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0'Ccnne.r to Act as General
Football Struggle with Penn?
sylvania To-day.
Dan Reed Makei I Ith Ho
if! in an Effort to B-.
I Eeven;
with R. B. "vVh
1 i;
cage ?'
ut h in a ? >'. ??'
It !
hr v.. nt f rther, and has
l \v"i
und Hill to I
: hi :.
."In* Trii
:.::?:. :.l I
I Moi
IT. ?:
of t'-. i ? go and th
i me of fa
arlj what atrenuot
Bttvoaaurea ?? i tnat th
taaan and cur. Il -trous fet?
One Victory for Cornell.
I'i..1.1 th. r mi Lai ea my own con
fid?t*ace in the eleven bat b ea
mor?, or earn to b
nee than th.iv wan two week
ago for any int. im; flop of l'ennsyl
% Dia'a annual Th ankegl*. inir Pay Iras'
?Wuy back in 1901 Cornell ?
Pannaylvanla on Franklin Field. I
ItiKa; a tie rame was pmyod, but other
?era have trampled all ove
th.- nn ?i .Toil lUiaca, although on mv
era! occaakma it aeema to dm with ;
t? nn not any --tromrer, if as strong
Th>- elevens h:.v" fnoad each otaai
teen t.iui-.-. One victory Ib no; m i -i
to hoist of in ?ill this i.riod. and i
nsama a pity that Dan Raed should hav.
barn fr*rc?ad to take auch draatlc netto.
in n >?*.?r when the chanoea took?
brighter than in
insylvanla has bann beat?n fou
tin*.' on. I'.rnvvn, Penn?ylvanii
Stat. the Carll le Indians and Mich
Igan t. ok tir? measure of the Quaken
it does n I follow, however, that th
i has not found, itself?in fact, every
ti. : to its- being stronger am
natter to-day t1 -.-.- time thisyeat
It must i" at Cornell t. save the seaaoi
from utter t'allur.-, and th? men wll
back up Captain Mer-or with their fnl
strength and soirit.
Cornell has Buffered two defeat! th?
season at the hands of Pennaylvanii
Btnte s <1 Chhrago. It has shown indi
cations of .treat power, however, an.
the players und.:- the lash, arc ?juit?
likely to rally this afternoon and oboe
th'ir tru. worth. They will not lack f"i
?puppori find, no far as ?an in?" learned
they reallae the mlatakaa of th.* just
Ctornell defeated Mlcblgnn, wblcb in tun
defeat?.;'. Pennsylvania, but on this lin?
th? teams to-day sr" remarkably wall
matched, ('onion, how.ver. made a bet?
ter abowlng aKiiint't Pannaylvanla stat?
than the Qua bat! diil, and for that rea?
son there was name ground to ttnllev?
that the tiin?' had eonie for a day <,]
celebration In Pennsylvania a day thai
ban aeon no long delayed. All t'iinK- eon?
6i<!erri. however, there la little now or,
wblcb to base n prediction, and I beg
the .?u.'^tion. although if I felt die]
to wagar I would caal my lot with the
?teg from Ithaca, in snlto ,,f the lag!
hour shift. In which O'CtmiMT and But
ler change pla.
O'Conner Has Harl Experience.
In tUacuaatag the i ' ange yeeterday a
Cornell man said:
"O'Conner I-, not new to the POOltlon at
quarterback. In the ?.-am.- with !Mtt?
bui'Kh in BBM-aeaaoa 0*Connei eoaunantled
th? eleven ?lurliiK the si- ?.ml half. 1??.
did the work with a pleasing * *aaap, in
?marked contrast to Hutl.r'? mon- nrainer
vatlve method. ??Tonner WoQ mnny ad?
nalrere, and although public sentiment pon?
nibiy would have applauded the abnage ?t
that time all thoufrht of ?uch naueedura
Wss abandoned.
"Practice had been aecret for soin.- time
before we lift Ithaca, hut seen had It
been open to the pul lie It Is doubtful if
tin* most attentive and regular ?ibserv? r
could have read what was In the minds of
the ? <>a h.?. Every ?nan was tried out
after the Chicago came, exactly as if it
had been the tirst week of th.- season. We
were nit exactly In an unsettled frame of
mind. M that proee.lure would Indicate, for
. O'Conner as a good poe?
aihiity. ?nit we were not aura. 'I>ix!e'
Smith ran O'Connor a los,. rae?, end
??lO'itd it t>o coaatdered advisable to r<
Heve the quarterback to-morrow Smith
will take ' PCooner'a plac.*.
"Butler is .in exceptionally :;?".,) foot?
hall player and an ??xce|,ti.,iia!ly tin" man
In the backfleM, but the eoaehaa won
no' ? ? d with his work at quntt.? in
PBcenl md with a man of 0*Con?
ly available they took advantage
of wi.ai appeared to be a i?ett.r .hole?*.
Hull?! i at I. ft half, the position
?lad \a? ant l.v ?i'i'??nner's shift, and WO
?apt?! to ?et- Mm pla) s remarkably fine
Teams Appear Well Matched.
Ineavldually th? re appears to !?<? little t.,
choose between the two elevens. Pennsyl.
v a fullba k In Captain M? rcet
who haa f? w squala on the gridiron I
and who is a likely candidate for th. Ail
America team. Cornell, on the other
hand, has nn end In "Butch" F.yrl.h who,
in my ;? ith the b. ?
who also by bis play to-day may cam aii
Amerlia or All-Kastern honors. Captain
Munk. too, Is i?ul?. lik.-iy to prove himself
of th?. best taekl.H of the BntBon
Pennsylvania h ; pair of ends in'
Jourdet nn?! YouriK, althoujth they are not
M*.ely , ?t Kyrich
?'"? . rita. iheSi i oni? il i pponcnti The
otiiti towards, buulde ol Cupuln il unk, I
? i FA WHO MAY S?IIXi-: IN ^^^
TKecords of aR?-VclI
Teams IS his Season
? OllNKI.I..
Team. s? ..re. T. C.T. OF. **. M.
kllesbanv . <???"*? ?"> I I ? 60
< olcate . O-'i a S S S ?H
(llierlln . 3-1.*? 1 1 :i 0 ??
l'enn. -laie. ?-0 0 0 0 0 lu*
VTaah. nnd Jeff 0-6 0 0 2 o r.l
l'ittohurf-h . 3-n 1 1 1 0 *?<?
William??.14*11 2 8 10 M
Mi. higan. 0? 110 1) H)
< hl? -ago. <i-o S S S ? AA
l?tala Bl-St m 9 il o 5'.".'
mu S. ?r?-. T. (?T. OF. S. M.
Gettjaeafs '?'--'? ' ? 0 S 82
F. and *>! . C-14 ?* 1 1 o n
Praaaaa . M 111* M
Dleklasea .10-22 4 3 o o :ir
1iliatio.ii 0-22 t 2 0 0 40
Brava. o-o o o o o 40
Saaaa, Mute 22-fi i i I o so
ladlaaa . lfi-o o o o o .*o
I.afttvelle.O-'-*:; 4 8 0 O 4H
Mlrhtaaa n-9 i l i I (?o
T.dal-- .1-110 18 11 :? O 422
AfeStealaUaaa?T.. teecMewai (?t., goal
from tun? lulown: (?F.. goal fr?>m the Ueld:
??.. safety: M., lime in minute*.
litt','- or nothing bo far to earn
particular loeoguttlon, although all are
naMy ateady, atroas and oonsiHtent.
Miller aeema i?> have Stted In well at er-'itr.
for <'<.!:?ll. fallowing tlit- injury to Whytc,
arhldl IMOeaaJtated bis retirement for the
in th?? beckfleld Pennaylvanta baa a alight
advantase <>n paper, a-*> Captain Marear, as
Bald ?before, i:-- almost In a class lv hlms. If,
?ahile Mlndi ' ;l carrot qttarterba?t*k. Thay
<r a pncrl pnntet and Btront; runner, p.nd
Ki'-nc(j,v a powerful lit:?- plunger and g <<d
Ive ?back.
Con ' ' ' BO that If
Whyte and Ugdarhill fail
to gel reanlta other men ?an he <?ent in
witho ? i owei -<t
. m.-.
?'?.:::. 11 has B allshl mivatita';?- Ina
bail nol enough to oannl on a dry Held, l
'?: thai both elevena save worked up
playa which ?.u provide the i
I punch, but i have Btraim
eg, ? aat In v..i eblns for j let ?
playa, and rather enpect to aee a puntlna
duel, which aeema t-. be the r?-al baekbon?
of la ;.. r ?j : - : football, v\i?en poaaeaalon ol
the bad! meana ?-1 Uttli and where the real
? ..; eucoeaa appea>ra to be playlns 'or
opponenta' anota. HERBERT.
Brown Practices -peciiil Forma?
tions for To-day'i Game
| By Tel? traph te Th? Tribal ?
Prdvldence, Nov. 19,?Brown an?! t!..
Carllaie Indiana : wall the atord t" set into
the fray on Andrewa Field to-morrow morn?
ing in whal i refute? ? to be U
battle foi th?- mast, i y tii.it the home team
has faced thla aee eon To all outurard en
pearaneea both lea we are in the in st of
phyeieal condition, On a ?aide ii?'iii at Brle?
tol, whither the entire Bream asuad veal
leal ntghl for a full real, iin.il practice wk
earrled oa this afternoon by the Brunonlane,
the ?lrili eonelatlni ? f runnlns throush als
sali formulated to covei Ike new playa and
: pedal format lone
Olena Warner and )iIh bravea, tw?*nty?
four in number, arrived by tnin Ihla marn
iriif. an?i after galas '" their !i??t?-i aeeured
it ("nvcnlf-nt field, wl en-un ;< Btgnal drill
area held, Special attention app?eered t<> be
Slven t?. Win nera eff? live cri*a*--croaa playa,
i!:? onalde McTr, and Ihe f??rwrir?i piss.
Carllale has h?-?.n itefeated only once tlds
. by Byracuae, on November IS, while
Brown has fallen i?? fore i";th Harvard
mu? fala, and baa played a ti?* arlth Trln?
ity. Ttie seneraJ "d i"" liera la thai both
teame urIM eoore, and it la H'>t ezpa?Bt?ad
that lirown will be aid- t?. v. In.
Brawn will ink-- the ii?-;?i as feUowe;
I end; Hart let t, right
taeklei QoMhers, right guard ? Donovan,
oentrd; Kulp, left suard; Krate, lift
tackl?-. Adani?, !?-fl ?fid; Bprackllng, <?uar
teri?a?-k; jt?-aii. riKht halfback; Tenhey, left
halfback; feme, fullback
The Carlisle Une-Up probably *.vlll he as
followi : Roberta, lefl and; Mewaahe, left
tackle; Jordan, i*'ft suard; I*.-r?<i.-. eentre;
right suard; Lone star, riixht
tackle; Whealock, right end; Weleeh, Qtaer?
larback; Thorpe, IctCt halfback; Areaaea.
rfghl halfback; Powell, fullback.
??Wh? ii your trtfe aeea thN portrait of
hereelf, my dear sir. ?.!:?? win be almply
dumb with delight."
"Then petal me one to hau? in every
room ?1 th?' iiiiiise! '-M?lilinore American.
H?bet Vennsyl-dania and
Cornell Will Do 'Battle
,-l*KN\H\l.\ANI%-, r-I'onlllon-v r - rOKM-.l I. -?
?At. 11!. A?f. I'luyrr. ?apar. As?-- Ht, "ft.
ISO ?.10 21 J.-urili'l High! Km! left .... K.vrlch '1 Ml lit
mu .-,.ii M Bel.l..*;tit Tacfcle hmtt Maah M Ml MB
III?. 5.09 M I ImirI?m.I'??ht ?.nurd l*fl (I'Kmnke 'il e.OO 1H?.
lf| ?100 -.>?' Murrt?.Ontri?.Miller. 20 6.00 171
!!?.. 0.00 '.':< Wolfert.IWt (.nurd Hlfht? Muiin?. '-'0 6.0! Ml
17*' yiiH ,'0 Dillon..Left Tackle Hlstil ... ?Imnipalsii 20 6.02 It?'
i'..-. ?.il 2o Vaaag.Left Bai pagan.. .TtPrn.20 5.11 iso
1U.1 5.11 22 Mind?..?'iiKil.il.i'.iff miner M 5.00 17:1
IM All 21 Ilia.cr.LsM Halfback KIkIi? llutlrr.20 n.OM luH
175 6.00 22 Kenned.?.Ills In Hal rt.a? k Left ... .Vh.vlr 21 5.07 HI*
175 5.11 22 Btaaaea .i?iiii.??w.DadesMB... II 5.io iso
AveeagS nslgMl?l>nnn.vlvunlu line. 17.'l pound?; Csansfl llm*. I70; rriiii-vUunlii
hsrhgrid. Ill| < ?irnell burl.Iii-lil, 1118; 1'i'iin ..vhunls eleven, 172i ( ?irnell ??le.rn, 175.
'lime or '4-1 in??PeOS perlm!? of llfleen minute?,. BOOM ? nl'?-.l i?. 2 o'll-uli :?l Frank?
lin llrld, riiil:iilel|ilila.
Tin- Cornell backe who changed pli .. re I big same
Lightweight Champior
Operated On for Ap?
pendicitis and
Doing Well
Lot Angalea, Nov. Ik?stri? k? n auddenli
with ao?t? appentttcttla at :\ o'clock thl
morning, A?1 Wolijast, the Ughtw? Igta
champion hox?-r of the world, lindel mail
an ojM-ratlon here to-day on tin- BVO "f hli
L"'-ri>iind hattie with the British ? ballengar
Praddla w.-ish. to-morr ?w. The operatka
apparently wad auccaaaful, hoi the pattern
will be In the hospital f"r ten ?l.'iys ?>r t'A ?
weeks, and for three montha hla aurgeoni
have warned him he muet not put Ml :
hoxinp glOVS
Wolgast waa under th.. knife forty min
ute8. Dr. .1 w. roiiani. Hi- aursaon win
performed the operatl n, declared ihm hi?
splendid phyalca] eondltlon areuld puM Wn?*
?nai ihrotagh In Ina atyte and thai in?
lighting i"\"eij would t" anlmpalred
As ?.?on ..?? the patient was in t>.
pitai Tom jone- ruahed ?"it to Und Mr?
?Wolsaat When sii?- arrived ai tlie hoept
tai sh" broke down.
"This In the first tim? A?l ha ? \ ? r I? M
ill." .she aald, "ami l am bo afraid them
knlvea win kin him "
Wolgaal appesrad to be la the pink <>f
condition yeeierday, and tbooi who s ??a hint
i. and pummel his tperili ? ? irtacra
and cavort abool Uhe a playful col! wer?
n ,i- ii to learn thai be area In a hoapl
tal thin murniii?! nt the i "lut of death
Tie champion Bhowed aymptoma of the
:. .itt:n k laal nisht ?'(i- r b ? had
eaten ;? hearty aupper al hla tral I lar?
tara Sushi palne canead him t?< complain,
bal !:?? arenl t?i bed al lft*M o'clock, Sppar?
? ntiv ail right again. At . o'clock, however,
?: manager, Tom loaee, aaM Wolgaet
awakened blra with acreama ?Phj -:
dlagnoaed the aita-'ii aa acute eppendkitta
end declared thai an Immediate operatioa
was ne? eaaary.
Freddie Welsh, who was to have bean th.
cirit:i| ion's opponent In lbs rlnK to^nmnrow
v>;ih ii|. before team, and r.reiv.i the aew
.?f w. Ignat'a lltneaa by telephone. Rrelal
bad bean training ?t Venice, a seaelda ri
"This i ? a blow. I am awfUtty m try Wol
Beat la so il k. afal i am diaappolatad b.
? tba in-ill ? m hi ?. t, i? . ailed ??it. '
\v. i.-ii. however, area! out an Iba roa?
this morning as anual f". s trorkout, uni
expr?s?.,i the mtentton "t nun ma ">,n Uh
city tins h "rriltie to "Ms if .-.n??tIt r mal '?
; for to-morrow could am be .irr?
Tin* bous?, had ????.?n m. ?! ."it ?arlv in th.
week, and the ar..?e. r?-?-. i,'i?. eatlaaated ai
i i. will h.iv. to i?. returned to aeal put
? ?t w.i- t.. bava receive*!
' II '?' ire and W*< lah $ MO Tom
M<*Can ??. i r"tn"ti r of th? P ? Ithlei
< lub inder the aunpleen of a Met? th.
? i.m V.U.H to have been held said t.. |
WOUld irv t> .irii?.'' ., lubsrjtllti I ur!
Ad W'i'liv.isf w i?? born In ?*a.lilla?-. Ml
I ?mi r.ir-i.irv ?. is?? H? began ?boalng la
?,.i had rained ?. loini r?*putatlon wh< i
' he left tor Milwaukee In IIBI In ! I
i weal to ti ? Pa? In. < 'oast ..? d m i?S? *
eonqueata Attee taking tas ii?i" ?
ehamploi si p from BatttlnB R? leoo ?t
Pol.? Richmond, Cut, In BM he r.-tnn.. ?i
lili.n and purehnned i faun He was
married la * aprinB and wenl B/eat ? ?? .:
! a month ago te prepare for the Aghl v.itn
. Welsh.
IVolgaat'i mat r;.ic. .. , ai i a nn lb.
i snnlveranry ol his ninnlnn the I ??
lie is n Bardad as > te' ot? I
i Mb t'-ir.-iit?. -.v ?
farm. His fortun? I? estimated a? i
Cadllla Mich . Hot B ' T? n m ?
nothli !? ore, bo ??? d Mi ? Joale "?*? i
Ad ?Volgaet'a mother, whan aba was told
. i ... ?? o t.? an operation fot
app. : "
Evidently fearlnj the worst she act nut
! without araltlna to pul on her eloah and
: walked two i the eel.Ibonaa to
I summon her ???her children.
Commission Turns Down Knick
crbocker A. C. of Albany.
The State Athletic Comraleaion refuae
y?-st< rd.iy to ?;rant n U?oenae to tin- Knick
erh?rter Athlrtl? Club <<f Albany, whoi
eaae baa been before th<- eommlealon f"
some tlm?-. The club, which ? ond icte
i.?..its under tl.? memherahlp law, vas r?-;i
;, ented by counael and aupported by Bave
ral w lincean a, bul after a atormj
sion and presentation "f fa? t which last
ed for lonscr than two bourn, the com
mlaaion turned down the petition, Furthei
detalla of th?? commtaalon'a atand on tb<
matter w?r?- n??t announced Tin- commia
alon granted a Ucenae to the ? melde Ceua
iv Athletic ('!n!' "t Utten t<? i>oi?i and eon
di.t boning bouta
John J. Daly, Maurice Breephart, i aa<
?Layman and H. W, Baa a, ?if Neat Fart
and J. P. Ht.iik, of Albany, >?. > i ?? appoint?
ed Inapecton of ?baaing, and Charley h?>i
Inger, of Malone, K, I? \-a.s appoints
refi i. .
Buaj tlmea an In proapact for the bos?
Ins "fans" thla afternoon. Pour cluba
win hold ??iit?rtainiii?'iiis, and ai: proimee
to he Intereating. Willi.- Jcatea and
Prankle Hufnagla, the fOrtnar amateur
boxer, will meet tot lea rouada at the
Carlyla Atiii?-ti<- Club, while J?oa Bedell
and ?Willie h? echer win match tin-ir skin
at the Irving Club. Joe tiyland and Jim
i-i-nu will fa?? each other ?it the Saw
Aaoeeabiy <'lui?, and 'Jack Hanlon an?i
I'lorri?' Hulllvan are to pei'fOIUI at the
[Maspeth Club, of Long Island.
No bouta win be held in the evening.
; Fight with Tommy Murphy At?
tracts Murh Attention.
S.u. I'i.i,. i-i ... N?.\ L''' Although local
I flghl follower? refuse t" conceds thai "Har?
lem Tommy" Murphy win seriously manaes
"Packey" McFarland's championship .?
I plratlom nrhen lh. two face each other to?
ne m .? aft? it ""'i, they win turn oui In Mb
Inumben to nritnaaa the twentj round ??*.
blbltion. Th- cane? Ulna of th? B*?*dB ??
and Weleh fight at Lea Angeles has In?
? i. ?] Interval In the bout.
Mi'l'm h.iil ??pressed himself as being
k? anl] ' ppolnt? .1 b? eauae of the and?
ten ' olla] ? r Wolgai :
? I bad ?? ah .'i. .1? eld? d 1? a< ??? r*i W I?
east's latest den," h? ssJd, "and had ilg?
mud on lighting Mm on Mew feara Day
? m the Coeat i um vetv aarry, however.
for Mm. and hope he wfU gel well quickly."
Ti.. Chicago fighter added thai he waa
?n saoallenl ooufUtton; that !??? aaatly arouM
make lbs required IB i.oda on? hour be*
fora rim, time, and thai ha putponed lo
make abort arorh of his opponent.
Murphy profenaed to be highly elated be?
eauae the omis -.ven in to i ngainat id?
ohnnoaa. and avenad thai a big surprise
waa in atora forth" MeFarlandltaa? Ha has
trained conscientiously, and husk ol eondi?
linn win ir t Bgura .i. an excise should the
verdict of Referee Harry Petey be aeatm
A iv liaus, manager of the Wenleyan
L'nrveraUy Baaketball Association, has an
[nounced the schedule for the coming sea?
son Twelve in mea have been arrang?pd,
Si Veil Of Which Will be played oil th?' llulii?
linn? The schedule is as follows; January
.;, Rhode island suit- College al Middle?
town; IS, RprltiRfleld Tralnlns Hci.i al
Mlddletown ; hi. Oartmoulh at llaaover,
i S. II ; l'. i.i na. \ :.. ('?igate ai Hamilton,
N. V.; Pi. I nlon at Hrhenectady; 17. Ma ss
1. Im-, its Institute of TeclinoloK*.* al Ml.I.II. -
.town; fl, Williams al Mlddletown; ;i,
| Iirown at Providence; tt, New Hampshire
Ml.:., .''lie','.- at Mlddletown; March *.'.
. Willi.uns at Wllllumstown, Maas.; ?i, Imri
I mouth al Mlddletown; '.'. Brotan al Middle
? 1 . I ,v t.
| I). If it. Mi< Ii.. N'ov ?'*... The affOri of
Chartes Doota, manager of the Phlladel.
I pi.la Club, to secure bin release, so Huit
he .muht acquire partial oantrol of the
Beaton I tub, reeulted in-day In ? telegram
1 from I'resid.ni I'm-.i ol the Phillies, which
Dootn re? lived barn The inenaaga stated
tha? Pogel would ciin-iiler m? deal wbfcli
w add mean Doatn'i departura
Pittsburgh, N'ov B.?The bout between
"Buck" crouae, of Mttaburgh, ami "Knock
nut" Brown, of New fork, Bchedulad here
for tu-lilnht, has been called off bcauae of
the : i 1 : i ? s? of Cruustt.
Ill l < Il I . 1 in- I 1
Cornelia star .ml.
Vennsyl'Vania tSeam
Far in the Lead
IVnn?>l?Hiiln and < ?irnell lime met at
faathaH el?-hleeii lime? ami < ?iniell hit?
.nil? mie rtrterj anil ?me lie ?anie lo h?-r
? reilll. The record felloWBI
ik?j:i?Peaoaj-lvaata >. so Cornell . o
I Kill?IVniis? h.itiia ?I ( nrnell . . . ? 0
l"'|-.?I'.-ini- ? I? aula 111 Cornell.'i
IttA reenailiaaaa M PerueM M
i??7?j-.wftraala l CeraeM . 0
IBM?Peaaaytvaala i". CaraeM ?
?.-?.?)_!?, ?n... Iianlii Ig Cornell ..... 0
laSS?renii?>l\Biii? 27 Cornell 0
1001?f,irnell i.t IVnii?.,vanlu (I
i????'.'?Pi aaartvaata II (oenei! .11
li?e:i?Penn--) !?. .ml, tl < ??mei: . 0
l!l?)| ? renil?\l\:illl:i M ( ?iniell 0
l!??!.'i?rciiiii?>l\aiihi II ( ?iniell I
ISM?r.nn?.?Uiiiihi 0 (?iniell . 0
um;?Praaaylvaala U CeeneB ... 4
|fgj?I'.-iin?..? I? aiilu 11 ( nriieM . 4
1'Jllfl?i'riin?>l??inl:i 17 ?nrnell 6
MHO?reiiii-tltanlii 1 : < .irnell . H
If ft S
Earns Popular Decision Over
Palzer at Royale A. C.
Loser Shows Skill ?and ?tumina
Which Would Have Counted
in a Longer Contest.
Kennedy, a ? lever, ahlfty boner,
won the i??i?i?lar declalon over Al Palaer
g\ | i.. ilatng Oshtei of the T'-m
Shsrkej tj pe, .?t the Royale A C, I
Brooklyn, laal ntshl Th.- bo ?
? ., ? . i .i the m m -im of \ I? ' 'iv lUfhl
in a I nger ?tl ? riizer mlshl haw af?aa
? iplnlon waa dit Id? il
Some thoushl thai the agsreaalve Palari
ii. t. hui Kenn dy lande i
i. Blei numbei "f clean blows
Kenned waa enol, clever and rraftj Ha
box? i well ai i wltb both hards, imt be
>?( champlonehlp calibre He
lamina ind enap to hi punch
which ensata a bener lo Snlah a i ?an arlth
a bl a Palaer la ? greatly Im] ..\.'i man
who* la coming all th Hi ? II? Ii ?made
:?. iir? Im -. a iih b punch 11?
aa kward al |*rea? nt, Jaul arlth the
? r.. ? ? i a t. a .n iu: i il he ?rlB
n -ii, S mate] foi the beet lb l ? ? imsi
a tons, tlreeome delay preceded lh< i ?< ? 111.
Tom LVRourke, manager of Palaei nalated
thai i'" men nshl atralshl rulee and pro
t. ,'t i . i ,,t ill tin.- l inn McKet?
I rick, who guarded the Intereeta "i Kenne?
dy, r< >malned liini for clean breaka Set
ih.-r would \i.i?l Finally Prank S. O'Neill,
State Commlaeloner >?f Boxing, was ap
peal? ?i to Mr ? rN.iii de? lared thai lean
hteaka, am laid <i"wn in iic rulea ol the
commlaolon, would be adhered to, and th?'
bout neni ?m.
Kennedy iia?i the better "f the t i ?? t and
aeeond rounda. Palaer forced the paca, bul
Tom nervouaneaa faded away, and ha
siaiiti?.i the plunging I ? ? \v. ? man with
a clever, ansppj l? ft Jab to the fa' ??
thai propped Palaer m> and drew blood
from hla nos. The tatter plunged, charged
und tipped awaj and tried rtshl after liuin.
lait Kennedy waa lik.- a ahadow for all hi?.
]?", ?-?ounda He Ideatepped and ducked
had- UK?- a featherweight. He i"-.?t his
man to th? pun? h and landed the cleaner
blowa Never for ? moment <n?l Palaer
? ? i -, to rueh In, t"it hi? l?aada were bruahed
salda and counter! alfted through hla guard,
Palaer ahtfted hla attack to the body and
ha?! Hi., beat of the wort al close range.
in.-, agsreaalve t?ctica reaped their own re?
ward, and m the iifih round Palaer ?aun- t?>
th<- f??" He punched hla man around 111?
tied conaiderably ami under tha lerrlfli
gruelling Kennedy w?aakenad. Qame i>? the
?<>r.-, the tatter tried hard, n? i?>x??i pr?t
Illy, hut hi- blowa ta? ked ateam, and the
bard) Palaer bored In and bad tha bet r
?if n it waa tired Kennedy n at Bought
in? ???liier al the lull
in the n.mi round Palaer charged in t.?
fl*-ht ??i cloH?? ran*;?-, hut Kennedy had hla
OWn I'lia.s on th.- mallei and atOOd off at
Ions rnnge to pul ins faith la Ida Bupo?iior
Hkiii at bnslns. "is plan proved to ba af?
fective Tha fiirioiis Palaer ripped and
plunged in ?'lus.-, hm on his toea and with
ins guard well i? fore Mm, Tom at.i blm
ofl with a short, atralshl puseh i<? ih<*
bead. .\n InaMe left liand hook to the Jaw
craahed boma repaat?adly, Palaer waa the
BtrOflSer man of th?- pair, ami in a few
mor?- rounds mish! have Won in declelve
atyle, but Kenn.ih outboaed him and tand?
??I the greater number of ?lean blowa
Melbourne, Auetralla, Nov. IS it is au
nounoed ii?ira to-?ia\ thai Rice will ne
plaie i.yceit -m the Ausiraii.ii, team for
the sefenoa ??f tha DaMgtil i-v Davla Inter?
national lawn tiiml ?up Mm, i\,?, liiin
lop and iii'ath ai-,- the other menibera oi
the team.
V.inkie Rogera th,- ho.ivyw.'iitiit wrosttor,
"f Buffalo, baa been s. lected as one <>f the
six opponenta lo k" asslnM Uibvannl
Raloovleh, th?- Kalian wreotler, far the oss>
i?st In Hadlaon Square Onrden De<*ember
?i. Rosera mis won aiunereua handicap ?on
tests fr. in I'r.mk Ooteh, and it the remain*
in?; live men t?> ii?? aalocted are ?if the
aanaa Mllbre, Raic-ovteb w:ii bava to be n
wander to defeat thom ?in within tare
B!G Cil ?0 SEE m\
Pennsylvania Slight Favorite
Over the Cornell Eleven.
Teams Wind Up Wo~k with Sig?
nal Drill at Wa*jnM and
Atlantic City.
i-. ?
i i ?' ?'. ?, hi i. N????? ?V The prospe. I
.it . ; iwd thai ? ? er i aw a
.... between the University of
Pennsylvania, and Cornell will pour Into |
? lie field to-morrow afternoon la
the ? Ighti ??i.th annual b ittle between th? -
nlvi rsltles. The vang ' '
i ? : h? ?? ' ' ' Wll '
... nn nt thai et ii ' lore sp. clal
I ;
roa mor:.In.;.
? ie '? mrtnd for il? k ta from i
Corn. U thai Peni ? i ad to ? ltd
additional ata t i Ithaca
? night, ah tob:. It Is i ? lhai '
?rill i s at ?'??? -t three Utnuaan*] un
;-i ? 'omell In ujv < h ?
? th'
that It ? ???'? tot th"
\-. .*-. .\ ? . une, ; d ii.:.- morning th?
? - remainind an.--"id were a few In
? ads.
There Is n t much bettln I n
but Penw 11? inla Is a slight favori!
:.., .'? odds : 10 to I Hi
however, have been placed al even ;
The probabiUtlea are tot clear, cold
N\ Ithei ?I the t ima is in the city to?
night Cornell la still al Atlantic
?i the srorh has boon eondueted with'
th. utmoel secrecy. Mot even Cornell Brad :
wore allowed to Bee the team al
w-..rk. Thera la an air of mystery around'
the Cornell quarters, and it has liven con?
Rden e to the Cornell host in this city
The Pennaylvanla aleven is still at
tV i ?? ? ??, and vviii remain there until tonnor? I
row forenoon Th?- men had a Hiiht Big?
Ral drill and a Ion?.' walk through ?he
cn'intrv thiM afternoon The playera will '
start the Kam-' In better condition than at
any time this year Th?- coaches, while not |
underrating the strength of Cornell, are
.-: tlmtettc to-night. They say that the !
Red ind Blue has no! done Itaalf justice '
in any of the hi?* BUmee, and they left the !
Impression that they ?peel the attack b>
morrow to ?.'.Iri lots ?if around.
An?!v Smith announced tO-nlghl that
Pennsyl? tnla aoUld t.?k?- th?. Betd to-mor?
row with the same lin'iip as that -which
faced Hlehlgan The Cornell eaaebea would
not commit themselves to anything but
th. Ir liga Th? haekneld, they ??aid. would
not be announced positively until shortly
before the f?ame.
[By Tslsginph to TlM Tribune.]
Atlantic <*itv. Nov IB.. The Cornell foot?
ball team, under th?- direction "f th?- bead
coach, Daniel A. Reed, held Its last prartl?'??
.?f th.- sea non on the ini. t Park baseball
field thi? morning In propatraUon for the
contMt with Pennaylvanla at Franklin
Field, rhlladelphla. to-moirow.
i.ittie was dona outside of a light atgnal
drill. Hutler and ??"'?inner mil?' BOOM I
pretty punta and E>*Tieh held the ball for
what wer?' intended to be goal? from p'ac
ment. although an hara wer.? on the Raid to
mark th" ac?'urai v of the attempt- It was
Mid that Butter's leg, wblcb was Injured
some time ago, baa entirely raooverad and
thai he whs 111 Rood condition.
The coaehea were poeaeaeed this after?
noon of i ?!?? t'l'i I'n iin.ition toward rat?
leataea They lafuaid absolut'1.? to make
?n.v predi? ?ion aa lo the probable outeoma
of the ganse Dan Raed r?Huctaatly ac?
knowleilK??!! that there were no men with
broken bonea on the team and admitted
that the team was In first class condition.
' ml o? draw any Inference from
i: ? ttii ?'?? Mc is not known
P's-irnist, and hi-. glo?*-**! hu a sem?
illan,. ..t boina B If act? I. Por some reason
or other ono is forced to feel that things
m.iv be eapected of the "bin- Red team" to?
morrow And ret Captain Hunk's only re?
mark to-day was: ". ih. ?is. I'm feeling i
fairly well fee, every one*a feeling prettj
ri"in whit can i"' BBcertalned from th?>
uncommunicative coaehea, Underbill has
made ipore ?urprtslng advances in his tantk
than any other member of the squad. "BThen
th<* Chicago ?ame ended he eras looked upon
ss Impossible.
Cornell will be strong to-morrow ?m sub?
stitut?-? Franklin will relieve Cyrtch if
the ?.-sitv ariaea Byrtcb however, la
thi* r? al baebbona Of the team, and his
presence In th. gsra? has s value, ii?- will
be depended upon t.? last the game, ind bis
losa mtghl sp. n disaster, a?*ecn*dlng to the
coaches Hals and Delano are smiting for
a chance .,t iruards, Williamson Is Bble to
play either tackle und l'rit' is backed up
by several capable, ends. Collins, Mt*Cor?
mlck and Haarklna are til halfbe**ka of
mors than average ability. Even "Water
Smith would not be laal cholee as a half
and firs! is s suhatltute for quarter. Trata?
sr Is in sddltlonal general, and Hill, Under?
hill's understudy, -v tit undoubtsdly se?.
: it' I ? ? Th Tribu
Ithaca, H. Y., N'ov 9 There was a pen?. !
eral exodus from this town this morning
and trains running ??n regular schedule,
trains running In sections as specials, dis
tlnaulshed by the dealanatlon "Cornell
royale" and "Cornell specials," started
i early this mornlni to earn the travellers
?to Phlladelphln, where to-morrow sfter*
noon the supporters of the "big red team"
will wltneas the nineteenth annual struggle
between Cornell and Pennaylvanla,
Fully twenty-live hundred undergrauates
win be in Cornell's cheering section, s.?
thai th.? t.am will not lack support. The
band, too, ?rill I.n hand.
One Hundred and Fifty Runners
Likely to Face Starter.
A ti? Id made up ,,f ,?,?> hundred and fifty
or mora rannora is npmetai t" start in
Iba ilrtii annual Tbanksgjvlag Da) Mara?
thon m.,' of the Mercury Athletic ?n.ii,
of renken. Th" men nill line up In Oottj
Bquare, fonkers, al ISJI o'clock mid cover
a coiitsc ,?f tw.nly-ilve mil,.!,, sixteen of
a.ilch ??ii he over the roads <>f w??st
ch.sier County and th. laal nin. tin?
Kmplre City racetrack. The Mayor will tin
the Btartlng BUn. Canada ami the VVeal
w in be represent. ?! t ids year.
Jamen a* Bullivan, presiden! of the
Metropolitan Association, win aei aa ref?
i ii.. whib Quatavua T Kirby, the newly?
elected president of the Amateur Athletic
Union, ais.? win ha on hand The Orel
three runnera to finish win be conaldered
in picking tin- distance men for the
Olympia Bamea In Bwedro next .car.
Among thoaa elected ara Sidney Hatch,
of the Chicago Athlet!? Association, who
has made several trips to tin? Olympic
ganten; William Weir and Pa?i, i Bharldan,
,?r the Vermont Athletle Club, of Canada;
Krank Masi'tson. who is now Competing
unattached; Jimmy Clark, of the Xavier
At hl? tic Ass???dation; John J. Daly, Of the
Irish-Am.'iban Athlet!" Club, and William
Calvin and Charley Appb-yanl.
Fron* the starting point on South Hmud
way. Toukere, tba runnera win Bo south to
Valentina Lana, acra an la Kiveniaie avenue
down Main street, turning wet to War
Inn ton avenue, to Haatlnga Thence ovar
to Parragut R??ad, to saw Min River Road, I
lc. Tuokahoe. to Central avenue and the]
lacetmck I
D eats Walter Leonard in Bill?
iard Tou lament.
Millette Makes a Brilliant Run,
but Steady Playing Gives
Opponent the Call.
Another of the Brooklyn billiard playera,
?' I? Conway, Went to UM front yesterday
by wtnnins Ike thir?i game ?t Ike national
Claaa B amatenr iv2 haikiinc champion
ahlp ton i lament in Msurl<*a Daly*a
treat aild Hroadway. The
Brooklynlte triumphed over the Penn*yl
vanlan, \Valt?r L-atMiard, of ?Seranton,
Penn., by a final score -if Ml points to MS
i .in ?it the players were ap to tha form
A aaorlallnn of
? ir Milliard Playera, under whose di?
rection the ehnmplonehip is t,<'!rm' SecMed.
y dnlahed bla -**rlns with an average
"?; and high rune of -7, M ai I
? ?? nn*?3 I? m Ian, ? ? apite a fair h ad
hi i -i ild'.-hi ?I ?luriiiK the Bret half
of the < "tu. st. I'll down In hi? last inning*-,
i i- average betas >?>?"?" and hi? beet rut,a
??i, i; and 15.
it was by putting tosether a pretty run
of .11 as hla eighth tors at the table tjiat
the l* nn i/lvanian forged Into th..- lead.
Ha rolle?! the ivories with no alight BhOW
tor several good
runs at this atase, turning the Brat huu
?lr'-d mart arlth a cluster of 14, a
brought his total to 101 for Dfteen tonlnga
and average of 71-15, while C?onwsy wsa
left arlth only 7.' buttons os hla atrtng.
a.-- Leonard drew near the aecond bun?
dred mirk Conway liosan ?o overhaul nlm.
Ha !? "l saused the apeed ??i tha table and
ted Ms ability at oarrom plsjr,
Working out run* of M and 14 at the
thirty-eighth Inning Conarsy drew level
with the i ennaylvaniau Four Innlnga later
Conwaj counted his high run of ft, which
was ?i hit of <i?-ft cuelas along the ??id rail.
After thai be M I ?eons id to the end, euro?
plating bla ?trios uitij. an unaniahed run
of '?i ?arroma.
There m!1 ba u r??-t-s? in the champion
?hip i ? > - ? 11 ; becauao o? tha angasajnaaasa
of the competltora. Walter Leonard, the
Soranton, l'a., player, and Claude L?-wis,
of Brooklyn, will meet In the tlfth mat??':.
of the tournament to-morrow afternoon.
an?! In the evening J. M. Milieu?.* and
?Murk Muldaur will compete. TtMTf Will
ba only one gam?; OS ?murday, ?hurl?e E
White, the champion, and Leonard meei
ii.ii In the afternoon.
Tin- summary follows:
?' L> Conway <6pot lull)--0, a, 5. 16, 11, 1 IS
-. I, ?>. 1. 7. L ?'. 0, ". I, ". -U!, 0, 1, 0, 10, ?
M, S, ". ?.?. 1. 11, 11 o, IS U. 0, 0. 7, .'7 2. .->...
". t, :i. B, o. o. 2. l. 14 ?', :i. 4. -. u. 22. total,
300 peints, avcrag*. ."> J> .V.; high r.:..-, tl -?
,il. '. 22
Walter LeoBat*d ?white tall??O. 7, 1?, o, u, 11,
'I. II. O, 0. o, 14. 7, 4. 14, 1, 10. t. 1. <>. 0, 11. ?.,
1',. 4, I?. II ?i. ?J, 4. 0. 3, O. 2. O. O, 0. U, ?'. J, .".,
??. t, J. '?. 1. l. .'. 7. ?. 10. 1 o, 1 2. lut.,, .:
point?; av?ratfe. 4"s-.",:i. high runs. IL II
and IS,
Ratet e-'<\ u. Wilson
?'ertainty of exe?*ution made It possible
for Qesfge p. b. Clark, of this city, to aria
the fourth game of the tournam. nt in the
evening by defeating J ML MUldtta by a
b? >>re of KR) points to ffi, It was the BOCOnd
teal for the loser and It came hard for
blm as he f?orgad ahead of Clark wltli a
BPlendid run of 47 counted in hi? forty-tlftii
IttnlBg. ?'lark, however, WBO the steadier.
He played the sides of the tails , loverly
for position and the cushion shots and wtde
draw ghnta that he made were often mas
terpleces ?".ark Bntahed his string with
an average of 4 4?>iv> ami his best runa were
U, 1? an?l 11. Millette's average was 3 M-H
while bla hlgheat runs were 47, Jo and 17.
Th.- . ununary follows:
Ueorse 1*. Il Hark (fpot ball)-3, 3, 3, i. 4.
3. 2. .1. IS ?... j, l. a a g ??. 1. 1, 0.
- 7. 1. . IS, 2. 1. o. 1. ". ;?, IS T, 3. 1?-,
3. .1. ". ,. ". 7. I?. 1. n S :>. -4. 17. 1 I,
7. ?i. IS a. 4. 3. 4. 3, ?i, 3. o. S o. l. 15,
I ?. r .int.-. everase, 4 4?H?; high
ruTi?. St. i-, end 1*
J If. Billett? (white ball)?-1 1. 4. l. 2, 1
3, ?? 1. o, 17. 1 3 ?:, u. o, t, ?>, ... ". ".
<?, I, ?'(. ??. '?. 17. t. 2. It, I, <?. 4 1 -?".
". -'. 1. ?!. 4. 1. S ". 2. 47. I, ?>. 1. 13 '
II I ". 1. 0. 2, (?. ?S. 4. 0, 2, 0. 10. 0.
T. tal. 251 p Lnta; average, 3.*.&<>4. i-i?rh run*,
47. kg an.1 17
It. f.-,. J, \. Palt-n
Chryseis Runs Away from Her
Field in Opening- Struggle.
Jamestown, Va.. Nov. 29-Th,' m.-e- to?
day arara wall divided and broushl about
r,iilsh?s. The most ?le? l?-|v<> rtctory
was in the opening tace, wh.-n Chryaeia
fairly ran away from her Mel?l. Th.- n\-? -
ItiK end! t?t>-morrow. The summaries fol?
Firs? reea (aura*, *2'i< I r two-y? .: .?!!-. Bve
and a . lou ?s l-.i.i
:t t., ? Bi l o il a ? Bart of Hope, 103 , i
:t to i. ????.n .mi ?Kit, i-- "iid. Pprine Uoort, 111
.i aak>, .'? lo I, ivn m ?. out, ' Inl flm?. .
Camellia alao ran
Second nee (pune, |S0O; f"r thn
end in war,l. *e\ .n furlong*) - liiandy, 100
a all) 3 i" I, I to B ?" ? "ii w i . Hail, i-i Lam,
ICO ?ttrhuttlnaer), 2 lo I i to ? and out, ee" n.i.
Pantaeeaa, l?ii iMc? ihey>, r, t.. I, 2 '.. i ? I
even, thud Tune. 1:319. Pathl
i:..- lii.-. Chnptenk, ? i I ?Ick M - alao
Third >?!?? (puree, .*<."". fer three year-olda
end hi ?c ! on? mil .. ; ;
<;,. den Butt? rfl) 105 IS I to J
OUI, -Mi?. < "HI.'.n. la i Mnl'i ni. h tO 1. -'I I" 1
and oui :?? "ii.i. 'wii.i:. i|l! iBruce), :t to 1. 4
t.i ;> ami eat, thirl lane, i.'i'- Outtybunk
aim ran
r.ih ii- ihai II? ?, . it three \>.?r o\,\* und
upward: s ren !ir!.i?n Marj^rle \ . '.?s , lir-.n-a?.
2 i" I, :i to ,*? an.1 out, ?"' . 'iie-i'". 1"'> ,S. hu
i ?? i eve, and 11 d; BeB
i?.; (Crab, .*? lo i. 4 i tiilrd.
lin"-, l 20, IdlewelM and Bherwond aleo rea
fifth i. ?i.iis. . $2*j? for tin?" year old! ? t
upward ^;?( and on? half furlone*) Mlaa I? ?'??
1?'.'! iM.-: ?:,!,. \ i. 12 (O I, I 10 I .?'id .-Mil.
Tntywelaht, 102 iBruee?, ?.i to i", i to ? 1
out, -.nd, Double Five, lOfl iRowley), 0 to 1.
?i t" .". ..n,i . .?, thlr i Time, '.'."-' i 3 Mi
?Im ?.m.
?tilth i.? " '"'ii - ?. ? "?'" for ' Ii ? I
upward ? ? II?) O i I) iter, 108 i M?? 'ah?fy>.
4 t.. i. aveu and l la 2. won; Montgomery, 100
iBchUttlneer), - In 1, I to ?'? and ?'in. >?
Mel,-,..-. 103 lOordon), 4 to I, aven and 1 tu 2.
third Time, 14.1 Little Eerie, Lad of i-inn
?ii.n and Bab? Walt i?k,> ran.
Ait??r (\?uil. -'?) U e>t :)4th St
?lel.ldieii? '.'IT-J Muirny Mill.
106 to 119 Baal 14th St. Tel.. Uso S:nwnanL
Uuilc by The VIENNA ARTIST < ?i:?'lIK*iTRA.
Pilsener Genosse^schafts-Brauerel
GRAND PRIX Hui??-i?. Exposition, 1910
v/s w raia/-a\aai j ,,,.,,, a banques
IM-Saa Went SU St RIIUMH. Ml'81C.
BbellSah. steal.-. and lit me i Speciulty
n._l t.li-ii? ( l?lii<-?r Itr.dinruiil. \!i-. 7 A 9
POU ?rlllUr MottSi Bee Bv. "Teleeram.
Herald Square Hotel y?friTSg
, ., w. .i.'.iii si aartQCTTI ?"??? 6H Buna?.
Pin a.W or..- MUntlll Uh.. w. ttj tee.
Fitini New York" tIllustrated). He,
Deauilful drlvra from Iowa reeonunended.
Tru^ellf-ra" <*o.. Autor (*..?irt. 20 \V--Kt ;llth St
Telephone 2472 Murray Bill
( ,nir\ lall
Op-in nil
Old Glory Sale
, Eoitin-n To Oar *>
3F& ^MadisonSqGarden
/**--&'?1\ a*/ DAT8 AND ivtnnt*tm
^?K^y K-rehor.?;.. Trattrr?.
?^?J Varen, stallion?. 0???'
r.'-.y ruarrtt und aennatlono'
- youneatrra. _ ?
Momlna- Kewlon. 10 SO A.M. Evenln?*. TilOC?

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