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Commissioner O'Neil Will Sum?
mon F. K. Sturgis, President of
Madison Square Garden Co.
Lawyer Says "Pat" Powers An?
swered All Questions Except
as to $1 Rental and the Du?
ration of the Lease.
'rank K. Sturgis. as president of the
Madison S.i'iar?' ?'.'irden Company, will
be ??ili-iu nn"d l'y th.- State Athlrti :
?'ommission to appear as :? witness in
th?- investigation ?d 'he Madison Square
Athlotlf ClUb'fl rights nii?l?r the lea.se
which "Pat" Powers says tlie club holds
on the Garden, iv -??riling to a statement
made faartaraay bj t"omtni?-s|oner Prank
S < ?'Neil.
The boxing enrnmissioti spent ;? g<?o<l
part of four h?.urs <.n the Madison
??oiiare dub's rase yostenl.iy. and though
the results ?n?* somewhat unsatls
farfnrv. Mr O'Neil serine?! tletermlned
t?> go to the l.jtioin of the matter, ami
?nid it would 1-e hreught up anain for
further ? onaideration next \Vedn?i"lay
morning at H? 0*( Up k
-"ontinrv to th-- burden of pre\.ous an?
nouncements, th'- Investigation vealST?
de? *a*ns not cearfttcted la open aeaalon,
i.'Nej' and Plxon. the two < ominission
ars? ?hark.? H.u*ve\. sea stsrj. Deput]
Att'.rnrv ?imoral WIlllBtn M?'?."i-.de :itid
Bartosj B. Week?, with "Pat" Fowersl
and Harry Pottock, of the Madison
Pana?? club, and Aaron J Levy, their
? onnsel, were the only persona allowed
la the roMii. .\t the en?i of the lonf
Bf thev announced that nothing
?aro ild i.?- nkj about what w?rnt on Ib the
.?ter 'hamber pi o< ? rtl i nets urn! the rase
vs<= fnaily -.ettitd. Then, said the mm
? ?-.n.rf-, the\ would make public the
ti><ns?r!pt of the entire pro? reding.
Lev) and Powera ?saine <?ut smiling
broadly. O'Neil ?merged In apparentl)
the \?r\ opposite st.tt?' of feeling, and
DiXOn and thr rest didn't se?SB t" lie
toncerned much one ?raj or the other
< T second thought Levy decide that he
vn'iid hnpart enough Information to
? -?,ov\ where Powera stood.'1 and t?-? that
? n?l lie ?nid that Powera ha?! answered
alt quesi I to him i xcepl two
Questions Validity of Lease.
These iw.n'?rii?.l the vr.lnln "*"
ih* lease hei?i i.y th?- Madison Bquare
Athletic CTub "i! tii" Garden. O'Neil's
rhlef attack, said Levy, was on two
pointa n? connection with the lease -
irM, the ' at ?*Jdt r.?ti"ii ?>f M. which is
th. .11111.ont of rent thai the Madison
Kquan Athletl? Club paya for the Oar?
a>n, and. se? nnd. tlie matter ?if th- ?
tkMl "f the lease until Mil July, months
after th date when. ??>? It has been an?
I ? <!. th?' ? larden will !??? In B Btat? of
Levy contended thai the commlasion
?Bras e\. re,ling it;; author!'?. In g"in?: Into
?iiiesti''!is oaVaCernlng the lease In any
?rey after I had once passed upon the
.?s acceptable ander the Frawley
law, which liad to !"? ?ion?' before a
cease aas granted t" th? athletic club,
Questlona concerning th? leged rala?
i> | of i : i. ? ? of tickets for th? Wells
Jtr?.?'.Mi fight. Levy sai?i Powera had
BBasweretl freely, as h- had ail other
naeattona aboul the manag?emen1 of that
???articular bout.
O'Neil Blue's to his contention thai if
the tommissinn had made a mistake in
??ranting the li> ? -ns? in tlie first place OU
? Iras? ? hi h did not meel the re?j>:ir. -
ments of thi Prawley law, it .should bow
fui"'1' that mletak? bj ?Mcertamlng the
and, If n? ? bj rc\ ?.king the
A:tir telling Lei i n?.tt ha waa allowed
I here only by "iirt.s?. and granting
in ? the privil?ge "f 'protecting his
<i'<-nt" as he BBW fit. O'Neil demand?-,] ,,f
him whether Powers -area standki,.- on
his conatltutional Privileg? erben bu re?
?tised "i.y advice of counsel," to answer
s'.? stlona aa t?. the I?
? is it becauae the anawer tt. auchquee?
tlona would tend t?> tacrimtnate or de
rrarlr him?" asked O'Neil
"aloei certainly Bot," replied Levy.
it is becauaa ?.??? .re exc??-edln<j ?our
S-tithont? *ii going Into this matter
which has been previousl) accepted by
thi ' oromlsi
To Call Garden Officials.
? bloeked O'Neil i-i that meet?
ing, l ut the Comml .. tared that
sve every d? tail cone, rning
the leaat * i ,..r<?. p . n p*.? i.\t
of thi Ion. If he ha?t to aum?
h."i: ? ? ? Ma41aoa -
? larden i 'omi ii aa ?.?.< II aa the offl?
L-iali " th< atl II? dub w hit h pos era
. ont rob
'l h< f? Mi Bl .: ?;is a in ??e
the fin thai line, said Hr.
? ? N nd .?tii? rs will be summon? ?!
if he ann<>: BuppI) th< ? Information
?? anted
? - thlni t hat stands b? tween
Pat Powers and lion of the
? that hi ? .1 for the
'is' t* ?: . ? ? ?arden und? hli nanag? -
raent, end * 11?-?t la the ?iu??-ti?>n as <o
?? h< ? ? Powers haa fortifie?! posi
in-.n bj -"id? i-.?iii? ..f an optional ?
? -.??th Hi. ii?v i ? ai estate syndteata,
< i ?' ?' I I -; I '"th" | w- Ball, prt>
? iditit ?? . * . i...?? mil renting of the
? ?"?i !'? brus : ? .'? 1912.
OB that d-itr the presen? Madison
?-?iinr?- Garden Compai oi which ?Mr.
Sturgis la pf skI? nt. will surrender its
istia v ' ? ; i" rty to i*4ottthaak <-?- Pai?.
., rea' e?-tate linn, of No UOD HrnH(iwa\ .
"hielt represents the syndicate which, it
hns teen report? ?1. intend? t?, demollsb
the fam?iu^ structure and replace t
a ith a hua, apei
(??.Veil i??-!i?ve thai Powera holda a
it.as? ??tii frosa the old company, ahfch
?ill expir?- naturally an ths da thai
the tul?- p.')?-r..-s t?. the new s\ milt at--,
r?ut there la a loophfde fur Powell >?n
it he ma\- have a further agi? ?ment,
amounting to a tentativa leas., from
the new owners srho arUI tak? tnnurtg
?.fn n?xt Fe'aruar?. It Powera has not
any such SgllOinanl O'Neil holds, the
Uase. of the Madron S.piare Athhti?
('bib. running trou? Jul*.. li?ll, t.? July,
3<?li*, i??* invalid ainl liauoukiit an?l
>houid furnish grannda enssjgli for th?
? i ? ?-.. ati'iii of the ii?ei?.?-. it ?s likely
i hat Mr O'Neil ^?dl a.-k Alw? n Hall. jr.
?ho rtftnji sent? ti the new ewnars >>f the
?Istdeii. ta *i'i"-rti l.ffore ih?- < ommis
pauf -.??I -- - i.roi mati.'ii ori thai point
- captain r>oonan ami Lleiitenanl <:ai
lagiifcr, m W?? ilrs Dvi-aiLutt-ui, con?
lea-red nith the cosarntsslon nfter the
POtrara investigation, on the question of
Fin? Department insueotinns ?if boxing
? lubs. aiid it '",.s arranged tIt;*t her? af?
ter the lioxln? r?gul?t?.is will notify
Fire Commlf-sloncr Johnson as -?"?>n ns?
an npplleatinn is -aeotved, s?i hm to per?
mit of his inspection of it before the
luense is grant???).
Hrown ? \thl?li.' Clttb trill have to
make the alterations <>nler< <1 1>y the
Fire Commissioner before further bouts
will be perniittnl tlierc, acionUng to an
atitiotineem'nt made l?y the commission
H. P. Wilson Says Oppenheimer,
Jr., Could Not Support Wife.
tfsrley Peyton Wilson, president of the
1'acltic Steel and Wire Company, with of?
fices at No. 2,r. Uroad street. an?l an officer
sod direct?n ?if R.veral other Western rom?
pant-?.. ?Ami en nnsw?r ycMterilay to the
eompladal <>f his aon-ha-law, B, ?.??rson Op?
penhelnn r. jr. who Is suing tilm for the
alienation of hit wife's affections. Mr.
WIlSOB intimste?] that prior to the mar?
riage of his daughter to OPPSnhehaOT he
tried to prevent the match, but denied that
he has ??xerted an influence over her or
her Bated Since th?? marriage.
The answer SSSertOtl that In tMO, when
flic daughter WBB sixteen yonri? old and In
poor health, Oppenhelnirr enth-ed her away
from her mother. Induced lier to accom?
pany ),)ni to Baltimore and there contrast?
e?l ii clandestine marriage with her. It
contended that no? the plaintiff wa* wlth
OOt nieans to BUpporl a wife and that ;?ny
Btepa which Mr. Wilson had taken trere
onl' m erdSf that bla daughter might be
c.?re.l for as her physical and mental con?
ditions and her infancy required. It was
further Hated that < ippcnhetnvr had so?
li, ited loan1? from b??th hi? father-in-law
and his wife and that he had voluntarily
separated fron his wife, s.-iying thai h<-1
could not support her.
Oppenhelnier said yesterday afternoon
that ne araa negotiating a settlement of the
Milt with Mr. Wilson. "T'?t he vciy Kippv
to get ?nv wife |>;ick." te remarked ??.hen
aske.l trbal tha nature of th?' settlement
might be,
Mis? Wilson'? irairiage t?> <'Piienheiinei
was the main r?\-ison for the marital diffi?
culties betwe.n Mi. Wilson and his own
wife, according to the action Which Mr?.
Wilson brOUghl last March to annul the
separation agreement eklSttnS between
them ae that aha might we for divorce.
Her contention araa tn.it the separation
agreement had been obtained from her by
John R. Pope, of New York, to Submit
Plans, as Well as Henry Bacon.
Betrerly, Mass., Bept. s. Preal?eat T.?ft,
a?ting as chairman of the I_lBCO?B Meino
il'.l ?ommlsBi?ui. to-day ?lirected t'olonel
Spencer s. Crosby, Superintendent of Pub
M' bulMlnga and ??rounds at Washington
and dlsburatns otHcer ?>f tie conunlaalon,
to employ John Russell Pope, an architect,
of New York, to prepare ?mi submit .1 de?
.?inn f'ir t: e LtTJOO)!. Memorial suitable f"r
.. .?ite on the BokUers' Homo property in
Wellington, atnl a <b.?igii suitable :?.? a
sit- in I'.th stre t. Washington.
Henry Bacon, another architect. h,?s been
employed already to aubinlt designs for a
" pd alte in Potomac Park. The designs
ar?' to he ready nexl '?'.inter. The Laincoln
Memorial Commission has tZ, 000, 000 to
s;.. nd ?Mi the inonunn nt.
Centennial Commission Decides Upon
Pnt-In-Bay Island.
Bandusky, Ohio, Sept. | Th? Parr) <'en
teaudal commission at Pat-In-Bay this
aft? i noon decided that the memorial trill
be arocted on Put-tn-Bay Island, contrary
to the many reporta curient that it would
l.e erected en Qreen Island. The i'ut-in
Baj Board of Trade has raised IK.MI to
tx' upph-'d upon the purchase price of (he
m?mori.il site.
The memorial design submitted by John
l-'is? nniiiii. a Cleveland architect, will prob?
ably 1.? accepted. Colonel Webb C. Haye?,
of the '?hi?? National Commission, ma\ re?
sign as 'he result of ?? disagreement witii
fellow oommiaatonera over centennial plans.
He bai already refused to aerva long.'- on
the general executive committee
Examinations for Entrance Will Be
Held at C. C. N. Y. Next Week.
Tl.e College of the City Of New York
wi i bold its entrance examinations for the
evening seeelona from September U to is,
Inclusive, The evening college ?? open to
all young men meeting its entrame re??jlrc
ments. In general that laQulrement la a
i pri. achool education or its equivalent Par
those who bave not gone through a high
?school or soQuired aufflcienl Regenta1
cr?dits entrame ?.xa/ni?iatloius will be held.
The schedule of examinations is as follows:
September 13. at 1:20 p. nt History. The
examination will cover ancient, English and
American I latory.
Septembei 14. at 7:38 p. m.?Mathematics
Tl - tamii atJon trill be In alan bra to
quadratic! and In plan?- and sol?a geom
?irv ; drawing. TI e examination will cover
and and the elements <>f projection.
September 16, Bl 7:>0 p. in. English. The
! ? tamii ation will be In composition and lit?
? < rature
September is. at .:*) r m Trench, Ger?
I man, Spanish. I-atin and Clreek
Police Fail to Discover Identity of
Three Year-Old Found in Williamsburg.
Suffering from exposure and pneu?
. ,i giii about three years old ws?
found in .?Warren Park, Wllllamaburg,
yeeterday morning b" William Bunger,
;i milkman, of No, Ml Kluablng avenue.
Driving through Herr?, street, he BOtteed
t ? girl lying near ihe par!, fence. He
railed Is the girl, but en. made no re?
sponae linger then bundled tha child
hit wagon and drove alth all haste
t.. th? Bedford svenue atation, a I etc an
ambulance was summon? .1 from the
Wllllamsburg Itoeplta
in Eck ford came and said the rhild
lying She ?.?.>?>? taken in .1 hurry to
' e hOSpl|SL The polite v, ?irked all day
: in find ? it ? Ild'a Ittentlty, bul failed.
[Dr Eckford aatd the rhlld had apparently
Ibeen rsp?isaed !t| '??, Park all nighi
Deceived by Merchants Abroad, Three
Sisters Bring In Dutiable Goods.
Baltimore, Beat I -Cos]atetad <.f the
J truthfulneaS of their story that they atete
! persuakded by met*ehanta ai-roa?) to spend
' SO mu. h lii'i'.i ? (hut th? v had ii'.iie
i'it to pa: duties, Deputy CoOsetor Hyan
lo-da] releaaed thi?? worsen from Cincin?
nati, arne aera detained here yesterday as
;i ? lung? of smuggling
it aras .ii-g??? that they stUnspted to
sinujrgl? j? Weiry and Other ^,?c\h into the
oountrj Tl.e three worn? n lire the Misses
Anna. Marie snd Canie s. hu?|er. sisters.
BJtd ih<".' h.??l an H.?] pn n?. steenser ivoln
from .1 visit to Oermsny, They signed sa
agre? riit.it lo pa) th? tir.? , v hl. h will
amount to abon' H "'
liarte Bchuelei taid thai for tw?nty-nve
sa been a housektvper and thai
h.r wagea wen small. She bao been aaving
up hei money, she said, for man) yesre,
I forward lo tie trip to (lennany
where bei p?renla had live.1 The other
two Biet? 1? had ttinted themselves to make
th? rip and had a 01 bed haul ??? dress?
maker??, to gathei together the liecesshl )'
The Misses Kchueiei plesded ,. loranee '.f
t . law, averring thai then ?nfoi mation.
obtained from the merehants who sold wem
??..i wan that ||d
aa 10 make an? d< laratiun ?ion? ? >???
Pennsylvania's President Says
Value of Coal Is Not Great.
Intelligent Mineral Prospectors
and Sound Mining Laws Arc
Needed, He Asserts.
President Mo?"rea ot the 1'? nn?.\ Hanla
Railroad, who returned several days ?K"
from a trip to Alaska during his vacation
period, talked to ne\vspap??r men of the
impressions he re?-elved of that country
from ?.vhat be saw and from Information
drawn from fellOW travellers
Mr. Mcf*rea t<iok issue with the more or
1? ss flatterln? rep<?rts that have reached
the United State? of the valu?? of Alaskan
mal. If. as he said, he had be SB OONOCtly
informed, the value of Alaskan coal was
n?it so great ns the people of the United
8tates had h? en led to i>? heve.
Mr. sfOCree said the great value of
Alaska lay in its mineral resources and
fisheries, and that ?.n account of topogr.?
phy an<l climatic conditions a large part
of the territory could not lor e. long time
to come he .?-elf-sustainini? from an agri?
cultura? standpoint, making !t dependent
on the outside world for its supplies for
both man snd beast and the machinery
BoesBsary to develop its resources. lie bob
Untied :
Briefly, my thoughts, which I think ?re |
conservative, can he aummed up as follows. :
That Alaska la ahou? one-third a- large
as ail of the United Btatea Hing west of
the Mississippi River, has a population Of
about 10,000, m? hiding Indiana, or practi?
cally no Inerease during the last ten years. I
and its great rslne lies in its mineral re?
st m cei and fisheries.
definite information, exclusive of the
comparatively small strip of ground border?
ing on the I'arltle Ocean and Yukon River
and the few main tiaiiH. i* very limited. '
<;,, ..ccuiint ?if the climatic conditions an?l
topography t large part ?.f the territory
c."tinot he expected, for a l"ng time to
come, to he Belf-SUStalnlng from an agri?
cultural atandpoint, and ??-oordingly Alas?
ka, win he entirely dependent upon the out?
side world for machinery. ? lot hing, gro?
cery supplie? and the necessaries of life I
generally .'or i.oth n-??n and beast. |
Inder these conditions Alaska needs In-I
tetllfrenl mineral proapectors. tlm opening
up ?it main iralls by the government ;
which win enable prospecting to be done
vtth rea?onab!?' xaf? I . and without too
great hard?'hlii?- frmn the Rtandpolnt "f ?he
transportation of food euppues, mining
Inws that ?rill ins-re the prospector such ,
Mlable till? for In- Rndlngs as will mak?
the buslnesa of prospecting remunerativa
and attractive and laws that will mak?? the
discoveries of prospectera sufficiently nt
tra??tt\e to cantal to purchase and develop
"in regard to the development of Aias
kan tool." Mr. M?aCraa said, "the first difh
culty. to my mind, Is the finding of a market.
H" far as present home consumption is cop
? em??,?, this tonnage would be foo small an
itcni tu lustily development, end therefore
the general market must be depended ipon
to abaorb the output.
"When the cost of placing the coal on <"irs
at t Ije mines, Interest o?, (pe cost of ,.
railroad from tha mines to tidewater, thai
e?t of maintaining and operating the rail? !
road which will have bo| ? r**anparatlv**ly
small tonnage, ;.re taken into considera'inn,
I do not see liow they are going tQ pro
dine ? nal at a Bttfflcfc ntlv attractive or'lit
in < mpatltlon with the fuel oil of I i
fonda and coal froin th? Island of \''ii-?
i Oliver.
"If 1 COTTOCtly gather the situation, it i
seems to me that the people of the United
BtatSB ?re being marie t?i b? lice that there I
is B value in Alaskan coal Which does not
now exist, and Only ?an he made to e?.:?t
by encouraging development.
"As to its tlml.? r resources, there nr.y
tie and no doubt Is s?ime good tiinher, but
non?? thai I saw had any value. It was
small and so brashv as not to he ?lepend< d
upon, in fact, most of the Umber ?'s.d
in the ronstruflttfrn sf the Copper .?.iv?r
Railroad and the what v.? and ? ilhig'.s ???
paaaed was shipped In by tratar from
Oregon, Washington .'""i i'.n?sh Colum?
bia. '
Health Office Attaches Treat 1.900
Children in One Day.
Although seventy racrinatlona is the av?
erage daily numbei al tha Health Depart?
ment offlcea, it was aald yesterday that In
the last week it had reached Uve hurMh*ed
t-ome daya, and yeeterday it -vent up to
nineteen hundred, passing ail prevloua
The rush has hen caused by children pre
paring le entei at bool on Monday. i>mg
lines have lasted throughout each flay, and
the veeclnetora have had to work nt a
hreakne. k pace to keep up wl?h the con?
stant additions
Betddeg the crowds foi vsednatlon, hun
dreda of persons have sppssred to ask for
birth certificates, and caused much confu?
sion. To prevent auch a condition in the
future, a card mailing system win be In?
troduced for appUcstiona for birth certifi?
Tha lower floor of th depaj-tment offices
lia? resounded ao with the roicea of crying
children that the noise could be heard all
over Hi?- building.
? *f
! Contractor Charged with Undue Atteu- '
tion to Another Man's Wife.
r.ii,( ra In a au|t against F M De
MartlnOi of No. Ill Central avenu.. Jer-I
... . i '.t.v. for BAAme tot th? aUt-natlon ->f ?
the affections of Mrs Catherine ?dwsrdsl
v.i? Bled yesterdsj m Jersey City bj her
husband, William ICdwarda, ?.f Hh atreet,
Weal Kew Tort Martino i? a building
contractot an?, sun to be wealthy. Tha
papera wer. Bled bj Aleaander Simpson,
?if Jersey City for an BetlOB In th.- .?:.
preme t tourt
Mr, and afra Edwsrda were married
September 10, Bet, and lived togather until
Is si lune a si ?.ne alleged to have taken
place at th?- ?ion, ,,f the Medallion Hotel
In H.xth avenu??. near fjd Street. Man
hatten, will be pul In evidence If tha rasa
romea Is trial Edwarda'a arhdavii mv.
? : lis aife liv.-d !i h iptly until ?he met
Mart mo.
Onr of tlic Victims Sho**s SinnH of
Knrico Salino. Uve years old, of N
i.... t lit h atreet, began frothing at in.
mouth yeeterday morning, and asa i ish?,i
from th< health laboratoriea si Willare
Tarifer Hospital t?. Bellevoe. ahora I ?? a i?
pi?. ? d un?i"r observation by Dr. mil. th?.
hydrophobia .?pert about three weeks
ago the t.oy ,-md aeven other children were
bitten n\ a dog auppoaed to h. mad at ijtii
street and First avenue.
None "f the other Children took ti e pas.
I teur treatment, snd the doctors are anstOUs
I about them J*?.it-- ??- . are tryin'.? t?. lad
t tie dog
Three tl-ii'k ????"-.lens -.re to be placed |r,
DeUneey street, -*eas the entrance to the
Wllllain**btnrg B-ftWlge I abbages, peaa and
other vegetables arid be grown b\ t'i I i loa
of the thousand! vhe live on either *-ide r,f
the boulevard. Parti Commlaaloner Btover,
who la bi-ck of the Innovation, win pat
i? i,. ' a?around the plota to keep overenthu?
\ou?igst?-iH In.in digging up the
,,... tablea t.tu n u? a bow i. an
Coininlaal? tu i Blot n plans to pi u ?? the
fnrm gardens in i-b.nge ol . *-iti<ti ? n ..f the
achoola m Chryaiie, Kid ridge ami latidlo?
tin?? I?
i . mat i Ire? w*n planted in j
Hhei i-at ?i u?a ivuit -avrraaj boulevsrd '
Witnesses Tell of Counsel's At?
tentions to Wife.
The trinl of th? <*?>untMr suits of BBtnuel
n. ajuasflsld and his wife. Mr?. Bugeale ??
.??tansflei'i, for sapa ration and dl rores wot
i??iiiii?'l ??Mt.nlay before .Justice Tomi kins,
In the Supreme Court at White plain?. Mr.
RtanafMd Is manager of a woollen ?*on
?. rn at No. It? Mroadwaj. The ?ouple
formerly lived at purchase.
on the atan?! Mr. Mansfield denied the
utorles his wife toM of his continuous
?Irlnklng. He declared that on one occasion
his wife and a Ml?? Estelle Jacques went
?ut for a drive and dl.l not get back until
r, oVlork In the morning, and insisted that
BBUCh of the family trouble? were due to
M.ss Jsoouea
Pr.inV. Huher. a grocer, of No. Ill West
Mth street, ?-aid he ?old breakfaat provi?
sions to Humphrey .!. l.ynrh on two oi ca-|
.??Ions at s o'clock wh?ti Mrs. Stan?fleld |
lne.1 in West vist street. Mr. Lynch 1? one
"- Mrs. Strmsflelds <*oun?el. Mrs. Harriet
DetMstaa, of NO. 4.10 Amsterdam avenue,
sal?l li?r apartment baeked up the one oe
< upled by Mr?, fltanaflald. and that she saw
Mr. I.vnch there on a Saturday night and
again <?n Sunday morning.
John Brown, the negro hall boy in the
Klst street house, told of Mr. Lynch'? going
t" the BtansAeM apart nient twtre on differ?
ent eveninK?. and at in e'ctoch when lie
Closed the house he had not gone out.
Alien Barred from Rejoining His
Starving Family.
Mr? Vito l'issallo. of No. T12 fir and
street. Hobohan. and her nine children ap?
peal??! to the Over?eer of the Poor In HObO
ken yesterday for aid herause they wer*
stnrvlns*. and also asked his aid i:< getting
her husband to this country, ('assa'lo la not
a .-Htien, hut ha? llve?l In Pils country
many yesr.? He had his right hand
caught in a saw and so manglet) thnt It
K useless for most purposes.
Despite this handicap h* ?tas able to
moke a living. Som? months ago he re
?ejveii word thai ??< relative died in Italy,
leaving him s?me money. He took his
s.t\ings and weni to Borope. ?In reaching;
Ttplv he found that the trip hardly i?aid
him. for the fees and travelling expense?
?ih.i'it < onsumed the legacy. When he
sought ??> return he found he could not
iiei.ii.se of hip disability. N.?n? of the
Bteamshlp c?mpanles will brins him with?
out a consuls oerllfl? ate that hi will not
be deporteil, nnd he has written h!a wife
h? cannot Ret the consul's approval.
Mr. P.arck. the Overseer of the Poor.
saj ?i" will obtain affidavits showing how
Caasallo had supported his family and was
desirable as a resident and try to have
the federal authorities pass him.
Failed to Throw and Brand It in
Cowboy Style.
*iVheri Willie glajrle, ten years old. of No
?art Fifth avenue, laaaaed an auio truck
in front ?if his h"me 'esterday he brought
Wild IVesI meiliods right up to date. Wil?
li.' and several comparilens were plajiag
Indian, and aitiund young Blayle's italst
was il??! a ? l?>thesllne, t?h?n ?long earns
a big ?nit?, trtirk, driven by XsvIt ?A hmbit.
Of N'o Ml | last 117th street.
Willie's trusty arm let fly the ,-ope a? the
truck, and If struck the crank lever. The
next thing Willie knew he was sliding along
the ground after the truck. Ills compan?
ions yelling to the driver to stop the ear.
Schmidt brought the truck to a hilt, go?
<?ff and cut ?he rope. Apparently th?; only
thing that suffered vas Willies clothes,
anil th?'Se were hadlv damaged .Vilhe went
home, and his mother probably <'onvinc<-d
him that playing 'Indian" with into trucks
i?< .t little too far advanced, even tor these
"Big Bill" Goes from Elizabeth Street,
to Bronx Park?Other Police Changes.
Prom liie Elisabeth street stall"!!, ?uie of
Ih" most important In the gi.?uter ?ity.
to the Bronx Park station M8tg BUI ' Ht?l
?-ins was transferred by ? BfBB??tf?S.OBer
w .iido yesterday. He was replaced by
Prank A. Tlerney, ?. lieutenant in lbs
Bureau of Buppllaa and Repairs
it. Charlea J. Dillon, of N<?. it:, Wool
97th street, ?Aas appointe?! a police sur?
geon s! B ?alHr? of $B,S?M a ?ear l>r
Iiillon 1.?? B graduate of the College tif
Physicians and Surgeons and has BOOB
in active practice in this city for aseara]
years Sergeant Jacob I!. Poff whs made
B III ? ? 11 < ? n a 111 an?l pHtrolitinn Hugh E
Hnyle a serg<ant i'aptaln George
laiebera, Srhe was in command af the
Bronx Park station, was sent to the Har
l.or Squad, and Captada Matthew Mr
Kfon of the Harbor Squad was sent to
t: e school of Instruction.
A committee tompeeed <>f represent
r.tives of the Mer? liants' ABBOClatlOn
and the National Team Owners' Asso?
ciation calle?! on Commissioner Waldo
?luring the day to urge that a hill be pre?
sented to the Legislature for the reorgan
ira!i"ii of the Traffic Squad, recently
abolished by the passage f?r the three
platoon bill
Up on Contempt Charge for Failing to
Pay $1.200.
re trouas, s of "Loa* Betts, "king of
? gamblers," as h?- has ?'?une to be lUMSffl
sin?*e ids wife bestowed th?' title upon blm
In lier suit for separation, were aired In ths
Supreme Court again yesterday morning
when the motion Of Mrs. Metis's lawyer
thai ll.tts be adjudged III contempt of
court tor his failure to pav alinmnv ?ame
Up Justice ?'.tiv'gan reserved decision.
n?tt^ Is y.'-'"" behind in the paytnen! ?>f
the HM a tin'tith alimony which lustitc
BtSChoft ordered him t?t pay his v?. i f ^ pent!
ing th?' outcome "f h.? suit ??.?-orge (?t?r
ti.in pattie, attorney for Hetts. aaked the
? ?.mt tu stav the payment of alimony ??ho
aether until he had obtalaed a decision
from lb? Appellate I'ivislon. bef?,i(. which
the c.is?' nov. ii? |
rolireman Punctures Tires of Machine
to Arrest Chauffeur.
Patrolman Arthur.! Owens, of the Adam.?
Mreet s'ailon. was ?.t Kulton ami Un? t
streets. P-rooklvn. yeaterdav. when he ?aw n
taalcab coming down ?be street Ht a rtte
which exceeded the Stteed law? Me slg
: kited the chauffeur to hall, but the man.
Instead of ?topping, ?barged the patrolman
as if t" run him down Only his activity
saved OaenS, an?l ?be taxbah sped on.
A toW moments afterv.?r?ls the mxl note
down "ii the policeman again, and this tlm?
almost Bueeaaded in nmning him dasrn.
. diew hla revolver sr.d ftr?vl ?v."
?hot?. puncnirlng the rear tlrea of th? ma?
chine. He then commandeered a bUtOBsBT s
cart to follow the taxi, and overtook the
ehSUffSUr, "?ho lava h\n numr as .lain?-s
Cavaaagh Of SO t?t Franklin avenue.
Cavaaagh plsadad ttn guilty ta charge?
<?f di unkenness and eSC?Bedlag the sp.ed
law. He was held M .Wl ball for app'-ar
.,,,.. |n esttri SB Monday morning.
_^__-. m
The thr?- men arreste?! on TI IITI !.??
nn-ht h .. raid on ? prlntlni aataWlahmeiri
Id Rose ?tr?'. ehsrgsd h>- the c"it? ?? nith
running s lottery gante, ?era held by Mag.
inrate O'Connor, is lbs ?"?*??*? tt*tg% fo?e
terda. In tl.?W bail ea.-h f?-r further exam
Ii.i, on T lesda Th* Bjeu are ??tfrne
Ulanl Kngure Pletelll an?' ? d<? ill-i?u Pla?
it Hi. '
N. B. Reams Son Asks Forgive?
ness for Marrying Show Girl.
i-ouis Marshall n?.?m. son et Mermes
B. Ream, one of the organizers of the ?
I'nlted States t-Ueel r'orporatlon. has m?r- '?
rled a tattaw ?.?,.? n?,l Is row ?eeklnir for- I
given??? from his father. Mr. Ream'a
bride was Mist Kleanor I>n?llfton. well
known ?long Broadway as one of UM moa?
attractive show girls playing In New York
in several seasons.
Young Mr. Ream, with sf.rne trepidation
b? it ?aid. journeyed up to Ml fathers I
home In I'onneetlciit yesterday to Und ?>?it !
Just how Id- father would view his mar- .
rlage. Ihiring his sliten< a his bride spent
the time ns best she could fit their small
flat, at No. 20* West 52d street
"I know everything will come out all
right." she told reporters. "I am sure my
husband can fix it up. I have not heard
from him yet"
laast night It was said Mr. P.?am had not
yet obtained the parental btSSBBBg.
Miss Pendleton played some years ago in
the chorus of the "Helle- of Mayfalr."
She later appeared with ?Bate Janls In
"The Hllm I'rin? ess." She was also In
"The Hoyden." "The Kair t'o-F.d" and
"Bachelor Belles." Phe met Mr. Ream ,
this summer et Huntington, ?/ong Island
The courtship was a brief one. It >nde?l
by Mr. Ream driving I er over to Hobottea
In his automobile ami their being married
by a Justl'e ?if the peace.
Mr. Beam Is employed in the ?.frloe-. of
th* New York Trust ?"onipany. lie ?as
graduated at Princeton in 1!??, and is one
year older than his bride, or twenty-font.
His sister. Mist Marlon ReaiU, married
Baymond flt?vens. ?if < hicago. Normsn B.
Beam, the father, was assuilated In busi?
ness with Marshall Field, of ?'hir-ago.
? s ? ??~?
Codicil in Cigar Man's Will Revokes
Bequest of $20,000.
An expre?r!ve <odicil of three lines,
drawn nearlv two years after the trill it
accompanied, revoked a heqiio-t of ?9ftOSJ
which Abraham ?'ohn, who died .-it West
End, N. J.. on August tb, had made to
charity tn a generous moment. The trill
was filed yastsidey a? the Bar regstes1
Mr ("ohn ma?1e something of a fortune
in the tobacco business, owning a largo
par? of the Urni of A. ? ohn (?? Co., at Mo.
14'. Water atreet Paragraph 7 in his will,
dated rehrunry ft IS-iS. direcled I is execu?
tors to dlstriliute |2",i>?l among not more
than twelve establish??] charitable institu?
tions in the City of New Tort*, giving to no
on?? le?.? than t*~f*j an<l to no one more then
IftSBB, The codicil which mude this pro?
vision ineffective was dstsd December 1,
lW. No reesen was given for the act
Though th.- petition attached to the win"
ventured only the conventional estimate of
upwards Of |M,0M as the value of < B h
??lass Of property left by Mr. Cohn, the
size of his estate may be gather.d from
the fact that he left $100,0'?l to hla wife
and $20.oi? to -?ach of four I hil?Ir?n Ha
expressed a desire that his Interest In "his
firm," as he called It, of A. COhfl ft Co.
he disposed of within three noontha, and
admitted and declared that the property
at No |4) Water street, th? land and war?'
house in Madison. Wie., and the lands in
his nanas in Qocrgte wars the property ol
the company.
Washington, leptemhsr ft
ORDERS IifJSUED.?The following r-t-dent
have be?n Issusd:
Name of Mejor WILLI A M s OKAVBB, -?"?h
lateatry. u placed on in detached otn
>*:??, ,?ini samt ef Major EDWIN x.
hoot, infaiatry, Qeneril S'arr. removed
therefioin 1111 ?.j ?late, ha having bocom?
entitled ?o promotion
Mames o' ?"??plain OLIVER r.. SPAt'LIMN'.
Jr., .*'th ?"'?lit Artillery, .?lid Flrat Lieu?
tenant pa?l J. Honro*. ?o??t srtuierr.
Staeed en liai detached ??tTi.-ei?
Nasses of Captain PERCT P. hikiiot? restai
artiiiei v, ^nit First Ueuteautat CHARLEN
F. ANDREWS, Infantry, iniasaigiied, le
mov?d from 11?: of detached eOcera.
Flrat U-rutenanl ARTHUR H. HriL0ON, 1"t
Cavalry, on expiration present l*av? ?.'
?,li??tir? ?i, Furl I)?a Moines, than??? to
Fort BUS]
Leavea of absence: rira? Lieutenant SHEL?
DON W. ANDINO, nntii Infantry, twenl}
dava on completion of duties .?t s?a Qlrt;
Chaplain OBOROE .1 WARINO, Uta
Cavalry, ?hi?? month. ??? ?.nit Lieutenant
tluec aaeotba front Stpteatber i&.
N _VY.
n?*r ida-iral r. R. HARRIS, detached aa
goverooi naval home, Philadelphia; home,
Ll-ut-nant !.. R. SHIPP, detached idird tor?
pedo div.fion sad ?lie Lawrenes; t,. *?.";*?..?t
I.'*u'"nanr it. F. EOOBAI M. Il dettv ied
?lie Pennsylvanie; t.? cemmsnd the S/hlp?
pie an.l tir?t t..i|>?do division Psclflc tor
pede fl*.?
L?'.i"?nart J. s. DOWELL, Jr., Is lita Mar
Lieutenant ?'. MTOMMON. ?W ?.ched the Pau;
ion.a home, ?alt /adera.
Lieutenant (J (I. Hott KV ?l?ta<:l'?d the Hop.
tvlni. "?'iir, wait order?
taleatoaaal ?' 0. CHURCH, detached the
\Yhlppl? ?,nd flrat torpedo dhlalon. honi",
wnlt infiera
taloateneai 'lunior gmoei C, C. HARTIOAN,
d?!.i?-h?d the \nrkinHn home, watt
Lieutenant fjsator ciadei w. a. QLAS8
form. Jr. d?ta?~!i?d the f?'?utii Dakota;
to ^onimand the Taul .lone?.
Khalgn E. QtTHBIE. detached the CaUfornta;
to tiie Torktown,
Ensl-rn F. LANDO, t,, the Torktown.
Knsign n A B?RO, detached lita Caatlae; t?
command tha Snapper.
Ensign y. It. BERO, orders et ."?'ept-mber '_'
Entlgn I. W. IfATPTELD, d?!*, h?d the
whippl?; to ?ominar..! Hi? Hopkins
Itldahlpman H. P. M K n.AV. d?iach?d th?
K?? Jersey; to temporary duty en tha
Itldahlpman c. y. VVRIORT. "?Mart??!! the
Kansas; 10 ?<?npor?r? d'iiv on ?h? Hart?
Midi inn-n .1 MI> ''RESAP, detsebed Ns? ?I
Aradtmy; ' lemporaty dutv on the Han*
co^w. :n ronneetien with ??row of the
Ptortda, and on i.oar.i srnen rommiesloned.
Medical Dlreetor H WBLM plaoed no re
t|r?ii Hat fr.'in ?S?i>?*rnhar IT.
Poseed Asststsnl Burgeon a*. S M'DON
NELL detached Iht Ms-atschosetta; ?o
the Kanata.
rh???f MaehlnU? L. HIOOINS, to ns ???
rsrd, Norfolk.
Mtvehlnlai M. VOOT, to Na",il \a',.em?
i ?wins: mo'-ements ?if v?asela have seen re? |
ported to tha N.?\-?- Larpartment;
S. pt 7 TbS Mleaonrl, t;ie Vai??? and the
M -StSStppi, ?' Fhllsd-lphia the W.iahln-f
lon. a? HSmptOn Hot!? the Hector .it
Newpen v??a. the wrsik? th? Psuldtna,
lh? Flu???' and i1" Smith 11 I .?i .lni.-ra
pa i r n>
Rep? n 1 h? Matas and ?h? Mlaatsstppl from
tout hern drill s roe ads far Phiiedetphi?
I ? ? : T'.?- ?Tashington, from southern drill
f'O'inda fot HsntptOfl I*."ad?. Oie II?. tor.
from XorfolB fOf N'vpor? N'ewt th.
VVaike -'n't 'he Faiillinir from Neu port
ft <,a'i.".' ? Bey: lh? f-' t??..-r and tha
Smith freie \??* Loados for flerd n?--?
' ::. '
The Mslnt detseh?d Atlsrple fl???
Thr. Nero nrdered* In tervli-e, ?ihm tard, New
Th? Saturn, ordered oui of aervtce, navy ird,
r**sgei fonot
Will Start on Giant Battleship at
Camden N?xt Monday
Washington. Fept. S.-The first rivet prill j
he flrlv?n nnd clinched In the keel platea '
of the uhnu battteahlp N< ?? York at the
.\e* York ?hipbullding Comsany'B vsrds
in ('amden. N. J , at 10 o'rloek n? xt Mon?
day Beoauaa ttie New York, with her
Z7.i??i t'.na displacement Will he the hlggvat
battleship In the world unless s.inie other'
msrltime power lay?? down ." I eornpletes i
? Urtre? one before th.. New fork goea "ff j
the wiiva, ttie -?ontraetora f?>. the ship
ha\e Informed the Navy Department "f thu [
lieginiilnk,' of construction.
Norfolk, Va, Kept v The battleships I
Pelaararo, Virginia, NsttTesas ami <?ino
?anie in to-ds?' fr?m the Soi them drill
grounds, where the Atlanlie fleet hs? been
aaiga?goa1 in battle i ??eettee, and prate*ded
Of ? he-*.ip?akc Bjgj t.. Tangier 8onn?l.
wh'r. the lielHWaie la tn engage |fl tlrlnk
\??ih tn. lmik "f ti.? s.ui Marc*es a?1 a
New ??rhana. Kept ft The recent a?l
\an.e m Hi? prlOB of angnr nieAi??? llti.tj???.
I??! BMltleael f?>r thia year't reef grown i.
I.otii?lHii.i esas plante'- The crop la th?
has* leal an i ?. >>?d. t
The Tribune's
Towns and Cities Contest
You Can Enter Any Time Before 6 P. M. Sept. 12
No More Mail Orders Filled
TI?K last trio of Puzzle Pictures in tlie Tribune's
Towns and Cities Contest lias appeared, hut the
opportunity to #et into this bi# contest is still open.
You can enter at any time up to 0 o'clock, Tuesday, Sep-'
ternher 12, but if you are in earnest about it, you will not
leave it until the last possible moment, and thus injure
your chances by limiting yourself on time.
Don't pass up this great big chance without careful
consideration. Even if you have never entered such a
Contad before, in fairness to yourself look into this one,
while there is still time.
Read the simple but effective rules printed in this
column, and sec for yourself that they contain no hidden
pit falls, no double meaning*?. He convinced, as you will
be by one reading of them, that their only object is to
insure a fair and square deal to even' competitor. Study
them carefully, and you will find that all you need to
enter this eontest NOW is a set of the back Puzzle
Pictures and Coupons and a Contest Catalogue, which
contains a large list of towns and cities, ami among whieh
arc all the names which represent the Puzzle Pictures.
The complete sets of the Puzzle Pictures and their
answer blanks have all been printed in neat form, awl
may be had at the Tribune Office or by mail, as specified
Complete Sets and Back Numbers
Complete sets of the Towns and Cities Puzzle Pictures
; are now on sale at the office of The New-York Tribune,
corner Spruce and Nassau streets. The price of the com
plete series mailed to any address in New York City, Jersey
City and Hoboken, is $1.10; elsewhere the price is $1.68.
Extra numbers in New York City, Jersey City and
Hoboken are 1 cent for the daily and 5 cents for the Sunday;
! outside of greater New York the price is 2 cents for the
daily and 5 cents for the Sunday.
Copies of The Tribune's official Contest Towns and
Cities Catalogue, containing all of the correct names of
towns and cities which have been shown throughout the
contest, are still on sale. The price is 25 cents at the office;
by mail, 30 cents. All mail orders should be addressed to
This Is the Way to Address Your Package of Answer*.
... . .< I T OIT Alt. M.Ot'M? .
This Package Contains Towns and Cities
Contest Answers (Written Matter) for
154 Nassau St.,
Room 1711
.New York Cltv
?'ni on' ?hi? form ?if a?i<Ir?aa and p;iat? I' noon your packsaT' et proverb
a-??\?ta If ansar?n ir? mail??! ??<* ?l'?t tl'? pOStS4fa 1? f I , paid a tha rat?
<?f 2 <?"'i? an ounca or ft a?*? loti lharoof.
No More Mail Orders Tilled After Saturday, Sept. 9th.
All aeta of answeri mu?t be delivered to the* Conte*! Department of
The Tribune, at the counting room, corner Spruce and Nassau itreel
"t* before midnight of September 12. "t- if mailed they must bar ;
mark of mailing n"t later than that hour and date, and no answers wil!
lie accepted after thai time.
I? you have any doubt about the correct answer tn a i ? \ of xhc pttzzle
pictures you may submit extra coupons, not to exceed five, to any num
ber of the puzzle pictures.
Be -ure t" write ynir full name ami a?l'lre-> upon ,,t least the last
four c??upona in the >pa?*c provided for same, an?! ?'?> not roll goat
Keep a enpv n{ your answers, for ron.ptrf?K>ti ?iih the list of correct
answers when published. Answers will not be returned aft? r they have
been deposited with the Contest Department.
The opportunity is --till ??pen.
Tho Neu-York Tribun?-''? T?W??fl and
Ctttsa ?'onteat began on June ?*6tri. I?.*?
Tlire? Illustrations, enrloon? or other r*p
r?a>antsU?ma of ?*"??" onaeo of a -*?*" or
, ? 1,,,-atc? |n tha rni?<"l Bt?taa ?V t*-**??
??la, ?ara purthahe?! Osil? t?t A tOtiad B.
a'xtv-a?v?ri A.y
The n.t-n.a ?f HlS IOWBB Slid CltlaS
?fhleh were llluBtrat??* wars ail ?it. ?'"'
from lha OSIclsl Towna and ''lue? ?;??n
teil i'-itaioK'i? which " ?-? l?*s?sd by ?ha
SawTork Tribun? et a suida and ??ter?
ri*.??? tor ? on*e?t?n?B.
The eontssl will rsinsln open tr> ?n
r*a iiai raadors ? f lha Dall, and Bunday
" ,.(, n? exempting atnployaa of ?he pap?*r
?'mh-rs of lhair fnmilte?. UBtll t
o m. TvM-jday. ^ptatnbor It IM1. To
?Pter It 1? OBly ii??'????',ry IS ?e.tire n.
???.nipl.??? ?ot .?f IhS !?".?!.< SI ?1 CitiSS
??pni-et plf-tnro? an'l COUBOBB from o*ia
le ?iitj ?nan n.
Cont?rStsnt? most ladtrats ?he town te
, ? ? r?pr*s?nt*d ' lbs plctur? upon tba
.?upon prorldad tnarefor. Coupons may
I pen. r*'?''ll. typewriter
???r Dtintsd m tan- raaaa ? la sun taa
fA ,.. g>| tl ? .'in' -???:. n'. but the funipleta
h rauat be returaad
?a/i ,:,. cont?-s*tants bib not ?.?nrtatn a? to
the I'.a'i?? Of IhB IOWS Bad CltJ II 1'ial rate?,
I'.tev will I'** BOrmlttOd to aentl fl? e?not
i,, ?re anawera to earn pletaro, if ?h?
rorree? snBWSI 1? a*'.?en |n?"orre? t anaw?ra
win not count ?a-iir.?? tha r ?intentan t
Only ?hree anawera may be wiitt?-n upon
a ?m?le coupon. Extra blanks ntam b?
,,???! for ;i Idltlonal aaswsra .?n?i nil un
>.'?? ?:b 10 the ?nine r.utnh??r ihSUld be l<*pt
? ia*eth#r In making bp lb? aat where
rontastsnta ?fIsh to Bubmll bul ana >r
f.?o astro anawsrs Ihoj ni) do 10 ??ith
, ... ntllnB OU' lha e ttr? coupon. Al
? ' ,i?.K'. ?e\??i'.?l nie:nrieia of a family nmi
rompeta In the ?ont? at. i.rilv <?na pria*
???'I b? swardsd to ant on? household or
i?ieniber ?liereof. an.1 oil? on? aet of an
awra may bo BUbtnitrad bj any Indlrld
ua\ cont' ?i.nt. I?a:t .-'.ration In any other
rontei?? now BOln?* run w-IM ri"' t?bar try
aa< fiom sntsring this rnataat
Arrange a:i si c- ?? - teat BOssarteal
order, fasten th?> cOlipona
S"ther. and deihrr or mall tliern. In a
n?-at. Hat packsB? (not foldsd or rolled)
plainly n-i<l'e.?a?>.i |.? THE CONTEST
1S4 Nassau ?tr??". \ . ?, \ ritt ov
OR ni i ?mi MiDMi.itr or >Kin'fr:>i
BKR It, llll I.
Th?. 11 m?- of ??? ??? . .??- answora will
haus no affect upon i1..- awardlBg of
I'rtzea. Ilowavcr. . ' anawera tnua? t?
<lep.i?it?d at tho oil i of 1 I NoW'Torh
Tribune or in th? m ill? on or befoie nid?
night Reptember 12, |B11
ThB p":z?a will et awarded to th? o-m
?esMnta aaadli , ? ? -,.???
coi rax * list of n-i m< * to th? ?ntlra ?
?>f towns and cittsa llrastrattoaa in th?
aveni ??f a tl? b? ??? two ?i mar? o*r
itat . .
eat i i--'.. ? of towi s >? ? ! i <??. ;. i ires
? "M". ?:? ? i?ij the . ? ? numbar ?>?
i ? nk* ??? Ill be d?x I?rod ?r in
, :)?^ ...,, ,.P more eont? a--? ? ? ?
l.raea? number of ,orr- ? . rv ?? ,,p,)ri
-'?? lam? number ??r roupona ?ho cash
\ lus Bf *'-?-? ??rire ^II? *,., d|r|d?d.
idrlaa commlttos, to i** anaoun? -i
rery ao,,i; \? : ; ?r.t Be th?
'ir?n ib" naorlta of rorreetneaa and
lartty of th? n uns ani *
" namsi of i
? ?r- asi? :*\ ? m? .,., \ ,,
ron?aln.,| Ir T, ? TrlbUR ? T m ..a A.i
??ni?? ? 'ontest <nt.?.. Ku?
'.?.???? a tat r ans? i ? ? .-??? /.,?.
leii^d logMher tha ronteataai ?rill ba
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1?2? 3?$4.150?Kveritt t*T Automobiles. $1,450 eaclv
4?$1.100 Krakauer Art Player Piano.
5?$1.000 Weser Bros.' Combination I'-'ectrica' Pi-tno. Can he
played by hand, by foot pedal or elcctru ity.
6?$850 Francis Bacon Art Piano.
7?$750 Christman Sons' Player Piano
8?9?$1.400 Krakauer Pianos, $700 each.
10?$f)50 Francis Bacon Player Piano.
11?$600 Krakauer Piano.
12?$250 Owen-Daveno Suite.
13?14?$200 Carey-Brennan Seta. $100 each.
15?24?$600 Bermuda Trips via Steamship Bermudian.
25?26?$80 Carey-Brennan Ladies' Desks. $40 each.
27_76?$750 Art China Importing Company of New York Breakfast
Sets. $15 each.
77?12(5?$750 Art China Importing Company of New York Luncheon
Sets. $15 each.
127?136?$100 Carey-Brennan Smoking Chairs, $10 each.
137?146?$100 Carey-Brennan Ladies' Rockers. $10 each.
147?150?$20 Carey-Brennan Magazine Baskets. $5 each.
151?450?$750 Luken Gloves to order, $2.50 the pair.
451?950?$4,000 Lucky Curve Parker Fountain Pens. $2 each.
050?1350?$600 Fountain Pena. $1.50 each.
Must Be Deposited at the Tribune Office or in the Mails

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