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his passion." said Mr. Wfndenburi
"Tes, it ?vas pesaton, hut pataatoa homo
the devil, and passion that sent to deatl
his -vif?*- Bo that he tniaht continue hi
> iciouf? pteasure.''
Mr. Wendenburg Bnlahed his address i
few minutes after ."? p, ni. A brie
tejipite was given the jury, and al ?"> '-"
o'clock it i'c,"nn roateideratlon of lia?
? ase
Jury Unanimous en First Bsliot.
For fifty-eight minutes they aera t i
gethcr m drop consultation a jury >?
?Imple farmer?, who each ?norntng aa
hymns and strove t" forge! the story o
dissipation, with its foul chapters. BS re
!ate?i day after day on th? unties
stand. What had been generally pre
dicte 1 was true their minds were wel
made up hefore they l< ft the courtrooni
W. i? Durgesa. a square-Jawed mat
with -in earnest face, was elected fore
?OAXti They be.lk>t?**d, and It was no sur
P?i?-r. they afterward decmred, that a
voted alike. They prayed that the
mlgr-t not take a life in vain, and the;
opened theli ronectences to one anothc
for nearly an hour ?o that they might c
ha^k to ti;e rourtroom firmly eopvin? ?
f theli <iut\ and "f one mind,
\r?d in the Courtroom sat Henry ?'la
Beat tie, Jr., the sporting page <>r a n? ?va
paper aaread before him. Bui he ?ii
not read long. He folded the pepei :m
roiKealed hla f.wt in It, Those who sa
nra- the t>>?, of iron nerve observed
taitohlng of his Lips, as though movln
In prayer as he sat with closr-,1 rye
a**aitliiE the return of the jur.? . H
raised his bead f"i a moment, droppe
the pan"r again, and hegen readlni
Then he whispered a few words to hi
father and brother, It was for them h
felt r.rd t" them he c.nnselled cheerful
Tt area nearly dark in the courtroon
when ti;-? jury returned. Three oil lamp
pave ineagre lustre to the scene, Bun
let'a red raya still streaked through tin
WtndOWa ?ia every sill rested a tele
Eiaph ir.stniment and operators tensel;
??sited for the announcement ?.f the vet
diet A thick mass of fates rising; in at
Incline t-i the nhahhy celling Stared a
tie jnr.v men. Famous jurists looker
down, too, finir, fly-specked paintings
If the minds of th?, ??(?pin?; OTOWd re?
main ?vi t'ne thought of the pOWSffu
Fpeerh of the prosecutor and his denun?
ciation of the man "who exchanged thi
gio??, ,.f virtue for paaalon'a feebk
tar era. '
"Guilty!" Saya the Jury.
Th" court Baked the. ].rlsoner to rise
IMe drew limself up calmly and waited.
Have j-etj gentlemen aer.?.] on ? rer?
dhf' asked Judge Watson
"We have/' said Foreman Burgesa.
The prisoner had Confidently expected
a "hung Jury," not a? quittai or convic?
tion. The court reCJUeSted the ?indien "?
rot. to manifest its spproval or disap
pro'.a'. whatever the verdict.
"And what is youi Verdict?" asked
?Tuds.?* Watson, turning again to r'??re
me 'i Rnrpe-H
rMaJlty." answered Burgess, but hla
votes was swelled by the ahoui of eleven
at hen.
i "?t\??-- ? i in Law and the forma of a
? ?? r trial, thi Jurymen had not specl
"f murder. Asked
v ? ? :,Jr. Burgess answered sim
i ndlcb d " Under Vlr
h i ti o murdt i Ii presumed ty he
1 ... iltegre? unless otherwise apecl?
?i. ' p mbent upon the jury to
- ??? . to .i i : ? j ?tr. ? - Watson advised
gain on the point,
mmutea Ister they conformed,
th the i.' of "Murder In
? ;.-? ? rlegree "
Prisoner Unmoved and Silent.
? ? st.i erect and motloi -
HI see, in ?'ni": a yellowish arreen
day, v, ,vs Immobile
The ll| a dreary
? - . ah? fa? ?' i
lb? Jury. His eyelids sagged, but did
nul blink In stesdy gaz?, he ra
hi- .-. es on tlv the twelve m< n
?hn had ironoui ? i I I a punishment, a?
Ir i" p. n? ;i>,:? their minda snd di ter?
mine th reason ?>>h it was not
Bentful expression, however, and when
the ? ou; i asked II ? ;.?? prisoner had any?
thing to say be anawered "1 have noth?
ing to saya" an?; ?.
The perfunctory motiona for a
tn.'i were nia.?i< by counsel for thi de?
fence The usual granting of permission
< \. u to argue the point whs denied, as
Judge Watson in a stern \?>i ??? declsred
that all rulings of the cum t were on
comparatively unimportant detail and
-*n no a/ay could have Influenced thi ..<
? ?
a ?<ta.. of ex n was granted how?
ever, in order t" give counsel an oppor?
tunity tu spply for a wnt ?if error when
ih? Court of Appeali meets in Novem
Judge Wataon delivered mi Impressive
.??;. 1" ti.e prisoner. He told how the
?.? man hoi stained hla own life and
that of the community in which he lived
)..< his Sordid ails. When the trial first
began, said Judge Watson, he had hoped
that Virginia might he oh'areil of the
crime for which not onl) the state felt
shame bul which the entire country
ecsted. He had hoped that counsel
would prove the d?fendant inn?" eut, mu
t?- o idence, he regretted to note, '\as
gil convincing and overwhelming.
"The ? inri in this trial." aaid Judge
Wataon, "ha.-, endeavored in all its de
? ? im lean toward th?' side o? the
prisoner, ami m it? charge to the Jury, ss
well, att< nipt, ?i to k>>< him th.- benefit of
<io,m and ??'!.'. opportunity t<?
sstablLah hi? inno? ence. The rulings
Beastly i);ui' ?.?in i???t on matters of (aw
but on smsll qu? stains of fact
"Mutt Forfeit Your Life."
v i have had a la.!' and impart ial
trial. Mr. beattle, and the jury has dona
trhal II considers its fiut) Therefore,
: ?,'i i,;iv? been r_?nvicted of murder in
the *iit degree, and on Novembei 24,
between tl ol sunrise and sunset,
you must forfeit your life to th.- oom
Bjajntty. Ma* Qod bava morcy on youi
A moment later, by the side <>i hla
father and his brother, Doajglaa, their
h< I . -.' ed in grief, walked v.. nil?,
};??;?tt:- in. tha darkness toward his cell,
a I.!: ?I ) SI -?
'Bui ' n? framg ol the du y a/a i not
ever A sharp raport and a flash rent
the thick blauatness outside.
'My Clod!" exclaimed .lud)'. Wataon,
/?as through hla mind flitted the samel
thought th.. i .-i n u? ?i hu ai "und
But i' ?'??-*?? not auothi i u sg< d]. . he
|,ii?.,,, \.alklng ' aiml) on.
The detonation waa an unusually heavj
cherg? ? i h"t"?-ia|.h<i s flashlight.
Th* ? rowd im*;' tt d al the Jail and
,,,.. . , ? . ?i,. . ? :i Illuminated bj -
tin?!* lamp On th? hla head
- fathei .?mi
ther besldi
...... . . o? r the
, r .,, . rah dor a end wet \> In th? l
t . _ . .: the cell ?
1 mind guilty o? the murder ol his young wife, Louise Owen Hcattic, ami
sentenced t" ihc ??rath chair.
(Ooeyrlaht, ion, by Ani?ricsii fr??.? AtaocUtloa <
An huir later the hamlet was ?c*
A few hundred yards away fr-u
Mall, in a small hotel, terelvs men
ered their ludonKiriKs in silence, an
by one they ?lrove away Into the
tiees to the simple homes from '
for a fortnight the) had been au.se
Beulah Blnford, the so-called tl
in the cause, Whose relations with ]
Besttle furnished a d?>mlnating fe
of the persecution's < nse, did not !
as a witness during the trial. No
sel?' was willing t.? call her.
Immediately upon her relensc fro?
Jail where she had been held for j
ble testimony sh? disappeared
Bterfleld, hurried to New York
almost at the hour When the Jury
registering its verdict that carried
penalty of death for her quondam
patil'iti she was posing for motion
urea at Btaten Island and nursing t?
rical ambitions.
Uonttnulag the lina o? attack begun h
H>Ueague, Hill Carter, yesterday ng
the veracity of Paul Beattte, win. gav?
most aenssttonsl and dainagtag t ? ? .?-? i i i
against hla cousin, Harry O. smith,
counael lor the ptrlaorer, battered awa
tha Btory "f the t***reluute of the mm,
.-.' confession and the chain of
cumetaatlal ?vidence forged by the pi
? -hi : i m when court convened thla toon
He >u,'i on opening his address:
The masterful argument of Mr. <'.
yesterday !.. made it unneceaaary lot
to detain you with a protracted artel
We do not anticipate and 0" nut fea
..our hands .i conviction. What w
? of yo : who
satisfied that you cannot bring In ? \?:
ol ?_; ? ? i : i >- and yel . annol assvnl to a
did i.i not ? ullty.
IVe will endeavoi to show you tha
that i.? your frame ?>! mind we ere?entl
in an a< quittai, Thal prop? -'?on i - n
plain i" ? ou by the Instru? I
Mi. flmltfa rttcd the Kestleben
a.4 .in Instance of the dang' i "i i
tial evidence, aaj Ing :
.'ou In an) the bo;, i testlf] "i I
from Bon An. how they saw a man
im in ?'! an automobile aim a ?'...ii.iii
lining board, How mi ?i you h
i"it when Mi. Kestleberg himself ??.
forward ami thrusl asid? all auspi? i? a t
Henrj ? '. Beatlle, Ji . or ni?- a I
thai macl Ine, This, ;?? ntl? m? n,
,;,? dansai of making up youi minda u
a a . is e].i.,, ,i. ,i j.it Into which mi
jurymen and even Judges often have fal
With all due respect to the gentlen
r, no opened ibe case for the comin
tvi w t do not yel know the theory
i :..- pi os? > utlon, ii?? ?> ho cli
monwealth, therefore, haa a dli tlnct
vantage In weaving together thei
fa ts w? ]>.y., nol known VVhal can In
?.. n the pui pose of Mi, Bydnor's ? : i
that he saw a young man alone on
Midlothian Turnpike early on the ? en
?.f til?- iraged! ! Il muai be that they ih
the accused went t" the stump they hi
talke?! about ami placed tin gun there
f? w h? the crime. But ht re h
of Intelligence, who on the v. im
land mual have Impressed you, a man
kind disposition, and yel they want y
to believe that he prepared In thli bit
? i?.iinjr fashion for the crime?a more hi
i ii and brutish has seldom la-en heard
Mr. Smith dwelt at length on the Q1M
Uon of reaaonabii doubt, rereading t
Inttructlona to tie? jury on this point, a
it la Inconceivable thai His young mi
could for three ?lays live in the tame hou
with his dear lather ami loving tamil
could his iiii-in each night, wltl thli t?
ne on hla mind, its Inconcelvabl
II? m. n "
"Face to Face with God."
In taking away ? humai Hf? you ?
'.,.',? m face with God Almighty, and u
less you ai? convinced to a moral certain
that thla young man committed Mas da
tardly Time you must of nee? ij brli
,i. a verdict of nol guilty.
fou have been ahown the dansera i
elrcumatantlal evidence, bul I \s, 11 abo
you tint ta?' accused must have been on)
a blundering IdkW i?> have committed ii
n '.-?' ?. \\ '.. . he picked oui a mucl
travelled road when everybody could at
l iin in full view he hides a gun. I ma
as well aa) that if he though! ?mi i
,. d thla ? rime, why, can .von ten m?
-mould he have used a Khotgun when
ii''..| eaally procured and egalT* conccale?
without taking anybod? into hla confidence
< ..n?a have h? en used?
Gentlemen, th?*a*e is more than one hu
m.m life at stake n< t only the life of thi
y?uns man. but that gray-haired fathei
the future of 'he brother and the get?
name of a? tister. They .. 11 spix al I I
clarion-tongue?), to give them ine b '.?'it <?
the doubt, A..?" ; warn t- aaj here s'hal
.?m gtad to aay "f an old friend, that
v . iid he glad to n il -hi? cauta on the lot
l.tnony of Tom Owen, uncle of the dea<
v.'cman, who waa the falreal man i evej
n ? he aitneaa ata ? And Tom Owei
was the flrsl penion in whom thla bo'
i.|.. n< d hla lipa a hi n he bi ought In hi?
?had wife Gentlemen, if there were an)
. terenanclet In hit atoi thi a ould ha v.
,?, pea red t hi n, and I offer to rt al > oui
., .. .m. i t with that testimony alone
??ni.i - a i h. i been H- oded," aaid Mr
n " "paper ? llpplngt and l? t?
if people from ??ii or? r lbs United
st.-'t? s, telling "f tin- dsngera of circun*
atantlal evidence.
"I ?lon't thlnl ' ?. ild have mentioned
that,.terjected Prot-ecutor Wendenburej
"Well, i? it v,,is wroni i op? hit hon? i
% iii i uta it out for i want i?i i ur? your
?. rdlct . nly ',.. fair and rightful nv sni
Mr. dth i hen cloai i > rlea ? d tha i 11
with partteul - ? n,? relue?
tantlj given t< atlmon) of Kestleh- rg, as in
dicatlng tha dsngi r si ? ?? mitantlal evl?
i .'? ?
ol '?' 11? ??? ?. ' don i.i' -.
la-lla?? <! III!.? le ., ,,, II..., ,,
? ?- ? ' ' . tiial ? Hi Id that to
iroubl? ? ? t whal
' . ? in .?- i M. ,i i? .. ? i . , .,? M1.? r-ot
Hem (..".. i , | . ,,.
.I Paul Besttle i
wreck." the lawyai bald up the teatimon. j
of the cousin us Infliien'-c.'l bj Btr
niiiuled tletecllves:
v. e ?i.? not believe that Paul Beatti?
guilty "f uns crime. Tha 14 ?
. pi', i .il.lv ?ii'?-uri*f'd to you hs r,? ?.?'n?
theoi ! . Hut the Im ti actions ?ii?t
? "it th?, 1 h t?. not ntreessan t?
I to locate ?In- criminal ntf-mt. || lajti"
, duty to do it. Sui'i'oso Nul il i;.,'
buy that aun to use on MavoV Hi
Suppose Neblltt is telllBS the truth
Paul Ti?'p.ttir ?Hi! have f? iriri In th? ??
, house on Buaday morning, suppose
?un was atolen by H"ine tramp aw!
tramp killed lira. Beattie, r. c?) aui
: Paul 1.??ittle wa?- afraid lo t?il that
I f'ir fear that the crime would be fa?-i
1 on him, 1 ask you <i<>eF that not se<
I K"Oil reason for ihe r-.hlftlutt of the b'
by this w?iekllng, Paul iwttie?
I "Hit?'- you not thought." .?.aid Mr Sinl
eoTic-lii'-ioii. "that a verdict of guilty Bl
also the ?1? at h of tha father and the
1 cr:uc of the little sister? Moreover, t
la a little boy ?Tho ceaaot evpu Ihn
1 rayer. Us toother is gone, und now
ara asked i" brand the father aa the ?
' ? ?t blooded as-asi-in of tlie terso t let h
I tury. May Qod give you wis?!<'in t<
) our doty."
Mr. Smith spoke four hours. ?mo.Bg.
' argumeni ai the noes? hour.
During Mr. Braith's plea fat his Ufa
? p watched the faces of th. pi
State's Closing Address.
The reconveolog of the court ??as
layed until I.45 acioik, because of ?
culty in securtog order in tu?- crowd 1
nib ,1 th? room t.. its aa?*saclt. i" bear
tV< ndei burg's additee?
"I wish to (onm ululate you." t!.> pu
cutini couosel sstd i" tti" iurjm-m, "t
: . trial o? ti la ??rime boro Id laluult]
about to ? 11.1, iui.i 1 hops that wb< a >
verdict Is givefl ii aball he with the ?>i
ol the women ol this commonwealth
the Women, however, "f tha kind am?
whom nos accuaed baa B?agled bul
good women of all Virginia.''
prosecutor 11 san In .? Bhaking ro
. ti ruing ui.i.i'-'uat.'i?. n? the wild a ans
th? Midlothian Turnpike BBd the dot
1 .-1.rick of ii?'- young wife on tli
?July la. i"- eoatlBued:
There nr?' two theoriei In thla case,
lone ?>f the defence, "i lb? man whose bei
hat chaoi 1 ?1 ao often In the t? stitui
during Me tri.il: and tha othei thai
t ?a < - prosecution, that nooe other than 1
husband committed thla brutish ?rime.
I By th? the accused jou 1 an a
j v.?'t him. ii?' telia us first the atrange m
. topped m front of the machine and tha
s i er? tlie f""1 In hlni i" san. for he i'
go! in ih" fabrications "f his atory ti
??ii" man to shoot bis uife would have
Bh? "i through the glass In fronl of I
machine In order to kill?arid thai ,-i.iss
. untouc ted.
; An?i later this prisoner tells u Ir ? m
? \..is to th?- right side and Bred ove* 1
shoulder when he leaned forward to cuan
Igears. And yet he t. ils ua he stopped
fronl of the anan m prevea! ruunlna ov
1 Im.
And ?loii't you tee, gentlemen, thai
gun of Ihe alleged hlghwaymai ?? ??
oft accidentally, a'? tii<> accused .!?s?*ni"
it would have gone into the body, not tl
t;i ?, ni the woman,*
Beatt'e Fiercely Arraigned.
"Bring M" those bl.1 clothi -.?
Mi Wendenhurg to Bheriff QUI, "ont t:
[iran. th<?se mate evidences of this dn"ai.
rloldlng up the si Irrt thai the p Ibobi
wort and polotlng t" t ,?? larg? apot 1
i iiiuoil on the low? r part and Ihe absent
"f -t;iliis ?m the upper pan or sleeves, ti
. pro?? ' it.' charged that Beattie sat agalni
the lifeless bod) on hla desperate ride t
the Owen home and >ii'i not, a.-- Beatti
? Uiiineii on the witness stand, hold hi
with ??ne hand while lie drove the cat '<
fifi -live miles an Itour,
"Ti:?re la s ?witness stranger ?han h im
man lip thai OBBnot COmOlil perjury," sh?
ith? peaker, , ? Intlng to the 1 loti ? 1 "Th
body never lay up against that arm An
I the coal aleo -j'-ak-? no Needing form r\.
lay up apamst that tpMteaa garaieni
I Mu?? testimony it Is, ami you ?an'i come t
Iany other ronclindofl than that guill k?u
. birth t" II a Ha ol the s? ? naad, '
Mi. Weii'i' nburg ?ontiniK .1
?. o then b m" ? remarkable ll?ag "Thi
giant of too pounda allowed this Uttl
I ?tripling of IX to tike aw-H.v the gun, an?
when in th? grapple 11 ? - - aroused fall i?
the ground with the Run this giant of ah
feet walked away. is that probable
I gentlem? n?
And ?t la suggested by counsel r..r th?
?defence that be could mor.- easily bavi
I vised a pistol, in.1. t ??m know the lirsi
question he would have been asked when h<
I returned home wa. why the otb? 1 cart
ridxea In the pistol did nol ?-ith?*r kill him
m the highwayman if h" had wrested th?
? istol f 1 ?'in him J
in many reep eta thi* is the cheapaai
I < 11 me i have ? * ? 1 heard of, On t 1 night
lof the nmr.i. 1 this man T?ut on the oldest
sun he had. i"?u?r|it March s, Il t. .i,,,i H
suli which Mrs owen, mother <>f the dead
[woman, said she never before eaw on th?
accused. He wa? too obeep lo spoil any
.ut the oldest Bull be had with the blood
I ol his \?!C*
Ml \\???nilent'.irr <m. hHcil hl? two an 1
lone-hall hours' BJralB?iUB4mt ?1 K;Ba p, n,..
' ? ?? . - ? ? ? 1 ,??.,. ua?
1 hen 1 sad? for thi Jury.
f ?ther anH Pricsr.er in Silent Prayer
.1 ? ge ?V al on tho ighi n besl t.? i,av?
I Hi?- i.i ? exsreiss In tha open nil p, ;,,,,,
beatnnlna consideration "f th? case n.
Baked S' Hilf M.'llil I" take n,e JUn ,,,,,.
Bide an?! I uni; i-n-m bail: In liftr..|, ,,,,,,
"t. 1 Tl ? p? Ii ?""-' wa also git ?., .1 i,, i?r
1."i '..1. sent "??? ? ie u, in ,,
? .1 ? uip- i u ound til?n ?i?,1 ht h i., ,|
? ' lal 1 to hi reli Bssttte ?> ami ?i rt
' prose? 'i'"' I? . ei.li.
ti? smiltad an?-i took iiis ?eel In tha bei
fha Jurj ituiiici to ??it- ??ourthouss af.
;.i its 'espite, snd Judge Watson Btieity
dehvered Um casa Inte its heads*
The j? ir> entered Its room et 1:21 p. m.
It was informed by lud?- Watson !hal if
? ii desired te see any of the exhibit?? in the
| 'As. nunelv, the Bhotgun. the hlo??istaine.!
rtetttea nr the letters of Heulah Hin ford ?
the) would ta liroughi to it b) sheriff OUI
The prisoner snt In the bat leading a
newsttsper. The sawd la tha room seemed
excitedly neivous. Altai a fea minutes?
however, lite fortitude ol ; a B**cussd mai'
hroke ;in?l be raised Hla i**wa*pavper over Ids
? es. an.i those atsndlni cle * I ? him could
oboarve bu Up tt ''?? hing aa If be were ?.t
taring a prayer. Hla ?tged father beside
i.im likewise Ik it forward reverently e*\<i
b?-*tnierht divine aid. Thla action ?if the
prisoner was COM BSTVed by most of th?'
p*ratifia in the reei i ? ? aus? h covered hla
i fa- a
Sentenced to Death No?/ember 24.
At ?.:?<?, p. n. ,|tr. ?,,,?.. returned t.- I ?
courtroom ami announced a rerdlH of
guilty of murder. Tbs court pointed eul j
u un? neeeaamrj to state lbs degree of
guilt, as mid??; the Vl**gfnla Isa every
murder Is presumed to he in the second
(ieKr?*e anleaa otherwise spcclfled
The jury again r'tlred, nnd after being
?oil about nine niliuiles retiirnert with a j
verdict of mtirdai In the first de^ie.?
The clefbnta mmni t?. ?et asida the i
rerdlct, and the court overruled lha mo?
tion, aayltag thst queatlopa ?if law did
not enter material!' Into the hiry'? (;r, |.
-dot*. The gefen?** ,),,.,, ,-,.?;,.,? for nine'"
dsya te Rie ? petition for h writ of error
to ?he State Supreme COUli Of Appeals
Prosecutor vVendanburg objected, m
a hat ha termed tha unneresasrj delay in
tha administration of Justice In thla essi.
Ifr Carter claimed tha defence hsd al?
rt .. been forced le un early trial
Meantime It. I**. Besttle, ar., hsd hi4
arm around tee prisoners nn?l ii? Were
engaged in aarneal ?< en lion
Mr. Wenden burg i?-m?i h faction of 'he
j .?oil" or Virginia '?tit;, the law lhal a
?person sentenced to death may ask for
i and obtain a i la ... an i ?< Ion for nol
I longer than thirl y da ? - afl ? nexl
? term nt tlitj Court of Appeala
. ? Wataon ?-? I Kovember tt aa tba
daj to nie- execution of tentent? e-ould
?.? deferred.
Th? ludgi atatad as a preliminar* lo pass?
ing sentence thai hi desired to add nothing
: to the anxiety of tha convicted man.
"The Jury hsa found rev gutlt. hi the
| first ?leere?, and therefore ? our Hfe
felted, and the |udgmenl of thla courl Is
j thsl on November -? you i e delivered Into
the CUStOd)' of the superintend?-!?, "f thej
i pei Itentiarj. nn?l that between the hours of j
I sumia? and in let our life ahall he ex? j
tin-;" sheii. and may Uod hav? mere* onI
?.*??? i r aoul."
M.-Httie's father buried hta ht e is hla :
banda and appeared overcome. Tita Bris-1
oner ?mtllngl) ahook hahda with several
, amtancea
The court adjourned at ', i. p. m.
.July u lust Mr. snd Mrs Henry i Is]
Besttle, jr.. of Msnchester, \'a . a auburb
of RiciuiH.nd. went for ? ihotor ride along
the Midlothian Pike, eral an hem- latei.
a "at ]1 p, m. the hUSbaad returned to
tha horn.? <.f "Tom" Owen, an i?ncU of hii?
wife, with thr? body or Mrs. Seattle, SB)
Ihr she bad bean shot by a tall, l?e?arded
man shorn they encountered on lha read
i?eatti" told Mr. Owen that be had nearlj
inn linnii the man, and ?hat the latter
aft*.r a few agi] remarse raised his tun
nnd flre.l Into th.? automobile. The chara'?.
be aaid, arss Intended for Mm, but he m
the montent was leaning ?ver to change
the ja-eur ?>,' hti machine Bad his ?If? 1*0
relved th?? sh?.t In her teoo. Baattta toa.
thai after th?- shooting he Jumped from
the machine, grappled with tha highway?
man, and ?fur .? atruggte obtained lha gun
which he threw int?, the hack "f the car.
II.? .iso asserted that, holding his wife In
on?' arm and giihlliiK hi*, car m ?tIi the
cither, In- ran at a fifty-fit e-inlle ..i?.?ed to
lbs Owen hume, a distance of a few mllea,
Detectlvsa triad te gel h eJea to the
murderer, using trained Moodhounda In an
effort to And th? tralL The doga were
taken t" the acene of the murder, but aera
batiese, running only from ihr ?.ik-. m the]
lOHiisiii.? and a hollow atump, and back to
th.? |ilk<\ Another effort was Otada vlth
i loodhounda, but th?-? llkeartea failed te
nnd a trail fu;?>i<?- than tha atump by the
i oadaide.
At the coroner*a Inquesl a few dsya later,
Paul Beatl ?? ond i oualn of Hem i I la ?
Beattle, Jr., ronfea ? 4 thai he had pur?
chased a single barrelled shotgun for
Henrj and -nibaequentl* three cartridges,
and had delivered them to hla c-ouetn ? day
or two pretioua to the murder. The nntl
?un was picked up mar a railroad cross-1
Ing, where H waa ?ai<? to havi been Jolted
out of the auto, th?- morning after the
ahootlng and Identlfled by tha husband as
the one he had taken oui of the banda of
tin- atrange man in the atruggte following
the tragedy.
Censo? Will Condemn Show if Offered
In New York.
John Collier, secretary ?.f the board of
censorship ??f motion picture ?hows, said
yesterday thai if any company submitted
to the board moving pictures "f Beulah
Binford or Paul Beattle the ?? pictures
would h.? condemned. The board is made
Up of BOck.1 workers who give then' time,
without compenaatton, toward reforma rec?
ommended by the Commlaatoner of Ac?
counts, |
Tha board co-opi rates In mu waj posai
bis witl local ?nitiaiu.-, official or unoffi?
cial, except t'ai it 'i.-, not undertake to
.-airy out prooecutiona f'?r violation by
local ahowa. The membera ar? Interested
in tine?, main refor i? the concentration
??f municipal -?espoturihlllt* for motion p|ct?
ur.? shows, the formulation of ordinan ?
regulating these ahowa and tha enlarge?
mint "f seating rapacity. Thla board has
i,?, power i" enforce Iti cenaorabip except
through publl ? opinion
Boston. Kept, v Mayor Pitsgerakl to?
night announced thai no moring pictures
?<f Beulah Btnford would h? permitted In
Hostnr n< rigoroealy denounced the ex?
ololl.ltlo.i of the girl In theatres.
Court Might Recognize the "Congrega?
tion of the Righteous."
The atapierna ''ourt heal yeauidej thai
.ill people who conceive (he hie.? of eetab
a ii ig ? nri orajleaa or firms in the i alted
stale.? ahould beatow upon the i.nuiisii |an?
guaga al h-^st ?? passing conskleraUon
ti.at Is, if they alabad to i?.- raceg<nlsed la
An application for ? r*ertlflcate <.f Incor?
i? ration waa made by a eel .-f Individ?ala
who desired to rail themselves the Agulsaa
Aciilm K'lUi Adas Yeshurum nf New fork
That WBa too much for Justice i.otY. ' l
cunnrit tell what tha title Imports," ha eon?
fetttd. "No doubl II Importa what [? per?
fect.?.? lera! and proper, bul to warrant a|i
proval h should U?- Intelligible i" the Judge.
Tl ?? sppll? atlon la ?!- i.I '
The worda mean, trsnslstad from Hebrew
tn ttnslleh, "Brotherh.i ol Ilia Congrega?
Hon ,.f tin ?i.!.i?oa- ol N.w Yiirk."
Doctor? Deny Rumor That Majority
I*cader'B Condition Is Grave.
i: n .m tl -. t fit n.ii..i Robei i K W en?-.
majorlt) I? ader : i Ihe Matt ::- ne.it, a .1 - in
a grsvt condition foBoaing aa operation
foi appendicitis wWch he underwent
Wednaodai morning, were definltelji ran?
tradlct.fi last ni?;!.i by I ir. Joeeph Wiener,
mi o |..tIi.e?, th.- operation The n porta
alleging tl..; t!ie iiaiieni ?? rondltloi waa
-r,i\?? were so persfstenl that they l-aeiie,.,
.. ? 1 leu ? j .1 x wrho lelenhon If. Albany
n, tin i-,,, i?,, ?,. 1 eh H'.-t Ital to m .11 n '
the truth,
n? natoi '.' agtier la n aklng an ex< ? Hem
?eovery aalil '" Wl?-nei "Or Ma um
1 1 attendtns ph? Idan? end 1 have jual
.niiiMi'.| i. n .11 .1 ha 1 Ju .1 n "t 1 ?? 11 aking
?gakIa?I and
?V?an Who Got Heating Franchis
Says They Took Bribes
from Him.
Dictagraph and Marked Bill!
Figure in Affair?City Engi?
neer and a Citizen
Also Accused.
H i*i B*Jra?*s t"1 The TtH'un? ]
Oarjr, in.i. Bept J? Oary had anethei
shaking np ol Its ?lty offlclalB te-?d?sy
When the i i"u?> rnllad by Its M
Th"ir,;..? B. Knotts, the City F.nsrlnoer
flV?' .?hierin? II gad ?ltlotlKT ?itiZ'll W'T?
fouii'i ;?? i??- arrested <?n ?lio rhadrg? ni
sollritlng ir?-) Accepting bribo? for th'
pBasaaaja <>t.? heating fnun hi?". The dlo?
tagraph which was tusad to tt*ap ?raft???
Ir, the Ohio I>flSlatBrt l'i ?'"liimtiii'
i.!??ye.i a protalueni part '" ?*?"? s?alr.
Those who were arroatajd to-day were:
Mayor Thi?maa B, Knotts. whoso artas!
v..is aljo attended by the takln? of $r..0n?
in mark?'?! hill:? all"??*?! t'? have bum
placed th-?re ;i feu minutes oefore ??>
t t?. n? i., tii?' recipient et th.- iioatir.?-;
City KnnU.crr ?'. M. Williston. v liom
i?oan accused <>f deinairdlng J-'J.???'! for
his aerrices, anri who, '?' aajrs, tocatTOd
part ?,f this num.
Alderman Walter uttaoa alreadji
swatting trial on bribery cluxtwot pre?
??rrtii by Mayor Knotts, who, Poan say?,
i--,-- sriii'? deposited t?. hia credit In a
<h"*as*o safety deposit vault.
Alderman Dominica toymanskl, srho,
Tie.m aaya, haa depoaited money in th?
same vault.
Bollci Ssymaaekl, son of tho alderman,
who has considerable trouble with th?
English language, who. Dean saya?, as*
li? it? .1 a bribe <?f fZXQ.
Ald?rrrnan Rmeroon i-. Bowser, who.
Dean alleges, demandod $1,290, par? of
w lileh has hoen pakf.
Uderman John Hlmlssko, e/ho, aocord
?hit to Dean, has $:.?iu t?. hi."- credit In
the safe rJep??sll rault
Alderman Ant-wij Baukus, whom Dean
... pu sa ??f getting ?i.nfto.
Mayor Arreatod First.
Mayor Knoit.? was tho first ??no to ht
arrost???l. About '.> oc\ock fhi.** momittg
Tiran or\tcro(y. the Mayor'a office, wh?tre
he alano?! th*? lioaflnc frnii?*hiae. Uef??ra
entering Hi?*- r-inm iie-m had himself
??ear? hod bj B it i"tSf?f Ifl prove that he
had th" H.ftoo,
a tew minutes laror he ?-merged from
ths ovo.?iii?vs rhsmber. He auhmitted
t?. another sear? h t?. sho-,v that tho
mOflej WaS P'UIO Hean ihen tilllrrl ?.i
Poputv ajnerlffa v.\r?u\ and MotTfa, who
ware "ear. uid told ?hem t?? enter i ho
Mayor'a offl?r- and serve the warrants
obtained yesterdsy. At the ?amo timo
he told them that pftor he had given
KnottS th'- mofie) the Mayor placed It
in i? draarer Ib his do.sk. Tho deputies
entoreij and r^n?i the warrant t.? ths
Mu??n*. ami found the moaey in the
place Indicated. Tho .?."..<hn? In marked
bills, wan taken t<> ?'rown Point to Ua
US?d as evidence, Rail hnnd.<? for I&OUQ
were signed for th,-? Mayor by bis
brother, ex?Mayor a. f. Knotts of Ham?
mond, and t. p. Davis, ;i bank? r for Ihn
si?-, i ? rorporatkm.
Ma/or Knotts said there was alMolute?
iv nothing on which t" baas his .?m?st.
Ai'i.iiiien Qlbson, VouiiK. Ssymanskl
and the others were picked up in quick
order, and the seven were rushed to
Crown Point where they were ruina and
this afternoon after giving bonds
Th" franchise waa granted tu Pca?i
by th" Board <<r Public Works, which
.?insists of th?* Mayor, the ?'it-, Bngineer
and Prank Bhaw, "f th.- Meal company.
(?n August 21, .-.hue the Mayor was in
th.- Wogt, the Council ratified the grant.
"Th" id.m of getting artet tin grafters
"f Qary ?x?curred to me s?>on aftor I
came here to se?*ure a franchis?? last
Spring," said Mr. Dean tO-da, ' I wan
warned by I rienda that my fraochlss
B'ould have hard sledding uulesa I was
Milling t" sO'ini money, and i soon came
to tin- conclusion that they were right.
Then I made up my mind t" go ahead
.?iti'i see vh.'it ti.?- trouble waa I en?
gaged th" law iii m "f Bordera ft Walters,
in Chicago, and retaiaed HcKlsrea ?<
Ridgely as my local attorneys. The case
was worked up piece by piece, ami tho
: ? sui; M>u aaa this morning."
Funds ?n Safe Deposit Vault.
steps ?\ re taken in Chicago ?" pro?
i.it funds ?aid to i?- Involved in ?he deal
and placed in s *;ifo depoait vault there.
This money, Dean said, ??as friv<'ti by
him t" :? CouncllmaB, placed ?n an en?
velope an.i signed by Dean and the men
Involvod, ' : *:i K". ping u key until the
deal waa completed
Following the arrests, ii was said that
private detectives have been at work
her; fur '??ni' tim?' Inveatlgatlng tho
heating franchise and the Oelsi atr?
frorsehlM, missed ????riier in th?? year. It
U? reported thai other arrests win fol?
p.aii ,'.i.i to-nig*hl that BBother official
would !'?? 'iiv'lve.l in ihe deal, as a re?
Bull "i iii" dictagraph t.'ords. n?.
charged i;.-? man with having aaked
$10.000 for arranging the traiisaction.
ii was ?eported to-night thai steps
..iii i.e t;i!."ii Immediatel: to luve tho
..in? os ..f iii the roen airested declared
Mayor Knotts waa arreated hurt Muy
on chargea of embeaslemeat perjur** and
malfeaaance in office, it was alleged
thHt he had appropriated It,?"?<?. said to
have ?" ".i ? illecti d by him while Ju?!*-"
of the city court Al ??> meeting "f the
< omtnercia! nub. raiiod u? pr>eaenl
?llall?es iigiinsl hint, a raaolutlon ho.k
ing *" Impea? h him ?lid not receive a
secon l.
Court Turns Over Case of Mrs.
Benrimo to Referee.
Tba appointment yesterday t>> Justice
rjOff, aittinn In the Sunren:?' I'mut, uf a
i.t.i.i t.? tai-e lastiman*1 in tha action
brought by Mr Helen K"i'.it-on Benrimo
;iif!.i".?l l?'i llUSband, Joseph II Itetiiini".
for n divorce raealled u series of matri?
m.'ir:?1 tatu.b'*' thai Is B01 I ft ?ti parall??l? ??!.
iie'irini. was dhrorced a?nos liefere, and the
wif<- who iiivone.i bisa, BiarrylBg again,
.?u? ?1 for another ?ii?'?'i?o ?-"he ?Arts met hy
a e.?unter suit for tiie aaaalmeat of the
--"'?' ti?I marrl if-".
Mra. Pup i. Tysen, whose ? 11 ?. ? ?r? ? - com?
iii. tion.-' came before th.- publie ?n tha
rail?- pari "f 1910, waa ti?- former Mrs
F'.ei.riin?), ??'h?? maintained in her strii
i?,.?iii.st Robert p. -Tysea that *fysen nal
Induced her to go to ?mi,ihaaajj ami obtain
a dlVOr? e from Monriin?', pioniisln? In pay
' ipenaaa in ii? gnsv.< r Tyaea Bsk?*d
'"i "i tun.a!li.tut ?'f the iii.iniim?- mi th,.
sreund thai the divorce was Illegal, and
???t up ? s.i'..n?i.'i? defence hy mentlonln?.
Mi.?. Tysan'a ittorney a? a corespondent.
rit? Btttwaey'a ?ife bad a sberl timo i
that BBSd him for a ?llvone.
Bafi re iiie ryaen irouhie eaine t?. a bead
iieiirhr... i i.niir?i Helen Robertson, i.is pros?
?-tit ?i.i. un icti-esa it? aakad \en\c to
Interven? In the r?arn suit on accoual ol
Ufas. ! .il use. but v. ; Bdl i ? ?!
against 11 Mrs Ftnu":". atari i ti" i ?
? ? ? ending s ?'"'i? Une n?;" Ranting mi.
unknown con s pondent, .t Campbell Thomp?
son, wboae law o the* i' :t? v " '?.: Wall
.?tre?t, a/aa t.ie jefeiee gpt?otntS?l.
Generous sizes- from 10c up.
Attacks Insurgents in Announcing
Candidacy for Re-election.
|A Republican Without Any Qual?
ifying Adjective?Praises
President's Vetoes.
? ny Telf-ia-rapii M The frlBBBB. 1
I ?an?, lit". III.. Sept B. Kx-Spr.iker
f'annon Ig again B candidate fOf COB?
Kress in the 18th Illinois l>i-?trlct. In
?mkins. hi.?* Announcement this after
noon hi poured hot shot into the ranks
of the Inaurgenl and progressive element !
..f hl<? party by the statement that he
asks for ? i*ert-*?rninatlon ?n?i election on
his record as n Republican, mad" in his |
forty years' ajetrvtce In tha House, lie.
declares hlnrtselt a Kepnbltcan, and gaya
one tvord detln?'S his polities, and It re !
?-??ire.?- no such ndje.-tive ss insurgent or
pfogieBilia before it or an?,- 'iemM after
ii to let the world know where he stand?;.
lie {?ny* ho Is running on nit record, snd
If the people of this ?llstrlot appt e.-iste It
ho ?i?.|<<? f-jjeir votet
Mr. l'annon cern? oui aqnsrelj for the
re-election of ??"Teglderit Taft, in Inders? ;
lug th,* President's stund on the tariff
bills he vetoed the ?-.y.speaker Bsyg
'"Tariff mensures will be Inrre |ss;ie<? In !
ne\t j enr's campaign. The r-emo.'rats '
passed ? lot of laiifY bille for ?*an*fpatg*n
pur*poeea eachiglvely. They passed them
Ivirrledh and without proper 'informa?
tion. They ?\ere mensures which, had
they becOlM laws and had th'?. con??
Into effort. WOUld have produce?! finan?
cial depression, snd brought strikes and ]
rnadi f-<r unrest generally. President
Tail very prtmerli ? etoed these me;,?--'
nres. and i Indorsed big retoea most
heartily, Mr Tail has ?tro?,?i wonder?
fully In tii" favor of the people in the
ins* thlrtj days lie ha*, a^i-ensjthened
the Republican pan everywhere by
standing for ths pollcte*. of the part) In
iheee \ ctoes."
Friend.s of Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
McCormick Puzzled.
I Ky Taltgrapa te The Trihur t, |
Chicago, Beet I Prienda and relative* of
Mr. . mil Mr?. Alexander ft, M'<'ornn?k, "f j
this city, arere pusalcd to-day by a dis-1
patch from Cleveland 'viiic aaid that Mrs. I
A. A. McCormick, "f Chicago, had been j
robbed of a handbag containing &3N a-orth ?
Of Jewel.? on -i I_nki Shore a) Mich
Igan Soul h.?i u train between Toledo and
Cleveland, laal night.
Mr. and Mra, McCormick left Chlcsgo on
Tuesday afternoon for Boston on the I
Twentieth Century Limited <>a the i.au??
Shore road. They were accompanied to I
the train by Mra McCormlek'a brother, I
Kara J. Werner, h*., itho expressed doubl
to-day that the victim of the robbery v.;?*
hi? sister, aa ahg .'imi Mr. McCormick
ahouM bava reached Boston lonr he for.? j
the time at which the robbery is reported j
to have taken place. They had not plsnnsd I
n make any st?.|is, he BBttt
Mra MeCormleb la a daughter o. Bsral
.? IVarner, of tha firm ?.f ipfBgne, Warner
Mrs. Sloane and Oppenheim Held in
Bail in Westchester.
Sir?- Agnea Blosne and Benjamin Oppen?
heim arrived in White Ptalna yesterday, I
thus stealing a march on Warden Hill, of |
toe Weatcbeater County Jail, a ho went to
Boaton irlth extradition papers t?. bring
them to While Plains. Tlie coupla ???re
accompanied bj tha mother ?if the man,
Mrs. Hertha B Oppenheim, Ths three ap?
peared b?fete Justice Tota?p4Uiie, ami Mrs.
Oppenheim turrdshed had <>f |t,ttl tor
each of i he others.
Mrs. BlosnS and OppsnhOlm Were arrest
sd logath? i In Boaton Tha tronua was
sccussd of bigamy and tha man of feioni?
oasly marrying a marilsd wonasa. The
BtTOSt vas ma.h? through the hnshatnl
?if the wsaisn, Qeorga C, Bleaaa. ?ho
traced hla wife by a clipping that laid of
i,?r sseaad marriage
All nu- parties in the case Uve in Brook?
lyn. The runaways wenl to New Bo**?hslle,
Where, it is charge.l, they were married
by a Justice of the pen? t.
Ex-Senator Flint Heads New Organiza?
tion in California.
LOS Angelea Bept I Krank P, l-'lint, for?
mer United state? Beaator; O-tcar P, Law*
h-r. former AsBlstsal United Btates Attor
n, v Qenerel for the DepertnMat of the in?
terior; former I'nit??d St.it? s Senator <'or
sellaa Cote h?kI forty saves Bthsr promi?
nent m? n of Loa Aagelte bare organised
id ficht woman suffrage.
The on.ani/atlon. which 1?. i cnsi.lcr.d
merely ,? Bucleus of ? tnea'a Basoclstloii of
opponents of the baOot fot women, is
known as the Commltt-ta of Klfty Opposed
to the Adoption of ConeMtutloaal Antamd?
, m.ut n.. s it is to sarta hs ? dUectfng
land ssecutlva body, about which a bow
j win? ..f ike satl-suffrags party shall apse
Many member a ol tht commit lei to-da>
expressed tha belief thai it La theli dut) te
prOtecl Willi n ironi the ballot.'1 and ssld
j that ike a-reet maj'.rity of California
i a.n do not desire ?miYraKe.
Milan'-. S'?r? I Tha siate Cong?nation
?Commission lo-dsj announ?**d liasse ap
! poutntents i'?1' ilroh, ol s.imiii-, ,?..?,o
. dentlal agi ni B.IM i reau and ? > pa n i
and i ?. Me?'ti,. of N-r. ? ork, apeclal
iniportath'U ?'8*nt. B.MI and expenarj.
Illinois Central Shopmen Told To
Be Ready to Quit.
Only Preliminary Notice, Union
Heads 8ay?Conference of
Harriman Lines' Men.
Chumgo, Sept | A?i?ie from tha ar.
noot?enunt that min??!?. Centra -nor' ea
li.-nl ?>??..n (???um atad by ?hoir iiiil.'ii i'?:a?l u
tioii themselves In readlaeas f"i a it
tiier" ?>?> r.?? deyelopmet ta in the ralli a 1
labor Bttuatlon here io.?<6?
t'tion ofhHais maintained that th? s ? ??
Ing In l.ie emr?loyea did Be*, rteeeaserny
nioan ? ?.triko, bul f a SratkOBl I Beet
bio. ?ii??* thoaght i? i???? to i-,a*? ? ? ???
\ r-ordtag t" M F Rituner, ehslrmsn I
tii? IntematitsBfJ committee rhlcl ?
situation ie hand, ?nor? is in?!? p^s-sii*- it
of further action by lib? ? <?? mrn i ? t*?-? until
f?upi?av The ?it'i.Tion ?sill be dl??-u??* :
?.'.or <:shr. at that tin*??. .1t;<1 it I.? ??do. t??l
? .? s-ini?- <ieiini?e aoti.?ii BVltl b* tak?**i
"\y< thottghi " wei ?aid Mi Kraas? ,
? t.? jf',?,(. ?n??i!?. rnen ?anlag thai there Is
a pomil int: I ? atril t, alth? ug
?tient Having bfjefi warn??"? ?-?<?. ?nee
will r?*-tren?-h Bltd, In a. mraaui?. h* read ?
to quit iviri? if a Btr|ks oitter 1? 't*<i*A. it
?i'ii?.';?,l for BUCh an or?l*r la 30 But,
a? ,->r> time our raen were r??rn??i e,?.,
? =? '1f4.ro 1 ctrik" iras callad te ha
res'l? "
The ?tar-ins? wert o-?ti\eA ?^> ? '-?? i* ???
Weda??S?Jsy. In rSSa of a ??r'??'?. ??
srss explained. ? **>??-! untie.-. wouM i?.
?o ' '?"? by the bbIm '-"?ad*
\ repoi t a ??? rurreni to nigh* ?'?'?? am
[.".?ei ot ihe llllnoia or.trai have beea
taking ?? second ??t? <-"? the QueeUoa of ?
Btrike \ ? ???? I ? '"?\ ???! to ??? 1 : ?' ?
taken bi the suggestion ol the h tai
ti'itiai unions, which B'ished ??*? ?ubmi' tha
'piestien t.. the mea sfter avtag r?ui?'i
tilt? replie? ,if tl.pli- repre?ci"a?| ,<??, ?jf t ?
road The result i? BOi o>p.-???.l [o tot
1.ii"- n lief.,re Tusada]
I ,~. (,t ? ?1 an '? "? of * ?
general committee of thi shop era
of the Ifsnimsn un???, aith four Interns
tlonal nresideflta of labor c**gsntaations, nie?
here to-day to begin Ihe t.vk at detr
Ing what sctalon ahatl b? taken
Federation ot Shopmen In ?'?<? fa'-*? ef ??
r ral bj offfl? hai of the riarrini
K' 11?II17.0 II," foil. 1 .Tl?"? The. . .- '
: llthoHt] tO Bet f"l* tl < 1 ? ' tl- 'i
sai '? Harriman lines empto
The president? a' the meeting io?ds< ?"M
? 1 eneral coiiitaltt<M ef the n*?*?*??'.'
srlth Mr. Kruttachnlti and explslrted the
?Jotail.- ?if the situation.
II was i-egarded tw?nlgh( aa Full ?"?rter?
mined al .? m?setiBg to-day ef th? aa?
??? ' s of 1I1. unions and ? r
general ofllcera that the union Biet
ecede from their \??tr iiuthortsmg *
Htrik'. nur . srllllng to lamp
b' t:-. re le ?'??'? eray t>? ;,\ert a rolllstoi
general efBaors "f th? unions declare them?
wivi s Ignorant "t n
Pleasure for a strike n wa- said
alstent from i>?-iii'< ? ..-t "t tie Bj?rn Se?
?hiI.i Mountains, but la more Insistent up
an<) down (he ? 'oast
Girl, After Lecture in Court,
Promises to Return Home.
Misa Jennie Weaver, of Maspeth, ?ras
before Magistrate Man ?>.. .1 b> ?
private ofjfice m tie [?oag Islaad Cltj t?o?
Hoe court yeat? rday the eras not ?? aria?
"lei. but was t1 lerturt ?! !" ? I'M
she had 1 un sway last s inda s
Kr*i>ri k KothweM. ,? 1 nrii??l BMI
B/oaver, who la eights? n * eara oM nasse?
e..inppriie,i i?. ,?,.|it 1 . !.. r laoi ' lera
K!i/aji?th Wearer, a widow. After I I?
uriag o? the rnsigistrate, Mise Wenaor
promised to return t.. the botne of her
grandfather, Washington 1 Chen h \1B#"
l-eth, %v 1111 whom her raoth?
Miss \\?rf\?i h.fi ?teen mlsstaa 1 "*
h?'!iie --ir', e iflsr Sunday afternoon, ai 1 s
Momia; Ml Weaver ask"; IBS]
search for her Tlie folio?.in? 'ia- Mrs
Wee*.. r >.*??? iv? ?1 b letti r fl
ter, poatrnark??d Greenwich, ( '??: ? I
sh. \?a? niarrled to Rothw?
Rothwell ha.i been employ<?d In tb?
? >f the Credit ?'"i"ia'''. ?t Ko Ml tatopd
troy, ?Ms ?t??-. Mre Weaver weni 1
t.? inako laqulrlSS, ami mot a ?A"tnan ?? ?
said si,e was itothwell's wife, but t; U I'? ?'
?iad been Ihni^ apart.
Mrs. Weaver t? *ri<red a note ?a 'noir?
day saklng her ?" meet hor aaaghtei "?
the ia?.n>; i.siati?! ?it? stattaa and b
Some of her ??otlies. Mrs. Wfav'r went I ?
the station acoompsBlsd bj I ? ?. ? 111 ?-?.
Washington Cltisrry, William Qodtroy, of
ihe l'?"?.k:\n Charltlee Buraau, sn.i De?
tective TeOaVen. lt*hea Mlaa Weaver ap?
peai .i ths in.'tiirr caaaaad Bar Lb bar arasa
ami higgiiil her le ratura borne .\- Miss
Weaver was about t" l??s.ve the stntlea far
the train Itotliwell. who UP to this tun?
had beea waiting m the fanryhosaa a 1 1
the sir?*?!, eaase ui? ami called to Miss
Weaver. Detective Taevea told alna that
Mi>'. V.Y.ivei was In his oust.?.l\ and ? B
I had Setter tnovo alt>ng. K'?tliaell took th^
hint nn?i iWiappeered
Kothwi'l aras in finit \e-?tt'i?!av anl.
1 ,.? ?..? ?linn t.i Teevfii. ?alt! li>- lnten?Jo,| to
?maiiv .\ii?s Weaver as >?kmi as he eon'1
get a .!iv.?r "
1 Former President of Pittsburgh Coal
Company Dies in Chicago.
I Bl '? ?'?' tpU i.? 1 h. Ti tl.uii? I
Pittsburgh S? I't I After .1 pt'Oti.i.t?!
? |lln?'.?s Fiiiti'i" U BsslTSn iobMBS ?tssd '""
night at IhS M.'i'? UsafltSl, ?hua??., fr?. 1
cirrhosis of the ll-rer? a??aae??lai to atH ? ? ;
ecetvsd here Mr Bahkaaa ?*.?- ? ton.
prssideal "f t'"' Pittltaargh ?'"??i C??aa?l?sai
,,n.i ne of ihe psanaars In ihe ssovesasni
f?, loml'inHttoti BBd ????na'.li.l.tt on of Iks
e0-l bualnea? of the ...unn?
Mr RohMi?' b" "?*?> v ' '' vv a - '
ptVtsliursh's loadns benkers. and wa ?
l?der In 1 ?"?- -fl" i?wstnsnl foe
ni. n 11 "ti ot srveial bank? of thi? di
".i:1 ;:?".,,? ... Rlpon, Wls. imy rts
... u. B|0 Mi Bobl m survives h Ina

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