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radicals, and laugh al what tiny call
our Ignorance of public affaira. Butthejr
ni,' th?. enarchtata, for when you intro
.luc things into a Ki,vcrnm??iit thai ?HI
destroj it. then you bring abool an?
m Long Branch ti:- Qovarnor said he ,
was ?nit :?? ii.iivoit Republicans
"*The jir"sont mlaakm of Iba Demo?
crat!? party,*1 Ik- ?aid Ibera, "la lo load
ill?- nation in a aray that tin? enlightened
l.irn ,?f both p: rticf? want It."
Thr "Ptgnd pot" l).'iii?'irats. h? added,
?aera -?lile-lr?. kcd. bul th?- Republican
Btalw?rta still controlled 'luir party,
and th.- I; ; .,roKr??.u.ilvrs t?> be
honeat. muat \?>t. fur tin? Democrat!?
candidate?. 11? argued thai the Pro?
.? Dem?-?crats controlled th.' party
in the nation and state
Th?- Qovernor ;?Ni> had something i<?
lu-ut Mni;'!<!? it th. Long Branch
"The ,i?i trim- ... Bociallam is it leaal |
l?,.-r?(l ?>n ) uMic iiiti-r?-?-t ami 1?>m (?f f??l- .
loa hihi ' h< saM. "No one van quee- ?
ti.?? th. best? of Boclallsm. I am a !
I - !<...,. \ ? i. ui?l . aim ?'
chum? ih.it is ii.?t workable."
Ought To Be Nominated for Presidency.
Says Mississippi Senator.
M< ? rilan M?as i i moi f. ood*
r. \? 'Ai!? t. ,.f Sea Jerm ?? noml*
tip I for th? i"
i ? ";.i. ' .-nid t'ntt? ? ' John
Sharp w Ullama to-nli
made the i ? . a horn he
indi late f?>r
th?- Detnorrata
' ? _o**ernot \V1laoi la II
men the- T>em<- rats <?r nan? ' eanttnued
the Srnator "H?- wi.uld poll practically th?
full etronKth of hi.? parf. and apainut Taft
h, ?niiid pot thousand a of .nt??? f r^.m the
Hep-tbilean Progreeairoa. Wilson i? in bar
? ni >.f political thougbl in
th?> enuatr. il i-, bs nominated
Th? ?h? r?<?m.>rr,
c?ri.t'-.r Wllflama paid hi-rb tribute to tue
faoiitieal rourage end to th* p<?r?,onni rhar*
airtrr -' : H ItSOfl
Ohio P ??deration May Oppose His Nomi?
nation for Presidency.
"r?iearepli to Th* Ttib-ane. I
. N-valaml ? ? t. rea ihttlon d?
*o?iri?"ing (}ov?riior Harmon ne 'a man
?* r i?., adi I i ? oflce is
ax lu< ted In th?* lntf.r?-et*> of <-apltal
and pledging ot, , to ?1?
mil i-, it- pr?jor t? oppose i 'f ? omlnatKtn
for President by the Democratic part.
?in? i-e-ad In the ... .f th?. Ohlu
"Ktat*. Kf-nTation of LabOf t'iie nftornoon
Th? P'xt twenty minutf? erare th. hYellesi
?.f th? ? oi ? far thai year,
rhe rea ed Politics
has been 1 the con
th? federation for four years It v\a.? the
_?e? nrd??r of business hofoi?* th?? conven?
tion for the an Many
da lega tea wr. learing theli seats,
? E : star) 1hoi i the r?ad
itiop Before Thnmns fin
1 ?i.?.) iii? r. a lipa ? arere
1 rangl? was on.
resolution is referred io the
re th?
the r'Rui.ir order of buslneea
Jersey City Police Find Reptile
Trespassing in Bathtub.
naon, of So 104
? in? i n. In the i Ireont Me
- i-'nt sin
hard.) si - 'it of
ibllng with excitement
? .?? hurry up ;?. ;n>
? . ?? ' f-i'i.
mi Mtirph; his
? -K Mr? John
. . ? _? inri, so
Patroli ck to
I ? ? '?.! ' ? | Mis.
i in tin? bathroom.
? ?
Tl.. pi|h owever, nnd the
.! til'.'
? through a ?
croa n
? 1? ?
tena m 3-1
Leads to Free Love, Eci.menicr.1
Conference He ?
Toi oi '
,\i. i ...'?
. I li !|i|ua.
t the
I :?'
\ll li ?
.: ha Hatlj i
it demi in tlon . f th? r
ici heritably i?*_kIh tu I
i on. of
?uni aa
The j? .??! ? :. .-??> lall il
('hrletlen in splril and purpose, Chi
? ?
than s
That the li
: . I I.m M
los? .if ; - ronce a per
will btj ? i. .. .i
Na?ura? Laxative
Quickly Relieves:?
Sick Headache,
Stomach Disorders,
Wife. Who Was Chorus Girl in
"Havana" Company, Alleges
Cruel Treatment.
Her Mother Says Spirit of a For?
mer Mrs. Dodge Envied Gifts
and Jewels Disappeared
Man's Third Marriage.
Philadelphia. Oct. II. Mrs. Helen Steck
T>...i??. formerly Helen Bteck, ?\ membei
"Hello, People!" ch?ma la "Ha*
vana," ?began divorce proceedinga In th?'
Common Pleas ?'?mrt td-daj against
w.i j t ? i Phelpa i?<.?ipo, t?i whom she was
married In London on January ."?, HMO,
lira. Dodge, i??iiut only twssrt*
old, s .i cot i polled to flic net action .
through her mother, Mrs. Mary Ball ;
Bteck, Maurice B. Bau! representing
? ? insel.
Mr T??ni?.- un? forty-four years old
when he met the young chorua ?iri in)
tl ?-? ?South. He followed the company to
London t<> be arlth her, and after their
marriage they lived In London and
rt* .-ti?r??n?i ii>? had airead* been
married three limes, ;?n?i had .. daugl
ter, Roaemary, by on? "f his prior mar?
rlag? >
Mr.? Dodge's residence was given In ;
th?? llh?M n? the Covtoffton, ."?7th and'
< hestnut afreets bul il was said thai
both the and her mother were "in of I
the ctty. Dodge'? address In the suit la |
ci\en a? either the Reform Club, Lon- ?
don, or the Bave*] Hotel Mea York. l
The action Is baaed on chsrges of cruel
?nd barbarous treatment and Indlgnl :
ties, Mr*?. Dodge contending that by
reason of hei husband'a conduct she
trail compelled to leav? him on Jiilj -?"..
im<?. .Tu'igo McMlohael, who allowed
tli?"1 1H???1. made iiio suit returnable th?
fourth Monday of De? embef.
Tin- attorney, Maurice B. sum rep.
resenting ,Mr<. I ?.ulif?'. ?-?-id to-night:
Mr?. ?Dodge stood the actions of ii?*r
husband for several months, and at last
became so bad ahe was forced to
leave him although i have heard tl??
entire story, i can't ten for publication
??i what the cruel and barbarous con?
duct consisted. AU ol this will come out
at the trial."
p. w. Miller, .m attorney, who had
represented Mr Dodge In other litiga?
tions, s;ii?i tiuit hf had noi been engaged
. fend the divorce suit, nor a
aware of the whereabout? ol Dodge.
Bteck, rtiothi ' lira
Dodge, "? ii?n seen laat uiglit at her home,
No i Weal -.?-Mi -t r*??-.?-. save hei explana
Uofi ef her daughter's action In - ulna for
The daughter, who a*ai ilttlng
in the room, nodded sasent at times
?1 .im responsible, ' said Mrs 8t<
tughter t foi i dl?
wit h ?r< were all In I ?ondon to
geth? r m?, daughter told me oi
ahe ?? i eretl by tb?
Mr D ? rife, a ho,
t< i to th? amount of Jew? Iry my
seal ? - Tin- api urltion
M ..ti mj daughter's mind that ah?
becatn? nervooa ami her health ??;is
am i?..;-i ... | ?
Her Jewelry Disappeared.
tried to ?moot : nally
! that hei condttl?
rapidly dlsappea Inf One morning I
her e hat had be ome ?.?f certain ti
? i me that ii**r husband had told
I spirit of hi i
,s!f.. hovel ? 11? Sid i1.
?.?.?i i ? ? lewelry, a nd ?1 e -:?? ?i ?
| ?i t?? him. A ?,ali.a??ie lace veil n*ent I he
?i m another ?? - Mr. 1 dgc hhI?i ho
opinion that ins wife as
t mind. thins* in
. in urgins mj daugl
.? taken, t'1?' I
m,m'. .' Id not,
? howev? oo ? - "l prit ' My
? ?
w.i ti? i t in ????
non la 1 ?\ none of them
born li*? Beirut.
? father ...
? . atiidlod in ?.
t Oxfi ind \ n\>. and :.n
\i i.
? .1 ilj IS88, ??? hen he
M ? - Ida Lena i 'ooke, an Eng
aftei follow ing hei fsth
ind !"? ? year. The High
nburgh msrrled them, but
| five y ? rsi - ?? I ? i iiim.
? i ..f her
in Hi-, jeai Two
lat? r ?he ? .| i?. Il P Rob
fl nd \?;.?
? a ranch in Preano Coun?
t ?.' ? '.i i
iti i" 3 Ml i lodge mai ? .."i Mi - E. B.
fortnight if'- r ? ? r ?i? oi ce from
der h .- land, v I tion pt i h?
gh< .? -
of Percy ?R
and of i' ingoon, Bui
Mi Ppdg? had paid i. r attention for a
I ear .>i so, un i th? v. d ?
In the 81om .r Mi Plora
a Dodg? ? ? divorced wife of
rie? 8 il lodge non Mr? i Jone] .;
?ni?. -. cond Mi i ?? .
.Dm? Helen
Rdwsrd Milton Bt?H? h .. Pel
ir, with I ' l'lill
\. \s York, Hav? rford, Pi nn .
? ?i. ? Ided, along With
.' girl
? uni .i . Hav-tna Theii
., , Bteck girl . ..h. .?
?Edna men k ?l '?'?.?
Cioxtoi ' - ;,'"i th?
h, March, 1910 Mi Dodgi nenl i
iother-ln-law and bia
,i, I M:- ROS? mai ? Dodg?
???r by a former ?rife In 0
?bile Mr Dodge remained abroad inn wif?
and her mother came i >?? k t?. Sea ^.. k
v nil i ? paratii ?
iranct el the spirit of hla
? ? .., ? ::\ i. >l ? m and
to tb? foi m< ' Misa
.-1 ? ? k
Mr, 1 lodge belott ?? to n - His'
t. aide ?? la given .?-? the Refoi m < Hub,
London, B?eeide? Misa Roseman Dodge,
he haa ;? stepson, Adlard Dodge, end .i aon,
gl ;;u t i?..?U'., al i al? i li i- H"- guthol of
?i ii'i'ik-, .iii?i la a felloe of th?
Geographical go?
Alban). '"i i' a dlspat? I <<t ti.? Aseo?
. i. ?i ri? n a I I? h d? ? lar? ?: that ? Mil pro?
i i.iti. g i oygient of mail ?? under elgh?
i. ? ? ind r? n.i. ,-s under ti li? anj I
f.ii moi than nine houra In any day or
? uir i?..urn , .. ! . na Wat i became
, ?i, . iiv on l icto ? i liov be? n i-11 ? ? v?. n
t. 11 i. rk'hnur, .i- datant chief fa? loi
menti ??.i? ? not founded ??n fact,
m th? law ???? it
? d mlnoi n in fa? I?
referred to ??im u? ?J to nu i ? antlle
? m ibliahmenta
4 mil liniril from fir?! page.
th-? nifht niifii?'?i tho surrounding eoun*
try, which waa swept bj ibe search?
lights. Trip?.li has mithin.. tnOTI t?> f?'ar
from TurMah attacha,
wireless mtgeagas received b) lbs
government convej the Information that
the ??thcr transport* and their -?acorta
at ? ****ocoadlng satlafa torlly,
Life of Italy's Monarch Believed
to Have Been in Danger.
Kerne. Cut 11. The "1'i.rriere d'Jtnll.i"
says that a pHtr??! <.f carabineers au<
ni?ht encountered f??ur man armed with
Kuti!? in the woodi around the eaatle of
San Roggoi*a> where the King is staying
Bhota wf-r<- ? ichanged. Three of th?
men aacaped, bul th?' fourth was caught.
Th?' nan are said t<? be poacbara, bul
Ihe paper points ?"it that they were r_? >T
known in th?- nelghboi hood.
Two Biscuits a Day the Rations
of Tripoli's Late Garrison.
| B) >'** i*" to Th- Trlt.un?. 1
London, <?<t. 12.?Pitiable stories are
reaching Tripoli from the Tmkis:. arm*
in the desert, which are almost wltboul ,
fund and ?rater, Their s.iff? rim's, owing ,
i.. ill. Intense heal of the sun, are de- ?
m rlhed as terrible. ?
Boldlers who entered the, i ii j bj st<-aith
In i deplorable condition stated that
their comrades were slowlj dying ?>f (
thirst, and it '..h i.. ?ii found Impoaalbie
in ..hi...in supplies of provtslona The.
ht?' declared t" '" subalatlng on one
biscuit In the morning ?mil one si night,
.viTh a tew sips nt tvatei at given Inter
\ als.
it Is regarded as practleallj pertain
that the whole force will surrender, and,
Indeed, it is airead) reported thai thej
ha\e decided i?? ?i" so, it is Impossible
t?? ?tat.- the exnci number of this army
nf ih- desert, bul it is estimated that it
contains ten thousand Turks ami four
thousands Araba, with twelve Held guna
All th?- heav. -run? nrere abandoned En
r . ,ii of Tripoli.
i ? .? i'onatantlnople correspondent of
i The Dallj Mal .?i m an Inter?
view ih- War Minister, Shefkel Pacha,
admitted ih.it the defei.f Tripoli waa I
? Impossible, since Turk, i hail no fleet. !
\ s k. ? i whether tlie Porte contemplated
suing for peace, Bhefkel replied: "Wo
hope Italy win spare us that."
il.- added thai Int? i ventlon b the
powers would be the besi solution, and
sai.i "Turkey wants p. ? r in
I terna 1 development. Bhe wants to be
ii. with ever, ?power, Lu* t?> find ,-i
definite atllam ?? mlghl be difficult Our
country Is still so disturbed by trouble?
?ne that it is tint likely that air.
aient power would undertake the re?
sponsibilities of a d?finit'- bond.
"ii is mil. natural." continued Sh?ik.?t
"thai we are Inclined toward Germany
She ion! us monej and v-i-i us ?..itf,"
when 'h?? other powers declined,
and probably therebj averted a war he>
ia een us ami > Ireece
Turkeys Decision May Be De?
ferred Until Saturday.
London Oct. 11.?No
Rome i.r < 'mi?
an .h mlatli ? arranged The
'lui kleh ? 'a Mm l m< I to -da I ? new
1 - n I!? . I. ? :
?i' ? nothing will i?'- decided, pending the
;i?!-- ml.ly of lie Turkish I'.irliain. nt (.n Bat?
in addllloti to aecurli ? ? ? ;? i
ild to be d< ' most ???? re
.' !.?.. -ni Bul*
.. i eopenlng <?f
Rebel? Loso 130 in Attempt to
Hold Town of Chiapilla.
? i
Inn lat?! un Monda) afternoon f- ? th? i ?
little town ..f f'htapllla hi Id
. - ,ii-u \<. tlonlatt w hone atreni
mated a?? SOft, a foi nteei imbei -
m- ''m killed 130 rebela and captured i"?;.
eighteen nt whom were wound??! Th.- loaa
i., tin- gmemmenl foro la given i - ?
The ? n<*ounter a - ? II ?
? Ion Th? tat?
were i umman?ed b; < 'olonel I
Pa ?
"deneral' Ant? i?< Ballitu - la lb. naan ? '
?un ind? t ..i the i
t i th< pi is. ?era he i || econd In
tfan ? lino Jimlnei ????
Th. re'.el force a amula
Indiana, armed princlpall) with ma ? ?
and law ? ? and a few antig?ate I (1res
Upon recel vins word thai th? i. wen
i Ing ii? ; ch< a wen dug In an attempt
i. withstand the attack, bul it waa Impoa?
albie foi it ? lead? t.ntroi the la
who ran forward ro hurl their laneei ?
;..isii.. ? ' to tin Ml ? ?if I lu- Al,i i
Foi two ulunteera ? -, K?-? i the
. - wilii their fire. \i tin- i mi of that
unit the defender? lied, leaving behind s
and an old cannon f r.>:n ?a hi? h the;
. ? i to in ? .i !? .-. Ineffe, tual >p... .
President Elect Plans Cabinet-Unoffi?
cial List Ksued.
Meal ' Il h aras unofl
elated t.. !.,. thai Presktenl elect Madero
i.,i.i plann?.i h la cabinet aa follow?:
Foreign it. aliona i'i? aid? ni I . la Bai rs
, .,. lo Fernandes ? 'aldei eg.
Inter!?? J? -?? Pino Suai
? . i.i'- i Madero
i 'ommunii .,ii..ii-. Manual Bonilla
War, ? >< m i ni ? ;..'./. ilei 9al
Fomento, Rafael 11- ma
Justice, i i - ? i.-?- .. i ruis Lombardo
? ? ?- ; .. i h i Mini 1er of War
with the uti.- of aub .-? i retai i 1 - de
partmenta "f Finance, t'ommunlcatlona and
Komento are ndn headed b) the nomlneea
11 i. .1 above li la prob ibl? thai Una. !
llernandea ??ill doitne I?, enter th? Cabin??)
?m.i I'i ?siii.-nt I?.- 1.? c.im.i alao la relu? lanl
in .!? i . i i a poet I gnu i I?, F i aldei on -.um
th?. andtdet?. of th, i.e. ra ? m th? Pro*
Ir? i 'onventlon f-'i th? VI, c-Prt-al
| ?i.-i.i
1.? i\. '.. i 11 Determined to know
I j.i-i a by th? Mexli sn ? lot -1 nnv nt paid
j ? lusts i ?. Mador? , ? bi I ? i ol lha Preel*
l dent ? I? i. ttt&lat- ?. and '?li n II baa
, muatei out the re. ilutl mar? foi
th. Chamber ?.f Deputlea to-night called
ii|i.i. Presiden! D?la Barra f i an account
h,? This "? lb? i" ??' ^?"?- a l*i.:
,tp,i ?,v tl,. . laml ? i
? <
The triai of the sail of Nathaniel Coop-jr,
of khm Orange, sgatasi ii.. National tugas
Reflning L'ompanjr ?.f Nee Jeras) umi the
hell - of Mi m ) ? ? Havi in? ei t.mpel
the company to return IhM-OO/Mi ol the
ii a ta k. or thai amount In i ash
which i ? claimed to have i.i Isaued to
Havemeyei with no consideration m ISuO,
I.\ h - begun in Newark ye?terday before
V|. e ? 't..?i.- efloi Steven Twe.il. ti,. i.,?.
?, i? i em - -> i, i m b< 1rs ol Harem? i i
- i
Rebels Take Wu-Chany, Dit ing
Loyal Trc . ."; ?l? Yang
tse to Hankow.
Another on Its Way amd Other
Nations' Warships Will Assure
Sfifety of Foreigners-Peking
Authorities Worried.
Hankow, China, Oct. n T?he revolution?
aries ha\? won an Important victory, gain?
ing possession <>f ths city of Wu-Chang af?
ter ? battle with the loyal tumps that sa?
gas yesterday and rontlnusd arell Into
nicht |
To-day ?er-??? loyal troops Bed across tbs|
fang-tae River, followed by th* bullets ???
the Insurgents a fugitive colonel of the
ese army \?>"> reached Hankow says!
that tii?? entire provincial arm) of tin
Peh, t\ ?tm the exception of two or three
?i men, mutinied Ths movement
sima ??i the overthrow of the Msnchus, the
r'iirnin j? dj nu-'
The f.?r? '?rti residents In Wu-Chsng were
;i??t molested, th?' revolution?r] com?
Issued .i proclamation exhorting Its follow?
ers not to harm the rlttsens of other coon?
? ? - under penaHy of decapitation. The
fs i that the srlsftes .?f tb.mmlttee have
been respected thus far. while reassuring
t?-> other nations, is in it?elf s stnlet? r ?-i^n
for the government at Peking, ss it indi-!
rat?? that tiio rebellious movement li now
mot ? tl oroughl) 01 ganlsed
The I'nlted Btatea gunboat Villalobos Is
at Hankow, nn?i the I'nlted Btatea gunboat
Helens la expected to arriva lo-morrow.
Other f.iretnti gunboats are on their way.
The Chinese government bss ?dispatched
troops, who sre marching rapidly snd will
reach Hankow In a f??w hours.
Plve gunboats are In the river In readl
? ? -? to protect Hankow should th" neees
rise. The foreign consuls have ? so
telegraphed their governments asking that
more warships be sent American and Jap?
anese cruisers nrc expected here to-night
As another meaeurt of precautions th??
si ' vessels In the river sre k?>epin?
team, and women snd children win be
Itted t?> ??> aboard them to-night v"ol
unteers hav? surrounded the f.-r? ;^i qusi
1er, snd ?ill remain "ti dut) daj and night
until th. safetj >f .,:i foreigners ; si
Tin foreign onsuls st a onference to
da? decided not to comply -Alth th" <'hi
nrnt* :? ; test ihsl the) employ foreign gun
to prevent the revolutionaries from
ng the rive? t.? Hankow. The revo
? ? rcular noti I i ?: ? 01 ?
suis asking thai foreigners remain neutral
and aaauring fhent thai they wouM not be
harmed Among the foreigners known t? >
have been m Wu-Chsng yesterd are
twent) five American mlsslonsries.
The fo?,y of th? offl a - now is that the
? ?- * i ? ? 11 iti the :r..' . ?
t?. thli ? ' ever) effort la tuina made
;., ward "ft thia danger it sppesra thai he
revolutionaries defeated in Bse-Chuen prov
n< ?. n here they for som? I
the capital, f'heng-Tu, transferred their
ties to ii'i I'.'h province, with the In
tentlon of making It ihe base for r? i
operations In Bse-Cboen.
ring to terrorise the revolutionsries,
four of the prisonera were beheaded In the
I efor? i he vlcero) 'a ) amen
iftet ? ? ex? ?< utlon
? rnmenl si llllery fot
the ?it;, mutinied, snd the aprislng was
The forces i hst i loyal were ovei
. .un.. Plns?j. that furl
an?-., ?.is ueelcae, l?h? rtceroy Bed the cltj
and foiin.l refus. ?? private yacht l^ins
In the river. His b? sdqusi t? ra and
of the provincial treasurer were burned.
Th-' military commander was asas sinated
p ,.i,K. Ocl ii - it is estlmst? i b?
officials that not leas tl en eight thoui ind
aoldlara sre taklti? pai t In th? Wu i
i? beUlon, a hi? h Is Ihe mo* I - many
.... nt -? ? ms to ha ?? been
? ? | i rganiz? d, i.ut i lie nain. ? of the loa I?
?-?rs ha?, ?? ti"' i.? ? 11 'ilv ulged
It .? suthoritatlvely r??i?orfr.i that th??
em ?" s,-? a 'tiu< o Pr ivin? ??, ? ho hs ra
.i- oppos? 'i th? railwi ? onstru? tion,
captured 1 eglng
\nx ? ? felt b] ' ? government over
tuatlon at iVii . - i gov?
ernment arsenal la ?Ituated then?, and the
m m be able to eaptun many militar)
\ .' ? 'abin< ? ?
? oon lo coi Ider ;ii" situation al Wu?
'Consuls Near Place of Revolt
Send Reassuring Report?.
*,?, i ihington, Ocl II Ret ol tipa i
? ?n the Valley of the Vangts? K ?
being close!) watched b) the --1.. t. - De?
partment Mr. Williams, charg? d'affaires
_t Peh . i an r? i,\ cable to-day that
tro ibl? i" gun la the Russian ?
and that the Imperial troops In re
voltlng fir? d theli barracks on the oppo
of the river from th? cl|) Mr,
Williams reported the renewal of I
t>urref*tlon In Bs< ( 'h ?? n Province
Th? i ? -, olutionlsts a;i" ared to bi pi o
t?-, ting toi ? Ignet - ?dmii al Murdo? k. ? om
mandiag the Asiatic station recently with
drea mosl of the warships he had ?fut up
Ihe 1 sngtsi Klang to loo* aft? r the \.*i
lean ml alonarles m Bse-i huen H- left
the light draft gunboat Helens In the river,
_nd .i cabk roeasage received from him to?
ds Indicated that he hsd start? d thai r? ?
..?! from Ku? Klang, 130 mil? o Han
\ ter dispat om Mi William
cates that the Am rican consulat officers
in the disturbed section have beten active
In u ??in,' '.? Insure the safetj of Amerl
cana Neleon T Johnson, eic.n?-nl at
Hankow, ?nt?-i?.l W'u-i 'liai.u. which li?'
found in full possession of the mutineers,
ribea t hem There sre Atneri?
i ? ,m the town snd ?/trinity, but the
H? .m. ... i.? ?i? clin? 'i t" pei mil Mr,
Johnson to hs re ace? t.. t hem. t
they .?- und him th .t sil \< ould be pro?
Toledo, Ocl ii. ?Miss Ids Wlcksnd? n,
dsughter of Ml and Mr Thomss Wicken?
- den, of thi lit', ii insi ) neat
i Hankoa Miss Wickenden ?a.-hi to the for?
eign Bold Ihre? ?ais ggo t?? work under
the Baptist Missionar) Board, sad la Is ths
i U a? Ian.I BchOOl for ??III?
? ..nt lu uni from Ural [??a*.
judge of th?> City Court Hg 1? Heputy
Controller under Controller Piaadargjggti
and im? dona valiant work ag_alnet lbs
propogad CltS ?harter.
Ji.hii .1. Hopper ll n '"iiiractor. and'
ran for Qtwtwnc* on the Indapendaoce
league tlckel a fear ago
\t th? meeting ??f the Cltlaena' Con
..,,,.,-.. ;,t the Hotel Manhattan, it v.,- ,
,,,., j.,,,, ,,, extend the artteiUea of the
conference beyond that of securing the
election of nun to the Aageenbly win?
would not favor a charter of the Ijrpe
tii.it han lu.et been Wiled. and ?" Mi,v"
them embrace complete fusion
a raoolutton waa pasead for th? ep*
polntmenl of s committee of nine "to
,-ii-iip.rat?' with Other organizations In
the ?frort t.. elecl a tlckel m each bor
ougb thai this conference eta. without
reservation. Indoras and re..meat. to
th?- \oters of the cftjr."
The committee was appointed ;?h fol?
Juilus Henry Cohen. Melvln ? ;
Palllaer, Edward R. Pinch, Collla H.
w.iofiwiini. Brneal ?;. Gardener, Con*
graagfngn William S. Calder, FVands C.
Huntington, Henry Ifoaeowltg and wiii
i.-.iM ... Bchleffelln.
Committee to Extend Scope.
in recommending the extenetoa of the
objects of the conference, the committee
on plan and scope reported In part:
Y.i'ir committee recommends that, In
atead of omflning Ita efforts t.. preventing
.it the nexl legislature the passage of a
charter such as was considered i?. the
laat, thla conference ?-xtenii it-? acope so as
to |oln i?1 .-i complete fusion movement
throughout the city, so far a.*? th?' same
inn. be practicable
The forces thai ..ere tm.-k ..f the ?-harter
were bach of th?- Lavy election law. da?
signed t-. thwart the? efforts of tue citizens
in rescue the city fr<<\ , Murphy rule and
now ?helare.) unconstitutional by the Court
,if Ap| ?
The decision of the Court of Appeals Is
a victory; f' Is also a challenge! [I is a
challenge to all good cltisens, reaardl?^*? of
party iftlllatlona, either within or without
part) organlaationa, to i"in together an l
utilise he grcal opportunltj preserved by
this decision
Aifrni H. Conklln wanted tu gnon
why the committee In Its report had
spoken ?if opposition to "Murphy rule,"
rather than uae the term "Tammany
rule.'1 it was stated that this was ?lone
advisedly, ?.'?'?aupe there were many
men who considered themselves g???? 1
Tamman? men who did want to vote
a?_',iiti-it a ticket pul in nomination al
the sole behosl of Murphy.
Would Repeal Levy Law.
.1. Aspinwall Hodge suggested thai the
platform <?( the conference state opposi?
tion to Assemblymen who had voted for
^ni? Levy bill, as well us thoae who
? favored the proposed charter. Ho
1 thought it was t|ultfl as Important to
secure the repeal of the Levy law, even
In it?? denatured form, as it was to pre.
venl the paaaagi ??f the 'harter as pro?
posed this year.
WiHIam .1. Bchleffelln, chairman of the
Cltisens Union, who is chairman of the
Citizens conference, expreeeed peraona]
satisfaction over Um proposed fusion
tlckel i""i N?\v York County. "I think
that it has ,i good chance to win this
fall in even chance," lu* said. "An I
tr'.m what i hear about the defections
from Tammany Hall the tmket has hei?
ter than an even chance, it" tlm election
wen- held to-day i believe the ticket
would win, and if will grow strong?
i the camaplgn progr?s sea."
- Mr. Bchleffelln s;?i?l he ?ii?i not think
[the Cltisens Union would nominate the
I county ticket bj petition and place it
j under its own emblem. Bui it will ap?
! pear In three columna, the Republican,
i the Independence League and that of th..
? i lemocratli Lengua
Conventions Organize, Then Ad?
journ to Meet To-night.
, ' ? - - ??m lona of
? |. i. 1.1. ndt nee Leagu mel
ton 11 ill, ami after the a?
onfi ? ? ? ommlttee an.i the routine
?ommitteea on permanent organisation and
itlona, adjourned to meet again to
iiisrht m the xame pis ?
Jam? \. Alien waa el? temp?
? ? ? . lunt? . onventloti ind
Sylvester J Malone of the Judicial, and
with the tempor?r) orgaalaatlon i
? ? aoluUon eras adoi ted b_ i ai h of tin
? ont ? ntior.a:
Resolved, Thai I i? chairman appoint a
!onun1tte? of ?even, of which he ^iiall he
one, in confer with other antt-Tammanj
oi gai ./.-m..i. , to . a i onventloti
I candidat? ? to be i ippoi t--.i by all antl
i Tammany organlaations.
With Mi Allen, t.i' following men were
i as the . onfer.mmlttee; I ?.nis
J_|cA.voy, .-'viv.st.T Malone, Dr. Irving
?" ". Jame p Rice, 1 ir. Joseph B) rne an.i
i ?? ii Res Thi mmitte? I?
the Hot? i
Manhattan Immi it? aftei thi adjourn
ni.?.? ol Hi.- ludlflal convention, and will
i iporl hark -it . ned m< ? tinga ai
; Arlington liai to-night
Portugal Recalls Entire Fleet?
Steam Up Night and Day.
[Jsbon, Oct II The government ha? re?
siled In an irgenl command all warahlpj
thai bet ?? ? i ?.rating on the noi th
i !.. h hole (i?-.-t is now am bored
m the Tai ? m It li ateam up nlghi and
.??i : ? .oi ??? aall The saik ra a i... had
?land. d to tuke part In thi noi th- rn opei
atiom . it thi Ro) all is bave rejoin, .1
ih? ?I'W^. which have ?Nu been ratal
ted in confirmation a
rep ?rl Royalist hat ?? omet bins
.h nu il all 'i m must
-.' i
i I. ? .'. I onerchis i . ? i. : land Is n
garded as lost Th? government foi
concentrated on Ihre? Idea of the enemy,
I which ; - Intrenched near the gpanlah bor
del The Republics troopa forbear to at*
tack, ?> h li Rol quite ? ? rtain a hether
!tii<- position actual] occupied b) ths i?-? ?-.*.t
Ish ?h Portuguese The frontier
In that dial rlct ha? ne ,"ei been cleat lv de?
lined, sod II the spol should ir..??- t.> be?
ta Bpsln tlgl th.*; In tt vicinity might
itei ? ? an lout i ?
Braganga, Oct. 11. n appeal mat the
Royalist* an ? - arious -?man
towns along the frontier Lieutenant
Itamlrea who, a'lth a detachment of Re*
pul Hi i .|.|??r?.I the v. hole
i.-. I? n deelarea thai the t"?ik of the Ro. al*
i it ir.-.; across the fmnti. : and
? -. now li Spain
Answers in the
Towns and Cities Contest
20 Campbell, tkx.
21 l.oxi; BRANCH, X J.
Watch To-morrow's Tribune for Correct Answers to Trio No. 8.
r__ll IB ' 'rom flr.l pe?'
would be nada ?ho aubjoot of careful
?tudj b) the federal connnl*rfon which
I? now conaldarlng ths aubjaci with ,,
rtow to framing ? an? ?*??'?'??' wm *tar"1
the t, m ?,f the courts.
state Banator Warbortoo. oni of the
?moot popular Progressive Itopublicans In
Washington, da? larad himself In favot*
ol the ra-alaction ol Pr?sidant Taft to?
day. Introducing Mr. Taft ai Bopeoah,
BOMttor Warhurt.m r.'f.Tto'l to t'lm M
"our Presldenl for two y?ars more, and
i | spe for elghl rae? *B togotbar." Ban?
ator W.'irlmrtnt.'s position In this State
is mu h fiat his declaration for Mr, Tafl
will probably be generally accepted is
sounding the death knell of the aspira?
ti?.ns of ths La Folletto-Potadearter oom
blnation in vTaahlngton. G 0 H.
Says He Hopes All Washington!
Women Will Vote.
Portland, Ore., Oet n. On one of thai
busies! ?lay.? of his trip, President Tafl
crossed tha ColOmMs River into Oregon I
an?l arrived In Portland to night, lie ?i ? ? ?
the da) In travelling south from Tacoma,
The only long stop eras st Olympis, where
Mr. Tafl ?as the guesl at luncheon -if
Qovernor Hay ?f Waablngton
At Caatle Rock an?l Woodland the Preel- '
?lent ventured Into a short dlscussl '
women suffrage? He saiii the Beat was ;
lonkififlr to Wsshlngton, ti." largest com
monwealth In the world that had woman
suffrage, t?t prove Its Wisdom ?r folly.
"If wf.ni? n vote," he sai?i at Woodland,
"suffrage will be s suceesa if they don't,
it won't be, but l hope they ?.?ill all vote."
"The Qregonlan" will say to-morrow i_j
Real Home
t?. insure?! by having a
????/en bottles "t
in the li'iiise for your
own pleasure of to eg?
ten?! hoapitality t?. tin
illVltr il Of IllX'.y .
Telephone mur ?,r???^r ,,r
"N.it nt any polnl on his I sr he* ??-*??
??ut Taft been received wltl .? *
ShcW of ?.ntliMslastn ami ftfl
i'? rtland "
Minnesota La Follette Men Will Oiv?
Mr. Taft "Respectful Welcome."
Mhmeapolia, Oct II. Benatoi Mi -
t i.ipp, of this state, o Progressive*1
llcai Bon ??r ttie
Young ?Men's Republican Clu
. - .,? ,. ? ? ?? t|
spoil.? Auditor! im on the occasl?)n of PraS?
?i? tit Taft's visit so ,: ? eves H at
ber M
,<enat?,r Clapp*s replj rraa receive*! v?
:?!..,. 'i.- spot - v _r
[?uverne for ?Senatoi i i Kollette, .?r.i wi i
i? the prlaeipaJ speak? a? a \?, ?
meeting al ?Rochester, Mian , on October, II
fits acceptance ?>f the Minneapolis Invita?
ti..t. will be ? ?signal for th? i.a r .-,,
men to take part in a "respectful aelconsi"
to the Presldei I wh? n he ? i M ta*.
Soda crackers are
more nutritive than
any other flour food.
Uneeda Biscuit are
the perfect soda
crackers. Therefore
Uneeda Biscuit.
Five cents spent for
a package of Uneeda
Biscuit is an invest?
ment?an invest?
ment in nourish?
ment, in health, in
good eating.
Though the cost
is but five cents,
Uneeda Biscuit are
too good, too nour?
ishing, too crisp,
to be bought merely
as an economy.
Buy them because
of their freshness?
buy them because
of their crispness?
buy them because '
of their goodness?
buy them because of
their nourishment.
Always 5 cents. Al?
ways fresh and crisp
in the moisture
proof package.
Never sold in bulk?

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