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News a/interest
to Mm
Holiday 'Bridge Luncheon
CooK?d a la Soy er
Paper Bags May Also
Add to the Pleasure
ci the Party in
Other Ways.
p. Martha McCuMoch William?.
A - *g?*d l-_**heo_, T-ith a bridge
I colla'ion prc
iga and aeread a?t?*r
? * in
? ' ' ??-??<> un
ig vooiilng. Bettor
b_ve Ivass : abl^ful. limiting the
ra there ire but
..vidual aeisinga
a ti
spirit and
ild t> tnder
. ^n.
play for r?th??r
n 1 ink.
nd irnannnttng l
i ? MS ln
, y 1 ng l rith C
illations or
: : With
? -,. k - H
?tie brandy and
? . - lt?w? t-.uts.
vtsd, either to
Useratlen ?
Hot Bl
. ShTrv Dt
I >
OyatalMaaa i'ruit
D are on the surface
? -
seat cut
! .
'. with salt an?l
ami. wit1
? ?
-,??? n. ?! bag ai???ut ?.
: - thin
It M from -
po-Mble. Butter ?b- j
ad? i !
i ? h must he |
?f bu- lljfhtly in flOUT, and
tU ? ? r t'.U well ?
tir it
ul or I
the wtn?5
tha I
? hot.
Make jour I !
? and licht For
? ap French andtv?
Ith r^i?"! high Ba ?
|] Well to
al ed arlth celery j
from three enfuis
ten ?
half a teaapoonful
heat sr1
Then add ahf-r
' ?
mln? ad w'.tvi
. butter an?3
; al en*i
mlx">d with ?
- ?? haivlied will
- |
? gtl a ? then rut
? ? ara) r ?
*llt"* Mw fat and ? ok inside ?
? ? ?
prii kk lightly
?.i .
? -i a eery
alf a spoonful. Baal,
if sherry,
Wltll ;
? ! .
- _
- zoom
?**o I Mam ;??ii> Bte-a-t.
I!l1, ?i no? i at km
'? West :,ii. ?,
ii. ?if i . \
1 1 -.
IS ? |,| , -.,.., t.
Balact n lag that f.ts tha f'HMl to be
-ked. Hreasc tea* nui', on -.:. .!? . ex
i e; i i - ,-,... . ??atables or wtaen
water h I ? . ' !. d. Y\ !:m food Is
season,.,; anj otherwise prepared place
!n bag; fold n.ou;1. PWU or three
tin- ? i wire paper
a;?o fold and ? Up roars of bag
s. p|j j | tas I Sg art :ln an?
Plant ' ac In oven (gas, coat or oil) on
frrid shcices or wire broilers. aOVSff SSI
I ahdvea ! a am aida op ai
? - Do not m re or esssa bags when
i M: ?.? Pat ?nata and
? ?
Ole, paatry, ?t.. m the top. where h-at
h B a Have oven hot ?200 do
Ighttng 1 tlafcl
? - . ? kauf, '' s
beat one-third to on-'-hrdf as - n
let hag? 1
Ramea, Aalhare to time gtvsn
food S a w?:ll cooked.
TV i the li ! of a
ttu i t under ?? gravy,
a ? t
! ttoa* :' I drain over s dleb,
l'.V I Ould
-? ? ?. d i rown bread, if
you like, ]
of butter i
kia finely grouni
. us over the si pk pulp
Pom . . or nut
? layer
i^rif-Tt?-. tasas on ?-.
:? . git
pa ' ?- Mot tha
cake, even thou* ? shake off
ail tl ? i' ;t tato a
,, very hot ovan ?Sat
- it is cool enough. The tatst
v- w< n n | tsband
d he is a 1
? tare ran a rour Chrlst
? irkev a v Bug, a
1 ?Vsh. To? mu? b to t
I ? ?
Bpread the
stuffing ? ? en the
cut as fine us ?
a gravy 1
-n until J
to bes gh. Take
rough and
drink. :i and givii.g thank?.
by ? " An '.'??' L ?
Miss Annie Tinker Expects to
Have Forty in Line.
The a
- next M ?
ii 1t
?Whiif 1" ' ,ns to
march in the parad? Mrs. '?'
sd last Ha? a time Mr
son was so suspt that he
trailed alot sidewalk I ?
let, thai . her 11
be p?
?red hi-? ti n
Mrs Herb? r*
forbade her
lag las-, time, but she <!M it all the
This time^
tag up
? ? ?. ? . . has fourti ' n
who 1 I to rl?le. at. .
? : :orty at least. The horse
en will have n rehaaraoJ at DariandTa Rid
'? ' ' ' M 4, tor
arp?se of trying tha nnarg
on tho nor*. Intelll
? ??? '
: with ths banners for tk
great drey.
? "
Icttrr y.stcrday from Chai LTShall,
of th? md, sn> Ing tiie true
I to send ?
He .?t .:
LaVnch, of t B, who
.n \V. ? r,..
negro, ?"m July i. while
0 gift foQoWg that of
cently ?n whl h I
Mailed anywhtre in tHe United States
for 5,2.50 a year.
? _
Flower and Fruit Mission Begins
Collecting Presents.
I SOS BO ', ty dir-'rihutln?-;
. onda of randy in one Christina ?
: ' ihm ?rhai tha New
r im." Fruit lOaaloa did laal year?
MH guaatttlea ..f popcorn,
jslly, clothw, leys, f_hrlotinaa gi
... Bowers
' ? 'hriati md filled stocl
newer nr,i Fruit m
puts a wMs tatarpratatSon upon its name,
snd it* any kind person arara te *?
? ,
n'a ro osa In Um
'Cl arch, si Se ; ;
would i ?"i..,h'.v i.,- ra?
ps - ? ,1 on to the per
The ml i don ro? ma u ??: a
ti v.- ,ia> s* Chrlstssas
alvina Uringa and turning
md Instltu?
? d this
? ? f wagons that
in their ai
. .. . .
i th" alma?
. v jus;
say: 'n
in n naya 1 and Fruit
Mil :-?;,,n acts a- ? "? rat? :
( r- liable workers i ? poor T.
??n Black- i
" mdaira Island and "tfard'a !
i. however, asembera I I mission j
Will t.ike tl'> :-. dolil
orang? ' 'hrletmaa
to the chlldr? n on Randall' i ? -
ah through th- week the: arfll bo vtatttng'
To th.- "1,1 men
almpnouf-?' they take
, t" the old "
t great ?
? and oranges and aa. Th?
Il ^. t rjuanti'i
, mas ranis. And it I
- m
Son of Queens Political Leader Could
Not Keep Secret Longer.
?"nah:: their man
,x.-,l tv th
,1 the
? ?
i. a retir? ?I '
-tre, ?. Bt*? oklyn. Th?
? ?
?? ?
him ab? - -'?'? ?.i fit
Hep.Itn Dnpartment Elevator Stops?
Women Comphin of Lor." Olimb.
. ( Health B
re had I
Lederle ?
mount all ;
? f won;. :i v ii" \: dt th? . ?
,n eat
Bant ? Claua will i
?he hoapltala ua
,r ,.|-, the
, Inltiatl ' Coma ?-? ? i..
i ?>' ? ? la will ,
? ; f,,r b) the conunl
pltal and
?: : ? ;
been cur?
rent b
>.e legal te
pub- i
46 Hospitals Hang
Up Their Stockings
We nre tho Bianta ClatM that must
fill thent. ad at once your
sl'iiro. karg ' RBakll, to h-lp ln?ure
New York's Gift of $200.000 for free
(;. ,!?", ..! (O thi g| Ii 1"
CHA] II- I \MI t;. Treu?.. .".!? 4>dsr HI.
KOm.lv I ?>I.\I'1I\M, rrr-.lclc.nl
?till-i. Jl'lis M'KMil!. ?::,: Madison At..
:,' '
- - - 'I ,???-,
Bustanoby Bros. Owe $400,000
?Business to Go On.
.1 :? taurani ?,. ?
??;??? ; : ItOTS to
s !i. Minborn. of Xo. US Qulncy
I street, Brooklyn, and David B Simpson,
il UTeet Bctpaay,
I was lnco: . "
.'.' I
Igftb Mrset, and ? ? ?
: Arta near Hui.tinj.-ton, !.? \
f the i
ad Jacques Bust ? ? < sec- |
tha third brother, arttMrsw ,
, from ths bnslness ntt->r a gaatTCl.
William X. il:" ; i t!.?j as- ;
' ?
Hunt- !
. . ',;' a .irai-,,
ta ai
. -."t brought
liling i
mort^ai.'" -m th?
-- -
? 11. m
.. Mr. I'.ayliH ?-aid. ai
t hg ?on- ?
. ao
: u Island,
firm n mort- I
1 mu The i ihilities, Mr
-. ??
Will Not Give Up Trade. Though
H ? Gets $50,000 Beque Et.
.- ? ?
-inker In Hetdel
ai tha Uaa -
? B BM bo
? ?? . .
r " ? ' tha toyr .
Berlin. The i
?o bis
Distributes M'.nv Thousands to:
Workers in Wail Street.
? ?
ting to
I ?
I froi to 5 -
? '
Sto? k Cotton
GH??iSTt?fiS IN "
dren '
,v i> i. .t :'.. ? tl
? ! arm
I aa thi '??
ti. Imagine how
piel i. if 3 on an, th?
a ho, v ith p. r;?-,-t faith
can put spirit
ol ' !hi ? I not
Roo~i 212. 105 East 22nd St.
M\\ \<>!t!v \--n< HIIIIN ll?K IMCKIIV- I
l.M. III! <(IVI)IIM?N OF im: I'IMHt.
R. Iiilton < i.ttllKf. IriNi,?, m
Limited to one hundred members
The Anderson & Go. Player-Piano Club offers an opportunity
to buy OUTRIGHT a good player-piano at a moderate price,
? The price includes everything. There are no extras of any kind. So interest to be
added. Nothing to be added for freight, bench, scarf; absolutely no extras. The price
includes everything.
These Pianos are worth $500. The Club price is $447.50, thus saving you
$152.50. The terms are $20 cash, $2.50 a week. No interest added to this.
You get the strongest guarantee ever given on any player-piano; if you
or any one can write a stronger one than ours, write it and we will sign it.
a Easy <!ub terms-- 20 do"*rs the first /-?*v**? nt ; then ? ?aid pa -nents <-_ncrled in
2 do lar, ana ?0 cen's a week, Wlhooi interest adied. event of your ?Jt*,,th during th? 1 fe of the Club.
*? 31onev back if. after a m'.ntli'-, tria!, you arc dil ?-?' Be * you nftt" ? ?-. -re.
a \ ,,.: ?ret a w.'ir'spin ?legs of eschaagiaf?! iHthO-l \i M \ \ DU ffl a food btneh, latest >t\\c ScMtf?fa
?4P JP sDU aVde? atfx
Library Rolls Free
I *.thin)*eable for new
for 5 cents each
New York City
125th St. 5th Ave
vorthwe*?t Corner
r ??n F-verun??? Unt'l
10 o'tloik
! ? . -
O'jt-n Saturday hyen
ing Until 10
NO. 17-WEDNESDAY. DECE/iBER 20, 1911.
New-York Tribune's !
$15,450 in Prizes
NO. 33.
NO. 34.
Contestants are required to write their answers upon the coupon which is
printed on Page 2 ot The Trihnne every day during the Contest. An?
swers must not he sent in until the last two pictures are published.
Every One Has Equal Opportunities to
Try for an Automobile or Player-Piano
- 1
There's Big Pay for Those Who
Answer the Pictures Near?
est Correctly.
DO you think that you could make use of a
ri?e S3.2C0 Steams automobile?
Would a fine player piano add anything
to your enjoyment in your home? Go over The
Tribune's list of rewards, printed in the next col?
umn, and see if you do not think that it is one of
the most generous offers ever made for such little
effort combined with fun and intelligent mental
Many enthusiastic contestants are constantly
telling The Tribune that the contest itself is com?
pensation enough, even if they don't come in line
for the prizes, and the great army of competitors
who are entered in the competition are enjoying
the feature more every day.
Of course, this is only the third week of the
competition, and entry is made easy by securing
the back numbers, all of which may be had at the
(^Pice of The Tribune, or by mail, as stated at the
foot of this announcement.
That'^ the way to get started. Just get the back
numbers of the Bookreaders' Contest pictures
which have been printed 3ince the opening, on
December 4. and then follow up the contest by
securing a copy of The Tribune every day.
Also, bear ;n mind that you don't have to be a
resident of N?w York to be eligible to compete,
as die competition is open to every one. no matter
where he resides. If you reside out of town and
poor newsdealer does not supply you with The
Tribune regularly, write a letter to the Circulation
Department of The Tribune, and arrangements
will be made so that you will get the paper.
Mike your start in the contest to-day. Read
over the conditions and the plans of the contest
carefully. Note that there is absolutely no favor?
itism to be shown to any competitor. Every set
of solutions submitted will be judged on its merits
as to correctness, and nothing else.
It is not necessary to give the name of the
author of the book whose title you decide is the
correct answer for the illustration. Just the name
or title is all that is required on the part of the
Then, after you have decided upon the name
that you think is correct, write your answer upon
the coupon which anpears on Page 2 of The
Tribune every day, and hold your answers until
the last instalment of pictures is published, so that
all may be sent in together.
Tribune's Bookreaders' Catalosue
Great Aid to Contestants
The Official Bookreaders' Contest Catalogue
of The New-York Tribune, containing a large
list of book titles, among which are included
all of the correct titles to be used in the illus?
trations throughout the Bookreaders' Contest,
will be a great aid to contestants in arriving
at the correct names of the books and their
proper spelling. The price is 25 cents at the
office of The Tribune, or a copy will be mailed
to any address upon receipt of 30 cents in
!-cent or 2-cent postage stamps. If cata?
logues are ordered by mail, contestants should
Bookreaders' Conrcst Department,
New-York Tribune. New York City.
explanation of The New-York Tribune's
Bookreaders' Contest.
.,-. tor Basanty-threa (Tir. daya there win
w-York Tribune ?Dally and Sunday i
nf), Two (2) 111- orations, ?'.irtoons or other |
,, i . namea of books The Tribun? |
hundred and sUty-sevaa prizea to
?Vrihune r?- ending in the nearest correct
? taries Of ?book illustration.'*,
illustrations appeared on Ifoa?
Uav, D
i to I ?? llluatrated and to
o? ,i? irda are being elected by tha
? wll be Included in tha
??????-York Tribun? - ' Contest Catalogue,
_-M,.>i will be f I)H ;,>,J ?*? ? Kintie and r??f>ren.-e for
-? uie T reel 'ist of namea ?ill ba
I un.ler aval In the aufety deposit dapartmaat of
they may do so w'thout till in* out the entire coupon.
Picture? may be submitted wit'- the _r?- ?-ri if coniesls.3!?
?o dfBir-. bat tl ??? ? Il sol >....? m.
6. Lift?rent member? ?..f a family may .-?mrvte n >???,*
tl'. or tiou*?\.< ; ,..?! ?
kii) ? ?her cov w being roi ?t fron
?' ? ;i '->n.
Ml ati?f.-? ra m ;?t h? beM until the entire ?e ? e? of
book lUuatrai been printed ta "?he Tribua??, in?l
every ?et of coup? ? -nuv
be arranged in aoaaerlcal ord*-r. faateaod sec irai; toa? th?
and delivered or mille?! la ?i fl-t paekai
rollet, ? ? .,--; to the ,\F,\V YORK TP,T I
BOi'KI'rl.xDKKS' .(INTEST DEFARTMI-A'T. tu. i bu .ve
BT'ILOING. N'UW YORK CITT. -tibia the timo apcci_L?
In Rule 7.
T. i t_T t
upon tl.* awarding of pri?.-a. with ihm ex
answers mua? t : ?i ?/?red -,t the CONTEST DEPART
SB. or bear poatmark ot __il_?s o!
n?t lst?r than midnight, Saturday. llarcti 9, 1912.
8. I'rlres will be _?var.!?i<l to th* contestant?. In order.
actsordlng i anawera ?*_?( la to th?
First Prit Tourtag ?''". ta ??estant
Beading In the larxest number f ?jorrad ?
S"<?,r,l I : iz? White Automobile, to ?h- coatMtaat
??*? ,I n?r In the second largest uumber. and ?o on until all
th? ptlaaa ha\e ir-en aa arded
In ?lie treat of a tie between two ?C? or more per?
son?, the ooateatant zendinsr In the largest number of
carnet answer? with the ?? illest i ot ?iup".?a??
an?'v??rs (not coupon?? will be dee I - i ?aer. whsra
two (2) or more contest .-rber ot
correct answers ar.d i'i equal nu:n!?er of
the ,,ne uums tha least number of coupon* will be de
dure,i iba artnaer
Pc* example: "A" aad "*_** are two f?t? contestant?
and son.t in tha tollo ? ? r of aarraal answers,
duplicate answ,- i rs:
Correct An*. Duplicate Am Coapor? used.
A . 1HII 1??? 241
E. taa ISA -'.?
"A" wing the pr.se became, allboasb he ?jsed or* ?It
more coupon than 'W ba aaai la only IM lu ??
aaawari to "B.'s" ni. or 2 lean, .ir.l displayed greater lJu.
in caaa two ... or mora r'?'r?,,'>? anbmlt th? .-?.::-.?? ^..n
ber of correct aaaarari and tha ianaa natnber of ?. ?
ra for the en? re serle? of picture?, together .vith
the aame number ot coupoaa, tha tralm of tas prisa a?
t.e?l for Will be ,1, r,r>>; -hos? r
a \ R'.ard of Three <l> Jump*? will ba s?',,-*ed by
The Trih.in" from disintereated cktxena, who will -ak?
i-hurge of tha aaawara >t ?i ? pHa ? ??- -i
nee with t?ie correct const rmttlon of the tlfU
trite,1 and JS _ive.i in Til' Tlibana*? liookreaJers'
in WTier.) a set of answers l!> ???vurely f.iste-ed t a.
a-ther. tha contestant will be nermlraed to stamp w'ifj
rubber ??.iir-p or abbreviate hi? or her name upon '.ht
i-r'tie allo?te-l for same, and omli t-**ie full nan? .r.ct
-??: Iraaa from tha majority of ce-up<-,-?. praaldad tnar ?ueh
ful! name an?! full addreeg are plainly written upon tha
last six ?6? e-iunons of the ?et. whtre ?|>ace for aame will
be provide.? tn du? cour?'
in ser,'.:r.?r in tha anawera at tko eaaaa -* Uta mostest
It i? Important that ?-onfes-fants aoal jil pa -kaes? oon
talnlnr; ?et* r,f answers and see to it Cam postage thereoa
1? fully pnpald nt the rate of two ? ?ait? <2 cents) aa
ounre or f-ae- ?n-.? thereof T-Il vour ?os*:rr.a?ter t*iat your
paeka^ ? of aaawera ,-.>nt?ins ail'.taa n.alter aad must be
n-.ar.?-d at the flr't el ,.<?
All communl'-attons or letters o<" tn?;ulry ooncerntnt
?he Bookreaders' Contest rrust he e'tt1*^??.e?l to the COM
Street. N--e Y^'V nty. _
tile pi? fir-s they ?ra?
t The B?.okr? a?l'r?' OSBtaM I? o.eu to all reader?
of (V, pa u ? Trtbuae. ascaptla? employes and
'U<'n.,'"l:"?','.f?'h'1'i? maVt wrtM the nnm-s of the book? rep.
. ,,. i upon tha eoupon provided
' J . .. . will appeal on Pace I of The
durTa? tha period
tnawera may ba artttaa ?ith pen.
preaanU the name at only on. d,
,',.',' '.iii n??? be required to <iva the
Bip I'??* Htla or name ?f f?e booK
When conteatanta are not
??",. - rracl name taa?; ?til u? pnmitted la
certain r ... ,..,,,, {t,,?k plc, ...,, lf ,h# cor.
,'w,,r i? ?uen. lamrtaat an?\>eis win n.?t aaaet
aaalnat '! ? .''';'"""'"L ?,
* ? - ' o;],"*
1?Sit.'UO Flre-i-Saenser ??; cari? Automo?
bile. Ihe K. K. ?'?.iru* < .._.,?_uj,
Itroadwar and ",*.Hi St.
t?*'.'.'.,i?0 White loiirliu Car. The White
( ompany lironlvin ami .-'I R.
1?t?r.M?*0 B?>e?Uer Art Playee Plano*. $1.03S
each. T.. B??ecker. 2<5 West iHih St
3??II00 Fran? I? It.n ?,n Art Plumi. l*_<H-a
Piano In., ll:{ UoM lltMlh ?t.
6???im) Aadeaaoa Ptajraa Ptaae ihe Ander?
son I'lano Company. 370 I ult??u *?t,
1?f7">0 Fran? i? Bacon Player Piano.
????Il.tSO. I?,. Wine llano?. Sftoil eacb.
Winii a **?>n. Ninth \ve ?nd llth >t.
10?H?$1.11110. two Boe. k?T Art l'aiu?.?. 4?i00
and ?I0O. re?|ie?tl\elr.
1??$:',m\ inning liooin -ulte. Lennon a
? ompaay, 151 Hast i.ui >t.
i??^??ion ?a?h.
II??nt? Nolllalre Blamond n.nx
15?1?J??no < ln-ter l)iiim,ii,?? I'rmir?. Rlna?.
?A0 and S.V?. r.?!?.-?. ?i\elj. I.. \V. i??reet
a Co.. 170 Broad?uy.
n??'?o Caahu
18?13?$;io ( liistf-r Blamond Prince?.* Bines. SU
ea?h. U *>V. S?. .t _ ? ?..
to?"9??lii'i. Owen kod iv leather Bed?. $|0
each. I) T. Oivru toiiip.mj, ;:i Kj?i
i;t.l ?t.
so?M?*.vi raah, a-?*, aa-rh.
rt-??n.*^?ill? .-;t?.h. Sit? ra? I:
34??;.??nSS? Mrn? or ladle?' (.nid M it, ties.
?tin each,
?to??17?*i?? raab. ?-1? e?< h.
an?167?*:<???? \ii'?ri?an Thermos, ?.i em-h.
Ii mer lean theraaaa Caaipaay, ;t: M'aai
1711? It
l?5i?__?fl7?Isas. I.l'Ile?' .?r Goatlemea'e *-ltu Cm
brtllri?. IS ea?-h. M. Stetaarbaaidar, .'"
Maltfea Laaa.
?hr_,?<,i*7?j?:'.?? tSatetaaaa'a Meal i'?,nni tin i*en?
BSSa ei??h. I. K. Wateraaaa ? omiiani
170 Broadway.
I ,l# iir-.i??.? -...
5il?,_-10?37?*7W. rwelee month?' ?iih??'r?T?i|on te
"Piara?'a Macastae." si ,io a year, ri.e
Pearson PublUliinc lumpaay, l.i.1 Hj?i
tllh -t
11 onewera may be wrl'ten up?n a ?Inj!?
__.?_.? e_tra r..." '"?'?? "'""?? ?*? U?,'J f"r addltlaaal an- ?
of ihe ?ame number muat i.e. kept |
"i, ni ikiiM ?i? "??* ??'?? NVTier? eoatoaUnta wish i
"l.u?i. ?I BiUBaa to the ..?mo book illustration *
Place an order with your nearest newsdealer to begin serving you with a
copy of The Tribune every day and enter the Contest at ones.
h.a.l at the ofru-e of Tha

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