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Thanksgiving Day Means More
to That Number Because of
Tribune's Efficient Charity.
COST OF WORK, $47.93048
This Sum and More Contributed
by .1,300 Persons Who Never
Lent Support Before?22
New Vacation Centres.
1 . I rig Hm
?mm? ? ?-acatlona
Tb- ? ? 'v ' ? lion, ?-ami*
fork, in ? i -or.- Isciim
t,, r*oo or ri
Rather the o? u-o oaason wan dis
la it ? nnrt ?""--ntUe. m
Protestant-and ?""atheHe. in KaUSB, Rns
Anttarienn ml dis?
r**itle-iihr' ? ?arias in
deaiing ***.?"* adulta to dUtfrg*ulsli between
tb? deserving oAeA tha uadasarvlac ponr.
But th* Tribun* v** nd racosnlssa no such
problem as {ar ap its iMBsflctelll ? are con?
oerntd. tor children si?* ths victims-, not
?he masters, of eircimstances; ?nd usually
the offspring of undeserving PS rants Is
Jtioro to be vitied than th* offspring of the
deserving *-fanifest n**d Of th? benefits Rt
th? <*o>mmtu?d of th? Tribun? Fur.d wat?
the only requirement demanded of those
who asked for a share fa them.
To ai-commivlata th? army of Fresh Air
children there wer* mslalstnfrfl In (oni.fr
tjon *?v<th the work of the fund fourteen
P"r??*h Air hornee. At there MS gfc'?a nr.d
h TV a were cafad fer. The rem.'* in i' a. MSB
vouageter? war? entertained by kin.I hosts
who openad warm hearts and plepsant
country home? to th* needy Utils datallers
In th? city's byways.
To th? g-vater number of thee* children
th? moat barren flsld of ths countryelde
would hava b**n, by entrust with tiatlt
aordld home sum.nivHnaa, a I********* of
eweet delight. Tt ?Ml not, however, amid
barran field? that th?v wer? entertained.
Tliay were invit.d to hobnob wli:i i,aturo
in th? garden ?pots of th? world, and
i:alnod new -outlook* upon llf? nrr.
rool ahadaa of the OieSfl Mountai ne,
among th? aw?-in-?p',rlnBr tra?lltlonB of the!
?Catskills, In the Adirondack's und the All"- j
?hanlfc-s. along, the picturesque banks of ?
tha flusquehanna. ths P-'awar? find th?
Hudson. And In many another plan? wh<*r?
tl*e air was sw**t and th? grass was
Hoapitality'a Wide Area.
The Fresh Air ternmry of |fl] ex:
ov?r Soyr York. New Jersey, Pcniii.ylvaja.ft,
Connecticut, Massachusetta, Vermont and
Now Hampshire In el. 11"? Ottle?, town?
and villages.?<-ted M
and extended the Ubsrty Ol round?
irg fields and woods and streams to per?
t'.es of chiidirn rnryin? in nnmber fron?
t?n to three hundrad and fifty. Of ?
placea Btnchanton, S. v. entertain*
Unreal single party. PtttafleM. Haas-,
however, td sis rar?
id ru i, s. v..
Art parties sf ?tiy each, while Cortland,
?i and Delhi. N. v.. each i*ecelved ?
Of nne hundred or more.
Ta make-II poaMMs for the Tribune Fund ;
.... pt\ h (ti NtMfi work, a ?-cn-rous j
? io ,t> i. ?
Hitrlbut? d in the
?rears of th?- fund's aalstenca.
of ti | SOU
I . ^h An- craaada la, In fact,
tlon of the bin adth o Its ap?
peal At "on* and i I '?* th?
name of ? boy .'ho for two
weeks saved his pennies and ran errands In
older to ?end ;? ?onti iluiiion of tl CSatl
to th? vacation (tend At ti.? ethsff ?rid ap?
pear the bames of men and wome
foi the groslnoaa of
' t?rpr1*r?. who pave their hundred? or I
thousand!? to t Mr cause.
Nor wen- the given confined to an
B, The;? were contributions from
I .on don, from Paris, frota '?-rmati water?
ing placea, f;-o::i Texas, from California
anil almnit every Othar Stats In the Union.
A member of th? Canadian HottM <'f ?Com?
irons, who may or nay not have |
commercial redj-rodty between the two
preat North Am.iriran COUalnSa put hlmsslf
on reeord as heartily la favor of t;
procity .if ehaslty by sendlrK a substan?
tial ch??k toward the relief of New York's
poor children.
Among the frt?aad4 who foe years have
not failed to send petal?. to the
Tribune Fund were Andrew ?Carnegie, Mrs,
Russell Sage, .Mrs. Dien B .lanv :?, B, Par
del Bmttlk, Hei- h C J ilUl?rd, J. P. M
Alfred Vandertult. Colon< i AstOT, Edwin
Gould, Helen Gould. Mrs. Moni
Vanderbilt, Jacob H. Schilt and A
money whloh passes thioush the
hands ?' th? trssaursi of the Tribune
, however, na tsptaa^atgthe
Iota! azpspdlture Involvi ? In pr?**Tldli
vacations for tha Mli ahlldna*. Than
nth... r eapportars of
anaaas n?aies do not aropear in ths U
givers purilishi d ftOU ? ? day la th?
columns of the Tribu? ? ' theee ssost
lie included Un i into
thHr hom<-8 and sati rtaiaad t.
dren ment: i ?? a? nol recelv?sd at
the various Trihue Pun' bon
Among them also must be mentioned the
two largest contributor* to the fMotn of
the summer's work?John B. Pareona, who
spent thousands of dollars in Df-OVldlng
l*?*apltality for five hundred < hi.dr. n at St.
Helena Home, at Interlaken, Moss, and ?
tohn *?' : l< who not <miy entertained
thr?*?. hundred children at Tenafjy, N. ,f.
but provided for their transportation to
and from that place as weli Nor should
the kindness of WWX* B. Klliuor h% tot
gotten. A party of seventy ?tight children
owe to him all thanks for a delightful two
weeks spent Is Ml about
liamton. N. Y.
I ?r . atrlhutlbaa to tii? Wreak Air
mad? by the church ; ?Ol
and ? ? ' S. Y ,
f v. bl? h m
? i ?-?ill? n. ?? provU ?. for d i in the
?lelroads Render Great Aid.
In ?
llroeds v. n- ii i
- i.t (hah
"? .i. tt?
: tha
i dean thai
? must bavt ? uV(,
Ki i!" '."ithnn?- Puad hom*s the WOrl M
? .,- iii
f recent yam
Home, .?i Chapal M tfa|n
d?svoted i?. th? i nt? i talnnv at ol ?iii
'he usual Kn-'i Air **? ||*re tl,
misses, ranging rn a|
?,..,,, tl ? -
upon He ahoul
?lern of th. .iweii. ra in r
U*H Bethany Cottage, el
?ntinued ... a .?.?,,, for old? i
choaaa h-, tt..?i ..,., .,
its hospital? n- i f-.ii,ii,.?(- when o
?? tub? r. ulo . i, ., , ,,,,
valeeeanl cbitdr? ougb bos
Pit?is and .1),,,,?.. v.. eared for .il the
.Mi?dU?iown.??f,sher. Home.
The seaaon taw una scrk v\i,.,i
mlghl be ten ??i th? planl of th?* fand f?
tiic . h it was plannet
anttnue the home far aaderaou
V . ?brouKh an
? t hut wor)
waa pingieasing lapidiy on tin? Aahokai
reservoir, within the Umita of arhtch it h
ni Um close of the staj
of the Ural party, boerev?Br, the work oi
sw roadbed of the Ulster ?*. f>
lad hail approached so near the boni'
as tu make it seem to abandoi
t tir (dace a' "i *
?? effort iia'i been made to Qnd ?i alt.
In Hi" region foi a home to tapia*
abandoned one, bu! as yet none ha?? i"*?-i
found The teattmony of the pbyel
ami nurses who have watched It as to th?
wfitidr-rfni ttneiewj ?.'Agi*' branch of th?
| mhI's work **rould s? em to maki
it aaaodlenl thai no time bo lost jn ?r
lanetng fur Its iw-****taMlahinent
'i h" other homes maintained under th.
supervision Of the fund arere all devot?-,
to the regalar work of providing fresh air
ittary surroundings and ?
country vacation for children to whom pov
erty bad broogh! Ind?*?acrthable privation
bul upon whom dleeaae bad no! laid Iti
Th?* hlstor* of the work Of the Tribun.
i-, n history of advancem. i ? In et
Helene* m. aeaaon of lili trltneaged aev?
? i .... i tOpa in thi.4 fllrertlnn
Ptomlneni among ?h?"?"? waa the effort u
n greater efOdency a! son." of th<
homes thin.ich segregation of the seaei
The Shepherd Knapp Home, a? Utchfleld
? onu . which in ascent years bad accomm *
parties of two hundred, equally <n
vlded between boys and g'.r'p. ara
devoted entirely to boya In the aame man?
ear the Paul De*rcr?**uj Home, n? Depo I,
N T., waa giran over entirely *o the u ?
Of ?rirl?, it ?as h*lteved that in havlnl
all boys or all girls at a given home tl ?
problem of managing and amusing th?
ehlldron would be greatly simplified, and
that In other respe, ts better arrangent?- Btl
could be made with only one sex to tare
for The experiment proved a BUCO
every way.
Military Atmosphere for Boys.
As a result of this arrangement nt Bhep
ImH Knapp a little spire was given to the
life of the two hundred boys by tho In?
stitution of ft military drill Only B few
moments each day were given up tO I
drill, but th? da- was begun 'v>'n ? !?U?T"
raising and eloaad with r parad?- and the
hauling down of th? eoiors Company flag*
selected, and cotnjiany tenta, whirl.
I aa rallying points for the different
group : a sei up 01 the gro inds
Toward.the 'lose of each party'? ??
ve fltill was held, which nev?*?T
? treat anthualaam.
Ttnwuga th?* generoatty or the Rev. Shep?
herd Knapp th. ? drawback ti> the
efficiency of the UtohAeM home win bo
don?, away v.itii next year For several
m of providing water to
the needs ?.f the baton has been I
hard on.? to solve, all ?he water used dur?
ing formar years having been drawn in
?regona from h eon*dderab)a distance. Mr.
Knapp, toward the Hose of the srasi-.i,
volunl i . nntrlbute ?p"? to defray the
??>pen?o of drilling ?urn a well on the
property as would meet ?ill demands. This
well has been drilled Finoe the 'losing of
the home and i? ready for nag with the
lag of the aeaaon ?"if laU
The total i f th'* Tribune Fund
- was Increased this year by the
doubling of tl ' *; of the Paul
Derer Hitherto this homo has
taccomrnodated only fifty children. By
construction at one end of the main '
lug of n good sized pavilion, to be uf?*?I M
a dining Placa. II was found poaalbie to
arrange Bleeping quarters for an addll
lifty, viith the result that nearly live
. i i d irb ?
r of Uli, Instead of two hundred and
fifty, as in former years.
fa Air aoCOmmodatiOBa wen f
gb the
kindness of the people of North Bern
ton. Vt.. and Kanis-y, >.". .1. At < :
? ?daces a Fresh Air ttea was
organized and a Fresh Air home -Tond?- I
were plae
Tribune Futid. Througboul the summer
ti.. . ?rere kepi filled with guests from
Haw York. In ? * Ot only ves the
? ? ttea
provided for its support, th?* Tribun?. 1 und
< ailed ob t" furnish trans?
:ants at the homes. To Mr?. I M.
McCullough the aucceaa of the North
Bennlngton enterprlM a kg largely duo.
The i bronSflg of the Tribune Fund ha?
one of continuous progress and
growth in aferred and ini
exerted That this ?c true I . Of ?ourse,
due to the faot that ea'*h a... ding year
has intereatad new hearts in Kg work.
al faets give evidence that ?nteres!
In Fr.-h Air work was nevar wider or
gasps** than lu Uli. Among this a*i*?denca
is Hi?- fact thai during ti." aeaaon just
i twenty-tv.?? vltlag. I had never
maalf. ited an Interest In thl
of philanthropy Invited .mil received par?
- hlldren. Even more
striking than this ll ti,.*. faet that there
v.?..-. i ?. lead ,n |$i] - onuibutlons ; ? i
fund from thirteen hundred persona who
hoi nevar befar. support of this
work. The sun received tram these new
b itora was mote than fl.':.?
.m?* of the things up"ri ?which the Trl
Fund has each year to r*e?ngratulats Haali
character Of tho attendants at Its
honiis who maki- It, ]
Air work to be something highoi and bet?
ter than I rovldli k <>t troth nit
' i.y children. As in
th?-? past, so this yar these attendanti
drawn slmosl entirely :rnm the :
liege stud.-nt- and school teachers.
? ' tal
in previ. i t?: brought
? work the efficiency which only ex
.m give.
Director's Death Great Loss.
Am;?l the aueresses of the yeeu the Yt;
buna i-'resh Air P*ond .-uff'i .?i one Irrep?
arable loss in til" daatb of the man who
for five yais. had so ably directed its
Rev. Dr. John Bs
ever brought to his work
a b? ;nt more devoted nor s g? niua i. tier
adapted to it- rwa-j|iwmenta than di<i this
truly great man. Taking bold of the Fi. >.i
Air work Mt the p"iii< Where lus t
tasssr, the Rev. ?ViUerd i**a**ao-ae, had left
? ontinued and augmented ll
What executive ability he Combined wiih
hla greatn? ; the thing thai ara
I is in tin' wot i. : bos . He f?. ind
.?.me Find g great oraa-riMUoa for
? t: children t<> trie i bunti ?. bul be ?as
no! content to contlnae it wit:. ti,m ,,?,.
il?- f?'it that there wer?* te f. m i
among the multitudes "f the p. oi
Children whose fase. ?,,,.(, deserving of |
Bl irtlng with this i a
?car. ful Mudy of otmdlti-ms
I mlghl be ? all? d i poll. >
dt of this waa
babliabmenl "f th? h<un? f.?r under
noui-ish.il children ai Bhokan, ?he hornea
for oonvaleaeenta al HHQIaiuan and Dc
and th? I ? oldei girl
?os it Chapel inn and Hethan-.
'In? point to Whl? h at...-.-, all oth'ts h.o?v
??*? ? Di Derla directed hla attention was
?he in? rfSMiig of the IWWMUea Of the Fond
during each year or bis Intmmbenfy *h i
numbei of contributors wenl up b? i. ins
and bound? I! >; auffielen! ?o sa-, m mit
i thai in five years the numbei oi
[?copie gi\ing annually to th.- cause whl h
i.'iv so aear ti." h? ai I of the area) I. id? ?
baa bean tacreaaed from Ml te 9, Kb,
Dr, Devina left behind him ? host ?,f
trisada la ail walks of h'", hu. esptsctelly
Ibouaaads upon thousands of little friends
among the children of the ? rowd? ?i t? n<
men! house? Thi y i ad eat n blm la the
? baractei Which sult?1 him best and h d
i .mi.'d to luvo bun. Foi yaara to como hla
Will ye h name to . onjure with amoni- the
r.aiiu n of ih- Bast B
-. al i? pari la si f"i
? :...?,. ? ' I HI"
?sea ledged ...,,,
Tu. ? *'.*?**?-* ?'-*
, , nnti.D'ji.er? : i th" Tribune
... . ?taoooo
raui . .. MT.s5e*>
i fr,r eliil
MT5 01
? nt? in In?
iligatfn? and prepar rg
? hildmn f??r Ih? i ?? ntl IsI ""
? ; '?"
k?ia ni
Mlddl? ?
? Sertti m
\'i.. ?' .
me expenaea at re
?nd ln?.!vlduala ? -*~ p*
Run i'rl in" i ! "OB"
11 ?nOfll Of viii<-|t
com rlbuted for th ?
,, irpe-M l.jsl a?
? ,< -.sbford Hill, N v '"'?' m
I.MS , I
?pen? .? of '?? ."???>
, ?iii.li. i .-.inI :."? ? -
,-otni of i?"*-"' p*r?enai IT.40SSS
Co?t ol main! ilnlna I
s?\?->i b?.me? ??? \ ' *"???
Hill, : ' okan and I" i OtH.
i-!,.,).-' H
Baneway S i .
Mtcbdel 1 and I I
i 'onr. . a hero .*."..'I
ilrei: ?...-?i-, ? -
isino'l for t**o wtelu
mor? :in?l ? it
Batanea en hai ?! ,-'"'vj
S'ow Y"'i-, Jfovembei 3 1*11
u'<-, thf undersigned, And m
tlon nf the boobs ami account? ol I h? i rm
line -"real* Air Pund thai 11
. . during Hi
H !?.?;. a ht? i? Include
hroughl ?iv? r from tl
m of U.9 '? ? -'?
l.utlo,, ?.. the Proah Air hmn?*a, ami thai
?? s expensea have been HI*'? 15 a? 'ording
,;, m?nl ti i vouch? rs s ?
i:s by ti,?' sctlna mana a? of *hi fund,
'? ?
We l,t' "
has b#en made for tha actual worli ol
ine th? ?. . ,. ' of the fund i
rountry ami f-r the malntai an?*e and i i ?
of the horn? el ?Vshford Hill, Bhokan and
P"pos.t N v Chapel i tilt und F*>n<
\ .t . and r.ltcl Del i and I ? onii..
excepting ?erial
poatag? :1 ' ?"'
utatei itb
'I: INCW I.VNl'K si r:'i.-"N.
Auditing i tt? f the Tniai
in? Freeh Air Fund
The Work of Thirty-five Years.
For ' , ? ? ' ? "?' lum?
inary 1-? aubjoined of what ins tie? n s? eom
M Air Pond dur?
ing tho thli t* ??? a ?
Up to date It
? ?uni l
V * n I ? > \ ? <? k s Ex I
'.- - . ??..?
i <-:??. i ,oTS ...???? .?. :
i si i. 2,10? ??I - ?
. -J . in ?. MU 7
I?.?.1. : ? '
iss,.-. ... R Ml
18R3. i ? 14.90! ; "?"
i^i. n ie.Tf?d 11
is-.-, . m. ,
: s,,-, . -
iss-. .? :
. i-.'.i '? ? ? ? i
iss?., 1M.S7? ?
1?B0. .._. 11,10.1 MM 11
ispi. i ? - ? ?
. i.'..??.: tl ?
,-..:.... i . i'; i W
1994. 10.171 ' - fi ' I '?
i as.*,. a.o2i iii.si- . t t;
; v... . 1 <? ?? ???
?fni . |i ? ? 2 8?
I?'.i- . 7.10"
: .i..., . .. ... H.OtKt
ipon. 1 ?? i* - '?''?
._ ?i t-j-,
. ?..is" - -i i :??.
l,m l.. s 7 | |
il,. ?-.. :> .s.i
I "??:. . . _.. *.s.ii
I0OT.. * ? ' ? "?'.':??
1001. ?.?.-'? n n i i i I :i
VI'".. ' " i "
. I ?I? .'. 1!
Tors!.?.'?' 312 ?<?*? '.?'?'
Art Commission Overrules Mr.
Stover, Who F.avored Concrete.
Old Row Bridge, In Central Park, i
la in a dsi odltlon, la not to i s
replao d by ;? bridge "f reli I
a plan ad*.? luoualy by V:<n. ?
n i r st.,?.- r, in ; pite of the ? I i
tu ii by the form? r laadi Ite? t.
Samuel Parsons, i:. The latt.r --. ..ilii ri'i'
glva hia spproval to tha ?
th? historic old iron
bridge should he rebuilt of th? ? n
terial and along ths same Hues.
AllnoilKh iiiiinths ;?fter th? BtOVO -I'.r
sons dtfferen ? in the matt. t. ?
of the former land tear?* archlte<cl i? now
haeke.i up by the atntdetpnl Art Com?
mleaton. The bridge muat i-'r--' i:it ae
eord ig to us original design ;,nd of th"
nain? matarla]
?toner Ptover WOUld m iks DC I Ml?
? !? :-<Ihv '.ii the netkiM .
mission, ii" h'id something to gay, however.
In fnvor of h!s r'an for rebuilding the
"it win pi obably he ne? i - -? ? |
fifty yeais to fbuiid Bow Bridge if Iron
? i." be aaJd "H v.< nid p
forsv?tT if mads of ? oi
An appropriation of *S;.has beep made
foi the rebuilding of i he I
grid the l'a; i> ? ..i ?
ter was now In the hands ?.f th?
? .nilmis loner ^--<\-r he
? ?.id weatbei still can ?? Ik- t-?
. .-n more dani tha -? nt,
ami it la probable thai i- da ti la i
not be i"" rnlttsd to use it in the near
One Irishman Defies John Bull?
McAdoo Approves Drama.
'"The riiiyhov of the tVestern World" tl
Maxlne ?lliott's Thsatrs had an audience
compoaad in ;? laige major!! ? of \,'.ii-ii
;?t tin- matinee peeterday afternoon, an?i
perfiwmancc wenl off anKKithly, th<
only Interruptions of Importsnce
laughter and applauas of * the usual v.?
rlety. AI the point la the arel eel where?
excltemenl has iKagun In pretrious per?
formanoea there ware two at yea
tcrday's matinee, both coming from a
??if i hree men In tha hat k i oara sf
the lower loor. At t,,.- Mcond signal foi
a i impus, u'h'ii ths Etayboy anno
himself as the ni irderer ?>f ins father, tha
sain?- three men sddsd three mora
aii'l two bo
Between ! I ilrsl and aecond scl an
Rngltsfa actor t-'" i'?^^? behind tha Irish
patriota reproved then? aeversly bul
gantly loi thslrconduci One of tha Irish?
man at*osa aini proclaimed lila rlghi In ???
loud voloe, ahareupoa ?la plalnelothea
rm n hui i??i "' ?i f' '?m H"' '?' h? r aide of
the th? iii?-. -.tui a csfialderable perl of the
n mili oca rosa Ui I brtr f??? ?. < . Id? ntly hop
Ing foi a wrap.
wii-n ths patriot u,m told thai be mufl
i,. rjulel o? I a pul o it. ha ? an! ?
I ?vill be put OUI h, a l;..|- ii:.|.i or
,i nlggi i but "??' by ?' .lohn Bull " 'l hl
pea ted la Ice end then aal do i n
Thereafter tbaoe eras guiei until tha ? ad
of the
i'bi?.i Mnci tt.iie McAdon, Srho an? :i?l?d
ths pia\ :?s esasor on Tueada) nlgl
1 lo lha Ma or ?*estsids: thai the
plR* ?va^ ?mit? harmless Rn<- ?
: ni? i ?? < ?t > i?-, i io m ill. n this rllj Ph?
.\ln>oi ?aid after recelvlni Ih? reporl that
tho pity ?? ould nol be Int? i nipt? d I
authorities and bo a<~tlon arould be mken
10 th.- theatre'.- It ?Oil*.
n. m*j i' Mon? i. ??i Mo ?'? Ki | t? n ?v?
Broohlyn, translator and ? iMa 111 ? t--*r
ioi tviiiiiiin ir Oraos .v. ? 's, ara
ratgned ir?nrt?n*day morning m the Tomba
?'.??-il .'lui r? n;an.l"l la avwnl I Ik
..ut. ?un?' of ;,n Investigation bj the
grand Jurj Mon?1 a*aa errent? il on '
<?h\ on i chara? nt forging n aahl? ordei
tot II''?'?" v. hl.-l; ni port? .1 to have b.?.n
:. ni bj ii?- i- it? - ? niutlvc of tha Lira?
firm .it Lima, i'?r?i.
does not risk his principal in specu?
lative enterprises rut se:kr, an invest?
ment wh ch is unquestionably s-fe.
Nt investment is more profit?t le,
in the lorf*. run, than our Guaranteed
You can put out, at any time, any
amount from $200 up with the pro?
tection of our guarantee.
So investor has ever lost a dollar
Capital S Surplus' . *8,(>OO,OO0
176 B'wav, N. K. 175 SemRcn St., B'kJyn.
.?.so riiton stu Maaafca.
Decision Expected Within a
Short Time, McAneny Says.
Selection Narrows Down to Our
of Four or Five Localities?
Courts Need More Room.
justices nf ih< Supreme Hour! and law?
* ? ra v ? i finir over the h? ?'
m ;."'iirin/ s new notirthnuse irlll be glad
In l?*arn I * Board ol
? ?
?i i ?rigor ?
. t til ?'? : ? ild
It mus! ......
f aa b. ?< n ? ; i Borough Pr.
McAm nth i**4>ntixr*ler Pren?ergaa!
and Pi ? . r the Board of II?
. - ,i .,.mu ??
the Board of Relimare, -.-. - ?? : Sine?
? Btltwell ' ?
. he Be itlmata als . tenths In *
to ael? et ? ? snf. i !
enees ?
attended i
Margan J O'Bi I? ;. chairman of the ?
? -. .-iii t n; Oi
Ht ir York Chap!
ntlng mrtont rlvi? l
A .-? Bard, of t Bar As o atlon, and
John DeWltl Warner, ot the N'f**.' fork I
Count i i
"While i eannoi say thai ara hare
. aa i't on ?i ?i*e.
? ro fur ?? to r> tlo.ee the
?ton i?i one of f..in or Ihre altea between
Canal and * i ra streets ntci aaat <?:
Breada i pre
... t... thoui I t of and the problem it
of ?? a Board < I Bal
i? th? 'Ik ?
? . . time I
on aa the I
o .? of the v a;. Blm ?* tl al Um .
? . ? been
South, bank.
He returned to-.i i* tad ara are goli ?.- to i ?
? doa . to b '.'? 'o the alt?
v.., i-, w? .-M??? ? t to have aame resulta for
Pi ' : ni M \ti-ti-- said that I -
t?.-"? ?<-?;<? MM In i i.. tl
Ing from m proftMatonal petal of ? ' ?? i
gone * ? to make Is ?pa of
th?? adrantagea of * ?arlo
The Beard of Eatl ite hai in I?
: m :. ?*.. ? ? ? , '- h, i ? tobet
? ri ?.it?*, bul they bava ne
l?t, m? . 'v.'i???>?. of ?h- rx
i !?-'?x.rl-'l ." * .
rig Fund i. la
art** Nlaeted
\?.':i i
? Um?
...ll 1? tn K, ; ? ?
njrthing ilk?*
fair ri
i d? siga far the
i (all ..> th.* *'
This will lake samt Una
unto?* the site Is sel.
ground I rokeo
In the . i-.inuiii"
?A-ork ? Court la being
. . of iltable
bardl ? I
t.,,k" room for H? ai I ? Ho! I ikl i, n h i
?-??at a? an ad H
Won't Tell Police How He Got in
Water Past Strike Cordon.
I by t wo deckhands, i hai lea
Alton, of 'ii* ferrybaal Ore? i t, of the
Asioi la ] ? i a man from <
day morning To do tbta I
i ?., i n i hla i lunt?*noe?*d i rail da
to tha Am . *r.-fr'-.in
The man ? aa tak? a to the Reoei
tai b Dr K? ni H< aald be aa i
rh?; . . mi . I? ? trleian, with no
but lat. r told the phyaieiana
hi 11 William Shot Idan, and
thai h" ii'"
The pol '??? "f the Baal Htb street atation,
oi.!.!. i| that |
?lan be detained al the boapital Thers
?? m tita antor?a Marble
Toi Ay foi sen and detsu tivea
hart ' ling tii? premlsei The po
lice i i eould aoi nave reached
the wharf of the marble works by paM*<ing
through tb eomiaujy'a yarda wlthoui being
seen, and that he rel I to say haw be
hod tallen Inte the tie* r.
Captain Alton spoke In praise of the a i
of hi - craw, Prank Kemp
?uni Thomas Wood, had helped to save the
drowning man.
Theatre Management Apolo?tidd. and
Rumpus Will*Be Forgotten.
... i'fi The al ud< nl . umpu i
.?n th. m pe? Ion Th? iii" i ? i ;
day and the flghl with the :
-,'. hi. h foil. '???' 'i ' .'n be ' "i doa n n ? Imp!)
?in cpiaode In "town and gown hla!
No referen. i ids In Ihe < Ity ? 'ouri
to-day to I ( l?outo Bom? laler, the
and Joaeph N Rwli
been a Pi In. ?ton al udeni
-i hi sai h or ti..
? th. m were to be beai d Laal Sat?
uiday ' ix ^ ale : lud? uta bad theli ?
outaM? IM ?court i; ?? a-- latan! f
. toi ' (.plained thai the raaea of Bomelaler
and Baring had baea illaialasad adth ? ? l
of II again i each The otb. i stud? ni i
had no coa! to pa]
A-* no gtudenl had i<- rwA court iniii'h
'? DO iii'Mi.y into ll,.
??fair irl ol the rale faeultlea
Ti." poli< ?- n mi <i" nothing mora, and I
alleged rough lian.lllna <>f the ?'inlrnts hi
? i... rjoi I? ? ? . .?ii ..
ha? mad? an .? nio?
to " - student i
Tl "m o i i: -trat i"i anduhi <
Pati o k .ii' r? m m enjoyad" by
blm, were espi* i ?.? .i from bl.nn.' y? ||
? ?i the dynamite <?*., *
' I "l.tnilniH .iv fpi|.
'?''*? ' ?' ??oi.'iifr'??? jiii > m cm
I Hal! - ni.iii |-|;, Im>
held thai i hsrles w . i - II. t !? imfltter
?hirtj no- y,.., , ,.\a ?n n,, u.; ifnii
rlipt't. who was killed in th acctdenl ram?
'" I'l deaf? in .m explosion ?Juu to "un?
known taue? -. '
New=York Tribune's
$15,450 in Prizes
Beginning Honday, December 4th
Contestants will he required to write their answers upon the
eon ?inn which will be printed on jiagc 2 of the Tribune
every day during the Contest. Answers must not
he sent in until the Contest is closed.
You Should Be Thankful for the
Opportunities This Contest Offers
I My answer? to The Tribune's Book?
reader?' Sample Pictures are tu follow?;
More Than a Thousand Rich and
Valuable Rewards for Suc?
cessful Competitors.
DO you read books?
Do you know the names of books?
One might as well ask a person If he
knew how to walk or talk, or if he ever
heard the name of George Washington. Of
?ourse, every one knows the names of books?
knows the names of hundreds of them.
Next question?Do you sec the sample Book
readers' pictures published to-day?- Just to try
your skill for a few moments, place your hand over
the coupon upon which the answers to these
sample pictures are written and see if you cannot
name the books from memory.
The Tribune is publishing new sample Book
readers' pictures every day in order to acquaint
each and every reader with the nature of the
Official Bookreaders' Pictures, the first two of
which will appear :n The Tribune on next Mon?
day, December 4.
This new contest of The New-York Tribune
nlleis another opportunity for people of all ages.
Men, women and children will all be eligible to
compete and try for the rewards which will go
to the successful competitors. The contest has
been especially designed on new and interesting
lines, and is already exciting widespread interest.
i ?? prises ara ont \ $:<.:"" Btssrna i?ar
i? <,rt'.' ??<! m t a < at* tea tant who aubmlts, according
to tin U tha coi roc! o
? aoliitloni to the ani i ?arias of ?itn.-uii
Bookn idsri i" turoi T si i is worth a
a.i m.inv .ir.< of ? II m?? i ?- sscurod by
onlj toe i aura of ? I? ?r thinking and planning on
? of th< ful eontMtant
Tha second grand prisa is .1 ihm It.100 White
ig <'.?r. and ths : ? a ii boars Is Miili
In .-ill there .-H,, ten hundn
t in 11 v. . 1 ?. 1.1 -. to he distiihutsxl t?> thoae -\
? i\-?iic of the plctui'? mit the
. .1 . on ' 1 ?in.--'' ?*i ?
TO COn? : of I so 10
. ti.111 s ovi the ? ? ? . ah Ich
? na > ?-iumn, Bais for 1 oui
?If ?? , ei \er \ ?"i ilo um ti ??i: |i m orth your a
np ire .it Icaal nft? en mil uta? each -: 1 enter
tructlva <*o ?1 I
\n ? a .-?-?i. m '.-, of ihla . . ? 1 ? , ,.i
i..'!i!;i",i t.. Muppl) ths nal
? .1 eaented. ?fin?? the
im in*?; of the bool ?. \. ,. 1 ara portra? ? 1 h 1 ?? lllu?
tratlona svlll bo rediulrad upon the part of the con?
i T plsn mski on tes 1 slmpll? n y
11-"it and 1 du? ? - i I eirors io s
Ths Tribun?
i. ;. .1 1 : . ne, evi rj ?
Those who live ??! a dlRtance have exacl ?
oppoi * mit ? ? - 1 ,. ? -i groatsi Non
? .1 ? ? ? ? 1 .i:.- old, J ? ? ? ? n ?-? ?.r
middle aged
, ondltlon nteal are auch sa to 1
tel v fa) r a ad a?iu? 1 ?
?loal ? ' ? ratest akllI,
? ubmltting :
ill utand 1 *
Kurel) (-on it j ou ha ft
? . npporl mltj f? 1 Intclll?ent recreation an 1 1
rin Ins of ' '" ? ample rewards si sre offei 1 1
Ti ihun? '.'
sin I- th< ad to tin Read
? .
n ? ri guiar 1 ? der of
S'ew-Yorh Tribune flail* ? .1 Knndsy, place an order
agin -?-i \ in -
.1 , opj ol ibi " ?i?-1 evi pj ?i 1 froi nos ?-n
,P. 0. A?dra/.-??^
T*t ?bo? ?how? --..-' ,4tm ? i?e? skoal? ha t!t*4~ta
i'. coupe-?, ?.hlcS ?!i| t* Pit,:!hi*4 ,n sets 2 at The
Tribu... tirry day
lixplanation of the Ncw-.ork Tribune's
Bookreaders' Contest.
Every da* for Bavant; ihm?* ? 7.". ? dava thare will
appear In Ths New?York Tribuns (Daily and Bun
da) Editions) Two i-i Illustrations, <?.-*11.?.? r?-- or
other repressntstlona of tha nstnas ???' booka, Ths
?Tribuno will awafd tan butidrod ;ui?l thirty-all
im . i to Tribuns renders ending in the n? ir? i
corrael mswers to ths entire aeries of book Illus?
The corrael namei oi books to be Illustrated and
to serf's sa -i baais ?I awards ara being selwtuHl l?y
? nt? ; ' i " partm< i?1 and \\ ill i>?- Includod In
Hi?* New-York Tribune's Bookreaders' Contest
logue, which will b? published aa a guide and
referan ? ? i"i eontastanta use, Ths correci hst of
; mi?'? will be placed under seal In the safety d??
11,ah dapartmenl of the National Park ii;mk, where
II v.in i?.iii???ii until it is railed for by tu?'
ludgea al ti"' cloee of the ron test, To compete
foi ill?- pr?tes, ron testan ta mus? give tha name ?>t'
the bood ? aactl) a?*cordlng to I ho wording, apt
and i""1' limllon sa published In Hi*? Tribune's
?onkretdere' t*ont?esl tTatologiie. Five (S) different
pei 01 '?ii furnish the Ideas and different car
i,?.ih.-i. ail! dram the I.k Illustrations, The Mr?
t..?mi-is "ill ii"* even know thi an wars to tha
I pi? nu. . i he] draw.
1. The 1 ?????it i - id? 're* fonlesl i? i?p*n to ,i|| ,??,?, r,
?r in? I'.iy "i.i Sunday Tribun?, ak<-eptlng en,pi.,
un ob?ra ?r iheli famille
2. Contestants mu i *? ? i? - ?'?? namea of th? hoou*. r? |..
i ...,i..i i-, h ? llltistt allons upon th?. raupen provide?!
i,, i ? t. .. lad whteh III ?pp'-bi <>n Pern ?? ,<t The
i rlbun? iDel in*l Siimiajrl ? ver- ?la? during th? ? ?.,, ??
:,f the ... "H?, -nu. "i ?newer? may b? written v.hi ,,.,,
!,..,,, ?> i,i i. i pawi ittai
:i r ?? '? i-i imm ?? ?i-??'K-i.'s lb? nai.r omly ot? ril
hn-.i , and ?? ?'in i il l>< i.'i.H???! la ?-M. h..
name at in? aalhor, n?lj ih?* iltl.? Bam? of t,,
,? .ni ihr ?rill i aniMtantt hi. hoi
? ?Mu ??,' ?i.i"-' ' ?mi Hi?, ?ii i- permutad to
?end tu? <-'i "ii"?? "* i" aseb hook picture, ir ih?
. ?ncirrfct aii?w*ra will not coun*.
agalaai th? ?out?
4. O .'. aaswara may ho nritt'-n upon a ?Ing!?
??^ti?. rouiioni? muat I-i use?! for 3?1<iit.oii?l an
? i rowpeni of tb? ?am? nnml-ir must ba k?"pt
In m king up the ??-(. Where i-.-mi?-uru ?s-l?h
nal ramea ?* tha ?m- book Hlui*.rat:on
may do ??> ? I fll.in?.' out th? ?nflra coupon.
? ma) b? aubmltted arlth tho answers If contestants
III not < "Hit fir th?:n.
i of i family may ??ompet? In the
on? ' 11 aal of answer? win be accepted
'?v..iuai cont? ihui Participation :n ajiy oth?r
Will not deSiir any on? from anter
, ?
?i v.i anawera muai b? !'.?'?! until tho entire serlei of
be?n printed in Tho Tr.buna, ai.4
,-i which ans^or? a-? written nv:?'
. ' : fai ire!) t-.gother
?? toldad or
rollad, plainly a.!.; - th? NEW YORK TKIBrNK'S
Rt'lt.MIN'O, NEW ?ORK CITT, wit.iln tho t:rna epeclfled
7. TI ?* time f?. inawara ?rill bora no eKf-.
upon ? rlth Ch?a exception: All
hear pomuinrk i : mailing of
iter i ...h midnight, Saturday. March S, ISlt,
iim dad to the ' -. In order.
bar of correct ?nsn-i ra aent in to tha
n of ' ?? "l: Illustrai'
Car, to ?ho contestant
e^ndiM? In the laraeat corr?tci ans
? White Automobile, to the contestant
sending large?! number, and so on unttl .i:i
the pris? i am >r led,
In Ih? .\-iit of i tie betweaa two ft) or more r**
.- In Ih? larraat number of
? ... small eat aun-har of duplicata
eoapon?) will b? d clarad the winner, whe-o
i .\ m .- . subm t ih? lama aumhef at
?quaI number of duplicate .mower-?,
:h?- on- ualng tha l a?-t number of caupeaa wiil bo ge?
he? ? Inner.
V,i axami ? "A" i "H' nr? two if2i contestant?
(Mm ?end in ?he foliowlna number of correct answers,
dupll? s and co ip ?
Correct Ans, Duplicata Asa. Coupons used.
\ . It" t?it n\
B 130 IM "in
??\' ?? ?? the pri.:>- because, although he used oaa it)
more roupon ?han "B." h? sent in only l*?a dupl:<*a?e
B s" i^s. oi l leaa, and displayed greater ?kill.
In C??a two '-. D OI ? p'isona submit th? ?ame n?im
i er of .... ?,-? answers and tha ?am? num ?er of d-iplb-a'a
, of pirtur,??. together with
:uiiiii>,'r of coupon?, th? valu? of the prli? us
will i"- divided equally ??n?i f these t>in<.
\ i; h.i of ?Three ?'i' Jude? will i? selected by
Ibune from dlaiatareated cltlaeas, who will take
, : :zes strictly as?
i" " i of tsswera la securely faanaad to.
ih.- conlsataal win be permuted to stamp with
i ni.i? i - rial? his or her ramo upon tha
I i omli th? full ssma sad
n. I dress ii. Ih? majority ol coupon?, pio\ided ?hat such
? ,\r and full address ?re plaints nr:?r?n upon tha
Issi ?I-i "'?? coupon? ol the set, where spa.?- for a?ma win
?I- I In due .re '.
t the <',o?o of the eOSteSt
lam Stan's seal all packages oon?
lalnlna ? :' 'hi' P"?'??'- ?herr?n
i it? "i two ? ?ata 'J aanta) an
ounce of fraetlon the eof Pell your Poatmuster thst jaaur
package of answers contain? written matter and must ha
t th? I J '?le.
-.ii rommunl? umn? or Ictten of Inquiry cane? ? :
okreaders' L'onlesl must he addressed to the CON?
?? NEW-YORK TRIBUNE. 154 Nassau
?. New Vork ritv. _
1??:t.'(IO 1 ii,--l';i??enjier Sleam? \ut()lliohl|e The
I . K. Meant? < ??iniittnv. Ilr.ia?lwav and .*>71H SI.
2?a*..'HO IThite louring ? nr. Tho Willie (oni
p:?n>. Kroiiiluii? ami .*>'I?I M<
:?_l_>.'.jn?i Bo-H-ker \rt pia?.-r Ptaaas. $l.o.*o eaeh.
t lloe.ker. .>? \\r*t SSth tot.
:,?spiio I ran. i- Races tri I'luver l'lmio. Har.m
l-i.h,, ?.inipan?. Ill I a?l MRth St.
ft??Hou Aaderaaa Pia.? er Pian? The Anderson
Pian?. < ompenj. ??O Fulton st. Fir?<nklrn.
;??7.^0 Ir.m. i? liaron Art Player Plan?.
K?a?SI.CSS. lit? Hing Piano?i. ??IM) rarh. Wing
\ -on. Ninth A?e and I .till tot.
10?h? * I,rtno rwe Hoeckcr Art rtano?. $?"00 ?ud
a*0O. re.ne.lively.
I .'?$-;vi Dining Room Wulte. I rnnun A (?unpnoy.
l.M l.i-l M -l
|-_.*|II0 i ,.|,
It ? i.-,? -un tinctev Diamond Prince?? Rings. Ill ?nd
I |, re<.|i.-rt?>.rl>. I. \\. Mieel * to. 17S
Hr?iad? \>
|?l_i.-,0 < a-1.
IT?IK?S'JO 1'lNiter Dlaui.uwl Prlnre?? King?. 14.1 eg? h.
I IV. >?.-el * to.
19?:H_*I(KI ?I??? K.Mlav I eallirr Me.U. f?4i* earh. D.
I ??.i-cn ?'?iiipniM . ^t l-.ast M?l it.
(?? :-o??Mu r<aah< ft? eaeh.
:u?a*?im rash, ?it? ?-?eh.
M- IS??10 rasli. <.*? ea< h
:i7?|3l SSaS, Aui'-rlnui Thrrinn?. $.1 earh. Ainerlrsa
Theiwea < oihi-mi?. .?ii \\e?t i:ii< It,
U7-4H JSSS. I ndlee' <?r Oentienien'? Silk I'mliralla*. IS
each. "-I. "?lelnsclmelder, SI Maiden I.iiu?.
-S7"ii. IValeraiaa's Ideal Fountain Tea?. S? SI
each. I . B. llnteriuan i'oi??pan>, l*a Broad
h ay.
-tlaS. To ehe m,,m i ., .ni,-. n|-ti.?n tn "Feer?on
Vlna-atlne." SI ,\0 a ?ear. The Pearson's Put?
llxblng ? ?iiupanr, tig Ka?1 SI? M.
IS) in??.
Place an order with your nearest newsdealer at once *i
and be ready to enter the Contest in the Beginning. *j

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