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with the McNamaras in unlawful i ?ans?
portatlon <?i explot
Unions Denounce "Kidnapping."
K\ t'." ni"- ting last night of ,h? "?''
'?' ?i th? international unions whose
n - in this, > it> resolutions
wen i laeed ?facial lag :
*??? -. ti-. Int? rnatloi - locat? d In
in, poll*, heliev? .1 thai "ohn .1 M< -
N'""'-. wa the victim of n< foul a con?
spirai ? a: was evei hatch? d. The belief
' -st i.'I. matured and groarn in,?> coo
nl the Miami, r In
which M. .\;?nii.r.i \i.is spirited from In?
di ?n (poilu ami hu? 11? d to a ?Ilutan, city.
>ii|.....s. ,iiv hnVtil? i" organized labor. In
> hi might i?. rushed
f-'.in Mi. rlty (?I hi* residence private de?
t'l'tiv. - ,ii?? liiilianapolii I ?epart
menl ..f ?ta iiollce ? oui t. ihe
Ma? or "f th? ilt> and t h? ? Sovei noi
>i-?i. all i?r.' ihelr aid, In \ olatlon of i*?v
, tli.ii ihe McNamaras have pi
Hie,-, ,..,..,,,. , ?? nn qui sli'ili
of |h< th ?h'-iii We have ll'Uh
i. Iterate em- pro?
mete of th< ? rim? '.
lit) .i?? heinous snd re?
.r i
and s.i nl naught, In
it a n ? ati
;.. il, w< m 111 t..;." ? saet?
. ? ? ??n the
the Me?
er now eny
in h i><
ulll of thoae
? ii ragli -
? ?f i!,e 11_? i'i - ..f even the igh that
n ? illti ol a
11 " k I? I n a |
when the Illegal
m.' man)
lion ? ?
of trade unionism has s?j
? f ? nthnslasm In ?1 i
ihe f
, ? ?-. hi? i MrKa '? - ?? ? "I'd guilty,
tvtt ? he i ? at heen afford?*?!
??? strike anoi i ? at t h? oi.
\. .i . ? ? ,
Ir i-.tnii?-.! !.. .?. riled that la bo i In Ms or
ha* Buffered
irarily, hut, .?- ii ha I from
man?, i man]
defeat?. *" v. ,n In, more pow? r
fnl. , ? ? d than <?'
methods ai
T?*? thoe? erltli ? wl n ha i ? ly a? -
,.|i..?l t?-?s ?p|iort,,nit> lo rail aaalnal the
r*m,?.n ut ii' trade union movement we
a train ?.-..?-. a- w? ?aid on May 10: "We are
? ? il In our critic* for their c?.n?1 ad*, i??.
hut we ii.ii,-. 4\.- knoa ??in business, and
we prej.i'is. ,u t-ondu t ourselves In .
*-,-?*> with the ?
National Erectors' Secretary
Says Big Men Here Are Guilty.
? "hart? s L. EMllti '?f lbs Ka
t onal \- ?elation and ?i member
of 1 ? ?*o,iiiiii?i? o of that organ!?
retei day that If t at gov, rn?
carried Its work ?-?f Investigation of
the dj mitin- gh to the end
It would be n'*'"--.i; ? to lri'l''-t several offi?
cers of the h\bot organisations In tl
? i ?ay **:ii har?, to Indict Um presidenta,
and walking
In New
*? ork Kot all o1 ) ou ua
"And l.efoi? this affair Is end?
tln**ed, "i?i.?ti ,'t Attorn? > Whitman will
"nave to Investigate the contributions made
? ? . . ? ? llcV
? nd Th? ' ?
New York ?
? to the defence fund, in passing
il,roui;h th? ommlt
? i so thai there wa s less
than t3S,**?0 lefi when I lly gol
,.. Um ? ..iiiniit,. S 1 d II fox the
purr-oae f?.!- whleh 11 had been subscrlb??d.
Thai Is a matter that srUI i?- broughl to
? Utorney be
fon long, l .un ?luit.- -
Wslt? ? i ' insel for the Na*
?.... . arai
?i In
thai the llcKanoara defence
Ittee would be ? - s pe? ma?
to defend th? ..f es**
ed laboi. rnen el?ect to
, li.ms- Iv? I Bty or
? ., icy, I boi s
ind ? "mi" t? m ?
ii- BS ??.
Half i
at the Vu torla
Hotel trying to settle minor 6 n
r he after?
? . that they I ad a? com? d
., wall
to this
: do anything, either
the d ' which th,
Mayor of Toledo Considers Present
Salary of $4,000 Ample.
do, ' ?? ? " "? d Whlttock
? an in r? i
i Uli ? of the
? Informed the ehalrnian <>f ?he
. ? commeiulatlon His
The Tei'a Company beg
to call attention to the
perfection displayed in
the newest productions
of their Paris atelier.
Mountings of refinement
and grace, set in beauti?
ful and harmonious ef
f e i t s , with T e -; 1 a ' s
rn a r v e lous Emeralds,
S a p p h i t e s , Pearls and
Rubies, in connection
with genuine Diamonds.
??F-lh A-eau. 10 Rue ?Jela Past
1.0\IX>\ \l( E
70W BondStrert 16 Ave. Mtsstna
Fireplace Furnishings
?Fire Iron?? and Bras-ies
Snarl? (?uar-tl*.. Andirons
C?m? and Wood Carriers
Town or Country
130 & 132 WcM 12d St.. IVY.
fedem mm m
?Dynamiters Likely to Go to
Prison Without Divulging Se?
crets of Conspiracies.
Brothers Will Implicate No One,
Say Counsel -Widow of "Times"'
Explosion Victim Sues James
B. for $50,000.
Los Angeles, Dec. 8, -''There nord n?.;
riccessaril? be subsxanas leaned t?> ha\<?
the M. N.imm,i i.i?.tin'r.?a testify before
the federal grand Jury," aras the assor?
ti"!! made to-night by ?Oscar Lawler,
sp?cial prosecutor "f tho United state:?
'liiHiit, who Is trying to ?lotcrniin ?
whether there la s dynamiting rxmspir
? xtending over the < ountry. "A
subpoens la Issued only to fono ? man
? ?Pled.
Th? v? ai tak? to m?.. n that
xxh-ii the i'f.i. ?il viand Jurj is ready to
hear th? testimoiij ??inn? ruine; tho el?
? sed ? morrow tho McNa
rnaras merel? might !><? taken to the
federal building i. Bhertf* Hammel,
??i incoming subpoMiaa, Clarence
8. D >? tinsel f'?r the prisoners, re?
marked ilia*, though no Mbpoenaa had
I?..]; serv?d, unofficial notice had been
given to the brothers thai they would be
?Mii.ti to-morro? before the federal
grand Jury. "I don't think they will say
much." commented Mr. Darraw.
Th.' question was raised to-day whether
a t'l'iivifted felon could bs allowed t?t
testify before tho prand jury a**rd
whether the testimony <.f th?- M?-Na
maras, if i' ware given, would Invalidate
subsequent indi, tinenta.
"My personal opinion oa thel would
not <io tho public an* good," said Law?
1er, when asked about it. "There proo
ably ?s ronslderable law on the robject.''
Testimony Would Do No Good.
Attorney a connected *???" i 111 tho McNa
main defence said the only reason th?'
M? ?amaras might not ho called WOUl 1
!.?? that it Would <1" no ir???.?!, as any OHO
.?iiiti testify before a grand .lui/, .?-tat?'
or federal. Joseph B?r*ott added t<> this
opinion that "e ?'niivii-te?! felon, after
testifying before a grand jury, could j
not pi Into court as a witness ;?> sub?
stantiate what he had told tho grand
Lawler had .1 conference to-day with
Malcolm McLaren, agenl of the de?
tective agency which arrested tho Mc
Kamaras and Ortie E. McManlgal. The
1 oaf? s.sit.ns of McManlgal "rere consid?
ered. He probably will app?Bar before
tho f?'<*?'i-.ii grand Jur>". whether the Mi -
[?Tamaras do or not.
Men fairly close to the McNan
said to-day there were small chances
that James 1?. who recaiv?sd ?? iif<- sen
would talk hoftirt- the grand Jury
to an extent that would Implicate aux
one else. "Tho McNamaraa ar.' not
going to imi.ii' ate any one," sai?i one <>i
their counsel. "They are not going t?.
appear before the grand Jury." An oil!
. ei "i the state also Inclined to this
James B. Baled bv Victim's Widox*.
James t'.. .IcNamara had other
* ,. .1 to his loi to-da:. whan
be i..-un.- defendant In a f?*?0,(KKI dam?
hge sait, 'i" ?? - ill la broughl t?y Loulae
M. Sawyei ?? Roberl La, Bawyer,
i, operator employed by "The
Loa Angel? ? Times." and killed in th?*
? -,x recked that building on
bei I, i": '.
"Good, i-1 them ??" It," xx;is McNa?
mara'? 1 ommen ?? I. arm d of tho
hi f? dirai r-r.i ::?i Jui y will
t.ik. whoi?, ii begins Its work to-morrow
mi Mi?' .til"::, conspiracy to dynamite
various building? throughout the coun?
try max' 1.nflned to the explosions
which have occurred on the Pacific
Coast. Indianapolis, it waa said, could
take care of the r< I
Humors r?f further arrests In the brib?
ery developments of tho McNamara trial
were circulated to-day, the reports going
s.? far aa to name si*<scliloally three m?
Wh,, have been connected with th" do
it was lasarned to-di ? that f\\o hun?
dred secret service men have been
placed at the disposal of Lawler. it is
Intimated by persona 1 lose t" him that
th.? first Indlctnrtenta in the Investiga?
tion win come here and not el Indian?
When ivosidont Tafi wai here ? few
months ago L*a**ier laid before him all
evidence showlni Infractions of federal
laws by the dynamitera it came out
to-da* thai Tafi ordered a ?"arge force
, ?? aecret seti'lc? men to wrk <>n the
ease To-da; official? of the govern?
ment did H"* hei 'i;it" to mention aa
lai?"i l.-ad- rs x?h?i might be queatloned
1 dj namlte con?
spira? - " "I A. ' ?.?iiip'Ts. I'. M
Ryan, presiden! ol tho International
?,??.,? iati.. 1 ..f Brldg? and Btructural
iron Workers; Olaf A. Tveltmoe, trees?
urer of the California Federation ?>f La?
' 0 9s Frai ico; "?ntone Johannson,
organiser of the State Building Trades,
.??11 ?Tran? l*?co P .1. Bmit h business
? foi the Btructural Iron Workers'
1 Union, Cle* elai Fred Bherman
1 ?. isln? ? a agenl ? Bti uctural Iron
Work Indianapolhi; J. E,
?.r the
tural Iron Workers' Union, Salt
Lake Clt: . 11 S Hockln, m?Mnl ?
? ?.??? utlve t> ??? ? he Internallonal
dg? and Btru? ti ral
Iron Workers, ?'ho is now In Indian
?ipolls; Edward Smythe, business agent
loi th? ' ' ': I r* .n WlM k"i s' 1 'iii'.n
? ? p. ? la, 111., . nd P A. Cook?) ol the
building, New ? h I? ans
\ pel slstent 1 umot to-night thai th?
? grand Jur* would < it-- one of the
promlnenl laboi leaders In th?
country to appeal before it grew oui of
?? that xx hin- the bribers
1 harg? n th 1 ? ?? ol Ben 11 1 ranklln.
la detective employed b? th? McNamara
. 11:. -ii- ..i? tx Idence ?.-..? 11 ? -
?x.-ii found? ?i beliel ? Klsti d in
. h ho had ii m . >\. red
i ? lieg? da bt it.? 1 ' pi..I that p.
oulst? ' ere
, in the manipulai Ion
. ?
1 ' ? ; "' I? I ha I some.1
t th. |ui .1
k< ?1 Bamu? 1 1. i'.i?f ne
? tigatibn
' ' ? ? i; ink?
I ' ' . i l?t. ||. O
Il sdded that Ii? i?"i
nd let!
COUPON NO. 4. THURSDAY, DEC. 7, 1911. Q?
$15,450 in Prizes Free
My Answers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreadcri*
Pictures of This Date and Number Are:
No. 8.
Contestant's Name
City or Town and State
Contestants m the TrlbunA's Book readers'?'on test mus? write their
answers upon this roupon, w ilch "in spiiear on Page ! of The Tribune
even da) durtni the contest Th? complete coupon must be return??*.
Answers submitted on coupona whirl ire nol complet?
bear Tim Tribune's heading "in nol be considered
??"tiditions of tl e eon teal and
?I' Will?
lAai of prias
r-ito-* Mhi? ?i Implli ? ''-?i ?"HHi'1?'
|? " tOOO.
A reporl that Millo* 1. *Schmldl and
?David (Tapian, Indicted here f.?r murdei
in connectfran with the dynamiting ol
;ii. "Times*1 building, w?t*i*e alMnit t.. be
arrested In ihe ?Easl sToused ?-rr?-:?t In
tereet to-nlght. F3sce?pt James B. Mc?
Namara himself, Bchmldl is gaM lo
knoa more about the '"rim"*'" disaster
than any <?th'r mar. Hehmldt, Capktn
and McNamaro wen together on varicius
? \i ??lit loi s. .1 Is said.
. ? ?
Detective Says McNamaras
Caused Philadelphia Explosions.
Philadelphia, "Dec. 6 The MeXamara
brothers were responsible for explosions in
mis dt) which iamag? ?i stiu?-t?itiii Iron
work ??n ?l?verai building operations, sc?
cording t?. William .1. Bums, ,!"? det?tctlve,
who to-day arrivr.i In Philadelphia from
? leveland.
"Yea," tali th?- detecUve. "i run ?positive
thai both of them were responsible for all
the explosion! in this ritj on structural
Iron \i?'ik during the last few years, and
i.t h? rs are lmpllcat?*d."
Burns d?sclared the probe In t * ? l *? city in-]
<rolv?*-d the explosion which occurroi about
a year a^o in the caf? of Han . Edwards, j
tiirnt promoter, which wat being rt*con
.-tni.'t.-d. and another that damaged the
Iron being pla.I In i'??siti..n for the Phil?
adelphia Rapid Transit Com].y's elevated
on l'iiaw.ii, avenue and on Market
TbU work was being done by the
American Bridge Company. In thesi ex?
plosion? no person wai killed or Injured.
i''??!!?i\' ing the explosions stick! oi dynamite
were found in an alteywa* near the build?
ing ol the Pittsburgh Piste Glast. ? 'om
pan) it nth and Arch - reets, in ihe centre
?if th,
Burni aid l??- had knowledge that one
of the MeXamara?. wat ?registered at a
'?] the das he expie. Ion in Ed?
M'ards'? pla?ce occuitm
The detective further s.iid thai Ortle
McManlgal told him he came here undei
Instructions t.. blow up s railroad bridge,
??ut \?hf!i he found the structure w?xs close
tu .i number ??f tenement houses he feared
iii.-i. would be i"--? ??f life, and he wenl
i :? ' , .i- namltlng tii?- bridg?.
isked r anj further arrests would be
.le i? a ha, the m o e< ,t:<.,i a i Lot
Angele? all?ger to have been 6 i ?!-.?. eon
, as?'. Burn? replied In I ? ifllrm ,
tlve, hut li.- would n"t mention any naines.
"Will the arre?! Include an* pasl <>.
i ir? nili.'t' ?if 1 li?' Sti u? tu: .il h on
Workei ?-' I 'ni??n'.'"
"1 do n"t care lo ray, bul I will say
thi-^ ?ho national board ?if th?? assoclstton
appropriated certain sums t?> John J. Mc
ira, and, In my eoinkm, ii knew xh?
money was lo be n *=?? ? * for dynamiting pur?
Although Burns had Intend??-,] tearing for
Nea York to-nlght, he changed hi? plans
and arfll ool leave this cltj until to-mor
in answer to s question, Burnt said
is Inveatigation as t?? the operations of
the M? Namarai ai ?i ol i : dynamiters
will Include Boston and Springfield, M iss .
i well as Nea 1 -rk- ami Phi adelphla.
Detectives Base Dynamiting Inquiry on
Confession of Harry Orchard.
11. n v.r. i '? I H?-*-**ing t,, clear up
some "f tiw mysterious dynsmlttngs m
Colorado in recenl y?-ars. ?agents "f Will?
iam .i Burns arrived to-day, t?> conducl
.m InvMttgatfon. K is said thai th.- <i.?
-.,i\.-- win lias?- their Inquiries <?n the
intension of Harrj Orchard, noa earring
lii?. sentenc-e i??t alaylng Governo,
?i. Investigation ij said to he
?.f tii.' federal Inquir? eondu, t?-! ,
? iai Assistant Attorney General
i,a\? 1er. now in i.? s Ingele . in
,i?,ii with th?' McNamara case,
i part
, isi-ar
Painters' Union Will Pension Families
of Men Killed in "Times" Disaster.
I tea Moin? s, lows, i ?? ? I The I lee
Moines i ran h "r the Internal onal Union ?,r
Palntera, [Jecotrators snd Paperhaagsrs an
? i to ?!?'v that th? uni.m li.ni ?Adopted
? -?-?solution providing for tin- establish
m? m ' c a natlonsl i- nslon fund f.u the
WldoWa and ?Indians lefi !? The l.'.s An?
i Uli"?" ?il-.
Th.- local union rnembers subscribed ?UM
for ti" defence ??f ?i <- McNamara brothers.
They no? agret i" raise tarlce thai amount
? ? idos s ?and ?n ri ... ? <?? nal "i fund.
, t
! Had Been Asking Alms Successfully
Before Paulist Fathers' Church.
An eld man. beat it? form, atoi I outside
the church ?f the Paulis! Pathera, .?? "Otfa
-in ? : and ? '??hiiuhii- at en . yemti
alten.n, with bb* hat in his hand looking
appeallngly Into the fa."-: ?>f ne\ ?< ,..IH
m/- i.?. Home ga? e ? olna a hi? h ihe old
i man ? arefully d? -*oalt<?d In i I ?.... i.. - p
II? eman *-'? hmldt, of t'i?- \\ ? n i, ga
iitiHi re?rognlsed the beggai .,.. ., prot?t
and, after l?.iring him ask for
i,i.i, ? ?i ii i, ii uii-der ..n. ?
The ??id mail pteaded and prot? ?i. ,i. i,,
in the Weal -i7111 stre? I stetli n, > .
, hi rged with \agran? j
When .-? hini'it .u . algned ,,,, ,,
? ? n thai n.- man held tight!) to .,
pa? kau?' m liis pocket and refused at Oral to
? i ? n- o When the pa?. . ? j, ,,,.,
..n the desk it ?as found t" contain |I7T.
aid h?- via* Jc-.e^l) \ y(10> tidy
? ?
,,, , m
iperlntend ni ol M ii,,u
, -..i n ii, - ?i ? ' ? d , ? i, , |_
I'M i? ? eli? d tin- ??? ? i. i..-.. . .. ,,?. ,r,| ?.
i. i und "i ??? -' " foi u,. i, i,,., ,,
she. after |
' .-111 .1 l|.?S|'il.?l ? ?
? uppoi I" I ' ' !? i ' ,1
? rslng lb? I f? -? erlod of i
? ? 'rn. fund . i.iun i? i.,,
., ,,? ? n. Mount l ,. ^
No Decision in McNamara Case
at Washington Conference.
Federation Leader Declares De?
tective Repeats Falsehood?
Darrow's Retainer, $50,000.
Washington. I,n' I The McNamara
ways snd moans defence committee, com?
posed of ,t number of officers of the Amer?
ican i"".i.'r,itn?!i "f Labor, held an extend
red conference here to-day, but failed to
reach .? decision as to what action they
should t,.k.? or what revert they would
make in tho case ?if the labor official? in?
tently convicted In I.?>* Ajigolee.
r m Ryan, prealdenl of t!.p Interna?
tional Bridge ami Btructural Iron Work?
era, the association ??f arhlch John J. Mc?
?amara formerly was secretary, refused
to make aaj comment as i" ahat had "?
curred In tho meeting. Freak A, Morri?
sun secretary of the federation, also de?
clined information.
l'i'-ffiiiii'.' the meeting Prealdenl Oom?
pera of the federation, In whoso office the
conference was held bitterly srrslgned W
.1 Burns, t;." detective in tue McNamara
case, because the latter hud br-ra quot?Ml
tying that Mr. Oompers know 11a?
M< ?amaras srere guilty,
"Burn? evidenti) believes." >ani Mr.
Oompers, "that if he repeats a falsehood
t.ittti enough it may asac?me truth. On no
other theory would be repeat tho falssh?r>od
that 1 knew th>- McNamaras \x?-ie guilty.
i ii.'x?. repeatedlj (-mphsslasd ths facl thai
i had evtery reason to believe the M< ?
?amaras xx.-rr toitroeeat i had tbtrfi ss
?-..:..sa that li'-x wire iniin.'i ni, snd no
oil.' ivaa m. SStOlind?*d than I when 1
?. si aed i.r tbeb guilt."
After the conftrren? ??. Secretar; Moirlson
said iniihiiiK wouM bo made public until
the rommittee had reached a ronclitolon.
He ssserted that while ho did not knn*
as yet how much monej there ?x.>uid be
left "i Hi.- **fS,?**M ? ..ii?.it".i fut the defence
fund, be knee It irould baa comparatively
.?iiiuii amount, as Clar**nce s Darrow, chief
counsel, had been given tfO.OOti .?. a re*
i..>iii?s being paid las r?gulai
chargea a day, and there had been othei
in ax v expens?
. .m? i ini.?.! leadei? la .-it', odas???? were
John B. i^ain.n. president, snd Thomaa V
Ti .i ?. ?ecretai \ treasurer, ol th? lal el
trad-ra department "t the federation; Will?
iam .i B|*en?*er, .???< >??! .r? treasurer ol the
tnilldini trades department, sad a. J.
Bern ecretar) m ssurei <.f the m? tal
11.? I? ? depai tinent.
The fund raised by union labor ?or ihe
?hi'i.I the McNamaraa la said t>> have
i d M.if nus. *i:?-i,<mi ia ,,,.,,,.
fi ti* i,. ? be? '? ilven by the Intei nail? ... i
util.h of Uri.iLi. and Btructural Iron
Workers Up to (tetoba-i .".. when the laut
statomenl wai mads by Bectetarj Frank
Morrison, the American Federation of La
bor had i oilocted NM.C12 9 from the rat loui
International laboi unions. Bines then
a bou I *.:.",.>.?>> hss i.?-?-? r i rollected.
in the slat-m?m issued by Secretary Mor?
riaon it \xan ahown bow ?he tiin?i xx,,?- . -
triiiiii..i Be4*auae he waa i" pay attor?
neys' fees sad other expenses, .?? large
amount xv.is ?riven t'? Clarea?*? s Dsrrow,
Th? statement followa
.? - I >H '??' II |*0 '?''. '"'
U,. M Kap] ?port, Indi inapolla a?
t.?. i.." . ? ".'-. 00
it- i?r\ . Indianapolis, a
ion ' '. 2..".'V. .m
Krank i. Mulholliuid Toledo, attornej ?Hilo
Fo? ?i mon,. i i-.'.i ?ft
imp? . . IOS H
II. |.r> K ???:..- ?... l?g ,..jr..?r.t!' I -
:t: I I ? ? ' .. .Y'l ???
I mailing literature... I |.i*i ir,
i. 300 '"
Bspenaa? Incurred relativ? to M N?
h ara Ulm .
I r? '. m.i? . . ta ,v?
V".i 613 ta
dii ...... im.sM W
?ii October 33 Ml 18,1
Their Bid of $136,975 for Year's Print?
ing Beats Next Lowest $18,000.
Bids for printing of "The city Riword"
t.ti "'i. aera .m. m .i si i i pedal meeting ..f
th?? Beard ol <'ii> it?-- oni in the orhea "f
Mayoi i : as ? m?it*aln| They
iren reft-xi I to Supervisor Fergiison with
., ri'i'i.tt foi a report, He ia la Bt, Mari -
H?*?spital la Hr,,..ki\n. recevtsrlng from .?
miii'.r t.|>* i at ion. inn shoSdd bo out m
lime to bava iba sanard saad? bj tb< lattei
i.?,it ..' next ?reek
Th?1 low. ia* 1.1 the
Mall?n B Brown Company, which held
the ? entrai l f"i man] reara prloi to tola
it? bid xx?-? t ? ? ? ompai? d
with thai of the L?*?couv? Pre. i
William Brattsi i Co i*iaaded in ,? *.|.|
<.f $i;?i''?
??The L'ltj i:....r.i baa been printed this
?year by the laeoouve? Preaa, ahiee g"t the
contract from the Martla i; Browa Com
.ini? "ii ?a bid ..i IIX.03I). It
lei abl? moa? ?
in d'.ini* ths xx?,?i;. The bid the Martin
B. Brown Com? aai ago sraf I
? hila ll .t ..f Hi.? \\ ) jik'?"|'-Mall''ii
!.. k ' i u v*. 11 ?i ? i 1,'oinpan: aai |l?S,IW In
| ism ti"- i<? '?a h bid, a hic h was l ? lot i I
i ,. ?
w iiuiii" ..? Mrtii . Do? I Ti. Msnltoba
io '.' ni'" i - snnual crop bulletin, is? u< ?1
i..-?l .?. shoe ? ii" total =?> sin eW "f the
? ?' .,, ... :? ? ?
tit. hlghesl for tu r , .,i Tot ii ?
. ,, ,| a. ?? ,,i la,, iw., r?ll '" ? *
, . ,t ,i ...i-i i..i i
? i ? ? ?. ? ?.i i .I
,... i..i h -1 . , bushel
Two Reported in Chihuahua?
Alleged Reyist Arrested.
i;i i'a ??. Tex., Dee I ?'''?""z "mHi'N
received ???nl to-day of two ertbre-akal-J
ih. sti?.f Chihuahua, one neat rarr??
and the .ith-,' al San Aminas. JOSl ChS*
riris, lleutenanl of ?Pancho villa. i*1 ?he
h.'.i.i ?if the hand ??t San AodreaA l-"-1'
bands allege that Use Mad?re g*ov?srnment
has failed te ?keep Its promisee and pay
? ?fi-rnf ??f Chihuahua ?awney ?said t?* be t'ue
\ aleriano I aqt era, Mi" i"i the i
on Juaref In the recenl rev?.?iuri??ii. wss
arrested In El ras?, this afternooa hy
Texas Rangen and held on suspicion of
bring .'"nii..t.-i with ,h<? Reylsi nwvement
l'..iirt? ? ? alleged R<*yi-;,?. h?*I?l her? f"
VtolStlon Of the tn-nttalit' laws, have SP*
pealed to ?Senator La ffOUetU, deelartng
thai they are held "practically In ti,r
hands of Mexican mttoetlwta'' and asaifig
his ;ii?l in proeai inc ,-d? sse
M?-x?, ,i city, Dee. ? Qreal cxcltensenl
prersHs In ?fan Ger?nimo and Oanoea it?
ronnerilon with Ihe ?<tinn-z of Josa ?G-ora?*?,
ira,i??r of the .in? hi,an rebellion, who was
lynched yesterday afternoon i, Rln?*on An
t?'iii?i with eighl of his parttssns. A large
numbei >?f hit erstwhile followsrs sre
flocking to these ??ties, asserting their loy?
alty to Gomes Laat nicht crowds paraded
ihe atreets "?-hauling agalnai ?Madera Th?sr?
i- ranch Indignation br-cetise "f the slteged
"suspension of ' guarantees la """* ef
|.?a? e.
San Antonio, T? s. i?-. I Report? thai
General Bernardo Reyes, accused of viols
lion ?.- tii" neutrality laws has lefl Ben
Antonio, were denied to da* Al hat home
i, wai said that he I? still ..??fined to his
roorns by ?line??. ? nii?r reiiorta ssy he re?
turned i" M? xl.o l>\ a secret route.
Resolution Passed with Few Dis?
senting Votes at Big- Meeting.
I'nder tin* a ;sp?. ? - ?if the Tironx Count}
Committee . r ,ii. iir?>,ix Bar Aseoristlon
a merilng was held bud nicht hi th?
Bronx I'hurch House to dts?*osa the plan
,?? crests .? "'iMtitv eul ??f the Borough
.?r The Hi?ui\ lient \ K. Davis, of the
Bar association, pr?*sld?*d ?,u?l the final
thing done was offering a resolution by
former tT-enator O?*orge M. B. Behults thai
ih?? s?:i.',t??r? und Assemblymen from The
Bronx i?. ?petitioned ,?? Introduce aad p.?s
a bill creating a??i erecting the Borough
ot The Brent lato ?? separate count) and
that a .??inniltf" >?f 1*4 ? iti/a us 1"- ap
poinl ?I later lo \-..ik for and ?ii?i In the
pasragt . f H'h Mtl. Il the ries? ol ti i
meeting, sfter s number "f >*njt>esken had
given thrir riewa inootly t'??r the autonom*
??f 'rii?' Bronx, the resolution wat paa?sed
with a small percentage of dissenting
i ?u. -?
The speakers In favi ol "home nils"
w.T' Senator ?Stephen i Btllwell, Beuator
Anthons .1. Qrlflin, former Benstor Joseph
Ft. HennesSy, non president ??f the New
Fork [Board of Assessors; Alderman Abra?
ham W. Herbst, i.-mis <?. van Doi*n and
Aasemblyman Beymour Mork.
?Senator Btllwell declared i, would make
it ni??r?' convenl?snl for the ?people to have
thrir "wn count) governmenl an?i said that
th. ?i-?..... non being used to support the
pr?sent county of New fork by the peo?
ple .f The Bronx ? <>;.i?i be spenl ?n that
American Society Drops Scientific
Paper? for One Session.
At yesterday's session <>f ths annual
meeting of the American Society <>f Me
chanlcal Engineers, held In the society's
building, N". SI West Slth street, the
Question arc-ae among the membera pros?
enl whether the orgspisaUon was ? dan?
cing sp?lety or a scientific body, in the
discussion which followed the scientific
papers thai wen to be read ware tempo?
rarily Ignored while the membera p?on?
?i-i.-il ovei* tii?* sdrisablllty ?>f compelling
tii.- Neu "fork membera t?? par additional
annual ?lues <?r |3 for the purpoes of ?.-.it'i
"liiiK a fund I'm the annual entei tainm.-nt.
There sre one thoussnd members ?>r the
socle)) in 'his ? Ity
PTOfeseoi Rautenatrauch' chairman of
t; ?? meeting, supported a proposed emend
in,i,t t?? the ronetltutlon whereby the dues
??r tii?-* loi-ai members only were to be a?i
ranced II This brought on the argu
ments, and when it ?as seen thai nothing
definite ?.?-as to !.?? aocompllahed at yester
day'a m?tating i, was ?ie?i.i?d t?? submit
the matter t" a mail -'?t,- from the t'ue
j thoussnd membera,
'i' .. s?>. let.u . ..f the soclet) reported at
tii.- husin?tss ssssion that the fund of the
society amounts to $750,1. and Its only
i ?M., ?s 186400, held by members Te.ii
, nlcal papers were then rea<l.
Test Case from New York Argued in
Supreme Court.
Washington, Dee. t.?How |nherttan?ce
taxes mu' be ?i"<ke<l was explained to-day
t., Hi?- Supreme Court of the United States.
Ar effort waa being made to have the
...ur, uphold the i",i'-,i,iitli)iialil> of the
Sew York "transfer tax" enacted In UN
1 to stop evasions of the Inheritance tax.
Nearly every sut?- having an Inheritance**
! I;.i\ is said to be inter?'S,...i |n Ihe i|e
I clslon m the court In passing on the law.
iii win probabl) b, several weeks before the
?.. rision Is announced
I The "transfer tax" i-= Impoaed ?>n the
it. Interval retained In property trans?
ferred by ? ," rs?m The fact that s ?if?
Interest In proper*?**.' ?a-- singieii out foi
[taxatloi led t,. the attack ?m the law as
' i nconatitutlonal
The complain I In the present ? sre arose
' a hen the State of N'es Vorh soughl t?? ool
I? i uboul $:.??". as ., "|.ifer ux" on the
estate "f Mis Susan a. Keeney, of So. it:.
Washington Park. Brooklyn. She died lu
1107, bul f..m yean before she hsd trans?
ferred i? large amount <>f hei property to
th? ?Tldellt) Trust Company, of Newark,
N -i . in ?fisi for hi i ihr.-htldren. She
provided, however, thai she should retain
ourth of th, in? oiw from this j>?.>,>?-,ty
during her lit?' it ass this life h
, that the stat? sought to tsx.
Tiie Court o| \ii,"..l- .,f \>w ? "rK ,ip
: h? i.i ih? constitutionality ..f the tax
? Wants S14.000 in Fines for Overwork?
ing Passenger Train Crews.
Boatsn, i". ?. Bull aras begun In the
United State? In-trie, fJOurt here tO-dS)
against the New fork ? ".ii t >.. i \ Hudson
Blyet Ballroad t?. re. o er li i..m-i m penal
Uea under the federal "Ik.uc? of rervle,
s? t " The act pro? Id, - thai no railway rrm
ploys whom ?luti?-.? i eiste ,o the tror*spor?
latton of passengers -*..-. 11 be kept on dutj
f..i more than slxteea ?hours rontlnuou
The int. r.stnt. ? '.?iiHn. r.. rjommlsston, t?be
orislnsl 1'iinplaiti.mt. chargea twenty-eight
i ? lolatlona ??t the lavi in the working of en
gineers, firemen, brakemen, conductors ami
| telegraph operators overtlm? In connection
with tl, passag?. ??f extra and local trains
between tu-nsselaer, N -, .,I|(| West
; ?Sprlngfl? l?J Masa., between Januar) and
Juh "f i ii? pr? s.-nt y.-.?t
The laa ?pro Idei ? fine of t. f,,r each
; off?'in ?
W'llmlngton, N ?. i ?.. (l v, ,,,,. v,.
I inn,i? ? .a i i Jne if .?,i,| i.,, tera Bete an?
? - ,. m i- made thai .?, Jmnoory i W
'it ?Sullivan, assistent to th? prealdent, will
' " -,t;" '" I. Aem ? lated uni, ,,,,. ,'m?k
? tag him al K-'iui'-ii'i | ? ,. ,,f N,.VN ?oru
? I Dei l Th? ...'in ,, ,,,,,-,,,..
n id? , ,-. . ,. oii'i
1 altitud? .i , i dirig? ... , , ,? ,
cen.ltng 7, feel i .. , ,..,., ' ,
i ' '? . . ,
|s helgl I ol ' " '" '
< .?ni mur.I rroin Or?? |.u?-.
s,i.i tha? II he United BUtel aras t..
iniiititalii :t-i national h??i".r and ho |.?y,il
i*. i':e traditions vi IU founder? '? ""?*'
endeavor to inalat thai in the ''"?M"^"
ritlsenship of the coantrj there can be
im distinction.
Treati.is for AI. of the People.
?u-e do not mai." treaties le? ***?
of our |.-'.i.i'. bul fot ail -r th.'ii..- ht
sud. "We cannot longer -cquleeea I?
this discrimination on tho part of the
Russian government which is in v',,|;'
tion of the treaty of l?TO* We sympe?
thise With Iheee people, tmt becauae they
.,,.. j.- i, but becauae ihey wre ?*JB?**ri?
Referring to the Ruaalan attitude,
Mr. Hearst said
?This insolent action of Russia doe?
? * ,p,- , t ?-mo - lass of - itizrn?? alone,
bul II affects the whole ?t_u?**te*n peo?
ple, it i*' ii.it merely a retk ctloa ??"
the Jews, but an insult to our nation.
i/t the United Btatea assert Its 'I'R
nlty and, if necesaar; , employ the ful?
ness of it* power in doing so."
There were cries of "Tilat'a the way
i.i put it. Billy!" end "What's the mat?
ter xx ?th Hearst?*' while th<? leai&er of
the Independence League .xas speaking.
Governor \\'i!s..ii was, perhaps th?
ui?.?.t enthusiastically received. Men and
a'omen jumped to their feet, and waved
th? ir handkerchief? snd cheered long
rj loud x' ben Mr. White Ii troduci I
i iir.
Governor Wilson Urges Diplomacy.
Governor Wilson expressed Ihe opin?
ion that Russia might be influenced ?
livo up t.. the iroat; <.f 1832 when she
\xa.i made i" realize thai the .m?*rican
people were In earnesl .-??"?ut it, Ho ad?
. ?,ti'ii diplomatic and peaceful metii
ods i" bring this reaull about, bul added
thai th? treaty should be abrogated un?
less Rusais changed her attitude of dis?
crimination against the passports of
American .i?\x s. He raid ;
tr tiia? <?\|,ii. it prnvisloas "f mir pre??*?nl
-? a. ? ' ? 'tnenl rsnnol b? maintained a*e m*nt
reconsider ?Ik- matter In the liglii of altered
circumstances and nee upon what tt-rnta, if
aux .tf mutual honor oui Intercourse may
be re-established Th? objetct of this muet
Ins. la ii"i agitation, It la the atstement of
.i plain .as. in su. u I '??ins aa max s. rVO
t" arrest the attention of the nation with
r?'?-ar?l to tho matter width 1?. of i". mere
local Importance, hut which touch??*? tho
dignity of our government snd the main
I tenance <>f Hi..?.? right of manhood which
i that government wsa .-??' up to vindicate
I'.u more tiian forty years the obligations
of tho treaty bave been disregarded hx
Russia In r.si?..,i to i ur Jewish fellow
'itizt-ns. Oyr government has protested,
hm after forty years of nur. correspond?
ence th?? Russian government naturally
does not expect tho matter to be rarrl?*d
beyond protest '.?> action, ,?n?l s?> continues
t.. s? t as it piteases In this matt? r.
<in,'enter Wllaon said be ?lid not fear
any ????mmerci;?! loss t'> this country If
the treaty was abrogated. Tho princl
pi?* Involved would outweigh any such
loas if ?t should bo exp?*rienced. <'"ti
tlnulng be said:
I We are not willing to have prosperity,
howo\er. If our felloW cltiSOnS mUSl suff'T
? contempt for it or lose the rights thai be?
long to every American In order that we
may enjoy it. The price is mo great We
are not here to express our sympathy with
our Jewish f.-iiow clUsens, bul to make
evident our sense of Identity with them
This Is rot their CSUSO; It Is Ainet'ha'?
The meana by which tl e wrongs we com?
plain of mai h.- sel right are plain. Then
Is no hostility In \>iiut a*e do toward the
Russian government. Sa man xx lu? t..ko?
counsel of mmctpi..? will have in his
thougbl anything hni purposea of peace
But the conquesta of peace are based on
mutual respect. We have observe?] the
obligations of our tre<*_y for forty years
and Russia has not. Thai can so on no
longer. As aoon as Russia fulfj under
?tands it In thai light the air xxiii clear.
There la ever) reason xxip our Intercourse
should be maintained an?! extended bul It
cannot b ? upim ru? h term? as at present
Bishop Oreer said thai the qoestion
'? ?>i ?. though the ?Tew-*
were chiefly Interested In it. Hi further
contended that it wue a moral question,
snd it was is much s duty for thl?
i ounti ' e thai Russia lived up t<>
ih" treaty as to live up to it ouraelves.
Clark Sefs Only Abrogation Now.
Speaker 'hamo Clark ol the House
of Rirpresentattves said that under the
existing ? Ircumstances there seemed
nothing left for this country to do excepi
ahintrai. the Ruaalan treat,
"The con lucl 'i" Ihe Russians In tips
matter ht no doubl satlsfa? torj i" them."
be said, "bul to us it seems unao-ount?
Bble "ii any S^OUndS. It ha.s created
universal horror und lias elicited uni?
versal protest. We are here t ? ? express
..m protest, and we appeal t ? > that moral
sentiment "f tho u'orld which, when
properly directed, Is Irresistible for any
human pov er."
The test.Pu ion adopted at the metetlng
was present..! bx ..ames Creelman, flrst
vl<*e-presiden1 of the National Citlsens'
Committee, it n/as the fcllowlng:
K.siiiv.ti, That thin meeting, called i.x
representatives from tvery part of the
Union, snd reflectlns every shade of pub?
lic opinion, urgently request the Congress
..f the l'aii'-d State.? ?it its present ?-?? Ion
tu adopt the resol a tion now pending In the
Si ; ate and House of R< ; resentativ? s look
in? to the abrogation "f the treaty of 1833
between th? I'mO'l Btatea and Ruaala, i.x
alvina ??im year's notice of its termination,
punt?an! to its expreaaed provision, t.? the
end that our ? oiiiitrx at least shall no
| longer behold xxith equanimity a claasltica?
of its cltisens which, If ripened into a
precedent, xxotild eventually undermine
that political system which has made it
the Ereatest moral power on the ? si th.
Washington, Dec. ': Physical valuation
of all railroad property In th**, United States
is propceed In a hill presented in the
House t'.-.iay by R?*pref**ntattve ISsctt, ol
\\ .-. ..iisiu. it directa ths Intisratato Com
mer?-?. ? ' i. i r 11 ?. i -.--1 < > i ? to begin the Investiga?
tion on January I, (#12
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 a year.
i -i iTti ? li,S3 _Vi iii]ifti iiSu 11
Looks Good
Tastes Good
Does Good
It is Good
.? \. Tmlor * < o . :i) Kin,, \. *, .
g VIO in consort il
u a* 2-v? 1 . "/ta
? pcrsonevlly=conAuc{c?\ W
I excursions |
Students in Switzerland Ask Him
to Intervene.
i ;. n- va. Su itserland, ?Dec - -
students in Suit u rl ?tul hav? -
-.,;,i by ?"able to ''? ? ?- I? i ? Tsfl is
I in the nani" of humanlt) and ?? erti l<
?? protect l'? ism againsl foi ?
vVssMngton, D? ? I i 'erigrese s III
act <?n th<- Bhustei Irs Iden! In >'? -
cording to Dem?x*ratic leaden In the House
to-day. The) 1 I
Hi,- Btat? l '? pa '
ter arenl to P? rala
parity, he will be prote t? d
other An.? ? I? an citlsen.
, Russia Suggests to Turkey That War
Vessels Pass Singly.
i ?., i, -1. ? 11, m o i ? : ?-. Dec i
Mbls Italian bi tlon aiUi i? -i-?? I I
inell? s. Rus express
t.. discuss the question of o|
'?:? .
Ruaala suggests ?ha, hei
p. r mit ted t.. peas throug
notlfl? ation has to Turk?
d In the caa of the vol ui
?Turkish oil 8 In?
, lined to agr, ?? with this sug
Existing Roads Form Company to Grab
Manhattan Bridge "Franchise.
With t e evident pur*pose of blocking
Hie plans nf II' ' .- i >r-t
Pare Compan) to secure s francl m to ?
line from i he North River, In il
through ?'anal street, o* er the M ts
Bridge and to I'ulton stre.--, B-*osttt**fl hv
wsy of the Flstbuel, avenu? exti
several of the present comipan ?
day sent a communication to the Board
of EelImate and Apportionment -a>inc it
was their l'urpu-. i?? applj fo
frail' h'.se.
Tl ?? communiesl ?? i.. .rpre
sentstivea of the Third Avei id
, he < loney Island ft Bi*ookl) n Its '
Company, the Brooklyn Heights Ral I
Company and t ; ?ta trie Re I?
road ?fompan). it Is stated thai i es
companies propoae to form ? coi-po
to he controlled lolntly by thrir .-?
compsnl? s snd to ap for ? ?
; as stated. Th? y propos? t,? offer .?
Lue fi .?m one end ?,f the line to the i
i with g tree tras ?
? line of an; ?>t her compan). and s
fare Itwo tk kets t'"i .. , [de
acrosi : ?? bridge
David a ':?? ggi,. who : ? m
I ii.m the i osltlon
j th?' eXS? Uli?..mi'. th? boa d
of tiust.'.-s of the Loom Islsnd Lot
Trust ? ompan). was unanlmou i i
to the presidency of thai
terday morning b) th trusts? - n
th? i -?? ISdwsrd M? rrttl John H.
Kinaninl. ji . \?.? | . ?-..
coney ?>f second vice presldeat,
Ogget, while Clinton L. Rossiter continu?e
t.? huid the tdltee of ' ' rt
Sor.???.?? XMAS GIFTS
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tioning. Others selling the same quality of merchandise
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