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Refuse to Vote on Final Reai
of Lloyd George's Measnr
in Commons.
.Disappointed Followers of 01
?.cllor of the Exchequer Iv
tripiiing Against Sir
Edward Grey.
Dec, ?n. rhe i..
: '?' o" stlonal litaorance bll
- ' ! in the H
'.",. I, M ,.? ? ?
?ti? 'il ','. ;i -?
hips had n
,.i?- th.? roall
? ?, but liter? ? ? many unaa
LClcr? and rrbe?imi?? deseri
I m ^ok the Itadii al i.
mem bei s, ei for ; s msai
lid ?hrunk under the i!"':'-'ire of
a?t*e th?t the rountry \?<?..?? not
read-, for it
The ?nfonista. sf'e- ?? ? ? tins; ihe
v h?n it tans? Introdiira??! 1?\ t
eolrot of the E?-ebeQiwr, wars not i
ptaittofl fe-r fxppo?inr- ths bill, bul
?m?fiiim?iii sivinsr the reaeons for d*
lr? a?n*artlns It ohtail er] the ?janeral I
t li of th?> ?'>ppopirU?n. Immeoiiil
after the amendment was defeated
Ualenlsts walked out of the lions? a
rr'xi??t ?Kahif-t rlOS re pro SS?stM.
Th* I,ord*? '-aii no-v carry <? :t
- amendment if the*/ chooas
**t?*>r,n?; nt> th* ?impopular Mil in on
i? tat TMs nill N e tnaro coaarnmn
?course than e i i nee, w
!i aea-ret sxpectatlon thai ths law, wl
a**-a?tted, will sel ths c*ountry a*ra*nst i
rr"r*?ii7<-'d T.flrtli-nlr-m.
of Lloyd . ?e*-ir(-a?'o eatrisme f
jewnra. *" hi? are disappointed by 1hr> la
i lie apprerlntloii of tl.? insnrar
em?. ar<? boldly intrlf-uintr S I
reckles? Unionists agt Edwi
rhs conspirstora ar?? saaklnf
out of offlci
pertlai questloi ? ? I ' f the "ft
. ment in a mlnt?rlty by ?
t o These tactics will he heartily a
T rot "* in Ferlin.
I rjieerge's -?eh??**/?? <
hit? ef w. rklna a?**?*ple **ro**ldes f< i
d?*?iu?3tlon i the si
????er? of ?T whose are i?i<i?v t
t,T". ? beol tescheri snd m?*i
? i
u?e. Th? SUM Aaid d*-?*nrtir?n ?S
?f.? | mim n week trem ?? m
f rants from A ?xonmn.? '?.a*??-. \\'li?r?
? . ? eed ?tl r<-?ntf> a ?la
. ? , will he ?
??-here they are aot worn '?? dav
. ?. | - ??re would h?? rail?
,,. -? rrnt? I traola a???l tl
i for < sen perse
premium ?si I ? ?"'*a ? wees h
, anrl II I
? | ? ? ? '? ?- ? ?
... ? ? r. ?-ompiilnoi
? i nr. ii? ?uran ? total max 1 mu?
?-.-?.. | which tl
? ?'
. ?-neflts to he ?erived from *
t ?? o iid he i ?lief
I ?
d be 1 " Tk tar a m*m f<
. ? I -..
t rimpletel
down i e. we iM "? ?'?"" *? '?
? ?. r? ? ? r?.r ? unit
?an - Id be fl 97 S w?ek fe
?. .,, ...? ; arr?ta fnr a Hnr
rith no alloxxanr
e ?chema als? ? n unem
eek fo
. ?
~ the ?rerkmen ?
- ' ? ??
?VsqvHta Announcer, Plant in Rr
ply to Coi'k Member.
Dee. ( '-,-..
r*d the H ' ' ? ?? ??
Ai:? . ;,? ?
s'l the n .'innai mea
to pass a 1 I
tbt* lh?i
ment. Hi
-Me-.???'! co
rere: t ? - ti \ ii:*r
. I
I r ? -it t?t
M l ? .
? . ?
EnflU- Birdmin at rj | -,- Mc
Pra?h ir. A-*
t r-n<'- T ?. >. \ .-..
,? - .
laths el ?
;,.-.. ? -... ? B ? '?? i
French vilw pessimistic
t'f rmi ( Bpee? h Takes *
T]o-k to Anal? German Relations.
?. .
ih?* ' - ?? '
ha? m?
i ? i
? ;
r - ghber.?
,, ,. ?
? ,1 ,?> I >oi.'i:if*') I ?" ? ?
r|a. ?ho ?-es el?S?t*ted I
r r?r ? *** S'l*','*"i '
rerca laoh the osth of ofl i
s rr?"'**r*v'3 the folio? '
l-T?*"7:Sli -,-?..' '
?-?.-a Mam,?I ?
no'?. - '
. ; ''
Rumor of Abandonment of Navy
Yard Springs Up.
Mayo Qayaor, ??," weal te Waablagten
yealer-da*- to atteiad tbe National Rlv?
Harbor? Congress witk fOock ?Cararj-?gstoner
Ton-kins, R \ <" Smith end Borough Presl?
. i ? -it Cromwell, lin?. ? "f-usy ?lay mapped oui
fr,. (., .1,-. I Im? of all he IS lO flddrr?.s
lb? ??a?ares? Then he b??p"* is ?-all on the
T? un km? said before lea*
i., ,h?- ?Serretsry sf lbs Moary had
taren n regard to a propo?
sition to abandon Hi" nevj irard in Break
b n snd rede the prapert; ?back le th<* city
,,t ? proper compensstlon
ng ?Seeretarjr Meyer Mayor Gej
?mt e\pe. ?> te talk with the S??Tfi.nv ?*?f
?*Var in regard ta lbs axt?*f*si?**- if ?l??* pl?sr
la order ""?* '?'Rer ships may
?be berthed snd In regard ??? th? satabllsh
men! of a terminal for the ships of tiin
rif m\to intends to canter with t>?*> artnj
.1 men of the liar'."-?,?
i . , onmlttees ?-?f the li"u-n and
Mt? In *??->;..'?i to other federal Im?
- ment s In lbs harbor
etary of the l'epartmcnt ?f
nd ?Labor be ic to oeafer in re?
lit*' of raaMvlng ?he
? l"l'?-i, near the St
ccorfie terry terminal, on ?-taten Island
Commissioner Tomkins says that no com?
prehensive system of d?r>ck developm?*n! h?
terse** 61 ?George and Fort f-redswort- mn
b? put through so long a? ths llghtbouae
? rmatns m the way.
Mayor Gaynor aleo Intends t?-? confer with
tho Interstati Cornmercs ? lommission.
It Is the ceneral b?*lirf in the T-av y yard
that frui.o n-!s'.r'1<---F,a,irli'--r |g ropponslble
for the report ihs? the government contam
reding the yard to the dty ?ni lo
eating ?ti? Ind istries elsewhere, it is only
h little mon than a month tinea Beeretary
Meyer spoke about the congtMted condition
and Inquired a?? to adjarent
proper?- avsilabls for ils ?Milsrgemenl as
*a?o|| as the enlargemenl of the wooden dir?
Ti, disposal sf s large '"" ? of
' ,lio presen, yard wall to the
city during the administration of Secretary
has e\ er ?ince been regrerte.i by
yard i I 1 out that
yard space is moro nearly utilised now
- been for r-orne -oars, and the
works of Improvement which have heen
pom?* ?" steadily for the last two year?
la its ail)? k
Ask President to Keep Rear Ad?
miral at Head of Bureau.
Dec r. The rontroreray
g of Rear Admiral R"ir!
nald '" Nl ? olson as rhl?ef of ?*?e Bureau of
Navigation of I ' '?epartment by
i ' Hip v ? 'i- ?wa, ' svsl aid io ;
iry Meyer, which has spread from j
naval mbers of th? Houmi
ommlttee, was carried to
tb? White House to-day, snd President
? take a hand In It.
v? holaon I sd served only
two of the usual four year?' term ns rh??*f
lu? ?-an, whep ord?-s wer? issued
trhnsferrlnK Mm to command the Aatatte
Taf! approved this, as well
mm Becretsry Meyer's decision to appoint
''oininander Andrews chief of th, bl reau
ding to ?.-?? - ' ?-, s friends
In Congress he wss practically deposed,
a-id they hsve rallied to his rapport. Pep
Uve Foss, of liii-'i'*?!'?. ranking R?
publlcan memb?8r of the Naval Affairs Com?
mittee, and Representatives Dalsell, ol
Penni cania, and Weeka, of Masaachu
setts, ealt?>d on the Prai I to day and
laid ' | ? cas? before him.
Shortly after the delegation called the
President summoned Bee-etsry Meyer.
"That bureau needed reorganisation," ?-v
plained th? ?Secretary, "and I Intend to
have it reorganised." Mr ? ? ,| ,he
rhati?e might b? delayed until the ,-ontro
v< rs] '
President Taft Refuse? to Reopen
Their Cases.
? ? ef
' ? Bid, nt Ti.fi tO
-? i ?if five
csdets recently dlsmisaed from Wem Point
f?,r ?drinking The 1 i ta lien
s ? ad? ? n dismiss? d H.
,!ie powei ?if the Executlv? en th?
that he a on I
in put them back I, ?
I .-.??. as lie held l* '
\ ' i -i\ of dis? Ipllne,
snd Martin of
? I i i?i 'k r :<nd
Florl? pies fer i he
Civil Service Laiv Snipended to Ter
mit Difmissal of "Traitors.''
- the
of the 1 elation
: oval 1 office o!
?\ hi? ii | sn acut,
l to ghi " pa ? agi ? ??
-Ut es of s Mil
r six
? ? i .. ? th? Pr< denl to
offli e
Tb. rele? of
and will i nu?
lent 1
Ciibaai The
'I ll? !.
? on.prom -
? i
? l.\- t?i
.. refui?
Peking Believes Prince Chun';
Sacrifice Has Come Too Late
To Be Effective.
Premier Looked to bv Rebels tr
Change Government to Re?
public Without Foreign
Trkir.s. Per. fl, Prhtre I'h'irt. the Re?
sent and father of the child Kmrrror,
Bbdicat?d to-day. HI? piar? as guardian
of the throne is tnkon inintly by Bhih?
Hat!, a Ifanchu pt'inee and form?r :
?lent of th" National Assembly, and
Hsu-8hih-chang, vice-president ?>' tin'
Privy Council Hot h th? n?tw guardians
ol the throne were formerly grand coun?
Th? administration remain? for the
pres'tit in the hands of the Premier.
Yuan Phih-kal. The Etnrrcs r?owap,er
and the Emperor continue to lu>ld au?1l
en. etj and carry out ? sretnonlal affairs
Th? Regent sacrifie?" himaelf in a last
effort to ?ave the thron? for his s"n. hut
unless nil avldencei fnii it it? too lat?.
Premier Yuan Shlh-kni has let Peking
know that ho hap, taken the British Min?
ister. Sir .lohn Jordan, into his lonfl
He has told th? minister his
pl.ns, and tays that lie hop?s mich from
the minister's mediation. The rehrls to?
night confidently sa: that Tuaa Bhlh-kai
la th?ir man. They describe him as a
master statesman, hecause he Is r
romplishing the transition from the
Mnn'Jiu dynasty tr' a ropubbe without n
maasacre or an attack on the legations.
Ths edict of abdication exhorts ail th?
jrtn ?es to retire peacefully, which may
indicate that there was truth In th*? re?
porta, nf-.en currant that the youthful
princes desired to atta'k the foreigners,
hoplns; t<-> cause forelern complications
might benefit th? Manchua
Yuan Now All Powerful.
v,,;,n EUtih-kai is non entire!] pows ft I
within the limitations of th? disrupted
covernment. The r?hcls any th.it the)
? him to manipulate ;?ie regiments
until the Manchus ere no i..nt;er cai
nf disturbing th? capital trhen th.. de
cisi?n of the s m isembl? nf tl ?
representatives of the rebel and loyal
provinces, soon to he held, decides i"
favor "f a republic. Th? Prender has
promised to nhide by the 's de?
cision, which 's admittedly republican.
It la believed that th? Premier desires
fr?rcit;ii mediation to insure the safety of
tl?? court and the rranflnp of pensions.
Som? of th? legations sympathise with
ths Regent Thej pity, but ?1" not hlame
him. It is pointed OUt that he was far
frr.iii selfish; that he so'icht the host for
the throne and th? country, but was In?
capable. The palace, where avarice ar?d
Intrigue prevail, is hopeless is the seat
of dfoveri ment.
The ?galions of the larger powers are
Increasing their guarda to between three
hundred and fiif hundred. The court
- tn luve lost hop? when th? loan
. finitely d?nie.i t?> the government.
Ici announcing the resignation
of the Regent, issued to-day by the Em
ii' i Powager. Is FiKned by the num?
bers of the Cabinet. If pnintp r.nt that
the administration han been unpopular
and that a constitutional government
has not yet been established, explaining
tins by the fact thai zom\
the people's hearts wars broken and the
try eras thrown int.? turmoil.
Ret-rets Hi? Late Repentance.
Th? Regent regrets thai his r. pei
?'.'? hue. and fee i 'hat if he
i In i "x> ei his com i I vrould
soon be d rsrded, The edl? ? con
Hi srepl ? d preyee \o resign | ??
Re ? time ex presid?
earn? ? lion tn sbstaln from po
i. th? i.sei il? ing \n I
? ?, am Igi on nt of 1 of afl
ng . ?rhere,
while Hi.- commerce of frl? n i
f. i?.-? The Regent 1
i : oui B? ns ml? i? i rmed th?
? .
?? et-ij, t dem ilt; to th?
from the p? ople, ? ' .. ? must now
realise that the court doet not object to
? i ? un rend? r of th poa. r ? ested In the
throne." The Regeni a/ill receive fiil.OOO
? snnuslly fiom ths Impel ';il b
hold aH'.xxan? es.
Armistice Extended Three Days.
t.mpt i lal and re? >lutloi t
ilankow hsve not ? el i ome
? ? .'n in ? i -standing the i misili ?? has
extended for an additions i three
! da? ?
ingbsi, i ?ec ?? The so ithern
?i...',..n?s apparent!* a?? more than
? mined on ths effs ? ment ...
Msn'nhu administration *?\ en i |
11,iid Kmperor, a?; ths onlj terms on
ahl ? sn h? marie
abdl? a; Ion of ths Regeni is re
? i'i msplcion, aeeordlna ??? the
revolutionary leaders s?*ten te nlghl and
the dual guardianship is unaal (
... I | 1 ? ?i, r.f
i . r*hun s? R??gent snd lh< ?
of Bhlh-Hsu and Hsu ?Shlb chang S-- fzuar
..r the ibrone |g regarded In e?tjIsl
< Ircles h<*f?f. p? n si.hsl-n'lnl vl'torv ??Off
Viu.n ghth-kat, h",wf?'i WlMMI and the r
tinnK Ragest Ihete kgs bees mut* bitter
feelinK ever ?-m?? Yuan wan dismissed from
the couit Ifl IMf,
<?f Um two new res'n"- H u Bhlh-chang
ij ?ii" mor?, interesting fv*-raot*allty. "? 'R
distinctly Chinese in binh tramlng and
expiration?, and lit* been one of Vusn s
stanches! edvo?catea, protesting sgalnsi his
dismissal in 1901 and memorallalng the
throne ein?? then to rauna TuStB's return to
nil" life fhang was born in ?"?" M, Stld
was grand counsellor iti Itff, when he ''?'"?
?erit to Ma?ir-hnrla ?m a ?pe?ial mission, snd j
afferwar?! was miamed there as Viceroy
Until ltftt, ^ben lie WS! made rr?-<=i'!er>t of
the Board of Communication?. In addition.
he na? appot? teri grand secretary, ? high
po?l?|of|, ,n ipir?.
Shth-H.??i !? on-, ef the old ItM M.'.nchu*-.
?n11 was appointe?! a grand secretary It
I toi and grand counsellor In the following
year, sin-e io'is he hn? n'?o ?.. .'iipie.1 the
offl'e of .l'lni'T iriardlan to the heir ap?
parent, and In ir.ni he Vas mad" presldenl
of the Board of Forelgu Affairs.
Wu Ting-fang Calls Wu-Ohang'
Conference Unofficial.
Bhanghal Dec I a raagemeats have
practically been complet?*d for a meeting of
the djelegates representlsg C?e Bhanghsl ;
republicans and Yuan Bhlh-ksi to d< -
ternis of p--|(-(,
AVii Tine fane. Beeretaxy er ?Pbrelga If
fairs on ihn repubH?*an side, has be?n in?
to ?to to Wu-Chsng to i"ln In 'he
pear?, negotiations there, bul ha? declined
He .'..under? the nr-Ko?',atloris at \\'*i Chang
>,?officia', as iim r?-ntr?4 of republican g?-'.
ni hag beeil transferred to Bhanghal
?pending the declaration of Nanking a- th?
Capital of the republic.
Notwithriandhia the peace negotiation
at Wu-Chang and F g| ghal, II tat at the
heal nf th? lepublhnn movemen* at a
i' tO-nidi? decider- ,o flfiH, t'. ?* fl," ?= T
Iggue of rspubltcen was bonds, covering ?< :
patriotic and sympathetic loan amountingI
,r, i?,...-., ?via taels.
Tl I bonds will be Issued In ?I'ti-mlr
iiona of ito, ?v?. if? tnd ?V, the Issue ?price
brine so per cent "f Um face ralua, the
average rate of Interest beln? 1" peff OOnl
They ans repayable In r\x var- by th?
airent of the new republican bank, whl h
bar S Cap? ni Ol '"??-" gl | e?.-nt, suh
s?rlbed sntlrel y by l*hli
The [ . I at the meeting
thut ?Americans could be induced te r
?"me speaker said that the United
States was the onlv Countrj to which Chins
looked t'?r sympathetic assistance, hecsUSS
th? ITplted Its es s th? "ni ?ii Interest
e?i friend ?,f i ' .? - millions of starviag
and oppi ai ?jed i- ople
Report, Condition?, Wo*TH Wong-Po
Said to Have Been Captured.
Cleveland, Tmt I '*<rir?i*umstaric-*s - "
Ing worse mi era leaving the station,"
?as ?! e cable messags received re-da] t r"c
' ? j i-Nsn, ? Una,
to the Q ?',;<' Johnson, ?secretary of
the r.r, ..| ..' m ions of 1 ie i-?vangelical
.\Fr??'laii'-n in this dty, frorr. the Rev. A
11. Butsbscb pud wife, of Benton Harbor,
the Re? 1 r Ranck, wif*
an?l two children, of Kapenilie, 111 : Miss
1 llzatx th of ?:? utllng? n, G? -
many, id "l ; anns M Roloff, of Han?
over. Ontario, have been stationed at Shen
? hoa '
Bai f*rsnclsco, Dee, I ?Dispatches re
da?, from Shanghai by the Churig?
it-po re por 1 In capture of ?Vong-Po,
north of Hankow, In Hu-Peti ?proslnoe, by
,? 1 r 1 '. ??- ? ?, l , ,
proaroes aboul ?lao-Kan. where the Im
;, stand
Health Officer Defends His Work
and Is Backed by Confreres.
?Dr, a 11 Doty, Health ?Offl-asr of this
port, replied yesterday p? the mport of
M N. Bulger, the ?pe. hil iBVSStigatOI
who, in his report to Governor Dli on Mon -
di ,i the if? alth < ifii??? i
rnlasaL This the "first statemeat l?r Dot*
has ,ii;).|.. since Mr. Bulger started hi- In
vestlgation in June.
Officer. wh< tly defend >
n ?1 lai -i that ll
i,e diffleull for him le dis th? actions
ami , ? sport of Mi Rulg? ? with proper
. . of 1 I Is ''? Id? ?l t>.
nek? 1 '?. 1 . p|] 1 ?possible,
? 1 .?? said 1 '1 '?'???. "Mr
Bulgei ra "H I."'"1 - . - alle'l
? tlgatton a spirll of bitter hostility to
nber of mot 1 extraordii ?
In 1 Dr. Dol " ?
-in-o he took office ,;i is'.;, ,,.,?1 showed hoa
d brout t about n ftwrn In th? ?
1 lofl ? tan - - ??urn?-'
11 antlne
? ommisslon two -
; limp. ? indu
He laid
ill kinds oui " r 11 > ? ?
port wt, ? . . ,
Dr. Dol il < ?-? 1 .
approved I
el 1 ??
Bram m \
h.m M Polk. Fran- I
1 Blgga,
George I.
dockland ? l?edlcal Bode)
?'.ni of I 't
. ige to 1
'The I'.'M.ind County Medical svi-i'.
ai Mew ! ?rk ? ity to da: .
1 -
1 ? 1 ".1 Health Off!? er ?>f the
Porl ' ' ? k."
Mailed an-where in ihn United State?
for $2 c0 a year.
land thus II came about thai when, In I Ml, the Dutch East fnd ? ?
iv. i.. in oui i.i bllsb tin' tradli ? ?
nf s? 'i. ? ' b a ??..it of ra? lal Instlnrt that ' hind 1
? ,,t i, planted th? unconstdered bulb of Bowling Green, I
\ a hi? h h., n m g the s ? il Broadwsy. M ? beet i
l Gift Book BROAD\VAY Vor Nev Yorkers
Litctary Editor of "Everybody's" ?y J. B. KERFOOT IMatatJ Critic of "Life''
few aords,
ly the I
... ?? ',
i loi ab], which Is
' ' ' ? V'H'A
?.ft.-. ? I ' .
t>"7 .*? *
? i? , ,,,, i- . m. Kei fool i? goo
io, his
,, , rdon? ?????'
,.-??? ' ..line. . . .
Mi Hornb i ?? draa Ini i bave la?
lit:.It '<? tn.? per?
. lh it he gives US, I "ii' ? ?f Iffl
?tere?! i '
be pul "' ??
i , . i
, ? ?
".\ '?' oh ?.f potent '
1 ...? 'hi i '
r - pressati for raen ;,i"
pro ?wi lall] nerd lo B
' n vho i"
linger < thai In IN ? ? 11< i n
oi rtoimtown '
1 Iwsy, this
Is I
. safe,
t esi grooklu? gegte.
,.,11,1 troth? ??.n / Poetpol? ti.ll, Vargt i>"i>-< Umltee] rditlot.ul lean 11.I erf, poetpi ?'
l*S !.. 40tli St.
Now Vorli
Dix Commutes Sentence of Not
ed 81-Year-Old Crook.
Albany, Pee ? c;e-.?.?r!.er Ws has con
i iiiteal th? (?n-xrir sentones of "l.llen K r
if Bprsi*khltl, N ? , who ws
t,tt..i <->r graad larcenj/ In New Toi
m Kebruary. v*? The weoiaa clatme
owneraMp to aMM acres sf land in h*ei
tneky and on the strength of this ?lab
borrowed UA"* fl d**ve*op?d ?'???? ?h
o?.n?.i no land -411*1 h?t?r sentrlctl??a fel
Ifi i"!--'i i; r. p? ck a?? . n< ? '. ted ?
"trimming" N'ormsft .? Wilson, ?>f Net
lOrk i ii\ out r.f $:.IWV h?r latest epct?tlOI
In o. criminal career of nenriy forty year?
Mi? I? noiv over emhtx-on? vars old an.
Mill holds untai nlMliotl th? reputation ?"*
being one of the cleverest trotnaa < r?ok
wrho ever operate.1 In till?? country,
, r.ne Kii??"? Hi? exact tints a? wbiei
Rilen Feck ??'Kan lier criminal] career ?l*i"
xxi.s x?. ?I known to th? fathers and th?
prandfathers "f ths press?t geneintlen
x\ hete ?h? ?xas h"! n, ?x h?, her par*?nls W?MM
SI xx here and hoxv h?r >oiincer days wen
passed, nu ?t. te, live ever ?lisce-vere'l- II*'
csreer in the annals of "Wg work" begs?
a?- far liH''k a? la**?* when sh? coax?.I B. T,
Babbitt, th? p..a,, maker, out of flkOM I?
(SSh. S!i? heal jewell.TS out i?f varh'U
um< ranging from ????'i to fU.Mli aiTl lean
sharks, real estaie operators, chamber?
maids and grooer*m?n, as well, wsTs num?
bered anionir, her rictlms.
Pake mortKae??. the impersonation et
wealthy persons, piaving the part of i tip?
ster on the ?toej< mark?! were only a small
l art "f Mr?. Peck's reperi"i?-e of pames
f'tr fooling the unwary. On one occasion
?It? Inserted an advertisement In a neu-s
paper f"r a loan on pom? supposed dia?
mond?**, Htid .liillu? ? olumhanl, another well
km ?-n crcok, ansxvrred the advertisement,
thinking that bs saw som? easy money.
' ' 111 lilt i, n i k.'iX'. Sf.ni?? fake heii'ls t? the
?; pectlng looking old woman with the
dlamoatls ?ho, having ??me unox*.lodge
I ersclf ?.f th?? wicked ways of the, xvmld,
t. ok ..n? before exchanging to get th?
r.umben of Columbanl'i boada Bhe in
?tSntly dlscovsred that the** \xere bogus,
I.?led Columbanl Into a rot.m over a Sixth
SVl is M ? ? ". I ?' "Stuck him up' will? a
i? vo|x?r She t k*1 h?r brother crook *?o
completely off bis undid Hint h? leaped
?il a Window and es.aped Hs Was
caught three d.tjs later, however, and ?ou
Bx-Chlef of Foihe Byrnes ones i-^'.d of
Mrs. Pc h
Mrs Pech *?as a g?od woman, s very
*..?...i aroman! Indeed, I maj x^x- tiiat I
> i nd? i tn d me i
dont n?? th? term hi th? ordinary seeepta
i but ??< i fsmlilsr police coiloqulalism
SVhen I sax thai Bllen r. ? l< ??? a son?!
women l m??an Ihsl si.'- ws ? a:<.."i pi th?
I ? , - : ? ii :.<? "Johnny" i lop??, 1he
i.ii s lar, n.nd ?;e?.ij,'f. wilkes, th? interns
i one I forgei iver. food men In their lin???.
in th;? .?. i -?? i don'l think that r ever
kt?*?? a better man than Mrs Perk
Mr* Peck served only four ?r fix? snort
.?? liten? es ?n lie;- Ufe. Of lHte she hSS been
prowinst veery feeble, and Judge T. C T.
' rain nn?i e\ DittrtCt attorney Jerome, who
ver?, concerned t*i ths proswutlon, bars
? elr Inll'ie'in to have h?r released1
\ siniihir petlti'ii \?a<: Pent t? Ch.ve'-nor
Ifughes in fiecember, ?JOt, hut he reject?*d
ytUg: "Old acre Is no SXCUSS for
crime." Mrs Peck xvin prohabiy be freed
Drivers All Report for Work and
Contractor Puts on 1.400 Teams.
The new teamsters' strike, whl<-h besan
with Monday'? baby blizzard, ?am? to an
e-.1 ...iterdav. it xxfls deelnred off at a
ine.tlnsr of the different union?? of team
?rters whose members l?f* th? ?now ruts at
Murphy's Hall, h?rlhn?ni* on Tiies'lav night
and ending in the small hour* of yesterday
i ornlng. Th*? contrsctors fer spow re?
moval \x?r? notlled in th?. niornlpfjr that
t?,.. itRke ? m "T- ?'?' '* wat?f ?? ""* :,f'"' '
noon the strikers began t" return le
Tlf Mi"?*, teai lei ire the ases
mid ?atraer u ? ? ' ''" ' '
. me work in lu -? - ? ! '
'. s, r. h'? ?? ?
s< ? v.or% in ?i" when 1 hei i
Celestino Da Maree, the roatrsctof '?<??
-now removal la Manhattan, said la
afternoon that be had 1,4.
work, as hkh?h ? I.'.. thl i -? ??? I day, ??','
,,r i rr? i... ?.i ii? erted on Tuesdaj aftci
? Th?. pffii ars "f the unloi - i ? led me Ii
t'ie moi nlng i ??i i ' ould i ' - all th? nos
teamsters I wanted," he rontin I
send "ve, t?-.-, thousand teams out
ind exp4.; to make re. ?...i work In
iiing the Ireets of si o i
- ? Is of the
? iraninn ' *epai tm? nt -
? There will not i"* much snot? left
ni'.rrou nlgl I A u..,i?l ?I?-.? i It? !
.?ine?, the strike began, and t ils niH i a
saving to the < i?v, ??" as only pg il ?? ?r fi
m for getting rid of 1 m tbej
H' i '?.illy remove '?
Burns Down House While Grand
Jury Is Investigating.
I P 1 ?leg, ?,?' '-? T - in? 1
n>"- Brunsaick, x. j . Dec, %, The _
?irte,i the In? estIgatton to day of
the ?tase against Ellis Appleby, of Wd
Bridge, ^ho |g under arrest on the charge
of having net Are to f .? More ef BelOVCT J
St? naker ?a1-? August ? if thi
tiesfie-? .?'?Ilinioned. clcht v.rve r\:i|ini m| to
day. th? cas-* then going over uni
Thi Investigation follows closely the dis?
covery of another Incendlsry tue ai Old
Kudu? yesteidsy In the Aaher Culvert
house on the outskirts of the town Tlie
house, m-ma vecsnt ?Detectives employed by
friends <>f Appleby are .?t nor!<, and H Is
aald ther? ?frill b? .s>.n-iaii??nai development
i". ? dg v or two.
On? of ,h?> Important srltm ses was Mr?
Herbert Vpplt by, . Ife of the -
Postmaster ad S s: -t.-i m-law <?f the man
,-harsred aith sraon Bhe Is ;,Iv?? an aunt of
G?eorge Beiover, one of' the own?
building bin ii?"i ? ?? ? r -,-. ? et M -
?TJe-orge Squire , M ? George Ruahei
Mr-, r-..e,i, Mj-?, Julia Kwlnglel M
ivhia Oaborn an?i Mrs. Joseph I'harlton
? 'iiar!- s Hi ?.' of l lobokcn, -
1 .?? at Old Bl idT^e -4 HI |,i,i n? d three
?-as am?ong the wltn? George
\V, Tievoe. of BpOttSWOOd, S SOU ill-law of
Herbert Appleby, the Insurance agcr.t a-lio
a rote most of the Old Bridge policies, ?ill
ho called to-morrow An?other witne ?? Is
?;eor(?e H, ?fblttlck. the auditor ?>f the
Raritan River Rsllrosd nnd a relative to
the Ai ; ?-. marriage.
Therefore Equitable Continues to
Retain Durland Insurance.
Owing to the Inability of representa?:ve?
of the Equitable Life |<ssursnce Bodety to
obtain x~e official report off ?h? medlcsl
examiner In Rost?.,, regarding the death
of Tf. KeiWiirjr Ibirland. the ?writer and
sociologist, v ho filed 1n that city 00 No*
vemher 10 fron* oyanlds poisoning, the In?
vestigation b"ln?i i-f)nd'ic?ed by the society
waj, got completed yssterdsy a? expected
In ?he nieant'ni? ?ho payment <,f the I
policy ?-arried by ?Durland In the FSqultable
In favor of bis ?a?iIo-a-, Genevi?ve Orevllle
Durlaad, Is being held up pending further
???raid F Br?ophy, Of ?h- *-"<y-i'ahl?'?
claim Investigation bureau. Issued the fol?
lowing atatement yesterday ait.er a conf?r?
ence with Alaaander A Oreen, oonnsel for
the Insurance, company:
The F?*, itabl? Life ASSUfenOS f-ocietv
ban been unable to complete its Investiga?
tion with ?regard to the Durland policy, ?or
,he reason that it ha." up to this ,1m? been
unable to secure an Inspectton "f the of
Oclal report of the medical examinar in
Boston. This report Is understood to have
leen tiled soveral days ago. ,nd Is an
to be a publie dornnient 'fn to publh' hi
fiprctlnn The effort!" of the ?iOciet\'s r"pre.
sematives ,o see. jr. h'.-*-ever, for some
reason, have been unsuccessful.
A Well-Known
Once taitl:
"If. n-hen r?*>f1 ?drink. ?hey
would Mick to ****sfake sad -.
j-o.,t| mm-rai water, they'd be
bett?r oft " Sensible. t'n? !
T'y H ami let, *\n'l |e* g|
lagged "Watchman," in
th- Non ? refillabie Rottl- ?
the BMMt whol?*eome ?tVus'.*???
",' the use, [I OOOiei tO xori
"?/ ?*%?? tvery iriak uudta
IJe Vide <?,,
W&?cl\m&.\ W Kuk^
(/at AV'l rtjltloott Pe'tlr,}
A' Ltm??itf Clnh, ffetei .<??',
R'-'rurnul , Ofld J>"1 tt '
Concreto Structure Collapses.
Burying Workmen.
! Under the glare ef
ind flrei ? fsi
| for 1 of fonr |. ? n
?g? ol -' '
roncr. * | ? ? psed to-ds*
;.t nOOl x? .?rkt?' n and ||
one The contract?
owing to I ?? rather the coa
? ..d not ?et proper!; .
Suing Her First, Second Makes
Her Defendant.
Mr?. Anna liait tiM hied a1? i * I
Buprem? Court for a dlvorc? f om hi
band, Mas ilsi t, alleging that
living with another -?oman in ?great ???
rrtreet who poses s M- Hart "i'v ? -
xx rre mar led In lt*2, and Mr? Fla-t ?*v<
bet husband deserted her In UN
N?w comes Hans QoetUch, t sad sski
? <-. - ?reme Court tn ar.nui his msrrtsge
to Mrs, Amu rjoettlch, ?xxhom h? me led
in 1VM. His action I* based on th? a I'-ea
tjen that *Ahen h? married 1rs Srifs
was already the vxif? of Ma?A- Hart th?
action b-tn*; the de?
fendant in the second After Hart
teen llvlns apart from his wt'e foi tan
xear.i she to..k :? re-end busband. t?Hh the
pnnsible result that seen ?he arttl he ait**>
OUt any hu ?1
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 a year.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
cleanses, preserves and beau?
tifies the teeth and imparts
purity and fragrance to the
oreath. Mothers should teach
the Iit.le ones its daily use.
The Fiai ?-.ir which ?wor. the World's "Record and Grand ?Prig at S-uanr-ali las? week, to be shonrti at
m , .,-,?; xhis is the fW-hors-ffiKywer rar driven a?- Savannah Igst week by David I. Brace-Broirti 41??
miles al .in average of 74.45 miles an h-our. If won a world record and the International gold rap. 'I he car
?ten ihip-ped back to New Vork, cleaned up a bit, *?**?* *'"w v'"' '????> ?*"? '*-? -*,!r!'* a*""- ?till bol
_ ... . perlative ?speed, in the Wanamaker Apparel Shops, S'inth ?reel entrance, Main floor,
Bi Iding.
Thought We Wouldn't Have
to Gable for More English
Rcdleaf Topcoats for Men
But though we ordered these London street coats and ulsters in
thousand lots, and despite the fact that they are being imitated
all over New York, we discovered recently that more would
be needed. And so, in r?ponse to our cable,
Off Ship Has Just Come
Another Consignment of Rcdleaf
Double-breasted Aintree Coals
Most popular of all our London-made
importations of REDLEAF coats. Rich,
rough Shetlands and friezes and tweeds,
in a wealth and a warmth o\ color, it
goes right home to the mar. who beholds them.
Fashioned along exclusive lines?in every sense
different coats.
Whole Family of London l Isters and
Street Coats from Single?breasted
Chesterfields to Double-breasted Guards
Is to be found in our Burlington Arcade and Motor Wear Shops.
Lach bears the REDLEAF label, which speaks of exclusive
ncss. We get these coals direct from the English makers?no
meddling of middlemen. These are the coats New York is
trying to copy. But what a funny foozle is being made of it.
$32 tO $50. ";,! N|""" Weg. Shop?, Mail floor,
"" ''" Buildini
Pormerly A. t. Stewart a ?b., Broadway, Fourth Avenue, Eighth to Tenth Street.

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