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?.or??, deren < Mj ?nd HoiViken.
V* 1AX? ...N? 23,777.
Tn-ilay and lo-morrotr. iintrttlrd :
\arliililr ulniU
Supporters of Yuan-Shih-kai's
Monarchial Plan To Be Classed
as Enemies and All For?
eigners Endangered.
Have Japan's Aid and Possibly?
That of United States to
Prevent Division of the
Country ? Peace
Hope Shattered.
p. 21 Tho r?volu!
lert thai if
% ? -Shih-ka! i his refusal i"
republic, tl giving him
.!,!. .1 as th??
' Ina. and the
m dancer.
i roong th ?
?? nlsta that i h
? s monarchy s?
? ?id b ?
for Ind hould China !?? i
Dr. Sun-Yat-a ?*eri 1S
In ?? few ?lays, and it
eved that he will aaaume th?- lead
? the south. Large roi'
armed i trained
1er Yuan Shih-kal Instru? ting
lv.m ? ? ' nferei
ntei i roposltl?
ar. limited
m '
m v. believe that many
olutionarlcs an willing to
laly such s proposal and
,K,ng th? ? " ? r'' to mod
lfj their demands for :'
London. ?"?? 22 Th? Dailj
' '?
line an an! I i
1er. H
tance to the
mont in i ? I loana
l< 21.? Pn m ei Yuan Shih?
rer !" tho
imlng to tr i China Into a re?
in an ? tatem? nt I
I a thoul qualifli atlon that
. He.
\- '),?? Shai gl ? ferenc?
W'i Ting-fang Foreign Mln
?n tho revolutionary
? stroagl) in fa ver of a re
.... ...
Tare Phae 1 said that Im wai|
that the abdication of the Baa
? ? ?! tho establlahment of h ra?
il,?? re the onlj things that
? iple. At the same timo ho
? ' M ?? hether it wo d be
Shlh-kgJ to
d mon?
here thai Yuan Bhlh-kal
wha! he ?jays and win uphold the
Great Britain Aqainst Division.
w situation has arisen. Greal
I which has been supporting the
- monarchial programme for
wrei reeks, is now strengthened by
end? orlng to obtain the
? the United Btat? s and other
? at Brit ill ... tint
. i the serl
gratlon of China proper would
ibllshmen! of ? re*
; the r< publicans have
, a material way
deaired, < inly the name
of i h y la
? ? - ? in group, if
. ? ? Deparl m? nt, al*
n British Id? a " (1 are
I t thr? others
in? leri
Vu in-Shl-kal ? ment
? to this end have
been ;
Brit Initiative1
irg? d tho Bhi
M leavorlng m
of th> ne? essity to
. to ti rmi
Interference for China's Benefit.
tl t British Interfer*
? gainst < 'hlna's In
? ntal Idea
' ? tli? practical Inter
' ' tlon are Im Ing plac? 'I
t the armistice for ten
' ? ?? h tl ? ? revolutionists havi
m< hope, bul m.lis.*
epl ri? ml? i- fuan's
? ' tlnuatlon
fllct, wlt|j possible division of
?? . th? ., allying
? ? I ' ? ? ; 11 ?
nt thr? ' r
Ion to Chin
v- . on th- ? ' h;|,-i,i, i,,
publican troops from aa ?
; i - ? itlons ar< also
v Tien Tsin.
? ? rai Ishlng
sad repubU
of the
? ? ? '. - h .? adhere
? ? mand foi s mooarchlal
? il it app? an that the
?? s point which threat
? ? "?i la?
dihafls f? respond to
foi protection fron a
it la ? "i,-i.!. red nol
? .',?.! outbrea? oi
uld follow completa
: 'Ml.
i?. H ti., declara
tonomy at Urge, the
tS 'I- .?? tl'TI of
? situation because of th?
L'7" >??* ' ? ? Dalai Lan
??'ft, no? i? ,x?,. ,? lBdIa Ui un|u |i()htl
l'iutiuiiiii on M-i ?ad i,.?g?.
A Criticism
of Footbali
as it is now played, and sug?
gestions for its improvement,
by G Foster Sanford. Yale's
famous coach, in
Sunday s Tribune.
Abrogation of Anglo-Russian
Treaty To Be Urged.
don, i>?.. : i "The Jewish Chron?
icle" says that the leading Jewish Inatl?
' ? here heve decided to urge the
abrogation <>f me Anglo-Russlsn trssty.
Thi ' atd to dis? nminate
t the Bng! ih Jea s
Forbids Officers Visiting Eng?
land Without Leave.
Rj .-,,!
i ? 21 Th?- Kaiser, acting m
' i pac?t) r?a commander In chief of
ti. Qerman army, has forbidden ?ill his
rn to visit England wlthoul permia
ai< h from th- military authorities A1
til Germ n officers mus? obtain the
thorll lea to travel
abroad, but ih? y hav? ?: been required
to ata le their fon itln ition,
leer'a new de? ree is ?. t? nd< I to
n ? ffirers from undei I ih
int ,-it their ?mi risk espionage on Brit
Hitherto this ha - i
rom mon practice among the ambitious
men who desired t
dirtinciion b) bringing home useful In?
formation aboul Ei glai d's defei ?
Thla ii? ?? . i del. ho*a ever, do? a i I
that Gen fficera will ? < ?
? i . ? : ? ? f ihf Intent?
ent, but thes will ??
their commlaslons -hirlnc the period of
auch a. livlty, so thai if thej are arrested
. !.. ?'? scribed ? a mere civil! i s
Profesror-Mayor of Middletown.
Conn., to Leave Politics.
'? tgrapd ? ?
Middletown, Conn?) De -1 Tired of
flphtine th?. bosses, he says, and '?
thai his pfforts t.. reform local politics
are ui Prof? Bsor Wlllard i !
I hei h? ?f the e< onomics depart
ralty, to-day an?
nounced his ret tremen l from i".
Professor Fisher's s." ond t?^rni as M
will expire next m..!ith. He has served
several years In the City Council.
His retirement will remove s pictu
fll n from the political field, as
hardly a mopth has paaasd slni s his
ejection without soma senastion i
- ? ?? As a Sklaj or Pro
fessor Fisher's ??ardi?al principles ha e
beso economy, low taxe* ami stritt en*
forcement of the law. His belief In the
latter principle Impelled him t<> enforce
th?. go-called.Connectk*ul blue laa
th? very letter, and as a consequent i tl ?
entire city has been bottled up ?>n Bun?
?lays ?luring his term <?!" office
Ambulance Surgeon Does Odd
Job for Assault Victim.
Thanks t>. Pr Bverlngham, an nm
hulan???? surgeon of New York Hospital,
Cornelius Mahoney, s motorman, of No.
Ill West lBth street, has all of hi
on his fa?-?? this morning, although it
pains him greatly. Patrolman Nan got
..in- ..f Pie m?-n \vh>. tried t.? rob Ma?
?.f his nasal organ
The motorman was on his way home
aboul 11 o'clock last night an?) hail j ist
peaaed Ninth avenue, "-'"inc west, when
two m<n j'irn|i.'.l ?.'it at him. One drew
,. sharp knife and slash?.i at Mahoney,
who fell his fa???? auddenly bathed In
blood. Patrolman Nau was near at hanl
.Mid saw th?. assault. He i based the two
men. and captured .lohn McGlnnla, <>f
No. Q51 Weal Pith gtreet. He says ho Ig
a driver.
Mahoney's nose was hanging by s few
bits Of skin \vh?-t! Pr. Everlngham ar
rlved, and the ambulance surgeon put
?<?>n sfIt. hf'S in it.
Young Army Lieutenant Jostles
Him in Book Store.
Waahingtoi n.> 'ji Prea.?Jen< Taft, who
. hrtBtmaa shopping In Nea v,.ik
?, ?,, rda n ids i trip through the do* n
town section late to-day and selected .?
mi m P-^i ?.t ?
The i . ? oint vu a
book rtore, t.'it lie ?pent soim I Bl< al a
?tilths, where he a?ade several pur?
chases His advent in tii?- ahopplng .!:
trat was made In th? qufel ??&? Mi Taft
Btrei ts ..f th?- m Pal. and
hundreds smong whom he went mlaeed
him altogethi r
wiiii.- In the i" <?k store a young army
lieutenant pushed against Pi?? President,
oblivloua of the fact ?hut !??? waa Jostling
his <-..mmatiih-r In chief Mr. Taft wa> eb
?jorbad tartth Ma)oi Butt in selecting ndm
voluaaea. and f., srva the "Ml sr'a
pi esencs
'i be i't. aMenl confined i,|x pui, :?>,,
atandard works, and lei "the beat aeUeraH
go !?> Hs returned to the White Ho se
... k
Major Mosher's Life Then Saved
by Bravery of a Sergeant.
Washington, De? . nt i P>t Th?
Moeher dtal here t., ?ia\ from th? effeeta
,,f a around hs n ?. . .i g| the battle of
El Cane] In thi Bpanlah war, which would
?roved fatal before the close of that
day of fighting ? ad l< not been for ths
ii'-i"'?'. ? ..f his companj
Mu??.i Moaher, t ,.., g eaptala In thi I
Infantry, fell ?,t 1:1 Canej when a Manaes
i. illel pi? n ? . rain, A sergeanl ? rest
to i,im and stoppt <i the flow >.f blood srlth
bis thumb Anothei Mauser bullet r.ie the
nt, bul tlie brave felloe <ii.i net n
lax.- the preaaurc and saved Moaher. Ths
1 ? ? om his wound
Mai'" ale , ,,aiiv.- ?.i Maryland
and waa shUj five -.. ara oM
i ?in ?? ..., n |p t., the National
apital . ialting prln? Ipal points >.i Int?
??-.>? I : in ?< , : -,HI V eXfM I ?
-vaina Uailroad. Bee Ticket Agents.
Will Be a Trustee of "The New
York World" and "The St.
Louis Post-Dispatch."
Resignation of a Trustee Cre?
ates Vacancy Which the
Oldest Son of Joseph
Pulitzer Is to Fill.
Through the voluntary resignation o!
Harrington Putnam, lustice of the Su?
preme fnurt in the 2ii Judicial District,
Ralph Pulltaer i? t?> become a ?trustee of
the newspaper properties bequeathed by
his father, Joseph ?Pulltxer.
When th? provisions of th? will ol
itsei proprietor of ' The New
Y..rk World" and "Th.' si. Louia Post*
r.-ii." were made public on Novem
. n t!.. i.i t i|. .. sred thai Ralph
Pulitzer, ' ' son, had not been
made un < a? i utor or truatee In a
latei ent Riven oui for publication on
? ? day Ralph Pulltaer said
. inf? n< ?? to be draw n
?n ol m-, nam<. if lefl
, lach "f '? nfld? i ' e
h m? testal ?T'ai ?ru
Mr, William R Hoi nblnw? r. wh? pfli
<!r. a up the ?.?, III, In s letter accomi
Ing this statement, explained that Ralph
Pulitx? r waa n n.aecutor and
trustee In I I IWH; th U h<
so nam? d by his nstrucl ?na in
KAl.PU IM I.IT/.Klt.
w ho, .. w ill
sei ;??
the draft will whl? h III Hornblower
drew last " toher, bul which rema
unexe 'uted al th? time of Mr p ilttzer'a
de. th; thai Mr. Pulltxer Intend? d he
should i"- so named, and supposed that
ii" had he? n, In the i odlcll of I9H??, whl? h
revised the provision ol th? will of I?HM
relating to his executors an
but thai "In tl"- hurry of transcribing
the . ."ii' ?I the aorda 'mj son RaIph'
\v-r.' omit ted fron I he clause as to ? a?
??' i.tors, although th<" app? ared thr? ? or
four lines above m the clause as to the
guardlanahip of the minors." Mr Horn
blower's letter to Ralph Pulitx? r con?
cluded as follows: "Of course, the un?
fortunate omli i Ion i annol i ?? i em? died
by this explana) Ion, hut I think II
to you thai the explanation i" made"
Th?- unfortunat? omission is now about
to be remedied by h friendly arrange
ment concerning which tin- heirs, thu
trustees and the lawyer have been In
consultation since Mr Pulitzer'a death,
His will appointed the following trua
i.. ol tin- st... u ol the i \\ " new spa
sphje?i i" declination, renunciation,
reelgnatlon or death: Qeorge i.. Rives,
presldenl of the board ol ti te? of Co
lumbis University; Charles EL Hughea
ji.sti??' of the United States Supreme
Court, who declined the trust, ""inn t?.
his public duties; Harrington Putnam,
justice of ill?' Supreme ?'??urt in the 2d
.ii District, wh.? a/as appointed
bj the testator In one >f bis ?"?ii.'iis to
tak' the place of ?Charles E Hughes In
case he declined; Frederick N. Judson, of
St. Louis, the well known lawyer <>f that
.it | and noa pi i sidenl ol i he Pulltxer
Publishing Company, and .1 Angus
Shaw, of thi.^ city, formerl; pr? Idenl of
the Press Publishing Company. Mr. Jud?
son is to serve only until foaeph Pulltxer
arrivea al th ? age of tint i>. a hen he ?
to tak.- Mr .liaison's pis? . .1 Anpiis
Bhaa is to serve onlj until Herben
Pulltxer, now fifteen years old, shall
reach th? Bare of twenty one, when he
will take Mr Bhaw'i place. Robert
Weeks de Poreat, ol this city, was also
named as an alternate truatee In ease
either one of the last two declined to act
Both of tii" las' two, bowev? r, lia ?
, epted
The natural ? nd strong d? air? <?? .?it
(!,!.?. tlj ' "it' i n? 'i that a mere a? i Idenl
should ?'"t be pern Itted i" def? si Mr.
Pulitzer'a wish and Intention t.> make his
? ideal -on. Ralph, one ol th? ti u
srlth ? i irge and i ern.nl ahan of
, m? i..i i' spon Ibllltj i"! th? manage
ii,out of ins n-w I..I..I- prop? m. ., has
),. .n resj.ded t?? w Ith gr< at i onald? ra?
tion and r.i ?? ' in u i.v Justli. Putnam,
? n., i..t n,.?ii'. a? ' epted th? ii nst< ? hip
i/eeterday, bul srlll submil hla resigna?
tion to-daj bj i" ?ilion to the Sm i
Wh? n 'la n slgnatlon hu been a? i. pt? i
),\ th" Burrofl it?. th? va? an? y thus erg.
..(???i will ?be filled tj tin- appointment >>t
Ralph Pulltaer, .-. i .. Is non and doubt
;, v ill continue t . i>.. pr? sidenl ..i the
i i Publlah-n i ?ompuny, w in, i, pUD
'i i" N? ? 'i "ik World, ' and who
under hi : fai hi i s n III, r??? i \\ eu ?-. n hout
i, 11 ' 11" ' ii? In "?ii" ti "m hi. two
tenth Intereal i h? w oi Id and "Th<
o Louia Post i " i steh "
. i" ' ' "? ' "i '. ;?: '. stoppered butllei
- Ad' t
Head of "Sanscrit College" Ac?
cused by Inspector for the
Board of Education.
So Shocked That She Shows
Signs of Hysteria?"Loving
Guru" Once Ran "House
of Mystery."
p..te. thes were hunting lasl night for
?Oom the Omnipotent. Loving Guru of
the Tantrika," who quletlj opened "The
New Vi.rk Sans, rit College." at No 237D
Broadway, s fortnight ago, after as en?
forced and protracted absence from this
.it.. "Oom" Is charged with a misde?
meanor bj A very W. Bkinner, of the
Part Avenue Hotel, an Inepector for the
N?-v\ Fort state Board of Education
Justice Deuel, Of Special Sessions, at the
request of James I" smith. Assistant
Diatrici Attorney, Issued a bench nrar
, rani late yesterday afternoon for the ar?
i -i of "Oom," otherwiae known as
Pierre A Bernard.
Mr. skinner's affidavit recites thai be?
tween the dates of April 1 snd Decstn?
her Is. 1011, mi.l?r the name of Howard
stanisi.iiry Leeds, and again under the
name of Pierre A Bernard, the de?
fendant, m.i being an Individual, cor?
i "i atlon or a sa i-1 ? holding a uni
verail degree conferring the power by
of the State Board >.f
Education, .ii.i keep, maintain and dea
Ignati m a room, mark? .1 So. ill in a
building known as No. 230 West 87th
sir,.,!, the school known as the Nea
York Sanscrit ? 'ollege.
"Oom'g" notoriety began with his ar?
rest m Ma.\. lull', in ihe "House of M -
tery, ' -n No. H."iN Weal 74th street, which
oil? e raid? >i .mplalnt of Zeil i
Hopp end Gertrude I?eo, both of whom
made affidavits that as "candidatea" :??
?,..ii t., th.. Hindu cult taught by
th? v wer.- fon ed '.. participate m
???r description.
Th hargi ? ? ? ? r* grs ?? thai "> torn"
v .<* held in S1...IHMI had. When the Um?
i... th. ti ni ?me, boa ?? i r, 'he ^ oung
? ,? .(nit ih.- si.it.. ral her Mian :
their : t<?ri> i?i the wltn< sg gtand. .\. -
cordin g I . ".'.in' was releaaed bj the
ii. ???,,. left i?.? ti, and a a i
not heard i?f again until the opening of
his law S.i ii.-1 ? was a.l\ ?-Mi.-. ,1
m ;...\ eral Bunds i ? i ;? i pera.
\\ I,, n neu i of "Th.. ? imnipotent'
turn io Nes fort r. ached Itistrlt t At?
tome) Whitman the latter |*rot*nised thai
if he found "Oona" had reaurerd 11?.
es 11 his SChOOt he WOUld ' et -
t,iini\ order his arrasa Mr. Whitman
end hi lint. Mi Smith, again
foun i that the] w??ro handicapped by thai
unwillingness of certain aromen to tea?
tlfj : , ..ir a. lion ?.-' lit It the "Hindu
? ? i. \ bout u.nlj charge which
could be laid against "Oom" was that of
circulating indecent literature in his
book, "The International Journal of the
Tantrik ? irder."
\ ,'oung aroman, repreaenting s so
. let) for Investigation Into forms of vice,
visu.-.i the new school s fortnight ago,
ii.i si.ii> ..f th. "worship" had to do
with the laauing "f the warrant. She
found Ho- sain- old ''??.m'' ami another'
man present. As the first st?.|i in the
Initiation the girl was led Into a ro? i.
the d....r <<f win. h cloaed with a metallic
. lick. Tip dooi bad no handle on the
Inside, and appeared t?. be operated by
an ele? trie push button behind the throne
? .t' the "Loving ?.m u <f the TantrllrJ."
\\ hen the ?iii was final.) releaaed she
. was t..o shocked t>, describe the mannet
of mystic Incantation >.r other forms of
worship which were revested. Although
sh.- professed t.. have good n?rvea and
pi. n' ..i courage for ordin?r) Invent!?
g?tions ..i' doubtful nature, she showed
symptoms of hysteria whenever she al
lud. d t.? lui ? Kperieni ? - a Ith "( torn "
The "Loving Ouru'g" quarters m the
mw school were fat mure modest than
they were when "The House of Mystery*'
i'...,i ish.-d ne* I door :?. i he i ealdence ..f
Krank il. Pan. sen (,f the hu,. United
Staus Senator Platt Th?? new esta?,
liahment, however, was within thirteen
? it.-, blocka of the former 'House ol \i
i. i ;
When he waa queationed s week ano
"Oom" announced that be whs keeping
clear <>f all women. He said h<- roiiM
not trust them, because they would
? ar a man's life away " in the faith
of the Tantrika "the bodies of women
i ? d. Hi? (1 "
Makes Paint from Leaves of His
Spineless Cactus.
Bants Bosa, t'ai., He, :i .\n hour's daS?
? ti of California'a fruit problema with
Luther Burbank, during which th- horti?
culturist ana ?vered fi eel) i srio ia .| leatlona
naked b) the delegates, nmatitutad an In?
teresting session ??( the California sute
Fi un ?itowel-' Convention here ttxlay,
Mr. Burbank made tie announcement ?.f
;, \. ..na. : i,.i discover) '" th" further us??
of gpin? ? is This lime hs baas fair
t,. revolutionise the whitewash, paint ami
automobile tire Induati ?
U I., n Mr Burbank told r?f the use of the
i. ,,f th.- . actus plant for whitewash
gad paint, the delegates were tenas win. In.
M: B i bank said he is negotiating j
with ">ra- of th-. largest paint houses in the
winiii t.. Buppi) it with cactus leave fot
ia.nt purpo
? i,,.. i,.,: lid ?. "win make las gal?
lona <?f paint The mudlags ?>f the eractua
leaf.will aoi dlasolvs in water, but it win
diasolvi in alcohol. This mtw-llagg win
i..,-up. take ?"I ...lor- an.i is easily baa?
,j|, ,| | ?un no! a' fal ahaii.iil m in\ . \
perimenta with ths cactus leaf as g paint'
pt-OdUd as I am with II- po-.-||,|,. US|. u a
wiut.wash, but nevertheless i am ?ure of;
II prsV tl< al valu?- "
- a
Rich Strike Causes Rush to Alaska's'
New Diggings.
Ruby, Alaeks, la e :\ Newa ..i ., ri?**h |
??old atrike "i' Taiiiiiiomi Rivei hag been
, i p. r. b) Deputj Marshal Howell
-, | , gold wa ? t. '.:..l Hi a deep . halm. I, ..ml
runs !*'?""" ''' ""' ''""'"" "' Iss shaft Pa)
Hlt |,, - i .. ii lend in tin- ti? ?iKliliiirliu.'.l
i.,,,,,, put this if ih?- first lima a channel
,, n iii^. oven .i a i uah to the ses
[ dlggir-g* hi '" Pragreas .
Who shot Mayor Oayner on August 9, 1914, and whose sanll la now to bei
? :iSo.?v| OH b) lP",||,;il !???, |jf-rt.<*.
? rhr>t,,(iraph eopjrrtshl by Brows Brothers.)
State Chairman Did Not Pron
Him Delegation to Na?
tional Convention.
Koonip; and Parsons lold 1
Taft City Delegates Won
Er for Him.Gossip
"Trash." SaysHilles.
Tribune Rui
\\ ? ? hington, I?... :i William Bar
Ji . did not promise tho Sen York <i
f.'.ti'.n t" the Itepiib?lcan National C
\ entlon to Pre lid? i I Taft, a? -opima
Pe?-retar; tallies On tho other tu
M?ssrs Koenig snd Parsons both i
th. President that the* c?n?dently
I p'. Led thai lh* del? gates rrom >
I y..ri, i M h?- instructed tu t
for hi i nominal lor
Mr ?Barnes did outline n some?
ambitious sch ?m ? ?Thereby Im would c
? . - the N"w Y. i k State convention *
a sorl of debating society to thrash
the leading public questions of the i
and whereby the convention would
struct its four delegates-at-targe to w?
si. rgeti? all] ? ; (Th* an.? tp Insure tl
the platform of tho national convenl
should !>? baaed ? n that of Sew Y?
State. Mr. Bai ,<? -? did nol aah the Prt
di m foi i ' islstance to this i nd, a
Mr. Tafl ni r ?I. inl [mated to Mr. Han
probably the su? i ess of his l?
would depend largely on the estenl
??hi !i the X".' York State platform c<
formed to the views ?>f th? Rep?blica
of th? entire cou il rj
Secretary Hillea took ocrasion to-d
to I.ran.I as irash a g?ood deal of the i
I it i??a I gossip regarding Ihe ?Presiden
visit to New York which found Its wi
Into the publl< prints. The ronferenc
whten Presiden! Tafl had In New Yo
were entlrel) pleasant and friendly, h
of considerable less political Importan
ti ,n i .i '?? ?-n sought to attach t" thei
Of course, from man) soucis the Pr?t
dent heard predictions thai the Ne
York ?Li.'cation would be for his- non
| InatlOn. All suggestion that there lswi
j betwee: Mr. Tafl and Mr. ternes, ?
thai it was necessary for Mr, Barnes I
come t" make his peace with the Pr?s
dent, etc., la pronounced t" be withoi
foundal ion.
The President ?loos not now cherts)
and a* n<> time has cherished, any enmli
t?. Mr ?Sarnas; nor. so far as h?? is swan
?lofs Mr. Harm's cherish any enmll
toward him. Neither is the Presiden
likeiv t<> seek to Influence the chalrma
?>f th?' Republican State Committee i
ih.it s?tate an) hut?- than he will .??'ok t
? x? it Influence In the affairs of any oths
Death Scene in "Tosca" Calli
for Use of Handkerchief.
Enrico Caruso is shot to death In hli
i art as Cavaradoas! as the curtain fall'
on th" last i?'i of "To* ? Last night h<
v.as killi'd as usual, hut this time lh?r?
was s wound at |. ist to his f't'linKs
f,.r tho tenor fell liai on his hoho Th?
audience called for ?Caruso, snd he cam?
?.ut from the wings, holding a handker?
? hlef to his nose snd terribly peevish.
Th* au.it.in? ? Immediately aaw thli
.uni gave Ihe lenor anothei curtain call
Once mote he ?esponded, tin-? time with*
.ut th. handkerchief, bul still mad aa
an offended yellowjackel ?Doctora
patched up the nose Utter, it was nol
much datnagi ?i The golden v. waa
i? ported intact
Surgeon Has Plan He Believes Will
Revolutionize Grafting.
I it\ Tel? trash ?" Th* Ti Ibum
Philadelphia, Dec :i Dr M ?\ ??taller, of
th" Mount Btnal Hospital staff, to-morroai
niiciit befors ths Qsvntj Medical s<? ..r.
?ni demonatrata hla plan <>f substituting
the white ?uiin? ?>f egga for human skin in
operations where grafting, i- necessary, I'r
stall.ir believes ths nea Idas will r?volu
tionlse skin ijraftlni For mora than ihres
months ha has been condu? 11 ? ? ?,- experimenta
Til. argument of i?i Btallei la thai it Is
from the thin -kin of the eggshell tho
rhlcken i produced Placed on h burned
surface, he haa found thai Ihs <<-n> m ths
egg*a skm 11 -, ' 11111 < i > rapidly and the mam
brans baeomaa large until it aproada aver
U,. ? i.i.i? att. i i.U surface.
Medical Commission Appointed
to Test Gallagher's Sanity.
Trenton, N .(. ?Dec. 21 Upon applica?
tion of Prison Keeper Osborne, .JuriKo
On Ich tel to-day appointed two physt
as a ' ora mission to pass upon the
sanity of James -f. Gallagher, who la
serving a twelve year sentence for tho
attempted assassination of Mayor Gay
nor "ti August :?. r.?i?>. as the Mayor was
.-il'oijt to ?-ii1 for K n
This srtlon was t.ikon with the ap
i of it Thomas if. Mackensle,
visiting physician of the prison. Tim
two physicians appointed have not mado
their report vet, but it i.? s.ii?i thai ' ?<!
lagher la suffering from paresis and win
prohabl) not live more th.m a year.
At the time Gallagher was tried four
physicians testified that im was then
suffering from paresia This testimony
was combated by Dr. Allan McLane
Hamilton and Dr. Carlos P. Macdotiald,
of New York.
Matron Finds Hidden Money and
Jewelry on Alleged Thief.
Mrs I.'na Ht a mon, ihlrty-flv? years
old, who gave her address ns \.. ?'?
? i??d street, was held In 12,004) ball
for trial yesterday afternoon by Magis?
trate Corrigan, In the Harlem court, on
s charge ol larceny from Mm person. In
the woman's skirt, when searched by a
police matron In Mm West 125th Street
station, there were found sewed In small
pOCketfl 11,481 i> bills ?f small ?I.ml
natlon, three gold watches, one bracelet,
four wedding rings and six diamond
The woman was captured after s
tstruggle with Mrs. Rebecca Barcher, of
No. 19 East 100th street, who said she
had be? n robbed ol her pocketbook
Several Clashes, with Losses on
Both Sides, Reported,
eran 11??? 21 Tl at serious t?cht -
ing ha i connu? neo i I the Peralan
? 'onatltutloi ': : alan troops is
?i.p.'t' im.? from Tabrig, which
state that the f?nvernor's palace has been
bombarded. There were casualties on
i otii side . bui tu. it ? xt"iu la not yet
ki,. ? :? i i : - ni Legation her.- pro
l< i a\?? no details ?>f the
g? m< ' ;.
Thei ? ha been Ugh!ine, als., bel
Mi? R l Pe? aiana al ESiu*
th? < 'aspis ? Bt a, and al Resht, ?late?
: i orthw? b; of Bnsell. ? '?inflicting
verein ? are given as to the cause of the
Pghting. on* story says that thr Rus?
sians seised the Police Headquarters at
it is feared thai lh< news will have a
d? plora bis flfe? i on publl? "pinion In
'rolaran. The special commlaalon of five
?;. putlea, whl h the National Council yes
terday decid >d to a] point t?? ?i- al " Ith
ihe Russian ultimatum, has nol i/el been
formed, pu Ing in ihe relu? tai.f the
deputies to ? rvo.
London, Dec 22. The Teheran corre
spondenl of ' 'l he Moi i I ' sa) a
that Russia (/esterda) presented to r
a final uiiim itura, d? mending compliance
within twenty-four hours; otherwise, the
four thousand Russian troops non sta?
tioned al !<? bin a ould adi an? s on
The Nation 'I ? 'out;. Il, sa) - the '
r-pondent, has nos ibandoned it> policy
..r resistance, and lias voted the Regent
authority to set"' In the best Inter? sis
of the country. The acute stag? >>( the
crisla is i>.li"v?'il t?i be ended
London D \ Teheran dlspal
"Ths Tlmea" lays thai the Ruaslana havs
seised 'la' telegraph line al Mehrand and
Khoi, In the Province ol tserl
Northern Persls, and Astara, on th?
pi m s? .
E. N. Hamlin Charged with Involuntary
Manslaughter in Austin Dam Case
? '.'i,i. ' i'.'i t Pean . i ??. 21 The Potter
County Grand Jury to-da) returned Indict?
ments agalnal George C Bayless, president,
?uni Fred N. Hamlin, superintendent, of
th. Bayless Pulp himI Paper Company, <>r
rVustln, Pena . charging Involuatary man?
slaughter because ol the Austin dasa .h>
latei ?m Bsptembsr :'?<?
The grand hnrj -11 ? * not return a lui m
11,, , a . "f Micha? l < ' Bailey, the care?
taker "f ,1?" 'lam. who was held bj a |us>
n,, of !'"? i"' ice It i ' ?aid lh it Baile)
will be called as .? witness when Bayless
i,,,,i Hamlin ara tried ai the March term
oi court.
? iseol Bale? t-*.l I'lnes, $i. IS ?4
H T Dawc) A tons Co., 118 Pulton Bt, N.T.
G. R. Sheldon, in Letter to Ex
President, Says There Was
No Basis for Late
Financier's Story.
Former Chief Executive, in Hii
Reply, Thanks Republican Na?
tional Committee's Treas?
urer and Again Repudi?
ates Old Charge.
Another chapter to the .?tor-, that
Tin -,.:? reit asked tile hit- E H.
Harriman to ontribute tnooey t" sad in
i . rsctios to th?- PrssManey In l?***
was added yeatorday, when re.enf ?orre
spondencs hetween Qsorge it. Sheldon.
r.f of tip- H.-'pnh!! ?in National
Committee, and Mr. Rooeevelt was mad?
Mr Bheldon In his letter t>. th?? as>
Preaident admits that Mr. Harriman as
aisted financially the Republican state
?nmpalirri which resulted in the ele.-tl.m
Of F. W. Hii?Kln? as ?iovernor. lait says
the fund raised by th?- finan. 1er was r?it
,for the national egjfUPStgft Mr. Roose
t/slt in his replv thanks Mr. Shel?
don for takln? the h< ti??n he did, and
?opa on to say that he never directly or
indirectly asked Mr. Harriman or any
on?? else to contribute money to aid his
own election Mr. Sheldon'? letter fol?
I)e<omW 1.3. MIL
Hon. Theodore Roosevelt. <?\ster Ha''
r?ear Mr Roosevelt: Ever rrtnee the ?lec?
tion ..f IS04 the Story ha- Peen . out!nunnaly
luhll.ih.d and never denied, exeept h
that you asked Mr K. H. Hurr:
? ? money to aid in your eleel and
? t her, upon rained or
? ? i?, th.- National I ' m mit tee fund.
Knowing this t.? be untrue i several tlmee
. mv Bupei eu- officer, Mr I N.
? ... m. teurer of the National ?'om
intttee, ti.at th- facti i- the .-a?.- h* plainly
stated Mi Bliss sin lys ? > llev? d tha
books and accounts of the National f'om
mlttee were private, and although always
earrierl on by him with th- high-st sense
of Integrity and tumor, he never, ike all of
his contetnporarlea, would cons?
puhll. It: This :< ellng liaa beei rhang?
th?. past few \i ? ?- tiring
full publicity in electlona II -????.s there?
fore f. me that BOW, ti: |U8tlCl '
Bveryone knee and coi reded thai in ths
election >.f ; ? i ? ou a o ild carrj t ?
of Neu Vork lo a large plurality,
? .- -? ? ally believed thai Mi M
would he .1? feated The 1
effort the < le? lion of. i heir ? andl
dat.. I'oi . lOVei tlOl . \ '?out ...?
Ml ? ni. il. ti, , , hall h B f
the New fork Statt ? ' o? lo
Mr Bllag and i-Mri him tl , ?
?.>?<-?? fi-..tii ti..- National i -a.
the state ticket would b< defi ii..' Mr.
Bllaa told ? 'halrman < ? ?. II ths
motte) ??! Klve, but would aee whal io?iM
be done. He flatted Mi Kit
at hie Hi ?? and expia* ed ??. Mi I ?
gane* of the sltuati . VI
Air. Han Im.tu th?-r? u|,..i> .:
??f hla ;. lei da on tie. t? |e?.i,,,i ?? .?? ;
anded Mi Bllaa
himself raised tv?..?, Thin nun
waa handed din u ?? ? 'hatrmai
i,. v. r in any way went int.. the t
th.. National c
charge the Presidential ? ? ? ? ?:
personal knov I? dg? of all I
tlon< .1 facta, v*i rj trul
(Slgj . d) QEORfJK I
Treasurer !<? publ u S ??
Mr. Roosevelt replied i
THE ??i "l l,'i"K.
?87 Fourth Avenui,
N? ? i ork
1 iffl.f "
.Mi Oeoi ce R P
N. W V..i k . ,t
!' ..- Mi SI ? Idon ? ih.. i our
lett? i. and i am glad tbat it ara
Th? re ia little foi ? *.<>i
in -. e said I never ?
In .m. -hap.-, n i ? or foin s ik? ?! M
to ron tributa
a dollar '" aid In m> ele? Hon Moreo? er,
nu the only occasion on which Mr (I
??! -| ..k- to ! ' H'
all, he rii,i s.? oi hla ..wn Initiativ? and -??
far from i
me to him, he made o> me the r? [ueal
l ?\ould aid him n g< ttlni ..n.?l
committee to contribute aome of
? > ? Hlgglna,
the ? indldate for - In New York
He at th? time stat.-d t.> me that my owa
election ired that I on <^t
Mr Hlgxlne, In which he
Inter? <\><\. \\a- doubtf
i oped that the i' ii Ion a I
rert son of I from the
to the state campaign where the
ti...? waa rreal and where h? believed the
election of Mi Hlgglna to be -n leopard1/,
,wn in your letter, this waa pre
i?lnelj what the national committee did.
Ver' triilv your a,
During ihe Prwldentlal ampstgu "f
i;hii \!t..n B. Psrker made the en
that the trusta had ralaed s larga esm?
palgn fund In an endeavor t?. assure Mr.
i ,-elt's ?lection. The ea-PreeMent' i
only repl) araa an emphatic denial. Tha
[charge, how? ?? was lahen up bj some
newspapers and al rarioug times ia
it. in. .1. until In April, 1007, It reo I
l ,,,.u ufe b) the publication of s lettsV
written bj E H. Harrtman t.> si.inev
w ebster, a personal friend.
This letter stated thai about ? greek
i? p., the ? '?? lion of 1001 Mr. Roosevelt
talted Mr n'.tun n to im t.? Washing?
ton to confer aboul political conditions
In New Vork Plate. The flnancter, no?
cording to the letter, complied ?with th*
requeat, and waa asked b> President
i:,,. levelt to help in raising fun
the Republican National Commltti
the ' halrman, i
i to obtain th? i
ti,. that Mf.
ii.nriuian promised ins support provid?
ing ? 'hi. N' I '? I ? ? ? at ta ?t tune
Senator, were taken are of if the stats
leaden dkl nol ase thsl i. -
.!,, ted i'' eeld? d, th?
letti r si ?t, - to appoint Mr I ?? pea am*
lor '" Krane? Mi Hai rim in then
t,.iis "? h..\\ he helped raise a .v.iNtmm
fund, a hi< n was turned ???? i t.. ? ,.i ?
nellus N. Rilan, and of how Mr. R?
great bach on the friends who assisted
him financially. The letter closes with
ti?. ofl repeated phrase, "Where do i
Hi Roosevelt In his reply t>. the Weh?
st, r letter referred to the Harrtman
charges ss ' ?? deliberate snd wilful un?
truth bj right it should be character*
i/.,-?i bj an even shorter and mora ugly
word "
| IP Id Tl'.' Trll.in. |
v wport, R ii II Rear vimirni
gtephea B iMce, U H N . retirad, has been
ill .u in- home here tot ? fortnight Hs n
?uff? ' lag from ? iltach oi hr?*-n
rhttls in \lew "f th?> admiral's ??Ivan? ,>-!
?ige, hu friands h.ai- (OH conesmad o\er
hla condition? though reparti to-day were
that he wan ttnpro\in?.

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