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or Sterling Pilstr in uiilqu* etyle? at very
modor-tt price?, ?ucli a? cannot be obuifi?d
In the city.
2-, Maiden I.ane, i <?r. S ???au street.
NKW \OltH.
President Slaps at "Statesmen
for Platform Purposes."
! Says Republican Party Has Been
?Staggered, but Has Not Lost
Public Confidence.
President Taft outlined his political be?
liefs briefly to the Brooklyn Young Re?
publican Club last night, when he esasa in
to their banquet at 11:30 o'clock. DaTWtn
R Tanya. Jr.. and his club gave the Presl?
dent aw arm welcome, and the ?President
' plunged directly Into an almost purely p->
'I am ?lot in favor of playing politics for
' the purpose Of putting somebody or some
party in the hole.'' be asid, "I favor a
policy, not because it attracts vote si. mit
for purpose* of campaign platform, hut
i? r the purpose of putting it Into statutes
The trouble la s ? have too many atat^ss?
men who are alwaya thinking of the eff??et
ol th Ir rotea statesmen for platform pur
The President's first few words mad. the
diners sit up in mild astonishment He
had barely finished thanking them for th.-ir
invitation WheS ho said:
"Kven once in a while it eeema as if
tl,- old party Is allttl? tjtaggered by blows
from Inside and out, but we shall aee II
recover and aee it Intrusted with the power
of go1 - rnmi nt."
Th?- last part i<f his stat-m-nt brought
ru? gstserlng to Its tee! with 6 i?>rn; round
plause, and whin the President added
that ?he people were net ~"
?:-. publican party and ita pouch for
baotlc and uncertain pollclea Of It*
. ? brought
"1 am m favor ol <b-nc eomethlng for
?Unto >" tie I'l - si.'.e.iit w?
? S l> mi; IB ? v ? dejinc it "
H.- toM the .lu?? tl;- ? ? ai prom
. ind a II wni. a club wl
of I Rspul 'can party,
and thi i turning again to tl ? j olitle al
-i.v ? ! ;- sddn a, 1 t'nued:
"tV< are working oui our i : ?bl? ma In
hope t)- it, In sr'it->
? ? ? on?ng election, there might
u -i bos that will be good for the
| cot ntry.
"But, if not. we- will have to go m the
and loin s 1th oui old i n unj to ask
lor coi trol ol the
government, as the lepr? ??.
w in atsnd fe -.f-th. -
? osd .? ? ? extren e, a p irty w hi -h
that improvement i.- poaalble,
but wl also recogntsee u.v- there are
improvements wbi , ahould !? preserved
The Prsaldeat arrived si the - im? > din?
ner at thej Imperial In oompsa) witl
? iffl? ? ii i' -i
.: tha Presiden! on tie
tative Frank
P. v lilis, of i Ihlo; i ?? Nel ?
K t ' ' I ? new < 'ounty I
1er, end Creswell MeLaughlln
Mr. Willis eulogised tha admlnlatratlos
would stand solidly behind him in the
,-i ee? nt administration, la
aald, had <-fr,..d for th? ? |ual enforce
of law, with particular referei
nan lav..
it cam?
paign,'1 ba f-aid "whether tha
: with th ? ndaagi ring ot ;
any legitiavate business, but with the Idea
that Ul : ?pie . ? ? [reates than any aaai
or group c f men."
Th?- presli tween
i the country end disaster when h< tad the
courage to veto the Farmers' Free- List bill,
i the woollen hill and the cotton Mil, and h?
?pointed OUI the inconsistencies of each of;
sented by tne. DsmO- |
cratic y. : ?Finally, he said, the Preal-I
?icnt would win the approving vote of the !
.-5 00 the; virKlc lid!.,, of 1,,:
I th world i ?
. ;ev|it..n talked of th? prln-i ;
elevation for which America had always i
! stood, since t'n? landing of the iMlgrin
said, and then said that no mag had been i
truer to tha principles of true elevation "1
uli the people thun President Taf; Mr
-. m ii trodiMtag i'?. Boynton. nanainoted
him of the words of Moor <iajii"i- the
other day, and mauarked that since tu?.
d ath Of "little dog Spot" inspiration liad,
departed from the City Hall.
??'i hese an ? for- !
gtvee hla enemies," reaponded * ? ?
rnan. "and inasmuch as the charter
! ci'ad aa the bulrushes mat aurround
afoaea, l will m?? \?u a toss) hla
Hcnor, the Mayor, may he have a Merry
?Christmas and u Happy New Tear." There
\.as great laughter all around, but th?
diners stood ai.d drank the toast asrtoualy.
veil McXaugbttn, who was epssklng
th< l'rc-sidc ut arrlvedi threw out the
only words of dissent With any part I
President's pollclea that were beard, and
: thai only aft??r he had expressed the high?
tst praise for everything that it.
, has been trying to do But on the subject
! of peaei and arbitration. Mr McLaughlin
Idiaagreed In a measure He put it aguarely
t< tha f'.esi-i.-nt after the welcom?
. i anlva! bad aubsided !n
Wi rda
"VVhlle that nervous ?Dutchman la ??n the
throne of Germany you will have war In
i?lt;ht. He will never be satisfied Until I ?
1 rieles his Wsrhorse at the lie a ? cjf his ',
| troop-, for 'he glory of the human rao?
land the moving pictures, and they'll have'
|vur ever there, in sou.? way, inslc,.,- of a
f?. m ?ears "
The President did not k?t to the war
during his a ldre.-s.
Wickersham Points to Good
Laws He Helped Enact.
The Republican ?aptalns of the i.ith As?
sembly District pave a dinner in honor of
their leader, William chdvers, at the Hotel
Savoy last pjghl Moie than two hundred
a- w.re present.
Pr?sident Tait arai espeeted t" appear,
wsg unable- to .corns. Attorney Oen?
fral Wickersham made a brief address, la
i which he ??poke of the indifference to per?
sonal ambition that President Taft
cised In tt.? performance ol
"'lake the promi.-'s made by the I'-.-:
den! during hla campaign*" said Mr.
Wicket.-ham, "and tlan look ??ver the : tat?
et.- books alnce be hsi been in office and
ycu win be . ut i was, at the num?
ber of piec - of vaii.aaie; legislation, 'lu?
entirely t?. hla eff'?rts, that bave bees an?
acted ?n so short a time " Continuing, he
"i am getting used to tha role of bugs?
.1 l don't want to assume it laic In
the 8Kb? where 1 cane the nearest Ol any
te having a i.omc There la ale
^i?ut d? ai of talk at about this liiie- b.
i.rery PresldentisJ election of th? real
dlfllcultlea In tha nay of electing the Be?
i iblicsn candidat? tor ?President. I have
?y 1.1. ad Bann ?r.i (,n. The i ?emo?
erats alv.avs are victorious tes months be*
?-,? and I believe that win prove
...-?? tlila tun?
? Baaaard acted as teas)
applauded tvlien h?- r? f? i ?
Mi. Taft a:> tt.- ? ?President of tha
tmi. d stab
San,ii?! i. ICoenlg, \ ant of the He?
publican County ?'ommiit. e, st e>ke- in praise
of the Ita ablest and the methods he had
? puisut?! m making all mes equal befor?
! the law,
Mailed any?cvhere in tha United State*
for $2.50 a year.
COUPON NO. 17, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20, 1911.
$15,450 in Prizes Free
My Answers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreaderi'
Pictures of This Date and Number Are:
No. 33.
No. 34
Contestant's Name
City or Town and State.
Contestants in the THbune's BookrsS-Srs I nutest must write their
anssvers unmi thla coupon, which s?. Ill appear on Page 2 of The Tribun*?
e\erv ?lay durlns the contest. Tho complete coupon must b? returned.
Answers submitted on coupons whU-l* arc rot complete or which ?Ii not
bear Ths Tribune's headin? will not be considered. List o. prizes,
conditions oi* the contest and
< ..iiMi-ie.i fruin flr-t pnr.e.
he < ontlnued, "mj on n hope ?* thai w<j
| an going to reach M thmiigh arbitra
j ti??n tn atl?M thai ara Koine to b?
ually enlarged in their scope so as *o
cover everything I -?? - sn two countries,
of a kind that . :, a to s board Of
arbitration the Jurlsdl? tlon I ? tty
whether what aria? m i cd within
their .i-ir.sdt'-tioii. and mat then ihoas
arbitration treatlaa shall be mad< I
n with ail. and In all, with all. and
then wi shall have our arbitral court."
Ratification of Pending Treaties,
.-'? In- 1- ,i up to 1
in.- heart the ratification of the arblti ?
tlbn treat!? a with I !m md and r*i
with these t--, atice i ompli ti d, I do nd
do il t." said he, "thai we can make thi m
?with?well, to pul it mildly, man] othei
Dations." Then followed laughter and
Tha Pn ?id? ni pa is ? here in hla
?r, of "na:
tional honor" which the opponeni
lh< ponding arblti treat
"rbatacles to th? Ir | ictlc ibllitj.
H- ;. lated out th it v hat Lord
?. -- .i bad ' onald? red a q .< stlon In?
volving natlcnol honor, the settlement
??I the Alabama claims, and hud r?.
."-??'? m this gn m,'i t , arbitrate, Glad?
stone bad found eminently Juatl? lable
lie .?_?u the question <>i honor In this
tioi - ? humoroui
:o him and be went on t<> illustrate th?
humor with -???? il efts * bj :';--r.a to
I? du? II?-.
Bui getting back to the treat?:-? and to
the Senate, he continued.
it la ?-??id that the. Sen-it?? may not agre?
to let anybody else decide whether It is
bound bj what it has said, to arbitrate a
.. ause It I the ] ? ? '
ind n alone, whether tl
??? .-l I'M'-;.Vi ,'i ?
my tricada the genatora thai
?x tl ?? ??'?
them pr< rogaUs i ... i like to ??? mind them
? powi ; i or prei ogatives, oi s h it
ever name you may gei foi i
get from ths ? 'onstituti? o
sacred thar. is the power of the Ex?
ecutive, because the sourc? oi the power
cas? the in. and In
respect to foreign matten the
ha? thi tage ol the S nat? a
in that the Pi-nat?? ,;tn't begin to acl until
thi _xecut|vi shall say ii may.
in other words, th?
matters i.?< with the executive. And I
for? th? same question arises in r<
?o too i- ,\. era i,f ihi _x< i.t. ? > ..
of th,- power? of the Senate: th i
whether the fixeeutlva can mesa a con
trai t to abid? by l board
of arbltratloi i ?on a class ol quest!
Hi?- futur? which baa not arisen and to
amenl of th? board ol arbl
tration as to any question which doen
whether that question comes withl
say. there isn't any doubt about It
? t a;,- do ?1 abo it II for thla i?
already ag? i ?
ready agreed in a number of arbii
? .?i t,, tbe judgm? m -
arbitration ea t., a claaa of qu
th? futUl " which h.n\< :.- I irfsi .
Now, tha question I *\ ha.n
that class? Th?. S< oat? says that II
decid? what < <?m?s within tha; clai
say, when they find tberaselves they sre
l?oun?l lu a class, and il '-'? n?!''
i.. -1111. i ? 11 i. i . i ? ? ? u n a I
what arises in the conatructioa ci a treaty,
i hen !..!..!?
question sa a question "f Jurisdiction ai
well at> a question upon the merits; snd
ol int? rnational
:? . q lei tion ol tl
atruction oi a treaty.
Now, If thej don'l have thai powei
what become? of your arbl - We
ar? aii golni i i agres t?< abld< by tbe
jud 'mi ni ol i m ?itral co u l ?? hi? ;. Is to
h. ?t m ?? complain) of any nation
any otii'-i nation and ?more?- It? ludgm i
it that nation if ii Onda u ludgm ??'?
du? n??- an't thai Involv? the sgre?
ition to ablfli
ludgment of that court not only <>:i the
m? lita of tn, .-.l ?>
tlon ii i bal o
tak? up that Case? What I.? the USO "f
having a court of any superiority at all if
it cant pasa on it- own Jurisdiction iinally?
That s what you do in your domestic af
Evti rt ?i lictlon
on its o?n Jurisdiction.
Nov.. n i--- s.:!,! that then an
that we ought not to arbitrate There ar??
queatlona we c_uld not arbitrate und*sr
thi;* treaty- th<- Monroe ?Doctrine, which is
a question of national poliev; or Immigra?
tion, ? sich la a question of domestic policy
Hut. say some, you s tribunal
that will decide arr?tas ?l course you
may. Human arrangement? an not ;?
We mat suffer, but li that any n ?
r',n why we should slvs up court
om< tit::- - d? clde a i oi gl \\ a hi ?
got t,, take our chin'-'s with the real H'.
ha\e got to take that OOUras whl? 1,
Hi?, best chance of general lustlce it Is
said we might hs ?? to arbitrate the ques
tion of the Southern bonds Issued ?Imme
H u< tlon 'la?- But that do? ? not
com? witbln the treaty, !>??< ?us>- it ? limit?
ed to questions nrisinii hereafter, H np
plies to questions thai ?an be settled by
rules ??i law and equ|tj I am willing t.?
?ubmit cv.-ry "ne of these questions; '?'
they ar.- wrong snd srs going t" decide
t us I am willing to sbld tb?
A big crowd awaited the Pr?
i all iron the Hotel Aator by the ?t_th
itr? ? t entrance. By this time tbe Po?
i ?? partmeni had bs*gun t,, realise
?iimly a certain reaponalbllitj fee the
safety <?f the city's guest al hast to th.
extent of detailing two bl< ycli i
nu n t,i escort nis car to and a? rosa th?
Br< oklyn Bridge to the Acadi m
Music, The Journey, however, occupied
the half hour batwe? n :? 30 and l"
Tells New England Society He
Descended from Puritans.
Preeldeal Tail was wennlj welconxi i al
ti? ?iiiiiii r or the New England s?>? i?-ty, in
Brooklyn, at ihe Aeestemy el M
ni?.'ht. The lia?? aaaan?*M**S of ti,.
their ?jutbta arose and Cheered foi BSVSI-1
minutes when he entered the ball, _,,-,,|n
panled by Major Archibald W Butt,
ahoiti>- after M ?.> ? lo? k
i?i Jobs ii. Ftnley, presiden) ol thi ? !*4?
l?o<* of the City of .New York, and fcamuel
.i Elder, a member of tha M
bar in Boston, preceded the ?Prei ten!
ttieir sddroaaoa Mi. Tan Insisted thai th
apeak before him, and thai he be allow
l" listen until they had nn1?h.-?l. Q
?ilnei. i-i esldsnl of the aodet). Inti oduc
trunk stau
Ing, and th? r? t ? ;? ihre? re ng cheei
witl ? H I la part
i am delighted to have had the prlviu
of listening to th? beautiful addi
th' speakers a lUM apoki n II
a gr? at pl< 11 ir< to lu ai m) fi lend Ba
: Igloua freed >m of ?
Purl tun? it takei ige ol a s ?
ander to do It. i waa >5orn in ? ?l
and educated In Me* (?England, bul I i
; ight i" apt 6k frank H about tl
feiio i the truth il i - m.
I had tha pi?
a? the horn ol i '"? ei noi Drapei ol Ma -
immer. We u enl oni ? i
a nearby town and found the name
old I'm I tana lna< rlbed on
? iminatton I
that I wa -i i from a< renl ?
? them Bo it!. ' lo -i - ih fran
nd t' ii w hal th?
. then to ?? _ it'- bi
? ? di? n't ?coi ea of lettli
an) ti they woi
?;.?! to their id
j' taki ?? fine Mew England ? lo dl
ilnatlon In Mats England it ?
is \\. n ||V(
? ii?" summer. A A
o Wat I had occasion to superb ?end tl
thai o
i had an ai th? Ma) How er. Thi
in ? dd< -i fight f" t- pro id of n
to ? rittrti
: . . make fun ? I I nglai
? ri <ie n- ?t if j ou ? a
' tl '?! .tic
ind, b- cauae II ala aya tira ao neb?
up, v, ou < ?et an argument. Xc
? >rne i
i ! i a ? emmerdai value
? te lt fi hard to a) ' h 't ti
i inder'a et'inrie on th<
State League to Work for Prest
dent's Renomination.
Lii ''nin. Neb ?Dee. 15. -At a masa maetln
Nebraska ItepubHcsna here this aftei
i.ocn and evening "Taft hie own sa.
v.,s the alogan, and a Mebra >?a Tsl
-, , ? ? ided th
? - i- n of Prender? Taft and eat
for hut tion
Commission Hears Lawyer'l
Views on the Matter of G'.aft.
n. Cunnl lawyer, oi
iroadway, ? >? "uiehad the iz-gisia
Btate Factory In? ? itlgatli
? al?n ai terday*a meeting srlth Informa
lion on the subject of lenient judges, ap
. r the sanitary and fir?
i packed cot rl an'1, luriea and graft Thi ?
?opinions were apr? ad during hta e\
tion by Abrahun I. ElkUS, the corn
Mr. - i led al both
. ad me ten a l
i ...Hill? -ei, among then
WhO told al.oii: the In .
and : f the CI I Labor Ai
itlon, of v. hlch he la ehsinnan
i. . a ho u'a\.? information
: ling the ins.de wortdnga ?-: th?
and aanttary laws, ka counsel f-?: th?
state- ?Department "t Labor. Mr. Elkui
it happened that fi
? ? a ' omplslnta a hi? b. ha i bt ? n
tf d
II wa I ?? to have
the d itwai ed Mr
"Yi .'.ahze it it am of th? tree! dan
? I te i av.- these fsctoi y do
II ?'
I ... I
: It) b il Mi ?Slkui ?. ot? i Bi lion
t ga v e
blm power, and this was admitted.
Uta f"i . sJU under
? in.- a aot the les peel!
\ ? bul In the c?sea i found the law
would forced r? building -.f
Th? Only way tO uet at the ease
wo ild be to lei in> . ? tex i i : ? ?
i know the ? are- : uppo . d to b.
leal? nt "
'?\\ ell, after - now lag the <-??? U I ade
feel for tha fsctoi y ownsri. ) ??u don't
mean you would pack the coui IT"
??Why not have the b dldlng
; insp? cted I ? for.- tha trlall '
"The fad - ?night tin- k the In?
v. i after graft."
Almost Applies the "Short, Ugly
Word" to Governor Harmon.
IBs Telegraph te Thi I -
Pa , Tex., Dec t| - i will not b? a
? utdldst? for the i'i ?. Id? n j al ? ??? m \t
? lection," d" lared William Rand ilph
? to-da Y, ? ! I ht o ii.-?:
Ask?-d for a etaiemeni on politics, he wrote
the follow,i
? loi. n ..i- ?'..Ik Implk a tl t th? P esiden
.. bo i ? i ??: ? ?
1 h unp Clark are In i ?
cured foi >; irernor Harmon Aa Oov?rnoi
Hsi mon la an ultt iti\ and < ihn k
on. i t it.? moi t ,i uikiy hon? I i
In th? whol? nation, the atatement la clearly
?ovi m ! oik . an hardi] i 'lui
? ei i ?. m? ? didat? for
?i. v nt thi.- p i ?-. lion,
and - ven it he were, he ? ould hardl
i- i '?? ? nee hta Interest? by atoopfna
to , .-ti k tian Ii i of i friend ? ho hapi i n- d
to be a ful rival
Thi itatemenl "t Povernor Folk artll not
Mr. ? laik. 'l here i nol another mi n
h il t ,. -, a (Mat? ? ol w i, .n h . oicd i .
?aid with h., little truth and ao little effecl
i.m th?- atatemei led In ia.?.\ In
i r< Oov? : i oi ? Ik it m u Inde? ?I. re
ni'ic him from eonakteratlon for any of
ili ? in ? hi' h i uthfuln? o and iciiui a.?
Merely Checking Encroachments,
Attorney General Says.
Mr. Underwood Speaks Against
Recall at Catholic Club
The actlv|ty of ths national government
In enforcing the Sherman anti-trust law in
order to protect th ? rlghta of the Individ?
ual against encroachmanta i?y iar,e combi?
nations waa ?-ompared laut night i?y Attor
sew General Wirkers h a m with the paring of
Fifth avenue of t_M protrusions beyond lbs
building Una wblcb had gradually appro?
priated i "iiuii"ii property for the bOMflt ?.f
a feu
"When tin oarnera of buildings were nm
polled t" remove th ? encroachment? no cry
was raised that the ?ity Kovernmetit W_S
attacking business," Mr. Wtekemham asid.
"Th?' supremacy ?>f the law was vlndt? it? !
in this commercial city it was demonstrat?
ed thai it is not safe f?>r a f?rw to attempt
t" appropriate to th- it- own use the property
of an " Continuing, be said :
Aa with this single highway. In this OM
city, ao has It been with the great current:
of commerce among tin- ?taten and with
foreign i'ountriea Bneroachmenta ha?.?
been made, obstacles eiecteil. and th? rlsmts
? ,1 I-'.- COnatltUtiona and laws to all the
inhabitants of the land alike have been
encroached upon by those who were not
I conten? with their fair aliare of tin.- mid?
ways of commerce, bul dealred to exclude
frtnn Ifs une others weaker than they, m
order !?? appropri?t) mop than their fair
1 aliare of tin profits.
Mi Wtckereham spoke si th?? .?inner of
- lh- Catholic ?-'?ih at No. tB) West r,9th
street, ?t wblck h<? and ""tasar W. Under?
? ""j. Lader of tke Doeaoorstls majority
' in Congress, were the guests of honor an?"!
principal .si'.iki-'v On utif.nr competition
t Ai toi B4 :? i leneral said:
FYeed?.f ir.-i'i? and commerce does i"ir
m-^nn freedom to destroy competitors by
thod? W? cannot continue a na?
tion of free men II t'1- right of any man
to pursue hli chosen livelihood 1s held at
v. ill and pleasure of any other men or
group of men. The tru nationalism the
new, Ihe Old ami th.? nationalism tor ?11
time, is m the i ?wer of the natiM? to gtv#
to all. au equality of opportunity
?o ever? , 11:7. n. hfi a ever ?*sk and how?
? er powerful.
statrva i uderwooii earns out
1 atrongty against the recall of Ju?1k? - and
the otli departures from Ihe preaeat sys
! tern "i representativa governmeni which in
: tin . n,i fu lid i? a i to the eatablishrosnt of
? ,i pun ' la asid that the his?
of every government has shown that
1., majority of the people m onchecked by
constitutional guarantees, basal tim??* de?
stroyed IndtvMual rights ?nd Individual
? Fou Ml tn? the people ?_r.not elect
hones! and fsithfal asassnia.' Mr. Under?
?\oo.l asid. "1 loll you that the masses of
i aro far better Judges of men
than the) sre of measures, snd are far
likely to aelect sn honest man than
an how at measure."
.lude? Michael j. Mutqueen, president of
?he rutholic ClUb, Mis toastmaster IU
Introduced Mr. Wldtershaai as the Attor?
ney General who made tl-.?? rich e?iual with
the poor I ??ore th?? la?
i job _ Hedges snd the no? Terence J
! Bb?el; . S. J-, also spoke.
Five Thugs Call with Dummy Pa -
tient on Dr. Hudson.
I?r. ?ieurge V. Hudsnn v.as beaten and
robbed lae?t night by rive men In his
home, al No, 9 Madison street. A gold
?watch? which his parents had ghen him
, be was graduated from *\e*v York
University In l4??'". was all the thieves
got. While one of the mon was golnq*
through the physician's pockets Dr.
Hudson got the index finger of the thief's
right hand between his teeth and bit a
part of it off.
Di Hudson is seventy years old, and
has lived In the same house for forty
five yean. He remained actively en
? in practice up to ahout ten years
i since then has onfy been at?
tending a few private patients.
Al 7:153 o'clock, a few minutes after a
woman from Brooklyn he had attended
'?:' the house, the doorbell rang. At
the door the physician v.-as nun by the
the nun. Dr. Hudson says they told
him one of them was suffering from
heart dis, ase, as they believed, and they
wanted to kn,,\v if th- physician would
not decide it. as they had a i>l bet on It.
All this time the ?hiigs kept pushing
bim inside toward the parlor. Just as
bs Stepped In ihe dour one of them, ho
says, !iii with brass knuckles. His
; ?louts attracted the attention of Mrs.
Margara! i'iwer, widow of "Baddy*'
l?ivv?r. who lives next door. By tho
tiir.c Mrs. Divver and other neighbors
got Into the bouse there vsa- no one to
be sean
The p II ? mid this might be the work
0 members of the ?berry Hill gang, who
arc breaking out again. ,
I , . 5
Tiffany & Co.
Fiftm Avenue a.nd 37 - Stoet
f||| Season's Greetings ? jj^ji
S^Sf' rY^V' Christmas Message finds "^to^i
?y R ?* appropriate expression and un- H \\
f\ IH h?"nded opportunities in this won- Sjr A
Vsg^Bl derful display of Parisian Holiday W^jr
j?# Xovelties. Designed expressly for \??{
ffl MAILLARD'S Bonbons and Wi
X. [yf Fashionably Dressed Dolls and Bou- JDL^^
Y 1 qtiets of Flowers ; to be filled with -candy. \/?J
yj Auto Hats for candy (for practical use fyl
f\ R Newest Parisian deaigns in 0?pera Bags SI?
nJsJw and Handbags de Luxe. faW
v/\ Cushions, Lamp Shades and Electric gJ
*VJ Lamps with Novelties for Boudoir use. \?f
Ml Coffrets in S?vres. Dresden and An- |la
?T liai Baskets trimmed with Flowers in many ^u
?* [J Real Lace and Satin Sachets, hand- Q ?3
"S&^I?" Large variety in Leather Goods. Glove $??m
XTr$ anc* Handkerchief Boxes. L^V^f
&v[E$ Dolls and Novelty Toys for the chil? t^?jty^f
??i* ff?)! Rar<" an'i fascinating Gifts that will .'[|HMgJ
' c Ox? particularly appeal to thoae who de Wy ':/ ?
|.-$ raiv sire aomething awey from the usual. ^ H ?/?'-']?'
f?MM Fifth Avenue at 35th Street W&
7 s'l NEW YORK JiF)'
i d ?S *i>r-^n T',i. t*r?? In ntin th' Z,ir*>??t"m Ke*'iMT-!?t /V'B^) I I
I ___? _I_ ___?
???*-M"~- -*?-?--???- _ w ii iuMWa ?ssasBBaaasssisasaa.- ?
Appoint This Corporation
Your Executor and Trustee
Created by the State of New York and ?
organized for the purpose of transacting trustee
? ship business, this corporation is better equip?
ped, is more permanent and affords more
factors of safety for the performance of a trust
than an individual?and the cost for its expert j
service is no ?greater. I
Our Officers will be glad to discuss these points
; with persons who contemplate making their
Wills or creating other forms of personal trusts. ?
^Trustee for Personal Trusts
M$kv fai Co.
Acker, Merrall & Condit
Established 1820
AU the well-known and popular brands in the favorite shapes
and sizes to select from?just the opportunity to find the most
acceptable gift for the man who smckes.
Special Packings for the Holiday Season
Havana Imported Chests
of heavy cedar wood, containing 250 and 500
cigars?straight and regalia shapes, in bun?
dles of 25 each.
"Boite Nature" Packing
50 and 100 cigars in boxes of native Cuban
cedar?especially recommended to consumers
of fine cigars.
English Cabinet Selection
boxes of 100 cigars, unbanded and in two
bundles of 50 each?an acceptable Christmas
Key West Varieties
packed in boxes of 50. Also a large selection
of Key West and Domestic Cigars in boxes
of 25 for Holiday trade.
with a capacity of two million five hundred thousand cigars, #
and located on the street floor of our 42nd Street store,
arc easy of access and insure every possible convenience.
135, 137 West 42nd Street, New York
And Thirty Other Stores, Conveniently Located

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