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Witnesses Identify fti-soner as
Man Who Shot Stern.
Mother nnd Sister Hear Dcfcnrr
Try to Freak Down
Martin t. Qarve* is -r-ung
n?n With the ?harp black ?v?f. ' il? Is
,n iii^i h*fr.-e jusl ce Mareua in the iv
.,. . , <-.;?? #,., tn? inu'dcr of Adolph
lern, the Fix! "
lh ii rnn-?i?ieri rtervoua*
, -, arheti two ayewltneaaea la
?rent from th? altaoaa '??mr and
hand? on ?s tha ?nun v. ho
? r ootlng JUSl beViind
? ri | .?. -rearing deep moornlng
? if, . at tha el m of Iba
?fteraooo -rvei a si ? op snd
? mi. h?d bei ao? on tha ?ft? Garvej
?m ? aeabii inoth?**
i tciirj vi?i Air. Garros ??w?-? t w the
thick roll to receive hot aaa i aalute
V-'han court ?-?vivened In the in-rnin ?
reoag man elesaly resemhiin* Garvey was
Sitting t" th? prisoner'?? chat'- b?r.id" the
prises* guard, wbfla Oarvey himself ?at
r>?.rTve?.n th? ?tranicer and the lone l'n?v
e' di?tl?ig'i??*i??i1 counsel f.ir the del
1 h? ?tranjfer had prominent b'ar-k ? ??-.
? prominent ?nul Un* no?*, thin Up.?, ?harp
?bin and black hair like Garve] Mo ?"n*
riresaed th?? ?ame, too, even to his necktie,
-ntrh -??ea of the ?ame abada of Invalider.
If anything, however, th? ?tranger ua?
Slightly t*ller and more angular
TTenry Peterson, of No M Baal t*_tt"
e'reet, one of tha evewitneeee?. was on
th* atand. H* ?aid h* wa? standing at the
northeast corner of Sixth avenue and 14th
?treet. WheSJ he heard th* crash of gtsM
end aaw a man In the full light of the
.laroby ?tore window rea? h in and take out
?.nmetbJng from between the. iron bars. 11*
moved arrosa th* ?-treot, and ns lie ap?
proached the spot he ?aw |he man band
Bsm_U___ to another man and back away.
Then ho ?aw him ?hoot a man who came
running out of the ?tore.
"IS th* man who did th* ahootlng in the
courtroom?" asked Mr. No'!, Iba Assistant
District Attorney.
"Yea, ?'r. Than be Is," said Teterson
pointing in Garvey | dire.-ilmi.
You Bean the mau slttinif next to the
prison guard?" aske?i |**r_n<*!a I_ Well man.
Chief Counsel for the defence.
? ;o down and plaoa your land on the
? pan said did the ahootlng " rommand
ad Mr. Nott.
PatStrasoi want ?tralght to th" second man
ifm the prtaos guard, and touched his
"Thla la the one." ha ?aid Gai e^
. his lipa, stirred uneasily in bis chair
*-nd ahol ?in m- e tn tha ?direction
- . oouaaeL a aUgbt pallar for tbe first
ni- e n. i't into hla faca,
Michael McKeOWn, Who works in a 14th
artment store, al=o ldcntifle,l Mai
t n W Oarve* as IBS man Who ?ltd Die
?l oottai
. may II ?p-rar In the recor?l a 0
i . ma i la sitting where tl * deft
had Mr. Nott, with a ahow
r tn
ti ll ' - ? - I ?our
unteened "
?e;, at t,rB? cjar-e for ?he
remained ?Itttng hes,,jA the
I until er? ? ? one of
= tr? the erlme ccnfus?vl him
M - : ? ' - ? t|?,n ,,f
? ?ii tbe
? _>Klnne* rnrrohoi
ef Pet? rsr,n Htl'l
IcKcown, i? at tin -?n In *
I ?tore, both of whom tal'i thi
picture lo ths niru?
Oallep a v.c?c>k h?-forr ?etdber '? ^nr'1 '??
raj aaa arrested Qsrvejr He-Klansy sal?
denied connection with ,;??" *rhol?l aff*
l? ti. ti hf a ? arr? ated
%*/< i,- McKtnuej ht ?? tk*
me, 'i i.. . m i <i..n<- anything,' " Isstllle
H? Kinn? ? "Then i lold him if hs h?
don? ? had nothing to ,r"' !"",i
le-'M him If ha would 1*11 m? ??I?st* he w?
oti.ihe- nigh'i of ?h? ; hootina i woafd ds ??
i csuld to help him ?ul ?1 Ms trouble
Mlrl hjn, th- irirder was the tali ?f It
? std* where iio Hrsd, ??"1 thai M ?w
I v.. OM ( nid dii an i?<? eeuM ta rrA'
! ?n allhl "
niin? ltd im say?" ssfcsd Mr Not!
Ha ?did ?ha? ?ass tas lrin?T ?so ts d
ata? ilk? that i toid Mm to Irr, ta]
but h" k"p? paying b? CSttMn'l W
n .m',..| i\hf? ha ' it, sad thst M wouidn
amoanl ta an-thins. ssytrsT." rsphsd M<
it It probable Qarvwj ? e-n'ip?<?i win r1
?. im as th" atsnd before ths trial *nd:
Th'i? fur |h<? defanOS h?* tri?d to br?3
d?w?i (fia M?!.ti?Va?I^P ?TtdWJceS" ?PIS
du? "d by th? DOOplt
T? hv ?h^wn ?hat ?om? ?I th? ?SltnSSSC
--v n?v ?paper ph? lire ? of l>rve\ h"for
ibsT ld?attflsd Mn in ?b? Toshht ?f'"r bi
arr??? Ore. of the ?r?OltS)?SS?S, JOh
O'FlshsrtTc stxtj " "?tie old, t"*Mfi"d ?in
ihe man who did ?h* sho^tlns wove
?mns?s-be? OSTTST Is M prcSSWt sSdOOi
Shaves _
I Report That President. Will Rec
ommend Downward Revision.
Was blast on r?"" it.- Afw s snooting s
I th* **sbln"t to-day, st w i|rh Frc?Bid??n
?'-.fe? ?Massas on th?? wool and woollen
Bcchsdula of the ravno Isriff law ns? final!'
Uli??!. It ?ral reported Uiat th? r*r"?ld"n
had d?vld"d to r<"ooinm?nd ? revision down
wsre] It was ess Id that h?- would not r*c
omm*nd an?' ?peeifle- rat"* of dntv, hu
would Indent? that the present rat"s ?houle
be? Tnatprially lowered.
T " message will probably jro to (""?ncres
Sister Finds Manufacturer Dy
ing from Gunshot Wound.
Nathan V. Strauss, of the? Arm of Kauf
msa Broth"ra ? Bondv, manufacturera ?I
i smokers' articles, at No. 19 O rand street
I stui?). the nvi^zlo c.f Ms rsvolrsr betwoer
j his tSOth as he lay in I?'?! yesterday morti
i In?; and pultrd the-- trrn^r. No on?? in th?
! St. Hubert, an spartmenl hotel, at No. 131
? Wast ."Till street, where hs lived, hoard the
shot Miss Henrietta Strauss, his sister,
entered his room at 7:4.'. to take, him hhl
OQ?et and f?nin<l him lying unconscious.
his lips flecked With blood.
? ! Dr, Jsseph Kranke!, of So
M F.ast TTcth s?tr??et. who had hoen treat?
' lag h?-r brothsr for four yrara for neuras?
thenia lo como at onc-o. Dr. l'r.inke-1 f,,wnel
) ts patic-nt still breathing faintly, bal Mr.
Strsuaa died before lie- had been there
i half ?en bow Bo th?- doctor railed up the
? oroaei ?' ofBoi
I ?"?wing t? ^hat <'oioti"r ?T?lnberg calli a
Imlsunderstsadlng of th" message, tha Cor?
; one-r an.| I?r. l."han". bla phyisirlaii, did
! noi arrive- at the St Htthsti Until th"
middls of the afternoon. Coroner i->lnbfrg
was nndvr tho llHBfeSSlua that I'r. I'iank<-1
had rsstarted the death to bla ei"rk an
one cans*d i?y cerebral heaaorrhsga The
told tit" physician to prooord. thsre
?.. issue the death certificate, Bui
: the undertaker, when ha arrived, de? IcdsMl
itlM t? ! I ? ' I'?' I 'i? r ah.nit it
,? a ai In rcj poi a? lo hi mea
nage ihn? I'oroner Fetnberg ma.le. a pt
? m.nal investigation.
Th" Coroner found the revolver ?md"r
the i?"d <e.\.-rs between tue man? leas, ?>e
'said. The ?>niy axternel ?vident? tnet a
jiUtfj she.? hHei c-a'ise-I death was a sil*>>t
Q OVcr ?he aUlclde*S '"ft eye. ? -heiiv
rourse of the bullet upward into
the brain I'oronw P*elnherg thought It
hlshl) poaslble lhal In the mcltcaii
f . had beei mistaken Ha
? 1 the l.urlal pprmit. in a'iv ewi.t
Mi Blrausa had lived a'.e.p" wi'h ins
>..?. Worrj over ill heattb and not finan?
iroubl n.-is ascribed ;< Ihi rauw of
, i
The Modern Santa Claus
From Fony Rider And Stage Coach to (ine l?undred Thousand
*1\files of Railroad and Steamer Lines
?Much ol the ;<~v and pleasure of Christmas depends upoi !pr r^*",rn' 'in^
eonseientiou expi employe what he does and host/ lie dor- it. Kor thai re,? on
thi?; circular i? sent t., remind you of a fev simple rules, the observance r,f which
fhn;jl?i ensure cift< entrn-ted to Wells Fargo ?V Company reaching their destination
?n pond order and due season and ihat no one, through any fault ol yours, shall he
deprived of the Christmas cheer attending the receipl of remembrances from friends
Be^r ?n mmd triat i hri?;imas shipprrs are not as familial with many details that
istist the experienced shipper in having his shipments reach their destination in 'He
?liest of condition, but thai many ol the packages offered during the ivlida^ eason ar?
not properly wrapped, tied nr packed to stand transrjortatiou. Employes when re
teiptmg f^r packages should explain ir? th< shipper, courteously, whai is necessary
and whenevei possible help him to pul ihe shipmenl in proper condition. Have plenty
cf ?wrapping paper, address labels, tags and twine on hand, for emergencies of
this kind, ordering a ?ufTicirtii supply in good tune from the Supply Departmeni
Whenever a package, after being received, i-. Found to be improperly wrapped or marked,
it *>hould be at on? e re wrapped or *r marked, care being taken to prcscrvi intacl th?*
original mark?.
?\sk shippers to declare the valu? "i every parkte and, if declared, enter it "ii
the receipt: if not declared, "-tamp the re? eipt "\ --?hie asked and not given
Inquire if package? contain gla1? oi other fra^ili articles and affix glass label to
parkp^e?; containing such articles. Sei thai all packages of jewelry oi valuables aie
properly sealed, and forwarded on money waybills.
i thai the full address of consigne? including "*rr and number is plain
|v marked on each package and that the name and address of the snippet is entered
???n ? 'ill Obliterate all old mar'-. Tag! should never be u-.ed when ihe pack*
? elf ?an be marked with ihe addr?
Place prepaid labels on all prepaid shipments. Th? collection ol chargi
??n enl discredits the ( ompanj and it- employes, is antiovmg t<? our
iv time, and is especial!) vexatious when gifts arc concerned
Giv? ?' consideration to -? ing that correct charges are assessed. Over oi
constitute errors and are an annoyance to its patron-.
Handle packages as carefull} as ii the contents were known tobe fragile, a
be breakable. You would not appreciate a broken <? hristmas present! Nevei lift
;? pa? kagc by the string.
Ml - less tli.tn four inches square, except those containing printed matter,
should i" on mone) waybills and loaded in packing trunks or safes.
. without waybill, goods which .ire destined to anothei oflfi r
m ,! substitute waybill to destination,
promptly all goods over without ;* in bad ordci When goodi ? ri
m bad order 01 there is evidence of shortage in contents of a package, make a com
and ?1" \\h.n you can to protect them from injury.
1; the consignee cannot be found at the address given, and all reasonable effort
unsuccessful, notify the Agent at hipping point immediately.
Treat every parcel as though it were intended for you or yours.
;?' ling may be your work during the "Chri tma Rush?" oi what
trying circumstance1! may arise, alwaj extend to our patrons, even though in some in?
>ianct- you may feel they aie somewhat exacting, unfailing courtesy and good will.
! o? ?-fill reciprocat? this in theii estimation of you and iheir increased patronage to
the Lompany. From Circular o/ fnttructi?n i<> Employee concerning Holiday r\tcka*
Wells Fargo & Company Express
AAofjr ?Juki? ?nd 1 taveler? Lheik?
[frem Tha Trustai
?fsshlrtgton, Pee.
\\ Underwood ir m ?he load for the T?
rra?ic nomination, if ?h' Democrstk v
nostlrstors in Washington sre to b"
lloved They declsre that riovemor
nie->n. Oovernoi Wilson and Speaker ?
are? bein?: >=iowiv b?n ?s/oetually bachot
, til? map bv ?h? enter fsfilag chair ma
I th? Ways ?od Means <'on?inlt?e?. wh
? winning the oopfldenee of the bUStUS?!
i ??rests in Meet Yark and ??III be th" "h
; ft ?h" eoavoattoa if thejtouthern d"i*g
?~sn onh- r'd themselves of th" OSSSS
! tha? a BoothTS man ?-anreot be el"
I Pre?id"n? I? is pointed out b- Ilk? E
| ern Tiemoe-ra??-. "isperisllv thOSS fmin ?
? Vork. that WotadroSf Wilson has a?n?
far in hi? effort- ?o'ssrnr* th? tlUSgOJ
Mr Bryan and his fsrtlon of th.? party i
h" ha? forfeited the <-r>nnd"r.'"* ?f ?hr b
news m?'U. to whom, now^thst Vx**W
Taft ha" pursued ?o v1coro>n a course
biK enforcement of th* sot? trust law,
T?er,ioets?s ran mo?? rertstnrj look for s
por?, rjoversor Hsrroon is ies49rlbtsd a?
inunc the full ooi)fld?n'" of t\\* burin
Interest? p.;? a<- betnsr unavailable boca
aj ?ii<- orprettion of tlM BiTgattM !?
admitted that were ?he C,ey\ ?rner of r>
to pe nominated h" WOUM suffer* *h? ?a
fa??- a?, did .tuda" l*Srker, through the ?
*ff.--<ftnn r.f the Brvantteg Speaker Cfa
bar- alienated support through his rerkl
dlSCUSStOS of Canadian reciprocity, ?
moreover, it in questionable if h" ean
eure an undivided dSlSgStlen from bis o
state becau*.'. of the ambitions of ct-i?i
ernoi Folk and ?be- lovaitv of many M
f-oiirtans to the form?r Governor. At
"anyway," say S'iin? even of Mr ?'lar
BMsSl loyal f I lends, "t'hamp does not ni"?
ut-" ur? to the job" Th? prediction tl
Mr l nd?rwor?d will b? the nominee Is i
eonflned to anv fa'tlon. but is mad"
many who personally favor some Otll
randidate. including a number of Harm
ne ir nninat ion of lit? r?omo?Tatic iti'tiibr
of the House ?o make votes In their I
spettive dtStliela, regardless of th?- effs
or. the rniied states Treasury, was r
sealed to-day by the Innoosat looking res
l?:tion introduced b> rtdproSOatStlVS Sli"
phrd. of Texa.?. chairman of the I'omml
tec- on Publie Bulldinsra and Grounds, whic
authorizes that committee to make "dire
rppioprlati'iis." Interpreted, this resol'
tion means that, if It is adopted, there w:
be do iiStrsallj of going to lbs rogult
Committee on Approprlstlons for the fun?
Iwith which to defray tha cost of put.i
I buildings authorised In th? proposed "por
i h,-,i roi." Tha resolution la, of ?cuise, th
Outgrowth Of fli?- Opposition of Represent?
tirs ntsgerald to a publie buildings hill *
'this session. It will he rce-allee] that 111
Fltsgersid rooeatly declared that it wa
itlni" to call a halt, and that the Idea C
I appropriating from jJS.tm?*) to ?smuji
i for public btlUdlaga St the .-?tine session a
?which the House had ?Oted to Increase th
pension budget by |&?MIMII wa* indefensl
j hie. it i* too early to determine the fate o
the Bheppard resolution, but if it is adopte?
?n win hr pi a? He ally Impossible to proven
the adoption of the "'pork barrel" by the
?House, and If it Rets through the lown
body the chances ?re that 1t will be pass"'
; by thei Senate with some eliminations ap^!
I some addltlOOl The obvious and almost
! se-'.mitteel p'irpo?e of th" Pemnorats is Hist
to make political eredlt with their eon
Istlments. stiel secondly, to injure ih* Prsst
? d"nt by terrine] him to ?ato th? mossuri
if he feels it his duty to do so, and Uiey
1?re MUntJag on the Indifference of the Ren
' eral public to the fat? of th" Treasury to
Icontinua r?"mocratt1c extravagance se lona;
as each vot"r"a di^rlrt is abundantly pro
ride.1, for
tii"i> In llae with the gestera! recklessness
of I he 1 lemor-rats Is the proposition of Rep
resenfntlve John 1* Raker, ??f ?""allfnrnfa
w h? has proposed a fine and exp"nsi\?
junket for the Public Lends Committee, of
which he li ? membei Mr nak'r Intro
I 'lucer) 3 resolution t'?-?!?' pro? idin? 't'*1' t'"
"nninitt?? ?h?u jaros-Uiate the paMI? Isnd*
| of |*i*> rountri ?n'? >*t# a?ltiiinlrtrr*t'**?? Of til?
1 I'Ublic land law?, "i wbldi and I? ?hall **x*
authority to ?it wtx-roror II ma* ?*** ''? '"
Ihotd I'ubii, heartaga. ii? say pari of ,n'N
i country. |o niinmi-, P jitf-??-??? An1) BO ""*
These fatntttar wUH sueh Jtariwta <?*
IM** nil in? eftlg-^tien T\e,,|,| pin-? ft?
< .?? .. ?,if---;-i> ?.! th? nirH iii'Viit'i1 n.
i which i? bos roettnf the government ne*"'y
j I.'.?1"" a month, fl-.-e-rriina ?c, ?he vrr" ? ri
j .iti^n? Conitmlttee. wldel* haa |_at **}r"i f**r
i anether f in ooo u, defray it? aspen saa
i Tb??*' Ine] pfe ?n expart accountant at **" I
! ?im and nt)-*r delectable pi?c?? of patron
1 ire trMel- -ir? ?sanity teal?otnod, f?n'1
t?h|ch. If th.? Republican? w?r? Ifl centrel
lof ?he House, would h? iltsriTaad h- thelr
pemeerafle PI_?hren * ? "?poll? " Of -ah?,?,
?h -ifoee??? ?r* a'*o said, ?? ?r* Harks,
?teiHiaraphera ?n'i other? needed te rt ? ? I
the interminable rre*eedt?i?r? rtf ,h. M?nle"
' "OMHI???-'
A .irr?l?'l AT, 1 'M M RM AN Apropo? ?f
th? ?leetlon of i ?r???ln H?rrv N'***" U
' phalrman <->f ?h? corn ??il i? ?m on ?r*-a:i#r?
j ri?n??> of the Republican Nattenal ?on ven
: tion. .,n lnter?f-tlna In-ldent of ?he ?am
! pai_n of four -ear?; ago I.-, reCS?M The
question of Mr. Notara avaflaMllty was be
i mj considered, ?n'i Pr?sident Rnes?\?it
, ?lent fer him to ?Fc?rt?ln for MtMatf lu??
! where UM T-foopier politician'? ?vrnp??hl?-?
I were Mr New tole* the PT??1?1ent ven"
frankly that h? ?-8* for QeofTgS R ? ortol
'?on Mr. Roosevelt replied that It wa?
hilly for Mi New to espouse the cau?? of
: a tnnn who ?tonrj i,r. f hanoa of gettlnK the
I nomination und ?-ii_?re<ftei* certain |-'a<.?t>?:
;tihi Mr \er? ?houid favor the nofntnaUon
1 cf Mr. Taft The ln?llani?n M not ?ce it
j thai arar, i'e f-M thai he rej-ar?ied hlm
| sei* h? ptodgsd to the nomination of Mi
j Cortelyoii, an?l ?hat he wonl<1 not feel
I at llbertj to ??imu??? the eaasa of any
I other candidate until he was himself eon
vlnced that Mr. Cortelyou'a chances iraro
hopeleaa Then President Rooseveli began.
to ?"itiesiion Mr. New t rgardinc: hi? con?
ception of his duties as chairman <?f ?he
? committee on arrangement* and Mi. Kaw
I repli?! quite frankly that he did not balle va
lit WOUld be proper for Mm In that position
I in aeeh to promote the political fortun?e
lof an? candidate, a?, it \>.,i? hi? conception
i that the national committee ?hnuM be r?
nearly neutral aa poeaible aa between the
plalma of oppoelng Republican f*andt<latee.
! Mr. Rooaevell waa ?o plea????! with thla
i that he declared that Mr. New would ?i,,.
and that, moreover, he imastin.-d he would
be puttincr him In the filar? where he would
flo the least harm, by approving hi? ?ele?
tton as chairman of the committee
Q ?; H.
a ?
; United Mine Workers' President Says
He Has 50.000 Majority.
< >-ka!oir,a. Iowa He, If, [nlm I'. White.
praaidaat of the L'nite,l Mine \Vork?i? of
America, i?te tins aftstrnoan claimed th.>
ie.flection to the presidency over T. L
i.ewis by a nsajotity of fron m,?M to
Mr. White based hta ? ?aim on iii'Oinplct?
Mid unoflBdel returns reoalrod bars
British Underwriters Astonish
at Court's Finding.
Liner Was B??intr Nnvijratprl N
by Whitr; Star F.rnployp, hut
by an Official Pilo!.
IP-, ?-eh,?? ie Ts? Trisa -.
i.ond^n P" "<> Ths J'ldgmenl In f)
? CtlOflS arisllit? out Of ?l-r 11,"Vr i il-n
pi'" COtrlslon, In whi'"h ?he r]?c1?t<rn en
Rtv"n nsrainst the Qlrrnrdc, ha* laid
the ma.iirttv of the underwriters con
platal] ?.- surprise sad la distinctly rny
trary IS c"tvrat auti- ipMtion
It || ?StlmSttrd ?bat the coat? ff tr
trini niii arooum t.. fun- E20.000
tendon. i'e- if Tiie idmlrslt? Con
tfl dir f?eird IhSt the While 8'^r 1 .ir
stiassshlf Otyrsst? *:?r r<?goastht< for ,r
collision srtth ?be Brltl'h crut*?* Ha S k<
ti?ax ?i-horree B^.. on th* noitli side of tc
i?ie nf Wight on ?legteanber aj hat
While th? ludrm"n? of the court (T.nd
scat"?' thC o^per? of the ?"? i?. mp?<- or n
the point? rslasd at th? Irlsl an.i th? d?
eisten is irren for i'nmmsnd?r WlWsai F
; Bhmt. of th" TTiwk". *t?h roste. In ?he Bill
? bronabt against idin bjr th? owners of th
I liner, th" oro.,* pull hrOSght bj ths Ad
ml rally asatnst ?he owners of tii* oiympi
failed on the d"f?'tice im?e-.| by th? IsttC
of compulsory piloting. Ths "ht ^as li
chsrg? of ;> pilot S< tie time of <h" cotM
sion, this heirs foinp'ilsor- on all veoseli
sai?ric at that pari of the Hritlsh coast.
The effect of th? c]e. Isten In the ei ?OS sut
I? that neither sid? Is mulcted in dsmsgSS
sir Snm'iei Thomsi Rvsns preesdest ol
the ?Probate, i?ivoie" mid admiralty i?i
rialon of lb? HirIi Court of Justice, wh<
gave ?udcroen?, accepted th" f. eorj of IUC
tion advanced by the commander of the
FfaWkO, on which point David W. Taylor,
Naval Constructor of th? T'ntted Fateri
nav^, ?'?une.i f<-r th" Admiralty. TW
ludjre exi?re??ed himself satisfied that the
Hawks did not ?larboard her helm je al?
The collision, he ISld, WSI die to th" liner
Olympic coming too doss to the i
Itawke. causing a suction.
Mr Sani'icl Bvsae alun decided that the
place of th" colllstsn as Riven ii\- the
Ffsurks*! witnesses was earrast, that the
spee?; of 1he ?dympic at the time of the col
liion and for a few minute? preceding it
???s greater than ha?l beer stated by her
witnesses, ami that the HsWke's speed at
th? tim?' Of the collision and for som? time
before wsa sboul 19 knots.
Th? explanation of (he Olympic s position
was that She tOOk tOO wide a IWCep round
I the \\ eat Bramble buoy, rii" evidence,
The Poets' New England
Tel!? of the marked influence on the work of the ??rcaf New ringland poet! Of
Sam Rnglsud s?oanary. romanea hi?torv. frien?i?hip ?nd tjtooght." Uniform
with Hotrlhornf? Country ?nd Ti?nffrifmifta Cnvntru t?vo "F.o page? l-'ully
illustrator). nr?'oiativc and paper- "frontispiece in rotor. Boxed Act 12 *?".
pOStald 2fi ?cut?.
Forster's Life of Dickens
III n + tr aletl with .<|??o portrait? fmenlmilen, view?, iivtif.?, ele., i n rl ?;?/ in fi
.t /?not-Sr??-?^? an?! J ?fee/ piefe?.
This editn"?n of F?rster'? *?Te?it hook le practical*} a" extra-Illustrated edition
and ha? ?eidom bajen o?iuaUed in the number ?no Interest of it? pictures,
roll Imperial Prt rjleth. 91.99 net, ?rarrlafa extra.
The Golden Age of Engraving
i m?h the ?\ho|e field ?>f engraving from Durer to Penneil. Ivo ?50 pages
Hi Illustrations, ?'loth i?. Ed art
The Christmas Treasury
i*m* M* r*S"- with rJcrneittivm frontispinrc, tftlo. en?-' pnp?r%, ate,
t loth, ti it net. Laatbcr, tino net.
Loves of the Poets
rhe |o\-a? of the Hro?? ninat. Michsel Angelo snd Vlttoria Colonna, Pant.
? ;>ibriei Roeaetti snd Mise Blddal. Mary Queen ??f Scots and rhastelsrd
P'trar' h a??d l.a'ira ? ieorj-e s.,nd ;t nd Chopin, et? ! mO !?0 Ptges Fully
Illustrated, with portraits, decorative bordera end papara, et? ay W W
r.ihne*-to. V \rt ti -,?i. r"'r-taj:e || eenta
Uluitraterl Holiday Catalogne free on request
I ?_"___?
77tr ?_?fr tf ftlA? Co.. JJ ?E^ //M St.. New York
A Retrospect of Forty Years
William Allen Butler
Edited b> his daughter Harriet Allen Butler
The author of "Nothing t? Wear,'' "Two Millions,"
and other poems, here contributes to literature un interest
ing collection of reminiscences, anecdote* of famous men,
with an historical resume of the growth of the arti>
slavery sentiment in the 1'nitcd States and the causes
which led up to and culminated in the Civil War. Written
originally for his grandchildren, to acquaint them with
his views on thi* great event of their country, they are
now presented to the public with the addition of some of
the author's poems and letters, explanatory notes by the
editor, and with reproductions of family portraits.
Illustrated, $2.50 net; postpaid, $9.85.
Charles Seiner's Sons
153 Fifth to, N. ?.
l'or Chrislmas : : The New (iibson Book
Other People By C. D. Gibson
I ln<. the first < iibson book in? ? 190 ?, ?in
pearance to "Our Neighboi ." "The Weaker Sex,
Gibson books, includes the most mature
.. ?' in,-, lirii products of 'Ik gr?ai ?litis
trator tnainlj pictures in black and-whitr,
??ni amon_ tinn* gome heads in 1?"'! chalk.
? I he Gibson girl tits change I. She i-.
i.f course, .i- young an ever and as pretty,
but Bomeho*?* ?-lie teems a little softer antl
n'eeter in thi new book. A
lithiiiir ? ot'i'iixj |fo, f>'ii-<i 14.00 rief,
Charles Server's Sons
IS3 Fifth In.. New York
said th-? indue, hsd established UM fact I
that th? .-esseis w-er" never on parallel
courses. He though! that the Olympic,
having t?.- Hawks on hen stertuwrd side,
? .?ubi ?o have ;r"t ooi e.r th- Hawke's wsy.
The rfaWkS w%? never th? o\ertnklnc l e
pel If either V"?S?I sa? o\ e.r?akll??5 th*.
other, said the court, II was the Olympic.
Tha yes rsvor, were reslly crosslns
earn other's course, ?end ihe collision was
soler? due le th? fault.1 na?lgetlon of ?be
Olympic's pilot la bereire stated, the liner
we? In charge of an of?le ? ?i pilot ?? the lime
of ttie rolltsion, this b"lng compulson In
t'lfi" wat*n nnd*i Rrltj Ism
Vienna, r?c,- If Th? Rmpcror francis
Joseph, who baa been sufferlns; from *
?ever? co|.i ?res reported greatly improved
?o day and was <e. !?? to trsneeet 'mich bu -i
? ... v tila i..iirnci- to PTalsee foi Christ?
mas, however, bar been dcflnitel] aban- ?
"SiUnt Six."
'Jree who uee the beet
n Ti?
t'ritppe?! with l.lmmistto
tod l>ec.-> ( I ?, o m . | ? ?
BM'? hr
BgEfra^i n 4 ? o
f r L !
The New Yorkist
If ynu one?? ?rnc proud of tlir o|rl \. T.
Stewart St?re, ion v.*ill be still innre proud of it
mou that ?t is improved as it is.
The Wananiakcr Building is
newer than the Stewart house
and more than twice as large.
Anv incredulous ?person who will leisurely look
through these two Gildings will see how they are
hcirifr used from street to roof for file ?good of the
four-and-a-half millions of New Yorkers. The
two-deck Bridge over Ninth Street and two
paaaageways under Ninth Street connect the tun
structurel and make them one.
Citizens and visitors will find it easier to shop
here than they think. The few minutes longer in
an ?automobile or subway car are more than made
up by
the ease and comfort
found in large spaces in going about
and in seeing the goods.
With the tremendous sales of the month we ?ire
as well able to supply all e;ills today in almost
every particular as we were before Christmas sales
The Jeweled Gift That Keeps
Everlasting Remembrance
Mythology says that an ancient Greek. Diamond of
Crete, was transformed into a stone for refusing to
forget Jupiter when commanded to do so. Tie became
that stone which is called diamond from Aflamas,
or hard.
What woman that receives this marvelous neck?
lace of 60 perfectly matched diamonds. mounted 111
platinum, like drops of liquid fire, could fail to be
reminded by every one of its thousand flashing scint?
latioriK of the devotion that prompted such a gift1
$4.700 is not too much for all a gift like this signier',
and is.
Another such matchless offering is a radiant corsas?
howknot of diamonds mounted as fiexihly as ribbotl.
This is $1,250.
Or this delicately exquisite diamond and pearl lava]
line which a queen's jewel box might he proud to hold
Priced $3.500.
A very beautiful bracelet in mistletoe design?the
leaves of diamonds, the berries of sapphires?is anothei
such gift of everlasting remembrance. Tts price is $225.
We show many such superh pieces of diamond
jewelry, as well as the unset ?tones of rare beauty?
many of them of the highest Hue-white quality.
Such never-to-be-forgotten gifts of diamond:, in
liso, however, to be purchased here for much lower
pri( es. The man who wishes to give this most precious
of jewel gift1- may choose a diamond bracelet from $22.50
upward a diamond brooch from $28 upward: a diamond
par pin from $28 upward; diamond earrings from $*0; a
diamond lavalli?re from $.,8; a diamond lockrt from $f;
a diamond ring from $25.
Jewelry Store, Tenth St. and B'way, Main floor, Old Bldg.
Although the Men's Shops Are Breaking All
Records for Pre-Chrisimas Selling, There Arc
No Gaps ?n the Ranks of
Gifts for Men
For a dav or two longer (and that ?s about the end
of the Christmas tether). WC sluill respond qnieklv and
rightly t<? your demands for such as
Stlk Neckties, S0c and upward. Angora Waistcoats or Ja?.ket;-. $10 to
English Knit Silk Neckties. $2. $20.
Men's Gloves. $1 and upward. London Pressing Gowns. $12 to $15.
Silk Halt hose, 50c to IS. fr1".???, S;lk PSXFE? ^1?c ?,?
Mr.?", Velour HstS.$5 and ft g"?"* ft?* ?^^?V^V"*
, ,. ,, .. , ... \. Partsilk knitted Mufflets, .'2.50 to $.V
Pur Ftlt Caps, from Vienna, $5. WorMrd Coat Sweaterfl %* t0 $ W.
French Housecoats, 125. ferry rioth Rath Robes. $1 to s.n
Waistcoat*., neatly boxed. IS. Madras and Percale Shirts. $1 to $2 ?l
Bilk Shirts, 13.50 ari(i $5. Umbrellas and Sticks, mauhed, $*
Suspenders. 50c io $2.SO. to $12.
Flanket Bath Robes, $4 to $10. Umbrella and Stick combined |4
F'.-ciamas. $l to $7.50. Imported Walking Stirks. $.i.50 to $15
Sl'^pers. all good kinds. $1 to $5. London Umbrellas (Martins). $11.75.
Our Redleai label will be found adorning man?
oi these articles of mens wear token of exclusiveneaj
h\\i\ correctness,
Wc impon from London nmny times the.quai.ttty
of mena togs to be found in the usual store,
_ Ma?n floo?. New Bu.lding
John Wanamaker
Bioadway, Fourth Avenue. Eighth to Tenth Stiefts.

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