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I Mayor Gaynor at Celebration of
No. 2. on East Side.
Dogs Not Think Schools To-day
So Much Better than Those
of Long Ago.
PubU? s? I.....1 t, s., ii?. Hmrv atreet
net ??n lt.- hoar* bead tin- ?Town ..f ?u*.*
hundred ve?r?? yeoAeroay. ;?mi Mayor ?,a>
ea mi bead i.? s?..- ih.it th. I'haplel
*e.as fitted ?properly The Majror ?aatcbed
the children play a picture ?>i the a'??? 1 ??' "*'?
?nvll.l v.-i'iiol ..f 1VI1. ,,n?l this inilM I....
??ut hi? m? i"?>r. ?broteelng hack through
it.. reara f<>. h?- talked t'1 them about tt>"
little erhool ha attended when ))?? ?k< a
boj . where pupila atudled face to the ???.., 11
a? ?i ?jerked (iui?*kiv about \\h?-n th.- teacher
Call? .,. And [hf Mav? .?.? no. sr??m t'l
think tho school of to-daj ?.?* bo much
?jrapetior t.> th?? ??id one, either, for he said
to th.- unk |.ui.ji
u < knee a thing .i tero <i \-> .?id I
> ?m iit> boj i don't know
everything i'ou think vou are awfullj
Btnart, bui ii ma) turn out that you have
not _ t all tii.- ai lartnepi
Wut . ..in- Imitation
i.?...~ no! >? I 'f ?o'ui's. a pood deal
,1 put on. ''"t we .?-..i i., apt
?waj ? .i? i think we acted that va)',
t : . t think wi war, rjultc s'
i .t>\ a? some were made to
. . imitation. I Hunk sun?, of
t put on ?v. a ? re a good deal
w . learned tn rell < ?rrectly. We hvi n< >?.
?rrectl) and write a rood
; . ? aa? cannot all
t ? ? th? b ya and ?jlrla
i the citv. A nd e ?
1 , Well all.i .... well
\\ | .? ? l - l i:, nj? min
i mi? h thing? a? thai and we
. . . mi all ??m T'. ea, a g?0Od
thei have done ? a ??r? ?
<?,. _ not know \\ hether \ mi
thai "'? ii-.i i ..m afraid not i i
?? ? h ?*??' Ipture
a -.' deal of xh? m, ?o?
: ' ?? rar>; yle.
Mayoi drew ??f in
t ?i Hi '
? - t to I Hippo?
r - old, iik.. this Reboot. There is
ltd bit Of a WOOdt n s.hi.ol
? ?,,}: ...t tio? n between m?i
t- ii l.iii.'oin's phot ?graph th?*r?? end
over I aide, ? ith a
I atove in th? I ?
i? In bu ? ... dw. ...I And M is iher?
; It thrr? years ago, and It baa not
loept ?h .? ihr\ put theae
? ?n d
Ma? ..??? of
<? I.rl\4r-,T1 -dv
f .1.
erness. and. ihls ?ompllment paid, he ?h llv
?i.?1 th?? advice thai manual ?roth **ei
honorable. saying
I ?an? I?? expr.ss Un- Itroag hop? thai
mu? are not going t?> lehool here lo Pis?
pare yourselves to Uve without working J
am s irr?- i?? say that we are sending oui ??f
our schools now a i^ieni man\ boys end virl?*
win? think Ibey liave been l???? well edU?
ratcd to work There la no ??m -Abo earns
his living more honestly 01 who is 1" '?."
nun?? honored than those who work enta
their hands?carpenters, blaoksmlths and
teamsters- people thai work at something.
There ere others who think iieraus?- they
throuRh ihe common schools thsl
?an onlj --it on a high stool all ds?j to
trite end mak?- figurei
? i ?lo pot know whether or not h Ii ?d
rantageoui tot ihe children t?? studl m
much." hi' s.iiii to ibf members ol the
?Board ??f ?Education <w th?- platform "II
burdeM thorn, and they are iikeiy to lose
int. rest. When 1 went to whooi WS learned
ti,.- lin?.' r s reeding, writing snd arith
hmI Mimellmes I think thai might
ii., better for the young pupils t??-<i;?v
The Mayoi saw th<> origina] minute i??ok
winch described the opening "f tiv school,
one hundred yean ?u" yeeterday, Tbe en?
??I? lit BtOry ?Aas --iKlieil by l'oloii-l M Rut"
I g?re, sftei whom Rutgeri streel woa
? ?1
The celebration ?-??litinu? s through U>
morrow. There was ? minuet ye*rtefda* in
?' ntlnental costum?e presented by the utrls
, of WaHhingt'Ui Irving School. Si\ boj ot
I School 2 t"?mpo>e?i ?M orchestra which
I played the acompanlmenl fbi i
song written by C. s. Steeie. -rupervisor of
I music. The chot us proudly pr< < laiin? ?1 :
"?Of all the schools the country through
j th<? ix?st of ,:ll is number two'
, Trial of Self-Confessed Murderer Opens
at Springfield. Mass.
Sprlqgtleld, Mass. \..\ It?The opening
i to-day of the trial of Bertram Q. Spencer,
onmssed ipresder of terror ol Spring?
field and the surrounding Id? tot
two years on the chgrge <?f murderlni
Wn Martha B, EXeckstone daring ?m?- of
in- robberi? - on M m h 31, 1911, v, ?- . rked
I by the ui'\i"'t..i .as?? in fbe lelecthm "f
a jurj which will try the case, Bpencer
idmitted the iiiurde:- and ihe defence
?win be Insanity. When adjournment, was
' taken to-night the Jui | bon hi d h ?en nil? ii
<?n aci-ouni of the fe< ling agalnsl Bp< '?? i r
I In Spring eld, attorneys for b? defence
tu"'1- i formal motion to Judge lohn ?'.
'i'rosi\. when court opened to-dey, ?ha? n?>
Sprlngfleld tuen be seleeted on 'lie iur\.
[The motion ?as overruled, ai"i ihe defence
? ?pilons, n? the) did on two <>th?,|
motion- ahlch were ?ifM-i'i??] adversely to
, in ? deft i -?-i- Tiij, . of i he |ai '" - !
S| i ni;iie).|,
Th? ?'??'?-tion of the twelve men tO trj
ronsumed only IS of ti"
1 men who wer.' called as im? ma!? rial, and
lh? ?" taken up wes three houn an i i
half The ictual taking ..f testimony win
[ ba !,<?? ,n tO-mC4 row i
Penrose, However, Does Not E
pect Tariff Changes Soon.
WaahtngUm, \.?v r, tanate* Imoot,
1'iai?. ??ios., paattlon on tht ?Senate ?'?.i
rtnlttM <?)) Fini-lice papen M? la a poettK
? t.. ??peek with authority, to-day mad?* ti
I i-ndi.-iion that th?*r? arouM ho tarlfr leg!
I i.ition ?iiirinii thr. appt*oachlng ?et**rton
j fi.ncrr?;
"No doubl Hi?? THi.ff ?Board has read*,
eubmt! to tin Preaidaul h?< report m ti
! WOOl ami cotton *?.?)???,lui. s. ' |n- .ai.i. "ai
II ?un sin?- the I'lishi, nt win lacamtmei i I
ICongreea the revision of iheea two tehot
?alea That Oongreaa will tak<? rvai?onaib
action 1 tliink is alao r?*a*i")iahl\- POTO."
Th? ?Janator, however, believee tha Dem?
leratic Hone?- win nm fallow tha recon
mendatlona ?.f tha Prealdent <>r ac?**ept ?
Ievidence the report of tha board. The fin
echodulea t?> bi taken up by the lions?.
?Senator Bmoot thlpke, will be the ? dea
IIm arlth ?..?.i. cotton, .?teil, rogar an
? i,.-mi. aN. Me doea not anticipate ??omplel
revlrion at once,
?Philadelphia, M?"# It, I nited ?Statea ?Sea
ator Penroee, chairman of the Benat
? I'inaii.. Commlttl e. ?Mil M??t hold to-t! i\ ih
'same view as Senator Sin.??), of I'tah. r?'
Kardtng the probabilit) >?r tariff leglala
'ti?.ii al the ."mini; ?jeaalon of Coggreea h
i have not been In iba cloacal touch wltl
matten in Washington during the laal re*
daye, tail in m\ opii.i u ?- improliabl?
: that there win be any further tanfl leg!?
lation until a.i?i 1912 The repon ol th?
, Tariff Board ??.ill no! be mada until lata li
; i??-...mi..ir ?>r in January After that i
would be neeeeaarj to frame a bill thai
would ie agreed t.? i?> the Dem?crata Ir
! th?. Houae and the Republicana in th?
s? nai? li mus? alao he a Mil thai thi
Pr< aident would slur.
' ?Senator Penroaa Intimate that then
would prrobabl) be Mill farthei obotadea
! to i.-- overcome in the preparation of new
i tariff echedule*.
Tin? annual dinner ol ll Hal R? ?timen!
Veterana' \ ? loelatlon wa held laal nigh!
a? the Park Avenue Hot? The .?
. .. lebrated the Mrthda) "r Ihe late
ral llrnry V. Martin, a forme <**oin?
? iiniii "f tht realment, who provided in
his will for the expen**e-< of the ?? -arion.
About i?" hcii'irrd and fifty itueata were
preeenl ,;.?ral McAlpin I? preaidenl of
1 the organlaatlon and pr? si?i?'.i i
\ ma a ter.
I The Blale r-rtorj Inveatlgatlng Commla
? -ion ?ill f'simie il- ?publie Ikhi?iu? in the
Aldermanlc Chamber ?>i the rm Hall thle
morning, and ?Senator Robert 1-". Wagnei
will preelde. The commteaion will ?ak- op
< onditioiis in ih? bakeahopa. Amone tii?
witneaeea will be Mia? bYance* Perkloa
Miss I..?ins?? Carey and In \\ali-r s Ben?
I *..?:. ..f the Departmenl of Health
Are We Making, Madam,
a Million-Dollar .Mistake?
maaw? mmamm^tmn^mmamaatmmmammmi^mmmmmmm?amaamammmmaimmmmaimtm a_sa_m?BHSssa?i?MW?_m?sbbi_s?w_i^?n
When we select our wheat?
When we wash, brush and
scour it?
When we pass it through 20
When we sift it 10 times through
No doubt this is adding a mil?
lion dollars per year to the neces?
sary cost of our milling.
Is it our mistake?
Or is it your mistake when you
fail to get it?when you fail to
specify Gold Medal Flour?
"J"hink what this means:
Gold Medal Flour now far outsells any other *,>?ir
that's milled.
It feeds 24,000,000 folks daily.
Just hecause housewives ? millions of them ? ban
found that Gold Medal excels all other flours.
You'll not h.id it different.
Next time you order be sure you get
Washburn - Crosby's
\ _S *.?* _-? J
GQt*o Medal Flo?*
Who think?- that suffragists nniM adopt nen methods to ?-"ii'. in-e legtslstais that they
v, ,?nt volea.
Concerting the CooK
to the Soyer Method
When She Sees That It Will Save Her the Scour
ing of Pots and Pans She Will Speedily
Fall in Love with the Paper Bag.
Bv Martha McCulloch William?!.
"BUl "O'lld i? be <-^v to *et in(. ,nnk <
to take up Boysr'i roethod of r-"i*?rr bag
That question ?va? pu? to me th? other'
da) by one of im frlendi who ha? beetii
esptivatsd ^m? ihe pspsr-bagaad luneh
?ons nnd dinner.? 1 have invite.) her te eat j
-v?h nie.
in reply to her query I told her how I
ha?! converted one eooh te M ?oyer'i ?
tnetiinii with ore "de.Ttonstratlon." This
pert!(*ular quean of the MtdMn wsi s
?r, de eook wh?> has followed her "madam"
up Korth, swsy frbra th?? ?leiichts of her |
nal ' ?? NOS "rleans She fi-el-i that She
Ktinwf? prettv well all that is 1" !>?? known i
??bout ?-ooklng. SSpS? dally of the finer part??,
and not without reason-her ginst?, her i
torna toes srltb ihrlmps, her !.-?i snapper
h la ?'r?,'i.?, .,ie things whose Urs! eating
rosy serve to matk ? gsstronomie epoch.
BtMSUSS her "inaihitn" Is my friend, and
had eaten tliiturs out <?f paper bags, the cook
was lent to lie the new method f?<r her-1
self. Lesi than respijetful *-1??? rannoi
ill ly i c, i special I> towsrd on? v> ni se (.k
erj ihe had . ? * ?. -^ ; ? > ? < i i" approve, >*ei i was
ronsdoui of ? **ertsln bes/IMsrad imuse-l
menl In her though she esId ?*<*hiil} to m>
op? nun; explanations
''Tessiun. i ?ion? klverad things wU
I a per, t?> keep urn fion? brownln1 too hard.
?ak?' und stuffed nlgplapl and Mch es
?lai i:? ? Kon bit's putty much oe same."
"Il II, am1 H Isn't," I said. ? "ovi i Ing
papei doeen'l hoM In all the itesm though I
It il?..-- atop CTUStlDg i ? v-r. "
At thai she looked doubtful, more doubt?
ful than ever, bul bei eyee were hawk
ki? ii as b? watch?*d me greaae bags and
?-?lii* Into the biggral of them a-ell seasoned
inn? ts i,t blueiisli atone ?sit h s thlnlj sliced
Ionl ii. tomatoes r sied and sliced, ?i gtxxi
lump ??f butter, and a generous aoueese of
kmon |ulo w hin i mounted the llght
-' I? ?? i UK upon ? wire trivet, and sel i?
In the hoi "'. ?n on the nH'i ?bait, ihe
inniM In.her bann li la i?, it.r then an]
Ihei mometei and ? aid aim? si ,?i ? i ?>.? tl
< all) i ?ni i m orchln iiot
? it i-as to be," i ? iplained, "Ai firi-t.
you know- to gril tbe ?rooking well started.")
Ai i ipoki I was basglng some very firm.'
i almost green, unpeeled banana?, puttln?; in
with them s little water, and finding the
I 11, i ? ! that would b?'Bt nt il.?.' remaining
shelf space i san mj critic smile s faint,
fleeting, ghost I) smile and look affection
ately ai the scrubbing brush, i was sure
..-in fin herseli mentall; undoing th?
i ; h k i ? results ?if my doing, by scrubbing
?mi the jrtove ilom a*han bursting bags
hail made II dm m)
The bananas wer? in experiment but
thai **as mv reeklees day. i bad only
? leint of them, but the reeding had appealed
Is my imagination Boiled thus m a paper
bag, I'Tvd with melted butter, vinegar. I
sait m il pepper, i fell II In mj palate ? i \
would go bseutifull) with my nuh. I
popped ih, m In Lb? oven, keeping ? weath?
er ey< m, th doch "1 he; tak? only ten
mintlt?M you know,' I said to niv Involun* i
tery pupil.
i had chosen ? Ural lesson In flih, know- i
Inr how she prided herself upon tbe un-:
approachable excellences of h?r ?a>- ??i
? Dokinn :t My bag of 'sliced i otato? s .
va- airead] In tbe oven, lying snug upon
the broiler, when the fish ?vent In. Because
I wsnted them browiL ihey hsd hsd the
Ht-rteil earl) hssl They had been nil ?as
im t r > ! 11 ic. dropped in cold erster, drained,
pul rather thinly In ? thickly buttered big.
with ? lump of butter on top, then ealed i
up end ???' i rooking
i vv,-?- getting ;? hurry luncheon parti)
Lecause there *aa need of haste, partly i?? i
sl.os my pupil how ijuickl) things could
i '? ?I'm'- A lemon i Is and fresh biscuits ?
were keeping hot In the broiler space be
neat h the oven, ?bielde I from burning by
tbe Inv? rt'u lirnil? I pan
Adele the rook, had no| seen them i|
mesnl them fOi the Rnlshlng stroke <*<?ok-i
Ini them i,a?i got the oven rlghi f??i ihe
other thin?? hoi through and through, and
'? is Qi n< clear and steady They were
1 ?till In ih'ir hags: ii'ti-. I kneS would
, k?-ep quellt* The pie ban l ? ? n M't on ih?'
tange bottom, ?jovarad srtth a big Inverted
bread pan, upon whli-h the liisrutt I al
rested n?scuro from <?ii harm Heat ?i?
????'?n.iB. hui faint i v ?moreover, there was ?
K< ???I ?-pa?'?' clear brtw??en bl ?:u i hat- an?i
ti,? broiler pan.
After Tve minutes ? look-In showed bag
MS ?brown. !??) I turned r.fT one gs |el
un?: b ,.,i myaelf getting dishes hot. Thai
ffr the banana^ was ?1? ? p ami round. Al
the ? n?i of ton mlnutei I took them out
With the help ??f a sharp knife Hn?l a
hlnr.? fork I p.??led th<-m, poured over
item the destined saun-, eoversd the dish
?ltd set It on top the ranne
.A'l.-ie was alnrliiK at the bag. It was
1'i'vvn. almost etisp nt the (?orners, but
" i ilghtl) tlngea f'> ten, hu?i under
1 .ind touch a- when if wen?
Ir \,-t she hail seen bsnsnSS i^'nie oof
of li -and he,- l idKim-nt a??1!!'"?! her that
they mere thoroughly and beautifully
"'?K.'d Hut She was -till doubtful
Mavhe bit 1? pood fer thine.'- ?lat don'
taV?- lone" She Mid "T?"ul '"'' he f.,,-,'1
:? i trus hit ?aid all mj ?llufr "
By Ihe lime ll? hanSIUkS.' ' ' 'i "'I
:?he dub \?as ren'l> six fell ?-? 'I IlllftS
mad,, , brave ihosring In lbs platte?, with
i tit? tomatoes piaqtud over them, ihe
onion iho?sini p?Bsn rtti^s in their red
( F-upplemented with the potatoes, whlrh
'??ni., mu iho?-oii--blv- ?-ooked an1 a d?licat?
brown, n??l ih? banana?.. tb>-> made h sat
, Uljinic meal ,\d?-le looked si them with
i Sf-'ii?* npproneh I" awe a:? who shoulil ?a?:
I his [s l,.? plae.. f?'l H s^lf-respe,.||nK
Tbe awe deepened visiblj whra ?he
1 1'iseiilt ea-iii- lu view -btovvn, trl-p as -un
?? -elf rould bine made Ih.-nr, nnd literally
pi-1 plus- open In their llgntlXSSS, The pis
-onsolsd her n trifle Ihe nierlnirue nt, it had
feilen half Not through the baa's fault.
lut Ihm ?f the maker, u honnit ?si-j lfjiil
Pelrrt n laer that fit? the food to ha
cooked Gfaaaa t~a?x weh on Inaade, ?*>?
rep! In MM Ol ve?etahles or when
water is tn ha added. When food II
?eaaoned an?i otltetwlaa prepaid pia??
In 1>hk, f?"?l?l month of ban two or three
time? and fasten with a wirf paper
??lip Also fold an?l ?-lip corners of baa
to make it 'It fOod snuftly. if ha? l?aks
{n rooking do not transfer food to a new
bag Simple put the hai; within an?
Pine?? la*. In ov??n la?", <"o?i nr 9?H on
trrid shrive* or Wtra hroilers, never on
solid sh--lves. riaea Ream side up al?
?a .v. I?.. not move or open hair?* when
? >n.. placed for cooking. Put reeati ami
?n'ree*t ?ni lower shelf, fish ?m the m'd
dle, i-atury, et? .. Ml the top. where heat
Is m?>st Intenae Have oven hot ?200 de
utee? Fahr.) hy lighting the ?a? elRh?.
minut?e before putting In baa. then
sla< k heat cue-third to on'-half Bl soon
as the hap (?uners turn hrown. ?>o BOt
le! ha? toml; sides of oven or the iras
fiait*?. Adhere to time gtVOO in lOClpea,
then food will he well cooked.
Tnk? up hat* by slIpplriR the lid of a
tin pot nnd..rn?'.ith tt 'ro secute gravy, j
lei on! water, ate., stick ? pinhoie _
i.?^t?.in of big and drain o?.?r a dlsli.
l-.xee|.i in ?ase of pies, no dish should I
i, - ? ? I in paper has; cooking.
i ?i r.-.t meringue Is with iier commonly an
"Miss ?Mofl? aay* you tola her you kin
hake fish an?l meat and roas' chickens In j
d.s. things?" Adele said Interrogatively as ,
-.,. stood surveying the uncluttered sink. '
where never a pot or pan waited her sklU'd
t? uch.
"You can cook almost anything you like.' ?
1 answered "Bul first you must take the '
trouble to learn how."
Adel?? n.nided thoughtfully. "Yeaaum," ;
bbe said "I Bin'! as )'OUng as [ use?! tt-r i
I... hut I lho'1) ?s gotn' ter leant how. ami
den i won't haa an] _?ota and kittles to
??'opvriffbt tail L' the a??.?? iattd Literary
Prom .
Game, Like Other Meats, Cooks
Deliciously in Paper Bags.
Venl*Jon ?Trim the ?i i . f all -kin ami
n?rvea. lion In (tour, rover the joint with
fat ham, ha. on or drippings; ?enson weil I
according to taste Add two glaasea of ?pori
vine if de aired; oeol joint In bag, ?and
all.i", |uenty ol apigca In the < ton. Allow
for Joto! of ill?..- pound? an hour an?! a
quarter; for dm <?f Mean pounds, two
hours and i half; fourtMn or llfteon
p?.imils, tour hoiiiv. Thtt must he rooked]
In a ?mod? rate oven.
Venison f-'.i ice, The nataral |ul a from
the cooking is straineii into a atewpan
Take Oil all fatty matter. It can he thlck
rned with either ? little nom. corn star?h
or arrowrool by mixing .< t??aspoi?nfui <?f
either With ?MM glSM <>f POTI vine, slterr. .
Madeira, ato? k ?n uat?r. Mi\ up with the
Juice Bring to the I ?>it and add lern ?n
or ?mi condiment ?ttecording totaate.
Roaal Quail. -Truss nlld lard the .piail in
the usual way. PlaM In bag, seal up ami
put on hro'.ler. \ll??w e|g_f,t mln)Hes In I
eery hot oven it must he eock?td ?luirkiv.
Ti no lar'l ??? fal is used, a tit11 ? - melted
I I tel v ill do Just a well
???irriei Venlaon.' Cut up three imunda
of lean tenlMn (mutton or i?eef ?an banaad
instead?. I'rel and chop thr?e tomat???'*?,
ami add one laiRe t?blaapoonful ??f flour,
il i I Rnelj ? -Implied otiloiis. a larRe tea
s|..oiiful of Madras ,nn\ paste "?' ?urn
?powder, ? teaapooaful of iikht hr?.wn >u
gar, ? chopped appte, two large table?
spool fnls ..( ur|| washed rl?e atxl a pint
Ol milk PlaM li? ? paper Lac. seal tip.
ami ???ok for ioitv-f'i?e rotantes in a mo<t
eiat? 'iVell
?'??'lisiad. | da I'ais.in I la Royate. Take
the remalM .?r a ?.?id roast pheaaant, free
it fran akin and Mm? and cut Into Beat
small sajuarM Have randy ?. 11111?- well
?Savored la*owB mini toot Maden la aa*
. client for l hi? purpOM ad?l the gtoOM "I
pi. Man! ia it. ami make very be! la i
well greaMd ?.a?*, llave read) th*? half
a dosen frewhly f?ied crouetedea and note
lhai II "v should i.,. fat) pot, t.??. Kiii
each with the above adatura garni ? with
Mow?I ??li,. ? uni? h have Men I* Bled la ?
little nhrit>. an I M.|X,
The remalna of ., . aM ^rtrwga ar? ?-x
Mllen! henta.i |n ,|,|? fB!,l,|on Ho. too. .?
duck, hut In this case a sauce piquant
should h? u. r,| |n atme* or brown or Ms
d?re, as ritlaruise the rrou?t?de would h..
too rieh ff., m a*\ people's liking, If a hr.ti
Is used ..i. this r?chauffe. It Is ltnpo?tlhle
to tell It front frMhly cooked same
right H'H. |. ??.. gtergti * W-nlmn com-j
Mrs. Mackav Criticises Equal
Franchise Society's Methods.
The Kfjual Krnnrhise Society has "paid [
high f??r small SChfc?VSmsntS," according to
Mrs I lairsnoe IfaekMr? ftwndsr and first
president of that organization, in I report |
she read yesterday St M h annual meeting
held II So ?;i East 77fh street. Mrs
Mneka' * was the pr?sidents retort, cyv- !
erlni; la I MSSOtt'l wdrk until April. 12.
when she resigned the office.
?fil toi?! the so. I et y il would have |?i
change Its methods if it wlsln-d to accom?
plish anjrthlng, ami ihe ssslsty ii going to
change tiem. The Mqusstsssd heeAiuar
ters on the twenty-ninth fl?j<?r <?f the Ifetn
poiiian Tosror win be given up. ami a.
bead?|iiari.-rs. with lecture roan sad free
suffrage reading mom. win be established
?omawhsre near IJil street and Fifth ave?
nue, on tbe ground Boos, m thai the s?>
ciny cas advertise the eauae front tin
"This organisation li :-"t growing a? ',<
should grow." **.*i?i Mis ifaekay. "I know
it Is usual for a presidenfl i'?|n?rt to l?e
optimistic, but i ?ant make mine ?o, I'm
She referred t?? :he small ettendsuce si
the t-.ald liSCtUIWI Of tiie EgUSl !'i a nchlse
society el Msxlns Blllott'i Theatre hut
winter. "They mere scholarly lectures bul
thev di.l not appeal 1o the multitude.'' .sin?
sat?'. "We bad a consultation, and for Ihe
last lecture we tOOh Mrs. HarvkM Si^ni??,,
Blatch'i advice, threw the*?toon open end
bad ftratures which would make roo?i n-n-s
pap'r headlines. And a thoimand people
came, while the other lectur?-s ?Irew 1?-?a
thsn IR
"The tableaus given by th" Equgl Fran
ehlse loelSty were alOO I Kr?- ,| sue? ess |>r?
oaute or1 their edvertlMble qualities, evi?
dently'' .?-aid Mm Maikav with sotne bit?
terness, "picture csrdi eppesl lo ihe ????i -
Ther? ??.? i. ra< ? 'i "'" ? ha? te, ehe
ihouahi. in the methods pure id ??' Albany,
"Tin? societ) haa ipeni much money ihe e.
done ?" gresi '!",?t ??; work? an?i coni
;,.?opic in Albany, -ne nai?l. "bul we
h.-'-'i t ,-oir l-i.-e?l the l.egislatu! ". I think
! we >houid ?-????siller if I here lan't soin?? other
i wa\ cf getting those gentlemen to see thai
the n <. i ?ion of NeS Fork want to voie."
Referring lo hsi resignation s? president,
Mrs Mackay said she !;i c\v it hud been
greatI] prltlclt*ed, both bj her friends and
enemlee, by su ffr.-, gists ind sntl-iuffrsgists
"CrtticUtmt have ??maiiati'd in parttculsr
from the N"vv Voik State Association Og
I poseo* to Woman Buflrags." ihe ?-?id. Mi
j want in ?-r now, a? I ?-nid on April i".
i that i? idle I resigned the preaidenc) be
cauas to do the work **??* an Imponlbllitj
suffrna? va.? and is the greatest ||,-. | ?
T b?v? 'n life to strive for And I sliall be
! triad ?o remain a director of this societ.
, as Ions as vou will have me on the board "
The ??all for a new headouarfer? WSI
j made by Mrs. Jessica Finch In h? r report
The Bahr Collection of
Early Chinese
Bronzes and Pottery
Now on Public exhibition
530 fifth Avenue, above 46th gtreet
GsUary open week-days 9 a. m. to 6 p. ??,
Tuesdays until lb p. m.
?s chairman o? the ?ommltfee ?vi f'i?>ir#
"We have dbom i han RJOt la the treaa?
ll>.' .?he s,,|,|. ami Ihe BtlOUal ?In, . _r||[
bring In *i.i?*> i et ne use tin? )n ?slab
liahlng a free circulating lihrai?, Hn?l . .!?*.
Ina room Where th" wayfarer can drop h
ami learn aomethlng a bon I suffrai
ah-nit what women ?re do
Th?. .?Inn mei ?with butant favoi Snj
Richard Aldrieh-, who presided, a i?i??
thai gifts toward the n? w In
. i d library would lie wel???*me m
?all?.?! for volunteers t., help will i
M Aldricb ? I to the oil
dent, t" which ehe succeeded when
Mrs Mackay real-pied. Moat ..( th? 'n
mer ofTli-eiH wer?. r??-.?iei?t. d except P|ar?
enc? Mackay, who doM ? >>t ippeai on 'lie
... ! ?f directora
F. A. HEIIMZE GOT $150.000
Union Bank Hearing Resumed?
Sullivan Case Postponed.
The connection ,,f F Augustus. | ?
V ?Ii\ the M |
Bro? eras brought oui
hut when the Unten Dank h
; was res.mied ..?? Borough Hall, Brooklyn
Mi. MeinVa's lank- were the Bra! to gi
under In the pat'i'* Of SOI and the support*
tion - m thai lh?ry i '?rre largel?
for the downfall ?.f the ?BrooUya haab A.
M I |. ler^c. f.. Mr.
chantes and Trader***1 Banl eras th< prla
. I pa i un,.
Th? Heir,:-. ... of .tl.V*/..?
through hi ??eiohrr. t*>?7. and turne
In : u'< : *Ortl< -i'-? to the Hotte Sa
of Huit? . .Mon! 1 I ?
?.n notes ? O? .re-. Ragiin ..' d l '
' I-..1 iteln.
'i",... upr ? i tn the
. ??ea? was consummated he s,.|d. Hod
. not kno'4 the (WO note maker , ever, t ?1...
ated B ?"i Mr Helaae 11 ?
.-, ?i k -i owed
a "i?< not in.h ? sed
John \\. Waller, former cashlei ..f ? ?
defunct Home Bank, told of .< loan ?
KiS to "Charlee Foreman." whom nobod
seemed t?, knoe The M?chant?
[Traders' Rank put the loan throug
I itrder of l*rea!deni IV. r? llamaron, *?.?*.,
?anno? be found. In ?September H ?' '
? seciirlt proved r ??
The trial o! David \
?1.m of the Mechanise and Trader- I
, for forgery in the third degree ^
I Journed until November tl b} Juatiee K.i
I? r, of th. Supreme Court, ves:.
owing to the Illness of District Attorne
.;. K. Clark?
I Ms) asked fo> un a?! ??.urniiiont I. ? ?n.
1 ary, hul the r*our1 would not grant thli
The Wanamaker
Motor Apparel Shop
Is One of the Finest I Have Ever Hern in"
is absolutely "s*^**-**,
speaking of a ?"_|i
isively in mo- "*?**_
It was a visitor from abroad
who said it. She had visited
the various motor shops of .
New York?and was buying
at Wanamaker's. Her sum?
mary was this:
' Their stock wa
first-class (she was spea
shop that deals exclusively
tor goods) and the prices not ex?
travagant, although, I think, a
little higher than Wanamaker's.
I looked at an excellent English
mixture coat, raglan sleeve, great
loose back and smart in every
way. This coat was $55. A sim?
ilar coat at Wanamaker's was $50,
and another $45.
"Wanamaker's*had some very good
values in fur coats?a leopard coat
for $175. A leopard coat at this spe?
cialty shop was $250.
"Their hats ar.d bonnets were very
style, and were not to be com?
pared with Wanamaker's.
The visitor concluded:
"Wanamaker's Motor Shop i:?
without doubt one of the finest I
have ever seen in this country.
S?^-?' S The, Burlington Alead? is wel
$25. Wanamaker's had equally ?
smart and good bats from $12 up. In carried out. The Beef Late:
fact. Wanamaker's had a more com- and 'Eton Bey' and the 'Bobby'
p?ete line of hats, and I liked them certainly take one back to Lon
"-'s have a very fair stock
(telling of another store that ad?
vertises motor goods a great
don. The general display is
most attractive: the stock is
good in every way, styles, mate?
rials, cut and workmanship.
The salespeople painstaking and
"A tan polo cloth coat was $45? agreeable. It is certainly a
beautifully arranged and carried
out department.
"The prices I find less than the
only other first class house I
saw, and, considering what you
get, cheaper than the other
u I do not believe there is
anything in motor apparel
nothing to compare with the Wana
maker $40 and $45 coats. A coat
with fur collar was $67.50?a good
coat, but lacked style. Their bon?
nets ranged from $5 to $30. They
were either commonplace or over?
done. They only had one woman's
leather coat, tan and priced $60. A
good department, but it could not
compare in any way with Wana?
Other places visited did not
merit detailed comment. The Ot requisites that could not
stocks were small and lacked he had at Watiatnaker's."
England Sends So Many Good Things to Our
Motor Apparel Shop
that ?men and women may snuggle under tiie comforting
protection ot* RED LE A F LABEL garm-tnts and 1??
nappy forever after.
London does a great many things superlatively well,
bul in planning wann wearables for motoring men and
women, slie has attained a new distinction within a lew
Of these good creations of London tailors and ?hatters
THE VERY BEST come to tiie Wanamaker Motor
Wear Shops. They are imported by us exclusively became
we have arranged tliat with their 'distinguished makers.
Thus they are entitled to wear the RED LE A F LABEL,
mark of goodness as well as exclusiveness.
Redleaf Ulsters for Men, Lon- Londcn-made Raincoats for
don-made?Good, warm English Men or Women Motorists?
clothes. Unlined. $30 to $50; Dexter coatVf gabardine.
lined with fleece. $30 to $60; "omed-hned. $28. **?g
_ a? , coats of gabardine, unlined. $30
Balmacaans, $45; leather lined r _a*n <*? _ e tat
., , ,. . ... #._ Lnglish Hats for Women
(detachable), $50 to $65. Most distinctive in New York.
Redleaf Ulsters for Women, While we may'not b; able to pre
London-made? Rough wooly v<*n* copying of these hats, we
cloths of mannish appearance, can say positively that there are
w? ?? . *.~r a,rr , It. f i no duplicates of them at the
Unlined. $25 to $55 ; leather lined stai Uog In suede or stitchcd
coats from $45 to $60: lined with tweed, $8.50 to $15.
fleece, $35 to $60; Balmacaans, (Motor Apparel Shops,
$45. Main floor, New Building.)
John Wanamaker
Broadway, Fourth Avenue, Eighth to Tenth Streets.

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