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In ( liv of ?w VmhuMntff < it] mmI tfobokaa?
* I sF.U'lir.HK TWO 1 KNT?.
Foreman nf Jury Fairly Yells
Verdict That Prisoner
Stole $140,000.
Man Who Might Get Ten Years
in Sing Sing Says Fight Has
Just Begun?Hyde To
Be Tried Soon.
.i i 'umn
I $140,000 from the
teenth Ward Bank and the Carne
( . Thr Jury retired at
12 4'? ;md remained out five
i to ri minute N' 5:40
r the doorki ??]. r announced that ?
i upon, end the
. mm filed solemnly hark Into the
jury bol Not ? man of th>-in would
nt'i ej a
HI Of lUSPenSS thp
I | the clerk, Ifr. Brophy,
, . : : earti to
?iHiiit. elderly clerk, with
; . nt si r hair, hie lit t t * - n I It?
med bo Uttle
t- ; hand "f justice.
n of the Jurj will i>ieas-*
chanted deferentially.
i >.i \ ton, ' he fon man, who
? N ? :?71 ?dgecombe avenue,
' host. The whole
c -i heard him :
.ifiiiim penalty is- ion reare In
f- Mni Juetfc Da via remanded
to the Tombe f<>r ?
?. in th( mi ai ihne Max P
1 insel, will arrange to a;>
t'cT'-rf ji .'.m .md request
? ibt, ?>n the
ut In the Reichmann case,
i i om pel led t"
?lits in teslIfylng be
i hat indicted him.
Testified on Charge Against Hyde.
tleichmann and Cumralne test!
snd Jury
! ? Indicted, regai ? barga
? oua banks ?
?nu f"i- loans to Cummins and hi<
t eclnc charge on
11. .:? tha
Robin to lend the ? arnegie
? ? ?? on the promise
phase of the aaune
': mann'a
?epartmi -it.
- ? do a ith the theft
? ' mmiaa
i certificate t
do .-t from Justi? ?? Pa|
he Ci minal < ?>urt^
? that Cummins
-? . If j
mmlna a llki
a/Ill ; ? ndini hla
?to .l.ii'
: .iii ol
on ! rid
,i be ni> ob
iiii.\ Ided Justice i1
lent to protons the A pril
t' iupremi ? : Irainal
i :, whl< h hi
1 looking aa if he h i?
? vening,
let At
riming up the i
of Hi
? ti ? iry. A lit ? ? di
? to hii
and held .
attention I
? t. ni mu-;
: .: ?? laW
Hi ? ? en "i
S1-1 not i'
kiting i ben ka, a
' - .i u.ir ii ng to km?
.?.-.. n ti
elm i
Stress on Trust Agreement Letter?.
la rf
defin* d i
? ivhicr
i Cummli
ool foi
: lation'
la Urs
i tters.'
? . up|)
n thli
ether thli
tea oi
. of th<
t this i i ?
i" m iii.
,i ion "i
d tin
< ? m mu. .| .,n turn i )i . .
Watch The
New-York Tribune
for announcement
of a
Book Readers'
Greenwich Police Get Big" Eng?
lish "Bloodhounds.
will have little ctian.' - with
their ii\"s if they plj their trade In
? n It h or i ' . for Perchal
Rock Teller a 111 l< nd two Im]
lish bloodhounds, each I 210
pound*, to th< Greenwich Police Depart?
The dogs are the only imported -
intry. Th< : are double
dir si irdinai j Southern blood
hound? and have the reputation of being
abl< to ?tin k .1 person through
city once they u'<i the scent.
< in -ken thi< ? ia have be< n buss on ?the
Rockefeller esl tea, and their raids,
coupled with ti"- recent appearance of
>t< il crimli al ' Big Bill" M i
the adjoining town ->f Porl Chester and
of burglars In Judge Hubbard's house
the desirability of hav?
ing more than night watchmi n on the
feller places, The value of the
hounds I ? said to be 1500 i ach, and they
hatc ta ords In Scotland ?aiA
'Militant English Women Flan to
invade House of Commons.
Ion, Nov. 20. The suffragetti i r
ks on Par
I llamen 1 with s battle to-morrow night,
which v.in surpass all previous cam
' paigns. A - ? a d< legation of
attempt? d l obtain s pledge
from Premier Asquith thai the govern
|mcnt would undertake to pass a bill giv
lual suffrage to U I Pre?
mier Asquith declined to ma I
pledge, telling th( Ion that he had'
always been opposed to woman sul
At ent meeting the i
decided to begin a "war of dem
tion" In Parliament Square on No?
vember 21. They have summoned all
their followers and male sympathisers to
assemble around the P m?m Build?
ing al v
fact that the gathi t Ing la fixed for
make unusual trouble
for the police. Mrs. Pethick Lawrence
explains 11 thus: "Th<
: rranged late for the ex] rest i ?
son th
will be in ' We have :
that their ? kffords women moral
tien against violence by the i
i and hooligans."
i Misa Christabel Pankhursl declared to
Inight that the women certainly will , i
their way to the door of the Housm of
Commons this time to make their pro
igalnsl "the great Insult Mr. As?
quith I
Court Sends Man to Bellevue
Who Looks Like Dr. McNeil*.
m a menta 1er, lu\
i il M< Neir, a physician of
Mass . m as placed In a i ri?
v?t? sanatorium al Northampton, .Mass..
In February, 1910- Dr. McNeir escapad
i from iiiat Institution on Friday and .i
? ! alarm w.^ sent : ap
Detecl Griffin sa n s man
answi . | n'i description
?walking along Exchange Place yestcr
At u r ? ngaging him in con
; tion I ective told hh ,m'zeJ
' linn as Dr. McNeir "i Springfield, who*
had b< en.
The stra nger emphal thai
- Dr. M< N< Ir. His dr< ss and sp?
in ?? tallied with the di si : I] tion
1 senl sanatoi ium, so the de
ai ?
? h arraign !.. fore Mi
trate McQua< n . :. th,.
I liini to Belli . ue Hospital foi
I tion
Mystery in Accident to Three
Employes? Fatal to One.
ii ri ?
ted road ? : 157th strel and
Eighth ave: u<. Th< . |
?ugh Rapl
; Tli. poll
bound i? ?
X" ? Thi Bronx.
A at..n Noi
x- .i
HH!, ol No
? HH]
to the H
m iiiii might ?
standing und? i th<
th '.'??? hen Infoi m< :
of th ' H and Patrolman
m and i hfl
t., il, I ' tectlvfl Mills, of th?i
? Ion, mad?
n m|
\t..,ni t m ii h..m ? aftei Hi-- -
that 1
northbound to th ?uthbouud trai
1 r I p I o K ' ? 11
tin- Iront ??
rhi ,,.,i
d -
i runklln i
Tells the Connreoation?! Club
Preaches Ought to Work
IWc anri Scold Less.
Fires Broadside of Ridicule Into
Editov for Attempting to
Instinct Him in t-ti~
. i' indred und I I t ? meml ers i'f the
? gationa ''lui, m- lembled ai the
p. last night snd h
tri tu m ma; ??! !- r>n ?< aubject en?
titled. ?'I'll. Conditions Which Mal
. < '\\ i' Betti i "i ? muni? Ipal ex?
ecutives who addressed them were Mayor
>r and James Logan, Mayor <>f
Worcester, Mass
.Ma i d of his vicissitudes
and laid stress upon the
folly 1.1 expi i ting i" bring ;il...iit re
forms too quickly. He recalled instances
m in.1 efforl i" bring about municipal
ms and i he obsta? les he encoun?
tered in striving for civic betterment
A. W. Edson, pn . ; lent of the clul
Maj '?i- < taj nor s.i ..i :
i don't know, i feel two-third "f tlio
mm . Atr. Edaon (?h I v ould like t.>
? ? ? i.i,.I. r ,i wood
? place >'i ?< mu?.; up w\ in i ? opl?
? ? m Ho I think I will stand right
out Mml ln
\ itatlon.
I have ii. i teres) >.? tin
ol Mayot Logai li- has
""? thing? h< :? in m I would he itati
much lo Kay, .
t tl ? about which
? misuke, i am
in\ soul en 1 in ad
certain awfullj -....?i editora lay
n theii i ?
I rememhi
on m ins ? ?
on Politics," v. applj ing It
rit). "What l have t?> do
la ail that concerna me, n"t what people
That In ..' man
in public I : r- -. He had l? it? r do v.
? i do ..ml :? i i' ?
i ?! Pre
aid Dut
?". and i ?lai. aa of ... hi
? ? ? ?
? mi may be
jUBt ? '?- goi
j tiiink no or not ? nfant dan :
?and the 1 Ine of <
tton i.ii\' : ?
aay l don't ?>re much netd for it.
Pi obablj," contii iayor,
I "aom ". to do too much u.l
betw? ??!! the riai
aun. v.. ;
-.? j ..i! it,? mu .... ever think in the
Well, that la on
you are somewhat mistaken in your seal
Why, I suppose there ar? boom mlni-uer?
;,.?)?' . ft "i,i ??? .. ? Mr. Edson aa Id some
of those by virtue of their calling ar?
of ;i!l in tl
Bpect The) ? ant to do oven thin |
. r> body as though
ever thing could be done right off. Why,
:., :i preaching or thousands
? ? ? Ten Commandments
i. and they have nut
"An ? ' ' be Ma: or
bling house and atop ev< disot der and
. ? i i within twenty-four hours
and make '?!, Job of it. Th< y had b? ?t. r
do what Ma or and
? ? i te so m ? i lally
not i ?
??. i\. r s
half ago -there was
hi ?nit v bei e !?? '
two priz
i ging < ?' 'd'?
il-.'iv went up in the citj <>' New Fork
Id not
be dinv n in tii- of tin ?it -, and
- t atop it. 11- h.' -t .iust
i forbid it.' And I '?> that
i m ai.hop ?o d other reno? ned
. . and said that tin.'- happened t"
free go> ? llil.i lit and t ? i ; - -
i no power lo do an thing
. menl ? i ! tl ere did not ha ppen to be
HO) .? should ?
nd licit if he were
? '.i i,.i ? ild I outside i
"Wi m w ho
! who runa
pie ( . ? ? :
i ion and the libelling of
, ? boi . -tin. v. hlch ;i m.m
Ith W. ' ?? ? ' ? tat' ' an
d I ennnnt
I Indulg? ? ritten in
| h i a pa pi
nd point ing oui ?> ?? th<- lav
' ; i I takl 'he
???, i \,< -
? . r, Co n
. .id-led
I virtue on the ni
? in l hole i ommui t) la ip
i he iippi 11
..l| to
un ..T'l BO I Blwa< ?'
? i
. ? ? ? ?
I had none
I has i ailed sir h t> ople
h four in' n." I not cal
; i
:,,? e the otl ! - ? hau
v... I < i ?
ha v?
, | ,.,,. ,],, i
have tin ? million
i, ... i ?reeks, Italians Ru
Poh i ? ople from all the njuar
. 'ii, and wi ' il] (he
,.magi nable here foi i
work for you to do v.i lo r.thet
?.Hfl poll.II) and othai
it bj iii.- fon
..m ? sample i think
,,, h amoi Ivcs, 1 ou an doing |
,,,,,, h. but it"' ' real thing ..it. i all,
! , n i la to bo honest to i
j.,.,1 io tupi "i i ,!l" ' :> ollli a ' b< o the
nd not i..
i ,| ,,..ii 1er I hal i m oh.,i,, .i ;..
1.1 io
II .III'" till I'l'ii : U !
pi . hing II i"i i w< m
i., i,,,, i i., c .mi.' Mayor, I maim iln< d
,,,, nd oui "Hiiii,.
i ?iilfiinl '." BBI "Hl B Ig?,
Mr. Taft went shopping in Fifth aveune yesterday between interviews with local politicians ?
making. He was in his automobile on the avenue when this strikingly characteristic photograph was
taken. _
St. Petersburg Officials Express
Admiration for His Delicate
Handling of Treaty Matter.
Ex-Minister of Commerce Thinks
Traditional Friendship Be?
tween Two Countries Is
Needlessly at Stake.
st. Petersburg, Dec 20 Apart from
o,, i;,. k of interest and the unconcern
whl< h characterise the attitude here re
? _? Russo-Amerl? an relations, real
appreciation and admiration have been
iced in official < lr< h s for the de
i ifive manner In win. h Pi ; I Tafl
.. ,i of a matter which mlghl have
led t.. undesirable ? ompllcations. it is
admitted thu In addition to maintain?
ing the beal traditions of tactful dlplo
, Prei idenl T ifl has 'i"n.- a service
..i Russo-Amertcan
Sotv, Ithal indlng the poasibllltles
,,f the futu ? political,
.,i i . r to i sard t! r?< ld< I
. ;.... .1. al lee * foi tl ?? pri
An Interview with M. Thnirlaseflf, who
? .. Ministi r of < ?orom? i ?? In the Witte
Cabinet, and who ha ; taken a It adlng
pari In developing Anglo-Russian com
. atlons Is p bll hed here
The former mini let - that the
treat ? I I v-';- '- ,; ' ' -'?-""??|| end prim -
the principle of the mosl fat i r< d
D0ll ., being obs< urelj formul?t! <?
therein. Commercial treaties, however,
rsue solely .nomlc objects,
never political objects. If the Jewish
question served si the r* ison f< r the sb
rogation of the treaty, th.- United Butes,
|... declares, will scarcely gain its point
In .i nee treaty.
"We i annol i hange our lnt< : nal I? gls
? & - m Tim?iaseff, "to ,
th? i in!- ii States "
in the former minister's opinion th? i
matter will not oome t<> ? tariff wai
"Under the ? Ircumstances," continu? i If.
Tlmiriaseff, "the Am-11 ;? n government's
?tep Is n"t clear and scare? Ij prudent
Bad economic relations may help t.> ? 11 -
turb n"<"i polltlcsJ relations The tradi?
tional friendship ix-twin Russia and I ?
ijnlted Btati Is no? al stake needlessl)
Rusais i? dependent upon U?e United
-, ti ?. 111 v for raw cotton. Bhe Irapoi I
. | . luppl from lhal country and
grows the other half In Turkestan The
L.,, . |,,,,,. nt's att? ntlon should be occu?
pied wRhoui delaj with this qu?Mrtlon,
;U1,I extensiv? Irrlgstlon credits
i? yot? ii by tlw Douma."
?|-||(. >,!,, ., ? in-'-' p ipei s Ignore the
. completely. A few dlspai
rrom London .-'H'1 uns or two mall left?
fTom on ? ?lonal ' orr? ipondents In
...,,. ;?, * i,i the sum total on the
, question M rouM app? ??? as If
I latfon In the United BUI
Uptij and d< v? lop? 'l too sudd? n
to ,, h.lit the Russlsn publl? to g? i
l,,, ited in It
Presidents Action Ratified?
Russia to Make New Treaty.
hliigtan, i '? "-'" Congress to dgj
I .,,, Presid? nt's notlfli itlon <>r
,,,. i. rmln ttlon of the 1 In ity ..f
. ni tin- r? to him
]( Tl ?? Hou ? dl ipoae i pf Ii
,.K m i rogrsmme within ssventy
iuiitiuuid un SSMMsl u-"
Talesman in Murder Jury Nc
Strong on Legal Terms.
David <'ohn, a carpenter living at N*<
881 Prospect avenue. The Bronx, was
talesman yesterday under examin?t io
for Jury duty before Judge Swann, i
General Sessions. The defendant in th
ease was I ?aniel Lynch, of No. lfto Ea<
ltNtth street, charged with murder In th
first degree. Cohn had heen grilled rrett
badly by Bartow B. Weeks, counsel fo
th?j defence, in regard to his understand
ing of the terms "premeditated and de
liberate/' as applied to motive for mur
dt r.
"You say you understand what thes
tl rms mean." said Mr. Weeks. ''ohi
"Po you understand that they refer t
a Vea pon?"
'"It Is ? kind '-f weapon. I should say.'
a:-s.rted Cohn, cautiously.
Mr Weeks tried to conceal a smile a?
he submitted his ripht to excuse thi
talesman. The record- of the cour
showed fi:at Cohn was foreman of ?
jurj that hrouarht in a verdict of ac
quittai B w.ek or so ,-ipo in the case ol
Margerita Lapadula, an unlicensed mid
wife, charged wltgj murder in the second
d< pie.
Two Philadelphia Houses Will Prohib?
Gratuities at End of Year.
. .
I ? 1111. i -1 ? I| I ... i ??, gi Hotelkeepers lr
? Il begin on the first day of th?
n< ? | ? u ' heii campaign aga nal tipping
and m the fore of 'lie flpht ?111
m of the Bellevue-Stratfoi
l ? RJngham House, tii- two hi tela a I er<
. ibtedl : n higher than In
campaign by the Travel
Proti ' ? \ . and the I lom
.1 : t ivelle .- Mationul Le igue
Hotel managen will start the new year
ns to refrain from tipping
servants 1 >.i\ .1 I. Proven, n
of the Bin ? i iy that he ii -
, to aid thi campaign In ev? - ?? sa
he pcasibly ?ould Managet Scott, of the
i . lie-, tratfoi he would
. conducting the ? impalgn, and ??
h.? i., carry it to ? Buccesa In hta hotel.
i'li>loss hotels wtn be advertised m every
?) the na'.all? re" org inti itl
-e -
Judge Throws Case of Partners Havin?
Hotel Privileges Out of Court.
?go, i'-1 .'" "Soliciting tips Is noth?
ing more or leaa than beggary, or rather
r\ .!?, tared Judge A?k lor .1 Petit,
in the Circuit Court to-day, when he threw
out of court .. case brought by one partnei
In th. firm winch owns the tipping privilege
av?rai do? ntoe n hotela against the
foi alii ted re u h "f i oatrai I
Bernard Sewberger asked itlllemehi ??:
s contrae) ?ith Jscqtu Rouaso,
bead "i the tip nus: " W hile attoi neya
ling each n i
Th' se i?,, 111, m have no legal ; artnei
ablp The) have no atandlni In Ian T? |
gaged in an illegal buainesa Seeking
- beg| Ing ; h.i ? fon it ? not Is* ful
It's root ? h., m beggar) It - i"1 '" ; I Thla
thrown out ol out I It ought n< v. r
t.. ha\. i . ,ii i.ighl h- re '
Promote? of ??Cornet" Served 14
Months in Atlanta Prison
Atlanta, Dai ! Ills, of
Ne? Voii. t*tt) wh<.apletsd fourteen
months ol Ms threi r? u term In th
, ,.,i oi m Ulanta for unlas full)
? -,. i ? t 'nl tod 8 t? ti i til wa
iftei noon and at om >? left
i . end ol "t entei
; i ? indud m ? ?
ri?a ? on? bi n and * hotel i nm
,. ni lie H II U I t- allie ! I ' -Id--m of a I om
|. m) fo| I .Iiuf.e lui ? "t '.I
Brtlfli ' ii pren u atlott ? i ? was di signed
m take t ? plai ? >.t buttai
Stand Up Before Justice in His
Shirtsleeves, with Coal Be?
grimed Janitor as Witness.
Bridegroom Digs Up Cheap Wed?
ding Band, but Cant Pay Fee
and Leaves Marriage Cer?
tificate as Security.
\ handsomely dressed couple, sh>
wearing a tatloftnsde lUlt, B large hat
and ftno furs, he wi'h a silk hat
and s costly o er ?? suit and patent
Utather shoes, drove up to the office ol
James Nolan, as?essor of the town of
North Bergen, >-'? J-. Isst nicht and said
the) were In ? hurry t.. get married.
Both appeared to he flustered, and Ntetan
said he thought he could fin<l ;i Justice
to marry them. He gel Into the auto?
mobile with them, and they drovetothe
home of Town Clerk "Pat" Brady, where
ltd summoned Justice
m i ?, .ion to marry I ?
The ?roupie gave their names -is Mrs.
Hellte Moore Josephson, ?i widow, for?
merl] ol London, but no? of B.klyn,
and Lorenso Inlgo Jones, Tthlrtjr-one
formerly "i Buffalo, hut
now managei for s large butter and ? --
tinu in Manhattan. He ssld hia father
as John Mason Jones, of Buffalo, where
. well known. Jon? s said he was
i itii ?? Met 'oaken, ?tfio was In his shirt
?i,.,., ..-. summoned lam? i i ?'Hare, the
,;,u,t - of tl ? building, as s witness
, | h . )..,,! i,,-. n down In th>' cellar
Hing coal, an<i h- acted as a wit
? ? ithoui putting on hi- coat.
The cerentonj proceeded, and when ir
came time to slip the ring on the woman's
linger, Jones fumbled about In his pock?
ets and discovered hi had loet it The
justice was equal to the em? rgen? r, end
removing his keys from his key
.,. red i tl as s wedding ring, but
K was promptlj spurned b) both the
;,-,? and his prospective bride Jones
then lefl the buildlnf, made a trip In the
automobile, and returned with ? i he ip
wedding ring, which was used to till the
. me? gency.
When i' rame t.. that part of the certs
mony w here the brid? promises to love,
honoi and ?bej her husband, she balked
.., t|?. word 'one) " and the Justice i in?
stituted "' herish" In its pi u ?
^ -a,.M the cei emon; was ? nded Jones
,(,s, overed tl s1 he had only %\ In his
.. ,, i.. 0| . r? -i this to the Justice,
?formed him that ins fee a i? $S
i, ,. . . -, i ! ? hi?'! n ' more and I ?
: , aid
?\\ ell. I'll hold the - ertlfl? ate until ? ou
, .-i th?
. , ,, thai "Hi '?', -i?1 right." sal I Jones,
I get to Brooklyn J II write
o I."
..?yh? re |i" >'"' '''? ' ? usked the Jus
I ! ?
.. -, j..- ; pi i. .?. n? ai Pi ? i" ? I Park, '
,.,-.. degroom
! . , \\ i '..sk.-li -.li.l In a ?? ll.l ?.
,,'i,, !?.;... -i..n of the certlllcste intll
.?id the i ouple, promising
.,, v\rtt>- to him. thai ked him snd left
lumped nit" the automobile
. nd psi ?*W
v 111 ;t. th.itlni I -1 I ' '
..-,',.,-|, ualn- fr-'in P? i itatlon
,. i? i ? v m . ,i--t p m ??? kdsys. i .
',. u , onlj, !?? nna R k Si.i
tram returning lea Chrli%.
uiub Dai ? M P. M . with ?? ' A'?\ i
fuan Shih-kai's Imperialist Dele?
gate Converted in Conference
at Shanghai to Views of
Admits That Chief Difficulty Will
Lo to Convince Premier of
Necessity of Abandoning
Scheme for Limited
Shanghai. Dec. 20.?"I am convinced
that the abdication cf '.he ilmperor and
th? estahnsivneut of a republic is the
on!/ tiling that ^ill sat'^fy ths people
and preven? the further wholesale shed
dinq of b'cod."
Thl - t.it- mei I I all |
:. t ? . !? ;
I r Yuai Bhlh-ka!, sfter t.,-day's
? ?
said: "Peking is not
aware of the depth or th.? , : -
talar f ? Hnu m the south. Even I myself,
althougl ? i| . ror.
shed t. ? find ge
tltude of patient forbes .lou-k.-. 1
patriotic determination, it now ap
too late t.. save th- d] naaty
?'it ?' r to pen
- lim?
Ited m. narchy, but we must usa t
ecui ? ? ??? ? and end tri .i
.K my
81 io-yi expressed the btllaf that
the situation might have '....-?!. ^ i trat l at
time b) a i onferem ? a Ith thi r v. -
lutionary leaders :? n-l by ; i
of adjustment of grtsi i
. a onstders that it is now too late. II"
? coenrln ed that th.ro mu t at
Interf? renos in the way of I
or ,.'; ,.,-?.?
Insists on Chinese Integrity.
Tang Bhao-yl dstnands that ths in
of Chins bs maintained, ir.
inr the throe provinces of Chl-Li M
id Kiang-8u, aa well aa Mongolia
To this tho republicana have
replied In ths affirmative.
Tane demands ths safety of tho impe
rial family and ampio provision for their
maintenance and dignity Wu Ting-fang
ha? replied, oongantlng to this anil guar?
anteeing ample psnssons and the abso?
lute equality of all Man. hus.
I>urtng ths conference Tang said that
he was ptaparsd for ? mutual considera?
tion as to the host method of sax ?ring
an effective, republican government "
The republican ileJsgatOS propos?
immediate organisation of a provisl
government, for which a tsassaotatl
atitiition haa already been adopted at
Nanking. This provides that the fas
santathres of the provincos shall <
provisional president, who will
the provisional repuhlie with the Bid of
a provisional assembly, ths delegati
he appolntad by provisional goveri
After six months the President s , .
call a convention which shall dres
a constitution, upon anprovs
the provisional Prsaldani y and th.- i ra
visional constitution shall i.me roid
If Yuan Siiih-kai consents he will be
named President; othsrwise, Dr Bun
fat-sen will have that ofttcs
six foreign powers, th. United Hat
Oroat Britain, Japan. Oermany, v ?
and Russia, unit-'d to-day in presenting
an identical note to Tang lhao-yl
Wu Ting-fang, ?M leaders of tn> im?
perial and the revolution?r- delegates
Wordmq Not Made Public.
While th. exact wording of the r.oTe
has not been made public, It Is under?
stood that if did not K" much further
than to express ths good will Of the gov?
ernments represented and the hope that
the peace conferences would result in
bringing the revolution to g close, The
German Consul a is tir.-t to read tan
note, being followed by the American
Consul General, amos P. wilder aatf
the other consula
In reply Tang Bhao?y1 said he hoped
that the conference WOUld bs successful
In restoring peace wu Ting-fang, in
r.-sponse to ?M Consuls, said lie was g
lover of pea--, and therefore would do
his utmost t . attain settlement. "But
It must be remembered." he aiided, "that
the Chinese are lighting fOf froedom and
good government, and thai a hasty psaos
might lead to serious ronasjqusi
haps to another worse revolution."
Ths conference between the delegates
..t tlie imperial government and the rev?
olutionaries was resumed in the after?
noon, Practically tho whole of the ?es
aJOD WaM devotsd tO Wu Ting-fang's
speech mi favor of a republic Tung
Bhao-yt, whose powers ara cieariy lim?
ited, expressed his readiness to accept
Wu Ting-fang's views, bul declared thai
th.- matter was m Important that he
rat communient* uith Peking H ?
ggested, however, that a settlemenl bs
left tO the National Assembly, lut made
no formal . ounter proposals
Thus neither side presented g aretl do?
flned scheme, and ths conference w i>
again Ind?fini tel) adjourned.
In the mean time, kl la announced, tii
at mist li e lias i .-en extend? d to Di i :u
i. r "?<> A telegram from Premlei Tuan
' he bad Issued an
i be u ni rale i ommandlng the Imi
patch was read io the di
? s ere in ?? onf? n
IV? - I ' Stair I .
?tt. .1.- to daj n . u ! i,, icak. p i ..?
tsxl f thi note a it< h ? ia |o m'> pn ? ?
ad by I t great |
? "ir.m talonera at I It was ofsV
. lall) de ?cril ed, . Iloa s;
i ;<? id atii al
? onsMer tii.it tue press?t
Btruggta in China a ? not only
Chins Itaslf i";t ; : ? the material Inter?
asta and the aecurlt) >>t foreign*? In thai
countr) 'i'?'?? aota continues wit i >i.it..
iiH'iit that the governments, while maintain?
ing an attitude of strict neutrality, deesa
.t worth ahile t.< point out to the two .
gates tl ? ? ng the 11 ?
disturbaaces t.> aa sad The governments
expresa their bellet that this attltudi
da to the desires ol both (actions."
So hep ia\ fiast completa without An.
gojtura Uittert SXSjUlsita upp? tuvr.--.Vtlv?.

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