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? \m 1/ f /W^H II m?k u?itfftt**FKJfflm^ w?rff^p^r,*T'-i.xJP^i. i I I 6 1 fl i i ?
To-day, fair. Tomorrow, ?now
_. - "VO ?V> ""Ci Tonar, fuir. To-morro?. ?
C^OL | \ \ I . . . . .N _??, I ' I ? <*?* rnln: variable ?nul?.
?f New York, .ferney City and Hol^-aken.
:___3rr=___^=^='^"''^^^==?-=^ - _? >-._???' / ?1 ",X''I"<ln fit. of New ?ork, Jer?ey ? itj ano
NKW-YOHK. TUESDAY, DE?BEB 26. 11)11 .-TEN PACKS. * 1M11CE ONE < KM ??>?'?"""?"
Mexican Rohol Gives Himself Up
at Linarez anri Telegraphs
Capitulation to Gen?
eral Trev'mo.
Franklv Confesses His Dream of
Another Successful Revolu?
tion Is Ended ?and Plead,
for Mercy for Band
of Adherents.
a, f formel arrogan? ?
r and
? ? . .- ?
wtry fro
dt. ? ?)..'.- irrendered here 1
ri his sroi ?1 that
? ?. tve i! ? ? I* H< surren
\: ,rs
? i-day, th.*
np to
; .. Ido v. drigui s,
Uve rural*?, the sola
? Ti ?O as .,!
? i tt?,,"i
mandar ?
Monterey He
- am of another
...? I come t
? ? ? ? ?? ?
? ? ? i led on the
. sneral,
ded. This attitude I
? ?? ? .1 am resolved
I .-? this war agalnal I
I ment. 1 elf'at your dis
? r himself,
' ' ?
of ni' ? him in his
anrt lr?> thr
?r.i In the stats I
: Rltivea !
down by Tri
Rey ist s I t
1 ?
? - I .?.i no
. emit an army
? ?
.i with
? '? .At]
th? ir j
S o I
ilthful I brav?
: mell ol r and the crack
? : old g?
rmy he h
It the hu?
roi Trevli that with Che
? . .
r - auppr?
? thing thst
s aimllsi
moved fr
? l Reyea'a
? ?
? '
?ts tf)
or. i _e a coui ti tlon.
rf-at desl ol his own moi
that h?- would h ? Mllculty In
I ira the
h* brousht m M?xi?'? City to as i
?'?in. In ansa
? ?
era i ? ? ? i ?mis? i ' .ill
" ? ? ? with th?
? of the
r <<f \V;ir I
8 1 -if de?
slating call to tbi dlacontented
ts. th? army an<i th.- r-> i
"-'" ' ' ? of th.- m,
i?, bow 1" f-?!> Ita will and
? the Impossibility of war, i have
: may
Rodotpbo i;
?f ' " i * i i ii' rnardo i mod mu< h
? ?,ri learning <,f Ola ?
nevo Leon, ii.? b? ? m of
for-n.-r triumphs 'i'? son is at a hotel
a*ti from N?-w York |
AtU'-j,,, i i ..,] i ;i,j T|(, w,,r,] fr,,m
his faih.r
? - ithorlttoa than "
? i to-day ???*? as
. not
fully ond4 rstsi ?i the conditions h M
'rw" . -, I ?! i/, i? . [go* <i th?
I -
?? Ufa '11,?- peo] I?
ot Ut . !? ,1 niy tatlj'-r Bl
h -.?-mor O? Nuevo Id on und
as a . ? r j..r, n\.
,i his mind and i aid
as ariahs*] to be ?. -. las t"i In th
*?'''? "r ?' ? Usa m rai i??1" rsd that
"]v ,''' tha ino-t [?..i.uliir man In
??xi'-o !,ti<i appealed la bin for i ipport
?y fath.r BBswsrsd ir..rn Parla that )?
*o-ii Mart Cos Mexico at or,,.
Whaa my lather arnv.d m Havana ba
t-ouilijui-d on ?cwund ??ase.
The Revolutionists
Washington is ihc scrnc of this
dramatic story, which is entirely
unlike any other story of Span?
ish-American revolutions ever
printed. Clever and surprising
See the next Sunday Magazine
of the
New-York Tribune
Mo lean Federal Building Shorn
of Pictures of Living Hen.
? -
TV i . Dec _?> Th , Icturc of
: ? n mov? d from
Ih? i? m in I hs Men in I Cus?
tom i Juares, In s I l< h he and
rio i 'i...-. ? : M? sl< ?> ni'-t
l?i ?? n
The pl< ture o,,.- )-, moi ???! In 11
an ? :?i?t Issu? : I ? ?President
...? against th?
' ' tures ol any Hi Inf ?person
ulldlng? In Mexico The order
ippoi ed to hai ? been dl?
? ? ted hi? alnst ent I?i.iz,
pictur? s \\ ere hanging In ?
public building In Mexli o
The pictur? of Hidalgo, th? patriot
Mexico ?as also taken down
i Undertaker Finds Life in Corpse
He Was About to Embalm.
Kingston, H. Y., De? 2ft. -\n unusual
tmaa surprise . ; the home
of Frank Oulrdano to-day. Oulr
* * ? ? : ? died ?his moi
a ? i John J. Murphy, ? '??? al undei I
? -l t?? arrange for the I
I ?? played the rdle of Banta
i, for while h<- was makii
ury arrangements for the embalm
i the body he descovered signs of
The ?baby was hurried to ?
. here, and it is ?aid that it may re?
? :
Young Han Who "Disappoints"
Sweetheart Is Killed by Gas.
ewhere In Graham avenue, Brook?
lyn, li .'? s a girl
? ? ? ? i ??..- ? 'hrlsti ? r with her
lay and was disappointed. Boms
--. u policeman ?ill
?show her a photograph of herself und
lit did nol ar
.? - ? i dinner i ise an
* re ?th? appointed time hi
. . ? a .-. x la ted by
- sweetheart ?ra? Francis J.
O'Hare, a stark, twanty-ala rears old,
In s furnished room at Ho v2
. ?street, .Manhattan. On leaving
the bouse early Sunday evening he told
Mrs. Hani, t Morgan, the bouseke?
I him at ri"??n ?the next morning so
ild get over to Graham aver
vi:, "t?> have dinner with his
' t." What tim. ':.?d to
? day night Is not known.
. went to th?- door of his
rtly ?before noon yesterday an?]
? ?<! loudly, but -there was ne an?
The door was l?? ked. Be? ?
ll-ed her 1 usband, 1'atrirk
in, who det-ected the ?odor of gaa
n to the street and found Police?
man ?'rams, wh? broke down th?? door
ged I ?'Hare ?from his ?bed ?and
out Into the hall. Dr Brown, who was
from Bellevu? Hospital, pro?
nounced him dead. It is ?believed that
the ?* turned on accidentally.
< i'Hare had no relatives In Hew York
o far as Mrs. Morgan knows, and a
ivlth a photograph of a young woman
round in his room, detective? start?*?! ?? .t
t-. ?search for his sweetheart, whose name
Mrs. Morgan did Dot know.
Drexel Biddle Gives Christmas
Entertainment for 700.
?;?ph to Th?? Tribun" ]
i ??. 25. Seven hundred
elve hundred members of the
! Biddle Bible classes to-day were
: | --. th? founder of the organi?
zation In hi? private gymnasium. The
presented were ?Philadelphia,
' hestei and Tacony.
Bishop Rhtnelander, Bishop Buffragan
Garland ai ergymen dropped In
upon ?h? festivities. Mrs Biddle, her
? dsughter, Miss Cordelia Biddle,
and tl ol ?I"- B ble class of St.
John's Church aided in receiving the
lifts distributed by Mr.
?were solid gold stickpins and
Igars for the men, breastpins
and boxes ??f candy for th?? women and
$10 gold i
Surrounded by Pershing's Men,
Lay Down Their Arms.
Manila. ?De M The Moros who ser?
era] days ago retired to the ?top of Bud
and of Join, which th?-y
had fortified, capitulated to daj to the
\m?ii?.wi troops. The Moros number
six hundred and defied an ulUmatura la?
m,. ?i bj Brigadier General Perahlng, or?
dering disarmament .?f ths natlv-ss
Tii<-ir supplie were cui ?off and they
wars surrounded In their stronghold ?by
Am-erican Infantry. Finally they w??r.
forced to yield through hunger, and
mar? n. ?I ir.im their poeilIon and laid j
?down tin ir arma.
Prior to tl mu n .? i , desperate 1
hand ?.i twenl tried to force an ?outpost,
bul w?r?* repulsed Beveral ?>f the Moros
wero klll-sd, bul there were no American
? ,?.- i.i.I
I Bj 11 it.iiii,- |
South H?nrala, Coon., ?Dee, -?> Oeorgs
Coba, ol Has v?.;k, ?rbo wuh lilt on the
bead '?? woekt n*-?., in bum uneensci
m? cas? Is said t?, bo without perall* I
Uli hfl Will live out Ills natill.il
lifl- I1
Ant-fdiliivi.tn Whibkey l- *??- RSSI !?
i* - i h und ?.I ''i"'
i ?? ?>-?< 11? n? ?: ? aji luukc ii. L.uytles brut., H. Y.
Committee Says Rebate Was
Desired Simply to Help
Their Expenses.
He Tells of Astor Stenographer,
Concealed, Hearing "Extor?
tion" Talk?Many Now
Expected at Waldorf.
An officer of the executive committee
of the Citlsens' Peace Banquet to he
held on December ?".?? at the Waldorf.
Ii ?1 night * inda an off!? lal si ttemeni for
the committee, d-eclarlng thai there was
no foundation to the charge? msde by a
i member of the Peace Bo? I? ty that .
j their numl ? i h ?]
from the manager ",*' th? H? tel Astnr in
connoctlon with the dinner. This . t ?i ? r
dp-dared that Bdward Owing? Town?
went t?. Mr. Muschenhelm, of the Astor,
authorised to ask In th.- name of the
committee for a rebate of $1 50 ? plate
on th?? pri? o of the dinner, the money t<?
ed by th? ? ommltti ?? In roe? I Ins
expenses at printing; and ??ther neces?
sary outlays ??f money in working up
the dinner.
The charges of attempted graft were
mad.? yesterday by Henry <;. Granger,
??f Ho. s" i: isl llflth street, in a Ion?
letter, whi? 11 ^^ ? ? ..'(? ?1.
i.v the fait thai hin
been It ft off of I itlve i omm
"Tii.s It . ? on my part, 1
frank to admit, Ml Gl
t, i day, "bul l thli k it is justll ? : I
no reason, ho wevei ? - nmmltt? ?
should ti"t ir?? I I th? ' sr be
hi Id ??- origin illj plann? . these ,
men wl ? ??? seeking to usa it f??r th?-ir
?l benefit .
In his stat. ment which Is in the
,.t a letter addr? -.-? d to ? ! R M ? luley,
:i m?*mli*'r ol the executlvs ??"im' '???
Mr. Granger say? that on Hovember t
? ,. ?,?,,- ii-k-rl by Mr. Macaul? to ?ug
u. -t ?-??'?" good men f??r membership on
Ih? gen? ral i ommittes He ?ugi
he said, i tacar T. Croaby, John A. H? nne
berry and Hamilton Holt, and thai Mr
Macauley agreed to have theae men In
, lud-sd In the ? n n Ittee and Mr. <Iran
ger, also. But, h when he rec? Ived
his invitation, he found that these prom?
ises had not ?been -carried out
Mr. Granger"? statement goei on t..
say thai at ., later visit with Mr. Ma?
cauley the subject cai ie up of how tome
..n.? im workitiK aaainsl th>- ?u? ? own ol
the peare dinner from th.- Inside
"You then asked in?'" the letter '?? Mr.
Maeauley goes i ti i knew the
H.v. William H Short, secretary of the
New Y??rk Vt-ft- Boclety, very well Ol
my affirmative you told me that he we?
working sgalnsl tin- success ol the affair,
spparentl) b< t.uae it ?lid nol originate
with his MX lety, which I ? ??? t?'s
tltutlonal attiiwd.-."
The letter goel "n to say.
1 lie following morning In accord with
your requ-est I celled on Ml Bhort and
toM hin. ili.it l had been sppolnted on
>??ur committee and came a? your >^v
?e*tion t" arp?- liis ? ?? ???-? i ?tl 'ii Mr.
Short then ro<k?d bach in til? chair, his
fa?'.- illumined by the ?mil? <?i a narrow?
guage s?'iil that had ?u reeded in a plea
? >i contemptible meanness. He told .
thai th? n- would * ? no banquet. He told
i. . t!,..i ta? ati.M waa elm*.h a money
making scheme and -?a advertising pi >po
idtlon for ?-\ Senator Charte? a. Towne,
win. wai si?it"i m toastmsster. and thai
he had advised Mr Carn?ale of the facts
aii.i consequent 1) neither Mi Carnegie nor
th? President w.?ul?l attend that after
having si"*?k?*n t?. th?- Asior in. in,,,-, rii.it
in regard i" th" banquet Mr Bdward
Owing? Town? 'a couain "f th.- e? Rena?
ten ?nal a oertain person wh ?
complete elimination nukes ii unnec? irj
t.. name t.? furthei compll-cate ?personalities
with th.? added ?ri? lion of .?-? \. had
Mr. Muschenhelm for a privat, int? i
Mi Bhori wenl '?n to s.v. that Mr.
M ' i nil? Im, Deing ?uspiciou? ??i ti-. *. ,,
] ,,.. of thr ' ollfet.-Ii? ? , on Kt mtlni l| .,,,.1
a -t? nographi i i one? ai?-?l ? ?
wh?. took down ih-- whole conversation, 'ii
which Mr '?'???ne and hi? a? ?? ?? a.
m.in,I.-?I a private and .????? i? i reimt? to
them from lha net price "f th.? ?linn? . ..r
): :.<? , h.-,oI, or $1 500 on the dim
, Mi Bhort told m?- thai he had In
u n full copi <?f the trans? ription .,f
the conversation He quoted ?om? ?>
Ingl) dei ogatoi y ?ist? menti f- om ?
.??*- ncj reporl r? gardlng ?Edward
Owing? 'i "W m- and made ?om? un?'omp||
m. ,-n,n \ and probabl) uni r?
aboul Mi. u him?
The letter continuing ?aya:
Mr Bbori thi - agn ?dt?, show . ||r
Macauley, tl"* documentary evld? . i,,.
had, and t?? wall In hi? "th.. until you
could y i there I got you on th? wir? and
t. hi ynn thai It waa extremelj Important
thai you ?e? Short before in.- da; \-,a*.
OVei . thai h<? had Ugi . !.. ? |, '
tension w ht' h need-Mi your Imm?diat? ,,i
lenilon You ?aw him late the afternoon
,,i November 14, that Mme day
While you w?r?- with Mi Short | WHH
explaining the situation t?? Mr llenneherry
wh?? ?aid "then ? plenty ??f time t., ?\x
thing? up ?nd make the banquet ,, ?.,, ,,
? .?i Th? folios in?.' n.? l m. ?
,i 11 .- i're?-M ? 'iai, h] appolntm? i i y,,,i
?? . I .- ?! v rtO? Ii? ,. I ..v. I | hi ?-tin-Ill.-Ii :lh(]
bittet i dnal .?:h<.i t f??i in ,?,,
.. dure I told * ?? i w h.ii Mr II? mi. I, |,..
I ad ssld t?? m. and that In mj opinion
he srai thi mo I capable man In ?ea Tori
t outlnufd cm fourth i?M?.
Butchery o? Persians Lasts 48
Hours and Still Continues?
Private Houses Demolished.
Outrages Follow Acceptance by
Teheran Government of All
Czar'*-* Demands?People
Stupefied at Aggression.
London, Dec 26 A msaancre ha? been
colnrr on In FN-?hf sin? o Sattirdiv. n?*
? ..r'liinkf t" official Persian telegrams re
i?i\o(i in London to-dajr. These state
that on Sunday Uva hundred Persians
killed bj tl a many o?
thi m men and ? hildr? n. Tl a
hoi ti ?l not
ot to .- the allghti at
e still con
Kesht Is tin- capital I rice of
1. The
i . ?. ??? i ti- ut hou bombarded
and n ernment rid po
II?.- ha ?? i ? ? i killed Prli.it?- houses
;. , .?Hehed. '
\ , ordlng to ??ib?-r rUepatch?es the Rus-,
slans klll?sd four unarmed Mohammed ins
in the Arrnoni.iii quarter of Tabriz, dur
? ? fighting In thai ? Ity
? Ti i ? ,?? le of P?**rala," says the dis?
patch, " re stupefled at the attitude ?>f
pech.11? ..:? these "?it ragi s have
followed Immediately on the ?? ceptance
b Pars a ol the i ??? >nd Russisn ulti
mstum, and '?ft.-r Persia has shown
every desire :in<l disposition to concili?
ate Ruasla ;?t"i establish friendly rela?
The acting g ?vi rnor of Tahrla re
ports that it la Impossible to negotiate
with th?? Russians, who are aweeping
the streets wrlth artillery and refuse t->
b? . ept a truce
Persian Cabinet Formally Dis?
misses American.
Teheran, I. Si The Cabinet to day
notified W. M??rirr,ti Bhuater, the Ameri?
can Treasurer General of Persia, ??t his
di missal fn m thai office This follows
the decision of the National Council and
the ministry to HUbmlt to the demanda
contained In the Russian ultimatum The
, t intimated t.. \i> Bhuater thai it
would communl?cate to him later Its
plana eon-cerning the turning over of his
accounts to his s?;, i ?
?\!i Indignation meeting was held after
the public announcement of Mr. Bhus
t?*r's dismissal t.. protest sgatnst the so
called coup d*?tat? bul the crowds were
dispersed by the p.-lir.? without ?li^nrrl.r.
Further demonstrations are expected.
AH the opposition irresrspupera have been
suppressed snd mart il law h.-is been
proclaim? d
Tho Ruasian Consul, who has assumed
tii?- government of Reaht, reporta th?
t..?mi quiet al thi present time, bul looks
f,.r further outbri
It |a reported from Bhirag. i apital of
th?- province ol Pars, thai Persiana iir.-.i
,,,, ,, body of Indian tr....p i who were pro
.. to meet the British Com ui. on?
of the Indian aol Hers l?? it??,' kilted. Tl ? re
h.?s l"-> n consldcrsble trouble st Bhlrsa
on ?iccounl of the boycotl Instituted
againsl '?,'' 'n',i;in ???oopa bj the Mollah .
i ?juif.i. Peril?. Dec 28 A? ? ordlng t.?
Information n t eivi d here Hi riling
t'nues m tin- 8treeti ol Tabrla t ? ? ? i w ? ? ? ? r i
the Ruaaiaii guard and the Persian eon
st Petersburg, Dea '-'?"? Advlcea re?
..,.,,,? |,,r,. to day from Tabrla In i
,,\ that th-' Ruaalan Iroop I iva bei n
forc?d to .ib,?n<l..ii Hi" I*" **" Peraian
M.itik, srhl? h is altuated In the prim Ipal
i,',-/.,un- .'?ni avblcb ti?-- have hitherto
u,..'n i rotscting About I16O.O00 in ape? Is
I ,,,,,< uing h? th.- bank without ?
, T,:'": Three da-, irt'i loth. Sal ,
Kl?b'N pHmlpsI i"'""' "' 'm ' *
U?f.11?.vera i?-" ?ai '*?"
Kinayivaaia Ralfoad. isa Ticket Agents,
. AJ.t.
aijihhe ils boy
Orange Youths Speed On After
Running Them Down, but
Are Captured.
Parents of Dead Lad Were Ex?
pecting- Him for Christmas
Dinner When Told of
the Accident.
[Bj Ti :?--ru-:? l on? 1
0 . ? . ,v .! . I?.,. lt. A boy was kiO
. .1 ind .i woman alightly hurt ?it Main
and Day str.-.-ts. thi* . ity, this after
:i.i by an automobile occupied by three
i/oung men <>t' prominent Orange fam?
ilies. Though the boy waa csrrted,
faal t?, oi.I the lampa, nearly half n
block, the speed of th?- car, it was ad
leged, waa scarcely slackened. Blowing
up ni igh to make the turn Into
i : -. v .i- ,; ear Boed on, a ith
i ?? ty sh, riff Blanchi In pursuit In ? car
Impi? .-? .i by liitu Into service.
Blanchi flnall) cornered tin- youths
many blocas from the scene of th?
accident and turned them over t.. b
policeman. Th.- trio srere locked up
for the nlghl In th? local police Station
and wOl be arraigned to-morrow before
poll? ??' Jusl Ice Bray.
The driver of th?> car waa lmni.*l A.
Dugan, ir, son of Daniel A. Dugan,
Dlstri? ; Court Judge. Another at the
trio was Jamea a. Clark, Jr. son of a lo
. .,1 real eatata broker. Ths thir.i was
; ? ; .v,.it. son of Hi nt*j Holte,
School Commissioner Th? police chief
said he would prefer a charge of man
alaughter against young Dugan.
The di ad i><?\ wai L? o m? i lermott,
foui '? old, i on of Edward M
.M? I ?? i ;:;< m. of N". 4> Mechanic street.
As he waa being hun I? d to the O? i ?
Memorial Hospital In anothsr automo?
bile l"-? lath? r and mother ssl down
t.? ib. h . 'hi Isttnaa dim ? r, a ondsi Ing
-.. i ? i. theli ?oi could be
The woman hurt area .Mir* Sylvia
Tl? hi nor, of \,> :,:? Wall u a treel Sne
bad onl) been in ulsed.
Patrolman Rile) Btood al th.- . o? ser
mi taw 1 ?.th lut Ba they aer?
11,. i He 3 elled to bj -
stand? ra to catch the number ol the cai
and ? ailed up headquarters. Blan? hi
1 ? : t, ?.h? h ? . 1. ??i Baal
? iplalned whal bad Jusl taken
place ind mounted th? atop ol I he dot
.1 to give chas? le Di Lee'i cai
turned nto E ?? 1 at?nu? th?' fuglthea
had almoai reached Whit? street, <.t?.
block t?, th? north
The) m, ,1 t,, turn sresl In the latter
?tre? t. 1.ut w? 1. --..?in?; loo fast, Th? car
klddi -i and brought up a Ith both rear
M II. > ! ? 111.1:.Il, ,| ill II.?.' 'I PO tttl lidS Of
No holiday fea?t complet? wit haut An.
?jo?tura Bitters tx?j.u_lt?- BPPetlier.?Ad\%
Persian News Causes Renewed
Attacks on Sir Edward Grey.
[By C?l '?? ?i Th- Tribu ? !
London, De? M Th? latest develop
-mei ts of the Persian situation are caus
' i .- ????:, h uneasiness here and a renewal
.?i the Radical agitation against sir Ed?
ward Grey, the Foreign Secretary. "The
I tally News" uoyo
"in aii this miserable tragedy the n.irt
| ? <! by this country Is most humilf
atlng From ? position ??f sph-ndid In?
di pendence we have hemme the cat's
pan >?r Prance and Russia, it la not-only
th.- passing of i'ersia which WS are wit?
i esslng th".-?- days hut th? paspln? ?>f
th.? world tradition of England."
Objects to Portrait Being Printed
with Others.
Washington, Dec 2S, Week-end tour?
ists wh.? want photographs with a Wnsh
Ington label '?n them showing Pr?sident
Tsft shaking them by the hand or In
st conversation with them p?>t an
unexpected Chriatmas present from Mr.
Taft, for the President has put the of?
ficial i.an on these rake photographs.
Several days ?ago a Pennsylvania ave?
nue photographer, whose window display
contain? many pictures of Mr. Taft in
th?- act ??f ?halting hand? with citizens
whom he * probably never met, was re?
quested t''? United stat..-- attorne) Wil?
son to leave Mr. Taft out of such plct
??- m tiie futur. The photographer
appealed t< the White tfpuse, hut th?>
President upheld Mr Wilson.
in i i- ??'tit decision th.? Supreme Court
held that a photograph was a person's
?,wn property, but it is not Ilk-sly that
th.- present case win -o t,. the courts.
?Pre '.?lent Roosevelt once appeared in a
lake picture apparently talking state?
craft with a negro coal aragoa driver
ii?- registered an objection Immediate!
and th?? practice was ?topped.
Condition Reported Satisfactory, and
Otrlook for Recovery Good.
Th.- condition of Dc < 'hail, n \t ? ?
who ha- been In > pre? irtoua ?tat? In the
Preabytertan Hoapltal, following two op
eratlon? in ? weeh *.'??- ?pronounced ?atl?
?.i,!,,;?, yeaterda) morning, snd ii ??. >
that 'he ? '.tl.'ok tor 111?- .-??in?'!- t, r
f WO R.I \ b .11,1 '?
-I nlghl ' "I ?
' '? \t...- , ? ?ed ? i? n ui ? a-. His
.. ndii ?
un?! pul ?? i ? tt i Prospect? ol recov-ety
x. i s* favorable."
I i- - . i
?; eenwlch, Conn., Dec .'?'? Highway Com?
ii.i .lames Mi Donald failed i" k. ??;>
hi? promis? i" th? t"--? n "f ?Ireens i h,
,- i a month SgO, th it I'.- vs.ail.I |. ..->, it
it.,, p... iton Po?l i;?? ? . between Coscob .?t;?l
u . ini -im i-, i ?.. ?ftei keeping
H closed i??; ? irear m-'kuik Improvement?
Consequently, Qreenwlch consider? M?
1 ?..iial.l a |?o.?i Santa ' laus
?'h imi-.i.;!!?--, Still Wine? or O rap? Julre.
n T Dewe) * Bons Co., Utt fulton tit, N.Y,
Charity "Fills the Hungry with
Good Things"; Enlivens City
Institutions and Lightens
Prison Gloom.
Salvation Army Feeds 25,000
Then Entertains 2,000 Children
?Bowery Mission Gives
Breakfast and "Big
Tim" _ Dinner.
Of the ?flO?fiOO souls In Wear York
I any of their encooapaaain ;
v-.-rit r> bed last niirht wl?thout having
i ?,-n fi?-fi to repletion srith aubatantlal
food at leaat once ?luring the day, an?l
truth h?ssitste? to record th* earful IotaI
of th ? ? Indigeatloa mm,
among those l.flOMWO people. Turkey,
stuffed srith chestnuts, roaat surkiing
I ilg, Sdld ;:'?-<?. ?Iraks, both B~lld and ?!,)
? th?- beasts of the
Field, and bl -da of th? .... a?. I the I
? as im in th?. waters, Ml contHbutai
t?, th?- i?,,t ,f .-;?'in?*
jt is one wa) of i rtempllfylng the ppirit
? i' o,' ? r m nearly every house?
hold I it least one guest ?'ho
waa besought t.. sat and then eat pome
m<.r.\ and then gorge, it is? alao th? array
that ?s taken by ~ho charitably In i i
..i pouring fort!* the Chrl I -it on
those v.h', aro not bl? to i rovtde "?-.its''
?a lar?" quantltle? for themselves. Ot
these, between tifty thonaand an.i sixty
ecdved food jreatsrday from
their nelghtKMrs. f*ome ten thoussnd of
them ?sere housed at city IpstltutloM
v. hilo private and quasi-public generan*
|| . provided f >r tho remainder. The s-al
\ati.>n inn) BlOlM took ?are of m..rt
t. an ts ? nt) -flv? thousand.
Th? feaet "f the Salvation Armv was
portioned oui in th.* !?th Regiment Ar?
mory, in Hth street, acroai fr? m th.?
army he '.-, tartera it cam?*- in baa
? taken home, and it was estimated
-, ?arere pa asad out .1 ir?
ire th.- morning at the rat.? of fifty a
in aai h basket there arere a
: . a ' in of :?? ip, two h aves ?f
\ r- id, pol it ?es, plum pu Iding, .?:
? a and coffee for H i persona 6
of the Army*? guests arrived
as .1:30 ?. th., nd fully thro?
were in Une at ?? o'clock, when the doora
.,: ?a-- irmory arete opei Una
formed st the loth street enti i i
the buiuilnK. and th.- ?rsskft .arriata
Went ??at by ?.he main entran?. >? In I lib
Salvation Army Celebrates.
Tho drill hall of the armory a? is
rated with American Saga, whil?
tho west wail there arras n Ig pi
und?-i b canopy of red, wbKe md
bunting, between two great to)
Chrlstmaa troea. on th-* platform
Commander Bva Booth, Issdei of thi
Army In America; Michael J Drum?
Imond, Commlaakmer ??i Chnritlea, and \
number of the offlcera of the Bah
Army, Including Colonel W i
Brigadier Margaret Boivllle, Colonel J
Bean, Colonel W. Mclntlre. Lieutenant
Colonel B. J. Parker. Lleutenanl Colonel
W. H. <',,x and Lieutenant Colonel W,
Mi.*?s Booth led the ?ay to rho plat?
form at i" ?.?look, and Colonel Peard
*.iu?i for bor: "? ?nr oommandar, Mlea
Booth, i'i'i.s m?- nish you all i m any.
merry Christmas und a happy, happy
New Year. You aro our guest? to-day,
and we are going to try to make you all
happy, or at least ?'ho.-rfnl. This Is Miss
Booth's birthday*, and will all of you
who wish her many liapp*. r? turns of tho
day just i.rin? y<?ur banda together."
The < rowd let tbemeelvsa out for Mis*
Booth with a vengeance
Commissioner Drummond praiBSd the
w.,rk of th? Armv. and then tho work of
distributing the baskets POfan. Monar.d
womi n advanced in single tilo on two big
table? in front of rho platform, and
tsrenty-flve white coated attendants
. pa Bed ?ait the baskets. Kaoh one In the
lino had ?*ne of the r?-d tlcketB that tho
workers in tho Army had been BUBS' for
tho Lint t.n ?lays distributing throughout
tho city.
It was after 12 o'clock before tho last
basket waa gone, and at |:M o'clock the
doora were opened again tor two thou?
sand youngsters to come in f??r an enter
talnment and to receive th?> pros? nt*? that
were piled around the I'hrlstmas ttee?.
Tho gifts were distribu??.i si t o'clock.
and an hour later tho Army'.?, work waa
over for the ?lay.
Bowery Mission Breakfast.
Th? (lrsl meal for the needy yesterday
was breakfast at the Bowery Mission, at
No. -77 n?.w.?r\ Hi.t coffee, Bith meat
r.ii.i v.?e? ?bl?*-. had been served t?* mon
than a thousand men before th? street
lights had been turned out Baskets for
..???? hundred and t.-u famille? wer.- dig*
r- Ibuted al t'i" sama pla, ? ? - loch
Another of the i?i? ?venta on ?h<- Bow?
er\ was th? Big Tim" BulllVSn ?' I St?
1 !' a dlnni r, ? hi r? aevei thousand men
and ho) s s 1 re fed, s hile Juit ofl the
; ? ? 1 . 't tl ?? it* home ol thi Mission
, th? Imm iculal t ? ?r? ni 1
and La fay et t? streets, dinner vvai servi l
for tw?> thouaand men and women, la
? addition to 1 1 ommu ilt) dinner !??? tw,,
hundred boya. At the rountrj ??. ,?r
I the M?s- Ion of the Imr- irul it?
? Mount !'???? ttto thi t.' m is .? chiIstmaa
, ti., dinner for th? Inn itea
.1..I11? 1? Crimmlna gav? hia annual ?im
t.? 1 .?i the 11 ?tu.- for it?.- a?. ,1. .it v.?.
213 Last roth .-tr,-,-t. at which Mr.
i rlmmlns uni the member? ol bla r.nu
II) followed their custom of salting on
tin ??il people, and Prank Tilford 1
dinner for the prot?g?s ?>f the Little
Motliera1 AM Boclet) at ti?<- Murray mu
Christmas began oAdail) m the
Tomb? prlaon ?t 7 a. m., whew a cook
;,n,i tweli aaslatanta arrived in tho
kitchen to prepare the dinner, which waa
served al noon. Mam was ralehrated for
?Ulantlc Coast tin. N \. g Florida
??Special." effective Jan. tat. All "J-:???.!
Coast" point.-. r?-a?'h??l All Steel, K lee trie
Lighted Pullmans UU faar itiit

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