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Mysterious "Smith" Was in
Room of Miss Sophie Borie,
of Philadelphia.
Policemen Search for Supposed
Burglar in Room of Mem?
ber of a Prominent
? i -i na Ti iTaa
Dec a rVSiowtng a
U\.i> rumpus around .the faahlonabls
gptrtn rnt houi t S v South Broad
? at 3 o'clock this mo**ntng, i'
H well known Phlla
? Bmith," ?h.? gave
N HI '
an.I . ? men pan Em it. '
wax ...
i neat and aaa taken to the l?n and
let. r it. the da n fuosi la appsavr ?
".lohn Bmltl ?"
Deaptte the apparent lack of
t ?? |.?: i of itu peraoni m a I
, "John Smith" in
*?'???? ball for a h? Bail
w.i~ prod - aid "Smith." who
? a knov. n at th ve. has
lffl the Ottf*,
\, ordlng to the pollCS and I.. 1'.. Mat
kaek. miperlntea?leni ..f the apartment
.-,...??? .? suite of rooms
in the second floor ? ? .lack
o'clock this morning, Mutia k
gg\-, i). njf gaddenly aroused from his
n.'iti), of a peculiar noise
apparently a man's whistle. F*lrat thar?
? ..uld be ix-aiu three abort whtatles,
i ,'\. r tone, one.
v do-.f from Matlack'a room leads Into
t . retar yard, and a nrtndow looks out oa
H The St fit rose from I
*r>A psspsd ut, bellevli ?-- that a ca' c ot
burglars niiKht be rMteSBPtlna to ?-ni^r.
He xays be saw I mm itwn;? th.
Q itekly and then make for a abed ti
?^f which is directly un
i Indi tar. H?
d?g|gl)ng In th? aii ai ? aftng
Apparently, he BS
t e wlndoa
Trtouqht Man Was a Burglar.
? onvinced that the man wsa a burglar,
Mstlaek rsal ? I Into the yard ?
the pate. Outsitl B the allej i ?' found
McKinley and Oreen, policemen of the
12th and Pine > >n.
Matla k mid hl e polio
and th<\ i hat s man
had climbed Into tha aeooad etorj
*? badow. Three other policemen wer?- sum?
moned and pi i ed on guard In the front of
. is.- and ?irr. ii and M? Klnley entered
to make i ?
? n. u and .... ' ? - ??'
In his borne, he accompanied the po?
li to MISS Borte's room. Nothli
n inaom.
; OCk on the
? la t!.?'I?
he was sk- d n i
? -
ind prsprie
and start..
t any intruder,
SOUl 10 lea ..? alt? r makinp apol- I
- Borle, when one ,,f th? police- )
np to alaUack. noticed a ?oat
? bed.
At ? ? u .1, M,
1 ling by, ; t ill)
nd not m?kln;-' any i eminent
Was Between Mattress and Springs.
1.1? and Pine
men in the
from between the mat
f Mi -- Borle's bed, Ki
"i live in tins apartment i oi ra . nd
. ouldn't get in th? trout. ><> i dun
ir." Matlack, the ?jupertntendent, saya
? Smith" < aplati ? pollci m?
rounding him. When they ordered him to
accoaasanj then. t<. the station house be
refused, and would not ga until they de?
clared: "11 von ?loi/t come light away
?' '11 rarr> you "
sftss Sorte, the police ssx oostlnued t.?
?tHinl silently bj ? \en when the man was
\t |h? station house, when searched, the
jolhe ?av | ? ti. k't? WOT? found In
??truth ' rockets The- ?ay h? was well
dres-ed and SPi ' thlrty-flve
>eare ol?.
M?j.? ? ? arle la .? beautiful woman
A Perfect
Christmas Present
rtmcricanTfosiejy Co*s
For Men, Women and Children.
Mad? of finest worsted yarns.
The b<rt Wrap ?or aut?inobiling,
skating, thooting and all outdoor
At lesilnr eSBasSsaTssSI .?t^r?.? sn-1 furnishers
Be sure this label Is on the sarment
"NO Bit TTC*
Itu* Direct from the
Maker and Save 40",.
v, - carry tli? larc?st
an?! Mr. ?t i,>n,rtukuii
of ?ugh arari? Ladles'
sad Dante* riii'.rHiea. ah ei,r Umbrallaa
i,i?. i>.ade ot the best Silks ai.d ful.y guar
We Ar? Making a Specialty of a
tif-nts' or I.i.ili?-?' t'mhrHIa
?guiar \ bSm S't 00
???'???' ?<??'. STRi. Tl.y K.\<;j ism
?i.bellas inouiu.it v.,t|, i.o.rt
ling Bllvar In ui.lque styles at \*-rv
mod? n,i, price* such as caaaot it obtained
in th? city
SI Maldrn Lane. ( er. Nassau Mret-t.
SS SI?'*. I-M A g l'livuc Uruul .ilNJO
?>r abaw Rft) year? Bhe la Mghlj i ??
n^.-t.-.i socially, being a slstat ??'' Bsauvean
?trie ?p,i ,,f im ?;. Heide Norria Bhe la
?a aa artistic tertpetamenl and ma?i?' a
great su ? .'??"" '"'"-? ,':,,u'1
upon ? n th? de? oration of maa) of
ti,- ,a,i ;.p.. hornea of Philadelphia.
Thrown from Roof, It Fractures
Driver's Skull.
Rarrj Baeermaa ? strike breaker sm?
ployed as a driver al the BtraM Ctaanl?ai
trtment, wha saaM hare tram b?o, H
Tails <-tr.'?M. l'i >\ 1,1,-n. .-. and is t< mpo: a: 11 v
quartered nt Stable A, Avaana C and nth
street while removlag ashsa fron the from
.f No 718 KiiHt nth su?it ?/astsrda] ?f
ternoon, was atnMh by ? brich 01 atone
thrown from th- top ?'f thS fOUT story
tenement house si that sddrosa
At Hellevii?' Hospllal It was foun.l that
1 Deberman'a skull wan fractured. The po*
? uve ths description ?f a ?Sfteen-yaar
; "i?i bo] who, several srltneesea say, threw
the Morse which Injured the atrihe brtaker,
but i " ai n at baa been made
On Deesuaer U a similar attack resulted
in thf* death of WUllam Bvsesey, Of Holts
viii". Long Island. He was about to ?shovel
some rubbish Into hla ait la front of
! No. Ol Id street when a piece of nagging,
I weighing about twenty-flve pound a, struck
the has, of Ms skuii. Two arrests were
! Tells Socialists He's Against
Law and Order.
WUllam i> Haywood, who waa tried with
Moyer ami Ptttibona for the murder of ea*
Oeverndr Bteunenberg of Idaho,
sorb Of the McNamaraa a1 Cooper
Union laat . ? a ? I* aevi ral hundred
socialists applauded Haywood. Th?
im* waa advertised ai a eoctallsl meeting,
pparently ?started off :?s one with the
singing of some Informal bailada le ord
? rst on?.':
rai'i taj h da?
i ' ? ringing ?>f oui tc.lows,
: -'r,.r-;
Haywood then began to speak, while .i?>im i
M? Mai "ii sat In one i I rowa and ;
.?mile.: ?: Haj wood wai al Brat
I but s im? ' rsi\ .? pal ," '
rlallst. f ? tl the
bull pen In tb? Ccetfr d'Alenes, and an?
nounced himself as an oppoi a and
it which n.. <?? ? ? -i surpriro,
but nearly all i h? ered. ?>.
sentiments along tl Is Une a
"My heart is with the McNaroara boya
?in-oio: ? ,ru:i ?is long as they are
!i?:?.t;n!- in ti.r< i of th? working
elaea" (The cheering nol o loud 01 so
' ?bserring I Haywood ? ontlnued:
"We an- not ?lighting In th? caua? "i" capi?
tal. We are compiling .? categor) of tin?
? i Imea ? : by capll il. ?Let ca
bury its own dead. Ther? are 1
il'-aii in Loa Angeles We are I
go then There are 201 ?dead at Brtcevllle,
Tenn., murdered by capital. Therel
cannot find it In my heart ad? n my
own brothera." i More appl i
And i am nol a law -al Idlm
Haywood i ontlnued "i do nol b? II? i anj
:i be a law-abiding citixen."
(Great applause.) "When we com? together
anil are of a common mind, we become con
ev? rthrow the l?nlt? d i
gOV? nuil, m (Up]
.n lustrial ? (Oh!j
\ ?popular aentlment waa, Il i better to
.? tra ' a to ? out L'ountr) than io your I
? lass," ?? ? , a-" thai * a? particularly
well received waa "murderous brutea oi ?
policemen In New Fork."
Haywood had : for Industl lal Ills '
Which consisted principally of combination
and taking ., hat j mi wal I
Juror Thought He Was KcNa
mara on Trial for His Life.
Indianapolis, i?? 21. Frank P. Baker,
?Pros? cutoi, was Ix fore Ihe federal
grand Jurj lo-daj He was summoned be*
-i his v. ..i k a prosecutoi In ? on?
ducting before thu < inty grand Jury s
i plosion ? In Indianapolis Bak? i
earlier In the day had been fined |6S for
contempl b.Intel ? upted a n
trial in the county court bj dragging In s
detect!?? v. o was working o the dynamite
Investigation and who, Bakei said
wing" him The judi;.' said ii<- would
Instruct the county grand Jurj to Inquire
int?, thf- Identit: at ti" persona thai h J
innoylng the prosecutor.
To ladlcat?, the mental stress under which
he ha?i labored, Baker told the court urn
a member of th? presiding grand Jury ha<l
become Insane through consideration "? the
alleged dynamiting plot'and bad imaj i
h? was John 3. McNamara, on trial f.?r his
Ufa Th?1 in.?n waa : ol dismissed, th? i rose
. ?tor aaid, becauac K was feared the public
might misconstrue the action, o
the interest in the Investigation.
("laude E Myera < hi? t of Police ol
Ohio, where ?"??" pounds of iyaamlt?
other explosives were foun.l hidden Ii
ifter the arrest of John J.
McNamara In Indi on April 22 last,
aras the chief Witness befor th? f?
grand Jury to-day
He waa among thosa from whom it u ?
asM ihe Investigators expected to learn
tacts iraplleetins otbei
and Orile McManlgal la the expia
rdoaa la ?Pennsylvania, Ohio ?and Indiana.
Carpenters' Secretary Sayn Headquar
ters Should Stay in Indianapolis.
Indianapolis, Der 9 - Frank PuflPj
rotary of the united ?Brotherhood ol
pantera and Joiners of An ? lied to
da) to a lett? i I rp? nt? ra' ?La il N
12, Brooklyn, ? ed the rei
of the national headduartera ?faom Indian*
Hi d< ? lared th? n o\ >? would
. wnwtae one
Tha h.klyn union complaiaad thai h
I lanapolls Is known as'"the stamping ground
foi murdera and thugs" atnca the confei
tdon of the M Nai Mr. buff y gald
? v || nol to blan* . and b? lleved tha
? Mers act? d hai I
? Bonds of Executors of Charles B.
Reed's Estate Raised to $130,000.
iflv Telegraph ?,, Ti,. Trisas? .1
OrSSnWlCh, Conn., Dot ft Tb? first vic?
tory in the contes! which Miss Jessie I*.
j Reed, a BUR "t KSW York City, has started
to obtain lbs sstste or her father, I barloa
I?. Reed, the publisher, area won to-da) in
??? Greenwich Probate Court, when Judge
Ti'-rnc-y, heeded bei attorney*a rsQOSsi and
Increased I ?I tb? ? \, ? u?tora from
ijGOSt? H '??"
Mrs. Carr?re, Whose Husbard Wac
Killed, Compromises Action.
jostlea ?CohaJaa graated peratisslen iree?
terday is Mia, Manon i ?. n <-.tn ,?-,., i
?f Jshs m Cairire, the sated architect,
to aompramlsa foi MMM * auit walel
brought -against tha Me?}ropet}taa :
Hallway COSapaay and UM Mas'in-Si-ainan
Tiaii-p?i tatliMi Company f,? n,L. death ??
met bUSbaad on Mar? h 1 last.
M/. ?Carran was i Ung la u Ualoak on
February U arhea s atreet ear ?tmek ths
rat, at Madtssa avaaua ami ??tn street The
ai htteet was tluown out of the can snd
bo badly injured that ho Uk-d. Mia. Cai?
rele sued for UMJUM,
-. ~^?
COUPON NO. 19. FRIDAY, DEC. 22, 1911. R
$15,450 in Prize? Free
My Answers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreaderi'
Pictures of This Date and Number Are:
No. 37.
No. 38.
Contestant's Name .
City or To'.vn and State.. . .
Contestant? in the Tribaii B oUrcad.?ra' Contest mus? write tl.fir
ensn-ers up. n this coupon, wl li ?> ill appear on l*age ! nf The Trlivine
every day aurli ?? the eentast fiir couiplito cu-ipon meat na retnrned.
Anenrera submitted on coupon; arl i I sr? i ?i i plete or srhich ?i i not
bear The Tribune's heading will not bs et nsidcr.-d. 1.1 t .>' prizes,
condition?; ??f the conte* ' und
- \i
Theatrical Agent Indicted 1
Attempting to Bribe Juror.
Defence Cries Trickery, b
More Arrests Will Be Made,
It Is Declared.
.\ i illeged attempt t.? bribe one of I
Jurors halted yesterday the trial <>f i>.
Scheftele, Qoorge Graham Rice and t
otiirr men aaaoctated arlth the Arm
?:. il Bcheftels ?v.- Co. who aire charg
with having used the mails in a schei
lo defraud Investors In stocks Geor
.1. B) rn<. sai.I t.> i,- a theatrical agei
with an office al No. 1 KK! Broadws
irrested by <'ii:?-t' Flynn > t" I
Beeret Service on the charge of havii
approached Prederlck 8. Dale, Juror N
i'. with s promise o? M.non after the ei
..f the trial If the Juror held o ;t for
: ? ? ment ol the Jur?
? ere many Im Icai lona In tl
!?"? d< ral Building ? thai the a
:. ol lyrm was only a Aral sti
the disclosure of what is nllegi
., be ..n extensive plol t.. Interfere wl
. ..ms. ..i Justii ?? In the Scheft?
Nol onl) v as Ih ? arrest made i
Flynn, whose duties do not Inclu?
auch ?ase.?., but 'I"- postoffice il
were als?? drawn Into it late In lb? aftc
noon to aid the marahals In trailing tl
mini, runs persons BUgpectod Of COU
pll? it i in the alleged plot.
Goldthwatte li Dorr, Abel I. Smll
and W. H. Pitkln, assistanl Unite
Stales attorneys In charg? of the Bchel
tels prosecution de? ined to dlscuas whi
effect the alleged bribery would have o
the trial of the .-use. It was declare?
however, that more arrests Would b
made B|
After a ? bnfei en? ?? between the de
fendants and their, lawyers, Abram J
Rose and Louis J. Vorhaus, of ...uns.
declared on behalf of theli tfiients the
all of the defendants denied ev? n an ac
qua Intam i a Ith Bj rne, and \> et
f?ectly igjnoranl of ttempt tha
mighl h.,-.e !'? ? h made lo interfi ?
the jury.
"If ii be s facl thai a Juror haa be? i
appros? li".i," s.-.id a ir Rose, ' it wai dot.
with an Ides to Injure the defence an
not !.. aid an) of the ?1? fend inl
clients believe thai as th? i age agalnsi
them ?'as Inatlgated bj Wail Str?
em lea, the alleged briber] of a luroi wai
di. 'o an eff.iit made bj Int? r? sts Inimi?
cal i > t)i?. Bcheftels firm In ofdei to d ?
? redil the defence "
The alleged attempl to bribe Dale wai
on Dec? mber l?'>. i "ale i. port? d
the matter t.. Judge Hay, In the United
Btatea Circuit Court, before whom th?
h i.ii has i" - n ni progress f.?r nine a
and Judg? Rai ordered an Investigation,
Whi!. Mr. Hale was taken before the
grand Jury t.. testify Chief Plynn waa
ask.-d by Henry \. Wise, United Btsti
attorney, to keep Byrne under the
gtrlctegt Burveillsnce, and after the
grand Jury found sufflcienl grqundg to
indi, t Byrne on Wednesday his
followed yesterday. Re aros taken be?
fore Judge Holt, who held hin In $10,?
000 i all on s pit a of not guilty.
Th. connection, If any, of Byrne v>;th
the Bcheftels csse is as yet .. mystery.
He is i tall man, ..f prospero is appeal -
? -, and waa ?? familiar figure In the
corridor outside th?. courtroom where
the Bcheftels trial nun l?e.n rroinrr oh.
When the news of Byrne's arrest and
th. alleged intorferrneo with g juror
reached tha Lawyers for the Bdheftels
g th? . iked .Iu<ik. Raj for g eon?
ter, me, and th.- trial waa suspended f< r
awhile Bhortlj befara ?'. o'clock Judge
itH\- announced an adjot?**nutssat until
this inoriiiiiK in on'x t !.. ti.?? tha ?!? -
fence lime t>> mael tha new condition of
( i.iiliniiril Iriini first i BgC.
ind ?? ?leslastlcal Mongolls In support
of the ni?.'.? in- o? at I
The Mancha Ami an. or governmental
??i er.tatlve, who was drlvefi from Urge,
Is expected ," ;? ich the Manchurlan fron*
ii?: to*moiToa a special i ar haa been pro*
? by the Tn n ?Balk ?i Rail?
Repreeentatlvea from Mongolia have a| -
plied to Russia through Oeperal Horvath,
the i: ommandi r al Hai bin, for
arms foi one hundred thousand infantri
and a gr?ai t. ?. i > of ?cavalry. Th? tin* ? m
pi red Russian regulars on tlielr wsj home,
who stopped ??t Harbin, hare been aenl
back i" ban icki at I ssurl, on tha Chlneae
frontier. The time-expired railway guarda
have be? n tun* m Ti ana? Balkalla
t.? bai i acka In Manchui 11
Russia hai additional forcea In Trans?
Bslkelis numbering In all ihlrtj tbouaand
men, and the Irkutsk*Manchurlan Rallwaj
has !" ? n ;>la''<'.i In tu epa ? atlon foi m
..i in. reserve Three thousand tr.,..,i
... i - ' on? ? ntrated ?or Imnwdiate
us. .
[ Stay in Kutien, Under Chinese
Protection, at Natives' Request.
' Roard of Forelan Mieslona of t li*-*
i Methodist Episcopal Church received a
Rev. Walter W.
j Williams, al Kutien, near Ifoo-Chow,
China, explaining why some of th? ml -
aionariea did not follow th? suggestion of
L'nited States coi ek protection at
th? eaports. Dr. Williams In cloaca a let*
t"i from the Bla Huol ? Refoi tn >?" lety) of
| Kutien, setting forth brleflj in Chin ae
style th?- measures the Chinese themselv?
ha.i I iken t" pro! .-t mli i Ion irl The
letter saya:
? heard thai Ihe honorable
church misslonarleri, on sccounl ??f the
Isso? letton (the r- vo
lution) s itli ihi Ir have bi en
called b) your honorabl? ? "lis il to the
capital i" be jirot? "ted in |>eace Tins Is s
-.I plan, arising from a i;????! purpose.
However, the people <?( Kutien hsve be?
come verj much enlightened and their ' ue?
toma changed The peoph and the church
...?? ail ;.i peace. > .no honorable Church
ools, hospitals, ... i hanag? -
snd ? Imllar good things. Sol on? ol
bul ? gratlf) Ing to the hem is of the
A though ti'" p. "pi- ". K utl? ?i are
l?l? folk, still th? > ha? ? seen ai d ap?
preciated these things, if yon (mission?
aries! should siiddenl) ?-'.. from Kutien we
li -at!- t. sr lhal 11 ? p. ople a ?. ? 11 ? i be
slarmed and think matters worse thin they
if -. ?,u stii i this will nol be Ihe ? -
? s,,'i?'t\ numbly reou? sts thai you
permit them in id? you to i amain
Should anything unfoi ? a? rm oo at
should, r.f ?our:-,, exert ourselves t.. pro
t.'.'t \..o ?n.! >?.m- property We an quite
i hal a ?? ' an afford efll? leni prof?
lien W*
i.? a? ?? and I ap| Ineas
London, i '? ?1 Th? Ho Kong an?i
i ''????.* ?-??' tlon t?)-da->
that owing to the disturbed ?tat? of China
H h s not received any funds foi t'.i
' ihe loan of August SI, IM6, a
000,000 it n. however, prepared t.. pui
, has? ? "Upon -"it l" sei i" du? on i ?? ? ?
."i at fa? '? valu?
? ???-<*??~^?^?
Mtgggd from Borough Bank Afte- It
Was Closed. It Is Alleged.
Wl ? n the i earing In th? Rorough Bank
I gatlon ??i ? n ?"M w? ? if II Is ex*
i that there trill be some sensational
ony. Wst d baa rente to th? ears of
the Bsnklng Department of th.? dtsapi
an?'. ??? ?between N8.000 and 170,000 from the
bank after '; ' ! " doors.
William J. Hsyi a, s "? snk examiner of the
tmenl under thi foi mer Bu?
-. r,,!, ni. c?a iya thst he
th? mattei and ? trunl
ahli h ii.iva a din el I ? ai ag
oll th? I > two that ? '? rj thing v ut
t abould i av? : K a
In a sworn atatement which Mr.
,. Louia ? ;?,'? ti In, attorne;. , I
. H'i ?"? to the bank aft? r ta
to r? eve tha tank i seminar, who
i .. itton Mr. Hayea
(u?,i i.. i. .n r.. ?i thai th.mbtnatlon ?a
, |hn ca '.,,?!. .?.> had not
been changed "H<i thai ths looks bore
Mr also dec?an d I
! the hank examiner who h.ui been in eharga
! ha?i i."t notlded the Superintendent of the
condition ol sffalra
otabirott &qiuir.e ?i?wt
o? the firm's i elebrated fabril
I. t: ?1 rl I! ni I ?! i n k
rl? Fifth Ai ? ni'.
Brai ' li? ?
Singer Building
M'< Broadway
_______ _.
Son of Millionaire Contractor
Found in Chicago After a
Hunt Across Continent.
I Boy Was Dieted on Beer and
! Grapes in Preparation for Won?
derful Revelation?His Fort?
une to Mother at Death.
rnv Telegraph to Tea Tribuno.)
Chicago, Dec. B.?The muteiies of tha
weird < -dt known ?? the Ifendaenan, "sun
worshippers,*' will lee,une a -it.j.rt oM
I COUri InreatigStion . ti January 4 Jii<l?o I
Pinckney win then dselde whether the en?
t/fronmenta et Um chief t"ni(.ie. lio. StU?l
I lake Part grenue, sre luitabts for Will-'
I m Lindsay, tha twelTe-yssr?oM son <>f a
, I ?! mer a i alth) Phlla lelphla contra? tot
Mrs. Landen* . mother Of the hoy. i- MM
I of the Mgh Kteat? iseg or t:is seet. Rhe
brought the boy here and aataMiahad their
<?? tdenci at the templa sume- week.? ax<>.
Relatives ... the boy on bia father's side,
Including Charles R Undssy, with the aid
of <it; policemen, forcibt) t'?..k the hoy
away frota th? call headquarters <.n Bat ir?
day. They placed bina In the juvenile de?
tention ho'i... Judge Ptnekney then
the ho-, in of lisiar \v Br
counsel i..i tita mother, nntU c. a m?rita
..f tie -? . iid b ? led.
? now re
Biding at the residence of Mrs David <;.
Brauckmsn, t?o. Sfl iiriar Plsee. Mrs
Brau? kman, who Is B BtSter-HVlaw of Mr
i'.ie. her, is g|ao one of the cult's 11
The father of the boy left irge estate,
hall of which went to the mothei The
lather'i relative? have no hope or desire to
?.nie control over the estate, acoordlng to
VViliard M. McEwen, an attorney, but are
Interested la the child's welfare, or?es
reached them that th.. hoy v..i- being
brought up ..u ;i iid t ??f beer and white
and thai his i dncatlon ara
? neftecti .1
Leads Rescuers Hot C-nse.
Clrcumatancea which I">1 up to'the recov
? er' ..f jroui frota th- Lake Pars:
? temple wen lensstlonal after de?
I tectiv? agencies the Gem soctetj ?nd vari*
- ?'.?nil.- ?tourl authorities had work? i
: ..ti tie .-ase for months, following atorlei
I of alleged maltrea ment, the bad Anally tsaa
dlacovered in ?'lu.ac... Detectivea and.
court officers hovered dsy and night m th?
vl.-inlty of the gun Temple. > -..r? hitiii for l
clewa ,.f ti ?? boy*a rgact irhereabosts,
<>n Friday last he aras seen entering the':
rear door >.f the temple That night Im
was taken oui of the house by .. man
and bia mother and bundled into ? taglcab,
Ti,.- purauera followed In another machine
- for miles through the city's boulevard*
i Then th. chase wan conducted through half I
'a dosen hotel lobbies, during which the
i boy's guardians arare successful in eluding
?then- pursuers, finally throning Ihem oaf
1 the ti.nl
The n.?xt day I W8S 1 !. and
young Linda?) na<?i t.. the Lake l'urk I
av.nue home. He "as seen when aboul ???
; enter, and a detective seized him The ho.
; shouted for !,eip. and hslf s dosas attseh?* |
of ihe tsssgee rut had to his reaeaa jpid
dragged both .apto-and ho.? into the i >.-. j
: Meantime, however, another watcher -? ni .
| a call for aestetance, ?nd nine ?ifn.-ers hur
I : led to the place (f WSS fheM that the :
j strtiffgi.- Nsslted Opersttreg >.f the Born'a ;
, DettK*tlve Agency were met a? the door and :
obliged to make a foreii.ie entrssce
: Otaci past tha outer door, they wers met
h) the "iiieh Priest" and almost a acore
women rollo?.-).- The Been? was
dramatl? Th< white-robed women ?creamed I
and walled, while muttered Imprecations
were hissed at the unbidden guests. "Dr."
ilanlah hlnu -i In s lona. Rowing
I rob? of Oriental pattern, appeared, and with
arms outstretched Importuned the lnvad#f
Ito leave the iio\ with him a jolt from th?
arm <?f a burly pou ? offlcei disarranged
l ? robed lea lei a costume ?nd showed him
ihm Interference \\n?, uaeleet in the hub?
Lui, several window.- were smashed and
-on. the foetl] brlc?k?brac ff?i-..i from
Ind? llcate handling
Yjoung Llndaai era? taken awa b bia !
70 Years of Maintained Superiority
and Conscientious Brewing
The F. & ft ^kf* |1 ?\ ?|?* f* Brewin?c<>.
Holiday Brew
On Draught at AH Customers'.
Bottled at the Brewery
For Holds and Resfaaranls?Family Trade Supplied by Leadinr Dealers & firocers
Brewery and Bott'ing NNorits. PAK'K AV.. ?OTH lo 5IST ST., N. V.
un'-ii- and the ?Jetscttvea Immediately Mrs
Lindsay KouRht t?? regain custody ?.f !??:
son. She employ? ?1 th" SSTVloea of an St
torney, who succeeded in setting jnda
Plnckney, ?.f tha Juvenile Court, t?. resten
ti!" bo; to her temporarily. Th? attorney
was- directed t?> ha\- bias In court when his
taue Is call?-?!.
'Cross-Continent Search.
Th? i.rj "i "> boj followed s searcl
whl.h extended from New York to Let
Angelea ?Tor weeks the trail of the Mttfc
fellow was followed, and detOOtlVSg kepi
track of the mother, it lieinc tlurougfe
her SCtlona tl.it he finally was located In
tile temple Of the "i'*tn Worshippers."
When ths lather of the in- died, leaving
more than HJOMM, the est?t.- was left In
with a Philadelphia banking company.
By a provision of tba win aaoaM the i>oy
dl< the entire estai, would ie'..-rt to tip?
?widow, otberwla the; were to share and
Mrs. Lindsay disappeared from Philadel?
phia with her s?in about six months jro.
POT g time she dropped out of sight an?!
then bobbed up as a 'Pun Worshipper.'
Closely associated with h?r was the "Rev."
Ottoman Zar-Aduach Hatrtrh. the high
priest ?o* th?' order, and it is said that ha
ded the mother that bar ?-??n was ??
i Instrument In the cause of religion.
The boj WSS i" have been the subject of
?i apodal revelation, and It was durlnp B
course Of prep ?ration for this wonderful
revelation that h? SU kept 00 the diet o?
grapes al d UOOt,
Charlea Lindsay, the uncle, |g president
. f the Undssy Eight Cempeny, ?>f <'hi?aK'>
ii" ?had heard ol hia rietar-ln>law'a interest
in the strange <"uit, end after her dlaappear*
; nee began an lavesttgatlon. He learned
that Mi? Lindsay was travefltng with
Mulish, the Mgh priest, and he sat out
lo lind th.-ni. At that time they were in
New v.'ik, hut auddealy H.unsii 1. ft the
N?-\v York iV'ad'iuartcr* of the ? s im Wor
shlppers" snd srenl r?? Lowell, Mass Wbou.
the detectives reached Lowell they ?.?.<-.?
! several da\s behind the hoy and his moth?r.
Several ?reeks lat-r Hanlah, Mr? Lindsay
and ths boy were traced t?> Loa Angeles
and from liters the ?has?, led to ?
1 when- it andad.
< harit-s Llndaav baa ?I? | ths
l?aders In the ?trange cull had per
Mr? Lindsay to let them have cha ??? ?|
I th?" boy, and that eventually th- ?? I '-i
1 gel the Undssy ?fortune through Mr UaC
I any.
Government Free to Proceed with
Grand Jury Investigation.
WasMngton, Dae, H.?Tha Aat
! Sugar Refining Oompaay aiade an aaes*?
pscted ?move in the supreme Court ?
when it asked and attained the dl?
?,f its appeal from the ?lerlslon of tha fed*
' eral court in New V?.rk that s subp i
I ?bt company to swdUCS beoka for prand
| Jury mvesUgafhM under the .Sherman law
i gras \aii'i.
The dismissal of ths case leavi i th^ go-.
Ianiment ?Tree t" proceed with the gravi fury
I Investigation.
?Chicago, Dec. -l -Helf a million dollar?
in sold will he the chri?tmas Rift of ; ?
Crane Company ttit** year to its employ. . j
"This distribution, representing l?i pot ti tj
of the salary of seek ractpasat, win brtag]
the total amount given t?) employ?s ..
teen yean to UJIM?O,'' said an offlvlal
i,,, ,i v. ,u- and tits year tha profits did
not warrant ?the gift. Neverthelesa I ?
?,. . hesrfully Riven, and arlll continue la
future years."
- ?
? While your holiday fund
is on the wane?this
money-saving opportunity
should interest you?
We've reduced a quantity of Men's Fancy
Mixture Sack Suits that were $25 to $35, to?
$20 and $25 ?
We are also showing a splendid variety of
Housecoats, specially priced at?
And a fine assortment of Silk Neckwear,
regular prices $1 to $1.50, at?
\B?4$ I
j Ifl?
enable the business men of the two great trade
centres of the country to meet without the loss
o? valuable o?llce-hour time in travel.
?afe p.
? ore central Lines
'TAe Wafer ?ewt/flouie''
Lv. NEW YORK 4.00 r-.m.
Ar. CHICAGO 8.55 a.m.
Lv. CHICAGO 2.30 p.m.
Ar. NEW YORK 9.25 a.m.
? ft
; ilii'i'i
iaa h ? .-?vereilby S-wiclal
thOSI ??T'ra . ha-.^e.
? rfi amai ?-afl?reseGsassslBast?
sral .? .geat, Utl Broadway.
???t New YetU'[-iaa??. CZ10 M *-?n
^?^ Br-*?klyn'Pbana. 10. ..u*
- ??arf
v I.ilNbS y

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