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Choice Bronzes and
Pottery lor Holiday
Gilts at Moderate
430 Fifth Avenue.
Near ?10th St.
?.-<, cui recelva the m?
rmally to the coaunlttee.
?. i.. ,?, liberated ? " ?ho sub
Daring that time
? :-.t th-.t all of the mem?
I excel tion of two, leu i
? . hcock, were In favor
.1 ,?n ratifying the ae
. .t Benator Rayner
I though ai patently having
Iie was in favor
. m whl? h was mus*
Il the desired re?u!t
treaty. H"
hi to m. . obser?
of the Senate, how?
ever, and v.UI make an dtOtl to
historically the' Russls has violated the
terms >>f the treaty. Senator Hltcl
submit', d t" the mrniri'??
modified form of the Sulzer resolution.
v*. ith the direct charge of violation elln
Tins fall? d to rec Ive any
Question c,: Courtiisy to House.
Thr? malt -i on which a differ?
hod by a Senate i
t Id 1 '
."?int resolut -,
nd i
intend? only. Oi
to the res the
by d? nanding thai Inasmuch as
they Initiated th.* RCtlon to irrminate
. should li.iv a part in
i*ing tli..r??? adopted by the
' ? ' Thlff Idea finally pi
T- Presid? l'i a? -ai:" was received
? few minutes after the >?
Tk V'Hoa-Prealdeut ; iltaney
!? prei i ?? ?ho Senat
I nator Cullom tl I that !
tlilf, be ?'? ? 1 message wai there- j
Upon find rowded pallerlcs, the
bannt the House
M th? SPOT, xhe latter h
- r nrd Malby, the latt?r
f ktmka J I
i Del \
: YowarU I
ji- you prkh t ?
make a g'tt
that is sur? to
p!ease give 'h;m*
or hrr' a Parker
I ucky Curve
i- ountain Pen
wire h wiJ! never
We'll be very
glad to ?how you
our beautiful
Christmas gift
sly cs, whether
you think of buy?
ing i p-n or not,
and we'li show
you the littie
"L uckv Curve"
I est which
prev?s thf ' _r
ker I cuntain
Pen won't Irak
n Chnsiims
Poxe-.. priced
frcm J 1.50 up.
r c i on be ex
changed il point
dcesn't su t
V by no' cal.
tod y?
II Park Row
Pos- Office
**-4y* '
.. :*?*-..
of \\ ?r LOW
?-?lui -it ?mail
1 ?
a i I - * . Muttln
\\ tl il,; .; lii'INN VN ?TOUPAXl
i frees lbs
? ? U!. i >_\r || .
I ? "i .
?,, nt- fir Liu-1 ? I II.?
m?.,..i-- pi -?? ????-?
H. STE|vSCH?niO!R, Inc.,
?1 ?!:?,ll?-li I *'???*? ? '" *???'*?*?' : -'???-?I.
?\ MM h
n.an the only member of the UOUSS wh?.
voted against the Sulaer resolution.
The President In his uiisaage "?Id.
By Instructions which i ?'tliS';' ,,;i ?;".'"
retarj - : "'V,:'' A'" ,'
can Ambas ad al Bt Petersburj on ne
l&th day 01 L>ecamber.
to th. imperi-l Italian pov? r ?"?? ?'? ???
dtr date .
official notifican i on behall ? I II
?n,n.. at 01 Intention ; i term nate tl
eral. th? treaty of comm -rce end
navigation ol Dtc mbei II ?? ?**? "
it,,i Butes and Bus. la - n the as?
piration ? ? mencln** o ' -
1st ... Jan tue noil.xal
t. mi hit. ?i i v Ariicle Xll oi ;
: ,,i m tin i i
. , j the ?
to the Minist? r for foreign Affair :
"Und? i h tn ia,: ? from nn ? ? ? me t,
and -n i ureuance ol the ? nver Hoi
by the Be? r< tarj i I S ato with i ?
alan Aniba us lor al Washlneton. i have
, ow tl ? lo lllc lr-' '
slan : ehalf oi the Un ttd
in Artli .-Mi o! thi treat) oi
i,v th? ? pe-atlon r?l the i I tre l II ter
ntinate rdanc? a Itli
v. . . . ell? ncy will r ? all thai
iarl?i- ibi two go ven, m, nts dur?
Ing the I ? thr - - I illy re? og
nlsed the I . ? that tl treaty, s
is quit?
slvi artous respect?? to th? n< da. o
the i "'id ..i and n ?i rial i lai
iwo ? ountrles, whl h row com lantl ?
t? at) hat also
from time I certain i
-. ti d 'i) b ',.,,.. rnm lit?
h ?.".%-. ? . otl?icl
Ion te "?? eney. 1 am it strm t? d to
.\;r..?- thi -I.-ir.- ol m* -. ? \ ? r t. i ? i ? -111.
ri ? anwhlle. to reiu ? I nego
lodi rn tre ity of frl? nd ... ?m
mere? and n ?iget Ion t no i baae more per
i ,. . i . t . the nter -'. ol botl
?? ; ., Pre? l?
nt ol
?' - Unite i State, to il.'- hluto
? ? n the i wo countri? ? ai >i i he
? tient to spar nn effort loi
make th? o :
, .1 , -rrdlalit . f th?
I ;.\ ill n, -?? If ol :
of the f
with i v? ? '
\v: I TAPT
tely reported
? -m
? solution, following al*
by the
? n
ration, Th? ?
? ,? ih? ? ? aplaeentlj.
? ment It se?
rellev? .i thai i wsy I found oui
??i the difficulty ?.. lii? li threatened to
bring about Internation embarrass?
m? i.t The only Inquiry aras mad, by
t< r Culberr-on, wh? ask? i if th?* re?
port was unanimous. Senator Lodge re?
ified that theffg was no adverse report,
? i t Ithboldtng hu- rote
Text o1 the Lodge Resolution.
The resolution presented in the Senate
by Mr. L".ij?- reads:
Whereas, The treaty of commerce an-l
navigation between the United States i?'"i
Rus-da, concluded m the \>xh day ol De?
cember, 183?, provides In Article XII, there?
of thai it "shall continue in force until
the first day of January, in th? year of
< ' r Lord, on?? tiio .?ami eight hundred r,n?l
thlrty*nine, an?l if, one yesr before that
day, one <-f the high contrectlni parties
; hall ? ? nnoui ced to the other, ? >
an official notification. Its Intention to er?
ratten thereof, this treat) snail
remain obligatory one yesr beyond that
mtll the expiration of the :
year which shall commence after the dat.- ;
of s similar notification"; ar.?l
Whereas 0 th? ITtti day , r" December,
mi. tb? President caused to Ih delivered
t<? the imrev! : Russian government by th
American Ambassador at -St. Petersburg an .
official notification on behalf of the gov
emmei States, announcing
? n ii t' rmlnat? the oneratlon i I
treaty ui on the ? xplratlon of the year, cora?
. January, Ifti2; and
Wher as. Said treaty I? no longer respon- !
? o?s to the political i
principles and crmmercial needs if th?
two eountrle* : end
Whi reas, The constructions placed there- |
oe by it,'- co'??ractlnr T'<*,r?le-< differ ui>on j
fundamental Imp?rtanos and In? i
U real to each : tl rel
? Kef ivfi! by the Senats an.1 House
of Re?*repentafives r?f the United States i f
? n ' ' ?nsre is ass? mbicd Tint ti," '
,,.?'?. ? the P evident
m "f th? Em
? RllS-rl ' said tr?-.*\tv In '
' ? ??? " ?'? r1?-? t? rm* of the 11 ? it?. Is
led and ruiltied.
Further ?'roe-re*?- in the disposition of !
the problem was prevented bj Senator
Heyburn. With his usual solemnity he
wheeled upon ,; and unlimbered
his heavy oratory, Inveighing against
the hnste with which the committee had
?? ted and what lie regarded as ? d< i art?
ura from the usual method- of abrogat?
in? trestle
"it looks t,, me," he said, "too mu h
like ? ? ailed in news] ap< r i a -
i tram roll?, r pr ?? sa.' it i?-?,ks
too much like haate prompted by
nvnt. rsther thsn I ervstlva
judgment, i objeel to Its present con?
? Ion."
This put an end to the consideration
ol the resolution for th? day. Bei
Lodgi t once m -enate that
he would call it up Immedii
routim business to-morrow, and
thai en tl ? Senat? . d ?rn -t
al 12 bastead of 2 o'< loch
Culberson Assails President.
SofOe lime later Senator Clulberaon
subject was
r consideration, to assail the Prei
denl for what be held to be In effs I an
i ; . . -
Repi live ..?' . author of th?
mull! oi
noun i
with rath? r bad grs
? ? ? I ? ;.i<l?-n!, which i .
deprives Mr. Bulser Democrat!?
In amount of politi?
(:...? to-nigh 1
i have no doubt the two hous?
to moi.
th?- ?
?ens al road, n sardl?
Whal l ti ? ' by the Hous? of
Repn sentatte ?*? : nd it,? I
? a, Th?
i ,.?-, ? friend of usl
?ton,* 1
th?-? agenev of I
.merica aid und? r-t md
- ent set? (1
? I tl ' of 1HS d many
will wonder, if he had tb?
alt? '1 so I?
i want to say now that i nevei
vanity in the authoi ship "f th? i ? ?
to 1
i n : But I did bav?
? ? o the
and T be]
and irlll prevail In ever** cause
Evidently Mr. Bulser has listen?
i] itol to-d nol
, ept? d I the B? I Pr? dent
I .an Oomnenti on R-.u:::?a-i Treaty
vor Our Position.
" ?
i: I
ruled in a <
COUPON NO. 16. TUESDAY, DEC 19. 1911. \j?
$15,450 in Prizes Frea
My Answers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreadcrj"
Pictures of This Da e and Number Are;
No. 31
No. 32.
Contestant's Name
City or Town and State.
( > i x. UM. i ins ? pi
Tont?- ' tit- it the Tribun ' Bookr? era'Contest mi t write their
?nsw? ra un? n this c? on Page 1 ef Th? Trlb .ne
ever, The complete eonpoa mvst be rsttiraed.
.A; awe " ' : ' :"' **"hl**J ' :
t, a.. T rig will not i.i i iff .
f>> ??
and P Utical ?
th? united sn.t
Infiuenc the rela!
. t
Qalidan Deputies of 1
? ?
? I t, at, V..
at the effort
t.i.nun JusUcs foi the J
? ?
Denunciation of Treaty by Taft
Well Received There.
Ft. Petersburg, Dee. 18.?Th? Amert?
Can Ambassador. Curtis Guild, Jr.. act- j
big under Instructions from the Pisad? i
d.nt "f th.- United Btatas, lo-dajr In?
formed the Russian Foreign Minteter,
If. iSazunoff, thai the treaty '?:' 1882 be
twaen the United States and Russia
xvould be abrogated, in acO rdance with
]i-.,\ isbn made by Article 12, on Janu?
ary, l, 1918.
It is pointed ont in officiai circles that
Rossis hag no cause to be diasatiafled
with this turn of affairs, Pr?sidant ,
Taft.- action, in view of the previoualr
contem? lated procedure, being likely to
increase his popularity her-'. The noti?
fication, It Is added, a u given with full
right and tactfully made no menti
motives underlying the abrogation of
?i" treaty, which leaves full laUtude for
conducting new negotiations, with the
controversial factor eliminated.
This feature of the situation has at?
tracted attention and seems to be fully
appreciated. The Russian government
finds not the slightest grounds to "';
b- the ab**ogat]on in such form as it act?
ually assumed in Ambassador Guild's
note, which Is dated December IT. in a
note dated December 18 th. Russian
Foreign Minister acknowleiltres receipt
ol th-: notifiettioii and says that i: -
takes notice thereof.
The "NOVOS Vremy.V tO-m01TOW xxill ,
"Presiden! Taf! has Judiciously chosen
?I way out t-. put an end t.. ti
scandalous Jewish agitation, xvhteh i.?
rous t" both countries. Al
same time tl.?- incident bearg xxitness
that th? Jexvish bankers haxe b4*4*Ofn<
ti, ??!?< 11 lords <>f Amerii a. '
After dwelling on the sacriflce by tht
United Stati s <-f th.- r? al and i-r
trau.- Interests which, th? "Novo?
Vtemya" saya wi\\ be f.-it "when th.
tariff war schedul? Ii led i nd Brit
Ish and Cern?an man ,!.?-' i-' good)
? in-, e out American g?.- th? ]
"Commerce will bt i ?
gain t?. national honor. Th? menace of
at nation should not i t ui
trlflingly, as the House of Represents
tixes did, out ol Russia hi
tc n leaves th.. ?i of th, lr
m : ? ' aluabl? \'.?' ip? n "?"?;?? su] r? m
shot has been Bred; no other shot is lefi
The fate ol" fUtUI . * ,11 gho \
tors that unies? MUukofl
Prim? Ministei Russia the
? ? ? ??>- ',?.hid ? . i.-. -
? origin.''
Louis Marshall and James Cr?Tf
man Praise Tail's Action.
War betwt en this count] j and H ,
, ?
an im
.1 * i
ted In tl ? ?
irei to fon e Ru i .a t" rect
? its.
It of th? ideal
x?iii i,-- ,i new tr? -. v. j;
v. ill .
Of th.
Ifarahall. "Th? rt x\'? I
ru si ? breach ui
? ? ild v.. , .m ?
good o a] better than Ru
b< r. - it. though I
? xv ill b dlS| ? ? .. , il,.,,. An-1
what th? " lit i
would be i--r ;
?? mi rice x?. in ',<? *
: t I ? : tl ...
? ' ? . . I . ,.
their ] '
"War?" he said ' No How i
? ?
strucl .... i..,, an,: thai a-. .?.
'hat Pi
agaim i
? i
? :
uf oui ?
? ' i
; man? r,
"!:ii : tloua 11 the Paeifli
we h , ?
;. - - ? . i
ntil i v treat - an be
drawn and ratified i both in trii ?
re, will 1 i ?
' .
:? and
? ? e la
: to i ? - ?
i. . ? . Lauterbach asid ' i am delighted
wl n tit out? ??nu?, it !-? eapt ? i illy ?
ing t?, ma that cur victory was In no sen ?
h partisan one. The President, the House,
ti.. Senate and a united ? omi i I
contributed t,, our success i bave no fear
that retallat uniras on the psrt of
la ssts v II! fi lloa "
Russian Government. Not People, Re?
sponsible, Schieffelin Says.
: Winiam J. Bchteffeltn opened the
meettbng of Nm Kaw York Pesos Society
y-Mterdsy at lbs Hotel Astor he told the
large gathering present thsl h< wes glad
?? ... i....: : be co ira* s to ti,, i
meetlnt H what happened il
Csrnegll Hall the Other night.
\ ripple ?I Isugbter greeted this remark.
Mr, Schleffi ht knew that
many Boclety wer?
ent bed U toi med R
iith this country would be
i ? knee th? y siso s) mpa?
Mr. Bhuster In his ? fforts to
do tin ? I i - : I
"We must not mlstaki It aa tl
of the Buselan people." be deelartd; "It Is
the Bnsstsn government which is Interested
in Mr. SI.list? r's downfall and in tIt ex
of a certain class .f our dtlsens."
Among those who addressed th? mi
were- iir Pells Adler, Professer v.". r r.
im B it and MasuJIro Honda
Bridegroom Charges Wife's
Parents with Alienation.
V. romai i mot ? i two
th? Bu?
? . , ? ?? ?? ?j ?.,
plaintif! and tl
of ttw other party ? ? ? Isnts The
an echo of tbi -
Milton i ? ? \ ..'? a? ' ? and Man al u
who were - i at
Armor.!;. Wi .
? ?
irdl '
per? n< a ' a i\ ?? at Rlv?
Ing hi ? a n.- ir.ii.i him. - ?
Clodio wai M Isa '- I i
? i V ilencia. In
. ? ?
? ined .< ?h
er la a well Miown ,
v ?? : ? u sd with her par
I ?:, i ?. tob .??ni i 'lodlo
to Westchestei snd were merried
? ?
? her
? 'lodlo ? ? ond son of ^
tic tenor. 1 i hit
the Bans Im?
All ill
i ? tomobiie busin i I Mrs
West Mi ind Mi
. til Deceml i I
Officials Discredit ?Story of British
Plan to Blow Up Harbor.
Berlin, Dec. U The si aged du ovet '
up t- ? n ival ?
at v. ? i in the "Bben
eat] ills '..??
Wbll? th? i. en n< ?? pe? I
?t th?
? -, " ? ? RlStUS hi i ;? r ?
. nd England, i ? nage C? :
but It tool ? than thut ?
i- tat?d m ti, 'Oi ?
T v altei. ? ho are .,n under ?
i mone) ui
full) itloe of
! ?
, . terds
.. How?
* ??_
I . i
? ? ? *.?
Former McNamara Employes
Before Grand Jury.
Indianapolis Investigators Aim at
Ascertaining; Who Paid
Certain Bills.
.., ?j }., t?. t?*" r< -.ust-rs
? raovt menti ol thee suspect? d
...i:, ity in the ?lyn imiUng i rmsi Iraey
ti,. .\: Mamaii i gad Ortl I
? rs taio n before Ihe :? i r.ii
to-day. Women siso fl
In th? ?' ? ? Hi --?
j. B ftlpgoi . o Tetingatown,
,-t?i man
Im hii hotel r aml
? ? a? count bool
I \
ected 1 tl ? - I ' ' Ball* I
? town, was
Son-union iron work.
Th! ? Kplo Ion ws :
low? -i by i -in..u ? tit. ?-s In N'???
- i te '"? Ba?pts?JatJons of ti.?
i i. mlUi * trow.'
The r.?- . m, nt.- ol McManigal and th?
ir- ".- ii gi own, and tl,.- ii?.;c:
: bt lag i rough I from i laces la
from th ? '-???'
end from g W< ,? Ball "-?alts
? Ith ? - las of trat Ing ? th? rs who*? n
i II i. aid, th gtnrernmeat Is he? ?>?
clos? wateh.
? i books per, snd
?oarspher, s/he were era?
i.i?? it atlonal .\. -?>< tavt?
st i i? turai Iron \'. - rbs/rt, wars
lb? grand Jurj t?
lbs ?. Itnesasi who, II I aid, I n
as Impon ml In Its
tain who ? ?s the
klcN'ai ' "
? xploelens.
* - sxanilned to-da* srs be?
lieved to know i'i'L'unibiancea eonB
with i;" ?totes ?>t sriplosjtve* which the
dynamiters kept. The stores were at Tiffin.
Oblo, uteri- in April r.'ll, 7X0 pounds of
dynaralti were taken fron a barn ?n the
: th? horns of McManlgal'i father; at
Indianapolis, where more than one hundred
pounds Of explosives wer.- found in the
: asement of ths building occupied by the
International Association of Bridge and
Structural Iron Workers, and In B barn!
the city; al Ro bester, Penn., where i
? - grins wag found, and at M?mele,
IV. '. Boma, the detective, probably will
be a witness later. District Attorney
Charles W. Miller said it was probable all,
the ex Id? ii' > would be In within a month.
Miss Graham and Miss Conrad
Appear at Hammerstein's.
Lillian Graham and Ethel Conrad, the
two shoe inris who wan aooultted on the
. of attempting to kill W, B. L>
. broke Inte vaudeville again at Ham
ineiciein'.- Victoria last night With the
?mn ol on?, new song, the act was
une .?- pi? tented bj tl e recent'"de
fendant?" in vaudeville prior to their trial.
a large audience filled ihe theatre and sp
I i the gills mildly when they ap
pean d
Besides Miss Conrad and Miss Oraham,
several of the principal characters who
took i art In the "drama in three BCtS " BS
Assistant District Attorney Huckner re
??? I to Hie show girls' frlnl In summing
up, were present, but sat on the other side
of the footlights Robert M. Moore, one of
the lawyers who defended ths girts sat
Iowa front Assistant District Attorney W.
11. I'tiibf?"'. Who With Mr. Hu-kn.r prOSS?
ths case, aras In I seHt further back
in ihe oreheetra. Juror Mo. .. Davis Far
? ?.-,',. n?- said hs p ltd for
? u
During i song called "The Mysterious
Rag ' it devolved upon Mies Conrad to emit
. ; - i, an?s, which Wtttre remindful ot
I.- Indulged in al th? annoiin--eino.it.
of the x. rdlcl in court, srh? n sh? ? ?
lent attai b of !?? rt
Th? -, .. itloa sf Miss ?Iraham i
tea raised from h*r appearance
on t'?' BhS did not leek ROT I
tie tWI - Which BhS admit'-:. 1
on thi " stand, though th* Assistant
j h itri? i A1 ild have her twentj ?
Miss Oraham won g dainty ?rown
of pink, a II? companion wai ?iress-d
m baby b| te. Neither .u ths show girls
has ? voice wbicb carries far over the fact?
? Th? audience seemed to be pleased
with ths act, now? ??er, and gave use girls
a curtain eail at t. ? finish,
"Bud' Mar.-, the aviator, called at lbs
.- office |. sti rda) and re
? I the two revolver] which had dam
Mr. Btokas's legs n-. said 'bar Mi.
Oraham and Mis? Conrad ha-i asked pim
to call - m Ti., r- ?reivers wee*
nol tortbcomlngi but be xx...a told that the)
i- i. turned to tluir owner ?f ?he\ '.
COUla] produce a. IICSSISS or a permit to
raSPOl In 'he futur.'.
i?. Joeiab P. Thorn's) said las' :
?dition of W i-:. D. Btokes vas
?.. tory and showed rnarked Irai
Th- dOCtOf added ?hat h- xsould
give oui f. further bulb tins of bis pa
lie sal I that Mr. B
was now out of the public ?ye. since the
i il ..f Miss Oraham and Miss Conrad had
? i
Engineer's Report Criticises Conditions
in Brooklyn?Boxes Faulty.
Th? tii?- alarm system ''" Brooklyn Is
? ils and vox y Inade
'-U- the servi.'?- ic-jiii*?!," .. ' ording
to i n tcetvi d i" Oeorge w. Hoyt,
. m of the committee on Urs pi n sii ?
ti?,n of the National Board of Ore Under?
: ? i on an in
!?? Chai ?es ii Luna, an engt*
? , ,: uing i: tob? r aii-i Noveml
? oni n,i? i .n th? ..pen tbal sltliough
:.. BrOOkl ? Sd by
an ?" i? .ii.-,'?.. t'-i Um f<wc? under nun Baa
? ....?? ,i sines
tat ths ain.iL.iit of extension and re
is gn atly n.. i. . ? a since that
del?. Pauli slao i - found s Ith ths Is
suitable ti - foi ths
Inspect - ? i i
? - , -, ?.o
The box. the si -t m are mostly un?
. ... : .. t>, that n two
, n i ? i ? ,: cull a s i nil? A slmul?
? My DBS \\ 111 be I.
i . ? :
I been of pi
a II ? ? I
nut oi ??
i clr
--. , .
Call At
- '
? ?? t it Ml ???
?? ' | tl i
? ?
'An Attractive Star""
iUilliam R. JMm Co.
48(1? $:r:a 'ltd tV? Hccnue
Pest n,,ok.?
of all
Publl i.? '
? h
? endir-,
I 'it'ls,
for K-.ot)
FRENCH and other Foreign Booki
and Calendars, .-ifso Medical Be
Sixth Avenue and 48th Street
I**- - a*maeA*-<?<**+???????????-???epp^m^*^+*J^?j++<>+< **-*?'??>? - *|
have reason to be proud
of their latest product
The "CUP?D" Grand Piano
gizc 5 feet 4 inchi - in lei
4 feet 5 inches in v i
PRICE $675.00
The unexcelled quality of tone an'! evenm sa ol scale ire
the admiration of pianists and expert-. The case plain,
yet rich in dctifB. The most desirable instrument for
the music room or boudoir. The
SOHMER Upright Pianos
arc 10 well and favorably known as not to require special
comment. The
Player-Piano as usual leads all other instruments of this
kind, and should be tried before deciding on any other
in this line.
W_rero<*roa : 315 Fifth Avenue, Corner 32d St., New York
fontlDiKd from flrM pa**r.
;.car Glided June 30 last showed a de'lcit
for the year of HOI 0 to the
debit of profit and loss of t?5.l_?.931. the ?at
fem comraring with a debit of f2,930,:i::
r previ isly 'n commenting upon
tins r^or Ihowlng -'reldent Delano said in
hifj annu.j.1 report:
"Every Investigation of Wabash condl-1
tlons .onnrms the Statement that the ?
arty ?s It stands has been ejel| main
hut that it might, if <-*sh wer?-?
ivaUable for needed betterments and im?
provement-, greetty Increase its earnin ; '
capado and 'i creese it-- operating r?ti?>.
The ?lil?icidty 1; a finan,.:
been beyond UM P9M Mf o? the ?v il Bl
to fen
The Wabacii lecuritlsi rei
levti foi- nu m February? w**
supposed that Kit _: Cu. v
have ?t 1res band In moderniz;--.-,
sourl Pacido. The comme* ? , il
funding 4s to 71"-?. \>:
plan ?i.? announced? on Deeei
bonds fell to ?' ' *
17rs and the common -?
pri. os tba ' I
The Wabssh Raihn I idi
:'rom Kansas City, Oma! I sad K
? - - i
connection is msde aith th?> ?arheeUng *
pacts at M
Puts! | tins! Rair*
.????? ???_?__?_???
Our Christmas Cigars are just
the every-day-in-the-year level
best we can find for the money,
?cigars that have a reputation
for quality.
These five different types are
worthy of special mention:
$4.15 a Box of 50
$3.00 a Box of 25
$2.50 a Box of 50
$2.50 a Box of 50
$1.00 a Box of 25

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