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Harvard Settles Down to Easy
Work After Carlisle Game.
Scrub Practises Green's Plays,
as Noted by Coaches Who
Were at Princeton.
- TrihuiK? 1
B, -Re.-aiii-e the
y men ptajred only a few
rr - -za.nst the Carlisle Indian?? on
*?? ? ? ! ?? auae Haaajhten to change
I ? ' Bg but easy work
' M "i.l.i.. A ?-hort srrim
? ? held between the "var'ity and
? hut the playing ?a* light.
be _e bard work until Mm
? ornes into 'I*..* Sta<_lr.ni with the
Dartmouth playi i by the ?-?. o,?,i
l! rr:n?'etor>, and on whlrh
ererkod hard all afternoon.
'li.. light scrimmage the regulars
rai ' mala fur an hour, and did :t
p : eaa I be ?jama as
ftei er was hurt,
a ta
?hat he ha?l
J to remain there '?*.? ' ''"
i aa the coachea ha?i hoped he would
I and ??<?> Jencb I in at r
where he played for the antlre
against the Itadiana Ti..? ??oactiea
an JiBBeka I :- being
?*ie?i that he will do mi the defer?
but belli* ? * PtOi With his of
? ?? e J ?
and Hlteheoeh ?ni1 ..?*n'k? th.
! between Fisher an?! I* I
i ? Oardner ?rorked all day at
onarterha.-k. liardner saw Yale and Brown
U? an laturday. He alao eaa Tale play
^o.nt. Totter Is roming along
to so tata tha Tale
Sam Pnttaa'l return to the field
? players' spirits a bit. even if
not be allowed ? .ntil
??sda.? There la a chance that he will
opportunity to do a little kicfe i g
Campbell also was on
| | i for the Brat t-rre s;?ice he
Trineeton. and if is p?a
ni play in the ha?ktle?d with
?I Tlunilngton. in piar?? of Rey
a io was in tiie line-up this ?after?
Fieber denies the report that when
be regular teat Into ' ? za-ne f-*r
aarainst the Indians he
, | trary I tr ? na of the
was at New Ha
at Perry Haul
rlona and the af -h?
? ? ..-4 ' . .
- ? - ? for
? entire | ? i che muid
? given regt lara
i freehn '? baa
.... pre.
? agn nst ? <*
? -. - -. .-?* ?rill b* I '
__ o -...fr T'ge-? j
while Pr'ii eton. ' ? '
. ? e
Dartmouth ?n Fine ConHit pa\
S H.. N'T*" U lAetton from1
..'hall hare corn* to
I ? ? .r-rtte-lt
In re
? Inquiry ?? ? on the
j -??? . Lang*ford aa
' ?? m ist stand.
? ? ? ' ??-.-?-_. ' ??
i Uni " do, not
' ? team 'ame hack to
ndrtlon, except ng Itogsett.
The dougbl - Injured
? 'on game, and now
?inet? I? the
? ??! by
i on the miatakea
eing ?he only
? ok Parnun
Left err],
??k. left
horn; rigl I
ellyn eft
Morey ; full
Rest for Cornell Team.
By order of .lark
..\e,i in i Be game ? ?
. ? .'. from
Moakley I for the
a 1th the
? i The teeta
I that th- ed very
g tWO weeks.
le 1.1 gain any
? urda Champada*
indoubt ? .".tinue on the i
and but fot -
? a powerful
m. In
_ k.iking he was
fill del ? ncy, which
-light injtir
ha?l a bard-fouaht
: BOW ! la1'.*? were '
eorked n I repare the
Quakers Have Easy Time.
ui ha?i a
? - i
- ? . ? -
? oming game ?aith Michi?
gan r
- .
n .-?n
? ' ging a runner down i
Th? seeon?! 'varsity ha-l a stiff s rii
mage with the scrub At th? start tin* f<?
mer ru*?hed the ball down to within ti
> arils of a touchdown, |)Ut lest II on
tumble. That was th?? nearest tfcey got. ?
every time a funi.?l?* marred thttt i '
The squad to b?? taken to Ann Arbor r
WaahtOOthaa was selected to-day. a-- f"
lows; Mercer, .liunlet. Hell. Klndeise
Morris. \Volfi?rt. dillon. Y?>unK>-r, Kei
rc?ly. Thayer. Minds. KeoRh. Fisher. N??l
Crawford? K??Ilf?h<?r, ?;r?'?*n, Scott, St man.?
Harrington. BntT, Hill. Marshall ar
< handler.
?'-?nnsvlvanln feel?- confident o" a Mlrh
car vi? iorv after th?? shnwiii- mad" m tl
T.arayM'? came. an,l will _?" Weot expec
?nt: to wta u? decisively ?a "n Saturday.
Navy Coaches Encouraged.
?mapoH?, Nov. IJ.?With all 'mit on?? ?
the leading ??a<AdM-tea for tiie San
\'.?'!?:? team available anil on t
far pro? tic?, tb? aatlafactla
here thl? afternoon. While tl.? ch*_n-fi
*h. In-, kli?M. flu?? to Inji.Tl?"- and also t
???ru.. ,,r ; ... play? ta t?> coa
a dUHcull task durl uning weal
the K'?n??ial Interesse :-i ?. ?peed i
t'n.- ba? ? k i i *-? i ? j is potable, sad
rattern? nt
were bai'k In the Kam. t;
N ? ??, M ': ?
whor .v an?l L'avis. MM ??' th? I?'?
datea for tackle early in t! ?
Ti.?- coat bee belle*? a ti..?' i t. foi
merly right end, will mai.
ter. ami !.?> played there this afternooi
i lowerer, i :>?a?l no ? i
Ihe ... ? ? -?-.:-.
[_N**nard will he worked
in order to -,
which is annually st-ikci a : e em
? \re-~tcd that ? e
!t will be p?a? sd Su SI
Preparation for Wesleyan Get:
Under Way, However.
Me' t pra? tiee era - held at Nee f? r
Unlvei - iterdey afternoon for these
on?l .? -i ?,f the football t? ?Vt
Wclr??r, 'varsity tackle, and M?ore. rhrh
halfback, t and were ken
bard at srorh Welner wa I the de
fensive -ide of the Una, and Moo
I a ?food deal of the
tion In the offensive
Von Keloffstein bot'? wer? drilled on en?
runt nr.d on the ?proper method of gettlni
off the forward peas a good share I *
time i -, to the ' n ? i rd pa ?
nieor? took the opportunitj to srorl?,
few more ne? i ? hi?
it team iron
11 ? - ? ttKo teams wer* oui
roarhea ?ii?! not ra'i <o~ a ._-.
i ere r,,Ti throng lema
,H?tltut<?. at o'iarter. Huntle*
?.?..i-i shifted to left ei.fj. where he did ef?
,-jent work. Most of t'ir wort of '
'??.nte?! t" the te backs in th?- ii?
.. r.*cord of no-score iiunn ?
the one la.?* Batinrda) agi I !
more ?han ever that New Tori
'"nlVTStt V <i??e?; thing kll
Ariti r,? ? tcoring machine, ap,| it
rfofert that ?h<? ronrbe* 3re b
effort! to rennsdy
Mlddletown, Conn . Noi I* The r1?""
a-qrnme for th* \V"p.?i?va-! leal la weeii
. - itlon for New Tori?. '
I -? - one I-ar?.' Vorhls will pur all ht
?ify.?ng?h and energy I ? atrei ithenlngth?
team for this 1
heln from some of t -
a ?, ft', r*alder? ?"??". \an Surd
oti-er? Pittrtuaately for iVeiJeyan, t ti ?
? ?? m?an all rame through the hard
battle ertth 91**rilfama lattf ?Saturday with
nous li Juries
The new plan of work:
fullback Captain Durllng u guard .- I
McCai thy kle pr???1'i -i ??
' thu Imm k
ind ? lum ?'. In handling
Vorhla expects < s th? t.-atu
" eek mil? ' g I
??all Ti.er? iren I furnblea h
tame. *-?-.?
i i t., ?T
erkshire ?"ai I ?
So "Daily Princetonian" Dabi
Spirit of Real Sportsmanship.
? \ \ Ictorj ' "? ?Dsri
? . "The Dally Priac^onlan" -
? rta of the football gome n satur
* gal
urday could not fall i i have been Im
? - ..
?-. hicl '? mout ii c? i ?
th? ?ruling of tl - " ind with it ??
defeat whl ad no r. .?
ie <:?"<( i? t
ion team w? ? u ?oi
the d< -i were
uearli ??
r Interfer? nee f?
d more
a were not ?
f wan >ey al
'..,-. i certain I?, did nol detMrve to i. ?ve the
m. And n hen <!??:? ?t
wa.s a ' ty thai
best ?
(fine - '
we ?m our ran accepted one weefc ago on
? ?ii! j murmur, we
. . . |-.? g of
in acknowluidg
- ,.f aporten im
me Ind
? ton undergrad i ?
\? : ? be ' ' S of >-? im
great ?llaappointm? i t, even though the
etrongei ? ?????- not on the Held The
[.for powei ol
? ? ?
during eek 11 era
ko?p ii eins overcoi
. flral and i
? '
ter efforts I -nn* the
da 11 ?
i mouth _
The Standard of RYE Whiskey
t.varavteed I'ure R YV. WR?AMRPy Inder .\_-|
tivu.il Pute loot! Law Serial Sumb?r ?*/6j
_ "NEVER ?OLD IN BULK ______!
H. B. KIRK & CO., New York. N. V.
Both Elevens Hard at Work for
Big Game on Saturday.
Practise Signals at New Haven
with Varsity?Princeton
After an Attack.
?Negra**** M Th? Tr h :*)?..
New Haeea, Sor. i;.-Ti:<- Tale f...-thaii
aojuad reported tot aacret practice a! Yal??
F'I?.1?1 In rxi?f?ll?'iir ronilltli'n to-.?ay fnllow
!nir tti?' Broten Kann-, ?'amp ami Scully -??;'?
tain?*?! ?alight Injurlea ?.n ?aturoajr, bat
wen aa frisk"' ;i-i usual tiit? afternoon, ao
that unies? ari'Mpiitn o?-? ?ir thi? w.-?.k Tale
will f.i ton seal ?attrrdaj) ?vit i?, all
of hrr men In nood playing eondttloa, with
tin? po.-"?lb!?? ??x<*i?ption ?if Dick I'.ak.T. tli*
halfback He may i?p ??? : I a?
?v the time of th?? Harvard game
Tale waa nur f.?r?-.-?l to show .1 ?in^'l??
? the last two w? ??ks
agalna! Mrown Nothing aare ahnplc ?foot?
aied, and fale'a u"?;?.m of at?
? | under i ??>?.?? r This fact baa
ecauae of th?
hiliti'-s f..r even greater Imaroeemttnt.
Everybod* ted ?attta I t<
? ??! and no' worrying, an.;
of the aquad la I t P cetoi
in in " -? ?:. Th?? ; '
o rea kw arl fal ho ltd
over th.* Tij;?*rs. ai
, ? the w*ajr In wb : I
-iart?-.| ,?t the gym
m a it'. ? black board .?r;,i |
?? :r,:.-i ,k?.s nirul?? In th? r
game. Thla laated forty-rive aidi
the ni. ?. wen! work
ti ?! prln? .; all ??' i long algna
? :?h a | .:? ? ,.?.., nan taking
the ( . ; i i,... * k. who allowed up I
Bl V o|| a : , ,,nli] !?. r.y--.fl. f.
?ami bo!
t;,kinc ti e ?
Ti*?-, roe ea go! in bid
reacl h r di III, ? hi? ' ta <?r: ,?? ? on* ? t
tiiA ni |e feature? e ? i
-o.? -.r i -t i. ?? \ ?. n-tnlnnte - mav?
??n?1?*>I the work. ' -' I ? refrulam
' ' it? taking part. Following
11 r. acrimm ig? ra ?ng ?inn In
punting ar.l handling hlcka, and all of
Tale'i dr??p in?! plaire kt bei prartlaed
irt. i :. : .-j h i ?-? ,: n
a gainai Brown and li ?p?"-<*ted to be the
sHtno againrt Prtneet*?*" ;>n?1 lia. ird
I ?.. k \r.rri?i the quarterback and Hex
r r. r. tdckle. tc ' ' lenal
Pen hat removed ? e a??l
hin broken hand, and both ?.. ;!i be -
agalna! Prln? Hon. Th? roachea
Mid to-day there would h?? nir t- r ?? ofarlm
mar?* ?rrorb during th? ind I! aouM
rot on?! ?:nt*l ThuradlJ
Fm? . ptaln if laal ye* i lean
, - . ?
i Bunde. In ?own. lea I '
??-.???? to-da
ilr*all) cr??' ?Tin.i e-vl roachen
tori ?-,.- protnlaed t.. -.p?-'?-'* th. --.-.??k ol
t Harvard cam*? ??? ? team aff?*?
' llUan \.? ?-? ?_ram?> !? error, r?\
lay th? line-up tn I 1-' W
? ? c . . - 'rf? ?i?.? -? >?:'?
'?-.f? r.,-ar.i Ketrham, ren?
tre McDerlt, ric1'? guard F'tiI tight
tackle liver right < I Hoae, quarter
''.iirp. lefl . rlc'i?
' '
outalde ?*oa ?- '?.??? Qeo ge Po?t?*r
Sanf-.r?! Abbott, "Pa" ?nrhiii. Ted Lllley,
?"*<-,? Coy, !l-irrv Ir..Ir and \v??tt<?r i'amp
Tiqers or* the Last Lap
?.._?? ...
? ion. S 1 . N'ov 13, Th?? laet
Prtncelon'a footbeJI aeaaon began fhla
afternoon. ?.? -? ? tlpnal practice and
th?* uaual elementary drltla In r>?intfna.
catching of punta and tackUng were held
??'?"?? The piayen
through the ?Dartmouth game li od
but aorne >>f them, chiefly I n
.in?l V'aughan, ar?> auffertng from I
-.ii.l siiiTn.'?--' uauall common aft?*r a
PeiK . n*
? k, although Fart la now able to
and be
M atarted th<? Dartmouth "tame,
n or Dull .it t.
Dunlap ami Hammond both played el
r ? while, but it is h??p??.| that '-'
who was nijur?*d in tho I'oly <"ross prim...
win v.- able to gel In the game by ?Sat
. h I>?? fT and \\ :ls?.n were ?.?it in
?it only Itmben ?I U| a :thout
.. 11 ; - work
The entire ?areeb ??? velop
rng .-) rtronger attack, and m will
Fit !?! 'i''
' lo,l\n
?Princeton until I - the gam? ,
when ? ?\ ' go to f?en ' ??? k. i id to de?
part for Sew H ii'irninK.
?. |] n. pul forl h to atr?
?an 'he weakneaoea ao apparenl n th? laal
!w.. gamtto, aa all -?*-il1-!<? that the TUere
urda] ' ? ahou n ao far if they
. ? arith a vid
i val?? ?
?'..ik-r and De Wit! I
. on, bul
iccee l ?.' win
n m :? ti faater I
irai : I ? ?
me drop kl king fr? m k f..? -
uee in bi? he i?
? ? ? ;
? ? ? j. however, a
. il
irda igalnal Dartmouth.
A _?.I ..
?i aa thoui
i. am .? Ith i!.< i k
\ ep
klcker li
ntaa? uni ? .,:,?,
- Improvem?
: ? ? ? a looked for In the
-?ton off? nee thl for In ? "un
. r? foot?
? tti .... the
? ??? f. ??:??? - '?'? -, nn.l
?t the
ea will hi*
? th?
n do* In ;ill lb?
fai . _
l':.,\ .?'? !.' ? . M?
? . . took only licht i ?
bul will I
in.- ?...It.
!, tin ? if"'! '" tar aa n i
ore glaring
will p . ?' ' :i ''"'?? ktardaj an.1
. . , a w??*k f.-nowlnr*, n..,rt ,,? th?
gJin ?? i. fi no s.iiiv
f' lurtee and
I .,t th??ii men .im Ing
. ? . ?
nan ! Oani palm
'oran, i
. fael U n-r..ni,.| ,. ?
' ? ? ? nlfbl
...,?? - ' ? ? "''" *?" ' luted !
- , obb, m i'1' ? ? tani ?
Et?ery Hojc for Horse
ShotkV Is *ReserH)ed
?Committee Announces
Names of Holders for
Annual Exhibition.
R?)t>ert A. Fait bairn, chaliman. an
nounce?! yssterdsy. after a me??tlnii Ot I
exe< titive ?-?immitt?-e of the National Horn??
,v?so??iation. that rossnratloaa ?had
lieen ma?le for practically all of th. I
for the saamal exhibition, which Ivsins on
Saturday. Amon?; tiie holdsn ar.- tl ?
I lowing, with the n'jmbers of the
a Ich they win occanr: ft Alfred <!. Vun
?lerhilt. 1.'.. Wf'liam II. MsTSl ft Frederick
Bull; tt, Pbrtdga H. Gary; ft Bdwla H.
w atherbee; Il William A i: ?
FranH? L. Mine. '???. .lame? Iff? | ?? ,
Francis Hyde* '?. WTlgbl Barda? It, Paul
* Iseg 0 Mr. an.i Mr? Oeurga H? ??
N, Mrs Herbert S!,ii?tii.it, I ? tn.i.i al
? \\ alti - !'. Btlss, Joseph !..
and ? ?!,;?-].. ? r: Mil bell. U, ?Pi In m t.
? - ???!!: l ?Ar , : !
M, sir i'.iu ard ? 'io
v. M idenei - I Qllam
,i. Pool .
B. Ladea ; ft H i. PI? ? ? B E !
:".. W, W, Will cl . Ill Bllaabetb C.
:- !??. Mr-.
?i E ?Had ; ? & Baron H. F. ft
i an V"?'! - ? ? 11
ere a ?tenant Trapmaa, i '
' ? Ro* al Datei Hasst i -, Holland; !.'? -
Leon Rip? u 3d t : ? -?.;?
? Lai eat ?Se |
f Bel| il mm : Paul A. i
Kenna, V. ?'.. P. 8. O.. Zlet T?ancers: Llet
tenant C T. Walwyn. Royal Horae Ai
tBler . Lieutenant Qsuffiej Brooke. Ml
Lancera, ami Lieutenant Walter Brook?
Yorkshire Licht Infantry, all of Englanr
."..".. Joseph W. Haxriman; 17, August Be:
mont, ?i, Rr?^inald ?'. Vanderhllt; ft Jame
F. Ambrose Clark; 64, Hamll
'??t. \V Cary; 2?. ?harles A. Coffin; 31
?i-orK,. ./ R(??-om; 12. I. J. R. Muurling
tt, Louis Height; ft ?ornelius Ooremus; ?X
Mra Josi Fisher; 41. M. L and .V ?
Bch?D*aits; .",:'. Robert J Collier; 6T. Unite?
Btatea officers.
I. .1 L. M mrting will give a dlnn?r ii
honor of tl'..- DqI ofTVer?? at his home. No
IT?? Wem Mtb street, on Thursday evening
Which the mini?ter lo Holland will at??>n<l
T*>e ?ale i,f seats for the season wai
! .?? the Madison Btg?are ?lardon boi
ottica yeetstrday, an?l. judging from th?
rash, tiie attemlan.e should be rec
reaklng al the last show to he held
historie old kralldtng.
Jack Donaelloy had travelled ter
? ni ml!, s within the last year In a
? ircb f'r a mat? h for his <*ham
glf borse, N'al.j. Joseph W. Harriman
?e?l at last In his ?luest, and he
??111 siiuw Belleville, which he purchase*!
recently m Kentucky, In tandem with N'ala
for th?> first time al the Carden n?*xt week.
Belleville l- ? ?iay ""?lion, four \ear3 old.
Ja) M?-*Or?itor, l'."?"??. His
loUne, by Raron wiikns Belle?
ville went a mil- the other day In 2:??*?1?,
sad ateppsd a quarter in 31 secon?is. He
will be ?;:own in the n?>vlce classes, single
Marquard Pays Judgment. Ho
ever, and Escapes Arrest.
H ir lai ? . ? ?? r In oe a
Marquai I, j It? In r for the ?;ta
had n narro* ea ?<??? from ? -?
. .. ? . i ? ?? ied Bga
ittce l?
?-? : h ppeot in BUpptetn*
ng ? Un ?n. ?"i
? at ta? meni waa is?
... -, -.'" ? ? Mai ? to coni
for Si il obtained acai
th? Mu) pa ' irt ? Ray
- ? ? ?jerted that h< ;
? |
.te f? It* ' fa
.i .i ? ?? hid pnent followed. Tl
?der lo examine Marqn ird
,,? ; . dings rrai laaued, but M
qtiard failed *o a?p| ??
larquard heard ? b* t
that the attachn 11
1 i???jp.l ;?ca:' -' ? l<-"?k?d up Walter
st??rTi?. and paid the amount ordered In
Three National Amatf-ir- Ch?ii
pionships Schedule?-!.
the nal
j s-?a*.*.ii Th? da??? and placent
tournament, at If 1 I >r
r| .?pr?n ? eeterda ' ?
Mond.-. lanuar M ?rnlngi
\ ?5th atreet and Len? i
, ? ,i tllllU
David J Bar? j and
s.i ..<*.:.. of th?? committee, erra
i for ih?> ?,; amptonahlp "
? n??w >.n? on the ! ' -.ros h*?l?l um
I ih.? iiii??.-tion ?.r the N'?'ionai Aaaodatl
i'matfiir Billiard Tlayers.
In order to qualify for the Clai
!?n<? nahip dtvteton an amah
I i:in-t ahow that be ha.? never
?grand average of .". in tournament com?
ipebte of at lea
contente win be of St pointa duration, up
the r*egulatlon "x'1'1 table ?For th!*? chai
pioiiMhlp i!i?? na?ion? 1 as?..
a valuable trophy, together a
? ?
will cloee .m Deeembi r 91 wi! M
I Th..- ? .i -s }? cl imt-i..'
I'D Mor*.!..
**.ovemb?ar c;. In Mauri
it reet ei ? ?Seven
have elved
? t. Tl
idudi i ? barlea E i '
the tltl? . ? ;: ? 'one ay, J I
; Min.-?' ?.? Be,
..?<* ? lark and Mark Ml ? All ?
i line, the lengt I atyl ...
Til?* ..... k-' i -
? ?. \\ ill h.-nn ?
Mo ida] . ?' ? tournament, hi
? .- otl. ra, ?will ' ntln ??? for I ?
i Th?? p!,i. ?? '
I T?t ai dB
Moi '
?nhaiii limera nd D
\ '? Miller n.?? plan - I
-> *? ?m? mt?arnatJo i1 ?hainplonahliM
it la probable that l ' namenta w
' win Ian
men! ? ?
Busy Runs Fastest Mile of th?
Current Meeting-.
eetown. ?
day wa
a meetJni ?aaa
good ondltloi
?* .
? ?" 1-5,
Th? mimmarlea folio
:'?? I i! -? : .
? -
'HI '
i ? '
. ? ?
i . .i i: "ii : ? ? .,M .!-;.?? <
' '
1 ? 17
1:41 4
?'IITII ' ?
Ml -
I to 1. I Tim-?
.I...- :? '
BIXT1 ' ? la arm up
I ' -iitJo?
\- |?< ? :. I0B ?-?-.- '
I-,..? lee., lie , -.
?..i .-...-. ?
i ??? ? :. i..
. . >
w iihe ii'.pi ?? ?i??' al ? oathful
run . ? ? 15 ball
? -?]? m
iaht He ?' (' ??'?'? M I .?.4,, ,,
; Brook!] B, ? impton, Mi? nn _ i
IVl lag?
. -1
Former Secretary of Gian
Hopes to Get Well.
Pred Knowlea ? ? I hmt ntcrotary
the Kent Torb ?Hants, for whom a ben?
en m Sunday nUh?. left New V?
kfteraeos cm ?he .- in ateta
train for Aurora. Ind. where Mrs. Know
hss a little farm. He will stay there g f?
??fore i>e Isavea for Denver, where
trong hopes of r*tret ring his heal
.en? fsaterdas at the Hotel Rresl
? nn i-e ?jtajred while in the city, he w
1 ill of hope an?? gratitude r<> every on?* 1
all thai had been ?lone for him.
He N in such poor health that he was r
a l le t,i convey bis appreciation to all the
1 I hclpe?! to make the b'-neflt such
auccesa But he sent a big horseshoe
Mowers 'o Coombs, Beadff and Morgan I
their appearan?*e, and on the floral pie
? la nscription- "We|,?ome, Casal
T,.'n?lir and Morgan, wnrhl's champiOf
"?". smpllnwnta Of Fred Kne'*>?. ' a
requested 'Joe' Humphries to see that th
had a little IU1 ii<t party.
Mr Knowl?*s'a two daughters came Ka
t ? meet him. Refore h? left he made t
following statement at the Bre.slln:
"| certainly appr?ci?t? what all the bo
have done and T hope r shall soon he In
OH to return some of their klndne?
Mr. Rurnham. Mr. Humphries. Mr t.'ohs
Mr Ifarri? and all th? players and UCtt
, who appeared w?x*ked hard, an?l r sh;
r.'-ver forget |t r am golr.it fl*ora her?*,
A'irora. Ind . for I (SW days and then r
to Denver f have had anv niimh?r 1
offer? ?n a business wav from men i
rent lines, bot, n* coures. 1 would ill
ti ?mv In the (rame That Is where all rr
i-iteres'S are. ar?d T wonjd like (O get
? in some club and heglri all Qff er
' he back again when T get w?tl, f>e||ri
I I k>" a WhltS 'npe."
Queensberry's Country Turn
Against the Sport.
Birmingham, ?England. N'ov. 13.?A magli
tiate in the police court to-.lay ruled th;
>??! ,-ontest between Owen Mora
and .leni 1 '??!?.-?'I! for the lightweight chan
1 lOBStalp ? i Vpold ba a prlzef*?;!
s thin the meaning of ?he law, and then
llegoL !b no'ind Moran an?l Prisco
to keep the peace
Th: s regarded In spurting ctl
as practically equlvatauf to s deal
? >,, linlri ?n Fngland unless It Is rr
ad by a higher court, to which an ar
pcai win Im taken Inunsdlately. The fig-tt
\?. ?! in i>.??-emi"-r for 0 pun
I Famous Jockey Back After Win
ning European Laurels.
Willie Si !.? 'in? ?\mericsn |ockey, re
? 1 h,-r?? yesterday on the North Ger?
man Lloyd liner ?;e.>rg<? W'ashinxt'in
ic< esa In the allka of Prlnoa Ho
0 ?? for whom be rides, in Oenaaay
?Hungary sad Austria baa placed him ?roll
Up on the winning jo.-kcy list.
During last aessoti his mounts bavi
Important stakes. including th 1 Bt
Big ?Trise Of Berlin and th>? Au?
strian Prisa T ir-ohl filly Land*
irinner of the latter Make, la consld
' ?>> Bhaw to b?; the aqusl of Artful,
n-?tired the ruturity Stakes in
which tii" gn finished third.
Uandluft, meeting the bssl two-year-olds
inder a disadvantage in the
welghi iy ?winner.
, Bhaw will remain In this coantry until
v., ?rlil return to Germany.
?? maintains one of the
1 <'untin-nt.il Bnropa,
snd ' - ?? ' ' '
.\n' '? oiay that
? rr IM1 and MM will ta
1 Whil- the event
? ? enl
t? r.ntly
11,1 ? ?real Britain With .? ?i.-'imt..
-.??mie c. the ? 'oney
?>t can he
for the return 01 "hglhies
? ? Bros n. ; rest?ien? ? ? ima
I i mon. snmmmisd yeetenlay
it a "tee I of the ?
Vthle the so B.ttt was
? : to the ' ?I-. mpic fund \ ap??
ela I ? ' - ib a
iba? ripUona from tne
. and i?
that at least ?fS.? in this
Freak Goal Demands Change in
the Rules of Football.
Head Coach of Yale Eleven in
Accord with Other Studenta
of the Game.
Judging bf th?> comments of a numher
of football coaches and critic?, to aay
nothing ?>f players, that part of Rule ?5 de?
fining; a K?>a! from the field must he ameml
cl to prevent ? repetition of I'?? Witt?)
freak goal from the field whi?h irav?
Prlncetcn a victory over Dartmouth Oti
Saturday Th.; writer, in dtscuss'i'g th?
subject with a number of close follower?
of the sport, failed to find ana arha wat
In favor of a bounding ball counting as B
goal, evoii though the rules committee ha.?
decided that such should be the case.
Jack Field. BOB I .onen of th? Vale eleven
this vear. was o?atapokaa In hi? opinion
that the rule ihoald be changed, a? he be?
lieved It was against the spirit of the game.
and ft.? best IdeaN to allow such a kick
to d??clde a rictory, HO add-?d that W. H.
lang laid, th? refbrae. had ?aa cholee la
the matter at I'rlnceton. bO( Insisted that
In the bist int. rests of the r?ame and good
sportsmanship th.? pre.*., nt rule i-hoiild not
be allowed to stand.
Stmk ?'avanaugh. ??end ? oach of the
l'artmoi-th elev-n. _ quoted a? saying:
"That section of Rule <. which applies to
goals from the field Is a miserable thing,
a cobweb, and a disgrace to football. It
should he amended at on?*e, t?j prevent the
recurrence of a happening, ahfch marred
the Princeton-Dartmouth game."
Parke If. r?a<is. Princeton's representa?
tive on the football rules coir mittee ?.id
a close student of football, has cxpressid
the opinion that th? play which won for
the Tigers was an anomaly, and dozens of
others v ho did not care to he quoted were
loud in disapproving of the present word?
ing of the rul?.
W, S. Ijingford -eiterated .esterday hla
statement of Saturday, that while !t was
unfortunate that the game should be won
a? it. was. he had n *, recourse in mak?
ing the decision, and that he followed n.*f
onlv the letter but the spirit of the rule
aa he understood It and as It had been In?
The fact that the plav which aroused ?o
i much d?cuaaton occurred in two ?rimes on
; Saturday and brought about opposite rul
i ings was a subje.-t for further comment,
i A mimber of persons could not ?inders'mi'i
i Mike Tbampaan'B position In calling such
a ?May In tha ?Sxeter-Andovet game a
touchhaclt, and then saying that he would
bare calle?] it a goal from th? field If the
?trtlggla bad baaa close. One man sug?
gested that Thompson called It a touch
back In the lnter?st 0? fair plav and sports?
manship, but the fact remains that Thorn p
i son thought one way and acted another,
? when no,?ording to U'alfer ?amp and Mr.
i angford the lnterpretatl<*o of the ru'e
?;ar. ar.il there Ifl no question about
a goal being s-ored if a hall bounds over
the crossbar. Andover could we|>
those three points, but th* truth la f?a?
| Andover ? ,?at Kyeter bv a seer?* ?if 2<\ to 2
i and not 8 to I, a? the record? will show
The MHarvard Crknaon" lacs the blame
for the d??fent of the eleven by th" Caritate
Indians en Saturday to the undergroduatea
?ays there Waa n-.t enough singing and
cheering to entourage the team. Better
put the blame on Thorpe, the brave, who
kicked four goals from placement.
'The providence Journal," in comment?
ing on the Yale-Krown game, says:
The crushing defeat sustained by Brown
at the hand.) of Yah? kills th.? elevens
"'lances for a ranking among the first sit
team? and make? -|,.. aeaaon a failure,
Trie hill men have ?.pe mur? big tram.*,
t"..it with the Carlisle Indians on Thanks
gluing i>ay, hut c-.en a victory over Qlenn
warner*a chargea, remote aa it seems, will
not offset the Harvard und Vale dlaaaten.
No Br?)wn eleven In recent yean waa ever
overrated t1? su. h an extent as th? hill
team baa been this aeaaon. The He?"t*e
drubbing at th<* hands >.f Harvard at the
im waa paaeed over lightly by the
.?xi erta, the Impression prevailing that the
-leven had an off da v. \ftnr the rout at
New ?Haven, however, m. ? ?n??
conclusion to ?Iraw. and that Is Brown has
nothing hut a second rate eleven. The
. oachea have had excellent material fr?.m
. to build a powerful line and a strong
ha.'kflel.i. bOt 9) no .?tag?? of the season f.i
date could the team be called a machine.
Team work has been lacking from the
An interesting declaioa was handed down
yesterday by the National Baseball Com?
mission, irblch prote, t?. ao far aa poaaible,
ryera who are bach in aalartea when
a club dlabandir It raada m folloara:
?>n the dlabandment of the Hotyoke and
Northampton clube ..f the Connecticut
League >i iring the aeaaon of ir?ii
.n arrears of lalary to their reapectlva
rs, the rommiaaion at tha
amount of draft or purchaee mono
.i ?' ??. of these plajera by clube
with which they aa fret? agenta aubae*
quently dgned ? .1 pro rata
to the ett lemei t of I due to t iie
drafted or purchaaed player and hla for?
team matea, I ?e balance, if any. t.. te
Il t.. nie club from w:.i. ii au??li
piayei eaa draft*?! or purchaaed. The
rommiaaion alao decided that protection
should nor he extended to the city which
lefaulting club represented or It i
ce*aor t:i that circuit until the
fully satisfied
... September ! the Plttabura
! Averett from the Charleston ?' h
of t1;?' South Atlantic League That club
II i banded without dl? - * |ta aal
ary obligation. The queatiou ?arose b
claim of Averett for I.'?.'? should he
draft price paid for
ihould '.? equally dia tribu ted among
T ?? player did
no? al mother club, but rema1ne?t
;i free - ? . aelection
by th?* Pittsburgh club on the linden
Ina I ? -ill the
froi trlea
[Under .rumstanc? ? the commis?
??.m dlrercta ?Secretary Farrell t.. p*
player*! i ? i the i harleeton
1 and to pro rata the '.alance of tha
? money In lia possession among I -
playera of the C u leatoa team
'I'h" Boston Rod Sox will r?.port tot their
I spring training ar Hot Springs. Ark . ???)
I Mareb K>, aooeedlaf t-> an gitnoaaeaaaent
tat rday by John l. Taylor, on.? of
The _M3 treasurer of the
club, ?Robert MeRoy, of ?'hi.-ago. win ?tart
: for Hot Snrlngs within a few day., f.. com?
the arrangemeata u*e team ?aill la
la practice :it the spring ?amp ni'.i'.l
April '?, wi;en it will go t?) Cincinnati for
thr-e games on April ?i, 7 and S with the
HaSB As both BrOO?ljrn and Cincinnati
1 aill "'Hin at ?lot S|.rings, than ?
for practh ? g?.m. i
..? ?? ....ft?,ft?>-l^.?-^^?^f?*r?l????'???? ?>?'??? ?'??-????? ???????
P??vKM ??. \ ?nataannnm?a.
C H IX?? H . i? "VUliin? Si..
LAB? Y i-MtK-H. ' "i?? Y?k. V V
t later"fmsicw. ' Nt?Y?ifc. s v a
IWf ??9??'"?"*i?''$*M??'?i>'M-?i^ ?TX?(fv?
Jack Geyer Stopped by Cart
Morris in Ninth Round.
Oklahoma Heavyweight Showf
Little Skill, but His
Strength Counts.
. ?me more "hspa of the white ra e ? was
| M.randed on the reef of despair w'ier. .Jack
[?TJeyer, from the lea.i mine.? of Cotorwtkt,
. ?a? stopped bv ?'arl Morris, the ??klahom?
? heavy* etght. In the ninth round of a fen
round bent at the Olympic Athletic < l??*-?.
of Harlem. Mat night. Oaysr ?jros on id?
, feet an?l gattvly lighting back, but with
i hi? left eye rfsasd and Meed flowing from
[a battered nove and lacerate?! lip. ?harley
, TJl'hito. the referee, ??ailed a halt on the
I unequal combat and e?-nt f^v?r ?o lila cor?
ner. The battl?* tvai fart, but give Il*t!e
SMOaraflaOMM to those who are ??aserlv
' scanning the pugilistic horizon for a white
weight to dethrone Jack Johnson as
champion of the world.
In all fairness to Morris. It must **?? ad?
'mit?'?,! that bs has ? ? ?.? hs had
much to learn In the tine art of basing, FMO
a!I of bis gigantic phystqtas? he lacks th*
punch of a cood mlddlewiirlit and has lit
'le ??i,-a of hum to h:t. When hia amalle**
anta??>nist left wl.1? onenlng*s for a tel'lrg
pur'!-.. M?:rrls ??tiffed from his eiiyow, mrticrm
a free counter from the sho.ilder w?*?!?*,
have s?%ttled the ??ontcst for (rood and all.
II" was lacking In ring ??raft and won nrtr.
cipai'v becau.-,?; h? w??re his man dowr\ or
"bulling" and shoving !iim around ?he r""c.
??eyer, on the other hand. alti*x?u*r*i
beaten, ma?lo a good game stand. Tn the
early stages of the bout he forced the p-ue
and had somewhat the better of the mill?
ing. His heaviest punches, had little e?""e"t
on the giant M??rris. and th-? aame powere
of endurance which enable?! him to g??
through ten terrific round? with Jim Fly-u
c:irri??l him to ultimate vli-tory ower the
plucky Denver man.
In aiMlilon to stopping the tight. WbitO
1 latreducad a pretty dramatic, effect h***
i stopping: the cij-teat at th? ataxt of th*
third round and smelling ?leyer's gloves t<*
.],?tf,.? the possible ?;??? of oil of mustard ?*>?
' .-immonla. No on? made a protest, but
White a?-fed on genera 1 principles,
The tide of battle turn<?d In the fifth
round, and from then on until the end
Morris had everything Us own way. His
?man OJOM tlr*d and weak <_r.d. ?io-dn-c 1"?
' Morris ripped savage rtgbt upper cuta *-*?
the body end head. ?*,c???.r tried i-tv-?-?*?
I after counter and seat crushing htowe
bOmS, but with hf'Je effect
The seventh round was the fastest of th??
hunt Mortis forced bis wav tn end backedi
?'ever Into a neutral corner, and ?he pale
met in a furious exchange Sli.*rt hooks
wer? showered home, and Mor-:- had t??s
i better of It His opponent wis weak and
! had Carl stepped back and measured on?*
' right across he might have won, but. hi?
'? lai k ef experience showed out glaringly
?and he allowed Geyer to King on to -?-^
ropes Until the bell.
Harry Forbes to Meet GoMm**n
in Brooklyn Arena.
Th? reappe.iran'? of Harrv Partea. MS*
tinao bantamweigt.it Hampton of th?* world,
who will mee- i'harlte ?'.oidman, the bar
tarn of Brooklyn, in a ten-round bou? .1 *
the Royal?* Athletic Club of Brooklyn to?
night, is attracting unusual attention. A.
more scientific boxer than Forbes has not
trod in MOW York In ?i long tin?, I
th??se w'hn renumber tho .?rea* BbUttJ '
the ChfeOgQ lad In the days o* hia yout'i
when ?t ths t"P of hfs form will d??ubtle>?i
turn out In fores to srstcb his effort to
add an,,tinT victor*" t?> Ms growhlg lt?C
sin?e he re-entered the ring K.iti,. ? ?s the
one box>?r out of ths great nootbor who
bass trie?! to battle their way to the t,.i.
after an absence ?if several - .?rs fr.,ri 1 .,
rtag wiio hn-i ..?ce,..led. Returning to thi
ir..n 1 laal year the "Id champion has ni?
caK??,i in fourteen bouts, ?tul with th" afta
fception of m ferrlfl?? draw with Johnny
?'union, 'he pr.'s.-n? chomplun, as won al'.
Korbes is almost as rleeer to-d
and i';m hit barder than st anj time in Msj
career floldman 1- .? younger man t??.an,
Forbes bul 'i ?? inter 11 sur?? of I la ablllty
to win. and in tha ??vent of victory will
trv to secure a match witl - ?he
championship of the world.
Leach Croas, the East Me deatArt. ?aha
has aunin foresworn the '-ha!r an?l dril!
for the rope-l orsais :<n?1 podded mitts, wilt
bla rival at long itendlna t.
Sdolbney, the NghtWalgM bore- of the We**;
Si.le. in a twB-rooad bout i' ' '..'rmonc
Athletic Club of Ths Brons to-ala*hl C ?
ami Ifoleney met or., ?? 1 I at the
and popular ?,pinion Was divided as to th-?
result. Ifalonej ii rated aa ans of th*
11 e?t men the city h^s pr?)duc,?d since th??
Idays of Terr ICeOoeeni and hia -
i frlej da 1 I '? '" I I '1*' wi" ??",' ?t*hit
Hi dwdstvc stvie Til?? \\*f s ??? boy
1 will lisve a;i additional Incentive to battu
I his har?l?>st. for if lie wins be will foe
? ??I with th? wint.?r of the V
While the larger slabs are entertairdng
?their patrons. ? '?- Smith, tlte "Hobokc, ?'??
', i,,r.e. ? Baraa ths Ughtwslghl
? - ! aast for tan raoaAri
?St Brown? '"?? The general SpfeH
! ion i.?? tha; ? ' la a n ?
pointed Smith by a
Shads, * UaM -MS has Improve
-tnith is a rushing, wtld and
I woolly fighter who misses more oft.-ri
;ie baa a terrtte punch in hi?.
, rigiit hind sad "'.mp i*r wM
tad tn ?lie hope ?,r iandbig a tsl rc
pun-ii. Buna, on ths ntli?-r
cimi. ,?'.. v???? fsaeral, who lias ? tamt fast
d which
?-arrisa ths notaaaary -?n:?!? | .nt^st
.. 1 .- tune.
I Johnny Co? ??.??
' pion of the w<>'id. will prolMbly be m.<
' to hex ?Tr?nkte Borns, ths Jersey City hoy.
If th.? buter defeat ng" \\ .igner next
, Thuradaj alghi Tsssssi \s.-, aaoaager of
It he woiilil give 1 icilon
fS for ? niatcli
: for ths title. C tha
Burns has to do
. be will ? ? ' r Vo<**> e,
to tak.? ?laes m N?"> I >?
leana as a v 1 ? 1
1 ?wed.
IIATBU? ro..
'?1 ?r ?'..urt ?.??> West Stih 9t
? ?T: iljimv (?;||
CAVAiMAliti 3 uMiiJ.a nAsttLth
tee?*?;?> ^'?? -':;?i * k?m>m** mi *?tc.
-?Iirllllil?. *?le?W- ?nil Chops it Specialty.
O??4 i?-4tSn-i t'htsfae gaatsewaat. ?il.- 7 4 t
run ?rillUl Mm?- Talagram."
Herald Square Hotel ?f_A_Sg
Fr,m Sam fort" ? .'iavrs'e ii 1. t?e.
Beautiful drlvts from t'?w?? recoru?nend<Ht
Travtllers" ?o. Astor ?ourt. ;o W??t 34th St
T-lephons '.'4T ' Muirav 11 I
C<?a?ty island ?t%T?Iir>H'*S_ ? 1** ? -ii?"T*"
jinuvii j t?\N? iv.-,

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