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pras8csitlesj for n..t potting the Kin on
the "A-'fncs.--- stand, since ih<? ?~t.it?-- had
su o p-tm und her. Harry M. Smith, J> . St>
tomey for the defence, said ha never had
had an opportunity ..f even spaaiking
with her. as she was kept Incommunicado
In jail, whereat .Iu?1k<' Wata**?n In .sur?
prise deelaroil tlio defence would havi
every opportunity to confer with the Kin.
Counsel for th?? defence eatd ha wash??!
his hand.? of tin? gfri
The prose, ution intim?t?.! il srotlld ?'all
the girl, and when rebuttal begins to?
morrow nr the Bjejtl day it Is pta?-tit-silly
certain that sin- will be .ailed, particu?
larly to i lorroborsktc the teathnoay of
Paul Beat tie ay t?> certain mi spurns
which he .?-ays Henry asked hint to de?
iner to her.
The prisoner deprecated ths Ides thai
he in any v..?? loved the girl The pros?
ecution, however) insistid thai la th.*
weak beforo th? murder three of Beat
th i ? ? inn- ^ ?i.ni been gives to the Bin
Cord girl, as well a? the ni^tit before the
homicide, all of which tin prisoner a?i
iiiiit. d
The proa, cullon continued to contend
that tl ? sat on bis life's body
to concet II on his flying trip t.? the
O?.u horn
An ' sgi ? ' ipectanl crowd Jammed lh<
courtrni ?n to-day to overflowing, and a.?
so". . ? Beattie'a nami waa called than
aas .? noisy rustle behind th1 bar and a
straining ? f necks outside the windows.
where platforms had bean erected to
catch a Kbmi.se of the accused ami near
hi* testimony.
Beattl. walked calmly t-1 ths crude
Witness .-hiir and faced the twelve men
a no i" - ? ? the week Is ended are to
i |ik*8 menl w his stor*, His exam
inatiun foil 'ws:
'Tiesi ? .|s .'" Bald H. U.
.?? it... .ni?.i n?.- ?"t the il'-fetu ?.
? i,. - pas
. ? th my father.'
do you
? i aa i ' f Bhoes and m? na
fui niahlt
i > ? ; ha store? '
I'.. ke- ?. to thr- b| :-?
"How long have you been doing it'.''
a ??
"Whai to ? i P il Beattle?
i onfldentlaJ re
la' t???< n )our In*
ti I
mi with you?"
"So I ??n'y srtw him when hi would
atore '-i -.'i mom j or Borne?
ti i left a mil
n?? watch?
.in i ontidvn? ?? Jn him?*'
m with . ?- r i >
-. oi id
.hat n B< Bin
in Augu ? ? I
l !rm did > i ? i"? el
I '. ? >ad s t reel in
? ? four oi five fellows Borne
to two girls.
I ? e car, and one of tin? k rla
ould i..k?' .i ? i.'?. Beulah
and ? t he t hen g? ,
ced t" her
Pieman? '
? ? - i?? ulah Blnford'? ?<? putatlon?"
That ,ift?- noon i he rest of the
vith th? exception of on? fellow, told me
r.'-i to fid v. a; j ihinc to do with
did youi relations with Beulah
Binford V.tf?ik off?"
"in the f.ii ol M
? whal s aa t h?- ?. .
' she went io w i
"When Beulah'S Ch WS what
tJ:<t aha ?.
Her mol her ? rote to m< "
"Did they think JfOU were responsible?"
'1 suppose so. m the) thought I ha?l
Bi""' money than any one else, N'ext
th'.ni- I knew 1 was palled to het lawyer's
office and, as a consequence, I saw Hotl?
ine to do h4it to fork up flie money,
and rras the l?uphiii? BtOTS of the imui.
T never for one minute thought I was the
father of the child, and Beulah Blnford
??.ore at the coronet's laques, that sh.
waa nol Ita mother'
\n effort ?f? made bj roi**U?e1 for the
d?'fence i.i Interrupt the prisoner's t?
mor?- for a few mil tea td nave ?liarles
H Rast lebers lestif* as io t1 ?? number of
hi? i ar. h')! tas prosecution objected, say?
ing I ? ?i not want th? examination of
ths prisoner Interrupted "
?. Had No Love fee Woman.
II -new i?.? ? before ymir marrlasre."
TM - iued Mr Smith, "wsB ihe meet!
W | .,, . ? r r ?. Office ?"
a hour February. ?** "
"tVell, when ware w"'' relal ona with
)< ; brol i n off?"
in .v.? fall ..f IMS, und I -.?
' ligu?t,
How Ions had von ki s n
"Nearlj nil mj l?f? "
love a it h '
? f fourteen
rTV ' thS
H Blnford I
r" ?? i: -i, i?'.'"
tan of
- . owi
??* t? .mi .ivo foi her.
? the i elations etween ? ou
?? .i ? ? ' ? of her !
.?, .
er, or
?. r ? ?? " . e affectionate
,. . i . ?
1 ?' ?
to lie .
? w
a' ? I'.- I
? ? i . r m ? ? ? '1
Shout I ' on me, I
,.r j. ??
raid ' p to Nor- ;
* "on?!
r ? Beule h ' i
? ' ? i ..?l.nK |
me to |
? cd the Btory !
of ? im. of how I
- , . . drat heard
In Sot folk . '!' is pi la- ?
oner frai
.. ? ? . ?' ta to vai
s o 11 ? ? I was
reina t? ' her.'
??jr/l en did 4 ? i about her naatr" |
v, ? , i. . n?l oned me that j
aha waa la town sa her a-ay to Danville
"Old you know what thd aaa going t?>
Beattte said tha girl waa to lead a pub?
li? life
?i'id you do anything to diasuads harr
She callM me up eome lime after Unit
and 1 wem oyer to see her. ami aha asked
me || i would help bar ,f ?ha stayed la
Richmond. I iolf| her 1 would trv t?. hrlp
hei* oui That isn't the drat lime I've
helped n girl <>nt "
"Von have helped others, and that was
no Indication that you cared for ??ne more
then anothei ?"
DaatUe'g letter ,0 n,.U|a], promlalag t"
"help bar out" was pitHhiceel
' There is ?me word I'd like to ?one? I,"
SSltl ISt-iil tic. "That word will' should be
'well, he good' If.? a thing you ?I put In
any letter to any one. sod doesn't mean
that 1 k;>Ul I would he pooil."
Oceans of Love Just Gush.
"W'iih oieatiH of love, brlmraln
kisses." t'ie letter concluded.
The prisoner x.veral times slopped to
?li Ink some water, hut demeaned himself
verj ealmly and eolteetsdly.
How about that?" he was risk? ?1.
That was Just tufty or gush th.it you
give i?> a woman of that kin?l?"
'I ?id you have any real love for thai
woman T"
"I couldn't love B woman that 1 couldn't
respect and trust."
"Please state if yod mat Paul Bcattie on
the Thursday night preceding the homicide
ami ? otnmissioned him to buy a BhOtgUtt."
"No, sir."
"If you had wanted any firearms would
you want him to Ket them?"
"Na, eapeelslly if I ha?i wanted ihem for
anyihing ??f that kind."
"Did you see l>im Thursdiiv night at all?"
"How many times did you see him within
a week or two before the murder?"
"He was at the store about a week or
two weeks before. That was since we
talked about putting hi? brother David Into
the new and about the property out of
which ne said my father was trying to
cheat him.'1
|ii?l you sec him that night?"
"Yea In the Btore early. He sahl he
was going ?o Richmond and asked me to
take him over after the atore closed."
"l)i?i you know anything about him Kolng
to the pawnbroker's shop or buying a
"No, Ml."
"Did h>> ruing you a nun?"
"No. ST."
The prisoner said that after taking Paul
Beattie home he weal riding with Ueuiah
Rlnford. "Wa had laro punctures," he
added. "She got a pump out of the rear j
s? at."
If there hPd been a gun she would have
"Wh. re la Beulah now?"
"in Jail, i reckon, where the prosecution
?an g? t hi r if they want t<>."
"When were you out next with Beulah?"
" \l??ndn> ."
"In that week and the week preceding
<i'?i you take your wife out?"
"Ye? i took her out the Bunds) before,
the i'nday beton, th.- Wediieadaj before.
i ? ?. oi :.. ii Um? a a w?eek."
?m the niRht of the murder, Tuesday,
what lime did you leave your house?"
"A little after 8 o'clock, i got the ma?
.. it ?.f the garage I had gone only I
? ahorl distance when I saw I had a flat
tire, i bad i" Jack up the rear of the
. .? ' ;i nd fix it "
'Do you know how long it to>?k ?on
"Judging from the time i left mj house
and the tim?- l got to Mr ??wens, it mina,
ha. ? taken an hour."
"When you got to Mr. Owen's, what di<!
you do?"
"i went upstairs In the house where my
wife was Louise was nursing th* baby
and l kissed her, sitting beside li?-r and
talking ?Aith her. Mrs. Owen cam? in iat<T
and san. i?r. Mercer was coining."
Played with the Baby.
"i no ? ou play with the babj 7
i'cf I walked up sn?i down tie room
with it and put my linger In its mouth i??i
it to bite."
"The only intimation we hae had about
?n'lr being unhappy haa ??mi?- from Mrs.
??win. your mother-in-law. Was there any?
thing In your life tha* reused your arlfe t?>
be l.llhaip?. '"'
"No Bite hsd i o reason to be "
"8lat< what happened after you starte?*?
on the lutomobile ride with your wlfi
?"We were ai the house aboui ihree-ojuar
1er? of an hour. Boraebodj suggested that
inv wife take a Wrap, it couldn't be found I
'|. in' iihui brought out his ralncoal l then i
t....k i piescripti??n from Dr. Mercer to be
Riled. We went ?town the Midlothian Turn?
pike \n a drug store. I rattl?ed on the door,
ami finally the druggist came, t?>ok the pre- ?
scrlption and went hwk t<> fill ?t, wlnl. If
Mood on the unnlng board about ten min?
utes talking with mv wife
"Wa ? ?n r ? lie in good humor?"
Via. i paiii him for the prescription. I
'"?light some csndv for mv w|fe> ;iii?l gol
Into the csr and headed up th? Midlothian
I'lke, Jusl ?? ? we K"\ to .\tr 0*.ven'a house
to return ar; wif?> suggested thst we tskej
a little spin" -
?who sugaested thai you lake the ride.''
M - a ife."
"if she hadn't, did you Intend m ?m?"
\\ ? ||, wl ai happened?
Three cara passed; ?me nn? going fest
? fortj miles an Hour I was running
The . ar left a lot <>f ?hint, ami ,
.? irai the second car ?ame my wife aui
Rented thai wt *-T" fester, ao as um t<
lh?Mr ?lust, and did this and passed
Ihlrd csi
?What's the number of your csrT
? ?(rit ?ndr? d n ?1 tw? nty."
i?."?- thHt numlifi kiok anything
I? ir"
"Soi ?" nie."
r?tate more of last -"1?
?\Ve pessed Ihres rar? The last thing
i can r?*memtxBr bsfors ?ve turned sround
waa n row oi esdar trees, which m* wife
-,.i?i would mske i:??"! Christmas neis, an?l
the rate nesr where wa turned"
".-'?? at? s hat happened tb? c
Tells of Wife's Death,
"Abo it Ihre? quart? s of s mile or a
"i in where w?. turned, we wars
poing along easy? when a man csme from
the i.i't hand aide 'A the road H?. was
-?i , lose to me that l ha?l n> put on the
l rake so as not to hit him He a-<k'"l
u i were going to hit Mm, and i ?mi?) j
i . i ad plenty of room, and that I should I
i then put on the ios gear and '
i ?iser to tak?' th.- brake. He
gun ??' me. and said 'Slop, or
i n gh< oi I dldn'1 want to aggravate
him. ?o i s=?i'i nothing As i touched the
? ; and my wife f< II back of
"Bhe f. H between your ha?'k and the back
?? seat?"
"Yc* In the spa? ?? "1 a moment T
jumped ??'it ?if the car and started towards
the man. iif ralee?] the g"" t?> hit me.
i caught the gun as it hit me on th?
nu-.,, n, lei loose an i being overbalanced)
r r? ? beck There hsa been sotnethlngl
?aid about blood ??n the gun. Tom ??wen
mj face ?aus ??!?->.?<i>- i pick?rdup the
and th? man run up the road "
U'ii" was the first man you told?"
"Tom ' 'wen."
"Was your statement to Tom Owes the
sain?- as you made at the coroacr'a in
'liie^t ""
"*iVhv didn't you follow the man0''
"Well, ^f?''1 getting Ihe gun ind see-l
Western Union "Day Letters"
and "Night Letters" take pre?
cedence over all mail.
They go direct to the person
They demand and receive im?
mediate and personal attention.
They exact the courtesy of an
instant reply.
They put widely separated
men and places next door to
each other.
mm m
mm m
Ins him running ?'I' the roa?. PS] t"
thought ivii.? for my Wife. She aras lvi
.m th. h f? hand SMS ?-f the rar. I r
to step on bei dress to k?'1 In. I felt
her pulse. Imt I knew | couldn't ti
being excited, whether she was ?lead
UviiiK. I holler. .1 ininlei- mu? help' ?
blear ths horn, bul tmowtrjt there was
doctor ?.t Tom Owen a i ?catcd my *
OH Hie left ?.?at. Mer head dropped f'
ward. and iioi.linp he?- with one band,
ran the cet with ths other, a utile w
down the lights went i,m ? Axed I
Wife In the goal and imiiped out to
the MfhtS, I realised then I had no c?
on. I lit the l.iiiii ? and went un to >
? in sn'a bouse.*'
"How fast ?li'l uni run hark""
"About forty or fifty miles an houi
'?'an >on recall how near the bell li
it was that foe stopped?-'
N<>. I retnemher, though, that the <
lumped nearly two fe??t when It did err
llie helt Une trucks There \\h? one h
turn where f iiMd to let go o.' my w|
nnre to use both hntids for the turn. >?
Owen and Dr Mercer helped ma carri '
wife into the library l asked If 1 shoi
f? tid for an ambulance or tak? her to
hospital, hut he aald she was dead
remember asking a second time if a
Were il.?ad."
"Da \oi ktiow where ?.our coat w
"Dr. Mercer found l| an the footboard
the machine."
"Did you give Mr. Owen asd the of
cere all the Information possible?"
"I told everybody what I kn?w and an
I'd show them the ??jot."
"When they asked what v ou did wl
the Run. what did you say?"
"I said r had put It Into the rear of tl
car. They said It wasn't there, and I sa
perhaps It ha?l been jolted out at the he
line flOBSlai-"
Described Man Who 8!*ot Wife.
"What description of the man did v?
"I to!<! everybody he was s large mr
about f? feet tall, with ?,1s face full i
"It was a dark night wasn't It?"
"There are wood.? on both sides of tl
spot where the munler occurred?"
The prisoner said the lights of h
mmtrilns did not belt? Mm ??ny In seeing tl
man nnd that his description was a fUSa
"Did you know whether he was a whl
man or ? negr?i?"
"I think lie was a white man. hy h
\ oice."
' Tl'?- detectives bave testified that ?/o
showed no signs of (?rief. How was thai?
"Well, there were several ladies nt th
house and when the detectives ?ame; the
were ail ?trangers to me and I tried t
composa myself to give th-m all the Ir
formation i could."
"\V| ose suggestion was it that they g
OUI ??nil find the gun?"
"Mine; but they all told me 1 was In n
condition to run the rar."
"l?o voii remember placing the ca
around Hie blood ?pot ?"
"A lot of ?letectives were there that ?I
ternoon. They wanted my car asid i g<
my brother to give it to them. ! ba
nothlns to do with placing the car."
"Is there any reason why blood couldn
get into the road from the CSS?"
"bid von see Paul Meatlic on Wedaesds
"Yes. Ile came over and told me Ite-ila
said she was sorry for me."
? hid von tell Paul Seattle that if sh
bothered you, >'ou WOUld kill her if it too
;i hundred years'.'"
I sslil 1 didn't want her to bother me.
"Paul Heattic has testified that he cam
back on Thursday to give yen an answe
fioni BeulflJl. How long did be stay""
"About s half to three-quarters <?f a
hour. I asked If the poli' e had been 1
see her '
"Why did you n?k that?"
Ucearse during th.it ?i f'ei imon Meier
ti\e Br?ierer had been questioning m
aboul going with Mis? Blnford I toi
iiiin i didn't mind leiiing him snythln
In the world about my relation'? with lli
girl, but not to let i! get out '44 my pec
"Did Mi Bcherer Intimate to \ou tlia
?t might be considered S motive for th
i I line""
No "
"Paul Beattle aald when e s,m ? n>
you expected to he errested. Did you ss
mi to him"''
"NO, sir."
Pea'tie testified thai during l.ic tall
with Pan' they were silling on the porcl
with several other people within hesrini
Denies Paul's Testimony.
"Now, Paul Beattli has declared th?
- id iliis tiling looks black i<> nie' am
;.i vott said I v. ish to 4}nd 1 liadn'
? bine II HlOUgll BhS In \er loVOd me Bn.
only married me for mj money.' Dii
..mi ever make thst atatement?"
"No "
Paul Meaiiie said \ou remarked 'Ho'
In he|l did those detectives find OUt ther
Was B No. ?i sliell In 1'iat gun?' Did "'
make an] such ?tannent?"
?No "
Beat! e told of his vlsll to ths hoir*
of H ?! Smith, tr . in rompan; with .loin
Band If er an?i Luther Wells, declaring b
.lid not know he n,i.< to he arrested.
I told Mi Smith." sab) he. i nt
thought they were ;oing to bring Bsulsl
?Kinford Into the case, and l save him al
the Information l could. When t left
told Hand!fer and Wells thai I wanted ..
call up Paul ?nil And out If ths p.?11? r? ha?
been lo aes Beulah That waa all."
a sharp argument ensued ;<" to Beulal
Binford'a being produced In rourt, court
sel fot the defence declarinr ?he gn-i ..i.
i?een held In tall Incommunicado Judg?
Watson said II was not his impre.-;.?iot
that counsel for ths defence was prevent
ed from seeing her. and that if it wen
not IhS intention of Slther side to pu
her on the stan?!, he wsntsd "i release hei
from lall. The prosecution intimate?
thai i* Intended to call her later.
Seattle's examination wa?, then t "
Burned ami he denied emphatically that hi
had been on the Midlothian Turnpike be
fore the murder that night. He said hi
?as not there al the time stated b) Ho
land Bydnor, a witness for ths proseen
? n ?as ben testified thai you identifi?t
that gun." Bald Mr Kmtth "Will you tel
ail von knoa aboul thai gun?"
"Ths nest morning when the gun wa?
found several peu.le ? ?n? atandin*
around, and are all assumed that u w;,?
ihe gun With Which the munler was com
mit ted."
"Did you have a chsnee to examine th?
gun before l'iatT"
Shcnff ??ill bi ougl ' 'o th.irtroon
both th? gun un.I IhS blood s'nine,| doth.
lag of the prisoner
??Was it possible for sou to Identif*
that gun?"
\',> That Was the onlv gun fourni
and everybodj naturslly concluded that
WSB Hi'- gun with which m> wife wai
Hill Carter, for the defen?.-, then paid
th. defence desired te bave Beattle gel
iit,, the car and deroonstrats to the jury
bow ha rlalma th? shot waa Bred and hosi
lis w ?f?? was seat? d
While ths OST wa- being sent for the
defence asked permission to tecali .'bar??-?
n Kestreberg i" the stand te ask one
??i., ?lion. Prosecutor Wsndenburg objected
t.. breaking into Boattle's examination, but
Judge Wataon allowed Kestleberg to ink.?
tli?. stand.
"What waa the number of yAur car?"
asked Mr. Smith.
"DII," said Mr Kestleberg.
Lee Psachal, one ?.f the box? a/ho earns
from the dance at Hon.tir on ihc night of
the munler. m.il testified foi the ?late,
vi.- asked ?f he remembered the number
of i tie car which he and ths other boy? Bats
?a,tn the woman 4,1, lbs lefl running board.
II. laid H was "DII."
t*oU!l adjourned for luncheon at !:15
vith th? understanding that ? <iiu,h?-| WSTS
i. confer sboul the^denttanstrstion with
m. (,n by ihc prisoner,
The sxaailnstlon ??f the fatal sutotnoblle
and the demonatrstlon b> the prisoner were
iin-p.nae?! v.ith by agreement ?>f counsel
"'his aniiouivi-m.-nt was iim.l- OBJ the re
r< nvimng of court at Ige* o'clock, and th<?
defence thereupon declared that It bad
i.Ht.-d it? ill?'
The prisoner was Iban subjected to s
s? srebtng croaa sxan.lnat.oa.
"Mr. Beattle." said Prosecutor Wenden
burg, "vou have been Salted by ?mir
i o'iii?e| .l?verai (|ue?11ons as to what roUT
testimony arss before the ee**anar Uader
the Btatates of Virginia u.ut svldasioi u?
r?.), ths ?iiii'ii.-i ?-??mint he seed uguuint
?om?.-if \ow, do >"u sralve rear nj-ht
mu? sav that Hi. common.1. -.?.lb may use
the striasses given by to? before the
14 ronar?"
Counsel f'-r ti.- dsfenoa objected that
t,-;,t question iiouid n?.! be saltad before
the Jury The . onrt ?ustalii.-d Ibis \ I? w
i mi ashed the Jury la dl regard ?he peaaat?,
CUtton'fl pro|^>?!ti"n ami not to ilr.i?* uny
unfavorable mfrtssness thstefresi
Nov.. i undriHiaiid Mr Beattle,
I suiiivU 1'iu: 4?.u'ur t-niJcnb'/i ?,, "that ><ju
Il ?????
met Beulah Blnford in August. Iff??
?.Id your relatP.n? with her begin"!
"About two week? after I lind im
? \n?i ? ontImied bow long"*"
Tntll ?he went t?> Washington
f?n of ras?t."
"When <li?l you ?end her to school
"The same fall. Tan I explain''''
"Yes '
"Her people w? re going to sen'l
school. They nil Ihnuglil I'd hell'
which I ?lid. cot to give her an cd
for mv benefit, bol te K??t her out
"Wii?t do yea me.m by to ?ret i
of the whv"' '
"I mean thai l wssn't educating
?ailse I liked h?-r
"?'ouldn't you net her sway In sir
way?" Insiste.) Mr Wemlenburg "1
have thst Influence over you that I
to ?en?l her ,iv?ay?"
"Then \onr rststl? n? ?rntlnuH fo
lime. When she ?ei?? fourteen scan
''Wasn't that a violation of the la
eernlag young girl??"
The prisoner did not nnswr m
i ounsel object? ?1 thai he was on ti
only one offence. The court ptrmitt
prisoner to aay that he dl'ln't kn<
action anas against the law 'if the k
about town."
"Now. when the ehlld BM "orn
named after you. wshu'i It?"
"Yes, it was numed Henry Clay."
Paid for Child's Burial.
"And when the child died VOS bou?
casketr' asked Prosecutor (vendenbi
"I Waa In the ?tor?- wh?n?the f
director had the bill an?l told hit
??hiUl hud been adopted by Mrs. Troi
lie said she wouldn't pay it. but lurn '
to the city as my child and I nal
didn't want that to happen and pal
bill, thinking that would be the last
"Rl<1 you write any letter to Mrs
ford I?? sign some paper In r?f?rer
the adoption of this child, and that
?lid not you'd wash fOttT hand? of the
"1 can't remember writing It. I th
I had washed my hand? of the r
when I wa? In the lawyer's office."
The prosecutor produced the lette
? Did vou write that letter?"
"I dl.l."
Mr Wendenhurg read: "Mr?. Rli
You can sign the enclose,1 with your
?ln?l ii'ldres?. f*1 rgSa do S" at once a:
is the laat tlm? I will monkey will
business. When ><u have an BnsWSI
Baa up -Henry."
"DM that letter refer t?i the adopt)
the child?"
"From the < ontents of the letter I
that It doe?, but WhSB the child wa?
there was a paper to stun and It may
been in reference to that." ?
"DM vnu have any other transa? ti?>n
Mm, Blnford about ihe ,.hiid""
'I don't think so."
"Aff.r the child died Beulah B)
went sway?"
"Th" she was tO .1 ? >in her hUBband, a
hall player?"
'I heard BO."
"Didn't vou know when von arere Ut
folk that she was -narri???!'."'
"She told me so."
"The night ?he arrived in Richmond
Joined her, did you not "
"We Wfnt out riding, had a few dr
ami then Hilly Sumpson an?l I went ho
"That was the renew hI of \ our relu
with her?"
' Yes."
"Weren't your nights to see hot r
Monday, Thunsday and laturdsi ?"
'?Nu. Those were the nighls I went
ever since I waa married
"Will v.,n deny being with R.ulah t?>'
ihe end on Monda v. Thursday an?l S;
?lav ??"
"Ths week before the homi'-lde 1
he? those three nights "
"8o three nights belonged to Heulal
"I ha?l been with her. but I ?lout I?
as they belotiged to her."
?m Thursday preceding ihe homi
when did vou join her?*'
"About a rpmrter to nine."
"How long did vou remain with her'."
?l'util 12 o'ctock, i reckon. '
"Where did you g?i that night?"
Want out riding."
"Took her out to the country?"
The white-haired father of the pris<
covered bis face with a palm leaf
Un ?nigh this portion of the testimony.
prisoner denied Hint he either raw or I
phoned Raul Reattie on Thursday nl
and *?i?l he might have seen Paul the ?
pi ? ? .ding.
"Did you e?et telephone to rani at
tune to met vou at Short and >
No, sir "
"Did vou ever go t?> McEVOy'S I
room ?"
"No, i don't know a here MCfivoy'a I
room 1? I'm pretty certain that on Sa
d?v nlaht. which was the only night I
with hire, I* didn't tike any drink v
him "
"Didn t you go to (he telephone t
night ?
"Yes I tried to g-?t a number,
didn't "
"Whose number wa? it"'
Beulah Btnford'e."
?Didn't vnii ?sy over the 'phone, 'V
me at Short and Main sirrias in a
n nutea.
"N'o. -ir "
Snerlff ?;ill r.t this point was erd'red
.ludce \Vats?>n to have the photograph
tit the window move away, as counsel
ihe tief? nee protected "that the ordeal
the prisoner was sufactent,*' sritbout
?cttvltv of the ?ameia men
"Whv were you so solicitons thai \i
frier d s should not knew about 'he rii nf.
I didn't want them to know it. No n
I would."
, "Paul ha? testified Hint aft?r you I
McEvoy'a on Thunelay you t-.ok h
; home "
"I ?iidii t gee him any night ex? ? ot s
I nrday."
| "Then your denial overs all thai Pi
lisa testified a.- to what you dM thai Thu
I'lav night?"
? "Ye? '
Not with Paul Beattie.
N'.'v. if John Jossssk owner oi ihe pli
?'?n the corner of Short and Main, an?'. .1??
Million with him would lestlfj thai th
ssw ?.ou 'm Thursday night before i
murder, ?ml If a lady. Mrs Nolan, s
?was sitting in the ptrch that night, win
lestlfj 'hat you came Pi Raul's home
Thursday ;iight. |nd Air- Beattie woi
I testify likewise, wnuM you -till su?- ti,
I??m were not with Raul that night?*
"Y?s. ?ir There was onlj ore niuht
couid have poestbl) been In McKvoy's, a
ih..t was Baturds) nitht. and I'm pr?t
? ?or?- I t\ BSn't I her? then "
"That's the night Raul aayi ?... gave hi
Instructions about the gun, isn't It?"
?s?, he said."
"?m Saturday night Paul came to ye
"About 7 ?T % o'clock, i didn't noti
Mm I just happened t.? see him it" i
? "What time <1I<1 you leave tha store th
"About 1" ja or in ? o'clock."
i??, '.?n denj leerina a Mr a*ortune,
Whom vu were showing B pair oi ?ii<:<
t<>r ins riitwi, i" speak tu Paul?"
"Yes "
"Do vor gen* talking lo Raul then?"
"V.-s ."
"Aftei ihe store closed Paul aras waltln
.. wasn't he?"
"I waa lighting the light* on my rar whe
be ?-ame up He asked me where l wa
going. nn?l 1 seid into Rlohmnn.l, and h
?aid he was ?on g there, ??? I took hli
i'lollg "
"liu.i you evei before taken Paul "i hi
wife out riding? '
? Then you to?k him from Man? heater p
Richmond that night."
"V"? "
in.ln't faul carry Mrkagea or me?
asea t.. Beulali Blnford for your*
"About thrnc years ano I sent a OSes
aga by him."
"What ?as In if"
"I don't remember "
"YOU never a?.V.'?l I'mil |.? rsiTJ am
messages, either?"
"So "
??Didn't Paul coma over often to the
??Ye?, and ?*e ui-eil to wat? h him, Inn
?you are trying to blacken Paul as
much SB you csn, aren't \?>u?"
"N?>. I'm t'liina the truth, and can
prove it by every clerk In our -?toi?.."
"When you took Psul home on Be tur?
na y nig'?t. whet di.I von t.?; ?hunt Reululi
?> told him i? csll up Beulah Blnford
under the name of Mra kishsr, and that
I would be there In h fSS mUSUtOS."
MWhst dm ? "'i si,s about not 'phoning
I i ? our people WSra neat??"
?i Bald thai "
i ? ,i j ou , \ er see Beulah a dlsi ? that
?he began to k<? p after she i;ot b.i? k lo
?I hellev? i rllri. I ihlna I glanced
through it "
"Where were vou then
' I don't know w heie It a a
The imsonei liifi aal4 :'r '''dut r?
member when h>' read Ihr diary, The
pregei itloa pi adui ed 'lir il ai
Not In Love With Mis* Bmford.
"Ween yea hi 'eve with Beulah from
the um? ,n Noif dli until the tiene of tha
deal h ?if i our ? Ifs?
"I nevei lovsd h?
"Was she In lova with you
"l ran t : peaM foi hei
"Irldn'i she a rite you so In bar alary?"
' 1 don't hnoa , :.'b< m.i> bava."
"""l^""** y ?i -
"This ?-,, H ,?al|v (||?,, |<rp'
'Wer,, V,M| M. , -.
1 had nothing t.. do with i
. ?< way ?<?.,. oj her with r
her feeling f. r 'ou. wasn'l i??
. I dont know '
Did the diary gi\o expresi
feeling* toward vouV
I ?""ally don't know what I"
Have you forgotten?"
\en. h\r
"Unsn't that dim? kept for I
or writing you a note every di
I never received It If she ?II
? ?" anw this dlHrv ami i
pression t., her feelinsa lOWar?
"> rs "
RSSjai dlBf Hie iidml/sibilily "
the court rilled that It shoubl ?
Hie sworn lips of Mculati Hlnfo
"' <?" n>.| think that book Is 1
"include.! .Judge Watson, who
" ? itlou from proceeding fu
questions regarding th" .Mar?
"Whal was lieMali's y t nan
when she addressed v.ill"
; IM?I she call ymi '.My darum.
IfOi ?-ii. not in personal con
Mr. Wendenburg produced t
Kid" letter concerning the pur.h
alturs for Miss Hlnford. Incloi
ehech, and the witness adtnltt?
it. it eras tetad July It, et tete
fore the nuinler.
"Didn't you on Thursday after
e|d?> deny to Detective Bcherer tim
sent rieuluh any money or had al
anv wav?"
"Were you asked about that'"'
"I floi.'t remember."
"In the present-, of In-. Lotting,
Wi.rui and Detective Wiltshire, ?
teetlve Bcherer salt >ou cofteei
"If b.? had I would have told hi
?ill I knew."
"In your 'Pear Kid' letter y
Beulst! to get an itemized bill of
nilure and Whal must be paid cue
"Why was that?"
"I thought she might say the
larger than it was."
" 'With oceans of love.' Whai
mean by that?"
"Nothing. .Just gush or taffy"
" 'Hrlmmlng with kisses.' Whs
"Well, few men are with a gir
kind and don't kiss her. Its in;
blo.ided a.-t."
"The fact is that on July 14 >
making preparations for an Ind
home for her?"
"I wasn't making any more prei
than the rrst ?.f Diem. Bhe ?oui?'
with her Bieter or mother, n?
wouldn't walk down the Basin BtJ
"Didn't you take Beulah end h
to her uncle's in ??our machine Jus
lier uncle ?lied'.'"
"Yes, but that was at night whei
weil,| ?ce."
Got No Gui From Paul.
??At a quarter after if| o clock m
day night before the murder it art
?i? .'i by Paul that J.c gave you t
Now, if a ou took Paul home at 10:3
you must have gotten the gnu the
"I ilbin't get any gun from him.'
"What time did : ou get t<> Paul'
tha' Bight?"
"About a quarter to n
"Didn't von pav for a long distan
sage fi ..m ?our Btore for Billy S;
th? n g" over to the telephon? offlci
them to tak> the name off?"
?\\ by wen that?"
? l didn't want anv name on the fa
'?Th. message waa about pr?par?t
go to Not folk""
?i don't rernsrnber."
The prlsoi?er admitted that he
physleian'a sill for Beulah ENnford
The questioning shlftsd to the n
the tragedy.
"Where did the highwayman ha
gun hid.''
1 don'l know thai he had it hid. 1
se,, it until he raised the gun and |
it at me."
?what reason could thai man ha
murdering you or your wife?
? .None fhal I know of. Might hsv
trying to sen. me. He might hat
"W.is he staggering?"
??it?- swerved it. the road, bul thai
n<*ceasarll3 because he was ?hunk"
"There wa no provocation given v
wa ? there?"
"None thai I know of miles? I
ii.,v.- tried '" prevent him from
Heros? the rosd.
"How far iwai from you waa hi?
??I can ? saj l know thai I bad t
short not "' hll him. If I hadn't s
I WOUld have heel! in BOUM jail to I
for it."
"Don't ?nil know thai you are he
d,i> because v ou did stop"-?
roUnsel for ilm defence objected si
I. out I ? the objectlesi.
? When the man In front of you
?na?ie tbe threat win' did your wife
\'..'h'i,g "
Tells of Wife's Death.
"Bhe went to her desth In illence?'
"I reckon she had enough conflder
me to band!.- the situation "
"Was ' '"' a '?? looking at ?he man
? I don'l know "
I >i?ln't the wound slmw it ."'
"Yes "
fou mean to?say ehe dldn'l eere
i,'en when the pun was pointe
i ei r
?it waan'l pointed at her i thougi
was pointing ll at ms, an?i when ih
jerked forward and I bent down he
I at he? "
What reason ?I'd h? have to point
\ oil ""
"f thought he trying '? shoot sbovi
head to scare me."
"What il'.d the man say?"
"Nothing "
"What 'lid be .'""
"He started to hit me with the gun ?
I got to the r> ..r of the car
"You ?-ay h?- was .. powerful man?"
"He ?ras ;l birg.? man snd probably
? 11 fui "
??\'" i say you started toward the :
j Whal t'"i-""
"To fight, i reckon."
"|i4.| you debt."
"Well na i say, i fell down after get
the gun snd the man was 'u> the road
'"Then after von had captured the
von first though! of your wife?"
"Then sfter you rr'>* 'be ??un you \
aatlsfled bimI gave up all pursuit of
I man?"
"I ?aw him going Up the r?. ?.I .in
thought of my wife."
"After : "U had ?lis.irm.cl the man
murdered ? our wife, ? ou though! "f ?
"Yes "
Tl.. irltnses Bald he ...?id not have
loaded the gun which be secure?! in tim?
I shoot the highwayman.
"Did the man nur.'"
"Verj fast?"
"i couldn't tell I could only tee a yi
I or bo.*1
"S" \?ni fell to the ??round after gett
I Mi. uiin Bad the man saw \ mi on
', ground and yel tan ."'
"Which ii.nt "f the gun struck you
Mu- nose?"
'"1 iic atock."
"Then as soon ai | ou pli ked the gnn
von pul II latfl the rear of th.- i ir. Th
you went ... your wife wh-> needed BO i
. all tan? ???"
??We object," said Mr Carter, ?Tud
Watson ruled oui the question becauas I
[witness bad stated previously thai be ?i
not know thai bis wife was dead until 1
aferrei told him al tSe Owsa home.
"tXdn I vo" tell Mr To? i rarsn w he
you reached the house that ? >u wer.- hei
up ami that your wife had been kill?-i
"1 Bald sil?- was si .,t ' "
Th. witness relsted boa his wife f?-n b?
twees his '?'' k snd the scat after beln
?.int and Prosecutor Wendenburg produce
the shirt wmn by the prisoner that nigh
and sstted him whj thsre whs bo Mood be
i wen its shoaldsrs on the back
i tuiist have had my ?t.:<t on," ?ai<
"Well, put this coal 4.11." said Mr Wen
denburg, and the accused man donned th.
brownish ? -?... t which hs wot.i the nigh
of the numb i
"Tun. youi back to the |UI J ..lid in.
pion,?, iitllu.? attorney. No BDOtB ,.l bin...
ur. ?islbli on the back sf your coat. iii4w
do you se.ml for thai "
"I did not sa\ he tou? hl d mi '
"Do you mean t<> as) the ; ead dldn'l
? ii"ii toward you? '
i inn-icd i.ut Immedlatel? and ma\ i .
Ihl i.b Ci beside the pock? t~ came fron
thai "
? ? Ii ?a you '?tinnod to up mai hlne now
i did | uu plai ? her '
I "i put her heed os m seal and the
lower part ,,f her b d) Sgalnal m. and fell
"i her puis, and boll, red foi help "
'l Waal you to explain how you placed
11 ?? body ai ross ll ?? Beats
Well her head waa i" one seal and her
iio.iv in ma ,.in,, and Rer feet muet bava
>'? - n .1 inslln-l mHable Hi.? car if you'll
la) d?an liere, ,\h Wemlenburg. Ml show
ymi luai hoa n happsi ? d "
Kever mind i woa'i lake an) ehancse.*1
1 "un adjourned ?'' - ?? o'clock t.n?
% '" lu morrow si I I i .? m ? urller than
Ovington, in Monoplane, Take
$10,000 for 160-Mile Trip.
Lieutenant Milling, in Biplane
Second in Star Contest of
Boston Meet.
? Btets, N'-pt < The |i?rby ?vent of th
???'.ml Bnmial llarvar?l-r.?iston a?ro rneel
cross couatry nigh, ?.f Itgal miles throuKi
tbron state?, th?: i<in?i st competltlTe '?croa
< '?it, try ?Habt .v?r held In this ??ountry
was wui to-day b.v Karle L. Ovltglon, i
Boeton boy, who flew a *a>horsepowe
M?*rfot monoplan? Lieutenant T. I? Mill
htg, of the lnlt??l States army, tlyin?; ;
Burgess Wright biplane, Won in the secon?
division f'ir bipl in?
The COUtas. to Nashua. X. II . then??, t?
Woresstsr, Muss, nal from there 'o Pro/fi
d? nee, R. I . and back t?i Koston, wai
< ? ?.???rid by Ov?n?rtou In 1R?> minutes T2 an?
1-." seeoTuls, irfcintag for him a sssrea "I
si'MOv Ueutenanl MlUlng, -in his biplane
?II?' the ?ours?' in ?22 minutes 37 seconds,
?obtaining the $7,.")"') BdTeiad in the biplan?
I class.
Only four of the dosen aviators al th?
Held ?.tarifl Ctsuds ' .r.ihame-Whfto an?1
Tom Sopwitii, the Bngdlshaaan, and BugeBM
Civ nni\ i,eors;o W. lleatty trloil t<> hav*
tl,?? course (-hanged, hut they were unsuc,
? ass ful.
O.inBton. In his Rlerlot, was the flrsl
away at ten minutes elter li ?i'ilo? k. II?.
B/aa I'olloie.'l-three tuinut<.s later by Arthur
st<ine, dying a ?g?|??jrBeyearar ?altana mono
in the biplane class, Harry M. Atwood,
Ihe recent winner of the worlds record fee
'erees couatry ?ivinjr, earn* forward eg th?
first starter? la ihe second ?"at of hi? Bur?
geanvWrlghl nu^htas aal his father, s I
.Mwo'iil. The fourth sad last entry was
Lieutenant T. i> Milling, U. B. A., in a
Two of the four llyera were <-?iri%- out al
tie race. Stone's gasoiena tank sprang a
leak an?! for?ed a bad landing In a ?lit? h in
^l'e/lford, Isa miles from ihe statt. AtWOOd
developed e,t?ine trouble and ?am?' ?lown in
Winchester, iweiv?' mil'!- from th? Mart.
Ueutenanl Mlllln?, who Is unfamiliar
with New Bngtaad topography, lost hi?
?ray soon after leavini; Bovnn, ami was
Air^e?] to come ?lown in Concord, Ifa
?earn his Whereabouts
Throughout <>vin?;ion travel??,l at a
height varying from l,<wa to i eet, re?
lying on hi? compass to guide hhn. The
first forty.mlle log si 'he journey to
Nashua he covered in w.;2. Al Nashua
? ' peraOBS were swatting his arrival on
the Nashua Fan Qrounda After an hour
and a half rest, Ovington >tarte?l for
Worcester, following the Worcester, Nashua
?v Portland Itaflroad tracks.
In t'??rt>-live minutes i .? wa- M?;hte<? by
the ?a.'KlO Spectators Rathered at the
Worcester ?'nuntv l'air, where th? ?eeoiuj
landing was made At 2 22 OvaSftSS ?ras
Off again for KStTSgSSSSftt Park. In Pro\?i.
dSttCS. following the Rlackstoii? River.
Cheered bv the 20.'"? persossj assemble at
the Klu.de I; land rOSOfl a few minute?. af.?r
4 o'clock, the ofTi.lal landing was made at
4:01:?:,. or forty-five minutes and thirty.?h??
seconds after the departure from Worri?.
1er. forty miles *wa>.
1'rom Providence If was a fOftf mllf
flight IS Boston, fix tliou??nnd fe?M ovar
the bin Hin? Hill SS BTSS slghtfd hy th?
crowds at Hquantum. Tilting his tlinea,
he gilded for three miles ?<> the 1n1?h line*,
where he wns greeted by lu? brida ant*/
lifted lo {ha shoulders of the officials
UsSrtSSaBnt Milling's race was almost %
repetition of Ovlngton .?
??vlngton's successful finish of the '< rosa
rouniry flight t..-night determined for him
m resolution formed a few ?lay ago to ???,
ter the Pacific to Atlantic aeroplane raes.
lie will Ii" on the Pacific roSSt In tw?
"Strong Arm'* Men Get 75 Pris
oners in Coney Island Precinct.
Although about one hundred snd ?Mrty
toughs and rowdies SrSSS .irres'?-d at < <.nr.v
island on BHipday night, t?sbor iMy brought
out plenty more, and by - "'?v"i? tsss
moming there asare -e ?nt.-'i
in tiie police station it. th< :i"
in Queens th? "strong arm" im wert
b?a) ais... an! by ii o'clock: t.? o dears
4111114 rowdies were lo, ked up in the H uni.
ei ? Petal police station li the aft? i
patrohnes were saltad t?> cattle Park wssee
they foiitid seventeen youns tonalis pulling
?h sra til?- fence, an i arrestad these
It I? tin custom of 1 in ganasteis to
board ciiiK ,,; W'OOdSlde, and rid.? into
the Queen H boro Bridge PI..'/.'. .1 .k.nit th?i
bell-cord, -itti."-.-: in lessfasn's laps, as?!
yelling ?it th.- ton of then hsajg? Patrsl?
rnea lehn i? O'Connor, Herman i?. <;ra
BStt, an?! William T ?'aliaban, in plain
clothes' rode <iuieti\ on .? cat -4 ven tough?
had taken possession of :> tenia) until
th. Pia:'. 1 '.' -i, and then took I"?."
aession <>( the r..w?ib-. Patrolmen John I.
Harry and Christian Hoben got threi In
the s.tm? faahlon
Inspector Dooley and Ceptaln Murphy
an- ruling with rada "f non at Coney
Island and Maatatrate Dooley Ii aupport?
mg them Before noon yeeterdaj mom?
tng he*s*?nt fort> men ;,n?I boys to |all ..n't
fined t? n H
Magistrate Krotel lined five young meg
arrested on a t*laaon'a i'"int tro'.. .??
I each
Man Laughs at Those Who Try to Pre?
vent Him Committing Suicide.
I y Telagrapk to Tas Trtaatas.]
Niagara Palla, S. v. :-. ,?t. 1 a bsm
w tose .d?- t, 1 ?? ? sol oern deti ?
ended his iif>- I 'i?-?:! hy les t
into the river a short distance from Pr? -
pocl Petal He waa Bwept ..i.i > ?,
American Kails. .M?n ?The sto??l rleoi
called to him 1 ?? < ?me hack, nut h?
Is m? ? ?' walked further into I e
ri ver.
mag 'v as about foi l 1 old, s
feet ? inches tail, and well
pounds. H? wore blacs shoes, ?lark . l-?t. -
In?; 1 .1 ;, brown aofl hat lib? hody was
....-n !.. float fn.m ; h? foot <?( | . : , .^
and .?n :? ' ? ?'?*?
Individuality as a
Note in Furnishing
|T is often by the smaller and
? less obviously important
pieces that tHe note of individ?
ual significance is given to the
furnishing of a room.
It may be a Tea Table in
Chippendale's Chinese manner,
a Writing Table of Heppel
white's delicately inlaid Satin
wood or a Tall Clock with its
Case of English Marquetry of
the 17th Century. Of such as
these a plentiful selection is al?
ways to be found among our
faithful Reproductions of Old
World furnishings.
Furniture Company
34 and 36 West 32d Street,
Between Fifth Ave. and Broadway,
New York.
rasasag baasii .... ?aiM mttaeM ?:.?.. '''?>??*gL**9 t0 ???"??**??"?
uiriii.i r riuNOg ?>k TRANSJprrL?_f?_i%ft -rniiuC
Otfcer Ttti TraH-at T ? U 7. a. a .? te r v, ,..1 i^*tfti?tWH* mmm Um .*
?*?1 IO Mtosjtsai of ih.- h..ur ir?.n, w. -?*?? ???aaj?*.
NO TUNN?-?-*

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