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y?? I.WI... r 23.775. _??(>*_?aT^___?a__' NEW-YORK. WEDNESDAY. DEC*
:Mi{i:it 20.
. ? _ . , ., / ,1-v-rrin (il? ??' >*" l'eefc. Jersey fit.? an I H
1011.-FOI'KTKEX PAGES. * PRICE ONE < I.N r? .-...-.?-'
Police Taken to Task for Case
Similar tc That of
Young Duffy,
Charges Against Lad ?Trumped
Up1"?Dougherty. Who En?
dorsed Report. Says Detec?
tive Was Disciplined.
In a tetter to Poll? e Con
v, M ' nor Indicated last
QS/i r the
: ?.it in
Q - iiar t.. the Camoufl
In the
tn on ?le
Gayi "ii the
I n h.
OUth en all
. Imply
? I hint of
? .-... ? bery. The
or? he re elved
I to be falM
? ..i ?particular."
it was presented by Ins]
let? cUve bureau,
?m-i| In
i '. puty PollccB < 'ommls'
the iubordlnate
bul the- Mayor
i Waldo: "It
?'. en - ngaged in it."
w ith this
Ity of nil public
fr.illi the- IT. aident <jf tho
i ;. : d Stal 6 dou : ? *? Ithln the
P ?pie IP
mutt keep
... ;
Declares Officer Falsified.
Telling the si
? l ,i home
? end
r nr
? ma le
re a
a d
T I ven in
? ?
? .
Disapproves Dougherty's Course.
it ae? t at the- I
Mayor expn seed hi
?P] r- ?.
H Dougherty Justifying the officer for
boy on a
Tho tetti r continu?
l ?1 on his
n 'ii i
i ? .? it had been broken m
? ". ?.? re
n the
I . 11.
(Ii no?. ' l think
..Hi. r
To 1'
I ?/? !?
? i the
? ? ?
| . ?
. . . .
Another Man Convicted.
.. m e- b? .:?
the Mayo?
r Moo been
tloore th< Ida >'or a
I rd, the whole r? porl
ntl elj
at ??ii aboul tii?!
? ? ti.at when i
; .... an?l ;
lutllnu '
? timo
l ? 6
4. c.iiln.,1. .1 0ii tilled V If
G. Foster Sanford
Yale's famous football player
and coach, will have a strong,
viri'e article on the
Crying Needs of Football
m next
Sunday s Tribune
It carries a punch.
; Eleven Persons Rescued from
Water When High Speed
Trolley Wrecks Span.
Accident Comes Just Before Big
Christmas Rush?Children or.
Bridge at First Thought
I By T, leajrapk t,> Ths Tribune. 1
B irllngton, N J . De?, I?. - Pulled
_h window*? and .1 bole In the ro I
l)., rescuers in boata, eight paasengera
. .1 lnnn death by drowning
whin a trolley car ol th-- Riverside
Traction Company crashed through the
Eaai Pearl street bridge over Asslscunk
Creek late thla afternoon. Th?- entire
ron bridge went
down and it lie? ;i twisted ??/reck in the
i?.(i ? ? The wre? ked < r
was one of the largeat employed in
ir.?Hi ? traffic
I aeseng? ra, the crow and
i trolley i m ? :- ware abo u d
th. car, it being the lightaal trip of the
day. Many would have been killed had
lh? crash come two hours later when
have been bringing the
. Christmas shoppers to Bur?
in from Florence, Roebllng and up
tiver tov
Th, ? ? ? en w
Ada Daniela, Burlington;
Misa i. ? Mi? halla Headli g; Mrs
lh Holllnjrer. Florence; William Will?
iams, Burlington; Charlea ?'amp, Flor
? ; Roe, Burlington; i ?r.
William FiUputrick. Burlington; Macon
Ormond, negro, Florence; i.. H. Hunter,
motorman; William Jacoby, conductor;
Charlea Lud?an, traction superlntend
. nt.
In the smok
rtnient, -with only th?-ir h- ids
1er ! ind Dr Fltapatrti h
v, re i. ? ir death w kl ? ard Jamea
employe* oi the
.- ? ? ? : mill, <.ii the a?ij
shore, . ? ? wn i k in a boal
With : dm ra cul ewag the
? .a th.; water line, call
?uragament to the Imprisoned
they worked. They i rtllapsed
.-. when finally drag
Meanwhile, other
choppinj away the
b ire that held tli?- thr< i
a in the other ? nd ol the
: tht ar remained on
butm? it of the bridge when
? ?',. thus prevei
?: - ? -? entin ly submerged
Hunter, the motorman, when l??: saw
the bridge crumble in front of him, put
on th? safety brakes, and thla alone pre
the car from sliding Into the deep
water "i th-- channel. Hunter waa car?
ried down with his car, but mana: ?
free himself, swam to the surface and
clung ici a se? tion of wreckage until rea
Polic? heard of several mlaalng chil?
dren, but all were later found amum? the
i .a the wreck.
For threi y? ira, say city officials, the
:. condemned as ui
und the new company which has re
i ently tak? the trolley line waa
mplatlng Improving it. Expert
engineers who have viewed the twlated
ol Iron disagree as to the cause
of the collapse.
Men Delivering Christmas Pres?
ents Hit by Train.
train struck
I art m I lellver? wagon at s
? . laal night the driver
and h) both the hors? i were
? | t.. pie e
nd other packages
..; ? ? Thi roas
irll? r.
Th?- driver, William Volkman, and his
oi ? d for J
rted ? it ester
? i i Long ll land ]
arrivii at night Driving
- (V a tram
? Il
Tin- motormai agon and
blew I tie, bul t1 ? ehicli wa i
h? .?\ j and I icrsea could not
move n quickly, i <? t the men poked
I thi i ner ol the hood
rmd start? d t,. lump, but the train
struck before he could leave th.it
? ? ? ? train struck the
? i ha i been aom? s ha?
dimlnlshe i m< rgency brake, bul
h wa ?There Is a level
stret? h '??: , tracks ai thi
the train, which was ? i
H? m pat? ad i ipri se, i a
7:.*?7 p, m., had gatht r< d mo
in- m .m ?? the statl i.
The train ran a . horl d fter il
? n and then bai k.-?i to
? ne Dr. Ras? ? I ? ?. was
on board si d ? camin? d th? b *dl< a For
i.pie a ? r-- searching
? 11,11-. with lanterna and trying t,.
i? ' ovi r thi ? , ontenta, ahli h
? i
\*>\vt ? . . ,, ,i an i -
s street, Bi*o>r*Wyn i
'. even chl dn
i and sui
muthei He Uv< i
::'' i'1 i i th uvi in,,-. Rli hroond
Hill. '
* Prii a-Hal i ' v?'; '
? . I : . ..-??-.:
uni? to m m
President Speaks at Dinner in
Manhattan and Two in
Seems Party Is Staggered at
Times, He Says, but Is Sure
It Will Be Intrusted with
Power Again.
a total absence >>f police protection
marked ?President Taft'a arrival in town
last evening t-> apt sk before the Eco
i nomiC Cluh, in Manhattan, and the
ig Republican Club and Neu ?Sng*
| land ?Sot Ictj. In Br ?oklyn.
Not a aign "1 a j.??Ii. ci?an e.r detective
eeted tie' train which glided with him
Into the bowela ?.t the Pennsylvania Bts
Henry ?V. Taft, his brother, ?va
hand, however, and the two mine)'el
I with the outpouring Wiruiif; ? if |-..
which bunched about the nation's
i hlef magistrate and followed blm to hh
brother'6 limousine a.s amall boy6 trail
a rircua parade ?Secret ?Service men
wen ti.nl) onea to look aftei hla per?
sonal salt t
No trouble WH6 encountered In ^<t
tin? the President to the home of hla
? er, at No. M West 48th : tn ? '??
though bis conveyance, due to the lark
of the usual ..-''"it "f mounted police,
had t<> take Its chancea In the Jam ol
trame at thai hour, I 4'.ck. There
was time enough for him to .1res.- for
er there ai d then \ rot eed Immedi?
ately i" th? Hotel Aator, where a mul?
titud? ? : . m< mb? ra of th?
nomic Cluh of Ne? Tork, and their
guests, were waiting to welcome him
with chevia
Two bicycle patrolmen a? i ompanied
Mr. Taft "H hla trip after be reached
the Hotel Astor.
Police Commiaaloner Waldo di
Into the Wesl .'?"th atreel station early
tiiis morning with Inspector Hayes.
when he- wat informed of the- lack of
poll? - protection, he said:
"President Tafi gol the usual police
protection. There were two motorcycle
policemen assigned t?> be- with him, and
a number of plainclothea policemen an i
detectives were assigned to be In the
station to meet him The- plainclothea
men probable wer.- not readily recog?
nised, and that may account f'-r the ?m
presslon that the President had not
gh en ample protection "
Mr. Taft was the only apeaker at the
omic Club dinner, held In the hotel'a
?grand ballroom. An unwritten law re?
quires that tin- President shall be the
last t" apeak at any dinner ?>r meeting
he attends, and as his enKaiiemi-rit8 in
Brooklyn made it necessary that he
speak tirst on this occasion his was the
only address.
Peace was hla aubject peace and the
arbitration treatiea and In the course
of ins remarks he tore- to ahreda the ar?
guments "f the majority in the ?S< nata
Committee on Foreign Relations which
recentl) reported against the pending
arbitration treatiea with England and
I'l'ane t.
At the dinner of the Brooklyn ?
Republican ciui. th? Prt Ident said he
.. n .t "in favor ol playing polities for
the purpose ol putt ng i omebody or
: ome party In the hole."
Further alcng ;.> -.1 i:-..ry once in
a while it seems as if the old party is
a little- staggered by blows from I
and out, but we shall aee it re? over and
eee H intrusted with the- power ??( pt"v
t ri.mc:;t."
Taft Heard by Nearly 1.800.
The Astor'i grand ballroom held i
company of white-bosomed mc-n. repre
aentlng New fork's aristocracy ol braina
and energy, while the two tiers of boxea
above them bloomed with womankind,
who.-.- rich coetumea painted a double
border under the Illuminated celling
Men and women together, they num
bered about l>?s? aympathetli and In?
telligent hearers, an audience which In
! the President to one of his best
efforts, or so the diners generally con?
sidered his address
Mr. Taft epoke from a roatrum placed
square!) In the middle of the- room'e rast
Bide The Amei I? an coloi ?- framt d his
: - ? i i ? on. John O. Mill urn, ,
?i. i.t ol the K' onomii Club, ii
Ing him. merely asked the d?nera t
and they rose and cheered, waving the
little -ilk daga w hi? h moat ol th m i ai
. led twisted through the laj ela ol their
?cats. The- famoui 'l'ait 6ml 1< spread Ita
fan " Um Into the n motes! i ornera
of the- vast hall, c] ? , ? duty, as
it v ? i--, for the i lear, raspli g vol< e that
to follow.
?t v plain thai every one pr< aent
; with the l'i' aid? nt's pr< mise that
tltut? foi
? rat applause to Intel r ipi hi
followed \\ h? n he .- ?Id the only
he ? ould think of a as "an
arbitral i ourl of nations Into ? hl h all
nations agree that every nation must
Me^ns More than Arbitration.
Thst is a long aaj ahead, ' he added.
?it means a gi i -it di al .11 than arbi?
tration, n ne ana arbitration by i on
?. nl of all nations, s un a cei tain d? gree
. or * ompuiaion to the public opin?
ion of all nations, and possiblj h. an In
t. 11, itionsl i ollce for? ? t., bring about
the te ' ' aslt '? i . h a letl ? men! and
the limiting "i aettlemeni ol Inti i i
tlonal - onti overall to auch a
The first laugh In the- i oui .- . ? ?n,
apeech i ame a hi n he i ?
. d.
?Now, i am aorry to aa thai
UtUe vfhlle this cause- of pa i< t g<
He wenl on to aay that au? h a joit
was the refusal of the English Ho
1 ? ' to the Declaration ol i...n
? n And hi i .-.. ..i,.i ia ugh a hen
he sa d
I am nol exa il faj.r with rhat
the Jurisdiction ol the House ol 1...1
stopping legislation la nom on thai .
I hoi ?? t ha! iti onl] temporary and not
un il."
'? ii I" ' If Id? I II I I.. ,.,,.| ,, ,, ?,
( Ollllllll. ,| ,,,, ?, , ??,( p^g,. J
Wlio is now living a; art from her busband, n Brooklyn physician.
. Phot , opyrlsl ? ?? Dupont.)
j -
?Brooklyn Physician Says Singer
Rise Has Placed Her in
"Another Sphere."
Says It Is the Price That Has T
Be Paid for Fame and That He
Is Not Selfish Enough to Ask
Her to Give Up Her Career.
Explaining that !.;s ? ?:". ?> rise as a
(,j" r.i : id placed her in a spher
iar removed from lus own, Dr. J. C
Rappold, Jr., <,'. Brooklyn, yeaterda
mltted that be and lime Mai le Ra]
"i th,- If? tropolltan ? -?mpany, were Uv
l?g apart.
I?r. Rappold said that th-- success ol
his wit,- as a prirna donna had < >nt
pletely upset all t!>> ?r earlier domeatl?
plans, and that the great ?lis. n ?
between their ii>.'<i.-s ?.f life, friends and
Incomes made ih.-ir living together lm
I . b11 le.
Mme, Rappold is now living with hei
| daughter Lillian, a 1,,, la nim I
,.id, at th-- Hendrik Hudson apartments.
.,- Riverside Drive and 11";
Manhattan. Dr. Rappold la living with
his mother and I I So. "?iO :
. .. Brooklyn, w ? i e i i
modest, pi ilnlj furnish? <i offl? ?
. aaya in haa t o mu? !i pi
?i\.- on Rlveralde Drive on an Income
which would rompan ?.?it poorlj with
iii.it ..i ins wife, lh -,i o .--.i ? 'ii-it he
do?.- let understand I ? r fi len !.
has little in common with them, and ad?
mit- freely that his wife is in t!,.- same
predi? smenl when ahe triea t" ad ipi her?
self t" circumstances In their "id home,
although he did enduri
fur many ?- ear -. That they
"live in different -s hi res" is the i
. uffl? h,4 dictum of the physi? Ian. Th? ?
were marri? d twen! ago.
.. Rappi Id, the ?Sisa and _
1,,-ih of Met? ?pi'lil m fa i ie, gol an un
ted Introduction to the pow?
,h, operatic wtrid In l?Os\ Prl
.?,.,, tin . i... had sung In entertain
given by the Arton
godet? ' I id 1 d her vole? ti?
ts magnificent qual
II nd it remain? d for Hein
,,, i, , , ? i?. :. Hi?- lat? dire? toi of the
M? tr ;- ' l: '' "
i nid at n ration ol the ? ti
of Schiller given at the
|:r,. .:-. ??: "f Mu '
The folPswInii fall, upon hla i
i , ... the lm| ? ent for th -
tn? tutclngi of Otl i Baengei
later ppeared In Gold
n.arl. q "' B1 ' '" " '""!' :' ""
remainder ' '; * |:,S''
i-, ? i.,,h. ngrln" and :
-.: thi i" H
,,. -| .. | .-? n ? Ith hla wife, bul
It ?11 up and returned to
? - . i h I ? ?
?It is th? ilce that haa to '?? p '
in Rapi ? sight.
,.Ni , i, , ,i |< to do all over i
I ,| i rita m- - H I" be
I ,., ask Mm? R ippold to give up
, ,,-..,.,- We he- ? ? the futlltt)
.. ,?,,,),.,; to llvi t? gether for mj
.,?, me : manj tlmi - gi
,i,:(n m|ne Mid " ' inno" ?"' '" ???? "" ,!:'
.. footlni withoul ii.rifice of
r.rl le o i !!l '" ? """ r ""
1 v . , , ?i , ther ?" ca? lonallj. bul 'ii??
I, ,, M ? i can expect nothing
,,,, -.i ih? rifle? in
i,, 1:,,|.; ..id said he bad noi seen Ma
. ,t| to i .-i- i..i everal month
si,,, visit"! him last spring, | ? I
, | ..,, Burop? al II ? end of the
,,., , , m .,- on and i.- aaa b? r on? i aft? i
i., r return U-us i.?n.
'fire on warship at yard
No Explosives on Alabama?
Firemen Quench Flames.
"Ire caused by defective Insulation
broke out yeaterdsy afternoon In the
mo room In the I? wer hold of the
battleship Alabama, docked f< ?r an over
at the Brooklyn navy , aid. The
sallon fought the 'ire- for over an hour
and th? n aent In i city alarm. Five en?
gine companies and the fireboata Abra
! im .-' Hewitt and William I. ?Strong
i era! aallora were over
by smoke and had to be- aiTied
from the hold.
Alt' t i i o hours" tight th" blaze was
extinguished Csptaln Van Denser, who
? :.. in Cbargl .-I the navy yard, said that
I the damage probably would nut sue sed
C. H. White Leaves Estate to
Miss Jackson; Excludes Wife.
Mir..-o!:. I.oni.' Island, ?Dec .'.? (Spe
With .? ? vMieicHi ?raiting
' for her, Fanny B Jai kson, who fc
'lived at No 225 Bast 26th street, Man?
hattan, cannot be found by the Surro
? ' . . ? lounty.
By th?- will of ( 'harks ii. White, "tie
time banker and yachtsman Miss Jack?
son i.: to receive his entire estate, both
real and personal, while his wife, who
divorced him and is said to be living in
dire need somewhere in Connecticut, la
ri"t mentioned in the will. Should the
u "i ..'. app? ai ?id claim her third, a
complicated situation will confront the
\'. hite was th.- head of th.- firm of
11 win'- .v ' ... a feu years jago, with
offices at No, 52 Liberty street, afisa
m was a stenographer Fn Whlte'a
office, and ws6 named ?>?- corespondent
Mra. Whit.- m lOOfJ when she sued for
under the decision Mrs White
wa to re elve si'."? a week alimony, but
isband failed t?. pay, for {which he
was put in LudlOW Ptre-e-t Jail tor a time.
V. hit? '.- '.ill, which was drawn on June
... 1'."'... wa., ?'ritten with a typewriter,
al.d the Ilinie u? Miss Ja? ksoil W8S WTit -
ten in by Whit-- with a pen Justin De
Pi it? White, of Nyack, la named as i -
? -1,t..,-. white died on I?' eml er v
Report of Find Creates Stampede
to Sixty Mile River.
Dawson, Yukon Territory, Dec, 10 ?
impede *,? the head of sixtv Mile
River Is In : rogr? - the ??? aull of ?
rich gold strike there, The news was
broui ? Mai ?n, who told of
ng two and a hair ounce* of gold,
worth nearly M??, from a bed rock space
.", by s {>?< I
\i my old prospertora has ?? atarte i
over the U 0 mils trail to the new dig?
gings, which ?ir,' twenty miles from the
Alaskan boundary.
The belief prevails here that another
like has be? n d ered, si d Daw
noal depopulated yeati i ds -
? ., y m? ?- 111? ? i ? ere raid rot
ind outflta bj stami i ders t-> Mat
i. ,,,.? Two hundred "sour
? thi trail y< aterdaj
? ??????
Rebel Loader Said To Be Pris?
oner of Mexican Troops.
T, . . I".' 11 A ?
. .1 m. al? in ? " "nen hers
? . . ? thai thi M? ; :' troops under
Colon? Lugo hav? c iptured Oen
rral Bernarda Reyes In the footl Ilia la the
? , .-r Linai . :;' ?*? "' N levo
While the report lacks official Information.
: ,i. ? H here
i , teten , loss on lbs frail
of i ;? n? i il l.i .? foi ?ev? ral da)
? , atu ? wa made
it the
time :? ' ?*???* htm
The Mi - ? ini iy ths attempt ta i il ? a
rebel une. In Nuevo _?*-*! baa l'?'*'" unsuc
Ths e ursull ??' '"""' ?"?? u,'v' - baa
i... n undei ii, direction ?< hla Ufi time
en? ruy, Uem ral Tn ><"u
Action of American Executive
Characterized in Russian Cir?
cles as a Too Ready Re?
sponse to Jewish Outcry.
Czar's Premier Not Averse t(
Less Rigorous Policy, but Is
Powerless in Face of Hos?
tile Legislators in St.
Bl \^<<r burg, Dec, If.??Having r>0,
epl d In an equable spirit th- i
tion of tiie- Ameri?
tl 6 Ire ny "f commerce and ;
tion entered Int? by the United Bl its?
ani Russia in is3^ Would be abrogate?
on Jai UPI
: i men! are now dire? ting thel
ition t i t'-.e .|u. itlon of a nes
treaty, it is i that dip oroaci
of th.- meal . cp? ? .???. ad kind will h
required, ??rpe.'lally e.n the Amerlcai
? sido, if ne^ai nions for a npw treat?
are to pro? ?ed eetlsfaetorily. Tin
? United States over th
paaaporl ? I nd the bi i- ;' tern
available for diplomatie- action presen
titles to t!u full and free discus
:-i..ii ol tho eubjeel
It is pointed OUl by Russian I '
that the governments hands are tie?
b atatutes which cannot be change?
OU tal legislative ma. h?n'-ry o
the Douma and the Council of the Km
pire as Instituted in 190C.
The whole question, in their opinion
?"'?ms to b? domina! d by a misunder
Rtandlng 'f th? treaty of \<12, whlcl
makes no reference to pasaporta, Artl
? ? F .if till* treaty providea for th'
fne entry of 'ill American < itiz- i -
th. so!., condition tint they observ? th?
Internal law- .1 th.- empire. Thla etlpu
? a is r.-pr ?dU< ?'l in all the tr<- it . :
with Other !>' wers. Therefor?-, then
I . qui stioi! of Inl
of the treaty bul actually on.- of modi
9catlon "f the Internal statutes, whlcl
.-an be done only by legislative i
Further, it is argued, if a passport
statute hail been originally enacted or if
the question "f passport.-- were merely
on-- "f relations between th.- United
States and Russia, tins question might
i... a matter f'-r diplomatie negotiation.
Bui th?- Ri asian statutes having refer
ence to the Jewa eh. not conoeru only
American Jews, but ail foreign Jew.-- a
esslon to the United states would
m?an a roncesslon to all other countries
having Jewish subjects.
Russia, say the officials, has no wish
for a bargain, and, they ask, "What can
America concede to Russia for the aboli?
tion of Jewish leqislation?"
i?i responsible quarters the opinion <s
expressed that the political situation ?n
Russia pro] er is not favorable to th.->
realisation of Jewish hopea it is likely
that ?Premier Kokovtsoff personall;
no harm in COncesaiona to foreign .lews
and in a milder policy at home with re
? te. tiiat race, but other elements
in the Russian government are differ?
ently disposed. This is true- in particu?
lar 'f tin- pouma and the- Council of th.
Kmi ir?-, which have solid majorities
against ai y weakening of Russta'e at?
titude-. Indeed, Russia herself faces
legtalstive electiona which will be held
iti 1013, and the dominant battle cry Is
on..- of natlonsllsm.
In Parliamentary ?'ir? l?-s here the pre
vaillng comment is characterised by as?
tonishment 'hat the American povr-rn
ment has responded to readily to tho
je-wish outcry. The opinion is ex
ed bj me mi., is .if th" i tourna th a
in all probability the Jews will now at?
tempt to f..r<-o matters further.
American business m.-n in St. Peters?
btirx and Moscow ha v.. been following
th.- situation with tense int.-rest, and ?le- |
, pression prevails among them at the
prospect of a dei line of the- merkst at a
?im-- when it w -c moat favor? i
aid y.
The ' Rech," representing Liberal opin?
ion, saya thai the mat.-rial losses will be
Indubitably greater on the American
m\?t, bul that Russia received s blow
which could not be foreseen and h?-n.-?>
could not be resisted The attendant
circumstances, adds the taper, show
that th?* ITnlttSd Slates acted nol sn nine i
for the sake of her own Interesta as be?
cause of dissatisfaction with condltiona
am- tl a treatment of the Jears In R
The "Rech" advises the government
,.,,t io follow the advice of the "na?
tionalistic thund.'i-.'i-s." but tn eddreaa It
s,.if to the task '?* new negotiations cir?
cumspectly, keeping f'? mind the heri
tage of the traditional friendship be
tween Russis snd the United 81
which, as Preeldenl Taft said, should
not be llghtmlndedly leopardlsed, par?
ticularly m view "i th.- mutual Int? -
in tie- P*ai ?Saat.
, , ?,?,,,,, i 'In sn edit?
orial "'Is mornlni - TI i irl ind em
? Hers and poHtlrians hsve
-,., n the - Id " s ?? ih eonti
between the United Btetea and Ruasis Ita
. t promii ence, bul II wo ild be a mls
t.,1,'- to reaard the Int? r? it th? qu< stl? ? ? i
the United Bt it? ? aa artlfli lal or
"Public "piulen baa been widely stirred,
Pi ml Taft refrained fr-ea do?
ing me treal - lid an,pi. s
tioi ihlj h ive i ?Jotnt -??solution
e been so a * splj
n -?: i eptlMlltl? s We ? in
? ,n i the point of ? lea of
both partie? ind we ?Im*? n ly hope I
, ompron Is? will '?? found "
Canvas Town on the Vaal Springs
Up WV.in l Month.
..... ?- m a Johanneaburi ill
pat? ii lo ' Ti"- i ' ill) Rai ri ss" reports i
diamond neb al Bloemhof, c farmlni
district on the banks of the Vaal River,
not tar from Klmberley. A canvas t iwn,
?arlth a p.,pnlati.,n o/ 12,000, has sprung
,,,, * ii: in a in,,nth
Twenty thousand claims wW be ?,tti
eially aim -un, . d on Saturday.
Lodge Resolution, Approv
President's Action. Adopted I
Unanimous Vote After Lone
and Notable Debates.
Speeches of Root and Lod
Urging Conservative Actio
Have Great Influence on Re
suit--Others Denounce
Russia'? Course.
Washington, r> v '
r vote tl . ' this svssjI
at the lose ol ? P
the Joint '
? lommittee on I liona ri
fj in? tiic- action of the P
RumU of I
United stat.s to t?
f U
Bevel ' -tWJ get ato: I
the i -??i and \ ted aji i ?m ??
Bone tor Warr
. e.i.i n?>t vote, and most of th<
.were recorded by announcement i f th
. - favoring th? :
i the resolution. a? parent!; I
- of ..ne i dnd regarding tl
lion of tho treaty. The ?Houa
I ad I agree to the B I ?lut!
to-ipo; row.
tor Hi: :. statute for I
committee reauiutl waa pea
tlcally the aanv aa th< ?9 ilser
tion with the dire? t ? barge of \
i f the tr> sty by R ? initiated, a?
: ? t. .i by a ?? ote of ."4 u
. p being tl lo v.
, f. r It A silr
Se nator N'< w lai la s ui r- (ected by
! Viva \-.'. ? VOtl .
Actl I
[ >. veral honra it atril
i ii,,- featui alch ? re ?
. f get ?? i ? Root and ?Lodge : ?
the term f the treaty, but S|
? the :'? -it- to a? I ' aroful
. with du ? n the Intam
llonal a p- ta ol the altual
Debate Lifted to High Plane.
Th? . .
tor H
??? iptcd to ahow that Russl
had vi' lab ? th? terma of the
The effect of this asa lost aighl o? i
? - ..
Root, ?ho ? l.im and who lifts?
th. discussion to a high? ; ? by pre
i and mon
International aspects o? the problem
The MBfa effe? t was aimed at
lator Stone-, ?he: I'alikmi? l?*-li.
? member of the Committee sa r
H? lettons, wh >v whl eg a m 1st
refer?i i the i oliti? ..i as| ? I
qui atlon and omi endin H um foi
its ?Initiative m bringing about i ? t? rmi?
nation of the t: . U) the a?S>
guagti of tin- Bi
drastic and raaping." and counselled his
to follow th.- i our a? ;
out by th? ?President and r. :
by the commute e. both a? ling With i "U
I aervatiam and viUm tot the la*
Igaiions of the Unltai
Btati i
the ef?
fect "f eliminating from th?i
radical criticism o? the attitude o? the
? ment, bul
rived to son;- Senator
Hit? heock aros? . t,
tute r?solu! H
. w ithout an; Intel tion of
nu- I: ? ? :
Kl\>- Its l de
f the treaty v
Senator O'Oorman, who, .. t
Sp'e- '
?';?? ? lommlti i '
while- not dl th? :-. ti
? ? ?: ths truth, and
? tatet t of i
for the a? tion rath?
the truth."
Senator !.- -- who followed Mr R
for I ' -
ent Taft li
on Russia and to an api ? : i on?
6? n atit ?? -o ' Ion on the -
importar, e of tl nten I
Involved and of protecting th? i
of those meat dire? tly coi In the
atlon of the ti ?
But even Senator L
to Inveigh mildly against the vi?
nt' the treaty by the - \<m
liient. "My own beltel '.? tal i. "la
\rti' i" I ted by
i ila, a bile it h is been i be? n ed by
the i nit. d Btatea I think ti ? le bv
I think it has be? n \ lotoU ?1 in
luch ?? wa) as t., dis. rimln it? >?
in/.' n.- w t:,t has
humiliating i - ?.-it i? ? ri w. has a bes n
patient t.. tie i .,?nt when patl
t,, be a \ rt"? B :t w. do not
wish tn confront a foreign natl? n with a
domeatic broil behind
Root Heai'd with Great Interest.
w hose -i , rh "?- re
\ nil :i..- graves! attenlIon i f
do M Ith niini
I n ha'es ? r i ' ~ H ?he
President's a lion there might have
' le b; i.nt
problem, > oil lldered in an int. : ? itlonal
II. . .':!? d attl 1" th, ? t
a ben the trs?*.** "i 1832 ??..?- in ^ ?tlatesj
tin- United Btatea sa well ?s the eih'-r
countries ol th ? world bald t<> ?he- doc?
tt in,- -i i- i.-?,-1- i-;, allegtai
pointed ?ait hou ?hi- principle came ti>
be ibandoned i > this government when
? '?? of knimlgratlon s?>t in from
Europe, '?n the Initiative <?" th.- United
Btatea, "!;? uftei another of tin- nations
, i th" world i'?? ? >\<>\ from tin-- p? siti??n
until no*? Russin, T?rke) and China ?i?
th? ??! * nta bj * tu h it li
pi tint.tin? d I'm tl.is and other i?i
h, c,'i,t?"ni. d, tn,- treat) ahouM be ter
''l'ho ni.-1 and greateet object," ho
said, "?:* '-" ? t ourselvee right with u_r
< ontinurd on third p_ge

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