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Chinese Premier Will Hold Out to
the End Against Establish?
ment of Republic.
Lack of Financial Means Will
Hopelessly Handicap Him.
Making Him Dependent
on the Powers.
Trll . r
19 - ? tlon Is < i
uarlf thing noar depend?
jpg ,,, | . ? -?i "f ib.- Bhanghal
I to the
Ijj? pri\, ha*. >? i "t. up
?;nie, made much "****<<k
Stalh-kal la determined
J tatastst to the end ? atltntlonal
If t!;c ?IcloK.-ae? <>f the ?
.r ' rm in insist|pg upon .'i
r tlnua
?j .- ? ml lnmpolf ;il
r ? for la? k of
?a. ontrol tii-'
I?; .'?%? ra must det? ; mini
cr,. ether tha government
c? -: all continue. Most
ci ? favor 1? tuiinK.
(' n made to h?sitai
it threats ol ttlnj
ct. rt ol
.-? j ? .1 ipatch to
. .
. < ila drawn
lo the
? ' Me In e\ et ?
? .
aw. all
' the foreicu
: I nferenc?
'. i
trding to the pi (ementa
Germany, F
lia -????: ;it li
I w momli . Tana
?? ? ? provi
> ?dally
i s to utlon,
-' - ??.MH.
th? ? ? 'nent that
l - United
* rative
r- - ?? : that
?;? fives of the v
?peedy cor f ai inderstand
? . ?
? ?n the m
: ?
- .
It- vou wish to
make a gift
that is sure to
please give him'
cr 'her' a Parker
! ucky Curve
I ountain Pen
which will nrver
\\ ell be very
g'ad to show vou
our beautiful
V. luistrnas gift
?tjrles, whether
you think of buv
:ng a p?n or no!,
and we'll show
you the little
"Lutky Curve"
I e?t. w h i c ii
prev?s the Par?
ker Fountain
?Vn won't leak.
'ti ChfishBai
)'n.\e?, priced
from 51. >0 up.
Pen ran be ex?
changed if point
doesn't mi t
\l Iiv not rail
II Park Row
Post Office
4M :M| ?M; ,i BRI Ns \n ? OMPAN1
Ui? ?_w. ?its Bt. it_ ??:i ?l.iu, uai.
;,Meine ?mooibne?*, nun then I '""i
plet? absence of am aensa ot atrslti which
have aerlousl? Impadad the progreai ol
the ?ronferencaa it ?> unmistakably evident,
however, lhal the (*ontlnuatton of Manehti
r?lle. e\en ;( v POItfCanM ?be Imperial throne
?t Peking la ronaldVted nnllkel? b) either
In thin ?-"tin. .?? l"ti much ?i_nitt?-?n.e
i? attached to the ?tateman! of Tuns Bhao
> i that be .],,.? no! I'prevent the tin'?no, bit
rather the Premier I'oupled ?a"1' WuTIng
fane's <nrh Inaialanca upon ibe ?etabltah
n-rnt of ;i republic, tih_ |? taken lo mean
lhal Yuan ghlh-kal la prepared to concede
the rejection of the dynast?
thouah the praaent dynast) be
the premiar evidently hopes to re?
tain the Imperial form or government, po?
alblj with the present Bmperor dealanated
aa tt,e nral ruler of ;? nea ?-bitie?e dynaaty
and with Vuan hlmaelf sa Regent,
The personallt) of *fuan Bhlh-kal doml
m?tes the convention The Ri?at nghl
amone deleaatea ?ill be as to whether the
I form of aoverntneni la to be Imperial oi
I rep?blicati if an empire Yuan will b? Re
If a republic, Yuan Will l><
to be the first president The ravolotlonan
delegate? believe t at thsy "*W be vlcto
rlous In their demanda for a republi?-. Bren
the ?lunches? of th< Imperiallat delegates
a?iinlt tbat Manchu rule if doomed.
, The Mtnlater of Communlcatlona in the
li .m pi \ lalonal government, W en
I Teung-yao, declared lo-da] thai an* st?
foreign Intervention would
only hink? matten worse In China and en?
?anger foreign intereati Ilia part) would
to the retention ot the Man?
chus, even u; oi: a limited hn;???. ami a'OUld
.11 ?m the establlahmenl of .? republic.
The republican government h? ?aid, waa
i prepared ampl) t" provide for Manchu of
- .111,1 to of ? Bhlh'kal th?
Idei ' y "f the republi,-. but, be added Tuan
must accept ' '-fore It is too lat?
Much eommenl haa been aroused by the
prominence of pereon? of British natl?
both ofAdala .'?tul others, h ronnectlo
the conference. Both at Shanghai ?-.n?i at
Hankow the British consuls, acting pre
?umably under In? I ruction? from
quarter? mei th? boat on which Tans
Mtao-yl waa travelling doa the Vank-tae,
Notwlthatandlng thai Tang inn!?-?! et Die
; settlement the British Consul here
took i lesdlni part In hi? receptl?
.'ieri him to accept the hoai
of a Btitlal mi and take up h
?ti hic private ..
The date ol the n? xt ?eaalon of the : ' 1 ?
:? Dl WU
Ting fang'* lei it the r<-\0
attand any
further meet 11 g of I '? 'en. ? until
Bhlh-kal has withdrawn nil the im
ni f..r- es b? lti'i the points
they occupied at the time the armlatlce waa
? flr?t si
more ha? been taken
Yuan. wh?i haa authorised Dr.
\\ -i Ting-fang I (the Pren*ler"a)
- - ? that he a ill be
to utilize the tel? grsph ? 1res whl
j now In Imperial !.. nda, while Yuan will
I use 1 ir. Wu TIng-fling'a name in 01
1 obtain communlcatl ?n ovei I ? ? rea In re?
Concert of Six Pov/ers in Chinese
Crisis Due to U. S.
\\ aahlngton i M II To tl ?
ngi the r? dit of bringing
a concert of action in China t :
power? of th?
lh? representative? of the
era doe? not la? k in virility Tt Indicates
? ? prei ? muai
As explained at E le ?Department,
of t h 1 ? , - ? .. f thi 1
? informal and nnof.
note t" tii" CI e commis
? rire of lu? iti'ii
emment for an early and ami? Bi?
nent Of the present situation.
-il'-an plan. Which noa gives
fo ind its lni < ptlon In
an ideiitb al note addreased several weeka
go by the 8< lh? vari*
? 1. Thla note in- Ited
?Jon of opinion from the re?
ta as 1 ..--.
? irbance, with a
would relieve am Individual power of the
tatlon to s. 7, opporl nltlei '
own advantai - ??? and pru
d? ?
. 1
in evi and II appears that the
dlploi ? ' all of the
s; 1 ??.-?-. working
. . . ? ,
rm? thai ? -il ?afeguard the
GERMAN BUDGET 1704,840,750
Empire to Spend $10,310,250 More for
Army Naval Expenditure Decreases.
Hi i.. II.?Th? Soi Ideutache All
day a sum
Imperial udget for in
t?.tal expendllun | en a? 2,81*)
marks ?approximate!.*, %'<>??? an In
?>'??' -? ? < xpendlture
given s ' ? " r s<
'? ot, a
* ? i of 111 ? ? na il i
ent expend?! t
I "?? ? ? t the < Ktraordlnary
[or I i : ?? ? ? i r
* ? . ??,,
ie 1" the
ng i oted || ? ? Re|, hat a g dur?
on th*
?? ? ??
Chairman of Lint Thinks It Responsi?
ble for Shrinkage in Business.
?etIng of 11?<?
? utiind Steal - Id i>?i-e to
day voted Its appr?> al of ise of
.? additional ? apital
it the
R ll\ Of
' .i ?teamshlpa
running i"-t ??? Q ago? and Sea fork.
The chal? man ,.f t>, .,,-, ; lalned
t the diminution of i
,, ,, h? ,-!,?' I |e
... i i i, t h I?
j. -1.. - t o long a - ii h de ?!??? eloptn?
? ? .
' ? ? s ' rman
Servant Asks: Damages for Alleged
Prank of D. P. Kmgsley's Daughter.
i lop? Klni
fendai l in I ? ? !ou i
an a? tlon b 'ii for
Th? plain aar
ily in April, . waa
illdU prank
play? ?i ?'?? Hope Klni . t hal alnc?
? ? i lo com ulsJoi ?'
Th? plalnl .. ,,, stand
-ink t<? rea? ha . VV|,?, i, she
? anted la sdjuat, when lh? ?. \\ i defendant
i. ii and In?
plaintif i . of the I
i- famll) physician and ihen
t.ik- o t" a hoapltal, i.-i, ,, msin? ,i foi
Mh ? ii.,i.,., ?on
? I told Hop? nol to "fool" with
. .
but thai th? girl rah? .i i , ...
. . m, girl
., .1 lb*'.
not nil "f ih? kind
told by lh? ? - ,, happened J ?'?
?.at?, will _0 ?-"' lo <io. .
i Commodore Merry, with Never a
Thought of When Returning.
i May Take Party Around World
After Looking Into Wireless
Enterprise in Brazil.
Commodore )'? ? Benedict was In a
? .i ? lerdaj a hen iiis trim st? sm
? a? tit the Alvfna pul ??> sea. 11?' U;i?i nol
;. thought as t?? srhan ah? was eomlns
t>.i?-k, for ?1 hi matter, ?er whither ?ho was
bound, except that she. arouM k<< up 11 ? ?^
: Amazon Ths irli-, ho sai.I. nils')' tak" hlfl
1 le.lh p;eitv around the World. \>:ain. il
: might pive tiie-'m anly a feu sllmps? i at
1 tiio Actores ami ths Islands <>f lbs ?Southern
Onlj ona thin? was aura about It
Thai was thai it would tako then up tha
A mason.
The oommodora lias tpenl a loi of money
12,000,000, he said on his a li? less
line between Para ;?n-i Manaoa, down In
Brasil, ami ne.w thai it Is opened for bust?
?less lie |S f.Till.Me n t.. 11111 it le.V 111'' SU?
th..tiiics. it was s areal country along
the banka "f th" mighty river, h<? saM
| yesterday, rich In rubber, cocoa and other
valuable products, bul sadly in need "f
! communication with th? ouiald? world. Por
| seven cm sight years li? had been building
lila s m m connect th? interior with
! the coast and help t.. open up ihe region
j Hof.ire- finishing II he had secured a II? ? nee
from 'h. government, but when it was
opened two months ago he received word
that ii . ould nut t"- used
"1 wen) to Washington last week," re?
marked tii.modore, "to la) th? mat?
ter before ?Secretar) Knox, who promised
to eic. what he could t.i help me There la
s hitch somewhere, and i am going down
te> find out where it Is, No. ! won't run
th? wireless jus) yet. I'm nol 'hat si
to languish in a Brazilian lall.
Buenos A y res will probably b? 'ii?' t.?\~
stop ;cft,r tho Amazon ? From
? ?\ pe? t - to ?:'i ovei land t'?
Valparaiso, Chill, and .-.ft.: that Madeira
ami sr i i > will he visit..]. The final msk<
up i>f Ihe compan) was as follows Mis
I'liffe.rd Harmon. I hi comnux.'- daugh
1er; L L Benedict, his nephew; ?
Hoyt, ?3dward Beers, secretar! of the
commodore's s releas compan; Prank B,
I Hastings, \ .1 H?tten, of Pars D Fran?
?is m AT!..id, Harris.m h Arnold, cousin
<<' the missing Doroth) Arnold; Mi^s m ,
Bird and Miss Mary Flnley, daught?
Major Flnley, of ih? army, now stationed
In tin Philippine!
Man\ friends of th? voyagers were ai
th.- E?ssi 54th streel plei when the Alvina
sail?-ei yesterday. Christmas) looklni
i board p? i lodle .db and bunches
of holl> mistletoe and other >
>^e Is i it th? foi ? sal h Tl.mmo
[dore was I t of several whlmi
I gifts from 'is admirers on the pier, and
? m ni th? m t a? k as good as they gave
i When a ti girli told him, with
tears in their voices, how much they
: \> ould miss him ho wai unable to
i h kissed all threi
; a. 'I hen tl ? .-' ii' sailed.
?Poetic Drama at Waldorf Fol?
lowed by Dancing.
"1.sn'i this remind >oi] of the good i d
days of Quern fciiiabeth?" quoth one m? m
th? MacDowell Club to anotl
they - ?? i.inK the rr":tt?. ray
amasona, th? beef eatera and othors in cos?
turn? em their wa) behind tho scenes In th?
I lallroom at th? Waldorf-A storis last
niirht. where th? annual ?'hrlstmas festival
ft. club was held.
i.. ses! In 11 if sudltorlum ai
... i up ed s hen ?h? great c?? In -
sort < rt s Ins were drawn ? oslns
th? '-? en? m ' Victoria Amoi Is," a po< l Ic
?liana in one net b? Prank Harold, with
llanut Palmer, rendered b) the
I B) mphony i lub of New Vot i ?
' .'f re ent; uve ? olees sel? from the
! Mail'..?ell Chorus Kun ?Schindler wa's
[^conductor, i? was. th? lirai performane?-,
and the characters In tho piaj were taken
f by William Raj mon I. Kathc i. ?
. < ESlllaton. Buth \'li Ian, Ora
I ,ind If? 'h ? i" Coi
was folios ed by
e in pel ' They w? r*
"AM Kht'si 1) Ronu-o
ami Juliet." "I ') mi" line \ "i .. : i.
It." ' Wlntei s Tal? ," "Anthi y and Cleo
and "The Taming of I
Ruth 81 i.? ? ? '? ? ? nuoua
Karl W, Tuckerm 11
Wassail Bowl
the Bl ?
? g followed th.- pei foi n
Ing t h? f? nn of Shake -in ari in
mlla given in London a
?r.<< Th? h'd i '?' ml of
\ ? nil ? "Hamlet," "Mu? h Ado
?.rhe Temp? at' and Mi
Mi !<? n Mi llaggin, Mr a ? Mi i harlea
i llbson, Mr and ,\h s Jol n
. ndc , Mhu Anita NU rle-Bmith, ,1 11 ? _
\\. mi and Ml ?a Julian ' !uttlng a'erc a
li manag
Department Savings Will Reduce Rate
on Property Valuations.
I , sort of Chi Isttnsi glfl to | i ?
i ? '.ut.oil? i ?Prenden
: i ) thai tii1 audltoi r had found an
tgi ? Kat? of M ''.???... m, s 'i would be
add? ?i to the general ftind for n t
lion of la cation It is ? atnrn -t. d thai this
will meai i reduction of about
i . a '; j;;'?1 of valuation In Ihe taxes
for IS12 The ta\ ral
ont 1.7>?
... ...
fund li mad? up lai gely ? ...
e.r nn. ? ;- nd? d balan.I man? ?:. :
eat? ndlng over ? ! i, ,.
: ait?'i monthly balancea ? f ,;i auoh .j.
i.;n ?iii.'nt.ci funds will be struck, so i
?it the end e.f ea< h year the amount
malnlng ma) b? t ui n? d ovei t.. n .
fun? ? ??'i"?
Hundreds of Homes Inundated by '
Waters in Southern Wales.
I ?e
i ,.] throughout Bo Ihen Walei b
I ,.. ting of the 1 Rlvi |
,i sided t> extent. Th?
widespread A a i .
. i I ITS I . ?
? theli ... -
i upanti i" Ini t?'" ed to el elter oi
ti,.. high? r gr< und
; ? i ? ? ! ? ? i ai.
i ;.iobably amouni t.. ti ??
? m i mat of a i urn? which i
tow n .? wa thai mot
?teamshlp Uns hi Id the wi
?.i numbi r ol
' du" lOI lend g| n. rai m.m ,.
the Hamburg-Amei li an Un? ann?
. t< rda I hal lbs pr?*s< m tonnage of hi
. ompany lotalled i !1.o snd thai li ? n., ?
.,f tun \- sai i? v Islt? d - i or? of th? ?
u lth II aiite't Un? -, Mi Boss said i,,.
lonnagi " art* '' "'' irand loi il ol I.
BOO il' i."' ? 'i" i'i.i the Ham.
v i ?. ? rises al las head ol in? ? oi d
: In;, c ...nl'.il IOS hi C|.| . ,
rcelved I ' ? ?*? .,t. f,. |t,( ,,, ,,,,
ulii'-. (n '?.mull, '??. UM
'Witnesses Describe McManicial's
House of Mystery.
Withdraw Legal Objection to
Transfer of Records from One
Jurisdiction to Another.
Indlanapolla, ]??? I?. People who for
weeks unknowing!] lived near enough dyna
mil' to i,low m, th" neighborhood, snd
who ,- children skated over lh? floon of ?
.;,,;,nt hooae in which nltroglyceiin? had
pilled testified in the govsrnmant'i
Investigation "i the dynamita conspiracy
before the federal grand Jury to-day.
Wltneaaea from Munde, Ind., were
concerning what they knew of the ranting
of j? bous-.- ?i, Munde lo ? ?rtie i:. M, Manlgal
In December, 1909. After paying tent for
i months In sdvan? e McM migal
stored the hotiae with box? ? and sawdust, In
which he packed nitroglycerine. Th? fact
thai tl ? i-'-nt bad b< ? n paid snd thai the
In darkness, wsa ? laited
periodIcall) b* a stranger created :?ti ele?
ment of myater) which was unaolved even
after the place, again deserted, wa II roarn
open and achool children skated over the
upon s hi. h appeared gr? ,?? a .??,"1?. ,
?Later it waa ascertslned the spots ware
cauaed by nitroglycerine, and exparia a r?
Call? d tO dl ? If ' \p!"-iv e pov ? -.
Among the wll Munda were
Mi ? Elisabeth Him i. Isaac Qrsni si d ??
manufacturer wh.Id boxea to McManigal.
The ? ' Id? n? " '?? ?? 1rs? -i by the in eati
gatora not onl) i" i m firm McManigal's eon?
a hlch Impll? at? ? John .1 .-? til J
B McN'amara, but also to bring out who, if
an one, assisted I
? ?th? r expi eaali i ovai
Ing they had been living near expl
from m? mbei s of the famll) l 11
Jone?, a farmer near Indlanapolla Pora
long time prior lo hla arreat, on April tt,
i .1 Mi x.Hii.i ?a, a? i
of the Internatloi a] Association of Bridge
and Btru tural Iron Workers, ?>n th>- pre
t?\i thai he wa? storing old records, kepi In
Jonea'i barn a plana bos filled with dyna
from which McManigal replenlahed his
v. h? n going on dyi - ? dl
? :? .it:" i'A still had tw< nt) -ti? i pounds
namit? ? a h n Jones, digging on
hla farm, was sppriaed of I he facl b de
? ' laited the plai I ? Jo in
.lu.. t wa thai these
g| told of I esenta
lions und. i ? hlch the) rent? d
ami what persons paid them moi
?mployea "f McNamara ling M ?
? ine ? ; ;. 11.. ^_ ? - - r and Loul ? M
? ? aphei ?, ;. rmed with .rda
? . i" foi. th' in\estu
? .--, tlon with th?
I ,'f th? f men ?
Identll ? e not ycl been mad? ;
ma '?? kei -'
?- rned, no oppoi itlon hereafter a III
? - n "-..ii of i.ka and
ten from theii hi irters from
irisdli ten to another, Thla ,v
nounced to-day, when sn attorney for the
Irona II drew an appeal to the
Indiana Supreme <'o::rt from an order of
the County Court to turn th?> records over
thoi Hies Although -
motion to dismlsa ihr appeal will not
Ja ' It la under?
itood ? la. In ludlng books and cor?
respondence of John J, McNamara, may
now tx between federal or county
jurisdiction*. In anj part of th* country
v. ithout oppoaitifl
Husband Explains Advertisement
About Wife's Debts.
as i report I? rda y thai I
,1 rind ihen recon il?-'l fr* -
Ing W. < had part?*d again and that
? ? f..: ;.oo.l
Mr. ? hil'l :i'i-. ertlsed on Dec?
? !?l : "i be re?; . ? .,\ ?fes
A bou! the "? ? ' Im? M - i 'Ml?!??
left Ihe Hot? | Reel
i ? ? ind ! tile .lnuicli
it Mi ? 'hllds asid lasi night thai hi -
s ? ?'.,'. r and that
I , -.?. ? ? ?? on the l'est of lerniv
? The nd* itlce."
? i
\ not, lying
m inherited "?? your I ?
? ?? ., ,
"Th? ? enl
Vli ? Id* "Mi
to the Hot? II
live,i with m- after the adve I
,""i knew I : W< . th?
,,f |i ?
k M
with her mother, ?
ll! "
\\ hi
of M Wcatl ? other,
No ISA Rtrntford ???.' thai
? i ? it Mr?
; .- ?
"\\ ? It, i can'l help
Go? dl
' hiMV- fill he, . \\ ||l| in, I |. Mi ||...
. fa ?
? .i
Mai ? ? and a year <
. ?
i ? , , i m
I ... . . , ,i
Sister of Billiard Champion
Eloped, Just as He Did.
Ilackenaa? k. N J., i ?? ? I? ?Si- ? ?all
i 1 . . e II ?ppe
n billiard ? ? Hal
.*> din, of Ha
i,r,,u,|. ||i IrIiIs, and ?? ? mai ricd In id?
boken Mr Kranl ? '??' ? ? mothri ? ?' the
Kb i, aunoui.I lh? wi ildin? to day, so thai
field I'ark mlglll in,!
. ontlnued ? ? ?
i m?an d< rided II ? hei
, roiild ?lo n hal h? : brother
.,...; .i ?.'
\. a Vori
? vVr wer?? ' "t o|.i
i ii": . ? ' H", p
.,' Mil ? " ' ? '.E
..... ivlnn lual Inn I <
w ,- Ilk?- ? harl? '?" ? ?
Sow I irried we an
we woil'l hav? pr? ?
rest of m;
, ? i
and Lilllai ?" '? r': '' ?
,1 i are married Well. II
,.,,. it ?Id i-,- m to hav?
no feai .?mi ???? ?u" '.
aitn afti :
Took Two Loaves U Put un Probation
fot ?Six Month?.
\ ,,.,i | man waa arreat?
"' '"? ?'?' "?"" ?' ?*?.'
-, , . Brona H< !- ??' ' tarted la ...i
-rested. He |
,., i? j0hn Qulnn, ? Ighteen ?? ui - old, ol no
ob? I ton
,.. don ......
, , i, rda moi ni aftei ni stoi i ?
1,1 ' Il s
.I ? ?leil I'" ??" '' '
ind i ,,. n . irtlng '?? walk ? ? ? an
? ? , . ,i woi k, Im sw
th, |.|, ,,i and i l?ad l? mpted hi,,.
II, aid b< is left h?
.- , , .h nl ard
,., ,.. h lat? ? ??? ??? ? h ?"*?? " '
, ,,,,,,,! i . "i h? '?... i? i
m months' probation.
fjj Health Insurance for You
I Keep We/// Drink
L Water
I A [>riichtf.ii, rjnerhaqred \V4trr
I (mm tri?* I amous Whit?; Rock Spring?,
? Wggckcslas, wk, ir.s.A.
W? At laaSsg QSSttfft prufi'?'?. SfSaSBUSSl
1 ?. CDim AHACKE
? Its Control of Ontario & Weste
Opposed in Albany.
Public Service Commission Ask
to Prevent Stock Purchase
of Coal Road.
Albany, Dec IS??Charges were mad?
tho hearing before tho Publie ?Servies Cs
i ttvday on applications of tho .\<
York ?'ontr.ii <v Hudson Btver Railn?
Company for permission t" acquire '
stock "f the New Fork, Ontario >< ?Veati
Ballway and th? New Fork ft Harlem Ra
roacl t?;?it i ho proposed transfer? werS "l'?
and parcel of ? deal" between t?o n
York ?entrai and tle Now fork, Now' H
\on & Hartford Ballroad companies. T
opposition waa confined to tho propos
purchase of tho New York. ? ?ruarlo
Western Ballway. A further hoanng w
i. given "n Ja nuarj I
Th? opposition was represented by A.
tVlekwlre, of Ouggenhetmer, LTntermyer
Marshall of Pfew fork, ;i"?i Tho?
i ? sin ' n' N? w fork. Mr Wlckwlre, ?*?
?pi. ared '"'' mlnorit) sto? ki oi<ior? of t
Rutland Railroad, a in? hold ^ ;.(.-?--.
000 ..f the stock of that corpora tl?
. thai his firm had two suits m t
. .,i courts one sgalnsl the Central .?
II,,, othet ' ' ? Kl m Haven, in r?l
tlon t.? the transfer of Ihe Rutland i"
from th? Centi >i t'. tho Now Ha
To commission Informed Mr. Wlckw
that rue- < iit^ would hav? no bearing >
th? | . .. ? i qui il on, a? th? righl i ol I
nts v ould be prop? t Ij | rot? i t? ?! la I
fed? ral ?
Mr O'Shea said ho appeared aa ? cltls
"who was opposed to ths grasping of rs
tho Sen York Central," and a
sorted that ho believes ths ?'?titrais plai
?re unlawful. Questioned by Vice-Preside
Harris of tho Central, Mr. 0'8hea d?clin
to -.,? ahether b< was Inter? ?ted In
tro!lo\ road between Rome and Onelda,
ether ho had called on Mr. Harris
Now fork and threatened that unless h
Interest in thai territory b protected i
would oppose tho Central's application.
\. Ti ? iid< u< n n- i - and \. 11
general manager, represented th? Ne
foi k Central, and i B, Kei r, vl
?i. nt, and J. E. Ch resident ai
general manager, s] ?eared for the Ne
fork, ' intario \ West? rn.
Tl ?? Central's oflldala explained tho ben?
lita that would accrue from ihe propos?
change, and sai'l th? ?'entra! would the
bai e a dli to the anthracite Ik Id
C aunan Stevens s^id the. commuai?
desired Information a^ t.. the probable co
tinuanee of the 2 per cent dividend on tl
common stock of iho Ontario e*> Wester
ii? to why freight, th?- substantial r?vent
of this road, Is gradually diminishing >
its own line; whether the New York, N?
Haven & Hartford will continue to gl?
business to tho Ontario ? Western oi d
I prive Ihe ? oad of it ; s hether I
? .en b nd w ?;i gl ?? sddltloi si b islness i
tho road; ihe elfe t on tho general publ
of ?. ? the stock i'r both r< sd
suhMsntlnlly tl ? ontrol, an?i .1 u.m
eral description if i os the ? '? ntral pn
I the ? ompany.
Mr Bt< v.;.- rpi? tlon? d a hether In ? |
corp? danger tha
j the adminlstrsi not at
nplex as l i huma
powei to ' -
Mi Harria and othei of the '.'entrai, a
serted thai tho proposed purchase of th
I Hart? -n ompanj would ir
..' i he \' ' \ ? r
? ppproxtmal ? 0 ? sa
,4,000 Entries of Domestic Fow
and Pet Stock at tho Garden.
? ? mial exl Ibil m ol lh<
Now fork Poultry, Pigeon and pet Btocl
Aa i tlon was open? si Madison Bquai i
? lerda . and foi th< last tim<
? h<? bulldli | ?nilini:
s .?h ' ? el of crow, .?uaok. cot?
ble, squawk or squeal tliai >\*:- arcs.
..??iv.iiii at .'. o'clock in tho morn?
Irle . divided
into ?hi ' hnnd -. ?re e.., sh'm
'I'h. i ? of near]) < vei ? \ ,.r ?
i f . in- ii?- u rala? d, ranging from $j to
n value I ?in i and ??. i ?? of ? si le
In abundan? ?>. aiid In one
fontalnlng ?< po ?' ?? i he ea titre o(
n. ? ?ard? n. .n. ih.'n fift ? Immtng
h bout.
i:i. ? red and late turke)
cup? t he uorth ga ? t he en
trance to Ihe main Ho? ihlbli ?
? i iding pheasai ? heron ?
(julnea p?e?, rabbil
displayed, and on Thursday mem*
t.. r of i ii- Atlantic Cal < 'lub s III hold an
exhibition of cats In the- concert hall.
Birds ai.?] animais from all parta ?.f the
I'nlted st.ct. s .end Canada hav? been re
ind even I ?ngland and M ilea wer?
nol ? tu lh<
lora from Ihe other side m
. lud? 'I the Rei I ; Lrfiwla Jon? :. "f i loy
ope Ri ? torj . lia . w .. . Misa
s Carey, o? I oyi Ion R? ctoi y, Bpllab).
.?.?i. and ? aptaln i Mai d - B itho and
Mr Bat? <?. >?' R< adlng, Bngtand.
ng until Baturda] ludging the
exhib? i ? was b? gun at i.
the task, which n il) a si..\. one,
a .ii be i omple t? d tin ? morning
? ?
He Collapses When Daughter
Brings News of Taft's Decision.
Atlanta, i >? ? is i >.. ply disappointed by
? i ? Tal; had de? imc-.i
?? He- p trdon he had m i onndentlj
look? i foi a .nd tu i- ., ti .i gift,
i harlea u Mors*?, the See fork banket
. ??nvli t. col .n i.is little daughtsi
ti day handed hi .i w ash
? ?
? ???
i. 'ii wept) and Mi . Moras was almos'
Red i . i. buII "t ?? r dl ?i?[?oint
men I gering hoa hard h wlf? '"i?k th?
the Pr< aidant, '?! ? ??? '" acad up
? i tried lo lighten th? blow, telling hi i
Has e It's all for th? I ? we.havi m
i. ? ho| ? ? i '
\\.? hlngton, 11., || pi. iidi nl Tafl and
Mi..i n. c i,. net ..i \\ .. kei ?ham madi
I , t.. .in. 11, n !,,; th? pn ?? ni n" nn th. i
.. tl.?.".id ,. taken bs ,?" sov? i nmeal In
, .V. More?
\i w |i k? ' ii mi folio? Ing a meeting ??'
i ' hinei lid thai More? ?vs SOI in a
I I Util .ll ? >?ll lltlOS i
" Who Mould have thought it possible," writes
a New England college professor, "that an ency?
vlopacdia could ever compete with the latest
Reading for a Lifetime
I lie now Britannica ?s, indeed, (in the convenient new india
paper format, each volume but 1 inch thick) the most fascinating
"t hooka for casual reading, not loss than for ?systematic study.
rhe largest private library in the world could nol -jive the roa?ler
such absolute freedom to choose his subject and his author. The
newspapers he has read, the conversation in which he lias taken
part, the course 0i his day's work <?r of his amusements can have
suggested to him no topic upon which ho will not find the fullest,
the most reliable, and the ni??st clearly presento?! information,
littccn hundred writers, including the leaders ..f every branch of
thought and activity, arc at his command; he has the clearest of
print, tlie best of illustration4; no amount of money spent upon
hooks, m, amount of trouble taken in searching for the best hook
upon each subject, could do more for him.
Prospective subscribers are reminded that it is impera'
tive that orders for Christmas delivery be registered
at once, to-day if possible. At the address below the
work can he inspected in the ordinary and India paper formats
and in seven styles of binding, including Full Limp Velvet Suede.
The new- Encyclopaedia ?Britannica, In light thin, flexible aaay-te-hoM val?
unios tono inch thick) printed on opaque Indis paper, afford?* endless
possibilities for occaalonal reading*, a/at* man?- stud) or definite research.
Wholesome Reading for the Young
Whore, for instance, bettor than in the 9,000 biographies of
both ?load and living celebrities in the new Britannica, could a
young man or woman become acquainted with the lives and char?
acter** of the world's great men and women? And what absorbing
accounts these biographies contain of human energy, persever?
ance, heroism, philanthropy, piety, self-denial, patriotism and
creative power! \ course of biographical reading in the now
I'.ritannica would he selected from the lives of:
|*i mndere of Rcligi? >ns
Founders of
Makers of Navies
Makers of Vrmies
Industrial Pioneers
Mercantile Pioneers
Financial Pioneers
engineering Pioneers
Ship Builders
< hemists
ICxpl? ?rers
Makers of Cities
Poets, Novelists
I dramatists
I listorians
1 .inters
Sociologists, &c
Romance and Drama in the Field of Facts
Marvels of Sature:
Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Storms. Waterfall?, Avalanches,
Rapids, Bores, Floods, Lightning. Glaciers, Cayes.
lieasts, Birds, Pishes and Insects:
Communities, War-. Structural Work, Migration, sprraiiing
I iiscase Among Mankind, Destroying Crops, Substitutes for
Speech. Natural Weapons, Defensive Coloration, Duels, P<9WtM
acquired in Domestication, Spied. p
Machines of Power and Delicacy:
I.ooms, Steel Making Plant-. Pneumatic Tools, Calculating
Machines. Microphones. Syrens, Printing Press, Hydraulic Press.
The Infinitesimal World:
Bacterial Life, Microscopic Revelations.
Dramatic Ppisodes of History :
Men's Farthest Journeys:
Polar Vo\ ages, Highest and ?Longest Balloon Journey -, I >eep
ost Minos. Tracts. Still Unexplored, Uninhabited ?Lands.
Remodelling the P.arth's Surface:
Dams, River Deflections, Ship Canals, Tunnels. Irrigation,
1 larbours,
The 11th l?lition comprises 28 volumes <?t text,
each containing 960 t.. 1.100 pages, together with an
Index volume containing ,;? x U x x i references. Its contents
are divided into ??0,000 articles aggregating 14.000,000
words, while the authority of the text ?s confirmed by
7,000 text illustrations, 450 full-page plates. 169 plate map?,
as well as -,?nit- 400 maps in the text. The aggregate coat
of production before a single copy was published was
t .Ven- 104-Page India Paper Prospectus Containing
200 extracts from the now edition. 59 text cuts. 34 full-page plates.
and 3 maps, Mailed free on Kcqucst, with or.1er forn,
prices, etc.
Cambridge University Press
(Encyclopaedia Britannica Department)
11 1 1 rt-lONI ?.no m mu von -??.

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