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oui int-? the vallar al the fool of Main
the first raatatanca to the
tremendous, wave which shot down from
tho broken dam, and thla hilt turned the
destructive w.ivr through Ike Main
?tragt buadaeaaj district.
Stretch cf Mud and Gravel.
The valley nlonK the ?matan "(Ikp of
th ? village waa eoverad yesterday with
comfortable bornee To-day it is ? t>ar?>
stretch of gravel, mud and muddy rtvu
lets, ah the houaea in thai part of tho
town were carried away Bo great was
the fore? <>r ih<- wave thai e??n th? de?
praaalona of the cellars are wiped out.
But to tho ?ist. around the*Main street
rijtht aagt?d corner, th? Qoodrear Hilt
fin?-.; th.- water i ? 41 forge its load of
? n \\" id and a! attend brl< kl
the .' f the Iintlre town Hex now
? in| the moal if
.. mi a Into town on tl road the
e two pllea la t' ?
wreckai ? walli of a
nd Into lh< M
stii- t rhowa I ter i lie
? i ? i
.... ?
. c
Blue Ridg I the AH? .
Ittii rn. th? vista
lile ? id.' i allej. Jt
- ? ? . . II
icloaes th?
magti ? ?long Main
the dcatruotive wave la piled, th? forre
? load thi - ? M the bulldinga
fcq f . water rhopped off buildings,
?-?! with th"
' ? . re at tnding
about aort ol
rom nil th<
tory t'>
h for th?-' m
vh*'- It. I'ntll
than two acre?
,ch and aolidl; In
addition to the mass of broken house ttm
i e is mixed
This - .'
ram which helped -he ?
? rlble wi rk ? ping floa
I tored in tho
I below tho
dam. and a? the water ' ?
H picked u]
In il rled it
Townsfolk Ar? Hopeif?t;.
At -, raw ot th< ? the towns?
folk Many of !
rebuild th. that they would noi
stay in Austin any longer. Where they
would er" ' ' I do did not
rn them, thon- only thought si
to he t" lace of
: need
<.f the suivivo
( hue ? hing and t.-i bed
In rd of Health
ry, but tl
t far
i ?, fore ? ? Id dov
* ' ?
i h th> hi -? that have
. : ? m ng up
? '
of 1 ? ?ion of
hen it
? - found
up to t ertaklng
ige, t'?,
t twenty of thi dead
II ? - mu,
? i toa n, to fa?
, it-,
? ?
. I the
I ?. ImprO'
. .
D-~> Rereitly Changed.
tv.lrt ? ofj tr,..,.
Coward Extreme
High Arch Shoe
It is ? fact, i!'?t generally
understood, that low heeled
ahoef urn not raited to nil
foet ' v arched feet
they ml- 0 positive injury.
This nave ( oward Model
earried i bcel two inched
high, and ?a designed fp| few!
fi highly arched insti p.
It will holp it any women to
prem i vo the beauty and
health ol their feet
i] 06 - ahapely] made
from ? :.< '< athera, cut
? f eipert slioe
264-274 Greenwich St., N. Y.
? 7.A..
tUtioritr? ? iittJ i SssdlwCeJatsgas
Showing i' -''?'?", '-npth. itretchla? fron on? aida of th? valley to tha cdBtft
(Pbetegnipli rsrokded by T. ?heikle? RaMea, the taglaetr ?ho bsflt th* dssv)
> \?T i >F THE DAM W i'\.s i l>I..
the ?vat? re bel
it. but bai i of I
i id particular!) the ai
"f ih? rece?? ch nstruel
vail was i ??? ?
t. it ttret
the vi -ix hundred
thli wall slip
' t V. l s
? it ind ih" pi?
? amined H
? ? hunki be ?
One ol i at the wi
?" the un'!, thi
? lie. With 1
Ivf?, the wall .-t.
In the toe ?
? incp.
roken atructur
hii observation, coup
? ? i from an
smtnation of nta,tlvea of
"mi any, dis. losed that recei
? the dam
Up i ? ; -'iny, h*> said, v.orkn
? i- chunk, i
one n e of th dam
him ih-it four ???? I >1 n<
thin the lasl f<
; ? isi (i the
with t
? - ? .fool chunk In t
thai outlet t
llj broke a
oth?r hi? thro
the tidal wave ol desti ut tl
Inwn un th?' d< feni eleii I
Eyewitness Tells of Break.
ort, Pen
ister a
beginning of It. Standing with a frlei
hillside ni .'i
:. . . .
whai i ?
? ? he top o1 t]
.: i kit V he sski <\ l
mu wordi
. loud report.
. ? - " said n ' '
miin. n n
? ?!? il b) il
halt ? ? pu '..
t ol the ' ousei In II
? T
Newman to-d?
we st ilysed, tl
\mi\ ?? -i" i 'i"". n thi Ibi
pi,i. the othei befoi
? their fi and thi
t as
; ' I" ilirt."
Mr Qanni tt the i ?? I '??
irmn'i ? i addi '? ? t* hnlci
eakeit link
In thi
a whol< town.
"A 11 t v here thi lirai break oc
I ? n.i.l a ?n i
smooth lurfaci I l ai et idi ntl;
d the ? m! i
i i he i ? gtnnini of anothi
of th< ictlon of : he dam. Thi
>'. . I l.:i ? -i evl !' htlj <li'l !i' th
? ' hl psi tlcular i olnt,
i I ik- the place "f th<
? ? had sin? k in ?
till itlcktaf
In th ? o" . bul the) wer?
und twisted In ?i way thai showed plain
will, thai one bloi !
i pled in ' ?.. ;
mu< ii . ? trine ol dominoi
'bn al ri from bot I
Vtry Few Were Injured.
rim til i i no ii
I.I. .1 !?. I ? ? I:.' III. I. .i in tl
Those v.!. ,n,i quick
?i to ih- | , || ?,., In, i,
ho did
* ? Btly, Tin'
? Hospital, situated
"" ';' H ' ? !? , I, I 1,1111
hclten .1 In all onl)
"r": bartender m the Com
l; hotels
.,t th ? town, which were all swept away,
" ?? path i,is in the hospital.
: i . noi .-? i ion;,, hui hl
ditlon, owing to hii terrible experience
o bad that union hii
mood chsngei hla Ufa is llkel) to pay
the forfeit. The Commercial Hotel,
? | rorked, wai tl Main
'vr-irif. the Bl
i the ma ?- <*. ? kage begsn to
pile up. When the warntafl came Law
ler mn Into tl turned aottth
toward hla home,
?shinp Into
i the i i : his baby hoy. while
tatted ' nt - their two
. Irl. In the atreei Law
uld not ho
the protectln| hillside, ? sh.f two hun
.'-., but, dragging hii wife
t< irlng
the whole fan rrled off thi li
. .'r*>ct
for a qui ? mile to the othi r sido
. force
. ?? that th hrown
'?.?. .,n ii,. othei aide be) ond the rea< u of
d ti.? whi< I ?? ?' 'i the
.. p.-rti.-s found them m:r"n
..o the grass, half covered with
? ? 111. lutched
hii bal ind to the arondi ? In r
of t he i ? scui 11 ;' th a ere alive and
? ,|. d t.. treatment, but his wifi
the little girl were dead, in the hospital
quiring for hit lOVed ' nes, ami
? though the nune? and doctori tried
11,, k.-.-o the sol neai from h
ted n and to ? Ighl
The tir?-t alarm came from n porter of
luat the upper hill*
?i. sr the dam. Harr) I ?avis, the
r, telephoned t" Lens Blnckey, ai
-. Illage (entra!, thai the dam had
' ' ' "U.
o for your lives; the dam's gone!
< live a sitting !" was Davls'i
? ' ? girl a ould not be
lleve him.
First Thooqht It Was. a Joke.
II your kid'lln'." a is In r Brat an
bul Davls'i tone, more than his
the a ai nlng, and xii"
Standard Kindling
iny, a hose a blatte gives the
gnal for Bra and othei troubles.
Her nn ssage s i ndei stood I y th?
engineer there, with the result that h<?
serlea I horl on hla fac?
ht tie, ilgnll ) Ing tire. Toe nsfolk
I rouble si the dam ihould
one long continued blast
\t COUntfl
showed that the town In general ac?
? ng ..n account
fire, and. in^t ad ol I'M Ing a
stamped? for I of the hillsides,
the warning merely brought out the
s ho were mildly curious I
ni ' The shouting of
others, together with !*.? terrlbli
<if the appi '-o hing a at <. furnlahi
i Ing ol the real dlaai tor thai
mpendlng, and bj thai time many
hi helpli far nom the
pri tectlon of tftc hillsldi
.', .nse than that, a ii sp] eared
ward, the mistaken signal resulted In
the de tructlon of the town'i onl) Are?
se ' .n t and r- -1,
for 'h firemen daahed around the cor?
nei of Mali treel and south Into Rail?
road avenue, thinking thai the lire wag
, In the realdence section In the areatern
Ai tie i" indi i the con
i ? aw I ? ke, for the wall of
n tin n beat ing doe n on
them i' si i han b bloi k ? m a ? They
? in 'i hor ' and apparat m ?mi
? 'i In ? alld ' rambli for the luil
t>id<. All of tie m e if d
Naturnl Qai Added to Danger.
Thli villa . Its llflhtlni ;
cooking i ower from nal ilM,i
the arm king wave, pai -, ,| ,,\.r
ripping ever) thing m lu
thi gai ' ? poui Ing from hun
I 'i-ils ,,t broken i i| 11 Clocks In th ?
'. ? i in-.m d ih-- gfli t time ..i ih.
2 "-ih p m . and m lea? than
an hour after thai the aajei U | m in
" ? !? Iftly. Along Iti trail o? de
strui tlon i .o,, i ol n' sa | ,? i
? ?? from the r
out, and In one or two ,? ?
ho n 'i iti adll ? t' r hours TI o f| .
i hi thi ' night with
an uni ann> glow, but, ? dam?
.i . "in , i n. it, thi n . i
led ii ? !.? thin i hi "U., bad
?\ hopelessly damaged property
The llamea which followed did no nvn?
than to aid In th? work ol clearing
i the wreckage. Bo far as Is known
now, no one eras killed or even Injured
b! Ihe Urea m in 0 followed the flood.
The Pi nnsylvania state officials re?
?ponded quickly to th?' ?all!? for aid s^nt
oui by Chief Burgees Michael Morrln.
.m | o'clock this morning ihe first re?
lier trams from Olean, x. v.. and "? ?
novo, Penh., bad arrived with food sup?
plies, and within another two hours
Troop c, of th? state constabulary, from
Pottsvllle, under Lieutenant Meyer-,
I mi" in with further supplies of food
and clothing. 'Hi the sain,- train was
Major Pinney with a detail from the
Ith Regiment, Pennsylvania National
Guard, and Captains Si'iell. ipinitermaS
i th.- Ith, and I leorge .1 o-k, of th?
Governor's troop. Dr. Royer, Chief medl?
cal Inspector of the State Board of
Health, and a corps of nurses *\ere also
on thai train, and with their advent or?
der beaan t" corns ..it ,,t the boneless
thai gripped the town ap to t
Doctor Took Charae.
The medii a] representative?, asst?
b. thirty '!"? tors From n> at by toa
ti i ? charge of the distribution of i
pill s. and both survivors and VOlunt
wreckage clearing crew? from the vi<
Ity were fi-d from an Improvised mem
Odd (VHows' unii. Meanwhile the st
Constabulary to..k charge of the sit
tlon ai ound the a reckage, bul 11
labors w?re chiefly of direction. I.
?? ? hing Lieutenant M?yers said t
here had been no vandalism and thai
men have been busy al nothing eac
directing and assisting In the wort
i tearing - the a r* kage and deb
The property loss of the village Is at
mated to i Ighi n appn xtmately 18,01
000 i u this the Bayless Pulp and Pa
raSgi d to the ? ctenl
aboul $1.500,000. The dam which
. -, ti. d i osl iboul $100,000 1
year i.umher Company lost about -s
ihm (Mm. ni" Buffalo At Busquehan
Railroad station tracks and shops Wi
ad ' ? the ? atent ol about $80
?nui Ki.nr churches and three hoi
? ?.'.. smashed to pieces and wiped ?
ibout flve hundred house
either wiped out entirely or so crack
and shaken as t?. maki them useless s
Em -' Hi from th ? Vvnehtngl
?i ? the Red i 'roes, si rlv
on a hu? r train thi aftei no n with t
Red Ci fund of mTi.ih
; I by Dr. C. J. 1 'iv
head of th,' state Board of Health, m
i Hi berl Snow, i hlel sanitary eni
i i nnsj h anla, who with flve s
- will take charge of the work
re-establishing the village and lookti
? fnr its sanitation in the anean time.
Gave Alarm in Austin Befoi
Fleeing for Her Life.
Austl . P?nn . ? "-t. i <'redit for ti
quli k spreading ol the alarm thai II
dam had gone "as given to?da) to Ml
Lena Blnckey, s telephone operator.
Miss Binckej saved her own life svi
? the torrents had rushed down ti
little valley of death Horror strick?
? tii what ?' i had witnessed, ihe g|
found this afternoon among othi
n fugees. The girl's experli nee In ti
short time that it took to nips out ti
ci mmunlt: I I art told by herself.
"i was about to leave mv board ft
tii day," she paid, "when ? nesaai
came from s number near the dam.
was a man's voire. and he Ctiod: TI
dam has broken Warn people below
i afterward learned that this man an
i' rry !>a\la He and somi others ha
been up there looking ai the water an
ihi pulp ascplng through lit? dam.
? i heard s roar like distant thunder u
the vail? y. ?t sounded as though i thou
- and tree rere v napping i Ight at m
The valley ? ? t m?d to darken.
n to woi t. the sa it, h plugs and cal
as man) persons as i could; l als,, ha
them blow the whistles and ring th
bell?. I worked party lines as much s
ble, h 'i then i thought about th
people .11 Coatello. Tin \ were two ralle
down, and I was afraid thai I COUld d<
no mon for the poor peopU In Austin
I only ?"t a couple of messages Inti
?, fio, and then the crest ol the Root
?ei me,i i Ight by m) i
I rant remembei anything that tool
around me. Finally mj boari
failed t" work."
Miss Blnckey then rushed to the ?tree
screaming th, warning cry, "The dan
broken!" Aa ahe Red foi bar llfi
> d the ste, p hillside : I the nortl
. i.ii "i Main Etreel she kept up her cries
Turning toward tin
\alle). she san thi great .'.<iii <>i watej
? tiding on the to? n.
Ti om a hi re I stood," she aid to-day
"the wall of wati I fifty feet high
Above it rose s great aloud ol pray, In
which houses seemed to tuns, bumping
? ?ne another, spinning and turn
lilt; a : thi ) tell to | ?
oui "i in) .-1K? i' The noise w.is appull
"When l fled from Mnln street there
fores ?! pi onle \? hind m<. many
oi tin m i hlldren. They did not ? eem to
? i it-- the Imminence "t theh dan?
gar. Bome turned Into stm,-.-,, ?^ if j,,
mak< .. ? asual pun ha -<-. While i w as
lool rig down on them, utterl) helpless
t" ?-? i\ " furthei w anting tii" i loud of
1 thai set led to precede the flood
hid tin m from \ li s and a moment lat? i
? ' n w ater bui led the housi i from
m sight "
? ?
Mailerl anywhere n the United States
for %2 50 a y?ar.
T. Chalkley Hatton Says Expert
Favored Changes.
[?j i..',??' ,? i; i*> The Trinas* !
Wilmington, Del., Oct i.?"if the recom
mandatloni made by me la coltaboratlon
with B, Wi-Kiiinnii, consulttafl engineer of
the New York Aqueduct Commlaslon, In
January of ia*t year, regarding repairi to
se made to the Bsylesa dam si Austin,
I'l-nn. were 'allied out, t do nol see how
the awful disaster could have occurred, t
.i., ni.t know whether "if recommendatloni
wer.- aJBopted. for I uhm not consulted
further, i do not know, in fart, whether
th*> repait> arara made or wer.' not nieh-''
'iv Chalkley Hatton, civil engineer, <>t" this
City, who Originally designed the dam. j
made thia rnmmetu to-nlKht on the break
in? of the huge basin with siK'h great los.
?if Ufa He said he hid not been advised
what portion of the waterway wenl out,
?nil waj therefore not in a position to
nive a definite cause for the dieaater. He
then H.ild
r have n ? sean th? dam sine.' January.
1!>1f> when Mr. U'egmann and T mad. the
recommendstlon .M'r w.-smann examined
It and approved the deslun. The dam was
built In th" bssl manner possible rne
foundation of the itructure wsi aandstone.
Th" damage was caused 1'V water getting
the foundation t*cau?e of Allures In
the to. ks after we had bored to a
Ingly Kafe iiottonv
Mi Hatton ?aid Ik- had been of the onin
lor. that the Bayless rompany was not
lb? iasln finca ii" mid It was unsafe. He
frrther said:
A rood test of the roe?< foundation ..] t; n
dim was msdl before we beean th" ortsi
r.ii construction. \\> hor.d through the
nine feet. Thi?. wo believe, ?as
rtently deep to search for (Inures, even for
so ixtensttI I dam.
The fl*Hur?s must have existed further
down, however, for the rock under the
dam slid In January. I?10, allowing the large
?wal! to go forward. Then th ? weakening
first i"-,-nnie apparent t undersund the
compsny has had ander course of con
itructln i m nd dem, upstream from th?
?11 fated one It was designed to take
some f the ?"rain from the original d i
The ?r'-e.Tt ?rail of masonry, 58 fast in
height end 100 feet serosa the valley, was
Unfilled "ii Thsnkigivlng Day, I. II
had not been completed two months lefore
heavj ' a luaed a mighty volume of
water to pile up behind the wall of masonry
t< ne,
Mr. Hath ? ?! the breaking of the
January -t of last year, when a
? workman discovered II and aroused the in
tnta, who took refuge in the moun
At the 'tii.-' lion "f Mr ilatton ?
hole wsi blown In th? ? "n rete wait
w ih dynamite 'Ph.. Imprisoned water
? 'i through the brea? h. and 'h" dam
pnd town wen saved. Mr. Hatton then
? .i,! the dam was unsafe, and made ex'en
slve recnmendstlons, along the linea of re
? ment, for o repair He was not
? ' to - :i|"" Ise t'n.' ? ' 'I :
and knows nothing about it it" therefore
? ? ?!! i sponslblllty.
Directs War Depnrt.ment to Fur?
nish AH Needed.
Omaha, Ocl I Pr?sident Taft having
travelled all night did not learn the de
sf the disaster at Austin, Penn., until
to-day. He Immediately sent t-ie^rams of
sympathy ;?? the mayors of the three
townn, directing th.- Aetinsr Beeretary ..f
War at Washington to dispatch an
to tin place to determine what aid can be
given by the federal government, and sent
n medium,, t ' Miss Mabel T l!",irdman. a.
i'\e head "f ih" i;, i 'rose, ssying'that as
presldeni of the Red Cross he hoi -
the ?Hsistan,?< ..f that organisation.
in lis telegram t.. th" Mayor of Austin
Mr, Tafl said:
i mue betn shocked and horrified bi the
? f th. , itastrophe tii.it hat . efallen
your thriving vlllate I want to express to
you my lympath] as an individual and as
, fr. ??:?!? m of Hi.- t'nlted siat.s. in which.
i 1 um sir.', th" entire nailon -..'n
I assistance as can :< rendered i>v the K"v
ernmenl "i th" Red Cross is at your dis?
posal. Please wire me at Omshi a? in the
; extent of the disaster and as to sour needs
Th" Presldeni also ami a telegram to
jOovemor Tener, which, after quoting the
abot e, u id
i should he very ?lad to have \ou tele?
graph me ni limalla if you have any sug
?II-- t" make.
To Mr Oliver, Acting Secretary of War.
Pn ildenl Taft said:
Please send a comp?tent officer of the
I quartermaster's department to th.- scene
1 .,f this disaster at once snd repoi I a ? t,.
? servie.' if any the governme
i "i his arrival here th" Presid? ni asta ,i
I,'!' t he la'" Si lieu !?
"it ?s terrible, terribh I ' he said
PitUburgh, < let i Repl) lag to the tele?
gram received from President Tafl to?
night, Oovernoi Tener .-nt the following:
Vom mi i ..s. ,i ?) mpeth) and klndlj
offer ..t assistance gratefull) received.
Pennsylvania thanks you rot this prompt
tendering "f help Losa ol life will not
? v . o ' ' Sun.mi.m well 'n hand
(fltflned) _JOHN K TENER.
Paper Company's Head Says His
Firm Is Aiding Relief.
Blnflhamton, N v . Od i t .i Bay
leta, of the Baylasa Pulp and Paper
Company, to-nlghl made the following
\\" m.- great 1) shocked baceta.i the
'? life, iii ir. t,i p t .,,,! .,: .| dam igi
to propert) si Austin w ?? have taken
'" 'Id m ih.- ri llet mi
mi: i..i ward.
The ? plant win nut exceed $l'*>
000 .i m in in ne wa) ?ffe, i tin xolvenc)
of ?"'! ompany, as the value of our Pana
dlan pi onertlei exc.t? the an..um
i .'el- We iia\ " newi that im HlnKhamt?n
l?eoi I-. ?ere kill, i ,i Austin and onl) one
sllghtl) innt a i,if;,, pait .ir plant
remains uninjured . \-. for water tinman?
Th.- i m : ' i buildings .if lo i m .',,' ,'
Wl I ? llevi ll I.f III.- .Mil not . \. ? ? ?'
'one hundred and thai the Injured will num
i., t tin ' " hund? ??'!, a' i he m,, i
au m tin , nil. re of th ' ompan) are
Btafhamton men, ami all except one of
ti" twelye directora belong In the game
elty, <;? orge <? Be) leas la presid? m md
? tl manager; A J, Schlager, \ li e?
i rt lident, and t .1 Bajrlaaf, get nt irj
aml tree urei The directora, besides the
"Ma .i s. are T, H I'om, s i; i lavidge
?O. ?; Davidfle, a i Parson, ?; w.
r.. i l.i i. ^ /. H Phelj s, |.\ ,\ Phelpi an,|
John Bayleee, all of Blnflhamton, and .1.
i p Flebftf, i.f Candor, n. y
Women Sacrificed Lives to Save
Children, Men Fought to
Aid Families.
Great Weights Hurled About
Like Straws When Mass of
Wood Was Forced by Great
Flood Toward Town.
Justin, Penn., < let I, Few eoni
?te-rlea were obtains ?Je fron the Bead sur?
vivors until to day, All night Ion:: UM ttv?
Ing ones wand.i about the wreckage r,r
the hillsides. But to-day
?hey talked freely, almost garnilously, in
i of the ti rriMe expel I
they had f i' ' d.
i'.')-, 'i Lockhard maa ?f ?
Austin, had a nan III. Lock? i
hart said that when he heard the alarm
givi .1 I ? th tie was pla)ing a
practical Joke, and he went in the streel
? i v.? 11'?.'i the p ipl '? actions. Hi looked
In thi din ? of the dam and saw the
nlj three blocks away.
if looked like a erall ol wood twehty
flve feel high," he said "AI Brat glance
not sse the water ?it all, because the
at the pul ' if 11 was carried before
. ?'. r snd became s sort of battering
ram, thai tore away the buildings of the
town 1 ran toward the hill, and by the
gf< atest effort fror above the level of the
while H Wai surging within ten feet
The ground began to give sray un?
der n1?. but I managed to clamor a few
? ? rrther and caught hold of ? ti
which 1 cli
.i c Borchard. who lived within half a
mile of < 'ostello. laid to day th.it when the
of the flood swept pasi his nom?
there were no slums ,>f human belnes or
their- houses In the debris
"The entire surface of the flood was cov?
ered with newrj sawn timber and pi?ces of
lumber," he gold "It was not until a
lapse of Bve or six minute.?? that pieces of
tops, I i' ken furniture and other evi?
dences of the destruction r,f the town be?
gan to appear.
Had Ample Warninq Below.
"The people of '"ouieiio," he said, "re?
ceived ample warning from Austin that
the dam had broken, and although forty
or fiftv houses were demolished, onlv three
fatalities occurrsd."
r?ne of the most pathetic in the long Hst
0| tragedies If the case of .lames I-eeman.
a night worker, who was asleep at his
home nnd did not hear the alarm. When
liah of water swallowed up '?'? little
home he was tossed out en s pile of float?
ing debris and eventually floated a mil?
nri?i s half below the villas? Wounded
and bruised, he made his way back, onlv
to find that his wife and four rht'dren had
perished, t.eeman went violently
and Several men were required to hold him.
W. I?. Robertson, another night worker,
watchman at the Bayless mills, was asleep
on the third story of the Starkweather
building wiie;; aroused by th? roar of the
Hi od He stepped out on ralronv mm
mandfntr a view of th* onrnshlng waters.
'Houses werf tossing; abOUt like ''fi'k!>, '
he said. "1 was trans?xed with horror.
unable <o make ., move to save myself
Th" entire building lurched forward and
then dllapsed. I fell (fro stories With the
building and found myself protected by a
bridge which had formed by wedged tim?
bers f escaped, and I am mighty ?lad to
be here to tell about it. i have three little
kiddies in Brie. Thank Ood they were not
Roberteon was badly injured.
One Armed Man Escaped.
Fi? h Ro tii son. ." ? n* armed Htenoarm.
pher, Wai sJM on the third story of the
(Starkweather building when the Mood came.
K- said be heard the tire whistle, but paid
no attention to it. and the first thing he
knew the floor g;iv.> way beneath bun and
the Whole building fairly lurched across the
street. He was hurled through a window
und landed on 'op of debrtS OH which he.
m safety.
Robert < 'ransle said:
?i was about MO feet below the dam
when It gave was ! saw the wall of water
rushing down wi '"'?, and although II
poured over me at least thirty feet high,
it threw me flat on the ground Somehow
i cams bobbing up to the top of the twist?
ing, gurgling mass and crabbed the
branches of B tree as It shot past me. I
was rescued while clinging to i? last
Employes of the Bayless pulp and paper
mill hud as thrilling experiences as any.
There were two hundred ami flfty hands at
work yesterday when thi flood came. Fifty
of them w?re young women, employed on
the tn-st Boor, it Is thought that all ex
cepl flve of these escaped. A dosen w< re
Injured. M. A. Devereeux, who was em
ptoyed in the grinding room, grasped the
shafting abOVe him when saw the watt of
the mill cave In. The whirling oounterebaft
caused him to lose his grip and he tank in
the waters. He was again tossed up an I
caughi In the tangled machinery, in whose
vicelike grip he was rescued, after calling
fur tWO hours for help. He was taken to
ispttal, with both leus broken.
Saw Her Leg Cut Off.
Miry ?Halt?, sn employe In Hie counting
room, told the reporters in the hospital to?
day how It feeln to have a leg amputated
with nn ax.
"1 was busy at my hooks," she said.
"when suddenly there lurched through tho
wall one of the big pulp grinding stones
of the mill, ?a i leaped aside to avoid it
the celling caved In and the water followed
and passrd over nie. HeCCIMTS found mo
pinned beneath the grinding stone. They
tried to release me. but failed. The great
stone was too big to move, and I fait M if
I should surely ?lie there.
"tiet an axe and CUt irv leg off,* I
told tin in But ii" BUU) WOUld volunteer
?Cut it off,' i pleaded Tfou can stand II
if i ca?
"I looked up and saw los Vcnarge, a
friend of mine. ToU do It, .toe, for me." I
pleaded T was m awful DSin, and nothing
could be worse torture than what i was
enduring. '1 I can'l do that, Mary/ as
1 ask. d a Mg man hack of him to do it.
He picked up the sse By the lantern
light I sa? the '1 ??>.idlng blade glisten. I
think he chopped It four nr flve times ho?
lme they could prj me loose."
Ill the hospital I>r. Ashcroft said that the
Stump had leen dressed skilfully, and that
the pluck) uni would, recovar,
fh HcKlnney, an employs of the
Bayless mill, struggled to get over the
board fence topped With hailed Wire, which
pt'ivd g d.-aih trap lor score?, He, had
bis little , hud by lbs hand ITnaate to
. i ovei h hlmsslf, sfcKlnaey threw his
child ovei the f< nee to safety and met
death la the wati i . oors ol survivors
who saw this "i ha v? pledged themselves
in bun? up the ohlkl.
John Harvei snd Clara Dlttenhoffer, othei
employes ol the roll!, dug their wa) through
.? brick wall when Imprisoned b) wreckage
and were res ued Bis persons an? known
tu have been killed In tho main building
of the Uayleaa plant, and surviving em
pi oyes said that thirty-tlve ..iiu>r lives may
hav< been losl th? re I a," ls i its as to
da. two pi none wen i d alive rrom
tb" r un - ol tin mill m Infant s
lew month* ol I, which wai cooing and cry
ilteruatel) lors rame upon
tt. w iai'i? ,i in .i 'I ' inki i 1 h l>?b) a _n i
! I ? id. ntlv sllpl ed trun I ho aim ni nom?
une v, ho was trying to i irrj her m ?,aii|\
The child h is nwi bi on Identified
Close b) the bodh of Anna Jackson and
IF you are a home owner in
Greater New York you can
borrow from us in sums of
$10,000 or less for ten years
at Stt*.
Each six months you pay
$32.30 for each $1,000 of
your loan. This psys the In
terest and something on the
principal. You can pay more
if you like.
No renewal or searching
fees for ten years.
Capital . . $ 4,375,000
Surplus.'all earned) 10,625, OQC
176 D'way. N. Y. 175 Remaen St., a kirn
350 miton St., Jamaica.
if Melter a r
?Uve, ut is in a pre ariou ?
Laughed at Warninq.
Mr Martha Klnntcut, * ' **?g.
? i. laughed whan warned "? ? ?? to i ^
rldld was drinking a, ?Msi?< ' I,
"Oh. let th> kid finish lier .' ? ?lM
Mrs. Klnnlcnt t" a |.o\ who < in..
in arltl ti.e alarm. A few moment? .r.
ward I h i store was I to?
woman and child are amotii? the nabina.
The young son of Mr>- 1 ... Mii
sitting "i. II ? d ?? rst# ?? oi
house when the flood -*? ? diei.
1 heir house la ..n big \% **
of the f..v.- fi,.,f ?scaped Hli
ju-t darted o o of ti->- di or, ? . . ? .> Mw
her boy Swept into the water? T ? frin.
tie mother plunfled In to save hin
a bis Hungarian waded In and i ui
out on the hank.
Infuriated with rage and fea: and -'????4
with the hope Hat she murr save her boy.
she turn-d bark to the flood It n
In?: he-- frorn plunging in he- "1 thea w#r?
torn from her body and her arma brotas
?1er . ! i!ii WU d ov. re 1
lira VTOtlam H Brhardt escapi
her hon-- but turned bark tO gel .-? heat
hni? rontalnlng 12 s ?? wan ? ;? wn*<i.
Thorn if her party escaped Tl la a'-^-moon
:,. r hsndhefl wis found, but her body bu
et heen recovered;
' up 'vap help? d
barbed ?fire fence where many perasai
met death b) an unknown wnmn. who
sa, rlncid her life that a mother m .
"TOU flO, ' she snld to Mr? uTalfag,
"You've got a baby tn -our arm?"
a curioua slight in the va !??? fu? besag
Austin to-day w.is a train of Buffsle A
Buaquehanna ems, loaded with <-ai and
weighim* hundreds of tona whli h had basa
carried two hundred yards from the trvki
Two r,f the OSTS StOOd upended, forniinl.
an in\erted letter "V. upon the ?rex Oi
Wtdch was ahout a ton of hay, h!*h ant
State Equips Camp for Austin
F)ood Survivors.
AUStin, Pen-:. Oct. 1 ? The sur\ Ivors ol
the flood disaster will not suffer from h'io
s- r Or la? h "f eare, ai the luppltea and
medical assisUnce rushed to 'h* placa to
Mam ample to ' ?je for th*m | R
Riekneii, national director of the x>
Bad Cross, irrived, bringiag wttlJ htm
|1C ii"i' in rash foi initr I te tts
Qood victima Th" rwmt1*" have nil been
provided with shelter. < >n the ouUklrti 4
Austin are several bousei whi.h w?re rs>
rated bj worker? In the l?oodvear mill
when that plant w
bouaea have been tilled with homelesi
r>|e. The residents of Keating Summit hart
taken in the others, aaveral hundred taa
number. Provislooe continue tu arrive tn
larce quantities, and there will '?? ? '
f? line for la. k ??!' f?????
At 1" O'clock the relief train ar:
ge of the l ? ilth r> parti tn\ o( Um
btate It was |i a |, ,| u ith tent?, pi
cots and ci'thin* tin -
moat, a camp waa ftulcfc
the hill.-id", and a w m -r *i"
peered. Bui it was noi ui nubs?
lary. under command ..f 1 'ob*2*
ed h< re, at | o'< lock, t:.at tha
peo pi 1 took h? art.
Country women from mies around
to the pls< e. and 1 el \ ? ?
Austin women who had ; ndi asd
chtldn n and tiettim: luncheons I ir 'he ?ur
\ Ivora w< re bus) ail da
niaht Meanwhile m?n fougl ; their w*1
throuali wood! and brush for a mils et
more tS tfet pure water for COffsa end
farmi r ? drove In with I u .
fr^sh milk
Later in the day. after the supph train/
had arrived, three loaves of bread, two CAM
..f tomatoes and a two-pound *an 1 ' ro?n
beef were issued as a day's ration te th
head of each surviving household
Governor Dix telephoned from .vwij
this morning that the Btate of New ^0"
wsa prepared to send anything th? !??
fetors rnlsrh' need as soon as IVnnsylvSBS
?should make known what would he ?<??
csptable, and Governor Wll?. Ne?-J?
S"v offered mllttarv supplies, ?- did l,rtv
et nor Harmon of Ohio _
Tecla's Pearls
Tccla's Rubies
Tecla's Emeralds
Tecla's Sapphires
are conceded by experts and the
press to be perfect reproduction!
of the gems formed by nature.
Tecla has not succeeded in
producing diamonds, therefore
only genuine diamonds are
used in setting his products.
398 F.fth Avenue 10 Rue da Is P?1*
7 Old Bond Street 16 Avenue Mas??"?
by Compre?*??! Air
in tire Pioof Building"
lor Household Soagal
L436-442 WEST SI il ST.
formerly ifttr Tconded
3Z6 7-Avp^jy ..' tew

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