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Harriman Lines Strike Breakers
Attacked by Mobs.
Suggests It to Illinois Central
Officials?Troops Guard Prop?
erty at McComb City.
n?h Orfeas**, Pwo conflicta be?
tween strike breaker* ?.nd strikers took
M real
alas of II*
01 i I larritnan ItBSS
ber of strikt breaker brought here
? th
era P
.1 arith :.\. hundred ?ti Ikei
it the yard?.
? i bj the Btrlke
? .-rt^.l set I?
? men attempted
? n from tit
? i forward, and btoa
fteely. The
Ten arresta areee a
la the
gay near ?Ha streets,
,x . the mil Cent I strike bn sken
. .1 by ii large BOb,
?frort ?.f the eompaay to iiansfer i
la i Dock
? ?n< ?
wounded ; t? lo-nlght when a party of
Illinois Oui *? ''''? *'
sa ?i-ule lotna from th.BSBsay'a frtdi
aheda ... quarter? foi the night A United
state- naarahal escortlBi th? asen
ama ?lightly abonad? ?i
? m applii arlo i
era Pa? lfl< a
???j r*?rued In the i alte? I un to?
day re-tramin? striker? and Othetfl from
rferlng with the affair? of the re
J?i ksoo, .Mi?-?
m. m e diff?rer
ira i ! m.i? < '?entrai '
and orSoe employe? waa susgeated In a
telegram n ni te n ski 1 E. F.
to Tr?pident MatUliani and Yi-'e
. lent Pink of ?he railroad
M Com? City, Mina. Oct. 5 The Btrtig?
tad its Btrlken settled down ti
?.boat three hun?
dred ?tate trae
o -. ? .-.- to th?
provided with passes la?
? Hilary a i
: guard organ!
?i ordered here and :
bly a lo-moi roa. fully
i i \ nold, Mayor ? ' ' ami fore
?ulldlns departmenl of the
I litlllie.l IntO : ' t
'lu- Masor'a face tl ?
?v ? .
and refuaed to ?
?'? i..ii |i d
ih ng o -
of the si itlonal
? lo-ds) to
' 1 he tiv.- fed? ?
..?i the ii
? ? and that
I lion." hi
v ? ? I. A '
n .md
? m di
? bust
? o
? ? ?hops at
? .
S>h? First Went Into the
House to Get Out of the Rain.
la been unoccupied
: .
I ? . ',:? I ill
' that
? ?
'i . ?i- ..-.- found
TI ? ,i M ? i
a that then
? ?
? ? iri -
- i|.ii..ii nf clot urn ?'. m. Ii
I at No
.i .?
Contract Lft for Connecting CHskill
and Crcion Systems.
i l
. i
It v.1'1
? i will alio?
the lludsoa, will '
? ' that time
in : .: niant
I ?Mi I .,? the
? ? ? . ? . flUl !
. .
Military Pomp Marks Admii
Funeral in Washington.
Wsshlngtou, Oct, :.. -Surrounded srtt
tin- pomp ol mllltsry honors th<- im'
Reai Aiimir.-ii Wlnfleld s, ott ?Schier,
dropped dead In Meat Vo:k on llondsx
huri??d this In Arlington Nal
Cemetery, os t; S ralnla Heights,
looking Washington.
thousand nun from thS rank
Bis of the nation's navel an?l lead '<
formed ths Imposing sscorl t.. the a
on whl? h r? sted ths
of the admiral in ths proc?
mors than seven hundred midahli
from til?' Naval A<;ui?ii:y at Anne]
meiii ' ? ' '"'i Washlnaton and Phlli
11 ..i. ? -i gunners 11 om t he
ships, veterans ?>f the Bpenlsh war
cavalrj and artillery detachments frodo
;;. .ir Admiral Chsrl? J, 11 'i?-- r, ?
mandlng t; i *
t!? et, i'-'i th" long proi eeaion the!
from liistorir St. John's Church,
fayette Booarc, from the White Hou?
Arlington, arhers s fm.il salute sras
and '
'i 11?-- public fu?are! followed s short
soiiii- servia held al the B hies home
i street Ths ? n I es st ths ch i b i
conductt?d b] ths Rev. Dr. Eloland i o
? ibaptatn Bsysrd, ol ths nsvy, B ?
gunners from Norfolk hors I
mirai Bchlej from the house and
church, and marched al us side to ?xl
ten. Ths pallbearers ?sere elaht Intla
f,-i..n<is ?if Admiral Bchley?Reei Adm!
Nicholson, Cromwell, Qheen, ?Barker,
l^Hti snd R? m? j . U< utensnt O?
??on A liilsa and Justice Alexaadei
ii ip,,. r, ol W aahlngt?
? .,-. Ifeyei Admli
memo? ? ,ri" ( tourt, th< dl
maUc corpa, th?-- esecutlvs branches of
government and both booses ol Congi
. ,i th? ? hurch, srith scores of i
-tonal frlr-nds of th? B thley family, At P
?rj.-nt 'i ?es! Bpenlsh ?sat
in the ?loveroraenl serslos wen perm!
to attend the funeral, snd s Isrg? comp
of them mar thed to Arttngton
Wants Courts to Back Up Go
Work of Detective Bureau.
Police ein les last evening arers alive ?
out a lona ' onf? un. <? bel wees C<
missioner Waldo ami District Alton
Whitman 'i hs Poll? ? tommtsei ?
down from Centre streel In his
'?i sas ?the District Attorney. '
sal at rest ?rhen Mr. Whltmsn ezplsli
thai tin-? Police Commissioner simply ?
?ailed upon him for th? purpose <>f urg
tho speedy trial of bomb throw?
They talked about the kldn
tut Martin G
.. ?-. of? nd mi in the "ts
.ir \\ ' itman told th
thai h wo 'i bi Ing tl ? d? rendants to ti
le H? sai.i Co
nd King." would be pla?
! ?.ii Moi d
?? tl Mi Wl tman Co
i 'nd? i inspect' ir 11 .^l. t lie ?leU'i^i
work, a
this li.i ..?? n in the i.i -
case and also In
"f lt,i
are the flrst ;
naracl r that hav?
? One) of the bui
i sil over t
'.f t
non an
o tin
, r< ?pi i-tiv?
Contractor Says He Has File
Charges with Governor.
i ? , irinr. 8
Mlll?*r ?'f thai boroui
? ..-it t
ilstratlon of Pafsldenl Miller
at al I :art. ?? r
1 of Rstln ?!?? ? i
Mr, liait ;i~>? d thai I od
on by which It i? mitt
Harfe, i
, .1. r ' ?
| any ?
? l ?it many of the iiromlne
: uni that ?
i Failed to Return License Afte
Marriage Ceremony.
R who recentl?
his "mini- hi
' Whli I foi ISll? i ;
P. J B ii!
nehy he had no! ??
tiirni the laa i?
? fort l
? ..m all?sd for Kurope on tl
etani > \\ edn? .-?la?, bul Bro11 - r E W
kid he wa
d, and bri nlssln
? Mil
limon . and Hei
o? Brookl) n "
Hi ? i tor had la;?? him
sell .?'?? i" ii ' ' for hi
Tl ' ?' said the on!) ? ?p
s sa af
to performing marriage: all ove
? i it wa
the llcens?
?Police Quell Rioting- in St
Joseph, Mo
Bt MO O i.i.Ik-,
forci ? ty s s? oalh i
? ?
et t
tick? t?
!-?.?? i ?.., houi '
trylni Ith de?
cond i- i" sided i.?
? eject U .. .ii?i-i?
oil? e ?U'l n"t Inl
. -, ,i ..i
i in?tli pa ? - .
? i . . ? - .. i
? ? ?:? ? srl "ii ? ronductoi
htm from ? cai The streetrai com
I til? 10
M I -
Bimatoaaai Barred on Nathan Altai
and John R. Coiline.
?>-..? :i. J? i -. ,ii. m
wi- .
loin l'olllni fM< - ? filed
'?l.i? in Ihr I", Ii). t ' H? n. v
.. value of
' It ? 'olilni ? i,, ,,i,
.,. tloll I M ,| f||?
.ii wen .... i ... i
' ? ??. v.., i? |.? ndlng M?? h
Government Making Inquiry as
to Valorization Plan.
Action of Brazilian State and
Group of Bankers Said To Be
Responsible for High Prices.
a alee laternatlonal question h?a tuen
BUggaated 10 the gorerameut'a attoi.
by th?. deckled riaa m the aeioa ad eoaTee,
siime this- rise i.? considered sa al laaat
partly due to the valorisation plan pol
Into . " go bj the Brsstl*
Ian siat.- ol Sao Paulo. In ihe face of a
heavy bull market In the staid?.. Sao
r> presi nted i >? Dr o !?'? i -
Ra? ad ihe American and for?
eign haaken who?, loan of ?" ?
? ? ng the Bchi me, represented
othei members of the valorisation, com?
mute?*, see holding, from consumptl
' ?- i han five million bag* of eo
If this ir.mniltti. W< pof \nrv ->
lean t-itlsena, 11 'r"[ out,
clear ca :" of eot ml hable
the Sherm in antl-ti ual law, eon
? .1 But thi only American ?
who I? a member of It la Herman ilelcken,
of ' ??? iman A Blelcken, coffee Importers.
if ?t were composed of private cltlsena.
though foreignera, action excluding them
From American i ilghl be I
Bui the rich atate of b powi rful sat
a |itir' . ' and boI only
eaaoa la i fron the Am- r
?' an market? oui of Ihe question, bal
? ould deprive the coffee consunaers ?
??f ihi? countr) of by far tl ? Is -? I non*? ? \
Buppb .'i Ihe world.
The Departmeal of Just I
no i e . iff?. ritaatton
city t.. ? . ? - cat
i Individual firms, and when >(
collected lufflclenl material ti la not >'"
probable thai the Dciiartaieat of State will
bring the sni.i.-. ' t" th" attention ??? I
doing ?"'? '
m aid the Inquiry.
i.owivaiiin Brothers, of No, II Broadway,
. i. leadlas the ftght. Arrayed on
other ?Ide, among other powerf"! Arms.
?in."?man ?s.- Si? hk.-n and ArbUCkle
Brothers The Immediate "ease" which the
Department ol .i" i1'" la working up in?
volves ,. "restricted" Bale made by one of
the bulls to a hear, the evidence of which
i t.. he m writing.
iri"ii-d" ?ai tee are coi
along I'l'i'tit street. They cooaial <>r
the New for* market price on Ihe
condition that the buyer shall not dump
offce lack on thi local exel
. oati ict la a i chah al \ lolatlon of i
w, sad is ueuail) "i al, i u< In the
ibovi it waa made in v\ ril -
la .?aid. In aaj eveat th?
? ?i the agreement, being "short of
I needing it 1 lv<
Il h. m wa I ' b ty II back <>n
the New York ? I in advanced
the i ears costead thai
i a .h?? i elag made t" maintain
New York market at ?n artificially
high 1? ?? i. ? tl|*J ?'"'' lustl
...,;. ,|.,. they ]
: in- . ountrj at largi
k culatioi
nd i lit Bch, i.: 11. nr> Nordliai
? ? . \,, -i i-,-,,, ? t the case this
w ay : Last ply of coffee n a
, . ,.. | , ..
price a
from i. io nearly 12 ceata a pound. Thia
vear the auppl) tel} 17,500 not) '
with ?' slightly curtail) -i .'/ m.I |
? ?.
? ? lead of I tiling,
ha be? n i Islng
"Thi ' I ? ' ? Mi.
? ? e to the
po?erful cvn.i! ng on all
ih" m.. :-.-1 of th? world, The members
'of th . i. to the
valorization Intereata. They are figuring
on small crops I rests to come,
rainfall In
Bao paulo i i bumper
The answer susgeated to man) minds I?
? mi tii. made in
to i un. it re*
tee to
? v.-ar ? very bag export?-i
that amount ? ? cted to a
iltlve tas "i
? d under i he agi ??.ni by t
em A? 1. bb "f
idded ' ? th? much small
. i- supply from nth i of Bi as '? Bnd
m h? i i arta <.f the world,
i ow to et 1 ? mal di mand, Import?
ers oolnt ."it that it
II will fall ( i shoi I ol n ?
demand a ft ? am e,
Furthermore, the inly considerable -tn.-k
! Ill ""ff.' ...
thai n. id bj the backer? of
itloi ' ? for their loaa. The
valorisation committee meets u uall; lathe
eek of Jai i i ei > -.eat- in either
? I ...ml.m, .- nd d? .- i ? ? .. hoa
ell during the
following six mont n It can therefore,
control i : ? by Its dec!
The question of i acluslon -.f artificially
. ol< red tea ?? rdaj
n a nu. tlag of the T. ? Board, at
? i. ? t Jam? i P. i
? i i.ii.' retai ol th? Treasury, was
d thi board i onaid? .-i i be aitu
latlon from every point <>f vies .v.? final
action waa taken, however, a Mr l'urtla
' i \]. .-i ? to confer with Be ... ta M V ? agh
on Mondas, aft? r a hlch t be Tn n f>
! i artment will i iaue a at n th?
'? r.
Wilson, Now in Prison, Says Company
Is Heavily Indebted to Him.
for < ' 'hi !?(??;
th? i". d? rai pi Ison
at Atlanta for fi lag mail
filed ihe au)
aim t him
? .?..ii -t.. v noney s hieb, it Ii
mad. i ? laal
- ?
? ? i w il mi dent? .i that quired
' ?> k from ih- ? un h. ,; ;in unlawful
manner, n?- asid that he i nt t., the i om
s?. rlilcl am.mut hi ...t back
.il'. I?23.SC Colonel W'li?.
' ""? si I rm ? blch
, filed
un vi m
i it '.ai ,.., i
?'at and Grease in Air Funnel from
Kitchen Start to Burn.
r"sl sad ires rblch had a rumulat?-d
: " - '""u it" kit.- . i.
In ill? root garden of th? Hotel Aator took
. ?ti ..a afternooa While II ?
did not amount m snythlai t .
Ian iiii'i | i ? i?. . nd "i . .Ill l-i| ;, .
ki to i .nu Iron) the OUtlt i .,f
h ? fuanel oa th? i""t end Into thi
dora and m. h,s of the hot. '
Thi m? **aa .ii*. ovi ? I . ,,f |h?
? '. im . ? "f ih. hotel, ? im atai u d t..
tlghi it themselves s- r?.-. ?ii,t Sheridan
told tii.it tn. . mploji a eould manag?
t u?- nu- al n? bat as le* k m? ? - ,
? '. In ?i. alai m
M?il?d, anywheie in the United State?
for $2.50 a y?ar.
Cost Stephenson $107.793 to
Get 52.000 Wisconsin Votes.
Absence of Accounts Warrants
Presumption Money Was Un?
lawfully Used, Says Heyburn.
miweokee, Oci i When United Btah
Benstor i?<a.-i.- stephenson found th.it hi?
expenses for nomlnstlon si ths primarte?
running s?> high thai the Item
for beei snd cigars .ii?>n? amounted to
and the aggregate mas ihsi ap->
proechlng the final t?>i;?i ??t $i"7.7:i;i. hs
r. raonatrated snd i?>i?i his csmpalgn man?
' i ?.mi to a In the nomination, but -
i don'i wsnl i?? Luv it "
This ?\-,is part of th? testimou) given to?
day before th<> United States Senate com?
tnittr?. which is hueatlgattag charsss that
?bribery snd corruption contributed to Sen
stor Bteph? nson'a election,
in rsplj to M? ? ?-?mi'i.iitit. Senator Bts
? h ?' i toM the! the three other R? -
publlcsn candidate? for the primary nom?
lnstlon former Congressman Samuel a
a he spent ?*'-' '-'"'. foi i? i Btal
a illleni n Hetton, who srs n!
snd Prends v. M<-Govern, now. Governor
of Wlsrenaln, who spent HLM- were mak
hard ii^m. their capenses Qnslly aa*
lins: ?X!.'.'?*??. Till?, to-'i-tli-r with S? n
etor Btephenaon's expenses, made .1 total
for th?- Republican senatorio! csmpalgn
thai resi of HSM8.
Wanted to Win Nomination, Not Buy It.
it ws t. atlfh ?i bj 1: a Edmond , M
St? ph? impalgn msnagi r, ths! ths
ually laaued ehedu for nun?
n told of the actl? tie? "f his
opponent?, "He ? m? 1 Im? s ..-.ok?-?!
0 much money was being spent, ainl
after prefacing his remark? with hi own
11? langusa? I ?? '?? nuld ?ej. 'I
want to "in the nomination, bu1 1 don'i
wanl to buy It.' Then he would supply
whatever funds were needed," testified
1 Idmonds.
"In a i<-;i"rt made by .i ? egisia
tive Investigating commit!? - tab n* 1 t
I? made thai >.;?>.'??" was ?peni for dgara
snd beei Do ?/on know ?f thai Item Is cor?
-? .1 s. nstor George Buthertsncl.
"1 <i<> n..t ' replied the witness. "1 sup
poo? 1 ? ..iimiitt? ?? \? in? I? ? -.- thnsted 1 set
Items for beer and eigen 1
gated 130,000 mlghI ha?.? ii?-?-ii considered so!
unfriend to Mr Btepl enson
Senator Btepbensea'a rote, it previously
tied .ti shown, ?rea E8.0O9, some of the
being in prohibition tei rltorj
.Mm ii of ' ? of 1 idmonds was
devoted te 1 ? - made by
State Senator .1. ?? Blalne, alleging thai Mr,
Stephenson'? election was due u? briber)
corruption. The chargea, as Investi?
gated by tin- ??is.-oiiM in end pra
sented lo th" United States Senate, Wers
read over In detsil to Edmonds, He so?
mltted ths! many suma of mona) named In
the charges liad been paid, bul he den! ?i
the truth of the phrs -?. "used 1 "i ruptly
and in viols 1 In? hided In
each charge Ha denied thai ;'..- fund was
used to porches.rrupl editorial sup.
por! in ?various Wisconsin newspap ??
thai mon? ) 1 ad be? n paid to an) one except
for l?gitim?t? turnos? The
... mention? d thai ap|
: in the nominal Ion ol
M Bt? ihenson. Edmonds declsred the
smounl - peni ??.?s nol In <-\' ess of the
? m nal repot 1 i?? the
The M Klani?".
had 1? m Humnion? d to app?
Burden of Proof on Accused.
B -... w 1 ; Heyburn mads an an
? nifnt ??i?i. ?? ?? regarded aa impor?
tant. H?- said that of an?
lawful use of mono ofltetslij had
.,,,,.1. . 1.<m with campaign ? x
the presumption ws I I ? money
rongfully u ed a lu n no detail?
count wes forthcoming, and the burden <>i
pi oof su on iii' ii' 'H- ? d
Bu ii.i t"i- Hi ?- bui
?ponse i-, an Inquii y from < ? E Little?
Held, ??uni ? itor ?Stephenson, as to
whethei a campaign manager could be held
unlit? if h? were unable '??> sai In detail
what was done with monej given to others
im ? ampslan pui.
Horay's Charges Not Yet Ready
for Grand Jury.
?i . . ? |gel ."n of the ai igalnal
members ol the police force by Judge
... of ???Mi?-' ?! >? d upon the
?tat? m? nts ol .1 ' in Hor ly, th? 1
thief, ind othei Information In h
....1 gone fer enougl
ibmission i" the grand Jurj
T. Cl annon Pr< th? I tani Diatricl
Attorn? !
?nd ? ' ?ndui ' Ing 1 be im sal Igst ?on, wss
. lion ' llpplll ?I J'
ll,.ia? ?1 ? Ion t?> Judge Bwsnn,
. losui ?? regardli 1 ? ?<
? Michsel Tandil?
..f?i? lal Interpreter of Bpi rial Be
? ?n.-ii aa the go-b? 1 ween for
? poll? .- force.
Both 11 ??in? and hia wife ?pent some time
m Judge Bwenn's chambers yesterday,
msking whsi thej declsred we? s clesa
..( everything they cni?l they knew
.ii?. ul Tsndllch.
poll? ?? 1 lomtnisslon? Wal
to im l.i.t ?.ttnrnej ?Whitman, said that
.1 ?.??ii? ? men ??ould b? brought
to m n?; ai foil???? 11. iart< 1 aithln
ghi hours
"i presum? the! an)
. m groa Ing ou! ?>t I
ctosui - be takei u of 1
n?. t ? he said.
One of ' 1 in?
... ion is i" d? tei mln? a hel net or nol
? m- grounds tor ' turtln 1 chai u.
Bgalnsi t he pollc? men 1
veeltd bj his Investigation will s
? '
nt to tsk?
Tanytown Wonders If He Is to Re?
sume Business Cares.
Terrytoi n 1? wondering whether John D.
Ro< kel -i to take hold again aft.-r
m 1 ' ? i? la mu. 1.
?peculation as t?> his int. itloru \n th ?.
talk results from th.- f... 1 thai he la bav?
? ielegraph ?? Ire 1 un |nl
.r Pocsntteo n
1 his im an innovation 1 s cas
1.n- dar? -? sah Mi
lt..? kef?-n? 1 whal he wants with the wire
1.i? 1 he m.m. 1 ?? ?Il ?m?. n. 1. m ,in
h myster) unless he would rolunlarll) ex?
plain the I'm |... ? of Hi?? n :.(.-',i| !i ?... 1,.
Yale Coaches Lay Emphasis on
Fundamentals of Game.
"Varsity Scores Only One Touch?
down Against Freshmen,
but Shows Strength.
'-, |.,. graph to 11 ?? Ti ' '
New llav.-n. OCt I Kmi'lmsl? WSS SgSIB
laid oa ihe fumiatnetitais i v the IsJa toot
bal] ...... !.. ? in I" "ti" lO-tlBy, nntl more
than an hour waa consumed in fall
the hail, ta.'kiim.' sad breaktag through
? The Blgnal praetle? eras slsori sad I
.. ,,???,.,.. ror the 'varsity sgalas!
freshmen lasted only lift*??- mlaute*.
The 'varsity seored on? touehdowo,
I, ,),,, ?m measure its sufjaslorttj over th<
cube. The 'varsity backs, Ar?dersOn, Relily
an.! Spaldlng, ail tor., through for *ub
Btaatlal gains. Th- raoaotoay "f
galas ?a.? hnik.-ii hy t?'? cleverly est
forward passes, Anderson to Captain How?
and Bpaldlng to Howe Th" v.-.i. i
? eaiely *depl ?m the recelvini end of
;. laaea Anderson made ob* pluBge
of fifii-i-n yarda through the Um. end
gpaldlBg made hla usual long i nd run "f
twent) yarda Por the freshmen Markl?
made one run of thirty-five yarda doafn the
: Ida in.. -: w hen hi ' lM ?naide
bul otherwise the 'varsity defence
wa impregnable.
An.1er?,m ii?.i th.- punting in place of
I'auiain ii"?. to-day Hla Itlcka ^"r'' I
and hlshM r than Howe's, bul lack
the i.iitn'.. ludgmeat In placing. Ander
aoa's form I* poor, bul If the coach? - caa
corred the technical fault* ha will un?
doubtedly do the fais klcklag. He Ia
I.i for lift." yards conslBtentl) Ander*
aoti has temporarily nupplaated Phllbla at
fullback. Th" rale backfield la not defl
alteli settled, however Averi sad Davla
were the i*ale end? .lay Bon? ?Omfu In
llki ij t,. keep him oui ol the gam?
tor -i week, end W. Howe has boI bean
doing BBtiafactory work. Avery and Davi
are poaslbilitlea, if the ci a? a? a? ad tn
develop auba The work ol Avery la brill?
iant, bul he is UBderalsedj
The line-up for me 'varatt] aad fresh*
man ti UDfl tu-.lay follows: 'Va
Davis, left end Scully, left taekie: Prands,
! i. ft guard; Ketchara, <?- ntr? . Child t, rlghl
guard; Perry, right tackle; Avery, righl
i md; Howi. quart? rbaek; Bpaldlng, left
halfback; Relily, right halfback, and An
! dersoa, fullback.
PYeahmsn Park, lefl ead; PeBdletoo,
I? it tackle; i'ork, lefl guard; Green and
\i? i.. . ? . centre; .\i nold, t ighl guard; Tal- |
' i,,,s. right t ickle: Martin, righl - nd; i
; .f- - tack. i 'ornell, lefl half- ?
back. Plmpellj i Ighl halfback, and
. afarkle, ft libs? l.
Princeton Line Unsatisfactory.
Princeton, S. -i . Od 5 Princeton'a foot?
ball pradlce mi Oshorn? Pleld this after?
I noon w.i devoted cblefi) to the Une
., Iob| v. ,-. i .un ?,it? ify?
ill? : i name w itb
ra, There wa* ?< loag aad hard
nut i he 'vai ait backs and ends
receive ?* real ami the substitute backfield,
trompo ?? .i o i ..i i Bakei. Hammond ami
Hendrickson, were used on the fii I '? im
Whll I backa and end
1 ves, doing much as they
? rd en pul through
? an limn of haul scrimmage, with
a big squad ol coaches on hand to give
man Individual Instruction. Th?
aorh of the 'varstt) lia? men tin-.muh..m
the scrimmage **? rather paradoxii
on tin- defence they played a apleadid -
and even Ihres I i backa for losses
i ? .itui again, but I hey were corn
i poor mi ti.Keace.
With a much lighter scrub team o:>?
11 in m. the bi* 'varsity forwards could not
| "in ti i "i. in tin- Un" big enough t" give
the backa even a "hau".' of galaing .\l
though tin-' charged hard ami fast when]
? m th" defence, when II "am.' to offensive
forwards were alo? an.I
?i tied i.? their posittona
11- mil Ich on v. hose line plan*
terdsj game was quite a nail a
trial mi the ' varal tv again thla afternoon.
H? i bull? loa m : ,. i? pretty
hUsky, .uni a har.I man to la? klS but he
doesn'1 rail the line with th" speed and
ton ? io . an*) him \. i : fai uni. ?s he Rads
big h- tond, whose forwai d
Ing ha.? been so valuable t.. tin- atrrub and
in th.- Rutgi ra p.un", is
Improving dally, sad is i?i.?n? to make
Born? of th regulars hun y to retain their
Both he .-ml Bakei are .? s|.i"uilirl pair of|
halfbacks, ami Sawyer aad Dewltt will
have to i....k t.. their laurel?. CI
s in? ua? !:: m. quarter last
?i to th? game ?hi? afternoot
in- win have to ?hon marked Impro*
in his generalship II he is to gel ti,,. caj|
?ver Pan as first substitute t.. \-, < dleton.
Psrr is not In the same class with Pendle
ton ?u some of the other* in i ? ? ?
ball, but i? the best Held - eral oa the
The 'varsity lined up as follows: Left
end, Waller; left tackle, Browo; lefl
w llson center, Bluethenthal; rlghl guard,
Mi i.. an (Wlnaats); rigl i ta kl?. |f< i .,?
mlck; righl end, sim.uis: quart? ?
Pai i Lut halfback, Maker; rlghl halfback,
Hamm..i .1 rollback, l!"mu IckSOl
Harvard's Practice Encouraging.
11" Ti i. anaph ?,. Th? Tribu?? i
' imbHd -. Ilasa. Oct ;, -Harvard's
practice in the Btadlum this afternoon was
the most encourasias <?f the aeaaon. There
was -ra Bcoiing on ?tralght forward play
?! i Ither th?? s.ml team or .?_?
I ibat ItUtl . th" latter KlvInK tin
i nether atrenuoua session.
Potter, however, ran ?eventy-flv?
I for a t"m li'i.w n after estehing a
poat, breaklag a apleadid path through a
broken field, ami latei C?ptala Plshei
., I' ?? ?.au ..n a fumble, ran . ? ?
yarda for aaothei touchdown, v. - . i
im coach? mosl to-day waa th" Improve?
ment shown In I'm- [.lav of u In? is
now at left tackle, where he will play
? Hot) Cross. Dana, tin nea and
.mut brought up from th? second team to
ti..- rai ill]. ais., did some brilliant
II" looks like a bettei and ih in I'.lton.
The defence has Improved undoi pn
ami im. 'vanity's own playa have to go
off HinoothK m oi.i.-i t.aka headway
lasalaal lbs aubstitutei Wlanriesworth did
klckloi to-da] i ? .: ( (),,,
ball OUteMe alnI m II the '\a;.-.it\
lin- BVI 'al tlBiea Ham | | , ,,,),,,,
a IKS wa on thi fit Id to-tlay,
Quakers in Secret Practice.
" ' I'"' -I" 11, .1 , ,,,..
' '' " ? ?Blven I) of Peaasyh mm
Answers in the
Towns and Cities Contest
Watch To-Morrow's Tribune for Correct Answers to Trio No 2
football team hold secret practice ti
afternoon in explsla4ng the sari I
work iiriiin?) i-ios.-ii gato?, Smith, tin- sea*
said that it ha.I h.-.-tl msds t.
the ratbei i?? >-.t- showing ??f ths toa
(?ainsi Qettysburg and Franklin and Ms
shall Hinl the certainty of i hard bat!
with Ursinua on Saturday.
There waa very lim?' <i?"i'' ?n the ?ccr
practice that the coeches could ii..??' wish?
to conceal Thaysr, who soasas lo ha1
returned t<> iba form expected <>f i>?
sarller In ths saos. played la ?ths bael
mid sad acquitted blmaell wslL ?U
sssfcnsss hss basa In the haadiloa '
Ideas, ?and srlth Mercai and ?Minds to pli
back for ti.nil?.s raaj stsrl Thsjrei
the i i .-inn.? gasas ?because in- is r
p i,i? . ?.ii tin- BQUSd.
Cornell Ready for Oberlin.
Ithaca, Oct. ?"?. ah ti.isigles ?>{ n
''oui? n football squad are bow Ik'Ihk d
rected i" perfecting th? fundament?is i
tiio Kann- in preparation for ths gam
tin Tin? ti'' ?soon "f laal v ai is su
a in -i. remembran? <?. snd ?Ith ?:tiIs
than the second tosm available tin' coach?
,? ? ,;,.. ni? ?i n. ni?- ?m ' dread
maatered m hopei ? " developing a defew
snd Interference which w?n be effectiv? i
holding the visitors Th. squad ph
-.mi ih's afternoon thai all "f his ?patient
ai.- Improving
a ??i?- hard twenty?mlnuti scrlmmag
r?n- th?- in.-t two mi Ings --in i"' ad ?
th?- ti? i,i to-day. Tin- linn wormed up t
their teak, and1 th.- ?.?: ity, although hs*
? slighl advantage, was hsrd i
i s w i ?? broke hoi? ? through the Un
while be lasted, inn ??as ?ml? allowed bal
time M< n/. ami u illlamson .Us ?ad I
m? tit tin- approval of lhe oscl i i, sad i
i ?. ana i\. ? pa up the light ha ha?
putting ap thi'- s il! soon I
rightful ' laim to Brsl h"n?>is. Muni an?
i., i... ? ? ainlng tal Ii
Dartmouth Freshmen Stronq.
Ii: | rrlbun? I
Hanover, N H., Oci ' Thi? afternooi
th.. second 'varsitj eleven ws? pu! througl
a ?tiff . '? it'-, il ? l'i. mu.m t. am
and ??i? youngsters cam? ?an on top bj th
'I h? \?..rk ol' tin- ?
team was disappointing t" 111 ? - coach?
that of the freshmen a surprise, Th? 'vei
-ity ?ii?! not hold air, scrimmage to-ds)
lait ??.. pul tl rough a long ?Igi il drill an?
iho backs ?? ? ?'? n bandltng punt?
Th*? liii"-np ?v.?? t'.' sam?. a- that U80d ii
the gam? on Wednesday, except ths
Plshon and Lowell won. used al quartet
Inatead of Uewellyn. win, win be oui ol
?111" fOI a f| ?V ?la? ? With a lei
Th" second team line-up used to-da) as.
as follows: i.?ft 'in! Msrgeson; lefl
tackle, Han-is; irft guard, Parnum;
Bcarry; right guard, Dunber; righl tackle
Bnglehorn; right end, Tllley; iinaii.-riia.-ks
Plshon ami Lowell; i>? rt halfback, An\
righl halfback, Dans; fullback
Navy Has Heavy Line.
n . |
Annapolla 11 l Brown, tin
of laal season, a ho has not o. si
lining up in th?- scrimmage this year, wat
on the Naval Academy (laid this afternoon
as big as ever and apparently In excellent
? "iniition. Th? i-- ". i no i - gulai line-up
nural ? i of plaj i w< re tried outi with
the scfub i?.m. opposing Captain Dalton
has an attack of tonsillitis snd Is nol likely
i" plaj m Hi.- opening garni agalna! Johns
i lopkln ? "n Baturda) .
Then were three lOO-p.ideri in the line
up this afternoon, Brown, n?????- and Bl
mer, and the Mavj has no! had so heavy
a hm- for years. ? 'oil - stltutlng for
Dalton in the ba?kfleld, but when Dalton
til.- dough! the back
Held, with Bowell, M. K.-.,?-. ? and Rodes,
will also be particular!) strong an?) imll-.i1
? - ?
Two Injuries Result in First
Scrimmage for Youngsters.
Ithaca, N v Oct I.?Two Injuries
marked ths Rrst ds) ?if practico for ths
nan squad on Alumni Pie ?i this af?
in ?? hen Bti ?-? ' Robb, 'il. a? ting
captain of laal season's 'vsrstt . coaching
the youngsters, pitted the Ural two strings
againsl each othi r. < 'hai It ? Bhu?V i. in
blocking h iii-t team man, wrenched the
tendon? of the leg severely, n.- ??as at
once taken to the Cornell Infirmary, und
it i- not likely thai he ??.hi ? -,
squad for ome time
ii C. fckiniinston, |r., another promising
nd t? am, I? -tin un
( ?? kl k in the
\t the Inflrmary n< itemeni will
i??, ei??'!, other than thai the boj is. Buffer?
ing i? "tu ii" sei :? He it probably
? ?
"i the ??? ..mi string, Is suffering
from s .?."i shoulder bruise ol n?> serious
l Final Round Wow Reached foi;
Local Lawn Tennis Title.
Miss Sutton and Miss Green
Forced to the Limit in
Three-Set Match.
'" wocnen'a ?stream has lasm
? smpioaahlp lourn
OS the courts of the Weal BUI? T,on ,
Club was devoted mostly t.. th.. .;.
. mi. aithougi ;
whal ?im ink.
high class Two paira won th. lr ?., ,,,
tin- iiaal rouod, and t ,( _,
Hotchkisa ami
til" t<v .?".Imn. .,?.| Mia? Kim
a i,.i Misa Dorotfa On i i
llOO Tli" final round, witl ? ?
of th* Ingles, vmii i,., p?a
TI ? mail h between Ah? ? ti
Breen and M . ? . M,.
('""rk'" -SI <'hn|-m.'ii Bttn
? of ?i?. gallery, whl?
? to irnamsnl -.? far. aad,
. ....
wen ?' rlgaed to tli? i -.n? ;
clubhouse, so that ? ? ? \.
sad oa th. ..i.|
'li.l \tr-u of 11,-, mai
?ras Miss gutton. .Mi
Misa Ore? i
Miss But! . ....I thi Hi
! lacing si ota Mi
broke through aftei ? t
and ?ron the opei All ho .
playera had not warm-.I to theli
game, ahen sft<
twice the gam? weal to Ml
Mr- Wall ich a Inning her ??
th? ' ill* I : I
- ... I ?,..., .. i
Miss Butten tn ought the
Ti en . >? I i
which Mr?. Wallach, will, two .
out tli?' set at ?, i ti.-- last >: i
lova one oa Mrs. Chapman
Mi.?.? ? ireen opened I ;
ar.it ahowed tonn of her
1.1 111? a lOI ? Kam. 'I m BBX< S I
. ? -
,".. four timi . to h" lui I
B itton and hi t paurtaa : la a
whirling ah? ?rer "!' ?mash? ? th" n? Kl
Fames were tallied f-.r the -
!.. .- m t? . ir fat... The) w- : ? .
playing Mrs. Wallach ami Mi;
ytaotkgh tii^ lattei
a nich mil. -I th. m ?? )
-ion. With i he n- .r. ?
in their favor, Mi-s Button sad I
ma.l" t . m v t ,.,,. aa 1>, g? t-it'K ' '? ?
When tin- umpire . all. I -? ' ai- ? th' a
great laten
tin. ??t in ? mnm .-?..n. but her i
broke through for Um first i i
Misa Suit.'ii an?l Miss <;:?
aad captured i- on ?k,
two i,, lag .u love. This brought th
her partner raade a laal stand, hut ?
lOBl I - ? ? ' ? J.
M -? ihm hkisa and Ml
i. ,.. .1 Mrs. w illism H Pout* sn
??iit'i hlaady at 4?I,
other anal al t
old! m" 'h? -?? and a. c racy, Mrs
ai.u asalated by Miss
nr?t sei it '? ! TI sa u took? '
Hotchkisa sad Mi-? Brownlag wouM be
eliminated, but th?
worked ahead m th* a? nt two
thev aroa eomfoi taMy.
Th" follow;
iloubl? b: I??mi?? I
i ?
. .. \t -?
H r.
S i
Mlxril .:
Manvel m .1 Joaapli i London Mr?, gc?
l.ylt i: M
. n an.I Arl ?
Wot ? linn ?in?
! . ;
LOT Xo. 14
Women's Tailored Suits
of $25 Grade at $16
Two models, copied from recent importations. Sizes ?2 to
42 in. each. One coat has perfectly plain back witlj belt: the
other is panelled to give the desired high-waist effect. Both
coats have bioad. detachable revers of WHITE broadcloth or
corduroy?the newest Parisian touch. The high-girdle skirt has
panel back and front. Materials are rich basket weave and diag?
onal cheviots, in black, navy, the new spark blue and two fthadfl
of brown. Coats are lined with guaranteed satin.
Only 110 suits in all at $16. It will not be possible to enter
special orders at this price.
Broadway front. Basement. Old Building.
LOT XO. 15
. ?i ?
Men's $3 Black Derby Hats at $2
The manufacturer who made these hats does not make a hat
to retail for less than $3. This is the first opportunity New York
men have had to buy these hats at the season's beginning for $2.
All black. Every wanted size and model. $3 hats?to?
day $2. Broadway, corner of Eighth Street, Main floor.
LOT Xo. iti
Hoys' All-Wool Suits
350 Suits, one pair trousers, $8.2S for $12 to $15 grades
100 Suits, two pairs of trousers, (9.7S for $15 grade
The best efforts of the best makers of clothes for boys. Made
to our order, in accordance with Wanamaker specifications. Gray,
brown and blue fabrics in mixed cheviots, cassimeres and wor?
steds. Coats serge-lined. Norfolk and double-breasted model*
Knickerbockers, full-lined. Watch pockets. Norfolks, sizes 7 to
14. Double-breasted, 10 to 18 years.
Main floor. New Building.
John Wanamaker
Formerly A. T. Stewart & Co.,
Broadway, Fourth Avenue, Eighth to Tenth Streets.

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