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L?IBill and are assisted by Prosper
Le Gai. now Earl of Hauterlve.
Amtrietn Railroad History.
A tiogrsphy of John M. Ferrosa, the
Bostonisn who mad. a fortune In China
before he was twenty-five, haa been
stritten by Mr. H. G. Pearson, and wih
b. published by the Houghton Mlfflln
Company Mr Forbea. as an American
railroad official In the 40's and 10 a of the
nineteenth century, accomplished a great
deal which wi.1 remain matter of value
to Americana of al. periods to come.
A My-tie Reed Book.
The late Myrtie Reed McCullough.
who?? Bad death by her own hand was
lately reported, left a story which the
P;itr.ams are about to publiah. It is a
story Bf raaaaBBtte -o\< '.:; youth and age.
?r.d i? ant?t?ad "A Weaver of Dreams"
M'. Dunne to the Front.
Mr. F P. Dunne haa been at work
upon a new Doo'.ey book, and the Scrib
p?rs w'.'.l prod; e II ; reser.t'y?the dat??
of pur: ?.cat ion is ret yet decided.
*?!: R. R. Bowker haa brought his uae
-k on copyright up to date? and the
ajgaja-ssd edition, which Is of exceeding
va. te to publishers, authors and law?
yer? ?sanad try the Riverside
Press la November. Mr. Bowker is a
BsaeBgalSSd aathOTtt. on thia aubject.
THE - OF VIEW. Six La -
raa Pais U_| DsllTSTtd on t'.?
. Foundation at th? Art Institute
cf . B'- K.enyon
? . ?. istmo
. . -.er'? Soria.?
- sad "Tech
>R; :? rr.ANCE. By Lou'.a Hourtlcq. fl
-2mo. pp. tlv. ??*9. iChar.ei
IBS third tn th* "Ar?
-? ? history of
? BsaHf it
ts t ? -?
at i entire progresa
e ?tl By J.*?--?.!
? I
.. Aeraya
BS from
. repro
. r.s by
* ?cy.?
-'?.uret. ?
? taach?
arper I :
of g-ography from
is a t
I a teograph:
. - ?
a --
~.:ng H.
a? whom the
tad Out of
.s; rated.
a '.arg-t de
:??:?? .::?:. atiO??
? ? -
r a Mitch?
f . ?
!n turn th?
* ? I f.eed.
* By
?v A. M
I ?..?-?"??
: - -hton.
nrried !
? r'can Wa
-v c. Bsa
.- s. .
.. : at
or. un? "a?e_ ?eaf'
tara, t - :
. . .
? .
. '. ?''
l ?
?no i i
Of Interest to XVotnen
I Only Exceptional Models Show
Any Novel Features.
Many new blouses are h?ln*-*- ??hown now.
but they seldom boast of a single feature
which can be regarded as a novelty. One
of the exceptlona 1? a chic little shot taf?
feta affair cut In kimono style, with a sur?
plice closing and a wide collar and rever?.
It has a vest, stork and umierBl?'**ves of
' fine la?-e. It seem? not unlikely that some
i thing of this kind may become popninr,
! atnce shot taiffeta Is one of the materials
i ..
at that outing, la worth aom?rthlng to the
Chelsea Park Wins, De Witt Clinton
and H?*?milton Fish Close Up.
The first competitive meet of the girls of
the city's piaypround? came to a close yes?
terday. Heretofore only the boys have held
meets at Ui? ernt of the ?regular play?
ground season. Chelsea Park won. with H
points; De Witt O:nton was STond, with
M points, and Hamilton F*1?h third, with 15.
Twenty ?if t!*e city piay?r'.vn is ha?. ? be?
represent"?! ?anee tht hagjinnlng of tb<
'ii mAtptUi "? In all. ah.ni! ?iv ? 1. ?rn?i ?**?i
???ris, rann nie trom t?*n i"
particip?t' ?i
Om of th- most ?r.'ere.'-'ir:?*' a-"i am'S!'*
FTGT'kca k??UiART '".-a'7 LEEN .- .:.u.U .'EL
3r.j:df:red in a design v i. trimmed "' r i
\ p:.\k a *aKF ??.
moat highly approved by fashion at Bias
ent_ .Another model that is somewhat slm
Lai b* SffaCl la I:, rea.ity a little cost, to
b'e worn over any simple lace or Bat waist.
..- a short DlaStad fplum.
:r.eiy smart white satin blouse
?oral new points, of which the s.eeve
is perhaps the moat notlc-anle. It la full
length and fits close below the elbow, but
: the
ie, and la loddsdly roomy ?? ?? -
? ..r.e of the shoulaer, bows
breton by a bolero which reaches to the
base af the neck and goes under the ball
a: the back, but haa a deep u.-mhole a/id.
In front, near the belt, is cut away to show
?j.lmpses of a '.are
!s a hip*, collar cf la?-?, Vue ".?? under
to tas fron the
closing !:. front, wbl
four cr Beg oarsai Ivory buttonfi. There
are, besides, various artistic finishing
? s in the way of
and little ilaek pipings.
a sort of decoration that ?was in vogur
not so vary m_ry years ago?wide horizon?
ka ttalow the bust?haa i*eap**?*-ai*ed
In some exq?::- I ?reatlona of eblffot* and
.eat handkerchief l'.nen, wi'.n a
a linen blouse frills of narrow Valenciennes
fall from under the tuck.?, ? ji.e of
I in there are M taSTfl of
BBS shirring ab a tbs t ii are
lltsiiissliaa gathered.
Suffragists There Tired of Domi?
nation from Manhattan.
Those suffragists who fondly hoi a
th* arairlag fat-ftona : -
fused and made on>'
sonali'" of Mrs. Emm- 'line l'a:.,;: .
? ?
Utara er IT. a
v...stake if the? took a ran Biwntd Brook-?
lyn. When Mr? Robert
the Woma: I Brag ' anshlp
? borough at the
ht r I oat uf tha
nfficrrs of tha ' orouRh trill declina n
tlon also, ami will, hk?" b? t their
Hctlvitle*-- to the Kins" "'iir.an Suf
aajAra :.'---. 'Sier
dav that Mrs. L'ldi-r -".ou'. I rank
ClngS County SUf__*SSjtBts" with
her. Mrs. Graoa r' Wt-lterbaaa?, ths si ?
ci.airm.in v. ".. not fata th? axodua Ins -a
mentioned as almost ? : Mra
I hi the ehall BiansSlB. The break !j<
tirasn Mn ? ? Ids It
former boroi:.::. cnair.i.an. BBd Mr.?. Pris
-flts liaet-scaff, ?m the or.. I lira
tad BSI '.?lowers on Uie other, will
" tassai.' ti A.ho, the br?
Mrs. El'ier an_ the Woman t?u.'.rage par"
. I
H - Talbot-Prrkins, r?
. v foi Um Bca-oaj
: ?? rrlbnaa n ,
.e break '??? ara Hn
' Mro'.klvn. havlnR basa 'n tie sj
- un- for taranty-ttto taatra hi
?ame ? toa atreet il I
? ? .
.;. if thing?- v..-i>? .
4 ? Mi?. LQdar '.?
Bt liri'?'k!vti are n<v
Efiassj par'v It
' ??' I
r .'.'.'
?' i.'l : ??
- .
?? .
j;d. but T
r. OUI
.nar-d slg
? ?sv. ?a ?i -
futures ha? been the potat -a 0 * ?* high?
est number of points ?oing to Chelsea Par??.
Some other games ;-artic:*at???1 In were bai!
relay race, a game called "red and blue"
and QU'ir?. A.'* ? M
girls of the home team playgr? ??nd gave
exhibition dance; and d
Thi idea of having the girls enter intu
competitive contests has ? ? ir-pc?
of Park Corr.T...-'. :.?r SUTTflr a:
.T. Lee. llVjWIeiaot o." recrearlo:.. Pftl
? n-varde'l v.itrin a few ?la-*
team.? r?p**e?er.?ir.c th? artnz
Mushrooms baked :n a paper bag are de?
licious \.'--- : ??? .:*-g wash tAmm and slip
into d. titan momm witl
'*? In
a hot oven.
fletes of the MarKets
Scallops Delayed.
Softs-i-e.i. ergtoa, wn:-t-, wfjj -
' of seaacr., -?? to SI a tOOUB this
, week at
r i, but
? ' Kt* ftorms;
I northeast \-. ir.'is ha ??
, Unes of Hi | th?M
! 2" cents i ? . *
? Mita " . ? .
i BteakM. whirl:
: cord ?
\ nln
| poun:
' per"!!. .
' ' I
The New Pork Comes HigK
Ler, .
prime i'un :.
Lolna pork out ttnrk
' -,
ktta are St
? '
(?uarters i '
? hmyt are *' M !
fei! ' -
delph a hr' Hen .
Inf ?
??-" r
I I pour. :.
Brown '-?
white Leg ii ? m
Japanese Pert, mmorj In.
Belgian !..
I II.mil. II :?.!?,. ' rcni'li
m:iH?*a'el?? .,:?? $J a ptnnd
tic gr.-ipe. are : ?in ? *
I?.-la'.'. .
Ml ?>?e ?? :.-!i ?e | .. ajtjt
?'"aiifornia ?jera
m?l are ,e
II.' a <!????:??!). an?! dotm
. ml i ? ? I
?ata? for I I
.... ,?. u or?
16 ??!.*!
ptwtng\ ' '? ? ogrk plia ? a
iv;fi . m
p] mM | .. ? ?to?*? ''???
plum liirtankf tot p^teggugt plum?
are 4'' wnta a -k'zen Wi*-k?*r.< ??- Ifl
cent? ?rid Japanese h-.; pltUM tit 6" j
rents a dozen, fresh gr?"T. .r??*.ite fig
-.'? cents a qasii boa
ants a I asn '? ?'
a dozen and state Bartletta ara
a dozen. Wsta JsrSi aa are t'.
rs ?'-" *
The Preserving Sesson.
Ti - sson ta a
?-aches ara
t of about ala
rga . - I
? ?:. . bag ?
i? them I
a. ?
??tits ?
: -?
and i.
? ?
tj md asesr la are 5 cents a
summer ar? '
- ? -
L':'o?//n Pr-.es.
? I
rnt _T.
' . aad -
? earp
? ?
ntJers 11 ??' Bts a ?'"'ini
ata a pound and hsna
11 ueni. ?s pjund Pot roatt and top nr
loln ar> ? **-*o_B a a-euaS. and flank ateak
la 16 renta a pound
Men and Religion Campaign to Have Its Beginning at Broadway
Tabernacle Here.
A rellgloui college, with a faculty that
goes from city to city, la i modern thing
To New York Oelonge the credit of be?
ginning such Innovation. The Initial ?ca?
m?n of the faculty la to be hHd in the
Broadway Tabernacle. Mth street, at I
o'clock on September 11, and immediately
the faculty starts In a body to oven Its
first college Institute in St. Paul. From '
that time until May. 1912. this '-ollege. with !
a travelling faculty, is to be in open: ion.
The aim* of this college arc to ?prea?!
?n about the varioua linea of;
1 'hri?tlan effort, and to increase. If posai- '
ble, the member?hlp In Protestant churches i
, by three million men and boys. It Is not, '
I of course, called a college, although !t In ;
\ ttXoct is one, hut a men and religion cam- !
Entered into !t are the Young M-n's
''hrlstlan association ana the Sim?! iv
i Associations and the Brother . i
in all of the Protestant bodlea. There id
i ' mmlttee of prominent men In lta
, and two forma of work, both of
Um '..-?.?titute type, are to be followed.
The !lr" form will be the li?>i<i!r.g of ln
tea In upward of one hundred principal
?HI last ?.ne ?jraoJl each, and
Um faculty of them will be provided from
Ifj touream, including inn. of the
ablest men to be had. The second form
'.'? l'.i be subsidiary Institutes, hei.l in smaller
'-lf.es. and ttMM w?:: run Into Um hundr?*ds
"tr; ir.v of men ht**1*H
:!iarg-? of one Inst.tute In one principal j
' to hold thirty institutes '
In smaller towns all about the district. In |
this manner, more perfect than any re- |
-.palgn ever devised before, arffj '
be r^ar;:ed an enormom number of men j
*..?.< up-to-date feature.
What are In effect cha:rs in this couese !
?TO e*. angelt^m. boytt work. Bible study. |
? . ? .?. The evan_?\
will co-tperate especially with '
e. and tne tw?
hold meetings In shops and mills at noon \
':*. tiome and foreign V?orh
The Bible work aril
to ?MB and Ooya. With these ;
-?? of prop?.
effort will be covered, making it. as has
a college In lta working out. i
Itoi he:d un?? weck m one Ott]
. licated the next week in the next
n ?:th no1
loss cf time, no expense tor buildings, and
I .'ion.
-??;:. me?BX
nference in ti:ls city o:.
includes about twenty men,
?atrOM Of Umo layrr.en. They are ex;
One or two i.av? been brougat from for
? es Others rOpraaant the very
best contributions that organ:::
make i tari ar- aXXm
?j, just as ?n any well run college.
Among the men are ClUU?M A Bar
? .? R Drum and Frederick 3
ara furnished with ottiers by the
- Men's Christian ? t t.ie
. .' IT?
nisnen . I I. L
who w\s .ate.y With the B' |
W. C. Pean-e? wh<; m 1 m the
Internatlor... B?8h< ol A
Brown, R Ja moa
A. Wh;-mo*?. A H ?:r.n?r, Jonn .
in L Bunger, Dr. I. J. Lansing. Ulo
?: worlf. W. R. Lane and
i:at:on of D. L. Mood*/, the first
?? conf-rence of tne Toung I ?
Itlan A.-soLiatli.n was bold at 'he
Mount Herrr.?.n *aV IM Bl ..-. ? ?
the most tangible result of Util | I
I ::
was ?.
to the world thousands of Its nest Christian |
?jLiorcuoa In eoo if the
c ~ : ? ?? ?
?? and ot:.-' ? -s will take part
The Pal
? ?.-.?? | roll
? rant ?of
? adershlp of ?jr J
R ftotX i'.ng at UM
te! an elgrht da\ p,
of the on:
, tutional work at N'orthfield and Mount Her
\ mon begins. The Mount Hermon Boy??'
Si-hool opened last week with a larger at?
tendance than ever, mado possible by the
f-omple'lon and enlargement of Crossley
Hall. The N'orthfield Seminary for Young
Women opens next week. A larger attend?
ance than ever Is expected.
The Rev. J. H. Lloyd, of Yourtgatown.
Ohio, will preach at the Ftrat Baptist
rhurrh to-morrow morning and evening.
Dr. Charles L. iloodell will preach to?
morrow at the morning and evening ter
. : 03 tn the Calvary Methodist Episcopal
The Rev. Dr. Archer Decatur Ball, pastor
of St. James s Methodist Episcopal Church.
?i>,ioh at both morning and evening
?s to-morrow. His morning topic will
!.f The Mottes for Church Life," and In the
evening his subject will be "JeauB. A Man
..mong M"n. '
Dr. Edgar Whitaker Work has returned
?r?->m a vacation ?pent at his tummer home.
Silver Bay, or, lake Oorga, an?l will preach
1 r? his own pulpit to-nrirrow morning at 11
o'clock In the Fourth Presbyterian Church.
There will be no evening service. The Sab
hath school win be open as usual at ? 4'>
a m. The auditorium and lecture room of
!'.in Posits ??hurrh have been improved and
ar.d a new lighting system Installed aluce
??immer closing for repairs.
At the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian
.-.. the pastor, the Rev Dr. Cleland
P. M Alee, wii; preach to-morrow morning
on "The Testimony of Some Eventa of the
Summer to the Need of Divins Guidance."
la the evening on "The Greatest
Thought in the World."
.he Twenty-'hlrd Street Y-?ung Men'a
CTaTtstJaa ai-aaatadOB there will be a meet
ng for men to-morrow afternoon at S
.1 on the roof of the bull.ling. The
Norman Tbcanaa of the Brick Presby?
terian Church, will speak on "A Man s Debt
to the Community."
,?*. the Scotch Piasbytsrlsa Chtnah there
?A-ill be i BBOrnh-g service In the chapel at
1: a. m. to-morrow. The Rev. Boyd Mc
i?leary will preach en "The Blesiing that
'An Unpopular Man" wir be discussed
a.- Rev. Charles Stelzle at the ___.bor
" to-morrow night. In addition to the
temple chorus of seventy-live voices under
a-*doa of Alfred Haiiam. .Mme. .Mai
tan Van Duyn. the contralto aoloist. will
.?ing. !n the afternoon ar 3 :2i) G. Scott
H inter tttn give an organ recua'., and at
I ? ? Kahn trio will play at the "Pleasant
Sunday Afternoon.H Motion pict .
ahosrs at 5 o'clock and aupper will be served
At the open Forum en Tues.ia- night
at the temple. John Collier, of the National
Beard of Censorship, w.u give an aei?resa
OB "What Wp ran Lea.-n from ItottOB Plct
? Frl.lay night the Rev II p.
IB will conduct the Ope? Forum on
.is ProblaOM. The Peoples Popular
imme will be fen <m .?-aturday
? Rev. Dr Peter H HUI Bai aj-ffl
preach in the Marble Collegiate Church at
both services to-tnorrow. The tubject for
the morning service is "Some Things im
a evening "A Young
Man s VVe.y "
RsgBlar Bandar aervicet of Sinai Syna
Kuhn. rabbi, wii; be held
-rgan Hall, to-morrow at II a. m.
The tonic will be "Is the Ood of Israel a
Personal G;
Dr. '"harles ? *er*vr*on. pastor of
. ray Tabernacle -ongreg?
Church, artll be in It to-morrow
South Reforme'! ..-?-,.._
: .11 services and choir
- "!- . -nas R BrMgSS, has re?
turned from a tummer vacation to the
a coast ar.d will preach mcmlng and
The Rev Dr Ma?iison C Peten w',1 sup.
' 'he Pilgrim Congregation?
al Church for three months. He artll preach
'? to-morrow morning and evening.
1 "Attractions of Church Life Estimated
afer a Brief Imermlssiun." wllf be the
Ding theme of Dr. S. Edward Young,
-nin Church. to-m?ir
row Hla even:: will be 'Three
Events of the ? 1 Tests of Prog
? Is Signed ?Bstassi!
? tin Bad the LTnltad states -r.e
Idolise of Lords Relinquishes Its Power;
tssaills, Penn., Murders a
' Dr. Young baa just returned from
.- home, - ? :., on the
-? ara at 11 arhara, aa
- severai summers, he
baa atudla :
T ? *-. --minute ser?
mon to boys and re the main aar
it the 1 ? -
.. . lie full choir will ?
Daring the
: Got it,
1 I bs t
era of
at the v.
arbfl has returned from a
? trip and from hla countr
? -Hudson, where be baa
" -xtf'nsive !:
an baa I
1, St 11 s clo'k in ?he
bald ho
1 '.. which Is ?
. ?re of
? ?? sal fl.
?"oil ar. nta artll b?< ?
I tolleglaxe Charah the
I . -on, paator
I row. having returned from ;.
.. ?:? : the d_vi*aotloa of
oaas-Btst and ehairni
will 1
\ Stimson. pastor
: Bgregational Cbu
ig at I
OB "*f 1
.. .
... gird 1
BOI in.'t
i.iv*. th h a
. -,
i? , 1 btltfrea of
. ...vui in LhS vicmii)
... . . 1 lit-! '.' Bg
: -sans ta parts
'<-!?">?.-r ;. ???!..
BfM : ..,,...
pattasa i if . ? Bsssttag ;
grti.'l street parade bssSS. froup will carry
a baasu-u ?It-noting the aecUon of ?hs city
'from which tt comes. Smtrty a hundred
little negro children will Join with the
othera In the march and in the ?ajtwciae?
following at the children's 1?% in Calvary
Methodlet Epiacopal Church. An Interest?
ing programme hae been arraaiged, open?
ing with the singing of '"Arnica.'' A re
I markable aertea of open air ?raillea held
! during the week closes this evening with
the grand maaa meeting in L'nion S?ju??xe
beginning at 8 o'clock. Evangi-Jlsta from
all centrea will apeak. The National Staff
?land of the Salvation Army ?111 furnish
music. There will also be einging by the
men's quartet, consisting of P*rofesaor B
I*. Butt?, Frofeaaor L. W. Armatrong.
Harry M. Roas and Walter Hanson. There
will be three ra.liea Sunday a?ernoon. At
I o'clock the King'? Daughter? will hold
a union meeting of the five neighborhood
c'rclea formed In connection wttb the tant
v-ork of the Evangelistic Committee of
>ew York City, at the tent at 139th street
and St. Anna avenue ?Bronx). Evangelist
Mark B. Williams will preach and there
will be ...ort addresses by ISra. L. W. \
Armstrong. Mr?. E W. MiSBgan. Mia?
A.ice M. Gamtiin and othena. At Fort
George all the speakers and alagera will
assemble at 8.30 to asslat Mr and Mrs
Morris Schlffert In the closing exercise.?
At 4 o'clock the Rev. Samuel F*. Gordls.00
will officiate at the Spanish rsily tn ?Jal
vary Baptist Church, 57th atreat, n??ar Sev?
enth avenue I>r A. F Schauf Her. ?hair
man of the executive commlt'.iee of the
Evangelistic Committee of New York City
will preside at tne converts' ra ly In Car?
negie Hall, on Monday evening next?
Among t.-.ose to participate In the pro?
gramme will be Dr Frank Mas bn North,
the Rev E. S. Holloway, the I Lor. C. F.
I.elsr.er, and other well-known rlergymen
of several denominations The E rarrgellatlc
C *.or:s. directed by Professor Bi-njamln
Franklin Btitts. will alng "Wliat Ale Thaas
That Are Arrayed.'' by Stainair. and the
new "Peace Anthem." by Georg* Graff. Jr
This Is the first rendering In. t?l't city of
this anthem, wnjeta r.aa r?-celv??d the hearty
miliaaaiaMBt of President Tatft, Admiral
General Frederick D. <7?rant and
man*/ officials of the Peace Stadaty. ?
nutgera Presbyterian Church op*ana It?
do? rs to-morro-v morr.ing after, a month
? ?ev-jied to genera! repairs T?te evening
services. Including the mld-wetsk gather?
ings, will be resumed the first of October.
The minister of this church, '.tie Rev Drt
William Hiram Fouikea. who r?rc*n*Jy came
from the Pacific Coast, will oc<rapy his pufl
plt to-morrow morning, giving a messag*?
upon "The Sraada-d of Life." During the
summer Dr Foulkes has been. :n and out
of the ci*". !!%-lng with nls fssm'.'.y at Vy
acK- n-H idscn. He also attended the
Northfleid and the Stony Brook confiren
ces. and has become r-rmaneatiy identified
with the lat'T nf ?birh tie Itev Dr. j0hn
F. Carson of Brcoklvn. moderator ?nf the 1
General Assembly, is present. Tie fall I
werk of *he Pj-.igrr*- ."hurc**. ?affj cajTy out
?he pinna of the pastor and officers, lr.clud- '
Ing .ii-ressiv? evir.p^lisric work and In
erea?ntr a**'*."rv in Um Sur.dav ?<-*jor>?? on
l ratatf, th.- tita of ?h!sj month. :
G;p?v Sm.'h will occupv the pulpit of Rut
: Ida way to mat Pacific |
hi -in azt?mf?f*?*o ampaign arranged
toy Dr Foulke?.
At the Metropolitan Temple t?3-rn?oiTow
the Pastor. Dr. John Wesley Hill. wbA
has returned from nis vacation. will preach
morning and ?-".-n :.-??. Communion ?and re
e?t?Uon of new members arlll tak?? place at
?he morning tatrrteo. The doctor'? subject ''?
ifUl Friend." In the'
evening Dr HID wID preach on "Wanted'
A Man." The chorus, under the dlr-ec
tlon of Carl W Hamilton, of Yai?. will ,
sing rnorr.ir.g and "'???ning.
The BUlUtWt of the lesson-sermon in the
? ihllinlMO to-morrow ?rill
he s ibatanea."
At the Ma?*.:son Avenue Baptist ?Church
the Rev J Wilbur Chanrr.an will prearh
at b?)th the morning and evening servie?^
The Rev Dr. Tl.ton has rettirrsed ff
his vacation In New Hampshire and ?**!?;
prea.-h .j.it 1 and evening at ?he
Lenox A,\. n ?? ? | tp? Pat nfWaft Ch-irer.
* will be ?Back Again
at the Kings Gaxe." and in the evening .
' The Note of the Heroic."
Dr. Madison C Peters will begin to-mor?
row to supply, until furrner notice the pul?
pit of the Pilgrim CnajJ-ch. His 8ubJ??cts to?
morrow will be- U a m , "Why Hav?? the
Peo'Ie Fallen Away from the Chu-ehes***'
8 p. m.. "The Kind of ''hurch That W'm '
Get the People."
The Harlem Pr?sbyter*!an Church ?"the
Rev Dr John Lyon ?'aughey, paston.
? -'.:c.*-. haa Joined wit?) other Harlem I
??hurches la r.lon s?jmmer ???rr1c<?s,
wW ioopt I ar wors:*.irj to-mor-ow .
The r preach both morning and
evening, with the following sublets: 11 j
a, m. lood Providence": S p. m , 1
A Man Who " ":th God.** The
latter Is the first In a series of evening
sermona or. Um UMflM, "Some Obscur?? Old
?* and What They
"a for To day
At I r-h tho Rev William B.
?a, an M p. ra.
There will he outdoor pulpit
h of tne church
N A.
At John Street Methodist Enlaccpal
? lar Ofdar Of services wtll
..?rrow. morning .n.d even?
ir,* : - ? ..- *her church of
.;f>-3 ?^aaalnl at
M atnaaan visiting
.?.?.tor. the Rev. Dr. L. R.
at br.-h ..?-rvli-e?
With UM paaalnaj of Lahor Day the >,-u.
tlunsl KM ' ?n-'M? en Um last
,: --? mo ampalgn.
? -? -its are exacted t<>
torpa tgnmhurg and writer? until
e-. ?ffaMI 'i!- meeting?.
?' ;? osing
ijjf >e productive
:: any other i-er?od. A
I fad '.'i connection *?lth the
.. Last .\ m h Bau been the man
. UM me-tiiiirn have been maln
?nur.y of the workers have
ta tue campaign ;
r E. c. Fores- i
?? I the noon j
?Tinting House Squar?-. has left!
Ola ? "re he Will !
ano of UM leading football tuann of ?
? and Um a??Mtlna*a on Park Row ,
? ? - :. ilrectlon of :
I tor of the outdoor !
'?. rK of 'he Naional Bible Institute. It la!
it sixty tiu-etinga a week will
::.lu?-te.| ont'lo'U'H by the National
September, and
?In the four ?.onp.-l hal's.
if iii.it ?irganuatlon.
e .?' !!i? aiiipa.gn over
. . r ? var.gells
;.r i'.ntjert P Y Pierce haa re- ?
? I?-cturing and
ring the va?*ation pe- '
? ? ? .. ir.'n's
m ? lr.iv. Bo will
od avenu? Ba
\ -i taivrnorro?*/
mornlai ?'"1 ??'???nin? Pi ??.i gg the even
lui.i't Um
I from the steps
4 . .. nuua tmmpat at 7 tteMtm.
tfxta ot <>r.e tu*adf?ad v?ui?> win am?
a mil? in many
?? gm 1 ?.ill preach
, . ? m?'rnin? a' 11 o'clock in M
* Lpiscopal Ch'.ir'-h.
-Th?' ? ij:*iao?t pi Faf The Supreme
?\l-n ' *rl" b* ,h'* ln*?reatlng theme of the
.,? of Dr. Alexander J. aialv^-Tayn-(
dal!, of Londr?*. Kngiaad. at 11 e'ctr?th to
morrow morning at toe Lsails Rostra. Tbt
occult lesson will be one of the fast At t
series to be given Sunday rnon-lngs by thli
teacbar of pay?_btc s. -nee
The latest aaa-lrant fer pocolar
Is the Mourn Nebo ' oris-rsaratlon of Wash
ington Height!.. Tbrouffh the Itrstt-um??.
tailty of Rab?* Samuel Greenfield, the lead
er of the ma-ement, th* Wallace, at Ne
448 W-est _i?:d street, bats been e__gsgs-1 ??
n-?ad?t'i--r_erv and the first sei ?/I sea SSJU ba
bald there during tt*e coming holy ?_a?>*a.
The P.--?. S. Tyor and a prof?*o-Bon_?
will ass tat.
Pari?: Department Not Sore Who
Will Perform At Crank.
Trie Park I-te-iartmsat ?purchees? a at-a
chr*nl?*al piano yesterday ?-rnicr. e
'??"? offerer? tUSMS. An I; is h jig ?
d snoe aird a Hlgt?aad scnottiaefea a
tarar?a?- the number, wS ich ateo a*Mtt*?a,
?election ?-ailed "A?*e of rnaaonrals** *ft
tough: for Um player? ,tmd tnira-au. sasi ?
' $110.
During the noon It rar the Irj
tested at the arsena i with .fUch
that Commissioner ' stower went Amom ta taha
basement to ses 'if all the tunea
wsrs there, as I ?e otmppwA into the
men: the Irish ?hj atas la foil blaust,
two psurk employes **rere tn?rw-ing Bs-w ?
danaed It in the old country
The instrument Hj ? ?hjgtt Be It ?SB
pulled by a Boi-sa -gut the -fasti as taw
wtU do the triaftnge organ gnaiara. It
was emld, are no ? s-pj the d*\:
Wh-r appealed to Coramiaei-TOer
sald he bad */ondered If the earn?
the m?nager,/, woulda't do to draw
ors**-?, ttecasae the deparment tras
of _t?ir?-es p'? ?tronnn attendants WtJl
nag?, tmko. turns -rrlndlas out the I
tue m;xjL.it coLle-hatb cttveucM. "
'id Ave. a.-.?-. TU? St.
Rev. JOHN a TA GO. D. D-, ?H
Rev. Osvffl ?_? 8tr)en will pt
at U a. ,: sad a P. U.
THE MAgTaaU: ' O LI. T. C, I ATE
..- Ave. ar.d .'fit- rh.
Rav. DAVID JAS. BL"RRE_,_. D- D?. Ifllltaaat
Rev p?)ter H -CHI ter.. D D.
will -ir.___,?-. a- il a M and a P. St.
-.oratng?-'i*at?oie "Things Iinn-trtai.'*
E-vemag? "A Youag Man's ?"fay"
5th A-*e ar.d 48th St
'-?v v.??:. .; ._i JaUCKS Mac LBOIt. inalaai i
Rei AJ-Uiai Prsdsrtah Mabon
?M:; preach st 11 a m sad i p at
\v?-et End Are ?nd Tt_ 8t
Re- Tvrr.aa M-Bride SXahala
_?*? ''.: preach at l; a, M
closing rallies, sept. 9-11
MATIRUAV '!)?_? .30 P Si CUt-Braa?*
Ral'y. :a.var; Church. Seventh a**?. BBS
It S P. M.. Rally. Cniou Sq.
??ODA Y (10th) ri'An p m.. Fer: ??eoi-pe, 4
T M *?:>.'? --'-i. Ceivmry <*hurch. tTTtb. St
- P M.. Engll?b. leHHh St an?* 8a?v?ath Ave
1'tti tit. a-.?i av? A, 13'Jtb St. sad 8?.
Ann'? Ave.. 189tl. St. sad L?-t?a_-. Pla-os
, ItnlLnn. Iw.rh St and Hijgbet Ave., list*
ah anrl Hi?tth St.. at -"litt Ave yegrromg.
Both -? and Cer.'ra: Psrk West.
MO.VDAT '11th i 10 a, M . He?tdqus_-tan.
>? P M.. Carnegie rotX. Converts' Reih
Evangt-IieM'' Chorut.
Tickets t<rured from pastors tr st Ml law
ir.K-or Av? 'Phone 243?* Plata._
'?-.. Ave ?nd Mth S*.re*t.
let Ices at 11 a. m and 4 p m.
Rev. A. F. Scliauffl-r, D. D.
or :?'ew Tork wi;; p??-.acli a-hi?e tae fi?sat at
'he Church Is be ing shared, ter- Isas wi!l be
held In the eh^nel. 7 Weat S5rh St
_P'ranger* ar* coi-dla.lr Invitee._
TECI?L 8r_CM?B7 -_?vi?C-9
Mai - - /? ? Conor aaaa st
Sj&(Ut rncrnlnj at 8 in asd 11 o ciaflk. Ftll
artll be present. Seaia free
Pr.iurl'.er. .>? pt_ M
T??? aeri-'c?i of the cierta?' may be ba_l Bar
or r.'.tht Telerhone 122"- Hr>ant.
Rutger's Presbyterian CEmE
T-L ,?-K_ET A*b BBGaDTTaT.
REV. Wi.LLIi.fl HI eMFELICES,0.0.,
Mlr.i??*r -reirh-e at |] orara
??R"-,-"T'E-- ?-' VT'AT M-^RNTN :?? g*CPT IT
aaa r?a?o?reil mr.i t? now ?x -??.^ ppisg _
ifiBtraaoa ilTU ?street aau* Brtasava*? )
WaiER 0. BUCH^AN, 0. 0.,
Filil? i>A ril 11 tHlKOH
Hruadnir end 79th Streift.
:: a Bt and I P M . Rev. J. H. I_bOTO.
et TojiTgstown. Ohio, trl'.i pres?^i
C. A. EATON. D. D.. Piaster.
Tbc \nteaj I.? ?nc-li.t.
???.;'. pram ?>.. tjar.rt.iy iiicrn.;',^ an* ?-?aajBBSk
Fourth Presbyterian Church
a'-.t En.t Ave asd ?let St
P. El.vVi.oD ERI''-_*iO.N*,
Dr. WOPK trtll pra*ch at 11
sa nth i-ehoo!. 0 48 a. ra
University Place Pre_tbyterian Chuixh
Cor of 10th }*t 'one t>:oi:k ?jreat fror? Cbiiedessi.
r.EOROK ALEXANDER. D D, P?-at?.-??**?J->4ie
?lUjiro* at 11 a m. an* I * a
The Pastor will ; re ach Ttedseadar ?vanlag
.' ? j Cock._
Ca^nAT^RgHB.'TE'Bt?X CHCaC-l.
W?it .".Tth et.. tiet*'?en Broadway aa?l 7th ave.
?S MERLE-SMITH. D D.. Pf-ate*
IE M ?11YTH. Jr. Assistant.
rraMehlng it 11 i? in br ll*v. A. V. ?.
HAVMONP. D. T> . ot Buffalo All Waloome
-athkdrai. or BT. JOBsT Tfl BMass.
Amaterilai.i Avenue and Ultb Street
. 'i: ?jeptercber _0.
g?Hoir O .o:: ?union.
1! and 4-Pr-?ei;her, Right Rev JOBEl?? st
FRAN?'IS. r>; D'_._ Hlahop of In 'tan?t*>etla.
? . m sxid TMity aattaua sti-aet.
llaBERT PARKER HTT'*H. of Antfaeer
??;! pre*rh_a' 11 ??? o?og-l
Broadway Tabernacle,
Broaalwav jntl MS Street.
rtrserSin n .% 8 W'aHi * p. tn yrasmr '
:,?o vve, Uth to 1Mb st
n? H'-*vV\p-. DrriiEi.D. D D. P?_?*ter
Rev TVM'IM ? McCAfffg. 11 A tn.
WEST E?J CiUiiH Am?'^r
? ? \ y ?v-v atXICiai**! D D.. haLttov
i ? v. vi avn?i ?r ii, Prea<hinc br
The Rev." W I JOHNSON^ P. D.-t Pall-??, ?a.
StTJ BT- T. at. C A?
On tte R*?9f.
Rev. ?Norman Thomas
gui ?.-t -, ?Iti,? Deb- t? the Commuattt?.**
cajvatv MHheital KpW?>aai Cassas*.
'.?fii street and Se.-er.th Avenue.
Rer rilAitLES L. OOODEU. O- V . .?-t-ttatr.
Sermun by lb? haai?>r.
11 A. U an* "Ps. ____^^^
?i.\DISON AVE. >RE<?BVTERT %\ ? Ht^BatS-T.
NorthesM eerner jf 7SM ?**.
will presch m tl a ta. and
p. ?1.IJ4.M M rt.NCKE. at 8 p. ta
.V_roi.LK.IHTE i-HtRrH."?r?tt?.
?t., Rev EDil'K TILTOl?. Jr..
Ht.ior?U a. m. ami n ^. m . preach
Ul ? I'-iatrtr The Bthle School reeuaaes
????lona ?ipumbir 1T, at 2 *?*? p. m
?pTa^VffRVW*^ Dr ma?:artmub? B
C ?, g g Pummer ?l-anlnaa fnitn Imb
?A r*? ; ? da ' i'_l\arj Grand Chotr.
^JgSj* "Vll.i ??:?', \ ________
'1 Maili?'in Ave A 121 K
11 a. m. and 8 v rn tg W-l.-otno.
??? Pint'? MHtteyMa* fhnreh.
West Kn.l A*-nue an<1 8??th Street
Rev f'.BOROE P El IvMA.N. O D. Pastar.
U . Ran V'U.UAM Ai*KR')TD?
I'fl - ? "I l?T or" PRI?KD-L?
Me^ni,?? foi ? 'iihii 11 a. m.. at 221 Blast
? m. sad HO .?k'h.'r'n?-rhorn at-,
r-TR?ISf VR??tBTTER'i?ll
"i RCH. n.ar 7th _.v..-P.-v H o MJ?N
: v-HAl.i.. ',' I'.. Jt 11 Hev. G. II. SMTTH
TVMnfll' I Leu! e" lt<?.,rw." MS a' ?*?
II nUtA I a- st s.in?av, Il A M. lag.??
' l_iu,!on Knglaod. "t'onqueal of rate?''
-A?4< :>sii)N
."?lh AieBue and IWh ?ill-art
11 \ M and 8 P. ?S. _
JOH*? r*T MKTHODIST '*Hr"Rt7H ? flret t-i
\n.-rtca Vlalt??d Pv iirangert from e>?arywl_?j-e.
____?? '?__*?" n1nT* iM*T*"t ?8***yt?***-? 11 -?ad I
" Grtw-e Ck-oreh. B'?? ?? A lot?-?a, il. S
Per \V F I". Ily U ilBjd_?__
N ran rand av*. and Dea? et, Br?*eltlv-L-?-I?*a*>_
tor a. EDWARD TOUNO wut st-seea. ?a ??SeS?
a-4 7 aa

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