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Legislature May Take Recess
Until September 18.
Senator Wagner's Illness Im
portant Factor ? Charter
Changes Under Advisement.
IB;.- Telerrs-ph te The Tribune. I
Albnny, Sept, 6.-With neither the Con?
gressional reapportlonnient hill nor th?*
New York City charter ready, the Leals
Inture met to-nlpht, went through a for?
re a 1 session, st which nothing of moment
riaa ?tone, and ad1ourn??.1 ?mill to-morrow.
Senator Wagner, temporary president.
nnt- operated ??n for appendicitis at Rork
rnay m-day. an?! his BBsMea illness ha*?
knocked the m.*.lort?> s plans sky high.
He had been doing ihe hulk of the work
on the apportionment bill 'Hiere ?HI he
??inferences of the leaders and Governor
l?ix to-morrow to try to map out a pro?
gramme for the post-recess legislation. It
1s practically settled tuat after to-morrow
k r?ees? will be taken until a week fron?
Monday night.
When the motion for adjournment was
made In tr.e ornate the minority leader,
K?1g?r T. Brackett. expresad his deep re?
gret at ths affliction that had befallen the
lender of the majority. an?l in view of the
impending recess asked to be frankly in?
formed ?s to the probable date when the
Legislature would be In f-hape to finish up
Its labors.
Wants Human? Butchery.
"We have leen through a long weary
aesslon," san! Senator Hrackett. "and ai
J understand it there are ?some more
things that the majority have determined
to Jam through befor?' are BTB released.
Wr are going to be butchered, but plena?
arrange it so tiint our life blood Will he
let out In us humane a way as possible.'"
Resolutions were adopted in each house
to-night for the appointment of B conrmlttee
c; seven BWtlalatOra and B??ven Assemblymen
le ceneMar r?%pportk>ninenl hills. Those
? ? nltteea will ba nenwd booo nnd nill
?.'-. to work redistrl.tin?,' the state so that
. !l can be Intro.lU'-ed a.s soon as the
BtOra return after thi? second re 808.
By that time also it i? hoped th? charter
uni be ready, and Senator ?Ir.idy to-night
promised for the majority that business
ararald be ?lone with dispatch,
Aa for the leglaaaUve prograiense, Tam?
many tnen take It for granted that they
will be 8>ble to put through their chart-i
arltb (-unie furtber amendments without
much difficulty. They BBBerl they will not
loee Bay opetete D? mocratlc votes, or. if a
few escape them, the loan will not be
< iTrOOgb to prevent passage of 'he charter.
The few upstate Independents who are
i-round here <-,-.>- they expect to be very in
? ? ' . ndent huh ? 'i
Assen blyraan Hoey, one of the members
of the New Tore City ?'harter Committee,
Fald to-night that the rear-on for the delay
In presenting the .harter bill was because
It nad been decided to make change?? In
? ? rovislor.F referring te the D-*pe**t*nenta
?f rif.ckv ai.c? rerrtea ami Buildings. Under
the bill as drafted ferrlea were put under
r aepnrate departraenl from de-ska and a
rrnlrallaail ?Ity department of ??uiidlngi?
?\a? cn.ited Instead ? I having a bureau ?>f
h.i Idtng ander ea-h Borough Preatdeat.
"It hap been he'd," sa:?l Mr, Hoey, "that
gaa *\ere made for political rea?
son?, and to meet this orltlc.i-.rn we have.
, ? ? . have ?h ? Do? ks and Ferries l?e
partmeni and the Buildings Bureau exactlj
ira Bl pieeenl Another change in
? la.ter ;:s drafted which, might b?
?^ mad? is that i'i refere"ce to the coritrol of
Bk ? 7 ? 'lr?.fteil charier abolishes
HI ? I traoj*at*y boarda of truateea having the
mr ' ??>?; <-a\* ?n r'iarte i??-.I p?ns them und-r
control of a paid eoramleaion Pecana? of
tlM ehamge many c.-.rnplaints were made to
Mayer Qaynor, and as n leenh he raed?
the s'lKk-e?- ? ? ? board of truateea
b? retainer!, bul under 'he supervision <-f
the paii eoma ?
Mr Hoey sail that With fete <-hanK'?s
there were only two tritt? lama of the char?
ter aa drafted thai had n"t been met, "nc
of the?-?1 related lo th? paid Board of Ed
cation pro* ihe other to the | i
vis?on referring t?> t'-e tepaurata assent or
tne Mayor for tie validity ..f franchi???,
"Bur there I?? ?Juel aa 1 he s>aid on
one si?'.?- as ihe ".i?-r mi both theaa anea?
IJena," a.lde.i Um iVaaembly?nan
May Caucus on Charter.
Senators Travta and Newt-omb, New ^o?k
City RepobUcana, to-nlghi said they ?noutd
ur??e their eolleagaea to ; old a caucus on
the elrarter. Senator Bracket t, n norit'
laadar, sai?! tha Question of a cauena hadn t
been taken up jret, bei be aeeumed K
be lie aai'i be eapected Un Republicana
lo I ne up iraaranwualy agalaai the ? harter.
Than baa been much iaik at"i .t th? etU?
taaV- if I? Oimrod and Argettinger,
ef Beeheal
quoted a aouM atand wn i Tarn
? ? on th.- charier tie waa noi here i"
night- Mr. Ormrod, hla rolleagna. i
*?.oi)]?3 foil?.? the adates of hla stat?- choir?
b i ? - Mr. Bai i far bit In pt his
hands off.
There hi much direct nominations talk.
Governor D ?. pretty keen for soi
which wfll meet the platform pledge. Tarn
ntan*r*a attltud? - .?-; what it ha
A aerablymafl B orlty leeder ol Ute
loa er ho.i?., - . tiitiiy had d ne
Ha w<?rk oa direct oemlnatlona and would
do li'ithl, : 11?. alluded to the
pa*-sa*re <>f an ?raan-culoted renten ?.f th?*
Perrls-Blauvell meaann In auch form that
its ratrodv iwned it end Governor
i?ix sent a inaaeage to the Laegtaletur? ?<?.>
rag la ?feet ti.it i ?? could noi approve it.
The ap?tale Democrat? would Ilk? to eec
? r?al direct nominations bill pOBOtid. bat
their enthusiasm doea ; 't aaara aqua! to
their ?l.-sire la get UaTOUgh With necessary
bgislat?'):. and take a Bl Miment.
deriul Id Ki ?m>>oth
ii g and beauUfying the eoniplexi? n is a
eimi le ? ream ,?ill) which la made by
Mi-Ting together and allowing to staid
ov< r nlghl befoi .?unce almo
?oln, two leuspoonfuls glycerine and
one-hall pli i old eater. Tins grease
iinootha out wrlnklea
hollow < ).? <-ks when used f?.r rnaa
' r an? pi? r?d d for ren.ig tan
freckles a;.?I ,: .,?.,
?? larg? pon
leavea ihe ah n soft, amooth him velvety
MAKKS CLEAN S.'Al.i'S \? ,,,,,,,.
known Shampoo ?nans the hair and scalp
*" ,! ?.'id quickly a? a teaspoon?
fil of < .. dlseolv? ?I ., ., . ip ,,. ,,,,,
wrtb-i It lakes oui all d?mdrufi ;u?d dlrl
I he hsir rjriei quickly
without stra-akmg o, becoming ?.ill and
brlttk The scalp will feel fresher aid
'leaner than ?ver before, and th- hair will
be aery blight, ?oft and nuny. Thoee wh??
one? try this wonderful, lnexpenaiv<j
.???iamr?oo will never ugaln u.??e toap or tme
shampoo? it? anj form
W1IKX FUZZ A i'1'1 ;A US -Kiip. rfluous
hairy ?-rowths ean be quickly removed
frora the akin hy on?? oi two upplications
aa a d?.ia:"i?. paate. rjei an ounce of
delator??-, and with wat? t nix enougl to
?over the hairy aurfao Lei remain two
or three miruit?-s, then rub off ?ind wash
the ?kin. Delaton? dollar en
?.im?.-?-, I.ut it Is well price, as it
la unfailing In removing hair.
Si-jduin do we find women of refinement
who use fu, powder, buk*? it ha
found to l? had 'or th.? compl?*don.
liidtfii'l a ?Impl? lotion, made by dissolv?
ing four ounces 'if .?.purmax In one-half
j'int h??t water, addit.?- two teaxjx-onfuls
KJyf-erlre, in used, whl? h due? not snow ?>r
,i. o?l easily, Thin Inexpensive lotion
takes aaray thai ihlny. Ballon look and
Btnooth and m-Iv? i?
i i.- epleri'?u for txmoving tun, freckles
t-n.tr U.M bleoyabe?, j
?governor TMx probably will put thin qu?ss
tion ?? I?) th? legislative leaders to-morrow,
but the general view is that he will not KO
beyond that, and possibly another special
ffaaaataja on th?*? subject and tliat Tammany
will bury the whole proposition again.
Taken Suddenly ?111 with Appen?
dicitis, Is Doing Well.
Robert V Wagner, Democratic l?**?.dt*r of
the State Senate, was operated on yester?
day morning nt P?. Joseph's Hospital. Fai
Kookaway, for appendicitis. The operation
whs performed by Pr. Joseph Wiener. O?
No. 4? Kast TSth aireet, Manhattan, and |
Hr. Joseph Hauin, of Fat Rock away, and. !
according to the physnlans, was a most
successful one. Pr. Wiener said late? last
night that Senator Warner's condition wan
as favorable as could be expected. He
added. howevr. thai It would be two or
three ?lays before the crisis attendant upon
th<- operation passed.
Senator WaKncr has sp?nt the greater
part of the summer nt Far Rockaway. living
In Oak Place. He was taken ill suddenly
on Tuesday nisrht and physicians were hur?
riedly .summoned. After I consultation it
was decided that an operation would be
necessary If 1:1s life whs to be saved. The
Ban lor *a*ai removed at once to tins, hos?
aUnong those who awaited the result of
the operation In th? hospital reception room
were i'lirlstle Sullivan. James J. Gaffney,
Joseph ?'iissldy. Assemblyman Alfred Smith
and William P. Devcry, former Police
- ?? i m i ?????
General Verbeck Strengthens the Mili?
tia's Field Artillery
Albany, Sept. 6.?With a view to meeting
the criticism of the regular army officers
that the field artillery of the National
Guard of this state Is out of proportion to
the infantry, Adjutant General Verbeck has
rearranged this branch of the service, so
as to make two battalions and a detached
company, Instead of one battalion and a
detached company, as formerly.
The 1st IJattcry Is detached from the
1st Battalion and divided Into three bat?
teries, to be known as the M Battalion. The
6th Battery of Pdnghamton is nsslgned to
the 1st Battalion in place of the 1st Bat?
tery. ? Governor Dix has ordered the forma?
tion of a new battery, to be known as Bat
t?ry A. field artillery, at Syracuse, which
is to be the detached battery. G. F. Ver?
beck has been relieved as second lieuten?
ant in Company If, 3d Repiment, and de?
tailed to command the new battery.
Senator Wahvwright Will Serve on
Vice Hunting Committee.
Albany, Sept. 6.? The legislative commit?
tee appointed to investigate political and
general conditions In Albany city and coun?
ty will meet to-morrow to organize
and select counsel. Senator Bayne, who
will be chairman, said to-night thai lie per?
sonally favored the selection of James W.
Och?me, of New York, for this post, and
that he thought it advisablo to employ
as assistant an Albany attorney familiar
with the local conditions.
Senator Wainwright. the only Republican
member of the committee, announced to?
night that hr would serve. There had been
doubt on this point, inasmuch as Senator
Brackttt, the Republican leader, said at
the time the coninr.ttee was appointed that
iu> Kr publican would condescend to a?cept
Albany. Sf j? t I In accordance with th?
provisions of a, new law and by command
? ?I <'-"vernor Dix. Adjutant General Ver?
he.-k to-day announced th? following i.<
members of the new State Militia Ctrancll:
Detailed for three yearn, ? ??lonei Waiter
H. Hotchkln, corpa of engineers, New York: |
Colonel Rlmore F*. Austin, ?oast artillery,
Brooklyn, Detailed for two years, tj?->i
tenanl ?'olone] .lames h. Wells, "1st In?
fantry, New York: Lieutenant Colonel Wll?
lard C* Fi.-k 7th Infantry, New York.
Tietaiied for one year, Major Oliver B.
Rtidgman, Squadron A. New York: Major
Newton E, Turneon. 74th Infantry, Buffalo:
Majot David Wilson. 1st Battalion, Field
Artillen', New York.
Albany, Sept. s An investigation Is to
he made by the State [*';ird of Equaliza?
tion into charge? filed by Frnnklln N. taord.
Of New York, that the assessors of t!ie
townships \o Nassau County wort assena?
iiiK property at about 24 per cent of its
value Instead of full value. I.ieutfnant
Governor Conway. as chairman of the stnte
lioar?!. appointed Secretary of Rtate laazan
skv and S?a?< T?U. ? '?jmrnlssloner B'
Ab n Special ?ornmitt?"? to meke th? InQUllT,
! Albany. Sept. ?* The New York State
?ion's Association to da] sleeted the
' fn'lowlne officers:
r:?-'.l.n?. Joha W Griffin. Buffalo: flrsl
vice-president, 7'eter B. Burns, New York:
! vice-president Oeorsre Kunselrnan,
t'tlca; ?bird vice-president, Edwin Bhrador,
Kingston; treasurer, Michael Brophy,
r?:?;,. auditor, Thomas J. Delanjr, Troyj
secretary, Thomas P. filian. Albany,
?Murphy Not Disclosing Plan?
Reapportionment Halts.
tjeorea of Deuiocratle v-aders, including a
number from upstate?, were nt Tammany
Hau yawtorday t<-> learn from Clmr-les F,
Murphy Bomethln?; nhou? the l?gislation
t :?? he itit'iide?! to have passed ?it Albany
at the r.--<??? inn lied .?????ssion of th?' L? gris
lature. To all inquiries in regard to the
tamuaug? of Ihe charter the Tammany "bos.s"
(EVO evasive repli?s.
A number of th?- men from upstate want?
ed to ms about the reapportionment. They
declared it had been given to them to be
llora thai they would bo allowed to re? on
s'ruct their own Unes, hut so far had not
h'-ard any request to do so. They under?
stood, they said, that the reapportionment
had been almost cimpleted by Senator
?'? im r, and wanted to know what ha?l
lui n done to their various districts. Mr.
Murphy informed thern of the sudden III
DSSSJ Of Banator Wagner, necessitating an
Opal ation.
The S'nator was to have he?-n at Tarn
many Hall to talk to the leaders, in his
abv? ne reapportionment matters were not I
discussed. Tiny will havn to he put Into
other hands as soon as Senator Wagner
recovers sufficiently to talk about them. It
is not thought likely that the Senator will
he stront; enough to go to Albany before
th?; legislature adjourns.
! Brackett Introduces Bill to Repeal
Levy Amendments.
| Hy TcUsraili t?> Th?. MtaBS |
Albany, s? pi. I s?tnaatar tirardtatt, ?he
Kepublban leader, to-night Introduced a
bill repealing the Levy amendments to
the election law i as.vii by Tammany DO?
for? the Legislature t?x>k its rsSSSJS. Hs
Mid the law already had ?I'inoiiatiated it?
??xpcin-iveness, uselessneHs and "general
cussedness." lta constitutionality Is be?
ing triuestloned lu the courts now on two
grounds-the provision reijuirlng personal
registration In rural ?Jlstrlcts on the first
?lay of registration, ?J hero the would-hc
voter didn't vote la?t yoar and ihe provi
Mon preventing a candidate from havin?
his nain?' In mor?- ihar, one column on IAS
bfdlOt Thia latter provialon the independ?
ent voter.-? rot.Md<;r a vicious blow at fu?
sion movements.
Many ui-atata eouitatlaa are up h? arm.?
o\er the eaponae which they hare illscor?
??led this Tammany luw puts on laxpayera
for commlshloneis of elections thvir
cltiks pii? ottier iiur^otes. ", _Ja?? ?
Union Officers Refuse Sanction to
Illinois Central Shopmen.
Action in Chicago Indicates
Peaceful Solution?No Change
on Harriman Lines.
Chicago, ?Sept. ??After members of the
international committee representing BniOBB
involved In the dispute wtlh the IPInola
?'?ntral Railroa.l Company ha.l refused to?
day to Benetton a strike of .the federated
shop employes of the road, definite aetjea
of any character was deferred until mem?
bers of the executive hoard of the Inter?
national Association of Machinist?' meat In
this city next Sunday.
The International committee decided that
it would he IWWlaa for them to grant the
sanction of the International organizations
to the threatened strike and agreed to turn
responsibility over to the committee of the
federation of the Illinois Central shop
I^ater. however, P. J. Conlln. riee-presl
dent of the International Association of
Machinists, and members of the conference
committee, protested against turning over
responsibility to the system federation rep?
resentatives until the executive board of
his organization could be consulted.
James O'Connell, president of the ma?
chinists, and other members of the board
were telegraphe-1 for. and will arrive Sun?
day. In the meantime, little change In the
strike situation is expected, and Indications
point to no strike.
Th? lnternntlon.il committee waa in ses?
sion tonight, seeking some solution of
the differences without a strike. At the
close of the day's conference W. F\ Kramer,
secretary of th? International Association
of Blacksmiths' Helpers and chairman of
the international committee, said there was
nothing to be made public. This statement
was taken as an indication that the com?
mittee was making every possible effort to
bring about a peaceful settlement of the
Kruttschnitt Arrives in Chicago.
Julius Krutts? hnltt, vice-president of the
Harriman lines, arrived here to-day and
went to his office, where he was in confer?
ence with his assistants several hours. He
made the following statement:
I am not Interested in any official way
In ihe Illinois Central Railroad labor
trouble an?! know nothing about it except
what I have read in the newspapers. The
Huniman lines and the Illinois Central are
entirely independent and I <lo not aaa how ;
I could be called in conference with I'rcsi- ;
dent Mnrkham. In regard to the situation
OB the Harrim?ia lines there have been no
developments since i left San Frandaco '
last Saturday. I have had no communica?
tion with the labor men and thev have ha?1
none With me. We were compelled to deny
the demands of the men because of their
President Maikhrun said he had received
the letter sent by the labor unions, but had
not decided whether he would answer It.
Ho said there had been no developments In
the labor situation and the company had no
stntement to make.
San Francisco, Sept. ?*.-l"?cfusal of the
officials of the Illinois ?"entrai to recognize
the federation of Bhoptnea of that system
will not affect the situation on the Harri?
man BVeteen, according to n statement
made by ,T W. Kline, president of the
Blacksmiths' Union, who Is chairman of
the shopmen's committee in this city. Mr.
Kline said he had been In telegraphic com?
munication with W. F. Kramer, secretary
Of the Macksmlths" T'nlon In i'hlcago, and
that the Illinois Central situation remained
'If Hiere Is anv likelihood of a sit Ike
being called there, it dOOfl BOi B? teeexOf
mean that such action will be taken here."
sail Mr. Kline "There hi not UBCaBBOrHy
connection between that affair and the one
In San Francisco. The only bond la a sym?
pathetic ope The situation here remains
unchaiifed. We ahall un ah?-a?i nith onr
arrangement? and there wl'l he n confer?
ence w-ilh the peneraJ committee pjsrl aa
soon as the membera of that body arrive
here, '
The International officers of th* railroad
shops crafts 'eft here bte to-d,v for Sac?
ramento to atterri n conference. Mr Kline
said he was not at liberty to state the pur
pnce .if the conference, altbooaii it area of
sufficient Importance to cans? s hurried
trip to the capital.
Theatre Crowd Sees Man Try to
Kill Himself with a Razor.
Standing in tnW ?lew of th? rrorrda leav?
ing th? theatres near Broadway and ICth
street -it 1] o'clock last night. Erneel
Winner? of First avenu? and .'th street,
bached his throat nith a razor and almost
succeeded In killing himself.
v\ Inzer sraa atendlng iiear the eorb,
aratchtng t'in crowda leaving the tbeatrea
and moh?na their wa v in cabs and on foot
to restaurants in th? district ?i he took
the uz'>r from hla pockel he remarked to
a man who area stalling near him that be
could not continue to live when he saw
oth'-rs with so much money and so many
luxuries which he ?ould not get, aid then
dre*v the blade across his throat.
Befori any one could prevent Mm he
faahed himself several times in the thtoat
an'i neck, and was bleeding profusely
when Patrolman Walph, ?>f the Waal ithi
Btreet ?tation. broke through the crowd
and knocked the weapon from his hand. He
carried W'irzer to a doorway acrOBB the
street, and applied first aid measures to
stop the bleeding while waiting for an am
bulaiic.. !>r .-?e.imahl. of Flower Hospital,
said he would take Wln/.cr to U'-lbvue for
Boston Police Travelled 15,000
Miles After Four Men.
Boston, least 6.-The 15,?00-mlle .lourney
made by Booton police inspectors ?n their
aearrh Cor the men who stole jewelry
valued at Baverai thousand dollars from
the Washington street store of Samuel
UlUan In February, IMB, end.??l tO-da*f.
wh.-n they produced hfl the Municipal CeUfl
the ?ant two of Ike quartet charged with
tho robbery. The two men, Joseph and
Jacob Qoldbete;? who arrived in New York
yesterday lu Charge of Inspectors who ha<l
?llscover.il them In a Jail in Austria, were
held in heavy btasdi far Uta Bapartor Ceavt
Harris Kothstcln, accused of complicity In
the .'iiii.'\ recently was brought back from
I.nssla. and the fourth man under arrest.
Ivan Kiasonski, has been in prtaoa t"f
more than a y.-.ir.
ltiap?-? tor ?'ronIn and Lieutenant I,ee had
a haul trip from Austria nith tha Gold?
berga, who mude frequent attempts either
to eaeape or to commit suicide. Even attei
they had been stripped to their nndan loth.
ing and heavily Ironed th?: men ir|e,i tf,
crawl through the portholes of their state
room on the BtoaaiOT.
To Give Up Brooklyn Chairmanship of
Suffrage Party.
Mrs. 1'obiit 11 Flder, chairman of tha
Woman Suffi age party for the l.orough Of
Hii.'iklyn, said y? ? tenlay nho would not
be a candidate for re-election. She added
that h.r retirement was not due to discord
between bur and other suffrage leaders, hut
to a desin- to devote all of bar anerglaa
to the Kings ?'ouniy Suffrage Association,
of whV'li she also Is president.
Ifira Greca Woltarbeek has been sug?
gest? d for th? pin.? Her nippoiiets >a\
she hai the bardan] ?uetrtet In the ?ity
to handle and that her work ih?-ic shows
that ?he is quall?ed tor Uie pi?,.?. ..,- -,
Of Interest to X?otnen
Motifs of the Spring Reappear;
with Variations.
Tf Is surprising how manv mod*.? of the
spring are appearing again, with slight"
modifications, In the autumn costumes.
Brsa black and white stripes, which were J
rlddst. so hard at ?heir flrst appearance, j
have sprung Into new life, though It Is !
not likely they will ever again, in this
generation, at least, en.loy such an SKCSSS i
of popularity as they did a few months
ago. They were always better In velvet j
tiian In satin, ?nd it Is In this material
that they are. seen on the new tailored |
costumes. The stripes? are narrower than j
In the spring and they are used In smaller '
'mantilles The slightest touches on col?
lar and cuffs and rims to the buttons make
the ?tamal alio?? anco for a suit.
Velvet Is much used on tailored cos?
tumes, and it Is often striped, but other
combinations will no doubt bo preferred.
n> h iule, to bla? k and white, ?me smart
na*..\ blue suit ha? an immen?e rorers <?f
striped ?.ehrt in hla?-k snd emerald grOS?,
which Is bordered With a two-Inch hand of
black satin Entsrald green Is still to he
seen on large satin rever?, but there is
always ooms little distinguishing touch
in eonnoeti<9n with II to mark ?he miMlel
as new In one rnt-c I? If a wool ernbroid
??red collar, mostij in nary blue?the color
of the suit but With a fen- ?->i?s of xreen
In the shade of th? revers added.
Women who have blouses purchased a?
anv time within shout ? yest ?ill find
tVm wearable for sonie time to come. so
far ss tholr styls Is concerned. Chiffon
of S shade to match the skirt, over S
decorated f?-??indatlon, is still to be worn,
although tbore will he new ways Of work?
ing Oil? the idea. As Change* 111 sleeves
?re impetnUna-. It will be well to get all
the "?arries possible oui of Mouses with
?he kimono form While tl <: aie Mill mod?
loh. and to h,]\- carefully until the now
: tyies become er tahllshed
MsileH anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 i? yesr.
Suffragists Torn by Question "To
Box or Not to Box."
To DOS or not to l?-ix, lhat Is the cpi?s
Whether 't weis better for o?ir sex to
The Ignominy of mir votaless status,
? ?r to arrange some real live boxing
mat? hes,
Whose cate receipts would help us? . . .
\ t ? si li%e right,
All for <?ur sacred cause. . . Hut here'?
the rub.
What will the churches and peace circles
What time they hoar WS'rs had a boxing
That ghes US pause. . . .
?By the Woman Suffrage party (with
.ipoiogii s to Hamlet ?.
it h s difficult sHuatlon.
For here Is Mr??. "(Jus" Kuhlin, leader of
the Woman Suffrage party of the 20th Aa
SOmbly 1 ?strict, Brooklyn, ami wife of
the former prizefighter and present owner
Of the saloon at N'o. 14M Myrtle avenue,
In that borough, offering Hie party what
she snd some of Its members think Is the
chance of Its career?a boxing match bs?
lwi?eii her husband and au antl-tuiff ragitit,
the proceed? of the bout to go Into the
party's coffer*?. The "ant! is yet to be
found who would be willing to put on
gloves and ?stand up to Mr Kuhlin, but
.Mrs. Kuhlin say.s she'll pro'lme one, Ami
she considers "(.Jus" a f?>t -midahlo op
ponent, too.
"Stands six fret four Inches in big
?locking?,," she aay.s proudly, "and has
?stS like iron."
Hut Mr. Kuhlln's fiste aren't appreciated
by some membera of the party, who go
ho tur as t?i wish that they hud never ob
Irniled themselves Into suffrage, one well
known Brooklyn leader said ?he not only
disapproved of the proposed boxing match,
but she thought It u great pity that Mrs.
Kuhlin bad open?'! suffrage head.iuartcrs
in liar bUSimfrf**! sal???in. Hut Mrs Hub?
ert.H Klder. chairman of the Borough of
Brooklyn, spoke with great enthusiasm
of the work the new leader of the -.'Oth
Assembly ldstrlct had accomplished from
that saloon.
"Mis. Kuhlin," ?he said. "Is one of the
I ??? t workers for universal suffrage In the
Borough of Brooklyn. She has done and
Is doing excellent work. 1 have supporte?!
and aide?! her ami Indorsed all that aim
has done up to the present time. We
< ould not have done neiirlv SO well with?
out her effective work fttd a.?? Istun.e
"There la no creation In this of rsrJooa
or no saloon; of good men or bud men
The founders of the constitutional l.iv of
this stiite?whether wisely or unwisely la
not the issue? have given to men who k??p
saloons as well a? to th<??e who ?lon't, to
men who drink as well as lo those wh?,
abstain, lbs right to speak In de<l<l|iiK this
question. Then-fore women must pul the
??.ucsUop up te t?'.-ii. o to. ?tilers, I'Ua
situation ia not of the making of women.
"I wish Mrs. Kuhlin every success In
her efforts for universal suffrage."
But Mrs rider wasn't quite ready, she
taid, to aay whether she approved the
proposed boxing match., and would at?
tend or not. She added that she had hud
no difference with the party over Mrs.
Bihlln or any other question, and that
lbs reports of her resignation as chair?
man of the Borough of Brooklyn were un?
true. .
"I shnll not stand for re-e.lectlon at the
October o?p- epth.ii." she said. "I want to
be more free for other suffrage work I
have to do. But I ve no intention of >e
" tSns'well known Brooklyn suffragette,
who asked to hare hor ns me kP"*. .'i".
said she thought Mr.?. Ruhlin'S Idea a
splendid on. | ..
??Why shouldn't Mr Buhlln nut ms ths
gloves'for suffrage?" she asked. Hei was
referee the other night in B sparring
match between a Brooklyn elSltjmU and
[ another man. Tlie Rnhlini stand eery
' high in the community.
i tire. William Warner Penfield, acting
| chairman of the partv. muid that the mat;
; fet of accepting .Mrs. Ruhlin'a offer hal
not been de? Ided
"Like ?ii queatlona of policy." she said,
! "if ?ill na\e tn be carefully considered."
But .Mrs Huill?n la r? determine.1 woman,
i ami Mr-. Ruhlln saya t'?ar "Ous" la going
I to put en the glovey for BUflTUge
|Mrt. Mackay Booms Governors'
Meeting for Suffrage Cause.
Mrs. Clarence H. Mackay, -?.ho bj at
Lltchfleldi '"onn , has sent a check for JO1?
to Mrs Harriot BtantOfl Blat?'h, head of
the Woman's Folltl.-al I'nion, to bay two
seats fur the "?.overnnrs' meeting" that
tha? organization win hold al Cooper L'nion
on September M. sevrai other frlenda bava
pat.l large sums for seat.?, though the prie?
.?harged ?s a low one, and the union hones
to be able to ?end a goodly amount to aid
the sulY?ag* campaign in California. That
Is the object to which th? proceeds Ulli h?
The union Is sur? of three Btlffroga Mate
Ootmrnora for the meeting- the Executives
of Idaho, ?"olorado and Wyoming. The
Oovernor of Utah will be there unless n.? is
detained by th?* presentation of the silver
service to the battleehip Utah. The fJov
ernor of Washington may be unable to
come Kast for th? conference ar Spring
T.ak?\ X ,T , but If he does come, h? will
! e Ht ? ooper I'nion.
Theodore Roosevelt was United to he
present and tpeak, and he ?rot? Mrs
Blotch that he would "jtiet love" to do it,
Int that other engagements 'absolutely
pi ?<.- lltei.l."
About the middle of next week Mrs.
Blatch, Mis. A. I '. Townsend, Mrs. Egerton
I.. Winthrop, Jr.; Mrs. reare?? Bailey and
other suffragista will journey to Spring
Laka to present to th?? ??overnors a nicely
bound copy of Miss Bertha Rembaugh's re- !
port, showing the ?iiiterences In woman's
political status In the different ?states.
A new Krench shirt for men has a striped i
bosom In the fashionable colors, with cuffs
to match, and a body of lino white madras.
The price Is $3.
Paper plates, In a number of different
sires, ?ell for 20 cents a packng??. For some
mysterious reaeOB the number of plates in
a package varb.s from about 25 to 40, but
th" average Is probably as hli-h as ?O,
making the cost of the plates half a cut
each. Bach plat?) has a separate lining of
parchment, which Is not affei'ted to any
great extent by either the heat or moisture
of foods. The season for picnics, for which
the plates are primarily int<?nd??d, is almost
peat, but th".v ha'..? all the qualifications
needed for a successful career umong those
who engage in light housekeeping.
The beautiful bordered muterlals that
help to make fashionable evening and af
t. tiioou gowns an? not always so extrava?
gant as they may at llrst app.ar, since only
B comparatively BOUUl quantity Is tie. d? d,
with a foundation of something less expen?
sive. One thop is showing black chiffon
with a wide black batln Mower hord.-r at
| JIM a yard, ?hiffon cloth, which la not af?
fected by dampness, with a klmll r border.
Is UM. ????'? *????? voile, with a handsome
border of velvet hincad", is $13 50. A love?
ly thing that has attracted a ajead teal >>f
attention is a pale blue ?hlfTon cloth, with
an lx-lnch satin border, on which me fes
tootled wreaths of immense pink roses, it
sells for $12 7.'. a yard. All the pi.?., s ni'ii
tloned aie ~M inches or nuire lu Width.
Careful housekeepers will tlnd M**e*rOd
leowater pltaheiu naeful for las.nv puarpeeea
besides tlie one for which they ate BB
pertally intended. They poaae tu diff?re it
slz.-s. from less than a pint up to a quart
or more, at petate van Inn l CO 30 to ??
cents. They are of Ivory-ttnted porcelain,
de?oiate.l ?Ith varied designs In color,
MM for tha little ones having Mother
(iooao picture?. The envera uro of porce
Imn to muli h ihe pit? lurs They extend
slightly over the BdgU >>| tb?- latter, and for
this raaeoo am uiiuauuii, aBaatlva ??? kut-p
lutf out Uuats "" -???'
Modern Motor Car a Potent Fac?
tor in Road Building.
Announcement of Glidden Tour
Arouses Activity in Improv?
ing Highways.
Jacksonville, Fla., Sept. ?.?The grea,t In?
fluence of the automobile as a potent factor
in road building was never so pointedly
shown as In the Activity Which has followed
the announcement that the 1911 (Hidden
tour would b? run over the national high?
way into Jacksonville, the metropolis of
For many months good roads enthusiasts
have been agtuting tho paving and hard
surfaclng of a stretch of between IX and 2?)
miles to the Duval i'otinty line from the
city of Jacksonville. Nothing seemed to be
sufficient to arouse the county commission?
ers to action. Within three days after It
was announced that the (Jlidden tour would
terminate In Jacksonville, public sentiment.
compelled the county commissioners to call
a Spsclsl meeting and 1st contracts for the
completion of tho entire stretch of work
within sixty daya, at a cost of approxi?
mately |2.">0,?VK). part of it la to be paved
with vitrified brick.
Two montha cg?j the assertion that this
would be dono would have beeri considered
a Joke, and engineers would have, si'oure?!
the time limit for tho completion of the
work as absurd ami impossible. The county
had the money and reciulred the road, and
DOW there are more than a dozen big gOtUt? |
of men at work on the highway. It will be
completed well beforo the specified time, if
there is no setback.
Other counties through whh-h the tour
will pass have followed the same meth?
ods, and the Florida end of the highway Is
already taking shape. Up through ?h?
Ueorgia stretch the sam? conditions pre?
vail. Toe near approach of tho tour has
stimulated sections of the state not on the
highway to construct good lateral roads
leading Into the highway and to Jackson?
ville. Other cities in Florida exrect the
state to be filled with motorists this win?
ter, and they are undertaking to make It
posslhle for them to take manv enjoyable
one-day trips to the various resorts.
Miami is seeking to have tho national
highway extended down the picturesque
eastern coast and northward from New
York to complete the MontreaMo-Miarn!
highway. Enthusiastic meetings are being
held in all the counties through which the
Miami extension would pass, and in a num?
ber of them long r-tretches of the proposed
highway have ulready been completed.
The good roads idea has caught on In the
remotest sections, and big bond issues are
being frequently announced. It Is not an
exaggeration to ?ay that not less than $10.
*40,<M worth of road w.-?rk ts either now
in progress, already provhled for by issues
of road bonds or in contemplation by tha
rotors of Florida count'.c?.
There was a time when automobllee sold
at sight, with all responsibility thrown to
the wind by the maker. But ?ondltlons In
hII lines o? busln?"-s change as the enter
ptise develops, and now the sal? of motor
ran depends upon the reliability, experi?
ence ;,rid reputation of the company. *$
well as Its representatives. The pucces.?ful
manufacturer of to-d;?>. if sb!<- to do so,
points with considerable nrlde to the gen-j
eral satisfaction his earlier models have
?dren ami to their long Ufe.
The last r?capitul?t >d statement of the
number of ftutomnM!?? heing operated tn
New York Ftate, as show n by the registra
tlons under th" new law. < ??nt.-'i-.f- -? t?9tal
<?, orei two hundred dlffeAtmt make:?.
In an Interview with ?'. S Henshaw, of
the New Vi'tk Th^ma?- bianch, on the sub?
ject of pioneer manufa?Hirers, he ?-ntd: "It
hart been my experiene? that the older the
ear the more att.iehed th? owner becomes
to it, and instances can be named where
??ur mo-lels nui" or t*n >ears old are re?
tain".! by the original purchsSST and used
as runabouts In a Stable of ma'-hines. In
fact, there are nearly a dozen of our IM
type running In ibis s?,ite to-duTi wide*
is strong proof l'iat ?on'r tttrttot, enersy
and loyalty will bring returns to snjr ?on
Defeat of Major Wellington a
Surprise at Hartford.
Charter ?"?ah Park, Hsrtford. <~>nn ,
Sept. I -ThS g**nnd drcult races t.i-d-'v
were long drawn out and two of the fixt?
ures, the IrSS trot an?! the IrU pace, went
th<- Until In heats The surprise of tbl
aft? moon wa? the defeat of Major Welling?
ton in the 3:41 trot lv <*jscade. Th?
former misbehaved in three heats by go?
ing up In the air at critical moments.
In the firt?t heat Major Wellington brok?
a? the three-qtiarter mark and In the sec?
ond heat one h'mdred fee? from the wire,
?"nscade taking .'he heats sasUy. In th"
third and fourth heats the gelding steadied
down and showed real form, but In th?
final heat ho broke at the half-mil?,- pole
and was unable to g.-t bett?-r than third
Forest Prince an?! l,ongworth H, fought
It out in lbs 1 -'1 PSOO, th?^ former winning
by superior staying ojiialltlas. Head and
head whipping finishes marked each le it
Tt will bn President Taft day at the fair
to-rnorrow and as n t-peclal attraction The
Harvester, the fastest stallion In the
Srorld, and Wlllv will bars ? brush, prob
,'hly at half a mil".
Tho sumwsriss follow:
TKOTTIN?:* Sift ?LAS- PTJatgg. $t ooo two
Peter TlniniKon, b, r ?Merrill).. 2 1 1
Mantle Qey, eh. f (Lerallln). 1 | ]
Misa NortnaiwUa, t f. (Laaacll). j :; ;;
\a ttta liiiii. b m. (ftcofl? id)... . ...?
Time, 2 IBM, S'lft, ?:;.*.
PAtnifd 2:11 ?'laASS II KSK, ll.lriO -TIIK1.I
l-'nrrat I'rinr?, h a; (4L*Og) . 1 2 1 3 1
Lams worth u. t>. a. (Murphy) .... I i ] i ?<
Pannie stanton. i?. m (Brady).... :: :t :? -j i
Poatmaster, Mk. a (Topbaml. . . i 4 4 4 4
Tima, 2:11',. IM%, 1:10, 2:\?'t. 2:lo\.
TUOTT'N?; 2??:? CLAMA Pl'l'<K. ?I.i-hi
?'asra'le. h. a (Murphy) . 1 1 | 2 1
Mal^r Wei:ini?t?-in. hr. k. ?Andrew?? 4 4 I T S
rralgbton, h k (Laaaell). 2 2 :i :i 2
Muli Our, 1? m. (Herrlll).... .'i n 4 4 ,
Time, 2 ln'i, 2:\l',. 2tO\, 2\0\, "tx^
Outboxed by "Porky" Flynn in
Bout at Fairmont Club.
Outel?uMtnsj his rugge.i opp-aasnl sn?i
outhoxlng Mrs at will, -piirkv" Fl>nn, of
Boston, hud llttls trOUblS In defeating Jim
Smith in B ton round l?out at ih<? Fair?
mont Athhtu- flub, of The l'r,?n\, UtS?
night. Kipping and plunging away with
both hands. Smith circled the Aght to hi*
llval. II? swung Mow fur blow iM |,,s
o.sir?. to land a tilling putsch, but OOOl
aim and <o;ilM?-ut Flynn stood him Off ?nul
ihe. keil his Wild |-f*gg Sritb Meady hklll.
It wax | had night for the B4)?Mg at
Smith, for in the soml Bnal bout Jim's
brother was knocked out In nine rounds
t.y ?Kid" Bile In tha opanlng ten-round
hout Ja?k Mc Far land bad the tetter ..t
Sail??r White.
e -?.
Hy a whiilwiud llnlsh 'I'aikcy Hominey
?ttCOSStlsa In SJOttlltg a draw with "Youni
Hritt." of Hultimore, in an exciting ten
round bout at the laoiig Acre %thletk ?'In'?
ia?t night. Th.? ?South tu feathorwoiahi
gained .1 ??Mnwitndlng i.-mi ,n ult. ,. ._i,
t?.i:ii?lrt by aggr.'ssivo lioxlng, iu{? \vbt
ituvud ut, Ihv vu4 -?
Dr. Lyon'3
Tooth Powder
neutralizes the destructive
acids of the mouth?cleanses,
preserves and beautifies the
teeth, and imparts purity
and fragrance to the breath.
Littie Foam and Little Spray in
the Racing Yesterday.
Cruisers and Open Launches
Skim Over Huntington Bay
in Carnival.
rnd?*T Ideal weather cordltloi.s fo;rt?jtr,
crulslnf- mot-.r boata and four of the .?-?r?
Inunch typo raced in th- SeV?nih muoimI
?tiotor boat earnjfii reetarday, orei eoijraaj
of f.irty-iiv*? and thirty tnllee, reepectively,
on Huntington Hay. Thefa arara two
for oaah aaruBj, oTl? starting; ?t p oriorx
In the morning- and one at :?;??. 0'cl<
the afternoon, BO that the !;,r-?:.-r elaaeta
?overo?! tnOBtV-fwo and OOB I,I |
the mort,ins; and the ?ame distance in the?
afternoon. The email class went ..? .?
miles in the morning and ?u\eei In the af?
The racing was in marked contract t?i
tliat of the two previous days, WtatU tlM
fastest boata of two continents ?? ?
ploughing the waters of the bay ir.t.
rows of foam and -pmy and making noiiKS
that would put a boiler shop to ehame.
There whs only a peaceful proc?s.?:
wtll-hehaved cruising boats and lau ?
yc?terday, all d'.ing their hen. of c.
but none were travelling over ten : .
an hour, with the exception of F
Haven'g ?;.',-f?ot Aria, the winner ?...
morning race In class "D." She ..overed
the fli'^t twenty-two and a hnU-Kiile eajajjrao
in 1 hour "-3 minutes and tl seconds, arhlle
in the afternoon she raced in 1 boar '?
minuto- and 3% .?e'.ond??. This wat at th.?
avfrage ?peed of H.?A knots, or 11,31 statut??
Ballea an hour. ?She defeated the I^ad/
Jane, owned by John F. O'H-jurke. In the
rnoralna ra ??-? by 4 minutes ?> seconds, i at
the L*dy Jane won ?n the afternoon I > 4
minutes 54 seconds.
These two and all the others that start'*'.
reatatttaj" will have an opportunity tin
afternoon to flprht It out In the final rat?*
Of the series for their BUeeM
The B*BB*B*aa*fy follows:
("RUIS ORB?C*L,A:?S D? f-TAKT, 10:3.1? TOUR-K,
... PXK0T8.
Boat gnrl owner Fintsl?. tin?
H M ?
Av|s, F. C Ha\?n- .Il" '??:44 ' 'J ??
Ka'hmar II R. T. Fowler_12:40:1:4
Lasdv Jane, .T. T. 0 Ro.irke. .. .12:88*03 I 4 ?
Oataeled lleta ft ala, 1:6344. aTaieiati B?
2*07:01, J.ady Jan?;. 1..'.*:.'0.
CPl"ISE*RS -?^L?.V?-? B- START. 10:4A_4.'Or'F.?r,
.'J1-. KNOT.?'.
ft, C. R. Butter _1.22 3*. i >* "?
. L'. V. Holmes . 1 "?? I" 2 2'.?:4??
i evitable, H. A Johnaon ....1:01:22 -. :
Bre?al, s. co-hrar??? .IM-Jtl
< "orr??ct?*<1 time -S pin 111 ft, S:12:?
8:18:88; Inevttabte, 2-21:22.
CRU1SHRS?CT.A??.?. F- ?START. 10:4.1 -COI ROB*
at? KN'Tf.
Cxcelslor, T. Tro]f*n . 1 224'. ? 27 fi
A.frei s Seeidner .l'.v.vt . il
Cmpire, i: 1-. Luckenbteli _1:15:8?* 3 '?
? -, R D. "Vills.
Elmo II, F. D OM<?t .1.43 22 1 I
ClSMtc, James ?".-ait .1:47:60 . ?
Nutmeg-. IV. A. ???r"-.*; _. ..1.3.V*". ?
Ca*reetaiJ time?Al're* t?. 2*49:24
2 21-08! Empire. 2 SS .*? I . ? -? E>,
eelalor, 2:37:46; Nun.???, 2:3*:!
2 46.27.
OPEN LAUXC??r*e8?CLABa a-:'- | )
?*Ol'K-E 18 KN ?
Ar.r.% V, C Vea Oihn_1. 4.-' ?4 ISS ?
Bu.inv, A Ha<<?.IrOl 14 ' ?
B'jnk TTT, M*??h??'! & Filth. .12 ?
To'phln. F. A. M.i-ir.er. 12227 2 32 '.t
Oetraeeed ttata ?frota; ITL i 42 ITi Aaaa ^.
1 f'2 tO; R'inr.y. 2 11.OS. Dolpal
\KTFRN?*""'N RaiCa
rRT-isFRF CLA?t D> srAHT, 2 85 -' '?-?K???
?B*. KJfOT&
Avis, F. ?7. Have:.- .4:29.SS 1 Ht
l?\<\\ Jane, J. F. O Rout-Ice.. 4:38:57"
Corrected tlattt >~rtt. 114 3". i. ? ' ?<?
1 57 44
22'?. KN'
BpiBdrlft C. R. Iiu?i?r.? mi"
. 6. ?Oochraae.?' "? ?
rv.rr?.-re1 tlr?:*~ ^r'r. Irlf?, ? ?
r.oi ?tlv?u
CRuisi ?aa r ?bt?rt. 2? coi
?".". KN'
Exeelator, T T1'.>!--t? .. 5:11:4.8 -? '?
Alfred B.. H. soeMner . ?. 10 i . ??
Empire, E F. Luckenbach '?h.
les, R D Utils...
Finio n. y v ailes.. .. ??? '<?? .?i
Jamtt Cralg. B >" H -i **
Nutmeg. W. A. ??troiiaT "?"- ?" rt4',??
?or-e?-te.i tlma-'Excalaior, 2 26 4? Ufrai *.
1 .6 85: ?TStliadlc? L . - ? ?
?le. 2:21:?*?. Nutm-.:. 1
'. T AVNCHE8 -Cf.A-s .-,-?- ||
00CR8E K Mil El
Anna V, C Von i .4 44.11 16411
v Usa? . . .
I III, 31 ..??-.
ractad tima - Bunk tir, 1:43:01 I
1:61 17. Bunnj, 8:01 62
To-dav's racea aill eeatatal of i i raeea
in claaaea A. B and C, a ? t et M
o'clock in il"1 mornlna ;
iho finals In elaj u i ?? rua
..?y over tha i raea
Th? principal prias to be for oe
Friday I? the hlfh apeed boats ?? i
Otto H. Helna tl.ooo tr-iphy. It Is a mastlTa
tlher I? ?i'1?' ' IP. iwt
with an ri ony b at - ?
tcriptlon: "lntern*Uional >.n"::. - '-:
d tr'.phv for
by ?itp? H ft?slna to ih?1 tfotoi '
of America" "n the obrera? ? '?
relief I? a thr? ? 4 ailver i roj filer a?d
th?? club fias '
Urin? Is president of * ?
i 'onnpan*.
Geeraja Dnacaa, the Bcol ? ?? on.i!,
did not far?? partleularly a
ov< r the lb ba of tha iprlai Lafc
? luh >est.?!-da\. The man from Al
atteaapted to play tin? beet ball of J
TlnaiiBB. jr. "i Philadelphia, and "Billr"
Robtnoon, the hom.- prefaaalonal r?>aaeaa
tlnish.'.i Ave 'i"?n to the '
dlvldually be alea ktat t" R ';,1ft?
bad tnadal acorea "t d The Bprina IaBo
eourae la a tiin? roui
a*ri tna * wai 4 la bathec Iba eia
Employers Anticipate Freeze-out Tlaa
by Laying Off Many Men.
A nen najf la Bfht ? Btrfka am pet btt
praetlea reaterday by th?. Baaploj -
elation of Arcblts* tarai In b W q
Th.? him.m. the ..ltl?-l,.l ti. ? of ? '' "
1^,. ,,| No, .| tfe ' Int. i nail"'. ? A- ?
ttoa of ttbtdae aad Inrnctttral Iron ?Verb
,.,?, decided laateael ?>f B-roTerlaf ica ?
sink.- to aoforoe irartona ?hni'.ini?, <??
order nalbouta La oi ?? et ta ? ah ???
Una, the ??<h"p* affected al preesni
those of the Uobei?aa ?v. laafard ('"'"'
,..?1 Rabta i Kuiiii.
?| be ' tapleyera bave mel thla poll i ?
?ffj-i-f a raaalatJOB t.? lay ?iff It i1*??* c<**
of the aieB in all tha ahopa ..f the a>
ti,,, Th-* o" " bieee dhaaaaead raaiarday
mornlaf aad ware told that they c*nig **?
work by appiyinK at the two ahopa ?fteted
lv the atrlke Wbaa Ibeea tara abena ai
o-inned the real of the aaja ehe toawWA
ott bi uii the ?mem ???? <? ukt>" ***
wan .???Id
BtttralO. S.l>t t?. - n?.r,'nce ?*>?'
auttoa haea allmlaatad all 4-o,nr?st toia ?"
w.. i. m N?'w V'TK l.i?n tennla war
aatnentan " wVmrVt ?n Krulay u aeal*

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