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v? LXXI....N0 23.747
To-dajr, fair.
tv<?rnier :
. arlnhle wind
In <llv of New Inrk. .l-eree? ?tttr gag MsSlgsa.
Mrs. Beckman. an American, and
Five Children Fall Victims
to Rabble's Fury During
Fight at Sian-Fu.
Foreigners Who Escape Face
Journey of 300 Miles, and Are
Likely to Encounter Robber
Bands-Legations Power?
less fo Send Relief.
\ 21.?-The I ' for
? gian-F n-fl provint*?,
I fr??tn
that dt D rin?? tho ?
j Inland
i.?at?.,i outside the
urdered Mrs. B?Bckman,
i | n, and fl*. ?
.Mr. B?
in In?
.. .
' 'hristlai
ties hi re
?' - gfahoi
?.. |
Bngllsl 3. C
. | ? triers He v? ill p,.
- ?
.? s
? ? ?Id be
? ???:.? ? ' ' '
m?an* pis communication was
? them ml
i. Tsph"
o?i-er Choi* rsswi ?>-i rane =>. i
Henry B. Levy Victim of .Tarn.
Physician Says.
?lighting from a train of
' of tho
? '
to stl ? ? i
' the I -h '?i; t!
... . .
I he 1
? ? ? ' pnd
\ - . ?
-??? d of ;?? r
<? rar. and a ! en he left
n. he
n but for
ed to a I
a < ? ?in arabu
i?i?r arrived he found Mr.
Teheran Report Says Demands
Have Been Me*.
Ti hei ? ? ?? orted th.-u
r- -
I '
v I
The "Interests" for Harmon?
People for Wilson and Clark.
: ru n,man.m a/.
'^lli-ci. BRd i ?lark
Watch The
New-York Tribune
for announcement
of a
Book Readers'
Hofe mm 'in
?Finding of Missing Witness M,
Free Brooklyn Man.
Sentenced for Killing Man
1895?Court Now Gets Affi
vit Showing Alibi.
AT;. ; g] ending 1 x'.-'-n ?? ? '' : ..f .1 1
J'.hn Boehnsan, mi Inmate
?.', be ael
ertj up? n i h testimon; "f a witn.
win'.-'.? .?i?...i pearance nearlj sent ths vl
? Ircumstantial evidence t?> i
Th? a tor) i ami
a hen Alexander Ma r\ n A
slstant Dlstrl Utornej "i' Manhatta
?11? d in Just i ?? i "r:ni- 9uprei
two indi im? nis st
-me i.\er Boehman'a h<
rdlng i" the evidence which w
uced i.- fore Justice Bartlett, ?>f ti
Court, Brooklyn, in .June. l*a!
Boel tl | of the pr
? \ :.'?'. with Henry Knae
and Late al night th.
took i....ms :.i Miller's II"'.-1. No,
Broadway, Brooklyn. The followli
morning Knaeth and Seime were foui
?I. ad fn ? . lisonlng and l????'hin;.
was gone. He was arrested later si
" murder of his compel
ions nnd for the robber?, <>f Belme, a I
had :.!'.' .1 %\(
? ... bed
loehman was tried on 'he Indictmei
? i him wit), killing Knsetl
while ih' indictments for ths murdi
?ii?- robbery of Sehne were lefl opei
ei de? - 'i th.
ith th<> men. thai ti
hn?i spent th- | with "8ol" i
Welnthal al hla music hsll, In Washinf
Ion street, Hoboken if Welnthsl
he found, he said, h?-. could establish hi
Bui W ilnthal could n<>t be fo'un?
< ?n the circumstantial evidence the jnr
m guilty of murder in th
I ?. LT?-'\ and he Was ;-'MI tfl
\t s;nc Bini m a'as a mod?"
ner. He i. ed the tailoring trad?
1 sd an attack o
h br?ughi him t
" as then that his stor
BaNBUgrM r?> Mr. Mayper's attention
He ? irid bucc?*s*mI<m3 ii
finding Welnthal, who confirmed Br.eh
m.in's story that he spent the niaiht ?*?
Hoboken. He re
date, he said in an ?ffi
? nted to the i ourt, uocau**
ted him tr, view th.
? ' ist.
: . ' BtlOl M M.. \ pe
? h? ? as a hm it t.. a.? I
to I'n.-.i.iri Boehman, bu
ernor nor the Boat?
- ? a p irdon whii.
ned unsettled H?
Man had been a vie
ihn ?'f ein um Idence and tha
? ? . ? chance td r?-train hi:
. ?.. v. d de? Isiori
Sevrn Out of Every Ten in This
City Are. Says Bird Coler.
81 Brandlm
. . . f t I :
fork, to
R t.? re
main gr< h\ an?! decent, socialism mua
? ? tudying tl"
\.. 11. i I 11
hut positive lion ca?
m h". ?? ?? iponslble for the spread o
- > Seven out o# even ten teach
- rk City school
ii- The public s? hools ar.? fasi
temples nl ? religion. R\
ss sgno ticism, l.v
Ism, and bj
? ulture "
'With Dr. Ellis, Palmist Will Be
Sentenced on Friday.
la an.) ins . <.-.i.-f. ndant,
I n i ..;?? und KHis. astral i lain
and palm readers, were convicted of Isp?
ee before Justice
Marcua, In the criminal branch of tha
Supi ? '? rda). and were re
? ?:? ij until l-'ti'i ntence 11
w?is their s?-' "ii'l iiiai
Charlea Poppe, a butcher In J
, ? . Is" saw by his palm
that he should markel and buy
II 5IMJ - to. k In the Blue Ridge Mining
i ?<,mi aiiN, whl? li th- "i ' rated, "as the
. omplaining **iti
M.? Mai also <?f J? - ' i' .
? . .| thai .-'..im : read her paIm.
i ?.. ??'Ven li.I? " ? -
., india Thai moana our prop? 11
? i .-.inn
sin- t""K Bami i - ?
s\s< worth of Blue Ridge stock Miss
Katherine Keegan, whe keeps i board*
jrti. i.?. at No Mil W< st 129th sir- et,
- ' ,,t the "yogis" n ad her palm,
her dwellh hie hails ii
, buy Bine i?i?i?-;?? alining.
Name No Longer Appears on Western
Railroad Passenger Sheet'
Chicago, Soy 21 Brooklj n, N I
" ih? railroad map to?
Western rallro
The I'.niisv iv.ii.
. ,? the ? It: on It? Ista aft?
. ,i;.,| i. .i It, i- i m in. new
.. ? there
a i.
' Blaze in Basement of Newsp;
Building Attracts an Im?
mense Crowd.
One Is Hurt by Fall and Ot]
Are Slightly Burned Whi]
Rushing for Stair??
Damage Is $15,000.
Fire ?it ih" building occupl??d by
Brooklyn Citizen," at th.- latersectii
Fulton, Washington and Will.m
'--. lat.? yesterdaj sfternoon
tfn t?.) ,,n immense croad in i
? is.
I'll?- 'ir. started In the pressroom
??? liar "f 'he building, about 6 o'clock
rapid); spr? ad :?. ?the Btoch cellars
Ing room* An slarm was
in fr? m bos 82, and a Itti the sn Ivi
the engine? Deputy Fire Chief Lallj
raj Hi?- ?-, "t to superintend the Agi
? Ham? -
The tlrst Intimation that any on
the bull llnj had of the tire ?vas \
several men al work in th? press r
.?aw a cloud "f smoke suddenly s?
hv th' i i Looking up they i
rapidly spresdlng In the dlrectioi
ihe en" stall v.a v I? adl t' ft tffl
, ellar.
Among the men '.; the room i
i. ..- Falln. of N ?. 25. Lexington ?
?uperintendent "f the mall dsp
m. nt. .1? hn Frost, of S ? 12. E
Bti .t. foreman ol the stereotyping
i ii-tmi nl . John Duffy, ol So. 240 L
ranee street nd John Kenned
1240 Fullo Istani forai
.? mall departm? nt
Frost, who - Ing to go h?
, i,,,-, |i lothlng. ??7
bine his other clothing he rushed
in italra s Ith hla i omj anlone. < hi
way ni? the stairs, v hich wer? air?
surrounded bj flam?es, he fell and Btr
his kn< ?? agali si the bottom s
Duffy and FSlii, who srere Just belt
i i?ost, si iz'-'l _ him b; the arms ;
ed him to the top of the Bta
where th? > helped him Into his i loth
and oui to th.- sir- et. All n c? ivrd ml
burns, bul refus?e the sttendance n
TtV Hrp had by this time spread to 1
paper stock room and ?-as burn.
fiercely. Boms nun raised an ash lift
the sidewalk, and the flames sh"t (
the street until s une of high prat
ure hose sras dir? that partlclul
The firemen were sole ?to mnfinn t
lire to the basement, and the flame.? si
up thrniich the floors of stores t* UPi
hv th?= Trulj Warner Hat Company, t
Rial 8ho<*> Company and the Peide.nr??'.
("icar Btora
Occurring at a time when thouaan
nf ppopif. were r??turntnK from Manha
tan. th<- rue attracted a great crew
Which was added to by t housaiide wl
rame pouring oui of ihe subway, the ?*1
vatf>d station?, and the surface eat
The police Of the Adams ptreet stall'
and pnvnrnl traflV men liad all th?
could do to keep the crowd movin
Traffic aras not nvnn Mocked In Fultt
In s?:'.- of the lartt.- throngs, at
a tie up which took pi a i e in A dan
strcft was nnlv ?,f a f?-vv moments' dur;
Once at work on the flamas the fir
ma?le short work ?,f ?1 em and pr,
vented them from spreading to the upp?
str.riis of the building. "Tha Bro i
Citlsen" suffered a 1".= '- ?,t 815,000 i
damage ?,, machinars and papar Tl
fiamsKn to the hat atore was -* 1.??<?o an
to the BJgi shoe Company tfjOtX
Baverai persons In the croard v. >?r
thoroughly drenched bj the bursting of
pressure hose, snd their antics -i
they .-ii'l.av?ii>.,i t,. eacape the l<
? ded nui. n smusement for the:
luckier n< Ighbora
? ?ti learning of the damage to th
11. ssroom of The I Itisen," Wlllisi
Berrl, proprietor of Tha Btandar
l.'nlon," last niKhi offered the us.- ..f hi
plant to The < 'n Isen" ? n ma
' biner] ? ould I ? >?-i aired Amir s Mc
i ..-.ni. ."in,,r '.t "The ' 'it i/.n," a cei '??
Mr. I ?..ill's offei
See Danger in Atwood Soaring
Ahove Crowded Stadium.
Boston, NOV. 21 Th.? Harvard Ath
letic .? -?'" iiation i- np| osed r,. th,, fligh
which Harry Atwood plans t" mai-,
th.- stadium .,n Baturdai afternoon dur
Ing the Harvard Yale football tram... ,.
th.. ground that such an exhibitloi
mlghl endanger the spectator*
While we i.gnlse thai there is at
present no law on in.? statut.. i,r?,ks pre
venting an svlator from flying over th
football field on th.- .lav of th,. Harvard
Yal- game." said W F. (Jan elon, grad
u.-.i.- treasurer, l think that all Hai
vard graduates reel rerj strongly that
su? h a thing should not occur
"With forty thousand persons In the
stadium there must be dang? r In having
a flying ma? bin? moving about ovar th..
. ? tatora. i aincer? i> hopa that m>
Atwood "i- ?my other aviator win not
" ov?Bf th.. ii.-id of p|a, ,?. ,,,,., , g
Injured by Auto Truck Two Years Ago;
Still in Hospital.
\ lui. m it.- Bupr? me Co irt ?. terday
Igav? ., v- . ll? ?,,i *CS,008 to Henrj sel
i ?mm,., a i-ears old who aued tin,mu?, nia
( i loth? i i" " ? ov< i that .nu?, n,t ol dan
' i?. the Rani? i Mot? : Truck t'oi
I for Injui les Infll? t?ad b? oi. o| n t?.,, ka.
boy, who vva-. Injured two
? '??iman n
.,, ? i,l. ni. aii-l a . . |n iU
niiil.iilai" ? Fro !? r..,i
Ins |. 'un
Th? aeddsnt ? WM
'i ? sat t a wagi
adjust i '? 'i i,,
i ush? ?i slong snd b? for? the boj
.. i out "i the s
I.II? i WSgOn H ? ,ii.;. ,,..?,.?
i urn? i ' ? .n ... ,,,,,) ?m
ii.iv- tu Lav. ? ? ? i ?! .f?n i,, re?
. v. n ,?'.'? Hal . K ..i i,,,. right . ,- I
Photoeraph taken of the women and their supportera trying to break ths p-olice line nenr the House of CottunoM at the
time ..f their laat demonetratlon.
i.?m to right Mrs Pethrtck Lawrence, who was the li**ader of yesterday's demons
strati..n. Iftss C. Pankhurst and Miss Bylvts f'ankhurst.
PtlOtOgrsphl bj Am'-rlcari 1'rr?? ??
Subdue Militant Band of Females,
Who. Armed with Stones, Try
to Storm House of Commons.
Mob, Aided by Rowdies. Smashes
Windows and Inflicts Heavy
Damage to Property
Battle Short and Fierce.
Londori. Hm 21 The siaffragettee
far??d badl] at th?> banda of ths police
to-night They had threatened to force
their way Inte, the House of < 'oninann?"
snd make fl protest on the floor of the
SKSlnsI the Prime Minister's re?
fusal to pledge the governmenl to a
??ill giving equal suffrage to both sexee,
bat they failed even to reach the en?
trance t" Parliament
T).v\ art.-i i'\ the poll?*?, ?rho airest**d
ft romen and tlir?e men. the ?niffra
i:,.t., i rcc,?t.-.i to b ' BmpaJjm "f
srindos smashing Driven from Par?
liament Square bj ths police, 1,800 of
whom ?rere "t. duty, ?h" women, ac?
companied bj svmpathlzers and panKs
Ol rowdiee, proceeded through Whitehall.
armed with bags of stones, i on? i i
under their coats, and broke the wtn
?I.,us In the public offices, the Liberal
headiruartera and the National Liberal
Club. They even extended their opera
tlona t.. th?> Btrand, where wlndowa of
Ida postoffice hank and other private
concerna sulfered from the onslaught.
Th.' militant tacttca of the suffragettes
, ,i g statement b) Premier As
qulth that the government was unable t..
Introduc?n hin to enfranchise women, as
ih ? ' 'ablnet was dh Ided on the question,
but would allow mi smendment to bk in
troduced to the i?r??i???s?-.1 manh.i suf
frage bill, leaving it t? the House of
CommonB t.. decide whether women
should be given a voti
The suffragettes had made ample prep?
arations to renew th.-ir sttack on Par?
liament with a battle win. h was ex?
pected to surpass all previous efforts.
The) met early In the evening in Cas
ton hah. less than ? mile from Parlia?
ment Bquare, and. after adopting a res
olutlon dei taring that the Prime Ifln
Lster'B denial of their t*equeei was s
ind unpardoiiable insult to women,
callel for volunteers for "dangerous ser?
a deputation of fiftj women,
headed by Mrs Pethl? k Lawrence and
accompanied bj Immense crowds, started
ghortl for tti?' H""*"' of CornmonB t..
present th? res*olutj4**n. or take whatever
. tii.-i ... ti..ii was Beeraed adviaable. The
poll. ?. however, arere too mu? h for th?
women, In spite of all thai* props>rotlons
and the aaalstaiiee of hundredi of eym?
pa this?
Strong detachments of ploice, Loth <.n
? md rii'"ini'-.i. guarded the streets
front Caxton Hall to toe bou? - el Par?
liament They broke up if"- deputation
int.? mu?s, which, arhen thej reached
ii,,. cordons surrounding the square,
thrown back, or, II too persistent,
id snd pssssd alona t.. ,i
recivlni squad la ths square, snd
ih,,,,, through a double line .?f con*
?.tables i" the i.ce ?tatlon
?ph, .r, ,,t. i . ..m uslon pr? .-ailed s. \ -
eral worn? " ',''"' '"i1""1 lh """ * ram
hi. a i.ii- others fainted oi he? am?
t,, j. g| ,.h.i r? 'i "i"1 ,i"" ;?,,' """" "f the
uroliulan? ? men The battle ?.m B< ret,
? ?iitli.iii-.l ?.n llilr?! i ?a -
Apoplexy Kills Head of the
House of Smith Gray
& Company.
Built Up Large Business He In?
herited from His Father?
Was Part Owner of "The
Standard Union."
Mlllard Fi'lmore Smith. hend of Smith
Ora) ? Co., und on?? of th" owners of
The Brooklyn Standard Tnlon." died
suddenly last nicht at his home. No .?9f?
Bedford avenue, Brooklyn. He went to
bis room to It* down nnd a half hour
later was found dead hv one of his
daughters For some years Mr. Smith
had been S sufferer from diabetes, hut
Dr. C. E Bchofleld, his family physician.
aa!d apoplexy wea the Immediate causa
of death.
He told his family that he wanted to
take 8 short nap before dinner was
served. Mrs. Leonard Hall Van Kvery,
who went to wake her father, could not
r?,use him. T?r. Bchofleld was Immedi
ately called from his home, at No. "'_' Leg
avenue, bul found that Mr. Smith was
Mr Smith was horn on April 21, 1856,
in Brooklyn. He was educated at .iarvis
Militar?- Academy. Early In life he ,-u
tered the i.us-in, - established by hi.?
father. Edward Smith, in 18-16 Th?i
business grew, snd Mlllard F smith
grew With it. When his father died. In
1802, the sun became ths virtual head ol
the great concern. Two years later it
WSS n ' 01 porat???!. and Mr. Smith he
came president of what Is now "tic of
the best known clothing concerns in
N'.'W fork. Under his control i? nr?-w
from one store to four, two in Manhat
tan and two in Brooklyn.
Mr Smith was a trustee of th.- Ham?
iit..n Trust Company and s director of
the Broadwaj Hank of Brooklyn, and
whs "i.t the founders of both Institu?
tion?], n?- had i.ti Interested In "The
s indsrd Union" for mor.- than twenty
-...us. and though nominally the ti
ur.-r ??i the Brooklyn Union I'uMisiiini
Company, which publishes the paper, he,
with William Herri, nig brother-in-law,
practically own?*d it
it.- was a member of ths Hanover,
Riding ami Driving, Oxford and Brook?
ins. H.- was an Bpua opallan, and
attend. ?I Christ Church, in Bedford av.?
nu??. Besides tils house, at No BOB Bed?
ford av.-niie, h.? had h summ, i place,
Heartsease, al Lake Georga,
ib- leaves a wife, who was before her
marriage Louise h. Basson, snd four
children Mrs. Van h'v.-rv, Mrs Jon?
athan Moore, of Bronxvllle; Mrs Chris?
tophe! W Wilson, jr., ..r No .t.m Jeffer?
s.??ti avenue, Brooklyn, and one boh, Ed?
war I S Smith, treasurer of Smith. Qraj
i c '. An"th?-r son. Mill.n.| K Smith,
ji , died about tin? ?? v ears a??.
Th. um.-ra? srrang?Nn?Bnts trill be an?
noun' . d lat.-r.
All., Not .1 Ada A Aaren, -.f
Brookl n Is antltlad lo 1160 dama gee for
being refused th? facilities ??f a bathlag
house ??' i '"? I Island m Jul]. Its?, sc*
L?ordlng '?' ' '''?' '?don by tha Court of .\|>
to da) 'I'l" ? ' ti"n ??s .?gainst Will?
-vain i. Ward
Austin Dam Disaster Due to
?'Gross Negligence."
Coroner's Jury Holds President
and Superintendent of Paper
Company Responsible.
Couder sport. Penn., Not 21. Bones?
lions in the Investigation <<t the Austin
dam disaster frttowed eacn other rapi.lly
to-day. Thla morning warrants were
issued against <;e??rc" C. Bayless, presi?
dent of th'- company; P. M. Hamlln,
BUpeiintendent of lite Austin mill, ami
M. ??. Bailey, caretaker "f the dam,
charging them with manslaughter. The
I warrants for Hamlin and Bailey were
sworn out by J'.hn Olaspy, husband of
Eva Olaspy, and j. f. Bwartwpod, hue?
I..III.I ..f Julia A. ?wartw.I, victims <.f
rhe Hood.
Hamlin and Bailey had a henrine b? -
fore \v. w. Thompson, a lustlos "f the
pen. r. this sfternoon. Bsyless is at hla
horn?, in HintThamtnn. X V . and failed
?.. appear, hut communicated with his
attorney, and win probabls be on hand
I to-morrow when the hearing la resumed.
While Justice Thompson In his little
' office was hearing the evidence of
Austin survivors relative to th" breaking
of the dam and the resultant death of
I more than three scor? people .'f th'?
I town the coroner's .1 ur?. was in session
1 in the rotirrhouse nn?' was framing
a verdie! finding President n^i..??,
Superintendent Hamlin and the Favle?-?
Pulp f?nd Paper Compsny scuilti of gross
):<*-c'iirenre This verdict follower) ?non
after th?* te?:rim"P> or" ?1' ?" Hat ton, the
ens*ir>e.-r \?i.o designed the satrjstta dam.
and who rielare.! that his plans In
several important details had not been
followed. He ?nid that the height of
the dam ha.i been Increased two feet
a"?! that the spillway hart not been built
as designed by him He also said that
his plnnp for the anchorage of the dam
had not heen followed Th? witness de
clarad that the dam was absolutely un?
safe after It had moved In |90t. The
?-hange? that were made, h?* said, wen
without his kno-vledge or run?. ?
Whan the hearing of the accused me i
Is resumed before Justice Thompson to?
morrow the prosecution will introduce
letters and papers to shov? ?hat one or
more of the defendant.? had knowledu??
Of th?*- unsafe condition of th?? dam. Th?
prospcntlon is in charpe of District V'
torney Nleleon, I. B. Beibcrt and y p
CummlngS, Of Williamsport The de
fendants are represented lv. Messrs.
Bweatland and Lewis.
Italian Had Planned Fete in
Honor of His Bride of a Day.
In honor of his bride of a dav Panola
?"antelora, a young Italian, had planned
a celebration at his home last nicht. In
sr.-a.l his wife ?pent hours in Weeping,
f.?r her husband was killed yesterday
afternoon while saving the lives of tw >
?'antelora was only twenty-three years
?nid. but tarns a foreman for the Seaboard
Construction Company, at the foot of
[39th street, Brooklyn, The company is
allied with the Push Terminal Company,
yesterday afternoon h?? ama directing
men who were unloading freight from
trains to lighters in the hay The freight
yard was all noise and 'lang.
Tw.. men were carrying a heavj crate
across a track when ?'nntelora saw
them He .\<?iie.i, but they did not hear
him nor an oncoming train.
The foreman leaned to the track and
pushed the m.ri safely across. His <,wn
foot ?aught la a fn.g. and before im
could extricate ?t on.? bos car r*rushed
him against ?another, killing bin In?
im Monday night be and Maria F.s
posJto were lasarried, ami he took tier to
their new h.-nie, al Ha -l?i -4th str??et.
Quaritch, Who Paid $29,000,
Refuses Buyer's Name.
I B] C?ela te Th.- Ti Ibsae ?
London, rfoi _'l M.-rrianl QuarltCB,
the I.keeller. lias already found ?i por?,
chaser for the f?B,000 Masarla Bible be
bought at tin? ii nth library sale, but ut
pteaenl ha saya he Is not psrBPJtted t..
iiientioii the new buyer's name.
"The owner would I..- pott.-r.-.l t,
death by all kinds of applications," said
Mr. Quaritch to day. "*and peeplB wtw
have naver seen the Bible before would
ask to !"? Invited for th>- week>end.H
?,<?'M \"1" M'TO ItAi'KS
vu Penneylvanla Railroad. Tickets aokl
N,,v i-nii.ci j . to ? ......I returning to i*each
original stannu,- polnl on or before Decem?
ber . Cenault Tick? t Agenta.?Advt
Got Mesaba Property, Now
Worth $70.000.000, for Less
Than $1.000.000, Wit
nrss Says.
First Preffclenl of Mesaba Road
Telis Steel Committee Oil
Man Forced Him to Part
with His Stock in the
Panic of 1803
Wai.hin.iton. Hoe 21 ?sifted Merritt,
of miluth. Minn, t'e firit presid-nt of
the Duluth, Mtann.be ? northern Rail?
road, wlv? Styled himself a "lumber
jack.? unacquainted n-tth the methods
,,f th- mono: trust." toi I th? House
St.?-', Investigating "mmitte.? ;
that ti rough loans I ? that $1 "
?NNI from .John 1? Km kefcllei he ha?! lost
his holdings ,,f one tenth in th.- Mean ha
iron mines Snd the railroad, properties
owned by th.- United Btateg iteel
Corporation shd estimated to be w?oi*tl
to-daj as mu? h aa |70O,O??.O0f*v
Merritt and his hrothar Le?nidas, who
will tegtlfy to morrow, w.-r.? smoni ?
original min.- .iwiiers in the Lake fl ? *
nor region nd part owners and bull?ie8*g
- .? Duluth, Mlaaabe I Horthern I i
r"ad. The elder Ml ' aWgd that
he was ind'i.ed through i*' D Gatee.
Mr. K"< kefellcr's w retar' 'in charas
"I his charitable work.'"to put ui> all his
holdings as collateral for i"-?ns from Mr.
Rockefeller In IfltW and IBM "ne loan
was for >'t_'??.?i?Ni others w?sre for vari?
ous sun.-, dates, h>- said, was a Bap?
tist I'le.i, her iti whom he had confld *
and Who assured him thai hi
call loan he would not b? i and
thai he " ild i"- taken can
Had 24 Hours to Raise $420.000
Th.? wirrvsv related how, two month?
after he had put up hi:-; collateral I
Mr Rockefeller, in- the panic of 18G3,
Rockefeller called the loan, er? ins; him
twenty-four hours t?> nus,. I42O.00O, and
that, beim- unable to raise the in
h?? and his brother '.'"?f' their prop, r'v
He scknowledged that Mr Rockeftaltea*
offered htm an opportunity to bu*
property back within a vear. but said
that the oil ma told financiers to gga i
?heir lands "fl"' and he ?,? ? . ?
raise money anywhere
I>t?=p ite as to ih? nature of the trans
re tion arose when D A. R.--id. ronnsol
for the United B tat ?sa steel Corporation,
?aid that tli? Merntts hid made actual
?lies of their Stock holdings to Rocke?
feller In "rder to raise monrv. an?l that
they never had taken advantage, of the
opportnnitv to repurchase T\iihtn a vear.
Anoth?-.- brother Mr R??id paid, hid re
d?<?me<l his ?to.\ and m Ifed his pr".
rara portion at ?20S a .shore when ?ti?
! taken over at th? tim? or* the organiza
Itlon of 'he S?<?el Tornotation
Mr Rockefeller To Be CaMed.
Th? introduction of Mr Rockefeller's
S ne In this manner almost resulted m
th? Issuanc? of a subp,?ena du-eg tSCUm
for him to appear hefor? the 'nmnut???
with th? contract made st the thus of
the Merritt loans Represent i five Rein,
of Texas moved that this be done \'o
ohje. tions were heard when ?"hairmari
Stanlev put the ?notion, but 'be ??..?n
mitfee decided later m ezecutl M
m to call Ml R<" kefeller until Leomdaa
Merritt had testified
The Merntts were first parties to a
transaction with Mr Rot k<?fel|?r and
other? in the formation of the LgJu I I?
perior Consolidated iron Mines. In this
the mines of that region and the Duluth,
Missahe & N'orthern wer*- conaolid ite.i
?nit of this a suit by the M-t-rrittg?gainst
Rockefeller developed ?m ?he grout) f
inlaaepeeaautattoii of the raiue of mminc
properties turned in by the K??? k?
interests. Suhsequen'lv Rockefeller paid
the Merritt? .?."?l'?ikm? ?n g?ttl?anent for
Rockefeller Sent Gates to Him.
Before this settlement and after he
had lost his stock holdings and ceased to
be president of the railroad Merritt testi
f" d that K D ?lates .ame to him ami
said that Mr. Rockefeller wanted him to
continue as president of the road far an?
other year
"Was that the Hiptitt preacher Oatea
Who ?ame to you?" asked ' hatrman
Merritt replied "He ?eid Mr.
Rockefellar had confidence In me and
knew that I. through my nrrjucnr.-irn?
with the boy? on the range, would be
able to get more shipping hus'rjess than
any on? ?la? could do. i guana that wa?
The Rev, Dr (lates seemed to ha
serving the Ix>rd and John D. Ro- k#
feller didn't he?" the chairman Inter?
"But I refused the offer." Merritt
answered, smphattcall] "I told ??.itea
that I couldn't retain mv BUUlbood arid
work fee* John D Roclrafelter."
The transaction? were Involved, and
th.? d?tails were drawn from the witnesa
with dlflkrulty. Representative Pfgll
Anally summed the matter up,
"YOU do know this, then,'' he ?;\\?%
"before ><?u dealt with John i >. Rocke?
feller you and vour brother had valuabla
stock holdings In th? Lake superior .,re
region and in this railroad, and alter
your dealings with him you h.(?i no
stocks "
"Yes, that's It," said Merritt 1 want
to emphasize further that bef? !?? I ? i - ?.It
with Rockefeller t had g one tenth in?
terest in the DulUth, Missal.,- \- North?
ern Ralli'i.id. Which last \?ai mad.? .V\.
iMNi.iNNi, and that now 1 hav? nothing.
"Blames tha Preacher Most"
?i am in? luid to blame th.- preachas*
niore than I .?in Rockefeller He de
civ.l m,,, i don't baa ma Backefellag ?o
mu, h H.- b?lor*gg t?> tha money truat."
"What reason did Rot kefeller have for
closing Hi ?ui \ou"" asked Represent?,
live ??anlmr "l?id he need the money?"
He wanted thai property. 1 gag con?
vinced that In? sein 'hands off' noticea
1,. linaii.iets with whom t tried to rais.i
mon?*0 to rohem my property. He Ukld
lliiain u?rs m Cl?1 eland whom 1 ap

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