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Baseball S> Boxing ?* Lawn Tennis J Chess ^ Rowing ?* Hockey ?* Squash
Formai Charges Macic Against
Owner of the Cubs.
Resents the Words of Murphy
in Controversy Over Waiv?
ing on a Player.
e Chi?
cago i- fa ? one? more.
- ' i?t hint
: Of t'l'
t th? su
ill upon Ihe
to | jpeloalso
")-. ,rl ; en him."
war between '
:.-nal I.?-.?'
thr menai er of the 8
to . .h. ..? whom
. ?? with
Toronto for Oenoit s Hi
,? that
M un
that he s
ndlng n
' lllll.
?t 11m; m ?n the na
wledged In Cln*
. i -,
.i added
? Ben
sendli ? ? Johnson
nn,i Thome? ?'
National I
- on the
of ' n Januarj
\i amMtl
T..m K?
N. s 5 <-i '
tiam. ?i? ? lam ' ? ? ? win?,
, < v ? .? ,. .? battl
far tb? ?hip of the
? i. tor;
"v et Ai Pal? r us one re?
they are m>t I
? ?
p hoxli ' ' t!::i1
r Denver
h?-. It ap
f r -
. : sr from
The Nee "> orb
? . gamo,
. ? i
r boxer ?than
? ?. or be? no ?
/ko and
' ? o
I ? ' ? iw put
i-iill? li
tnd f..?
o hav?
nd the
misunderstanding;. A
' -
? ? th.- whole
I ? swell with h
leyei the n markable
Irieh-Arnerlren Ath*
. formerly <?f the
Naval A cadi -
? N
KV .
W this time that he I aa
tltion. Laet
dors >.f ti e
Cava! a ? .- -, ,i y v. on the I
-"*'?? mile inn in
i only n - ?
foi o - .
?. thel he I -
i printers
tuaael the p for e bom
t who
? -t It.
Lip Reading Scheme Turned
Down by Chicago White Sox.
? ?? rythlng
f mute
;;tcn ?. ut
? known
. ?
' .? ? i
SOC' B? S3 ' IKE.
? -
; ' ? -, ,
- - . A ? ? ?
Columbia and Harvard Make a
Clean Sweep as Starter.
Princeton Also Goe.*v Down in
Engagement on Four Boards
with Crimson.
Arst day'? i ? i h >
in the twentieth annual Intercol
chesa tournament between Columbia
ale -.i", i'i.i, ? ton, at th< v ? ?I Bide
Republican ? Hub, v- M i; oadwa y, yet
.mi.m end Hi r\ i rd whl? h bava
i mono) oils? Hrst pi
the beginning ol the 11 ri? ?, iwo d?
ego, led with clean acorei of four i?>ints
( 'dl.: SO ?WO? ,' Bl -?'I r";ir
i m ird follow? d
I sull at the expense <'f Princeton In ?Us
lond round to-day ?ho vlctori will exchange
opponents, Columbia meeting ?Prin? eton snd
? i racing v"!'
i-, , .. .;? i o dock
ng, at which time Leul?
Hein, dlreetoi of play, weloomed th< ?la*
in the course ol
advised the conb
?,,'.? of tin" rules and
? vote of thank- t?> Edward I
g, ? :,, f at the alumni
committee, who has been setlve in tin*
ent ol the toui i sa ei la Mr. ' '.?-??
well ti sponded briefly, Baying : bal Ik?
of serious friction had been highly
gratifying to him throughout all ibese
yeon He wound up by Inviting the ploy
era t?. a breekfaat ?>? tbe ?ale i lub to*
morro! .. when play In the tourna?
ment will no! start untd noon.
?Something skin to s hitch wa? I
. ned ? hen Harvard and Princeton pn
? m new mon al their fourth hoards
? n Usted os the t< ama Bled
| in advance with the secretary.
I Caawell and Hein called attention ?to the
. ilarity, and tl ? ubmlt*
ted the question to ? conf? ren< ? ol i be
four captains?J. ?3. ?Beadle, ol Columbia;
C. 8 Hadley, of Harvard; B. E. Btearna,
of rale, and F. n Bhafer, of Princeton
I They decided unanimously in favor of per?
mitting the noi ero to play, provld? d
etltut? ? replaced by the new men
would not participate later in the day,
J. it. Beadle, B H. Child* H A. v, ?
!.. ?'.luck were lbs winner? for Co*
.. while T. EL Bchoonmaker, C, B
Hadley, S Beiniger and B. M. ProWe scored
. larvard.
The pairings, opening? were
, ai? fol!
?LT'MBIA l'g. YAl.l.
i 1 J B Beadk .... 1 n rj Ho lc< . 0
... I i:. i ?.. . <?
i trna.o
.1 i: i- i . ?bee . . "
I 2, ... |.?TI ?
ihblt ti lounter
; ?! ores; t, i ?-?
.?.-.-. P\ Van Vllet... 0
- Hadl*?/. 1 h Phaf?*r. 0
I O. R. 1 0
v W B Harrli i K n_0
... i rotal. "
v '???:.'
f tb< elaht gemea had boos i on?
? luded wh? n t nment wa?
and Of tl
Columbia'? column, leai Ing < 'a; I
to light oui a long ?trug] : wltl Hooker, of
; Brook ig Vai, . The Waah
.-? ? r, with tin rulvantage ol the
kept hla vt| ei mu i
k asfa until he fini
aev? nty-nlne mo> et
Wiae was the first t.. acore for Columbia,
ng Bt? .' ns, the v..i.- i aptain, after
. , v. n moi m Th< latter had an es?
collen! attack, bul was unable to maintain
it.1 Qluck scored a llttli Ister for the Blue
and V. ? ? , lu I Ing loot t m
g? . When he i ? with
the loi listed
The i' ry for th? Seo Vorken v..is
i wound in. his oppo
i,.m unexpeetedl) sftei the hitter had
made s gallant fight
A prettj ' ombinatlon on the i a I ol
Beinli enal led that play? i
for the Crimson. Hi?
! atrategy won aim s piece by force.
A promising attack i uilt up by Stockton,
to ?naught In cona? ?
an "\. rsighl ? ?ting a pi? ce.
of Princeton
two pawns, and although be mail, it un
I comfortable for Harris, of Harvard. h<
paid the penalty, when be wee
lieft with live pawns to cope with a ?
: and thru pawns Bel.nmukcr and Van
V'lli i. m the top i oard In the mat? I
and Prlnoston, ? er? well
. .. stuall r the Can
player wor? ngin? ? ? it
or the ' riu.
Two ol th? most Int ? une? follow:
u HI. i . u urn:. Hi.."
? 18 i B ?? ? ? k '
: :. r ?.
a B 11 ? H B ? 87 R H '. R v i:
I P?Bfl '? Q ? ?? l.i i. .
i n Ki :t ?::i? H K K- B :?
l" ? H 1'
if Kl l ? ? ?
Kl '.' ?'?
:?. '; h 4 i- \ r 44 h hi ki '?? *
K t ? I ? 1.4
12 Hi V ?'?'.. i' ? I' K . i
I :: Kl K H 3 K Kl BSI 47 n Kl
H 4h II II 7 K B ?.
.: . . Kir
17 i n \ i K Kt 4 Kl Te?
HI ?*! I K? .' ?
, in H -O? H -Kl I B K 2
an p k h a h?< ??
|B1 P XI! - Kl 11 4
R3 r I?' ".ci: ltd i-,
'??; n
I ? -.
i : s | : . i j
. > It !" K t 8 Kt -U 2 |
I' I. Kl.", ?il I! Kl 7
'. I
1 -.' h Willi R
! i !? k i r . -..' ') i u K ?
i -'T Kt '.? r K Kl -t
P?Q3 KP Kl S K?K! d
t, l- ? ? i Pel
SitO H P?K ? J
I R 4
I?J B ?. ? t: '. i
II p. Kl Kl ?
? - -??? i ri. i: Ki 3
i i
II 2
??- ' ' Il -K
? ': i
i? Il Kt ?'? '.' K i '. i
:?? ?.? ?
< i ?.. K7 Uilfi 1.4. b
. ?? i.: :
. Ht
? thai! 1i . ? lu;
1 .? ?? ',,
' :' !..
.' ' i
i, Htiite.
*Ritey and Starr Shob?
Their Skill a.1 Squash.
Work I heir Way to Semi
Final Round on Prince?
ton Club Courts.
Playing sitJely different styles ol gama
srhk h . arrk -i ; i, ??? Into I
I, Aiinin vv RJley, the Prlw ? ton Clul
U h Starr, on? of th
of the 1 rd Clul
red their aJr.il b i m the opi i
n.- nt on the i,.
Princeton Club For rlever handling of th?
i acket Rtl i ? -i hla pre*? Ion pi r
From lb? ?cratch mark, whin
> to win
Rile) iu? ??? ded In ? llmlnatlng Jsm ?- W
n, of the Ham i I .
n two fsst BOtl I1' .. . on of IE ,; 11 I
lit-. <i the full limit
n the mlm ? ' ? d?
' ? ItO. al
".. IS 9
ora thi begii i natch Rll?
light to
. ?' . ? ? pc "?'?. ind until he hsd
talad. Bur?
the lly, and he hi Id the
?? - t . the two
_?? .1 in air. ? - ?? <.f rsll.ee. Th?.
ball truvelled ??> rily and > arelj bit the
. ih in an In? h oi two ahov?
? Utah ( mi hla backhand r- and at
taking shota oil th. re i ? ill Rltar aas at
hi* best. He msd? > lever one of ?
wsll shot the ball c!ylng awaj hi th? far
n Hi. first gam? sritfc
? i. n rountlni ? i olnt
In th? ? ? Riloj plsced with gi
... ? m . ? .1, alwa) a holding B
Leonard started ... ii by staying stroke?
in his n st? h against Starr, Once Stan ac
qulr? .1 peed, I ? II fast aad true t?> the
??"i n. i -. and w ?? ' i bly lulck on hli
Leonard led al S?minus .: la tl
ond .r wh.-n stair i.-t bJtnsetf out On b
? ighth hand he reeled on a a--. - in i tow i.\
? ..r.i w ?ii, \fi?r that Leonard
n. i rhsck Rtarr, who scored it? compara
tlvel) ?
Tu. . hlef match on th.. i ard t.. day will
bring John v\ Pi mtl i al minus HI set
and j ?.r n?. count, i gatnst .i 0 Low si t
i 'cinch
Th?- aummsry foil? i
ap ifouri
: 1 v i?.l (pi I ? - ' . ',:. v
D. I*. Ktarr. H?
? :? 1."?.
1". 11 IS II
Outpoints Morrow in Scientific
Boxing Exhibition.
Bddie MeGooi " of Oshkosh, v\ .? . hsd
-.hat the '. tt? r of Howard M
n Iffhl In s n n
..t the N'a?: nal Sporting Club of
? a last night, n wsa a Blmon pure
t.oxlni: cont? 'i - son K?m< rslli? -
lut these wen- few and fsi Mnr'
ros had ? p.. ?i right hand hut mn.le llttl?
... hlli McG.t' '??? '? ' th
ami w a? the aggi esaoi.
After 1 - ?i s ai announced by his
gor that Met loorty boxed sight i
with a fractured right hand, snd that the
injury would compel him t<> t*ance1 bis
>i Boh MohS, ''rank Klaus and
Jack Hill..:.
There wai little done i1 I I round,
which went to McGoort} <>n point?, Mor?
i?.'.'. ?an..- from !.- . 11 ? '. . rou? bed low,
Is left hand attended far in front of
him McOo rty, on the other hand, aparrad
high . n hi.- ' tOOk the lead.
; le tri '" ? .trat.? the gusrd
d which th.- Byrscua man kept him?
self well covered Morrow led a few times,
lid i....i ?\ mode him miss si .1 coun
| tered prettily with both banda There
.. nty of clean boxing, but little ..f the
??lam . r. v. bich appeal- l I Ih"
M< now -.'.Ithdrew int.. hit
' ...I i..
td ' a'..
--'nt. He made lead al
ilthough Morrow bio? k?fd elev? rly,
blows found a ...
? ! spot M? n K>rtj w.;- more < lev. r
?han ? ....
: .i un.-..il Eddie M... ked, duck?
? i with th. lead, bul seid m ?
:?. i to leap .u wlih ilashli g countei ? b
both ha . -
in tr,.. sivtn round Moi i ? to the
nd fall? d to ?
fl Like a Mash tl ?
whipped over a right crow counter t., tho
jaw, H../...I foi a m.eat, McOoorty cov?
. ami Morr?n fl? i n Ith both I
Th? re was Httle or no harm done, ',
ach and Bj
was fa-r and
Of the
eighth and ninth round on points. Hi
caught McOoorty on the Is s and ?tr
mied him up and then wen) In to follow
The Wisconsin man wa
however, and wa - ick lighting hard.
M? n?...rty had the i etti i ol th
rou.i Ho I ? i Morrow, hot
fl hand foi the head
denly, however, ht shifted a solid right to
th. body. Th.. pun. ii hurt, and a
.. the ja\ ? ?,., | gag, '
He rt ... and waa stioiig at
: . II.
Former Champion Expects to
Beat Oalifornia Boy.
Battling .v.l.-..n w.:i m.
I logan m i ten-1?.-. : out at th
.'.III. He .'lun. ..1 ll.ll hill. tO-nlght. N*l?
. i?..r i i., i ome ??.. ?. i mona ! hi
of the .1.1- I 111, .1 111.
i. A f- w hav? .. itpolnted him ii
I :? ? I? in In ..n <.f Hi? m
abiltt; :?. t....
<-very minute ol the bal tie, to for
atances. H ful ataniinu has
eturned and h
Hog ? th. n
ormer champion and haa h t?
.?i hi? rlgtl - l-oii has n. v .r
'?? ? . hai .i lo hi a ho
t al moat certa efeat foi
the p.'ir crosa glow ? ? oil hough i he
v?. Ill im \ a 11 ? advanta? o almos!
t. a pounds in weight. Ni Ison, hn
thai he
Hogan will
mm!.. ' ?r him
ai .i that i logan '??? ould b
Jimmy Britt and all the ol been.
AI Pi ' are airead)
in remarkable condition f? I ?
which will be held si th? National .
of Ami next Thu
? the
ring ami !
iiitn a favoi Ite ... ? i Pal? r, hu?
in uiditl .n n? the i" il Ix ta ?? ! i ? i.
ami s
i.i night At the .Vm.-i I? an Athl< He
\ , ??!.. a.m 81
' n. -.?. Ill . . n Hi?
bout, while at the St * a semhl)
Club "Irish I
Willie Hum
will meet for ah
j. m] - u is said, i a pron :
Mi? top .:
11 ?. i thi
? '
e they s
'i lu Ih .-..i folios ?
? '?
fn.ni fleht
\ n i
! It. Yv?
In s ti c run si I ftoll? r
I ? ?
I pa? ? - ....i 11..
? New York Yacht Club Member
Gather for Annual Meeting.
? ? m ister of ya< ? oa a?
and otkei memo? rs last alghl la ih? mod
"."in <.f the Nee ^ ? ??k facht t'iu?>. wh?
. etrng of l nal on u ?at i
took place The following Bag ofllcei
meeaorer and regatta commit!
wer? re ele? ti ? tur * 11 - - coining ?
Commodore, C Ledyard Blair, ?tea
. : s?*oommodore, l'aller l
Pratt E ' Pox; r< comroodor
George I'. Baker, jr.. ?teamer Vlklni
secretery, George a. Cormack; tr?
Tarranl Putnam; regatta committee, i
Berkele] Paraone, C Bherman i t ? ? ?. ? a?
.F. M. Macdonough; measurer, William II?
lot It.
House Committee?Thomaa A Broneoi
II II. Roger? and Ha mu.1 A. Hrowi.
Committee on Admlaslon? i?-mi-v ?
ward. Netrberry D Thome, ?William Bu
1er Duncan, Jr., if? nry A Blah? |
Charlea Lane Poor.
Library i 'ommlttee ?Charlea UV Lo
RI? bard T. Walnnrrighl and n ?ry i
Model Committee John Nelleoo, Pre?
?rich M ii"U ami W. Marry IfcOlll.
Committee oa Club Btatloni and Anchoi
sgee?No. X Nee Fork, Beat 8M atree
River, .1 Wei | ont Moi gsn, Il N<
New fork. Went list afreet, North Rlv?
Robert P Doremua No. 4, New Londoi
Pernos C. Brown; No. ?"?. Bhelt?
Island, n 1 ' i ark - L ine Peoi. No. i
Newport, B I . Ifaxlmlllan a^h- Is; No
Vineyard Haven, Mass., Alfred C. Harrt
\" to, Glen Cove, N. v .J Herve
? st
? i . ? ommltts? ?' PI? : pont Moi
gen, i Caea Led] ard, Predertch ?
Bourne, Cornelina Venderbilt, Arthui
: .i, : a, Wilson Marshall, P. n Va
Stade, Daniel Appleton, Commander .1. i
? J. Ki liey, l*. 8. 1 i In nvlllo K
William Butler Duncan, Jr., C s. Hoy
.i m Maodonough, Roben Bmmona, -<
I \\'?iii.-im Hall?..k were ?il
pointed a committee to revise the rutea o
remen! and the raetag rule?, wit
? t" call ?t conference of other clubs
A commun-, will I"- sppolnted by th
?t.mmo.ioi'? t?> .?Ian resolution? ol coadc
lence to i ?? ssnl '" lb? tamil) ol thi Irai
Bmlth, Then were HO ? ?
it, of winch thirty-seven were rack
owners; ?thirty-seven new member? wei
? ?!. of Which I wi-nty-on.' .Mr- regule
snd bixt. ? u navy mem i i -
Jerome Keogh Challenges Toe
Late to Get a Match.
A Ifredo i ??' ? n " u iii v ta Is pi 11
I holding ol toe pocket billiards, or pool
? mbl? tn. Tbla atati ment wai
nlg&t ny Tim t lynn si hi I
Place a ademy, In thl ell to ordlng t?
? n the challeng? pul In snd dated Tue?
lilay, November St, b) Jerome K?".?!! bai
.'. ' lan i i"" Isl ???'? lal
Brun irick-Balke-Collender Coni]
Th. renting tin- < hamplona il|
emblem made it obligatory for De Oro t?
on? i ?' The time ? spire?
luraday, November 10 Aa the cbal?
not "i'i' lall] t? ? all i d until Pri?
[ da]. i '? ? ? mix i I, the time limit had ex
and . onaeqw ntly the ? mblem be*
i.. . mnal property of I ??? ?Oro.
Westminster Kennel Club to Hold
Exhibition in February.
Jame? Mortin i r, up? Intendonl
Weal ? tel K? ni ? ' i lub, announ? ad
t ' Hat ol ludgea for the annual
which will be held at th
? Central Palace from February 3
T ? ludsea folios
i ' ry Jarret Phlladelpl bi Blood
ting pp
' ' . . ? ? u.,? ? - Grand R?pida Ml? h
ard .
John Hurtmets, New York Great Dan
i: De Mund. Brook!] n -i:
wolt ' ?? un? iriah wolfhound?, Bcottl ih
' ; iimau dogi
1 ? ?l||" . '
1 ?. i : i/- ater Jonea, ? ?Ul ? ?per Vs -
? . foi hounda and iglea.
W. Rutherford, Allamuchy, N. .1 Engll h
,i?l". iri ih and W elah lei
. r. tm Point?
i: ' ??..n,
i. ? ? Uoum Kiaco?Goi
Iriah ??(???:-.
\i \ n Tu? kahoe Gi Iffona
? und* ?!? i
i " , \ fijtd Kli ?- Ont
?. k 111? til ?- . '.i. BI Net i.. Long
Mamarone? k ?
Joh' ? Hin.
i lohnaon, Jr ? . -. HI II
peni i ?in. ra
Thorn? 1 BaUn, Albaay.?Bull i i
: t m ten i? rs.
lore < iff. imam Net I ? ,
i ? ? Brooklyn Boeton u
? . Foi U'i
n t i leitmann, Ne? ?Toi k i
?un t
llowa i PhlU (late ol
i.\, -? Highland s hite t? i
: ? O ri II l B r u
N i
. i . , ? '
> |
No Hope o? Princeton Rowing s
Poughkeepsie or New London.
Limited Resources and Facilitie
Lead to Development of Oars?
men Along New Lines.
ii? i Sward it. nasassarll.
rpi . ntatl* ea of intercoll?
rosing mlg I I abandon all I
thought or persuading Princeton to com
iih?-r in the regatta ' leepsl?
or Nes i.don. The Princeton sthietl
. leSnltelj do? Ided to con
fin* th.-ir rowing activity to Hun.???ion it
with the possible exception of sondlni
a en m to the American n itta
? .. ?? udonally.
Tins decision ??n the port of the Tigoi
untested to tl
bj tv. IV. Roper, th? director o?
atl ?ctica at Pi In? ? ton ?'?'? R >| er exi
"We at Pi
? ilon thai it aill ba Insdrisabl? fot tl -
alt) to attempt to compote either al
Rough keepsie or al an* other ragatts
There ai s two s? i ?ns for this
deck Ion < me Is that w? ira un ble I
viiie the necessary fund? with which to
; ?? peri) train ami n nd a ? '? i i i i om pete
with the at Poughl
or New London l undei itand : tl
all universities win. h compete al I
regsttaS are obliged to spend I
upward fo thi maintenant >? of I
Such a thing wool.i be totally imposai
"The i.nd difficult) e/e would ? neounter
is the small number ot student fron
which we have t.> draw. Our total avail?
able atl letl? stn ngth is hardly half
of the i-ii-r universities whom s-e meet in
other sports v7e have t.n si le l
ah.ni- fairly well In football, has. ..all and
track athletl but II wo . ?i bt ?? .: of the
question m attempt such a com?
programme for rowing it i? possible that
one or two crewa it/ill ho sont u> the ?kraeri
esn regatta at Philadelphia "
Ruarina mi Maul? la .I?- .... ... , i _ ?.
dllTerent sort of rnanagemeni from what
it la ?n other unrrsisltiea Prom the very
? Princeton has fros ? ed on Un Id a
of s professions! cos? h C B. Tltu -, ? ?? ol I
New York Athletic Club oarsmi n. WS
desirous of being Princston's Ural coach,
and took up hi- i lei s ther# with the
Ideo thsl the Tigers would employ him.
w i en n came time for Princeton I
tai.iish rowing no consideration v\a .
,,, th? Son rorker, but Dr. J. Duncsn
spa.-th, a member >.f tl < Prtn eton faculty
and prof, asor of English ed to
a. t as Pi in?', toa's head i each. Tl
? real In thi ty, and It I
Ion of ail Princeton
that he has accompli ? ? d onder?? Hi
work recelTed Its highest con
i ?if
? .... :. n and Val.- the T
\o one expected them even to !"..' Fais,
and when the) gsve Cornell u comfortable
?? i. ?? and left the nine ].? sngths
the > ritlca bad t.> admil i bal Princi t. -
,i, velope I a Aral ? ? difficult
conditions. Fortunate.). ; h Bpa? th
veteran oarsman himself, having occupied
a .?.eat in four University "i Pennsylvania
l i?s cos? hing a i Princeton i
as toar bslng ths i.i.'.ii system from th?.?
English point of flew ss this country has
ov? r developed
while Princeton men have not divulged
the coming a tl an
ited with authority thai the 1
are planning another trians ilar n I ?>
?.ut not with v ale and ? 'ornell. Api i
ly Princeton Intends to niai no favorites in
forming rowing alliam ? -
lions .?r.- n>..\ under way tor ., triple
with Harvard and Pennaylvanla. Appar?
ently ?t :. h ?? intention of Princi ton t<?
ros Val.- and . orni II and Hsr
u?i H. nnsylvanla h e next If Prince?
ton succeeds |n -.IJuatlng her r..?>inK
..i? the TI| ? ?? com
pllshed more '?? bring about Intercollegiate
m any other agency in a good
many years. That was a master stroke by
which Princeton brought Cornell and rale
pu.', h - ago. Tho ? ?? fa?
miliar with ta? early days ..i Intercolli
rowing knos i...u Cornell gave up th..
Mes London n gsl ts I.use i I
Of Val?-, pel Hie two instil
las) year under the friendll? t
..f t. rms Bvorybod] know - .if thi
feeling which has- existed between Ha
un.' t!..- I'niv. rslt) Of I'.tiii-'- Ivsnla In
ni dei at tmsnts of athletics, 1
t..t.-. if t?.,- Tlgera bring Has.- two Institu?
tions together in a trisngular regatta they
?ill have ?lone much t>? heal the bn a? h
n them.
? eton natural!) ? ? j friendly
attitude toward the American regatta. Tins
i.. the i.?.-' thai ? ven before P
ni. took a., rowing i ?
? tlv? ..n the boai I ? tewsi.1?. An.I
their repr?sentative
n? re ; ? V. W. Roper, the i iduste
din ? toi . M . H..p.-i has stall ?! I nit [f
Prim eton i ompsti i m ?m.? outside n
it ? ill '???? al th V.l.. ? n an regSttl This
r.-L; i.i, ..,nt.in n.? event t"' 'vsi alt)
and since Princeton
? ? oppoi
T! . .1; . . ...
and Phil tdelphla i- so allghl tl | | . .
could compete on the Bchu) ikill at .
call] no e* - ad I
Defeats Princeton in First
League Baskc-tbr-li1 Game.
>i v Dec. 2 ' ' .m. II
aurprii ..n h in? eton In :> bssksth ill
here thlS .?,. .,'
?:T i.. ?
. '..ir . !
I ? ?
i' ?th loosol) In
half, fallir. tO : '?..:>. !?
...ol Iran
ni tin-- half. At I
nell ? .1?.
' ?prl.lll. tl. ?.I |; ...
t< um a ??! k wss a revelation
a.???'irate p.,- :. ? . lloWl .1 .-. I
11. loti ?! t.. thi
put Cornell ?-..mi..! tsl ? m
h i. and h|i ith
hile the ?
i i. .
i. i
': r r . .
m ?? h iim< i.... .....?'
.. . Il ,'-:. i i. . |.
i i: ? . ,
ii H
i i. ? ?
I ' DAY'8 new York rptllUNC
M?llert anywhsrs ?n the UnitH fttStSS
for |2 M .i year. ?
?)ea?im & ^yicctcuc?
?o 3ti, JitcMt* sfmyfUXUAWH, ?faipHti?
o?n o&b<kMCiAx??4VH
Princeton Trounces Williams ?n
One-Sided Hockey Game.
Victors Uncover a Few Combi?
nations Which Sweep New
England Seven Off the Ice.
Lted William? In n asms
ke) st th? B< Nv''' ola? Skating Bh k
. ?' ? -'"-l'
to o There w?s nothing to it bet the
Orange and Black ?from the moment the
Idei (.I "'T until the ?'mal bell
,,i ih, end "f t .? ?".",nd half "f Aft? en
minutes if wa? ? ease of ?team work ts.
In livid ,.-?i effort?, ? Ith th.- ineritsbh re*
All the goal? ??' :i''''i for by three
playera Kay, P Inceton'a fair haired cap?
tain. Beker snd Kuhn, au through the
, are i al hi? bee* Thhi
rover was everywhere, and almoel
tun? ' ? ? ? ? puck at tl.:
? bed tin- mark. Hi W?J.tod with
?i\ of t?"- goels. Kul n g? I
Man for mat* tl ? W! I " nn
peared to Buffer little by comparison. Tun
puck chasers from Nee (England moved
quickly, but they la? ked the I
faculty of i .* - i r i i_r in the right place at the '
right time. Often when one of the
by a brilliant effort aucceeded In getting
losing Uns, the a would be
? t.? old him. There waa another
big crowd preoent whei the rival I
took ?
Aftei i in?? ikatlng the i
Princeton men worked th? puck to within
ten yarda of Wllllams's ?foal, whea Kaj
.. ?core. Bartlett, the WUUaros goal*
r, mad? a great atop and for the mo?
ment averted trouble, ii availed nothing,
Ka.'.s next attempt ?aras sao*
il, the ti. being I and H
Is. a little later McNamee, who
; point foi Williams, was penalised
tWO i.un it. s foi ti i|.|i?ng.
i.,.\ .-? i.t-.'.i hia aecond goal after ?i s<rlni
mage, m 1:18, while Baker counted a little
I) ? fora t h' < loo? of the
half Kuhn did likes I tun?
Bakei and Michael trifle too
it ?? . sch i" j
cool off.
When the a for I
ond : ? ? lod the Princeton men at
began a bombardment at the opposing net]
that speedily cast dlsmaj Into th? Williams?,
camp. Baker and Kay ?scored quickly, i
that Kay retired In favor of K
the Princeton captain evidently wanting to]
glv? o bera a chance a? long as the gaunoi
to easy. Th? Onli penalty In this i
period was ?i two-minute real given toI
Field toward the end of the Kam?-.
lummarj folios -
?toa 'i. i - Wll ..
... .p .
: id.....''. V.M
Bek? r. R. '
. ? . ii' Id ?
MeKlnney.L W.
R v.. i ?
? ? ? ?\
and Kltner for K i I half. ;
? loa ? ' -. eton '? laker "'>?. K
Penalties Mi S
two mlnuti ? ? ich foi i:|p| \\ ?. R? f< ?
- II ? ' A.-.-i.-mm : ? ? ?
.1 \ Kogei i, W anden r ? il ? ' lloal un
?I W lnt.-r
' ?
r ' :. Ivi i tell
Corresponding- Dates to Those of
This Year Next Season.
A meeting of tl dli
the United Hunts Racing Association was.
held v ?terdaj. tin directora pr?
III] i B. Thorn]
Id my W. B I Watson Webb. Tim
for tl.tinga
? el iwa) Hunting ? Hub, the Mead?
ow !''? Bteepl tasociat on and the
nta Raring Aaaodatlon waa dis
II.,i it wan d? rided to hold m<
on correapondlng datea to these ol Iflt.
A t u ase for the United Hunt?
meeting to which the associ?t! * will sdd
a valu ? ' ? n, to be
tailed the Sporting Steeplechase ?Dinner
siik? i. Warren Delano Robbii i ol
Amerti an i Irabaaa In Pa la Fran? ?? ?
. . ? ? of i lie .. Maocia t Ion,
Capture Three Straight, from
No:t)i End in Athletic League.
M< ?? '? 'i thn ?? gainai
North : Athletic Bowll . i ?
tr alleya i
at Hoboken tl"- ? Columbia
im? from
i win the ' ?
In the last game
Crum touched 214.
The m ? re ? a?ere ss follows:
H 1 M? ?LI h MON rCLAlR
I -
110 i ? mu
'.? '? ?- S ?
m l'i;
.11 11
v. n lia
tu ? I
i- -
- ?
en y
m |R2 ir.s
! , ?
i- ?
i ?
I? !'l .
? I
ging to t: e M
? 'i ?- . ? ? ,
???u " N?t Reglmei ? v
Bd the htgheal
U ' " : s|| a s, ,, , ,
? in t?,,'
i rtoeddn
. 1 19
(MM M. 10 i
Australasian Lawn Tennis Play?
ers Regard Invaders as Victors.
Word from Christchurrh De?
scribes Glowingly Progress of
Davis Cup Challengers.
Aus ratagtan i ism I
tory of I II eng?
as a certainty. This n?'.
yesterday In s cable dispatch from i
i, .v. w Zealand, by "American
Toi i : .tien of the sport
In this country. All <>f the F^iglir-h
iuK papers have recently bean prtntir
ssme t.? ws, for the h
in- hard for an Asasrlean to rstun
Inten atlonal cop o that It msy
Hy be ? ompetsd for.
According to the esble msaasgs, Boa
Wright, the former national chsnrtptbi
rounded ii:i?. p menai form. C
i? nt authorities regard him as I
i two
Anthony v. Wilding and Mot
Brookes. Wllbam A Laraed, th
of the Americsn tsami snd Haurlos R m ?
Loughlln, the young Csllfornlan
come in?. their full iHiiylnur stride a? ,
Wrl .ht. BtJIl,
alonif well and it i* believed that, b
? ? trio Is certain to '?" tl
(?i.r.H.iidast, becsuse ?.f th* vlg rooi
style of the Americans, predicts thsl I
latter win win all five of Hie tn ?
II appeais thai ths Austrslsslsn asi
tion eras unwilung to aecomni
-.-.an< big thi I l
ths ntstcttea In consequenes, th.- ??
; i? i of singles In which Lamed snd tt
will reprisent this nation will b
Friday, Pscsrabsr 2s. Hrooke?. and
wir ba th.? opposing players. The d
match In which Mclaughlin an.l Wrigl '
will pair will he playad on the I
??ay The final garles of fdngles tsrfll
ddsd OB Monday. January 1 The I
rSana have nominated Brookes ano Dunlo >
aa the doubles i ilr
Other ofHctal nswa also came to tl
as to national isws tennis afl
Lyta B. Kshfin. s/ho lad the
? ths holding <?f the i ..* mal all?
. ::.. rs' championship at Newport, la
out with S document remlfullmr the p i
of the game thai the matter hi
brought up at tho annual m.-ct ? .
United State.? National I .awn T. iii.i- '
elation nexl I' ?? try at the Waldorf ?**?
torta He urgee that all clul ?
proxies and delegates to the masting
send Instructions as to what shall be
Upon this important qUSStJOfg, Ha
Sates that I ? ?till l. made I
away with th?' ?.i.i msthod >.f the ?
standing out for chsJleage aad a n?-**
Incorporated making it ne
of the title I IhS
Prom other quartets a moven M
:'....i to compel necessary quallflcatli '
skin before ?t player may enter I
tionsl < hamplonshlp, Those fs
? stsbllshment of such a requl ?
also Btsrtlng a Vlgoroua ?-air,pa' r
tall the l. ngth of tho enti ?
? tionsl tournament dosm to -
Portions that It may be pi.'M-,1 in '
a week. A r< solution has bot n
which will be voted up.m at the ?
I of the association which o I liait
: | ii -1 t.. the national < hamp
t.. not more than fifty competitors.
Tiiei.- i llkel) to be an overtur ni ?
in the lisi ..f ofACI rs ?if th. ? |
elation. Dr. Jame? Ds
the pr. sidi n'. r. fus? s to n
t? i mil ? In hold th?
I. . I ??-'.:> i -
osnvsss Ko?np on to ??ecur?' r ; *nta
posittons. T"
a ... n approai ?
? p. j Rol ??!t i?. Wn
eclln? d ths
Admirers i f w llllam A. La
a boom for him, whl
In Its embi '
playera regard
pi min. od, a COnstdl ' '
who have become acquainted with the
? . for hlra ?i is
la ?
inted out i
at ihls time Hie place ?.f holding the seat
all-con ... national ? lan ploi hip and tk
ele? tion of ?.fll. era w?
about ?.ne of the i that
Ing. Por r 1U
u '?? ^
up th? snd proxies,
111?. ? ?!
i ual m-', ting is called t.> ?
following .
Presiden! H H B
dsnt, Th ? ..- -1 ? I
irer, James King ea]
nain. Is of H
\ u \ !.. w. Chsrii '
: --use .om.
ul i \ Hsrrl ssd
(lav? n. De? P PI v i \ alrer?
fin? foi !'!_
I*, Cornell
.t \. ,. | Ja ven M
? n..i...n. M . toiuelssglsss
champion ihtpe .?' MiUsdela*?**

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