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hunal. ?Between I*!?.? and 181)0 fifteen
trtfir?? cas??s ?arre henni. Between 1980
a ni ISsti there were, Bfty ?a sos. lu the
d^ado between 1SS-- fend 1888 setfe-nty?
npht capon were hear?! by the highest
court in the land. ?AMTS than were d??
?ni?d in till the previous years Of our
national exiateitee. Btn<*e IWt hundreds
of those casos have COBte before the Su
1 remo ?"oini. -ind the number is Increas?
ing ?steadily.
Power of Congress Unlimited.
"In the first ?ase that was brought be?
fore the Supreme Court an attempt was
made to restrict within narrow bounds
th?? nonetItutlonal tights of C?r*ngress.
Chief .losti?.- .lohn Marshall reje, tod the
appii.?aUon for sueh i*eatricth?n, and do
el.trod that the power lo i?gu?ate com
merce given to Congress knows n?> limit
othrr than the Constitution
"A ?'??ii? uriTiit opinion by ?ssoi late
. Johnson, which is little known,
?Jeclared that n?>t only th?? articles and
siil.j.vts of Interstate commerce may be
regulated by Conjji-eoa, but that all the
agencies and Carill?es entering into such
I .?minen-o are also within the regulation
?K..W . i of Congress.''
Senate Committee Expects Big
Business Men to Talk.
Ilion* Th?? Trihun? l'.ureau. 1
Washington, Nov. la,?H he, ?une evident
to-diy at th" outset of tiie inquiry of Hi??
.?--iirtt?* Committee ,.ti Interstate Commerce
Into tiie tru?*! problem tliat M ?lellnit?- plan
of l?gislation ?will be proposed until the
various; aspects of ih* guesHone ha\.
present? ? roportanl witnesses who are
M i-O'l? ri to spi ?
Th* oommittee held ? hti.'f esecutlvs
' n t..-rl?4>. niter w liicli an open session
?o..* ! c which Seii.ii") N<wlands
??-.i ins hin for an Interstate trade
< oninlssiop. Introduced at the la.?t s? ssi?i?i
of ? .?ngrcss. He admitted, in response t?>
?n ?nquuy from tenator Yownseiid. that he
?';?; not desire imniedlate a.-tion on the bill,
hut pr?t, it? (1 to'wait ilntll wltUSSStS had
been heard by the committee before sink?
ing further comment on it.
Nine members of the committee ?were
i .,t the >.i>?-!iing asaetee to-dey?
??enatora ?lapp. ?ran?-. ? 'utnmln.-?, Biande
pee, Oliver, Town*"end. New lands. Watson
'??nterene. it was apparent thai none
of them, ?AitIi the ex'-eption Of Senutor
\.w lands, hii'l any legislative acheim tO
propone for the cur?- of the trust evil Seil?
st oi Clapp took the attitude that th,- com?
it?? was morel, conducting an in\est
'-?i -.-.ii and that an. one who ha?l any
liung to ?ay about corporations or later?
atate ''omiii'Ti - \Vii-- welcome to appear and
? nt his i'l? ,?*-.
Advocates of a more vigorous enforce?
' of the pr?s, nt Sherman law are to
tbetr innings to-morrow, ami ?t the
?as that ar- to follow representatives
c buslneaa" an.i leading students of
mi? t.r'.hi^m? will tie heard On the
opinions developed Will depend the action
tak.it on the La Follette Mrporatiofl
\? ? ?,<:? i- ;.i.i.' . ommlaalon bill
?iistn.it commltte? bill to be repoi-ied
te 'be Senat?
To ?ion otv formel Attorn? Otneial
?Trank B. Monett, of Ohio, is attorney for
? h" Anti-Trust i. ? Enforcement L-esgue,
and "ti??r repr?sentatives >.? thai organlaa
lion, w-ii appear to urge the more ?"igoroue
.,r th- Sherman law an ;
i . ? ? in? belief I ? nfor? - -
u. m ami nd
? then called Include Taj io Vln?
? '-nt. Huntington IV. Va . E ??-?? - '; Hey,
% < ? i k . Re,i??rui appraiser In the cus
i Bernard Buttler, A:lanta.
riapi?, chairman ol the commit?
tee, ha | no w....| from J. r. Mor?
? ? i: ii. Oar] ->i?ai.ie
., irgi W i'? rkina ?Professor
*.t\ : Snimiel i ;??m
thera have Informed the chair?
? the] w ?ii ?." pi eaei I al ?in. ?>i
Wickcrsham Now Opposes Irtde
?ptndfBt Tobacco Interests.
\t the direction ?!" attorney General
":ilc- ,nn. the en? erniin?nl'r? ObJOcUoi
ndeni tobacco Interesta was Bled
rcult Court b? l ieni y
.\ Tt'lse, V* Attorney.
. ? !: . ?.i?, i foi the National
?Leaf 1 I ?joclatlon, filed .*,
petition Benins tot leave to Intervene sad
nie ?parties to the action, so as *,?>
ng th? matter be?
fore 1 . ' ? I...1 : a? i?-W.
? gorei nmenl slmpl* . ...! thai it ob?
i ?. i i v. 11houI stating an) ? ?
11 w-.*. learned est erde, l ??? the Ns*
?r. hacco I
roteated ?.. Presid? ? ? ? i
attitude of th? tttornsj *;?*ri? ?;.i toward
I.p'an of thl American
o Compel Mr, i.? asid if t is
? ? i I ahOUld -1? ny tiie petition to In?
' eptnd? nta would find other
means of orinf-lnc the Totmcco .a*-? again
i. ' ? . ourl
Tells Trans-Mississippi Congress Need
Is New Navigation Law.
Kansas City, alo., Nov, ..'. a p.. for
Impiwieaaent In the splrli end methods of
conducting public business by the govern
ment *-*.?* made b? Qov*n*n?or Judson Hsr?
?non Of Ohio In an andres? ?..fore the
Trsns-Mlsslsatppl ?Oongresa to-night, As?
*-? rtiTiR that ' w'i- shall Bot get oar fair
share of . omm?in a s i- we bave to .].
peed on foreign carriers," Qovernoi Har?
mon ?
"We requlra ne aobeidiea 'i": ese could
BOt he fairlv ?iistr?-uted any more than
other special favors. All lhat is needed
* to pive American enterprise ?t felr
chance by ehanglag our antiquated t.avi
?jatlon laws, which have driven our com
ir.er? B from ti e sea?"
rtohert I, ??wen. a ?United Btetea Senatot
'rom Oklahoma, caused a sensation when
lie asserted he had every reason to behove
? Si th** san)?' person? who fought ?Dr.
Harvey It*. Wiley, chief of the nur.au <?f
ChSSSiStry, were furnishing money to op?
pose the iDov? nifiit looking to the estab?
lishment of B national ?A ;'.?rttm-nt of
He said that \ast BBSOUBta w?;e >??ing
"-pent b] th'.se aiitegositotli i-? the ??le.i.
A resolution liidoisins; the more tO form
the proposeri depart meal was present,.! and
rea?). Action OS the resolution will l.e
i.iken later
I'.ui.- - ? v.. 13 Kdwi?, F. Qlb
gftyi-elgh. yeara o?d, a r?;??.ii bust?
?? an. ai Brooklyn, who purchased a
? ,?i Fine Plains, Put? ins* County,
s age ? found de .?i this mom.
? from a rafter In the
' *>t ri
Natural Laxative
Quietly Relieves:-**
Sick Headache
Stomach Disorders,
Democrats Propose to Amend
Sherman Law to Eliminate
"Rule of Reason."
Specific Definition of Monopoly
Given in New Sections-Labor
and Agricultural Products
Alone Exempted.
Washington, NOV. l."V?"Felon." stripes"
M a punishment tot "tragt criminals" in
th?- United states to end "commercial
Ipi/acy under benevolent 'rules of ?ma?
son* " nre proposed In a bill amending
the Sherman anti-trust law ?drafted by
Repie-.cnta.tive Henry, of Texas, to he
Introduced in the HouBe on the opening
of Congress next month. It? Introdu -
tion ?probably will mean its passage -ii
the House.
The hill spe? ifhally defines just what
?onstitutes a trust, legislates from the
present statute the "rule of reason" as
interpreted by the Supreme Court in the
Standard Oil and Toba? o decisions, and
provides as punishment for violation of
the law imprisonment of from two toten
years. It will be referred t?> the Judi?l
ary Committee
Representative Henry, who ha? ?bean
conferring Wltb Representative Clayton,
; of Alabama, chairman ??f th?' committee,
?and other ?Democratic ?Isaflsrs. completed
' the dralt of the proposed changes In the
j much discussed statute to-day. In ex?
plaining his bill Repr?sent?t! \ e Henry
' ??aid that actual imprisonment of great
! Industrial offenders was essential to a
?cure for the trust cil, and that a law
t?? ?be rigid must of ne? essity detlne a
trust to iejne no room for controversy.
Nullifies Supreme Court Ruling.
"My bill." said Mr. Henry, ''nullifies
I the alterations written into the Sherman
| antitrust ait by the unwarranted and
'purely legislative decision of the Su
preme Court in the Standard Oil and
I Tobacco Trust cases of last spring. That
'is. the bill legislates the 'rule of reason'
OUI "f the law. and ?t (lelil?es spec?lcalU
?what a trust is. so that there can be ?BO
room for controversy, it makes the vio
1; tion ?,f this law a felony with im| ris
onment for not less than two years nor
ii?- ' < than t??n treat g.
"Fines and dissolutions s'-iu to be
I child's play for th?* trust magnates.
Pelon'g "?'ripes, where the violation is
knowing!}' <'r wilfully ?lone, will prove a
?potential remed for these flagrant acte
-it commercial outlaws. The Chinese
anti-trust law provided; 'Those who In
: terrupt commerce arc to be ?beheaded.*
Ti ?behead guch offenders in our coun
trj would be entirely too extreme, but
i?. ' ompromlse with a penitentiary sen?
tence ?and a felon's stripeg .?s a punish?
ment Ig mild an?) ghOUld he a'lininistere I ?
to trust criminals in the United ?States. ,
.\i> bin justly exempts 'members of I
organizations or ?aasodationi nol f"i
; ! i ??lit and without capital stock, and als??
agricultural products <>r llveetock in the
i hands ol the ?pit>ducer or raiser. The
rtrst exemption as to labr.r was intended
In th.? original l-sglslatlon and the ?sec?
ond as t?? egrtaultural product? and live
st???k is found in some state laws. '?'lies?.
.?xemptlong nie right and should i?e
made." '
First Three Section? Amended.
The proposed bill amende the first
tine? s?" tlons of the Sherman ?act, leav?
ing as they are g-e^cttans I to 8, inclusive.
and adding two new se?Dons. Section 1
i?- amen?!.-d t?. define spe?**UI?**ally a trust,
??? ?I :-e.??is as fcllowg:
i;viy contract, combination in i.? r?, :,?
I > i' truel or otherwise, or ?conspiracy, in
restrain! ol : ade or i'ornmerc- aiuons the
????verni states, ?.-?. with foreign nations, is
l,. red?, declared to be Illegal. And that a
? ;? .?? -contract, or conspiracy, or agree?
,,f v hat? ret ? haract? r, by combina
' iion annin-M ?rade or commerce, <?r aldi i??
' ? i.inni'"'?'. of ?'alitai, skill, or a? is bj tWO
I or ?more persona, firms, ?rorporatlons, ?ub?
rera of oorporatlona ?i ?saaoclatlona "f per?
sons, ??i elthei two "r more ?<f them, for
I either gny, ?a all of the following pur
?Xlret To create or ?carry oui restrlctlona
in t?a?!? or commerce m ?aida to -commerce,
or t?? creat? 01 ?irrv mit reetrictlong in the
full ami tr?< pursuit of any business au?
thorized or permitted by the lavs of the
' i ni?, ?i ?matea of Americs.
>? or,?!?'I'?? in- r. as?- or redil?'?? (he price of
merchandise, produce <>r eommodltlea
! Third?To previ nt competition In ?manu?
facture, making, transportation, sale or
purchase of merchandise, produce ?>r com?
modities, or i" prevent competition in aida
1?. .(?nitii? n '
Fourth To iix at any standard or ligure,
?thereby Ita ? ?r i * *- to the public shall he in
any manner controlled or establish??!, any
article ?'> commodity of merchandise, pro
Iduca or commerce, Intended !'??:? sale, us?
I ?? r coiistimpti<?n in th? I'liiied States of
Prison Penalty Provided.
Fifth?To make, or enter into, or exc
1 me. or carry out any contrai t. obliga?
tion or sgreement <?f sny kind <ir d-eecrip
tion by which they shall bind or ha\e
bound themselves nol to sell, dispose of
-?1 transport ?ny article or commodity or
article <?f trade, us?-, merchandise, ?com?
merce or consumption below n common
standard llgure, <>r by which they shall
agree In any manner to keen the price of
such article, commodity or transportation
at 1 fixed or graded ?figure, <>r by which
thej shall in any niannei establish or
settle the price of sny grtlcle or commod?
ity or transportation ?between them or
themselves ?>i others t<? preclude e free
and unrestricted competition among them?
selves or others 111 the sale or transpoi
tatioti of air. such article or commodity.
or by which they shall agree to poo), coni
Mae Or unit*' Sny interest the) m.iy iiiiv?'
In ?connection with the sale or transporta?
tion of sny such article 01 commodity
that its price might ?n ?any manner be s -
f?-< fed Kveiy person who shall make
any auch contract <?r agreement <?r know?
ingly enter into or execute guch conepir
gcj or combination shall he deemed
guilty of a felony, un?! on conviction
thereof shall he imprisoned m the penl
tentUtr) foi a term of not less than two
nor more :!?an ten years
Bat tion** - and '.\ of the Shennan act
pr-OVidtal against monopolization or con?
spira y in restraint of trade within the
United States <>r with foreign nations, are
nniended to Include the penitentiary pun*
ishiiieiit for violation instead of Um pres
? in provisions for a fine of ?f&OOQ Of
"imprlaoamsnt not OXCOOdtog one year or
The added se? tion-s are as follows:
?faction ?>? A11 OClt an?l parts ??f a?i?i 111
.-.?iit with the ait are herel.y re
ieai?-i: but thla art shall not affect ru-hi*,
pending suits, pioceedlngs an?l liabilities
M i.? h uro??', accrue?! or were heguii undei
any prevloue lawa, or a?tlons. or proceed?
ings, as provide?! f??r by previous a-ts.
Se? 1 ion la That nothing In said a? t is
Intended, nor ??hall any provision thereof
hereafter be enforced, so as t<? apply t<>
members of organizations or associations
not for profit and without capital, or to
?agricultural ??roduct* or livestock in the
haiels of ?thg producer or r_is?-i.
DeaSOOfWtid leaders will confer <>n the
bill as soon as the members assemble
lat this month, and It is their purpose
to make lbs nid on?- of the foremost on
tii legislative programme for the regu?
lar t-ession
1 Contention of Meat Packers
Against the Sherman Act.
Attorneys Say Decision Will Be
of Great Interest to All
Business Combinations.
Clueage?, Nor. i.v Attorney! for tin- la?
! dicteii meal puckers were busy t<>-?hiy pre?
I paring HO UM next move In their latest
i action to obtain a ruling by the "Jutted
States Supreme Court on the vall.lity of
I the Sherman anti-trust law which they]
coiilend is not now a positiv.? law. I>. !SUS<
the "reasonahie restraint" ruling muhet M
i Impossible to a- tennln? beforehand
whether an net if- legal.
The hearing on th,- habeas nirpua ?rit??,
j ?granted yesterday hy 1'niteil Stales ?"Ircuit
IJudge ?'. ?'. Kohlsaat, will oems ap to?
on", wii-ch,-\et- way he ?Jechlea, the
?ase will at once lie gppsalsd to tiie United
States Supreme Court, it is said.
Meantime, the criminal ??asea again ' the
I ten packers will bs halted, be SUSa I he ? ?ess
I if now ?nit o" Hi" htrlsdlctton Ot fed.-,;?l
I Judge ?'arpenter, the pack?6TS having sur
reiiclero.l themselves in Judge KohtSSat'l
i court yesterday.
Attorney* who ?<,-?in>? studied th.- legal
asa of the latPHt action ol the packers
I tO-nlghl salii th.H th'- ,|.-<l*ion of the Si.
j pren-.e Court In the present case would
i probably i?.- of gre?,t interest to :iii bn
??"lni.inations in the country.
Th?- m.iin ?-ontention raised by the pack?
eis is this: When the Simp-tn.? ? '??un htrid
that the re.iM.i ..h!. i..as of th*' restraint ?>f
must be determined In ?as**h imii
\i?iuai i-ase. tiie pack, if contend the high
?iii-t nUlHfled the Six rnnir ?ACt, he.-.n-?.
they say, it took trote the citizen <>r eor
! pnrn'.loii the power 0? "".'.lowing Whether
What he did was criminal before- his eaa*
Miail I-?.-ii pass id on by a court and Jury,
? anil that precedent was of no value, sin-?
i the "whims, prejudices or Judgments'' ol
1 juiies might differ.
This question COUld not he raised bj the
I attorneys for the tobacco or th<- ?ill com?
' paay, ?because it was In thns? cases that
''r-eesenable r.suaint of trade" rule
j was leid down.
Kow '.hat the Sherman s.-t. an-oiding t..
??torneys of the packers, has hern
made indefinite, tney question the worth
of the law. They say t'iey want a de. Isten
I by the highest tribunal l?er??re pro* eedmg
I fiirther. Tliey contend that the real rslue
i of th?- law must he dedded as a r?-!?;ilt of
? a ? reeent proceeding.
! if suri, a ?le. iMon can be obtained, the
I attorneys aay, the ruling win have an ef?
fect on all corporations that have been or
may i?< prooseuted under the Sherman :>? l
j While convicted officers Of th-' Naval Store?, I
Company have their ?ase up fo? reriea by
the Bupieme Court, It Is -?-?.?? tbnt their
suit do? not exactly rc?emble the ?packers'
case The Naval Btorea review, it is saht.
?will not get the attention of the Supreme j
? 'onrt i??r M.nie time.
The ?present ewe*, boa.:01 '?? I
will receive attention aoon, ?and the ruling,
it ,-? . ...nt.?nded bj the pechera will prob?
ably settle the exact status of ihe sii.-nn.in
la? ;is niiMiifie.i by the Supreme Court's
ruling lhai 'treasonable reetraini mu I
he ihown.
ng th? ci wmi ' hsl may be aft? - ted
are the various lumber ? ?irporations, Hie
I'nited Btstee Steel corporstlon. tl*e Inter?
national Harve?ster Company, the American
Buga Refining Company, the Saval Bto?rej
Company, the Ameii?san Toba?-.... Campan]
he Standard Oil ? 3omp
\ s?, i ..mi? Nov. r,.?William Jennings
Bryan saya that it arm be Interesting le
see hoe the Bupreme Court of the United
Btat?*a ????ais with the press?t sctlon of
counsel toi the CSUcago pecker*. Ifr.
Hi ? mi lo-nlghl I .???I :
i in iiirnuni oi m? d?fendent? appealing
t., ii.? habeas .?<>? pua art, i he m ?
arises a*, to whether th? Btandard ?hi a.."I
the 'i oba? i ?? d?ecial?r*ns w< aken or stn
ihr law.
The ?President has Insisted that the law
is strengthened bj them, while others think
that they repeal the criminel se? ti.>n The
neckers t.ii<r this trie* .
\ Wsshington Sor. Il --nVaator l'omet- tn*
?of Ohio, n l'iepariiiK to urge i?"c.)!ii the
sdeptton "f hla r.?s,?!nii,.ii calling ")i the
Attorney General to begin ??rlminal pro?
t-edingi ?agalnal the leadlni Rgprea In the
Btandard OH and ".mertcan Tobacco eom?
paules. H? said to <?a>- that he would <-;?n
iii?. reeolutlon up Immedlatelj after the as?
sembimi* of Congre**, it was before the
?S?nati? at the h,rt session, but no action
! wa? ial??*n.
-? m '
Bosses Hold Power for Next
Presidential Conventions.
1 The Chiaeni Union lastted ? atatement I
last night in Which It Mid the new prl- !
mary law. which be ??antes effective to-<ia?, I
wa*- full or "jokers."
?The reason for tilia i?? that the un ara* !
p,!S?.-?l ?luv.? before copies had Ix-en j
?printed.'' th.- statemeni reada: "Tie uaual
[safeguards were ?o completely disregard?-?)
that the oalj guarantee we hare <?f the j
' law as now appearing ? n th? statute book.? !
i being the sam?? law that was passed hy I
the Legislature is the general belief that
I no one would attempl anytthlng so brazen
as t?> change ii after the rote had bai a
| taken in the Senat.- and the Asssmbty.
?'One of the (laiiS'ro'is pro..slons i
tlon ?:'? whl th provides that in the elty ,.f
N,w fork the state commltteemen now
sertring ahall ? ontlnue In nffi.-e until th.
fall primaries of next year Instead of
their suc essors 1 .?ine sleeted In the spring
primaries. This will make it possible for
ihe present state tsnundtteeiasa to con?
Unite in office lili sitter the fandldstea fur
j'resident an?i Vtce-Prealdenl have
choaen at the national -??invention. The
purpose of this ehangc hi the hl'l is ob- i
vlous. It will prevent ;my Sttsck !? inn
made upon the Tammany ?Mate commit- !
teemen In the spring primaries, .?r at iinv |
time until sfter Ihe national . ?>n\ cntim;.
"Another joker" insetted in the duel
?iraft in?i-canes tin- number of algnsturea
requite?! for p.-lltions ii?initi.itlng independ?
??nt raadldstea for put*4k iMBce. Th.- num. i
her of signatures requite.I for Assembly.
men I? inci eased from five hundred to
tight hundred, ami similar lncreue? s pn
reads in the number of signatur-s re
?iulred to nominate candidate? for .-in..
. it\- ami county office??i.
"One of the most ouf/ageous provision*
Of the new primary law in the "Jok- r' n -
gar.lin.. the use ot party funds In the pri?
marle?. Th.se fun?!-, ere .?.ii.rihut. ! f. ?
ihe purpos. ol Mpp***rting tn.- paity*i ran?
|dMatee. Under the new i-_w they may be'
used In the prliiKirie? against th.- v.-,.
fsctlon which may have c.ntiihiit. d these
funda for el,,tioti purposes. **
No Damages for Wife Whose Husband
Was Killed in Runaway.
'"..Pkill. S. Y , Nov. 1-.-A verdict of paay.
rial interest to automobil, OWaSTB MU? ten?
dere.i h, th- Supreme Court here to-day.
Judge Coebrana laealdlng Anni? Corail
alleging that the death <-f bar hushend
If? Ma CoreB, who ?*,.?< iJurown ?Ttwm his
\ agon last year, was due to his horn? i.,i
lug flight at a passing automoHI. owasd
b> Aimtm Newreombe, brought ?sctlon to re?
cord ?flM* The verdict of the J>n>
"No cause of SetiOS '
'First of New York Delegation
Off for New Orleans.
Sharp on the second, when the ? toadu* t->r.
Martin Hol?n, shouted "All aboard!" St
IM o'clock last night the "Red ?lection"
of the flr-?t of four sp<" ial Iralns. charter-*?!
to take ?members of the Anrwrkan Hankers"
?tesodathm t?> the th|rty-?sv<m?*Ji annual
convention at BUM Orleans. p?ill?'d out of
the Qraad ? tmtral ?Btatton, erlth III bankers
from Manhattan. ?Brooklyn an?i other cities
??a ?board. ?Many wen sorompenled by
their wives mid daughters.
l?r. .1. Q ?Schurmsn. ?presMeni of <'orn<'ii
Untventtr, thg only ?guest of Um associa?
tion. OCCUpled a stateroom. H? is i;??iiiK t"
gddrsss the ?convention on the mon ?tarj
The train, which h cotnpoeei <>f eleven
?brand sea ?Jteel ?rare, just out ?of the ?Pull?
man shops, ?s in charge ?of W. V, LUeey,
assistent ?general ?Saetern ?jiagaenget eg i
Of the New York Central*
Th? "oiiiinitt.'c on transportation <>f th-*
New York State Hankers' ASSOCiattetl 00
'board was roiaposatl ot Chsrlm DUott
Warren ami I?, n. ?Pleceon, of Men fort;
1.*. S. Tefft, of lyrecude; Hiram Et Smith,
of Rockville ? V Mir. and II. A. Arnold, of
Albany. Ot?hera on thtg Vetan wen W, C.
Duncan, prtsldta* of the ?Oreeawlcb Bank,
?and lira, ni?i .Mis. ??Duncan; Ct*mel A. F.
?.'"li'-'-ni.rhorii, secretary of the Am?-rl?-ati
Sine;,' ??? mpany, and Mr?. ?9? h ?*me?-horn;
U. B. KnOX, controller ?>f the ?BOWOr
?Seringa H.mk; ll ii. Applegate g?perln
lendenl <>f the H?snover National >B?anh;
.iniiies m. Pratt, trice ?preeldenl of ?the
Querantee Trust rompan-. s?ad Mis. Pratt
j Member of Laurier Cabinet Says
?Rejection Wasn't Overwhelmm?**.
The National Poutadere' Aesociatloi
its annual dinner laet nlghl si the Hotel
Aator. Mor? than three hundred memben
were present, .lames ln^?s. of I ??troit.
was ?ioastnriaeter, and the ?speakers were
Dr. Georg?" '?? Vto?uent, preefctenl ot tba
l*ntv?mtty of Mtanssota, ?md Oeort P
< : t.,... m of M i?i,i-..i. former mi mb i ol
Sir Wllfr'.d LaUri? r's ?'.ihlnt-t.
"l'util a few weeks ego." nM Mi ora
bam, "i thought i wa- a moulder?a
?moulder of pubtk ?opinion. MM the ?seat
weal eoU ?>n me. But there mOy be a ?re?
cast and thlugg will bt ell right <?f
course, that ig <-? Uttta different kind ??f
moulding tbei i ou g? ntlc-nen tn en
\ gSged In.
"When you formed your Constitution In
17M -on left an ?open door for Canada to
come in if she ever wanted to. hut she
never baa, sad In my ?prophecy she ?sever
w,ll. 1 think it is for the best t lia l We
I?.- is remain two ?1 inttiir ; ? ?unt.l?.'. for
the ?"???id of both countries.
"1 want tO BO? thai I SIS I SfJTOng 1"'
llever of r-trip-iwlty between tlw twe o m
ni'-s This Bgreement ?a? introduced in
p.??.-' faith, We talked Ii and talked it. end
Inall) the only thing we could ?lo waa to
pio It befOTrj 'he people. You sr?\. 'Why
didn't we put M through ParllamentT Why,
... <?,.. di'i no? wanl to be cowardg
gnd run away from i' -?(?..?l.-ibiliti-s and
still keep "in -Jobs \\e didn't wanl lo ? I
it through by eubterfuge.
"But there were l.?W0,0M vote?* casi i d
reciprocity only ?loot bj 17,000, and two?
HUrds of thai in Toronto, ?le you . thai
Canada did not i-ej?-?-? the plan ag badly
i- gome ?people think."
Mr. Qraham t?hen praiaed ?Pre*rtdenl Tafl
a'?,i -aiii he Ned ; - n misrepresents by the
"When ?Ptcsldeni Tsfl mid In on?
aibii??s<e?i thai Canada ?w> .,' the parting
??t' the ways.' ? read Praeldent Tafts
speech ami i know thai be did not mean
abat gome of the papera said h<? did Reci?
procity ua?? hurt. Annexation eaten
falsely Into thai argum?ral -?n-i il ?-.a* all
m 1?re presented '
It. Vincent mode ? brief humor? la ???i
?tr-s". in which he define?! the UMterencm
?between th? sport" and u>- sp-ortsman.
"When th? sportaman la beaten he take?
his whipping like h man," sai?i ihr gpeakei.
bul when the ?sport' Ii beaten be baa the
ip;?< aran? ?? <>f ? whipped eai ."
Dominion Parliament to Consider
Measures of Far-Rer-ching Importanof.
Ottawa. Nov. II. 'I'll- Canadian Part?a
;ii led to-daj. Tii? ? 'ommon a
summon? -I to th? S? nate i-ii.tpii?, .? |,v Bll
Charlea ntxpatrick, ?is deputy t?? lb? ?Duke
of <'onnaught, an?i subeeguentl] cboaa aa
Bpeekei Dr. Thomas Bproule, head "i the
Orange Older, ll? waa nondnated bi Pre
ml? i ?Borden.
The orthodox o Parliament takes
place to-morrow, when t'?' l?uk?' ol Con
naught, aa Oovernor ?General, ?ill fore?
sha?doa Ih? nee ?gorernnwnt'e pollc*
i- ??h ?.mu ih?- ihrone
Tii? m.eh v, ill contain no retel
? iti?"i to i eclprodtj o? i" i ir ? .?? ad ai
navy, win? h were ??.sues in the rece??
campaign, it will ?recommend the appoint*
m?n? ?of an expert i.ni to i? ms- the tariff !
Diamond Bracelet Disaopcaicd from i
Table During Reception.
Montelslr, N. J., Nov. !'-. (Special) A
?reward of 1106 offered to-day by Baunderc?
Mfui.i ?s. ? ? lewePers, of N<>. ?;., Nassau
?street, New ?rOrrh < it\. for the return if
; ?bracelet ol thirtj diamonds set In plati?
num, was ilie liist intimation Hint .'"?? or
?mon guests at a receptkni given ?bj Mr.I
end Mrs Jemee N Ostrvie, on the night
of ???i?? , II, bad that ? ?robber) had ? ? i
committed in the boas.' thai nlghl ai
? it !? assumed that none <?f the quests
?v. | cogatsa it of til?- theft of th' bracelet,
whhh belonged t-- Mrs .ia?\?,-. an-i is val
u?-d at |l,S0O.
Mrs ?Tan-Is nrore the ir?--i?-t ?an the
evening o? th? reception, sal during the
the affair sh?- ,w,t i,, h-i
roon on ?the ?second ?floor "f the bouei ?and
left th.- bracelci on her dressing table.
Mi Jsrvie ?i?" id? -I t<> var file bracelet
atiout t.n da\.?> after the ?receptton at her
home, but when she looked for it n, hei
safe she ?'??'lid ti"t lit "I it Then .-he r?
membered ?having pia<-eii it un tin? dressing
fini" He night of the reception. TI,e |,?as
i ?port? ?I t?? the Montelslr ?police? ?and
j Chief Qellsgiter ?began an lnv*atlgaUoa
He a-? ?a t.uneil that ":? ?thg ul-jflit of the
reception about s ?iron <>f gralt-m wie
employ? i !?? ih? rateror, and ?mine ??f
liad o? caaton te i" on ?he aecood
"All that ! can sa\ about the los* of the
?bracelet,*" MM Mrs. Jsrvie, "Ig thai it lg
pone i have no mason lo suspei t any
paiihui.il parson of ths theft"
! Home Market Club Adopts Resolutions
Also Involving Print Paper.
? Bastea, Nov. 1V Improved rather than
I te v. leglalatlen was ths ?xeynotg of tbg
j nniiu.il address of I'resi<ient DOWSS, of the
Nome Market Club, at the yearly ga?th?
?trlng -if in?- landing high protective ?.m-T
?rgaaisatioa in tht? <tt> t?i-daj.
Just i, foi. sdjournmsot Um dub went
?ni racord ??K-iinst the trot Inmertatlou <?f
\\o.?I pulp and pri?t pap? ir-un ?aiuula
and lu?- lOSMMIIt] ol th?* extension ()f tin.
?policy i?? i, ti. i pep and paper expottlng
? i les.
?lecrotai ?Marvin, aftrr the sdoptien ol
' ? i? sob,tion, pointed out that In UM and
| IM9 ?the p.?per piodu'lin; .?luniili-s ?if Ku
i"i". led by Norway, Oermany, tin Nethe
lands Auettis and ??reat grttaln, had ?
surplug f? ?? ?expert saaouatlag ?to tw,i:T,??io,
"r searlj t?artea ag owtyt to thg entire
paper ami ?a.'. julp ?prodtictloa of the
1 Sl?t< ?I St.itea
Says Talk of His Issuing War?
rant Because of Controversy
with Mayor Is Bosh.
Arrest of Brother for Oppression
as Clerk of a Police Court
Stirs Civil Service
Albert Creelinatt, ctarfe of the i-'.ssex
: Market p??ii? ?? court was arrestad roo
! t'-nia.v ?m g charge of oppression on ;?
: warrant altrned by Magistrate Corripam,
who Is *-ittin.' in Eusses Market -'?ii<i pn
roled in Ms own ? ustody ?for s hearing
Ion Monday. The warrant was i*-*sin?<t .n
the re.|?]e*?t ??r Aaatatant District Attor?
ney Medalle, who is aasigned t?? ths i>
?ex Market ?oint bj District Attornov
, Whitman.
The prisoner is a brother of .lam i
Creelman, presiden! "f th?? Municipal
ICivil ?Service Commission, who ?*? an In?
timate friend ??f Mayor Oaynor, r?n?l the
srrest eras made the occaalon <?f a greet
(leal of talk that ths feud between ?Mayor
Qaynor and Magistrate C-orrigan had
been renewed with Increnaed bitterness.
Hi soon u .lam,"? < 'raelman beard of
lh? arrest h?- rushed I" th?- City Hall
iiti'l protMted to Hi?' Mayor.
"My brother'.?.' arrest." he Mid, before
he vvoni inb. the .Mayor's coin. "WSS
due to a ?conspiracy, i bavi known for
? .;! days that they have been trying
?" gal him int?? trouble. He has been
cleaning oui the ct*ooked crowd ?n the
ESsse*. Market court letting rid of the
'runners' behind ths rail, ami that
brougbi him into contact with a ? ? i-taln
asslstanl district attorn..v.
"His arrest is an absolute outrage, and
Magistrate Corrigan ought to be removed
from the bench. Application should be
?made to th.- Appellat? ?Division for his
removal. Also, Governor f>ix should be
asked to start an Investigation <>f the
District Attorneys office, i understand
; that Hi- charge against mj brother was
[refusal t" ?perform a public duty in that
Ihe declined t?. accept pennies from a
v oman a ho had be? n i?n"<i."
McAdoo Defend-, Creelman.
in reply to ;? letter from Magistrate
Corrigan, advising hin -?f the .-uns; of
Mr. Creelman, Magistrate McAdoo wrote:
' Offlcf of the Chief ('It) Maglatrete
Kirst Division, city ??r Srew Vork,
:"?! M ? i i ? > - : i - S".--.'-. Manhattan,
Sea Yorlc. iNov. l-V I?l '
i ? Joseph r. Corrigen, City Magistrate
sir: i m.- ? nur letter adrjslng me
thai :? "n had i*? tied .i a.?i '???it for the
arres! of Alherl ('rediman, clerk of the
; Third i ?Istrlcl ? lourt, on adida? II
' mil tee to } Oil ' | I i... f >i--t? i. I .Ml ..: -
Son.- .lu- ni;... 1 ? ; i ? 1111 ? ?_*; that freie vvus
,a conspirar) being hat? led ageinai Mr
; ? "i. ?Iman for doing I Int?
I in? between ihe ?rooks and grafters
i v ho had '.een doing business i Third
? District Court and I i? p. people In tha.
district, i ?lote and aaked him for the
fact- in the ..i>-" in reply he arote me
' a full, frank and entirely satisfactory ex?
planation, i -hull inke no official action
' whatever m the matter exeepl t?? advise
i, .. . i;\ authorities t; at, In mj iidrment.
Mr Ct-eelntan Is entitled lo w defended
i.v ihr legal department ?if the city, and I
shell continue to (five him my confidence
iip h p'ihli. official until Mime court of
i eoi.ip.-lent jurisdiction has passed upon
] the mal 1er. V'e | resnei'tfully,
W 11.1.1AM M'AI'?'. ?.
? 'in? r ? ' ? - Magistrate,
it v Si ?said st the bl< f maglsti ate'i
igln nut Mr. < 'reetman had hot been
: suspend. ?I. but would ?ontintie aa clerk
of ih" ?Ssses Market rourt, ?pending hla
trial, it was le.'nneit last week, It was
?aid, that .. conspiracy existed against i
'Mr. ?'r.eim;in. and ii);?t Magistrate Cor?
rigan snd Assists nt District Attorney
I M?edallc had been in ronfercnce about
him ?"'"?? t?i tlmea. On Monday Mag?
l?tate McAdoo wrote i<> Mr, Creelman
about the matter, snd on Tuesday Mr.
Creelman'i reply, which eras satisfactory J
m every tray, was r? Plved. "They
[waited until Judge Corrigan was siitii
j In Ksscx Market to SPrin? ?Ukl* thllH
WHS Mild.
Watson Assigns an Assistant,
-t tin- request <>' Magistrate McA-tfc
! Corporation Counsel Watson hag g
signad hi? sssistant, Cornelius P. Co
'lins. tO defend Mr. rrcelman. Mr. Oft
son explained thai whsn .1 cltj ?emploi
was charged s ?tii g ?rinn- in com.?tk
with the performance ???* lii"- nrTi?i.'
j duties it becamd -Um province of the C?ts
! poration Counsel's "iri'e t?i d?tend tli
accused man.
'i'lie charge agslnsl Creolman is tii^
! when, on ?September IS, Ids Ltotwtagh*
I-.viio ?had boda lined ?92 by ?Magistral
I Barlow for ??? violation of the ?Sanit?r
I Code, offered eight quarters In paymei*
! of the line be r? fus?,-?! lo a? ? ?-|)t th
: ?money and demanded bills instead of th
sn.aii change. The woman, according t
the charge, was ordered back t<> the 1?'
j b) ('reclinan until she produi ???! the hill.?
; The ccmplatat i:? supported by affidavit
, from th?? woman, her husband and th
officer who h-'?i her In charge
Magistrate ?Vrrlgaii, after des< rlhlm
the charge ?against rreelman, said Ml
?night: "There is no allegation of <ii:'
j honesty on Ctveiman's part. The charg*
: Ij one Of Oppression. I am thonnighh
convinced <-f **-ir. Creelman'g honest]
hut when the ?complaint was iai?i beton
in?- I hail n<? option except to issue th?
? The appli? atioi' was made by the rep
?reeentatlve of the Dletrlct Attorney
who is the prosecuting ?officer "f th*
?county, it was perfectly regular and
[the ?complaint stated (acte thai were a
I Clear Violation Of the law. If I had re?
fused to issue the warrant the i?istr.?t
Attorney conld have gone to any jus
tlce of the Supreme Court for a man
damns compelling me to Issu?. It. They
are welcome to ko to the Appellate 1>?
-, I'-io'i for an Investigation of me. From
whom am I I ? take my Instructions ?m
when lo issu- warrants?Judge McAdoo,
Ma.Mii Qaynor, the Appellate Division or
the law?
"This talk of my ISStTlng the warrant
in--aus?, of my controv-srsy with Mayor
<:,iji;or Is both. Asalstaal Distrito At
torney Medalle crame to me last week
when 1 was sitiin?,- in Jefferson Market
?COUri an?l said he had a ?ase of oppres?
sion against the ? lerk of one Of the
courte. Ho <li?l ti"t even tell me the
clerk'g name, but luid the ?'ase ?before
me and ?asked my advice, ?as he ?bad s
licht t?? ?I??, on whether the case ?'?inst'
lutcil oppression. M?*- told nie that h3
Intended to take II ?before ?the grand
"After the warrant was issued 1 told
Mr, Creolman thai 1 would parole him
i i his own custody and set the day for
the trial to suit his convenience. He
-???\o\ Friday, M> term in Fssoi ?Market
Will be Up on Tu?.-da.- ,"n?l if he had
thought there was snj animus on my
part h?- could have asked for some day
alter that 1 toid him 1 thought he
oughi to take more time to prepare his
and then he chose Monday. 1 ?set
the cam down for Monday? and ?.??.<>
hi* the choice of ?morning or aft? rnoon.
1 <"?? ? hose the afternoon.
The case ?s perfectly plain. 1 could
? i" nothing else than a hat 1 did."
When District Attorney Whitman w a ?
told that .fame; Croctmsn had s,?i?i that
this W8g -? good time t<? have I'ovcrnnr
Dix Investigate the District Attorney's
office he SSid
"I ??.nit?' agree with Mr. Creelmap. I
have Inatructed my Assistant idstrict ;
Attorneys in the ?police ?Courts to cause.
the arrest of sny clerk who refuees to
sccept ?payment of flnea In nickel?, quar?
ters or whatever denomination of
money Ig offered 1 have had ni m?rous
uomplalnte from the ?BSses Market and
Other ?poll.aits, and lliis Wag I lie
reason for Issuing the Instructions."
Albert Creelman said last night that
1, - arreei on .? charge ?of refusing to
take ?small ?change In payment ??f a Une
vas made because nothing eis,? could bel
found agalnat him and there was g
concerted attempt to get him out of
??Se?es Market court by law.vers and
runners with whose business <?f holding
up proepectlve -1 i ? ? n ? s he had interfi ? ??
Maiiod anywhere in the United Stites
for %? ni a year.
WHEN you sign 8 contrict
to buy a home some one
must think of many things on
your behalf -things that must
be considered In advence and "
settled before your name is put
to paper. *?_
We have done some thinking
in half a million real estate
transactions and the benefit of
this is all yours when we take
care of your contract for you.
?Capital . . $ 4,375,000
Surplu-siall earned) 10,625,000
176 B'v/ay. N. Y. 175 Rernnen St., Bl.iya.
350 Fulton St., J?males.
Mon8on Morris May Return from
Trip Without Facing Arrest.
Mine?la. ?Long Lslan?! NO?. ,:. (Sp?cial),
Monson Morris, membei of club* .mil ?*
ill?.- QoV(mor"g military itaff, v. ho *?,-.?
mairied in-day t?> Mis Elisabeth Bryj-j
SI??;?", -..ill net l>? arretteA on hi.- retan
from M weiihit trip, agnttuA
.?gainst h!m for ?.'?'"'?'? ? ibtain-ed by llov..
srd <?;- Co., of Fifth avene, Matihattaa,
?bas I ?in setl|i-'l -in?! thi? ?>n|r?r ,,f eon
tempt? not lia.lnt; lie.-n < nterod on ttW
docket, will not i? ' ' <-i
Thi ? util" trnulil-- - .-in- , I o'
? v.!,?.ii Mr. Morrli i?, ?i rontr?ctel
with Howard & ?'<-?. ?between Novt
I".. UM, an?! S ;?i. nil,, i .7. 1" . for one. ni?r.
i'?r. two bar fino, two dish? i d ? no veet
button. <?n the failure of Mr Morris i?#
make ?payment? sn ?ctlon waa birought
brought af,aii>?t him end j
Justice h\ udder l?hen iesnsd ;??. onter tc
him t" sppeef botare Judge Niemen is
supplementary prtMOedlngs on Octo?bi ?
This ?sununene eras Ignored? ?and Snakm m
inan "iilereil him t?> appear bffore Iiha o-.
November M sod g?how eaur why i?*
should not be punished for contempt o'
court. 'I'lii-. ?SfgRggSOng v\#. ni.-2?? kmftOTOO,
aiai thlg scorning Judge Nt-smen ?le?.Ur*<i
Mr. Moi ris m contenu t.
The Substances
used by M. Tecla in making his
reconstructed rubies are abso?
lutely of the finest selected qual?
ity, therefore they are supe?
rior to most natural rubies.
Tccla's Greatest Success:?
?possess the identical lustre,
delicate tone and weight
of pearls from the Orient.
"98 Fifth Avmur lORu-de la P-it
70M Bond Street 16 Ave. M?sse'ng
"Half an hour from Cleveland
and no one up. The people on
this train certainly do sleep."
?Recause they can sleep on the gradelecs,
comfortable "Water Level Route'' of the
New York Central Lines. That is why the
Lake Shore Limited
hasbec? ?me the favorite train of business men
who travel bet ween New York and Cleveland.
EQUIPMENT?Solid steel cars, mahogany interior
finish, electric lighted throughout, barber, hath,
valet, ladies' maid\ manicure, stock reports, daily
papers, periodicals.
Lv. (?rand Central Terminal 5.30 p. rrw
Ar. Cleveland, 105th St. Station 6.55 a. rrw
Ar. Cleveland, Union Station 7.15 a. nv ?
New York Central Lines
Railroad snd Pttllmafl tickets delivered hi
Special IftPJMfM uitl'.?'.i. extra charge.
For further information, addresa general
Kastern Passenger Agent, 1216 1'Anlwav.
Now York 'Phone, 6310 Madiaon
Brooklyn 'Phon??, 167 Main

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