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^Trasx stafT**
fiO ?>ee,ent Street
-.---, Chars?*?] '.n London to H"***?*
Acc^un*?Pnr?s L?S9 U. S. Pufes
We often think that
our new work is not as
good as the old. The
chances are it is better.
Our taste has improved,
that is all.
Cross Desk Basket
Made O? English Willow Twigs.
with Red or Green Morocco Rim
and Ltntng?16 Inches Long x 11
lea Wide x 4 Deep?Supplied
?srhh Large Library Scissors and
En? elope Opener, with Gold
Pitted Handles ? Convenient for
TVsk in Library or g?-, en
Office $b.5U
Articles Comprising Desk Sets
**??? Purchased Separately.
1\i?: WELLS?Crystal, with C1 _
Nicke! Spring Top ?pl.5U
STAMP BOX?Nickel, with Crystal
(."nver?3 Compartments for ?n __
Stamps ?>Z.UU
LETTER SCALE?Nickel $2.50
DFSK PAD?17 Inches x '2?
Red. Green Morocco or ^_ __.
P?-{??Tin ?B4t..OU
LETTER RACK?Blue, Green, Red
Morrvco-?Wit-h 2 Compart- ^ . __
ncnti ior Stationery $4.75
t^rom her personal ex?
perience and taste the
Intelligent Woman can
often, in a friendly chat
* ith an assistant, almost
revolutionize the manu?
facture of a particular
article -our goods are
often improved from an
an outside source.
Crow Jewel Box
Green et Purple Moroco.
-H?Q- lorries Long x 6
. Deep?Removable Tray,
? 0-*-.p.5r'-rrnrs for Pins, etc. Also
Padded Ping Groove?Lock a- ?
Wey $5./5
II -r Sire?Same 3tyle . $3.50
;. JEWEL BOX ?In Purple.
Ped or Green Morocco ? Velvet
ea Long x m Wide
Deep?2 Compartments for
CufT Links, etc , Also Ring Groove
Bt Has 12 Loops for Stickpins
Button Fastener $2.25
Smaller Sizes?From $1.75
Catalogue Sent Upon Request
Prompt Attention *o Mail Orden
'?'??Leather Goods.
LtBfgage, Stationery. Gloves.
Second Floor?Trunks,
Motonties. Glass and Metal
Novelties, Saddlery.
World's Greatest Leather Stores
Agenb Throughout Ihr Wo.-M
Up- f 210 Fifth Avenue
town / Near ???th Street
Downtowiv-253 Broadway
Oppoaite City Hall
Boatan?145 Xjemont Street
Controlter's Method Suffers In
Cut nt Over w.oon.noo from
the ini2 Budn^t.
Vi?-il*|ti**.n nf Chqrtrr Pr**?vi*iion5.
?-*rp McAn?=ny Health ?nii
F.d 11 ?-*<-, tin*-* Depart.mpnt. Fier
Urei A*-?*? Al?n Rpdiirpr)
?**??-. ? ttrteOy r?.?.??*1 seta the T"*n**?".
: tri-u?-.-??'- 'r. the f-*?-?i ?*?f ?Me*r*n?sa |amta4?d
t*?r0iiri-; g leaeluuuii yaarteraay aflarne>ee)
euuing sait KlA-Jai" ? fresa the buds?? fee
:?*?'*? ?_? they re*esiTe?*l H rrees the Beer?] si
01 tins aiuenm the mtm of j*.*w..<vw*. ?r-a?
en rn? gtnajtaj |t?m of d*f.?-..????--.- ta-.??. *? i
t*ge ?j.lrj*?-TTiani/- rSSJOlullutl '? SO tar as It
? retaTttas tr? thai it?m 1? in d'*-**r ssssea "r I
le ateettons ??**? ?*-?i tM or th* ?-harter. *?*
**OT?J n| to the ?"??rum***-! -nad? by Borough
I Pr??i*li?nr M^Anerv before the iM*rm?r..
Anorh?*r sun of |M.Bfa **-*i? th?? budgetary
srewtMoa for lataarssrl ?-?n revemos bonds.
?it? frnrj) m? gfeAneny's estima*** h? al
j lowed by th<? Boar?! of Estima?* tria? Tant.
msny ?iderm*n ?-hopped oft S.V.
Th?? other l.irsr? .-,)?? wer* ?."*?>.>.: fJ f-nm
rha. D?sasjj*fjB>ent ef Uetetal ? -? from
'she Rn?M of Kstima' ' n the a
Iowa?,.-* i rJtti Dopartmpnt an?!
? ?- Bmesm '?'?-???? 5 an.l
M' a.s'jr???.
tn a hopolsea arK'?"""**? IWnr??- lha? aldST
wn. in which h*- appwahSl to th?? Tam?
many -na.'<-*r1ty to lay asido their part I-?an
corxlurx. for on?-?1 a**d rnns1rl?*r the hu.lK*t
strictiv or. it? raer Its, Ifr II? ?tutsan? pointed
our tha* the .'itv'B affair? would be t-*
?saaaessasly <*rrr.ri*d by 'ho aetton rr?po?*d
hv th? alderman''' Finnri'-. -??-??, tu?
Alderman Frank T.owlirsr. clmi-man of thai
cotnrr hi? rol?? of appar?nt
?rwiomy advo?*at?*, marshalled ??'> Tammanv
votes aga!n?t th? T\ r<-*ord?d ST ?n? "tri*r
To Appeal to the Mayor,
rresidenr llltehel, Mi *r-'i
Douglas ils - - B' ??
th? temnorsry a
wij pul ur> their arauT lay to
g I irr. to veto trie
manie resolution, wl
? Wer rr> do. bol If Is ?.-ar I ad that
re Tammany
B th? Hoard of Ald*rmen.
Th? Finar.*?- ' nnmitts? of th? aider'
, board m?*? \??t?r.lay morning to drafr rtfl
t report on th? b I I d finished
, In time for the r??*rular session of th* ;.l
I dermen in the sXterooon. .v.Wma;: r'raik
- rm of rlran.*?*, bad
; ?har?*? of putting it through, snd Mr. Me?
Ansr.y took up th* cudgels asrainst It. The
propo????*! ents were not denardtely known te
MM until presented In the rei-orr. ard
the alden i ktvi to vot? on than
- f-om rh? raatcsi sMa
of th? rhamb??r to put the final consid?
eration ove- ? ara ? ?? n hj
ill * ?* same vore by whi? h the
resolution Itself larer was Bsueed
"erg the gjtiernieB Mr
. Bid Httle StteSM I ? COtS
**pss*t*0"jei 's .n lor i-rm a?
.Borausrh Fr?=-s1d?>nr. ?'?hows;*? he warned the
Tammanv major*'y tfca* by stjeh actte
-*"ppia> the city - ? ire of public
- witi? particular re card to repavir.g
.-.?en.er.r mending, and furthar in the
' ** Ml? b'M'.ri.nns. But on thes?
as upon the Sv./mft asked for the r-on
OB of .??.? restoration ef the City
Hall. Mr M"Ar,snv- naJd ttiat if th?y wer*
--? to take thi resppnytbiiity ii* senld
In catering to
Young Men our
?tocIt offers a
three--fold advant
Larger iiior*"*ent of
???ylc? inH pirrc-n? thar?
- svcj aeca ie any
Better lirting par*T?er*'?
?han you've cv-r c?p?*ctt?-J
Bo end readv?to-*n??ar.
And price ss^rifsg or>p'->rr"**"ti*5
?i?>1r haws fb?. trng f"*ir el e?-0n
Our Suits and Over?
coats are not only ready
to-put-on but superior
to rnost merchant-tailor
111 tt "-???-? t? '? oq1 or r- - -
? ?
? '"1 free
n "fall
I to ' - -
- ? Here?
' rm
? Kl li'ii * ?HI ' \** I
Fifth Auction
Avenue Rooms
'- ?orporatatl
in B4Wr
Now on view at our Galleries
An As:e*nbkge nf Ve*y
Desirable Household
Jnriudtng furn-shirigs in, ,
Parlor, Dining & Bedroom.
A Weber Babv Grand Pm
'.uropean Ccrami?.'?,
Cut Qlaaa, Embroideries.
Oriental Carpets and Rugs,
Severa' Pieces Je i
ior the Batata of
and many other objec*
Days o? Sale
ThurStJajr, Friday and Saturday
fie B .4, Bnd 25,
o'doci *??h day.
? .-?ni- bs - ? - ,v" ,r' ?"?r? acting
? ightad i ?.-?-?r
-, ?rn?^ tV|?r,T -hat l?.," T-?r? ?t'?(.?.fll-C
B-*-ae?fa Mtd wars anlag -ir ht ftiaetj
. <,ppr.?lflon ... -I ? r-* lai?*-?! Of thS Ch?art-?T
? c ? -H) -4: ? ? - i -? r??? Bot
? ?-"is'i F"??'?1'?n' r'"- "'?a tv.,? .h? R-?'-/?
? .?- iH 4rr,i?-t?ini?i?n' ?! ?U a"
-i' M Its 8 ??? ? ttsaats '
? ? unrastln '?? ??i?*,i
apt*T?<Brl?t?d ? rum ??im ranelt
. r.f ?>-? ?istkrstncv nn 'h? pr?<-?.i;r.
- ? r-.- .- f\ ??-? j-rn^i]-' nt tas*f ' *r*
? anrl ??MBMd .
Coite**! Me ???? -Hill n^r
'.^ fr,- in prier tax ???? ?*? "r Is"-' th*
!?(.)? nf rf,?"?nl? ?tnrW ,?.f ?',? .II- ?- '
-? - r.b eofp?tate stocl 4 ;
?- - - - ?
? ? - >H p-?-.M?= ? . ?
i sduo? th* ?aid ?
ita ?.?.i t | Estimate
? ?mment ??'?err s?jeh am-wtits ?u
S'? ' ??
Mr ?g ?Anony ?
I t?r pe* m? ? "iH ,b? n" I
' ffoubt ? . - ? ' ???lori'-v
taxas In th? pro
<. PJy s?. ? .-,!-. b?
, ^m. ?' o p.-,. -1 --?0 te
pijt it in th? m* . ? ? ? " 1
| PaR-ii'of ?.Marmel aras |nst sa
1 MMtsd
! T" th? eut in th? Pnard nf |
BW ir-p?-"prl?ir,ori of ? ? ,
/-hiefl- \ of ,h? CiTR/KV) for
? - - nds -vt
j dapartii ?? I for stai
ma nt t ha 1
T'.at partie lar ? ? -*as fui
an?? for some t! n? an th?
r>p^n 1,, ? ? 1 rammai
th?3 sldei ...
ma'e 1 entitle ir? ?
Mr M ? ' t1 em again,
ha/i ?Inn* ; ?
baf?***?, rhat If ' .-.- Item waa em out th?
? '
In l<..il< tnlii th>- n?l<- ? .
I -PS.
of Welt' ?
for the piirpMS" oi : I
ipe?*tl?ag fore? for now its, to
??r th;?- the city was 1
mcfl--iir??rr.?nr? In tl
? sued ? ? -....
own depai
had h+*T\ .-,
: lo-n-.il-'l?
- ?
? " ? - ? v>',rk del
I yar alone ?
thing ilk? '.? ? ara eut
! that 812,80
w.-,n' the people 1 r
Idnd of ?eon'.Tm
iMTtriHii Dowilng, In r?
aere la
g ?
g from 1
? astlgai !
?a? itstn e said, th?
...... . -, 4
f fliW.?W. of which y
Th?r~ 1 no
? \ ?]c-. - to appear or
? d in
franchi.?-?? taxas agg
:??1 fr?-?ni t
" leaven, a '
< omnienUn?- latir nn th? in?-enlot;?=
triant advanced I
ItathawBuu. A'-t; -
aa had Mr. McJ?MOy. ? at 'h? 1 I ar?-?r pro- -,
?r, dm
tas "
The rV,Hrtor p-. ?
? ?
B* th? bog
? nd ?* 1= -
tbay a
Ing 1
any rig l tor the 1
t?-> fun
nf ??
it all. ai
must in?
ar-rj ahauM
frendergail Point? Out Ool
Bavei the City Nol
_ ? ? .
ii ?
- ?
??Uva running exp< ?
tha meant
for del
- ?
Thoi ?
, t t l-?r?
1 1
' ?
.-t. ,1 Bora?
..mount ?
1 did
? ? - '
Police Unship to Gp? I icjht on
Shontinrj of Lumberman.
Wife Mentions Troiihl?= HuF-bo<nH
H?d in Tpxa??Wounds
Not PaUJ
-,..--,-..--?? ?
Basking F!dr- S". J.. Tn* r^ KM
Sheriff Mobil.? ?**d Oetecf*
o? the ? : ?seeuter *
.. rf r,?h*r <1*t*.-?iv*?
king ?
a>t*mpt??d to Vcill \t-.r-- ? F ElttS, rre?id?nr
??f rh? Ci nkltnfl
ii fee ?at i stni roeen tsble
,-,-?: -a,,, ?,c tr?c?
- ? .- ??-<? n-i?,ii;?) b*
n?'i>- at been found.
- ? o of the p. Bed to ha
lleve that the nj | '?w lav ?n
f. ijir?ctj..n of Joseph V-..1P.E. p -.er.? who
hsuffeui hy Mr Ei'i?
r 7 ho eras d>?
- ho.jr? ?er
rtrg ,>?-. the ground that be was IB
peter' ?red at hi.? home
?i -..,,.,, opt.
llltH e**-***ord
? ? , ?
There g re ling "ome or
th* ,|otp,-f. ay the shooting ?t
- - TbSSO
made cer?
? ? .-' .re h?
? hen !W?I' e
being m.i.ie
- :? r*
M i Bits
and her ni"' er. Mr? ? '?.?klini*. in Europe,
? t Ont kling h;.rn was b'irn?-<l
to th? r.?um
* ' ? r - ' ? ?
' I ihink
ea .??m
i Me her hui
in Tesa .? her there.
was a-?ked
"I n.-n't die IBS il ? ?? ;.l ' The
:d i.f
?ar<. h for Ellin's as?
i?,:?? airtved
the a n? i bees so
rrarnpleo! by the town?p? deft
It WtM Bald t" : I ? a.? not ...
? |
gun entered
, " rf IS
, Ellis ?? pa ?ea of
n. It was th? ? '
I 1 time ;<? 'be
c i.?vps. boa
ring to
? ? tutlon
rsai na
the 1 lay are
? ?
at El fteei feet f-om rhe
dlnlnir room . time. Tber?. I?
-? - I ??--.-? h in
pf| '-.a
- -
?*?d " ' '
sheeting V f the Motel
V .?0,. -.4 ,J ?S
? Kai la the irlminal "Bran?*h of
te Ruprem? .'?"?-? this mon I
P. 0. Inspectors Search for Man
L. Punan. Indicted as Swindler.
With F? PrPpirlPnt. of Ortr-*rT
?"<?' Manqg**-} Shp Waa Last
S?son ll Npw City ill (Vtoher
Th? '|r?-.-i-j.M? <-*lat?n?*f'?-in of being ?'-?
?r?? T^.n in rh* United itstea to h?
?ted for using the mall? In a s?-i.?m?
to defraud was ?*"n^*rr?d ?-?steMa?- by th.
f??d*rai grand hsry ur"n Mary T- Dusjaa
f-?-nnerlv secretary ard rr.\8??iir?r of th?
Manhattan Fteal | tat? I twnps.nl * nd th?
rated that or:g-1n?'ed the ?ch?*Tt*
Bfasa Dugavn i bustnana ?vim**? ?nd for?
s,gh? enabled her to ?u-.pi,,? that trouhl?
?a? brewing, ?nd b?fore the r-ostof?Ve 1n
sp?K*tora coatM read the enVss ?h? d?r-irt?-<.
from N?w Vorn, and stats* August |f las
k?pt th? sutborltisB guessing a. te her
The Indiotm*;,..? ,??? round following th?
raid made by Pof-rofflc* Inspector Barber
on the ofTioes of J, < :. rjavigan A Ce., who
???re ?to. u aelllng agents f'-"* th ? Mar
' hattai; Real Esrat? . ompanv, on August 13
R?.4t-l?s Him Dugan 'here were Indicted
I Herron Bayley, fo-rncrlv president of th?
I Manhattan company: 3. C <>avisvm. irv
j ?ng J Isbell and . ,<?orK? Pine. The last
,c w?r? arr?-st*r| at th? ttm* of th* raid
I and wer? put under h*avv ball, but ?'?yl*v
. rpmairil ?*T large ?? was ?aid that he
la-ft with Miss DUgs-a, and that the au
rhorlrles weie pjos trying to Cause rh-*'r ar?
ba ? -.?rne a?-rog? rnanv women -who
helped in fraudulent ???hem?*.'" said In
rr Parber. "hut I hav-? never known
of h woman like Mary Du gran, who was rhe
? hralns of the combination and directed
?hing The In ventlgarton of rhe books
ha.- shown rhat her ??-heme netted at least
? ??? for h*r and het associate? "
The Witch of High Finance.
Witch Of high rinanoe nan described
h'. postoffice inspgetora as an attra? Use
Wfjanan of about thtrrv y?ars, always rt?*h
i. confident and a contrlneing
talker She v\ ,in ?aid to have come from
I ?Canada ten years ag'\ and aft?r working
. in Post..n for a year aa a stenographer
? ?h?? .-Ame to ails elt. to try her fortune In
? business She started a r*al Batata offleo
?.r N'o. 3 \\ . ?>? ' -?rh str?>?r. but wealth
? ot coming h?r way, arid sh? dedd-d
ro go to OoMfleMa, Nei . ai the time of
Ithe era
II Wt pecror? said, ihar ?he
1 met Hen.-- Whfl bad
?*ik?? City, dea in pursuit of
?-?.me mon-? ..
to atari i
Manhattan P?>a! Batata ?? ?; ?" of wblcb
, Hitlve- ? r. though
ICted all of the buslnes?
? .-a.? e\?r granted without her pr?s
I enre and all details of business hid to he
r.l'ted te her
" - gao res^rtsd Tom rhe
earty this * I
the cusir.?1-.- The day
Igan a ? o M 4s
.. ?? their ofic?. ? 'h?
Ith BulMlng. ?aying that they *?sro
g log or sn autorr 11ai?*ag*o
Disappears from New City.
posfeefltas ad them te
' ?? Ro?*kland County. N I ?"-here.
they ?.lid. the fugitives SfJOUt Several we?,g
n ' st*tob*ar at they could r r' iced
v . ort g le ' r?. Be*fte. ha? a
wifp and two chi.dren Misa Dugan lived
? in an apartment at No. Vfl West llftth
, Street, and ' A r>ug,in, 'Abose d^iSC-lp
'f.on. -h? Inspektor? ?aid. rally agree'! I
that of B-.--.e- o^cBptsd SS >r%'ir^*r.r ?r'
th?? Mm? hou?e
The lndt''tm??nts ?gstns* ?he five per?en?
'?barged fl? ail ?lag I rtga of the mall.? by
m?kln? fai?e rapra?ntationa ,r> lo-rct-v?
They said 'hat th? Manh?tt?n R-il V.9'**?
?"onnnanv ?-a? In a ?t-ong fina?-""!?.' ?*OT*fl
t?on ?nd ?h|e to rs - *J per e*mt " I
n. h^-?k? aaws?sf saawwl thai ttaa total
iBgltlBUtS Income of the -o.--ip?n" f??-?Tl
August 1 to December 1. Ml was sVM
?iailssd (rasa saya?asats made upon ssavl as
tijfe bo'irhf frorr, the ^InCHnV D'I^ni
?hut time, th? Inspectors SSid *h? -""111"'
raid OVt Cr-wv ,r dividend? ?nd aBLBSrtd
Wf nnn in e-jcvenne? ?nd all t>nt* ?ma ?"
?peri w?rh aaonsT obtain?*! 'r,,n Iba sala
. ' r-vW
The lara*?' pl?'"e of proper-' "i-?d IV
the ?snnpany Is t.'rd?-n Roach, purel -
? - t; sag, SUtSjatl ta a mortfaj?re of | p
*. Ithoucb rw |?rir""-?Ti"rr visible 'o *h?
?? ? was made. th<? compan- p'l?
?rain? of rnii lang on it-? hook- ?
No ?tr?n?,rt wan SSOT mad? to ImptO? I
property or to ?e|i lot?, the Insp'cror.? ??id.
the propoeitior of ?-?Hing ?""??< ta isradnlous
1n\?e?tors appeartns ?o mu^b easier and
rastt] mor? profitable
Will Again Ask Legislature to Rppeal
Frawley Measure.
?ibar- N'ov n t3e**f**raef Dia ptans t?
rone??- hi? recommandation to the Taifiatal
ur? early In Januarv for th? ?-?pea1 of the
WtmmtOf law. which created th? gtati
lette Commission for the supervision of
hoxinir Fl? ?aid fo-dav that h? had n,?r
? ? una-eil hi?, opinion that th?? law has not
worked satisfactorily. The ?;ov?rnor -
a similar recommendation In October, but
no action was taken.
The Saratoga Association 'or Improving;
the Bre<?d of Itories spent tZ.lfH In SdVO
,-ating the passage of the ??lttlns bill to
make less atrlnK'-nt the liability of dire. -
tors of race tra, k associations, according
to a statement filed with the Hecretarv of
?Stare tO--dajr ay AQdr??-.- Miller, treasurer
of th? association The hill parsed Um
Kenare. bur was defeat?-*! In the Asscmhl; ,
T<".sga tbat ? ?i i -?
? ?- ? . ,. ?-? -,
'?? -?- .
? ?-*-i.-:i
fnnrln???r) from *r*i
b?it short An g '??? tan ?manafj
,.m?r?e,i rngfl thr ... Par' i.ro.e-!t
" had he?n . ??ared of tbs attack
Ins I - - - -a If -, dc^en ?
?a ho | ad tbemt-e! e to the Ig .
:n?? and whose bglnfl the pdttc? had to
file or --
Th" d?*monstratiog wag nor. so larga
an those of lair ? ?ar The damage to
rraatar fian ever, how?
cv<er, and the ntambar of ??reste ?stab?
lisiv?. -i ne? re-oril ?'annonrcw Sta?
tion, ;r Whitehall wan eeomdkd ?Mtb
ilic<- were occupied
for houra in making edlauraaSJ against
.\m??ng th rgg a rested were Mrs.
-? .. t.,r of -Vote?
?men Lad- Con?tano? Lytton.
if Lord r.- rton, and the Hon. M-e.
Evelina Ha rrfleld ?i^ .?inter of Lieu?
tenant General Lord A.btnsj?r
Wailed a-v/vhero in the United State?
for $2.50 a vear.
Twenl ? ?utes fron. Broadwi Broad Street.
Newark !
Through -apid tr?n*>tl set ?ce between Hfldttrfi
Terminal, Chtirrh ami Cortlandt Streets, New Vor?-.
and Park Flan*-, Newark, will h?' ?naug, on ?;<:"
day, November 26, hv the Pennsylvania Railroad in
connection with the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad
Electri? . all-steel tram-? will run every few m
ute?; during the morning: and i l hottta
frequently throughout ?' r ?; and night
This service will n lepa?e in suburban
transportation. It will bring the center of Newari
nearer than upper Manhattan to the downtown basfness
district of New York, and will provide through ;<?
on fast schedules at frequent ?nter
Tram-- will -?ton ,.? Exchange -ove
Street. Jersey City.
?and fifteen thousand voices answer, "Aye, Aye!"
THIS ?-nthusiastir verdict r?a- been rendered by l?,000 physicians who thereby have d.
i the question: Is Sanator^n a true fobd-tonicof genuine merit and re^l efficfeaey?
Truly a unique trote of confidence, demonstrating to the world the behef of a great
n in a great preparation. When fifteen thousand men of science, among them
the ma*tpr mind- of medicine. give their written endorsement ot
- ?-- t be conviction bom ot actual e??perience and observation. The physician watcher
.? nts the splendid reconstructive effect of Sanatogen, .f??*?? how wonderfully it feeds
and strengthens enfcebi<-*d nenes, how it helps digestion, efficiently and persistently bring?
ing into play the vital forces that make for perfect health.
i Inly after repealed experience and observation does the physician feel justified in ex
ssing his opinion. It is under such conditions that 15,000 physicians have endorsed
results, demonstrated worth, are the factors behind this unexampled endorsement
_r - u itogen is prepared on scientific principles? in harmony with the known func?
tions of the body machine. It*; concentrated elements are s?> combined as to fulfill the true
fun< tions of a tissue food with the wonderful tonir power of a creative* reconstructive ton <?.
VV; nitrate? diese qui it surprising thai recognition should cmie from
tnc v^ . ? ind should noi this r? ognition mean .1 i/ery sreat deal tojo* f
"Our Xcrvcs of Tomorrow"?FREE
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hi.mttil of (jets ,n,l .i.fi.rin .fon iti.it ire ot vital inlrre.i to ?on Ihr honk ?!?>?. ?-.intain?
fv iilei. e o) (he ?. .lu- ot S?t.? it'??< i. *? hi, h m a? remiitk.Mr .1. it i? ?.onclu?.!?. r
Sanatogen is sold in three sizes : $1.00 %\M SIM
'.-'? ??>? ??-?? ' .f not obtainable from bim, sent uMn rereit<t ofpria?
THE BAUER CHEMICAL CO., 547 Everett Bldg., Union Square, New York
Esntjeror ef Auitria't
Prtrate r^-r-aici-**?
laaasa r>- Katu?.cfVicaoai
. * Basa uiisf SaAatogea wi'i
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Hi? Exo-ile-e-r Prof Dr.V?
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Lata. King Edward'. PS-?*???'?n
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ni "
Prof. C. A. Ewald
Bf "-. a "a -rvy, Pr-ctor hsoorlS
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Prof. TKoma? B. Stiilman,
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