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ATem-$oTk (tribune.
/ I -, ?le ./ fj?lef |),/',
lish'd bjf Th* l'ihuii'' i?90Ct?Uon\ n
>iM- )<.?l; corporation; OfBd and pria
tjajol /./?/'? "t 7iwsi'?i?w, lrihun< liui'd
via. Ko. l.M jrsiisgs ?ttreef, New York;
Oodtn Ifttts, pn?i?mt; Of?en M. R 14
?- 'tar;i: /gsse? lf. Horrttl, triturer.
The i,, Du iiffiri is (g fie?' ??'>/? |
?? '. l'ost
? .ntii. $ 'n
!... 4 00
? I Mjnet?\ , . ? . s OS
\ mantas.
i ? . e ?9
? . i-*j
- "
lantrfaa ni th?
Ualvarsal i??!?? t;,? l'nlsn, Including tos?ase
. . HT ?o
y?, ?i
One month.Il -. ? .?i.-o
nth... .1 ?? r..... $i?>??8
On? mor.th.$ .90 m 0
On* month.. ..g .T?lOi ? ' M Ml
M- r.
THE SEW - I ///- V"/>'W\',
fji ?Ni;Kl -?? The 1
lutioa appi . d?ni Taf1
t? n In ?'c nrtng ? * ? sf l?SH
v adopt? d by a unani
Dioua vol Housa x i ?lution
calling t"?' in'1 rmation on arm) i
? ?n plans was adopted
l-'e ?BEIGN K uni ? pat? '?
t" 'i"1 om P?kin,
that Pi ? ? would re.
: ,i republ
' 1 I 11 i ' S III
? volve him w ould
; ? || the hands e.i
,. ne
.. npoaition
of the D ' i |ourV H nf the
?n of
Jews In
] \ pied
... of
rted ?e> i
n the i
g"<| i r? :?
? .
i oi B? ptem
).. ?_?:? doctors at
t- ! ?
? gton. ? ill nol
? .i banker's con
; .d "ii wool
l n
' '
ful ci. n ol rom
petitte i. an *
M '-.???
iy n ? .-..i. found
? roml
? reliant. ?
The Alder
,s at
?? ??
In t the
prison? l St? m
..?? !..
\ few j pan? ?-.:?? linli ?i .?.-'. n powers.
In t'himi a itii for? ?? ami arniH f??r Ihe
tie.n of theij ' miIi
Itally. Il n-1 ostensibly. for ti
? law
? utioii
? . .
? ! Rtid was regarded
with profound ffratltude hj the Chinese
th. ? ?on??!- agali
i rroa, bul
g .. ?
? ' .
f effl
? ?"??'- a hi? h must
; proi si of lb? world, and
?? II. > le g
H k n ,i an lospertioem ?? for tbe
t la to offer tl h .iteration
. ,
.? and ?' Ihe revoll ?
their efl
I "'i would have
< m ? War. foi n that < bina's
from thai
e ? ( ?
?n h. t ai
rorjJd !i??\?>
i.e.c-n Intolerable lo raoel ntl
and her i iule pe? di '?? - ?> ? r< Ignf j ai d tei
?n the
Initiative of An*
International ? ? In fa? ?. bei
? i i
Hal ratl er than s< tusl i
lattis In which
.? . , .
lui bt, hsve said, to he hoped.,
In < 'bina lo day no such
. srdrtt an wns rampani In the
B??Xe ' ; UHiC'iil is
self bal ab - prompt .
- ?
of eonstitttttonnl reform bo arhi : h ?vas
s??nic miuitted and toward
u hi? :i ,i i eod made substantial
h bile th?
. IrjHMl i- ?
K lb? ? ? pr?fet1 to
? hem by differ* nl u* an Bui
I BMBJ and guian
grow d en the t aro
Ibal ? onghl to I* a? lally
? aid ? i the powei
. the causes of dlMgr4Bemen1
. restore harmony and |?esee The
?? ' tin- China's nun
p?ete awakening and ooMtotuttonal en?
lightenment Is too aunptetoua ?aottohope
f.?r its sii.-?-.?ss in spit?- Of lh?- i.-i..?rl<-?l
critical state of the ne|*o*lation-*.
//// TttEATT-BKBAKmu row ! R
The ????urs.< of tin? ?Senate with B_f
utlon approving the Pretddent's
notice of abrogation at the ifcaawtaa
treat*/ may he regarded ss Inspired h]
courtesy ?uni pollcj rather than by sny
t?-.-hiiii-?il obligation. The PrasMflll re
ferred Ihe matter lo the Senate alone,
"Ui i pan of ih.' t**eat*Mnaklng power
of ii,?s ir.'?vriiin.-tit." ills reaaonanic
theorj tras lhal the treaty-niaklng
powijf waa olao the treaty-breaking
'i'MWtr If be ii?'_''ti,'it?,?i h ?aew treat]
with any power be would refer it to the
[Senate glone for raiiti.atinn. ?So when
be -rires natt?e <?f ghrieftatton of ? treaty
be refer? that to the ?Senate only ror
ratification sud approval.
Th?' qneation of the treat) breaking
' ?muer aras raited al an early ?hito in dar
? ? ?'listitution.'ii history, lone before thai
i ?i?;, of l? -isl.'ii h ? abrogation of ihe
ii treatiee In 17D8 lo which ref
erence sa a p*rece_eni baa already bSen
Imade AI rli?* beginning of 1791 James
?? M mIis?,n entered Into ;i discussion of II
IWith Kilnnin?! Peudleton, 1h??u_li with
nut asassmtng to determine It. in ?his
i liiiixi iii'i'?' were three possible answers.
One, i?? which be gave first place In m?n
tinnhig them, was ih?i the power whs
i in the Presiden! snd s? mue. us
the treaty-rasklng pari of 11 ? ? - govern
menl The second ?;i- thai II whs
voted in the I'r? si.i'nt and both bouses
of ('oniress, on the theory thai ? treaty
was law tin?l that its i***fjea1 required ?<
ti?,]? of the whole l?gislature a theory
which seems to be dis? redlted bj Ihe fad
thai action of Ihe whole leglal?rture is
noi required for the making of n treaty,
and that, therefore, II is not law In Ihe
sense suggested. The ihinl w,-is thai
i?.,' president nnd Senate wer?' oompe
leiit t.? abroante treaties In ordin?r;
raset*. bn< lhal ti"' co-operation of th"
House '?f Representatives waa neeessar.*
; for the annnlmenl of a Ireat) of peace^
I because that wonld be tantamount lo an
a?-t oi arar, which could be ordered only
ibj ihr wti??lo l?gislature
in th?? prisent case if ?is the ??tenate
Ui-el? ?'i?! not the President that per
, f"i ms ?m gel "hi?ii might be regarded
as up btfrtngeraeai pf ihe Senates fun?'
tlona Nevertheless it may !??? ?sound
, pi o i,-y i,, do ?o, parti) to emphasise the
popular character "f the momentous ad
v, hlch is thus being performed ;in<i parti)
' t?? facilitate securing Ihe co-operation of
the Ummsp in future legislation which
\ ma) be npcetoars for putting into opera
tlon the new treaties which may be
negotiated. That, however, i-- a matter
which c?iii?-cms- chief!) the Renate alone,
and thai body uiay safely be left ?is ih?>
I custodian of its on n dignities and powers.
The poinl ..f popular concern Is that the
President was ;?s rlghl In referring his
action in the Senate alone ?is he u.-i- in
taking that action for an honorable and
peaceful acttlenient of .-? long rexatlous
coi i rovers)
? // /< OR \l> 1 \LQREMt
rotary MacVeagb's ?pr?f?rence for
f i a/on ,?? tariff dut les Is
entire!) natural, for he *q*eaks from ibe
point ?'f view of an sdmlnlstrator of
? ?'?si,'ms l.-iv.s and ;i collector of customs
revenue* The ???/ valorem system of
duties Is subjecl i.? ill?- serious objection
thai it opens the way t?> widespread
miden aluatlous and compels the employ^
of^" expensive machiner) to detect
ami punish fraud, it pris thp burden
Ion the government of estahlif?hing ihe
value of Imported goodf at the port of
shipment or In the country of prodoc
tion, snd it multiplies litigation in ap?
peals and seizure rases to a \? ?allons
ii Imported ?niele taxed
s?> much a pound or so much a yard, the
administration of the customs aervlce
id I,?- enormously simplified.
\ -?.-, it.,- dut) readjusted at frequenl
intervals would probably be the mosl
?>atisfaet<?r* |,|no iii.th for the govern?
ment ami for Ihe consumer? Bui In pasl
i-iitT legislation allowance had to lie
? f??r long intervals i??'i ween re* i
-ions. Itunning through six, eigbl or ten
. an ad ralorem duty i- )i'.??!> to be
m<?re equitable than a specific one, lie
ir decreases a Ith ihe
'.f the im| orti ?1 art lele. The vp"
duty ?1"?'*- hist the reverse, Increas
- the value <?f the article
fal s and ??,, reaslng as the valu?- ri-.s
nu Import t<? decline In value
? . uents in the method
nf production the specific protection on
It wi i In iinnei't ssarlly high,
a article should become more
costly because .i a s? ircit) lu raw ma
the prote 11on on if would soon
i turn mu to be insufficient.
if Mpeoifio duties are to be the rulf
oughl to dp Bubjed in rhan
"i. i thai suso? i
., ijgi nient ?? onld probably I ?
of lh? ?nos i,f (he "scie'i
titi. larUT' which Mr FdacVeagb has in
mint! a tariff math* to ? ails?' 11 ?
r? and at lh?
? u:,.- t>? im are an i tact me
if i hi prote? 'i"" Intended lo he
given i" i be hoi e i rodncer
/? l/,'/ I / S'ROi MEST I PI l [TE.
ii is rather strange thai so n neb sur
expressed npstat?
light put* eurolua? m of vot?
two days set for enrolment i.i i s r-. -o
nnder the di a "dlr??ct prims r"
ado| i? ?i b) i he Tamman) !.??_? ? ature
i ? der the clr? umatan? ? i It would I
prising If -?? Im avy
mad? 11 I lerally
und? i stood 'bs? in i rao \ ?? ? name
isi year's ?poll lists would
j be able t? party affiliation
? for ti" coming ^ ar'* primaries b) mall
j through tb< IDclals up lo
' January .'. 1012 Thai fa? I,
with the fart thai never before bas there
? nrolmenl required bj law In
irai Ion ns. while any g bleb ? ? xi?-t
???i under party ralas wai of tb<
lc nature, -???? ma t" i"- ? ipian ii
? i ongb * b) there should am i.
1 bes ? j ? nrolmenl
This bj no ?means Indicates a lack ol
I Interest among the voters In th? p?
situation or In the workings of the dire? |
i \ ni stem, _* en under an Incom
pletc and faulty method, such as lh?
Tammau) Ian provides it ma) be thai
the direct primar) as fran ed b) Mm ph)
?at?- win L'ir?' the Individual
roter little Letter chanca to expresa hla
m?-- on part) policies oifJ ? m and in mi
ne-. ? than I In nldtline ? ail? n - ga * >?. I"H
- utl) hi intends t., grail hi
of h hat chain ?? there ma) i>? 'I be
aiii?aini of ?h-, iisslon of the ? ompara
ii_-iii persomi] enrolment hi one In?
dication of Ihia The formation reeenlly
of a vot? oi "anlzal i"n In ? melds I
!rou| par?? ? nrolmenl
ii'.t onlj i" thai count) bill In -
i nuil counties is anoi b? r, 'i bal Ii a II
i h? ni?! be w ben the i ol? n In large
numbers paj attention to the part) uom?
I .
ii xtiona ;iiici demand their share in mas
lug tiitin tiic.s,. nominations are pretty
sur.' to i><> ??f ?t decent standardi whether
the ''boas'' is re*i>onalhle for them or sn
^position element carries the primaries,
<>i.f tin? chief meiIts some say ii"'
only merit of the direct primary la thai
it ordinarily ?stimulates the taterest of
the party ?roten In the party machinery
:i< the Indirect nominating ?system fslled.
i.? di?. if Um i?.?al enroltnenl tkxartt
and the attendance si next yearla \>r\
marles are light there will be reason ?fot
sui'l'i M
Join Nfslow, arks died y?-t?T?iay.
Illustrated to n notable degree the i?1 ssf
bflitlas of ? ill.Id sge, which, svaf
since Cicero dls<*rarsed shoal them sa
f?'lic?ijoiisiy, bave appealed with poignant
force to exonerations condemned to be
ral down with "n'y one chance in the
million of realising them, Mr. Blgelow
was more tlu?tt th?' mflllooth man, fOf
be not only lived to be ninety four bnl
differed tram moat of those who have
reached thai ?Treat -'t-0 In retaining
unimpaired t<- the end bla capacity both
for usefulness snd tor enjoyment H*
lived bu lif?' o it in the tallest sense, rot
be never relaxed Mi Interest in affair?.
oh zest for literary work or his frlendlj
concern In everything deserving his il
: tention aa a Mholsr or ? dtisen. His
appearance hist spring si Ibe opening of
tho dVw bnllding of the New Tort Puh
Hc Library, of which Institution be amis
the president, was an Inatance of bis
keenness t'? keep In touch with tho In?
terest! .'mil ?linios c.r his more active
I career, and the picture be presen ted
there of physical and montai triumph
I ?over the forces of dissolution was one
which gladdened the heart and stirred
the fancy with vague suggestions of ?
future ?rhen old sge shall be for more
of the race su fruitful, attractive ami
full of satisfactions is Cicero fried to
demiUiatrate thai it ought lo be .-? ?? -1
couM be
Mr. Blgelow'a activities in tlii-s com
mnnity made him a figure <<f distinction
?and Irnrsartanee His association* with
the New Tort of the ?period before tli"
war ?yave him ? rare hreadtJi of local
i knowledga, He was one of Ihe rery few
; survivors who were SCtive In public
affairs in an era when ihe dtj bad
i loss than 500.000 Inhabitants sa i
Journalist, politician and diplomatist ho
? h?d gathered a nniojue store of expe
i rtencea and r?miniscences, and with hli
lyeara his llterarj capacity seemed to
[grow, so thai in whatever he bad lately
I written thorp was ?in added Mvor ?if
orL'iiiaMty ?nil Individuality. Tl h Is
not iiio place lo appraise his public aer
? l< o either gg consul and minister
abroad or sa a state nfflior snd Inri?
ninfo associate Of ?""no ??f tho greatest
Democratic leaders of ihr? period t^'iow
U:'j tho arar, or ss the executor <<f tho I
fins? whose frull la tho splendid public
library building In Bryant Part. Tie waa
perhaps in a waj greater than anything
he wrote or did, and Pieu Tort will
hfm mn'-.t n?* n personality aa on? < '
it? mosl admirable, Ingratiating snd j
a? voted cltitens.
i jir ?j 0X031] 01 BIO PESBIOXf.
Wa? there ever a public t ttravagance
which was not Justified on the ground
that it would make possible great ssv
Inga In other directions? Thus the Mon.
Plnley li. Gray, of Indiana, hi able to
show that iho dollar :t ?i;iy pension
scheme la real economy. The PJhenvood
bill, be -ays. "would enable us to col
"down ?int- expenditures for tho army
";in<l navy, now in tin.f peace i tat
? Ing the government In round numliers
"Saijo.OOO.OOO annually, and in a pollcj
"of liberal pensions enable us !?? de
"pend ilium volunteer - flier \\ Im? In
"every wbt have prat i n onr hi
"defenders and mosl ralianl soli
This is the ums- Ingenious suggestion
ni' an indire? t sat inx iii.n 'I be Tribune
has ever seen The . iintry muy give
up building i a and rely npon
rolunteers in tlmeof war, aa If a navj
would spring Into ? i overnight!
Patriotism, In Mr. lira; i, ?s a
lively expoctatlon of pensions t.ie.
This is mosl flattering to tlie manhood
of ihe country. I a time ??? p i e prepare
for war bj paylnfc I on ? That
countrj i- strongest In a military sense
w hi'-li has the bigg? t pension
\\ hal u ould i'? i nmi of a nat Ion n ?ihn
h:ici n? pensioners? The springe ol Its
national existence would dry up within
it. ? i >r where would be found love of
country, martial ardor and the other
things which make n rountry great In
war if ihe- rewards of ralor were nol
bet rethi no iplo'j ej es?
t i in - /.?/ \i i n i i
\ common exercise of the Indi i Idnal
fancy Is t" decide n Ith a v e ilth of d
tail what one would do If one had, saj
s|o.n 0,000 'i he mov? ment for ' ? Itl< ?
beaut ? public beai
non and i hen res.bles this pas
\\ hen < 'hlcHgo, Pittsburgh, B?
ie?n. <>r whatever ?'ity it maj be, con
becoming rnleago Beautiful or
: !,;t?-1 i mtlfnl or Boston Beautl
fui H is ms king up ha mind whai it
would ?lo If it bad f 100,000,000. i here
. n .i profession ol . ? . Itlea
\? hat tbey migbl do 't they had $100,?
noo.000, .mei i'"- experta are kept toilIj
bu ?j about 11 1 " 'J i Ibune hopet thai
Brook)] n. the 1st? l i.nsnlt ?me- of
ng enough
to make I i he wishes
hi be
done !?? '
presentabb I
plllelil Ut II"' I| ,11. I |j |0
trnal Ibelr dev? t.. haph
n result bae I ? *? bad In ?
beaut*. of I* altb and ei en of bu
econom? Bui In d< I? i
? future <h vel? pmei l
behind I where, i
j ecially in ? let ?? Lies <
a '-'"' ? .'itisrn
over Ihe uses t" ?\ hl< h Ihe Individual
propertj ow ner ma? pul hl paspet tj.
till,'!- I 1/ ' //.?/ /
i ' ? day'a ne? ? h the fad tint
r'hristmaa ir? e ai tl Chrl itnaa ?.
bave now been swept Into the capacioua
of t middleman" a ; ?
. ;,. d to be r? ? ? .
in pi i ,,' Ufe
it i- also made known thai butt?
eggs ba* ?? adi an? ? ?i In prie? The "11111
mate const.?r" ha 1.,. ., u ?,;it
habituated to ? ? bnl
.1 ' 11.
' .-in > ? I 1 trith i'oiopuratire calm,
even If nol with 1.n< - ni Bui wh<
Ihe pi !'??? of 1 'i" i itmas ire? m mnl I
and he i~- t<onfrunted with the necessit*
of mat Ing a i ! olee I . 1 'hrletma
? . .?,.; a 1 hl i-l.i- ., .,. ,
^ail lni
It Is ai a Him 111 ? Ihl III ?
i/.. - t l)oraughl,i Ihe Imp 1 ?1. II.ind
inad?quat les cl Ihe count rj ?? bin lue
ami economic -.. item, Obi louslj Ibe
youth ??r the land mnM have its Christ?
mas tree-, for what b Christmas with
"?it thai glittering, dszxling piece ol
_i.aery, laden with frull such as never
was in this or any foreign clime? Oh
viously also Ihe youth of n??- laml musl
live. Nut aren Lew Rhanklsni s**eme
t.? offer .'i aolatioa <.f this proWetn, for
at beat thai would lessen ??s gravity in
only "He part of th?- count**), I?
certain thai the federal governmenl will
eventually have to establish a burean
for Ihe propagation and distribution ol
rhiistmas trees, as a division of the De
I partmenl of ? ommerce and l_tbor. Mr
I'lfford Plnchoi should discuss this proh
j !" III. Wlli. Il s?-e||is es|.bill] tit li?> ill his
? Held, among other progre* Ivc policies
i fee a third greal political part)
The Judicious Christmas apender will
buy his vrlfa a b .reel ??t ? "' of
a pearl aecklace ,?s .-? holida pre en1
\ Prohlbltlonlsl ?\h,<
? r m n'.-w Jersey won'1 aerv? '??
cause - ndure th? ?icht of hlo?od.
? nth- he thought '? rfectly
safe in running.
Almost ? ?? ? - a ? ? mm
announces ita Intention to abide by the
Sherman la? and abajidon its- monopo
::- tic ' ontrol " trade The ISaatman
Kodah i Company 11 the lateal of *
having ram owed rastrictlons upon Ihe
' its- unpatented sri ' ? I ? ? I
it la std thai no <"i" knos s \? i>-,t the
Sherin m- how to
/ /'/ r w K OF rue D IV.
in ii|,-> course of ? lecture delivered si
Porti ind, . ? D i ? ' '" ? '?? '?.. "f
it i.-i ITnlverelty School of i
! "The big ? ltd ai
i,ia ?-,,r man? ? - II ?, foi du? l"
nd la k of
n '
want 1 ?;?'17- ?'
attaining t Ne Itnpoi tance of a
ihn hfg cities aro willing lo
ment as farm laborera In order to pit
the know led 11 them to
- irmeia i hem ?elv? vVltl
?ippninc of the Panama ('anal
rement to ? from
the Rast, ? from Europe,
is high tin lo I t th?
crowding "f the newcomers Into alum dl
i .
the 1
n .,
.n ol Boston; although be
he nnd ? ? '-im in
our h< si ' ?, j r"i knoa "
.,. ??? rej lied Misa Knox, of
? 'hl?*Ago. "1 woi di i bow It fe? kei i
In rol ' -? ? Ilk*? thai,"?Tl
ird and Pli ea
\\-,. \.- been reo ntly told In the pla ? :
of to ma
That (ford S fine rnvn f. for
not to abave
To the b ilth of tbs world la a m
moi ' grave.
if thla be the truth Haw
t?akera are not yet forbidden by
one - '...s '. that will
lit" no longer a matter for
bai b? is will quickl)
are all must aubmll to the barl
bis :
their razo. .
they strop,
[a It i
t,, et?
we'fl doubtleea be told, though we
shrink l 1.
Thai i? man, to b? healtl
0 n. M
"Y? I'm in I r i i
? u
? .' Ing for Tl ? Path
The then a-i-.-?-? ?
? 'ook?. thai "trom I tsk? th? ? I
tivi' in love" thai
matron s
?-.?'.?:. ' | , ?
aft? i -
and < omplli i bj tellina
, ?
dinner a
... ?n,-.
He hung wound a ionj tlm. ad i
"Well, ! m ? ng,' and ar? all
(food lu? l. i I
Ing on i.i,; mind, and a h? n a ?
? to I"
,. . retun
i but i Iti ?
ip.?,ii-, and i
i?,r what I did."
"Why ?
dull, : n't well go to
The Lonely Ma-? Can Find Othen Mora
I The 'i'ii
Sir- Notli -Mr. 1
1er of the 171
part of l mai III ?
I |
. ? -,
? ? nh -,,' ? i ? ? ?
ite, but faml i with rs
1 ? i to be
?.- -, i nit,
am 'i
. ,. u
? I . '
: : ?
matter bow amall and i umWe, i ?
- - -
and ' ? ' I belle-,'?
S" ? ? Mr. Bl ick, a ho -
nom? thing I ind IncMentallj en
t., i i
i bal i m -i i..?i ???? ?
?,f mind, he I
' o ii" i " di 'i . "??? r? _? . around
?... t ,,, ? wan i? r awhile up and down
ih?fM* -; ..is. iir win rind plant-' of eaaer,
i.? iitti? ? hltdren lookln ? i>
? doHa :?t.'i toj ? thai they
will i,- v. ?? own i?" him ? at.I. '?"*' *'"
.-v. ,,, ,,? ,i . , nhl dn n 'I he arrlter h ia
nometlm? : expended almoal that, ami aha
? , -.. u ?fall ly w'H to 'i" "
.ISS I" take??
gome girl lo dinner and to the ? I ?
, . , \, w Jforl
too, a1 lbs Phrlstn ??^ aeaaon.
. a|| the ; ?-"! i lb? I ^n"
%?.!,.. would be . pi, ?.-?>'.' com?
panlon. I ? ? him gi ?? h< i Imp)
old f ??? binned i 'hrtstmas dinner thai -
. rl would have In than own hoi
ir tl ?rings thai lovely
w? it, ? fella '" :l '
. , prefai ? Ihell dinner
i ,, i. -, -.- life ti,, lugh rentrai :
, ... . .,,, :,,, appetite and
n . .,, |? touch with tit? whok
- oi oui of d? ora
II, ptai k. m >i '- of everything.
lo, . ? tmas Da) PH v "' '' vl"
\. -, i ? It, mi
-.. ?-?
To ti"- Bdltor ??' The Tribune
: me to o i ?'
? ' ? d."?"
, proposition whlcl M -
i ? n s.m.lav evening from
rish bourn of the
Hon? iuch a proposl
. m wotnsnhood, ami ? an
n t i,, too red.
II ?.,... p*reeman deslrea to dlagusl all
i men and aromen with th?
v' .. hopa the auffraglsta "f this
m ..,ir of the nami of man
end woman, and would acorn to emploi
i ? attain their end
? . n no hoodlums in th?*
,,.,,,v .,, ,i ?. -. ?.- ballot in
ti,. ir hai d a ould be a dangerous w?
.\ si i-'i'i; ?.GIST
i || trail
tor ol The Ti Ibune,
? ou f"r your stre* e snd
i on* otilna ? dltoi il of ' -non.ins: on
Postal Rates." i? aulted me
,i'i?i my case '"rlghl down to tiio ground,"
and, i doubt not, appealed forcibly ?o tens
of thouaanda of other read?
in.. ? . lf| ise to back up your
cnmm? irgnmenl On Monday last
i wanted to aend a valuable (Thrlstmas
package, a ounda, to Louis
, wouM bava been
:i i ni si cent a for the poatage and w
centa for registry. Thsl struck me as e\
oi i,it.n,t. end i turned II over !?> a "greedy"
ripany, whli h charged me ?i<>
centa I transportation, registry, In?
?urance md delivery As you aay, L'ncle
t to 1 ? f hints? ' Uve
M N.
Ni w i ork, i ?e? , IS, 1*11.
Only D.T lighter of Lord Knollys
Married to Allan Mackenzie.
-, Tha Tribune.]
London, ?Dec. if. The court and the
diplomatic corpa were well represented
at the ;?? of the Hon. Alexandra
Louvlma, only daughter <?f Lord Knollys,
? id Allan Mackensle at the Guarda*
Chapel to-day, [I was a brilliant affair,
with uniforma and gold Lire, eight
bridesmaids in violet velvet, trimmed
with lacs and brown fur, nmi two youth?
rers, tl a Hon Joeslyn and
n,,' Hon. Gilbert Hay, ?Lord Kllmar
nock'a children.
The bride wore a white satin dress
? ; in old lace and her rnother'a wad?
?. elL
ndra received th?* bride
and hri.h trr???ini at M:irlhor?>iif*h House
the wedding;, and there was a small
of relatives ami friends at Lord
Knollys'i house to give them a asnd-off.
bridea have ?wer received so
? ? .i glfta as this Intimate friend
if ??n,. ? Alexandra and Queen Mary.
It la lat a i that Lord KnoHys'a
I 1er nbtali ? lamsges I
lohn Bull." controlled by
Bott? ml? ?? ? publli
'.ils.- that aha lia.J
IB? er.
Bettlement House for Blind Will Bo
First of Its Kind in the World.
President Tafl will la; the cornerstone
? house for the blind
rid to da*. ??? \" n : Baal Beth
l [e will be. assisted h Miss ? Irace
K< aim, |,i, il lenl "i t?"- Blind Women's
Club, ?>f thfei city, the Oral Mind a
n n living grapher.
1 Dr John n Flnley, prest
?i? t.t of the ?'oilece of the ? ' i * v of New
? a the N< a Fork ?.aso? la
for the Blind ; Joseph H. <
of ihe membera of the association's advis?
ory i lop ? Sreer, Rabbi Magnes
and Mgi i.-????. ii?- will he amonii the apeak
? ill be a ill
i m.-, Man,line almoal directly op
? m llghthouae, at No 111
m< 'l b] Willlaiu
Well? n will have a roo
im, i an Immlns pool, a
librai y In a hi? h bo
tribu? ; and nun erou
id m< etlns rooma for the
-. nlah? 'i win coal
' ? 1103100 tl ?rill lot Sh*
. ??[" i tj having be? n pur
adth funda I
? rom bund woi k
wlll tike place this aftei
representativo Biagon Keeps Up His
Fight for That Purpose.
-ten. D
I ,
bill to day dire? ting I . \\ .,.
for bids -and aell the wre? K if
after 11 i
. r. Mr. I
? i in the
- ? rday, snd
with H- p
- id by
? . Bid
Utl i n,-\
riled In Klni
Bow? ry If) . on ? ?
1 n It PhiPbe'a
t.. in.
te for con ,;. ? i
in i Inl .?i? ' i
| - | v .
?? of i'h irl? u Rlloi
i Harvard I
ited !
I ?? allghl improv? m? nl I
11.?? kl*r hla < ondll. atlll ? rio?
? ll ? ??< M
: - ' '??' i '. IHVIH g
Hri i. ibaughl it i
**? "" "? " . . Hai >'t th? **t__U eacta,
People and Social Incident*
hlngton. i" i H '; ;'"
railed tt.- I'aMast m
.te ad ?? Il o'? to** f?
j, ration of hi ? wool masseuse srhlcti
' win go i?. ' ? 1 he ehang*
. n. koui ? . - du? i- lbs Pi
early departure fot v ? a i ?"9 v
i housand a 01 d aummsi > of
Board i wool n port a HI ac o*nP !"
No ippll-at ' ? pal Ion for ?
w Mm? win bt ' oasatdered by th? I
dent ;?t tin? ti?;??. tha Att??*rn?vj ?
after tha ? 'abtn< t iriwetlng M? ?
... ... poaatble sttentlon .'?t ths
i -.t ,i .v i.it M< I'h? raoa it sraa
i ltd
Mi 'i .c ha ' ?. ? It? 'i lo i I ?Vai
cross, <;? h tha ?Board of Trade" ol that
. '? should he make ? trip lo Kei West In
Pehruarj to attend the celebration of tha
Ing "i i ii? new rallra ?
i".,????. of the H imilton Club ?
?????? i Its | sacs dlaaet on
January : was declined Mr. Taft ?els' I
attar of reg
si i .r or n on the ei Mtratlon
11 .-.i i .
P ? i-ioni Taft I? n W lahln tton
noon for N>w V.nk to ko,-p b i"'1?-*
engagements Tho a 11 * ? r ? rai ae
nled him.
Mi ? Taft went t" r id< i thl mora
?"1 will tunk?' s Short visit t?? Bl "i'
?' s e expeeta to entertain thta Chrial
r, sc.ye'i ill Of S?
? harlaa Taff, th?s jroung soa of th* '
dent, la at the White (louas for lbs '"?n
d;c s
\\ .? . ? | 'I' ? l: \
? ?r and Mmi , Bakhmetleff eel?
the f. Ml .' n eilten
of ih?? Bmpei or, at the Artini ton to
day \ musical programme was rendered
by th? I tha Greek Church m Near,
fork, hrou ees don, and
?h? prisai "f the Greek Church i" Balti
mor.nd ? ' n llgfous s?-1 vas? I
luncheon followed, when Baron Albert de
Sehllppenhach, Rui ilan Consul General In
New York, and :?!i ths members of the
emba? ?) staff ?-? [?atei In tho
[day Commander Vassllleff, naval attache,
and Colonel Baron de Bode, milita
[ tach?, vont to N?-w fork Baron de Bode
will mo'i his sister, Baron? lb da
Bode, "a her arrh il in New fork on
Thursday, and they will return to th? cap?
ital togeth?
Tlio c ;.;i man \ i| and ' '??
\on Bernatortf will leave to morrow for a
stay Ht thfl Hit/.-<'arlion in Neu fork. Tic
smbaasador will attend the dinner of the
Automobile Club to-morrow night The)
hav?- so ilal ' dich w m o
them until til?- mi-Mi.' of next week, arhen
they will return to th? capital. The am
dor and th? countess will entertain
at dinner bei e on i ?..-. m ,. r H
ilngton, ?Dec. 13 The \'i?---1'r. sidenl
ami Mrs. Sherman will ko to Ctlca the
Igst ..f the w. .-k f.-r tho bolkla ?
Mr and Mrs. ?'hurle- Henry Batter were
amone; th?' dinner hosts to-night, entertain
inc In compliment to Justice and Mi
Other boats entertaining dinner parties
were Mr. and Mis Ti uxtuu Paale, Mi
Mrs Henry G. Cola, with General and Mrs
Hear i; B ai oe aa gus I nor; Dr
and Mrs (Vllmer, with the British \
lor and Mrs 1 gUOBtS Of
Mr. and Mrs. Hors Miss
Margery Cotton and tho Mis?es Whiting,
daughters ?.f Dr. and Mrs. Guj Fairfax I
Whiting. Ths guests 01* tin- MhHf? - Whi:- i
ing wars la? (tenant sad Mrs Sherman
i \iii? in ind m?-. Bayne, Mlag Mejjpj^
lophte fobaaton. Mtaa ?\<i?.
' ?'? I an Paul H
?'i'- ofih. Ooiphln; Prank Elite, TVfa,
| lam Ni ?!??? rtullcb, ?;?"ir??> To?tsn, v
; Herbert Hr,,i |fr ?grilkinson '
Ml ' '' ' ' 'man, is,?
' I?*ttar, wh?
i I "i- from ?England, ?rll ?t.
?? ? 1 in unloh .?f Hi? Bemlagton '-?
1 isei a 1 ot-i.' t'> w/kshh et),
? '
1 ?mong tha pan? afain Intereattag */>.
>'??* lutie-hoon nv?n fc.
Mrs Wall - "ian foi d-rnttacflt?.
snother sdth mi?? Ruh Piiiins ?? ??.?..,
? "d 1 ? tea, when Mrs. a p. <>?,
M's* x;ti4.
bsi h Parker <
Mrs Edward l*ntsiba>'li, of ?Sew TorW
cm" ? reception a? tho Hear v.'i .^r<l fv
mpllnsSat ,r> Mr. and Mrs. Arch1?
bald Grade.
Is L Bot Sas . ?a\<* a n
followed !'? music, last night a? i?r
m I-i.. 11. ? 4
tete additional onasf, who earns la for tha
'? and
w.ro mid" up moatty of the I/nig ;? ,4
set, 1 lists wars Mm". Alma Q 4
and 7A n. ?
IJrs. .I.'inir? Kly Mlllsr. who m? M?^
?;i.o; gave a
1 mie 1 no? h at 1 ''".?l'on
? 11 Miss Alks a. Ki-, the d?bc>
j 1 ai ie- daughter of Mr anal Ml
I ?Sly. I ' !:? e \ ' ? U x,
\ii>- Carol llarrlman, Miss Helen sjseaji
an'l Miss Justin? Rsrhor P" lired toa.
joba R Dresel will gu? a
it h<>r batajgj |n j-.^t
>.j.i street
limi 1 y \\ hltney M 1 r?
a dance this ev?anlng ?t Sherry's far her
debutante niece, Miss Pnyttts McVtca ?
Misa Nata m urrksl
ifternoon tn foaeph R, iwana, of ai
?it th- tiou.se. ..f hor nuit' ar, Meg
R 11- ;. in 1 ?aal Stb ?tr.-ou
Mr and Mrs C ?,?Hv*>r Isean win }*\r%
to-daj for Hopoimd.?. ?hou- placa al
Alken, B C.
Mr. .?id Mrs Paanbroke -tone? left tna
city yeeterdaj for Wllminston, .V 1 , to
s(.-ti'i tho holidays
Mrs William B. l/ood?. who ?a'
Kng and on Baturdas on board the Laab
? for India
thony .1. 1 ?t sal 1 sent Margarita ?htdl
she has charternd, sariy in th<
Among h? r guests will ho tho i>,;,
Duch? ss of Manch? st
\\ il ion TI* ? a di spend I part
of tho wiiitoi in India, and in tii? sarSsj
will go t ?4snl
by way of Ban Fran
1 r.- Ti Icsgrapfe I
Ken port, ' '??? hi Tin re Is at ich 1 d
r the of] 10 K^rt
.*nains here. A w 1
?. r, the in -t on Deo 1
Ti ?.ma - F 1 ?w m r sj d U? ?" arl
B Harrison have ted to tak?
Mr ??' d Mi James As I
m \, w Fork, v. 1 . re- ' a? I
! ?'hri^-n
m 1 I'r. neh Vanda
bar New York apartmei 1
H.-:ir Admiral n M R v
has goni t.. New to
[?ortllard Bpen? 1
l.otiilnrfl Sf ' '
Pontiff, in Farewell Audience. Tells of
His Love for America.
R, -,.. 11.. n n ? poi ? re? ?.iveii i ';ir
dlnal O'Connell In farewell audience to?
day The Pontiff igaln 'v -i'--- -i his love
for Amerloa snd told the cardinal he waa
?.. had don? th< adaest thing fo?
Idem in Am? a bs gi anting three
mtry. n
ytie knew of th< ?rk 'i"ii" hy the
p.-1.1- -." of Cal - i. and thai
approved of It. He haa ac
? if the werk of the fed? I
t.. hin' from "Tl rhlch, he
said, had ?become an authoritative Journal
in Home i id mai ? ? f the
i ila, amone llnal Mai ttnellt,
on "f Bit?
: ege
Th? Pontiff decla that thi
toral letter ?>f Cardinal O'Connell a -
mlrable. He aald also that it
ure to labor la i country where th?
? mi etween al srtlea ind aceta
Th-- I'"
nell'a plan :. and tvlshed him he ilth, -,
. .- H? In ii"i i Im '"
to Rime, i ; '
im: t,< him and to the ?althful li
? 'ardi?al I ? ? 'onnell then ted Ca
Merry del V*al, with whom h. itayed iboul
half an hour, c< nfei i Ing on n itt?
ne? ted alth the dla L'ar
dtnal Met i f d?! Va ret al
i i departure of the \merlcan cardinal,
remarking tir.t the lattei -1 HI
? during hli aojoarn i er -
i 'ardi?al ? >'? 'onn< II k avea Roma on
. ?? for Naples In the ?1? nit) .>f
arhich ha Intends to msk? a a itomoblla
British Royal Academy Grants Hi?h
Honor to American's Last Works.
Ixmdon, i '? ? II I ?? .a of
a ka "f th- lal ti m ; ? -,
a 'il i- -
\ idstn] on Janu '
ai y i sill hu? lude ? ?
for the Penni i a a i ai itol and : i
?' its ti"' m ti
honor ??? il ei ton la
granted "ni\ in caaes
of ?'??
Contrait for Fart of Natural History
Structure To Be Let To morrow.
li the Pai u Boai i m atina to naarron
ipa? i- -i m .i .i oontrai I ?ill tx award
? 'i fot tha ' n?.,,,k t., ? a done on
the grounda of n,.- m , .,,,,, ,,.- \-,. ,,.(i n,s.
lory preliminar) to the erection "f
wing I' La "? i ? i- mi ,,t ,,
mi ' of ' : lin. Tl
'??'?? ? ??????? - ; horlni ?ill amount
"' "i mi ?' i?
Th- proposed ?a na will , ontaln, among
"'???**? Jbln *.?l. collection The
' waa laid, had i-? ? n ip
ited fw tilt. ,,?w building
.Il""" *>! i" '' i Mayo, whs
'?'' '" B?tm ippendleltla
continued to Improve yastarda)
***** ".-l" '"? '.' of daagei
?'??;..??.. m attend
,MlM ' "' ' .lion -I '
'"V, ?' ??'? i ,"," H,,h ^-?nmlaaloner for
' 'i,,,',"" '''?""" *?-?**.* further
h:;:,:v,his,,,:,,,,:,')?:"?,'"- ?*?,?,.?
Woman's Auxiliary Aiding in Raisinf
$200,000 for Sick Poor.
? ifll? - ra of i he ?Voi
Hospital Sal II ?
working hard to ra
- ?
< lation la I -
Hi - Edmund i. i<, ' -. pr?-s
t of ( . : : i
I durl
? sent to Mrs Ian Sp? I be tf"**a>
.-',?1,1, ..I th-- ? ally COO)
^1 .
? \ Uli?
M ?<?"
y John .1
.M i - i
M -
M v ?
I 1. ?'I'
M i , .
M ? i ,
Bmei v
f ii.-k
M . ?
M .
M. ?. |
v ' .
? ?, Rat
w , ?i
M - ' ?? i- - ? tl?' r .
M ?
\ s?
. -
M- - ' . ?
- ? m
M ? -?
Mr? \I H ?
I. Well
, ._
? ? - i
.? MS |B Ne* 1 -
"tall ?f fr-nk?. t'i*' "'?' ?*?* "
'HiiK Pltta
| ?IRtltV fi','- '
i s ta *''?'"
; oMIm i, " ,
. --T ?*?
?Yen M
in New VorS. ?hen i ? I -'? '? '
In? m Iful Ihlna
! ,.|\ I? !IV-1\ ' ' ? ? ? an<' '*
Tha? n?- Hobb) Club, ??rianl
*,,?il<. ought t" ?no" ?? vet? l-."*?, *nl
', ? m? ? i ?i ip >,:ii!"?t every ?,n<? h?? ?et" |
, hobby, wtaraatlag, u*-?-f'ii et x,rr]t*'fl,
metmtwrahlp will aa worth whll? h
, m, ? ,,f ail ?-" - of hol ^_ ,,
i <aa i?r. n t ^(
"ii.'iiH m? a nii-ftliuj of PrMl_*ntli \^
?>r a paaaa galharlaa lu ?h- aaauaapU*?'*
il? iiJuT. Praaa.

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