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f New ?nrl...|er?e> ? il? and Mohok??*?.
Y<"- LXXI....N* 23,7&3.
To-day. ?now and ?older.
To-iiHtrrott. fair; nortliur.t ?tin?)?
-?- ^^... ,.t-1? / 'I " V'l'ln i it? of New ?orl., .ler.et i II? ann non ?.??/?
XEW-YORK. TliraSDAT. DBCEMBEB 28. 1011.-1*01 .'IITKKV PAGFS * 1'ltK I. ONE (KM ??.k?...,.k .?,... rv.?
Witness Committed for Con?
tempt-Two Men Held in Tombs
as Material Witnesses.
"Bribery Charges in Scheitels
Case Said to Involve Tammany
Politicians-Grand Jury Con?
tinues Its Investigation.
Yh<- .?tempt t-> briba a Juror
in the fcheftela ? aae, aoar on trial In th??
i . jtal ? 'Iri ull Couii. for which
sjajmgsj T l'xrn?\ ;? theatrical nprrnt. ?va?
wot followed yestar?
r ' ?ham
defendant in the caaa, who
under i ball ?'f $15,000,
un. is Sini?>ti .la? o??
"ier*iK w?*?l rrir.iin?l? ?i In cuatody >>f tha
ind tak? n to th? T?>mi.s. a n?*sT<
? ? lain at lt-ast until the federal
hieb >.? Investigating tha
the jury m the
? Qndlns.
\? ho refused to t<
ills kniixx 1- |
red plot, a a- f-?m t?. the
? of ? ...n. and John
II. I ?ecltcr
? 10 Ik- h? ?! ??
? asc.
r ? Indictments for at
: ih?-. s. ;
., .... r.j;?- .11 1
I ild ;. iii?inl>."r >r
? i'll !-.- gho** 11 t'<
l h the plot t? i ?
? .11.1 Oil'
.? has
-. ml? ii
Norwich, v. v.. and
t' h,i'. o R|
.' ?? Raj ad
Henkel Serves Bench Warrant.
: .il),?in Rl? ?? v ... :i! r. .? :.
aat? daj afternoon by M
' x ]?., 1 - ,? .igcut oi
: tepartmeni - . Justl? ? H<
\,. i??i Broad wa*. a hen the
? wai rant
n the prisoner waa arraigned i>c
inae! strove in
it x?:,?,- thoir clieni was
?!r'J to th? - , ,re oT
? SapHvad of I utter ins
J nine wee] and
had l?ern n? ; th?- least indi
that lie might flea tr.'tn the jurisdiction
"' lha '?<*>1" ? tE. Baldwin, Lo ii
.' \ ?.rhau?. and ? Imrc Myers -on
. and Mr. Baldwin argued Hio
?n behalf uf the dt'
Judg< Ray <!>?? ?nu?-.! to ma'.o any ?'Otn
ririit from the? r*?nch or to Indicate his
? r - omraltting Ri h,
gar? th- order of Ute court, and his only
: to the i*?***-*a4*s*rta
to r^i-oat tfi-* order. Judge
J?a.? -
?ii- opinion of this courl the In
tafaai i I Juatl? t demand thai pending
ihe trial n.?xx m progress the defendant.
? iham Rle?. b
Mr ; . nd he del ha? <?
Imitted to ball In accordance with
i rights, but .1 id| Ra
Officials Ordered Not to Talk.
' !. I ?orr. Al- ! I Smith
l W H PHkln, aesistant United
de? iin^.i to
Jury is In?
il par
to rs not t'? dli
v . that an a! I y ha?
? ? ?
.ham Rica and
of tii?- firm of B. ii.
liar^-d arlth
-.- of th?- mails, l.o
r \- ?i. .m De
Itkige Cay that
?. ;.t>!-r.?;"h.-?i xvith a promise
' | ??>?. .t th? and Of the trial if he
ri'i'i - on? I? tion of the de?
? tl An investigation was made.
ind ?'iry returned an Indtct?
.i Byrn? on i >??
i the folio*
Bad the dli ? ?h- itllor-?--: ),rii.?-rv j
s trial. All ??f the d? fendants
emphatically through their ?-oun
. I -fit km.?a l?'.)i?o of
ttempt to approach the jury, and
hat ? er? even acqua
xx'ith Byrne, They ralaed the cr* that
Wall Stre.-t interests which
???I tin? government to raid
la firm on Ser.t? mh.-i 29, 1910,
<". triod tO ??IS' I"'III the de-f??ii.?r
??? HS made i - i h. d?*fence to
aa - a mistrial be?
he "unfortunate o< .?nrren? e.*"
Jtt-J-te ' in?ad lo do ?his. and the
trial v . > t on.
Guided to $150,000 Spanish
Hoard by Ancient Chart.
Jack* la., i?" i'T.-^Juided by
** llstienl ?hurt found In th.- ruins of .?
'i shell house on Fort ? ?f-orge Isl
htt\ two bopt of this <itv say they ha'.'t
't-Kiith.-d Bpaniall trcasur?' worth about
"?lVl/rfai. -i | . ,. Mj t|?, fJOmX t?tete find
' "-ins were found In ?? strmi'.'. I-.'
abont ..in < i.i,:, foot In slae, burted about
PI I?-h i], , p.
'i*he i.,,?.? ?n,. Lotiraaj If. Hewen, aa
old, son of 1'iofessor Bbelby
' "? ?'?''??? . Pr?sident and ****a**?eral
Manager <.f a i?< ;,i business coUage, and
?*WU P. Kling, i-ighte? n years ?>ld; .-?oi,
" '* I'ilot dt M.t'.|ioit Those, who liavc
lha c?jin3 say th? y tetar dales rat
'" ' U**? ? < sjilUly ago.
CuiM, Florida, Sav^nndl?. A -p.?ta.
Train? ?tail All fit? el i.l-- tri? lighted
-Aav?D* AtldJ; ?je, Uli Bway.
That Find Up River
Bv Katharine Lee Bates
Africa's burning sands and
Egypt's pyramids form the
background of this tale o(
love and adventure. Direct,
forceful, entertaining
In Next
Sunday's Magazine
cf ll>C
New-York Tribune
Wife Says He May Arrive Lat<
Under Assumed Name, but
Not in Disguise.
Mme. Maeterlinck Comes I
Sing in Boston-Henry Arthur
Jones. Here for a Holiday,
Tells of New Plays.
M. ui n e Maetei In? k, the B
philosopher and author, did nol arrl?
her? last nlghl on the White Star lin
i -.), . a?, .-in rgettc friend of t1
? had ' abled several times fro
abroad that Maeterlinck irould s? ; In
tins < ..itnti \ without encountering tl
,?-iii;i news reporters. With the last bu
letln, statins- that h was on the Olyn
pic, rams the news thai he had mad?
hel ?if ?**i'M108 with Henr? R n sell. ?
m that h< would ei ade th? :
N-- -?i m th? h 1st or j of >;iiip news hi
there been gurh activity among the i<
\\ ithln ten mlnut? ? aft?
boirding the Olympli Ih? : kn< at Maetei
liii?-k was n"t aboard, bu1 Jusl to sho'
their enthusiasm foi the brilliai
hi of the press agent abroad the
looking for the autho
Maeterlinck h;??i threatened to eotr*
an i o the reportera m
, thl ? ompartment fir-t. A ana
knew Hi?? celebrated author we
m tin* f"ll; betwee
dt-cks. Ther? were '-'"1 face? to l?**o
over, 07 of which were those of raei
but the reporter?-. did nol <?\ tl?->?-?k th
possibility of their man coming In din
, as a v, iman
Manv Resembled Author.
.'?'I alien faces scanned In ih
the Identifier averred that ?'?
ol them might be Maeterlinck. Ther
mai '-?ne: beartti in the rrteeragt
und al I oast a dozen <?f them looked i
While fu?- frantic hunt for h?*-r hue
band wa? going on Mme. Georgette t.??
Maeterlinck was sitting on deel
g? ting . ? flrsl look al America. Sh
also knew Maeterlinck iras not on board
Suddenly a rumor spread about th
ship thai -i Belgian woman in th?? secon
- Ill, and was to be removed t
St. Vincent's Hospital, and the report le?
to th? s?.nd cabin, B< lie? li g tl .?* pos
sibly the strain of hiding from the re
porters might fore? th? Belgian to leav
ins lair In sear? h of stimulant, tu?? m? m
hois of the "pre ? gang" we? put nee
th? bar, In th? smoking room. "See
d" wai th? watchword i
tin? reportera until the vessel docked
then on th? plr-r. with much difficult
thej found Mme. Maeterlinck, si
i : her baggage, under a big electri
and talked with Mr.-. Henry Rus
Mm? Maeterlinck's forehead hum
imond, s little fad which ap
peals greatly to her husband. Prom :
m looked as if it h;?ii ht ? i
Maeti riitn'i
will sing this season with the Bostoi
? 'ompany, and ?vim.? hi re g il
study American domestic life.
At the Hotel Knickerbocker later Mrs
Maeterlinck made this statement:
"My husband Is opposed to being In
wed, and he will make an effort u
avoid being met by reporters ?>n b
rival. He may arrive under an assume?!
name but h?- will not come In disguise
i ? ? ill mus? likely be here to hear m<
rdng In Boston, i am not sure that hi
i?> not on the o?can now. i know of no
? ?? hein?-; matio between Mr. Maeter?
linck and Mr. Russell that my husband
w ill elude the reporters."
Henry Arthur Jones ? Passenqer.
Henr*? Arthur Jones, the playwright,
cam? ov?**r on the Olympic for an ln
deflnlt? holldaj.
"i may be here two v\<*-?k.-," h'? said,
perhaps sis weeks My visit is
merely one of pleasure r win do no
le tuiing this time, fes, I have two
new plays both unnamed. They are
probl? dealing with English life,
bul m? \ toll here li ii<?t ?n oonn? i Uon
with 'he disposition ?>f these plays, in
the spring I ?hail have a volume ? t
entitled The ?foundation of the National
1 ?rama."
When Forbes Robertson arrived her?
months ago he i-ai.i lie would like
?? produce Mr. Jones's "Michael and His
Lost Angel," believing thai it would
?.'. itii su? '?'.? ? her?
-That pi iv." said Mr, Jon? li reell
,. dialogue for two An? players of mag?
netism and popularlt) if the play were
brought Here, who could one gel to plai
it"" Tin playwright himself ?could thlnh
of only two persons, Miss Margaret Ang
iin and Forbes Robertson
Among others on the Olympia were
Ba.haus, the Qei-msn plant?t; Oeneral
it I. W< odford, Mr. and Mrs Ed?
ward P. Morse B. <; Mudd, Princess
Ibrahln Hassan. Charles 8. Hard, Oeorge
\v. Prince and Mrs i: c Townsend,
Woman Never Left It After Losing
H?r Property.
i. ans*? Ill? Ind . i-.. f\ Mrs Emma
Langn&an, seventy ream old, who tntu ad
10 K<-i UP fro? bei bad for fifteen years,
.?i. ?i to-4ay al th? i aunty Inllnnary.
Aflat ? reversal of h?r fortunes which
drove in-i to th? county asylum. Sb* rowed
,iter shS arilv-"l
iif i- Recentl m.i,i . ontinuoua lyiai
oped peral ? hi. i, irai th?j laua?
dut?, ?.sut- of d'._t_, -.^
Verdict Brings Kisses from
Wives and More Denunciation
from Relatfves of Triangle
Fire Victims.
Waist Factory Owners, How?
ever, Not Immune from Furth?
er Prosecution on Account of
Disaster Wherein 148
Lives Were Lost.
LEO ABRAHAM < foreman i. real
estate dealer; business address, No.
2523 Seventh avenue: home. No. 164
West 147th street.
business address. No. 301 West 115th
street: home, No. 223 West 115th
WILLIAM E. RYAN, salesman;
home, No. 547 West 142d street.
HARRY R. ROEDER, painter;
business address. No. 615 Columbus
avenue: home. No. 82 West 90th
CHARLES VETTER, buyer; home,
No. 539 West 162d street.
estate deale**: business address. No.
149 Broadway; home. Hotel Majestic.
home. No. 603 West 151st street.
W. 0. ACKERSTROM, clerk: home,
No. 1272 Nelson avenue. The Bronx.
er: business address, No. j84 Hudson
street: home. No. 122 East 24th street.
VICTOR STEINMAN. ?hirl manu?
facturer; business address, No. 73
Franklin street; home. No. 72 East
160th street.
H. HOUSTON HIERS. importer;
business address. No. 97 Gold street;
home. No. 1358 Franklin avenue. The
MORRIS BAUM, wall hangings:
business address. No. 160 Canal
street; home. No. 201 West 100th
The jury in the ease ol Isaac Harri
and Max Blanch brought In s verdlci
of nut guill yesterda; evening, aft<
being ?ui "ii'?- hour and forty minu
Three ballots were taken. The flrsi ',
f.. nui the indlng eighl for ac ]
<ii.iii..! and two tor .?-?iivt.-tinii, t.?.? ??..? i
voting, buj as to what else happened In
the luvj r""tu ti"*- twelve men agreed to
maintain Hecrecy.
The defendants a/ert on trial foi mor
than three weeks before Judge Orain, In
General Besslons, charged with the
death ol Margare! ?Schwartz, one ?
1 is persons who perished In the Are ???
March 28 In th? Triangle Walsl Com
pnny's factory In ti,.-- A se h Building, In
Washington Square. Her burned bod}
was found beneath .i pile of twenty
others, In the loft on the ninth floor of
tin building, where ' e factoi .
by the del ndanl ???? l| ing ?? .?-v. f< ?:
from the Washington Place door
which the proaecutl.rontended was
i t the i '??? did "? the ? i does not
render Harris an>i Blanch Immune from
further prosecution for what Aaalstan!
Districl attorney Charles i-'. Bostwick
described ai "one of the worsl crimes In
? ry" in his summation There were
si.\ nth'T indictments pending, each
charging manslaughtei In both of Its
degrees. Harris ?nui Blanck will l?c put
on tri:ii ?it no i ? mote date Th? nexi
time, however, the) will not be tried
General Bossions, bul In the Criminal
Bi anch "f the Bupreme ? '?.urt.
Court Orders Strict Silence.
Judge ?'rniti ordered thai unqualified
?Hence be maintained In the courtroom
just before the Jury brought In the ver?
dict, and when the juror.?? took their
seats the clerk of the court asked If
they had agree?, upon ;? v.r.;
"We have"' exclaimed Foreman Lea
Abraham promptly, adding: "Nol
Thr-re \? as one 111 I le hand? lap, bu
otherwise silence reigned.
? ?So say you all?" Inquired the ? lerl*
? We do! We ?i?.:" chorused the jurors,
in twos and three?.
The erstwhile defendants smiled.
"Those In the courtroom arlll pa
quietly and out of the building," Mid
j idge Craln,
The court then thanked Ihe jurer?- f"i
their painstaking efforts and dismissed
them. They ti'ei] mil thrOOgh the ie,,|
of ih.?. court.
The wj\rs ?if the defendant? broke
down fur the second lime during the
?Ih> ;?ud wept, hu? this lime theli tears
ft/ere tears of Jo* The little daughtei
o" Blanch also ? rk ?i s.? did the women
frieqds of the d? fendants. They caiii
ered together snd kissed one another;
hut ?h?- defendants held their footing In
??h?*?k. submitting paasivelji t" the
and embrac? s of i heir wive?
Fire Victims' Relatives Anqiy.
? luisiiie. policemen under Captain T?er
i,r?, ??i the Elisabeth i treel station,
ware driving Ihe relativas <.f those who
die?! In the lire <.ut Into th?- street. Thee?*
had vainly sought admission to the
courtroom. Many of then were mur?
muring. Others wars crying? One man
i said "Fui" country, tins." Another;
i'i lost niy sweetheart! And they're a<
Iquitted!" Bald a mother who i??st ppt
daughter: "Tin* la Una Ian I ThU \*? ?
tin.? ? ountr. !"
Tiui crowd ware .ii last driven Into the
etraet Then a squad <>f pollee eat-ortad
Harris and Blanch out <?i th.* building
taking th? in through ih?- private an
trance ol the magistrates' ???urt, u.
i i.it,um street, to ih?- nbway station
at Worth street About flfty men and
womaoi ill bemoaning tbeti dead .?n.i
? mi' i.mi; the ' ?Kin i. stood ?'ti ih.? i,?|r
as th' pa ' i . . hou tad: "Mm.
defers! A? quitted! Muyd n i ol m
L .< CL'uluiut? tu lliixd rute.
Abraham Wechsler, Juror No. 6 ?n
the tri.il of Isaac Harris and Max
Blanck. was in his room at the Hotel
Majestic last night when he was
asked what occurred in the jury room.
That he declined to discuss, saying
the verdict spoke for itself.
"But who is responsible for the 148
persons who died in the Triangle
Waist Company's fire?"' he was asked.
"My God! Who is responsible?"
he said in amazement. "Why, it was
?omething that might have happened
anywhere, even in a theatre with
plenty of exits."
He said that the charge of Judge
Crain was fair and impartial, and that
both sides fought well. Asked if the
jury believed that the fragment of the
frame will, the locked door a-xd the
shot bolt wai manufactured evidence,
or, m police parlance, a plant, he ex
ein,mar!, "Such an idea is absurd."
He was then asked if the jury,
while m the courtroom, believed the
Washmqton Place door was locked.
That lu refused to say, saying he
could answer only for himself and
that what he thought he intended
keepino secret.
Even Handshaking- Forbidden by
B,ay State Health Board.
? ???? . ha Trlbuae, l
i.riio\ii;?ie. Mnx?? i?i?r. 57, Stringent
11.? an i rin^ talc? n It? re to pre?
xiiii ii"- further *mr?ead of diphtheria.
Following an Inspection ?>f the village
I??. Dr. Lyman \. Jones, of (?forth
Adama an officer of the Btate Board
of Health, thi l..? -?i- - tmen t,. -hi
: ,.i? . ?.]- r t.. close the toa n hall
i.. entertainments, Notice -.is given to
Lenoxdale residents to refrain from
i hand sh.-ikin.? ami kissing, and
I -i. - ?... .1 thai :-u - ata and dogs at lar?*
I would be '.ill. -1.
x\ in', it is -aid 'if -.Hi ? -: - n---' ha ' e
j ihe upper hand >.f the contagion, the
I utmosl - .n'. ' ? being ink, n i.i.i
i that il'- quarantine ?.f houses where the
. i i la no! broken, it
i sert cd Hi.it lav quarantine i. t:,, ? aus?
lof th-. ?pid?mie The town of Lenox
ha a?i. ? -) to pa; nv n ?-? ho are quaran?
?lined th. a/ages they would hav? earned
! n employ? -1
The loa i- "i i.e.? ??? assis!Ing Let i
Fumigation of houaea and cleaning
ip Lenoxdale, ah Ich la a small \iiiaco
' i bree mi1', re < o\ '.- a?***, th? r- tort.
i -?-?
Advance of 50 Cents a Pair Ef?
fective After Jan. 1.
me. i
Bro? klon, Mas : i ? -'7. "Shot a mua!
advance" is the ultimatum ?i the manu.
fa? tur. i - ..t tin?- - it-. made knoa n ">
From present indicationa th.- ad
l ,iii ? ill 1"' 30 ' ? nt - - pair on all
! a
Th- or the ad? anee as gt? ? n
i,. th. manufacturerait thai Ihe price of
leather has cone up --, ateadll* in the
i.i-? two ycara that moal of the lare.?
1 shoe manufactories are turning out shoes
at practically no profit. Th. advance is
Immediate, aa] the manufacturera,
,iii.i ?tin i.e charged on all g.la ordered
i-n Januars 1 or lat? r.
.lohn Bvane, te* retal? of tin Brock?
ton Bl. Manufacturera' Aa ociation,
to nighl :
"Conditions have beeoinc a- ute. Ther*.
ipparent < nance for leather i.ii'-s
to i? come lowi r, and it looks just non?
as if ihey would go even higher."
John B. Kent, presiden! oftheaaao la?
lion and th. bead of the If. A. Packard
Bh| Company, one of the largest ahoe
concern? in the country, who is consid?
red ?-- an authority on shoes, said:
? it I .is got t.ne. Th. isaue i
forced on us. The - auae <a the high
- ust of material."
i Hammerstein Accepts Work by
Argyll for Next Spring.
London, Doc. -7 M is announced that
Of*car Hammerateln, whose Ltmdon
Opera House x\as opened on November
IS last, has aeeepted an opera \xriit*?.i
by the i?uke <?f Argyll, for production in
thi pring.
Mi. tfahvnerstetn ?xiil probably I?..?.
England by the Lualtania nexl Saturday.
ii. expects to mske tin return trip in
i.- v.-ssfl
The i>iii?.- ..f Irgyll, ?x in? h ?he h i
?.f priii... si Louise, r..urtii daughter of
Queen VI?*torla, ba lotig numbtired literary
and musical compoaltloa among in
complishmcnta Among his pi*odticUoita
an- th?? libretto for tin cpsrS "I ?iarniid,"
? <.ini.? i.-? ?i in iv?. lie ha? also ?Tritten ser
or?*i books, Indudlng "??uni?, ami uta, a
of tin- Rl*i? 'a." a poeta pubUaliad m
II7&; "rii? p. alms literati** Render?**! in
\.i ..' i?'7, ,-in-i A i .if? ni Lord Palmera
Ion.'' UM
ai r. I lam? coming to \- ?a v..rk
to testify in n?r aull brought sgalnsi hbn
i. \i /.- nut. 1'-?. .'in opera singer, for the
r? -?..?. - r\ -?f $;?-.""" all. fie.I to be ?hie him ..
salar) f?t>Uowlag the biitaklng of ?< . outra-1
m m 11?. Arthur Ifammerstein said at hi?
home las! aighl th**4 -i cabli r<i-,>i-t thai
Ulna in th? (hmllj araa biinglng bla father
here arai aafounded
Mrs. Percy Rockefeller Rushes Injured
Man to Hospital
,. . ; .i -,, TheTi la
.,,,, i.vti i. I "in , Dec .'7. !'..tii, i, .i
O'Brien started t<> make raxpadra <>n th? Ule
roof nt Pare] Rockefeller's house here t.>
ii.iv, vtii.ii als .iit.-iiii..ii ??.?? .itu.i, i..,i by
? pesairg a n.-m.-i-n.- il- fell ivt.nt. feet
lo the s? iKii.l Sim? i-.-r. h. then l-iiiiiir.l i,if
III 111? III...Ill'I. Hit.-. II t? - I l.'IOtt
An autottrtoblla aras ..? the fixant goes
awaiting atra it?.? kefi-n... Bha had n,e
ruMii lifted Into the '-?i and hurried with
?llln t-. Hi- '?neiai Hoapttal. His ankle
, i-turd an?l In? b.i. k sprained
it. ,.,. |.. t--1 "" ** Still .Vluei or i ?rape Juice
II 'I i ? ? I": lultog ?.'l , .N.?.
-A'i'.-U ?
u o dl gulsed in a sull ?if her father's and armed ?Tltli a big knife, a ? ?
while searching for ? man ih? laid I sd wronged her.
East Side Policeman Captui
Strange Figure Armed witli
Murderous Knife.
' Prisoner Tells of Beine Lut*
from City by an Employe of
Her Fnllier and Kept a
Prisoner by Him.
a mufl?? ?I Figure, d_ rtii .: n ud i
of darki u< ?l hallw ays u loi g Kli
i 1091 h and l l*hh itreet-, i
nrgnr; ?ritauaaa die attention of Patr
man VVeisenstein.-of th* i-'i.-t I04U- air
pollct station, ? he landing on i
? corner, and h< d? cided to foil
i?." flitting form and .-?? ?'bal las behl
? ii. ha?
After going al? In the rear I
ti\ ? ,.i six doorways, W ? i
forward ind grabbed the figure suddei
by the shoulders. The Impact ol i
hands "t. ih" shoulders of th? pers
b lurk nlouch hat to fall off.
me 1 i'ii' . d< lug? >l Ink-black ha
longer and more luxuriant than b
man's, betraj ed the pr< i.(
?vornan. Weisenstein gasped In astonlx
ment ai ho pulled hi- captive aroui
to ' ard the glar? caat by a s;?s Ian
and saw the face ol a young girl.
she was m< re than ordlnarllj a
tr ictive, u ?th ih' f< .it'if a of b child, j
wore .i man'a brown overcoat,
dark suit of i lothea and a pair of mai
Under her rlghl arm ahe carried
:.. a bladed, dangerous looking knife,
almo i as h? ai and large as
i'.1..HI machete.
When Weisenstein san this he ask?
tii" girl wlial she waa doing on the stre?
i:, iuch a costume snd what ahe li
tended doing with the knife. The gil
appeared badly frightened, and ah
could speak onlj broken English. We
senstein decided to take her to tl
tion house, where she told a stoi
Lieutenant Hammond thai sen! the pc
lice "ii the hunt for a man named Genar
Btaracio, who formerly worked In
horse clipping establishment run by th
father, al Piral avenue and lOOtl
Says She Was Lured to New Haven.
The strangely dressed prisoner bsI?
she was Annie D. I 'mini' i. seventeei
yeara old, of No. 2120 Piral avenue, th
daughter of Qlulio OminicL She sal?
she waa visited in November m th?
shirtwaist factor] where she worked, oi
Pleaaani r venue, by Btaracio, hei
father's helper, who bore a telegram
supposedl) from Annie's mother, wh<
was then In No*? Haven, telling her t<
go in thai ' Ity Immediately.
Annie ?lui ii"t have sufllclenl monej U
carrj her t?> Neu Haven, and told Btar?
acio her plight, Th? man, old enough t?
he the girl's father, told her he would
.supply the i.ion.y ..n?i would a ?compato
her to New Haven. Ann!? needed iici
further bidding and took the next train
When the.? reached Neu Haven, she
tjald) Btaracio took her to s cottage In
the outskirts of th? cltj snd Into .? room
on ih?- second n?"ir. There were no win
?I?.?.?? in tins room, and ther.- Btaracio
drew u revolver and threatened u> kiii
Annie unlesa sh.- ?n?! sa ha bid her.
The girl said ahe had been kepi ,i pris?
oner In th?? i?.<.m for twsnty?eigh1 days
i... her captor, win. shoved sparse food
?i., l drmk through ?< irap?i. and
si?ar???i her n?. indignity He often hold
the revolver to her heart, ahe sai?i, and
threat? aed t?. kill hei It sh.. n u ,i to ei
i ip.
[Tltlmatel) desperation lod bei to
? hui' a ??- ape, she add? 'i Btara? lo had
nut been to aee bar foi two days, and ah?
th.>ut;iit the opportunit) waa ripe. With
.ill hei youthful strength she i>*?:ii upon
the door which locked bar In until ||
?.nr ???..i? ben? .itI? bar weight
? ?in?? free, sh.- ran do*a n th.untry
ma?! until sh" obtained food and mono)
fnuii a ?????man in B ItOUSS MVeral mllea
distant, 'l'hen she looh the Hi i tr.uu
!??! tin? cltj .uni returned lo her home
h-1? sh? i?.hi hei fathei ni.i moth? r
_*wU__:_ (.?a _?x-iut c_4t, '
Man Alleges He Was Seized and
Robbed in Rush Hour Jam.
I rj -i'i-.i g the
.n ill- Brookl* t: Bridge i-lat^
forni ni Hi?- Ma nhattan - i"i during the
rush li"in yeaterdaj ufternoon, ???hen a
.,. , ,.-,-? ,| ,,, r, Q charge Of William
!.. Bratton, vie? ' "'' the Ameri?
? .1 Gum Company, <?f N??- ',f>
? thai m a i" being robb? d.
i. t., i ??? All? n. "i' the ? ?ak street i><-'
ii,,. ?in ;,, ?.,; : i call for l??-*p
,r .? ,i h man ?xlio described him
1 self as Harr? ? 'ohen, twenty-five | eon
old, a . Ii rk, of So, 11 We ' 117th street.
Mr. Bratton declared thai ?'.?hen ?vas
i three men who took two a'allets
? ? aluable papers and i eck
for uni? ii ' - aggi egatinj over M.OOo
from his i?ockets. il?- said thai two of
ihem held his h ?' 'hp third rifl?f*d
his pock? ' . ai d i" ? lz?d one of tii?-in
.n n-? they ?rere through with the
job an'i were aboul to leave him.
?'oli'-n I -.|<ll\- i roi-l;.imed his inno.-rn? e
| on Mas xt.-.y to ?h. statfotl house. Neither
!,,- th? found on hlra
-? -
Drops Off Train, Arouses Sleep?
ing Men. Then Chases Train.
r a
Battle Creek. Mich., Dec. "_'7. Bleeping
full] Ignoran! of the fact that the
! main portion of the Park Hotel, a tail -
; road men's boarding houae, was In
; fiam? . occupants --f the burning bulld
? re saved early this morning by an
unknown tramp.
Th? "hobo," attracted bi the Maze.
dropped off a paaalng freight tri.in aaa
the ? II ua< I? n and pounded on the ttoors
until he aroused the sleeping guests, \
,| exll followed, nobod* having
time t?. d'il clothing, l?.-s heroic xvork
done, the "hobo" ran down the tracks
to overtake the alow moving freight,
whi? h had not ) el lef! the railroad
? m di
Nova Scotian Succeeds Clergy?
man Held for Murder.
Dec. 27. The Rj
A -"n T. Kempton, <.r Lunenburg,
Mas?., wot to-nlghl - ailed to the paa?
torate of the Immanuel Baptist Church,
succeeding the Rev. Clai*?*uce V. T. Rich.
? -S..H. now In the Charta al re? I Jail
awaiting trial on the charge ?>f the mur?
der of Miss A? is Linnell,
Rl- heson sent his realgnation to the '
church Immedlatel) after his arrest.
The church al Its lira! meeting after?
I ward vote?*, not to accept the realgnation,
i-iit after an Indictment xtus found
against* the pastor and his s,.,?,,,1.1 r,..
qUeel that the church take final a? lion
the realgnation uas accepted.
Th.? i:, v. Mr. Kempton La a native of
Nova Sioiia.
a report waa current to-?da* thai Misa
Violet lMiuaii'is. Richeaon'a flan? .?'???. had
gone i-- Piea fork i?. engag? In char?
liable work Mo confirmation, however,
could be obtain? d,
Syracuse Man Says He Laid Bruin Low
with Brass Knuckles.
Boulder, Col?. Dec. S7 \x kal Is , laune.i
. , Mi. .?hampi'.ii beer story of the ana son
tv.is told b) willi:.m Smith, of Syracuse,
N. 1 . ?in. returned here \.st.r?in> after a
hunting trip of two weeka m the inotia
taina Smith claims I?? have kill. .I a L'.'?1
pound black i?-.?r with a Moa of h.> list
ha.i kui.-.i two ?raliiabla
dogi \?ii',i atrokee <?f his i?axt. Bmlth, u?
cordtng t-.> his story, pul on a pair <.f braas
knuckles and Strang on the i-.-.u 'a law,
ItnocUag him out Th. n ha sai?i he beat
Bruin about the naad and aptoe uatll he
waa .1? ad
Smoker of Twentieth Century Train
Rolls Over in a Ditch,'
< la? .-' ind, I ate. n The Tw? mi- th < 'en
i i. i.itnii.-.i on the Big Pour mats x\u?
derailed ?i ^grange, aboul thlrty?flv?
inili-s ??- i ..i hare, to-night rm?.i? put
rere Itijured, but nom' sarioual)
ii,.- smoking ear, which rallad *?\*?*t in a
?iii.'h. xxjs the .?nix ear to leave the iaiH
':'in- p.. eng? i m tin ?.?i wen th? sal)
.lu- -i
*?.I! I-? t*-| ? . .-ini-l' I? x? Hun.;' ax,,,
tpHMMtg Bltltrk-HU'iiU'.t. ?l'yiU-'.i.-A4)l.
Vast Dependencies of Mongolia
and Turkestan To Be Pro?
claimed Independent
Both Will Pass Under Influence
of Their Great Northern
Neighbor and Be Virt?
ual Protectorates
of the Czar.
Railroad To Be Built Across China's
Lost Territory, Thus Avoiding
Manchuria. Will Bring Pe?
king Three Days Near
er to Europe
Peking, Do? 28.?Mongolia, which il?
most equals Chins proper la size, win i?e
proclaimed Independent to?niorro**
multaneoualy with the cutting off from
Chins "f tin? vsst dependencj of Tur?
k? stan.
Both ?'?hi paaa under Russian ?nfiu
ence and wt*l practically beceOK iius
sian priii??'i"i.-?f'- Russia a ill .?? auf
time h? able to annex them
A grand khan will he name.] ah Mon?
arch of Mongolia.
Th.? construction Of 'he Tran 111.?II
gclian Railway, for which Russia h??.
long -"?uxht permission i'r?'tn China, will
m w he .? matter of time. Europa therteby
Coming nearer to Poking by ihr? : >?r
f?.ur days.
Russian influence will flank ihe jap
.11 ese -ihere in Manchuris pcriiousi?..
and a .Japanese alliance for th" sake >:'
preserving Japanese Interesta aaay
soigner <-r later he expected.
Russian r.fllcer? and offlctals? if nol th??
Russian govcmmenl i?: .?i ?r. l??\c mil.?
enced this ;?. tion m Mungoiia.
' lYom Hi?- Trlb'jti?? tiijrr,, .
Washington. Dec, 27 Mo InformatkNi
<?t th. prospective declaration ?>t the m?
dependence of Mongolia, or sven of Tur?
kestan, liad ronchad 'he DapnrtaMM <>f
Btate up i?? a !_?-> hour this evening, al?
though th- r. have b????n riirnors from
linie to tun? tliNt su<?h h r<*s?ilt mlt?ht
i'.iii.i. tie present disturbantes, especially
m the case of Mongolia. The ot*v la
th? department declined to accept pre?*
dispatch?-?. fr..in Peking as conclusive,
saying thai in view of the tpd that all
?<irts of rumora are afloat m the Chlneao
capital it |b the part ?>f wta-dom to await
official adi ?
Both Mongolia and Turkestan ?t?i
frontier provinces, sparsel) settle?!. th>>
Ron being nomadic in character!
in neither has Chines? authortt? bean
.i with any note of certainty, ni
though t'liina has. of course, assumed t?i
exercise authority over i'oth. flhouhl
these provinces proclaim tholr indo-*
i'? :i<J nee the result would probably i"*
the ex? ? hat amounted to ? p?-..
t.. torate b> Russia, although that woul4
: nol t" cesaarlly follow.
it is 'piite possible that al a time nhssj
of thi Chinese pro*? lm e* ara
?ii atening t" declare their Indspendenca
Ol the ' mpire. theae as .sell as other
provinces might proclaim their septan-?
tlon, only to enter later Into some sort of
d? i ttion. In the vi??u ..f the Depart?
ment ni Statt there ?an he only BpoCtB?
for the present and even should
the first dispatches from Pi kins he .-?>u
; officially it \M"ii?i probably hi
h'Ulie 1111? ? time h??f??re It WOUld bS P?'*?
Blble definitely t?- Interpret the meaning
m -^ 11 ? -11 i step ?m the part of MongoMsi
? ! Turkestan
it may be asserted posltlvel) that thlfl
government has not been consulted ta*
gardlng tuen a step, either by the an
thoritlea n Peking or by those In th?
province**, in so far ..* th? re era mch.
The niton ''as sa a^.reer.its
of more than 1,900,608 square mile.? Th.*.
srea of China proper is atore than i.??%o.
""" square miles, and thai af the ?hole
Chinese Empire I 177,170 square mites;
Mongolia's ?fast territori ecctaplea both
t< i races of the great plateau ?>f I '?
.tretchlng t?> the ?- ? ?? 111 ? ?it Biberia between
the Bellughem range "f the Altai sad the
Orsal Khlagsu srtlh the exception ??t
Dsungarls it h separated from Maa-rhurte
snd ?hin., proper by tla? horder rl?!*-"?? "C
tha plateau In the southwest it runs eg
to the fool "t the Ugh ikui hern rid?*?*, of
the Tibetan plateau? n -i*-?> touchas en
Turkestan an?i Dsuagarta it?- administra?
ti\e limit- .ii ? >?t ???..??-th ?I.'lined.
Th.? population, aumberlag about I -a
million, conalsta of Mongola Ksatrm Mofla
gola and Kalmucka In tha Weal -.,i?-i??i_i
Tnr'"tu,in tribes, Chinese snd Tungueoft
Cattle breeding li ?he chlel occupation.
Agriculture la carried on Intertnittontlyi
chiefly in Ihe aouth. There are ?ho van
mis donrtcstl? Industrie? ??f minor hapstt**
B f re 'ii?- Manehurtan conquest the
Mongola were governed by their .??.?.n ten?
dal princes, each group of principalities
constituting sn alma- which, ondee the
Manchu rule, became _ military serpa,
Over th? ? ra appeiated four Maaehu
governor-generals internal af/airs ?An?*,
-iiministtt?-i i?y th. primeas aeaalnatedi
ir.im Peking, vvh.? sleeted a khan fr?>m
their number, with sa advisai neeataated
ti.iii Peking In later years, bo-an
Mongolia has ? ???? a administered by a utan
Yuen, or mii"-i lotendem?-., with h?*adqusr?
tar? it Peking The territory i* <iini?i*?.i
into an Ituiei snd an OUtM division. Inner
la, lying between the deesrt ?.r
?;.ii.?. Clilas proper ami Manchuria, ana
had over n two militar) Boveraors-gsaeral
an.i t?a . t-ommlsoariea having control ..f
Ivtl mattete ?>n<? pair "t .itti.-iuN *._
stationed at Kalgaa an.i the ether at Johol,
i?ut?".- Mongolia, th.? ?.ni.liter ,it the \afm
.nui?. . ontaina onlj four animals, ihr?
w bull ire und.'t In i ?ditais Khans There
? M ihr aaat "f a Chinees Imperial
agent "i Ambas und ?,i. consideren ?h.t
ipital of Mongolit
im 1.i?ii"i 3 i i -i '!? eis red iha iitd*
... ? _ ioatiaucH ou flith p??t, ..

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