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1911.?FOURTEEN PAGES.*' PRICE ONE < l> I ii,Mint.K..Tw.Mm?
and Mohrtken
Shanghai Peace Conference to
Receive Notes from Great
Britain. Germany. France.
Russia and Japan.
Delegates To Be Urged in Inter?
ests of China to Arrive at Set?
tlement -Failure of Nego?
tiations Means Drastic
Foreign Action.
- ;i. 1
Peking, Dee. IS Notan win v?-? pr?-?
*>nt?-i1 to-m*?""******"* by the rnlted Btstea
Great Britain, < ?f-rmnr,'-. Fran,*?-. |
- to the peace ? ommisi
Tanc Bhao-yl, rtflpreawtlng Pi
Yuan Shih-kal. ami Dr. Wu Tine-fariu.
ispreoentlng ths revolutionists, nov
far-ill? at Phansrhai.
? | urge th* Importan**? of
rtjonir-nt. adding that th*?
? ken by th? signatories to
- inspired wholly by a friendly
I for Chinese interesta
i r^onstltutos Um first 0ot?**_cn intor
? the beginning ?,f the pr?t?
ent troubles, and win doubtless greatly
S the ? OUrsS and the reft; tit ?,f th.?
? atlona now under way. The pow
?? ? ? 11 >- favor the estsbllshment
? ? constitutional monarchy, end the
? ?e ,,f this fart cannol but In!
? ? . outcome ?>f the ]>nurprar?"r.--.
If the conf?rence fails and ? *?
?,f hostiiitiea is threatened, the ??? ?
Will certainly take further and more
drastic action, v? atinuance
cf the stniKK'e means ii;temal > :.
to foreign Interests an?i the failure of
Chins to live up to her International
.. ?.I,. U ; be ? ? i ? onfei
Yetween I>r. Wll Tint;-fa tip. the I
Fe-?retar\* in the "-evolutionary < iblnei
Tang Shao-yl. re presenting Premier 1
. five d. ;?. ? ected by
? sd in the Town Hall
. i o>!ock tils eft?rasen.
? delegates arrived at the Town Hall
i k. the time appoint",! They
welcomed hy the chairman of il,.?
Municipal Council.
A!'. except the delecates wcrr- f\
tram the building, whl b Is susrded bj
ad British police The publtr is not
?ven permitted on the asme side of the
??reet as the Town Hall
? conferen?-'? Il hp ng held in i
en the *?*>cond floor of the building and th?
rates during the dlarusstoal ar?
? .? large ta Me.
The meeting of the ' ont'.-renc?. last?
? .; was devoted te ?n endeavor to
< ., cassation of fishttag i :?*r >i sktes
! that no further meetll -'- hould I ??
until the armistice v..is **espet*<ted
-g ghao-yl this morning sa:?i ti
? repre.pn* the tl rone, but Is a
,'. rep-eoentat'.'. ? Of "*r?m1er Yuan
- pa lai ? on " aj be re?
gar-Sed as a ?-?gnifleant one
I | ?,- m - - alter] States
,1 1?re, formallv called on Tang j
thll morning and talked with him
? Ken? ral interest, without.
ng "ii the Question
? ? ? -ik.-n
fleS of the rjty for I
?? ? ? aa an Intl
? ? ?
..mona the mor* hot he;?'!
edvocstlns hi
I -ind that he n i-. ?; rting
There is rea* n to
....... ., . ?
... . .
? i
- ? : -
\n aeroplan?
olutionary fore?
Mart . nl ?
n from bhaasl '" ? ??
? expert and an ? *
T i of
. n?l at on. ?
' ?
? n killed
Bhan-SI Pi
ng thfir ?II
forty 1
?;.ii..i of Shen-Sl
He then sought
. I,lit
o ? one
with a BW?
Th? - :
? ? ? ?
? un.:,
ernor of va
? Nanking,
i ?. ?
,1 condltl, -
Oov? i not ?
i,l- provli
afforded th? m prots l
? ' hin?- Tu and era
?'''""! . ft Hanko-a with a
Court Dinner Abandoned Owing;
to Emperor's Illness.
'<?? i- Bmperor Prs
io?t* ?a . vet.Id
DO.t , , ' An.
a .?-ra Bitterg . .,.._Advt.
A Step on the Stair
Bv Octave Thanet
The noted Western writer
offer?; a story that will interest
metaphysicians as well as all
fiction lovers A story of the
after life painted in strong,
glowing colors In next Sun?
day's Magazine of the
New-York Tribune
Vice-President Seeks Vindication
for Saratoga Rebuff.
Ready to Aid Taft's Renomina
tion, Friends Say in Announc?
ing His Ambition.
I "rlbune P.urfau 1
Washington, De? IS "Por Governor,
Jamas 8? hoolcrafl Sherman." Is ihe ?aray
th? New York State ticket will read
next fall If the Vloe-Prestfdenl of the
United st:,t..s hag his aray. Close friends
of the Vic? Pr< Ideni issert thst he da?
to preside over the Beo
ate's sessions, that ti?- is anxious to ob
tain an office which will make greater
demand* on his executive ability, and
- th.'.n all, he is seeking s xin
dication for the humiliation he received
.h Saratoga . 5 ear nc?
Mr. Sherman is represented u regard?
ing the ? ? - * i< ?n of William Barnes, ir .
? airman of the RepuMir-an State
Committee as ai leas! s partial vindi?
cation of ill" correctneas of the views
? Mr Sherman entertained a year
ago and as an emphatl? rejectlof* of the
??.silk stocking" element led by Colonel
i But if wants something
more than that, something which will
prove a healing balm to his own Injured
ad s'i? h h?- would regard
tton ? ? office In the gift ol
his s
Mr Sherman was grieved thai the
lent should have espoused the
cause of the Progressives at Saratoga,
I ? ?? has cherished no ill will, although
he Is represented now as believing that
th?- Presiden! is confronted by sn op?
portunity to do the handsome thing bj
him In furthering his aspirations to be j
Governor of New fork. Of Mara?
Ig way clear to
giving proper assistant e ,r> Mr. Sherman
in tlrs ambition, Mr Harnes would
his wa ? ng a 1 lid Tan
. 1 'nicago, and i? is even pos
im i. Ward micht per
viadora of assisting Mr. Barnes
to that ond At lea - the way |
>f Mr, Sherman outline the
Personally, Mr. Sherman does n"t de
sir.- a renomination f?xr th? Vice Preel
and he is ready to support L4r.
? ,r the ron- minatlon for th.. Presl
Iheiman has expressed him ;
. regarding the President as th.
strongesl candidate th.- Republican
ould name, as entirely optimistic
ome in Nea York.
and. according to his friends, he would
? ?Hing i" ride Into the ' '?o\
ernor's mansion al Albany on the same
which returns Mr. Taft to th.
Whit?- House foi an?-th?-r four x-ears.
There Is little likelihood that the
grill eonsent to lake anv part
In the contest for the Domination f?.r
Governor of New York He has In ttip
aloof from most state fights,
ard of all the states in the Union he
doubtl? ?? - rdf N.-w Y?.rk as the most
competen! to sele? 1 Its own candidates
it is unlikely that the
la of Vice Presiden! Sherman would ,
have - Intimation of his ambl
. early had il nol been for the
its that h>* would i?
sorely disappointed if he were nol ? h osen
for the aecond place "ii the national
tl< ket.
? on he does not want a re
nomination for thai place in any event,
thai the fat t should be made
kii'-xvn .--? that ! ? ? ? ? nnol charge
thai the nomination for Governor Is his
,,.-. thai he sough! it as -,
prize, or anything of thai
German Crown Princess Gives
Birth to Her Fourth Son.
H.-r?n I ?? ??. 1?? < 'row t Prln< ass I !< -
? d! Crown Prim ?? i-'r? d
blrth *- a soi
of M? - ? ? ? .11 11 1
with Ci ? k \\ llbelm ?
? 1 of th? royal
Body May Be Put in Glass Case
in Aldermanic Chamber.
i last
. . : ? ? 1 ? .1.! ,,f
Aid? rmen 1 e a uld offer s r?solu?
lion o- Little I log
Hall pet, which died on
In the
evealed I
thai " :? had
fed to him ii ? ?. 1
though M:.- -.ti.-..,. ? ,,,? 1, ,.,,??. ,,?.. ,,- ,)?.
?..i oui who had
:?? ,1 ii,.. oei era ked
n, he had none ''
seen him, (?articulai . wno\
had ? ?? ? ,,:i. . m, t!i, 1
',! . t . hi
torpedo ,,, !?. ,(,,,,?,, ,,, , ,,,
?**>? ,. the City I
H?11 ? ? ? .1 n.,.1 ,
? hi? dentil Thai
pi. ?
'??' rather are pay! .
; ? I tu ?hlol
' '.I. .!.. Ugg.
' ?M- rrnaii |... . , -,,, |. . .
He '. ?xi,' i,
, . Ant"-'1 !? v- ? ,
? ? heei the w? rid ar
' '" '? ' 1 Bros New ,01k -Advt '
Named in St. Louis Upon Apt
cation of Westinghouse Air
Brake Company.
The Receivers Under $300,0
Bonds E?ach?Opinion Has Pr?
vailed for Some Time That
Step Might Be Necessary.
f-'t. LoulS Dec. 18 On the npp1i?Rf
,,f (he WestlnghOUSC Air I'rnke C?
pany, Judge Kim er B. Adams, In I
United st.it,..?. Circuit Co '. 'his aft
noon appointed Frederick .t Delano, i
\4.,-,r?l B. Pryor an?l W K. Blxby rece
of th?> Wabash Railroad Comps
The receivers' bond was tixe,i ;it 9300,1
each, to be given in ten flayt Wells
Blodgett, who has been general coun
of the road, ?vas appointed counsel :
the receivers
P .! . elano Is president ?,f the r?,
now. and Mr. Pryor until recently wsi
'i Pryor -- on his ?ray from N
York t.- SI Louli W. K. Blxby did i
know "f ?.is appointment as ??ne of i
r? elvers until informed to-nlghl
newspaper in? No statement could
obtained front the railroad compa
early to-night regarding the claim i
volved in the receivership proceedk
bul it ?va* said In some quarters that
was 118,000
In filing its ?laim of $18.000 again
the Wabash. ths W**stlnghouse Compai
alleged the railroad aras insolvent s
unsble to meet unpsld vouchers eggt
: gating more then 11,800.000
Inspection by Committee.
President .\;\ in W Kr? ? h. of tl
Equitable Trust Companj of n >??.?. Tor
.u.d Robert Ooelet, membera of the Wi
?ash ex**ciiti*?e and reorganisation con
inittec, who were in Bt Louis Saturdi
after an lns}t*ctK?n of the eastern lin?
the i ? . returned to N?-w V"i
by way of Toledo. Th
.i;,- led i?- President Delano ai
il. R Wlnthn ??. and are ?pe ted I
S York to-d
< 'i, b? half ? f th? road It a is r?tate
recently that 17,500.000 wan t
immediate!) f> i net can and ? <inil
The ,- immittee In its Inapectlo
hen n:d elsewhere ight to learn th
m..? ? t phj - ' ? : : ??? di ol the road
K?,r some time it has been the opinion i
Wail Street that i re elvershlp would I
: i.. eeeaan to str . ?? - it th
llfllcultiea of the Wabash Ral
pany. Ta o .i?, sgo announo
ment was made of a proposed r?organisa
lion of the company Repreeentstivss ?
; ?? Equitable Trust Company, which Is th
trustee of the railroad's M0.0IM0I first r?=
funding .-xt.-nsi"!, mortgage were put f
charge of the teorgaot*,at'***a, with Kuhn
Loeb \- ? "o at the bankers
Recently the followlni men enter? I th
board of directora to (111 vacsndea ? hi?
i ad been man.- to brins aboul the leorganl
sation Robert Ooelet, Me in Ht
*?lvln W Kreeh atvl Wlnalow s Pier? *
,,... t? uateea of the EqultaM
Trust Company General Thotnaa H Hah
bard, alao a dire tor of th.- Equitable, i
on the Wabash hoard They were i
to conetitute th? > utlve commltt?M
'with general power to act with auch fur
? ? * Indlvlduali ? ma
with themselvei a? a committee for th?
la! readjustment oi reorganisation o
impany." Ilr Plei ? be? ame
? of the board
Receiver-snip of Friendly Nature,
it was asid her? leal i l I ? ? ?
eelverahlp wai ol an entlrelj fi lendl i
The semi annual Interest on the ??
fundll "* and extension mortgage amount:
?o $xi?. ;,, i ?- a :? January i it waa lh<
lack of funda to ruent this paynaenl ti si
has brought about the present receiv?
it is linderst.i Immi ifter the r<
celpt here of the news of the recelv?
;i protective commttt ?? waa announced ii
? the same men on the sxecutlv?
committee. Tbej m? ' last night and latei
announi ad:
"Tiu- committee will conduct aa esped?
tloualy is possible .,?, Investigation of thi
financial condition and requlrementa >?f th?
road and ?a' the physical condition and re
qulrementi ol Its properties with the objeel
"i formulating and carrylns out In to?
operation with Kuhn, Loeb A Co auch
m? aaui es aa maj se. m t., i,. i.< i ndapted
to the - tuation and to meet th?- wants and
? -toelbillt ? i i the propertl?
"The committee requests the holdem ol
I ? ?? bonds to deposit them with the Equi?
table Trust Compan) of New York, which
? ? n appoint? d depe iltary.
"Arrangementi have ?been made with the
bankers t?? advene? t., tue committee the
n? cessary to ? nable It to sdvan? ?? to
depositors ?it bond th? Inter? si msturing
January 1. 1112, in ca? e the same ?
not be i aid b ihn omi any."
Mr. Ki. ch sind la ? night thai though ii
friei . rahlp It
i-11' - I ''?? '
"i ?!?' n?il Impr? ilon 1
road thai this , ,,, Kai
?it out bj tin, !? or* inlsatlon commit ti ?
said "it is n"'
i?.i if th \\ ?- lingh .... ompan . bed not
?? '? d soma oth? r < ompenj would I ava
st< pped .n Tl ? i "i,:,., ii,,n ,,- Kuhn, I_oeb
??? Co will ' ontlnuc ?Just ai ai rang? d bj
o lanlsatlon committee We had
hoped to g< t throui h with..m .-, ,.., ,.M,.,.
ship, but I? ' ? m,-- II COI . |?., n
? hard it was only s matt? ; of
time '?? fore lb? rei elvershlp ws
Difficulties of the Wabash.
?i i a dlfilcultiea of the Wabsah had tbeli
beginning with the dedaloa ol the Qoulds
to crt ;,i. an CK-ean ?.?n rout? , of ? hi, h
th? ?Vest? m link aa ths IV?stern psclfic
ay. a hlch ? onn? 11? 'i on ths ? aat with
the i" a-.' r, Rio Orand? .s. R Mt< ,:i ,,,?,
'? at m i n t th the Den*.*? flbRlo Qrande
I i l." a ? '?'?' " n bed hy the Missouri
I at ?tl?. snd lh< w abash carried the |
,: d i" ?? onnectlon with the v
i ittsburgh Terminal Railway, whirl, i,., .,,,.
\\ ibash and the M heeling <* Lake i;r?. ? ?,',,
urgtt A n? v. line was bullt 'rom
i h burgh i" i 'umberland, an-i the \\ ,.N..
, i :, Met i land t., to t;,k?- the trai ? i?nt|
, ? i.t.ii route Into Baltimore
Ths '?<?*?"? Wal , ), Pittsburgh ? , minai
R in?1 iy, ?' lvl mils Une which had taken
.h- oi righttni i" put through, nrst
i o ?i ?a th? i .m is '.i ii,.. ,,
? i ' ? ' tern vat hi had t.. K,.t ll|1(1
.- in i- ram la? u thro ,_i, an sfrangemeni
?,.mi th.- Harrtman Un? tft? i that the
w , ntei u M ii land want from the ?.
,..,,,)..i. then th? \\ .i. ?eh and flnall other
?? ? > ? '"'" the mi iso .'i Ps
?| ha W sbssh inn al i-p*i i fot th? i ,\
( ouiiiiiir?! ?u aemetpi u-ie '
McNamara's Successor Rcla
What He Knows About Tran?
actions of Iron Workers.
Detective Who Obtained Sta1
ment Describing Blowing Up <
'Tom" Taggart's Hotel at
French Lick to Testify.
| T?a|i .? ,; i. -, l . -
Indianapolis. Dec Is? While tX'
ernni'-r? offl? Islg in i harste of th-- gra
Jury Investigation h to the dynamitl
eonsplrac* will neither den) nor adn
it, there || n-. question that Herb
B, Hock In, secretary treasurer of ?h.- I
ternatlonal Association of Bridge a
Structural Iron Workers, has made
complete statement of all he K'.
. tliM transactions of thai ..ruar
satlon to the federal authorities ai
thai h?- will ii<> before the grand lu
and mak" oath to irhftl he has to
them Ho? km is aiound the I ? dei
Bullllng. ? here the grand lury II si
ting, ilmoal dall? and Is In freque
? in-, a ith !>istri.'t Attorn? Mil!
and the representatives ol the Nation
i :.., t,,i s \saocialIon, WsIter 13
,i A G. Badorf
He a.imitt..I the united Statt rns
sha! to the offices of the Ironworkers
x\.-.-k ago under the promise of turnin
over valus ble re? ord ? and corrospont
? nee. He remained In the offlt ?
a deputy marshal gol the ret
- orrespondehc ? and took them t.. th
Federal Building. !!<? also gave Infoi
million, it is said, by which attentio
? as draa n to deposit slip .
stubs and other data In con.lion ?-xit
the banking business of the ?rganlza
What is believed to have led up t.. th
negotiations of Hockin with the govern
m? nt Is an affidavit in the possession >i
John Morgan, a d?t? cl . rnini
' he ?t t?mi t i" arrack I he P*ren? h LI? i
Hotel with ?i i aamlte and Ho? kin's de
sir- t.i dissoci?t? hi ma? thos
who committed the crime it Is sal?
that he x\as ai Ft? ut h Lit k, " her
Tom" Tgfgajl was building s ne*
hotel with non-union laboi The ir.-r
workers employed on it were not mem
ben ..i the union, and H<x kin
leged to have made some forcible re?
marks about the trouble Two
later the exploalon <?'? urred and th?
building was parti', ?,?, n eked
Morgan, s ho was on h vaeatln
I r.m< Ii i.i' k al the time, began an In
vestigstlon and arrested , man name?!
Herri Under?.I. who described in de
tail the whole tranaactlon. Taggart, ii
is said, l.'arii''! ol the statemenl and go
Morgan to drop ?t. saying he did nol
to troubl?
l.-.i m
Morgan -s'||! has the IFnd? i ? ood stati
iii.-iil and has !.. ,-n sniniii..ii. >| before
Hi.- federal ki ind |urj Hockln's
, n.. at i''r? il h i.i. k drea atl? ntion
Ii him ami he lias naturally been ans
i..us to square his r.rd. i ?letr!? I I
i. ,|, Mill? f sys he has made no
... ,th him This i- literal!) true. :
ii,?- mK"tiitn-'iis have been carried on
. ,, Walt? r Dree o! the Ere? toi
Hockin ?v?u '"' ""'' '' :i '"' '"' ' ' "' Ihe
,.x.. ulive board of H"- int. i nal! .nal \
...? i,,.|,,n ..i Bridge and Bli i. lural Iron
Wnrkei v'' '"'" ?*?*?'v "' '-'"'i ol the
or ganta ' "' ": John '
,i Mc Neman
, , , . .-? ? vx in? M,
i( ? i , \..-. I ?i m Co., 111 Pulton st , .s \ '
Nevada Building Torn Asunc
Following Contract Wrangle
| n | ' . Th- Tribun?
Reno, Ne?.., Dec. 18 The new ccui
courthouse ai Tetington, Lyon Coui
which was almost ready for occupan
? imoel - ' mpletely destroyed
dynamiters at I o'clock this moral
'lh.-i-.- were two mighty detonatli
xvtth an in??-rval of one minute
Th?- tec.I story of the huildlne "
xxreeked and torn from the other flo
whl? h was hadh dam tg I An the el
trie and plumbing fixtures xv,-r?' rulni
Tl m whole building xviii hav.. t.. i-?- ras?
?Whan the bids were lei the contract?
f,f th.- count ? ' loud in their <
nunciatlon of the ? oui t? commission?
In a" urdtng the contract to s Reno tu
Th?- commissioners offer ll.OOi
f-->r th?. arresi and conviction of t
dj nsmlters
Brooklyn Lad Is Run Down \
B. S. Cronin's Machine.
The rece?? Ij acquired automobile
? Bartholomew S < 'ronln, of t
? i strict, of King's > 'ount
, i'i-..'i f- . death of H? nry s.-tii.-r, i
years old, of No. ?'4 Fourth Pis ??
terday aftei i
'n..- machine was ; ? ? g slow
-i ing ? 'init-'P stn "t. ??,., ording to ??. I
? ? ? ? ident, 'x hen, al I i
r . . . ? Fourth Place, th.- boj ran din cl
in its path. Though Bmery s Rice, t!
ur, threw on ihe ? mergen?
- ? was unable to av-.i'l strikln
the i."' He was knocked down by tl
When i? was seen that the lad's it
lurtes were serious he was placed In tl
..h ,-uui taken to the Long island Col
h go Hospil tl. There Dr ? iordon fbun
that Ills ^K' 111 was fr.i.'t tir.'il. H< die
?? r The ear ? as on th
way to Benatoi Cronin's office, at N<
. ?Un! ... su.', t. w hen the acrldei
i courn d.
Russia Rattles Sabre as Nationa
Council Stands Firm.
Teheran, Dae 1*? The National Coun
? ii has refused to accept the Cabinet*!
proposals regarding s solution <>f th?
Russian diffl? till y, and the Russiai
troops at.- preparing to advance on th?
i apltaL it is belie??-.i thai the advan?.
\x ill begin on Thursday
rhe people are apathetic, and only th.
n . ontlnue an active boy? ott Tn
official attitude sugi Ive reals!
anee, bul the provincial sentiment Ii
-tiongl ." ? '^??d to the Russians,
e? Shah, M oh immed All Mtrsa, Is
again a! ( : imash Tepe, on the i 'as
The Fon Ign Minist? r In ? resenting
th.- quet tlon befoi th? Nallonal ?*oun?
>'i|. mad.- a ?|et.-rtt;
the support of ihe i oun? IL He
? i thai the i !ablnel had ms i ?
everj effort to retain Mr, Bhuater, but
the piighl mi' ) was desp
The . v Shah, he said, a i i Ing on
the one hand and B ilar sd Don leh ?.-i
the other, whll? '
I er demand? Therefor?. he argued, thi
i 'abln? i should be ? m| nweMd to con
Rug i..
in spii?- ..fin ., , ? i the i ??
d that th ret? ntlon of Mr. SI
lei WS Pel . V ?.ni?, hop?-, and that
i. ... .. ?., be gained bj > leldlng,
I.,,.,,inn. i ??, u The Tea? in. ? an .,
?pond?*ni of "The Tintes.'1 commenting on
the \ in--', .i ? o -a i ? "nsal t.. yield,
t th? tustlon Is ? itremelj grave
ge in Pet
'.i. |e
. tutorial ''??'? ndi the
r- reign Oflli Ih ittarki
(ip| ,. ?? .1 ..Ul .-.III.-Hi i\ || |,
list the ,'u
In th I."' |?holil
th. emploj n.
IM . . ? .? ? . tl ? ' ?1 ' llngle
BriUah i oldiet '
_. s
French Steamer Arrives wit
Record in the Way of
Broken Dishes.
Captain Feared They Would B
Swept Overboard ? Much
Seasickness for Three
Th?' new Fren? h ?n.-r R.? hfunbeau ha
made only a few trips t?' this p?irt, bu
sh.- i roke eno igh r,,' kery un her ru
from Havre ended yestsrday to hold th
record in tha? respe? t for iome lime. Th
chief steward had not straightened ou
hi.-, ai counts when the ? ? isel arrived, bu
up to the tltAe of reachlni Quaranti..
his incomplete Inventory showed tha
fifteen hundred plates, saucers, cups an?
dishes had been shattered t.. Li's by ;
storm whli h listed nearly three days
Prautl? illy everything brittle thai arm
H"t properly lashed wilt to pi?-' ?-s Some
times :? rug saved a falling tumbler in ;
at iteroom, but su? h In? Idents wers th,
exception, not the rule, Th?? Etpcham
beau as ihe plunged Into the heavy hsa.
waa no real et ter "t" persons, and ,,i
several occasions portlj mesdames ami
monsieurs, unable to all securely in theli
? hairs, were bowled about hk<? nlnopim
aft? I a strik'-.
it was "much dreadful." the second
steward thought, and he ?as "valr sor?
ree, ?"it. then. th>? company he could no!
be blamed when the storm he behave sa
I ame ip from the northwest
on Wednesdaj night, and sleeping from
midnight t ' daylight was out of the
question, rhe big Rochambeau would
run along evenly for a while, until her
passengers had time t?? dose; then she
would leap up and drop down with a
thud and a swerve that chased sleep to
the.r wlndi Man.- who were seasick
had n"t th.- ambition to dress, and wars
conten! to ii?- In their berths and groan.
The tirst lei up was on Friday morn?
ing, but up to this time from midnight
Wednesdss the gala Increased by th..?
hour. ?'He's life was not safe on deck
No ps tura out of
doors but t?, make sur? thai no one
would be iwepl overboard to a sur.?
death < 'api n oi d? r? ?! ths pria
sengers locked within doors until be
. m.
.tint- moderated ? horde
of brave monsieurs fio ked to tha amok?
I ild exhilaration, but 1???
ind amber fluids had to be sipped
h ..m cups, ai la i ??? iked
the bar and - wars.
Th.ill i n lenger InJ ired on the
I!... I,..till" .ri M is a i hlld, m ho wa -
v .is kno ked down and slightly bruised.
Matches Caused One Accident and
Kitchen Stove the Other.
r; tel ath, N J De? II Two ilrla i a? h
lu,- 41 a reaull
,,i i.m - Btmon, ?>! No i - ? ouit
Ktreet, isho was burned ?hile playing with
match? I i -i th.- si.
(??m ud ? f Ko. TM louth
i'.,rk itn i. waa 111 In bad, and In bar
moth? i to a stove In the
? ' i ? i ? i thing the
v. , : tlanv
hi in! bei 11? ??? ,, ih ? -i Kllam
- ? ..
\- oil' ' ??.!-1 1 .m. . N i _ r*loi Id i S| ??
. i.,i !._? P.M.. effective Jan ist Uli B'way
Asks Senate in Special Message
to Approve His Action
Through Ambassador
on Sunday.
Way Open for New Document
Solving Passport Question?
House Expected to Ac
cept, the Senate
(Fron* tr.f TlitM ?
Washington. Dec IS -PusldSBl Taft
has notified Russia <>f the PUIPOSS of *he
United States t.. termin?t.- the treat'/ -if
1882 on January I, 1913 The formal
lenunclatlon was e ?mmnnicated to th*
Russian n<>\ f-rnrti'Mi? by the American
Ambassador to St Petersburg on De?
?ember 17. pursuant to instruirions
iixen by the President on Decf-mher IB
The reason Riven hv the President for
the termination ?f the treaty is that u
ig "no longer fully repponslxe in x-nri
ms rxgspacts to the needs of the material
and political relations Of the two ? onri
tri?^s. which constantly grow more imp?*r
tant"; In other words, that it is 'obso?
The action of the President. whi. h
?A.iH communicated to the S?gnate to?
day, makes obsolete the objectionable
Bulser res?.lut ion. keeps the promis.? of
the President to denoiu.ee the treaty If
diplomatic negotiations looking to a dif?
ferent construction of Its terms pg?*rT*ad
futile, and is couched In such languag??,
Bg will make possible the Immediate re
gumptlon <?f negotiations looking to g
pew treaty which shall ronform to the
desires of this country and which rn.iv
b.- ready for ratification before the term
ot ii.-ii'in.'iati?n expires
Pr<-si?ient Taft sent to the Senate to?
day a message stat',n< ?he facts and
saying that he did so "with a view to
its ratification and approval" by the
Senat?-, a: a | art of the treatv making
poxver of the government. After ssv?
eral hours' ?leliberatlon as t,. what
the House, which had ignored the im?
plied request of the President to a* ll
the termination of pending negotiations,
should be ?snored by the Senate, the
I'ommlttet? on Foreign Relations decld**d
to report, and did report, g simple Join'
resolution approving the course adopted
by the Pr.-sident.
House Discourteous to Preside,!'
There were intimations to-day th.-.
action of the President in t-f'ftoting I
House had been discourteou?. bul u he:?
members of that body were remitid ? I
of the discourtesy of which It
guilty in refusing to await the mei
which the President had said he "
submit soon after the holiday r?
most of them admitted they had lit? ,
xvl ich to complain.
To enable the Committee ..n Foi
Relations to consider intelligently the
subject before them, the Secivf.it
State sent to fixe ?halrman. Senator CUl
lom. early to-dav a confidential ao >?
conveying the purport of the President's
m.-ss ige.
The genera! sentiment among sanean?VI
of the Senate is that the Presiden' has
handled s delicate situation in an adroit
and skilful mann.-r, in large rnt*a*ufl***e
obxiating a debate which could have
dona only harm ?mi at the same tlBBS
leaving the wav open far negot'ati->ns
Which may ?limin?t-? the conditions
xvhi.ii are so distressing to this govern
ment. It is fully realized that ihe ? :
tlon ->f the Bulsar resolution sreuld
in,-, lude?! all chance of ameliorating the
conditions complained of, would proba
biy have made even nicre unfortunate
the sit nation of those Jews who are still
residents of Russia and might hax.
been pregnant xxah anf?ortunate results
In other directions.
Apparently there is no disposition to
criticise the a?ti?>n Of the President on
the par! of an] saxe a few arbo bava
1.n eager and hop?- still further to pr --
mote their personal political fortuites
without regar-! to the disastrous affl
xs hl> h might follow. Senator Hitchcock,
of Nebraska, was the only memb.-r of
the C?Maa*Bitt?M <?n Foreign Relations wh ,
refused to voie for the joint resolution
adopted unanimously by th.- other mem?
bers of the ?'?.iinml'.tcc
House Only Would Delay Thmqs.
Th.- suggestion was nia?!e |aj the Bosjga
that it might bg possible to pass ?bt
Bulger r. solution over the Presid.
u .vas promptly rejecte?l be ?
it ?.?...s seen that sti-'h an attempt xvo .. I
i.ii'liiesti- nably delay the termination of
the treaty s year, even If there \\?'r?- Um
?lightest .ban-- of ?.it.lining tin? - B>
operation of the Senate Rejection by
the House of the resolution report..;
the Committee on Por?aign R?*latto?ni and
the subetltutlon ?>f the Bulaer ies..,uu>?ii
WOUld II"! Onl) be futile, in \ i'Xx of th-?
fact that notice of the lamination
oi th.- treat) has airead) i.n gtvsJh to
,. but, even If II were possible nil!?
maieix to obtain the "*on< urrenca of th-a
upper house, WOUld !'?> Ill 111 . I :
dentlal veto, which would : ? ,t,-.
fer a, non tuiiii after J?utuar) I, ad ? ?
make II Imi oasible for aux
Congreas to lake effect until Januarj l.
Diplomats in Waahlngton are est rama
ly char) of commenting on the reintkaas
of this countT) to any nation r\i,-|,'
their own. but among Ihisnaal?as thai
regard Ihe President's course as ,i mas?
terly diplomatic sii-p
The centra of lnt?n*?asl In the treat.)
situation was tranaferred t?> th.. s,.n,it<
Commutes on P*orelgn Relations fr->m
th.- Wh'ie liotiae at 11 O'clock this morn?
ing. When th.-?'otnmifi-?? on Fir.^n Re
lations nut i?> ? oiislib-r th.? President'*
meats ft the p-aVporl of ?jrhteh had basaj
communicated In the letter addressed tc
Senator ?'ulloni. the chairman, by Sev
,,.i.?i\ Ki?,o\ This methi-d of brlnglnij
the matt?! to the attention of the com
mitt.-e ol,\iiied the necessity of delay
Ing autlon until the Senate had met lr

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