleklng "My
bablea! Th, v are all I hava tn the
world'" Miss I.ouiae Friedrich, a N'< w
Tork arflat. rushed hgcb Into a hurntng
ipartmenl house here to-day and. after
throwlng a i.asket contalnlng four whlta
kngora klttena out of the wtndow, fell
beck and was devoured by the tlatnea.
The klttena landed on thefcr fed unhuri
ln the dreet.
The Bre atarted ir. an adjotntng house,
ind the artld eacaped t.. the atreet. Be?
fore any one knew what ohe was gbOwt
she had dashed hack into the hurning
1'iilldli g, P/atOhen in the atreet aaw
Mtoi Friedrich appear at the wlndow
ind hurl out her baeket of cats. Than
she fell haek, and later th-- nremen fouml
her bodj lylng btetlda the iron frume of
her I ad
Mau.v Deaths and Prostrations?100
Soldiers Fall Out of Ranks.
Berlln, Jul) -i The beat wa\>- haa nd
ibated iu terribie affeeto thioughout the
?, :uii\ an- ohOWn in the dozens (,f deaths
and hundroda of proatratlona a hundred
aoldiern, of whom two dlad, fell out of
mnka in the eoun.lerctaaa .it Halle,
la uaal m Baxon)
\t the aama plaoi .. greai factor) atoppod
work becauae d lack d water, *i\ hun
died perabna being Ibrown out of emptoy
in, nt Tarentj deetha in two daya are re*
ported ln th.- Provtnro or Bnxony. Thiny
.i.-.iiiis hava eecurrad in ihe tad threa da>?
betoreen Dutoburg auJ CoIooojbb,
Storm of Raqc and Hato Un
chained in Hcuse of Commons
Aoainst Mr. Asquith.
Head Of Government, Howled
Down for First Time in English
Parli?ment, Forced to Com
municate His Speech to
the Newspapers.
Political Situation So Acutely Serioug
That Kmg Himself Calls Prima
Minister and Opposition Lead
ers Successively to Andi
? enre and Defers De
parture for Oood
rJandon. .luiv 24.-The toat ad of tka)
Parliamentarj rovoluttoa waa oaatorag
in to-day wltk * nvolutJotiary acaaa,
For the ftrst tlme in Ita hhftory th*
Houae of Cornraona refuaed tn iisten to
the apeerh of a Prtme Minister For
th- flrat time ln Its hlatory the Speaker
. of tho lln';pe was eompelled to Invoke
I the rnle Whlch empowers him "ln ease
? of arave dtoordar" to derlare the sittlng
ladjouraad on his own raaponalbUlty
Bueh hoptlle paunfJoM have not been
[fflvon free reln in a ehamber whirh tra
dltloaally r*rrUt on Kg dabataa with
ehtvalroua eoartaay ainre the ptm-mv
. da l of tha (HaatatOB* Home Rnle hiMa.
Iprobably there haa been no aurh paa
aage ln the Amerlran CUUgraaal Blnee th*
j RecorMtruetJon era.
For three-quartera of an hour Mr. Ae
1 qulth rose at ehort lntervals nnd read
? ?entenee nr tvrtf from a mnnuaertrt.
only to he overwhelmed by Jeers. hoot
[ingg and rrles. "Traitor" was the word
moal froquantly uaaal but "Redmond."
"Patrb k FordT and "Amerlean dollara"
v.-ere often distineulshable.
Again and aa-aln the Prtme Minister
trie.l ti ppeak. but hlB VOtee was
drowned in the whirlwind. He (jnve ut
teranoe tn a few hroken pentenees. a
WOffd or two of whlch rotild he heard.
Crlea of "Hurrah for Kedmnnd. th"
r'al leader!" suddenU broke out frOurj
Um Coaaaryatlve heneheK "Wi arUI
lipten to Redmond." thry .-uided.
"The Hrltish :n IM'? rary! ' waa the
pcornfnl rei ly of the Radhals. "\no\i.
at em.'
An Adjournment Moved.
Plr Edward < arson, 1'nlfiniPt mefhber
for Duhlln T'niverslty. moved an ad
Joiirnment. The Speaker aald that he
would he dellghted to entertain the mo
tlon, hiit the proeeedings had not yet
AKaln and again Mr. Asquith tried to
sjieak, but a whirlwlnd of rrie? drownej
bla voi-e.
"Dlvlde! Tdvtde.Let ng know tha
ternis of the bararain." "Wrlte another
letter,' "Toa the llne." were among the
favorite ahouta
Mr AaOjUttk wor.t on: "The HmiM of
Cornraona rarrtod a reaofuUoa in favor
..f the btll ln H*10 by a large majorltv,
and but for tho death ><f King Bd>
? Keeji the Kmg aul of polltlm." "Wtag
k lled htm-' Vou dld," resoiinded in tha
? ippoaltlon i>en< h-H.
Ihirlng the next lull the Premier re
Mut (nr the doath of the Klna and the
temporary traea icrlea of "A brtght aort
of truoc' '). H wioild h.ave been pa>ae<l
at that aaaaaaa dwaaajai aii rta ?taae*."
As tho Praaatof Bpoke the uproar waa
contlnued, nad aajtp snutehea of what
lie aald OOUMI ba heard He referred to>
i iitu lora of the I.ords' amendmenta.
Oaly "llght rorbal ehanires were re
ijulred, he gfJa\ and very fgaj sueh.
chaagaa, to aitor the whole eense of the
blll, Then the hubbub broke out afresh.
and there uore shotit* of "You are dls
fraoadr You are no Prlme MllltotOlf"
Kinally, tho Mromier's nioutli haniened
and he glared at his tormontors llke a
Uoa at bag an tnipreBplve flgure. w|th
heavy iray hair aael straia-ht ettt feat
ures flushed with anger. He rioned hla
maauacript aad ertoa: t am not going
to degrade myself. I phall almply ?ta'e
the COBClUOlon at whirh the e,nvertiment
hag arrlved."
Having announred the government'a
IntanUoaa as hriefly and hurnedly aa
pnsslble althouRh they were not hearl
the Pretaler wnk back into hla aeat.
The leaders tn the mitburPt agalnat
tho ITlme Minister were lx>rd Hugn
CocfJ, youngest snn of the late Marqula
of fJaltobOry add Intensely tinpopular.
and a POtlBfl barrister, B?. K. SmHh.
niember for the Walton dlvtetoa of I.lv
erpool, who haa aohle\ ed prorninence re
cenUy in tho OonoarvaUva party. The
fonner kOfM u\> a i otistant ftre of monot
OaOOa cries of "DUIiie! hlvlde' Dlxida''
and tho Lakar raaggkar, "Wlll" t'r>>'kH,
ir, rough dotkjcg and a alouck hat, ?ot
tlng acroag the atoto, aeveral tlnaaa
jiiinpeil ii|> as tnaugh kbOUl to aasault
him. but was puitod back by frlnnilf
The Speakor'.s ploadlnH t<> "otakaTVg
tlio decenoie^ of dobOta" WaffJ drowned
j ln the tuniult. The WOt>faaf waa that
the crowded hou.se di.l not COaaO t>?
blows. but belligorent niomhein were
often pulled down by thelr more DaaC0>
fully iBOllaad nelghbors.
Ihe polithal hatred engetidered in tlte
veto blll made to-duya aeaskina tho
Btormient in tka BM inory of tho olde.nt
ineinlier. BVOry ineaiia ahovt of phyaual
ttotonoa ?ms attccaaagalkj gaad |g pre
\?iu Mr. AaqulUl frara placlng the view*
j of the goveium. nt before the house an.t
the natlon. So Molent were the Oppoai
tlon membera and so indignant were the
Minibterialiats that Uia Speaktr, aftur

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