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Union Trust Obtains Control of
Uptown Institution.
Men Allied with Latter Said to
gave Sold Because of Federal
Administration's Attitude.
M?MtlatloaS hart Just been completed, It
. ?,.-.! yeotsrtfay as .? rosoli of
lenttfnd with the I'lium
Company acquire a largo majority
. .??r ?tork ..! the Plaza Bank and sto.-k
fcolder- <>f ??"* ???'??"-" li?**til??tl*>r*i bf.-t'iii*
tock of the I'nton Tim*-: Com
Tt,? fnion Truat ?'ompany, which already
u< ? branch ?t fifth avenue and HAh
_,t -mo time been planning to
a?,ut.!i..- ?another uptown branch, not tax
__om tf-p F . un.i it is sxpected
that t-;i' Slltanee BOW a i ranged will ultt
lr.nl xo Xhe ? ombination of the husi
i Hank ati.l the I'nton
. oinpatiy.
'inter--* ' ?t?d with the National
, . . . t largely Into ths Plaza
Bank IB '?*??*? ?""? :,t t''? annual meetlm* of
_t?f latter bank, <ti Nov?Bmber 11 of that
r eight l'-.rk Hank directors entere?"!
L\] Mard. Ths National Park Bank In- |
_ nos 9V* fO'ir representative* on
*-. I!,.-? 1 ?? ?"aril. President Hi? hard
id. John Jacob Aator and ci.arb-s
fc-rlhr.''" who have boon directors sin-e
am awA Thomas F Victor other uptjnrp
-,a?r tank*- ?wltl? whteh tin? National Park
.jiji^ . identified aro ti.?- Mount
wgrru li a Part Hank interest.? I.?
came ?.to?kh?'l?lcrs early In February
the M?toal Bank, In which ?tock was
In Mar. I?. 1M2, und of which three
National Park Fink men are dire-tors; and I
ap Y,:k- :??? Bank. In which an interest
-jinounce.i to be les? than ?.'ontrinl ?sras pur
pavni < '- -11 ''"'-?
Th? National Cltjr ?'ompany recently let
known that it purpose?! s?llinc Its
fcoldin<zs of st" hs of valions banks, which
lad l?een transferred t?> it by capitalists
afllliatrd with th?- National ?Ity Hank,
shirr-. h*<- boujhl th?eas stocks and held
*i.em tot wveral years In the interest of
th?t Institution, and it was reported that
?w purcl -? i W? the ?'ity Hank
ntere??? which had turne?! t.ver ih??se
Itorks to the National city Company.
II ?a? a-."minced a day ?>r two ago, bow**
rttt, IhSl th? National City ?"ompany had
1 of its large block of stock of the
Jtar.k of the Metropolis to the Hank of the
M*nhAF a ;. Company, Inataad of transfer?
,1rg it back to the individual National ?'ity
?Bank bit? ? s's. and it was said in BOOM
yesterday that the controlling J
I'.ock 111 th? Flaza Hank, which has boon I
_e!d to th'- I'nlon Trust Company, included
Pg beWinlta of the National Hark Hai.k
J iDirrests. which were inclined to take the j
?f ?rirw thet the attitude Of the federal ad?
[ Bbtdstratlon would mak?- it advMaMs for i
them to arrange to terminate even the J
indirect control of other banks which la
represented in the holding of Stocks In ,
these ins'itutlons by individuals in the a?,?- I
parent Interest Of the National Hark Hank.
HaSS Hank, o?-g.mizod In
had * suecenfuj history ;in,i has foe
twerrtv years been located at ?'??th
?nd Fifth avenue. Its business having
?ar beyond the cap?aclty ?>f the old
banki?i' r??om?. however, a lease waa ob?
tained ?f the quartets at Mth street and
? ?. enue. o nos last January
l'qultabl- Trust <'ompany f<T its
Madifon branch. The Plaza Hank took
???on of its new quarters ob N
Lr .-..
Th?- last p iblishod statement of the I'laza
Bank shows ?.?pltal $1i?.?"j??. surplus $475.
MO at..! deposits of ?lightly ov, i $.',?
MastOff Mills has ln>on president of
Sa Park Unce January, lttf, and Its
? '.t:..n t?. the four already
1 ke, .lohn F. Harris.
C ?A i'arvon. Fred
. and Alfred O. \'ai:<l.-rl?ilt.
inion Trust Company, cm its state
?f S< pt.-inSf i '."?. showe?! capital
? '?, surplus IT.'.'W.'XiO, and ?ieposlts
Sf in?.re than ?I'"' 800. ESdWlTJ ?1 Merrill j
i? president, ami Um commit te?? ar?- II.
Vsa RonaaelaM Kennedy, W. Bmlen p.
veit. N. Hark, i Bh?r?**trld*re, Charlas H.
Tv??-ed, Jam?:* Sp. yer, v\ :II am Woodward,
rlc deP. I
..fTit.'l a:i is--ue ..f
' ? : -i mortfag? i p?-r ?-?nt l ???
Boui ?l
Cotnpany, ipiarants/sd. iMlnclpal
arui '.tit.-nst. b) the l"hlcasjo. Mlrwauk*?e A
I Hallwa* Company, In octoi.tr.
? i .-.tat?f.n, a m? bat
i until" June, IM2. The hotnls were
toot ?' market when
Gets Headache Figuring Out
Standard Oil Securities.
Tl?e curb market, which has a liuht
h?ait.-d way ?f trading in anv wcurlty,
a? lua! or prospective, except those housed
in the Stock Kxch.-mire, is for the first time
In its history ready to admit that It has
met a ?lass of business which In too diffi?
cult for it to handle.
It is the. new necnrltics of the thirty
four old .subsidiaries of the Standard oil
?'ompany of New Jersey, t.. be distributed
to the sto.kholders of that o.i poratlo'i.
which bav? caused the cur:? experts to
"throw up their hand?." They lave been
Willing to trade in (h?se fractional shar.s
in the agiii-.-Rhle, the quoted prloo for all
of the thirty-four little bits of stock com
ing to the Tiwner of one share of Standar?!
<?il aft?r Pec. mber 1 being sllghtlv above
|3M, while Standard Oil In Its present |..rm
Is ?itioted at $r??, a share, and, after it has
parted with its- Interest in the s.ib.-idiarbs.
at about |
Hut the Standard Oil stockholders are
showing no disposition to sell In a bloc't
their allotments of s-ock of the subsidiar?
y's, and even if thev should, the purchasers
???. oi:l?l find that their bargains would r?|.
r. s- nt much trouble. Simplification of the
problem could be rea, hed only by shift?
ing the ownership of these particles Of
st??k so that bits might be combined to
make full stiar"s. and ihe whob curt ?/**??
?''day afternoon had a hea<)ache fr? m try?
ing to figure out such a plan.
For example, takinu the Atlantic Retin?
itis Company, the first on the list: The
holder ttf one share ?if Standard oil stock
will receive a certificate entitling him to
.<?.^-!?KUM of one share of Atlantic Henn?
ing stock. The amateur arithmeticians
found that n little more than nineteen of
these certificates would together amount to
a full share, but when exact figures were
produced It developed that the excess bo?
yond the nineteen ? ? rtlf'nates was a very
troublesome fraction. K.4.">9-49.i?9*>. which
means fe4t?MMM of Attt-MMn of a I
? r, expressed decimal!.. .tWBM-r. That's
why the curb balked.
? s.
Stockholdere Get 1 Per Cent in Addi?
tion to Regular Dividend.
Wall Stieet expectations of an e-rtra dis?
bursement <?n Hrooklyn I'nion Ohs stock
were fulfilled y-strnlay. when the director?;
of the company declared an extra dividend
of 1 per cfit, in addition t?> the usual quar?
terly payment of 14 per cent.
The extra dividend is the first step toward
making up to stockholders the difference
between dividends actually paid and the
amount they would have received on a sus?
tained fi per cent rate since 1?-*?*?. This will
require F%\ per cent in all, and the presont
extra 1 per cent leave.? f?>_ per cent still to
1 ?? d?-.dared.
, The company announces extra dividends i
will be paid from time to time, hut it
makes no agreement that they will be a
regular quarterly feature.
Guaranty Trust Co. to Co-operate with
Central Organization.
The Guaraat] Trust Company, one of the
largest buyers of cotton bills in the coun?
try, has agreed to co-operate with the
. ?-ritral bureau for th?? n-gistration of cot?
ton bill?; of lading re?'er.tly establishi-d her??
,-,t the sm-K'-stion of the Liverpool Hill of
Lading Conference Committee
The National City Hank, which handles
nn re cotton .ills than any other banking
ln.-titutlor !:i the country, still refuses to
recognize the bureau, but Charles S
t, who is in charge of the centra!
hop..*- that it will change Its atll
-, the near future. The acceptance
ot the plan by the National City Hank
. end the dispute over cotton bills of
lading ?hat has been going on since April,
1M0. when the ftrsT forgerl?-? were discov?
ered in Liverpool.
The following petitions in bankruptcy
were filed yesterday:
I'ANY. manufacturers, of phonographs at!
So 79 K-ade street, involuntary. Credit
| award B. Jordan ?V Co., Hrooklyn.
Frederick Pearce Company. $iv?. an?!
? E Brighton, of cm ?Spring Har?
bor %: '9 in?oiven< v and preferential
F W Hamblin ?V- CO.. of $3,?>?.J
Asset? eatlmated. J2r>.?X'<?. The
rompan)' ?as incorpoiated in January,
IMS, with a capital Mock <?f tUaXOH, and a
few weeks ?ago its statement showed, it
is said, assets ot $.M>Ti? and liabiliti? s of
BENO C EPSTEIN, ?ommisslon m?-r
?hant, i-etddlng at No. 39*. Wadsworth ave
M?e, voluntary Liabilities. K.W.i, to fifty
two creditors for embroidery, dress geo?ls.
8CRIBER, composing the linn of Hindley
A S. rlber, dealers In hard wat.? and plumb
; plies at Montlcello, N. Y , involun
tary. ? *va> alleged that thay were in?
isolvent and gave a chattel mortgag?- f.?:
I?J3,50U <>n all the ?Mareta to Adelben M
a broth'-r. and ?'bar?es Engelman
( without consideration. Asset- ar< ?4.?*??.
B. & 0. and Lehigh Offici;
Charged with Giving Rebate;
"Forwarders," Who Accept
Rebate, Also Indicted?13
Named in 45 Counts.
Indictments against thirteen Individu
Were returned yesterday by a federal grs
Jury, charging rebating by the Haitlmor?
"!?i" Railroad Company and the Lsfe
Valley Hallroad ?*ompany on freight ci
algnod from foreign countries to nv-rcha
In the West.
Rob.-rt ?y ways, foreign freight agent
the Haitlmor.? A Oblo Railroad Compai
was mentioned In six of the indictmen
arid among those In.llcted fnr rc'iving
liatf-s from the Haltlmore A Ohio w<
-Iules !?:. Bernard, of Rernard. .In.lae A <
of Chicago; Maurice Ascher, of Gallagl"
& As? her. of Chicago; Os-ar F. Koscl
trading n? Charles I>. Stone A Co., of ?CI
cago Albert K. < ?raser, president of t
American Shipping ?'ompany, of Chica?,
ami August Rontoux, piesld.-nt of the I
lornatioiial Forwarding Company, of Cl
ThOtaafl If, Jarvis, vice-president of t
I .?high Valley Railroad Company, ai
<'lar?-n?e A. Rlood. Its freight traffic ma
amer, were Indicted tot allowing rebates ?
freight transported over the lines of t
? "lupany, and Ceorge \V. Sheldon, pre?
?lent, and Henry \V. Ackhof, vi.e-pr?.
dent, of Ceorge \V. Sheldon & ? o, i.f (I
?ago. wera charged with receiving tho
rebat? s.
The Investigation which led to the Indlc
mantS ?as made by John W, H. ?'rir
Assistant Catted States Attorney, on 1
formation turned ,,v?r to tin- proascutot
office early In July by the Interstate Coil
tuerce <'?unmisslon.
The Indictment?, which contained In :i
f"rty-f1\r- counts, wen- similar In wordir
> v - pt in the details of th?; transactloi
coinplaiiK-d of. They cover.-d the pcrrfc
from July i, 1910, until ?October 1, i!?ii. ti
charges were based on th?- assertion tha
although the consignees pai?l th?; lu
I freight rate for the goods ahlpped to then
tha railroads remitted t?. then amounts re?
r? ?seating 10 per cent of the rates charge
Mr. ('rim. In explaining tli<- matter I
.Imlge Martin, Bald that, while the amount
m.ntinned in the indictments wer? ?ma
beoauae only .?iiiKb- ?shipments were ? ?n
c?-rn?-?l. the violation of the law could h
1 ?ri.vi-ii in those instances, and that th
Investigation ha?i shosm tt-at the pra?-ti<
of rebating on foreign goods shipped wo
OVOT the Raltimore A Ohio and the Lehlg
Valley had reached -.'rf-at proportions.
Thomas N. Jarvis and ?"larence A. Rloor
of the ?Lehigh Valley Railroad company
entered tentative pleas of not guilty befon
Judge Martin, with leave to Withdraw tl.ei
pleas before Deeem?her 4. Judge Martii
fixed ball at V-.?*?, which was furnished b?
the defendants.
Tlie Indictments were based <?n an In
r-rsUgatJOfl made by the Interstate Com
merce Commission through its division 0
Tho indictments, according to the Inter
stiit?' Commerce Commission, rested on th?
?i.ittrlne that refunds from rates paid tr
p.rsons ?ontrolling routing of *hlpm?-nt;
Sr?ars unlawful rebates, even though th?
persons receiving the rebate funds w? n- i,'?i
the owners of the shipments.
"As a matter of Cat t," It was said yester
day by a member of the commission In ref
. renca to ?the ladtetassnts, "all of the re
??ipienta of these payment?. Instead 'if being
agents for the carrier for the solicitation
of traffic, are in reality forwarders, with
their prln-lpal office In the United Stuf?-?,
Or i-ls.- employ forwarding agents or
broken la Haai York city, who aot .is
i t?* nt? of the consignee at Chicago or other
interior points."
It Ifl the conter,tp>n of the government
that the payments to Sheldon ? Co. am to
a shipper, and such arc unlawful, because
in ti..- dtschargs Ot the obligations of Its
contrael with the real consignee, it I- an
agent of the latter, and therefore cannot
be, under the law. an agent of the railroad
ci mi ?any.
Jt further developed, through the Inquiry
of the Interstate ?'ommer??- Commission,
that the tonna?;?- own??l by Sheldon A Ce.
was very large. In or?b r t?i obialn the
commission on shipments actually OWBOd
by tha concern, such shipments were billed
fr?>tii N?'W York, It was sai'l. showing S'.-l
don ft CO a:? the crm-ignor. wUh Henry I).
Aikboff, vl? e-prrsident of IhsMoa i Co.,
as uauslguss.
Mailed anywhere in the United Statea
| for $2.50 a year.
Otfcc.?.! "-.? la?*?, i, ? ? m ,M n
ttot-j-. ?. pan thrcus1! Domtt ol equal I
lux? - raj?tl.roinhp,?"isn?*q?*|l*m
p*Utu-, r - -??..'' ?Kl '.W ?*??_??**?
J Ptt*) (. ' jt?. #Cleu?J>. R w? ?-. SSro*
y ?,; ?s, t!) ?ith th* vtind
. .fiord :'4 hour pffc.p
loi 4 tiouri tndinf ( p m y*?
mi map Basco oh oBsr.pvATrmis tajo
Hicir-t.. .'0 In 1898
\jtmeO ?..?H in 1863
I ?n*l Pi?r r>???i. *> !>>??
lor Ih. Month
NaraaS 3Ai lnohea
Dr-ste? C?.S2 In 1889
UM 0.7-, In 1908
'"?"mi Uaemei nmi Voreeomt
?v ? : tkrtmnem ? ?thai waa
. ... .. ead low?
In the
\.,i tii-iii N-n i:n?
? - again ?<-? m
: ,? uva?
non a?i?J In ' ?:?.-k>
' tgtan
I prub
.. Frida
- ?.?lulu,
?"??l??- ,n.| the litke
!** ii *n?1 r?1n? I ?n*
- Iew?d
'-*'? r-;-? ,. |n tl.. ?4tl?nt?,
?' '? n n ,-? .? n r. .-?? ,? i aim ?
"~r r,
? north
?tatst la iba south*, ???m ?tat??? i ? ?
.Mouniais -nil i.int.ai region? and Ina
Northwest ths ?"??"' wlii "- ???'?? FHiai ","1
'tP-nperslure vtlll rl?. Fn-lat a?i?l Friday
nicht In th? Kant-rn ?tat???, an! It will IB
. h nUina ?tat? i -
Ml. .,??i|.,., Valle. ??..I the (4ojHl
ilghi r Saturday In U.?? <>??io \ni
.!. the lowei Uitt
Oi if ?tat?? Th? '? ? i .
The Upper ?lr <'*???? r vat Inn
an hOOf st ?' ' "l-?'"
rajausl f?>? si?-?l?l l<?*?Hilr-.. For K?
i-.rs.. ii.I ? v and th, Dlatrln of Co
rain sml ?
(ernenn or to il?*ht. rain Fat.irday met-nlng. fol
?mV increasing aaai and .ontheest
?j . l?.i.1lne.B.
followed ?.? anos and nnr**m.ie day
I aaal and
?Joulhessl ?aril ' ' - ,,.,,.nmmm ,?
Par N? ? Ki rland, Incri-aelns eioudh ?
! lion ?,,.i rain or anon In ^ntba? portion u>.
?litil lurday uith ??ata ?>r -mow m
,,?,; Bn., ?ne? m *^rtbtrn fSfrtta5?
r*M>4ersl?, variable ?m.l? t>" ? B*i0g ?
I trrnoon and ln?r?a?lns. .... ,. ,
y.,,k and ICsBtSm l.n.i?.l
\arila ln< r?*milng < l?onin-??*. prrakaM?- Mlswed
by nun or ?nos ant wannet im. IM? aft
., ?. night priil,?1,1? ?win In iv>utti?-rn ?portion
Kin! rain or aaow la n??rt?i? ???? portkia ?Saturday;
moderate, rarlabl? ?witurln. becoming asat ami in
rreaalnc 'hi? afternoon.
Official ob?erv?tlor?a taken at l'nlte,i ?state?
weathei bviessa ?' K P " '"' Mt f?How
T'-iii; ? rature. Weather,
-*: '';"""
Atlantli ?ity . S
. g \;aT
. -
. .??' ' '
N.? Orl?an? . '?' ' ?"
st i.-.i" . E '.;"?''
Wanlilngton ."?? ?" ' u*r
Ural mti'iHl bmrari. Thi followlna
from ?!"? W'ai'i'-? Bureau ?how? tin
i ?pera tun '"i th? last tarent)
foui houri In ? ompfci ? ???"? ?Ith I n ding
?im. of last
linn inn mo I'm
I h in ? -17 ?_l ?? r ' 4?i .10
S., n, i?" ? !* '? '" ;;:' M
ft a in.' .... to W|ll i? m :ni ?n
13 m ...
411 IT 12 P ? ? M
? -i?
4 I 11 ?.._______________________
iii.-i,,-: leiiij^ihiui- yeeteroa 10 o?gr*
y. ,?, rast, 2? avarssa ft; ?mim,?
(,", ,-orre?pondln? d?t?- I??' ' "" t?; iur?,, f?r
(,n<iina ?i?ie i?"' ,hl 'v n;*' ;?-"?. ??
I,,. ?I | oi ca?1 Ini-MMiiK ? l.?n ??
?i rol I owed bj rain or --n?.? irvd , .
this ?ft. m?.r "*'*>' h. urda? prol-bly
min; moderst? -varlabl? miana, ?beoamlai ? .
m, ?fi moult
Company Shows More Tbon 16 Per
Cent Earned on Stock in Year.
The report of the Union Pacific Railroad
Company for the year ended June 30 shows
earnings from transportation operations
equivalent to 8.12 per cent on the common
stock, and Income from Investmente equiv?
alent to 8.19 jH?r cent, a total of 16.61 per
?*ent. The report also shows an Increase
in assets In the vear In excess of the In?
crease in liabilities of f71.118,2M, of which
a bal.it,ce of profit realized by the Oregon
?"?bort Line Railroad Company from the sal?*
of Northern Securities stocks and st<?? ks
'???hed in exchange therefor contributed
J.*>7?>. Actual net increase In ass?-:? wan
?i"i.v.:,.i.... against a net Increase In liabili?
ties of }RLpA\Ko.
The promts realized by the Oregon fihort
Line Railroad ?'ompany (torn its original
Investment in th>- 92t,:ns.~i a?ares ??f the
capital stock of the Northern ?Securities
'ompany and ir?>m the sale of th- stocks!
? which it received under subscription lights'
I to th?- stocks ..f the ?It-eat Northern Rail-'
Way ?'?.tupan, and the Northern Pa?-!!!?;
Railway ?'ompany r?. ?Ived In the dlstri- ?
??ution of th?- assets .?! th.. Northern ?Se?
curities Company were *?8.68i,]57 "6. Of this
sum HMMH :;.? wa< taken up bv the Ore-?
??"n Short Une Railroad Company in its
"?rorlt and loss account ?n th.- yeat IMtj
the remaining M7?C7IH was taken over
"aril year, the pr-oflt being distributed as a
dividend on the shares o? the ?Oregon ?Short
Une Railroad Company, all of which are
owr.ed by the Union l'acKl. Railroad Com?
In the year thete was a net Increase of
ISO miles In mileage of railways <iwn???l; of
???miles In railways owned Jolntlv; of 15S|
mil. s in railways operated Under trackage1
rlnhts, an?l of 1?;<? miles In sidings. ( ?n its
total mileage operated operating revenues !
?.J2'l?r''venue *'r"m outside operations were I
iU,<?:.V s. a loas of S1.JII.9W fr??tn the pro-1
ceding year. Net earnings after expenses
and taxes were jr..711.12?. compared with
MO.Wi.fO? in mo. and surplus transporta?
tion operations after ?barges. IJ1.:.7'?.19<>, a
lo*s of it.414.41'? from the vear b?? n
Alter dividends there was a balance of
H.onjtS, against IS.SO,a? in the year endei
June ::??, mo. Total toc?me other than
transportation sonrosa, chleflv interest and
dtvldenda on aecurlttes owned, amounted t"
nS.3tt.571. a decline rf V.ll.'.i?.1 Fr? in this
amount u;.s deducted iivid<t?<ls on stoclnj
of the Union Pacific Railroad Company of
K.SIt,(iM O ].er 1 fut m the common?, leav
Ing a SUIWUI Income from other than
Irai portatlon operations of ?9.7:iJ.7u. Th?
total surplus from transportation opera?
Uons and oth?*r Income was *i 4,'V.i. t ?">.
against tlO.M!>.?:i In the year before
Clperatlng expenses In? reas??d tt.999.9XS,
and taxes .?!'<!'. 7W? Expenditure? for addi?
tions and betterments. In?-hiding equip?
nient, charged to capital sccuunt amounted
to 'K'/jv-.i;.*,. Prom prnrreda of sales ..f
lands and money from Interest and prin?
. ipil ..f bonds of the l'nlon I'm-lflo I,and
Company there <<as received ll.J50.rtiO.
which whs applied to the payment of h.?l-j
lerments :in?l Improvement.? not otherwlaa 1
provided for. There was an ln?rreane of
K1.7S3,ao It, th? funded debt in the yeat. j
Net chargea to capital acoounl were M!? - j
l?emand loans to the Southern Pa- ?
Clflc were tX.Offt.tOh, 1111 Increase of 0.1*16,
7*U>: .ash on hand at the end of th?- year, I
??s shown In the statement of current as-j
sets, was $1:', 17!,fill, and demand loans and
time deposits, te.W.ftW. There was iwac?
ti. ally no change in the vear in the smoun*
of Invoatment stocks owned by ths cota?
No development In the report Is capable
of more significant Interpretation than the
enormous Increase in the profit and lOM
Surplus in the last year. This Increase
In surplus Is equal to ,.?) per cent on the
Outstanding common stocK and t-tmvertlM"
bond eoulvalent it is true thai of ?his to?
rreas, aome $?n,r?n<i.n.-4i is ,( ?bookkeeping al?
teration. It Is just as true, however, that
this bookkeeping alteration makes tt clear
thai the company h.is ?)71.Ut,SM more avail?
able surplus than has heretofore been car?
ried ..n the balance sheer. There Is no
mystery In this a?l.ilti?nal .surplus, but It
Is reasonable to suppose that the company
had some reason in gathering Its showing
of riches together at this time.
The Diamond Match ?"ompanv hai? can?
celled Its consignment contracts with
wholesale distributers, and In the future
will sell ?ts product on the old plan of
direct sale, although still dealing with Job?
bers exclusively. The change has been de?
cided upon because of the large amount of j
capital tl??l up under the consignment a.n<l
commission system, the Jobber? not having
'.? en required to pay for matches until they
had be.-n sold, and also because of tncreas? ?1
? <>mp?-tltl?>n.
It Is denied that the abandonment of the
commission plan has been due to fear of
prosecution under the anti-trust law.
London, Nov. 16? Consols closed ?_ lower
at 78r.-u; for mone) snd .?"? for account.
Anaconda was M higher at HAL, ?'anadian
?Pacific vas % lower at Mt%, ?iran.i Trunk
>\as unchangied at -f,\
Mone) was plentiful and discount ratas
were steady to-day.
The all around h'-sliancy continued on
the Si?., k Exchange. Home rails Improved
on Um coal rnlnei-s' rote t?? put off th?
strike. Later then- was a Setback In rails
and minina sharea eased off, while rubber
and oil stoi-ks showed irr.-trillar changea
American ??entitles opened steady an?l a
fraction higher. I.at.r in th?- forenoon
prb . ? moved Irregularly. The Iota trading
ama generally quiet, but Union l'acide ad?
vanced on favorable forecasts of the an?
nual report. The closing was iirm <'im
adian Pacific was depresasd i>> Berlin re?
Paris. Kov, i?v Thrss per ?ent tantas
? 1...-..1 ;. centimes lower at M francs 4;. cen?
limea ?Prices w?fre generally firm on the
Berlin, Nov. M Prices wars generally
lower on 'be Bo? rw
l/tindon. Nov. If.-?The weekl. return <?f
th. Hank Of Kngland shows the following
changes: Total reserve Increased Q_174,0tt,
circulation ?l.-?-r?-as. .1 ?."?:??'"?. bullion In?
creased MSB 000, other securities Increased
1309,000, other deposita Increased m?.<??>..
public ??.-posits increased (l.osi.OOO, govern?
ment s?-uriti.s inei.-as.-?! ?l'"?.i>?i. Tin- pro?
portion of the hank's reset c to liabilities
is now MiM per eent, sgalnst i1.? 70 per cent
last week anil compares with an advance
Irom .ViC.i. par cent to SSk per ?<nt In this
weak last year. /The r.ite of dtsooun$ Is
unchanged at 1 per <?nt.
The clearings through the London banks
foi the week were ?.vo ?VA?tO'. against CM.
ftlO.000 last Week and ?t0l..>4!.'Oi m this wv.-k
last year.
Paris. Nov. 16. The weekly return of the
Hank of Franc* shows the following
changea: Qold in han?i increased ;i.i ? 0
francs; silver in hand Increased 5,0
francs. _. 1
In th" market for outside securities in?
terest was generally centred in the higher I
priced issue?,, which showed fair activity..
?Although the ?J.-neral ton.- throughout the!
list was Irregular, ti,,. ia*ues ,,* ttl,. ,,, m ?
P. XV. Wool worth ?'??inpanv were Introduced I
for th?- ?lrst time, with considerable i
strength and activity in the common
shares, wb!?b advanced over PA point? ami
held the gain, while the preferred, on imaf
d.alings. ros.- 1 point. 1 tilted <'!gar Stores
?regular, but fairly active, fluctuating
w Ithln a range of about :'? points American
Tobacco was ?|iliet hut steady Chicago
Snlway was slightly firm? r. In the mining
Mel fluctu?t tow were narrow, with some
?treasure oti Rav ?'entrai and Inspiration.
I ..Hi. Minea Limited, continued Btrong at
I an advance of nearly ! points Bond*
weie dull, but generally steady. Detailed
operations follow
< Ml IIIch.
::.'.:. Amer Tsh ?IBS ?Jaa
4.:..?. lis] Btat? ?ia?. '-? rV
11?. lut Fini. 1*1 < ft '.'O '.Il
S00 I n ' 'IK M.irf ?4 SB
.-(411 i'n . 1| Sot. ? 24S '-'
II? U ; |. | II m s 14?, 11'4
i<? do prat nets. 7s' i 7v _
M ?.m I- <?. Trw MM H4%
i 4.N. CTitesrn ?Jeb. ? '?? '*
i??? a.. . if? H %
1 000 'Beaver ?'onn-1 4?i M
j ??Mi Mrsdrn f?v ... 9% ?">'.
.; -o Hum. Cost's ... 17'. 17?4
li?. ?Butt? S vu . .">4 :.*
S2.700 ??' ?i I? Consol. 18 IS
1 <<?? Co? Aril t-inlt. H II
1,100 RI) ?..??-?.I .... ft i**
?.??i? I-I..I.U.. 71 I
4 r,??i airoui Miiilns 4S IS
1 uno 'Oreens it? i I I
? in.. . h ??n? ? 'an "'? 7S
?,<?? I?.-? ???
11?. K.-II \j,Xtr -I'm t%
? K liai I*. III
?_.*> Nevada Hllla '-?-?
?_'??i NlPlaa M?'".. 7'- 7?.
;.m i . . nptsrr I .. I?A
vi?, Por? ipln? ? '??'? 4 4_
?io.i ?l?..ir.]|iln? NOT :? '?
I -j..? *i-..i. u Tmta M
S.SOO li?? Bsj ' ?Deesa 54 H
?J ???i Rai ' ? niial I -r.
'.,,'4i ?Tonopsh Esl 1 ? ??*?
1 SOU U rtt Uli Min*? W M
am Yuhoa ?;..i.? M i1? s*?
110,000 I? T A T 4'*? H"?'1'' ??"'"?
I? . ??? l.ls ? M?t 7? llrt 111
4.?Ht.? N Y ?-l? i 4'4' 1-'3r? l"->,?
il i?Ni \y \v S M ''-i? "??i1* xm%
: ooo |? i.'.ni 7i w l.lUl n-?
?s. Il? < toit i-*r rharr
1^1 st
17 .
H4>'. Il???)
HSti 1 i*t
?? .
99 A
Us s
Beans, has?.. ..
Klnur. bhl?.
Flour, ?sack?...,
?'ornmeal. Inf.
Hominy, plfg?...
Wheat. bu?h_
F.?rn. bu?h.
(nt?, beak.
I'ea?. hush.
I ?rlev, bush... .
Malt, l-iiili.
Rice, pkts.
Hay. ton?.
Straw, ton?.
Mlllfeed. ton?...
?Sraa? a'd. bag?.
Hop?, hal?-?.. .
Reef (canned), <s
Ha? on. pkK? ...
4*iit meat?, pkgs
Lard, tier? es_
I_r?1. k?g?.
Tallow, pant
Soap ?t?v-k. pkg?
??rcase. pkg? . .
Hutt?r. pkgn . . .
?h<"'?e, pkg?. . . .
y.ggn. ,-ases.
l?r noultr>. pkg?
live p. ?iltrv '?
??range? (Fiai, em
<>ran?"e? ?Cali, e?
New York, Noveniher 1?. lttll
3.AM41 Umnni (<*al). ?a ?*3
7 l?02!(}rap?? M'ai), ct?. 14,?VW
_i.-'-?4! Pears ?Tab. ct?.. ?LOT
1.2B0, l-nine? i."al). pkg? ?.WX?
W Italalna K'al). pkg? 2.00U
?7.701)1 Apple?, bbla. *.2**>
1-ITB Potatoes, bbla.... 6.4?V)
N?.4ft0' onion?, bbl?. *10
?1.9001 i*r?nl?err1ea, pk?a 44*
?V?.T?'.'.? i,r?,,| fruit, pkg?. 1.IW0
7.64XV ftosln. bbl?. I.MJ
2.???O Koaln oil. bbl?. J0
T?.'!'Spirit? turp. bbl? V>
3" Tar. l.bl?. ?'
A?y Sugar, bbl?. ?Mg
'?'?41 sugar, bas?- }?**}
H72'Mol???*?, bbla... 1.7?
77?: (>| Ira ire, pkg?. ... ?Jg
inn- nn. |Ub. bbl?- lg
2.''ii oleo ?lock, pkg?. em
BS IVanut?, h?g?- MS
2.?2S? Tob?.-?'?-, hhds. ... ?'??'>
?J'M Tobacco, ti? - ?Jo
?JOS Toba- eo. pk?-?- w>l>
241 \Vhl?key. bhl?... . Ug
4.11.1'Wool, ?a-k?. UM
1..101'i'ot'nn. hole?. 4.US
4.?IMC,>f?eed oil. bhl? 700
2.7?f?t Hide?, No. 10
1.BB0?, Skin?, bale?. 2P>
11.17.'? Wine (?.'ab. bbl?. 10?'
Wh.?at. bush
Torn. hu?h .
I'ea?. bu?h .
I'ean?, l?u?h.
Flour, hbl? .
H? p?
?ai'ka.. .
B*d, bag.?
hal?s. . .
WMskev. ?ai?
I'ogk. bb!? .
Beef, bbl?.
?M.MTI H?ef. f?.
11 9WV Ra.on. I*h.1.707
l?i Ham?, fh. 10
20! I*rd, It).1.21S,
Oil Taliow. t*->. 27ft.
7ftO? ,;?.?.. Th. IBS.
303 Hutter. lb. 1,
2?i ?heeae. IT?. 3?.
?Jil' Cot'ft nil. g?l? 'Wi
260 I.?ib oil. gal?... 7.V).
1701 Cotton, bale?... 18,
Iron. V. No t f.ftl 12?-,'i'otton. middling. k.t0
Iron 00, No 1 . 1ft 2ft i ?'offee. No 7 Kin. IB
Sreei rail?. 12ft : Sugar, granulated 6.2?)
Stand op. sp.it 12 3-*? I Molasses, O K, p 40
Tin.?W 1 Beef, family.?14 26
Exchange lead. 4 .17?-, lteef ham?. 30 It
Si->??lt??r . S80 'Tallow, prime . 6 4
Wheat N?, 2 red ON 'Pork, me??. 17 7,"?
?Corn, new 10% Hog?, dr. lflll th NN
<ial?. ?tand wtl. -r'**Vj bard, mid West. ?>40
Stow, Mpl? pit ?'? 4.".
?Fxport, fob afloAt
New Yorl?, November IS, 1011.
?.HAIN WHEAT Finn. v. it'-, covering du?,
to strength ?abroad, '-losln? at a net advance
,,| i. | v Western report? were rallier
bullish, unhiding ?mailer ?re-celpta at North
?rsateni |?"int?< ?nd a blizzard In Minne?,.ta.
<-a?h m.irU.ts firm, with f?ir milling ?1em?nd.
Broomhall estimated Artf?ntln? shipment? for
th-- week nt 100,000, compared with aftl.???'??
la?t we. k un?! ?M0.00S last year. Kxport ?iil-s.
.". I??a?l? ?>f Manitoba at outpurt?. No 2 re.1
her?- '.iv . ?both elevator, export hasl?, an?l
f >. I? .-?float. No 1 Northern Hututli. $1.1-1^
f ,. |. .? ?1-v.it i'DKN --Firm. < losing a? a net
?.?Ivan?-' gt \'- Eastern ?-ash ?lemand was
?,il?l to b? good, and !t i? expected tha? early
rveelptl ?111 be well tak.n ?are of. bpotl
:; load? at outport?. K.xport i-orn.
T014? f ,? 1. ?flon? to arrive. OATS Inactive,
bin steady. ?'ash demand Mil modera?-*,
cash at? eaa? standard ?bit?-, r..'.???- in eie
ulnr; N?. g, ,",4< : No? .1 an?1 4. ."?3 4c, and
natural and whit? 'lipped. S2<**?Me en track.
RTE Dull; No 3, ?93c nominal, e I f Buffalo
lo arrive. BARLEY Steady; malting, ?1 16
f $1 1'.', ?.- I f Htiff.-.ln.
??pen. High. I-nw. Close. d?y.
y.y-n ??<??<{, Wfr ?A
I ?ecember
Mai ....
l?04e? 104% 1 ?J4S 1 "4
Flour. W'he?t. * ?'orn.
To-day . "14.000 410.00? 217."???
I^ust week . 020,000 4O'?.0?)?) 44S.?*M0
Laat \ear . 7.17.?Xi?) M.60S 4:2,<X>0
Wheat. ?"orn. oat?.
T- lay . 7.??s? ios.??4>) . ift.000
Last wri-k . tt.it?) loo,?? 11.000
Last year . 38,00?' na\t0t U.oOU
RUM K AMI MKAI, Flour uulet and un?et
tl.-.l Bpring pat.int.-, $.". llOiflf. 70; wint.-r
?traifhta *4 :'.?>n $4 ."???. -winter patent?, ?4 4ft'?
I ?SO; i?prinK ?leurs. |4 40014 TO; ?xtra No 1
wlnt?;r, |8 70613 00: "xtra No '.' winter, $8 55g
*:i 6."?; K.in.ia?. ?tralfhts, ?4 7.'?,i ?". fancy sprinK
patent?. |0:5-fa$0?ift. RTE FUOUR?Steady;
fair t?. (fon.l. ?4 7."? i'i $4 !'.".; choice to fan? y. $ft"i
?.". 30 ("ORNMEAL K11 n dried. $3 HT, ft $3 70.
BAO MKAI. I'lti? ?rhlt? and yellow, tl ?1" f
|1 S3; coarse, tl Hg $1 ?'?" I'KKP-Western
sprlii?;. *2d; ?tandanl mhldllns. $2?! ST,; flour
,1??. t2HT,l). red <lo< |S1 2ft; cltv bran, $24.'???
bulk, $2.'. '.o ?ack?, liil.l.lllnjr. ?ft 50?9$.tl 50;
r-d doff. $:;i ?ft; homlnv .hop, $2ft bulk, $2H '-'0
?acias; ?atlini al, $:??? ft?)',i S4<?
4 OTTO.N -Tho action of the revision com
triltte.- of th?- Cot-ton Kxi'hiinge at the close of,
I'lisln?'?? on Wednt-sday appeared to k1\ I ?UM
ira?a ntlatsetlon, and Um market it?eif ?uk
seated that th? aaw acal? of ?iifrer?-nc?? had
been pretty well dUcounted. Trading wa? not
active ?nd fluctuatlona were Irregular. The
ton?-, however, w a? uenerally steady, with big
?pot house? lar*?? buyer? of near and ?prlng
months, and the close wa? very steady, net 8
point? higher to 4 point? lower. According to
M-niphls WtfSa the National dinners' Assocln
tlon report? ll.47S.000 bal?'? ginned to Nov-in
I ? ll This would Indicate rather a ?harp
falling oft in (tlnri'.tis for the period as com?
pared with th? pr?.\ I?,us period, but It I? ?aid
that 'h?- report attribute? this to unfavorable
?:? ?luriiiK the Klnnin?* period. Southern
,[,-?t markets wer? i-i?i<- higher to l-lflc lower.
illy uii'liani;'-'!
Local i ontrSCt prices:
? ip'-n
I ;i
!? L-7
i? n
Hlnh. I??w. ?lose. day.
!? -.'.i o 2H ' ;? ?NM.S1 ? 22
1? 33 '.?24 ?9.S1M.S3 H.32
1? 10 ?02 ?J.O9-?J0 10 ?.OS I
!) 14*j0 1?. I? 13
I? M 9?>? B.1B#S.30 ?.? 17
B.33tiS.2fi ?22
?2-4 S.1I 1? 3-ffl 27 I? n
0 20 ?27 S.9MS.-I ?3?)
tAi A 24 !?.'*? lit ?.'S !'34
'.'.?:o 0.30 B.si?aaa 034,
'.? 32'.(-? B4 ? 34
B.?.1 0 .30 tJOtWOM ?34
spot ?|iii,?t and Onehanged at i>..".iv for mid
dun?; upland; sales, 201 balea; delivered on
, 1. inn bules Liverpool ?ahles: Spot
f|iilet, sal??, rt.00?) bale? ?p.-culit:??n an<l ex?
port, "?nu. Amerl-can, 11,000; imp.-it?. 10.000;
American, 10.000. Middling upland, .*> _M d.
Futur.? openeil ?teady. .it I '-, points dei'line;
, lo?e,| ?| net. bat ?teady. A% to 4 pi'nts
lower ??Jovember, .", old. S"ovember-D?ac?mber,
4'?',?,I. December- January, 4?."><i; Januarv
rebruary, 4.!>?td. February March, 4.97Vid;
March tprll, I.SSd; April May, I.OId; May?
.lune. .",??:id. June-July, ."? ot'-j.i; .luly-Au?u?t
.", n." ?... d . AiiRiist-S.-pt? mber. 5.0414 d; Sept? ?m
lu-i -i u -, ,,i,et. .'?ii.i:.?l. (i, ti.ber-November, B.034.
COFFEE Firmer. clo?lnr at g n.-t advam-e
Of 7 to '.'4 points, ?ale?. 47.ftOO b?({?. The Rrm
u?-?s was based <?n the strengtli In Brazil.
where prHaa, a?nco<jndlns to th- ?p?-cIhI eabb
showed ai. advance of lo<? rei?. lepr.ser^tinK ?
total Kaln of 4??o rel? from Monday, equal t?.
?boni ?'?i? points here, ?'?st and fre'.Rht offer?
wer? lieber. Santos 4? b.-ln-s quoted a? ISg
1014c, -?r .ibotii In point* higher than Mon
day. ?Demand for ?-ost and freinht eff.-o very
??,.,,i European market? without ?pedal feat
bra, Havre ?losInK urn-hanged to '? franc net
.,,!?. an? e. and Hamburg '? fi \ pfennig higher;
guiar cabl?ra from Brant owing to a
holiday there OS W??ln-*?iav. Spot .?te.-idler.
I;i?. No 7. I.", -i 1ft 14c
N 'ml er
[?'. I ruarv.
Mai .
AiiKUt-t .... I? 30
??, !,,l?er. . 0^1
Local i iintnct prices
llii.-!? ?Lots
No? ember
I '?? - ml,, r
.?..n in, ?
F. t.ruary
Mareh ? ?
April ...
Mb] ...
J :;> 13 47
Augi:?t . . .
er 13 4*
c,-tober . . 13 4-'
1 i 85
14 1"
ii n
13 ,M
14 42
14 10
13. ?10
1.1 ?
13 4?
13 42
! 1 IB
14 10
II .'.7
1.1 ftl
1.1 42
1.1 42
14 3.1
I 4 21?
13 4.*,
13 41
Il 4?i
1.1 30
1.1 37 j
11 3.*,
pa? k>.?
UK Firm
14 4<V?|4 41
14 .'?i'i 14 40
14 Oii'oM 10
1.?.M4} 11.00
i'i :,:?,; I.:.;.?
13 .w... 13 -?-,
1.1 53C1S.S!
13 47-013 4S
1.1 4H-i,l"t 47
1.1.4591.1 4?'.
13 4.1-31?. 4?i
Firmer, with comparath .-lv
nd b.ivlnr In |e;,,Hn< packen,
me,?. BIT S09S18; fam'lv.
? short clear, *17 '?:,-t'*i>? 20
Meat M-??,'"( $13; family. 1140114 50
|1 I ", ."?o. -.tra India mes? ?-Jo .".o
BEEF HAMS Quitt. ??_?!?'? Mi
l-l;?::-'SKI? HOOf" Bteady; bn??on?. ?S, is.i
lb, A%e: l?1i? lb. I%c; I40 lb, s^r. pig?, -rm,c
>'l'T M FATS Pickled belli.? In lb. |1#1fU?
13 lb. I?i'..?'. 11 lb. 10i4?. p|,k|ed ham?. 117?
11 ,r TA I.LOW TUrelv ?lead?. ,-|tv, A ", ,
a?k? 1 counti?. ?S,?<i7c. LARD Firm Ml"
dle Weat, o f? i'? i:-?- city, B14 0SKr: refined.
.^?-?itli Amerl'ii lo.",?).-. ?-ontitient. [, s:? Bl
?II. k.-g?. II.*?0r. compound ?readv. TUff?i?
STEARINE Oleo !>',, ,|.v Uni. 10-Rlou,
METALS '"ri'F.n Standard ?teadi. spot
?n?l Kovembe? quoted m IS 2.". '?i 1'.' |.v. r>e
??etnber. I'." 30 ti 1.' V). t.niuirv. 123ofi
12 -i"? ? ' ' ' '-Oc. March. 12 3".
i y; ?'..".. Ixtndoit 1er -pot [ST 1?
:',?i future?. 1ST ia? 34L Eaporta, IS.4SI top?
? >> far tri'n m-?nth Lake copper l3%#1S%c;
?-?'?? ?i 13\? raatlna, 12 ?, ;t i-??-,
TIN St?*ady; ?p??' iS.35*B4S.T.*?<r November
i . 1 ". ' ??. December. 4304S.5Oc January'
1^' 7."?'i r. '-'*,, February, 4'.' .?,<?-,,? \:\,- 1 .
.-????,.!\ . ?pot -t.?7 Ifta; futur?a c 1 **>7 10? ?.k u>
? ' 1 "?? \- ? Y..ik. 4 '.'i)ir4 .to,
Eaal s? 1.? uiF Tii? leading pr?s?lueer haa ?-1
. ' the prie? of end from 4.38c t?, 4
I ? I.' IT? Bd SPELTER Firm A 40 ,
1. du,- ?,,,.|i \-,--.v Y?.rk and S? l,o?u, | on,Ion
ttt IB* ANTIMON! Hull. i'?nk?i?>,, sir'
' "I l?al!.?li!? XJH nf,|
quiet. No -j foundry
N? 2. St 4 7".? ll", x,,
1 x.uthern ?oft, |1.*><9
I ,? ? ?
\,,rtb,-rr?. ?15? ?M 2."?
,r..l NO
|1B -.'i
? <?i rONSEtTD oil
Th? November no?ition
wa? firm, closing at an a'.\an?e ,,f 7 point?; ten
'???i? ?mounted t,? 7oo ?barreta ;.?(..r m nth? bare-1
id] l>- ?I ?onirait prb-es:
... ^ . Yeater
"l-il High. I>iw. Close Jay
-I .", ?-1
- in r- ?i?
<?i .*? i-*;
*? ' .*. i-, ?n -, no
r?? .urn?
ft 71??, 7.1 B.To
.'? ra#a.ao b 77
N..\, mbei f? ??l
December >? ft?1'1
n I oi
?Mar b
:. 7'.'
:, 7??
ft ss
:, c.i
I 7u
ft 72
?'? M
.*. '?ft
:. ?
.'. (17
ft 72
."? 7?;
MOI \-?.|-. \M? Midi-, <jul?t and W|,h
??nt Important - h?ng.
NAVAL STOBES Kplrtt? turpentine ?taadv
l-ut qulel I!?'??In ?n?l t?r -lull and urn-hanged
oil g I n ?seel ?il une. nun bul nn further
Seellna wa? ?jeportad. Itrrin.il petroleum un
1 lidiiged
KHI K'? ?dv to firm
M (,AK Oftnad ?i.-h?U ttttk I llule batMr
demand; Ullre? in,4ianf.-.|. tin.- granulated. S30e
net, li??? 2 per ?ent ?-??h llmi firm, ?-eiitrlfugal
?H1 ?e?t. .", r.'tjft 1-V; mi|?.-,.\H.|.,. mi t,.,f 4 ????
4 UV . ati.l iii.l???*? aujtar. ?0 l??t 4 37*4 40.
t_tn yesterday, ?bout _\.i>ni baa? I^ulalan?
?>i?ais. prompt and (?.-.?> ??eks shipment were
sold at .". I3#> i'"' la Maaas boat ?ugar wa?
unchanged te %d higher; November and D<
her. l?i? IIlid? May. 17? 3d Iy?n?1on cable
visible ?upply a? 1.450.noo ton?.
? ?
New York, November 1?. 10
Hltvs AND PEAS?Receipt?. 3 H'.?:.
bean?. 025 bas? peas, ?'hohe ?tate ma
not very plenty and ruling steady M*
?low and ?lightly ?aeler I'ea fairly
talned. Red kidney lower and ?in?el
California lima ?howlng quite a ?harp
vanta under ?Irmger advice? from the C
Scotch pea* In ?, :ier?' favor. BEANS.
row, choie, 10O II,, $<T',w|l?n. poor to i
94 2.*,0>4 70. medium, choice, $4 2????
P'tor to good. $4 #$4 l.?V; pea, choice, ?4
$4 .',??, poor t?, good, $1914 20; rc.l k;e
choice, i:, .v-.i$:? ?;.-.. fair to good. 95 25 01
black turtle ?oup. 95 50; yellow eye, ch
14: llm?-, rallfornls, choice, 9?*.l"; P
Scotch, choice, loti lb. ?fl. green. Impo
$4 ?JOf ?.'..
HITTKR--Receipt?. 4.113 pkg?. Strong!
beat grade? of fre?h table butter and p
were i.lta.n-rd nbout *jc; ?tock ?till coi
forward slowly, and fre?h good? are ab?<>
promptly at revi?e<_ quotation?. Rom? t
biiBlne?? in ?forage eream?Ty at from 201
for fair to fancy. Beat gradea of pre
?lolng heiter, and ?tronger market for fac
?nil parking ?tock. Cream'nr. ?p???rtal?,
M?s#SSc? extra?. .14c; nr?ta. 3l032>,c;
on,?. 2S?S30c, third*, 2fl027c, held, ?pe?*
M2> ? ? ,-t.ic: extra?. 310 32c; fu*f?. 2**1
?eco-ida. 27',? ???4?^c. third?. 2*?02*t1.-,c; t
d?lry, tub?, linest, 32c; gooj to prime.
Sic; common to fair. 23027c; procea?,
clal?, 25'?? fc 2flc ; ex'raa. Hllfmi flr?t?.
24c. ?econd?. 22039 He, factory, current m
firsts. 22?*?-; ?erond?. 214022c; third?. :
21?-; packing ?tock, June make. 21>ic cur
make. No 2, 204 'n 21c, packing ?tock, N
litt ?Me.
CHEESE?Receipt?. 1.3IW boxe? Flrm
leadlng grad ??. Rnough to ?upply cur
requirement? at qu.Matlona. but buyer? lo.l
for large line? of flne?t full cre?m flat? w?
probably have to pay a fractional preml
Current make, unie?? f?irly well ?-tired,
tracta little attention. Flneat ?Un.? t
Sta'e, whole milk, September and ear
special?, lb, l.'.'ic, average fancy, 15015
current make, ?pecial?. ll^c, average fa
14?*c; under grade?. 1 2'/_ t? 14 %c ; Pall
I September and earlier. be?t, l.'Vjc; curl
make, be?t, 15c; ??at*, ?klm?. September
earlier, ?peclal*. | J K M 1 *,e ; ehol. e, lli.6!
?urrent make, ?pedal?, 12 *>. 012'ac; cho
11 if 114c all m?lt-i. good to prime, 0'
1'? ?.-<?; ?ommon, fi'vHc, hard ?klm?. 2{|3e.
KtiO?4 Receipt?. 4.HI5 c??e?. Hlsh gf
fre?h e?s? ??aro? and firm, medium and io
grade?, that form mo*t of the ?upply, ?I
Refrlserator? freely offered but ?tesdy v?
a fair demand. Fre?h gathered, eat
dot. n. T,"ru 30c; extra flr?ta. 34030c; flr
SI 033*?; ?ecOfld* _s-, ,|ii, , third?. 23ft".
held freah. poor to fair, 2?)02ftc; fre?h K?
eieri, dtttb??, No 1. IPtLmPAt; No 2, lf#l
poor to fair. lS#lTe; check?, prime, 1
174c; poor to good, 144} Irte; refrigeran
?peei.ti mark?, fancy, local ?torage, char
paid. Tic: firsts. SI?3114c; on dock, 20fi2
?econde. 10?. ?920H6; .?n dock, 10**2?ic; thh
16 f* 1 *?4.- : dirtle?. 1.Ull<4.-, ?t?te, f'ennsylva
and n?arbv, hennery white?, fancy, ?arse, r
laid. B0#BBe? ?r|e<t<d 44 hite?, fair to S?i
4<?i. lie; hudly mixed. 324. 3Hc; henn
Hrnt'Ti. 3<?tj30??; cnthered ?nd mixed. I
37. If ?stern, -rather???! ?hi?-?. 33 940c.
Kill ITH?DRIRJ) Spot evaporated ap|
unchanged. ?Future market firm, though qu
er; November delivery, prime, >?c; Deceml
January, ?44c; future ctinp? ea?v at 2H0.
N..vemt>er. in barrel?, mid wast? weak at 1
"illy exceptionally 1 35c, November I ?eceml
loose, f o h ?fate. Raspberries quiet. 1'her
and blackberrlea scarce and llrm.
FRIITS FRESH .\|.ple? ?nd pear? ?ell
well ?t ?teady price? ?Irap?? dull and w?
I'ranherrle? ?teady. Strawberries dull. Oran
and grapefruit In good demand for treat; SI
nary ?low. FMn???ppie? firm for ??hatea lai
APPLES. SplUenberg, ?2ft?,-i; MuilBSSa I
$1 75093; ?now. ?2fl?4, Twenty dun, e and Kl
|2 2r.<ir?:t.V>, Wealthv. ?2.r?3 25; M Int.??h, ?1
fo?4; Italdwtn. $1 .'-Oit12 7.'.. H.-n l>avl? and H
bard?on, 9150092 60. York Imi.erlal, |2,'fl?|:i
greening, fl "-0*ff?3 50; Inferior, bbl, ?10?1
Ear Wettern boxe?, a? to kind, $1 250
PEARS, Sheldon, hhl. 930?5. Lawrence 1
Puche??, ?2093; Kleffer. IlMSSO: ORAP1
Concord. 1" aassXet crate, $1; Niagara, 10- baa
crate, ?K,,?2 Ve. 4 It. l-asket. lia 13c; btack.
?lie; black, H th ba*ket. 13017c; 2<? tb. 3004
Niagara, 2?? tb basket, 30040c; ?'llnton. tra
tun. 9-150975 - Catawba. $.VI; Niagara ?nd O
? ord, ?<*4>0|35; ?'RANUKItRIPlS. ?'ape Cod, Il
bbl, ??J'8?!?30, early bis. k. Wdi't ?**0, New Vt
crate, $1 ?4,T.?8$2 10; Jersey, bbl, $7 2Ti4*7
?tandard trate, |1 2.'ei2 50; STRAWBKRRM
i'allfornla. pint. 25?3.V; CITRON, bbl. -MH-?;
?SRAI*F?*RI'"1T. Florida, box, $2.g$?; ?1RANUI
Florida. l?ox, |1 MM; riNF.AI'PI.KH, P"
Rico, crate, 75c?0$2 50; Cuban, 60c?$2. Flurl
75?'? 12 50.
HAY AND MTKA1V- Offering* of ?'anndl
grading fiom No 2 down liberal and mar
weak on ?mall bale?. High grade?, both la
and ?tnall baled, uteady. Heavy clover mil
and clover ?caree. Rye ?traw weaker. UA
larg? bale?, new, timothy, prime. 100 tb, $1
No 3 to No 1, 110*130; ?hipping. 05c. packli
tJ,V(r7. .-?O'.er, mixed, light. $] 15, nearby, t
$122'-,. pure. Iltfll 20; ?4TRAW, long rye, ?
t?5c; oat and wheat, 55c.
HOPS?An exporter purchased 300 bale?
low grade old old? at l?c. Thl* cla?? of ?tock
new pretty well out of first hand?. A few on
nary grade? of ?t?te are offering? at Idc, I
finer ?tock Is going very generally to brew?
with whom there I? ?till large trade. Count
advice? all stronger. Not much change In 4.
ruling rate? in the tnterlor of thl? ?t?te, t
?ftles are reported In California at 4<>?4H,
Oregon at 4'."a43--. and In the Vaklma dUirt.-t
110424c. In th? best l?x*alltlea on the Co?
grower? are asking 434340c. ,
?.AMI.?Foreign game aelllns fairly. I)
meatlo rabblta Irregular In quality and val?
-ome ?alea a? low a? 10c a pair, though prti
cottontails about ?teady at 2??2jc.
rOI LTRV- -AI.IVK--R?crlpta unloadrd t
day, 10 carload? by freight and a few acatterli
car? by expre??. Trading not ?o active, b
prime grade? ?teady Poor gradea dull and I
regular. CHICKKNS. txpreii?, It., 110114
prime Western, freight. He; Southern, 104
F?>\VI>, expre??. llijll4o. We?tern. averag
freight, II: prime, Southern, lo^jlo'jc; po?>r
medium, freight, 10c; ROOSTERS, IT?. 74
TL'RKKYS, Mijl??'; DUCKS, Western, lb, 13
Southern. ISe; OBKSE. ISe; ?iiriNKAS, pal
50c; PIOKONS. aOe DRESSED Supplie? 111
eral. BMtrs delayed ?to<k t., com?-, und with ?lo
trade the market I? weak and unsettled. Choi.
?fVsstsrn s;.rltig ?luck? In fair demand arc! tin
Maryland ?prlng g??e?e rather slow sale ai
prices easier. Squabs unchanged. FRES
KII.I.KD TI'RKKYS lee.l, ?prlng, drv plcke
?alectSd, Tb, 20?; average be?t, Is.:; ordin?r
14<?tlUe; scalded, l?S*ftte; old hen;? and tot*
average b'st, tt.. 18c; common, l?fli?Vc; CHICH
ENS, dry packe,l, 12 to box. milk fed. 24 tb ar
?in.1er to dozen, HO?22c; 26 to SO lb and unde
170ISe: torn fed, 24 tb and under, Wtjlttr; -?o 1
30 tb, 14?15c; milk fed, 5 lb and upward. 184?
4 11. and upward. 17 4c; 9% th. 15c. 3 tb, 14.
,urn fed, 4 tt> and upward. 1,V: 34 tb. 13c;
lb, lignite; CHU*KEwS, bed. i.bls. Philadelphl
and other nearby, fancy, ?quab. broiler?, pal
4?iiii<n<-, averag? best, lb, ttmtbc; ?elected ro?L?i
er? 22. : medium, l4fylAr; Pennsylvania, broil
ru. Itttlto: r??aj>ter*. lf-tflUc; mixed. 11? 13?
Wasters .?n?l Southern, milk fed. 4 lb and tf
ward, Hie. 3'j P.. l.'C-i'ifll. ; mixed sl7.es. 13?,1
U'.c corn fed. broiler?, 2 tb and under. Urn
try pltked. 4 tb and upward. 134.-, t% tb. ll<
mixed. 11 . medium. 100104c: Ohio and Mt.-hl
?an. ?raided, broiler?, 13c; 4 Tb and upwan*
i:t4.-, mixed. H 4012c. other Western, broiler?
|_te; 4 n. and upward. 13c; .. to 41j k\ 11,
mixed. IO?104e; medium. 1?>c; WeMtern, poor t
f.tir. IdJSe; k??wi>. We?tern. Ih.xsj, no tb an
over to d-.zen, dry pick, 104c; 45 to 55 It
faney, Ue; 40 lb and under, 114c; bbl?. Iced
4 to 4 4 tb, clean. 13c; average be?t. 12c t\
XX, sOd under, 104011c. Southern and South
western, 12?R124?-: ?"?til.? and Michigan, ?calded
choice. 124c: oth?r Western, average t>ei.... ISe
Western and So-itbern, \xyor to fair, 7?0.-: .!.
cock?. IO'?c; Dt'i'KS. ?[.ring. Western, choice
lie; poor to good. SgPJc. UKKSK. Miring. Mars
land. IMlSx*; ?JQUABS, prime, large, while
dozen. $2tfl4.V?: dark, ?1 .10, cull?. ?*0',?7',
FROZEN Tt"RKET8, young torn?, 17'<t23c
hens. 14?21c; old hen?, 21.-. torn?, 22c; Texas
No 1. l?J0PJc.
i.-'lve and higher. Sweet potatoee firmer
Onion* firm. Bean? higher for famv, will
-, 111e ?ale? above advnn.-e quoted, ?orne vert
poor ?e|lln< under Inside quotation? Aspara
g?i? In I'.rht supply. nnissel? sprout? steady
Celery ,1rm. Cucumber? firmer ? 'aullflowen
?.teady. Kt-gpUnt? higher. Kai? und ?pln.i.-l
In gooil demand and ?teady. Lima beam
?caree. Lettuce ?1? tlve and higher. Rom.iln,
more BJeatjr and lower, ?'hlcory and esearsll
?lull. Okra firm. Pepper? firm for be?t. A
few pea? brought $.",. Rii?ll?he? lower. To?
matoes In good demand POTATOKS. Maine
bug. |2 M012 TO: In hulk. 1??0 lb. I3 7Q0|*I
long Inland. No 1. bbl. *3fj?:!'?5. state. l..ig,
12 5001200; In bulk. IM lb. ISSO092TS;
Mlehlgtvn I SO-lb bag. ?2 25: Southern, lat?
. rop. i.?.: $2092 25: Ir1?h, 1?:. 11. bag, $22.?
S2M; SWKET POTATOKH, J-*r?e. . No 1, hi,;.
12012 BO VlnHsnd. basket. SOe0fl 20; other
Jerser. T9C0I1 12. Southern, ?ello?, bid, $| M
0)2 25; A8PARAOPS, California. dox.-ti
tumbe? ?44i ?0; ARTICHOKES, keg. $.".'?i?7;
BRI'SSELS BPROt'TS, <ju?rt. 801Sr BEANS,
SOuth ''arollna, wax. ba?ket. ?a>t0$2; green,
50c?12 25: Virginia, green. ba?ket. $l?/$2.-.0.
Florida, wax. b.ieket, I10S2BO; green, fl (?,
?2 7.-. HRETS. bbl. I10S125; CARROTS
???bed. bbl or bag. ?1 fr?1 2.'.. unnashed. ".'??
^,?1 Western. H?0-Ib bag. ?"Se; 100 bunche?,
?I :,0 ?Al.PAUKS. red. ton ?ix*t?22. Danlah.
?i4if?i?? lomeetle, ?l?i'a?i4. CBLJBRT. rough
, rt?e I20S2SS knot. 100 bunrhe?. ?3 g ? I
l'HirORT and F.S?'AROI.E. b??ket. 5<Vif?| 2?;
1 Ti'CMUKI'.S riorldS. ba?ket. 920SS
C \ri.ir-'l.'>WERS. short <-ut. bbl, |1 750
*?_.-.?. long, 11011 &?*) k?;?;im.an'i s. b,,?
1150912 50; KAI.K. bbl. 30?S0e; HORSE?
RADISH, 100 n,, 14 750$5 ?-0, LIMA BEANS
potato I asket. ?1 :.o*f?2 ,v? bsg. ?1*M?
l.ETTUCB. state. b??ket :.o. ?i$2. nesrbr, '?"?
Cl?l 7.'.. Mar. land and VCgtnla, :.??. 'd?l 7,-,,
North I'arolina. B*V0|1 50; New ?>rle.,n? bbl
?I T?7 ' :i?ket. ?l'2.-,?i?2: ONIONS, white'
tl ?"??? ?#01 0?'; ?t.?t? and Weatorn. |00-lb
1 ng. ' s. Hew. ?I 7.-.ff?2. 140 11, bag ?
?2 ',?? red 100-|b bag. ?1 <!0?)?l ?O; Orange
t .iijnlv. re.l or yellow, bag |20$2 50; <"on
neetleut Vsllsy. Hx?-lb bag. ?i 60f*|t SO
OKRA, 'airier. ?24713 2.-.; OYSTER PLANT
im. buncbes, ?4-.I*.*.. PEPPERS, Jer?ev, green
?ugar bbl. |1 2110SI 75; r..d. ft 2S0S1 7?
green, regalar bbl 7Sc0St 29; red. f 1 -d*$| .-,1?
gre.-n. ?.asket. fl0g7.V; red. ?.ItJMA?-. Florida
Fox. I13O0W8O carrier, $10$l 7.V pcmp
KIVS bbl. ?U)?7.*.c PEAS, South Carolina
basket, *-!**?"?. ROMAINE, ?t.ite. bssksc. .".o.
?> $1 -'.- Beerb* Me? ti; Florida. *l??i.*.o
Mes Orleans bbl, ?2tr?i sriN.v.-H, boaket
-.7? MtTASH, Hubbard bbl. 7.'.' msrrss
.-,...,7'.. Klon.l,. v, hite. box. ?2??2 .'.??. ha?'
ket, |1 MftS; TI'RNIPS rutabaga, bb!
|1; white. 7.'.. .?1; TOM tTilKS Florida. ,?*?
ri.-r. 12013: Pvibsn, .'.??<? ,11-. nesrbr. i?ix. JS>
,,?l i'il.fornl... $lti?l.-,0. WATERCRESS
111*0 bunches. ?1 fl ?2.
MU K AND < RKAM The exchange rat- re?
main? at 4 11 quart net to the ahlpper In t'n.
2H. *..p> or ?I !?! a II?.quart can delivered in
S.tt Toril The market la well balitn. e.l. ?ot
wilh?tan?:.ng the fall |r, the temp?rature
? bleb. I? ??? ?bought. iaoiiIiI be followed be
.1 ?hoit.iK' S., '.ong i? eeadltlons remain n?
ih*v .ire tbeie will he no change hi price
The receipt? of milk ?nd ? ream In 40.quart
,m? for iba we? k end.-d November 11 w? ,
a* ton* " '
MHk Cfssua
Krl? . 30.o?ki ? ;,?i't
Susquebanna 11.477 171
t\. -? Shoes . 11.731 :,.-, j
?.a. kaninna . 47.275 1.S75
?..t? Yoik Central 1 long haul?. 81.77* 1'lSS
\,v4 York ?'entrai I.Ine? (?h?rt
haul? .... 10.050 M
f?rilarlo . 3S.143 '.'LT.?
l.ehlgh Valley . 80.003 ?00
Homer Ramsdell I.ln*. WRM ftl
N?w Huven . 11.02? ft?4
Other ?ource? . 1,?70 "??*?
Tot.il? .~2B?,64T 10,003
New York. November 1*. 1911
BKKIKN Receipts. 10.1 car?, or l.7;ifl he?df
S (."?re for th? market. No trading, reeling
firm on reported light receipt? to-morrow.
Dressed beef in fslr demand at xv l??V?c for
native Sides. Llver-pool cables quoted live cat?
tie unchanged at 10% ?V 1114c, dre??ed weight.
In addition to the offal.
CALVE?--Ib'celpf?, .'?14 head; 204 on nie.
Market full steady. Common to prime veal?
?old at $7??$1u per 100 lb; common lfarny?r?t
calve? at f.'i fto ?'ity dresaed vcala firm at 11 't
lAe, with ?elected care????? selling at 1*V ;
country dressed higher at 0-tf 14c.
Jalao W, R. Hume: 70 veal?. 1ft3 lb aver?
age, ?10 p?-r 100 lb. ft culls. 120 lb. |T.
8 Judd At fit.. 2 veal?. 120 lb. ??
Tohln A ?shannon: 3 barnyard ?al-.es. 3J9 lb.
$3 :.n
?4IIKKP AND ?LAMM ne.efpt?, U cars, or
7..".?12 head. 3<?4 car? on sale Sheep steady for
good handy liink; others slow; lambs qui?-'
anil demoralized and Jft?j 3ft?- lower: fullv 20
??ars unsold late In the dav. She.?, $3?f|*l 50;
lambs, tl ."?O?r $.", ?V?. a few hunches at IftrtJ',-?/
$.", ?ft. Dressed mutton dull a? .".-*?7c; dressed
lamhs at nt? 10. . with OVfec a more general t?4p
Sale?- .1 ?; ?urtl? A Hon: ??."> state lamb?.
?1 lb average, $.", S.-, per 100 lb: *2. ?7 lb, $ft HO;
11?. M Ih. il 7ft; 11. 77 lb. $:. H'.'S . a d? !b.
|| 50; IS, ?VI lb. $5 2ft; 20. ft7 lb. $ft: 72 Ver?
mont. 7ft lb. I". ?12?-,. 17 7h lb. tOtO-, 7 state
sheep, I3T lb. |?S0; 14. 04 lb. $3: ft Vermont,
13d lb. $3 2.V
Tobin ?j, Shannon: 204 Weat Virginia lambs.
07 lb. ?ft 1ft. '.:2*i 00 lb. $ft 4ft-, 2.. Weat Vir?
gin!? yearling?, s;- lb. |4; 10 West Virginia
? heep, 104 lb. |.1 :.n
Kerns Commlsalon Company: 19* ?1?t?
lambs. HO lb. *.". ."?o. J.in Hufialo. 07 Ih. |ft. 01.
?1 lb. $4ft0. 3 state sheep. 90 lb. 1.1 .V>; ?V It*
lb. at: .12, 07 lb. Ui Tel
8. Sander?: 23? ?t?te lamb?. 70 Ih. $.*. M;
12?'.. 74 lb. ?'? 00; 232 W-st Virginia. 0? lb.
$.">.?>. 1 state yearling, <*4> lb. 14.
Ne?ton * Co 100 Ohio ?heep. 10? lb, $3 2-1;
H. .ludd A fn. 14 .lereey Jamba. 50 Ih. $.*;
???ft Jersey sheep, 11 ? lb. |3
HOI IK-- Receipt?. 1ft rar?, or 3.010 head. IB
cludlng a car for the market Price? no more
then steady I.lght ?rid medium weight hog?
?old at I??? per 100 ?b. I'ountry dreoaed log?
?aaler at Tnfi,- per Ih.
Sale? - S. Judd * Ce OB Pennsylvania
Soaa 141 Ih average. $d *> per 1?>0 lb. .1
rough?. 3rt7 lb. ?.-, 2ft
S. Pander? 4.1 ?t?te hog?, Iftt lb. SB no 1
rough, tie lh. |.', <Wt.
J. O ?'urtl? * Son i|??e ve?terdavi: BB ??ate
hog?. 201 lb. $??30; ft rough?. ?J'??, !b. ?ft J'.. 2.
41ft lb. ?.",; 1 boar. 310 lb. ?2
W R. Hum? i!?te ve?terd?y? : ??2 state hog?.
1?2 lb. ???30. 5 roughs. 32fl lb, ?.*? 2."?, 1 ?tag.
430 lb. $4
Kern? commission ?'ompsnv ?late yester?
day): || ?talo hog?. 2H lb, ??*. ?>o i, -?-,0 lh,
??40: 3 roughs. 32ft lb. ?.-,23
?'hi? ago. Nov. 1? <*ATTLI'- Receipt?, 10 000%
weak; beevea. ?4 fto?}?? 10 Texas steer?. ?4?J?
?ft1??; Western, $4 30CI7 30; s-tocken and feed?
er?. ?2 t>o<($ft 7ft; cow? and heifer?. ? 1 iXKTIft 7ft.
calve?, ?ft ft? ?6 Ml 2.'. lPK'.S-Recelpts. 30.???*?.
sir-nu for heavy grade?, other? ?low; light, ?ft a>
???$d55. mlaed.'l? 10IH??.; heavy, |>?4 10??Jet 7?f?.
rough, $rt 10?ti?d 3<>. good to choice heavy, ?rt .V?"*1
?a70; pig?. ?1 2ft-H?r. on. bulk of aalea M?54>
?duo ?SHEEP Re,-elpt?, 2?.???Y); weaJc. native.
?2 ftOtjf.1 7ft, Western, ?2 tV.-??.1 70; yearling?.
?3 7ft?tf?4 70; lambe, native. *l 75?jr$5 ?*,*>. Western,
?a 7.-.-i*ft 7ft.
Kar,-a? City, Nov. 1?. f**ATri.F -Re.elri?.
4.50??. Including ,V?0 Southern?; ?ready to weak :
dreHsed beef and export ?teer,, ?d ftOffr?'.?, fair to
good. ?ftif??e.">0. \Ve?tern steers ?4-9?7, ?tc-kei?
and feeder?. ?3 75-?*5 75 Southern. |3 M*MI 38
Southern rows, ?3'tf?4 ftO; native, ?2 ,W?J??, JB
heifer?. $4-3$7; bull?, ?.'t 25ff?4 7ft. ?_lve?.$40
?7 2ft. liettiii R-elpt?, 14.<>?)0. .",.10.- higher.
bulk of ?ale??. ??<&??1M: heaw. ?? !WVjrt? ?V?
packers ?n?1 butcher? <|d 4o-&?d 5ft; lights. PMf
??45; pig?, $?*? 2T.'a$."> ft" 6HEEP Receipt?.
fl.OOO. ?teadv: lanil?. ?4'i?ft ?ft; Yearlings ?3 7,'?W
?4 75; wethers. $.1 25$4; ewe?. fftOejOtOP;
?tockers ?nd feeder?. ?29*3 7".
Cincinnati. Nov. 1? CATTLE Receipts. 1.
401; extra ?low and weak at yesterday'? prl?-e?;
steer?, ttAOUten-, heifer?. ?2 IWn ?3 to ; cow?.
?1 %tt?9t ft", ealtm ?low at yesterda>'? closing
prl??*?. ?.l'a??? 2ft. HOC? Re.eipl?. |.6*3; ?etlv?
?n,' 10 4-i.V higher; pn? kerf ??IK? -$H?ift. stag?.
?3 ii ?ft 2ft; ??irnnion ?-?w?, "Mt/$5?>?1; plj? and
light?. <Jt3fj?ft ?-?V BHEBP Re.-elp??. 044: ?teady.
?1 ftO??$.1 2ft. lamhs ?teady. ??AMI M
Ka?t Huffalo. Nov. ia CATTLK -Re,-e|pt?.
4ftO: ?low and Kteadv VEALS Re.-elpt?. ISO;
active and ?teady; $T> 500?!) 50 HOOS -Re?
ceipts. 4,000; active and lOfllfto higher; heaw.
?d?vef?0 ?16; mil??', $6 7??ff $? 7ft; Torkers, ttt l.Vo?
??170, pig.?, ?dir?ll 1ft. r .ugh?. $tVB*fl 10. ?tar?.
IM? .?W?; dairies, $d Iftfi?? ?W. SHEEP AM?
I. ?.MHS Receipt-?. l?!.o??? sl??w: ?heep stead):
lambs. lOiilftc lower: Iambs. ?4"J?fta0; yearling?.
|4>*M4 2."?. aether?, ?3 fto?? ?3 7-*?. ewe?. ?.'?-??.1 2.'? :
?heep, mixed, *i .vwr?.i fto
i'ltt?hurgh. N'ov in CATTLE- Itea4y; sup
Ply light; choice. ?7 ft?MZ?7 7tt: prim?. ??17*.-?
?7 2ft ?SHEEP Slow: surply. 10 double decks;
prime wether?. *3 tW*h? 1 7ft ; call? ?n?1 eonimiMi.
JltV?2 lamb? ?3 ,VHf?ft 50. VEAL CALVES,
?? r,oy%fx. H<v;s steady; receipt?. 20 double
deck?: prime heavle? $dilft?7??70; mediums and
heaw Yorker* *? ftftfltrt (10; light Y rkers. ?d li
?J?1I2.'.: pigs, ?ft 7ft*?*?: rough?, ?ft ftO^-JO.
(By Telegraph to The Tribun?.)
st. Louis. Nov. IA.?CATTLE ?aaelpt?.
3.K04; moderately actlv,.. 10?Sl.-,c lower,
?teer? ?4 ff ?B 7ft ; heifer?. ?", ?01i 17 20 , ow?,
?2 Oft-ir ?ft 10; Southern ?te.r?. ?"'. 7ft 'n ?ft ' ?*>.
HOOS?Receipts. 13.231; falrlv arthe and Ro
hlgher: choice. 200 ?o 2fto ?b. ft 000) tt to;
bulk of nali-i. M230IS5O; packen Id 10^
?dftO. beat lights, under 10ft lb. ?il???t.10;
fair ?In. ?5-S?ftOO; best pigs, 110 lb and un?
der. ?4 7ftfl ?ft 2ft: fair little pig?. ?4ft?4'?-.
SHEEP- Receipt?. 2.0T.1 ; ?|,,w and weak;
lamb?. M;.*??*",'??'; ?nil lamb?. ?3 TSOI4 SB;
sheep, ?3 20ft ?3 3ft ; common ?heep. |3 25 tf |3.
Liverpool, Nov. 1?"?. ? WHEAT? Spot ateadv;
V?. I Manitoba. 7s m.,d: No 3 7?rt'-d futures.
firm: Dec? mb?r, 7s IS ?I. March. 7? 2d. May.
7? 1?td. ?'ORN?Spot firm; American mixed,
?I? lit?*!; future? firm .lanuarr. 5? T\?l; Feb?
ruary, ft? ?'.'id. FI.Of'R?Winter patents. 27?
?id. HOPS In London ? Puclfl? c01%? , iuwil2.
REEF?Extra India mes?. ?-?Os M. PORK
1-rlme m.?s. W-?toin. ltd.? .">d. HAMS- Bhoti
cut, 5<?l8 Od RA?'?'N Cumberland cut. 52?
?Id: ?hor? rlh, ft?? ?id: clear bellies. .14*. long
e'ear middle?, light, fttl?. heaw .*..",? ?d short
dear ba? ks 4?s. SHOT'LDERB?Square, xs?
t?. LARD -Prime Western. tier.es. 47s.
American refined, palls. 4Ss 3d. Rt'TTKR -
flood 1'nited State?. 112? CHEESE- ?"ana?
dian flne?t white. 70s; colored. 70s rtd. TAL?
LOW Prime cltv. 3fts ?t?I. Australian In Lon?
don. II? 7?-<1. TIRPI-rNTINK Spirit?. 3ft?
ROSIN- Common 1'?? PETROLEI*M R?
fined. ?11r4d LINSEED OIL, 4o?. ?'OTTON
BEED OII-7-Hull reflned, apot. 30s ?Id
London. Nov. I?t ?-KTOAR -Raw centrifu?
gal. 17s, mus?'ovai|o. lfts. beet. November. IB?
11 >,d. T.?NPEI*r> ?'..butta. Novemhe-- De?
cember, ftp?. UNSEED OIL 34? 1 ?vl SPERM
OIL. ?31 10?. PEIROLEt.'M- Amerl?an re
Oned. ft\d. ?plrirs. (??.4d. TPRPENTINE -
Spirit?. 34?. ROSIN- American atralned. 1ft?
3d; toe, ISa I'-id
?'hl?-agi. N'ov 1? Kam damage In th.- \-R.n
tin.- resulted to-day In a gen.-ra! tightening up
and strengthening of all 'he markets on ?'hange.
Wheat advanced Sa':?' to Str4C n?t. corn, %0
t?> %.0%c, un?l oat? a ?hade to <A#%C At the
? til of trading h??g pi?du?"ts varli-d from last
nlghfs level to 2o> above Although denial?
??ame that Injury to th?1 Argentine crop had a?
?limed serious proportion?, the mere suggestion of
the possibility of such a danger had an Imme?
diate bullish effe,-t o-i wheat 1,rice? her?. With
S,00(1,000 person? In Russia ?ifflclally reported to?
day 11e In Immediate need of (.-lief from fimiae,
the chance at obtaining fron? the i'/^it ? country
si.?plu? supplie?, rurh a? glutted the ?,r;j1',
n arfcet? la^t \e,?r appeared ?1iti:iiii.- tlia 1 at any
previous time this ^?i'li, and etnphaeised the
importance ,?f the IfCOTd breaking crop whl-ii
th.- trade generally ha? been ..untirg on from
the Argentine to make up whatever shortage
may exist elsewhere. Lntlrely aside fr?,,.
Argentine n?\\!?. ?a-h wheat here ?showed a flnn
tone. Range . f prleag
Mav ....,
July _
( 'orn :
May .
July .
? ?at?
May .
Julv .
May ...
. *4'.
1 is)'?
. tH\
?*?' "?,
. 41.*,
?<; ?
0 N
II 72
1 00 M
?'?4 S
4? S
? 42
I ?s
m 07
M ,
47 H
40 T?
cose day.
1 0o\
0 27
9 50
? 42
Id go
Id 70
? .
0 ?ft
M ?
M 44
S .?4*1
0 57
ism 1(,1? "v*
let wk In Nov. $8ft.2*>4 ?7? 7?^.^ $7ft ?01
July 1 Nov. 7 1 EM 4?<7 IJH.SM l.M(>.|SK
1st wk. In Nov ?173.4H4 ?l?4A1d $17? 22.1
Ji.1) 1 Nov. 7 . 3-H3.0?K1 3..17?.?-V1 ,i ?
?'HKSAi'LAKK .V <>HI<)
I?- ?k In Nov ?HIS.tTS $ftMl,11d ?ft.V?,1lla
.Iu!> 1 Nov. 7 I2.'?'.-?.'.'.7 IS.aSI.SSI 11.1141.OS
1st wk. In Nov. I.??.ano ?373.51?? ?'2aa.*?>
July 1-Nov 7 ft.Ofkl.:?*! 4..'.??.4?>0 4
1?? wk In Nov. $fttO?W $4??2.??20 ?t42.?7?l
I Nov 7 7.?'.ft3 ??.'.I ??l>77.rti?7 ?1.4?1?.X'-5
1st wk In Nov
Jul> I N"V 7. .
1st wk in N\.v
111. 1 Nov 7
1011 IMS 1K?>0
?C.S.M4 $57.100 IMI.11
i,150,7M te-d ?VW? ?- ?
$3t?. 147 $4104.?* $32.?l5d
77?: 53? 84)2.230
?.Holt?; I A -oi 'THKRN _ I'LoKIDA
1st wk In No-. ?47.44? $4*.5W?
Ju- 1 Nov. 7 MASS1 n;n.'i?7
Month at Jnl-- MU 10IO
Ti ret? front op $2..ftt-.i ?;
Kxp pnv . ?leb KW.242 l?8.47?
In, rea??.
?21? 227
Tl. Oper, rev $t,??7l.327
Total oper up WS.547
Net oper. rev .
Taxe? .
Oper Income .
Mileage, ?t rd?.
Mileage, oth.lines
$',?3 1 ?rtd
ll.SU, TM
4 ?ni
?$1K 721
a. .<ms

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