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v outstandii I for |
-c ?
to Ncvx Yorl
lanuary l?a, Tl
,.ilux\:; . ? he term of ths
,-, ,.?t|g ti uid th.
, i h n . .
? , lempeal ol ' ?neu ''??
. .,??-. op? nlj . I Srg? rt th ?
i returned on Umt daj ' no longer
? om
mitt? ? i.u.iiic.l ou! thai 11 ! had
there x?. as s by I ;
.. -? nt< ''? mi ?
Ifjnoraot of Des.re for Him.
The motion papera g-> on lo state that
Mi l'.p-i In !-i- -k'ht a ?-roc?cling t..
step M ??!?? a saisi
On h?c ? ' i- n -i
ral learned ol th< great hubbub
la in th?. ? 'ar?
-, and the Northei u
larei falae rei orts xxere
? t rnlng them. H?
? published a it!
g tl - md
t? ? -..it ? ci- Trust
mes which
to William .1
mann and
? iho ' i "ummins group."
||, - fei lo th? dispute
.'??-.? tl
Xiivi-g the "tin r
- ontroller applied
lo m: ? ? regarding th? dej
of oil thai the) were pu? rile
ami ix-rit? mptil |
tatloni betwe i tl loam and the de?
posits were ref? r*rt d ?
Then fo;i.'.x tei pagaa ol copias >-i
headlines from various n.-wsi- ll
a r'*um? of IJlC tria! o? CUITtml
?ahich. iixde Says? hla name was atwayi ;
linked xx ph that of Cummins
"i am convinced that it is my dut] t?.
mc self, as well .f- to 11 family and
friend*-, to malfe this mot! a says
m closing.
Tho indictment against Hydd rV |
hr?ber:-, to the effect that on August 23,
1010. TaTaallg he x\as City ?,'hamh? rluit?,
and Josoi'h t;. Robin waa s ??ir?-, tor and
ili;ilrm,in of Oil executive connu)!'
:ho boar! of dirctirs and contl
more than one-half of the capital stock
?of tha Northern Hunk, he contrived un
la'xv?iijiy, corruptly an?! y to
T*?-eix'a ? brlb?? from Robin on the agrea
mem. that as City Clcuunbetiain he would
iru-ri?ai-ft the daily halan rtty
funds at tho Northern Bank If Robin
?A-cuid lend .?IHimXh? of tiie Northern
.Hank's funds to tho Carnegie Ti usi I 'om
?any and his friends.
Hyde's motion for a changa of venue
?ulll delay the trial pr.-hably for man]
*7r<*-*?ki". H*r4e'a eoui tel is John B,
tRtarchfieid. Dtatiicl \ ?torne?. Whitman
will oppose the motion :
Orange Crop Probably Bared
from Injury by Smndginc;.
t.os Angel? i l
ri Is section i. . nercury
t?!i to H 'legroo? above tero, while In San
nerii&r.iin-. ti?.- thermometer n
. ?tent smudging p?ubabl)
?--.in inJury, b'ii
! .- '. . '
: sut
? . i
? ?
? r
? ? -.- ? ? ?
no1 v. tuf
i ta? ut) -tour
? '
Ilttl? i slnfall ist f< ar
itlon for th? ? .
thai .-.".i . loudles? skies bai e pi ?
? ?
Outnumber Mm Vow?? by
SV.000 in California.
? l ol th?
? : ? ? ? ? ui
? ? -?-? ' HI Of ?he
I..?,*;-.. of t ? .
\t ? , ?
it the O
Mrs OU? r I
e*-tr|<- hetti - ?? ? ? f the I? agu?,
?? ? li would
'itions all over the Mat. to ...
*i cat' itlon lu tho
? i?.< nehlp.
' late, on Ma)
ng, thej muai
-l.?t. R
Hot ..i
i h.
"Thli . : work
afong the Mi
x. i>l ,;? I . .
'..?I ot, and
Ulli tl") '
? ?
Exploded by Fire Whi'.h De'troyd At?
lantic Ceast Line Building.
i 11 :
a | .;.,,..
? n.. . was aHi
Dread Terror of Revival of Bo
erism Shown To Be Not
Mrs. Beckmann s Death Report?
To Have Been Due to Looter:
Operating During a Mas
sacre of Manchus.
r'?c 'lr.i.
I'ekim -ad ierro*'
??- i- : 'i ? igniam baa mail?- |ti
ti" ?''? -mu i? seeuu from ?
best Information obtainable that at I?m
t?n forelgnen imv" ><?. far lost tbetr llv?
Poaalbl) othera frill die hefor.- th.? ?i
lurbancea ir? over, although both the ii
i'iia'.ists ami the revolutlooarlet ahow
i; ' iln.itlon tu int. et : '? l"i ? ???'
killing of foreigners :;" far bai been bj
? ?? and loot? r.. a ho w< v.- '.i
niurlly i unisa? ?j ? ' . ; , vt i Imp? nal <?r i?? ??
lutlonary foi
The killing ?a ? cum d
? a. .n ti:- gb? n-81 provino?. I* wi
i towag? I aril h
ipltal "' ? 'lina a ht
?'in Peking - ? ' ? edvani
of ti.- aiiie.i troop in IMD, Tlia murd?
-.m r. rathleea and unusually cruel. A
more than
month ago, no dearly connected or ?ho
? . lutkentic account of th< happeaii
, received In Pek?n?.'.
it appear . boa ev< r, thai a Mi ie<1
mann, an Atnartean woman, a'ho wai |
charge ??? a sebool for foreign ami natii
children al Ht*lmn?Fu was murdered wil
? .j cl iMren, all little Bwedla
a <;? i mar named H imaater i
n-dan-1'u. og? ',.i with nis aaalatant,
. II I'.iiiin named Philip Manu? i
a. killed. The laal death reported
.i.iii t. ad ? I *? a'ti'
1 he d? tai:.?- a . noi .?t band, an i ther? ai
a number of version* of Juai whal hai
? preeer
ifOce b ii tti" Ch
. ?. mm? m i? "? da? ittei I] i?<?
to do an) thli disturb? d ar? a la al
?. lute!) In I
ndi v in edict
i expressing ofll? lal ?' lo*
d been "mol I ind orderin
troops to t'-i. .. atn ? l ??? dlaturb
Of \. . ? 1; I
Spread of Anti-Foreiqmsm.
and ? ? ? " - i
neral call to mis
a i u?- proi Inci - - ?
.""i Bhan Bl. adjoinli i
w ? ?t .if l'eking. a here .
spree ? i ?" i.. Um
?n ig)
I ther? sema 1
..f Th;4t i'
n that th? madden
0| tli' oil
ta 't ant
Hi" empire In such virulent firm. Th? moel
i ? nion is, lhai
in?, protect for? | rty
?ic<*oi?dlng t ? th?- moat -? tor) ol
maai i om a
?. n ..i th?
the - n II wl??' th? 'i thai ti"
,. M.i'i. ras ateu lad ?? " asramani
bul bj i n? 'i ?' i"?r
I -
?i :. m .n. hui lh? manifeste
destroyed o thai
neither i hieken n * dog would b lefl ?Ved,
end. the) were, with the exception ol
- ? i?
j be a tual "inbreak i"a?'i on O
? I" 1 trOOP. '"t- : ? 'I , ; I l
?i about on th?
_tei nun,it,..n ,.f ti,, Man? hus rin
'?- i, , -?
... ?i?.
? madi Th? > foi ? i i k* d thel
mid li
? ?? failed ? ompl? >
i ?urina the ? Oi totx i
.,. cording ? ' II la ? ? ralon the I
?i ?h* ell} a ?toi ped,
Ight? II III? i'ihfl'.
I hi H
Masaaersa m Viiiscies.
Bo, nste "i ol i " ?;'i ulng I ? ? ??? Ithlf"
? ?
? ?? lit? a .oi the Manchua i ? i
... ?????in.
? on the .Mata hu ? i-'- ..n i- u Th?
?; tilicatl'it.s BOOn I BpltUlat.I
liorrlblf slaught?
i then t?'
than .i th" -aii'i. v ?
? ii. ut mo
? I ere al
?? ork In the eil in at?
?n Mi R I Uli na
\ ail -
i i'll?Sr
? . ' eh ?. ? ;...
with their own a
t'i th- ??- .ill Hie Man
i theli attention to
? ? ? '
d i - for? Ignet ?
?? i", remal.i In lisias*Pu, and H li i on
still alivi
.w.u. led from
the dint ? ?
ttina '"U Ol ; ' ..'? : .
e?i. waa se! u|>on bj brigands while the
i by th? ..'u i.'-i ai
.?ii? b). Mi - ? ai i i?'. ri'uii. ,i Bw< .
\A .1- ..1 i
woun I? I at?
tic lu
'.. i-i n tb ice, bul t..
not taken plac?. .. r
? a
Th? ? inol
mi. ,. ovli
lied ?n Its hoi i"i- tir
in The ii.i' v.h
- ' riganda,
evolutloi i....t..I the
and killed al.t two thou
1 he Imp? rrlved and
'I h? Im?
? killing, until .
or* persons had lust theii :
Frank W. Htrrirrun & Gustaf Obendorter Lcs?ees& Managen
The Largest and Handsomeit Hotel in the United States
Broadway, Seventy-third to Seventy-fourth Street
special N>v? Year?. t>e Nupp? ? ., , ,,-,., [>|ra>f?aa- Room aed
Gril!. 1310 s BJall favors for la-l?.-? OSf tab! ? BOS
Our cuisine and restaurant service ara unexcelled
in America.
COUPON NO. 24. WEDNESDAY. DEC. 27. 1911.
$15,450 in Prizes Free
My Answer? to THE TRIBUNES Bookreader
Picture? of This Date and Number Are
No. 4!
No. 48
Contestant's Name -
City or Town and State.
nil?; UN*.
Contestants In the Tribun*'* iw^
conditions of the conto*, and
aii?i carried off men) young girls One re?
port had ii thai ti.- y tool elghte? i
loads "f eh i.- doe . the river. Afterward
the real revolutiontat from Bhan?? recapl
tu.-il tha town fro? lh< r? bela. No f
? r> Buffered In this outbreak.
-? ..i
Special Meeting To-night, May'
Result in Call for Strike.
\ conference between the organiser? of
the ?*. ? '--t
. ib? Int? id.?Ins? i
? . Promotion ol In
'ai Arbitration, which h*y*i been mak
fforti to bring aboul -? ronf? ni i on
? .a tl.. : ? ? President C?
f i'.-?u m th-- ? ? Gaa < ????
:,. .? ? --t th? threat? ' ? ?i i "?ike. will > ?
t,. the repreeeatatlvi teorkera
to-ds) The report will be acted on by the
union to-night si a ,- Isl meeUng
go ?i sha] f-i ii : trlke, if i
tt the I of tl . If. C.
K< atina, Ihe i f ol
? m forming the
. ? m union, said ? ' b numb? i of affi?
iho? that 'i.mp n
trying to kill the union hv dl? bargtag tuen
loh .dit ' ?ne ol
Bald, Btated ?i"?1 of ten pa worker* ?hu
went to th? L'alvl
I i m of
t ... i_.?-. in i ? iat|.>n ? itlon on
\ . it 23 ai # dli
\ i, i ?. ntai ? ? ?" ?
? ?. ' em] any aid I noi a
rorkei a: tl union In Man!
i;.. Brons oi ' and lhal
i| .id i.'.i
Bhlelf^l Inlaut When H'avy Truck'
Runs Over H**-r
Whan aha saw thai bet ? i ? In
if being emahed lo d
ich la n ig h l
t ? raltri, of Na 1121 ??--.'..
?? ppe I fro
f,.ii i ot ? net ibound 171r -
ih.-,," hen elf oui of 'he wa
at the am* Uma holding th? i hil ;
ber '.? ad ring down
her, caught i ith th?
wheel ai The left f-?"!
was la : d the won i eel? ? d
Int? rn li be waa ni died to Leb?
anon Hospital tu ?' privat? autoi
i ? ? . ondltlon is Bald to bt Tb?
? '' i? m- -i.
Mi.- tun ? s car at the ? orn? i of]
st \i, Rhe ws
with her baby that failed ? thtl big I
coal truel driven by w 111! - ^?at?**- ,
d th? warning shout .?f th?
, onductoi of Ih? ? sr ?mi Ind it ;
? i too l ?t?? t" lump oui ol the as I i
? . ? ?
-flaw Ing bloa. ; i t.. the tr? I
? 1 the
i mdoubtedl? - ? ' . although '
Ph? ? '"i and n . driver ?.f ihe truck
i down and carried Hie woman ?
un? While waiting t"i the ambulance
nd ,,' .
i? i ? ,i in LaK? 11 ? woman lo th ho -i
v. hi-h was .
Insane Man ?Subdued with Club After
Trying to Kill Wife.
In ?? Pal mini 'ii
1 ?!,? j . ?if tl.. .
asa I ? ? lub eai I)
? .- n. a bat I ? wltl David
Pardoa ; '? ailoi ??: So 111 B hok i reet,
? 11 v. ?lh an ,,\ I -.u
do? i-. ..in- ? .' .. IdliiK
th.- ax, nl'-'i t" kill Sarah. She
.i .i ?
\\ In-:, Ih? patl "I.nan arrivi ti house
ind Pardoa wre-ck ng the furnl
Ma hone? it th door, th? tailor
i ? ' ? patrol
in on Pardoa led h in Pardow
n i. i ik? ..i"' Kin Hot pltaL
- ?
Queens District Attorney's Action
Forestalled by Rumor
??? Matttv * ' Bi th, Diatrict
Attorn dl an?
uounce hla api.iuw i I ? i:. Long
Although Mr, Bmll li refus? ? . . ntlon
any nan ? i terday, it waa n mor_d I l
rould a aa folios
tint Attorney, John Heth?
.? ho now holde thai oflli ?
nut Attoi no) Da W ilt , i ?
Dlsti a?? Attorneys Dana W all oe, of wi Ite?
stone; W II bun J ? t? an* i ,.: i -,,,,,,,,,_ ilM,i
i . .
Married While His Tram Made
Change of LOCOBO?T?
i tab, i> '
? '
.' ? ;.ni, private, i'th United gtatta Inl
'. . mai i n .i -\.i - i - , . ,
T ?? minuta aft? it' a d Hi
? ...u board Ira
' PhlUpi - In hi
""'? r to reptri . .. ?0 him
tv hen i . .
or two ,er_
. nllstment, ? ? ? i i
u md * i, ?
'?nil i. ,
. ?
Th. - o\- - ??.? i i poken m u,?
srm recruj?a lu the u loi
M-hI-jH anywhere in H?e United fttg
Im 12 'O a
l .?ni iiiur.l from tlr.l i?,i?:?"
niare'u:,- fini-i ?a. nort! under the ?'-m
man?! of ? "hang-lieu
Keith a enl at I n of ibe future
toi h of Li.- ? t run? si i" I ?ilna Is exp? ? u ?
"within two or three days," a?*cordlng to
. , atcii i- ??' i '?> the
? -
from rang Shi , ' " "f
I'r- in-- ' I ' " '
td ant to Tani Bhao-yl by the
elub in behalf at lh< ? 'to.li I I BU i f
,i,, i mi, -i m i., -, \< hleh i ' ?*as ask? d to
? i .-?-? ? ?.;. ' \'1
Ting-fang, chl? t ol th< >? ? lions del
,.i Shanghai
?i he students urg? d lb* ? loptlon ol ?
m,i? t?? string
! res ? " thai
the po? ? " '?";i '''? -''
mat? ; - '
In rapty th- following cabla dispatch
? -i
? r,. Hi-- ? hti ? ly In 1
i mi? ? imbla Uni
? into
gin? ? i tin -i from publl. Hfe I
nt 1 ? i"?-' Un "
i ?"? ? r- umatai.
pelted m-, arttl I ?'? i ??
I .\ n t.. th? ?? I ?? I ? ai n- -? ?
, art that th? ? . i - - ?
full) .?? UM, and i s III do mi tx il lo
. ? ? "?
i . || -.|.,, -,t v ni be
.... ,i
? !<?? -lii?! '
from j.f-1 I taki il tjpportuiilty ?'? ?*?
.... non i x \ii .-'ii.X.. j i
Rais^ri In Gain Amone? n Sym?
pathy for China, Says Engineer.
r>- Telaat st. ta I aTi lb ;
Phttada ii"?- ton,
an engin?1- i ??? I
. ?
. , , . .i .. , falla?*. ,l"
i.-- of ti ' 'hi?ere
r?volu! Id? i of < ?tab!
i m inch i dyna l
-., . . ?!>. nal? m? '-t I only -?
?al Muff arlth ?. in- ii i-? gala th? ' m
path* "f \i:i
,epubll ?." " ? i xii
i irgj ton, t" ? i.Us) ithy of th?
L'nlU ?! State? and II also appeals lo I
...i.r. , ...|. .,.. i It was
believed th. rry would facil?tale th? sacui
loai iinletenl lo p?il the o rail? d
XT' ? i I ?tit ? III! ll.
of ti a pi >?-.? -,. itlon
back of It," b? said, i???
th- ? re -ii'. the) n< ed i i han ? to expand
Th" . ai e n ?th u in. i, th? i ? . olatlon h id
? -i ii,.
an "? hind lb? rtr?9*??*ment, i ? n
.:? i had ii" ' ? id? i ? ? 'i b<
... - ? ;; upplli u v i--, mum !
?-1 'l appai? i-ii? i ? |et all th
?ra? i x? It h v hl? h i" ?mix on lb? h I attl?
The pow?n ?? know thai J back ol
th- n ."im on, i n< alsu know the)
I worthy
i if th- revolutloi la su? eessful
the 'aId? ?>i. n door" ??ill i ?? vail hi C
Lindon Bates, Jr.. Suggests New Plan
to Republican Vot:rs
Lindon Bat? , J It. publl. a*i - aptaiu of
Hi- Mb i;i. trie! --i th? ttth . -
red n,. ?? ?
mai*! lia
i? i ? h cuUi i- ti .
i -?. s ih a p In thb matt? : ??? ?
?i -n .- t i-i m ary in? ethia,
-'. slgnil - mi th. in? !"?? -i post? n-i
any rewolu
i". ?rani you
?1 IN- I , II. ,| -I lut ? ..?.I I -
? >f action
of removal
Hu? pasl th?- i .
in-- been i- looking oui ?
n?.? Infrequently l???ki! ^ oui foi I
i til utl .-i- luokli K
?'- .-!?-.. ,!, ntial ?
'.. t? . Ib? ai
than th? dri?'< n a h.: ,-.i.ii- il act
? ? ?. -i- . i. ? ? nu to be one
mo i In In he clt). ,.i- :
though normal I; ::? publl su I
margin, II ? i b) 57tl B'reel and
?3d stre? m???li ?. and Sin
. -1. ? i ?? i ... ? , - Will-'
i I..I - j
m--ni. and N< a? v-.i k athl? tic - lut?
' n th? posts! he ;
; ? i ,. ???? ? . themi
'.. - - - Hugh II.
Folk ii . and .-.; U? : formkli M- '
; i ? i H-ii M'Ilaon n -i
Peines Story About Army Captain Who
Killed Ani:..-'.
Mra. Claud
, ..i- - - ? if? la
and - i - i In th? n
i -i s ?u-1. erimi Halna served ..
;? i ra la Bins Mm ? I thai
? . n , i.
al in- bom? ol i.- fall r. ?Ctarl
i.ii.i- ?. n. i.. -i Mill \ i- i.i 11,
I | ?
? ,-i.lain |i
ibina ?
- ? - i . ??, i ? i. . ,.; front | I ??"
Never Intended to Charge Hi
band with Attacking Miss
Wangh, Wife Says.
"Woman Insists She Never A
thorizecl Brach's Lawyer to
Make Statements Which
Would Free His Client.
M a. Irena i'?i"-r of n... B6Q :?'_'d stn
denied abeolutely last ni_hr that aha
tended making Mlea Agnea Waugh
it n ni laut in .1 |2?,000 .?ii* nation ?
the papera In which were died yeeteri
bj hire, r * i [ ?o r ' **t Inn v.r. Marl in l'. I.yn
of No. M7 ?tilton atreet, Brookl
Lynch la also lawyer for Frank Bra
ti under Indi? tmen! fur attack
Mia Wsugh mur her home, 83d atr
and Fourth avenu??, Brooklyn, on
11. ami it ?fraa I
vestsrday after the Piper roll whs ti
that he ? -tit? mplsted having the Br;
indlctmeni gusshsd on tln> ?-tr.-nK'ii o
atstement In Mr??. Plper'a attdavii tl
?m the niiTiit ?'t ? ' tober 11 her husba
tul.i her he had a roe -Ain? Ma* IVati
,; nd gtrock her In the fs< i
Mrs, i';ii"r alao d? nit i lolling Lyi
. mi gaya ahe a aa fooled throw
I unfsaiUarlty with '-?sai procedure li
1 signing a r? ady i.i?- aflldavlt. The a
da? it filed asta t"i th In one pari :
That i ? ;? huaband fw ?i lend "????? '?
i , ,, i i . aller al th* wat
ht being o chauffeur and alao
plan? player; that deponent found ?? nt
!.. | ..? latter?, i ? ital 'arda and memor
dun - i-i il '" ?v ??"? v? augh, addres
lo In isbi nd. ai the Pro pe? l ioutli u
In Brooklyn.
"Mr. Lynch Used thg papara, i Blgn
aid afra Plp-w laal night. "I
Hi? n r? a.i the contenta Th? ra a as m?
tlon here and then of Wea Waugh
told Mr. Lynch I bad no chargea
igslnst Misa Waugh, and ht gal
, That'a all right; I'll tiv thai up.' I to
[ him i did nol want lo b< mixed up
ans court prooeedjnga i nev?ar had bo
mis? -i up m anj, And th? n he read tl
? .n the nighi ol ? ?clober II, Uli, ?
till g? il assaull on Ml
husb inn told m? 1.'? ? all'"'i
m- moth? i -tr" t and th
? omi ?; bal m ?aid nlghl h? * ?? I
-, a i,' detect! 4 m t'i i.m the Fa
I Hamilton precinct, i cannot no? raei
, . -..,, rl v . t., tin. detei u- es I
1 my husban?! ?\ft? r th? d? lectli e
ii. told m? thai ha would neve* i-'?' beck i
m. -i i .H", kli
? irever nri
th< ^ augli girl, ar*d h* had had .< Uti
?tuarr? l ? itli her and
:,i i..- .i-?-??'! -n- t., forgive him f
- ondu? t m i in ps '
? When i r-*ed thai i told him i ht
d any auch thing, 'hat i ?i"i n
[believe mi huaband bad attacked tl
; girt, and ???>? n if !?? -?? aa * bad man
Id ma i;. ;,l- dm ' him I : Bd M
eh I ? ..nid tn.t go in?.un ar
??. . : . m ? a thing. H? told tnt
?.?...nid n??t be for me to K"
, ..m ? and do an] .ring 1 hew
another pert thsl i" ?bsolutelj false
tin purl li,.rr
; t .-.? , ,. i. (oi ihe lu ??? ? Bh ? h? h
treated i"?- In -? ?*ery ?*rii'?i rnannei bi
us rj \ ile ebltnel ? ting lhal now hi ?l
? i . ??? what became oi nte or th?* ?'htl
tba! h" tii'i'ish" mora o? tin? \va__h r1
than me, Thai rii? ivould nev< r make ai
? I fh.it t OOUld d') *\ha
i ? er asid hueb ind i aid an?
thing ,?i"iit tii? v.augh ??''i i wi
dumfoundod n ben ' ear all thla in Ih
i.,,.. ^ i m going to ???' Mr. :
to?morrow sud ask bim whal h? mean
i. ,,
i pi ? ? m ?'<?? buil alleged '
'?? from Ilia* ?Waugh and addreaaed (
ii ? '!? 11 k M i'; i. a chauffeur, i I St
i??? ? . i., i stand enue, r? ad:
Sot pi
felj v.
u on ?h ? ?ruin, fthicl
delayed al Poughk? ir on
.?,|, the door till mo ind II look*
liki i he ?loon. 'I bought | o i had m id? th
i l I .? t lin know ?I04 I
.... noatal ? ?'? ?
S'ovemtx . it-ill
Thi . .. . ? thai gel
lh< ginget ale, and ibl b wher youougl
in be. iJ.'k?? i ?' ?. pleaa? im I
Ih 11? V? ?? "ii h.i ?i- re*igne I. havi you not "
?just i-.'turn?--.) from boating, bo tbougti
i would mall ."'t ?' postal. All ii"- ?11
in town I ?? i i""kin
i. r m i m failed '" ni''', j ou, tiavi m
heard ih>- Vhariol itace" aloca I aaw vi
l ? ' ? ' ? n i i? mi. I -, n i. -n, Il i*ar ii
A. J. ?VAU?H.
Two "i the postala ** ero from Rhine
i" K. N. v. Piper aald leaterday It?
kn.-v. Miss M'aUgh, ami aald h? ha.
il her t?? drive an automobile, an?
ahe had be? n tl a - ihj? - I of quarrels b?
t a ??' n him and ins ?*. ife
Drunken Man Killed Neighboi*. Wh<
Gave ?Shelter to His Wife.
ibi klgi M-' . I '???. SI John Kelaon, o
'>\ aahlng ??.?.??.. Is In thi Cambridge Jail
l eld for th? murder of Mrs Edward El?
liott, who died last midnight from gunahoi
a..-a ? i Kelaon yeeterd iy, aftei
he bad chased I la wlfa from home and ah?
! i - -1 aoughl refuge In tue Elliott home. Af?
ter th? shooting .\? i-mi broke Into anotbei
dwelling boma In hla bunt for hla wife, and
? 1.1.- to h,.- own : on* . ? i Ich wai
, .1
Nelson, who, Il Ib laid, had b? en drinking,
and shortly
afterward fHi int.. s stupor, and continued
111 I I . : I ' i ? | I ? , . |,, ]
' -?>-.
Mini Without Home Wanders into Cor?
ridor and Takes Acid.
? : "i ilk? ?! into iv? d , i Hoe.
? n Boulevard, Th.- Bronx,
1 wand? r-.' up and down the cor?
ral minutes, a man, wl..
asa] . John Bmlth, .. driver,
;?? Ate j at? ni..? -n
:' dl ., ,i,.,,i
Ile va.- m .n to throw awe] ? mall \i .i
led fioni
? and
? I t" '. Ih ? .. : ? h uj
sei ral month
""?n asperated r:..iu hla ? ..., i .
He ?-. is held i |,i,,.,?.., .,
-Main Into Attain; oi Deftact Brook
lyn Institution Bet-ins To-day.
ro iklyn by
Ing i-i.,...,,? ?III
,ii it'
' '"
? 'i i... .- ?; .Idateln
"' ' ' : ? " ,;"? ind ?
'"? ' lo-da - III i, w.
' '"K" '? i -i" ni i ih ihnml
? , I. at C, -
'Referee Reports Lawyer Over?
paid Banker in Settling Estate.
Action Recalls Old Bank Case
and Claim Against the
Russell Sage Estate.
. i ? ol William "*?< Isos Croi
[las r, being H ?tobl to Joha C
| ahoa mil lea dotlai legacy Mr. Cromw? :
I, |, Hr Rno la In -i. bl lo Mr Cro ???
1 ?rail in the sum of 111 IM 11, M Hamilton
. idHl, the if-1? -? i" '" his
ni Clerk's
??- ommend?*d )u*7*gTn<rnt
t..,i<, n :? i : he amount nam? d.
?|-, . '? Ing ? the i ?." ? '? ?l,?i? UP Sj
quartei ? ? ntui j old -',,: ?? -'0,'n *' VjUn
who Is the ion of tha late Am.,- R Bao,
owner of the old Fifth Arenua Hotel, va
once presldenl of tha Bee end National
Bank, and when It was almost ??recked ?
- ; i. .1, t-- ranada, ?? malm -i si?
and in- ti returned and had the legal
!>i. Insi him stopped, xvidi?.- his
fath? i settl? d m- obligations
Mi od :i ?? sa tiatned l.mre. in the i"? -
? ?in case l.ni.h.T ?-?;. 1801 Hi recited
Um i: .-? o lefl la .ne-l
.if ins e.- t?te, ;tt'-l thai "ti -hu- I
before his fath? -1 death, "f*?*bri*ai
John i". Kno a??aiir.n^.i .ill his share to
th.- law; er, ml':?? lag ilgnmenl In
Mnt-iii. The intu? ?us stipi*?*>eed ?o be
-han |1,S| ".. x, , ,,miti< i-- Mi -
< '.leii. \)i t?.?< ?-?:, Maj i i-.i' and Ja
r. 1101, Mr. Cromwell ?*?*4lected from the
exetsut? ra ol the v? i;. th? sum "?' 1943.10 ? I ?
and a cheek for |1#.?W0, Which Mr. ''mm
?aren, a' Mr Bno** requeat, Indorsed o
| ? tha Fourth Ka/lensl Hank, and - lici^s
.? ? eatir.; *_'. ??-' ?J 7?. ?> iii-h <.<?T'- lnd?-r??
over t'? Henry C Rno,
This money, im referee fourni. wat paid
? -it ?<ith John ''? Bno'a ?-anetion ?.-?
debts made before and after his father*a
death Mr, Odell Ir-eld thai Mr C*i*omwell
had i -.i onl) paid - ill all the sash Mr. Bno
' v..,? entitled In. T?"t had ..verpnl-1 him
xi.:.;,., out "f his own (io-d<.t. that the law?
; yer ??...?. entitled t" *'?.""?? for legal ssr?
i trieos nnd, finally, 'h.' Mr, Brai waa -nil in
- -
About l**! it i-a- found thai Mr K
presldenl ol lb? Becond ??rational Bank, h:i?!
withdrawn imee amount? .: ,1 rmgaged ti
peculation, Indpally nrtth tha brokerage
?:'n -,;' A Dyetl <x> ' ". IT- tVSa i-e.nvk'te.1.
lltteugh hi.? father mad.- sood tha emtttA
the ?-?.ii had taken. ||r. I'n8 ?a*? rSSSaasd
m twoegt -, | - ..-.i .:..- point that tha
-.xi?, com ? wil ut Jurl -li-Uon, an?!
I thai be could i-> 11 : - t onl] in th? I
! courts.
Ha auc?*eeded In ha? g all it ..?id*
and vrrnt to Quebec and bOUghl a he.n.
Kttet SbOtll fix ??ar. of ?eg..| ?iphtlni I IS
I nited State Supreme ?'..uit ?1e. ldfj the
-t.itr courts had jurl.*xdl?'tiOii and -?. ther*
tras then ?oom question s?*s>cernlng reOiUist
ti"n treaii-?.? m bank casca th? Washington
authorttie*. won ????. ? ' to - ' the banksi
back to Ken York He t*eturoed, and eue?
reeded In having the Indictments Quaehed
?m th" ground that I a had riot personally
profited by tha wttn?*tt<a>?sal of 11 ? semh*?
., . .-i r.,: ?? ,. i?. |ga? Th-^ Lank affair
and Bpeculatioi ifi Mr Bno aith man?
and . hortli aftei x?.ir?i ha ? agaged
\tr. Cromwell sa financial pil?r*t Then iba
?-Mor Bno died
Early In Beptembei of this year Ifi E
broughi lull igatnsl Mr- Russell Bag te
compel her to sell rjslveston, Houston g
Henderson Railroad taoiida of a par salua
Of Bf| ??.?? and ?.*ner ptock? In IM Iba SM
brokerag? iii-fi of l.Vekt-r, Hoxv?*ll x - -
U--I1- ??? Russell Sage for cash, putting ,.p
Bto. lis, intciudlng tbosi mentioned, nnd
other? imountlng ? ?*- M8.Q00 al par, for t
loan which, with Interest, now an
10 fi%ftJt
\? .a.,,>n .-?? the rexes ?.- ? i r- i-i'i block v is
mu up William J Pll-aaa announced tha!
he ?.a? the owner, and that th?? broke.s
had offered hie stock ;?s aeeurlty vfthoii
his consent ! I I ?-???-. -i . rirolnal ac
turn and, n. tardec to isstsl Mr Howcll,
???h-?, iy th? way, is the only member of tita
firm now allv? M Bno ? ? ???? for*s ird
ait h rash to ?satlsf ? the Plicas claim
Th? itock v a? aasls*ned to |fr Kno. bul
,- Mi -, ,a<? i,.-..rr BOld OUt hi- BCCUrti
t-i ??.r??ir?. his man. th? btork rrmclaod In
t i.-? in his est?t? Mi Eno h ?Ida fhar r?>
lala Ol a" tha Stocks t*oul?l more than ????
laf) th- loan a? th? raluea hav? much In
creased Id fifteen ] ears.
i New Charge Against Man Who Failed
to Pay Restaurant.
When Daniel McNeill, who -old he Is ?
broke . waa arraigned In the Men's Nlghl
Court last night for an adiestra?*] hearing
.?n s change ??f defrauding a r? Btaurant,
John B. Monk, of No. IS3 Baal *?,th
appeared and -..id he x?,t>it.--i te make ?<
cemptatm thai McNeill hau i<.i-i-??i him ol
a diamond ring ...?.?..l al ?. I
McNeill was arrested on Christina Da;
In Mouquln'a reataurant, No, 4M s?\th a\
nue, after he had spent several batir? in
the place ??tin^ and drinking and failed lo
: .? the hill When .xii.tiMiiit.- H****rman
questioned blm last nighl ha aadd be had
m. m-iiie\. 1,ut un- aspectlng a fttead, Mr.
M.jnk. Monk name "??'?.-: called, and be
Btei ped up
, ",\r. )ou going to pa this man ?
1 h< was asked
"No," he ivpii.-.i 1 ?\..nt blm arrested
ii?. atole a diruaond ring from m< <n.-i
pawned II for IMS,
The magletratc than ..-n..u;n. .1 n
i, irlng to-nlghi and IncieaiMd M?
ball from VMM tu D IM M? k :
he had kaown McNeill sis rears and un
? ? h? - .lui-- from ,, r.1 family In
Nova Bcotls McNeill had .??-?.">' In?
in stocks, according to Monk, but lost .t
uii in spe? dation.
Man and Wife, Born Same Day. Died
Within Four Hems of Each Other.
w lohlta Ks 1 " .?'. -Mr. and M
. ? .?:? : - .,! tins
city, a o aren born ou the Bans day,
?event y ?als years ago. and ? ... died with?
in s pan led ?-. foui bow a, 1.1 be ?
to .la? B01 ?? re lot . 1 Ini
Halle? , a v? teran ..1 the ? ' w x\ .ir. .;i d
" his home here 1 k?atli eams tu bis ? -.
i" m Inaan? tsylum In i) iwatomte.
Neither kn h lb? other aa
- - ?a -
To Be In Heart of Sl-uns and Will Be
Run at Cost.
I'm- I? .. i" 1 rjaorge \
head ul th? In At Much Mlsalon, to .
I tlial t..m : , .a 1,. ???j , ,,?.,,
ii" Isail Ihemaclvi ta ta lit?.
r"' the puri.1 meting u bot?
In I''- al -1. m n would :
and I ?lutoly at 1
-11'' "'"i ..n the pre -m
' No ;.?r. 1 ,, i ,;,,,.,
: 1 the heart of Hell II . \
rh b
?tories In 1 1., t ,,,,,., ,,v .
' ;| be fixhiN nee room
! 1 h of the tea upper Boors,
" "'?'" "? Ing ?i. ,..i,.1 ?
bis i' em an.1 restaurant
V' ' I II" |.|.,:iV|. .
ked fot a ?ighi .? :
" I ' '" ? '" ilUl .1 , , letlral
Haah "in i--- 10
'?.*d f-.v th? nea building
sill b# the Aral ??( ,,,. "I
iutomatic Sprinklers
Pound*, of Firs Prevention
Genera! Fire Extinguisher
Fifty per cent, of the country'?
fires are preventable by carefulneta,
Grinnell Automatic Sprinkler?!
would prevent all of the country'%
bad fires.
Head of Waterfront Federation
to Visit Coast Ports.
A '
betwr? es n. P Oi itti' ' ?
llw W'sterfroi
i. r. i,?:.? e to th? i Irtffta ?*, i
I to-da
h'e? ' irk ani
? nstl? nal union nf ira
i.nrlin raid I i ti
this city a ? ,
? ? mmltt? a of the '? ra
tion nt ?,?-.at Britain, t* ! ., i ,
ind ' r>?op< rail ? . ??'
| union m ' the na ?
Ameri? an
flriffln ?aid in..-' of t
n artn? iml
lune. 1 ,-,'
'..??n fer Ian iha?
a ,..! reapondlual lai ? i
Thi. - ' ? :i
Carried Through Stnnkr from Bnrnin*"
A partirent Hmn
ptitiadelpl i. ream
man? ot them . -> mb? re Ol
i}-|B| In l
througb thick r? mo In
.- ert,\V- . ' ' '
' -.'
? ? 'n,- Wren n
l_.t :
! after ' ? I beet: 1 i a
', lot-. 01 ? v Item
Coing to Chxago?
One night to ? hicago
is wli'H ih?^ Pennsylvania
Special offers t-> the bun
man. N*-<? '"ly is ml
in in the business dsv.
The hanks and exchanges
have been closed for aa
hour ?when the train ? ? aves,
?nH ii reaehen ( hicago be?
fore \hf\ open the next
An p\?*"*|lnit dinner bj
jen ed in a n ell appointed
dining car.
The nigbl may be pas.-jed
ac?rding to .he traveler*!
humor, lit* maj work i
while with a free stenog?
rapher ;,t h\i elbow. He
may read in tb club of
observation ear or in Ml
fitly li<r||t"(! stateroom of
berth. There is a club
like atmosphere in Hie
smoke-room, w b< n c h 1t
and smoke and r< fresb
men! combine to make Hie
evening j>.*i?*.s lighth,
In ill?- berths and roooM
there are clothes hanger-,
.tiitl the beds are comfort**
able in size and furnishing?
The roadbed is ??olid, D.
cars ateady, and Hie ???-^p
is refreshing.
The morning bath
im akfasi m the tra n ,:f
a man for immediate work
on arrival.
This is travel \>if;i all
drawbacks i liminated.
The Pennsylvania >]*'?
cial leaves Sen York
Pennsylvania Station. t.00
P. M.. IIiiilsi-ii Terminal
:*..>."> P. M.. and arri a
Chicago 8.55 \. M
Have Vou Been to the
'Piano Shop'
at 35 West 14th St.?
? \
11 \ ; i of
..i ???.
v \~ ? ..Mi. KHill I
:? ' ' S
For a Moderate Price,
' 11 ; 111 'i i i s ( ? ?
Come to the Piano Shop,
loek '
<?> waat inn >?????>? ?
... .-. -

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