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Such Is Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Tip
as to September 21 Elections.
"Ancient Rome" of Quebec by
Its Votes Will Decide Fate
of Reciprocity.
irreaa a 8pecia tot Ol The Tribune 1
The campaign In
i a nada ha? BO*S lees than three weeks-to
Sir Wilfrid Laurier. In spite of hi?
s?\ent> >. ?? la t-howing a vigor and
kecr.ress thit the opposing leader, Mr.
other younger men
might envy Speaking in French at the
Rivera mect'ne. Sir Wilfrid advised
tete, If they wer.' doing an> -*?-*
money OB 'the old
> - i phrase which made
? v ? . ?yen and h. i been re?
tad ' h
.- an und?**Ubted fact thai reciprocity
r r.g hold in th? maritime
nrr?. where time? ha.c i of been Ins
? I iMtaata ol N.-w
Bnu - Pi ra Scotia and Prince BoV
h \ e always maintained do.?.?
relations with llOStori
?: UM-, which they look upon
ral marhet and It U
?? ; nothing Bhoti ol a
? ? ? will prevent th?? liberal
faina there Mr
? ? m?*?, i? .1 ?ova
- ? ? ad on.? of t t ready and
????-j.,|, Mis
it Halifax the other night that
? of hi? Ufa ? I v
lo th? ? it) agrecr?"-vt ? "oked tl a
*.!l eyes ara upon Quebec, for It is con
? ? ?': ? andenl province' trill de?
Tbe alHsnoa of the French
1 the Censor -
-.;. of opposition
????>?> II
f the Old BBS
,?? bedfeUosra."
? ?. ? n the
| - BtlTCS, e\
? ii contmon j
? ? ' r.,cti-al pe'.-' |
I ? ref and
?. nts 1? |
.. but th*?
? Honalleta of Mr. ]
gera of mil- ?
??erk him I feeling
of ri is cori" n'''
? ? irard
? potatoes" and ratl ? i
of tha
Of this np
I ? onservatlve
Sunday Political Debates
-sen.bit 11 t olr ? a th?
railed in
? It la doubt
lata oi
from hi?
a ? Htlcal
B that 'T-''<'r | l i
? ?
for ? ?
ted Statea
t now ?. arlably im
trlth the Xatloi
rialian* and
? . ?hmen to
is fre
...->? om?
?"am defen? ??
Is to I
e i malt
. ?
? -
? tain, ;?s
? ? ? t ai ?
? to .m tl a
bul i .h.i. '
ind Im quite
? rvatlve
?? or Itseli
? ?
Party Government Everywhere.
" ? in the woi Id Ii to
. |
? mil;?.-.' not a ?
? ",ii not without Ita i
lanli '. ?. Inde
?? .i the Nationalist
r a th | apai t from
? ; ? ban ii -?..- ?him?'
I.? can?
il you
..iy far mon than ;
? tent fe* .
. ? I,llll
.-. h regard
? that the
? If does not j
nd l
: !?? ladpli that
. .? Iry V.?I reap th'
1 . labor and ranapoi
? ' .. dlan Ii
?tru rl?*ana are
? . of ? anadian :
? manufactured
? .if I" Ing
oaths aft i
? . . p part Bleat. In
oi the !
. of th.s In
.. .... ipport? !??? of tha
I . : . ularly hsppyi f"r j
? . . i Btad>
.... onsi i estiva
. .,.,.,. |ty arltb the
?a upon. Practical!;.
lana, r fof the
tad radpi
r now h"lrig
? ?, ob the nary
I .,. ? .. ? asks to
"? th? "x
?i. Bordi
' n m fevur i
procity. In tBt In favor of a ?'anadlan
hullt navy and In 1910 against a ?anadian
navy, but In favor of a cash contribution to
Kngland to build two nreailnought?. In this
connection tt may he said that Immediately
after Mi. Fielding; had introduced the red
procity measure In the House of t'onuii<>n
last January a hasty council of Killing
Conservative member.?? of Parliament ?a?
called by the leader of the Opposition to ;
consider the position to he taken Oa the :
question. At that ?"onfcretn e member after |
member state?! that hta constituency would
favor tho agreement because of the ad van- j
taget to he derived from It. This was es- ;
peclally true of members representl'ig rural
constituencies. This conference araa fol-'
tared for days by ciucis after caucus.
ahile In the mean time ihe Opposition in ,
ths House cautiously and half-heartedly op.
pesad the adoption of the agreement. ft
ltnaoaly after many days ofronfel n?'< and
a threatened revolt against Mr. Borden's'
lead?! ship, In the course of which the pro- :
prtetor of one of the <"onser\ativ( organs
i personally voiced his approval of rerlprocl
! ty, that the le-ader of the Opposition man
a_f*ed to get his followers into line to opporc
the reciprocity pact.
Anti-American Sentiment Fanned.
The activity of the Opposition, under Mr. !
! Borden's leadership, la being concentrated j
on efforts to fan anti-American sentiment !
Ihe Fenian raids that ocurre.] before the'
a\cr;igc voter of to-day ?ver heard the
word reciprocity are being teferrrd to at
the meetings held alont the boundary line. !
und it Is not unusual at those BaaetlngB
c - Btass old resident te shout out: "Yes.'
I rimciii'cr it all. The Tanhees never
ap?!?.gi?;ed for It, either:"
Th? campaign f??r the most part Is lv?ing
fought out ?n the country rather than In
i the .-libs. The explanation I? simple. The
'cities are m-'Vrreprescntcd In Parllanv? I
Th. . ifv of Winnipeg, with a population of
"'"" -?? It onrj, ont Member of Variia
? ?'? hilo, the constituency of SoUlBBUgee,
population of ?new? ?.ends a mem
i 1er whose ?rota is quite as effective as thai
of the member for Wlnr.ipep Th? e|t)rs of
I Montreal, Toronto. Winnipeg ?;nd Van
OOUVer w.th a total r."r.?.latlon of over a
million, <;end only thlrtf?M Meraberi of
Parliament out of a total of 81
A feature of the campaign that la
interest is th? continued reiteration of
chsrgea by the leading Opposition organ;
Ii Montres] that "vast auras" have been j
raise.) in ihe United S'Hte? bj interests fat I
favor of leclproelty to corrupt the cs?
radian eleetcrote Similar ??harpe.?- have j
been made to the effect that "vat-t Bums" :
};n\e \.oon raised 1n the T'nlted States by
Interesta there which are opposed to
reciprocity, and to be used for the cam?,
d?a! oilcal purpose of corrupting tb>< I I
radian \ot?r or of Influencintr turn It- ?".me
mysterious manner. If the stories are to '
leved, S?d they ar?? not believed by
sane mer. then it la spparsnt that 'his cam?
paign will result in a great lnflu\ of good
America:: money into this country.
The one cre.it atrHdni feature of the
eampaiga is the U"k nt discussion by the
*'pposltlon of the reciprocity pact on Its
merits, devoid of extraneous matter such '
as appeaJa to prejudice or passion. The ,:
same thing was reserved during the ?lis- j
CUSalOfl "f the tn. asure in the House of
?"ommons The supporters of the measure ;
n-, ie?:r?y with facts and figure?- and ap?
peals to business experience, while the
opponents of H devote themselv s '
?i denunciation and appeala to paaalon.
Sydney Flaher, Minister "f Agriculture.
I? P?nk1ng telling appeals to tha farm?
ers by dealing with concrete facts.
But there ,v HO general discussion of
(City from the standpoint of politico! j
economy. The dk*4**OSatons in ?'ongre?al
?-?ea't far more fully with the probable]
on of reciprocity than j
the dil.'iis?'onc lu the Il",:-< of Com?
Teatures of the Campaign.
:?? nie of the featuies cf an election cam?
paign In .'u?ada are very different from
familiar to dtlsens of the.- United
i For Instsnce, the ret***ruing oilleers]
? lection cle-rks are- dlaqUBllned from |
voting, But the returning officer may cast
a veto m ceee ot q tie There are no pri? ?
marlea r?gul?t d by law- ?is in th? United
States. 'Twenty-live votera may nontli ate
sny qualified person by signing a notninat-1
ng i .. itlon," sec rapsnled bj the
??onsent of the person so nominated and by I
? oatt of Ola) with the returning em-1
ear. All candWatea who fall to receive at'
least one-half the nutni rr of votai cast for
? , ndldat ..'?? eio- i
posits H IobI bla deposit" or "He will
? ?n.- of
Lgement of the vote?
oi a candidate. A day is '
? ? ? i ilnatlona In th??
oflli ? i- if nt th.- hoar
g nominstiona there Is only
natli the retui ning officer there?
upon declares thai peraoB duly elected by
acclamation and there are no further for?
met than Issuing the certificate
of el? lion
? nominating ? onrentioi - are
? ? is not the general rule The
party i mai ttend to thai nd ften
arbitrarily ?? nate a "??"i who "?? never|
? ? ? ? ? ?
ii, no I ' iking countrj I -
tt? - working or 1er PI e
boas," I id? ? ' \ rell
know?. Ian U the Btat? of Men fork
?. and wh< n b? aaa
rj \? ..rk? d
I said: "1 Is almost as | od as thing
?.?,. i, Ii I ' good old Platt ?Jayi " Tl ? ?
little i< volt ? " gB nal Ihl - m d<
oi IX form in lb? \\ eat
aettlert ar<
evldenca and wher? tha newapapen devote
considerable apace t.> telling of the r? er?
endum, the recall and other political ri
. ondltloni i '? ?.? *lonal)j
a meraber "f a political part* refuaea to
i.e bound bj the ukase of bla part* leader
and boWl> announcea hit candidacy. Borae
tlmea i.mand a convention and geta it
and sometimes h< doesn't get It, bul runs
? ? . n If he a la he la forglv? n, ?
.t h? . a m..rk?ei man.
See Indications That Ministers
Are Weaker than They Profess.
Montreal Bept. I? Three goveromeht
..i to date i .? accepted nomina
.parat? ? on- tltuenries: sir
Wilfrid Laurier in Boulangea and In Qua?
? i.!. Henri s Belsnd, E*astn*rast? r
Ornerai in Beauce and In Ifontmsgny (8
Natlonsllai stronghold), and Rudolph La?
Ifinlster of the Navy and Plahi lea
In Rouvlll? and In Qa
'i-1 ? nomination of thi mlnistera In these
? eonstltushi lei la b? Ing ? onstri ? ?
? : ? .n sa i?n evldsncs of an ah
:nr if the election abould be a i leaa
one it win deprive tho Liberals of throe
m the iirat division of the Hous
thai the ratonarte*, are sleeted In
, ,,t . oon< tlttn n< l< ' ?' s i.i'-i: they are
i oder the rub s .. memb? i of
Parllantenl ca_BBOt lastga until a Speaker
haa been elected, ?nd it is foreseen thai In
?,e partie.?. Bre tseeely divided the teal
\..ie ?rill ooane on the election of Speaker.
Mr. Bouraaafl has recovered from his
tl -out trouble A' the raeetinga he has ad
i lately there have been signs ?>f or?
ganlsed Interruption, bul with aosnl one*
..? Mi Etouiasaa has te... ready ? aril
te, be ,),?,,.... carted to ? ? kh r?? Bt, Bou?
..... . ont i-- traatJag ra? Ipr?
negligible lasne, aad rstbei Inclinsd to
. M, i h? nota got to the point
elf In direc? oppot i
tloii. and tbia ia Interpreted to BtSBB tint
hi has found hla aupportera i<ss tovorahle
te n than hi al '. I 'i ; " ' '' ihey
are ii?i hi
sir Wiifn.i Lauriei srill retnrB I
province next ?reek and will addres? h
of maetlBgt He arlll a Ind i
ap th? rampalgs ?rlth * hi g demonatra
. Montreal ??? ? I b el rat ton sill
i,' na, fro ,.n er tha p ?"''?? ? end .it
,?,,] on th' platters.
tog a large number of the party Mr.nd'ird
bearera of Quebec.
? _
Toronto sVagt S-I'ie:iu?i l,aurlcr rc
ttthred an enthuslastl?* gre.-llng liere this
aftern.MiTi Ills Bpeach ?lealt with both re
1 iprtii tty and iiniitxntlon. lie gave <*on?
i'l?Tnli|e space to the lat?? r ?saBUi
There was ?'"ce a time, tleriantl sir Wil?
frid, when It was a pari of the educ. ttOfl
of every gBBCili? an that ?'anatla w??ul?l
Bom?- time liecorne a part ?if t ? t'nited
Btat?aa l?"t aw>W, ha sai?l, most AiiktIi ana.
tr??lu?llng rre?-l?lei!t Tali, b.'li? \.? tiny havt?
enough t<? ?lo at hotne without taking on
th? ir slioiiltl?'i> ' ? ?? pofiatMNt] for a
growing country of ??iti'ii tnllllon i.pis
Annexation, remark? ?I the I'lftnl.-r. eould
t?. t.??.)?? poaalble ? i Ij by conoani of the
pecple. and he fell ?<ui?' there would al
araya be a majority of i'.rlf? t?> pr? v? ni M
in the coarse of bis ?pe.-.-ii the Promler
said be was surcris.il thai the ?ippositloii
Bhould have taken BUCh a Btaad Bgatns?1
re?i?!??ci'N "Hut when i aaa the line ih?'y
t<i<-?k ' h?' remark?-?!, amid laughter, I said.
'The Lord Li pood to HI?, own.' an?!, like
Oliver Cromwell, he added. Ffe hu.? de
llvered them into my hand ?
Rudyard lUppltna hai aeni the -.wing
naoaaage to the Canadian peop'? through
lb. Montr? ?i HI i
Bateman'a Burwa
Susaex, England, - ? I ???
Editor "t "The Montreal Btsr"
I d?. net understand how tAttfiOO people
can entei Into such arrangementa us are
proposed v.it;, :??'?',<?' atrangen on an
?i? b frontier of \ ? in l at the same
time preserve their national Integrtt)
Ten i" one la too heavy odds No single
L'anediun would accept Buch m'.ds m any
privat? matter that waa aa ?vital lo bun
personally us this issue It i" Iba nation.
it is her own soul th.it Canada risks to?
day. Once that soul la pa vnet foi any
consideration ranada mus? Inevitably mn
form t ' " " commi 11 lal, legal, flu?
Bnd et ?tandards which will be
Imposed uj the .*-' si admitted
?v? Ig] t .?f til? ! ' It? '?' /rit?'?
She might, for ?xHmtle. be eompei???!
later on t'i ac?mll r? ?d|.;???? ;tv in the murder
rat-? of th" United 8 ta tea, which at pr?s?
I beheve, is something ove.i ?:" per million
per annum
II these pr p?sala ha?* been roads ? g-n
eratton ago, or if the Dominion wir?? to
i poor, depressed ani wlthoui hope,
would perhaps understand their being din
cussed I .1 Canada '..? none ??? these things.
Bb ? ?^ . nation, and, as the lives of na?
tions ure reckoned, will en long be tm'.ng
th? treat nations.
Why, then, when she has mad? herself
what aha i?-, ah? ? ine i roa the enor
rnoui gift? of her Inheritance and her fut?
ure Into the banda of a people who by their
bast? i i waste have bo dissipated their
own resources that evei before national
middle age the] a?> i n to Beei virgin
field? for cheaper f"" I and living?
Whatever the rni??^d states ?nay cam?
. ' ? 1 We III MB that the 1 "Hed States I TO
not wholly altruistic i see noth?
ing for Canada i: rectpi > ty sxcepl a little
r ady money whieh she do"s not need and
.-? ? !?*?'. |i : E repentance.
Members of Connecticut Body
Demnnd Apology.
Beverly, Muss, gept I ?Uniixpeeted sup?
poit of the Canadian reciprocity treaty
from i part of the CutUiecticul ? .ranne
ea:n" to President Taft to-da? Reoontly
i ??' ':ii\. comi " ''.? rtfjicera
of thai grai ge de? lared I ? lid rjol
agree with the Pi ident'i rotrlprodt,
and rol toed th? i^opoaal of the state fair
ofhciala t?? call yesterd ty, th? lay on i
Mr Toft visited the fair .-it ffartl
"Grange Pay.'
Th< pf?otesl agaloal this ;i U<xi came to
th?- Bummer White ib ose I
aage Q i No 128, In the shape "f a
sign? ' ? ? rotan
ai>?i boaatli ? . - i.--.) teal Ita lan
guage la far ffrom mild where the officers
of th?- ".it. - ir* ronct
and it- v. ? ? tl Pi
are unstinted it. re Is ih? res? itlon In
VVhereas, Tht "rt! en and executlv?
of the Connecticut Btate Qi
nave, in their official posit!?
Id ul Btate ?'.t a ?.? n an
and dlscourteo rit, and
sat an -?;fr. n* ? i resl lent?
i n | ,,
? Stat? (?ra? ge Into
dlsrep l u ... i roughl h imlllatloii an.l
i mj loyal and patriotic Pa
trons of th? tat?
aril latlont ? ? |
Resn red Tl ?? we the officer, and room?
bei i range. No. 128, of Or?
ange, fonn .irdl ? ill tica I
viewi or part) affili?t! na, do liereb) ex
oui loyalty t" .-t for th
fir ident ol ' United Btat? ai d w? <???
rdla ? 'onnectl
V? ?? f ?? i ? i ur faith In thi
actcr of William H, Taft We deplore th'?
a?-t!?.n of 1 ' ?? .r stat.- Grange
in treating so ? ? Ij t ? <? in -?
zen of on i ' .ir at
tltude and their
U'e request t;' ofllceri and metnbi i I
th? ex? live commit! ?e of th? Conn? tlcut
state Orange who bave i.?;i responsible
for this regrettable Incident to ar?otoe1xe
to Presld tu William M Tafl and ??frieiali?
assure !:''n thai he I- held In high esteem
,i?,.? | onor by th? n? ?tlcut
Ann Arbor. Iflch B?epl I .1 i meeting
of the p.ta ir, Arbor of the Gleaners, In
Northfleld Township, lasl night, ? n ? '
tlon was unanlmo -.. idoptod to hoy cot?
the sti.te lair at Detroit, Septemboi Is
be? auae of the presen? if Pn atdenl Tan
at the fair grounda "n tii.it daj PI rao
ration declares thai the Presldml ' has
shown himself In favoi of ruining bom?
marketa ind agi
ipoi the couatr)
Berlin Traders Want Reductions on
Grain, Fodder and Potatoes.
Berlin, Bopl ? in vies of the ?rre-it In?
crease ii. th? ooal of living? owing to the
summer**! drouth, the Berlin Ch?unber of
Commett-e ai d tl t Merchants' Guild to-day
.,, d ihe govi rnmenl lo n ?luce the
tariff <?n pain, fodder, etc, bj applyhag a
:..!.,: . a Ifl ni'in to then? produit.-? an?l
lo . ut ti,. dutlea "ti potatoes b) SO par coot,
? . ,. .,, ?- rat? to be effectlvs until August i
!.? \t '?? ?'
The ??tinlstar of Agriculture baa ordered
the aale of fodder t> needy pajratma al re?
duced prices.
Chancellor Brown's Sue essor in Fed?
eral Service to Address N. Y. U.
i'?.an Thorn..- M Balltet, 'f th? ekhool ?>f
Pedagog) Naa rorli University, .m
nounced yesterday thai th? opening sxor?
a in ? held ?-' iturda* rnoi i li ?;. Bep
ternboi 18, In th.* university bail line.
ngton .-''I'l't'- The prin 'Ipaj a I
will be made by P. P ? !t\t"n, fUrniorly
or of aducatloa in thi University of
Tenna aeo, who waa mad" United gtatea
f?iinml'?Ion. i of I" 1 u? ;it:? ii to fill the va
oancy aused top the reiHgnatlou of Pr i:
E i!r?-.wn. now chan silo f the in rersit?,
: !.. made also .
cbaii????'lor BTOirn i >? in Balllel and 1 'i
?-.ni a Krau ?. u ?? ?"ik us
l,, torei In Ihe School of
An t n i?i of the mi ropolltan ?ilstrti-t
a., invited '" ' ? pr?s? i al I hese eser?
of ef-in't'i?! Interasi t" tMchen In the an
nouncemenl o? Ihe ?-xtenabfi of Ih? wot*!
thai baa boen diana during ths last two
rean In ,! ? lucatlou of defeefi?.,.^ ?i i?
tun?? hai been doubled The course \-. 111 be
tn ? bur,-" "f Di 'I' nrj 11 ' loddai I i ?
\ 1,1.1 md, N J
Washington, Bepl I? IVUllam I i.eui?.
la,?,, oln'a bodjguard, .?nd f >r
,lnM , ;... t ,, i w bits House senploy?.
I_ I , , ,-,f|, .,i ortdltlon .?t in- b .m. i ? .
i roa i- *- "f ",,,,,|,i?'v. ne
?of*?*? taut* - l""" ,: K'*'n' '"-'??',<l
I.i night .'"'i "? "?'' tit oondltlon
,, .'?.i n .. kedll t't tti i.
Understanding Between France
and Germany Not Yet Near.
Report Speaks of 30,000 Ger
1 man Infantry and 10,000 Cav?
alry Massed Near Frontier.
Pari??. Sept. R -Although the nature of
< Jf-rmrtny-t '?unter proposals relative to
the Moroccan dispute Is being kept |
t igfirotisly secret, the Impression pr?vslls
i,f re to-fiay tint the dlffetence ?Mtween
the Ftench rind the German polnl of
\ lee |a .ot?i considerable
a yhort summary e>r the Qerattaa pro
posala araa received by telegraph st the
French !"'|.:.m oftVe tO?day, but tho
ministry Ir Btralttng the full text, which
i.? due bj messenger .it t ?.'clock thi.s
"Iaii Libert-?" thl? afternoon affirm*?
that BOtaitltataadlng all denials and <*.
plsnatlona Germany ?h gradually ratteen?
tratlng her troops close to the' French
careful iitcjalrtes, the paper gayaj, show
that 3n,?ifc. infantry. lO.otn) cavalry and
IM B*ons have been masscid in a triangle
v. h Ich ha? foi Its points Mone?is. Vio
and Dfouse, und in echelon to the south?
east; tii-; t numerous forces have been
draarn up ippoelte to Nsncy, snd that
immense accumulations of niatr>ri.-ii tiav??
been dtop*ksed of along tha 6?*4rman
The uncertaint: of th* tnteraatioaal
situation caused a generally easier ten
den?ey "it the Bourse The closing*, ho?
BVer, ?a- quh I
Btrlin, Bepi ? Iie\e|r.j?ment? in the Ko
BB negotiations are not expert,.,' while
the French Cabinet li digesting Germany'*
."unter proposait and while Trence'? an
BWei thereto i. |n tlia? ,f.ii;?-p of prepara
The situation is quiet ?mough t" hlStify
the Fre".,-ii n nibs asador. If. Kraben, in
leaving Berlin to-morrow to spend several j
daya arlth Mme Camboa at Dresden. The l
German imperial Chancellor, r?r von
Bethmann-Hollweg. baa returned to hi?
country place at Hohen nnow, Prussia.
ITneaafnesa persista, however, among the
uninformed public. Th? run on the sav- ?
inga .ink? ai siettiii. in the Province of i
r*on*4eranla, baa ceaaed, bat a similar run
baa basa atarted by depositors at Kosnigs?
berg, the capital of ih< Prevfaoe of Esst
A meeting of emmerdai firms Interested
in Iforooeo held to-daj at Efaraburg passed
resolutions Urging the ?Jernuin Foreign
Office to Insist ob adequate economic g'tai
anteea from Prance, aa experience i ] a j
ahowB ti ii the formal aaaurancea of that
i- .:iiii rj were aorthlees."
Officials Prepared to Act for the
Safety of Missionaries.
iVsShlngtSat, Sept. < State an.) N'sw
el. i.nnnient officials ar.- watching tha sir'j
atiou in Chine, doeely. .\?imir.?i Hubbard.
coramandtag the American naval forces in
the l'ar Ka.-f, Im? not reported to the
iNavj Department arhst measurea he ha?
Iadopted for the [.rotaction ?>f the Am<r
, it-Hi? mis-donarle?-' rumored to be threat
? ?.???I m S/e-chuen 1'rovinee. In accordance
\.iih yesterday's instructions. Acting OSC?
retsr. VVInthrop lo-dsy hsd on bla desk si
list of the Amerlcss ararshlpa in <'hiii??sei
and Philippine tratera, abowtoag just arbers I
i each ship wsa at the last report The I
number of v?asela Is ronaldarable, hut not ;
asan* of them are of sufficiently light
[dial :.i navigate 'he upper reacbea and
?tributaries of the v.?ng-t?< kiang in the
disturbed province,
plate Departroent officiait most familiar
! with conditions in ?''hlna are not srreatly
alarmed for the aafety of foreigners in
Sxe-chuen They belters that ihe a?--ita
i .... I?? directed more agalnat the ?"nit.ese
goTemment foi economic reasons, than !
spalnst the mlssionariea. who have recently
been "it a particularly favorable footitm ?n
their relations with the natives and have
nol been concerned in the projected aa
tension ..f rallroada in the province.
Toront". lepi y A reu.?- utinir message
from West China ?a? received tiy the
Methodist -Torelgn Mi'-slon Hoard to-day.
The dispatch, Which was- from Dr. D. I-.
Kiii.orn. r-orrceponding secretary of the
' \\ ?.?t ?'hlna Missionary ?'ouncil. reads:
Ail wall here, There are bo disquieting
rumors to amount to anything in West
China Wt irusf to pet through summer
;-ale|y. '
There ar?. fort-. Canadian famines in the
Pl-ovtnet "f S7,e-?'huen
- ?
River Floods Invade Burial
Places?Pestilence Follows.
Peking. Sept. 8 -Only meagre reports have
reached th? ?apital from the trailed towns
in the region of the Tang-tsa Valley, where
the flood?*. ?. hf'-h are now aubaMlng. have
hemm? ?I In the rBlaBlenBi.es nnd other for?
eigners '"he report received bv the Amer?
i. an BtJaston at wu-hu. -?ttimatiBg that one
hundred thousand person* have been
drowned by the water ?tnHawing th??
lank? of the t"BBg?tse Hiver, has not vet
been aerified, bol ?rear* account confirms
the grant extent of th? ellsastor
Travellera arrivin? bj ataamboal al Han?
k"W from the upper reacbea of the river
report that many coffin?? Of the huge
?'hines? type WSfS SBCOUntered floating In
the Yang-tse. This indicates that the
water.? are penetrating Into th? burial
placea and i*obbtng the graves of former
1 FVom Cliang-teb, in th? Province of ||u
?nan, ?-om? ? word that the r-. ? ? ? ? 1111 t_r water
is being followed hv ?..?stllenc... The ?liaiig
teh district contain.? hardly a survivor who
h;is HOI bSSfl affecte.I hy the scourge, arid
many are dylnc
| It it? r> port"d from Shanghai that the
i famine ti??ts In ?h.tiigz. h are spreading.
| rmd that the Amsrlcsn Baptist chapel, near
(juin?an. hat? heen sacked by a hand of
! marauders from Bochan with large areas I
.??till under v..it? i the half starved popula?,?
la desperate In the snaagaai market the
| vislhle Supply Of rice will last shout ten
? Trains Leaving for France
Crowded with Refugees.
Perpignan, Bspi I Trains arriving here
to-day from Spain were crowded ?Altli
i-efugeea arho had left Ihucelona and other
. |ri Northern Bpsifl owing to .? \lo
.. . ..,,,,?,.;.,,. .' . aotr-ewhsi obscure i n
terle malady.
Otaasra of the aanttsry .rlcs tn Bare?
lona are dlttrihuiitiK Is evoty hoasepold
l.iM.lanum, with dire t|on-4 to the effect that
th. drug SbOUld he taken M BOOB as the
tus. Mmptoms of the Bttaei si?pssr The
dril .'Hard-? ..re being nssd sa ssrsee
Ml ? Mail? I ?oro, th- ?? <?'-?? ?t"' n?
been abroad f? StS m->>'^' ?r,h*"' **?
. ,%, o,, Uv ??unard.r ''armania fion,
Uvei-pool Mhi? trill aaea h'Kln the r^
hearsahi of her rtsa phvy, "A BtiietBy Oo
the wheei; which saa -arediicad at the
,,,.,?? Theatre In t.ond"ti h' l--wl Uall.-r
M . pero "iii h? ""der ih? nrattagemeal
,,, . h.irh ? i rohm na?
Rl ?)Y.\RD KIPLING?Btx>! ?f yon have anything to tlo with that feltnw you risk yrmr own toul.
MISS CANADA?Oh, ?yes. I remember jrou once ?.-ailed him a carrio'i bird; but, we've been ?*?ood
neighbor?! for years now. ?_ ___^_
Restaurant Connected with The
atre at Nice Oaves In.
Nies, Franee Sept > The restaurant
coraertad irltb ?Q Dorado, th?- largest thea
tre in Nico, '"llai'se.i this iTi??r?iirm. hiry
Ing a Bomber Of Italian workmen In th?
'i/-bri.-. Late to-night eleven dead and six?
teen f-?^v?ieiy injured men had b???-n tak? n
front the ruins by the fin-men an?! solflWs.
1? was feareii that nther ... rsoi i ?till re?
mained beneath the wttKkgga
The building was In course of reconstruc?
tmn. sad while Uie causa of the dlsarter
baa not yel been ?b'finitely a*?-ertained, it
i? alleged that the work, in Which rein?
forced concrete ?a.? used, was bein? hur
ii"ii i v the ontni' tun-, who were liable to
a heavy tine for each day they exceeded
the contract time for finishing the struct?
Is to Sing at Maine Music Festi?
val in October.
Ml-*?-. Ifarjr ?larden will arrive in New
T"tk the first week in October, a?*cor?llng
te h'T father, Hoheit Q*ard<**J
"Vv daughter !s to sing at the Maine
music festival," ?aid Mr. ' ?arden jester -
?la?, "and so she must be b,?'k eartj in Oc?
tober. H e has been sinking this summer
at the Paris Op?ra. aO*4t?Bf the OpeTM being
'.-?alome.' but ?here ha? been so much fuss
over her appearing In the Strauss opera
that she has becorrte tiretl and ?|ek of it.
Hhe lays She hopes she never will have t?>
sing !n ?t ncain Bui all h?*r ? nergies have
been ?mrosseil In her preparations for
'?'armen,' with which she is t?> ??pen the
season in '"hicago.
**8be had Intended poina to Spam to g? t
local color, but I have not hoard whethei
she ha?? done so. B .?? win also probably
appear in I i?r.?-a? t Opera, of wht'b the
name |S t et secret."
Business Manager of Chicago Onera
Company Says It Was Inevitable.
Max Hirsch, busiaas manacer of the Chi?
>*aKo ??pi-ra I'ompam, said yesterday that
the break between the Chicago OpoTS Com?
pany and the Kieordis. puhllshsrs "f the
l'tieiiui uperas. bad bson corning for many
a y?ar. II?* declared that the Ub'ordis' ex?|
action! bad beoino untxaraU? , and that i
ti?-- breah bad boeorns Inevitable
"Th" Rieoniis un?lcrt?'ok to toll us what
we should and what we should not do.'
said Mr. Hirsch ' They wanw-d us to pro
dueac?rtala operas; they insisted on a esr?
tain number of pe? formalices for each, anil
in every way thoy tried i?-> eontrol us \\>
c??ul?l i??it .-ubmit .m?l k? ep ?mr self-respect.
\\ ?? w;ll ?In Without 111" PUCCini operas"
It w;im also l?,:trn?d that 0 car Hamm?'
stt'in would lift produce any of th? Pac
cinl works Si bis new opers hniis?. In Lon?
don. At th" Metroi'olitan, however, they
S III be s'.iiik .ts usual.
A ?-able message received at the offices of
Henry W Havage yesterday announced the
production of "The Oieat Nsvrao*' at th?*
?iarrick ThsatTO, Iaondon, with ?Miarles
Hawtre] In th? "?tAttUUd character. The
Ida?, was produced In ?'hleago las? season
by Mr BaTiffi ??Mb Henry K?>ik.'i- as the
star Mr Kolk- i .mil tils (-.?nipatn will
appear hi Neu fors" about th?* ntliMIe "f
Test Stils 3 H? m? B rtarril .it-Tanked
with i>ani"i i'>??hmati i? prosonl Edgar
Belwya'i new play of thi OHoal "The
Arab," si the i.wiitn Tltoatro, beainnlng
Monda?, Hept?mb?r it, iollowing the SA?
istiimeal thare of "Thy Neighbor's wife"
Tb? ...!ii|.;tn\ Includes Mi Slw\t;, B?as
Laker. Kthe! Von Wil?li??n. i:?l\?ar,l l:
Maw?, n. Walter Wilson. Edward rase, l
s?t?h Rawle) sad (saw Russell
Miss i'i.tr.'M.'.. Shirley, who has been
playing leadlni nv.-niie rolsi In Um Boston
Castle lojuare Stack ?"tupan?, has basa
added to Miss Blanche Mac's suppori for
"Th. Wall .-?ire.t OHrl "
The l*u?i ?tOM t.-hear-al of ''Ktevattog
a Hustmn'i. th? nea ptaj In which i?ouis
Mhiui is t> be pressa tod by w.ria I
l,?n??ih'i. ???ai- 'i'ld Si the Ubetrty Theatre
traterds] Mi Mann will open Ml tt toon
ou Mondai nigbt In Ihs ? oiling?*.i
D.. ?n.. poufhkeepsl? ?
Thomas K. ?'rimmlns. brother of John I).
Crin mins. died yesterday at his horn??. No
? 728 Park avenue He had been 111 for rnorc
' than a >ear. Mr. ('rimmlns was born in
UR, .ind after the retirement of his fa.Jier.
?in 1171, Thoma.s ?teCBBie associated with, his ;
] brother John la a contracting eoanpauty.
i When his brother retire?! he continu-id In
business, and in lft'ic OiaantSSd u tig real
estate and cetHtroctton tie-ncera. He aras
altraya proralnently Identified with Tam?
many Hall.
When he was thirteen vears old Mr.
Orlmmlns had charge of the work of c,r??'l
bSg ISth street from Third to Fifth avenue.
In lc71 he had entire charge of the sewage
tysten* of New York He was said t?> be
the first 'contractor In this city to ;.??? dy?
namite In blasting :ock. His- firm laud a
large part rf the gas 'nain tystam. anal
ex? .VBted ti-.?? altea for Madison :-'i|ir?,r''
?iarden and ?he Waldorf-Astoria
BSTVtces all! ts held at :?:3'j a m. Mon?
day at St Vincent Ferrer's <*hurch?, ?S.'.th
jstre.'.i and Lexington avenue, and the burlaJ
? will be in '?he cem-tery at Hunt's Point.'
th?- I'.ronx.
Nahant. Mass., ?Sept. S- Dr. Thomas
Dwight. one of the foremost anatomists In
I America, and successor of TV fitiver
? Wendell Holrnea la the Parkman profes- '
i BOrshlp at Harvard I'nlvet slty. dVd here
to day after a long Illness. Ur Uwlght;'
I WSa horn In Boston sixty-eight years age*
'and wa? graduated from Harvard In IS?'*;.,
i receiving Ms medical degree one year later
land hi? LL. I) from Georgetown I'niver
laity in IfSB. HS was an ex-presldent of ttvej
American Anatoml?t.s' Association, a mem?
ber "f the American ?Society of Naturalist?
and preatdent of the Central ?ouncii of thei
Bodety of Bt Vincent da Paul H?-> wasi
th?? author of several volumes on anatoml ?
. al subjects? He was a member of the,
? Harvard faeult* trota 1874 to Ion?,
Illgglnsvllle, Mo.. Bept 8. -Major Chartes
H \'an?liver, one of Stonewall Jackson's
Staff I" the ?"Ivi 1 War, later a newspaper
publisher at Keyaar. w. va., and promi
tn lit In Missouri polities, died here yester
day of paralysis, aged seventy-two. He
was elected to the Missouri State Senate
?; res times. He came to Missouri In the
SO s.
Brussels Bspi I The death Is an- '
Bounced to-day of Irabart de la Tour, a i
Bt Igiaa tenor. He appeared at the Met?
ropolitan Opera House, New York, in IM,
? ??
Th?- will of lu. Edward B. <'ohurn, an
Sys and '.41 specialist Of this city, who
dl.d OB August 1", left Ids entire estate,
rallied in the petition attached to It ,?t *;?>,
i>a., t" his mother. Mrs Hattle U. Coburn,
of Troy, N Y Mis Coburn, however, died
last March, making It necessary for the
t,st..t.irs sister. Mrs Katherine B.
Church, to apply f?>r papers sf BdllnlBtra I
ti,,r III ?ohurn was the son of Dr. Bd?
Ward S ?'ohurn, a well known physician
in Troy sad a graduate of Alban) :
Medical College At th?' tlni" of. his death
Bo whs attending aurgeon at ttie Cornell
.Medical ?'olleg" L-lspensat y uni assist.rt
?iir.i'iiii at the Amsterdam Py??.and Kar
Bernheimer. Cut Off with $5,000. to
Begin Contest of Brother's Will.
[H> Telegraph to The Tribune. |
Part Olbson, Miss, sept l.?--Bocsaas8 sf
a tamil) uusrrel several years ago. Mar?
cus Bernheimer, of .??. Louts, Is eut off i
With Mi.' l" the terni.?- of the ?atil of
til?, brother, Jacob Bernheinter, sf tbla
cilv. who died ?.n June II at Atlantic ?'it-..
\ I, leaving an estate value?! nt BtBSa
than |i,*at,*M Bksasy narabeinter, of'
\, w York, ?? brother, and Mrs ?'aril'? I
Bcharff. of Bt Loula ? slater! sre te havo ,
pi i? t'callv the enMr* estate. One del?
i,,, .?.oh is left to toe children sf the
Iota Hre Clsrs l-owensiem, of Mobile. ?
Bister, because the latter side?! with Mar
,u? Perahaltnei In the familv quarrel
Ttie Bt l.ouis brother arrived heio to?
(;,, tO ? "n'est the B ill
Mid'ld. Sept * The lepnrt p'lMt?h??1
.,?,? \.sf.rdn) Iha? two men had le*n
arrested ?t ?eon with Leonardo da Vlnd's
' M?ma lalsa," stolen fnarn the Louvr??. In
their posB??3slon, proved upon InvesUiratlor,
to be iintru,?.
Pnoctrr. Vt.. Sept. Sa-Lhysleians attend
, Ing former governor Fletcher D Procto*
stid u?-?rlay they feared that he would pat
S survive many days He has been 111 at hi I
home, ?.ere sin?** July 1*
l*AR.VKS-NAETHIN<> On S-ptemtwir ?. ??
Mi- ?'liunh of the Heav*n!> Rtti. VJ.? Re?
MsiiS N'K-thiiif, daugh'?" of Mr jr-1 Vi?
char!?? P"re1n?-k Naethlng. to Mr, Roderl ?
BSTtMur Barn?-?, ?on of Mr ?r?d Mr ? Rli-hard
Harn?a Th? Rev J K Ra/. of th?
?*hiir*li of Zlon. as?la*?l by th? I i>v Aloei.
Monk?, ?ifflelated.
NT?'O?ala- I'OroHTY-On Septemtvr I 1811
*t The Knoll?. Wtlltamstown Mia?., br ttM
Rev Per? y Martin. Marion Rutg ?r? Doughty,
daughter of the late W?liam Ho sard Dough
t>. of Troy. N T., ?nd V.T.; Sjimatown te
William I^enard Nleoll. ?on of th? la?. Dr
lif-nry D'nton Nleoll, of New fork.
STRAIGHT -WHlTNEY--On S<'<-r?mb<sr 7. at
Geneva Switzerland. Dorothy >Vlr)nn?y. daugh
1er of the late William C. Whjitney, rt Sf
Vrk nty, to Wtllard D Stra!|;ht of 0?*<gO.
Notli-es of marriage? and death? most se
srei.'inpauiled by full name et d address.
/ Adams. Lout? air".l?-p?e, Richard H.
BeardalL Mary A lifiwTit. Edgar.
Carey, Margaret A ''i .ks<*n. Rob-rt O.
Ch? ' liter, William R, 4?ch?x>nn-iac?i?r. M M.
Clarksoa, Loo P Thurston. Leonora K
Da Moll Lydia M Van Wyck. rjeorg?
ADAMS-I/ml? Adams, Thuredsy, ">??rtemt>sr T,
1911. in the 70?h year of hi? ag?. IsrSMB at
hi? late tatUtaee, No. 29 West 12th ?t. Ban?
?lay, at 10 s. m. Interment privat?.
BEARi'A1.1.?Suddenly, st Wstarvtlla. V. T..
on Wednesday. September d. 1911, Mary A..
wldsw of William A. Heardall. ruDirsi
from her late realdenc?, No. 00 ?Greene a?*?..
Brooklyn. Saturday, 9 a, m.
?'J REV- Suddenly, on tSeptenibor ?i, 191L,
Marsarrt Ann, beloved wife of Micha?! j
''ari-y. Funeral from bar 1st? residence, We.
11 Aberdeen ?t, Brooklyn, Patur??j, feo
tember 9. 1911. ?t 9.80 a. ra.
?St EVAt.1ER? Suddenly, on September T.
1911. William H. Chevalier, aged 88 years.
funeral eervfees ?t hla 1st? reeldenc?. No.
102 K>?ntIworth place. Brooklyn, st 9 p. na..
F:iturday, Pejptrmber 9. Interment privat*
| .? Kgt in ?On Friday, Septomber 8, 1911
In his 2 id ,?..ii. Leo Paul Oarkeon. sob et
.tulla F. n?tin?>it and grandaon of th? 1st?
Edmund ?'Urkaon, at ht* r??ldeno#, V?. 'i
Pf-uepecl 1'irk W?a?
DM MOTT At R?v Itvtlle Centre, on nartata
ber <*> HUI, Lydia M. De Mo-tt, wtdow of the
1st? Alfred M De Mott, te the ?""th year
? ?f h?- agi?. Funeral ?ervicea at bar 1st?
raMlIM, No. 235 Village? ave,. Brook tro
aXstsrsay, at 2 p ?
?JILI.ISPIE Puddenlv. at Veneer, CeL, op
Thiiraday, ^'pi'mbir 7, 1911. Richard w
Ollllapl?. *f Stamford. Conn. Funeral ?arvtce?
v.HI be held a' bt? 1st? summer resides?-**.
Huppan I'otnt, Stsmford, Conn., on M00.4*?
?? 2 p m. Interment at the conven?an;? er
th? femliy.
HKWirr Etgar ll-wttt, aged M ytaars pit*
neral st "The Funeral Chwvh," Moa. 24?| aud
?AM Wtm 2M M ?Frank E. ?tampbell ?Wild
j.*? Ktnypi At It? horn?. No. 33 Cedar Place.
Yoiik.r?. Thursday, September 7. lSIl, Robert
Uoorge *ark??>it. in hi? S*th year. Funsrst
urvare? at St. Anlt??-*e Merasrtal CnurJi.
Vi.nk'-a, *-*un.lHv aft?-rno?.n at t*S0 o'clo? k Iu
ternMnt Oakland ?'?????eiery
S? 'II"? >NMA<TIER- Entered In*?* rest. <*??-it?sn
1 ? r 1911, ?' Harrison. N. T.. Margaret M
, ..-?. v. if., '.f ?h? lau Ralph schooii
mother of t.lzette Pesoonmachar Tu
nersJ Ken?! ?> I bapel, K?nai/*?'. N Y, Sati:r
? \. al t t m. ?n arrlral of train from
?. otk
TIC KSTON on S*r.t??mber 7. 1911. st her l?t?
p. ten No I? Monrsgtia et , Brooklyn.
I ?\ Bouctrtofj widow of ?he late Robert
II Thurston ?>f ?'?un?-U l'nlver?'.t> Funeral
.-?? Ithaca and Troy. N V. and Phila
delphla p??i i bIssm ubpy.
V\N WYi'K-At llopewell. N Y . Septetnb??r ?..
aeorge \'?n Wytk In th? 7?Hrt >?-a?- ???
HK I'tmeral ?<*r\ I. e* ?It; M
.11\ 8? pte ? 1 ??? 11 ll - P '" r'": ? M ' ?
,l?nce "f hl? listet Mrs A t**?ii?l.?r *.si1?r?ss,
A, ?(,,.,v.. ' N I CaiTtSfM ?rill m? ?1
r?. .n,la? trala OS SeftemOer It. at Il.?pewell.
riir. wooiu awn rrMKirnt
1. rea?" ? '" ?-?' '"? ?>' Maliern train fror?
ir?ii.l t'.ntral Station Webster and terens
.venu? trolloy and hy carriage. Lota HoO up.
Te?ephoas ttM ?Jramercy for Book of Vlows
or r?-p??*senlalive.
Oftlce. 20 Fa?! 2M St^New Tork Ctty.
Fiii\k r. tiiiWII. Ht??' WMt ?M Bt
r??t|?ei?. privat* Room?. Privat? Ambulances
T.1 i:t!4 ?'????'aea _
M \1N OFFICE?No l!>4 Naaaau ?tr?t.
UPTOWN OFFICE-No.., l3fM Br?>adway. or
anv Atr.erl.ui Patriot Telegraph Oftlco.
HARI EM OFFICES?No 157 Ea?t 126th Street.
No S W. at IttAto atreet. aud No. 21t? West
?TAimNOTOSI BUREAU?We?tory ?utldlna

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