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???.? LXXI....N* 23.782.
Toda?, rain r..-morro,v. fair V K \Y-Y ( ) I M?_ WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER
nn.l mu? li ...l.irr II id. wind.. IliU " 1 ?.MUX, -.?I-.? . ?> i < ....
__, m ?-*.?-. ?_-?_-i ?-aVI-" / HC VTIn ? It? of New "?o?*lc, .fer.ey I Itran*! Itohoken,
1911.?F01JRTEEN PAGES.* * PRICE ONE < KMln aSgjggljfocra
Ex-President Denounced for Not
Withdrawing His Name from
Nebraska Presidential
Their Anger Caused by the
Puncturing- of Wisconsin Sen?
ator s Boom?Mr. Roose?
velt Is Not Likely To Be
Smoked Out."
R. .. which the mere mention
f th
H . ? m - ? ? no? trying t<'
? ? ? ? p .
8n(* ? ' statement
{,frP ? ? the i If? 11 that fall
II tn with?
St braska prl
? - it he
m avow?
. by those who *?i ?
?ly, tr? familial with th?-* Nebraska
ar< it could
ithorltlea 1 - I
ballot if he wanted t?>.
?.ut Walt? r L 'oil? It?
tills Is not tru?'.
' ? hf'ul
oaarters that "ther?
among ? i "' ?> '-;i < -1or? th;,?
(?r,ir?-- and his frioT.ils are
.. f t tho nomination."
B to 1 - effect. Of
? i* that there never waa
ble t?> th?> T.i Ptell? tte
Thp Wlaconsln patriot
? ? ui his own,
and ? that he
cation even
? ; -. ? ? ? ? others
I paid
? th? r?sulta of th<?
?:'s nfimr?.
Wash1n***t*~*** two
Brown, <-h;?irman of
te Commltt?
ia-s in
tettea, but
for th? y
Ing Mr. B
tor I.a
that Mr.
to Pn ildent
fi st he li
- - tuated by frt??n<1Uri-*"S to
? ?
. ? ? ,
i In the
' ?| Kollr-tt.
. Ilftto
? ? i rominent
for Y"ii?i_-st?-.\vn
"i?ht. thorr Urc??
i conslderabl?
(Senat oi
SlSO Will
I r T>? Fol
1 t any
:? ?
I ' ' ? ? ? ' out"
I of polltl
Mr Roosevelt Won't Discuss
Rumor of His Candidacy.
it it.
. . d
? ?? ?
_?> by Tl Th? ' ?tat?
: men
the fad
? ontrl -
' made pu I I ? ?
the i
? .1 by
M? -, Mr.
?"raid .,t
I ail
m r
Tl ? ? ? ;? i . ral Barry
I li-'ii't t to see him, be
: that
? at a ' ?
; ? . . . . |,
I ?? ? pollt
"RoB?y Tirres and a Fold Front" with
the Colonel as Presidert.
-1 i
? '
i ..
( .... f,,r
Committee Rndadl Appointment of
Delegates to La Follette Conf?rent e.
? i..:
Klu' -? a lanuar? L
Nation's Records Fled
from Flame in
Woman's Trunk
This is historical?although
von may not know about
it?and is also of extreme in'
terest Read the facts in
Next Sunday's Tribune
Vatican Declines to Grant An?
nulment of His Marriage.
Duchess of Talleyrand, His
Former Wife, Hopes He Will
Succeed, and Tells Why.
Roma, i?n\ ii?'?. Tho Vatican has de?
clined t" ur int t.. Count Bon! ?'" Caatal?
h annulment of his marriage with
Anna <;<>ul<l. who is in.xv th? DuchSSS ?'
r ? nd Pdrtgord, ? lounteas ?!?? i !s :
tellane obtained s divorce from her bus?
band and the cuatod; ol their three chil?
flr.-n ?.n November 14, 19011. About ??
x?-;?r ?11?.. Count Boni applied t,. tho Vat?
ican for annulment of the mnrriatro.
For several months rast th? Congre?
iT.it i, in ?if the Council has had undor ad?
? th? procesa received from th.?
Archbishopric of Paris concerning th"
wtion Monsignor Amettc Arch?
- ?.f Parla, came to Homo re ? - I
? ix e the red hat h.? gave to tl
i and Cardinal Gennari, Prof- I
na*regation of the Council, all the
details in his possession (*o**tcernlng the
n?i th?- situation "f the parties In?
Count B?mi came to Rom?? on Decem?
- f.-r tho puni?se of upintr all pos?
sii-io influences to attain his object. In
this he was not oppoaed by the Duchess
... Talleyrand. Tho decision of the Con?
gregation of th? Council, however, which
ommunlcated to him yeatertlay, re
'? ?? ] Tnin petition for tho annulment
Tho pr-ni ' <.n xvhich the application
lenled was suinmarizod as follows:
x marriage ?ek-hrated and consum?
mated, if porformod ??-rordlnp to tho law
of the Church, a*, until provod ??- the
contrary it was In 'ho caso of th
? ?id marriage, is indissoiuhio
Thoro aro certain Impedimenta, xvhirh. if
.: 1,- !'-ro tho marrifliro. ran prevent
? r II , olohratod in tgno
ron.ior th?> marrinsre In?
valid, in whi^h caae tho <'hur<-h can
,im that tho union of the partios
m roality oxlatod. Put in iho ar
Kumonts brought forward by do ?'nut?!
lane n?> such .mpodlm^nta have been
? ; Pon) left h*>ro to-r.if'ht for Paris
to if turn t?i Romo about the
middlo f,f January. It is thoupht that he
will tiHnK forward now points on '
ther application f.-r annul
Tho Duchess of Talleyrand has given
llowii ?r Btatem? : t on th?- sub?
"] h? PS tho count will su?.I, -?s th.t
'rom all mo? .' "1-1 |
?., bring hi- the children m their father's
Young Woman on Suicide Bent
Finds East River Too Cold.
\. its Qeeto?*er, twenty-three years nid,
..." v.. MO East v.,1 street, attempted sul?
Khl by jnrnnitiii into th?
treet Bhe wss rescued
thanked - ? Uiat
... n she thres
found the wat? r
en and boys had been watching
tlir >, n pacing nervously in Car!
i Park and saw her Jump into the
n tei Tl ? lid? carried her lo the i
a coal scoa ' and Philip
oi No EM Hast 17th street, and
.???im?, of tl.. ol ers Jumped upon the scoa
.,. .1 threw down a rope, which the* man
? . taisl around i he woman T ?
?nan went down the rope an?l helped
s ornan up.
When the policeman asked the ?--?ri why
to end bei life lhe s ould not
? ? admltt? i lu-i Inten
lion and her sudden < : ange .?f mind be?
I -aturo r.r the water.
.???he " lien to the Reception Hospital
H tinter Victim of His Own Plan to Get
Cottontail Out of Log.
Laa ? ? . . lud . I 'o. t| jol n \\ .
? ? ' day, but lost i i
-i >int II ' -.-.k ran ..
? ? his rifle's mus
. ... ? - ? i,
looped ? : tho other end
and ; ?.1 tho
- the rabbi! ran
rafug? . . t it u Ith his
i ling, two miles
to hit In th? -, en i ,.,.i, fall
/>pcited in Town Whose Mills Are
Operated by Non-Union Workers.
si ..i dynamlt?.
a roll ? I ti rta of a
s III I, 11
? M"i" - - i ? n .i mill town n? ai
b? .- Ka< ? pi to , ..-. ,,,,
the suitcase al the lower end "i town,"
. -. whl i. Hi?
? ,,. ? a
i. ih? i--ii..
.i m? n are ? m
? lionas - n. all ol
which, Id up. rate non union, A
i i . .ii.i-i
- - -
. all 111 In the 1 - .1 fol? !
?? , on '
- i- - a,, r|i
i .un?..i table da; . an?l it !.- said ih.it ?
.... n?
?f da
. ., -, |p. I , ? ?
il T l>?>w? i'altuii .St.. N.Y. I
liLS ?UP ?
C. Hof?mann. Hoboken U
taker, Shoots Robber Ihre
Heart in Fight.
?Masked Invader Had Seal
Both Men and Taken Mor
and Jewelry Before Intel
ruption by Servant.
v hold ?up man waa ahoi dea?
evening In the ofllc? of the nndeii
t-stablishment r?l Charles Hoffma
Bon, Nos. inn. m snd 111 Jack 01 i
Hoboken The man ? ho <n<i the i
ini.' is charlea Hoffmann, Jr., aon i
head of the firm. The hold-up mai
killed ?ft.-r hr? had comp? lied Hol!
land his aon to give up what mon?
Jewelry thej had In their pot
Hoffmann and hla aon were alttl
th??:r office when a man, th? uppei
"i wl:? -r facp was ??">,<!?.'; with a
handkerchief, entered and, polnti
r? \ olver at th? I a o men, ordei ?-.l
t" throw up th? li ha mis. They ?<i
and the robber then wenl through
clothing, all the time k?'?'|iinR them
fully covered with the revolver,
the older man in took o diamond
two rings, a ???M watch snd charo
t- ? ntj ??"? hills, l'r ai the son the r?
took a dlsmond atud snd a gold ?
and $13 in money
Appsrently aatiaflisd with hla bootj
man .?< >-m??d alunit t" depart, when
door ..t the rear of the office o| en? '1
Hermanla Parthollng, eighteen
a servant, appeared al the threa
i Shf? had coihe tu ? all the Hoffmam
supper, When sh<- aaw what waa |
un sh- alammed the door In fright,
the notas caused the robber t"
around, and us he did fo the i
mann si rang upon him. The i
a atrongl: bull? man and he n
pera"e Aghi i lofl mann tried I
? n of th?* r?-\olv? r. and In doln
had '?it? hand lacera ii d.
The robber tried to keep I ?
? of th?? w..ai"ni, bul ?
made a dash for a drawei In \\ 11 ?
re?olver w..- kept, and fired o
thp air tu attracl the attcnl
Btablemen Then, fearing lhal he ??t
? would !? oung lloffm
tired dire? - ti robbei nd he fe
the floor. It a ' i lat? r thai
had been ahoi In tl
Th??- Hoffmanns Inform**! P<
quartera by telephoi Police <
tain Pole) arm
the dead n ollee fn
th?-? Jewelry and nv?i ? ? thai
taken from the Hoffmanns.
Ifoiin-l ? earn of th?- Intern?!ton.. I Hot
mskens' A**??-" la?on, No. 80.363
mrd horr? the name "Arthur P. Bwln
Gulfport, M
Thi? rol i"i waa about for!
He was bald and I ?
a laborer. He won
shabby clothea Hit body ?ras eove
with tattoo mark ? ? >n hla
??host u??" tattooed m anchor, a l'r
Jack, a sunburat, flgurei
\ aiioua oi ii? r ']?'?-, li '
Young Hoffmann wsa taken to Pol
H< adqusrters, a h? re he a sa
a pi '-ar in the Recorder'i Courl t
Move to Weld Troy Plants Ir
$20,000,000 Corporation.
Troy, .V v . i >?" '_'?'. Twent* m
dollars is the capitalization of a pi
posed collar trust wl Ich may be i
n' unced <m Maj 1, 1012.
which are being promot? i by M
of New York, representing Harvey l-'i
<v Sons, hankers do not fall through i
gigsntic proposition wsa launched r
Bgo, and the legal work is bel
i i ? r\ is?-?] bj William E. Kiaselburi
also of Nea fork, bul formerl] of tl
it i prono; d tu ii the lar
liant? in Troy, together aith bn nch tu
lories in other places. I' la stated II
th<?r<' are four concerna favorable t'i t
consolidation, these b? I Cnll
? : and ? '"liai t 'omnany, Tim ? <
t? " ?-'? ail.? Manufa? luring ? i
Van /":?'?. I .?. ' '
Th? largesl ainsi.liai concern In tl
world Cluett, Peabod la n
mentioned, nor is Earl S Wilaoi
? large concern, li la practical
Impossible to obtain authoritative Info
ma tlon < one? rnlng the d< talla of t!
; desl. Information ai t" optioni. \ alui
' lions, et?.. waa noi foi th i ming wbi
the collar linn? ??. re approai htsd.
the transiuti"ti is consummated tl
concern will exceed in extent and caii
tal an? < ollar ? - mblnation j. i al
i. tn|
Felice Lyne, Lina Cavalieri ani
Renaud in "Hoffmann."
London, I lee -? i ?ecai M immi
i ga\< at ills London opera bous
?ni-'iit through th? Instrumentslitj ol hi
admira ble i ompan .i most Intereatlni
i . delightful pei In man.i ? ?rr?n
bsch'a "Tai's ?.f Hoffmann." Pell ?
! Lyne waa charming as the doll Ol? mi I
Blnging with delli loui fluen i nd a ?
Ing ??> nil resll) ? "mi' .i? a plon
i.iii.i Cavsliert, In msrvellou? dis
mon? i s, ".i- ? hand om< and dl
? lullletta, ami VI? loiia Par mi da -
paths] - figure oi .ntonla, tend? r an i
11 I ? ? v ?
Prank Po I? k, the ta a tenet
tin- mualc "i Hoffmann
though hla vole? la nol t/erj i owerful,
Mia Caiii wa a dashing Nlkla i
Hi.- must bi llllanl thing In tl .? p?
an? a ??- Ma irle? i:. naud ?? o derl14.]
dlapla) ? f veraatllli in the ti Ip
ol ? lopp? Hu? i '.na-1 tutla and M
His ilnitii li ni the Old J. v
Ca? ti? ularK
and ii?- aani aupei i the
- |ng
- *
i ?
.-.: | H , ,1. ! I I..- .. , I,. I |
?j u 'n Mai id? , iaki
etui?- ? i capitals iu
WILL m m
More Contradictory Testimony
as to Locks and Doors When
148 Workers'Were Killed.
Locksmiths Disagree ? New
Form of Oath Suggested by
Mrs. Belmont, Who Attends
Trial with Mme. N?rdica.
After a das iMatlngnlshed -i>\ tho intr<>
ductlon of Important t.stim.'tiy l.uin
sides rested In the matter ?>f the people
|against laaac Harris and lias BtouK**
x.stinlay evening. To-day tlu- mar will
K? t., the Jury, and before nightfall tho
fate of the t <???.> men who are dharged
with rnanalaughtei growing out of the
death of 148young /?'ir;s and men in the
? th. n i 'ant rm March 26 last may
be known. The day was devoted largely
to the Impeachment of witnesses for th?
d? fen? ?
One witness for the prosecution, Hoi
eri \\ olfson of No. 20a Wool 11H? i
'. who had worked for nine yea*a
for the Triangle defend?
swore thai Harris told him th.it
th<- Washington Place doors w**re locked.
"Harris said to ma," testified Wolfson
"two days after th.- tir-": The dead are
'Lad and will be burled, bul we must
xx-ork and live for thoee \?.ho are alive.
i'?f course the doors were locked, ba
. .ms ? i did not want tht-m to steal s
fOI t :>!.-.' "
No effort \?;-.s mad? by the defence t<>
br<ak down this tMtimony, beyond call?
ing Harris to deny it.
*<Tm-'. N?rdica, xx h-, came to viatll th-?
court xvith Mrs O. H. P. BelmonL smile?]
xxith satisfaction aa she heard thla t<
mon? Bo did Mrs Belmont.
11 P< riman, of No. IM Willow
street Bloomfield, N. J.. swore thai the
ngton l'la- e door ? lwa? s
I and the keys k.-pt in a book?
? h
I mtlnt, of No 13P. Christoph? r
street ? d thai she had always main?
tained, as she testified lasl week, thai
found the Washington Place
.pen. Bhe declared that this was
the story she told ITra ih Carmela, of N ..
S4J? Eaat 11th street, ? ho lost ? daughtor
In the '
"Shi? did not 'oil mo that." swore <"ar
mela. "She told ni* tho door ?
lo k< d "
igraphers attached to tho
Dlatricl attorney's ofBce testified that
i wltnaaaas for the defence, who
donio.i on th? stand ever nsaklng an)
| ?iHirm.ni? thai ?????> iumid the U?-??h
nom i" ked, had made th?
r< pudlat? i si itements
Max Blanck Testifies.
To? ard the -:- of 1 " n?*?n Has
k t-."k the stand, and told substan?
tially the same stor? as his partner and
i-n-defendant. Ha ssdd h-> frequently
i . .-. nd
. re ever locked during the
? Ime
, i rule thai th?
Washington Place doors he lcjek**d be
the h? lp \x;?s dismiss.-I f?.r tho
rla> ???? his i ounsel, Max Bteuer.
No, sir"
Blanck said that he ?ras shoul to tako
hi two - hlldren snd ? gov? to tho
? and place th? m In s taxi, ab wh< n
aome one told him there was s fire on
the eighth flooi
.., waa ,,, the tenth floor." ho contln
! M,i i. ,i to take them doa n the
,. sti.'t elevator when s big crowd
. is Ko1 In. ami I told tho elevator
i, .m to ink?' the ?--iris down i ran over
; to the Washington Pli.loor, opened
nd sau -< '?--t of smoke i had hoard
Harris ?houtlnsj To the roof'.' But i
,|-t 1.1 he smart.?!' than him and go
down the Washington Pis
???n,, u a oung man grabbed - ne >?f
n. children and told me '?? i ome on the
,.,?,f. i followed x?. Ith the other - hlld.
A, tl at i ni" i could hear the Kins
?, reaming on the Boors beloa
? I?,, you i.-m-mher haxlng a conxersa
. , n with K.-s.? Giants aboul four s
ago?" ask., d Mr Bosta Ick, on i i
. i aminatli n.
"Yea," said Blan? k.
??Did yo? Inform her thai any person
., ho testified al thla trial would have to
e theli
i did n"t "
? | -i,'t ii a fa? t that the gil le
I , ,? until i he* did nol have a
?tlti 1, of ."lh-s i-nV"
Tiiin qutstiiiii was objected to by Mr.
er, an! Judge Craln sustained him,
arj t" Indli ata
itenl "i i1"- "?sai*? h.
"Ign'l M s fa? t thai the ?-nix wat? h
a), re at the ? Ireene str? -; do r
After seferal evasive snswers Blanck
admitted IhlJ wet true bul instated that
an i hi d a xxat- h --n the W
?ngton Plu a <i<????*-?
"i..,ui n reasonable to ? i tha?
Place doors wars
| lock?
Says No Dooi s Were Locked.
? ti,. ,. . er was s locked door on <?ur
i lian? i . s ith emphs
il- rm u ll-iri'xx it:-., of Na '_'71 i ?s I
lwa}, X-, h-- d? - ni - -i i ?ms.-it aa an
, | pet i lo ksmll ? was pul on the stand
i.. the ''?'? ''''''' !" s;' ''? th?*?ory
nee, alleged la
b? .i fia.in. n' "i Ihe ?\ aahlngton Placa
door ?-n [he ninth flooi. sho? in ? the i hot
i, n la I "1 lant, --i manufa? i . r.? i .-\ |.
H u row Its rose t?? their expai ta?
| in,us ?id said the exhlbll x?,.?s ttoi pari
j nf n,, loot HI ? in. ' i, ..?--n for this |
!,, nclugon was thai he bell? ' ? d the i k
I. i u,?ii t.. be five eighths "f an in. ii ?
JL% than the W . hin. ton Pia?.
1 u. ,,i- rasa He swoi ?? thai tha h? il a hl? i
a ,,\> the knob should hav?
,,., ?,,, nit the fa? i . i tha lo? k.
Expert Witness on Locks.
t > i j ? "ii s? ? r h.. ? i a burned i?>- k
brousnl i" I "" befoi e aaked Mr. Boat?
? - mination
fis hundreda."
xi i i un "i-' pla? ? i,-- 11 on*
in'i - - m? mbei
( i.iilimiril un lliir.l |.agr.
Is.'ia, Harris ihr.iil In han'li and Max Blsnck, arltneesei in Triangle fin* trial.
Proposed Duty on American
Cotton so Characterized.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 28.?The proposai
Introduced In the Unnma by ex-Presi
<i>nt t'lichkoff providing for an incTsaai
in the dut if? Imposed on American prnl
ucta Imported into Russia has atlrred
bualnesa circles. Th?-* national council
of the < 'ongresa of industry and Com
I merce m?*?t here to-day to discuss th"
1 snhj. ' t. while th?? -?entrai committee of
I the Octobria! party has been summoned
| t.i meet al Moa?**ow
? "i. Quchkoff explained to-ds) that the
propoaed duty on Anrrlian cotton fiK
T.i11 *-?. 1 a mona?-e t" the I'nited States,
hut that the measure will he subjected
to aerioua conalderatlon before it is
adopted. T'n?' Douma has already votel
to submit th?- proposal to ihe Financi il
London, I >ec, 21 Th? Bt, r??t#r?bura
Spondenl of the "Dally Telegraph''
- that through th? medium of ?"mint
Btenbork, former Marshal of tfeMltty of
Kherson, an overwhelming major!?v of the
/.. mstVO m-m!i*r<i in that province are ad
I dressing all th?? ZematveS m Russia, pr?*?
I (?oaring a boycoU of American msetdnery
taid aoods. This action, it Is urged, should
% hr tikon -i a prot???t against Amerl-an 1n
terference In Russian Internal affair?.
I At Mrs. Fisher's Dance, Dinner,
Supper and Breakfast, Served.
Mrs Joel F. Fisher pave last night tit
! Sherry's for her debutante daughter,
', Misa Vieva Fisher, a dan^e which wa I
particularly bountiful In the nature of
its hospital!!. . f??r It began with a din?
ner of ninety. reached its climax with I
midnight supper of some four hundred
and WOUnifl UP with a breakfast at near
*, ... lock, l"'lh of the last mentioned
meals being aerved In the large hall '?n
the main floor, which had been con?
verted into a winter gsrden for the t*-**cs?
Moreover,, although n?> tHlllon aras
danced, there was an abundance of
[prett] COtlllon favors. Which ??ver.? dis
tributad among th.- guests during th,>
course of th" night, nnd uhhh Included
.<-:l??? ? r mounted csnea and ash trays.
fans, chiffon muffs and atlver bunbo-i
The guests comprised Miss Carol Her?
i,in,in, Miss Jean Poland, Miss Lisa
Btillmsn, Miss Alleen < ?sborn. Miss ?.'ora
Hennen Morris, Miss Justine InRersoll.
Howland Davis, Livingston Parsons,
Vin? ?nt Kator and Stephen IVabody.
'No Present Sign of Peace Be?
tween Turkey and Italy.
London, Dec. '_'?? -Tentative propoel
tlona with reference to peace between
Turk'' and Italj have receded t" the
background. Dispatches from Con?
Btsntinople to?nlghi declare that no su h
pourpsrlera are proceeding and that any
overtures must coma from Italy.
Malta dlapatchea -ay that the Italians
are making no headway In Tripoli be?
yond the coast strip they occupy. Th"
activtt) of the Turks and Arabs has in
. reaaed, ?.specially In Cyrenaica. Even
.?n Christmas Pay the Turks tri."I to
rush the Italian tr-tvh.-s at Benghasl.
Heavy atoran on i.-umI and s?-a an? .air?
ing the it iii.ms great expensa and dl!B?
? ally.
Frank Rogers, City Employe,
Witnesses Fatal Accident.
Fui',!. Rosen i rlerk In the pepnrtment
of Water Supply, iras approaching bis
home al Ko tl Waal (2d street last night
when ha sea an autombblle strike sad
re? i i. ?j ? be araa roller sUut ihk Is
H? ran erlth others t" th?* lad'a
side and recognised lbs Injured boj as ms
brother Edward
With ,i , i \ ; il.- CTOWd
si i.i. ?ml lining 11 a in? on* loua bo) intu
lutorr-obile ordered the chauffeur t..
. i ell Hospital. The ms- I
?a ,inv. n by Krederlck '; Hui si
and own? d bj \vn Ism H i ?svldge, ?
"f N" it Wall Btreet, and living
al Bhi ?
The Injun gained < nns? lousnesa
oBpital was resi ht d i la rec?
ognlaed his brother snd ssaured him thai
not sei louai] i"i -; ? ??? a mm 111
Islar ? .Lain Into uncons? louai
\t the hcfpttsl it nui found tiiat ii?? araa
' ai k Rogara area hesrtbrol ?mi with
?? I?! and ?aa taken t<? bis home In the
- den ": ? ? thai had killed lila brother
11,11 ?' i in.i to t ? Wesl i,id ni i< ,-t
rj reported ihe aecMenl ii.
red the i" llca ha
aouki appear to?day i" th? Weal Hda
Chinese Premier Reported t
Tribune Correspondent To Be
Still Insisting on Monarchy.
Conferrees at Shanghai Agree i
Principle That Special Na?
tional Convention Settle
Form of Government.
IBv rah-, to TV TlltttJTM 1
Peking-, Dor. 26. -Premier Yuan Phir
kai. despite all roports to tho ??ontrar;
!s util! Inslstina on tho establishment <
a ronsfl'utional mona roh.x. On tho oth?
hand, Tana Phao-yi, hin onvoy to th
poaro conferen?-? at Shanahal. has a;
serta-d, actordlns to tho best reports, I
tha? plan? of W?i Tlnsr-f?n?r for th.? foi
?nation of a republic, thus acting ;
direr t xiolatlon of the Premier's instruc
It is not possible t" foro- ast tho oui
romo of tho complicated situation. Th
six erroat powora muat rorisidor tho im
mtnont neeopstty of intorvontion in th
event of tho fr-iluro of the poaro ne^otia
tions and the breah up of tho conferenc?
particularly with referan?-? to tho sta'
Of tho Imperial flnan.es and to tho al
required by tho lattor in tho shape of
buz loan.
London. Dec 2T. a Peking dlapatcl
ta "The Dally Telegraph!' says that
rupture of the negotiations, al Bhanghs
Is expected al any niomont. Tho Ho
publican extremists are clamoring fo
i tho resumption of hostilities, xvhile th
! Imperialista continue, the t*oncentratiot
?of troops. It is said that Yuan Bhlh-kS
'has collected .?."..?am,? am from tho so
called patriotic i-onds Tho republican?
Ialso ar?? raising funds an?! xvith groatei
Another P. kins dispatch snvs tha
after conferring \x-!tii the imperial prlncei
i and nobles Premier Yuan Shlh-stal Bet"
a cablegram laal night to Tang Bhao-yl
I his repr?sentai i ve at the peace confer
J en. o si Shanghai scceptlng In prlncipl?
that th- propos?ii national invention ?1
- Ids whether China shall be transform.-?
Int.. a republic or remain a monarchy.
Tho Premier points ?mt that tho con?
tient Ion must he trulj representative and
must not jitt.-mpt t<? take snap JudgtiKnit
otherwise Us iiocisioTi would not ha\
the nation's confidence. Several months'
preparation, he s??.s, will therefore ho
necessary, nid Tang Shao-yl is instru- t
od to discuss with Wu Ting-fang and
tho other revolutionary leaders plans for
the election Meantime, sins Yuan Shth
kal, th.- energies of both sides should bo
devoted to restoring peace.
Yuan also informed Tang that the Im?
perial sain ti-ni xt ill he n? ces.sarx to the
I calling of tin? National Convention. Th??
i deslr.? is to In. lude In th.- convention
delegates from the outer dop.in?lenclns,
even Turkestan, whose stectlon and j.?ur
I noy to the place of rneetlng would re?
quire several months
The Manchus will agree to abldje bj
tin- d?eislon of such ii.nv.-nti.-n in the
hop.- that the delay \xiii favor their
..-ins?'. Shanghai, however. *?v 111 probably
rales obj-sctlona tha Republtottna daali
ins; that th?- decision with referenoe t.>
the establishment of a republic be given
hj Chins proper ?-nix
Shanghai, Dec. ii Prsmlei Yuan Bhih?
kal'a decision to submll tha proposal fat
the uieftliiK "f if sp?cial national SSasm
blj t.? decide oq th?' future form ..f gav?
??nuil.nt in China to tin? ? ?>. alderatlan of
the Manchua <<n becoming known here
cauaed ronslderable aatlafactlon
ii la und.'istood thai Tiitiu Bhao-yl,
who la repreaentlng Preastei fuan
bad air. .?.i?, ufo. ineii the revolutionary
leaders al the peaice conference thsl Yuan
Bhlh-ksl personall) ?as in favor or a r?'
publlc rang Bhao-yl now admits that
tho Premier is in full r*greemenl win the
revoluti, nia i x flan and Is onlv seeking to
secure aSSUrsnCM regarding Um future
treatraenl of tha Imperial claa and the
m.m- im i-.M'i'ie and ai?o to avoid un oat?
break In Peking arhen the final announce
man? la ma'ie
Xiniiiu: 'lie i.\i-hiti.inai') ln'-t? ? >ti ? n
(rated In and near Pukoa t<> tin- nuinl-.-r of
nearl) fll'teeB thoiiaaad there is ?teat hki
uiiiuii atoul the i-t?a,ti ?.f the armistice by
tha Imperial treaea The rav<*lutlamariea
express themoelvea read) ts advance
agslnsl tha Imperial arm.? lei-oitui in \,,.
? <,ni i ?.in-,| un ???? i.i.'l pagr.
Returns Compliment of Tho;
Whose Opinions Were Gath?
ered Offhand by Moving for
a Change of Venue.
Affidavits Contain Clippings. Ca?
toons and Testimonials That
Indicate His "Doom Will Be
Sounded Before the First
Talesman I_ Called."
?'har'fs H Hyde, fornier City ''hatr
berlaln, having obtained offhand i
alona ol th< oplnlona and feelln**. "f me
In every walk of life, has returned th
compliment by filing notice with Dtatrtr.
Attornej Whitman of an application fn
change of venue when he faes th
charge of bribery in loans of city fund
, to ihe ?Win r Northern Bank. The tria
has been b*1 f^r Tuesday In the ?'r'.m
mal Branch of the Bupreme Court bsfor
Just I? ?? Pa\ la
Tne papera consist of voluminoua all
; davits of Hyde himself and of Israel Til
; den. jr.. a law student, wl st the re
Iquest of Hyde, went up and down th'
! Rorough of Manhattan End K?t the off
j hand expressions Illustrative of th.
! "opinion and feelings of these people, in
dtcatlng that It win be impossible foi
Hyde to obtain a fair and Impartial trU
in the county of New York owing bo xhi
deep rooted prejudice ' rested amon.
th.- people that H\de is guilt] nor on'*,
of the crime of bribery, but of -?oHuslcr
and connivance with ?William .1 Ctna*
mins. of the Carnegie Trust Company;
Joseph Reii hmann and others in th?
? ommtsslon of crimes for whl? h they
have been < on*. l??ted."
In hi1, iiivn affidavit! Hyde declare?
thai he has -been reviewed in the ptibli.
prints 'n auch ? manner as to pince ni"
in a falae light to the end that puptk
prejudice and public passion have bee;
aroused against tue, and I was fOTCOd t?'
resign mj "fp.-ial position" T'pon initi'
newspapers, which, lie says, have per?
sistent]., hounded him with false insinua?
tions, n-de la s the Mame for the utterly
unfair attitude of the public "in view of
the inflamed condition of public opinion,''
he say?, "my trial will he a traveet) on
Justice and my <.o..m will be Bounded he
fore the first talesman is called."
ClipP'O"**? and Cartoons Fill 112 Paqes.
Ac,ompany'm_- hi.? affidavits I? a
pllatlon of 115 page? of newspaper pftp.
pln*?s iiuh-1 r-rtne-i? as ?arg*? as s 1 ?-??_"
Theae arricies, ip de saya, have "-?re.ithe.i
in ever' word ihe damning conviction of
my _'nit ' That he his been mad? the
??'?an1-"-) thro *:h which an attack could
be mad.- up.m Mayor Oaynor if* another
charge contained In Hyde'a afllda?
The meniora? da BWOrn to by Mr. Til
Men contain tb? following reniai
"Hyde is guilty, and they will get him
the same as th>- other.*" Samuel l?e?
t'reery. wholesaler, No. i?.i Wee" Broad?
w a v.
"They atuck me. Hyde and ?he ?
hunch ought ;<? "r<- --hot." isldor H
? ifscturer, Duane street and
W'st Broad?
"Hyde is a 'lanui-'i crook." John
Ifun - OTS, No ft- West !'.
ara y
"If what Hob about h
true, r ?hink Hyde is a ra* il Cbsrlee
A. Morn. . i !??< tri? al BUppll? N I I
Grand street.
' If you stoia a pair of I
get ten years Hyde and his friends got
1100,000 and there is nothing doing
llorria Koch, altees, No, ISA West
Mr.- t
'Hyde was ai outrage to the ?up -
Henry ?Wla i let, Mo .101 Bet -
??nth avenue,
'Hyde ahoul?! be hung." J N. T.etta:,
hardwsre, Ko. 22SS Seventh avenue.
Hyde liai i" be ?r???'k?'i to :?cep in
with that clique." Albert Bich?is, talk?
ing nruichlnea, No ZSI West l-Lth ?treat.
"H>?i? should be behind the bars with
Other skyrocketing finn:??-i. rs. ' J, J.
Kelley, dairyman, No tji Amsterdam
"Hyde ought to be ?rtth Morse."---*!.
Bchssf, wbolesai?' (?rugs. Thud avenue
and lfMth itreei
"Chase him toJ__J." .1 Buachemi, bar?
ber. N". 15 Manhattan avenue.
Worse than the ii'mmonest murderer.
He ought l?> bo strung up to a lamp?
post." F. k Hanson, jeweller, No. _7'.*>
Eighth avenue.
About two hundred more teetlmonlala
to Hyde'a chsrscter complete the ntn
da\it Of Mr. Tilden.
Hyde Estimates His Chances.
Hyde'a affidavit goes into a detailed
computation of the circulation of Ufes
dally Bewapepsra ot th?? city, and nun
parea the Ugurea with the .0,000 eligible
for jur\ duty and with the -,8U0 apectul
talssmen eligible for apodal i iry dut****
aaslgnsd to tr? .ases ;?k?- Ma own
After pointing mit thai b<- took th*t
troubU to lnijuir?' whether b<- a i
as a wttneea before the legtslstlve in
resttgsttng committee thai was looking
Into anti-racetrack leglalstlon affair?,
Hyde goea on to Bhoa that he was |q|-j
tlu.t he would not be net ded HI
?ia\ ;i . ontlnuee;
Km al - n tin?-?- > ?-.?i i i hav? e ?
in?- tioin kidne. trouble, a?n? ,,i. ...? i ,
time I had a sevei i ..ti i k u
U ? ?,-, -.?.?t s for nie t?i .1i or?? i .l
dutlea and to sifk change ana ? t Short?
u after i a nl iwt) i ??? . mix i
am u.ti'i iiii-d. tl ?? legislative Investit ?
couiiiiit t?. Issued ? subpoena 'oi n*.e and
then m? abaenca ?mis made ? of
auothei attack i i"?n in?- Immedial
??: .-Ml hut- .nal if) WOB r ?i??-d \ tl '
papers, and t ?_?? charg? ?' i re?-tl) and
by itisltniatl??n and by satin nil In . ?.
cone? Ivable n am ei. thai i .1 8? ?1 (??
? scape the service of ? subi cen >
reported ..- i>?? * i**_. In biding In ? Inn lr<
diff?rent place al the aame time jok??s
were made <>n me in the newspa
getrei and aritrsture* and can ?ons aren
publish??! The name of the M.ivoi a -
brought in on e\er> possible ixvarion, and
mj abeence was in? chief matter appea
Ina in pubil ? prints .?t that tlaae.
Durlna m? abeence, however, on ot ,?'' t
.lantiui'v T. I'.'ll the ' .?rti.'iii?? Trust i'nn,
pany. and on or about Decembei .4. Ma
the Northern Bank, cloeed their ? >or??. and
at orne "Dan" Sinti1 a brother of my
i>ri\at?> Boeretary, -??night m<? out and over
leok me at St Auguettne fin Tin- a a i
? ?i tim.iiloii of any kin?l that 1 had

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