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Persia to Accede to Russia's De?
mand, Otherwise Hostile Troops
Will March on Teheran.
Cabinet Accepts Proposal to Ap?
point Five Deputies with
Plenary Authority to
Deal with Invad
:ng Power.
Teh? ? 21.?The Cabinet has
won an Important victory over Um Ne
t:. ? mil. whi- h for? thadoa
? i. mand for ths
sal oi W. Morgan Bhuater, tho
Am<??. ' ' : surei ' neral of P i
\, m publii opinion prov?m too strong.
t ? N.-? incil, in
which lusted (rom s o '??? u I ist
after ml Inlght, finally accepted the
proposal to sppolal ? commission of Bve
deputies with plenary powers t?
??th. ths Russlsa ultimatum. Bixtjr
rtiftiil.. i nt. anil tho pT<
*as submitted by Vosoogh-ed-Dowleh.
the Foreign Minister, and was sdoptsd
rv i vote of 86 to l!'. two o? Um mem?
h*rr abstaining.
The cempoett}on of the commission ha?
n?t y? t basa Vosogh*ed-]
Tiouk'h's proposal ?- opposed by
ths Democrats, wh? : that such
s ro:nml??ii''!i was in violation of the
it ?s stntsd that the Regent, Nsslr-sl-1
sfmlk summoned the Moderates earlier
in the ,,? ? , ,\ to resign un
I? u the Csblnei ' was sc< ?
Washington, D> Department
rftciji? were wlthoui ?> from
1 hsrles v. Minister is
Teheran, - ? nflrmlng the i
iMt the Persian Ministry had (?Signed.
Vnofflclal rapSftj ' .! de
lay its move on
Teheran and placo s guard about t:
sesMa o? W. Margas ibuster to prevent
1 im from attending to the duties a? Treas
A New Shoe
For Women
The Combination
A 11- ? m, stylish shoe for
narrow, slim f? 11. The
graduated upp r is cut
well in. under tho ?mist,
ami tits perfectly - Vl r
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Made with, and w thout,
Coward Extension Heel.
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. s waaass si
Mull Orders Pilled , Send lor Catalogua
Ms Tvtt
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make a git
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mor Qsetfel une given lUtls tlsdanc? bfj
ihe fet?n Departir.eai Is I.bsene* of sny
?ueh nstrt frets Mmkusr Russell Ths offi?
cial?, however. adSaltted U?Sl such a sittin
tion undoubtedly srouM pressai s difficult
problem it? viow of th? r?anrssentstK>ns
BSSia by ths UMMd Stale BOOBS ttSSS n"?
that ths rights of Mr. Ihustsr as an Amcrl
l'an citizen must be respected ThOJ aer?
not inclined t? dtseuss whether such ? moss
en the perl of Rusais eouM ha takes as
an art against tbaas rights.
Ti.-> dismissal "f Mr. Bhaatar baa bass
demanded by Rnssts In her ultlmstuin deal
lag wiiti ths Persian difficulty. Por scone
days the National Council has refused to
accept the Cabinet's proposals srlth retar?
ease to meeting th< Russian demands Thi
.a Minister, ?n pros?tisg tii?- Queastaa
before the council on December It, repre?
sented th.it the rahii,.-t had asada every
effort to r?tela Mf Bhuster, but, hs de?
clared, the pliRin v .'is desperate.
Ruases had refused to abate Iwr dtnuanda,
aad i'- threatened by the es-Bhah
oa the oas sand sad Balar?ed*Dow1
? ,- other. Hs srgued thai the 0
should be Mnpowered to conciliate R
The Dsputlss, In spite of Ms sapeaba In
rted t):at the retention ol Mi. Ihuster
v. - Persia's only hope and that nothing
could be v;'ii" '1 bj rb Iding.
Workman Establishes in Court
How He Was Hounded.
duo of tlie nv.st Bagram oases of per
sscutlea on ths pati of trade union ?f
one of its members csme before Justice
<?i:y. in tiie Buprsttie Court yesterday,
ami UM BOUrt decided union
mttsl pay nearly $T0O for its acts.
The case was that of BetBUel Bab I
il Mirnio Preadmsn, trsssurer ofl
tin United KecktM Makers' Union,
which is affiliated alts the Amsrlcan
Psderatlos of Labor. Through threats
sad OOerctOfl and calling Of strikes Sab?
vus compelled to make SbOUl liaif I
dosen changes of employment, usually
being discharged through prsssur ?
lit M his employe! s by the union.
Bsbs ?rsa s member In good standing
In the union in August. 1910. His ?/ages
|S3 ? week. His brother Joseph
WSntsd to enter the union ami he WSl
informed that the entrar.'Cd f?M was ?'J">.
Jose] b delayed and in the mean time got
a job in sa open shop. Shortly after
that ths employee there WSTS taken into
tiie union at .**> each. J> Ft f h Sab. be?
ing among them. But the SSeeuttVe
board of the union WSttted that |28
which it had told the brother Of the new
member it would cost to inter, so tho
bdard fined Sabo $&Q, which, with the $"?
paid by his brother. WOUld make Up th
$26. He refused to pay. TIM union
1 him. went te hi.? employers and
tened that unless lie was <Ms
' harped a strike would be declared. To
protect iheir own IntSTSStS tho fmpii'\or
dli hsrged >'abo.
After being idle for several momh<
and working for $1S a week in Op? I
instead of fSS, which he bud been
t'fn hing. ' ugnl un S tion fo
refnststsmeni Justice Guy orders.!
yesterday that Babo be reinstated in 'h
union and orders I th - snl to pay
the i lalntlff |364 s sge
tsides sr.lt costa
Rusais now bas several thousand troops
at Kashln, al front
'I ehersn. In - to march on the
capital, a recei t dispatch front
advance sroul I n 11
i ?
?1th the R iltin at um.
Two Sets of Bondholders Organ?
ize to Protect Interests.
Pout n bow b ?
'? guard various i n the i
n of the Wabash Railroad C n>?
t been pis ed :
elvers In addition to the com- i
a?n?' of which Wtaalovr B. i :
chairman aad the stockholders' protective
"tee. which Is beSdcd by ,T li
: g, toadbolders* osossaltb
been announced, of which James S Wal-j
presiden! of the Central Trusi < om- '
i any. .: . Willsrd V. King, president of
th-- Columbis Trusi Company, are. n
UV? : hairmen.
The Wallao committee includes Henry
i:. Caras, vice-prestdeal ol the Hanover
I National Bank; Joha .1 Mitchell, preal?
deni of ?U Illinois Trust and -
Hank, Chicago; Robert Montgomery, of
elphla; n K. Pom .? m \
J H Bml .. of Bt. Louis; A. M
White snd a. h. Wlggtn, president of the
National Rank, with th? Central
Trust Compaxu as depository and j. P.
Cotton, Jr., cooae?1.
The other m mbw ? of th.mmlt ??
Mr. King is chairman are P. ,i Lla?
man, A. il. Edwards, presldenl of th?
I monwealth Trust Company, Bt. Lou
-.?h B. PUey, i ;?<? -ni'm or the Chi?
cago Title and Trust Company, snd Mr.
Slaughter, of London.
Jud?i- Word, in the United States Cir
( uii Court appo nted Pn
P. a Delano ai G W, Alger a?ed?
?an recovers in tins dlstricl of all ?
tj ol the Wabash Rallr
pany The receivers ;m- directed t<> take
lion of nil propertj of the company
will,in the Jurisdiction of th? court here
to r> port to th- court In Missouri.
Young Woman $1,000 Poorer
than When She Went to Euchre.
Miss Lillian Murphy, daughter ol Mr. I
and Mrs. John B. Murphy, of No. !'l
Qulncjr strict. Brooklyn, is to-day
mourning the loss ol three diamond and
pc-arl rings, valued at about $1,000,
which sht: last saw in the woman's ?
room of the Invincible Club, at So. 7^
BerkJmer street; where she laid them on j
Um wash stand, a thorough search was
without result.
Mrs Murphj .md bar dsugbter bad
gone to the Invincible Club to attend .1
euchre. The club is affiliated with th?
17th Ass.mbiy District Republican ?
ganisaUon, of which Mr. Murphy
number After the euchre, which many
women attended, Miss Murphy Isfl the
card rooms ami went to the cloak room
Before wsahlng bei beadi sin- took off
the throe ring* snd plsced th?tm on th?
wash stand. The JswelfJ was form
worn by in r mother and bad been
by her father, who Is a JSWsller, "n
was s cameo, surrounded by nineteen
nds; ti - ? ' ' ond s 1 - ? large dia?
mond solitaire and th? third WSS a pearl
ring, surrot i"i..] b; dlanx ndi a
woman who does no! SPP? ar to he known
by any of the members Is suspect?Bd. j
. 21, 1911. gf
$15,450 in Prizes Fres
My Answers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookrealeri'
Picture? of This Date and Number Arc:
No. 3$.
No. 36.
Contestant's Name .,.
City or Town and State.
Contestants In the Tribune's Bookreaders' f?ntest mi;*t writs their
answers upen this coupon, Which will appear on l*sg? 2 Of The Trloune
every day during tue contest Tho complete conpnn rarat bs retnrntd.
t nntlnitnl from Bret page
BVS minutes. Speaker Clark signed It
at 2:M p. m., and Yice-Presid- nt Bhsr
man signed it nt ''''2 o'clock, after the
Senate liad remained in session pur?
posely to permit him, under ths rules, t ?
affix his Signature while it was in SS#>
sjon, To-mon-ow Congress win take a
,v<ess for the holidays. Which was an
: important factor in expediting thi ratlfi?
t cation.
The Russian reply to the notice from
Ambassador Outld that America wished
t.. terminate the treaty lias been re
reived at the state Department 'Ths
Officials decline to make the toxt of the
nota public, hut gay that its contenta
'have leen well outlined in dlspatche-i
from st Petersburg. Hence it \? in
?it! .! thai the Russian Foreign Offlc
made no response to beerstary Knox'i
Invitation to begin negotiations for .i
nnv treaty. It may be said on good BU?
BI tha Russian government
dOSS not Intend tO be hurried, bul it doe.
ex reel to conclude a ne-v . invention be?
fore the salstlng treaty sxplrss, on l?f
ci muer .".1. 1012.
. - .i" thi
nal resolution of abrogation has i" i
I feature In ;n!l l< r
ren mi
thi framing of a new treaty, which
Blbly it ?ould not ha
use of Irritation that would ha?e
.?ii. :
Notwithstanding some ? ns to
ontrary by individual senators, th
I. "11 is ?;? al idly In
of the conten? ion that With tie
; s S a. "i : ha fat ?.red nation''
treatment guarantee i to American im
,.;;.-; into Russia by tin- treaty about t.
be terminated, the full maxim m
Man tariff rate- will automatically I
?. me i if active on American goods !
m u on tins i ropo .ten is the following
extract from the Russian customs tariff
,.; 1006:
All products of tho countries which *n
R favored-nation i
t.. the |, : ma of i '
tional tariff in its entiretj and t<
of I ? ; si tsrifl i'i s . ,
.s t?..; nu .ii;?. u by ; hi ? om sntional
Ths Implication is declared to be irre?
sistible that only the countries in this
ii?that is, those* having mo
vored-natlon rights?can enjoy ths lower
of ths conventional tariff. At
| !' SI Ut RUSI '. extends those rStl
products of tic United States, and it
ii...--. bet ti I thai Russia mu
continue to do so on 'he ground that
the President*! proclamation,
th.- terms of the Payi -A Idrlch
act, allowing minimum tariff '
on Russian goods is equivalent to moat
favored-nation tr. tin. nt.
it is declared that no breach of dlplo
relations la in i?< nding, as prepara*
t u.iis are I ein ? tor tha
occupation of th. handsome bou? in
city of Bx-Vlce-Presldent 7airbankj
b.\ f.- Russian Ambassador, who ex
!.. take .-. t romlnsnt part in th.
social life of u.,. i apital.
Macon, of Arkansas, Only Repre?
sentative to Vote Against it.
. '
Washington i ??
unanimously to-day, In ll< a ol
. I liUtlon, the Sen-, i, tituti
i tlon of the Presid? m in Infoi
Russis that this government desired to ter?
minate the treaty ol . Eu . ? ntatlve
moved thi a of I more |
diplomatically word? d irlng ;
?t ll It v.as not tl:- till . I., |,|.. i
politics ii i. - du ?rere to !?? ol
promptly. The n
a VlVa \" ? I.
opposing it being Mi Macon, ol Ai M u
Repr?sentativ? afalby, ol Kew "St.rk. the
only m< ?.?i er to post I ?? Bulser n
tlon when II passed tb< Hous? opposed the
S> u ii. i ,.?- :,; : , In a -,.|? t..- ,.-.\, hut :
.it.i not voti it. Mi afalby U> l
ti.' ground thai the abrogation uf the
iro ...i not a> com]
? ? '.
\\e know," said Mr. Suize-, "thai
many Been tat lea ??; Btst? ? I i ,
bad failed to tai m?nate I
.i. ,i . pre ?u. i.' Tafl
in the tnattef two d -
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 a year
I jofCbil/lmcy* ?\\\J. \
| Immediate fmpjffiXiif ?tArtcccl. j
0 !)
sd its resolution demanding t
abrogation Of the treaty."
dem Taft had Ignoted tl
.1^ by acting on the Houe? n i
sg notice M B Mis; bad Ignor
the House la sendtaf ? massage to tl
its, snd that th? bonete bed tl?
Ignored thi Pre?).lent by aending bach
m sn smendinsal io the lattei
itlon Bo it now appears that ?
brai irsrnmsnl had affirm?
the action ^ t ,-irt^l by the IP.us, . "Til
House iic-ii'i-. s to Russia ai
ah i s eftsnoe <t saything ti
i [Sum did "
Mr. Bulssr said the United s ates shoo
s?-, k doser rSJstSeaa irltb Russls
"Do you b? li? v. the si rogation sill gp
recognition to American lews in B
ad Representative Berger, of w ?
SliSt to? tnber.
i belk re it a in bring si sut s i liant
In I li-1 i ? \l DS, ' Seid Mr. Heizer.
?if Russia madS BO protect against tl
nous.- resolution, where did the
from tb.it the House r?solut!?
would ' asked Representatlt
Harrison, ?' Haw York.
"it did rot come from the Btate Dei u
ment," ?>j?d Mr. BattST,
Rept sntative Met all, of Massa httsett
: and others toeh part is the debata
Mi i'- .1 introduced s loi I ;? soiui ?
to ?. sxtrsdltlo tn sty of it
the Unit? -i Bt ? teste ? ould not i
? Irei bj sbrogatlc
rernmei I I
: ., . ' ,- ?
ItH lie. (I t!,
of free in Russii
i ?
thi* ' ret ag? ate and sp
? . irtbei
tantly i ? ? undu
apon municipal, stau and fad? i
i . ala of tiie United Btat?
government for tin apprehension and sur
? -
No action aas taken on the Berger reso
Buffalo Man Will Probably Heat
Democratic State Committee.
it li , :? thai H? rbei I Bl m 11, o
? I s the next < ill man of th.
Dem nd thai
I win be elected I t of th? y< u
! Norman B. Mack, chairman <>r tin Demo
I ? ; .til. State ' ?.inimiti?. .
? man <>i the ?tate ... amltt? i
p. t" prevent ?
the succi |p t?. w iniii :.i a
:? s lers the
he can no k i>.. ?? ? '? nd to the statt dutl? a
Th? ad hi would ban on u U
- ltd* d under tin
new direct prli
c.i:\entlon, In April.
i ai now i.or a meeting ol
amlM.n Januai > \" sal?
? Mr. Mack yesterday, "and att-i tint mj
a pi i ? taki :i up \\ ll b me work ai
nal chairman. I have advised th<
?? !??? stat?
? nan i ? fore the V* ?1 latun oi ?. ? ni
i think they will take my advtee."
Mr. Mack bad s conf? renm r?
with Charles i'. Murphy, the Tammany and
: statt I wli Qov? rnor Dix, a ?
In ti. city.
"! tl M M II ? :11 b? ?- : :
o ' '.? ?'". man foi i
bl? to th? ?.pli up?
state,' li "
:?- Ol Mr. BlS
? ? ' n of the
? ? ntion ai i.
I | . ? n< time mlnorlt
, . il ?.. v.. .. balls tr-.iu geh.o e
ndklst? for ti.-.- pun e,
ed. T ? owever, that th?
m on l
by placing a< the h? id "r' th? comn ? ? ?
is an {ade
pendi Bl
pi in."Tali.: I.' agi ??? ? bl b i ? il
of reform - ratio parti
,.,?,, that II has failed
With Mr. .
r,.,?. r the nef I '
at it.? epi but
I except In New York i . whore
Then Is talk of na log sa ? Boil t?
t|... p.-, go ? I N< ? Vori; ' .
! i . !:,u for ti ? i I? -ti >n
? bag.
Found Writhing in Dressing
Room with Blight*! Disease.
Bannis PMti i at i
!,iei, s boot, si Hal
Bn oklyn.
Platl Van
lay in t: ?
nag through
i writhing .
Bwned but the
? . a ni. "ut ?? -
i..- ?? sight Dr
Charles wuest. i psi
iy, as the result of which
he aacMsd th? K'-'l dMd frOSS an acute at?
Mob of EirlKht ? SIMS ?
. pupil in MhSJ '
. fon noon ah? c< m?
plained of I ? ni to ths dr? -
Ink.- room to gel ? irlnk ol wstsi
\ft(r the body had . removed t.. the
?le- i omn? rs oi
?t'an Cotl ' :
operated on for ?ppendlrttl sboul s year
hm Bad been in rood health sine?
th? n a. i ordlns t" Dr. Wu ?t i
oaronlc Bufferer from Uiifiiu? dlsssss
Government Failed to Make Out
a Case, They Claim.
Chicago, Dea !?.-?Formal notie. thai tha
'defence will present n motion In the near
future to have .Tudsre ?'arpenter Instruct
the Jury to return n verdict finding the ten
Chkags meat Bjgsjgeji ejaTtfgtd with crim?
inal violation of the Sherman anti-trust law
not guilty, for the reason that Huit.-1 States
District Attorney James m. vTunerson hdled
t.. BSSks "lit a CSSI Id bis Opening state?
ment to the Jury, ease osada to-day by
Lsvy llaysr at ths opening of the afternoon
?? of th.' tri?t
At ths same tuna Mr. llaysr, sttorney
for ths packers, moved lo dismiss count:.
two and three of the Indictment, because
they do not menti.-.i ths National Packing
Company, which the government contends!
arsa Ike Instsusnsat used lo fixing the prices i
of nn at. and to have the Jury Instructed to
i regard certain other alienations made by
District Attorney IVilkecsoa aa not coming
within the three-year period covered in the
iiaii. unent.
The action of Um defence rame aa a sur?
prise t., the government, and caused Judg
Csrpsnter t" adjenrfl .our? until tl o'clock
to-morrow morning, when he will rula on
the motions.
Dtstrl i Attorney wiikerson vigorously
opp ad th.- motions made bj ti.. defend?
ants' counsel and explained It was n. i ?
?.ii". fer the defence to plead te sil the
evidence In the ease
in continuing bis opening addrosa in court
this morning Mr. Wllkerson declared "the
organisation of the Rational Pa? king Com?
pany sn?a l Sham and I':- stockholder? and
dirai ora Bra |USl as guilty under the law
as if the fixing of business and ths control
of the meat Industrj I ceompllshed
by Individuals."
ii. argued that ths intent of the puckers
to tix priesa waa shown by ths history of
tddng Industry, and said there had
bean a packers' pool for thirty years. The
object of the National Packing Company,
he declared, was to continue thli pool.
His Followers Win Out in Ala?
bama State Committee.
| B) TelSgl ?Oh tO Tl ? Trih-irv- 1
Birmingham, Ala., Pee. to.?-The state
executive committee of ?la?
te-.lay fixed April 1 for primaries
to nominate Congressmen, state officers
and delegate! to thS state convention at
Montgomery on April iR. at which dele*
td tha national convention will be
? ? ?.
In the BrimariSS the VOterS Will express
their prefernce for the Presidential nom?
ination, iut the national convention dele.
wiii he chosen by the state conven?
tion This was a clean \ictory for Con?
gressmen Underwood, "f Alabama
: ollowi rs i t Woodrow Wilson attempt
ed to have the pritnartSS select the na
I convention delegates*, arlth the un?
der tending thai Underwood should he
Drat . holed and Wilson second choice, but
?!? ft ated, .'i to n
Koenig Takes Part in Discussion
About Organization.
9 : ^ Keen! . president ol th< Ri
publican Count) > enmittee, ceafem i late
fti / noon \.ith thi Republican
and fusloo members ol the Board of Alder
. | ?:. ? ibei in i ? -?? rd to tii"
n ..r i' ? board on January I. Me,
of the membi t - di?
vided I i- unen John 11 Bolk
man Henry u .'unan for n
,. m ,-.. ad tha sell i den "'?' Al
t. Ralph folks
seven Republican and fusion alder?
men h' Tin- Bronx?there ?re only eight
? 11 in that borough altogether are
? i . - to i av.- a cottfsrensa with Borough
l resident Miller late this afternoon. They
are planning to Stick together for the good
of The Hronx. The majority leadership
Will also he dISCUSSed
general caucus of the Republican
Ion aldermen throughout tha city
nil] be held al the Aster Bouse to-morrow
afi. rnooa at i o'clock,
Applications of Northwestern Ohio
Towns for Relics Are Rejected.
Toledo, D tk?*RecjuestJ for cannon or.
the wrecli 4 the Msiae from a dozen
Northwestern Ohio towns were turned
down to-day by ofici?is st Washington
according to noUci ? n eived to-.lay by
those who sought relics. The urgent de?
licien-v bill, passed by ths senate yester?
day, forbade itu aal or th. Maine wreck
and provides for Its miriai at >'>??*. Portions
. r tii* wreck may be given to historical
and patriotic societies and municipalities,
and a memorial i? t.. be erected in Havana
Albany, Dec, SO By command of Gov?
ernor Dht, Adjurant General Verbeck t.?-!
rued an OrdSt directing the organiza- |
ti.iu of tin three eejuadroaa of cavalry of j
th state. A, C aial the .,1, into the 1st
Regiment ol cavan*) of the National Guard,
with hi idquartera to tx established In tha
armory ol Squadron A, ol x> w York.
Ollvsr H. Bridgman, of Bajuadron A,
baa been designated for* appointment aa
and Major Hai i y B. Richmond, or
the ;'.i Bquadron, Albany, aa lieutenant
Seems to Consist Mostly of Stage
Detectives of County Medical
Society File Picturesque
? u . found Ourselves finally In lu> pre
anca Ha w;,s dressed In a. long, flowing
i Of brilliant tr-fen find WOTS a sort
of wig tii.it fell down ov?t hi? fai-f. The
|t>om STM urge and had ?mall window?
H*t Wtth punts uf \ari-colorvd gla-i?. Atone
end was M altar. upon which OdsrlfSrOBS
retidles huinetj. and el the stBcr snd wrtn
facalmllM of various oid-fmhloned medl
eal Instruments, such as e/ere used in the
Dark Age.*. A peculiar odor Bervedsd th'
room, Ilka a somMndttoa or ssrfeiBi sad
chl troform
??lie said: 'i core everything, i invoke
the Bid Of Both CMd and the faints, ami !
God ha? bestowed upon BM th* art of
healing each a? he ggas to Christ I am
S prspbst, and uni nrxt to Ood in power.
I do ti"t i BSploy magnetism or eerthly
i ce, bul use the power given me bv my ,
friend ?
"We were then conducted to ?<n adjoin? I
Ing rOOm, Where WS beheld a woman np- I
tbj asleep He fa'.d that It was hi?
: wife in s ten-yeer trance and ?hat abe aas
thee communing With Ood. Th*? room was '
?mall and dark, and contained a crucltuc
Sad an altar. II*? wa' sd I wand, mutter
ling strange BOUndS, and S VOMe answered j
from the depths of the altar, tn an SB? i
? known l*ngu.ig<>, srblCh Bounded like 'At- ,
| va, wa-a-haal-ya, waa-ha.' Then there I
| flashed across the roum rays of bluish I
. light. This, he BSid, was the trail of some j
| taint who passed through the room.''
This is not a tale from India, but it Sail I
happened right here in humdrum New ?
? York, according to the affidavits filed tn
| court by agents of the County Medical
Society against BalVBtore Ppin*11a. of No. i
' 230 First avenue, yesterday, charging him
with prscthaad Sssdlrtna without a license.
Ths agent?, Stephen Fontani and Mrs.
; Franc? s BSBSSery, won their way to tho
Inner shrine in the role of man and wife
' seeking relief for the latter from "stomach
I trouble."
? lb shewed u? testimonial?," the affl
j davit continues, from people whom he
: said he had cured, and told us that he had I
! charged them each MM, but offered to glvo
'my wife' ,1 tirst treatment for 52."
The strange voice from the altar sayin?
i "Al-ya, wraehsel-VB," UM affidavit goes
'on to say, evidently came from a grapho
phone, and the bluish light from an in?
strument similar to an X-ray apparatus.
"Hi- later Stated that he had decided to
wake his wife out of her ten-year trance,
and placed bis Lands upon her head,
mun ? led a few words, and she woke up.
S) InellS then gol ?Ut twd robes, one of
Violet or purpM \elvet and the Other of
reddish silk. One he placed on Mrs. lienze
cry," Fontanis aJBdavtt reads "aad the
< ther "ii ?.ijsiilf He tiien led us to an
altar snd im ti u? i d us 11 ki a i down with
him and Join la prayer, dplnel'a's wife ;
thea entered with a Sort of vestment of
ttUUeni gteea lie told Mrs. Benzeory to!
sit down
? H? tOuk I UttM bottle whicli bd said
ntali holy salt, en.?tied some of its'
? onteats in bis haadi poured tome erster
from soother bottle, i 1? . be said esa?
i.iin-l hOlj erster, Into his other palm,
i these together and then proceeded
to ruh tiie back of Mrs. Benzecry's head
He then wished to rub her lower limbs, ,
lake down your stocking?. The;
closer, the better tue cure.' This admoni
ties Mis. Benzecry refused to fuilow.
"Later be clapped his hands, and said
Ulla ?art of the cure was ended. He next
gave her a taf-te of a tonic, which he said
Sbl should take and which co.-t her $1. Ho I
then commented, The cause of your wife's ?
illness hi due to Um ~,drit of Nickoia lUsso, I
with whom she used t'> be familiar. He I
sickens bar stOWMOb, her head and her ,
throat, causing u general run down con- j
ditti n and BeilnMSI of the akCh, Come
back again in two days?I'll cure her all I
right.' "
Spinells satered a plea of not guilty to
.irge of practising medicine without
a license when arraigned before Magistrate
kteQuade, In the Rases Market pottee court,
and was held in $i,0">i ball for a hearing
Senate Against Dollar-a-Day Measure i
as It Passed the House.
Washragton, Dee V.?Forces, sie at work''
In the Senate to bring about radical aasend
menta in the Sherwood dollar-a-day pen?
slon hill which paeeed tiki House. Senator.?!
..; both parties to-day expressed <ll-up- ;
proval of the d luuva-daj Idea The Sen?
ate Pensions Committee hi compiling eta?
turtles to thow hist wiiii? the yearly outlay
would be If th? SherWOOd Mil wer-- adopted.
First estimates placed it at from MMM.OOO
to tnVNMN a year over press?t expend!-]
The committee will report to the leasts
,i bin carrying much less expenditure of j
money, which II behaves, In addition to
being generally sattsfsetory to run War
veterans, would b? one which PreMd? ii
Tafl wi.'iid be willing to sign.
thcWhiskey of Quality
A Hot l le
Your Compriment s
will luxure
A Merry < lirintuiM?
w. a. T??i?r a < ?.. :o i?> aar, > \.
Declares Suing Butcher Thought
She Was Wealthy.
Mielia?! Geismain, a your.? Halem
butcher, contlnui I Ifl Iks <?.,.
prenm Court .venferday about ho? ! ??
lent moil' y in various amount- (gg | , ?
six months to Mi?. Helen K< k
fascinating widow, now Bring ?t tl ?? nets
Aster, umii tkeno loan? amounted to t .
which he Is i ? Ing to get ?
it came Mrs Kockman'a turn to *??tify
Ska denied tiiat ?he <v?r baSTOWSd aj.r
money frotn the butcher, and thai tha -i?<>
was only an attempt at hlacknull
r4|'1?s th? money that Oismm ?aid ha
lent Mrs. Kochman be sent I ?
of floweif, tickets to the opera and tha
theatre and gave nor a M "
His gesierostty mat?? BUCh Inroads on h'?
resources, said his father, that he stopped
the youth's bank account, and th#n ?><>
plaintiff b"i?3n borrowing tl e mop*y ! ?
nied?d for his enamored
Mrs Koekman s lawyer |SJ 1 a 1st $}
from Gelsnian ? s king for some money to
save herself a lot. of BQiOrloty. Mrs. Keck,
man tefliiieu" that her home was on a far-n
tv,., m.las from Bowling Green, Ky. Sha
was divorced from her httShattd MM lS>
nounced the case of the butoher a?
"tnallclous blsckmstl" from beginning to
! end. Mrs. Kockman said that tkd reasoi,
Gelstnan picked her out for his ?uit *&a
, that ho believed her to be a woma'i sf
! great wealth.
i ?
?Decries Hasty Attempts to Have
Militia Called Out.
Mayor Gayr,<ir attended the ceremony of
drill review and evening parade at the 21]
Regiment Armory, at Broadway and ?>th
street, last tilsht, and in an addseM took
occasion to decry endeavor?, that have teen
made to have tiie militia called out for
city troubles after, aa he termed it, too
hasty consideration.
"During my administration as M i
h.- said, "thefl have been two Sp?cifie oca?
siona When difficulties that were ?
strike trOUbiea heset the efforts of I
lice. Immediately many hasty ,.:- sa
rushed to the conclusion that the
alone would be BBSS Is .ope with lbs ile??
ble. I was called upon lo use m) ?
toward lbs tu?! of having the mill) i
the situation in hand, bttl I reftl
I ?a? confident the police would
ban . the cast
soon showed I .it they were.'
The Mayor dwelt at some length |
Bplendld physical app.ar&nce of the mu, S
the r< g.ment. Colonel \V. ii. Hot. HklB ?a<
in command at the review. With Ike ."
on tha reviewing platform were Central
llsjOrath, former Inspector General ?
State; Major Frank Keck, of the 7:0t
ment; Major Michael Lynch, of th
Regiment, and Colonel Wygant, U. ? I ,
Aged Man Stricken While Dining with
Son, Deputy Health Officer.
John r. Hall, sjxty>nlnd yean ? u a
travelling salesman, of KorWtch, N. Y . wai
seised srfth apoplexy while dining with Mi
sou. Dr. John M. Hall, Deputy Health Of?
Mr of this port, at the Cornell t'iil\ |, rv
Club. No. tx> I\irk .i venue, last Blgkt H<
died ?iimost Immedlaigly
Dr. Hau telephoned to the police and n
iiu Coroners/ office, and Coroner Holts*
hSUSsr went to th?- club. H. i- >.? ;i per?
mit for the removsl of the body, whl
be sent, to Norwich, WhSTS tWO
dren of Mr. Hall li\. .
Sultan'8 Government Hits Upoa
Scheme to Stop Hostilities.
London. D.c. .'!.?A BslooJ
to "Tha Times" se* i thai
tin Turkish government h is
it..ans to settle the war, hut tl
Independence end dissolu tl. i ? ?*
her are Indispeni BbU f( ; the i
Ol the schelle
The continuance of political dlaseaalsni
at Constantinople has hitherto pren
the Dort? from mnklng ;<n> movemi I
tha direction of peace, the Bullan having
resisted all i rnpossls foi i lutlea
Of the I'h.tmber.
! ? i
: :.
i: |
"Spring Song"
Front Mendelssohn's "Song? Without Words."
Wouldn't it be a wonderful satisfaction
to you to sit down at a piano and play the
Spring Sons with all the delicacy of feeling
and graceful interpr?tation that Mendels
had in mind.'
Wouldn't it be a revelation for you to
bring out from a piano that you yourself were
playing the transparent, graceful simplicity
ol its melody and all the delicate and evanescent
impressions as ociated with Spring? Vou can do
all this.
No practice i >r study is required to enable you
to master the technique of the Spring Song and
hundreds of other world-famed melodies which the Kranich
& Bach Rayer Piano places at. your command.
Call ar our warerooms and hear the Spring Song ^s it
'- ndered upon the
The Kranich rv Bach contains beyoml question the mr*t highly
developed self-playing mechanism eve' rvt \ I, aith devices for abso?
lut'?v personal, armn: interpretation so fascinating .is ?o b? almo'
hun .m in their effectiveness. Moreover end what i* especially impor
that this playa act? *' w istv? y by ftanTch& Bach and
found in no other make oi piano whatsoever.
NOW BP.IN?; sM.tl,vn,ir. UV I.ATE? DEM(..\S. KOB BALI AT
/ .-? t.nrtHi'ni BMStSfJ Pc-rren'i, (f .Uuffi
^JJ 233-5 hA 23 Str. 16 West 125 Sir
Harlem Wsrerooms Open Evenings.

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