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LXXI.aa.N* i*:.,7:..
io ?in? srobabl- min. Ta aaafiaa
imsrttird. Moderate mol winds.
CENT ".?i^B?a?W??
Independent Democrats of Opin?
ion Fusion's Thrust Will
Prove Fatal.
Little of Comfort in the Com?
pleted Figures for Tammany
-"Boss" May Go to Mt.
Clemens To-morrow.
(?-mplotprl returns from the four roun
-. the citjr ahem the following **?
suits of Tueaday's e1?actlon In the? city:
In New Y..rk Count*- Tammany Hall
eifot*?d four justices ,.f the PtirronT?
< rt, "no Sumtgata and a Sheriff. Th..
lej-T ?nir.?--! oi?co la non In control of Ul8
i;. ins. Tho n, ?.-,, rats elected
? "in of thirty-five Aasemblymen,
losing ? ieht Peats to the Republtctuis
er'. fuslonlSta. The P. ingrats Hefted
ttv.i ty-ons '?;?t .if forty-one members of
th? Board of Aldeim-n. losing ODS seat
la ih* fuslonlata. in The Bronx the
IVm ? ? -ted a Municipal Court
? ? " ifflce cri atad by the
i ?
2d .1 idlctal i Hatrlct, Including
?mi.iii.l. Nassau ami
unties, the Etopu1*?llcs>ns elected
thi- ? ? - - ? ? ? Bi pretne Court
' bounty tha Republicans and
t"i the entire t*ounty
tickM. Including a District Attorney, a
" Clerk, a Sh.-rifr and a Raglater.
preaenl county administration is
Dt-fflocratk The Republicans and fu?
ta i-ii-.'teii a majority of tin- .\ss.-m
Mymen and aldermen, Including fifteen
"f the twenty-three members of the As
T-.l fifteen of the twanty-four
men. The Dem?crata tl
nats in the Assembly an.! I Is in
th< Board <>f Aldermen.
In Queens Count; the Dem?crata
1 their Dtotli t Attorney bj
roa margin. Thej gol only two of the
f ? tur numbers oi ly, loslnc two
??-. and only tu?. .?1" the five mem
bars of t:. of Aldermen, losing
and fu
? niata
Richmond Democrats Win.
In Rlchmor d County ' ?
retained conl Ihe one m<
Assembly members at the
Pour?-1. *?:" .\i<: rmen from that county.
Tha Dem?crata alao elected ;. ? ?unty
jidep ami a 8 llTOgati I I ? R ? ibll
CSm-PuSlon f l es pulled through their
I '
in spits ici that Charl P
Mur] elect? i
? ' i by such a nar?
row margin, and hi.? losses? in Asaem
rea" that the Ind
ta who ;ii.??.d m the cam?
paign for thi fusion t k* t believed yea
terday thai the* bad delivered a blow to
the Murp rshlp thai In time
would prove I
?uination o? John II.
I? r In Kiii?.s
end ' - as leader In
'.' ? ? to many 11
I trouble In Klngi
thai rata have no conaplcu
n t?. put In McCooey'a
bul ii la figured that alma I
body could take the lead? rshi]
him now after t ! - which
lie haa Just led hla II? ket t.. d< f I
r> tali ed hla leadership
the Influence of Murphy, v. ho
- found him s bandy man lo
! else
? : It he ca ' n*l for
Ihi \- '.'? Fork ? '.?unty man
? ibl s of bla own.
Democratic League Encouraged.
? a ere nol - ling to talk
?? rda). it ??'..i ? ? leaur
era oi the I >> mocratlc
part In the
h :?? poinl ?
... the spring. In
Ihey w ill ha* e the aupport of
I for the ex
? | i in liy Inside
nit te? ; ' ' ? i temo?
;. | ? . ? . . late
aald ' The
it ye) la temen t, In
futility 1
ipldity tola
. , : ? OUt.
, Mil-:.
' I I
? ?vit h uni?
said, the 1
? ? ?
! ? '
'.. I
ration i ? ah"
? build
lain d h
I nable
aby I urnes from the City.
. 0i i train f<
-day '
it on Tui da n
< "i.iiiiii*-.! on Uflli voxe
New device invented to aid
airmen in dropping deadly mis?
siles from any height, with pre?
cision, upon an enemy. Read
about it in next
Republicans, 101; Democrats. 48: So?
cialist, 1.
MURPHY'S pluralities in New York
County much reduced in revised fig?
FUSION ' victory in Brooklyn
greater than first shown.
CASSIDY'S only winner of impor?
tance in Queens was the District At?
39; Tammany. 34.
NEW JERSEY Legislature?Lower
House: Republicans. 38: Democrats,
33: Senate: Republicans, 11; Demo?
crats. 10.
PHILADELPHIA'S defeat cf Enrlc
for Mayor extends to control of City
Councils by Independents.
MARYLAND'S ?lew Governor, sec
end Ropublic.".'? in thirty years, has
liberal margin.
MASSACHUSETTS elected Foss as
Governor, the only Democrat on the
state ticket.
RHODE ISLAND more strongly
Republican than ever.
KENTUCKY'S Democratic plurality
exceeds 30.000: assures Olli? James's
election io United States Senate.
OHIO'S deleqa'.es to its constitu?
tional ccnvention assure initiative,
referendum and recall.
NEW MEXICO'S Legislature Re?
publican (two Senators to be elected),
but Governor is Democratic.
SOCIALISTS throughout the coun?
try made remarkable gains. Carried
two large ar>d eight small cities in
Ohio; Schenectady Mayer and As?
semblyman, and increased their vote
in Pennsylvania, Mississippi. Minne?
sota. Washington and Utah,
Wife of Philadelphia Mayor
Elect Sees Opportunity.
idelphla, Nov. &- Mrs. Rudolph
Blanken burg? wife <>f th.litteal ro
former srl .? uns ,.|??, t?-?l Mayor <?f ?Phila?
delphia yesterday, announced to**day
thai she Intended t?> put some "f her
theories In practice while her husband
utlve ..f th?' city. .Mrs. Blanken?
burg is ii suffragette in t?." moat ardent
sense of the term, in ?speaking "f be**
husband's election to-day si:?- sai?l:
"We i ropos s to k?v?? the city s ?.mil
administration, and now I \?.iii have ??he
09001initit\ of putting some ol my the?
ories Into acl nal i ractlce. i have on -
nouneed ?views on Jual hoa a city should
i?- managed, and hav? wanted the op?
portunity for years t.> teal my Ideas.
With the election "f Mr. Blankenburg I
will have m* opportunity, and i am sure
we ?rill make a splendid t.<.in t ? run th?
Surprising Number Declare for
That P.irty in Los Angeles
I,..;. \ '. It IS ' "!'-?
d thai there are 62.000
vi run? red In i),. . it . oi (Los An
I : - - to-day broke all re?
when affidavits broughl to the county
numbered 12,81 I. At mid?
lo-moi row the i" i i - a 111 clo
el? ' : . I.:,!,."? .".
\ i.,- Is it. ?? ?'?? portloi ? ?
. -, vot? rs in th? Ir d? '?!.?! a1 Ion of
. hav? announced them?
lalists The Bo? lallsts are
thai ili. Ir male vot? at the
,-,., ..m , |ty primary, a1 which Job u r?
te, polled
thi n his ? lood ' Sov? i nm? nt
n opponent, ?sill be match ?d i ote
mi ml ? rs of th? .
The fa? I that Ih?
, . g their women by th?
hundreds has led to st? pi b
by th? I".-id ' reg
.. , . ntlal dis
? m..? has nol !?? i
product '? ?? "f " suits. The fa hlonable
,.?!h- r t??'ii?-- i ? ? girt? r, or, if
il,,,. ?? th? will nol
^ Aged Omaha Judge Hurries to Buffalo
to Wed Sweetheart of Youth.
? THI .i ? |
!.. ' V ? ? ?
? ele? tlon ;<'
? wife
? |UK? nt upo In the el tloi
? ?
will be m
?talo ???? 'i
bride .n ':
and Mrs
dren but drift? d
?...'. . i
m.- of
?vera n ids
w? ?"in-, provided tSastman ?
Lud Ui.intc.itlonallv Firns Guii. Jn !
stantly Killing Two.
\i,.. nnart,
I. plaj rullj .nted ?
' '
I ,. , ?? ? ? dead.
|J ...... .
,?N |,->?? ?AM'?? s ' '" di?
,?.w.y'8 Or.p?^??*?j
Admits Loss of Nanking, bu
Stores Rico in Barracks and
Prepares for S?ege.
? Princes Seek Refuge in Legatio
Hotel and Other Manchus
Place Themselves Under
Foreign Protection.
'"?..?-('how. Nov. V K,,i,.chu\v ha
fallen into the hands of thf rebels alte
a short resistance.
The Vlceruj and Tartar general hav
i ed
Th.- yamen have been burned, but a
th" foreigner? are safe and well pro
Peking, f? ? ?. \ D'fiO p. m. The
. Uon in the capital aras practically un
altered to-night No overt revolution
sry movement la yet visible.
Th.- Emperor, the Dowager Empres
! and oilier.? of the court, acrording to th
Ft*>relgn Board, are still at th.- Winte
Palace and do not intend to leai ??
Nanking has gone over 10 th? '?'
tiunlata in cons? |uence <>f thi govern
ment'a Instructioni to the Vl?**eroy a
Nanking thai he should nol further re
si-t th.- rebela Th.- Tartar Genera
Tuan-Fang demurred, hm his for.
four thousand .Manchus aras Insufflclen
for th-' defence of the city, and h
yielded a/hen ?Peking repeated the earlle
instr ;. tions. (This probablj official ver
si.m iii.es not agree aith thi- direct ?lis
patches from Nanking which d<
the liphtine there ?
Th.- revolutionists are gradual!) as
j Burning control of affairs in North China
? thoui?h their movements do nol appeal
Iconnected. The railway officials st.it?
that the road is open i" Teng-tChov"
about one hundred and Bfty mil.
' i'? king, from win h point to shun Te
? fu it is held !-v th?- rebels. Tie- govern
I ment is operating ttic road from Bhui
Te-fu to sin Fang-chow. A rebel for.'.
'???hi'h h.is been near the railway Uni
proceeded north yesterday without hav?
; itiL' molest? i the road.
Regent's Mind Affected,
it ?s semi-offlcially stated thai Prlnoi
fhun, th.- Regent, is Incapable "f con*
ne ?? 'i I ought and thai th?- nobl? a nr
unable t" agres upon a definite line oi
a? Uon.
it i.-- said that the throne Int? nda te
issue an edict denying thai discontented
a*a of the Sixth Invi'non of th.- im -
: perlai troopa m ered < len? r;.! Wo. Lu?
Icheng. The Foreign Board also d? nlea
Man? htu m l?der? i the general, but
they axe unable to explain the a bee
quant fighting between Manchus and
Chinese troops, th.? r?""port of which has
been confirmed from many sources.
According t?. < ohsular reports the gov
erament is losi - the few remaining
hitherto loyal ?? th of Hie Tang
tse River.
Two in-u are on the e-aj to Peking
wh"se coming I?; anxiously awaited. One
?if the men is Liang Chl-chiao, the noted
exile, who la considered the most influ?
ential Chinese man of letters II.? i.s be
i t.. be returning here fr^m Japan
t.. take an a. lis.- part In Ihe work of
reform. The "?her i?. General Chang
? tsem, commander of the Lan-Cha i
troops, who forced promises from the ad?
ministration of a constitutional govern
Chang Refuses Appointment.
General ("hang has- refused appoint?
m- m i a Imperial envoy t.? con? l?tate the
people of ihc north, on the ground that
his troopi desired lo remain und?
<?? mmand, and he |? noa on hi?? aray to
th?- capital al the - immona "f 'he u'.v
ernment, probably for the purpose of a
broad dla -ussion oi I he i II nation \\ Ith
the administration, If thai is possible.
There is no question of ?le- seriou
,,f events in Peking. Th.- foreign, reel?
denta for 11 pro*
leil th- QSal ''s Up
. latlvea are terrorstricken, and they
fear i nach <>i < 'hang Bhi.u.
who itiaj not come alone.
lu ih.? Nations! Asaembly io-day
asures had bei n
taken for the protection of the people of
ilnsl G.i?' ''hang, and the
question a'as also raised as t.. whether
be " . the head of his
: i ..?;?>. No m ' hi goij .-? nin.-nt
? .... i.i to repl i" the?.- queries,
i. ! the Pr? aident of the Aseembl
. ,-i that i'l - a ? ? ompanled by
palac? had e\ I
idently ordered him here i.? ?? h
stands for th' i". ' lhal ? h-??, now . .-i
???i i ? rtutlonal monarchy -
I unleaa hla Ideaa I ive changed sine- the
i murder ,;f ';' Wii L*u-ch< ng.
Pynasty Will Figlit.
opinion i- held at th?
that General Chang .aun.it capturt P<
Idng ?? Ithoul a atruggl?. He ma* be
1, eI ,.1,11.-.i i" entei. bul ? bound
phi o? for? th - surrender
their pi ''-|!' ?"? ?.Purl i ihc Man
rhat i.. He ih. 'r
i?? und' ubtedly preparing
. and arc storli g quantities nf
?. h.h racks. The | ah.'a loi il
been im r .-. ed by small
? i men ' 'h" i . ?
re I aenl out
.. ,|, ?, , :i The city gat? -^ :,.i\. h. en
. .
???I,., prn ? refuge in the
h tel. h hile ?
, hua ha* e soui I 1er In the vai
- . .i th. iii^. i
??i'..i o... i-. i. ..
begi ?" I? ?' !i" ? of ti
. i ,., p , ..mini-! Into ti..- |i gatioi
?i appeal
, |, iii.'ii wall !. ,\.- i..-. n
given i" 'I'' ?"' '"'" n "! "" '*:
s-|.,.. ? il tra?na
,, i.. | with pass?
trips lo t?. i ,
I statu m? nt rogai the ? in ..f
m aai was das? rib? d ? ? Reformed
from .i ?
sen round In?
varlably t> """ '"'' :'""1 According
, ?m un"?- sa ? lair ?i saga.
?Street Cleaners Quit Last Night,
Following Defiance by Mayor
in the Afternoon.
Reports from Btabl?8t Show Gar?
bage Collectors in All Parts
of Greater City Refused
to Go to Work.
A strike was begun by 2JSOQ drivers
;m?l hflp^rs l-ist nicht when the 1"
o'clock rolles 11 wai In twi nty
?tables ?.f the Department "; Btr ?
? 'lean ? .
This a??; ion ? ame u I ix to
its of .1 general strike among th?
men of the department, owing to dls
factlon with nighl work, the hours
th? y ai ?? naked t" labor - ? r ? ? ? the am?
thej receive for thai labor. The drivers
en? helpers, with the and
? m< :,. . re organise I ai Lot si No
?58 of the International Brotherh.i ?1
T< amaters, end the strike ?was decided
upon .?t .-i secrei meeting held in
Murphy's Hall, -?'.?th streei and Eighth
a, enue, on Sunday e\ enlng,
Qeorge Preacott, bualneas eg? ;.t of the
un.?in. said last night th.?t if an attempt
aere made t?. fill the placee of the
strikers with sw?ee|>ers ?UHMJ sweepers
[o ?".t in sympa?ahy.
"The ?!ri\?-i?. .m.i helpers will n?>t work
t?.-i,ii:ht." he said, "and will report for
work t'.-i!i'?iTi?w morning ni the regular
hour for day work, if they are pul on
night w??rk they will romain ?.n strike
until their demand ? are granted.
Reports showed thai the itrlki was
? Ideapread In Its area, d< daring that the
man In The Bronx, Manhattan ?and the
distant points of Brooklyn had refuaed
t" go t?. work when the rollcall sounded.
Men Quit in Brooklyn.
In Uni'iklyii three hundred driven
failed i" report al the sixty-five stables
I throughout the borough si the night
Groupe of dlacontented men
red In the vicinity of the stables
and discussed the situation, bul it
I tempted no violence. Patrolmen stood
! guard all nlghl at the stables, prepared
for any ?**mei*gency. Ninety men of
Stable \. which takes In the Wallabout
. Market -=.-?-? i ? ? r i of Brooklyn, remained on
i duty, nn?i it i? thought that the) ?
1 able tn care f?.r that ?Motion
ii will not be known whether the re?
maining 2111 m?-n of the total force of
, U00 in Brooklyn will go on strike until
th? morning roll?call ;s sounded this
? first Indication thai t te m? n were
IIn an ugly m<?"?i and thai the strike
would not be without violence ?*am? last
I night ?it Stiihlo O, No. 44 lI;?mllton
[street, where a niamher of sti
tempted t?. ?flace pickets outside the
building. Tliri ?? patrolmen of the Ifadl
non si ? i ? > t ? srarned the plcketa
that they would have to move on, and
the strikers, grumbling and angry, In?
? ad? ?I a saloon and pro ee led to i
mi rry.
The patrolmen entered the place and
ordered the men int.. the street This
storm of protest, the sti
tenting the Interfereni e of the
|,',i.,.-. in the midst of the hubbub one
of the strikers shouted: "I'll shoot i
This was sufficient for the police, and
they Immediately drear their revolvers
and charged the strikt rs.
In th" mean time one of th? patrol?
men ad ailed the reaer i bul bj the
? in,- thej en?" ?i?'? n th? si reel on the
run the street cleaners had scattered
int" Hi?' side Btr? '
Commlasioner h?dwards eald last night
that li.uld gel i'i'-'ii? of men s/ho
were s lllfnaj t.? ?I" a fall da | : a ork tor
a f.iii day's pay, and he was authorised
to starl In wll h nea men. He con?
i wll begin to-raoi roa to hire n ? ?
and, though th.- unexpecti d ti
utters in bad shape, ! believe thai
?. end .?f to-morroa nighl tee will
have cleared awas moel "f the iccumu?
? of aahea and garbage. Th? sw??ep?
?i will ti"t i." pul t.? work as drlvsra. i
. el nea men '
He deni? ?i ? mphatl all) thai a hile the
Mayor wanted nighl work he was willing
i,. nboUsh It. Both were in accord .??- to
nlghl work, and II would not be abol
11-- said n wo ild i" useless for
, ;, ippi for work 'his morn?
ing. They would not be pul to ?. i
"Strike if You Wish," Says Mayor.
? ? ' Ashtoii, ??? neral oiganiaar ?f
the ' 'l Teamstei ?' i nlon, ? -
? ompanl? 'I b; a del? union
?i ? ? vet itsble m?
the 81 et Clean % D? part ment,
dayor < afternoon
m .1 in diplomatic lai - .I him thai
? Iks m esse i heir dei
for th? ? ? ?? "f the da) s- item
garbage and ere nol m"'
?l.-i\ or i ? srd them thi - and 1 hen
languagi which had non? o? the circum?
. the dele?
. n, go back and ?aj lo thrtr f? ?
? ? . d? m ?"?i COU '1 n I I"' gi
.ild 1.11?'
ii ought i- -i
Th? n Ihe Maj or s rote ;? I? lier to ? 'om?
: .i Bd*? srds, in ? hl'li h? ? ?. -,
; i. ... ein ' i ill
t ,ii . , ould .piit ? - i oi the)
bul the) m ?1 und? rats i tl -i nom ol u s
i?.. m, .i i .... gal back Into i! ?
? m . city.
?*>-?? ?
200 to 400 Reported Killed?
Federal Loss 40.
Ban Ger?nimo Mexico, Sot ? -Two hun?
dred ;,,, i mi?, men oi t ? ' ?th Battalion
I of tl "ti In
ju< hitan, Oaxacs rout? d tin
...i ?.c, m . .. rtla
battle In ? ?girting ?
,,, hand 'i !?? ?-' ?i rXton was almosl
? i .-.id ..i ammunilloi
i . to l
I.ul und ' more i oundi tl
Till- f<-il< ?'! I?
. ... .., , i,i. : ?>( the /...u.
?? ,,. I III. II' II ! ?. I.lk
hoi rroni ? .1 Id Hr.
? ibi relw ? ?
I? th? ?
_ ?
i , i, ,iu-, Noi I ' ,; 'he
i'.I, ?Met? srrived to-<U)
ti',1,1 \'.-n, iiisUn poils, i.|"it thai as
? ,, iid< nl '' ' '""' "'
.-. in- , i n |iarl ?? wort
? i i n? '?."?" Tl< "' "" '"
tins i ??* * ?i -1 - ? . I kind
? .- rs. 1 M ."i- n ?Lana
Ad' t
Tim man who killed himse!' si the Hotel .stof wot Mentified bj two p
yesterday tt the young English nobleman. In- wife araa formerly Mis
Loretta Moon? ' . ol < '.?lifornia.
Artist's Will Provided Money to
Purchase Works for Cor?
coran Gallery.
I Leaves Some of His Own Pict
' ures to Metropolitan Museum,
Boston Museum and Brit?
ish National Gallery.
Th ? win nf Edwin Austin Abbey, the
American painter who died in August In
London, was filed In the Suirrogate's
' offli ?? ; ? sterday. Mr-. Abb His
. state, much of which la in Eng?
land, t.. his wife. Mrs. Mar Q<
[owe* er, the testator provld? d tl
hla wife died before him a fun?l
u;,s to i>c created ?'nun the residue of
h?* estate, from the pi*oceeds of which
pictures were to be '.ghl for the Cor?
coran Art Gallery, In Washington, t" be
the i ' : the Unit? :?"
il?,, lefi some "f lu* oun works I
M? ?'.'i ..litan Museum of Art, the Boston
Ait Museum ami the National Gallery
of nrltlnh Art. In London.
T.. Acad? m the
imlahed house ai'.'' ? 111
? rw' bequests are now not
. ;-,-,, because Mrs. Ai" i Is .-nil
t WaS Safcl last nlghl that
ho lives at No. 1 West 56th
.. ..!,] . ? .;? her
. i win. Ti;- ' -'i no
..ir. Abbey left Chelsea Lodge, hla
home in Tit" street, London, to the
bera oi the Roj.>! Academy for the
-. of ih" president of the academy.
?i- 11pulated thai ih- h? u ?? lie known
? . abbe !louae, nul tii.it th" I ?
Lust by Oi ??? Ford, R. A., ins portrait
in ..?is of Mrs. Abb? and ?< piece by Au?
? i?8fltnt-i;.i :.i? ns i..' permi i
Ml the furniture
und plate muat remain in th.- h..us.-.
Mr. Abbey gave his library :>? Morgan
Hall, Pairford, ? ?I.?< st? rshire, m der
the -1111" rontingencj t.? th" memltera
of the R? o be remov?
? -h..is. ;i House or, If th.' members pre
atud? nts- i-....m. 'ric i. atator
Id? n rund "i' *C*0,?I1 ?1 n? ome
t*. be u- ed '.. keep ? 'hi lees l.."i^.-.
To t! ? Metropolitan Museum nf Art
rtfni bequeathed his original draw
Ings made for the Illustration ?if th.?
comedies of Shakespeare, 1311 m num?
ber, and ih" original drawings Including
i ti,.lor d ? r ih" Illustration "f
the tragedies of Shakespeare. Me also
I nve t.. the Metropolitan Museum his
painting entitl? >i "Hamlet and a por?
trait ol s'a tu. tu. r, Mrs. Ma) ES.
Mead, tli? - latter by .'. 1. Barg? m. i: A.
To th" Boston Museum Mr. Abb?
ins "! Iglnal ?!?.Ings made to Illus?
trate Ooldsmltl rted I'll
u ;,;'.. tie- contingent ?? ga? ? to tl e Na
.;... of v t. London, ?was the
? ? pain! Ing "The < *ru- idera
?lighting J? rusalem."
?\l,. .\hi" '? :| i' '"' "?' the ?'? aid
? ? in th"s.- woran: ? H;u Ing had
11.mir ? sperlence of i re i nd Int? g
.-it> with whl? h Ihe bu the
, 0 : Academy la conduct? d II mem
bers, l give the r< aldue of m: estate t..
create th? Mead Abbe? fund, tu*- inccm ?
,,t a hlch la i?? be ? spend? >i in th ? pur
, h,,., t arorka of art from the
annual exhibition of the said i
Acad ' ' I so i m -
I pd to be forward? i ? the > ? i- n ?
,. , . . [d fund i" the Corcoi an < lall? rj
.,- Washington, D. ?'.. and which shallb?
,1,,. prop 11; of t1'." i Inlted Stab
?meri? a, and s label i to be fix? .1 t-.
, :.,i, ' ? that It was pur
: -,?, it li the Mead-Abbey fund."
?I,. | ro* Ided thai his inter? -t m the
property known as the Dyckman proj
pity lie held In trust pr be
,.:,i ..n the consenl tin pro
.la to h ? used In the In?, i tm< nt In
id and safe" Amerl? an or Kni
i. uids and mort?
on N? a "fork City real estate.
Coinlrnined Wife Murdoicr 1:1 Cell Ad?
joining Electric Chair.
I l.?Henri
i to die oi
i r.,r tie- murder "f I ?i?..
moved ? irli tod ><- fro i th? rlti jail
I. nit? mi ir to await t1.. . \? ? utlon of
,1,,. court area k* sed In a
,( || ,.. th.- i ..ii.i. mm ? ?.?.?. i adi ilhln
?| a.- club knowa a
Antadllnvlan Whlaksy. Highball or iralght.
I u. h. , ?ro , N? ?a ?ort -Ailvt
C^J 4-.
! Trrn marquis or queensberrt.
Head <>f the Douglas family, elder brother
, of i.'T'i Bholto.
Crown Prince Disapproves of
Germany's Morocco Policy.
Berlin, Nov. 0.??The ??v\greement ''c
?n.iii'. ?and ?France a Ith r<
t" Morocco and the Congo ap| ears ,,:
? t dis? ontenl within the royal
The "National /.? Itung"
[that Lbe Crown P-rlncs is astounded at
? w hat he r D ' mann
: i ?oil? ? ble polli and al i ir. i on
Lindequest's reeignation as i'"l?>ni;i!
t r
The Crown Prince, who Is now living
? ntsii. has communl? ated, it ap
th on? or two of his brol
with ;i view t'< mak'ing representations
i?? the Emperor so that the matter may
'?? further miamam
"Die Poet" parti) confirma thia, adding
that li i?i." o ' own knowledge that
the Emperor's elder sons, when the Mo?
n . \ it.m.hi was .it Its h< Ighl
presaed unreservedl) their regrel over
the official policy In this connection, and
strongl ; of < lermanj 's iiini?l
? t j before French arrogan? e.
Says All Women Will Vote in 10
Years?Recalls Incarnations.
Pittsburgh, Nov. 8, Dr. Julia Beton
Bears, Mayor of the town of New
Thought, N. v.. and founder ol the New
Thought Church, says yesterday's elec?
tions are the signs of the tlmei
"The "?. erthrow of i on upl t,..ii!i ?;?!
ng steadily ai compllshed,
.in?! within ten years women ??!' over
America will have the franchise," said
i >r St ' rs. "Mer ? man. a I ornan
Is unfll to successfully solve political
i- i???!?i-^ disillusion? d, and the
? a om n li gaining In ht r light
tor suffragi
Incidentally, Dr. Sears to-da) told of
her reincarnation from a Japanese t?> a
Hindu ind from the Hindu to her i ros?
en! life "1 remember m) Eg: ptian In?
carnation : ' she said ; "siso my
rtese a nd 11 indoo In? a i nal Ion i I
*t beginning t" remember my Chi?
m se in? arnal Ion i think that aras s
vi r) a ondei ful . for me Durin
prei loua I h es i ha? ?? been a rub r ?
Our ill
"? ornpl? ted, thai our In?
i teach ' some?
? . ?jome time, we live again i nd
our work to ? > complel
Woman Oh&rgei Libel in Con?
nection with Bequest.
Topeka, Kai Nov. H
David m M? . o? ein
? '. "f i he M? : al ? 'hurch,
M ' ich? 'I
-. ? s ir n Mrs, ? '")?? i for
again ' nfei . n.. of
I llbell? 'i I tter -.11 the
0 '<?? I,-It ?
Women i i Ion ? M
.: ". fount). Ka
lettei t,. ?t l.i.ii M - Cop?
? ?
l|, Ml" M ? ''? I 'I'l 'I
Ml 111
? .?!?
I think v?
? rous i-i.
? w .li I..- . .-i.it'll? h? -i in I? '? ?";|
: . i Icall) ?us tal n 11,. ' ? Li ene? In >
itlon ,i
t that St ' ?fflclal >?>?
. i ? . ?
.. i on ? ?H foi id.- prop.
I ? \ \ 11 ? ? I M? ?il
So ni; dlnn? i without An-jo?.
tura Bute??. ',?,,1,1 i. ii..\\!i. .I appetiser, ?uc?
qui tits i'.uv'.i \.i\ t. ,
Players Positive o? Identification
of Wan Who Shot Himself
in Hotel Astor.
Marquis of Queensberry De?
clares, However, His Brother Is
Alive and Well-Hotel Bwt
Dead Man Is a Nobleman.
The rran who under the nim* of Miti
ric,- stuart killed himself In the Ko-tsl
Astor "U Monday was Identified ruoWor*
?Jay aa Lud BholtO IiouKlas. brother of
the Marquis of (Jrueenatiernr. Th*? identl
flcatlon aras tnada by Mrs. May Noble.
i n actreaa, living al the Hudson. No.
? 1 ? U. -t |8th sir...??, She said she knew
him .., vi-.l with him in the
Alcasar Theatre, in Ban Fianrtsco. A?
aoon as she san the body in the under
taking non? of A. F.ichelber*. at No.
134 Eighth avenue, .?"h?- ? xclalmed:
"That's Douglas -that's the p...>r boy!"
Tho body was identified again !'?'
4'hnri^s p. UlrteM an actor, livins- at
No. 575 Weal ffilth street, as- Maurice
Stuart, who also said he boA i! ijo? with
the dead man In ?'allCirni i
Th-? Marquis Of Queensberry, who is
in Chk?agO, denied last nlKht that the
dead man was his brother. Lord BholtO
Dougiaa The marquis Bald his brother
was In the W?B8t and was In roo,] health.
Only two days ago, the inarqutB said, h<?
had received s letter from his Iwothsg as
which Lord IXmgtaS hail spoken of hl?J
good health.
maberry refused to say ?..'her.? in*
brother was, further than that h.? was
now engaged in some mining work in
ill.- Far Nm-thwest. His refusal was
baaed, he Bald, upon his disinclination
to brliiK his brother Into public attention
igaln. Me tecelv<*?d a telegram from him
m < ?etober ?_?;'.
While the two identification?'- seemed
to conflict in the different names, in
fad they pieced out the story of ?he
dead man, and In the opinion of Cortmer
Felnberg, who has the cans in eharge,
nn.de the Identification positive. The
' C"r..n< r said hist night that with the two
Identifications he had no further doubt
that th. man was Lord Bholto Do
Tin? Coroner himself had thought he r?"*
ognlzed Lord Bholto '.?-hen he was tirst
called in to view the body.
Wilfred i>. Mills, an actor now- playing
at the llerald Bquai cent to
I th.? morgue Last night. At*
v. an ago, while fruit farming near i
Ion, B. C, he was inn-' de d to l.-'t'-l
Bholto Douglas by John Baxter Row
ih'nd, a former British army other. Mr.
Mills said he had um r Lord H
three or four times a id at dusk, a,.a thus
. nui'i not be absolutely positive
identification, but ?? much In?
'dined to believe t at the bod] was that
of Lord Bholto.
Th.- undertakers laal nlghl dtsjeovered
for th" first time an eight-Inch di
beautifully tattooed on the dead man';
left forearm, it was evidently .Ja? u
Coroner Positive of Identity.
"Lord Bholto Douglas cams to see me
about IT's .'IK'?, when I bad an
, office In Madison .ivenu.-.'' Coroner Mb
berg said last night "Aa ? remssiHief
It i e talked to me boom thing ah til i
land deal and also wanted nsedlcsj ad
\ i.... i did not r.? into the land '
and I did not m-t the .*?'_' for my niedaal
advice, either, i never saw Lord Bholto
again, but as soon as I was called in on
this case i thotight i recognised the
bod) as that of my onetime patient.
Now that these two other id.-ntin. aiions
have been made i have ao further
Mrs. Noble's story was one of rircum?.
atantlal detalL "I was playing In tha
Al.azar Theatre In Ban Fran. Is.,. :n
IV'."i," she said, "and at th.? sanie timo
Loretta Addis mut a churu?* Klrl there,
i naarried Leonard J, Orover, tim man?
ager of the theatre, in iv.ii. and It srag
at just about, the time "f the ruarrla?*?*,
that Lord Bholto Do-agias cants ??i San
Francis.... ii. married Loratta Addis in,
IV?"'. and BOOH after that he was per?
suaded to -?o on the st ige s th I ? r. He
and L ? ippearad in a . n. gat
sketch a')'1 1 saw him at tha theatre
every nigh! all during thai season, im*;.
"Loretta was billed as Lady BbOttO
Dougiaa, and the) got so much notoriety
thai tiny a-ere billed to show all ovas1
tl I'-: II ' nit II. didn't <l<>
much. All h" did vas |q walk out <>n
Ige, and Loretta Srould introduce
him as Lord Bholto Douglna, ?nd then he
would walk off again.
"Our company broke up about 18S1 or
1868 and then we srent up t.. i-triiNh
Columbia on tour, it was ,-,t about that
? that i heard thai Douglas took ids
id babj then h?.i a sal*** then?
to England. w bile we ? re In British
? '. ?i m ; - - : u i ame t.. Um th
?ht and settl up I
husband, and ?> ? both saw hiiu and had
quite a talk with him. [ ui I
thai he vas ranching In British Colum
? that lime and that la- had t.-ft
hi-4 a Ife end baby In England
? In't s.-.- him again until about
' in Log
Angeles. 1 underst.I thai . otne
?and scheine ..u th. n. but I don't U
? a i ?. ' rj t.ni h o-f
him there. That was the laal time 1 saw
him Until I aai In the under?
taker's to-da* ii? has aome streaks of
graj in lus hair now. but Hure |
doubt in my mind th it II la Lord s
thai If i met simito
on the ?tre-1 to night i tl ould fatal from
"right "
Mrs Noble was u-kcl how she cune to
go t" thi undertaker's to look at tho
i -.ii?
Was Suspicious When Sho Saw Stories.
?i -iw the story In th?? papers," ?.he
said .ml .?. h.-n 1 sew thai there was
soin?- o that It inu-ht a pi .r
j Bhoiti t away to Iden?
ma the body, because i srag afraid it
j might be burled In the "Potter'a Fiel?! if

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