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Government Suit Charges Re?
markable Ways for Stifling
lay of Former Rivals' Ma
chines in National Company's
Factory Aided Trade
? I '??
? ? Attorn? y ? ?en i
of 4 ? ??. with
h the prea -i main?
? to msny, who aeaumlng that thta
n?entty M.?'i;.i folk?? ? eourae of otbera,
hav#- h*? \|....'t?TI_ t" MO
i for???*-rl down b rompetltlon Si the
an ni
tiifaclurc in
? .
? i'ii.
The " ara of
. ? i.. %? not operated on thla psrtlculsr
' ?in"'1'? ht? ??? t fi>Tth In th
.K? arm i itnst th?? Sa
1 .im Register i ompsny, and .in ea?
? ? -ordin.-ir?. ? OX ? ?
tari to appnpmaa oi petition II Blven Is
? : tlofl hSl -***?
male number- of merchant! ?n well hsi
to th? "i' competitor! who, j
? Uns is Um aasertlon of
? ;?.n?>t a' h.?\ ? i>? .-h ? lain? u j
itrmtrttttlrtti. acce-rdlng to th?*? bill ?.?' tiie
ernmeat. the Nstlo si "? ?v main?
tain??'! a "i?nri)ji?Mit;..ii lepartl
liStta km???
.?rtnteni era," ?
arpatayprd 'at Ildwa " slao ? ?
Ktootmlni roon i ? h ard??*
' m laganhiiia l ' Itaelf.
How Competit'on Was Killed.
KHtcaltod epartnenC
?Ire tO I
i <-? :?. tore* "f ???"-?-'.ii men, whs were
. r, -, . . .-.. ; I h 1-1 ?
~, i ilneae such
. ornr"~:it''i ? ther man?
aren it" m?sn. in addi?
it con
entlj Irtfor?
v. Ich war*
? Infoi nation, Initrt i i
lo rasnlpul
a such a way itr? to
lea by
? '.
...... U ..lili
petltora a- s'.'.n *u this purpoae
i< ?a Mch made
m iiVn r a competing
B - ??
from dealen and
? nus whom they
forced of I
? u or ?Ahosr? Im-.
.:???... were
ea eatabllihed in the
? >f th?
etlni th?
. etlni
? * ?
rfere with the
e war?
Pfl ? er cf the "Glaomirtrj Room."
!.. ' .
binat.1,11 ?..
* o* th-- -gratan dariaed to rain eon?
'? ' < ? ,
\Yte pttrrhif-r I ?? i)-| at.
?ndep?neat ??>_:..-??
??a.- naiiit.? ? ' the i
? ' :
In rr?i room er? ?
r i? r - ??
???i* ? poi iinj t ??
?? ths dati
they ara i ?mi :h? amount
at m >n* .? them, appear? ' promt
?tenth in the e? ibli Mai
- ?
mi i" them
" ? .? I. agents aa the
'??*? tl'i&t would befall wiy coi
It $ t?n rimr?!'? vrli I hi
at intim l- fari r-r?. ? ,i known
?.? Ute "stoomlna" i r?->. ??-. est? the
****M ?or.? ?!??? known ab th?
? osn ' merehSB
' i***?*?-a 1 ' '*?- factory * <?r? aho
end told ? t It t onJ l !? u ?
OtJ -'?tfr. her*
t -.-"-ooani i? ui.-.ili so.>n go out i ??
i wp ?mi fa.\l to maintain ItM k .arant? <"?
**,iv??ri -filth their ?
The esmplsfnl s) o chargea thai
?err? were, ?ro.'rlr??d ?o ?iimlnat? auch ?<>in
r^?f.r,r ?t tt. Infancy, and otl
? of ?luresa. t r? \eiii?*?i fro
? *-lr 1nv??nTion? on r- market ?
?? 'f*?h?*?*i of ha ? sail us ? ?mpatitoi i
1' atlt'tte 6i)lt?. with Um t'iiip'i '
!"g thHr ieaour^e? the *-o?n? r, th?
11 i ?- In wi
of ?'??.; ?:.*"! ? cretl)
? ?r tin
altad. -
Immigration League Hcid lilakes An?
other Request of President.
inariasins dlraetsi of lb? National Lib? .i
I I? tt. r l.i -t
**-iek .1 l'r?-f|'l?n' : .!? ?.? m, H,,. ,.
?hut h< r#^'>?nrii't"i '? (ToagretM rli?> eatab
libhmeiit "f a ti?.n oouri
i that sa I
I " - id that
mirht f?--?i?in ?? m re?u mended foi
the propoaed courl ?.. .,,
?r?l? I . v. ' ?>iii_iii? n \* ho
ih?li applicationl l"i Hi ' ol ^..?r.n.l ?
"1 ' "I I l.<
?_S? '
Commtl?ejoner Bhleldl ba pul in eharge nf
th?j pro?V>ced nea ,r,"rt ?,"?f, '^!*, ?,ohn
? DOflorar, b< Bunted ea elerti to the
couri C?Mnmlaa*<*ner shields lia?, been nf;.
? |fl the eini-l-"-' tt ?he United gtate?
,,n,i rot tin- gn at< f ''?"' "' ,h'',f t?**n** ,';,s
btr-eii LTnitcd iSates C?**mmlsatot**er, and Ml
i.i-n.?\iin ha- bad twenty yeent ext*a*rk n. ?
in United States Cessrl xv?nk."
France and England Find Joint
Government a Failure.
London. r>oc. ?ST.? -A (liipat.li to "The
Hall" from Sydney. Near South
? -, thai ? Ireal i?i ttaln an?!
? ? .? entered Into negtvtlatlons
tor the division of tbe New Habrid?xi
the Join! fovcrnmen! eatabllahed by the
convention of I9M having been n fail
m e
The Nea Nebrldes group la the Paclfi
; is adminlatered bj .. mixed rom?
? h ?i' French and British nava! of
Th? 18 are French and English
. .unis .m?) . mixed court, x\itii a Judge
-, tu both natl? I
? .. the large? I (aland, is
an ?urea of 875 square miles*. The Island
.-?te contains the semi of the .l?>int
-?-ix.tniii.il'. Port Vila, and the majoritx
?- mil |.?.piiiiiti..n The latter la
estimated ai 450, the British >--'int-r aboul
half that numbea*.
President Told That Valuable
Papers Need Preservation.
| Frem 'IT-.e Trit-iin? T'. |J
:?. il Profesaor Jehs
r. Jameson, of i ajnerlcan Historical
? itlon. urged on Presiden! Tafl to
d;. v ? ? ty thai promp! steps t-e
taken by ?'r. i it; re.?..-4 to prewer\ e the tlio'i
? iluable recorda belon-zinsr to the
government Mr. Taft v.;,s saked t.. re
ommend an appropriation a! I
? erection of a building ?f aj.
?>r lini: of records in Washington larg?
enough t-- accommodate th? ?*a uable nav
>?? rs not* atorad in garret.?-, baaementa and
other oiif-of-the-xvay ar,?i unsuitable places
arttnenl buildings, and to i.n>
\ Ida f-.r tl e fut ire
The attention <-.r I i Pi Iden! tee
a fa. t i .at little of the ce re
apond?mca of the prr?Nd?l?mta la novr In the
hand.?- t-f tha government, that of Adama,
Hayas, Une.?in. Oran! McKinley and
Roosevelt being Is tha possssaloa of I ^*ir
familles II area point? I out at tha White
ii.-iis.. lo-'in? that there la no room for the
storage of auch correapondence eithai at
the \\hit<? House proper or the executive
offlcea,and each Presiden I baa bundled up
all the correapondence of hia edmlnletra
tifiii anil rarrled it stray The papera of
. ata Jefferson, .Madison, Jackson
and Monroe arc- in 1 ? 'ion of the
Library of Congresn Unless tha fami.lea
of ! ? Presidents ar?> ?rilling to turn o?*er
ipers in then- possession, many of
which are Invaluable, the go ernmont -x-vill
I B< h m h I ni portan? historical data
Congress Committee Investigat?
ing- Charg-es of Graft.
\\ ash ngton, i >ec H Wl to he
a ?'on'ii't between union and non-union
? i ha < ."?? ernment Printing > iff! ?
?sed by tha Investigation now
conduct ?I i>y the joint Commlttaa oa
Printing which haa under ? ortsldoratlon
? ? r,.>t lnt< nded for kov
emmanl use are i-ihk made ?n the Wndery
division oui of government materials and
on ko\ ernment time
Two employes of the dltdslon, r,i i of
xxhom xva? dlactuvged ? Bhor! time ago,
and the ??tIkt was suspended for thirty
?lays, m. the .harte?: that pn. U.-thooks.
checkerboards and vari'.-is other srtlcles
were being made by tbe employes of the
printing office ou. <.f t'<- leathei
for binding purpose? Them chargea were
communicated to Senator Bmoot, chairman
of the committee, who ordered the li
a dozen workmen from the dlvl?
alon were summoned befon the commltee,
-if \xiiom liave already been heard
Th? testimony thus far has nol established
i-- th. nltte? thai
opriatlon of
funds or ^ S...?
ed that the) had n?>i
heard ?-I t he ma king of po< kel
,-?is until the two workmen w*.o
id b. "i la d of! ? ?th
era had seen men working <>u art I. of
this sort ? en ? bother
\t hi till I" ti,? HI-' ?
tion "f goveri I I ala.
shown <?- is
the prospect ?-i unearthing a *rm,o*\ ?..
? for anoth?*r Demc-rrai
latina committee la not so protni?in<;
'?""? members ot i h>- committee
might ?
? ( i ?.,' coremltte? are of
the opinion t'1-"" the charge of rniaappro
. - governm? ni i upp! ?
. and
? thai then la
der ba ' r the allei
of Irre i ? ? ? ernment Printing
I ? ii-i, hot f \er,
? ? teen, investi
President Mori i fl es Canal Zone
Medical Practice Order.
Waahlngton, Dec 2?v lh*eeldan< Tsft to
? ??'??; the x.'xe-l QUSetfcMI of allot?, ma;
i - practl S oi ' ;.MKi!,in S.-J.-..K?- or other
non-ni. .In uni method?: ..f boating th.
? 'anal son? TbS OJO I ?) ?
made ne-, ,ral months aero, which
Of the f'hri.tiati He|??n--e ( Imrel
fffi.ref? .niil'l prohibit tliclr nieth.ii, ol" I.. ,1
h u ?raa modified ??n thai there can ba no
i lawfuliwes of Buck prac
v. I -> ?Als ?> ?! to i i I ?Hi I ITM ilcln
? tx Hcen ? 'I by the B i
modlfled bj th? Pi
? .., ot eon?1!?.??--i "to prohibit
?? i- riel - of anj
.- ?ti.iti'-i. to tha hi? i
auffer . ..,1 mi an?.
or i ereefti ? ma - -i
/. ? ... omplled ?.?ith."
The order BS . . ff. . ? ,,,,
?... i "" te Ufred i ... os - hair?
- - ini'iiii?- nf the
. ten? ? Church, ?x?mm?t>ntiac la
? ? ? Pr? ? raff a order, aaid
We ba?el on all th-- wntlm
1 aft did i ..t i? alls, boa
egu itlon w bj . ami
that ??? i?? o ' ... hj i .-..i. ntlon
t ? i.r ' ? II? I would be forth? oming.
. "ini-i. s- k ?-? ? practl! ? ' -. are
? iMtshi -i in tne nansl /op.- g m
n? t?a- ti.h January i
Woman Who Thinks She's 6f> Snrvnvcs
Six Husbands.
I. ?1 l '? ? :?. ? ,,i-,?-i ii.' ? ??ii. i
red ?i". M'-iiiii buabaad. J??i <?
Woodrum, ?atventj one ?r^r? ot?, -? f..r?n.r
?I ... net in
a i ft' ad.
11 ? hi ..I-- did so! know I . ? told
th? ? : .
Witness Testifies How It Ar?
ranged to Control Industry.
Defence Fights to Have Trans
actions Prior to 1905 Exclud?
ed from Government's Case.
? Mease, t?-?,? m Detalla at xhr plan fo?"
I ...,,,,,., merger at the Armour, Bwlft
and liorrla Intereats hi IMZ, by which the
government eontendi it wsi ?ought t?? con?
[trol th? m?-;?t iniiii.Mi, of the country, wen
rer? l?ed t?i ?!a\ In the trial ??f the tan ?'hi
? ra i" fore L'nlted Btsl?
Judge Qeorse A t'arpenter,
Th ' "uti.i? ;. a hi? h trae dat? d ?Via) 8.
wat read t.. the Jury and offered In
?vidence by conn el '?,r the aoven
ill.? original adtreananl ???a i.laced In
oo 11 by \n.< n ii. V.lar. att-jrnei I ??
Bwlft ??- <*'>. ? h" arpe called l?j tbi go*?
ernmenl aa it*?. Hrat wltaeea.
Mi \ eeder teatifl? i lhal I for th?
r wen ab .ml"; i d and thai in March,
IMfi, ti"' National Pnating Company waa
? ,.,..! to opei ate <?? rtain Independe it
packing companies", im**chsa<ed with a view
<>f Including them In the big comptant'
I nder the term <?f the agreement, the
three lar?-.- peckini corporatloni snd their
??,' i
? ? mi' acquired Independ? nt comp
?..,.. i., he nu ' _' 'i Into ?'ti- cone?** n. \t
riif.ur. Bwlft and Horrla were t.,
bonde and preferred itock of the rtea
paay tn payment for the saina of th?
tsnglble property. In addition to thla tl
i promotera were to recela* pi,QM.IM wortli
,ii th? lies ' ' '? for Inta
property and a i "t' block of common
st... K for their u.I will, tins amount i" be
fixed by the earning! of the r?ff. I
nnrin^' th?-- flret >. ir i ' the new mei
"The promote] i plai cd to borrow I ??
000 to tiriaiicM h.rporstlon. Th
pralaed raluation of Armour, B? I
? and th? .r Miiisiiii.ii.. ? "tn-.'
?at <*iJM,,iMi>io. Bach of the thns? pro?
ilted ti.tVrt.oini with n Chicago bank ai
. vldem e of good faltli bul th? ? were com
pelled to drop the plan because ??f tin? fail?
ure ?if certain New -"ora capltaltata I
nlah th?- fin,.' ?
Veedor waj m the wltnem itsnd through?
out the day nfi*t will eontinue Ma teatimony
to-noi i "\\
Prevtoua to the calling of v? e?t r to the
Ktand ill.- ?i'-t- n? " i lade an nbeu? ?
attempt to have excluded from the govern?
ment'! case an trajumctloni prior l
in the gr?snd tint ihe Immunity plea
v ... ,? th?? i a- hare a h? n the ? were
Indicted soven yean as?? ihould apply t<?
that p'Tind.
i faunae] for t1 ? notion
in arlting, bui J idge Carpenter, while re
r*ei*t-lng hla decist?*?it to give the got n
time to nply. Indicated fat h< would dim)
j the motion.
V'eeder, at th?? t" ginning of )??
amlnation, admitted that the pack i
mu i of -m organisation, which met
aren Tuesday afternoon in the Co
man Building, Chi the nun? I
with his law office, and thai hta t-nn. Henry
', , , ,i. p( , cted ft" M tf tai '? ? "! ?- nd
Hi Aid not know the name of 111 r* .-?'
tion. us It wann?.! on the < 1 ? ??>i ? '
land be did n?.t know whal buatneai was
luaaascted at the meeting? Ele asid he
nerer attended any of the meetings The
-??? i 111 e - s paid books and rccorda "i the meet
i iga aren kept, but he did not know when
tiipv atera now
'i he gov< rnment contend? that It a
;:.. a rneetinga thai th<- price of meal waa
ftxM ami rilans dtacuaa? d ?
?Ion ol competition.
\.. .i>-.r mat cloael?
the Kens oojl ' ind th? I ?' i -1
Trading Company, but ii<? pro ?
of th? Ir burin?es. H?? admitted tt.?'
i Kfnwood Oonr.pi " a*ai organlied In in-*
bul aid a waa not preeetnt a< the
The wit-i. ?? had ? ard l
the pool meetings tii'' dlfferenl con
and th.? territoriea allotted t?> Ihem a
designated b> I? i lera, H
? orth of i he I >hlo Rl? I
the Mlaaouii River il. ?
| known aa I He did
noi i .i i ? ate tii?
other memb? i of tin alleged po<
\. edei am 1
lieaolved In 1908, n. ?! hii aon, who
;.. t.-.l ;, ..?hi." "
.'fll.'o a? .-. pa' in' r Th ??.Itn?
ecanie attorn? foi i. n la ?- K H wit?
? . an<1 thai on dlfferenl o loi
had ?"r\-n h dir* or for Bwlft ? i*?i. an?l
Idler nmpa i i
. . ?
Hntisr Expected to P?e**in Inquiry S.-ion
After Holidays.
? : ' I ? ? ? -li - l?!r r.,1 ,.
-.'s"iuti"ii providing r.n- a aperial In?
Kation of 1 ping 1 lo be
? 'I in ? 'ori-rr? a Roon aft?
I rearing on a niolutlon Introduced bj Rep
-. ? entatl Humphnj of Y n di?
recting the a
mit tec to maka l ??
fore the Hou ? R ? I
an 15
u""iMiiK "?i the
Hi ; ii ? to-day.
The Hurapl ?
aearchlng Inveatigation into the n
and pra'ii' ??? of ? rtoua h
"f th- United Btal
It further dir? ?
leas ahlpa and railioad- Int? r? l
'? .. ' .?
t 'nt. o states e : ? ?
}in'f In forming confenncea, poola oi
? omblnatlona In i lolation of
A_erl PeRent .Suffers from Lacerated:
ThiRh After PaUtOf from Hor?*-?
Munich, Bava i D
-"?" ? I.'it:
Drat yea
? rom ? rioua
? . .
Unce t hen
? ' ndlng
clans mach i on? ? ra _n oflcial bul
latin lasued i" nlghl rom i ?
.!'?j..?i iv , ou? bed Ih tel ' ? ,?
? i'" .???. i ?
h. ii? ? ??d Thi bullel
? condition of ?
unforiuii.it?-!? has H' :
fes da ? r le r-,;. ri.
with the ??rent???.? difficult: m ce
??i" a Is <.'atlon ? le of the right
Expenditure $'.'0,000.i?0n ('renter than
Receipts-Loan To Re Floated
Tokio, i??' ':"? The rhnperoi t.^r
i the Mel lo '?'??? i? > \nr m ?
deplore? d ti ? dletm 11
:. i ? ?? retrtoratlon
of i.... ?
The bud| mi ,,,,.. |
"'?? i-iiiiHav .,..1111111 which i * indenen
deal ??f the ganersl budget, ah??wa i
? H of '".?"".Kmi ?<?n il , -, |jj
will t ? m? i i,\ a losa
i^'iid'.ii. i?.-, j. a ?aas ..t-.,, \ ^,
from it PA isrr-hurg n porta that ..
ni'itln . h?.. I. ah? i' " i' ??' lb?
aan? ? i ltd Ifi ,1'iin a fot ,t,?, n,t
ordei ' laki n b] ?
ai d .? numb? i "t .In.
11 oun?h ' h? if., i.|i a? m t., , ,,'
Military Tribunal Can Sentence
Him to Death or Prison.
Says Personal Enmity Will Not
Figure?General to Occupy
Cell in Capital.
a ,-.,. r?e-. ta. Death n-a- be
? -na?t- Ooneral eUroertte "tayas will
pay for his effort to overthros President
Madero. The leaM hs ^n etpe. i is tan
ornent Tue Mexican last
provides Ihese extremea for lha crime of
Inciting r.-lellion. It I?? n-.t i?'<.,.-nil I v t-e
ll?ve.1 ihn extr?me penalty win be In?
Meted, :-ut a tara? In khe penitentiary for
? i-, ? itli his ne\eiit ? -
four reara, inicia be the equivalent "i "
.\ ml ??i ? ?-m i. ?irai?, n by lot fret?
rice, ??m paaa ludg?
ment upon bint The cour! xmii eonalal
1.1 |v. -i ami fl\e l-rl?
? ;...;.? .11 U< xa '..i. o Peso, chief
of Reyes's staff when he waa Minister "r
War uml.-r li.-neial |>ia/., as presiding Of
Llenera! Pexe has ions: bean ? t????f
.-f the military i out t
Although be BJ I I.I from I??" army.
Btltle i under tu.- mill?
i.. i not fn.il. Iba anny
lltouj .en lee On the otlMf
hand, as .? retired oin-'-r. be is liable i<>
t.-, .-. military ?"n't for of.
??i,.-, s committed agaiael rue army. Mia
offence contested in miiinc upon lbs arm;
i-i 11--- m .
Orders wem sent early In tha day to
? ? -i 'i revino at Monter?) to bavt Reyes
. || !.. tli- Capital ai the earliest pos
.mt.?. i? i. expected ? will airtv.
hei el th< ist of I be pn sen' -.? -?? k. and
? ... ,,i -. :-.<i irrereafl
| hi Ut <m trial.
Imp ' ii ...--??' Ibuted to th<
itn-ti of ??en?-ral Heyes.''
said the Mildster of the Interior to-day.
- ti mi 1 he put licit? fi? ?-ii to 11 in
in countri? T ?? m m- .'ii -
? ? : ..ti... ,-...ii anj Importance
i-, it. ami does no! now regard the arr? I
of R. ? .. Impoi
Th'. diaposttlon to be mad? of the pris?
as outlined by Presiden! Madero at
1 i apultepec m tha foUowlng si ??
trill be trl? d for the ? rime
- ??! before -i m Itarj ? ourt. E?'ei
-? . of lualice ' lal the eonttltutl n
affords will be ; : \ ? 11 to him The ???lr<. be
for? whom he ?.?ill eppeor will .Sioaen
". Ith a \*lew to ? impai Hal mag
1st rate and . thai b ira im in
Konal enmity. ili> follower! who !aj down
irm? v\in I - i. i:. .i :,. ,i ? man?
irho do not surrender un- j
conditional!* win be hunted down relent
The surrender f,f Reyea, said ths Presi?
d? m. wsj? - u ..mi h la min
They ha?i expected the general .
??.ouiii be ??Me to find some few follower.-,
lui bis ?!? laration thai not one person
? ? . willing io eapouae his ?
? ? ? ? ? ail ?niIclpated
!?? ' 'allure, the :
Presid? ' nted oui i ? :i.i deb r others
who might contemplate leading a t?--..n
"\\it ? Reyes out of the ?ray, we \xili soon
have a country ?i-soiiiteiy at peace," paid
H. es ?-?'rit ?? i ;- r - al Tmvtne at
M .M-1. i-- lia i a equeel foi- n-ini in
| I. - ?? ol h? r i -.in lai i il y, from .
?le?] Nueva Leon as governor
? - i ? . ai s i - -^ the only favor
the fall'n rebel has aaked R
? -it ral r? than fear is thought i?> be
?emeeewmt li.ve. . motive in making- the re- |
?niest. wss forwarded to the ?en? i
-rnm- i t.
State Department Officials Look
to Madero for Pardon.
PTashtngto ! ' ? The treal men! Io be
.!.il to Gen? i rdo Reyes, now
rendered, I exp? cted to
prove a conclusive test ?>f the stability <.f
the Ms? re go ernmeni Under tha Mex
? . the punlahment pr.?
?;??,: -1. it h, ?- ; State
... hm ?I t.? 1-- Ilex s
. lence will nol )?? I posed
|. i
? I I ? ??!) , ???!
I -'I h.
1 : f?o.i f.i.
President Ma< elf I tha only
a the pa -!--:"i .:
;. u?l hi.? a. 11?.o in I he in kB, ii i .
' ' ? .'..11
- i ? ability to i
in form of g
i - ? Trial ??' ' le
mnt neu trail!
lie* irrendei ?the Mexican ?
lited States
! ? " of |
...I recom
?V i c ke r* h a m I
'^n\\ Street Hotuei Th-til: Reyes s .Sur
render Will Li?ari to Business Reviv? I.
? - : . -I i.i
' '
1 ? , 11 e | t .
., fur?
ther re?*l va I of
. mint
Hi- hard .i"' .. ou-.
of 8 ,-.-.?
.... ihrougl ?I? . ... i. i
. i . . mtlook
?und i'
lippoii I.Hii !
i noi . .
? :? ? i
!.. . 1 Ii- .? r : ? .1
Ill \l-.> l--.i
-in. t.. . hi ... ?i- ?
India du I i da? - not r>?i>
... ...
? I
i ?-. 11
proper? i .i I! I and
-. . i ?
Rant of I'ODV
| || ' | .r l'If of k||
t.? succeed James Bpeyer, .eaisjr.d
Zapatists Cut Theni Down When They
Plead for Husbands' Li?e?.
i ? an? b ge Btare of Mexico, Bet
a *? i lebm? . ' ? ?I I ? M?rales
w? r? killed In ? hnn-i to band uk'h eith
??? /..i, ;..."?.-..
? i ihli city, oa I i it I m ? "'?ici. wives
of rut i ? Bild un- BS? d l*|4 hut. h
'?> h- n they i rnei I far the
men lh?-) wore killed and their boflei mu*
.ii i I?.. :??. I'r.-.Meut Ma.l.ro ,,r
Mexico ha? granted to .. ayndl<a>te of
s. alii i., ? ...... i ...o te ??mili tin i.
hundred ..ni- i of railroad, ?*>iii?*h ?air aan
, IX. ipuieu ??. nil III? ' ir. Ol ?Il x... ... H .
? indei i ' i .. ' ."ii
II? - i no! .m.i tbi Urn to I
? i ? '..o ..i i be .I nos
i ii' grant - <|i? fpi ?<*mp) il m
lu ?
Temple of Justice and Executive
Mansion Urged by Dix.
Albany, r??'?- 2?. The erection of ? state
temple .,f laatice, a ataU militia building,
i? neu executive mand?n and a glass ar?
senal In Albany Is favored by Governor
I?tx. who ptBbSMj will refer to the Im
proventsat in hll annual mersa_e to the
I cerilla tur?* next Week.
Tentative plann provide f"r the l-v-atlon
of th.- temple of Justice directly wr**t of
the ?'apltol. Survey? have been ma'lo
which take in two blocks. Including Ill
home or William R.irnes. Jr.. chairman "f
th.- I'cpi.hli?an ritote Committee. It I? in
t' tided xo use the temple for the Chart ,,;'
Appeals, th?* Ar'P<*Mal" dhrlatOn of the Su?
premo t'ourt. Third D?partaient; uptrtste
Public Sendee Conimlealnn the
Board of tlairns and a osurl library.
tdjutant Oenenl Verbeck la guthorlMd
fo tjge the *,?r>n,nn-? which has teen r<
cetved from the sal.? <?f th* atste arssnsl
In Nes V'Tk city In "?oaatruuting a e?tnr?*
rrililtla building and aa arsansl In Albany
M?nerai Verbeck tins an option on the
Albany Aeaden) HiilMIng for a stat? tnlli
tla Juiildinc. rjuvetnor M< believes thai
th? BflSdemy building, which Is IO**Sted near
th? ?'Hpiti.i. should he used HK an executive
?i anslOO, ?he f?resent rmnyii'ii being hltu
^i?,l t,.<, far ?way from the Capitol, in hie
Firemen Chop Hole in Fence and Re,
lease Panicstricken Tenants.
I*arming out ?>f the tour etory tenement
house at Ko. HI Baal KM Ptreet, the ten
yin?? had banly time t" save thsmaelvea
fron Bamea yeeterdsy afternoon 'ihr.???
Niys chopp'tii* wud in the cellar ovai
turned a oandle, and the tire, ?in?-e .?tarred.
|y leaped from Boar to Boor. Borne
people went out by the fire escapee, othen
; ?? th? roof Tho] wen panlcatrl? k< i
Walter Barks, ?f No. in Wesr liai itreet,
cut an niter'.- in his armiwhllt helping Itn
Charlea i?hhk. ? Bnman'a wife, through
a hroken window He was taken ?" the
Preahyterlsn Hospital. Lang reaponded t?,
the alarm with his compSny, tni'-k ?.
lut when !"? found hi? family being csred
for went mi with his regular Job. Several
people wen panned In a small inctoaun
In th?' tear of the lumse and ?mild not R?-t
out. while ahowen of hi?; dnden fell ?m
them snd tonguea ?if fian',?? thnatened them
;: ?mi the lOS 'T windows.
Plrstnen col a hole in the fence snd the
people eacspad The only thing aaved In
One ?"-round BoOl fiat WBl B ?'iirlsl mas tTO
Maile<t anywhere in.the United States,
for $?.50 a year.
Dominican Revolutionists and
Arms Landed in Hayti.
News of Mistake Is Followed by
Report of Failure of Morales's
Attempt to Get Government.
A new Kld?llght on the prospective *ue.
??es?, or failure of the Domlnlesn revolu?
tion, treated by the blunder nf s
pchoorier'H ?aptaln In landing a eargo ->f
xvar supplies on the coast of Hax'H |n?
Stead of that ?if Santo Domingo, was
t .-ntnitif-d In a report re?:el\'-d early last
?venitix from the t'nlte?! Wireless Com?
panx h ?.i.? i.?tor aboard the Pi**ns Au?
gust Wilhnli.1. Of Um Hamburg-Amer: -
- m? i.in.-, bound from Kingston to New
Accessing to menbifa of a party of
llavlian military an?! novernm-nt efJt
dala who srrtrod at Klnsatsm ?on Da?
- einh? r J.I a s.-h.Hiiier with I'omltih an
revolutionist.; aboard landed on the
(??-?a-fit of Haytl and discharged a cargo
?>f nuns and ammunition, under the |m
prawlon that thev were tn Dominican
territory. Tin- supplies ?sore put nabor?]
and the revolutlonlata were ? anting about
for nu-une of transporting the cnrgo In?
land When they disio'i-r.-d their mistake.
Messeneers wer.? hurriedly dtSpatChe I
to Port-a i-iviin-e asking the Haytlan
offli lala not to inten-ept the tranaporla?
H.m of the supplies ae*roas the frotltl. i
By ihe time the messengers hud "WtfaVned
with the refused of Hayti to penult the
transfer the government ofici?is had re
celved xvor.i that the lupplies wore ni?
on their way and that the Domin?
leans were making a ?lash for th,
frontier In d?*na?oce <.t orders A da
tachmenl of troops waa sent alter thern,
and big llavtian informants told the
wireless operator that at the time th?**y
left Port-au-Prince the government was
looking forward to the capture of the
party within a fen hours.
Jt iv, l.eliexrd that the landing of the
supplies nn<l the iKiioran-'c ?>f the OOOgt
betrayed by the captain Indicate tha
the revolutionary party was from Mort!
ern waten The nature of the carg -
was practical!* proof of ft. rt consiated
?lf You are Well
Stay Well by Drinkin?
The tart beat am? aaoat palatabU at
all natural, uncharged water?
From the Famou* WhiteRork Sprrn**?,
Wauke-ha, Wi?., MSA.
i4 <**<e?
of 4fio Keminatcn ssdo-loadlns rlflea,
one Hotchklse machine gun and twenty
casca of ammunition, basldse ? Quantity
of iiiiscciliinciiiH MipsUes of f'""J. ? lit!
in? ami mcdlcin? . cither fr.r ih<- usf> 0
th<- party or their rsrsluthmary friend?
across the DsostoleSn border Tn
echoonsr which Iaa4sd the outfM ngdi
haate t<) leave Hi?: pU- ?? ?n s??on ag in?
rnistak?? i.i landing irai dfcK*-**~S**?**4 an?.
h??r narrt? esuld not bs i?airi??l
??eneral ?'arlos Morn I?"?, the exila* ax
fTasHcnl. arhs atteaspted - nvaasttei
following the aasssslaatloa of PrtHiagi
Cacaras, lamdsd "" ins ens?! ? oaai -,?
Sam?. Domingo wUh lam thsn hait a
d' Z'-ri followers He was ? "iitident t
pa BOUld ?fills'? the l'onilnirans end
break Dp tli?- adinlnlatration otj 1'res
d. nt BfaUHo \ letfiiia. u),n et-oessiM
Caceras, bat the people fallad *? respond
Tli? timing; of Morales'! ?tternpie?
ovorthrov of the sovoranmnt, ercim-,,
with last nights news of the blunder m
lHii'llnis" -?mtniinitlon. la bsMsrsd to ln?1l
??it? Unit Morales had planned to arrlv
i.-i Santo Domingo wlneleaii-nllp w't
Hie arms and .imm?initlr?n. organizo
forro quickly snd mske a frsntk at
Innirt to vre-r* the i_overnment 'r,-_j
i '.M eres'i hsnda.
Dlgpatchegfrom WnaWngton i^-* rttgfcl
of the fsllure of tl a ent? rprlsa tuM
* iba? word had he. ? ! tha
Ornerai Moral***" would ooob be nut on
trial snd would prohnbly i?? executed
Qeneml Oeorge B. lyud -.?-?> of tha
committee of the ?;n?n<i ?may o'
the Republic In title boraug . ' ?? ? appotMM
M> ,i;l ant .m hia st?'ff Bsnjsmln i i
thai, of No. 113 Esa
iii?,? .s i r? m,!-m of the J wlah C
,,,,? Rodelph dholun. a' *K?1 '?"??' an?!
Lexington i**/*?n?ie -<nd i* a m.-r..?.-?.- .?f t?a
. xe.".ins.' < ..m.iiiti?''- ' * tu" Ind
der F-. ? ?? Bonn of I -' ael
What Are Your Ideas o? Home?-*
Suggest them in
now going on, and your efforts may
bring you a fine piano or player-piano.
Sixth Gallen. Sea Bull
We Have Great Pleasure in Announcing the
A collection of fine furs closely ap?
proximating $150,000 worth, to be sold
at only a fraction of their original ^*_?r:
prices. I ft
With the execptionof twenty-two seal-dyed nuiskrat I I "V f
coats, tliis sair inehides none hut our own regular carefully | l.ft I
selected line furs, including*:
Some of the fine imported novelties
shown in the Auditorium in ?October, in the
exhibit which was called by furriers "the
fzrcatcsl m titiv vcars."
A variety of smartly cut fur coats
i.\ 1110 lust foreign and American furriel*
A number of fine sets of fur including
r.RMIM',. Second Floor. Old Building.
SUMMER in the
illinerv Salons
Ahead of the calendar'' Yr:;--kcepmg pace
v. itli the wishes of our clients purposing to
leave the fogs and had weather of the North to
seek more summery days far away along the
Riviera or in our own Southland.
The Paris craze of two-loned tai.'rta hats
faced with rough, m'xod straw??-hats of feather?
The new beach hats of imponed ?white Milan
with charming feather fantasies and twirls of
mull or other graceful fabril
p{n*> hata from Paris and some delightful
dress hat - from out own studios.
Paris Millmciv Salons, Second floor. OUI Bldg.
Pianos?and Terms.
For the benefit of those who for any icason
tould not avail themselves of our exceptional
piT-Ch:istrna?, proposition we have concluded
Continue Until the F.nd of De?
cember Our Special Term? for
the Purchase of Pianos and
Instruments may he purchased now without
any payment until February 1. 1012, and pay?
ments thereafter, through the life of the COD?
tract, will be much lesa than usually.
Music Salons. Piral Gallery, New Bl?hung
Winter Sale of
Begins This Morning
$2.50, $3 and $3.50 Shirts of Madras and Percale
at $1.85
$2.50 Shirts of Scotch Madras at $1.65
$1.50 and $2 Madras and Percale Shirts. $1.15
$1.50 Shirts of Soisette at $1
$1 Shirts of Madras and Percale at 65c
$2.50 Pajamas of Soisette at $1.50
$1.50 Pajamas of White Madras at $1
$1 Pajamas of Dornet Flannel or White Madras
at 70c
50c Nightshirts of Dornet Flannel at 35c
Main floor, New Building?Subway floor. Old Buillin-;.
"tmerly A. T. Stewait ft Co., Bioadway, Fourth Avenue. Eighth to Tenth Street.

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