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word he .?poke, he was not t.? !>?? de*?'
1 by the fact that the ,?\tr??nie l'r?>
gresslvtefl might not like it. Se\?ial
tlroea his remarks were Interrupted with
?a ?M?Ih .?????
The PreaWcnt'a [rienda are awaiting
with BO littl?? interest narwa of tie rectp*
ia.| ,,{ today'a speech bj the geaeral
,. i.m in' appaara t?. be wholly un
. ..ti, .-rn? ?1 H?' beli'vs the tini?' is ripe
fear auch .? spe?g_ti ?ml ?-at it has hi^
'? .?salent t-> make ?t. regardlasa
? might lia?, o on his t'?T
ti pol It I? .?i lortun? - "i the dlat<?wtkm
i.? which l| might be s il'.).- ted 1'.? the in
?-? ?us In his part}
it ?s t.art) t<> f..tm an) sd?fK|uate
i . de t"v?ar<i
c.?niiii. ta e in his ability
rottably i.n shaken bj ?Vhe at?
. ? notablj Mr
< ' iiuuiiii.-. il'., tot ?tirs \isir \< in g"
ng that ' "utid? ii' '
i.-t i.. known for aome time, but he will
?pond all . 'in thi* state,
. ng m the capital, Dos Moin? to
i. to-morroar
? ?. blc t.? form
? ;..|i .?f hlS I"??' ?I ?"
denl dined
? >? at the h.?m?. ?.f Representative
1':. i.. | te ins train at an
fThe President's ipeech m full will be
found on page 5.1
Says He Wants People to Know
Plainly Where He Stands.
Waterloo Iowa, ?Sept ? '?? Pr?sident'?
lOWa ???.??? . of large ciowils
all ak i m- from Council Bluffa to
I ??? v. r.il of his sp.-c.-h.?? M
da? !' "a Hm t.,! ?!. promising ag*in
. Ii?.ilales a?
1 .inff Board n them, and ro
y bills based ?.a these ?>.ports
? ? .. t stand,"
; if jota <i" lea ipprov? wh?
? i stand, you know what to ?!?>,
: yoU dO appro;- ?..: kflOW What tO
i to a hid?
veidi? t."
In introi m rit al Fort
, ? ?ompared II
? ?f the antl-troal law in the
Kor.-. ? Il f-fjn 11 In thai of
tie aaM that when the his
- written, i??- I
pU ? . 't. but
?o Mr. "
? garni
. n In the
?..-,., ol lu? pi ? o ? ???? ?' wai
on had
>? ?an?
del -t.'Oll
... .nui '.!-? ?e
? ? nt said. ,
it i? mid that th? >.:r If) i pre?
text for d< on and
on w ?? ??? ?il ?"? wl ??! I > ? ,t i?- ir ?lie
from t boa I tnd 1 make
,i i- not .. retexl
? ? If you are doubtlag Thom
? ? ?
ttle bll '.' sit .'til 111
? ?
? ; .1 t hat "
it ?? ? ? th nator < Tum?
mln*- w| .it I "'S
Fftorts ro Bring South Dakota s Oppos?
ing Fartions Together Fails.
I . S r a 1 ??
? re of the
Dakota 1
? dt in harmony, i?
ng. thi if far I and Rich?
rihei part
I ? . Richard?
Th? erad to allot? the
' ? ?mpalgn ? hlrt la
i ? ?sala lata? r
?lop men would t>n
T'"' Ive l>art in
?_?- "nt
? ?ri I ?ibbo
? ;?? raona ?\ ill .??; ?
? n ri mit di
Distilled only by the Sun's Rays
Pumped on'y by the Atmosphere
Filtered on?y by the Mountains
toti.ed on a! the ip-.r.g <*? the World's
? H\q;rr, c Water P,Ant?lfui ?:?
exhibited at the
Madison Square Garden Booth 127
Try D G!i?-s of this Dr'icious Watrr
: or Sale IC'-crywhere
Lotas of tie space
Mort-ga&c Bonds
$1,000*- $500 ? $100
and interest
Principal and interc
thoroughly <tt*cured
Assets. $10.000.033
Capita!. $3,950,000
Wi totem matioi
Says He Saw an Example of It
When He Headed Interior
Meant to Take Power Away from
Him. He Asserts ? Hits
"Reformers Who Do
Not Reform."'
i ?. n ?. ?. g* p| SB, Ki. hard A. Ralllngi r,
.'?iai> m" tbe lnii'ii?.'. m as address
i?, fi? i ? i t>ii? lands . ?iii\?iiii"ii here to-?sy
denounced whal he termed .? ten_eney
ucretlc go> ? rnmeni In
Amt i d thai i ? i tain reform?
ere Introducing doctrines which ere
"the antithesis ?j? i-eform." He i??"k o? ca?
stoq i" replj 1" .?a addreea recentl;
at geattle by Walter L Pleber, hk
in tl ?? Interim i ?eparttix nt Mi ?
Ball ng? ??m.1 ,n pai t :
The extent I ? w ?lch I
i?i?i..ii ma) ?.-- carried ran perhaps '"? I las?
trated ii- bI by ;:??- scheme, al one tune seri?
ously considered b> certain bureau heads.
to dismember Ihr Interloi Department b)
K from it all tti me bureaua thai ad
anything to .!?? wll the public dorgaln j?'1
logi ther with the Forestry Bur au, c ?i i en
them In another department, where
tljeli combined strength could lie utilized
to pn i n opagands di signed lo
. perate the publl domain a* a national ?s??
late foi the ? na? : atloi ol eei tain bun au
chief?. Tii. interior Department was to
? i with the Patent < ?IBce, the P? nsion
.? .1 ' . ? :? ? moaynai y Institutions,
nal ?mrks were to be taken
it and patrolled by men In grei n uni?
forms; th? gracing lands were to '??? l?-a?v?l
t.? the Influential and more pow? rful ?toi k
men: the foresta held or disposed ??f In ?con
n with the timber I ? min?
eral lands mined on lease of roysJty to
.1 contribute their auppo I
to tins polltlco-bureaucratlcal c mblna
lion, ami iii?- water powers and riffhti ?f
wa; distributed on s permit bests so as to
hold the j.??! mitt?. .i ? --.?i t" th.- get ?
rice i-'ui ;.. agricultural lands, al leael
m reserves, wen n> tx lield on equally
subaei vient and perlloua tenure.
No more gigantic polltl a ? has
ever I mpted in the history of the
Republl? Its greatest dang? r ha b
Its appeal t?> aentimei i ' I ?
en -urn iiiisi? presentatic ? ol
as, for instance, thai th? coal would
.?.ns-iiiii.il ir liftv years, the tlmbei In
.-n equal period, the watei powers monop?
olize, the watersheds denuded, arel p ??
;? f? n:ik?-d 3n?i unpr? t? i led. The
good i m.niions were all placed I
linea i he n ? ? re mask? .1 In
platli .ule=.
All of this 1i?(? left the public
same cohdltion as the man who has
on a i?; ?..-ai-teii drunk, with his head
swelled, his mind uncertain and his pur
The very Isolation ??r Alaska and h? In?
? . l?mate ahould move ttu ?fjov
t hei greatei ? ? ? dom of
al re
souroea Shi ihoukl, leaal of .?'.! terrlto
be burSened a it li bqreaui ?
? ? operation ol ? n llwa >'s, hat
and i" ? - con?
t,i?ii?-?i d?H.-imatloii of her populetloi d
i. . nrlthh ?ldl ig ol ipltal :..i Inv? I
In an) part of The fr<
the <]?.?-ii-iiia.i-- ha already
... .i h? r mai keti nd h? r
In a t lit way i.? lie ?l??i -
manl until a\.? ? !"- ? polltlci 1
football ft".i aanlty again previ
??i.l'li '
]!???? Mr. Balllnger made what wa
ly to Mr. lusher, n? said:
.. lo- m. i . of I he cl? ck
? i.? alwa) ?
-m?- the i .f..i m.? he a?h ocate? arc no
enewal "f' discarded doctrines which were
in then- ?lay the antithesis of reform? At??
iv? progressing when we advocate the doc?
trine of federal oppr? I which
??v.r.?- line <>f the Constitution cxiea out?
prog?. the advaneemeiil ?>i i op?
rights to give unbridled poarer to
? - : \?r it Is going i ack i?i the
a ? struggled to emancipate ourselves
from Again, la it progresa ?nd sos
form lo sa) we win no longei tolerate the
i v.iii? h ?v.???? ? let Blmpl? til
th?? Industrious and courageoua prosi
? ttlei In the public land) a ?
u i, ? ii has ma?i? ? - great mass ol our
[,. nple home b illdew and thi build?
new commonwifaltha atorad >\!th wealth
and dvlc . inrivalled in all the
?.-? "f human ?-?ui? ,?\ >?i-.'
Mi Balllngei won the soplan
ti ? ontrol, who app?
ba ?n control ?>f the convention. The tern?
i. ?? . was made pis
? ? ptlon liven t?> the r? marks ol
i i .mi?. \\. Mondell, of .V) urn?
illov ing hi . Iec( Ion aa ten
? . said:
. i ? ? i tain gn at r?
? i-? s?.?i - i?. made a sour ? ?c
-- . \?. ->.
- ? i ? , ici ?i under fed? il |u I
n?..?. <??, n lo th? ? m? a ol federal [???i!, e
.?- eitizem of tha? West, r?>
ompi ed t?? a ].? ? uij
Ion 1 i_-<?\ ?rein lit H hleh in
vtlopm? nl of the t> ??? . of our
-i iii?- . I ti?
the] lates?
Th? se qui ? : the
? i.v.-m Ion '?.laid? i In "aa bro
? ons< rvatioi
? In a
vigorou.? negativ? ?.
1 Premier Caillaux Says Not Likely
to Change Moroccan Result.
Paris, Sept. B "?????
I to?nlghl thai Germany* nea demand
1 hia opinion, were no) of a nature to com?
il result in I i? negotiations
? Moi ?? .??? ?i ..
i ??? ? \ plained I ..... ..,.. pro?
| poaala, to be ??.act, w?-n- rat tie i ?>r modln?
??i mu?a?-, about w hlch an i -
mei .... ed, then fresh
..- over
eadj ? tiled, notably tt?e
acheim - on enili admiai*
? Moi.?i ??(?
ncreasc of $27.000.000 for 1012?
Premier's Financial Policy.
? ? ? ? i, . . ?? ?
tin Douma >?.-? ? ? for an ?
?i |2" -
? .,?,,.,.,,
M Kokfl ? ? ? I
-.?? i.. the ??.. ; wl he ?.' ? i
?:ra??.a and the representatives o- Com? a
-.?. ii ? ?? i?
Th? ? ?! and
eooi alwa ? i?
W3s and h1w..?h sviii i.e. m .. ,,f .,,,
- -
ral -.. . ? lopmi ni ??I ih?
friendly effort?
. ? - ??
? ? , .
itilel ? -;? ? I In I hi re
? ?. toll?-!
.... to th
i ??ilii.'i I ?! ..j a
Yuan Shi Kai, Ex-Gror.d Councillor,
Likely To Be ?Premier
i' >?.n_ ? -? a. -? The P
Prince ? hing, i ; , a lbs
i/U} <>n
for? .;.??? ron? i Ion, ha -
It? I?? 11? .i- Iii.? BI1C
t ru: I) ., Qrand
r of the Board of
- '. i- i.? ?? ?? ? man ? .. -
If tire I ill n s |x-((| ,,,
lie- '
il the pals . ,. ?i ?i
I? ? i 1rs th Mi?, nuntry
? ?? to |.?>? !.. i ta ei Ide and
recall i" ot?t i < hii . ?,n
ti?|. nee of I
? " 11 - * i dl ipati h
from i ? ? late of ? ? ml ? i I
: gath< red thlrt)
it j
meat l ilnat I...?m.
'i i i fill i-1 mil
' : ? | I ? .II
< oiillniirit fruni ltr?i ?pr?g?-.
iiciifiiMig that ?t "i" ?"? l*np?9Ss|bU tu
RT;,nt ' ??n?.???."it'll?- Incompatible with the
Sultan's sovereign ?iKiits and Turkey's
tr?.;it\ ?.l.liiriiioii?.
l! is understood that the Turkish Am- I
-,i.i?.r to Great Britain, Tea Us Pacha,
?n Tuesday Infonned the British For*
,,: i i ?ni- a thai th< landing of ? tingle
Italian soldier In Trlpcll would e
trraatod sa a casui belli. He siso begged
the British e<>\? i nin?-nt t>> use Its K""?l
. ?in s to bring ???bout a settlement.
sii Arthur Ni??olaon, iv-nnun? nt SfjC"
retan ot the Forab_rn Otfieo, M ta f?wther
undsifAood, replied that the goY<trnmenl
would be unable t.. inteffere, ?is British
Interests were nol Involved, it in cx
]...?t(.i. however, thai Mr Edward Grey
w ?n receive Tcwflh Pa?cha tomorrow, :
when tbe question of mediation maj b?
i ed.
No Landing Yet at Tripoli
Panic in the City.
TripoH, ?<yit. 28.?The Italian Bed I?
maklni ? d?wionetratlon In foroe off thai
port it hris not yel attempted to land
men. a cordon has beer drawn along
the coast to prevent the Turk.?? from
landlni anna and men.
All last night it;<!ii?n warships i?;??-?*? i
and rcpasnrd ctoae in, throwing thoir
m -_rchlights "n the toe n,
PIve Italian battleships, one CTulser
and ?ix deartreyera arrived this after?
noon, bul did not auch"!-. They aie still
\ Isible,
???ii.. qi. steal ' sdtenv nl prevails
everywhere. Banks and business housea
loaed. Trade Is parsl3*aed. The
Europeans u*ho remain In Tripoli are
?gathered in groups In the etreeta. Nearly
all the Italians lia ? ?? s?-nt their families
away, the consul giving free paaaaaje.
The steamship Adrla, with stfeani up, is
. pt here at th? disposal ?if the Italian
? nauL
The Turkish suthoritlea are doing tiVir
Lmoal to Maintain order, but there la
iir. under current of grave alarm. Turk*
Ish pickets are patrolling the taarn day
ind niiiiit. The most threatening dan
;:?r Is that the Arabs may ri.??- against
the Italians who ar?- still here. The
departure ?>.' many Eiiropeana has Inten?
sified the feeling ?>r th?' Arabs sgalnsl
Trading vessels lie In the roadsttead,
their cargoes undischarged. So native
or foreign labor ?an be obtained? .??'?
threatening la the native population.
Probably the remaining members "!" the
Italian colony will leave Tripoli to-mor?
row. ?At present they are gathered it
the consul
Toulon. Sept -> The Prench crulsera
Leon Oambetta and Ernest Renan have
??team up, in readiness to start ;<t ;? m?>
ment'a notice for Tripoli t.> protect tbe
French reaid? nl
Bfax, Tunis, Bept 28 Th? -team?
Rhone arrived here to-nighl loaded down
with Foreign ? Identt oi Ti I_m>H. Th ?
' when approaching Tri
? ntg t an Italian deatro) -
er cloi ? Inlsi ?! the Rhone by the
??I?! of her tiearchlight. After the d?
atroyer made eure that the vessel was
i."t n t. t klsh transport she ateam?
Th? refug? ea . board the Rl. laj thai
th? v I? ?? Ti ,? HI i...i';iii.??. of i t*poi i ? thai
ri. t. Ibes in i he Interior ai e Ihn atenlng
??. n.i . n the - ii\- gnd m,?- a< re th?
Europeans and .!? t -
Malta, Bept H. A private lelegrai i tro i
TrlpoM saya that in?, ateamer llervulea
lefi that port till?- morning aitli many
Italian patwengers. The | ?1 the
In the rjffing bad ? rested
.i par.ir In tl ' . bul the auth
it la ofll? lall] ?tat? d thai II e Italian
im at it.- dl i ?"-ai i?"
Hteamei canable ?.t accommodating one
.?? r he a. ?
. io taki off i .irop. an without dis?
tinction ol natlonalit
Grievances Stated and Redress
Rome, r-' - B?*. Tuesday
? the Italian Mini 1? i ... Por? Igr Af
fairs, Marquis .ii s.u, Uiuliano, addr?sej
i.. 11... 11 :?? d affalrea h;
stantlnople, tUgiiui dl Bfartlno, ? note
which read;
l >ui ears I ..-? gov
' I "I ?! .:? I ?.:,.....,?. 111., K. r? '?
-'???"?? < (?? th i'.?.t<- upon the a.)??jlute
' ? '?? salt) ...- ? orrecting the at?
der to whli . ... ei nm? nl ?.' Turk? y
ind Cyn ne Phese
?!? - ...m itted m the b
real a? d b? othei |?ai ta .?f
m.. Me? Iteri n eati and Africa
Tl ? tranafoi rhai Ion, a h eh Is Imi "?<??l bs
ol el? III tatioi . . on
' atituttM i..! Ital: its Int? i? a ul tl
????" i by ?? .?-..n ..: n,.- plight .n tan?
Hrating the.- ?> . ti un u,..,
I Ital?. Notwithstanding the attitude
? i..\ in. go\ernmenl ol Ital* which ha? al?
? rnn eni In l ?JifTei Mil political
?' " ''" ' of recent tlm? tiotwitbatandlng
nd? ration aod path n? e . lio?*,n by il??
nn ?ml af Italy, ? I? ?? . on?
n , - i-, ? !
nt, but m.... than lhal .ill
? '.'? ':.t.. on th' part of M ?Han In I
gion mentioned ha? ??? ? y-atamailcallyo;i
,.., . U and i?njn ittnahl i?i u
'i !'? -,'.'?, nment, ?? ht? h I
i Urn? i... ? ?matant , ? ?
toward all I . Umst? ... tlvltj I
an .?. i In II ? la <t
ii?.in- prnpo ? I go vet nraei I to
? - ti-1 hai dec?a
? if ?? : ?
I ii. _??..! _ u;:l, n,. rlisi ll > .?"'1
I rl but th>- i... ;i|
? lielievn ir, measures
? -? in'.]. ?
KOtlatloi ? of s hlel It has had e<p< ?
? pa-ftl a |. . i iav< d< moi trai
I.iillh. . and \? hla ... r? mot? 11 ? ??.-. i
Le -th? causes 01
The ? | nt lia? ri
II ' ?M IlT.il HM.I .
information . mHy
?-' '? .?Hin?*
.-i K.? * ri -i Iti :'?? ? suri? ????? ii i .. (.,,
cvidem ... ?hion U
..i h? ri ? ?
This ?tgitatl.sailtut? i un Imminent
dang? r, not uni I?? Ital ... i \,u\ )0
? . -
? i ni ? - ? rl,. m '..? i hell ?
.... rk a ? del?
? 'i Ipoll ul ? m.ni' mill?
r tran th? al tovern
inent ha* not iaila-al to i
i . ?,..?,.
: ition ind In , oi
Hovel n?n< nt i h? > bllgatkm .,
? ? - ? hi? 1? Mill
The ! lulls n Rovei nroen? ..
I? ntion hen? efotl lo | "'? l ?r. In tere?? ta ?
.i ,,i ita digtill). h..- ??' . . i,,
militai ?? ?i ?? |) ''!"'' . ;,. ,|
Xb? ,,: ; ??!'?
i tal i" ? ? ' ? ?' ' . Mii?l '
o?..|! attend lo h th? Imp? rial
novel ntnenl ?ka not do.
Th? " :! -'??? ? ' nment d? mai d thai the
?..,,. , . n .,?,..11 .
tu ? actual < tttoman repr? nn ,,|
nul ????-? ' ?
? iarj i" effect il n *?.. i
lution ?Aitli?, n difficult ? An
.,.,i. ? ment ? ,ii l>?! i > ?in? sted i.. 11,.. ,, ium
\. i nm. nl i" "'i'"! it? i ha. ,., Unite
II whl.Ii
The io.? .1 ? ml aai at < onatai i|.,.,pi,. |?
?il.-i? .1 t-? dem ind ?- d? ralvi n ?;.m on
ibi?. i i".N. id? Ottoman Km.-i n
? ?;ti.in tw? ntj foui i>- ?,,,. .
ntal ..?i to ii.. Port? of th? pi
imei t, In default of o hieb tin j, .p,,,,
m. , i .ll ronsldei it - If .,
: ||K? .i . imedlat?
?-? .? ?? ... ti .? lb? '?- ?'"'? ?? ..i ti.,.
! Porta within the period et twenty-four
! h.?urn shall l>e communicated also througli
tie Turkish Bmbarsy .-t Horn?
The Minister of Foreign Affairs has sent
th-- Mtoertna tehgraai t?. tha llallas lega
Ueni at Athens, Dulgrada, ?sttlnje, ?*?<>iii
?and Bocherest, and siso t" lb? Italian ton
Mii.it.? in th.? Balltans
Tue eonsianl opposition ?>f Turk?.' to all
Itgitimate snd economl? ictlvltj on the
part ?f Italian? P, Tricot: and Cyrene snd
the danger n hleh surrounds oui nal
,,i thli moment rompel ?he royal govern
iii.ni i" laki grava measurei thai ihhv give
,i ,? i?, ., confllcl between Italy and Turkey.
The government has decided lo aolve the
question Of Tripoli In .nnforniltv with tbe
Int? esta snd dtgnlt) of Italy, bul In si
tabling thai sno r?8Sts Its pollc) always
upon malntslnlng the atatus ijuo ternie
riall) i'i il" Balkan ?Pen?nsula and the ?<>"
?MiMstloa at Turkey in Borope.
Th* meseagb leal me 18 the rodplents to
ii-. Mitnrgetlc efforts to prevent anti-Turk?
ish ni??'.em? ni.-.
Ultimatum to Turkey Enthusi?
astically Approved.
Roms Sept. b\ The Italian press is
unanimous In whole-liearted spprovsl et
Hie iiliim.itiiii) le Turkey. Wbleb, It boMs,
?early Seltnes the situation end setab
llahes ,-. in*., of , .?n.luci to which Italy iJ
now committed. The "Tribuna" says:
The Italian government ?.a- for a lung
time tried to setti. th?- question by every
diplomatic method, bul without effect.
Turkey now unk"? up from a l?>ng sleep
and offera concessions, which corns loo
Militar) ?"'iii ?,lion of Tripoli la not de?
sired by it.-?1? it la Imposed by th? facts
? <?f lbs situation, n Turkey to-day were
I irslghted than in ths past, the solu?
Ilion Of the Tripoli question would ho a
? ?; trength, It lead of a eakness,
i tO her.
I "The Tribuna" adds thai la r-<"" r,f a
????niii'-t the Turkish residents In Italy will
be allowed to remain In all security, The
measures Italy may take In Tripoli, it says,
win be te safes?aid the lives ;-n?j Interests
of th" foreign residents, without referen?'e
to the Italian-.
The f.??? that the ultimatum, which whs
dispatched Beptemb? r M with instructions
to ti,, charge t<? present it Immediately,
was m?, handed le il?.? Ports until yester?
day sfternoon, Is explained by its slow
transmission over the telegraph lines.
Chleseo, Bsrftserlaad, Sept. tt All ?ii
patchc reaching here from Rome ia?ii?-ate
titat the energetic ectlon <?i the Italian
government in the Tripoli affair la caus?
ing manifestation? of patriotism every?
; where This i? ?aepedally so In the lari??*
I cities, where demonstrations have been
: held and the army aeelalmed. Ths Italian
? ai?? anxious for ths early occupa
; tlon of Tripoli, which they believe will and
| Turkish misrule. In sddltlon, it is fep that
Tripoli under ih<- present administration
Is a . Dnstsnt incitement t<? Internat'on ti
. ompll?_atlons.
The ? 11 rentista although rl.eeke?! in nil
il ell attempts t?> cuate disorders, ""ill
! ? ontinue th.?n- agitation, but the majority
| i?? sgslnst tbem, ami the general public
liave aseertisd in an unmistakable way
Ihelr turn d?sirs thai Tripoli become a
civilised territory andel Italian dominion.
'?op.- i? showing greet Interest in the
t-reperatlona for the expedition and has or?
dered .? propaganda for the parp?os ?>f In?
structing the mis-?onari.s to usa their In
Unence In fsvor of the Italian plans, <-on
ald? rn g ii?.-?. an offering advantages for
pread of Catholicism in North ?frica,
bul h?? !i"i???s t tiat suce ses will be sttslned
by Italy wlthoul the shedding ol Mood
Those win? ;ire Inclined ?" be superstitious
are disturbed bj the news that Ihe Italien
cruiser Mlnervs ran aebon recently, cos
ig this s bad omen, particularly at
n ?? a??i-ul.-nt happened BOOS after the
' >.?n i Hoi glo met the - ame ml tort?
? ? Qulf of Nap'- an.I ihe I..?.-? of
.? torra do boel in the naval man?uvres
?i. Minerva waa loaded with mines, in
againat i he Turks After
u.iiiiii; ??tt ?i?.? ahoal -h?- was obliged lo
enter ? ?? do? k .?i ?!. as ?ho suit? red con
> ?l.-table damagi
King Victor Kmmanuel haa received s
..?? from th? Turklab ml -
! him n?.! long -t''? at !'???' o.'i-ki i"
? ratulationa ?>n the |
?i. Italian unity. Ttn mission aaka him to
intervene In behalf ol peaceful relations
two countries
Press Denounces Ultimatum in
Bitter Terms.
laondon, Sept. tt, The British press de
noun ea Italy's action In unmeasured
.???-. ? ting tl si Italy' ? ultimatum
, ? ? rasoi
which Turkey .-mi regard only ss ?n a? t
of ?,?.,-? The general view expn .?->-.i Is
the) Ital) evitlently Is nl on I ?r Ibly
arising the Tripoli roast snd haa ruled
diplomat ? oui of court bj hot si I Ion,
uni? ? ;?;?.??.? Turks} no chance to n?
te In'
? Ti;.- ?Standard" declares thai the Barbary
In ha'l a similar COBOepttoa ??i ??tin??
and international rights The papera also
ci,ui-e the Italian government with cynl<*al
recklessness because lier action ma) have
deplorable consequences, affecting all the
??i- having Moslem subjects In Africa
and Asi-?, beakk-s the probabllltj ?>f re
opening the Balkan complication.
i- is understood that wei bet#een iiaiv
. i,i ?Turk??? might i><? followed by the ?llea?
Ik ma preaching s holj war against ths
Christians, ?iii'i posslblj i? T?rke) seising
Thesaaly, which mlghl ?mail a (?uropeea
I ? i?r w ii n i "i,s- quern ? i for Italy
herself .? foi the other powers
a ill patch to 'The Chronicle" from <-..n
stantlnopl? ?? thai the German Ambassa?
.'.. . Baron Marschall von Blebereteln, to*
.?i- handed the Bullan an autograph letter
rom ' ? German Kmperor, promising ev**rj
support with a vlee to .? pee?ceful
'i a powers, saya the dispatch, havg In
funned the Porte the) the) era unable to
Interfore. This has caused a feeHng ol bit?
ter disappointment. In lha event ol *
? re, assurance? have !???? n grV?n thai
? ; ? .-.it Britain sill underiake t" aafei ?
Italian Interests In Turk.?. although the
Turkish -p>vernmenl la doing its utmoet io
? icttement, Hii outbural el Moslem
fanaticism Is feared it i?- raiaored that
gome ol the l tallan i oui ? \ i .e??n
iii,-'k..i erlth a rtea to ultimata i.pr: sis
French Diplomat Points to Dan
ger of Moslem Uprising.
Parte, Sept 21-A ?It ploma? ???il s?-.
QOelnted ??ifh Tripoli de?larr t ? ? a t If
r)i otteg to real I Ital will b) no
have ?n ea?v task Tripoli, a-h|ch
Is i.?>? mapped, ,i,>???-. ? .,? ,..,..?a?!?? or
fortlfl? allons, It Is trn.i , .?ml ? ? i rople are
i only armed win? obsolete guns hut, '*'"*
th? diploma! the WhotS fanatP-Al popula
.. tin il Inva
He la of the optakffl thai theTarks aroul I
retire t?. the mount c?,. and aim tin A ? ,
.m' would then wa# a guerilla warfar
.? .?iii?i prove et ?tl* I oth in live
. .i te i ?? Italians, sad ? ouM ht Kept
. an Indefinita I
.?. dispatch to "Tl ?? Temps" from Tripoli
that the Turkish transport Derna,
Which airiv.-.l there Tueeday, ?-.?in??! .?.
ttu Mauset rifles ..n?i ?MtMM cartridges
thai three other transports are awaited,
and unit i urgut Bhefk? t ?'a? u i, ? ho, h. -
'?.iiis.. .?i |||a alleg? u ? ruell . sntly
??' died from the chief command ol ti??
Turkish troopa In Albanl I ?\p. ?i? ?i .,?
: IpOll
i.":..e.n ? 1.1 pro ., ?. hard \ ?
Ion, direct? <?i tin- Ameriean arthieologleal
..? Dj rene, Karth AtrU bo i
returning t- ital? mM In aa Intervle? to- !
sight thai r?. itaiuui? win have s ?niTVuit '
taah la n?.- ... uparle? ?>i Trip? H 11 g n
i?.- praetji ?.n? imp,..ci, t.,, tl ^m lo
mytl Ing be? end H. i town . tas i oi ,
? si ol ??m !. ? m ?i, no . si harm
ss i .?i omi ? ? ?i ... i . . .i
??? tu.rtoi ai ?
Uttls water, aii.i tt would i? l I
[pOSSiUe f??f Italltn troops to advanc?
tlie Interior aualr.st ?n enemy .iccnst
to the ???uiiirv. There -?ro thoussm
Aral? Worn lighten ready to a?<siH
Turks, and th? c< mblnsd foreas wou
llk"lv lo Hlv?y ?lia? ItaJiaii? a I .in prUe.
Professor Norton considera thai ?
..f great Interest for England Is the -
ence <>f .? ?Mnlftcenl natural harbor a
end of the ?oast nrxt to Egypt Tl
i.oiv unoccupied snd is th?? ?>niy hsrb?
Iks .at if Italy o.-?-upi.?a I'lit'.i
futur.' would . ttiHtt?T Sf ? 'il ll
lam ??.
Prospect of Maintaining It '.
Thought Bright,
i.? rlin, s?-.pt. tt The Ftreiga 0
states l h ta ev?rnlng that Qeisaany Is
doing her best to prevent a collision
trraan Italy an?i Turkey. There la no b
bSffS Sf th? IhikIIiil' oi Italian ItOOt)
Qermaay i?< p\ri iIhk pre si me .?I <.'<?hh
linople and Horn?? to avoid ?ipv NTS!
atep pending ? regular diploman?' ?ii*<
.?Ion ?if Hi?? point?? at i.snitr. Tks ?;<?ri
Amhaasador t?? Tuiks?. Baroa Marse
von Ptabersteta, bag been able t?> rci
ancosas at ?Vonstanttnopie. ami the ?
man Foreign tj?he in fsmtideat that H
will not refus?? to negotiate on the me
af th" case.
The . banosa for a san fa**tery outcom?
the negotiation*?, however? ?i<? n??t osen
be particular.** brilliant Turkey haa b
persuaded into makimr canceaalona in
SOOnOtnlo ? oii.lltions of Tripoli, but polltl
rjoncesslona. m si???*.- of tii" waning prest
?,f Hi?. Young Turk regime, WOUld be
IllO'l ; lli(-t?lal.
Hah. ?ni ih< nth??r Irand. ha? been
ii?- ply engaged by her mobilization ?
other plane to aeeept a merely commert
position in Tripoli.
The ' -.?.bargen Post" bitterly atta
Italy's a< tlon. whhli it ??alls a "ro!,
foray " it says: "Italy, ? land wnere th
are -till thoussrtda of cave dwellera i
the majority- ?if It?, inhabitant- are yet
literate, owupylng the lowssl rank ??f ci
! Bra .mil lill???l with superstition, dares
unil.i take this robber escapade on
i grounda of dlaorder and neglect."
'order munitions of w/
i European Nations Prepare I
! i: i-ubi?1 to Th? Tribun- ]
Berlin, Btrpt i.'.??.?-Reports fron E?as
I telling Of extra?.rdinary activity at t
j Krtip;> gun work? throw an interestii
sidelight ??ii the dlplo?matic situation
Europe. As tii?' result of th? heavy ?1
man?! for munitions of war the firm hi
been obliged t?> employ several hundr?
additional workmen, and the depar
ments engacod In the manufacture
| (o-iii pi. ????>?,. gun projectiles and arm?
| plats are i???|it in opetation day ar
i night.
Many orders ????jme from foreign go
: ernments, among them being T?rke;
; The heavy demand, however, is not at
trihuted alii? ?ti\ to the present crlal
but to the general suspicion and anxlel
ntarking the relations of tii?? Europea
peassra. Thay see In the menace of
Balkan upheaval, tin? Anglo-? terms
rivalry and the bad feeling engenden
i y the Agadir episode special reasons fo
holding themselves in readiness for an
emei lency.
Italians Say Thousands Woulc
Cross Sea to Fight.
In Italian ? Irclea of ?h?? rity .ret- -day th.
main aubjeot of discussloa was th.- possl
Milt) of war bstwtaen Italy and Turkey
Italians were of the opinion thai I i
should come the tremendoue auperiority o
th? Italian nsvj ovrr thai of Turkey srouk
i>. a <i.r|.?i\. factor. Th pointed ."it thai
Il ??..ni?! be har-i for Turkey, piactloallj
without a navy, to crosa th?-- aea to ?ripoll,
and thai It would Im absurd t.? imagln?
that Turkish tioops would t" p ? Itted i
go through Egypt?
Frank Panclatlchl, an edltoi ..t II Pro
. [talo Americano," said:
Italy, lik.' most old country powers
"extension and expansion." Tripoli Is her
opportunity. Turkey knowa it. ami Turk. \
has a iar^>? number "f Italiana In her em?
pire. The dal ?ei and the difficult* is thai
Turkey, according to her historic precedent,
tna\ trv to d?"??trov ?hf immenaely valuable
rmimeree hvtw?-.n rvr port? ?nul those of
Itsly, n"i to sp.'ak ??r anything irk?: a
? ???? of Italiana in Turkev.
i don't think tu.' ltaMan government
would call upon Italiana here t<> return to
Iheir . uiMitiy In the event of war, but ws
are a patriotic race as history shows, and
if war shotiM h<? .?. < 1;,r? ?? I there a-?- thou?
sands of Italians here who Would ' rosa the
sea.? to Bght
a. r.. Kasslglls. Italian Consul, said it
wm,m ?i?? undiplomatic for him to aay any?
thing. Then he stroked his chin ami said:
"Italian? ar> patriotic, ?/Oil know.''
Jamea B. March. Republican l??adei ??r
?,if- fellow countrymen In the Id A - ? libly
District, asid:
"In Hi" event of war with Turkey th.?r>?
are about eighty thousanil Italians, all men
of military experience, who would lump
across ih" ocean to help Italy Borne of
tho m?mi remember thp Qaartbaldi daya, ai ?!
all of them have that passionate !?.?.? for
Italj which distinguishes our ratee."
Tripoli Population Fanatical anc
Eager for Holy War.
fit? CBSN to Th" Tribun?*. J
' ?i?nstaiitino|?le. BSpf. 1*8. ? I'rools an
visible thut Turkey doss not Inisnd b
part with Tripoli without a ?losp"rat?
struggle. Tin- Foung.Ttu?a possess con?
siderable political Intuition, look t<? th?:
futur.- aii'i (rarefttll) (leader causes ami
effects. Tins sccounta tor thclf willing
;.i go i?? war rather ?han ios. Crete
not ?because ?Crete ?s Invaluable t?? the
empire, bal because the loss of ?Crete
Would threaten WOT88 disasUVa It .'?
???iiiiIh also for thclf iritlui?trioii.s efforts
t?> undermine the i?h?h?,- structure ?i
Italian domination In Tripoli.
Tin- Tougg Turks are laying plans
agahwt thejr being pressed ??tit of Africa
!?? Europe, if they permitted Tripoli ...
slip away, they reason. .. Balkan ?trials
would Immedlstely follow The Euro?
pean nations .n?- adopting the forward
policy all iirotiii.l.
? ;. at Britain hs sent perhaps iti
greatest soldi?** to Lighten its grit on
PSgypt. Spain is moving i" prot?eci its
own colonial late resta. Austria defied
Km?.!?.? ami seised BflgnIs and Kerssgo? ?
vina. Tin- loung Turks alliitn they I
nu ist stop summarily every mov?em?**nt
agalnal them or sureiy, if slowly, the)
I must retreal bet?re t:.<? Europa:
foreign uheervsfs hers ?lo n?.* doui.;
': that the first gun in n Turko-Italtsa war
'would i>.? the siKnai f??r the rising ,t
. very ?m-my Turkey Iuim In the Flalksji
Peninsula Ths TurVs admit thai
would I??' able t<> do wlmt?v?-i it. pi? ,,>, |
?m th.- sea, i.ut they det-lsre thai <xi>*.
jdltlonsry operatloris In Tripo-H would
in ini dlsddter ?n? th.- Italian i ,r.? ?
march soul i from Trli oil, *' tore
the roads traverse the mountains In nar
row defiles, ????< Hs are si an ? and no map?
exist, while th.? population Is tonatkei
.md aagar for * holy war which miKi.t
Involve the >? boss ol North .\fi i? ?
? ? -?
Clip?.' '. I tOg I -1" ?'? ?*-' i''
price 'I'm k? ? nia.ii' o? ??????
eomnieni <?f the Turkish Ami.? i /.,,
Pecha, when the ?>fti< lai ai y
... ot hei int? nl ?>? I?
.1 ?n,i o i? .?????> i?? hli
,,???.. : i .,?r ? ..t Th? A
Th?- am?. i-sa.l--i had I ?*?8tV? d
patches from ?f*bnstantlnopk
t ital) a ultimatum to Turk? ? si .i her
,i,, (-don t.? I Tripoli ? ll
'???I ?'- w?
prised him
?Turkey will niak? all hOSOrabl fed S>
?Ion ?? poaslsk t" afoM an arm-1
:... ;i.i,|. ,i. ? snd ib.it la a hj : still la i
I at ?sal wnll not .??IIV?."
As food manufacturers,
we believe in the strictest
enforcement of all Pure
Food Laws.
We believe in living up to them
outwardly a inwardly* in letter and
in spirit.
We go to extremes to secure the choicest
fruits and vegetables, always fresh and ?sound,
and we spare no cost or care to keep our
Model Kitchens bright and sanitary; our
work-people clean and neatly uniformed.
We do not use, or need to use, Benzoate
of ?Soda in any of
Heinz 57 Varieties
Pure Food Products
An illustrated lecture on the HEINZ
idea of Pure Foods and the way they arc
prepared, at our exhibit'?
Domestic Science Exposition
Madison Square Garden
?will help you to understand something of
the enthusiasm carried away by the 40,000
people who annually visit our Main Plant.
You can also ?see and taste pure, clean,
wholesome foods in almost infinite variety;
HEINZ Preserves, Jellies, Mince Meat,
Tomato Soup, Peanut Butter, etc.
H? J? Heinz Company
Member of Association for the Promotion of Purity in Foodk
Extensive alteration? ura fotnf nn *t
mir Wareroome, it EEasl 14th sti
X?. ?h.iiht <?nr stink uiil ho hurt througlt
the carelessness o? workmen about t?. -
\\ areroaune, :<ml therefore we will ? ".;??
.?f all Manos ??f .? Si)???i:?l Redurtioti In
price Many Art, <;r?,n?i ??ml L'prifht
Pianos and Playei Planos ir? ? the
displa*? offered,
The Krakauer was selected by The Trlb?
une ii their Contests, as thf? First Piano I'riz . Same are no?* on exhibit?***??.
i ? i rooms
Established I?-*".:?.)
17 EAST 1-.TH ST
B?ooUlyn?350 Livingston St.
B?-onx?136th St. and Cypross Av?t
Keep Your
In Hand!
'OW that you are
getting your "House
in Order" for the
Fall and Winter, bear in mind the
all important?kitchen. Have a place
for everything, but particularly for a ! Gas Range
or Cooker and all the modern Gas Cooking Uten?
sils. Ranges rent for $8.00 ?and up a year, and
"Cookers'* for $1.00 (one dollar) a year.
Write or telephone to, or ?call
at, your Gas Company's office.
Information ch?erfully given.
Consolidated Gas Company of New York
GEO. B. CORTELYOU, Pr?sident

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